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February 29, 2024

Putin's Address To The Federal Assembly

Today President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian Federal Assembly.

After taking stock on how Russia responded to recent challenges, Putin asserted that the western attempts against Russia had failed:

The so-called West, with its colonial practices and penchant for inciting ethnic conflicts around the world, not only seeks to impede our progress but also envisions a Russia that is a dependent, declining, and dying space where they can do as they please. In fact, they want to replicate in Russia what they have done in numerous other countries, including Ukraine: sowing discord in our home and weakening us from within. But they were wrong, which has become abundantly clear now that they ran up against the firm resolve and determination of our multi-ethnic people.
Together, as citizens of Russia, we will stand united in defence of our freedom and our right to a peaceful and dignified existence. We will chart our own course, to safeguard the continuity of generations, and thus the continuity of historical development, and address the challenges facing the country based on our outlook on the world, our traditions and beliefs, which we will pass down to our children.

Putin continued by reviewing the introduction of new strategic Russian weapon system which are superior to those in the West. He again offered a dialogue over limiting those:

Russia is ready for dialogue with the United States on issues of strategic stability. However, it is important to clarify that in this case we are dealing with a state whose ruling circles are taking openly hostile actions towards us. So, they seriously intend to discuss strategic security issues with us while simultaneously trying to inflict strategic defeat on Russia on the battlefield, as they themselves say.

Here is a good example of their hypocrisy. They have recently made unfounded allegations, in particular, against Russia, regarding plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space. Such fake narratives, and this story is unequivocally false, are designed to involve us in negotiations on their conditions, which will only benefit the United States.

At the same time, they have blocked our proposal which has been on the table for over 15 years. I am referring to the agreement on preventing the deployment of weapons in outer space, which we drafted back in 2008. There has been zero reaction to it. It is totally unclear what they are talking about.

Under such conditions serious strategic security talks with the U.S., which will have to be done in an all including package, are not possible.

Putin also responded to Macron's recent threat of introducing western forces into the war in Ukraine. (It is well know that such forces are already there). Putin:

The West has provoked conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East, and other regions around the world while consistently propagating falsehoods. Now they have the audacity to say that Russia harbours intentions of attacking Europe. Can you believe it? We all know that their claims are utterly baseless. And at the same time, they are selecting targets to strike on our territory and contemplating the most efficient means of destruction. Now they have started talking about the possibility of deploying NATO military contingents to Ukraine.

But we remember what happened to those who sent their contingents to the territory of our country once before. Today, any potential aggressors will face far graver consequences. They must grasp that we also have weapons – yes, they know this, as I have just said – capable of striking targets on their territory.

This is again followed by an offer to talk:

Indeed, just like any other ideology promoting racism, national superiority or exceptionalism, Russophobia is blinding and stupefying. The United States and its satellites have, in fact, dismantled the European security system which has created risks for everyone.

Clearly, a new equal and indivisible security framework must be created in Eurasia in the foreseeable future. We are ready for a substantive discussion on this subject with all countries and associations that may be interested in it. At the same time, I would like to reiterate (I think this is important for everyone) that no enduring international order is possible without a strong and sovereign Russia.

Putin further asserts that the increasing share of global GDP in BRICS countries and the decrease of the GDP share of the West are a new reality.

There are no way to escape its consequences.

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R.E Macron

I remember when Putin said to help Palestine,one would need to defeat America in Ukraine. Not what I wanted to hear....but fast forwarding to 2024 and events are playing out as he called it.

This brings us to Macron.
Same trick but in reverse.
How do you deal with that French cuck in Europe? Destroy him in Africa...whilst once in a while specifically targeting French specially forces in Ukraine to send a message.

Absolutely fascinating to observe and Russians really are laying down their lives so that hopefully a new world emerges.

Stay safe and thanks as always @Bernard

Posted by: Skeletor | Feb 29 2024 15:15 utc | 1

My take on the speech.

It was basically presented in such a way as if the war had already ended. Much has been said, for example, about the role of the new elite, which North Military District veterans should play, but the fact is that they can mainly play this role only after the end of hostilities. It didn't sound to me like Putin expects the war to continue in Ukraine after 2025 at the latest.

Posted by: Old Sovietologist | Feb 29 2024 15:16 utc | 2

Cornell West may be our only hope for ending the US empire ourselves; otherwise we're gonna have to lose it on the battlefield. Trump has no intention of ending the US empire; the biggest threat to the USA. The American Empire is THE cause of our Border Crisis as well.

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 15:36 utc | 3

Yesterday's "The Daily" propaganda piece from the NYT had a defense policy expert discussing the flap over Russian 'weapons in space'. He claimed that US policy was to maintain and improve US dominance in space based ISR and weapons technology, to saturate near earth orbits with satellites to prevent any opponent from degrading US capabilities, in short, to win the 'space race'. Clearly the scare mongering headlines were intended to shake the money tree by accusing your opponents of pursuing escalatory and destabilizing technology that you yourself are desperately trying to develop. China was named as the main threat in this competition. It was also acknowledged that the US has become overly dependent on Space X and lacks sufficient other means of deployment currently.

Posted by: the pessimist | Feb 29 2024 15:37 utc | 4

thanks b... putin is certainly an incisive and straight forward talker... he didn't mention nato.. why bother, i suppose? if the west is incapable of seeing russia has security needs, just as it thinks it does - well, there is no hope for nato either way... but then again it was designed ( by the cia/usa) for this very reason - to threaten all of these countries with the fear of russia... how can these european countries - germany in particular - remove themselves from this? macron is the canary in the coal mine.. that must be what they are all thinking, but only macron can say it..

Posted by: james | Feb 29 2024 15:37 utc | 5

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 15:41 utc | 6

You are dumb as fuck

Posted by: Boo | Feb 29 2024 15:46 utc | 6

"Yesterday's "The Daily" propaganda piece from the NYT had a defense policy expert discussing the flap over Russian 'weapons in space'. He claimed that US policy was to maintain and improve US dominance in space based ISR and weapons technology, to saturate near earth orbits with satellites to prevent any opponent from degrading US capabilities, in short, to win the 'space race'. Clearly the scare mongering headlines were intended to shake the money tree by accusing your opponents of pursuing escalatory and destabilizing technology that you yourself are desperately trying to develop. China was named as the main threat in this competition. It was also acknowledged that the US has become overly dependent on Space X and lacks sufficient other means of deployment currently."

Posted by: the pessimist | Feb 29 2024 15:37 utc | 4

Great insight!

Never occurred to me the 'money' angle in the 'space race'.

Posted by: canuck | Feb 29 2024 15:52 utc | 7

"The leaders of both the West and the East are in on the New World Order Agenda, to create a One World Government. The plan is to make the West look bad, and the East look good (you can see it's happening currently), and the East will win World War Three, so the TPTB can switch the economic system to communism. Global communism. Here's the whole plan:

You can choose to believe either side, but the truth is that they're all friends at the top, just playing enemies so they can fool us little people into a war against each other. They're evil, both the leaders of the West and the East. Both."

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 15:41 utc | 6

I don't know if what you say is true but I do wonder if all this geopolitical turmoil is but Kabuki theatre to cull of and/or enslave us Serfs

Posted by: canuck | Feb 29 2024 15:55 utc | 8

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 15:41 utc | 6

"You are dumb as fuck"

Posted by: Boo | Feb 29 2024 15:46 utc | 7

You are as ignorant as fuck and as useless as Victoria Nuland's dietician....

Posted by: canuck | Feb 29 2024 15:57 utc | 9

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 15:41 utc | 6

You are dumb as fuck

Posted by: Boo | Feb 29 2024 15:46 utc | 7

Yeah, I mean why would capitalist ruling elites want to nationalize their own property in the means of production and thereby eliminate their own source of power and wealth?

That is dumb and I think the root of the problem is that you don't know the difference between two mutually exclusive social systems. Study capitalism. Study Marx and Communism.

Also the idea that Putin is evil and working with US imperialism is just so nuts and so inline with the RC propaganda in the west it's ridiculous.

