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March 18, 2024

Selling A Predicted Behavior As Protest?

This morning I read through some curious stories.

U.S. citizens, answering anti-buy-lobby call, protest as shops open

NEW YORK - Citizens protested against rampant consumerism by forming large lines just as shops opened - answering calls by Back-To-Nature to buy less, and undercutting preliminary reports of record sales.



Holiday travelers, answering leaders call, protest as check-ins open

WASHINGTON - On the day before Thanksgiving travelers protested air planes' emissions, by forming long lines as flight check-ins were opening - answering a call by the late deaf Thomas, and undercutting preliminary congestion reports.



You, dear reader, will have immediately noticed that the above items are nonsense and fake. Protesting shopping by rushing stores and protesting plane emissions by booking flights does not make any sense.

Neither does protesting against an election by going to vote. Still, this is what U.S. propaganda tries to insinuate.

Russian voters, answering Navalny’s call, protest as Putin extends his rule

MOSCOW — On the final day of a presidential election with only one possible result, Russians protested Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian hold on power by forming long lines to vote against him at noon Sunday — answering the call of the late opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and undercutting preliminary results Sunday night that led Putin to claim a landslide victory.
The “Noon Against Putin” protest, with voters forming queues at polling stations in major cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk and Novosibirsk, was a striking — if futile — display of solidarity and dissent and challenged the Kremlin’s main message: that Putin is a legitimate president who commands massive support.
The Noon Against Putin protest was particularly striking at Russian embassies in nations with significant numbers of Russians who fled after the invasion of Ukraine. They included those in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, China, Portugal, Britain and others.

Here is a reality based report from one of those embassies:

Today, Sunday, is the third and final day of balloting at Russian polling stations around the world and at 9.30 am I arrived at the Russian embassy in Brussels to accompany a friend to vote.
Russians are late risers, especially on Sundays, and we were well rewarded for our early arrival at the embassy, because the line inside to register and then vote was only 20 minutes long. As we left, the throngs began to arrive.

Gilbert Doctorow, who wrote the above, has lived in Russia for many years. He knows Russian habits. It was obvious, not only to him, that  Sunday noon in Russia would see the longest lines of voters.

To preemptively declare these predictable lines a sign of protest may be be seen as smart propaganda but it will have little effect on anyone living outside of the propagandists' bubble.

But somehow, from inside that bubble, such idiotic claims are seen as sane:

Thousands of Russians in big cities attempted to make their displeasure known at both the nature of Putin’s regime and the ongoing war in Ukraine by going to vote at noon Sunday — a symbolic act of solidarity with the late pro-democracy activist Alexei Navalny, who had long called for fairer and freer elections in Russia before dying in captivity.

Do such folks believe in this most primitive form of their propaganda?

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You could also have mentioned the daily protests against congestion by motorists who insist on driving to work at 8 am and returning home after 5 pm.

Posted by: Jan Sammer | Mar 18 2024 12:17 utc | 1

Regimist Media has been lieing for so long, they simply don’t realize how silly lies undermine their credibility. The only people I know who parrot regimist media lies are Little old ladies who have no access to independent media. (ie the internet)

Regimist media has completely destroyed their credibility.

Posted by: Exile | Mar 18 2024 12:24 utc | 2

The quality of our propaganda is descending to alarming lows, but it is just probably keeping track of the descending intelligence of people in general:

Posted by: Johan Kaspar | Mar 18 2024 12:29 utc | 3

Lokk at the Antifa demonstratons in the JewSA. They came and dissapeared out of nowhere. Athena uprising in France, the same.

Finland is now bleeding from closing their borders with Russia. Where will young men find jobs? Same place where young Ukranians found work in the years leading up to 2022. Same in the Baltics, Poland, Germany and the rest. There will be war.

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Mar 18 2024 12:30 utc | 4

Regimist Media has been lieing for so long, they simply don’t realize how silly lies undermine their credibility. The only people I know who parrot regimist media lies are Little old ladies who have no access to independent media. (ie the internet)

Regimist media has completely destroyed their credibility.

Posted by: Exile | Mar 18 2024 12:24 utc | 2

Agreed, the Western world is full of 'intellectual incest' (TM) which is most readily apparent in the MSM propaganda nonsense.

Posted by: canuck | Mar 18 2024 12:43 utc | 5

Wishful thinking is all the rage in the West.

We used to call it delusional, but we're past that now.

Posted by: Winston, journalist | Mar 18 2024 12:51 utc | 6

Thanks B, very well put. It looks like it comes from Reuters, and all the major media in all the "major" countries have just copied them. "So we have this picture of this long queue of people eager to vote. How on earth are we going to spin this in a sufficiently anti-Putin way?" They found some answer and absolutely no journalist or editor in the West question it.

Posted by: Avtonom | Mar 18 2024 12:58 utc | 7

Precisely. That were my thoughts as well when I saw those photos in the newspaper.

Posted by: WMG | Mar 18 2024 13:06 utc | 8

Funny serious post b.

Certainly, a Russian Election is a slap on the faces of the so-called fauna of democracies we live in and have to live with.
Also trying in a such pathetic way to negate elections from the Western governments is an amazingly lame way of hammering the lie until it enters normal narrative - 'Russian elections faked, people protest, Putin not president'. On Sundays noon before the lunch Russians go and vote or do other important things for themselves - like forming fearless queues abroad to determine their and their children's future.
Apparently German government is officially not recognizing the electorate outcome to the extent that Putin as a President anymore is not recognized, while Xi congratulates with the RoW. Sara Wagenknecht is the only one in Germany to be sane, apparently, and she should react to it.
The West basically slipped, while arrogantly asleep, in a quicksand of war. Not even noticing that it walked too far in it, now it is up to Russians to determine stuff.
How do they counter that and keep it under the control? - as Kremlin is not happy too much with hurting Russia inside never challenged borders. So, nullifying Russia as a 'democratic country', they do not see that if Russia had territorial pretensions they would take and Sumy and Kharkov 2 years ago, they do not understand that SMO is not the war, and also do not see that they are basically surrounded, if not ambushed by multidimensional war doctrine. No way out can I see anywhere on the horizon, unless some planetary overshadowing event takes place.
I honestly cannot understand the current trends and graphs of a certain future Russian escalation and an increasing active defense. But, any preemptive answer now, sounds fine in my book.
In a diplomatic language addressed to the West, it is clear that Russia more or less let all those things happen with a reason. And drones and refineries and border crossings and even most of the ships.
I think that after watching the world in 640x480 resolution so far, we will soon watch it in a 4K, onward.

Posted by: whirlX | Mar 18 2024 13:07 utc | 9

Does anybody have a sample Russian ballot?

I'd like to check the claim that 'the outcome is predetermined'. Putin got 86% of the vote, who got the other 14%, how does one vote for or against Putin?

