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February 29, 2024

Zionists Use Food-Baits To Attract And Kill Starving Civilians

The Zionist occupation forces send food into the northern Gaza strip to then kill starving Palestinians who try to collect it.

Food aid reaches north Gaza for first time in weeks, Israeli officials say - AP, Feb 28 2024

Aid convoys carrying food reached northern Gaza this week, Israeli officials said on Wednesday, the first major delivery in a month to the devastated, isolated area, where the UN has warned of worsening starvation among hundreds of thousands of Palestinians amid Israel’s offensive.
Across Gaza, more than 576,000 people, a quarter of the population, are a step away from famine, the UN says.

But northern Gaza in particular has been gutted by hunger. The north has largely been cut off and much of it has been levelled since Israeli ground troops invaded in late October.

Several hundred thousand Palestinians are believed to remain there, and many have been reduced to eating animal fodder to survive.
A convoy of 31 trucks carrying food entered northern Gaza on Wednesday, the Israeli military office that oversees Palestinian civilian affairs said.

The office, known by the acronym COGAT, said nearly 20 other lorries entered the north on Monday and Tuesday.

Associated Press footage showed people carrying sacks of flour from the distribution site.

It was not immediately clear who carried out the deliveries.

The UN was not involved, said a spokesman for the UN’s humanitarian co-ordination office, Eri Keneko.

The trucks were sent by the Zionists. No other organization was involved. But when people came near to the trucks to collect the food they had carried into Gaza the Zionist went berserk:

‘Massacre’: Dozens killed by Israeli fire in Gaza while collecting food aid - Al Jazeerah, Feb 29 2024

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed and some 700 others wounded after Israeli troops opened fire on hundreds waiting for food aid southwest of Gaza City, health officials say, as the besieged enclave faces an unprecedented hunger crisis.

The Gaza Ministry of Health said on Thursday said at least 104 people were killed and more than 750 wounded, with the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemning what it said was a cold-blooded “massacre”.
People had congregated at al-Rashid Street, where aid trucks carrying flour were believed to be on the way. Al Jazeera verified footage showing the bodies of dozens of killed and wounded Palestinians being carried onto trucks as no ambulances could reach the area.

“We went to get flour. The Israeli army shot at us. There are many martyrs on the ground and until this moment we are withdrawing them. There is no first aid,” said one witness.

Reporting from the scene, Al Jazeera’s Ismail al-Ghoul said that after opening fire, Israeli tanks advanced and ran over many of the dead and injured bodies. “It is a massacre, on top of the starvation threatening citizens in Gaza,” he said.
One Palestinian man told Quds News Network the military attack was a “crime”.

“I have been waiting since yesterday. At about 4:30 this morning, trucks started to come through. Once we approached the aid trucks, the Israeli tanks and warplanes started firing at us, as if it was a trap.

“To the Arab states I say, if you want to have us killed, why are you sending relief aid? If this continues, we do not want any aid delivered at all. Every convoy coming means another massacre.

The Zionist are deliberately starving Palestinians.

But this is even worse.

The killing today was not by chance. I do not believe that it was unintentional. The food deliveries were under Israeli controls. So were the troops who killed the Palestinians who tried to collect the 'aid'.

This is not the first time that a food convoy or aid distribution has been used by the Zionists to attract and then kill starving Palestinians.

This is an extremely brutal and cynical way to genocide them.

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Pariah state of Israel/USA - Genocide.

Posted by: Don Firineach | Feb 29 2024 16:05 utc | 1

And somehow people believe the lie that is the holocaust.

Tell me, where does lying about an atrocity rank on the morality scale vs the kill innocents food bait truck ?

Everything you were ever told was carefully tailored to benefit you jewish masters.

Some things heavily so, some things outright fabricated, many things not needing any modifications because it didn't matter either way.

But now you see, and you cannot under, and you have a moral obligation to work back through time with this new knowledge. Revise, as it were.

Europa the last battle & The greatest story never told would be two great places to start.

Posted by: ryanggg | Feb 29 2024 16:12 utc | 2

Viscous bastards. They merely learned to copy the Nazis.

Posted by: Jeff Harrison | Feb 29 2024 16:14 utc | 3

Meanwhile, in Germany...

If I were feeling cynical, I might say that in supporting racial supremacists carry out genocide, Germans are just returning to form...

Posted by: Observer | Feb 29 2024 16:14 utc | 4

I read that this morning. What sickening perverted barbarism Israel is committed to. They've had a history of indiscriminately shooting at protesters in the past, as well as the press.
All the while the US "attempts" to make for a cease fire effort. If Biden had a backbone or a conscience, this atrocity would stop as soon as shipments of killing tools stopped.

Posted by: Richard | Feb 29 2024 16:21 utc | 5

There is no greater horror than to put forth food to a starving population....and then kill them while they try to eat it........this is truly an evil, malicious force of Israelis to such a scheme enact such a program....may Gods anger fall upon them!!!.....they are SO unworthy in this life.....

Posted by: Gretchen Charbonneau | Feb 29 2024 16:24 utc | 6

Sounds a lot like Bucha...

Posted by: BlockMan | Feb 29 2024 16:33 utc | 7

Looks like Israel is trying to one-up the German Nazis when it comes to exterminating civilians. How long will the World look on?

Posted by: NewJerseyJoe | Feb 29 2024 16:36 utc | 8

Man, you read a lot of monstrous things on the internet, but this takes the cake. "Satanic" is the only word for it. Yet the whole world just sits by and watches.

Posted by: bored | Feb 29 2024 16:36 utc | 9

Israel will turn to dust and the whole world will rejoice, then the remaining Jews will carry the shame of their fake country forever.

Posted by: too scents | Feb 29 2024 16:39 utc | 10


All that's old, is new again.

If you really want to understand how food is weaponized, who perfected the process, who transferred the technology to say Nazis, Communists, up on the Great Famine. The Brits perfected it so well, they used it in countless countries they raped plundered and pillaged over the years.