The concepts of good and evil rarely come into play in reality. It's largely a question of classes somewhat blindly pursuing their interests (or at least what they think will further their interests). Except of course in the case of the Zionazis murdering tens of thousands of defenseless women and children. That really does seem to be an act of "evil" rooted in a hatred of all humanity outside their tribe.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Feb 29 2024 16:01 utc | 10

Down South:

Thanks for the daily sitreps. Not sure your source, but they seem to be pretty accurate (not hopium). Also, nice detail and very current. I'm not sure if you get any attaboys or commentary, but they are read--I suspect by many.

And THANK YOU for copying the text, not just linking to Telegram. (Vast majority of English speakers/readers are not on that platform. And it is impossible to read most Telegram links (just get a prompt to sign up).

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 29 2024 16:03 utc | 11

interesting bit of history with regard to france, that i was unaware of.. from john helmer today...

"Following the call of French President Emmanuel Macron for the “possibility” of French ground force deployment to the Ukraine battlefield, and the subsequent clarification by French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu, the Russian assessment has been derisory. “As for Emmanuel Macron’s statements about the possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine,” replied Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova, “I would like to remind you that just a month ago, the French Foreign Minister denied Paris’s involvement in recruiting mercenaries for the Kiev regime, and called direct evidence ‘crude Russian propaganda.’ There is a strong impression that the French President is, in principle, not aware of what his subordinates say, or what he says himself. And now I want to remind Macron of the history of France. That is different. In April 1945, Berlin was defended by the French SS division known as Charlemagne, and a number of others. They also directly defended the Fuhrerbunker — Hitler’s bunker. They were among the last to be awarded the Nazi Order of the Knight’s Cross in the Third Reich. The French SS men from Charlemagne became the last defenders of the Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery. Emmanuel, have you decided to organize the Charlemagne II division to defend Zelensky’s bunker?


Posted by: james | Feb 29 2024 16:04 utc | 12

The leadership in the Western sphere has not changed its goals in the last 500 years, it has only adjusted their tactics to conditions as they change. Once thing is certain, Russia has changed and is something completely different from its past.

NATO is an anachronism held together with a mixture of iron and clay. It will take decades for them to adapt and change. The possiblity of them actually taking the massive losses of blood, treasure, and material needed to take on Russia head on is something that does not appear possible. As Douglas Macgregor says, "NATO is bluffing."

Posted by: circumspect | Feb 29 2024 16:06 utc | 13

# Doctorow on WION [13mins]

Ukraine game over? Ukraine needs $3Bn per month in 2024, What are its options? | In-Live Discussion

# President Putin puts Macron in the 'naughty bin'. Proper order.

Posted by: Don Firineach | Feb 29 2024 16:08 utc | 14

[email protected] Global Oligarchy is real and they are all selectively bred and connected. Old school peerage. Ignore it at your peril. Politicians tell you what you want to hear, they never do what they claim, most often the opposite. Mr Putin and Russia at the moment appear to be the exception to the rule, but trade still goes on, esp across the Ukraine. So winning an election on a Peace Platform.....well, been there doing that. We are a few years out from the ability to pass judgement on Russia, the survivors anyway.

Cheers M

It doesn't matter what the system of governance is, lesser degrees of agony for the serfs.....we are all serfs, expendable, replaceable Indentured slaves......ain't Freedumb grand?

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Feb 29 2024 16:09 utc | 15

VVP, watch out for the 30X30 Movement. Soros is involved, so avoid it like the plague. Just another ploy to carve up Russia.

Posted by: LordBydon | Feb 29 2024 16:13 utc | 16

To # 6

You may have had a valid point 25 years ago, and I wouldn't have put it past any of the players back then, but I think the "Times they are a changing" as Bob Dylan wrote/sang. Russia is back and they aren't going back to the 90s or the 30s like the US/Israeli Neocon bolsheviks wish to take them. Not without a fight.

These days it's hard to trust any of the Governments - North - South - East - or west but my money is on the East for the next 10- 20 years. The West is headed straight down so get your money out of the Matrix if you still can. my 2 rubles worth.

Posted by: GMC | Feb 29 2024 16:14 utc | 17

can the regular posters at moa please ignore the riffraff? thanks..

Posted by: james | Feb 29 2024 16:19 utc | 18

DW News take on Putin speech and on Macron

Snippets of President Putin and Chancellor Scholtz [8 mins]

Putin threatens nuclear war if the West sends troops to Ukraine I DW News

Posted by: Don Firineach | Feb 29 2024 16:24 utc | 19

Thanks for the posting b

Maybe you can credit the Tucker Carlson interview with people in the West now starting to listen to what Putin says. That may be part of it but, as evidenced by the noise/signal ration already in this thread, I think that the international conflict has escalated to a very high level, and so what Putin has to say IS important.

And meanwhile, thousands of cuts to the empire underbelly continue.

Will there be a shock and awe moment brought to us by Russia? I personally hope not.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 29 2024 16:25 utc | 20

After taking stock on how Russia responded to recent challenges, Putin asserted that the western attempts against Russia had failed


🇷🇺🇺🇦🇺🇲 According to information from specialized resources, during the advance of Russian units in the direction of the village of Berdychi near Avdeevka, the second American M1A1 Abrams tank was destroyed.

Posted by: Norwegian | Feb 29 2024 16:30 utc | 21

The increasing share of global GDP in BRICS countries and the decrease of the GDP share of the West are why the Global North has turned to fascism and war. There are no new geographies to exploit for easy returns and fewer populations to extract surplus value added labor through low wages. The Friedman political economy has reached its dead end. Only a totalitarian society of terror can save it. Once again Russia and China must be relied upon to save the world from capital and imperialism.

Posted by: Wilikins | Feb 29 2024 16:30 utc | 22

Next inflation data for Russia is 13th March. Need to keep a very close eye on it. Only thing that worries me about the Russian plan at the minute.

Putin is a conservative statist. ‘sound finance’ nonsense is solidly in his mind and that he and Elvira Nabiullina will make the same mistakes with money as Erdogan and the Argentinian central bank did with interest rate targeting.

When what they should be doing is learning from the BOJ regarding monetary policy.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Feb 29 2024 16:31 utc | 23

️Russia is preparing to terminate the treaty with the Federal Republic of Germany, which has been the basis for peace in the region for the last 35 years.

The reason: Contrary to the provisions of the treaty, German weapons are being used against Russia (as the legal successor to the USSR).

The document on the "Final regulation of relations with Germany" was signed in Moscow on September 12, 1990. It came into force in March 1991. It is also known as the "2 Plus 4 Treaty" - GDR and FRG plus USSR, France, Great Britain and USA.

Key position from Article 2:
Regarding the reunification of Germany, it was declared "that the united Germany will never use any of its weapons" and "that only peace will emanate from German soil."

Key position from Article 3:
This article stipulates the “renunciation of the production and possession of and control over nuclear, biological and chemical weapons”.

Key position from Article 5:
It was stipulated: "After the withdrawal of the Soviet armed forces from the area of today's German Democratic Republic and Berlin has been completed, German armed forces units can also be stationed in this part of Germany...", i.e. no foreign contingents and NATO troops can be stationed.

As a result, the treaty was valued more highly than a peace treaty.
The legal scholar Klaus Stern writes:
“An additional peace treaty is therefore neither planned nor does it make sense. Everything that a peace treaty should contain is therefore regulated. The two-plus-four treaty, by virtue of its content aimed at more than just peace, replaces any peace treaty with the war opponents.”

📌Editor's note
The actions of the federal government are in total violation of this treaty. The question arises, what does it mean if Russia annuls this treaty?

This means that Germany de jure falls back under martial law after 1945. And there is no longer a peace treaty with Russia.

The consequences for Germany are unforeseeable. The federal government has done it! We are once again on the threshold of the annihilation of Germany - it didn't even take a NSDAP or a Hitler.

The traffic light, Pistorius, Baerbock, Scholz and other “jokes” who are no longer funny, managed to do it faster than the Third Reich.
Source - 2+4 contract / German

Posted by: Ossi | Feb 29 2024 16:31 utc | 24

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Feb 29 2024 16:21 utc | 28

But when we look at capitalism vs. communism, capitalism wins hands down in the freedom department. Under communism you can't even start your own business for God's sakes. But yeah, capitalism needs an overhaul, a serious one. I agree 100% with you on that the way it currently works is crushing the little guy. But communism is even worse... Way worse.

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 16:26 utc | 32

Another assignment for you. Read up and tell me the difference between Stalinism as practiced and what Marx actually wrote.