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Mar 18 2024 13:17 utc | 10

Rt says 87% of the largest turn out ever voted for Putin, apparently the vote includes the people of the new territories in what used to be Ukraine. Apparently the very election of the man who saved Russia from the Soviets, and the man who is defending Russia in the war of wars NATO vs. Russia.. .. is reason enough, based on social media, for NATO to continue and intensify its war on Russia?
I think the next 9 months is going to be very interesting.
I would like to see an analysis of those who won the lesser elected positions.. who won who lost and the implication of those outcomes? Please someone with knowledge of Russian elections?

Posted by: snake | Mar 18 2024 13:24 utc | 11

"No way out can I see anywhere on the horizon, unless some planetary overshadowing event takes place."

Posted by: whirlX | Mar 18 2024 13:07 utc | 9

Good post.

However, I do see 'a way out': the West is going bankrupt-the PTB know it that's why they are so panicked.

I foresee a bloodbath for CRE (Commercial Real Estate) with a trillion dollar debt coming due this year in this sector-dozens of regional banks will implode while gold continually will appreciate against the sickly American dollar.

Posted by: canuck | Mar 18 2024 13:25 utc | 12

What is noticeable is the level of rage that our media and political leaders have with those elections.

It's clear this election has a value of a referendum, and it has destroyed any hope for a west-induced regime change at least for the next Putin's term.

Rage and impotence this is what we see in western media now. And it also make us understand why it's important for Russia not to win militarily too fast: If West is not toroughly disarmed when the Russian victory will no longer be concealed, they might be tempted by some sort of zerg rush / all in.

And therefore "To the last Ukrainian" may become "To the last European"

Posted by: w | Mar 18 2024 13:26 utc | 13

The last but not the least of french newspaper Liberation.
”There is no truth outside journalisticaly established truth (i.e. MSM)”.
Deeper and deeper.
In French but easily translatable.

Posted by: FromFrance | Mar 18 2024 13:27 utc | 14

lol from Estonian to London, Washington to Adelaide.
In all weathers , all ages, they demand their right to vote for VVP.

That has blown a massive hole in the bs that all Russians abroad are anti-Putin !
It seems only a handful of paid loonies are.

Dumbfounded reporters getting answers like : So what if he has been doing job for 25 years? Did you see what the country looked like 25 years ago? It’s democracy isn’t it why can’t he still run? Etc

There are some crazies trying to pour ink into ballot boxes in Russia whilst talking to their sponsor on the phone to prove they are earning their money. Telegram has many posts. It’s quite funny.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Mar 18 2024 13:33 utc | 15

Lokk at the Antifa demonstratons in the JewSA. They came and dissapeared out of nowhere. Athena uprising in France, the same.

Finland is now bleeding from closing their borders with Russia. Where will young men find jobs? Same place where young Ukranians found work in the years leading up to 2022. Same in the Baltics, Poland, Germany and the rest. There will be war.

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Mar 18 2024 12:30 utc | 4


Oh, what happens when you mobilize & no-one shows up?

People aren't going to die for their local neo-s**t-lib regime. The most they'll (NAFO types) will do against Russia is post.

Posted by: Urban Fox | Mar 18 2024 13:41 utc | 16

@Jan Sammer | Mar 18 2024 12:17 utc | 1

Yes, this is also an obvious protest targeting 1) Vehicle emissions causing climate disasters. 2) Trump for his non-ev policies, 3) alphabet-peoples rights, 4) support for Bidenomics, 4) demands for more vaccine mandates, 5) the peoples' support for more wars and MIC spending, 6) the peoples' support for only mail-in ballots in elections, 7) The peoples' support for more illegal immigration, 8) .......whatever we say it is/isn't...

Ya I noticed the gaslighting head lines magically started appearing on Sunday afternoon across a broad spectrum of the MSM in multiple countries.

It is any wonder why education is being systematically destroyed???????

Posted by: James Cook | Mar 18 2024 13:58 utc | 17

By Western standards, the lower the percentage of votes won by the winner, the more democratic the election.

Posted by: CIROC | Mar 18 2024 13:59 utc | 18

People protesting amusement park rides form long queues to prevent their use!

It's the beginning of descent into full blown newspeak. Any information can be inverted and perverted in this way, the question is how dumb you have to be to believe it.

How long before the propagandists and stenographers start getting nervous? When they do and cracks form, the whole Ministry of Truth schtick is going to come apart.

I was particularly amused by quisling Scholz describing the RECORDED CALL of German officers discussing striking the Kerch bridge as 'misinformation'. Like, it's a recording you fucking idjit.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Mar 18 2024 14:01 utc | 19

Christian J Chuba
I do not have a sample ballot, but there were four names on the ballot, Putin's being one of them. The other three split the non-Putin votes between them. All three received more votes, percentage-wise, than Navalny ever did.

Posted by: AJ | Mar 18 2024 14:04 utc | 20

The articles reporting on the "protests" mentioned "thousands of protesters" and featured photographs of queues at two pollo g stations, in St Petersburg and Moscow.

Did the opposition win the majority of votes at these polling stations?

Posted by: Marvin | Mar 18 2024 14:17 utc | 21

Has anybody noticed how Zelenskyy has been forgotten by the MSM? Could it be because a presidential election should have been held in Ukraine before March 31 and that the little führer, this defender of democracy, is asking for the deportation of militarily elegible Ukrainians who fled to the West to return to serve in his legions? Most MSM hide behind this by citing the Ukrainian law whereby the declaration of martial law prohibits an election forgetting that he could have simply changed the law? Hypocrisy really knows no bounds .

Posted by: Stierlitz | Mar 18 2024 14:44 utc | 22

Oh, what happens when you mobilize & no-one shows up?
Posted by: Urban Fox | Mar 18 2024 13:41 utc | 16

Then use the system from Ukr, it works very well and the high numbers of kamikaze are enough to block trained troops for many years. First create a parallel msm world to brainwash a bit (already done in all EU), block EU payments so that only puppet politicians survive, the local generals are controlled by nato since they join, then disable the public healthcare system to suck the money out of everyone, then close the borders, then use nato soldiers, already present in high numbers to "protect" them from evil Putin, as barrier troops armed with much better weapons against local peasants and migrants, which will be sent to the front line. Exactly like azov groups and a few thousands of nato "trainers" did in Ukr. Very cheap. Then hunt everyone on the streets to maintain the monthly quota. Ukros love it, they're still doing it. There's nowhere to run either, surrounding states also help to detect anyone crossing the border, send them back. then collect body parts for free, dirt-poor women and children. It's a win-win-win situation.

Posted by: rk | Mar 18 2024 14:45 utc | 23

I spent a good amount of time pointing this out to friends, including some who work in the media. It wasn't always "front page" news, and in fact I'd argue that it's even more effective in the long run for outlets such as the NYT and NPR to 'seed' these phony "election protest" articles on the bottom of the front page or buried a few pages back so that they can be referred to or referenced later (and put high on search engine SEO lists).