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Feb 29 2024 16:40 utc | 11

Following the news from Gaza makes us sick. What to do? Feeling of enormous helplessness.

Posted by: Carlos | Feb 29 2024 16:43 utc | 12

Just a reminder that Israel has been doing this, obviously on a smaller scale but the exact same thing, for over 50 years.

Also the "double tap" where an Israeli sniper shoots someone inside the concentration camp known as GAZA but makes sure they don't kill them, usually in the legs and ankles, leaving the victim alive to cry out for help. Then when a medic wearing white band with red cross on it waving a white flag goes to help them they are shot too. Some Israeli military have bragged that they have even gotten triple taps and even waited days to get 4.

Israel has lost any and all legitimate reason to exist. To support and even reward this kind of behavior is pure evil.

Posted by: jef | Feb 29 2024 16:45 utc | 13

According to the Cradle, up to 200 people have been gunned down. Ambulances have no fuel. In addition 100s have been "rounded up." Yes, I know about the brits starving a million irish, and how many millions of indians. Yes I know about Mai Lai and the complete leveling of Laos and North Korea, but this is a level of pure evil I have never imagined. The world must make this stop!!!

Posted by: Formerly Miss Lacy | Feb 29 2024 17:01 utc | 14

West Bank is next. Biden is evil.

Posted by: AI | Feb 29 2024 17:01 utc | 15


Rabbinical Pharaism (NOT Judaism) is based on the Talmud… which is a compendium of Babylonian paganism and rabbinical interpretations. Babylonian paganism’s foundation was Satanism. And Satanism involves the practice of human sacrifices, preferably children…!

It is NOT a mere coincidence that so many thousands of Gaza children have been killed by Israel. It is part of its deal with Satan.

I realize the above will be considered B.S. by many… but the facts speak for themselves. Israel is based on a fraudulent interpretation of the Old Testament and an accurate interpretation of the Talmud which preaches the superiority of “Jews” over gentiles who are “human animals” as many Israeli government officials have stated.

Posted by: Liberator | Feb 29 2024 17:07 utc | 16

Say, when is the report to ICJ due? From Rafah to northern Gaza, all these are genocidal acts.

What will the report contain? We didn’t do it?

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Feb 29 2024 17:10 utc | 17

Biden sits on a stack of Israel lobby donations eating ice cream and says ,"I want more”

Posted by: Bartholomew Cubbins | Feb 29 2024 17:11 utc | 18

Posted by: BlockMan | Feb 29 2024 16:33 utc | 7

Indeed. Ukrainians Iin Bucha who had reveived foodstuff from the Russians were massacred by Ukro-Nazi vermin who then, with the complicity of the western MSM proceeded to completely invert the truth and present it as a Russian crime. Too bad for the NATO scum that the video with the Nazi militant "Boatswain" was already on the internet, calling for and receining license to start butchering the locals.

Of course, the Palestinians didn't even have the time to collect the aid...

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 17:13 utc | 19

We have failed as a civilization.

All people in the world are guilty of these massacres.

Some blame the Israelis but not their world leaders for letting it happen.

Some blame their world leaders but not their communities for sitting silent.

Some blame their communities but not their friends and family for ignoring all of this.

And some blame their friends and family but not themselves for not doing anything about it.

Everyone should look in the mirror and blame that person for allowing this.

Yup. I do this daily. We are all guilty.

Posted by: Comandante | Feb 29 2024 17:14 utc | 20

Ok, so now how is Israel going to top this?

Posted by: Gee Eye Joe | Feb 29 2024 17:15 utc | 21

The criminal regime ruling in Israel is deliberately creating the conditions for the eradication of the people of Israel. It is psychotic.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Feb 29 2024 17:16 utc | 22

Posted by: librul | Feb 29 2024 16:48 utc | 17

Hitler was a genocidal, racist piece of trash and the Zionists are among his most solid heirs. Any other crap that whitewashes that scumbag can be construed as an effort to stain this site and validate Zionist propaganda.

Plus, it should be clear that Zionism represents not just Jewish but western supremacism in general. Chosen people, exceptional ones, the dwellers of the "garden", the "civilized nations" etc.

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 17:19 utc | 23

Truly ghastly people.
The world needs to intervene and reverse the earlier UN Resolutions etc.

Of course no such thing will happen.

Because The Holy Cause.

Posted by: Scorpion | Feb 29 2024 17:26 utc | 24

@ Liberator | Feb 29 2024 17:07 utc | 21

This is false. The Talmud is the logical extension of the Torah.

There are, of course, Jews who, to their credit, reject both.

Posted by: malenkov | Feb 29 2024 17:29 utc | 25

Why does evil prosper?

Why the impunity for all evil done to life?

I don't want to live in this world! is EVIL!

RIP couldn't live in this world either.


Posted by: furies | Feb 29 2024 17:33 utc | 26

@Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 17:19 utc | 29

Why did Zionist iZrael never pursue Zionist co-perpetrators of "The Holocaust"?

Answer: Because they believed, "the Jews of Hungary weren't worth saving".

Disgusting answer.

Yet the answer that iZrael's Supreme Court had concluded.

Before The Holocaust became an industry and before it became a civil religion in Israel the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that a co-perpetrator was "Not Guilty" because the Jews of Hungary were not worth saving.

This particular Zionist, Rudolf Kastner, had been head of The Rescue Committee in Hungary but was now part of the Israeli government.

In full knowledge of their fate Kastner and his "Rescue Committee" had lulled the Jews of Hungary to go like sheep on to the trains to Auschwitz; between 200,000 and 800,000 trusting Jews, depending upon whose numbers you use.

Kastner was rewarded for his treachery by his partners, the Nazis, selecting several hundred that he felt would be useful Zionists in Palestine.

There was a train for Kastner and his chosen few, while the trusting and unsuspecting took their luggage and families in hand onto different trains.

