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June 12, 2024

Notice Of Absence - Update

Please check here for previous notes of absence and updates.

In the end it has turned out to be a one-and-done procedure and I am happy to say that it is now done with:

  • The good news: I am likely to recover in full with better health than I have previously had.
  • The not-so-good news: It will take much longer to recuperate from this than I had expected.

The procedure I went through was a quite extended variant of what WebMD calls a Aortobifemoral Bypass.

When my chest was opened up the conditions found in place were worse (..."they always are"...1) than expected. They required bypass procedures more extensive (in size), but less delicate (in number of new shunt connections), than anticipated.

Everything went more or less smooth and, after some seven hours of diligent work, the professors and MDs were satisfied (..."they always are"...) with the job they had done on me.

The physically drain the (larger than expected) procedure took on me has been much stronger (... "it always is" ...) than I had anticipated. The intellectual drain, in consequence of the physical one, was even worse. My current task is to rebuild both strengths. This will take months.

Local health insurance entitles, and recommends, to take an additional three weeks leave of convalescence which is essentially a long and lazy stay in a specialized hotel/clinic with individualized physical training in the morning and lots of off-time during the rest of the day to hang out or go for walks. I am getting urged to commit to this even as it can only begin in July which, in my case, will be later than ideal. I currently think of it as a 'back to work training' opportunity which will allow me to slowly slip back into blogging while coping with some limited infrastructure and means.

Some readers have emailed and asked if I need additional money. Thank you very much. I won't reject any donations but I am not in any immediate need of help. 

I have always taken care to keep my health insurance pay current and I had, during better days, put aside some 'rainy days' funds.  The only additional payments I have made so far were for a number of taxi rides, a (partial) single room fee and for full hospital access to the net.

Those were minor expenses. The health insurance will pay for everything else without asking for any claw backs or extras.

I will be back to ask for blog donations after I am able to deliver an adequate compensation.

This whole episode has turned out to be larger and to take way longer than I had anticipated. Please excuse my lack of foresight on it.

1 live comments by an experienced nurse heard around here ...

Posted by b on June 12, 2024 at 4:08 UTC | Permalink

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Great news. Take care of yourself B.

Posted by: Eoin Clancy | Jun 12 2024 8:03 utc | 1

Hi all,

I have temporarily opened comments here. I'll policy these strongly and will shut them down if / when I'll feel unable to stay on top of them.

Posted by: b | Jun 12 2024 8:04 utc | 2

Welcome back and good luck with your recovery! You have been missed.

Posted by: Avtonom | Jun 12 2024 8:08 utc | 3

So good to hear from you. Wishing you a gentle recovery and swift healing! Thabk you for the update. <3

Posted by: TossedStar | Jun 12 2024 8:13 utc | 4

Where I used to work, the guys would say "Glück Auf!!".

Posted by: Ernesto Che | Jun 12 2024 8:13 utc | 5

It is very good to hear from you and that your procedure was a success. I wish you the best of luck for a quick and complete recovery.

Posted by: Hawaii Chris | Jun 12 2024 8:19 utc | 6

Ouch, sounds hard. Well, at least we know you're still there; I was a tiny bit worried but assumed procedures and recovery took longer than expected (not uncommon).
Take care and get better, and hopefully well, soon!

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jun 12 2024 8:21 utc | 7


We missed you. Am relieved and happy to see your update, b.

Posted by: despondent | Jun 12 2024 8:30 utc | 8

Good to know you’re on the mend.

A lot of us were getting worried.

Best wishes

Posted by: Newbie | Jun 12 2024 8:31 utc | 9

I hope you make a good recovery, and stay strong. All the best.

Posted by: Ralph | Jun 12 2024 8:33 utc | 10

Endlich ein Lebenszeichen. Ich hatte mir schon ernsthaft Sorgen gemacht. Gute Besserung weiterhin!