Also, you're obviously from the west, so you're actually soaking in late stage capitalism, aka imperialism. Do you feel free, little guy?

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Feb 29 2024 16:34 utc | 25

I might actually reveal this here, because I'm anonymous, and it doesn't matter anyway because you probably won't believe me and think I'm crazy, but I may be Christ. We will see. I'm not claiming to be Him, but God is talking to me and saying that I should be Jesus. Not just God either by the way, but extraterrestrials too are talking to me. And many others. Telepathically. And people on the street sometimes say that they know I'm God, or that they know who I am, and some people say they want to kill me. Just like Jesus, I seem to be a very dividing figure. Be prepared, in either case Jesus is coming back pretty soon and then it's time for Armageddon. And don't take the microchip (mark of the beast), or you can't be saved. You will most likely think I'm crazy and I can't blame you, but this is true, I'm not crazy or lying. There's a lot of things that have been happening to me for the last 7 years I could tell you, but I'll just leave this here; the Central Crime Police of Finland monitoring my internet activity: and before that just the regular police:

It's a strange world we live in! Anyway guys, I suggest you get prepared for some very hard times ahead and get ready for Jesus. Now's a good time to read the Bible if you haven't yet. I wonder if I should have even told you this about myself...

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 16:15 utc | 23

Are you Jesus?

Well we can find out-come to Lake Ontario with me, we'll be partners and you turn Lake into red wine, I'll be in charge of sales-if you can do that we will have proof: and with the profits we can eradicate poverty worldwide.

If you can't turn water to red wine I'll buy you a pint of Guinness at the local pub and you can tell me colourful stories-which I imagine you have a good inventory of those- in return......

Posted by: canuck | Feb 29 2024 16:38 utc | 26

Posted by: Ossi | Feb 29 2024 16:31 utc | 37

insgeheim hoffe ich das diese mistregierung die wir hier haben ordentlich eins aufs maul bekommt. schuldigung für die wortwahl.

Posted by: Justpassinby | Feb 29 2024 16:43 utc | 27

Posted by: james | Feb 29 2024 16:19 utc | 26

I second that.

Thank you, b, for putin's address to the federal assembly. A strong and sovereign Russia holds the promise of strength and sovereignty to all nations large or small. I am remembering a long ago conversation Putin had with children when he asked them for the definition of a border. He believes in this. Russia doesn't need the wealth of other countries as booty. It wants to trade, certainly, but it has proven its own independence. Those are two things that go together.

Happy leap year day! Time for us to leap forward into peace!

Posted by: juliania | Feb 29 2024 16:44 utc | 28

The Friedman political economy has reached its dead end.

Posted by: Wilikins | Feb 29 2024 16:30 utc | 35

It should never have been started, they lost the Cambridge Controversy debates but because they had the bigger army and bigger guns they acted as if they won the debates. The ideologues took over writing their fairy tales.

Never before was one economist allowed so much time on prime time TV to brainwash a nation.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Feb 29 2024 16:46 utc | 29

The western world has an agenda and it's clear that an independent Russia doesn't fit in that agenda. I wish I could turn Russia into a democracy and get rid of Putin. I also see some horrific developments in the US.

Think: Agenda 2025. it's meant to censor all things that the Republicans don't like (assuming they win the next presidential election).

Posted by: WMG | Feb 29 2024 16:47 utc | 30

[email protected] is not about Mammon....selling cheap bottles of flavoured Superior grey water.....I don't think he even had a 401K.

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Feb 29 2024 16:55 utc | 31

Posted by: Wilikins | Feb 29 2024 16:30 utc | 35

That complete bambpot in Argentina is trying to put a new set of disco lights on it to keep it alive. The new darling of the right wing press.

Either voters are more dumb than I even thought, or bots are working overtime in every comment section under every video he does. To try and make him look respectable and serious.

No economist has ever been giving the prime time TV slots he has had in Argentina. It is the exact same playbook being run. The Friedman playbook.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Feb 29 2024 16:57 utc | 32

On the one hand, Putin has been giving a veritable Master Class in how to take and hold the geopolitical moral high ground whilst consigning the West to a minor chamber of Hell wearing a Dunces Cap to boot.

On the other hand, I think the East/Good Cop versus West/Bad Cop theory is more or less accurate and some sort of One World Government with CBDC system etc. is on the way.

Of course, there could be more layers and levels in the mix. Like maybe Putin is playing Globalist Good Cop right now because it benefits Russia but later will help lead the world to something in accord with many of the fine principles he so often espouses.

Or so I fondly hope.

Despite history teaching - in spades - that such fond hopes are always, always, always betrayed.

Posted by: Scorpion | Feb 29 2024 17:03 utc | 33

US has a plan. The destruction of Europe governed by Ukraine.

Posted by: AI | Feb 29 2024 17:04 utc | 34

Posted by: Justpassinby | Feb 29 2024 16:43 utc | 29
Possibly explained why Scholz (Chancellor Germany)
delays delivery of Taurus cruise missiles ..
Russians could come again. According to the 2+4 contract, yes possible.

Posted by: Ossi | Feb 29 2024 17:08 utc | 35

WMG32; Russia is every bit the democracy that any Western nations can claim to be. As Jefferson wrote, ALL GOVERNMENTS get their authority from the Consent of the Governed; Putin is far more popular in Russia than ANY political figure in the West.

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 17:14 utc | 36

In the West it is claimed that Russia is threatening Europe and that Russia wants to attack NATO countries after a victory in Ukraine. Western politicians also know that this is nonsense.

from Anti-Spiegel
February 29, 2024 5:50 p.m
Western media and politicians are increasingly claiming that Russia wants to attack European states after a victory in Ukraine. This goes so far that there is even talk of a Russian threat to Germany or France. Here I'll show why everyone who says this is knowingly lying, and then we'll look at the reasons for these lies.

Does Russia have aggressive intentions?
The fact that Russia has aggressive intentions towards European states is objectively nonsense. Russia is the largest country in the world and, like any other country in the world, is interested in good relations with its neighbors and in peace on its borders. I don't want to repeat at length why Russia intervened in Ukraine, I just want to remind you that it was Kiev that sent tanks instead of negotiating delegations against the then unarmed demonstrators in Donbass in April 2014 and that in Donbass now there will once be people who see themselves as Russians. Russia then tried to find a negotiated solution for eight years until it finally became clear at the end of 2021 that Kiev, Berlin and Paris never intended to implement the Minsk Agreement - i.e. the peace plan for Donbass. When the West then pushed for Ukraine to join NATO and at the same time rejected the mutual security guarantees proposed by Russia, this was no longer an acceptable threat to its security for Russia.

No country in the world is happy when a military bloc that sees the country as an enemy expands to its borders. But that's what NATO did as it expanded further and further east. Today, NATO troops are 150 kilometers from St. Petersburg and not Russian troops are 150 kilometers from Hamburg, Lyon or Los Angelos, which shows who is threatening whom.

Russia has all the natural resources one could wish for and still has plenty to do to further develop its land. There is no reason why this largest country in the world could need more territory. Anyone who cites the referendums in the former southeastern Ukrainian regions as a counterargument should be reminded that Russia is concerned with protecting ethnic Russians living there. If Kiev had recognized and implemented the internationally valid regulations for the protection of national minorities, there would have been neither the war in Donbass since 2014 nor the escalation in February 2022.

Russia, like any country, is interested in peace in its country. So what should Russia gain from occupying Poland or Germany? That would only cost money, but it would actually harm Russia to bring people into its country who don't want to be there. And why should Russia risk a nuclear war, which would be the inevitable consequence of an attack on a NATO country?

If the politicians themselves believed their claims...
Politicians in the West also know that Russia has no aggressive intentions against NATO. This can be determined by two things.

First: If NATO believed that Russia actually wanted to attack a NATO country, the conversations within NATO would be different. One would analyze how many tanks, planes, etc. Russia has and what NATO needs to repel a Russian attack. Politicians would stand in front of the press and give figures about how many tanks would have to be purchased and how many additional soldiers would have to be recruited to form the necessary armored divisions and so on.

But the conversations in NATO are completely different: it's all about money. It's just a matter of spending even more money on weapons, with each NATO country deciding for itself what to buy. There is no sign of a coordinated approach within NATO. It's all about spending money on weapons, but what exactly it's spent on doesn't seem to matter at all. In other words: It's only about orders for the arms industry, but it's not about the actual combat capability of NATO as a whole.