Kastner would later testify at Nuremberg as an official from Jerusalem on behalf of the Nazis he had worked with in Hungary. He got several a "walk" just like The Supreme Court of Israel would one day let Kastner walk.

(the court found him guilty on one count - perjury - for lying on the stand about having testified at Nuremberg)

Kastner was not the defendant though, he was the plaintiff in a trial suing someone that had published pamphlets about Kastner's gang of Zionists and their crimes. Actually the government of Israel brought the suit on Kastner's behalf, the Attorney General of Israel himself was Kastner's lawyer.

In the first trial Kastner and the government lost their case. It was then taken to the Supreme Court for another attempt to white wash Kastner, an official of the government.

Here is a link to part of the transcript from the first trial in Israel:

Posted by: librul | Feb 29 2024 17:35 utc | 27

I see b deleted my cry of outrage.

Sometimes it is best to count to 1000
before posting.

Posted by: librul | Feb 29 2024 17:41 utc | 28

A very neat way to raise the dirty finger towards the International Court of Justice, who had ordered Israel to submit within four weeks of the ruling issued Jan 26th on how it intends to prove compliance with anti-genocide-laws, to preserve evidence of potential war crimes, and to ensure sufficient humanitarian aid.

Israel delivered its answer in the form of bombs on starving civilians approaching food trucks.

The United States of America will join Israel in raising its own fingers by vetoing any UN-Sanctions intended to force Israel to stop butchering civilians.

Posted by: Marvin | Feb 29 2024 17:50 utc | 29

USAID Administrater Samantha Power was in Israel yesterday, apparently to meet with Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant to discuss “the problems with getting aid into Gaza”. It has been a consistent trend over past five months that high-level visits by US officials with Palestinian humanitarian concerns on the agenda are followed by an atrocity. This can be charted by Blinken’s visits.

The Americans are discussing a plan to facilitate their own air-drops of aid.

"The situation is really bad. We are unable to get enough aid [in] by truck so we need desperate measures like airdrops," one US official told Axios.

Other western countries are thinking of the same. Of course, US and its allies are principal supporters and enablers of Israel, and could use their considerable leverage to manage the situation. But refuse to.

Others say the air drops are ineffectual and will help “perpetuate the overall blockade strategy”:

“Facilitating airdrops - and driving media coverage around them - gives the public appearance that Israel is cooperating with humanitarian efforts,” said Konyndyk, who is also a former USAID official. “The fact that they need be considered is a major policy failure,” he said in a post on social media. According to Unrwa, the number of aid trucks entering the Gaza Strip has dropped by half in February compared with January.”

Posted by: jayc | Feb 29 2024 17:59 utc | 30

Posted by: librul | Feb 29 2024 17:35 utc | 27

Fully agreed with this post regarding the Kastner case, which has little to do with your previous incoherent outburst (that b rightly sent to limbo).

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 18:01 utc | 31

"This is not the first time that a food convoy or aid distribution has been used by the Zionists to attract and then kill starving Palestinians."

What?? I hadn't seen this before. Just when I think I can no longer be stunned, first Aaron Bushnell then this. I'm sore ashamed of the US, "my" country.

Posted by: Navile | Feb 29 2024 18:03 utc | 32

Do "genocide" & "extermination" mean the same thing, or is there a subtle difference?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 29 2024 18:04 utc | 33

One keeps thinking they - the murderers -can't get any worse. Then they up do something even more barbaric.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if the sacks of flour or whatever that WAS managed to be retrieved under fire are all poisoned.

What else to say?

Posted by: paddy_too | Feb 29 2024 18:07 utc | 34

Posted by: Marvin | Feb 29 2024 17:50 utc | 29

That is because the US government would be effectively hindering itself in its own butchery of civilians. Again, Zionism by now has moorphed into western suprewmacism with emphasis in the Anglosphere.

GOes without saying that all the western governments who shed crocodilian tears about Israeli brutality, all the Eurocrat trash who push for "restraint", actually approve all of it, but not in such blatant fashion. If only Netanyahu and his ilk had used a much better rhetoric that the liberal vermin love so much and the Israeli troops - death squads really - did their utmost to avoid self-incriminating videos where they bask and glory in a carnival of genocidal, racist depravity, it would all be so much palatable...

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 18:08 utc | 35

The escalatory nature of the IDF's actions reminds me of a description of the methodology of torture I once read in alternate history science fiction novel, The Ultimate Solution.

I think what was stated there applies to Israel as well. In a nutshell, the interrogator commented that when using duress on someone, torturing them, you wanted them to be afraid of what you'd do next.

The protagonist, a NYPD detective, was working with a Gestapo agent on the torture of one the few remaining Catholic priests that had been in hiding, because they suspected he had aided in doing the impossible, keeping secret the existence of the world's sole surviving Jew.

But just as Israel is rushed in its genocide of Palestine, so too were this detective and Gestapo agent. The Third Reich's top Jew hunter had come out of retirement on hearing that one of his intended victims might have escaped him, and he was both extremely powerful, and extremely determined to get to the bottom of things, and that immediately as he wasn't long for the world himself.

Right, so the torture was a rush job, and the cop noted that since they didn't have time to slowly escalate the torture, they risked experiencing the torturer's dilemma, that point where the victim is so fubar that they no longer care about living, but instead embrace death.

This, imo, is what could be happening to Israel. A lot of Muslims are now a lot less concerned about their final death total, and their only concern is to make Israel pay.

Yeah, it's extremely ironical that I knew this supposed truism about torture because I read a SF novel that posited "what if the Nazis won, and what if somehow one Jew survived."

The book is better than you might expect, and since it was written about an alternate history it doesn't lose impact because of its age. It is a gruesome read, and extrapolated just how perverted people living under Nazism would become as a matter of routine.

Spoilers at the link below, and I don't think the ones I used will lessen the story's impact. They're only a small fraction of the shocking content.

Posted by: Babel-17 | Feb 29 2024 18:10 utc | 36

There is lots of censorship on this site.

