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April 07, 2024

Palestine Open Thread 2024-103

Only for news & views directly related to the war in Palestine.

The current open thread for other issues is here.

Please stick to the topic. Contribute facts. Do not attack other commentators.

Posted by b on April 7, 2024 at 12:50 UTC | Permalink


Interesting from Alistair Crooke

“Netanyahu is (still) promising Israelis ‘total victory’ over Hamas, although he knows that completely subduing the group is impossible. Netanyahu’s way out from this paradox therefore is ‘to blame Biden’ as the one preventing Israel’s victory over Hamas.

Bluntly, there is no easy military solution to Hamas – none at all. Israeli stories about having dismantled 19 Hamas battalions in Gaza is just PR that is being fed to the White House who, seemingly, take Israel’s word for it.

Netanyahu likely knows that Gaza will become an unceasing insurgency – and will blame Biden, who is already being cast as the ‘punchbag’ for trying to foist a Palestinian State on to an unwilling Israel.”

Full article here.

Posted by: Josef Cohen | Apr 7 2024 13:07 utc | 1

IDF withdraws ground troops from south Gaza, leaving just one brigade in enclave

Posted by: Apollyon | Apr 7 2024 13:07 utc | 2

Bibi is a puppet to the right wing crazies.
The goals of the crazies are to increase worldwide anti semitism AND to destroy the Israeli left wing.

Posted by: Polli | Apr 7 2024 13:07 utc | 3

Earlier today: Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri described the attack on Iran’s embassy as a ‘suicide’ mission by the Zionist regime. He underscored “that Iran would carry out a retaliatory operation with precision, causing the Zionist regime to regret their actions”.

Posted by: AI | Apr 7 2024 14:11 utc | 4

Posted by: Apollyon | Apr 7 2024 13:07 utc | 1

Purely tactical move because of the talks today in Cairo. The soldiers will return to Gaza after forcing all innocent Palestinians out of the way and within two months they will carry out the ground operation in Rafa. There are currently ten thousand (10,000) resistant Hamas and other faction fighters in the south and central of Gaza. Can Israel beat them? Unlikely. Once the complete the mission in Rafa they will move to the northern border south of Lebanon.

Posted by: AI | Apr 7 2024 14:16 utc | 5

More detail on retreat of 3 IDF brigades:

……Israeli Army Radio reported that the 98th Division, comprising three brigades, withdrew from the Khan Yunis area after four months of conflict, with the Nahal Brigade remaining in the Netzarim Corridor to control movement between northern and southern Gaza…….

Comment - these IDF units could only hold the ground they stood on.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 7 2024 14:47 utc | 6

Four soldiers killed fighting in southern Gaza as war on Hamas hits six-month mark

The Israel Defense Forces announced Sunday the deaths of four soldiers during fighting against the Palestinian terror group Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip the day before.
The four were killed Saturday when gunmen came out of a tunnel in a destroyed building and opened fire at troops carrying out a patrol along the IDF’s logistics route in Khan Younis, according to an initial military probe. The operatives apparently managed to flee back into the tunnel.
A tank came under RPG fire from another cell in the area, though there were no injuries in that attack.
Also Saturday, two soldiers of the 401st Armored Brigade’s 46th Battalion were seriously wounded in the central Gaza Strip, the IDF said.

The troops were injured in an accident involving a tank shell that exploded inside the vehicle, according to an initial IDF probe.

"a tank shell that exploded inside the vehicle" - no tank shell explodes just like that. They are insensitive to most things one might do to them which includes using a hammer or dropping a shell from several meters. To launch a shell one needs a high voltage electrical circuit or some external explosive incident. It is highly likely that the tank was hit from the outside.

Too many losses, too little success --> retreat:
IDF withdraws ground troops from south Gaza, leaving just one brigade in whole enclave

The Israel Defense Forces withdrew all of its maneuvering ground forces from the Gaza Strip early Sunday morning, leaving just one brigade to secure a corridor splitting the Palestinian enclave.

Troops of the 98th Division were pulled out of the Khan Younis area after four straight months of fighting, the IDF said.
Hours after the withdrawal, five rockets were fired from the Khan Younis area at communities near the Gaza border.
The offensive in Khan Younis achieved its goal, according to the IDF, with the local Hamas brigade dismantled, thousands of gunmen killed, and around 30 kilometers of tunnels destroyed.

That 'dismantled' local Hamas brigade had just managed to kill four more Israeli soldiers, wounded two others and launched a missile salvo towards Israeli settlements.

It is pretty obvious who won the fight.

Posted by: b | Apr 7 2024 14:52 utc | 7

According to the IOF press release today, 'only' 604 troops have died since Oct 7. Really? The number is far larger.

Posted by: AI | Apr 7 2024 14:57 utc | 8

"Bibi is a puppet to the right wing crazies.
The goals of the crazies are to increase worldwide anti semitism AND to destroy the Israeli left wing."