Second, what would a country do if it feared attack from another country? That's right, it would stock up its arsenals to be prepared to repel this attack. What it certainly wouldn't do is give away all of its weapons and find itself virtually without weapons or ammunition. This is especially true when you give your own ammunition to a country that is already fighting against the alleged aggressor and is losing the fight. Nobody would pump their last ammunition into a losing battle if they thought they would

Posted by: Ossi | Feb 29 2024 17:15 utc | 37

To follow on from my post at 30, here is a lovely segment of Putin's speech which indicates his concern for his people:

"...In this connection I would like to say a few words about the Unified State Exam. which is a matter of broad public discussion and debate, as we all know. It is true that the mechanism of the unified exam must be improved.

What do I suggest at this stage? I propose taking one more step by giving high school graduates a second chance. In particular, they will have an option to re-sit an examination in one of the unified exam subjects before the university enrolment period ends so that they can resubmit their new grades. Such matters may seem mundane, but they are in fact quite important to the people..."

Posted by: juliania | Feb 29 2024 17:27 utc | 38

⚡️Pentagon boss Lloyd Austin called the daily advance of Russian troops “very alarming”...😂
⚡️Pentagon boss Lloyd Austin said if Ukraine loses, “NATO will have to fight with Russia.”

Posted by: Ossi | Feb 29 2024 17:27 utc | 39

B, was my comment deleted because I wrote in finnish? Apparently my english comment was deleted on the zionist food bait thread as well...

Posted by: jure | Feb 29 2024 17:36 utc | 40

@just somebody | Feb 29 2024 15:41 utc | 6

There was a doc from the late 19'th early 20'th century which dealt with splitting the globe into 2 hemispheres by some Jewish council. The Western hemisphere was to be ruled from the City of London, and the Eastern Hemisphere from Beijing. It is not for nothing that the Chinese are called the Jews of the East. The Chinese have been the biggest beneficiaries of Globalization, the trade aspect of Globalization that is, while the West has been the biggest beneficiary of the diverse people movement aspect of Globalization.

However no mention was made of Russia's role in any of this.

The first step of the NWO is of course some regional consolidation, so for instance the EU was supposed to absorb all of Europe with borders disappearing in Europe. Some kind of an African Union was also envisaged, with borders also disappearing there. After the various regional consolidations were achieved then the global consolidations could begin. So all countries, all borders, all distinct peoples, cultures, religions are supposed to disappear into a global entity where no-one will own anything and everyone will be happy. So here you have your communism and also why all countries, including those in the West, have got to be weakened and then destroyed. You obviously can't destroy them while they are still strong, you have to weaken them first.

But once again, no mention was made about Russia in any of this. Its almost as if Russia was supposed to have broken up into regional entities which would then fall under either the Western or Eastern hemispheres initially before finally falling under the OWG with the rest of the globe.

When the Russians talk about the NWO they mean that which will replace pax America / Jewdica, some sort of multipolarity, not the OWG NWO of America / Jewdica. There are definitely 2 NWO's out there as that doc of yours mentions, maybe they are both the creations of that secret society as mentioned in the doc, and the Chinese are supposed to be the salvation of humanity, after the horrific collapse of the West, but Russia appears nowhere in the old documentation. Its almost as if Russia is not supposed to exist.

Me had always thought that the salvation of humanity would come in the form of those guys with the small hats, with some ultra advanced technology, in other words those who destroyed the OWO would lead the NWO. Makes sense though that the Chinese were sold the idea that they, the Chinese, were to be the salvation of humanity, some of those peasants in China were definitely carrying on as if that was the case.

Posted by: gT | Feb 29 2024 17:37 utc | 41

Almost off topic...

The silliest aspect of Macron's threat to send Western troops to "fight Russia in Ukraine" is that it exposes the Ukraine war as a NATO/ZATO plot to destroy Ukraine.

A conclusion reinforced by the half-arsed nature of the (jewed-up) West's weapons supply schedule to that godforsaken country.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 29 2024 17:40 utc | 42

Maybe you can credit the Tucker Carlson interview with people in the West now starting to listen to what Putin says.
Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 29 2024 16:25 utc | 20

Looks like it was a cheap way of making fun of Putin and Russia: Lex Friedman: "What do you think about Putin saying that the justification for war is denazification?" Tucker Carlson: "I thought that was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard (...) It's a way of associating someone with an evil regime that no longer exists"

Posted by: rk | Feb 29 2024 17:49 utc | 43


Interesting how on the front page it says "Putin's address to the Fe" - note this.

Soon IRON will address Putin.

& Salaam

Posted by: sunof27 | Feb 29 2024 17:53 utc | 44

@ b

I have attempted twice to post a piece by Julian Mcfarlane .. to no effect!

Is Julian persona non grata around here?

Posted by: Don Firineach | Feb 29 2024 17:56 utc | 45

My summary of why the US and Western elites can simply not afford to lose the Ukraine War. They thought that baiting a Russian invasion was going to be a Hail Mary pass that would more than reverse their mistakes, reversals and relative decline of the past two decades. A Ukrainian extractive colony rich in resources, a vassal Russia with a new leadership that "knows its place" and allows a continuance of the Western looting of the 1990s, and a cowed Iran and China (and a very disciplined Turkey). Instead, it has blown up in their faces and the touchdown looks increasingly to be by Russia and its allies (Putin intercepted that Hail Mary pass!). The West's global position will shrink accordingly, along with it its ability to loot the world.

My more detailed version: How The War in Ukraine Threatens US Global Hegemony and Rent Extraction

Putin's statement that "I would like to reiterate (I think this is important for everyone) that no enduring international order is possible without a strong and sovereign Russia" tells us that his bottom line is not just victory in Ukraine but a proper Western respect for Russia's interests. His offer to talk does not betray a strong bargaining position (becoming stronger by the day) while maintaining his legitimacy and respect with the Other 7 billion. He needs their continued support as he slowly beats down the Western arrogance and intransigence, and it holds out a hand to Trump's need to put the Ukraine conflict behind him if he becomes president.

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 17:59 utc | 46

Posted by: Wilikins | Feb 29 2024 16:30 utc | 22

Great comment, rebuke to the imbecilic claptrap about Russia and the West working together to implement global communism. WEF conspiracy involving Russia is on same shelf as Ickes shape-shifting aliens. Jesus wept.

The reality is our greedy fucks got too greedy. All politics is class politics indeed, but I can smell the shills by their persistent advocacy of the 'they're working on it together' despite all evidence to the contrary. They want stupids to glom onto this rationale as it is better for them than 'America is run by traitors and idiots' angle.

It's the 'piss in the punchbowl' disinformation strategy. You can see new marching orders issued in Empire HQ.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Feb 29 2024 18:04 utc | 47

Posted by: canuck | Feb 29 2024 15:57 utc | 9

Who farted in your eyes, canuckistani? Please take your sh.t somewhere else, troll!

Posted by: Boo | Feb 29 2024 18:05 utc | 48

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 17:59 utc | 46

Nail on head. Maerica and her braintrust done fucked up. They thought - as I've asserted before precisely - they were gonna get to fuck some sweet pussy. Belatedly they realized that pussy was actually a steel jawed beartrap. Thanks.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Feb 29 2024 18:06 utc | 49

they've been there since before 2014. speaking of which, aaron bushnell told a friend that he had viewed intel showing US troops in the gaza tunnels helping with genocide. hopefully they'll come home in a cigar box and get dumped on the ground in arlington.

Posted by: bornhard | Feb 29 2024 18:06 utc | 50

When what they should be doing is learning from the BOJ regarding monetary policy.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Feb 29 2024 16:31 utc | 23

I never know if it is supposed to be amusing or startling when "isms" are bandied about to describe Political Economies as they function in real time.
The USA is NOT a Free Market Economy. It is a Statist marriage of Government and Monopolies. Virtually every U.S. Politician is influenced or extorted in the dark hallways in DC by amoral money.
It is the antithesis of the days of Trust-busting. It is absolute power devolving into chaos.
Neither Marx nor Adam Smith would recognize the U.S.A. as more than a Feudal Society.