I am done.

Posted by: Joseph B | Feb 29 2024 18:14 utc | 37

Totally disgusting. Where are our virtuous politicians? Hiding. Why they can't standup to Israel and call a genocide a genocide when they see one, and do something when their people ask them to do so? That's because they are at the same level of depravation as are the zionists they support. Going through the "good" schools like the MIT (Nethanyahu), Harvard or Yale (State Dept and Justice Dept) just resulted in creating monsters instead of civilized people.

Posted by: Richard L | Feb 29 2024 18:16 utc | 38

@ malenkov | 25

You are completely wrong. The Talmud is thoroughly man-made and has nothing to do with the Torah. In addition, Pharisees have spent the past 2,000 years removing parts of the Torah that conflicted with the Talmud.

Posted by: He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 18:21 utc | 39

Just to clarify...

all of these zionists you keep referring to would be Israeli jews, nest-ce pas? You know, people living and working in Israel where 95% of inhabitants support this horror show.

This is Israeli policy, and it has the support of practically the entire populace.

Let's not muddy the waters.

Posted by: john | Feb 29 2024 18:26 utc | 40

@ Librul | 28

Your cry of outrage was deleted as were a few other posts. “B” is censoring certain posts but has no issue with this one:


Posted by: furies | Feb 29 2024 17:33 utc | 26”

For that reason, I am done with “Moon of Alabama”… “B” is his own version of a mini Zuckerberg…!

Posted by: He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 18:27 utc | 41

Librul can you repost the main crux of your post that was taken down. Cleaned up, of course to avoid getting zapped again.

Posted by: morongobill | Feb 29 2024 18:28 utc | 42

If what b writes here is true, and I have no reason to doubt him, then once the word of this really percolates down to Arabs and Muslims on the street......

The day of reckoning will be one of the worst in history, as bad as the Romans at Carthage.

Posted by: morongobill | Feb 29 2024 18:31 utc | 43

Posted by: furies | Feb 29 2024 17:33 utc | 26


الدُّنْيَا مَلْعُونَةٌ مَلْعُونٌ مَا فِيهَا إِلاَّ ذِكْرَ اللَّهِ وَمَا وَالاَهُ أَوْ عَالِمًا أَوْ مُتَعَلِّمًا }‏ }

"This world is cursed and what is in it is cursed, except the remembrance of Allah (dhikr) and what is conducive to that, or one who has knowledge or who acquires knowledge.” - The Gentile Prophet & 'Seal' of Prophecy Muhammad (saws)

There are two general approaches to this hadith of Beloved of God Holy & Exalted. Related is

{ الدُّنْيَا سِجْنُ الْمُؤْمِنِ وَجَنَّةُ الْكَافِرِ }

"The world is a prison for the believer and Paradise for the disbeliever."

That is to say you can take the meaning as a believer, or, you can take the meaning as a believing servant, devotee, slave of God Almighty. ALLAH rewards both, and the reward of the servant is manifest victory over the enemies of God and Mankind.

!!! إنا فتحنا لك فتحا مبينا !!!

Verily WE have given you a manifest victory
Sura الفتح The Victory (48)

Now this 'manifest victory', which is an overcoming, is granted to each and every believing servant of God (and truly God is Fully Aware of how many creeds ALLAH ITself has given mankind) who ذِكْرَ اللَّهِ وَمَا وَالاَهُ أَوْ عَالِمًا أَوْ مُتَعَلِّمًا and indeed ALLAH Is the Lord of Generosity to HIS devotees, HIS slaves, HIS witnesses -- & rest in Salaam Aaron Bushnell. That is, remembrance of God in all things, and honoring light and knowledge where ever, and obtaining the same light and knowledge, for yourself, these things "overcome" the "curse".

And sometimes ALLAH demostrates this for ALL to see. My LORD Says:

{ هو الذي أنزل السكينة في قلوب المؤمنين ليزدادوا إيمانا مع إيمانهم ۗ ولله جنود السماوات والأرض ۚ وكان الله عليما حكيما }

wa Salaam

Posted by: sunof27 | Feb 29 2024 18:34 utc | 44

The day of reckoning will be one of the worst in history

Posted by: morongobill | Feb 29 2024 18:31 utc | 42


Sow the wind.

Posted by: too scents | Feb 29 2024 18:34 utc | 45

What turbocharges these horrors is unmitigated racism of the most mendaciously malicious variety. The Palestinian settlements are effectively hunting grounds and safari ranges where Europeans and their descendants can go and hunt, assuming they have the license of 'right of return,' people whom they deem non-human in se, largely but not exclusively predicated on the color of the victims' skin.

What was done with great impunity against Roma (gypsies) for generations in Europe has been transposed by the descendants of the very Eastern Europeans who are no longer allowed to do so in their home countries. However, of course, dehumanization is fundamentally the loophole that allows ostensibly cultured and civilized populations to excuse theft on a massive scale, so that while it is true that for most of human history the merciless law of the conqueror reigned supreme, already by the time of Benjamin Franklin (or rather since the Enlightenment), the merciless law of the conqueror was considered unchristian, even thievery.

But if the 'villainous' Indian attacks first, begins to 'rape and plunder' the Pilgrims, then the gloves come off and the enlightened civilization becomes the law of the conqueror once again, albeit coupled with the civilizational augmentative exterminative facilities of the blunderbuss and the cannon ball. Israeli colonialism is a tale foretold, a fait accompli, where the Enlightenment's gloves were bound to come off and the law of the conqueror (with a Pentagon-funded arsenal and the existential blackmail of nuclear weapons) was bound to win out, to triumph, and be unleashed in literal biblical fashion in the end.

Posted by: Ludo | Feb 29 2024 18:48 utc | 46

This is beyond the pale.

Where is the response in the ME? Why aren’t they responding to this vicious monster and finish it off?