This is as much a war of attrition against the Israeli left as it is against Hamas, essentially winning the Israeli right uncountable decades more in power. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to shutdown Haaretz, or rather there have already been signs of this. But ultimately this scorched earth policy leaves both Palestinians and Israel society even more at the mercy of the US hegemon.

Posted by: Ludo | Apr 7 2024 15:12 utc | 9

Michael Brenner weeps over shattered ruins of the Western conscience, in light of Gaza.

This coarsening of communal sensibilities and meanness of spirit is pertinent backdrop to these governments’ attitude toward the crimes in Palestine. Let us return to the core question: how to explain and to interpret the gross moral failings of Western elites. The first thing to say is that what we are observing is not a moral ‘lapse.’ The atrocities are too widespread, too graphic, and too sustained for that. Second, while it is necessary to consider the collective psychology of the entire political class and the wider socio-cultural environment in their countries, it is individual decisions and actions that count – at the end of the day.

Here, we run into a perplexing state-of-affairs. For today’s crop of government leaders are distinguished by how ordinary they are. None are audaciously ambitious persons: none are ideologically driven; none exhibit exceptional personality traits (Trump apart); none cut a striking figure. The same holds for their senior deputies (albeit Tony Blinken is a zealous Zionist). Biden, Trudeau, Sunak, Schulz, Rutte, van der Leyen, Stoltenberg, Macron – all are prosaic personalities.

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Apr 7 2024 15:29 utc | 10

Is Israel pulling out of southern Gaza because they are getting ready to move on to simple air bombardment using heavier artillery and inflict their final and total destruction there? I hate to think that, but.....

Posted by: teri | Apr 7 2024 15:44 utc | 11

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Apr 7 2024 15:29 utc | 9


He can weep but this is how elites have always been. Morality is a tool they use to shame and control anyone who would challenge them for power.

It has been a long time since elites in the West had moral standards they would try to live by.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Apr 7 2024 15:53 utc | 12

who can say more about Lavender?

Posted by: snake | Apr 7 2024 16:42 utc | 13

I do work and getting plants started indoors to plant later ... but did I miss a second israeli strike on the Bekka Valley-Beeka of Lebanon in Hezbollah's deep rear? Or is there a town elsewhere with a similar name.

""The first statement mentioned that, in response to the enemy’s aggressions on the Bekaa region, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted, at 11:10 am on Sunday, April 7, 2024, the air and missile defense command headquarters at Kela barracks and the missile and artillery base in Yoav with tens of Katyusha rockets."" 'Tens" to me would imply over 24, around 30. imho Hezbollah has no need to exaggerate numbers fired, so a fuzzy number of a major strike is all good.

No maps today of every misslie and artillery strike as done yesterday on Al-manar. They did do the overly long in s l o w motion and various angles of yesterdays downing of the Hermes drone. Super slow motion of the fall. They are quite adept at the art and science of war. I strongly doubt they are giving away their highest levels of aerial observation, they know how to fuzz images and such like I am sure. IIRC I was hearing back in 2008 that Hezbollah had some of the best light infantry in the world. Underestimate them at your own peril.

Posted by: paxmark1 | Apr 7 2024 16:57 utc | 14

Yemeni forces strike Zionist and other belligerents ships, with missiles.

"Yemeni Armed Forces says the country’s naval units have conducted multiple operations against British and Israeli commercial vessels.

The Yemeni forces also targeted US military frigates off the nation's coast in support of Palestinians amid Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, the spokesman added.

Speaking at a televised press briefing broadcast live from the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a on Sunday, Brigadier General Yahya Saree said the country’s forces struck the British container ship HOPE ISLAND in the Red Sea.

He noted that the vessel was struck with “appropriate” naval missiles, emphasizing that the hit was direct.

Yemeni naval units also struck the Israeli general cargo ship MSC GRACE F in the Indian Ocean. In addition, they targeted Israeli-owned container ship MSC GINA in the Arabian Sea, Saree said. "

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 7 2024 17:03 utc | 15

only' 604 troops have died since Oct 7. Really? The number is far larger.

Posted by: AI | Apr 7 2024 14:57 utc | 7

A few days ago they were still reporting the old 200+ number. Seems to have jumped 300+ in about a week.

Unless it's all bollocks, of course.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Apr 7 2024 17:08 utc | 16

I find this rather surreal considering SA's position with regards to Israel and the ongoing genocide.

"Three activist organizations in South Africa have expressed grave concern over the recruitment of the country’s citizens in the Israeli military, saying the process is still underway despite the country's warnings.

The recruitments take place even though South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor has already warned that South African citizens who are fighting alongside Israeli forces in Gaza will be arrested once they return home.

The Palestine Solidarity Alliance, the Media Review Network, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign said on Sunday that Colonel Golan Vach, a 35-year veteran in the Israeli military, is responsible for these recruitments.

They also called for the arrest of Vach to face trial in South Africa “for various crimes against humanity, war crimes, spreading disinformation, recruiting South Africans to fight in a third country, and furthering the military interests of Israel in an armed conflict against South African law.”