Immediately it was obvious that the people shown forming long lines were not protesting. They were calmly standing there, looking at their phones or talking to one another. No signs or banners, not a single person yelling or demonstrating. And for the photos from Russia, no armed soldiers intimidating voters near or within the ballot boxes (although Ukrainian prop definitely tried that only to be quickly debunked on Twitter/X).

As others have said, this is the depth to which our propagandists have sunk. Whether "AI" was used or not doesn't matter. It's got to be incredibly demoralizing for any "journalist" in the west made to publish such rubbish as though it's honest, credible journalism. Probably many in that field are true believers. Vlad is Bad. There were no other choices! They did it over the weekend! Three day elections are rife with opportunities for fraud! (never mind that American election reformers have LONG said that election day should be a holiday from work, or done on the weekend*), Etc. But then what compelled all those people NOT in Russia to form queues at Russian embassies on election day?

* Of course the goal in the US IS a low turnout, or at least limiting the number of certain demographics in their ability to vote. This holds especially true at colleges/universities and in Black neighborhoods where the polling stations are notoriously understaffed and too few voting machines (or too few WORKING ones) are available, thus even those who do show up must wait hours and hours - and on a work day - just to cast their ballots, in many cases losing patience and going home rather than voting.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Mar 18 2024 14:50 utc | 24

Posted by: Stierlitz | Mar 18 2024 14:44 utc | 22

AFAIK martial law has not been declared in Ukraine and no declaration of war.

Posted by: Mario | Mar 18 2024 14:50 utc | 25

Deceit is the whole purpose and function of the mainstream media.

They are always lying.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Mar 18 2024 14:54 utc | 26

It's half amazing, half entertaining just how stuck they are on their mythological, completely reality-divorced vision of Russia. The entire Navalny cult they have is weirdly revelatory of that. Dude was a "literally who" to the overwhelming majority of Russians and became "that American patsy agent of influence" after the Western press started pretending he's "the one true leader" despite him not even being recognized as the leader of the tiny "anti-systemic opposition" subculture of mostly the terminally-online subset of Russians.

His beatificatory portrayal exists literally only on the pages of Western press, whereas in Russia he was seen as a clown show grifting American money since at least mid-2010s. It's the same kind of deal as with Dugin, who was virtually unknown ouutside of his flash-in-the-pan brief stint in public view during the 2014-15 early Ukrainian war on Donbass stage, but if you listen to Western media he's the dark genius ideological leader of the Russian nation; he was known in the West but until his daughter got killed by America-guided Ukies most Russians never heard of him.

Just yet another sign that there is no path to understanding, let alone any kind of reconciliation, between the West and Russia. Simply because the West staunchly clings to the pictures it painted for itself of what Russia is or is like, and refuses to treat with the real Russia on the ground, as if you can somehow make the real Russia not exist by believing really hard in the unreal fantasy version.

Posted by: Red Outsider | Mar 18 2024 14:58 utc | 27

Actually, b, if it were true, it could certainly be used by the opposition in the US to fraudulent co-opting of the democratic voting process.

Only this morning I was about to post a comment at the WeekinReveiw on 'the negative aspects of godliness', which I will now continue to do. I was thinking about persons and the importance of names. I've got a lot to say on the subject, but I will do it over there.

This claim for the negative aspects of the Sunday lines would be appreciated by the Orthodox, who have always claimed that God in His essence is unknowable, hance His name, as given by Him to Moses is variously interpreted as "I am the One who Is." So too may long lines of voters be variously interpreted, in the image of God.

Bravo, b; the weltgeist is at work in you!

Posted by: juliania | Mar 18 2024 15:00 utc | 28

Sorry for all the misspellings. Senior morning.

Posted by: juliania | Mar 18 2024 15:02 utc | 29

I was in the London queue supporting my wife who had gone to vote. The queue was more than 800 metres long and it was taking 6 hours to get to the front. I had thought that a lot of the diaspora were against Putin, but this was not the case. Of the people I spoke to, around 75% were pro Putin. Younger voters, who had no direct adult experience of Perestroika and the US controlled shock economic privatization (a.k.a stealing state assets "legally") tended to be anti Putin, but older more experienced voters were solidly pro Putin. Compared to the thousands in the queue, there were only less than 20 Navalny demonstrators at the front of the queue kept on the other side of the street. The queue paid them NO attention at all. The only time people got pissed off was when the doors shut at 8pm and there were still 400m+ of voters trying to get in to vote. Loud chants of пропускай (a пропуск is a pass to gain admission to somewhere - like a company ID). I was there. I saw it all. I saw the gate close at 8pm and had to break it to the wife that it had all finished.

Posted by: Kaiama | Mar 18 2024 15:03 utc | 30

Stierlitz | Mar 18 2024 14:44 utc | 22

Dmitri Kovalevich, Al Mayadeen's correspondent in Ukraine, has a fascinating account of conditions there.

"...People’s deputy in the Ukraine legislature Serhiy Rakhmanin wrote on March 6 that Ukrainian authorities cannot decide who should finance the construction of defensive fortifications: the central government, local authorities, or specific military units? In reality, there are too few funding sources to pay for fortifications and too few support workers to build them.

"People’s deputy Oleksandr Dubynskyy, a former associate of current president Volodymyr Zelensky, wrote on Telegram on March 5 that fortifications have only now begun to be built in front lie areas, citing the example of the Sumy region. The city of Sumy (pop. 275,000) is app. 200 km north and west of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Kharkiv is located less than 50 km from the Russian border.

"Dubynskyy writes that although Zelensky gave an order as early as February 1, 2023 to construct new fortification lines in the defense-contested eastern regions of coup Ukraine, that was more than one year ago and it was all a show. Everything was said and done on television in order to convince the Ukraine population and Western allies that the defensive works were being carried out. He writes, “During the past year, fortifications were being built only on the airwaves of the president’s daily ‘telethon’ broadcast [situation update]. Similarly, hundreds of enemy airplanes, thousands of enemy tanks and hundreds of thousands of enemy infantry were being destroyed. It is therefore entirely unclear how Russia could attack anywhere on the eastern front. If the enemy were watching the ‘telethon’, they would have abandoned their positions a long time ago and taken flight.”...."

Posted by: bevin | Mar 18 2024 15:04 utc | 31

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Mar 18 2024 14:01 utc | 19

"People protesting amusement park rides form long queues to prevent their use!"

The Disney affect.

"The Election was Disneyed"

Posted by: ChasMark | Mar 18 2024 15:05 utc | 32

Not sure if this is the right thread... A link to the rally taking place now (Mon morning, Mar 18) at the US Supreme Court in genuine protest of the US government's attempts to censor social media and therefore citizen discourse. The attention is on censorship of information and opinions related to covid-19, but I see a connection with other topics also.