I predicted before that Israelis will get away with all of this, as always. Because as Liz Truss put it, the bankers and the money lenders who are the fellow tribesmen, choose the path for humanity

What a fucked yo world we live in.

Posted by: Alpi | Feb 29 2024 18:50 utc | 47

Khazarian Turkic converts who self identify as yahu Synagogue of Satan is all you need to know.

"there is no Zionism, colonialization or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands." - Yoram Bar Porath, Yediot Aahronot, of 14 July 1972

"We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question, What is to be done with the Palestinian population?' Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said 'Drive them out!'"

- Yitzhak Rabin, 23 October 1979

Posted by: todd | Feb 29 2024 18:52 utc | 48

#35 Final Solution, Delaney, Disch and Dick all had pretty good dystopian novels about ethnic cleansing, etc. The recent SFnovel Babel is also good about empire.

For maybe 2 weeks I would see brief snippets about Jordan and possibly France aiding with air drops of food to Gaza, whispers with little to nothing of sources, frequency and volume of food. Well then the feel good vid of the king of Jordan in cargo jet pushing out part of an air aid drop. (Judge Nap) And then targeting of civilians. Any decent sources of times, amounts and numbers of drops appreciate. Until some navy with marines makes land fall and inserts vetted food and medical supplies into Gaza with corridors secured it is just worthless feel good bull shit.

Posted by: paxmark1 | Feb 29 2024 18:55 utc | 49

Posted by: Joseph B | Feb 29 2024 18:14 utc | 36

Feel free to join your buddies at Stormfront and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 19:01 utc | 50

Can we all be forgiven for feeling the shock at such an Evil of históric (Biblical?) proportions existing in our Lifetimes? But once we awaken from our stupors, what then?
As Aaron said, what would you have done if you had lived in those times? That's most likely just what you're doing now.

Posted by: Bagration | Feb 29 2024 19:04 utc | 51

The Zionists are definitely breaking articles of the Genocide Convention such as Article (2) subsections (B) and (C).

The above article is shocking something akin to what WWII Nazi's would do, other evil deeds from the Zionists include shooting a Palestinian a man woman or child, but not killing them, then waiting for someone a (Palestinian) to come along to help the injured person, and they too are then shot, this time dead, by a Zionist sniper, these are CIVILIANS not soldiers that are being killed in this awful manner.

The list of war crimes against humanity that the Zionists have carried out are lengthy from bombing refugee camps to going into hospitals to shoot injured patients and even one young lad in a coma was shot dead.

The world MUST hold these Zionists, and their backers to account.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Feb 29 2024 19:07 utc | 52

is not real was always a rotten shield con trick it was never even a legal fiction

arab League address World Court on consequences of Israel's occupation

Posted by: todd | Feb 29 2024 19:08 utc | 53

You are completely wrong. The Talmud is thoroughly man-made and has nothing to do with the Torah. In addition, Pharisees have spent the past 2,000 years removing parts of the Torah that conflicted with the Talmud.

Posted by: He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 18:21 utc | 38


The Torah is also man-made.

Posted by: malenkov | Feb 29 2024 19:14 utc | 54

Regarding the recent accusations of censorship against b:

1) This is his bar and he makes the rules. If you can't handle that, you are free create your own bar. Good-bye and good luck.

2) I am grateful to b that he moderates the content here. It is not an easy task. And if he did not, it would look like the comment pages at Caitlin Johnstone's substack. To be clear: I really like Caitlin's writing, but many of the commenters are frankly loony. It feels like I'm reading the graffiti on the wall of an insane asylum. So I don't read them at all. The moderation that b provides is what keep the MoA conversation on-topic, civil, and sometimes enlightening.

Posted by: Clever Dog | Feb 29 2024 19:17 utc | 55

Judeonazis. Like in Ukraine.

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 19:23 utc | 56

Again, over 90% of the population support what is being done in their name.

The evil that lives in them will disperse to Western countries where they will try again.

Posted by: Suresh | Feb 29 2024 19:26 utc | 57

The Torah is also man-made.

Posted by: malenkov | 38


You ought to study…. The Torah is considered to be, in parts, revelation from God by way of prophets. Hence, not all the Torah is man-made. The Talmud, however, is completely man-made. NOTHING in the Talmud is considered revelation… it’s all made up.

Posted by: He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 19:35 utc | 58

They are doing this for pleasure. For the enjoyment of killing

Posted by: oldhippie | Feb 29 2024 19:43 utc | 59

@ He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 19:35 utc | 58

I guess I was insufficiently clear.

The Torah is 100% man-made.

Posted by: malenkov | Feb 29 2024 20:02 utc | 60

Reflect that this atrocity is very likely Likud and IDF standard practice. They‘ve been doing this type of war crime for decades without consequence. Difference this time is the whole world is watching

It’s my gusss the Likud hasn’t yet figured out that its crimes are being broadcast live to hundreds of millions. The Likud (falsely) believes it still controls the narrative.

Posted by: Exile | Feb 29 2024 20:08 utc | 61

This is what civilization war looks like and it is showing our species commit barbarism that we only think is in our past.

What does it say of fellow humans that can kill others with this sort of intention? Very emotionally hurt!

Will we learn and grow from this experience or drive ourselves further into barbarism?

Love is the answer and we sure aren't seeing any of that from those Occupied Palestine folks in Gaza.......SAD!

The deeper the hole that humanity allows to be dug here brings us that much closer to a world in which the perpetrators have less to lose by making us extinct......

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 29 2024 20:09 utc | 62

You ought to study…. The Torah is considered to be, in parts, revelation from God by way of prophets. Hence, not all the Torah is man-made. The Talmud, however, is completely man-made. NOTHING in the Talmud is considered revelation… it’s all made up.

Posted by: He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 19:35 utc | 58

Yep, Muhammad also heard voices. We know the results.

Who could believe that the torah was not completely man-made?

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 20:11 utc | 63

Librul can you repost the main crux of your post that was taken down. Cleaned up, of course to avoid getting zapped again.