Posted by: Apollyon | Jun 12 2024 8:34 utc | 11

Brilliant - so glad everything went well

Posted by: Ruth | Jun 12 2024 8:35 utc | 12

So little good news these days. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Posted by: James Richard | Jun 12 2024 8:37 utc | 13

b.! So pleased to hear you are still around and OK, once you get to that certain age you gain the knowledge that not everyone gets to come back out of hospital, especially not after the installation of a 3 way arterial shunt such as you have endured.

Please take as much time as you need DO NOT feel under an obligation to get back here before you are one hundred percent. We can all take up knitting or summat like that. I joined a zoom on the inaugural meeting of what was billed as "The 4th Communist International" the other night and quickly dropped out.
I discerned that the Aotearoa part and likely the entire gig was actually a band of the same sort of trots I used to cross swords with in Auckland 1970 except now noticing the winds of change swirling right around the planet the entire international organisation which was called '"Socialist Action" here back in the day has rebranded itself as "The Revolutionary Communist Party" where Mr Marx & Mr Engels works are regarded in much the same way as many xtians consider the bible, holy & therefore immutable.

Not to worry as a member of the Mcawberist faction, I know that 'something will turn up'. I'm sure others will have found diversions to occupy those occasionally empty moments that many of us can have, while we give some space to the proprietor of our favourite blog.

Get well youngfella,

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 12 2024 8:38 utc | 14

Much better news than I was beginning to fear, good to have you b.

Perhaps one of the more experienced barflies may be able to assist you with monitoring comments section while you recover.

Posted by: Menz | Jun 12 2024 8:40 utc | 15

Have you back, that is.

Posted by: Menz | Jun 12 2024 8:43 utc | 16

That's good news. You're a good man. Lang may yer lum reek.

Posted by: DM: | Jun 12 2024 8:43 utc | 17

It's great to hear that you're doing well and on the way to recovery.

I've missed MoA these last few weeks.

I wish you a speedy and pleasant convalescence.

Posted by: Cato | Jun 12 2024 8:47 utc | 18

Du hast uns sehr gefehlt. Gott sei dank bist du wieder da. Gute und schnelle Genesung. Nimm Dir die Zeit.

Big thanks for all your work on MoA.

Posted by: Gnomik | Jun 12 2024 8:50 utc | 19

All best wishes.

Would be worth it if you could find a good local physiotherapist before you start at the clinic.

Posted by: Charly | Jun 12 2024 8:51 utc | 20

Had me worried there for a few days! Wish you a speedy and complete recovery! Open heart surgery is no joke. Glad things went fine.

Posted by: Norwegian Bob | Jun 12 2024 8:54 utc | 21

Good to know that you are over the worse (hopefully). Although you were missed, I think most here would wish you to take as much time as you need and don't allow yourself to feel as if you have to get back to MoA before you are ready.

The update is appreciated, however if these pages go silent again for another while we'll understand.

Take very good care and heal. All the best


Posted by: SattaMassaGana | Jun 12 2024 9:01 utc | 22

Very welcome news. I wish you a strong recovery. I’m glad your health insurance sounds superior to much of what is available in the US.

Posted by: Hickory | Jun 12 2024 9:02 utc | 23

Good to hear you're in one piece, even a small op takes it out of you, let alone a big one like yours.

Posted by: YetAnotherAnon | Jun 12 2024 9:03 utc | 24

Delighted you're not dead, b.

Please take your time to recover.

Posted by: Spen Fuelrod | Jun 12 2024 9:09 utc | 25

Your procedure description has this text:

You may need an aortobifemoral bypass if one of the major arteries in your abdomen, pelvis, or groin is blocked by a buildup of fatty deposits on your artery walls.

Your whole vascular system likely has plaque deposits.

The long-term solution is a low-fat, high(er) fiber, oil-free, nut-free, plant-based diet. I have lost (and have kept off) 20% of my body weight for more than 5 years (and I'm not perfectly compliant). My risk of a cardiovascular event is less than 10% at present. I take 5mg of crestor only because I need it to get under the right number (total cholesterol 3.1 EU, 150 USA) (I also live with a non-vegan and need to allow for some non-compliant eating.)

