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May 23, 2024

Notice Of Absence - Update: Change of Plans

Update (May 25, 9:36 UTC)

After discussions involving a dozen MDs, two professors (and me) it was decided to change the relevant department and plans.

This now looks likely to be a small to medium size - but more bloody than expected - intervention coming only next Thursday with a second one following a few weeks later. Plans may change again though if and when appropriate. I for now expect to be back at home around June 6 or so.

In-between being cut up and sewn together I will likely have access to the net. I may therefore pop up here and there and will reopen comments if and when I feel able to at least somewhat police them.

Thank you for your patience.


Old post to follow:

For medical reasons your host will be offline from Thursday to Sunday.

I have closed the comments to prevent vandalism while I am away.

I hope to be back at full capacity on Monday, May 27th. Should the procedure be extended, which is a possibility, I will likely be back on Wednesday, May 29.

See you soon ...

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