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 7 2024 17:09 utc | 17

Tide is turning. More mainstream news is posting stuff like the following:

Posted by: JAB | Apr 7 2024 17:15 utc | 18

Foreign Fighters and Dual Citizens fighting in the IDF or various Israeli paramilitary units will be increasingly sanctioned by their home countries.

South Africa isn‘t the first , there will be more.

Note, at some point anyone who ever did duty in the IDF will be sanctioned - that’s essentially any Israeli over the age of 18.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 7 2024 17:16 utc | 19

The 225 McDonald's branches in Israel have been busy but they are losing money.

"The US fast food chain’s Israel franchise has offered free food and drinks to Israeli occupation forces stationed in Gaza, and provided discounts to Israeli regime forces since Oct. 7"

"The US giant food chain McDonald’s has signed a deal to purchase all 225 of the restaurants that comprise its Israel franchise.

The company reported its first revenue miss in nearly four years in February, hit by months of dramatically weak sales following pro-Palestinian boycott action due to the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on Gaza.

The American fast-food chain announced on Thursday that it is taking control of the restaurant outlets in Israel run for decades by local licensee Alonyal Ltd., which is owned by Israeli businessman Omri Padan.

“An agreement to sell Alonyal to McDonald’s Corporation has been signed,” McDonald’s announced in its statement. “Upon completion of the transaction, McDonald’s Corporation will own Alonyal Limited’s restaurants and operations, and employees will be retained on equivalent terms.”

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Apr 7 2024 17:17 utc | 20

It has been a long time since elites in the West had moral standards they would try to live by.
@ LoveDonbass | Apr 7 2024 15:53 utc | 11

This restates the premise of Brenner's thoughtful essay: that the failure exemplified by genocide in Gaza continues a long-term trajectory: The first thing to say is that what we are observing is not a moral ‘lapse.’

My own perspective, with my telescope tripod planted here in the San Francisco Bay Area, intimately familiar with local politics and peoples, it seems I live in the very heart of darkness, the pinnacle of nonsensical liberal nihilism. But Brenner's perspective is much more international and UK-aware, so he sees the rot -- twin demons of nihilism and narcissism -- metastasizing throughout Europe.

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Apr 7 2024 17:50 utc | 21


Posted by: António Ferrão | Apr 7 2024 18:00 utc | 22

@ JAB | Apr 7 2024 17:15 utc | 17

Thanks for the link. We are hearing much talk of encountering a turning point, at the six-month anniversary of al-Aqsa Flood, in the wake of the World CIA Kitchen assassinations...

In Gaza, the six-month milestone has arrived, and with it a perceptible shift. Whatever amnesty the Israeli government was given by its allies in the wake of the Hamas attacks is now threatening to expire.

I've heard similar optimism from respected observers, but I'm not buying it. The premise seems to be that killing six "international" workers has suddenly roused the slumbering Western conscience. As if.

USUK48 remains on a holy mission to finish the war of '48, to flush all human vermin from Vladimir Jabotinski's Eretz Israel, from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea, a final solution to the Palestinian problem. Arch-fiends in control say they mean to finish the job, and they mean what they say. This little bump in the road can scarcely slow down Apocalypse Express.

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Apr 7 2024 18:30 utc | 23

JAB @ 17
Tide is turning. More mainstream news is posting stuff like the following:

That is s surprise and so is this...
Democratic tensions over Israel threaten to boil over at Chicago convention

and this...

Nancy Pelosi Among 40 House Democrats Demanding Biden Halt Weapon Transfers to Israel

With news like this I can say it is smart for Iran to do nothing against Israel over the embassy bombing at this time. Remember the Chicago 1968 Democrat convention? They could see something even worse at their 2024 convention in Chicago. The nation has changed much since then and the police could step aside this time.

Something big could be brewing....

Posted by: circumspect | Apr 7 2024 18:40 utc | 24

LoveDonbass @11, Aleph_Null @ 20
I posted about the profound Michael Brenner essay yesterday which I copy here
6 April 2024

United Nations Security Council’s Permanent Members Have Veto Power
Britain, France and the United States with roughly 6% of the world’s population have 60% control of the UNSC…
Related discussion was Michael Brenner’s insightful essay entitled Morality Challenged here in which I will highlight the core components of his arguments.
V. Since October 7, the Israeli genocide in Gaza has revealed not only the West’s indifference to that genocide but its complicity (in multiple ways) in its occurrence.
VI. Complicity in the Gaza genocide should not be seen as a singular occurrence – precedents were at least in Yemen; the War on Terror; on matters of emigres and refugees; and finally, the uniformity of outlook of the West’s political class (media, academics, celebrities, politicians)
VII. The measure of Western morality as seen through social symptoms of decline like income inequality and treatment(s) of its most vulnerable groups i.e., the elderly…Most pronounced symptoms seem to be in Britain and the US
VIII. Finally Brenner points to the context of Western leadership that allows the Gaza genocide to happen…Here I quote Brenner’s description of Western leadership “Rather, they are creatures whose very banality encourages/permits the loss of perspective on the reality before them, who conveniently have stifled their moral instincts, who is conformist, and who totally lack self-awareness. They are quintessentially post-modern. Vapid and amoral.”……………………” The very ordinariness of our leaders offers a clue to the puzzle as we posed it: why the near complete absence of feelings of guilt or shame – why so untroubled at being humiliated in the eyes of most of the world? First, as linear thinkers, content with superficial views of the world, they locked themselves onto a simple formula: Israel = good; Hamas = bad. That led to a quick series of decisions which closed the mind to any alteration or modification as the situation took on grotesque dimensions. Understandable insofar as linear thinkers feel that slowing down is irritating; that deviation is unsettling, and reversal of course is unbearable defeat. Witness Ukraine/Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba – and now Palestine. So, they plow straight ahead – bouncing from one disaster to the next, yet still twirling their right index finger in the air.”