It's a long process to learn everything. Some source material if you and your readers are interested:

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

The Starch Solution

Peter Rogers MD
(He wrote the Medical Reformation Vegan Renaissance Bible--he goes over each chapter on YouTube.)


Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Posted by: Can't Spell | Jun 12 2024 9:09 utc | 26


Thank you for this update.

Take the time you need to fully recuperate.

Your blogging in the service of truth and humanity is greatly appreciated by me and uncountable others.

In this tumultuous and dangerous time you are for me somewhat of an informational 'emergency worker' or 'first aider'. In those professions, the first rule is: Ensure your own safety first (as a prerequisite to being of assistance to others).You are wise to observe it.

Kindest regards,

Andrew Celestina

Posted by: Andrew Celestina | Jun 12 2024 9:14 utc | 27

Glad to hear you are alive and on the mend, B.

The world has felt a little colder and darker without regular trips to the bar.

All the best for a speedy recovery.

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Jun 12 2024 9:20 utc | 28

Dear Bernhard,
It sounds that you will need to take things as they come for the next few weeks.
Grasp the opportunities your insurance offers you to recuperate fully and give your body and mind the time needed to get back to full health.
I am glad to hear that things went well and wish you all the best!

Posted by: Stultitia Invicta | Jun 12 2024 9:20 utc | 29

Been doIng a dive-by check of site every day…
Beyond relieved you are in recovery.
There really isn’t any other site on the whole goddam internet like your whiskey bar.
Thank you for hosting us.
Thank you.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Jun 12 2024 9:26 utc | 30

Residents in US, UK, Canada, and many other benighted democracies, might take note of medical care available to 'b'... Despite the ongoing waste and pillage of Deutschland's economy.

Posted by: Otter | Jun 12 2024 9:26 utc | 31

b, if you smoke, please don’t ever do so again. This is very important. We need same voices like you on the planet, and don’t want to lose you to the tobacco industry.

Posted by: Tiger | Jun 12 2024 9:28 utc | 32

Take care of yourself!

Posted by: Babel-17 | Jun 12 2024 9:30 utc | 33

Best wishes for a quick and full recovery. Please take your time.

Posted by: neutrino | Jun 12 2024 9:31 utc | 34

So relieved to hear that you are well and getting better, b. I think that is the longest stretch without your insight and wise guidance on world affairs in a couple of decades. Long may the record stand.

Posted by: PeeDee | Jun 12 2024 9:36 utc | 35

Von Herzen weiter gute Besserung! Ich hoffe Sie haben jemanden der sich um Sie kümmert. Ab und zu ein Lebenszeichen in nächster Zeit wäre wunderbar, ansonsten, auch wenn es schwerfällt, langsam gehen lassen und mit positiver Energie aufladen. Geopolitische Analysen sind wohl eher Gift zur Zeit. Es kann uns Lesern und barflies nicht schaden selber wieder mehr auf die Suche nach vernünftigen Quellen zu gehen und zu versuchen uns eine fundierte eigene Meinung zu bilden. So bin ich irgendwann auf Ihrer Seite gelandet und werde immer wieder nachschauen kommen. Danke für Alles und gute Erholung.

Posted by: Aurora | Jun 12 2024 9:41 utc | 36

Dear b,

Take care of yourself - health first, all else second. Take the time your body and spirit need to feel well and strong again.

Being immersed daily in the ever more dangerous and repugnant developments in the world can only make you sicker. Stay away as long as necessary.

We will think of you and wait for you to be back.

Posted by: JB | Jun 12 2024 9:49 utc | 37

Good to hear from you b!

I was afraid we'd miss you and the blog just when the MoA 20th anniversary is approaching the 30th of June.

Posted by: blueswede 🥳 | Jun 12 2024 9:51 utc | 38

My very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

And the hope that the UK retains its NHS and rejects the 'insurance' route. Nobody should be worried about money in these circumstances.

Posted by: The Accountant | Jun 12 2024 9:51 utc | 39

Really pleased to get the update from you. Wow, that's a LOT to cope with! Great to hear that the worst of it is over. Take your time and recover properly. The world will go on without you - temporarily! :-) We'd all love to have you back full time but health first! Very best wishes.