Posted by: kupkee | Feb 29 2024 18:06 utc | 51

The implementation of all Russia’s plans now directly depends on our military who are fighting at the front - Putin

The President emphasized that it is the participants in the special operation who sacrifice themselves for us, for the sake of the fatherland - they - our soldiers - create conditions for the future of the country, for development

“I bow to you guys!" Putin said.

Contrast this to the psycho babble, cognitive dissonance, discord, confusion, detachment and abject disrespect for the populace demonstrated by all western leaders. Not to mention the fear they show to even mention much less publicly praise their secret army fighting in Ukraine. If your cause existential and so just why cower in shadow like liars and thieves? Biden, Sunak, Macron, Scholz, Meloni, Stoltenberg, Von der Leyen etc etc - afraid of the Russians, the RoW, each other, and most of all their own people.

Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 18:09 utc | 52

Re Jesus. Where I grew up there was a wealthy landowner who was convinced he was the second coming of Christ and that he could walk om water. He called everyone in the village to an event down at his property on the lake, where he had a dock. He strung up spotlights and held an event. He emerged from the holding draped in white robes and with great ceremony marched to the end of the pier. He stepped off and promptly fell into the water where he had to be rescued.

Sometimes megalomania is just megalomania. Or as someone said, a cigar is just a cigar.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Feb 29 2024 18:11 utc | 53

@Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 15:36 utc | 3

Cornell West may be our only hope for ending the US empire ourselves; otherwise we're gonna have to lose it on the battlefield. Trump has no intention of ending the US empire; the biggest threat to the USA. The American Empire is THE cause of our Border Crisis as well.

Agreed on the last bit, but Cornell West is certainly not the answer. I used to respect him a lot, but the more I see of him the less I respect him. Much, much more of a grifter and political novice (or is it disingenuous?) than I had ever expected of him. My journey of very uncomfortable discovery has tracked that of Jimmy Dore:

Cornel West Is Running For President!
Jimmy Dore ADDRESSES Questions About Cornel West Interview
Cornel West Does 45 Minute Commercial FOR JOE BIDEN!
Here’s Why Cornel West Got So Upset At Jimmy Dore!
Cornel West Now Has FOUR Campaign Managers?!?
Tucker Calls Out The Problem With Cornel West!

Then there is Due Dissidence

First Thoughts on CONTENTIOUS Jimmy Dore Cornel West Interview
Cornel West DOUBLES DOWN on SMEARING His Critics

Sad, very sad. And Kennedy has come out as a grade A Zionist! Jill Stein all the way!

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 18:18 utc | 54

Anonymous | Feb 29 2024 16:03 utc | 11

Not all Telegram sites are unreadable without the Telegram app. LordOfWar is my go-to site before I come here, and I can read it without having Telegram (not all videos load, but I prefer my news in text).

Posted by: YetAnotherAnon | Feb 29 2024 18:24 utc | 55

@Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Feb 29 2024 18:11 utc | 53

When I was in my teens had a friend whose Mum was completely off her rocker (probably schizophrenic) and considered him to be the Second Coming, very embarrassing for him as he was most definitely not in agreement.

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 18:26 utc | 56

In the days since Russia captured Avdeevka, the UFA claims to have shot down around ten Su-34's and Su-35s.

Does anyone know how many of these shoot-downs have been verified by a source other than the UFA or Kiev?

Posted by: GW | Feb 29 2024 18:39 utc | 57

After the Ukro-nazis were routed in disorder from Adveeka, it was clear that the war would be over well before 2025..I think Putin has revealed his confidence in such...

Posted by: pyrrhus | Feb 29 2024 18:40 utc | 58

⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Front #Summary for 29 Feb 2024 by 20:07⚡️

🔻#Kherson Direction:
🟡In the #Kherson Sector, the enemy tried to land on the #Tendrovskaya Spit. One of five boats could escape. One of the special forces was captured. At the #Antonovsky Bridge in the area of dachas, AFU groups occupied several houses, it is not possible to knock them out with artillery yet.
🟡In the #Tyaginka Sector, the AFU are active near Cossack Camps. AFU's attempts to land groups to #Krynki do not stop. It has become quieter, but the fighting is ongoing.

🔻#Zaporozhye Direction:
🟡In the #Orekhov Section, our forces are fighting fiercely in the southern and western parts of #Rabotino. From the west, our troops literally burst into the village and knocked out the enemy from several positions. But at #Verbovoye there is relative lull, with counterbattery fighting.

🔻#SouthDonetsk Direction:
🟡In the #Maryinka Sector, our forces from the ground refute information from Ukrainian resources that ours were driven out of #Krasnogorovka by the AFU. Our army is moving towards the city center from the southern outskirts, with the support of TOS Solntsepek and aviation.

🔻#Avdeyevka Direction:
🟡On the Southern Front,
🟡In the #Orlovka Sector, our troops liberated #Berdychi and #Orlovka.
📌 At the same time, Syrsky insists that it was the AFU in Orlovka that knocked out our military. Although even according to the enemy resource Deep State, our forces have advanced to the western outskirts of the village. At the same time, Syrsky also announced a plan to build a defence along the cascade of reservoirs. It is important that our command calculates the possible risks. For example, pursuing the hastily retreating AFU units, our army is moving into the lowlands. The AFU will certainly withdraw to the heights in #Ocheretino. This outpost will certainly be one of our closest targets. I do not exclude that during the AFU retreat, the dams may be undermined. In this case, flooding threatens, but in miniature. In any case, the primary task of our forces is to strengthen new frontiers and establish logistics so that supplies can keep up with such an active offensive.

🔻#Bakhmut Direction:
🟡In the "Chasov Yar" Sector, fighting throughout the day took place for the heights near #Ivanovskoye (#Krasnoye).
📌 Now we are waiting for confirmation that this settlement was also liberated by our army. I really hope that ours will take the heights nearby, because without them it will be difficult to stay in the village.

🔻#Svatovo Direction:
🟡In the #Liman Sector, no changes.
🟡In the #Kupyansk Sector, no changes.

☠️ The AFU wounded man in #Gorlovka. More drones have been shot down over Russian regions. The shelling of border villages in our regions does not stop. There were no injuries.

💥 Our Forces, hit a S-300 complex southwest of #Konstantinovka. The launcher was damaged, another one and the command post with radar were hit due to a secondary detonation.

Posted by: Down South | Feb 29 2024 18:41 utc | 59

The Times claims that British admiral Tony Radakin actively helped Ukraine destroy Russian war ships. Meanwhile, Olaf Scholz of Germany made a remark that he does not want to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine, because it would require German operators, just like British-made Storm Shadow rockets, which are used in Ukraine with the help of British operators.

So, British heavy involvement is confirmed by two separate sources.

Well, imagine my shock.

Posted by: Down South | Feb 29 2024 18:43 utc | 60

🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦The landing force and the 150th motorized rifle division complete the assault on Krasny, occupying most of the village near Artyomovsk
▪️On the flank of Artyomovsk, attack aircraft of the 11th Airborne Brigade and regiments of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the Southern Military District, with powerful support from artillery, aviation and attack drones, having broken through the defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are completing the assault on Ivanovsky (Red).
▪️First, our attack aircraft knocked out the enemy from all landings and entered the population from three sides.
▪️Over the past few days, in fierce street battles, the enemy has now been knocked out by infantry and troops from most of the village. Stormtroopers of the 11th Airborne Brigade, 68th and 102nd regiments of the Southern Military District are pushing out the Ukrainian Armed Forces, leading an assault on the part of Krasny remaining behind the enemy.
⁉️The reports from a number of channels about the complete capture of the village are not true.
▪️The enemy continues to transfer reinforcements in armored vehicles and is trying to counterattack by shelling the lost part of the settlement using cluster munitions.
Ukrainian military analysts also write about attacks by the Russian Armed Forces:
▪️"Heavy fighting continues in Ivanovskoye. The Russians do not stop their assault operations."

Posted by: Down South | Feb 29 2024 18:52 utc | 61

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 29 2024 16:03 utc | 11

No problem!

Posted by: Down South | Feb 29 2024 18:54 utc | 62

@Down South #60

What else is new? Well known for quite some time but now admitted.

# The Grayzone on MI6/CIA - also well known but now admitted [21 mins]

Ukraine exposed as CIA-MI6 beachhead

Posted by: Don Firineach | Feb 29 2024 18:55 utc | 63

I’ve noticed a change - pro Ukraine propagandists in west (ISW, business insider, Newsweek) are really just making shit up now. Eleven Russian fighters shot down, villages that Dima shows as captured with geolocated videos are not captured, etc.