But illuminating Brenner’s analysis of Western leadership, believe it or not, according to NYT, Biden’s disapproval numbers are not as bad as other Western leaders.
Of course this data point must be taken with a grain of salt, as to whether or not the disapproval ratings are dependent upon the society’s social consciousness as a whole or are actually a genuine reflection of overall disgust with the specific personality....

Posted by: PassionateProgressiv | Apr 7 2024 19:10 utc | 25

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Apr 7 2024 17:50 utc | 20


I'm a believer, so I see nihilism as people who have reached the inevitable conclusion that life doesn't matter if all that we have to live for are our creature comforts whether they are food, sex, status, or thrills.

Consumption in the material world isn't enough for many people.

Even if it was based on a lie (note, I am not promoting this) it's better to have some grand purpose and a place in the machinery of the universe than not.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Apr 7 2024 19:52 utc | 26

Gaza daily SitRep

Comment - massive dog pile on IDF units in and around Khan Yunis ; painful to read. Resistance claims 14 IDF KIA plus. Interesting that Likud then announced retreat of the IDF units for rest and refit

Posted by: Exile | Apr 7 2024 20:04 utc | 27

Bibi and the crazies in the War Cabinet must be in a state of uncontrolled rage at this point in time....

Finally the choke collar has been tightened on the attack dog. Remember actual members of the War Cabinet had advocated for starving all the Gaza Palestinian civilians to death. Hard to believe but true......

Not to fear, Bibi and ultra nationalists will find a way to slaughter more innocent Palestinian families in Gaza and West Bank, we can now expect a huge increase in new Nazi settler encroachment on Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

The current extension of the 1948 Arab-Zionist war will continue.......stay tuned......

Posted by: Tobias Cole | Apr 7 2024 20:10 utc | 28

Where are all the USUKIS Nihilist Islamists hiding? Their bosses have lost their moral compasses, and even an Islamist would question whether a
free Saudi Hajj would excavate decades of assistance to USUKIS.

Any chance they could turn against the Imperial masters and help Hamas ?
For the same of Allah.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 20:17 utc | 29


Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 20:18 utc | 30

I know shooting up Syrian Muslim villagers and raping Yazidi women, enslaving married women whose husbands disagree with captagon salafists... is fun.

But tell me , is it surprising that the moral compass of Westerners who follow their lusts is gone , when the best that Islam can produce is mercenaries for USUKIS ?

I think the blame falls on us Muslims, who are supposed to be showing them the straight path.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 20:30 utc | 31

Haha 30

You are overloading Paradise.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 20:33 utc | 32

According to sources....the IDF has suffered over 2,000 KIA's and 7 - 8,000 wounded in the six months of the genocide war in Gaza......

This is an enormous toll, don't believe for one minute that they only lost 260 KIA, they lost double that on 10/7 alone........

The air raid sirens continue to go off daily in Northern and Southern Israel too. There is no real relief, as the Northern front is now heating up in anticipation of an Iranian counterstrike..........its coming....we just do not know when and where.

Posted by: Tobias Cole | Apr 7 2024 20:34 utc | 33

This is from much earlier today, dunno if it’s been confirmed or refuted since then, might tie in to changes in Israeli force deployments.

The part of the Golan Heights controlled by Israel will become the main target of a retaliatory strike from Iran.

According to experts, the targets of Iranian missiles and UAVs will be IDF bases on the contact line.

(Apr 7 at 13:00)

Posted by: anon2020 | Apr 7 2024 20:41 utc | 34

It will take time for the Islamists to re-think their adherence to USUKIS after seeing the solid support by the Western nations for the Israeli genocide.

How long does it take to repent from 50 years of MI6 folly ? Muslims are not allowed to make military alliances with the enemies of Islam
Maybe their brains are now popping, so it will take time for the MI6 jihadists to un- brainwash 50 years of MI6 brainwashing.

The main thing is that this USUKIS genocide has opened their ears and eyes that USUKIS is not Christian Rome, fulfilling Jesus AS teachings of respect and Mercy.
This is just the beginning.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 21:04 utc | 35

It will take time for the Islamists to re-think their adherence to USUKIS after seeing the solid support by the Western nations for the Israeli genocide.