Posted by: Tiger Lily | Mar 18 2024 15:05 utc | 33

My friend who lives in St. Petersburg said that he came out of a subway stop, which let out into a shopping mall, and there was a "demonstration" there, blocking the path of the people traveling and shopping. I think it might have been a Navalny demo, this was some years ago.

Anyway, the congestion built up as the people were blocked from leaving, and the photographers (probably NGO paid) were there to document the massive turnout for the demo.
What a farce.

Posted by: wagelaborer | Mar 18 2024 15:08 utc | 34

My computer pushes the "news" onto me. Reuters headline says: "Putin tightens grip on Russia in election although thousands join noon protest."

I believe that means that Putin won the election.

Posted by: wagelaborer | Mar 18 2024 15:16 utc | 35


Posted by: librul | Mar 18 2024 15:16 utc | 36

Tried earlier to provide the bar with the archive for the Washington Post article linked to at the top.

Sometimes everything and anything I try posting gets filtered (blocked).

Posted by: librul | Mar 18 2024 15:19 utc | 37

Bulgakov would love this! Here is the epigraph to Master and Margarita:

"...Who are you, then?"

"I am part of that power which eternally wills evil
and eternally works good"
- Goethe, Faust

Posted by: juliania | Mar 18 2024 15:21 utc | 38

@Posted by: ChasMark | Mar 18 2024 15:05 utc | 32

Good one!

Posted by: librul | Mar 18 2024 15:22 utc | 39

Christian J Chuba | Mar 18 2024 13:17 utc | 10

Picked this up on BBC. Good screenshot of the percentages.

Posted by: Angelo | Mar 18 2024 15:25 utc | 40

b asked,

Do such folks believe in this most primitive form of their propaganda?

answer: No doubt.

Have come to the conclusion that Adolf Eichmann, for whom the phrase "banality of evil" was coined
was not an exception
but the rule.

Posted by: librul | Mar 18 2024 15:30 utc | 41

Posted by: Kaiama | Mar 18 2024 15:03 utc | 30

Western news tell that expat voting was against Putin.

In particular vote in London was supposedly won (57%) by the candidate belonging to the only party that didn't supported the annexion of the Ukraine blast.

Something not clear. 🤔

Posted by: Mario | Mar 18 2024 15:33 utc | 42

@Posted by: librul | Mar 18 2024 15:30 utc | 41

On the 'banality of evil':

Can one do evil without being evil? This was the puzzling question that the philosopher Hannah Arendt grappled with when she reported for The New Yorker in 1961 on the war crimes trial of Adolph Eichmann, the Nazi operative responsible for organising the transportation of millions of Jews and others to various concentration camps in support of the Nazi’s Final Solution.

Arendt found Eichmann an ordinary, rather bland, bureaucrat, who in her words, was ‘neither perverted nor sadistic’, but ‘terrifyingly normal’. He acted without any motive other than to diligently advance his career in the Nazi bureaucracy. Eichmann was not an amoral monster, she concluded in her study of the case, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (1963). Instead, he performed evil deeds without evil intentions, a fact connected to his ‘thoughtlessness’, a disengagement from the reality of his evil acts. Eichmann ‘never realised what he was doing’ due to an ‘inability… to think from the standpoint of somebody else’. Lacking this particular cognitive ability, he ‘commit[ted] crimes under circumstances that made it well-nigh impossible for him to know or to feel that he [was] doing wrong’.

Arendt dubbed these collective characteristics of Eichmann ‘the banality of evil’: he was not inherently evil, but merely shallow and clueless, a ‘joiner’, in the words of one contemporary interpreter of Arendt’s thesis: he was a man who drifted into the Nazi Party, in search of purpose and direction, not out of deep ideological belief. In Arendt’s telling, Eichmann reminds us of the protagonist in Albert Camus’s novel The Stranger (1942), who randomly and casually kills a man, but then afterwards feels no remorse. There was no particular intention or obvious evil motive: the deed just ‘happened’.

This wasn’t Arendt’s first, somewhat superficial impression of Eichmann. Even 10 years after his trial in Israel, she wrote in 1971:

'I was struck by the manifest shallowness in the doer [ie Eichmann] which made it impossible to trace the uncontestable evil of his deeds to any deeper level of roots or motives. The deeds were monstrous, but the doer – at least the very effective one now on trial – was quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous.'

Posted by: librul | Mar 18 2024 15:36 utc | 43

" works very well..."

Posted by: rk | Mar 18 2024 14:45 utc | 23

...until the steam rising from the pressure cooker through the little wobbly knob is finally (as now) prevented from escaping. What happens then?


Posted by: juliania | Mar 18 2024 15:38 utc | 44

snake | Mar 18 2024 13:24 utc | 11

Rt says 87% of the largest turn out ever voted for Putin,...

It's funny, if you google, say, 'best thing putin has done for russia' the first results are things like...

He turned Russia from a nascent democratic state into an autocratic one


He laundered $8 billion in Russian tax securities in Western banks


More corrupt, fractured and ostracised


Putin has managed to take Russia from imperfect democracy to perfect authoritarianism


There are good things about Putin's Russia as well. Here is the top 10: 1. You can leave,

As an aside, the UN global cities ranking for 2022 awarded Moscow the top spot among large cities for quality of life and infrastructure, commending the metropolis for its transportation and its citizens’ well-being.

...while I'm thinking how satisfying it must be to vote for someone who has very tangibly improved the quality of your life, your children's lives, the lives of your compatriots, and who has even sought balance and reconciliation with the most belligerent antagonists overseas.

Civilization itself rests on such achievements.

Posted by: john | Mar 18 2024 15:43 utc | 45

Big protests in Toronto brought out thousands against the Irish. No Irish need apply or come here after the failed referendum there.

Posted by: Angelo | Mar 18 2024 15:50 utc | 46

Agents of the Anti-Russian Front did all they could to disrupt the election, cyber and terrorist attacks being the most favored, with the latter resulting in several deaths. Last I saw the Communist Party candidate held second place, but tenuously and that may have changed. Overall, Putin's voting result mirrors his approval rating measured after his Address to the Federal Assembly on Leap Day. As I documented at my substack, Putin's method of campaigning was to continue working, touring the nation, talking with a wide variety of groups regarding development plans, publishing those interactions and then seeing how they were worked into his Address. Towards the end of the Campaign, such as it was, Putin met with current and past winners of the Leaders of Russia Contest that showcased a major portion of Russia's meritocratic development--an article I admittedly was disappointed at how few read it.