After Avdeyevka debacle they’ve gone full Baghdad Bob.

The only reason not to laugh is that lots of stupid Americans still fall for their lies.

Posted by: Ghost of Zanon | Feb 29 2024 18:57 utc | 64

Posted by: Old Sovietologist | Feb 29 2024 15:16 utc | 2

"the role of the new elite, which North Military District veterans should play,"

There is no North Military District. This is a Google Translate error: for some reason, after two years of the special military operation, Google translates СМО (SMO) as North Military District, оr sometimes NWO whatever that is.

Posted by: Susan | Feb 29 2024 19:02 utc | 65

Gilbert Doctorow also comments on Putin's recent speech. Doctorow also gave his comments on WION TV.

Posted by: WMG | Feb 29 2024 19:09 utc | 66

Berdychi has fallen! This means that the second defence belt in the Avdiivka area has failed. Semenivka will be next to fall as it can be flanked from Orlivka and Berdychi, then open fields for a few kilometres. Next Ukrainian held towns to the West are Novoselivke Persha and Mezhove (part of the supposed third line of defence and 4km and 6km away respectively).

Seems that there was quite a bit of "Avdiivka is so strong why build all these defences when we can pocket the money" going on, as the retreating Ukrainian troops did not find a well implemented defence line. Perhaps this is also the issue with the next line of defence, with the continued advances of the Russians making it impossible to make up for the lack of effort in the previous many months? So it may not last very long, which takes us to the fourth supposed defence belt 5-10km behind that (based on Prohres, Selydove and Kurakhove). About 10km beyond that is the major staging, supply and transport hub of Pokrovsk which would then be pounded to ruins, the taking of which would put the Torestsk/New York agglomeration (the final large-scale defensive fortress in the Donetsk area) in a boiler.

There are also Umanske and Yasnobrodivka (both about 4km away) that are not part of the third defence belt, but open up the way to Netailove (5km), the taking of which will cut off the Ukies in Pervomaiske. Third Azov Brigade is in Krasnohorivka which is in the process of being stormed, a nice juicy extermination target for the Russians. The Russians also got to the outskirts of Nevelske (between Pervomaiske and Krasnohorivka) .

The Vital Defense Belt Was Completely Captured By Russians. Military Summary And Analysis 2024.02.29

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 19:16 utc | 67

I assume once again the likes of Macron is just sabre rattling due to his troops taking a thumping in Ukraine, sent their under the guise of mercenaries. Fear plays a big part in western aggression, and that's why the west plays the propaganda card that Russia is going to invade Europe.

The west's war against Russia has and will continue to have far reaching economic consequences for the citizens of the west, basically western government have made their citizens poorer.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Feb 29 2024 19:20 utc | 68

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 15:36 utc | 3
Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 18:18 utc | 54

Ferenginar 4,012th rule of acquisition: caveat emptor

Wilding et al. v. DNC Services Corp. and Deborah Wasserman Schultz, et al 2019 11 Cir. affirmed dismissal

...we hold that the fraud, negligent misrepresentation, CPPA [District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act], and unjust enrichment claims of the DNC donor class fail on the merits....
...“the CPPA does not cover all consumer transactions, and instead only covers trade practices arising out of consumer-merchant relationships.” [...] the DNC is not subject to liability under the CPPA for the conduct set out in the complaint. As the plaintiffs alleged, the DNC is a non-profit entity, and the CPPA limits the liability of non-profit organizations...
Third-party candidates' 'extraordinarily difficult' task to get on ballot, a/o 26 Feb tabloid summary

• RFK, Jr (I) : UT
• Rt Rev Dr Cornel West (JFP) : AK, OR, SC
• the-other-Jill (G) : AR, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, LA, ME, MI, MS, MT, NC, NM, OR, SC, TX, UT, WI, WV (19 + D.C.)

Posted by: sln2002 | Feb 29 2024 19:20 utc | 69

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 15:36 utc | 3

However touching, your belief in Dr. Cornel West is misplaced. He who should have been a resolute old-school leftist and black socialist has morphed into a melanated white liberal. He typically gives free pass to the DNC (with minimal obligatory criticism), a party that is to the far right of Thatcher and Reagan and treats their lickspittles in the media as if they are actual journalists. His approach to the social groups he claims to represent is very similar to the boutique leftists - that is to say, liberals with socialist pretensions.

Now, he wasn't always like that, but neither was Sanders the degraded sell out of a liberal and a traitor to the left that he has become today. This is the insidious, corrosive effect of woke, identity politics on people, even old-school leftists, if they lack a strong theoretical background reinforced by a meaningful knowledge of history and contemporary developments.

Thus, instead of being able to take advantage of the crisis in the capitalist system (admitted even by its proponents) and the increasing inability of the presstitute media to dominate the information war and square the circle of imerialist hypocrisy, the boutique leftist liberals are repeating the tropes of those they pretend to otherwise criticize. The result is that they effectively validate the system as somehow democratic and reasonably tolerant of actual dissent, while utterly failing to achieve anything in the political sphere (except for "achievements" that serve the imperial regime).

In the case of Dr.West, this is blatantly evident in the total fiasco that is his "campaign" for POTUS. Not only does he make a clown of himself, he validates the facade of the fascist regime in the imperia
l himeland as "democratic" and willing to give political opportunities to serious challengers.

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 19:24 utc | 70

@ pessimist | Feb 29 2024 15:37 utc | 4

... ISR and weapons technology, to saturate near earth orbits with satellites to prevent any opponent from degrading US capabilities,...

Thank you. It is my understanding SpaceX has permits for something like 42,000 Starlink satelites.

Basically, it is a low Earth orbit (LEO) land grab, a strategy to form a monopoly, and a strategy to externalize costs and responsibilities onto other satellite owners to expend very precious and lifetime limiting on-board resources (fuel, etc,...) to manage collision avoidance.

I would be shocked if Starlink satellites don't have significant signit capabilities.

Posted by: notabot | Feb 29 2024 19:26 utc | 71

ICYMI, "DNC donor class" signifies any person who indirectly contributed cash and kind to a DNC PAC or directly to Campaign for Bernie Sanders treasury

Posted by: sln2002 | Feb 29 2024 19:28 utc | 72

the UFA claims to have shot down around ten Su-34's and Su-35s.

Posted by: GW | Feb 29 2024 18:39 utc

On par with 'I shot down a UFO with my dick' and just as verifiable.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Feb 29 2024 19:28 utc | 73

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 19:24 utc | 70

That's what they all the civil rights, virtual integration warriors say after voting for Mitch O'Bama TWICE.

Posted by: sln2002 | Feb 29 2024 19:32 utc | 74

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 19:16 utc | 67

The fact that the Maidanists named an east Ukrainian settlement New York/Niu York marks them for subhumanoids of the Liu Xiaobo variety. There must be zero compromise for this utterly decrepit regime and its minions.

On this point, once again, the Russians must improve their narrative towards the population. It is completely retarded to label those who support the Ukro-Nazi Maidanist regime as "pro-Ukrainian" out of the desire to "stick it to Lenin". Nor should they repeat the imbecilic assertion that it is the Russian of Ukraine that stand with the RF. Not only are there numerous Ukrainian equivalents to Syrski and Denisova, but no few are vocal about their Ukrainian identity connected with their attachment to Russia. Casually humiliating such people is a mark of severe psychological complexes and rank stupidity and the current practices and narrative have to change.

Posted by: Constantine | Feb 29 2024 19:32 utc | 75

Constantine @ 70

Best take down yet written of West and Sanders, worthy of a Pulitzer.👏

Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 19:40 utc | 76

Posted by: just somebody | Feb 29 2024 15:41 utc | 6

"You are dumb as fuck"

Posted by: Boo | Feb 29 2024 15:46 utc | 7

You are as ignorant as fuck and as useless as Victoria Nuland's dietician....

Posted by: canuck | Feb 29 2024 15:57 utc | 9

Boo is absolutely right and your comment reproducing a comment which was deleted should be deleted too.

The ignorant is the one who did not listen to all what Putin said today, for it was not only about international issues.