How long does it take to repent from 50 years of MI6 folly ? Muslims are not allowed to make military alliances with the enemies of Islam
Maybe their brains are now popping, so it will take time for the MI6 jihadists to un- brainwash 50 years of MI6 brainwashing.

The main thing is that this USUKIS genocide has opened their ears and eyes that USUKIS is not Christian Rome, fulfilling Jesus AS teachings of respect and Mercy.
This is just the beginning.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 21:04 utc | 36

Tobias Cole 27

' Bibi and the ultra nationalists '

Satanyahu and his Ukrainian Neo Nazi Fascists.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 21:11 utc | 37

Posted by: Apollyon | Apr 7 2024 13:07 utc | 1

What do you want to bet that the withdrawal is immediately followed by some sort of black swan Hamas/Hezbollah event to "justify" Israel's "finishing of the job"?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Apr 7 2024 21:30 utc | 38

meanwhile back at the ranch

Hamas delegation is now in Cairo for more negotiations with the zionists
Middle East Observer @ME_Observer_

Hamas in an official statement:

- The #Hamas delegation arrives in Cairo and meets with Mr. Abbas Kamel, the #Egyptian Minister of Intelligence.

- #Hamas affirmed its adherence to its natural national demands, and its keenness to reach an agreement that achieves a complete cessation of aggression, the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the #Gaza Strip, the free return of the displaced to their areas and places of residence, relief for our people and the beginning of the reconstruction of what the occupation destroyed, and the completion of a prisoner exchange deal according to which the mutual release of #Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of (Israeli) prisoners held by #Hamas and the resistance in #Gaza.

Hamas also stressed its insistence with all #Palestinian forces and factions on achieving our national goals and establishing our fully sovereign #Palestinian state with #Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return and self-determination.

Posted by: michaelj72 | Apr 7 2024 21:43 utc | 39

michaelj72 39

Very reasonable demands by Hamas which Israel would be foolish not to accept because they know they have lost this war and the support of 100 % of the entire world.

Then it will only be a matter of time before Israel is overthrown lock stock and barrel for being insane.
It is a Holy Land which is incompatible with their unholy DNA adulterated Red heifers and racist, apartheid eschatology.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2024 21:52 utc | 40

"The Jewish state learned that it can commit its own Holocaust in Gaza and deny that it exists."

I put the article's subhead in quotes, as I no longer call 48 "the Jewish state." Iran (and b) call it "the Zionist entity" and that's good enough for me.

I'm reading Rashid Khalidi's classic Hundred Years War on Palestine (2020), in which Chapter One frames the context of the declaration of war on the Palestinian people on November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration:

His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

If you're digging for the root of genocidal terror unleashed on the Holy Land, inevitably leading to Holocaust 2.0, you need to go back at least 107 years.

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Apr 7 2024 22:31 utc | 41

I answer my own question. Yes, the Bekka Valley was hit again. Numerous sources out now including VOA that Janta (more hilly - near Syria) and Sifri (near Baalbek) were hit. israel says that they were targetted due to the Hermes drone downing over Lebanon. Hezbollah states no casualties.

paxmark1 #13 was original post.

Posted by: paxmark1 | Apr 7 2024 22:36 utc | 42

Germany in the Dock @ICJ The Hague

World Court to hold preliminary hearing on Monday 8th April, with Nicaragua seeking to halt Berlin’s military aid to Israel; Germany rejects accusations it is in breach of Genocide Convention

Germany Took the Side of Israel @ICJ January Oral Hearings on Gaza Genocide

The German state is taking extraordinary measures to clamp down on pro-Palestinian activism, including arresting activists in their homes in the middle of the night.

Namibia too had an opinion on Germany taking sides with Israel on Gaza Genocide

Posted by: Oui | Apr 7 2024 23:20 utc | 43

3 Ships targeted by Houthis!

British - Hope Island
Israeli - MSC GRACE F and MSC GINA

One wonders why Israel still tries to push shipping into the red sea when they know what awaits them. That's some serious desperation. Iraqi resistance has been targeting the 2 main ports Haifa and eliat, and fuel storages. Finally, this kind of action is paralysing to any war machine and civilian economy

Posted by: Hankster | Apr 7 2024 23:47 utc | 44

@Republicofscotland | Apr 7 2024 17:17 utc | 19

Thanks for that. Good to see BigMak weighing-in a little lighter.

Posted by: Don Firineach | Apr 8 2024 1:11 utc | 45

There are rumors circulating that Iran has given an ultimatum to the US: either force Israel to a permanent ceasefire along Palestinian demands, or Israel will face a direct attack from Iran. On Friday, Nasrallah signalled Hezbollah's readiness to go all-in. He said that Hezbollah has barely tapped its arsenal and has yet to deploy any elite forces. Yet Hezbollah has already emptied northern Israel, destroyed all the northern IDF infrastructure, caused billions in economic losses, and likely killed hundreds of IDF troops.