There were no debates, although there was a very long interview with the head of one of Russia's main media outlets. And then there's the meeting with the government to begin to process of making the Federal Assembly Address reality that will finally be made available today. Nowhere in Russian media did I see any protest about the lack of debate between candidates. And if you've been following Russian developments as closely as I, then you knew Putin would win quite easily as in hands-down because of his performance as Russia's head manager, which is his governance style.

Yet Putin didn't win 100% of the vote as about 15% voted for the other three candidates. I'm curious to know why? How did those candidates future vision for Russia differ from Putin's? One party wanted more force applied to the West, but that's all I know. Compared to the election bologna we see for months in Western media--he said, she said, mudslinging and such--it was difficult to discover just who the other candidates were.

And finally there's the unique nature of the United Russia political party that Putin's loosely associated with--he declared himself an independent candidate when he registered. United Russia is much more than a traditional political party; it's part social advocacy NGO and a volunteer group that seeks to bring government services and the people closer together so not just benefits get where they're supposed to go, but to also attain feedback from the public as to what's working, what's not, and what else might be done. Those are precisely the duties Putin has urged United Russia to perform in his annual speeches to its assembly. Western cynicism is such that no leader is seen to have the public interest at the forefront of all policy making, and that gets projected onto other nations like Russia and China where citizen promotion is the genuine #1 policy goal. And so, we get deluged with crap like b has provided us with as part of the Russian election's topic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2024 16:03 utc | 47

"Apparently the very election of the man who saved Russia from the Soviets...."
Putin would likely tweak this to "help to save Russia from the neoliberal-engineered collapse of the Soviet Union."

Posted by: dadooronron | Mar 18 2024 16:03 utc | 48

Millions of people protest Taylor Swift by purchasing Eras tour tickets!

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Mar 18 2024 16:08 utc | 49

Does anybody have a sample Russian ballot?

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Mar 18 2024 13:17 utc | 10

Read rt dot com. Available in the US. There were 3 other candidates. Each got approximately 4%.

Posted by: RB | Mar 18 2024 16:20 utc | 50

dadooronron | Mar 18 2024 16:03 utc | 48--

I'm no longer constantly amazed at the utter ignorance of the West when it comes to things that are basic to Russia, in this case the term soviet. The soviet is what the village council was called and dates from the beginnings of the Russian state 1000+ years ago. It was a democratic, consensual body that made the basic governing decisions at the village level that later worked its way up the governance chain to become the Novgorod Veche, Novgorod being one of several central localities that were married to Muscovy in the 15th Century. The word soviet has several meanings--council, advice, and when broken into its components, so/viet, means "co-talking." So, a soviet is either a ruling or advisory council that has nothing to do with Marx, Lenin, or Communism, and is actually an indicator of democratic principles operating within the Russian government at the national and local levels. The cry--All Power to the Soviets--was a demand for the return to local ruling bodies, assemblies no Western elite would want to see emerge within its nation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2024 16:28 utc | 51

Western mass media presstitutes are eating their own feces again like dogs. It appears they believe their own lies. What could be more stupid than that? If they would remain mindful that they are just spreading jingoistic lies then they would be able to keep their false narratives close enough to reality to not degenerate into farce.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 18 2024 16:29 utc | 52

Russians protest against Putin by voting for Putin in sham election due to lack of democracy.

Posted by: Skiffer | Mar 18 2024 16:30 utc | 53


"at noon Sunday — a symbolic act of solidarity with the late pro-democracy activist Alexei Navalny, who had long called for fairer and freer elections in Russia before dying in captivity."

Democracy is not what the anglo pirates do propaganda about. Their democracy is who the anglo thieves declare democracy to be.

According to British and American propaganda, election win with more than even 70 % win is sham if the winning party is not stooge for anglosaxon pirates. But inside anglosaxon pirate nations itself, if a party wins by margin of only 2 percent, then that is democracy! Not only that, bush in 2000 and in 2004 did not win election but result was rigged ND British spying agency like BBC was King Presidential candidate Gore to withdraw objection and declare bush a winner without recounting S according to British"American allies like england are looking to put anti missile defence system in Yorkshire as soon as possible"-so no delay with small matter of who really won the election!!
The same west thinks that Abbas of Palestinian authority is president when abbas has not won election for decades.
The same anglos supported theft of election by Boris yeltsin in second term when communists had won in reality.
High time those anglos be cleared as the world map's trouble makers

Posted by: Sam | Mar 18 2024 16:41 utc | 54

I googled Russian Election participation rate 2024.

The search turned up a Wikipedia page with the following stats:

(Increase 6.70pp)

There are more stats at wiki but I'm interested in turnout in non-compulsory election systems.

I'm pretty sure 77% turnout is a lot better than the turnout in AmeriKKKa - Russia's noisiest critic.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 18 2024 16:45 utc | 55

The US corollary to "protesting against an election by going to vote" has been accepting fraudulent election results created not by voting but manufactured via mail-in ballots and rigged computers.

That's REAL Freedom and Democracy, folks!

Posted by: Perimetr | Mar 18 2024 16:58 utc | 56

It's amusing that Navalny was the jewed-up Christian Colonial West's preferred candidate. He was such a superficial attention-seeking clown show that I often wondered what the so-called West expected him to achieve - apart from making $25+ million disappear each year?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 18 2024 16:59 utc | 57

Noon Against Putin was probably a misprint for No-one Against Putin

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 18 2024 17:04 utc | 58

I bet the CIA assasinated Navalny to make Putin look bad.
And Litvinenko wasnt even a real person, clearly an example of early AI generation to smear Putin as a pedophile.

Silly Anglo-Saxons.

Posted by: Jack A | Mar 18 2024 17:23 utc | 59


"The word soviet has several meanings--council, advice, and when broken into its components, so/viet, means "co-talking.""


"con-cejo": "council"
"con-sejo": "advice"

Late antique and early medieval expressions for Assembly of Freemen

"nobody's land" ("terra de ninguem") was the last antique democracy/"co-talking":

Posted by: Simon | Mar 18 2024 17:33 utc | 60

b, the links to the 2 first news pieces are wrong, they're linking to the last news piece about the election (instead of the ones on sales and flights).

Posted by: kickerofelves | Mar 18 2024 17:33 utc | 61

fresh outta germanys lügenpresse today:

„Putins hybrider Krieg gegen Freiheit und Demokratie wird ungebremst weitergehen“
- putins hybridwar against freedom and democracy will go on without brakes
(why does germany talk about freedom and democracy, arent those americas bulletpoints?)

"Putins Inszenierung wird immer lächerlicher
Mit Verhaftungen, Repression und Morden sichert sich Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin ein sinnlos hohes Wahlergebnis. Und selbst im Westen fallen manche darauf herein."

-putins enactment ever more laughable
russian president vladimir putin secures a SENSLESSLY HIGH election score with arrests, repression and murder. even some inside the west fall for it.

both from

then you have some news on their ticker:

- some new sanctions against a double digit number of people related to the judicary system of russia, because of the death of navalny.. im sorry, the "murder" as they say.