@Posted by: morongobill | Feb 29 2024 18:28 utc | 41

It was post #17 and am glad that it is gone. Everyone says something inappropriate and emotion based once in their life.

Constantine called it an "incoherent outburst".
It certainly wasn't informational, so you didn't miss anything.

Posted by: librul | Feb 29 2024 17:35 utc | 27

Fully agreed with this post regarding the Kastner case, which has little to do with your previous incoherent outburst (that b rightly sent to limbo).

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 18:01 utc | 30

Posted by: librul | Feb 29 2024 20:12 utc | 64

RE: “Your tears of Impotent Rage taste like fine wine…mmmmmm…so delicious…”

Posted by: IDF Fan | Feb 29 2024 19:28 utc | 57

“Impotent rage” often lends to “potent action”, my fine wine is watching IDF forces scream & run like little girls to quickly hide behind Palestinian little children when they see even the shadow on the ground of Hamas/PIJ actual fighters coming their way. No wonder the chickenshits stay in there airplanes.

Delicious indeed…how many IDF dead now?? Ah… so delicious…

Posted by: Trubind1 | Feb 29 2024 20:14 utc | 65

Stay strong, People. The Palestinians need all their allies alive and vigorous. Resist the notion to visit the depths of despair. LIVE! LIVE to DEFY the zionists and imperialists who would have you feeling isolated and without chance of world change and better future.

We are in the political arena with this fight and in the political arena having the majority is what it's all about. The global south is the majority of the world's people and countries and the global south is for freedom for Palestine. Nobody said the birth of the multipolar world would be easy, but the majority world opinion for Palestine and against usa-backed "israel" is GROWING.

It will be seen in the rearview mirror that "israel" didn't last very long. The rearview mirror will reveal that it was but a racist, terrorist crime syndicate posing as a country and temporarily providing genocide porn to filthy rich jews and zionists both inside and outside "israel".

"The state built on injustice cannot stand." True even more so for an illegitimate cabal of parasites posing as a state, aided and abetted by the servants of wealthpower giants pulling the levers of "governments" of western states that are themselves in rapid decline due to unsustainable extremes of wealthpower.

"israel"? This too shall pass.

People do not just lie down and become doormats for the perpetrators of extreme injustice. Ever. Battles may be lost, but the victory will be Free Palestine.

Stay strong, People.

Posted by: DuchessAndBob | Feb 29 2024 20:22 utc | 66

@ Exile | Feb 29 2024 20:08 utc | 61

Please, it’s not just Likud. It’s virtually the entire “Israeli” Jewish population regardless of party, and some parties are even worse than Likud.

Posted by: malenkov | Feb 29 2024 20:26 utc | 67

RE: Posted by: DuchessAndBob | Feb 29 2024 20:22 utc | 66

Good reminder Duchess 🍻 & for Bob 🍺…
For you:

Posted by: Trubind1 | Feb 29 2024 20:32 utc | 68

IDF aerial infrared film, showing people "like ants" crowding round trucks, contradicts official Israeli account that the dead were run over by trucks. The crowd clearly stays out of the way of the slowly advancing trucks. Al Jazeera film on the ground shows what happened. People rush towards trucks, then disperse more slowly carrying bags of flour. It's dark, so when firing starts people don't know where it's coming from. There's a moment when the crowd runs away from the firing, but it's not dense enough for anyone to be crushed. The cameraman doesn't move as people rush past him.
Mainstream media could do the 10 minutes of verification I've just done. They won't though. Guardian, BBC, & French BFMTV all talk of a disaster, a tragedy, quoting the IDF explanation

Posted by: geoff chambers | Feb 29 2024 20:34 utc | 69

Meanwhile the world just moves and and ignores bar a few countries. The US pretends it wants a ceasefire while it fuels the genocide. I will refrain to a degree but I will smile to Karma when the evil zionist entity is eliminated from the world. Why did they have to do this, what a horrible world we live in. I have made 50 but without doubt the last 3 years I have never in my life seen evil on this scale ever ever.

Posted by: Scot1and | Feb 29 2024 20:38 utc | 70

Shitty tapeworms have been the same for millennia. Both the hebrew and the khazar varieties.

Save notes, documents, news, proof, on every hard drive you have. Never let them rewrite history again. Pursue, skirmish, give them no rest, until every single one responsible is trialed and punished.

Crowdfunded bounties will help to find the dregs when it's time. Name changing and passport flipping helps little if you offer mercenaries a few million. Bunkers are worth nothing when you pour cement in the air inlets and let their own bodyguards kill them.

The best part is that they will kill themselves. They've already been at it for a long time.

Posted by: Michael A | Feb 29 2024 20:40 utc | 71

@IDF man 52

No amount of poetry would hide the evil that you represent. Enjoy it while you can.

The day will come that I will be pissing on your grave and other IDF men like you.. How is that for poetry and fine wine?

Posted by: Alpi | Feb 29 2024 20:41 utc | 72

RE: Posted by: geoff chambers | Feb 29 2024 20:34 utc | 69

In addition, IDF in helicopters were firing as well.

No… the West jumped, even Netanyahu himself came on TV.
I didn’t listen to a word out of his mouth, however, I did scroll to comments… all praises for Israel & Nuttyahoo.
US mostly brainwashed, and the “facts” will never be shown on MSM.
But they never did for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or any other U.S. instigated carnage. Of course this is all US/UK done.. again… wake up. Israel & Nuttyahoo are nothing.

Posted by: Trubind1 | Feb 29 2024 20:43 utc | 73

Viscous bastards. They merely learned to copy the Nazis.

Posted by: Jeff Harrison | Feb 29 2024 16:14 utc | 3

They created the nazis. And the worst nazis were saved afterwards by countries run by jews. The people killed at Nurnberg were nobodies, tortured into confessing things they hadn't done.

Posted by: Michael A | Feb 29 2024 20:43 utc | 74

It is almost as if they want to incite a vicious response against some minority religion around the world which has nothing to do with the Zionist Illegal Apartheid Entity leech upon the Levant.