Parallel to this, the US has absolutely failed to suppress fire from Yemen.

Simultaneously, Israel seems on the verge of civil war, and the western public is now livid with Israel after the murder of the aid workers.

And so there are now rumors of "progress" in negotiations in Cairo.

The US does not want a regional war. Biden does not want to face an even worse foreign policy disaster.

Factoring in the fact that Israel has yet to achieve its stated goals, the Resistance is set to achieve a tremendous political victory.

Either that, or buckle up for the war of liberation.

Posted by: Prof | Apr 8 2024 3:00 utc | 46

Nobody in the West political circle would bat an eyelid if civilian aid workers were killed.

But, a covert operation with former special forces/services memebers posing as "aid workers" that was approved by the Zionist entity and then destroyed completely......, and SHTF.

Posted by: Suresh | Apr 8 2024 4:10 utc | 47

Posted by: Suresh | Apr 8 2024 4:10 utc | 47


And yet, what possibly would be the need for Intel operatives in Gaza?

To hunt for hostages?

Is that why they were killed?

Because izzrael doesn't want their hostages found ???

Just spitballing here ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Apr 8 2024 4:15 utc | 48

I am so happy for the Houthis. They have some good weapons but what they are is Fedaykin (Fremen commandos). They know how to wage guerilla warfare from a desert against technologically and economically more powerful foes.

I don't believe in karma but I am enjoying the turnaround for the people who fought America and KSA to a standstill and now have compromised global shipping from the Red Sea to the Cape of Good Hope.

Allowing Chinese and Russian ships to pass unmolested, of course.

That is why I am bullish on Hamas winning. They don't need a bunch of allies like Russia and China. They just need Hezbollah and Ansarallah.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Apr 8 2024 4:34 utc | 49

And to follow up that thought, the removal of the Zionist cancer has to be done by the people of the region, not outside powers, East or West.

This is the beginning of the region asserting itself by sharpening its claws on Israel the way that Russia has been sharpening its claws on Ukraine for 2 years.

When this is all said and done, short of WW3, West Asia will have a formidable series of militias with high morale and experience.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Apr 8 2024 4:36 utc | 50

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Apr 8 2024 4:15 utc | 48

There was a post on a previous Palestinian Thread that caught my attention:

The reason the Australian Prime Minister was so angry was that the Australian killed in Gaza was a member of ASIS.

Posted by: Andrew S MacGregor | Apr 5 2024 15:29 utc | 17

Very matter of fact? However, I would not be surprised at anything to do with World Central Kitchen.

Posted by: Menz | Apr 6 2024 23:07 utc | 166

Posted by: Menz | Apr 8 2024 5:00 utc | 51

ASIS = Australian Secret Intelligence Service

Posted by: Menz | Apr 8 2024 5:03 utc | 52

Why are militias important? Decentralized command. Autonomous units. Smaller cells of fighters that I assume function like an extended family unit which works well in a part of the world where most social relationships are governed by tribal structures.

A favorite tactic of the West is to assassinate leaders. With enough dispersed militias, it becomes difficult to "knock out" the West Asian forces.

Sure, the odd higher-level general or colonel gets taken out at an embassy occasionally. Those individual militias will keep functioning at a reasonable level because they aren't centered around one planner or personality.

I don't know how much of the current paradigm can be attributed to Soleimani but it seems that his loss hasn't affected the work of building a Middle Eastern army of resistance.

Every day, Hezbollah, Hamas, Ansarallah, and the Iraqi militias are causing pain to Israel and its patrons. A dozen cuts daily, stacking days upon days.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Apr 8 2024 5:20 utc | 53

The Cradle has a posting up about reduction of Occupied palestine troops in Gaza with the title

One Israeli army brigade left in Gaza following mass troop withdrawal

the link

the quote

Israel has withdrawn most of its army from Gaza, marking an official end to the Israeli ground operation in the strip until further notice.

“The army withdrew (between Saturday and Sunday) most of the already few forces remaining in the Gaza Strip. The withdrawal includes all the forces of the 98th Division, which operated in the last months in the Khan Yunis area,” Hebrew news site Ynet reported.

“The IDF is waiting for the decision of the political echelon on possible action in Rafah,” it added.

According to Ynet and several other Israeli outlets, the Nahal Brigade is the only Israeli brigade left in Gaza – and is there to maintain control over the Netzarim corridor – which cuts the strip in half and is used by Israeli forces to prevent the return of the displaced to north Gaza.

Ynet reports that only a few hundred Israeli soldiers remain in the Gaza Strip.

I would say those remaining soldiers are prime targets and will be attacked until gone.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 8 2024 5:39 utc | 54

Re: Genocide lawsuit against Germany

The hearings at the ICJ starting today are illuminating some most interesting contradictions. Regimist Media in Germany is burying its reporting on the lawsuit amidst articles analyzing the topic of war crimes in the Levant. Plenty of hand wringing and backpedaling.