- "Britische Regierung: Wahl in Russland zeigt Putins Unterdrückung" according to the brits, this election is showing putins "repression"

- 360 baerbock say "no freezing of the conflict", especially after you read the latest un report on russian "warcrimes" (naturally, no link to said report is provided)

- hungary blocking the funding of ukraine via the "european peace fun", but with new rules this will be circumvented and thus, be more "fair". (bend that democracy like a cheap hooker!)

never take accountability! double down! triple down! until you get the result you like!
western values.

Posted by: Justpassinby | Mar 18 2024 18:00 utc | 63

by: canuck | Mar 18 2024 13:25 utc | 12

Well, money is important, but it doesn't meet my planetary overshadowing event scale.
Big economic crush kill-chain might just be triggered by losing the U$ supremacy, as in when nobody wants to trade in it anymore, except when trading with the USA. That was so far the death wish of Saddam, Qaddafi, and many more 60s and 70s climbing popular figures and 'nations that could', that the West preempted to a heaven. This time there is a big trouble.
The Holy Real Estate business is everywhere very volatile, true, but than again, when in debt, do not borrow more, but if you have to do it, don't without the 3rd party insurance, and that trend is imploding now. As guarantors flee, from the inside out a violent reaction grows, that is very deadly when synchronized with international levels of borrowing and debt. There is no way that the USA can swim out of the whirl of its trillions of debt, holding the interest rates and expecting the sane ROI and revenues.
Wait, until the Central European bank blindly ties Euro to USD. British Pound becomes rubbish, or ties to the Swiss Franc. So, they both survive a bit longer. Unless they all stand down, and change the course. So, the choice is between two collisions and the question is which one is more painful and efficient. So far, much less violence and much more diplomacy is championing with the RF, China, Iran and the RoW tries to imitate it while following example. That is a real death of thousand cuts.

However, at the scope of the things, it could well be that a NATO's push towards the Russian zone is seen as a very slow Barbarossa II. It took 50 years to surround Kaliningrad. Russians do not like to be surrounded and definitely not on Sunday noon (apparently Stalin signed and stamped the Bagration plan, on Sunday at noon - he was big fan of early Western movies).

Posted by: whirlX | Mar 18 2024 18:23 utc | 64

At the outset of the Obama administration I worked with a number of Dem zombies in a professional office. It was at that time I first heard a now popular phrase among the professional class: "fake it, til you make it".

I was initially put off by this coming from professionals who held the fates of ordinary people in their hands, but just assumed they meant something like one should try new things and learn from the experience. Today it seems like it reflected the beginning of a new state philosophy.

The Imperialist RC seems to have uniformly adopted this attitude to everything. The problem is they never "make it" and that just results in more aggressive "faking it".

The effort to cast bread lines as protest against hunger is just another transparent act of desperation. Absolutely pathetic. They don't even care to pay for the astroturf anymore.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Mar 18 2024 18:24 utc | 65

Response to Paul of Norway. When you refer to the "JewSA," you are repeating the silly anti-Semitic trope that goes back at least to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Posted by: Jazzbo | Mar 18 2024 18:28 utc | 66

40% of sick leave is taken on Mondays and protest the rising cost of health care.

Posted by: BroncoBilly | Mar 18 2024 18:32 utc | 67

Russia’s ruling party is firmly behind Putin - that’s clear. And it is an autocratic system. Opponents are shut down, often by bureaucracy, pretty quickly (which isn’t an unusual tactic in the U.S. either but with two parties instead of one). That said, two exit polling firms had the final tally very accurately predicted before the results were released indicating there was probably nothing nefarious about the actual voting. And it was a record turnout (in the Ukrainian territories it was even in the high 80%s). I sympathize with Putin opponents in Russia but they are in the minority there, and it’s their system and not mine to criticize.

Posted by: WG | Mar 18 2024 18:33 utc | 68

by: Ahenobarbus | Mar 18 2024 18:24 utc | 65

Agree on that. It is in all possible governmental offices, all over, not just the USA.
It takes a special kind of people, education and a lowest common denomination of spiritual compassion to crate such vile and ignorant bunch of political society.

Posted by: whirlX | Mar 18 2024 18:38 utc | 69

I am curious to know what choices were actually on the ballot for President. Suspecting that these media claims of Putin being the only choice are flat out lies. For us in Canada, there will be 6 or 7 choices on a ballot, all of them useless.

Posted by: Third Chimp | Mar 18 2024 18:48 utc | 70

Posted by: WG | Mar 18 2024 18:33 utc | 68

I didn't know that Ukrainians were allowed to vote in the Russian presidential election.

Posted by: Siddhartha | Mar 18 2024 18:52 utc | 71

"When you refer to the "JewSA," you are repeating the silly anti-Semitic trope"


For starters "anti-semitic" means that a Zionist doesn't like something.

If a Zionist does not like garlic soup, then garlic soup is anti-semitic.

This would not be of the utmost importance but it turns out that human rights are anti-semitic because they do not recognize the fundamental creed of Zionism (a dominant people and a subjugated population) and the idea of democracy and the very idea of Civilization is anti-semitic because Zionism is pure Barbarism: a Viking horde that worships itself and does not recognize as Citizenship the population of the territory it dominates (and by the way let's not forget that the Warsaw Ghetto also had an autonomous administration).

On the other hand, Zionists are rabid anti-semites who hate the Arab (i.e. Hebrew) roots of "the land of Canaan".

Let us remember that the Great Temple was built by an Arab king, Herod the Great, not by a rabbi from Ukraine. Moses' father-in-law (Exodus 3:1) is an Arab priest, thus symbolizing what everybody knew at that time: the Hebrews are the sons of an Arab woman. And finally, "Yahweh" is an Arab divinity who came from the South (various archaeological sources and Song of Deborah).

About who rules in London and Washington. Please note that this bar is for adults only. Next time before coming here ask mom and dad for permission. For kindergarten we already have the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost.

Posted by: Simon | Mar 18 2024 18:57 utc | 72

The cry--All Power to the Soviets--was a demand for the return to local ruling bodies, assemblies no Western elite would want to see emerge within its nation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2024 16:28 utc | 51

Thank you! I was going to embark on a long-winded explanation of this, and mention that people who lived under it are mostly at least nostalgic about the Soviet Union, the 'Soviet System,' and the second largest party after Putin's are the communists, who basically would like to restore the soviet system. Thanks for the concise explanation of the roots and meaning of 'soviet.'

Posted by: Honzo | Mar 18 2024 18:58 utc | 73

Amazing, eye-opening article from March 15th, 2024 at the wonderful and informational site of Henry Makow's This is a must read!!