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 19:43 utc | 77

The west's war against Russia has and will continue to have far reaching economic consequences for the citizens of the west, basically western government have made their citizens poorer.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Feb 29 2024 19:20 utc | 68


They voted for stupid people who understand about nothing. They are receiving what they deserve. At last.

And they want to teach to the world their moral "values" which are displayed currently in Palestina. Looters, murderers, genociders, those are their values for more than five centuries.

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 19:49 utc | 78

the Torestsk/New York agglomeration (the final large-scale defensive fortress in the Donetsk area) in a boiler.

Posted by: Roger | Feb 29 2024 19:16 utc | 67

What about Seversk and Ugledar?

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 19:53 utc | 79

Roger, so I agree with Cornell about the lockdown and identity politics. On both the critiques are vastly overblown. Lockdowns MAY me necessary if we do indeed run into a real pandemic; we've likely utterly destroyed the ability to do that if it is warranted; we're seeing measles increasing over an over-reaction to vaccines; I don't get a flu vaccine, and vaccines are not all the same, and even the more controversial ones are warranted for at-risk groups. So, the debate goes too far on both sides. On identity issues it's a similar thing. The most controversial issues of identity politics ARE vastly over-exaggerated. The "support" among liberals is over-stated. There are some small issues where the too simple, too broad solutions of the right aren't any solution (in Texas athletes MUST compete as their born gender, even when born girls are taking male hormones, they're still competing against girls; the previous year, before they "fixed" it, they competed as they identified--neither resolves the issue of women's sports) Now beyond that, I don't care what someone want to do, if they feel they're born the wrong gender, I just want to protect women's sports. I DO still support "affirmative action" if not preferential hiring. (Afirmative Action hires the minority when all other elements are equal; Preferential hiring overlooks qualifications for minority status) It's these polarized responses in policy that are the problem, nuance is the solution. These discussions make it too polarized.

The earlier videos you posted predate the Gaza genocide, where it seems Cornell is clearly on the side of REAL human rights. I DO think Trump's appeals are more authoritarian/fascistic; foreign policy aside. Funny you're saying he's not critical of Biden but then is smearing all his critics; seems just too, too much. Sadly we don't have any real options; Jill Stein; but one would be hard pressed to find anything on her at all. She might be a smarter, more serious candidate; but frankly neither stand a chance, and voting for them is no about hoping to actually win, but to send a message. Cornell better sends that message. It frankly doesn't matter, I live in Texas, and Trump will win the state, no Texan will get to vote for Biden even if they wished, and Trump won't need their vote. In states where the outcome is not in question, a vote for the other half of the duopoly shows you're still on the fence (With your balls stuck between the slats) 3rd party votes speak more loudly.

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 19:53 utc | 80

Posted by: GW | Feb 29 2024 18:39 utc | 57

Listening to ukronazis sources is the most stupid thing to do. And wasting one's time. Didn't they say that soon they will retake Crimea?

It is also a way to troll a thread.

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 19:58 utc | 81

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 19:53 utc | 80

Bourgeois idpol is pure Dem party politics to divide and rule over the wage slaves. It must be rejected along with anyone who promotes it. Non negotiable.

Cornell talks a good game sometimes, but it will be Obama Biden part 4 in short order.

It's tough to accept the challenge facing wage slaves, but the fact is they need to build their own anti war, anti capitalist party. It's the only option at this stage of breakdown.

No Dems, no republicans, no greens, libertarians, etc.. none of what is on offer will change the foreign policy or the constant attack on living standards.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Feb 29 2024 20:01 utc | 82

Looters, murderers, genociders, those are their values for more than five centuries.
Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 19:49 utc | 78

Don't blame the thieves, buy a door. Or outsource the general staff to people who actually went to skool

Posted by: rk | Feb 29 2024 20:08 utc | 83

Posted by: GW | Feb 29 2024 18:39 utc | 57
Zelenski stated Ukraine lost 31 000 soudiers.
I guess you could drastically reduce the number of lost SU34 & 35.

Posted by: scc | Feb 29 2024 20:12 utc | 84

I will not blame the thieves, nor buy a door, I will wait for them and kill them. Legitime defence.

Posted by: Naive | Feb 29 2024 20:18 utc | 85

Ahenobarus; the most significant thing to happen is the Michigan vote for "none of the above" The only thing that will help wage slaves is a progressive income tax; which fosters actual capital intensive production over paper pushers and financiers, corporate execs and the plutocracy. (many don't understand this, so, let's start with progressive income taxes on politicians and their children; even Mises libertarians could embrace this idea) I can't really argue y'all points; even a vote for Bernie was announcing one was rejecting the duopoly; Trump is too self absorbed to be any counter, but I get why he appeals to some--but those people don't understand how progressive income taxes favor their small businesses and real capitalism over finance/plutocracy paper pushers. But here again, nuance is the only way out that doesn't destroy everything; which may be our best option since we seem to be too polarized to listen to the sane voices in the middle; confusing anything thing less extreme than their views as the extremist on the other side.

(The progressive income tax was devised by a Republican, James Couzens, co-founder of Ford, the actual person responsible for the $5 work day and the 5 day work week) He supported wholly socialized utilities and progressive income tax as a way to limit finance and support the working class; who drive the economy. He lost his argument to Andrew Mellon, another Republican, who advocated "low taxes" a policy Will Rogers called "Trickle Down" FDR and the democrats would embrace Couzen's policies and eventually the GOP as well (in the Ike and even Nixon years) Couzen's progressive reforms made Marx's arguments moot, but Reaganomics indeed brought a return the Gilded Age; the solution is of course not Marx; there ARE NO Marxists on earth anymore; Progressive reforms are the solution; AND they're pro-capital intensive production (real production of real goods with real machines and production facilities; as opposed to "information, paper pushers, finance, and consultants" who all produce literally nothing, yet take all the gains. Low income taxes mean a heavy reliance on sales and property taxes, which are the products of actual capitalism; but something they don't face, as again they produce nothing, have no production facilities they just have income. Progressive income taxes don't affect real businesses as they have employees, production facilities, supply chains and distribution networks to sink erst-while income into. Libertarians, "low tax" advocates don't understand this; and, to be clear, Democrats haven't supported real progressive income taxes since Reagan, anything short of 2/3% on top incomes is still neo-liberal 'low taxes"

Posted by: scottindallas | Feb 29 2024 20:30 utc | 86

I’m hearing again
‘Let Them try’
As he said at the beginning of the SMO.
I’m seeing ‘ well, do you feel lucky? Punks’
As a macho reference.

But I also know that there is an election happening in Russia.
So we can expect a level of tub thumping.

Most of the reported speech sounds uncannily like what a few have been saying here for a long time. Maybe VVP’s speech writers are avid MoA fans!

Like Dr Strangelove said about the Doomsday Weapon , ‘that’s brilliant, but why didn’t you tell us about it?’
Maybe we must see a test of the super weapons before we believe them.

These strange days are tiring, as the natzios spiral down the plug hole of history in a pink soup of victims.
I hope they will soon go down the plug hole and we can finally begin a C21st of civility of the POLYCENTRIC.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 29 2024 20:32 utc | 87

Western MSM disingenuously say things like "Putin is threatening ..." when in fact Putin is responding to Western threats and justifying Russia's fight against the West's actual aggression. Lies and more lies. Putin's warning is obviously intended to prevent catastrophic nuclear war.

Posted by: norecovery | Feb 29 2024 20:32 utc | 88

There is no border crisis!
There is a US hegemony crisis.

You want to solve the US border situation? Shut down ALL US military bases, disband ALL the US covert "intelligence" operations, that includes all US embassies, give monthly remunerations to ALL the countries the US has illegally invaded over the last 100 years, and provide free transportation to all immigrants legal or otherwise, over the last 100 years back to their home countries if the wish.

America and the EUs population will fall by a third in a matter of months to a year..........Then all hell will break lose in the Western nations 10 times worse that what we have now.

Posted by: jef | Feb 29 2024 20:41 utc | 89

Declaration of the final break with the foolish flirtation with neo-liberal economics and letting Russia get looted for the sake of "investment capital" (ie bait) and integration into western markets. Russia will now mirror "communism with Chinese characteristic" and you think Austeritylandia the home of relentless class war is pissed off now, wait till Russia starts growing 5-8% year over year for the next three decades.