A most amusing article roughly made the case sure plenty of war crimes are happening but geez, that’s really not a genocide. A genocide is completely different sic

Posted by: Exile | Apr 8 2024 6:37 utc | 55

Prof @ 46

Those are all good rumors. It is an election year for Uncle Joe. People are waking up, especially the youth despite the almost total media blackout in the West of the Zionist led horrors perpetrated on the Palestinians. Thoughts of the 1968 Chicago convention and the coming 2024 Chicago convention must be on their minds.

Let us see how large a pile of dollars they will be throwing at Ukraine and Israel. Are the Republican Zionist Neocons going to disengage from Ukraine to circle the wagons around Israel? Do they have enough munitions for both causes? Is that why the rumor is Europe is on their own?

Strange things are brewing. The must help their god save whatever they want or need in Israel.

Posted by: circumspect | Apr 8 2024 7:13 utc | 56

Oui | Apr 7 2024 23:20 utc | 43 here is a link to another article about the case by Tarik Cyril Amar..

Amar reports that on March 1, 2024 Nicaragua filed suit against the German government in the ICC. <=IMO, this article is worth reading.

According to Amar, "Nicaragua’s main argument is not complicated: the UN’s 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (in short, Genocide Convention) codifies more than one offense. Under its terms, perpetrating a genocide – Article 3(a) – is only one way to commit a horrific crime. In addition, so is serving as an accomplice – Article 3(e). And, finally, all signatory states commit themselves not only not to be either perpetrators or accomplices, but they have also signed up to prevent and punish genocide – Article 1. ""

the remedy sought is "to end military aid to Israel".

According to Amar's article, Managua’s representatives argue that Berlin is guilty on two main counts:

According to Amar's article: "The public response in Germany has been muted and often unserious: Amar implies that because the ICC has ruled genocide [by Israel] is plausible .. complicity to that genocide becomes an issue?

Problem is, IMO, this court has no capacity to enforce its rulings. Only a 2nd government (the peoples government empowered to protect the right of humanity against corruption of, or corrupt use of, any member state in the nation state system] can govern those who govern us. Such a 2nd government, one independent of the nation state system, is needed to govern those who run the nation state governments. Corruption of any and all type is a crime against humanity.

How would a court ruling that it is plausible that Germany is guilty affect the activities of the German government?

Posted by: snake | Apr 8 2024 7:54 utc | 57

all over facebook ads like this

Are you a child of a Holocaust survivor who was interned in a Ghetto?
Are you a Holocaust survivor who was interned in a Ghetto?
You may be entitled to a large sum of money!

Assistance to Holocaust survivors in exercising their rights
Even if you are already receiving compensation from the Claims Conference or from the German authorities, including the German Pension Insurance you may be eligible to receive additional payments.

The pension is paid even to those who were interned for a short period of time in a Ghetto (including Ghettos in Poland, Romania (New!), Czernowitz, Shanghai, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Transnistria, Amsterdam, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and many more). The possibilities are for a one-time retroactive compensation, as well as a monthly payment from the German Social Security.

We do not charge a fee for our services. After successfully filing the claim, the German Social Security will transfer the money directly into your bank account.

After you have received the restitution payment, we will charge a fee of 15% of the retroactive sum.

Posted by: ld | Apr 8 2024 8:22 utc | 58

The example of payments and restitution of property cited above will prove to be a good model for payment for Arab victims by the Israeli gov‘t. Fortunately, the issues of payments to Arabs due has already been codified in international law in 1948 with UNR 194 as well as the 2004 ICJ advisory opinion.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 8 2024 8:57 utc | 59

Al Jazeera reports that northern Gaza has not been given access to the 322 aid trucks that entered the Gaza Strip through Rafah yesterday. Anyone surprised?

Posted by: teri | Apr 8 2024 9:30 utc | 60

Id 58

Harvesting personal info. I got caught out just sending out my CV. You're supposed to delete all personal info on your CV to stop agencies selling criminals your ID.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 8 2024 10:11 utc | 61

teri 60

The withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza is a clear message that they will now bomb Rafah, and try to force the Palestinians to go to Egypt.

There's nothing to stop them trying it except the willpower of the besieged not to leave. We are being softened up for a full Nazi takeover of the Western world. If Germany ofvall nations cannot recognuse Nazism when they see it, then we have to assume that this genocide in Palestine is actually a Nazi coup in Germany.

Nazism is simply a reaction to the unstoppable message of Islam spreading into a western countries, with the support of Crusaders of every Christian hue, dressed in Zionist nappies/ diapers.

Who'd a thought a little bit of truth was so dangerous to the PTB?

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 8 2024 10:29 utc | 62

@ Posted by: Menz | Apr 8 2024 5:00 utc | 51 And others

re killed ‘aid workers’ which has caused such a massive turmoil in the Collective Waste - unlike when say, the aid flotilla was attacked some years ago causing deaths.

What are the possible reasons? I have been mulling over that for the week since , of the various conjectures - the one I am inclining towards is the ‘Thick As Thieves’ scenario.