WWIII will reprise WWII

The Communist jews break from the Zionist jews. (Left and Right hands of freemasonry!)
The govt of Biden and Schumer are actively declaring war on the Satanyahu govt. and plan to bring them down whatever it takes including boots on the ground to stop the genocide in Gaza. There is going to be war between these two groups that will start a world war as Russia, China and Iran led by Communist jews battle Nazi (Zionist) jews of City of London, elements of Warshington, DC and Israel. This will lead to millions more of the world's population dead.

Posted by: bisfugged | Mar 18 2024 19:06 utc | 74

bisfugged | Mar 18 2024 19:06 utc | 74

Looks like trash to me.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 18 2024 19:12 utc | 75

Third Chimp | Mar 18 2024 18:48 utc | 70

About six all up.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 18 2024 19:14 utc | 76

I suppose propaganda in all its forms is used by those who want to portray Putin and Russian elections as fraudulent, its a change from the West claiming that Russia is interfering with Europe/USA/UK elections.

I noticed the media in UK reporting that the supermarket chain Sainsburys electronic pay system was down at the weekend, such is the negative attacks on Russia within the UK that I was half-expecting the UK MSM to report that Russia had downed the system by hacking into it.

Regardless of what you think of Putin we cannot deny his ability to defend his country from Nato forces, Russia is all but on a war footing with Nato, so now is not the time to change leader.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Mar 18 2024 19:14 utc | 77

"The Communist jews break from the Zionist jews"


I insist: this is a bar for adults.

Please. We already have tons and tons of children's texts in the media.

Posted by: Simon | Mar 18 2024 19:14 utc | 78

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 18 2024 19:12 utc | 75 ...


Posted by: Cynic | Mar 18 2024 19:15 utc | 79

Interesting article by Stephen Bryen

"The American and European press is full of nasty characterizations of the Russian election, calling it a sham and a fraud, and spewing out the usual arguments about the suppression of the Russian opposition and the "resistance" to the vote in Russia.

There is no doubt that the opposition in Russia is suppressed. Russians don’t have political freedom as such.

Russian elections, like the Uzbek ones, serve a different purpose than to have candidates actually compete and offer different approaches to leadership.

Obviously the Russian elections were not democratic in the normal meaning of the term. The elections have a democratic form. In all there were four candidates (outdoing their Uzbek counterparts). None of the others received more than 4.31% .

The real vote was about Putin and his leadership.

Millions of Russians voted. The Ukrainians were so concerned about the election that Ukraine mounted a suicidal invasion force to try and stop voting in the Russian areas bordering on Ukraine, especially the Belgorod city and region. Over the three days of the Ukrainian operation, Ukraine killed 11 civilians using drones and rockets and injured another 82, including nine critically. One election official counted among the dead, as did a thirteen year old girl (her father was seriously injured when their car was hit by a drone strike).

Ukraine launched hundreds of drones fired at targets inside Russia, some aimed at Moscow and others at St. Petersburg, mainly at power plants and some airfields including Domodedovo in Moscow. Domodedovo, located south of Moscow, is the second busiest airport in Russia after Moscow’s main international terminal, Sheremetyevo.

The Ukrainians assembled a strike force that included around 1,500 Russian speakers in a special unit, a large number of foreign fighters, plenty of tanks and armored personnel carriers (including Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles), and shock troops from elite Ukrainian units. Over four days they consistently failed to capture any territory or even a small village. It was so bad that Ukraine's head of military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov told Vlodomyr Zelensky, Ukraine's president, that the planning of their operation was compromised by a traitor, or so he believed.

Budanov possibly planned the operation with Victoria Nuland, and this could have been the "surprise" she mentioned when she hurriedly visited Kiev at the end of January. She resigned or was fired on March 7th.

On March 18 the Russians targeted a meeting of senior Ukrainian security and defense commanders. At the time of this writing, very little is known other than the Russians believe that many were wounded or killed. It was part of Russia's response to the Ukrainian invasion of Russian territory.

The Ukrainian operation was aimed at weakening support for Putin and disrupting the election in Russia. Why bother if the election outcome was predetermined? Why sacrifice countless lives?

We do not know why the Ukrainian leaders and their backers in NATO thought that an invasion would work and somehow the Russian elections would be discredited. This was altogether a fantasy.

The Russian election was not affected in any significant measurable way. Putin won with 87.28% of the vote. The turnout for the election was 74% of eligible voters. Altogether, more than 75 million Russians voted. The Russian press said the result was “historic.”

The Russian vote was an endorsement of Putin and for the "Special Military Operation" in Ukraine. Had his support fallen below 70% he could have had a problem, but it never surfaced.

Zelensky and his NATO backers again got it wrong when it came to regime change in Russia. If anything, the attempts to overthrow Putin and trash the Russian elections backfired and strengthened the Russian leader."

Posted by: daffyDuct | Mar 18 2024 19:18 utc | 80

As this British, privately educated, Maoist {<---WikiPedia}, Establishment darling mouthpiece - Andrew Marr - was totally unaware of the function of his Media was informed - but never learned from, nor ever acknowledged or was edified from, we have this classic golden nugget:

Posted by: gordonrussell | Mar 18 2024 19:22 utc | 81

Country engaged in proxy war is doing war propaganda against their opponent. More news at 11.

Posted by: Awoo | Mar 18 2024 19:30 utc | 82

Pravda on the Potomac suffers from the curious form of brain rot endemic to techbros and tech nerds in general.

More than once, I have been in a group of people first to see an earth-shattering, epochal software or hardware product. VPs, managers, and others of that ilk gather around, ooh and ahh and make wild declamations about the product being demonstrated by programmers and engineers exhausted into hollow-eyed ghouls. The people who have slept in their clothes for weeks to meet a deadline are too numb to bother with qualifiers or caveats, and just go through the demo while the salespeople-cheerleaders--for that is what everybody above them ultimately is--praise the Emperor's glorious new clothes.

The first few times this happened, I had panic attacks. The software or product clearly didn't work, and anybody who wasn't delusional would conclude this. Fortunately, I never said anything and went along with the engineers. I picked up quickly that...this is how it is. Cheerleader-salespeople have made wild promises without asking anyone whether they're remotely possible, and they're seeing what MUST be true for their existence to be valid, to have any value. Even when the thing fails so badly even a child could see the thing is junk, it will be a success.

Sometimes this is a game: everybody knows it's a scam, but they're just spending the budget before the division is laid off, closed, merged, or bought up or sold off. But for the most part, this is how companies spend billions on...nothing. It's all hype. Sometimes it's actually sold, and that's when you get trash products or junk software that doesn't work, and never really does.

"Journalism" or "reporting" in the US has always been a business, and now that propaganda is legal, spewing out this kind of stuff is a feature, not a bug. Whoever wrote this is just doing what they're told and/or pleasing some superior. You're working for supervisor/owner, who is of the same class as the intended audience of DC swamp creatures. If you're working at WaPo, you're likely a true believer anyway. They're not going to let any riffraff in.