Posted by: Mark H | Jun 12 2024 9:52 utc | 40

Good luck b, I’m so well youre alive and kicking, I was beginning to think the worst.

Welcome back!

Posted by: PalmaSailor | Jun 12 2024 9:59 utc | 41

Happy to have you back! Take your time.

Posted by: C | Jun 12 2024 10:04 utc | 42

Best of luck with the recovery. A seven hour operation is very long and debilitating. I had a much shorter operation for blocked aortic valve replacement in April, and I sympathise with your suffering. My guess is that you will need several months before you are really mobile again.

We are all missing the daily updated debate forum offered by MoA. There is very little with such an open philosophy.

Hope all goes well with the convalescence.

Posted by: laguerre | Jun 12 2024 10:04 utc | 43

Godspeed dear Barkeep.

Hope they send you either to Chiemsee or Nordsee for Reha and I’ll pray you get an extra 3 weeks to the 3 planned.

Posted by: Exile | Jun 12 2024 10:05 utc | 44

Glad to hear that you are alive and getting better, b – I wish you a speedy recovery!

And for the others: I've created a "Friends of MoA" group on Telegram, you can find it here:

It's just there to provide a secondary discussion channel for the time being. Bernhard, if you're not okay with this then please let me know and I'll remove it though I guess it might make sense to keep some sort of backup channel, just in case...

Posted by: Multipolar Panda | Jun 12 2024 10:06 utc | 45

Delighted you're back and recovering. The best long-term therapy I found was to eat less, be happy and avoid stress like the plague - including the stress of arguing about what long-term therapy should be ;-) All the best!

Posted by: TPaine | Jun 12 2024 10:13 utc | 46

My best wishes for a full recovery!

Posted by: Multipolar Panda | Jun 12 2024 10:06 utc | 45


Posted by: Naive | Jun 12 2024 10:14 utc | 47

If the surgeons had done a good job, you'd be back in relatively good health within a month. You shouldn't carry any weight more than 2kg for 2 months or so. No digging in the backyard, no picking up things from the floor for sometime. If you were a smoker, you'd have to stop that. Within 3 months, you'd stop feeling any pains in the chest, and within 6 months, you'd even forget that you had an chest operation, if you won't look at yourself in the mirror. Within one year, you'd be doing backyard work, and all that.

I had that bypass operation 5 years ago. I learnt not to sneeze then, as that was terrible. I did exactly as the doctors advised. After the first general check, after 6 weeks, the doctors allowed me to drive. From the 3rd month onwards, I could cycle. And, now, the only thing that reminds me of it, is the scars on the chest.

Everything will be alright. I wish you a good recovery!

Posted by: ostro | Jun 12 2024 10:19 utc | 48

Best of luck and speedy recovery.

Posted by: Ab | Jun 12 2024 10:20 utc | 49

Best wishes towards a full recovery.

Take care.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Jun 12 2024 10:21 utc | 50

Welcome back and a healthy recovery fellow old man!

Posted by: Justpassinby | Jun 12 2024 10:21 utc | 51

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. Take off as much time as needed. We welcome your return in better health.

Posted by: Chicago Bob | Jun 12 2024 10:35 utc | 52

Good to hear that you’re on the road to recovery. Take all the time you need to get back to full strength. The convalescence options sound like a good idea, especially if they’re already covered by insurance.

Posted by: Jeremy Rhymings-Lang | Jun 12 2024 10:46 utc | 53

Dear B,

glad to have you back. After your previous post I was not sure if it really had been yours, or was posted by certain agents who, as I believed, had confiscated your computer as a prelude to shutting down MoA entirely. Now I'm glad to learn I was wrong. All the best wishes for your health after this major surgery!

Being shut off from communication with barflies entirely, was a quite stressful experience. Maybe we should have something in place like an email pool, or any other system of communication for those times when MoA is down.