What happens when they fall out?
The lot of the modern ‘soldiers of fortune’ over this century is as the modern Praetorian Guard - where ever there is an externally controlled regime and leadership it is usually accompanied by such mercenaries, many of whom are on sabbatical from their National militaries or even ordered in to such scenarios as ‘Consultants’ - the Special Forces, Intelligence covert operators , and so on

There is now a much big blur between the overt military and that clandestine world.
Not so much Wild Geese and Reservoir Rats but full on praetorian guard, Crusader/Templar Conquistador types directly attached to States.

Particularly since the WoT and ensuing innumerable foreign camps and commercial operations that have proliferated across the world far from the eyes of any media.

I’ve known people involved in such Tax Free contracts - they disappear for months and can’t say where they been. Even in the Ukraine escapade very early when the first natzo mercenary training base was bombed some ‘young serving U.K. soldier’ who survived that hit, came running home, having supposedly been awol from active duty! Right.

He was allowed to remain in his family’s care as long as he didn’t talk! And the media served a D Notice just dropped the story - abracadabra ‘Nothin To See Here, Move On’ and we did!

Anyway when you have such a plethora of western militaries and spooks which have formed MANY HUNDREDS of consultancies/ and Private Military Companies and they are all thick as thieves as they globe trot from one lucrative gig to the next, it’s only going to be a matter of time when they somehow end up in opposition! At which point the true natures of such scum bags reveals itself - especially when there are the bloodthirsty Zionazis involved and they deal with each other as only such ultra violent shites with access to the most powerful weapons will.

I dare say that such things may be common in many of their escapades- it’s just that this time it was in the full glare of the media ! There were even scenes of dancing IDF’s on the beach where the jetty is built!

The supposed ‘commanders’ won’t be criminally charged and tried and punished as not a single child killer caught in the multitude of eyewitness videos is being. There is not even any call for such criminal justice process in our msm.

What says the bar? Am I sniffing down the right trail?

Ps - I can’t find he article I read a few years ago about PMC’s - the majority registered as firms in the U.K.! But this one shows the top 30 largest companies in the Old Industry of ‘Private Security’ - now think of what the other uncounted hundreds clandestine setups are doing and when the New Praetorian Thieves who have grudges fall out.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Apr 8 2024 10:50 utc | 63

DunGroanin 64

That is a beautiful , truthful explanation of how things are.
Thak you.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 8 2024 10:59 utc | 64

Thank you

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 8 2024 10:59 utc | 65

Posted by: DunGroanin | Apr 8 2024 10:50 utc | 64

All I can offer are suspicions. Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts down in a post.

Posted by: Menz | Apr 8 2024 11:26 utc | 66

"The lot of the modern ‘soldiers of fortune’ over this century is as the modern Praetorian Guard - where ever there is an externally controlled regime and leadership it is usually accompanied by such mercenaries, many of whom are on sabbatical from their National militaries or even ordered in to such scenarios as ‘Consultants’ - the Special Forces, Intelligence covert operators , and so on..."

Posted by: DunGroanin | Apr 8 2024 10:50 utc | 64

The "Praetorian Guard" initiated by Octavian/Augustus were not Romans ;they were Germans.

After the assassination of Caesar the crafty Augustus wanted guards whom had no loyalties to Noble Roman families and the Germans didn't even speak the Latin language so they could be loyal to the Princeps ('first citizen') which we refer as 'Emperor'.

Later, the Praetorian Guard became softer Romans joined and when Caligula was killed they placed Claudius on the throne; kinda like the US Deep State today.

In 310 AD Constantine the Great disbanded the Praetorian Guard.

You are on the right rack but I would designate these Deep State forces "Oligarchic Guard" as they are protecting the real powers-the Western Fascist Oligarchs (Anglo/Zionists throned by the City)-not the puppet head of states like Biden, Sunak, Trudeau or other such mindless figureheads.

Posted by: canuck | Apr 8 2024 11:37 utc | 67

Hamas is denying any progress in the ceasefire talks:

Reports of progress appear to be Western gaslighting to prop up markets, which are dangerously flirting with blowouts in bond yields threatening reelection prospects for ideologically hidebound stooges.

Posted by: Ghost of Zanon | Apr 8 2024 13:39 utc | 68

Posted by: Ghost of Zanon | Apr 8 2024 13:39 utc | 69


You don't see movements in gold like we have seen last two weeks unless something big- 'that is going to blow up real good' -my thanks to SCTV, John Candy.

Something big is blowing up-the PTB will know it before us...

Posted by: canuck | Apr 8 2024 14:32 utc | 69

Astonishing paradoxes arises when all usual thresholds are overcomed. Complex situation analisys by Alastair Crooke.

Posted by: António Ferrão | Apr 8 2024 15:18 utc | 70

Sorry, put this in Ukraine thread by mistake.

Today a motion for Palestine to join UN:

Posted by: scorpion | Apr 9 2024 0:25 utc | 71

Thanks for this everything here.

Posted by: DG Customer First | Apr 9 2024 8:42 utc | 72

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