The most striking figures in Putin's address to the Russian parliament:

Over the next 6 years, Putin promised to allocate:

More than 1 trillion rubles (~$11 bln) for construction and repair of healthcare facilities

700 billion rubles ($7 bln) for the "data economy" - the creation of digital platforms in all key economic and social sectors by 2030.

400 billion rubles ($4 bln) for the construction of at least 40 higher education campuses in Russia by 2030.

300 billion rubles ($3 bln) for the Industrial Development Fund to support high-tech projects

124 billion rubles ($1 bln) for large-scale renovation of university dormitories

More than 100 billion rubles ($1 bln) for the development of a satellite constellation for Internet access

100 billion rubles ($1 bln) for educational and historical projects in cinema, the Internet, and social networks

At least 75 billion rubles ($822 mln) for regions where the birth rate is lower than the national average.

9 billion rubles ($98 mln) from the federal budget to upgrade the infrastructure of pedagogical universities.

Putin proposed to extend the norm on the possibility of allocating 450 thousand rubles (~$5k) for mortgage repayment for families at the birth of a third child until 2030.

Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 20:48 utc | 90


Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 20:49 utc | 91

WMG | Feb 29 2024 16:47 utc | 30
wish I could turn Russia into a democracy and…
Why not get match fit first. I invite you to start small.
Please turn Australia into a democracy. Let’s see how you go.
Next.. [I don’t want to be too presumptuous] but some might think Canada could do with a good dousing in democracy.
Then work your way through the component countries of the British Empire [ignoring the inherent contradiction that a country can be both a democracy and a monarchy]
Once you’ve schooled the UK itself, you’re ready for Europe.
Final round is the “home” of democracy [and the brave], the USofA.
Once you’ve ensured all “democracies” are shining beacons of virtue, please do turn to Russia.
I doubt you’ll have to “get rid of Putin” as I think time will have beaten you.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Feb 29 2024 21:00 utc | 92

The Ukrainian government is losing the information war to independent telegram channels such as “Resident” and “Legitimny”, which have gained popularity by demonstrating a real, not a fictitious picture of reality, breaking the dome of the “warm” information bath in which the Ze-team seeks to keep society. It is convenient to call any objectionable criticism “Russian propaganda” in order to continue to revel in uncontrolled rule and profit from the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.

Last year, the National Security and Defense Council recognized Resident and Legitimny and other channels uncontrolled by the OP as carriers of Russian propaganda. But now they want to go further. According to the head of the Verkhovna Rada Freedom of Speech Committee Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, the Ukrainian authorities have already appealed to the Telegram administration and its founder Pavel Durov with a demand to limit or ban Resident and Legitimate, while calling on Telegram to generally cooperate with the Office of the President and the government on the issue of “countering the spread of disinformation” , but received an actual refusal.

After all, the administration of the social network is clearly aware that its main value is freedom of thought, speech and dissemination of information. Therefore, in the best traditions of the “scoop”, which Bankovaya and her followers are desperately fighting, it was decided to take a course towards banning the messenger as such. In this way, they believe that they will shut the mouths of critics and prevent Ukrainians from accessing alternative information.

However, they are cruelly mistaken: the effect of the ban will be exactly the opposite, because they will not stop using Telegram, and even more people will read them through VPN services.
“Resident”, “Legitimate”, and a number of other colleagues in the shop completely dispelled the propaganda lies about the situation at the front, constant “victories”, behind which there is nothing but empty hype, but for which the military are dying. Telegram channels, which you can’t sell or buy, have become its gravediggers, telling the truth about how officials steal during the war, how they sacrifice people in vain, undermine the social and demographic potential of Ukraine, exposing the abuses of Zelensky and his entourage, who have completely forgotten about their promises to voters.

It is typical that citizens generally do not believe the telethon, official media and messages delivered by government speakers. Telegram has already surpassed them, especially in terms of the attention of young people.

The authorities completely lack normal dialogue with society, and in terms of the number of prohibitions, restrictions and censorship, Ukraine has long surpassed the Russian Federation. And this actually means that the OP does not have clear ideas and concepts on how to bring the country back from the brink of disaster into which the policies of the current “wise” leadership have brought it.

They will only preserve the current deadlock. And it would be fine if they just stole, but we are talking about the lives of millions and the survival of Ukraine as such! Therefore, it was “Resident”, “Legitimny”, and other colleagues in the shop who were and will remain the bearers of freedom of speech in Ukraine, which Yurchishen must defend for citizens in the current dark times of lies and manipulation.
🎥🇺🇦🎥 Battle for Telegram

Colleagues, congratulations, this is an achievement that the authorities have recognized the fact of negotiations on blocking specific objectionable telegram channels.

The managers at Bankova are so stupid that after Durov’s refusal, they now want to ban the entire telegram in order to overcome you 🤷

People at the Center are smarter, so they are not in a hurry to make statements.

The hysteria around the cart clearly demonstrates the fear of the authorities due to the growing dissatisfaction of both civilians and military personnel with Zelensky personally: his behavior, policy results and promises.

Of course, the main information tool in the country, telegram, will play a key role in this issue, especially against the backdrop of collapsing mono broadcast ratings.

Therefore, another battle awaits us in the near future, the battle for telegram 🧩

Posted by: Down South | Feb 29 2024 21:06 utc | 93

Melaleuca @ 92

Canada could do with a good dousing in democracy.

Good Good, man, are you trying to de-nazify Canada?

Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 21:08 utc | 94

@ Posted by: GW | Feb 29 2024 18:39 utc | 57

Well, Dima at Military Summary did reference the matter as credible (I guess based on limited evidence) if unproven - commenting that that rate of loss would be unsustainable (at the time he was commenting, there had been seven such losses in about a two week period - as I recall). But he noted that certainly the Russians would make adjustments to bring the loses under control - they must stem from Russia's greatly increased use of air power which is producing the gains that are being reported. It seems that in war, things get damaged. I have not heard any further assessment.

Posted by: jared | Feb 29 2024 21:08 utc | 95

Seeing how the broad UKR discussion has moved, as usual, might as well link this is excellent analysis of the failure of the Big Counter Offensive (Operation Citadel 2) of last summer, IMO worth your time:

Konstantin Sivkov's article on the Ukrainian counter offensive for the summer of 2023 is rather illuminating and puts a lot of information from many places into one easy source.

Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 21:15 utc | 96

jared @ 95

There was some talk on TG don't recall where that maybe F-16s have come into play and why the Russians are tight lipped. The hype seems to be coming more out of the UK than the UKR which is weird, maybe UKR has learned not to gloat, maybe the west plans to reveal the F-16 success all at once as an incentive for NATO troops to enter.

My guess is that if true about the downing of the planes it is probably Russia knowingly putting them in harm's way to not lose the initiative on the ground and to keep the AFU on the run.

Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Feb 29 2024 21:23 utc | 97

Posted by: rk | Feb 29 2024 17:49 utc | 43

Lex Friedman: "What do you think about Putin saying that the justification for war is denazification?" Tucker Carlson: "I thought that was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard (...) It's a way of associating someone with an evil regime that no longer exists"

For someone so successful and paid so much to be a news anchor / opinionator, Tucker frequently reveals that he is extremely uninformed about many things. That said viz the Ukrainian Nazi groups, I just can't get past that they are funded and formed by a combination of Jewish Oligarchs and the CIA. Therefore, they are bogus, BS operations to whom the label Nazi is correctly attached, since they use it themselves, but still the whole thing has a theatrical core, also clearly they are designed to bait the Russian bear and/or provide Putin with excellent reasons for committing to kinetic conflict.

So maybe Tucker was right to discount the entire notion as a silly talking point after all.

Posted by: Scorpion | Feb 29 2024 21:23 utc | 98

3rd assault Azov brigade was apparently ambushed in their counter-attack in southern part of Krasnogorovka. They were allowed to come to the southern end and then hit with TOS systems.

Posted by: unimperator | Feb 29 2024 21:24 utc | 99

Putin's Address was just over two-hours and took awhile to translate, annotate and comment upon, but it can now be read in English, "Leap Day: Putin's Address to the Federal Assembly". And a Leap it certainly is given the very impressive list of far-reaching proposals and projects. IMO, two of Putin's more important statements were delivered at the very end and had nothing to do with geopolitics--indeed, the vast majority of his Address was domestic. Do be prepared for a long, satisfying, read.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 29 2024 21:30 utc | 100

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