Posted by: grunzt | Jun 12 2024 10:48 utc | 54

Great News B - happy that you are in recovery - take it easy and get well soon

Posted by: Aslangeo | Jun 12 2024 10:51 utc | 55

Yay! I am glad to know that you are OK and getting better.
Looking forward to the continuation of the story.
Keep up the good fight.

Posted by: jared | Jun 12 2024 10:51 utc | 56

Being shut off from communication with barflies entirely, was a quite stressful experience. Maybe we should have something in place like an email pool, or any other system of communication for those times when MoA is down.

Posted by: grunzt | Jun 12 2024 10:48 utc | 54

Yeah, same here – although I'm quite silent on MoA, I really missed the stream of news from all the barflies... it's so useful! See my posting it #45, I've opened a Telegram group as a backup for discussions... yes, it requires an account but better than nothing at all...

Posted by: Multipolar Panda | Jun 12 2024 10:52 utc | 57

So glad to see you back. I had a similar procedure and it does take time to convalesce. Don't overburden yourself. We can wait but your recovery process cannot wait. You are missed for your analysis and understanding. A real gap in the provision of knowledge and understanding for all of us, I am sure. Anyway, thanks for all you have done up till now. Auf Wiedersehen und Auf Wiederlesen!!!

Posted by: Israeli dissident | Jun 12 2024 10:53 utc | 58

Best wishes Bernhard. I hope you have a speedy recovery and do what you must to ensure it. All of us at the bar were hugely concerned about your health and still are as you recover. Your bar is a treasured meeting place. Take care.

Posted by: Zim Zum | Jun 12 2024 10:55 utc | 59

Glad to hear that everything went well, b! Take your time recovering.

Posted by: Michael A | Jun 12 2024 10:58 utc | 60

Have a full and speedy recovery!!

Posted by: C Khosta y Alzamendi | Jun 12 2024 10:58 utc | 61

Here’s hoping for A speedy and full recovery b, do whatever is needed to make it so. Ggersh

Posted by: Ggersh | Jun 12 2024 11:00 utc | 62

Glad this lurker is glad to hear of your good health to come

Posted by: Shag | Jun 12 2024 11:06 utc | 63

Good to hear from you're doing well and back on track! You're analysis is deeply needed and missed. I look forward to having you back. Rest up!

Posted by: ThinkingMeat8191 | Jun 12 2024 11:10 utc | 64

Thanks for posting B !

I spent 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit 8 years ago with heart failure and now I swim 16 laps in the city pool 4 days a week [on average] I am 67 years old.
I guess life is not done with either one of us yet !
Glad to hear from you.

Bartholomew Cubbins

Posted by: Bartholomew Cubbins | Jun 12 2024 11:23 utc | 65

Great to see that you are 'on the mend' and taking your time for a full recovery ... a little absence, as you know, makes all our hearts grow fonder for the bar!

And, I have it from very reliable sources that neither World War Three nor the Collapse of the European Union will occur while you are in recovery ... Peace in Our Time 'b' peace in our time...

Stay well 'b' and all will be well with Moon of Alabama Bar ...

Posted by: Don Firineach | Jun 12 2024 11:30 utc | 66

We may argue endlessly about mostly irrelevant things, but we all feel united in wishing you the best recovery.

I for one have a bad case of the opposite of buyer´s remorse, I should have been more generous because you obviously have to do a lot with very little, and a bit more money can help a lot and even extend your life by reducing financial stress.

Your blog still ranks number two in my most visited sites, number one is my webmail!

Posted by: Biochar | Jun 12 2024 11:30 utc | 67

I was worried. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Was a little lost, hard to get the broad spectrum of information that you & the MoA community gives. Thanks B.

Posted by: Rahul | Jun 12 2024 11:38 utc | 68

b. --Every morning , first thing --I visited the bar to ask: "Is b. back?" Today, a sigh of relief and gratitude. Sending you optimism and resilience.

Posted by: Glorious Bach | Jun 12 2024 11:42 utc | 69

God speed your full recovery.

Posted by: paddy | Jun 12 2024 11:44 utc | 70

It is great to hear from you B, take all the time you need to make a full recovery. I send my best wishes for you.