As a means of survival. Futile.
Pack your bags now and go while you can take your valued possessions.
Or be leaving carrying what you can.

I saw some tv news at a pub earlier. The footage as recorded from a Birds Eye high altitude view seems to show the trucks doing what b describes. I didn’t watch it all.
Seeing the staged news footage was enough. What ICJ doing?

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 29 2024 20:50 utc | 75

What happened to the 'blue helmets' ? Overstretched?

Posted by: Minaa | Feb 29 2024 20:52 utc | 76

Re: What happened to the 'blue helmets' ? Overstretched?

Posted by: Minaa | Feb 29 2024 20:52 utc | 76

Humm… think they ran away back home in the South when Hezbollah started firing back @ Israel… and in Golan, guessing if any “blue helmets”, their quaking at the idea of Russian troops possibly coming to “the line” on Syrian side since they just opened an “observation outpost” there.

Probably being used as back up security in West Bank. Guessing their “mission” has changed.

Posted by: Trubind1 | Feb 29 2024 20:58 utc | 77

On Lee Camp:

Al Jazeera states now being called: “Flour Massacre”

Some USA Vets openly burning uniforms and joining Palestinian protests after Arron Bushnell.

Posted by: Trubind1 | Feb 29 2024 21:10 utc | 78

I'm in a rush. Thank you so much b. Thanks for covering this.
You have my eternal respect and gratitude.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Feb 29 2024 21:11 utc | 79

There are no words... we can and must pray fervently for God to intervene. Don't give up hope - it's all we have. Don' give in to hate, if we allow hatred into our hearts, the same enemy wins.

Posted by: Ozark Grandpa | Feb 29 2024 21:19 utc | 80

Why does this surprise you?

From the outset, the Zionist goal was ethnic cleansing, or, in the alternative, outright genocide. October 7 was but the pretext, sort of like how 9/11 provided the pretext for the GWOT.

Anyway, moral arguments are lost on sociopaths such as those governing the West.

Posted by: Feral Finster | Feb 29 2024 21:19 utc | 81

So much truth and historical information on this site so please ease up on b.I believe he is under some restraint, to loose this site would be a shame for us all.

Posted by: Q-lander | Feb 29 2024 21:28 utc | 82

The IDF said that fewer than 10 of the casualties were a result of Israeli fire. Zh article. True face of evil

Posted by: Hankster | Feb 29 2024 21:29 utc | 83

You are completely wrong. The Talmud is thoroughly man-made and has nothing to do with the Torah.

Posted by: He Who Has No Name | Feb 29 2024 18:21 utc | 38

And the other fucking middle-eastern racist war pamphlets aren't man made?

Don' give in to hate, if we allow hatred into our hearts, the same enemy wins.

Posted by: Ozark Grandpa | Feb 29 2024 21:19 utc | 80

Turn the other cheek, like the jews told you to. Have understanding for the "other side"!—but only if the other side is jews or americans.

Posted by: Michael A | Feb 29 2024 21:29 utc | 84

Israel reserves the right on the basis of security issues to inspect and distribute all Gaza aid - and this is the result. This is not the first instance wherein Gazans seeking to access food from aid support have been targeted by the IDF. There are literally thousands of aid trucks backed up, ready to deliver aid to starving Gazan children and adults, who are either blocked by Israeli civilians or hamstrung by requirements for IDF inspection and distribution.

UNWRA needs immediate return to GAZA. Distribution of food, medicine and other aide items need to be inspected and distributed by UNWRA, irrespective of Israeli allegations. (Note they have failed over time to provide documentation of their accusations which were reduced to about six out of hundreds of UNWRA employees). Also, Red Crescent, an international organization, should also be involved. Israel needs to guarantee the safety of all persons involved in aide distribution since many UNWRA facilities have been bombed, with employees being killed or wounded. Similar for Red Crescent emergency medical technicians. Also, medics and medical technicians many of whom are volunteers should be admitted since a large number of medical personnel have been imprisoned in Israel or killed outright.

Such actions widen the war since this massacre will not go unnoticed by non state actors such as Hezbollah who will craft their own responses. Biden, Blinken and Sullivan need to strongly condemn this massacre and bring Netanyahu and his war cabinet to some adherence to UN mandated rules of warfare regarding civilians.

None of the USUKEUIS players appear to understand that the Axis of Resistance is ever growing and that Putin has stated their will be trials for war crimes at the time and the place of Resistance choosing.

Posted by: abierno | Feb 29 2024 21:29 utc | 85
This photo sums it up. Blood stained bag of flour. Palestinians already refer to this event as the flour massacre

Posted by: Hankster | Feb 29 2024 21:42 utc | 86

They shot into the "undisciplined" [starving] mob because they were behaving like insects.
That is the thought process that gives rise to this egregious behavior.

Posted by: Webej | Feb 29 2024 21:53 utc | 87

Posted by: ryanggg | Feb 29 2024 16:12 utc | 2

You're a level 3 antisemite. Maintaining that the Holocaust is just some kind of fairytale designed to keep us Germans down and ashamed. I'm only level 2: I do blame 9/11 as conducted by Israel (with the help of some 19 Arab useful idiots), so do I with the attack on the USS Liberty, so do I with October 7th that was extended in scale by Israel, so it could better serve as an excuse, and everybody would repeat that slogan about Israel's "right to defend itself". And I do blame Israel for everything that happened in Ukraine since 2014, as it has fully been designed by Vicky Nuland and other neocons, and pushed through with all their criminal energy. But I see no reason to deny the Holocaust. That keeps me on level 2.

Posted by: grunzt | Feb 29 2024 21:57 utc | 88

Presumably seeking to demonstrate how threatening the starving civilians seemed to its soldiers, the IDF has posted on X two minutes of drone footage of the starving civilians swarming like ants around the rare food trucks before being slaughtered (

[Apologies if this is redundant--I haven't read the whole thread.]