Posted by: D | Mar 18 2024 19:32 utc | 83

Let's take the propaganda a bit further, from dumb to dumber. "Thousands of people queue up to vote at noon on Sunday in Moscow and other Russian cities in order to disrupt the election process by making people wait hours to vote. The mass arrival of people at voting stations was a way for Russians to protest the authoritarian rule of Vladimir Putin. When random people in line were asked who they intended to vote for, most replied that they intended to vote for Putin. The answers of the voters prove once again the success of Russian propaganda in controlling the minds of their subjects."

When you can't tell western propaganda from an Onion piece, things are really bad.

Posted by: Mike R | Mar 18 2024 19:32 utc | 84

by WG | Mar 18 2024 18:33 utc | 68

Exactly this. However, a real Russian opposition is a Communist Party with the ambition of restoring the old Soviet Union and if possible a bit wider.
So, the West should be really satisfied with the outcome and Putin. Everyone else has even bigger ambition to harm the West badly.
Let aside authoritarian regime or a top down organized society stretching over 11 time zones and 120 ethnicities and all possible religions and races or maybe nothing of both, but the fact is people live pretty well, are reasonably happy, plenty of everything, provinces and faraway places are not flashy or glamour everywhere, but people have enough choice and a quality, food, cars, free social and medical services and such stuff. Let them be.
We are deprived of all that day in a day out. The fall of the Berlin Wall started a Western decline, behind the scenes. That imbalance crippled the world terribly.

Posted by: whirlX | Mar 18 2024 19:34 utc | 85

If I had to write propaganda for a living, from time to time I would slip in a really obvious piece, to put people at ease, thinking they are able to spot fake news.

Posted by: Passerby | Mar 18 2024 19:38 utc | 86

Country engaged in proxy war is doing war propaganda against their opponent. More news at 11.

Posted by: Awoo | Mar 18 2024 19:30 utc | 82

I think it's more about how ineffective and plain bad said propaganda is, particularly given our vaunted media's independence and high salaries. Do you think the general public in the West will be happy about getting lied to by their own media in support of NATOs little undeclared war? Not to mention, the hypocrisy of our overt and sophomoric attempts to interfere with thr Russian elections. It's obscene..and absurd.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Mar 18 2024 19:42 utc | 87

The stenographers to power of the West will have a lot to answer for. War crimes have no 'statute of limitations', something our chattering classes would do well to remember.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Mar 18 2024 19:46 utc | 88

"...these two groups that will start a world war as Russia, China and Iran led by Communist jews battle Nazi (Zionist) jews of City of London,..." bisfugged | Mar 18 2024 19:06 utc | 74

That was an unusually foolish post even for you. And Henry Makow.
Were either of you suspected of being a rational being it would seem obvious that your intention is to discredit the website. Unfortunately it is more likely that you are sincerely endorsing Makow's lunacy. Nevertheless such posts discredit both the website and the cause of the Palestinians.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 18 2024 19:47 utc | 89

WG | Mar 18 2024 18:33 utc | 68--

Except you did just criticize it which makes you what exactly? Certainly not an objective human.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 18 2024 19:54 utc | 90

Not too sure of USA voting protocol but most effective way of protesting in UK is to collect YOUR ballot paper and instead of putting in the ballot box take it with you when you leave the polling station. Much more effective than staying at home and not voting.

Posted by: harry Terms | Mar 18 2024 19:56 utc | 91

@Jazzbo (66)

I’ve made it my own personal rule to live by: Never, ever trust anyone who utters the word “trope.” This has worked well for me.
No one here is intimidated by your scolding. If you have nothing productive to say here, please don’t post.

Posted by: Andrew | Mar 18 2024 19:59 utc | 92

as b has posted above - someone smart guy may imagine as it's a possible "fake news" having launched (US people 'blocking anti-natural living styles', ref. videos),
but that may be not a fake story until having published it as a 'real story' by the CNN & its brother media:

"NEW YORK - Citizens protested against rampant consumerism by forming large lines just as shops opened - answering calls by Back-To-Nature to buy less, and undercutting preliminary reports of record sales. .."

Now, RF people have successfully finished their elections despite some heroic fire fights against some ballot boxes, but the remaining 'Democrats in UKR' have cancelled any election plans forever.
Ukranian President Mr. P-Cock-P Z-ski will further ignore "his" folk, up to its very deadly end.

If there are still no elections in UKR and no further combat successes in favor of UKR, then some US/UKR Bio-laboratories should fill some UKR drones with new virus insects. That's probably the long-term plan today ?

Cheers Rockwell, Gates, WHO etc. !

Posted by: spare_truth_01 | Mar 18 2024 20:00 utc | 93

Just noise because of the election.

The REAL problem is the Russian central bank. It is home grown, an uneducated Trojan horse.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Mar 18 2024 20:06 utc | 94

Most everything at henrymakow dot com is undiluted, unfiltered garbage. I think that guy gets nuttier with every passing year.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Mar 18 2024 20:10 utc | 95

I'm reminded of an old Pete Seeger song when considering the Washington regime's obsession with 'getting Putin':

"Soon even a tall man will be in over his head!
We're Waist deep in the Big Muddy!
And the big fool says to push on!"

This truly is a new age of hypocrisy, hubris, and stupidity for the US.

Posted by: John S | Mar 18 2024 20:11 utc | 96

I don't know why but everytime I come across sites saying Jews did this etc or Rothchilds own the whole world controlling all, I think what a load of horseshit. Same with the Freemasons.

Posted by: Morongobill | Mar 18 2024 20:33 utc | 97

OK, what's a USAF transport doing on the runway at Tblisi? Now just taken off

Lockheed Martin MC-130J Commando II

Posted by: YetAnotherAnon | Mar 18 2024 20:35 utc | 98

I assume delivering weapons to the Georgians, I trust Russia are taking notes.

Posted by: YetAnotherAnon | Mar 18 2024 20:41 utc | 99

@47 Karl:

You just need to look at people as a statistical whole to understand the 15% who voted for 'not Vlad'. That's just less than everything 3 standard deviations from the mean. It's the very definition of a fringe vote, as these are the tails of the curve.

It's quite unusual in a multi-party democracy to see such a large plurality, which means the vast majority of Russians do see Putin as the best choice. Usually, multi-party trends take years to reverse; political parties take time to rot. So a party that has been in power for years will continue to win many votes for years, competence notwithstanding. In Canada, for example, even after years of mismanagement by Justin Trudeau, he still retains 25% approval. And the 75% 'not Justin' vote is also scattered among five parties. 85% is a ringing endorsement for Putin, statistically.

Posted by: FrankDrakman | Mar 18 2024 20:44 utc | 100

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