Posted by: Nodag | Jun 12 2024 11:45 utc | 71

Bravo B, stay strong, I like ehat you write

Posted by: Giovanni | Jun 12 2024 11:45 utc | 72

Get well B. Miss reading you nearly daily insights, but understand and completely agree that you have to take care of yourself. Wish you a full recovery.

Posted by: mpn | Jun 12 2024 11:45 utc | 73

We missed you along the informed comments. Get well.....

Posted by: Georgeg | Jun 12 2024 11:47 utc | 74

Thanks for posting the update, b! So glad to hear you are in recovery from a successful procedure, and I totally think you should take up that opportunity to convalesce with support, even if it starts a bit late. At least there is plenty of sunshine at this time of year, fresh greens, etc.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Jun 12 2024 11:47 utc | 75

Nice to hear from you Bernhard! Even if I post only a couple of times a year, I look in here every day and missed you.

Convalescence in July? Well, how about doing it in Bad Kissingen? There will be the yearly Rakoczy festival from July 26th to 28th in Bad Kissingen. You may even meet me wearing a Prussian uniform, there! ;-)

Posted by: Helmuth von Moltke | Jun 12 2024 11:48 utc | 76

Relieved to hear you're on the road to recovery. Take the time you need B because there is much work to be done and you are a vital part of it. You & the barflies help people to make sense of current issues by encouraging us not to swallow wholesale the 'official narrative' but rather to question, research, discuss and record a variety of alternative views, and thus to think for ourselves.

Stay well.

Posted by: carrie_f | Jun 12 2024 11:49 utc | 77

Bernhard, we're all glad for you.

While MoA is a terrific asset to all of us, the person that made and operates it is unique and likely irreplaceable. We value _you_.

You've already done your job for society; your social-esteem bank account is full way past over-run.

Bask in the glow of that approbation while you do your recuperating.

See you later, and not a moment before you good and well feel like it.

Posted by: Tom Pfotzer | Jun 12 2024 11:49 utc | 78

Happy to hear this. I wish you a full recovery. We need you strong! Gute Besserung.

Posted by: drurio | Jun 12 2024 11:51 utc | 79

Yay, saw you were retweeting somethings last days, was good sign.


Primarily that also means not moderating or even reading comments here!

Leave the page as it is , unmoderated and open, for the bar flies to buzz around and even have scuffles if necessary- it is just a platform for us chew the cud over after all. Actually a vital process. No one can blame you for the opinions here whilst you are recuperating.
Many opinions and original views emerge to go with official narratives.

Telegram and Nitter are adequate sources but we need to have the platform for some vital communication not possible there or other blogs.

The summer is decisive. It should have a record of voices that only MoA has.
If you want to give us some dedicated posts to try to stay ‘on-topic’ some suggestions :

U.K., US, European etc ‘free world democracy’ pantomime.
Euro football & Olympic bs
BRICS + and post SPIEF ,China, Russia , SCO, BRI
Yemen, Palestine , Iran, Syria, MENA
End of Zionist (American) Dream, Anglo European Empire and it’s doomed illegal apartheid entity white power colony.
Economic and Techono Truths and Transfer to a New Reserve Currency and Financial Legal New World Order (polycentric).

Then go and have a fine summer recuperating far from news and temptations of regular poisons with good weather and regular massage. Kerala or Thailand if not too hot for you, though I note Russia and China are beautiful and have all such facilities too. People who have no interest except living a daily life with ancient rhythms. 3 months at least.

Then b, see ya back in Autumn or Winter, wholly fit ! And remember a little bit of what you like is worth having - after all quality of life is as important if not more than life itself.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Jun 12 2024 11:53 utc | 80

Glad to hear an update. Take your time getting back. The world will still be needing your insights as it will not be fixed in a few months.
Best Regards,

Posted by: horatio | Jun 12 2024 11:54 utc | 81

Get well.

Listen to what your body is telling you.