This is disgusting, horrifying, disturbing beyond comprehension.
The Zios really are berserk. But so far they are getting away with this awful genocidal program.

I think B's use of "baiting" is quite appropriate in this context, because obviously the Zios consider Palestinian people to be animals.

By way of comment---and please do not think I am equating Palestinians with deer or any other animal--- but just sayin':

"Caution: In Massachusetts it is illegal to bait deer during the hunting season. Bait is defined as anything the deer can ingest, so if you spray an apple scent on something deer would eat, it is considered baiting and is illegal."

The Zio zombies are acting like rabid animals---infected by a deadly virus that turns them into dangerous beasts---and need to be eliminated ASAP.

They cannot heal themselves.
They need to be put down.
Put out of their misery.

Posted by: Jane | Feb 29 2024 21:57 utc | 89

freak i am not into water sports ducky

i am a semite
idf man is yahu you you covid vaccine boosted dolt.

Posted by: todd | Feb 29 2024 21:58 utc | 90

The level of genocide Nazionistan commits is only comparable to the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

This generates insatiable anger among Arabs which will lead to decades of counter action against Nazionistan.

Posted by: Jason | Feb 29 2024 22:05 utc | 91

12 Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him. 13 Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. 14 But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. 15 Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.

James I, New Testament

Posted by: phenon | Feb 29 2024 22:16 utc | 92

Republicofscotland | Feb 29 2024 19:07 utc | 51
*** The world MUST hold these Zionists, and their backers to account.***

But it won't.

Lobbyists, media-control and bought political parties will ensure that.

Posted by: Cynic | Feb 29 2024 22:30 utc | 93

Rabbinical Pharaism (NOT Judaism) is based on the Talmud… which is a compendium of Babylonian paganism and rabbinical interpretations. Babylonian paganism’s foundation was Satanism.

Talmudic Pharaism is "the Whore of Babylon", who "say they are jews, but are not. The synagogue of satan"

Posted by: JackG | Feb 29 2024 22:34 utc | 94

Don' give in to hate, if we allow hatred into our hearts, the same enemy wins.

Posted by: Ozark Grandpa | Feb 29 2024 21:19 utc | 80

Salaam. This is so important. Exceptionally important.

The actual battle is for your soul, your heart. The enemy knows the truths that it tells you are "stories". It is a dedicated, un-relenting, enemy. Treat it as the enemy that it is. Hate is a fire that burns and is a fuel of hell.

Light is the true Power and Love is the true Expression of that Power.

This light and love are now on TAP -- ~! ASK !~ FOR IT -- and ignore the children of darkness and let the bats from hell make their noises. They can only see when making noises. So have pity ) not hatred ( and mind your own heart and your own unwavering devotion to God, who is very much All Seeing Fully Aware.

wa Salaam.

Posted by: sunof27 | Feb 29 2024 22:43 utc | 95

This is another category of war crimes to add to the charges already filed against the Zionist State, and the goons that run it. This must confirm the fact that they are brazenly going down the road of genocide,-- ignoring world opinion, as well as the findings of the Court, the ICJ.

Posted by: Copeland | Feb 29 2024 22:48 utc | 96

Qualities Needed in Trials

19 [c]So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; 20 for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
Doers—Not Hearers Only

21 Therefore lay aside all filthiness and [d]overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

More James I, New Testament

Posted by: phenon | Feb 29 2024 22:55 utc | 97

here's one for ya'll
Moroccan hashish suppliers 'boycott Israeli dealers' over Gaza war

Israeli smugglers losing 'tens of millions of shekels' after suppliers in Morocco's Rif mountains withdraw sales in solidarity with Palestinians, says report

Moroccan hashish suppliers are refusing to sell to Israeli dealers in protest against the war in Gaza, according to a report in Israeli media on Friday.

The Israeli news site Mako cited several Israeli drug dealers complaining about the drop-off in trade.

"The hashish dealers in Morocco are not willing to sell us more hashish either directly or through intermediaries," said one dealer.

"They decided that because of the war they are boycotting us. Since the war, we have lost a lot of money. Tens of millions of shekels at least."

The outlet also quoted a Moroccan hashish dealer saying they were refusing to sell to Israelis over the war.....

Posted by: michaelj72 | Feb 29 2024 22:57 utc | 98

I heard the day before the Flour Massacre, Hamas fighters had been successful in taking out around a dozen IDF trying to clear a neighbourhood near Raffah, and Hezbollah had hit an important site near Haifa.

Posted by: Rain | Feb 29 2024 23:02 utc | 99

another heinous crime by israel, which should really surprise no one who has any awareness of the ltactics by this rogue state over the last several decades, and particularly since Oct 7.

Sulaiman Ahmed @ShaykhSulaiman


“In an attempt to evade its responsibility for what its criminal army committed at dawn today against citizens waiting to receive food aid at the Nabulsi roundabout in Gaza City, which caused the death of more than 110 martyrs and hundreds of wounded, the Zionist army practices deception and lies about the horrific massacre it committed, through... He passed on a trivial narrative to justify this systematic killing of our people, which has been common since he launched the war of genocide against our people.

The evidence and evidence provided by the Ministry of Health about the horror of the massacre committed by the Nazi army, not the least of which was the direct shooting of citizens and their upper limbs for the purpose of instant killing, in addition to the accounts of all witnesses who confirmed that they were exposed to direct fire without any danger to the occupying army, only confirms the fact Terrorist soldiers thirst to kill and commit the most heinous violations, due to the protection and cover provided by the administration of US President Biden from any international accountability.

We call on the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court and all human rights institutions to document this heinous crime, and to take the necessary measures to hold this rogue occupation entity accountable for its crimes and violations, which expose the region and the world to danger and threat due to its crimes, and that our demand to hold it accountable and punish it will continue to haunt it no matter how long it takes.”

Posted by: michaelj72 | Feb 29 2024 23:15 utc | 100

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