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Moon Of Alabama

This site's purpose is to discuss politics, economics, philosophy and blogger Billmon's Whiskey Bar writings.

Some time ago, the commenting at Billmon's Whiskey Bar became a bit excessive. Billmon therefore closed the comments at his place on June 29, 2004. The community of commentators was left behind to search for a new place.

Moon Of Alabama was opened as an independent, open forum for members of the Whiskey Bar community.

Bernhard started and still runs the site. Once a while you will also find posts and art from regular commentators.

The name of the original Whiskey Bar was taken from Bertolt Brecht's Alabama Song where the first line goes:

"Show me the way to the next whiskey bar".

The name Moon of Alabama was taken from the first line of the chorus of that song:

"Oh, moon of Alabama ...".

The design of this site has been directly stolen or re-engineered from the Whiskey Bar site.

You can reach the current administrator of this site by emailing Bernhard at (replacing _at_ with @).

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