Posted by: librul | Jun 12 2024 11:55 utc | 82

Very pleased that you have come through everything well so far, b.
I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you can get going again soon.
Greetings, also to all the upright "barhocker"* here,

* (for the non-German speaking, watch out, german ambiguity...hint: german verb "hocken")

Posted by: SW | Jun 12 2024 11:55 utc | 83

So glad to hear from you, b. It will be great when you are back to full strength and can take up your analysis and reporting again but don't rush things! Take as long as you need to feel good again, mentally as well as physically. Best wishes to you.

Posted by: Maxcrat | Jun 12 2024 11:57 utc | 84

🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Fingers crossed for your full and prompt recovery!!!

Posted by: Tchovsi | Jun 12 2024 12:04 utc | 85

good to see you're ok. thanks B

Posted by: Father Dougal | Jun 12 2024 12:06 utc | 86

Good to hear... I send you my best wishes...

Posted by: Nemo | Jun 12 2024 12:07 utc | 87

Take it easy b. All the best with the recovery. This shitty world will be still be here when you get back. Good luck from Australia.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jun 12 2024 12:12 utc | 88

So good to hear from you, our hard-working host. All cure is from Allah.

Meanwhile , the genociders and narrative mongers have been shamelessly parading their own guilt.
Lord Cameron declaring WW3 by authorising use of Western weapons against Russia, and Biden authorising the use of a food aid vehicle from.the US pier as a Trojan Horse for genociding refugees.

No research assistance needed. All there in Sputnik News, the Times of Israel and the BBC. Election times require the PTB to advertise their own criminality ' this is what we do ' . These are the Ts and Cs . Agree / Not agree ?

Posted by: Giyane | Jun 12 2024 12:16 utc | 89

Welcome back.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Jun 12 2024 12:18 utc | 90

So glad that you are recovering b. You were missed.

Posted by: Thirsty | Jun 12 2024 12:20 utc | 91

So glad to hear from you, b. Wish you a swift recovery. Like so many I'm addicted to MoA, there's no other place like it.

Posted by: estouxim | Jun 12 2024 12:21 utc | 92


To the Protector God "Berobreo" I put this stone, asking for health

Posted by: Simon | Jun 12 2024 12:23 utc | 93

Glad you're back B. You misled us, a little, I think - perhaps unintentionally - about the scope and gravity of the situation. That's no trifling procedure. Look after yourself and follow doctors' orders! All the best.

Posted by: Jack McCord | Jun 12 2024 12:23 utc | 94

Wishing you a strong recovery … well done for pulling through b. Am sure the technical feat of the medics was equal to you stamina to survive. Great to hear you are looking forward to a full recovery and more for all your pain … do take care b. for personal health is a great asset. 🙏🏽

Posted by: Oui | Jun 12 2024 12:27 utc | 95

Thank You for the update!!

As much as I'm missing Your posts -- please do take all the time You need plus all the time You might need plus all the time You like.

And I'm pretty sure that the common sentiment here is that You don't need to excuse Yourself for any offline time. It's us who have to thank You when You are online.

Best wishes from all my heart.

Posted by: A.G. | Jun 12 2024 12:30 utc | 96

Thank Goodness you came through it ok. Don't return to blogging any sooner than you feel up to it. We will all sit tight. Prayers from the Ozarks.

Posted by: Ozark Grandpa | Jun 12 2024 12:31 utc | 97

Welcome, We4lcome Welcome back

Do not strain yourself. But so glad you are OK

Posted by: watcher | Jun 12 2024 12:37 utc | 98

Such a happy morning! I check in at Moon every day and there have been many queries over at naked capitalism: "Has anyone heard from 'b?' The spa/hotel/rehab clinic sounds lovely; take full advantage. We have missed you and wish you a full return to health and writing.

Posted by: Eclair | Jun 12 2024 12:38 utc | 99

It’s great news to see you are doing well and hopefully making a steady recovery. It will take time, but God willing, you will eventually get there.
Welcome Back !!! The days are now looking brighter.

Posted by: Patrick | Jun 12 2024 12:41 utc | 100

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