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January 24, 2024

Please Support Moon of Alabama

Dear readers,

twice a year I ask for your help to keep Moon of Alabama going.

Most of you who come here value my analyses. Others are fond of MoA's vivid, if at times overcrowded comment section. I am very proud to host and nurture it, to the best of my abilities.

Other well know commentators have recommended Moon of Alabama:

Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai - 7:27 UTC · Dec 28, 2023

One of the excellent independent analysts who is worth following and supporting is @MoonofA.
You won't regret it.

Here are more reasons why you should consider to drop me whatever you can afford.

I, of course, love feedback like the above. Unfortunately I can not just live on it. I also need to pay for food, rent and other necessities of life.

This site is the full time effort of one person. There is no other income I can rely on. While I live in somewhat better circumstances than Spitzweg's Poor Poet, I am neither rich nor do I indulge in luxuries.


Every donation to this Poor Poet - be it $5, $50, $500 or more - is welcome and needed. A recurring contribution or sponsorship would be great. See below on how to do it.

Transaction costs are the smallest when you make a bank wire transfer or mail cash. Send email to MoonofA @ (remove the blanks) for the necessary details. (They are the same as before.) You can use other means like credit cards when you donate through the PayPal button below. This even without having a PayPal account. (The Moon of Alabama account is in Euro which currently stands at €1 ~ US $1.09 and US $1 ~ €0.92).

Thank you very much!

Bernhard aka b.

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You're welcome and thank you very much for one of the few internet sites that you can still read these days without suffering permanent nausea!

Posted by: hardrockfan229 | Jan 24 2024 14:15 utc | 1

Worth every cent dear b.
A hundred quid to get you through to the warmth of summer.
You may be poor in money but are the richest in bounty that you rain upon our arid minds.
Long May you reign!

Posted by: DunGroanin | Jan 24 2024 14:24 utc | 2


It becomes more and more important to support your efforts. Thank you.

Posted by: Marduck | Jan 24 2024 14:47 utc | 3

is there amechanism to accept checks [gb£]? please let me know

Posted by: cadac | Jan 24 2024 15:03 utc | 4

Done! I'd give more if I could.

Also, it would be nice to be able to donate anonymously. Because I'm assuming you have a lot of enemies that are constantly trying to hack your site, do a DDoS, steal your databases, etc. Also, why not add a Bitcoin address, aka the silent revolution invention that is fighting the centralized system like we all are in our own ways? I wish you'd read more about Bitcoin, understand how much of a formidable tool it is and talked about it sometimes. Cheers and continue your amazing work b.

Posted by: Melkiades | Jan 24 2024 15:21 utc | 5


Posted by: jo6pac | Jan 24 2024 15:25 utc | 6

@cadac is there a mechanism to accept checks [gb£]? please let me know

Banks here hate checks. The cost they charge to convert foreign checks into € is prohibitive.

A lone £ check below £50 would leave me with zero €.

You can send me cash. Just email me (address above) for the relevant data.

Posted by: b | Jan 24 2024 15:45 utc | 7


Posted by: earthling1 | Jan 24 2024 16:16 utc | 8

absolutely! just did it... thanks b..

Posted by: james | Jan 24 2024 16:25 utc | 9

This site is a gem. B works tirelessly for all our benefits. I am happy to chip in a few quid.

Posted by: Maff | Jan 24 2024 16:27 utc | 10

Kudos along with a donation.

Posted by: MrH | Jan 24 2024 16:45 utc | 11

Thank you very much for your effort b.

How do i support you? Buy me a coffie? Paypal? Where do i find it?
Keep up the good work

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Jan 24 2024 16:59 utc | 12

Bonjour b

Voici un don pour vous, merci pour votre excellent travail.

Posted by: Sylvain | Jan 24 2024 17:06 utc | 13

I have written several times but never got an answer. So I just went the paypal route. thanks for all you do


Posted by: dan of steele | Jan 24 2024 17:10 utc | 14

Done! I couldn't get PayPal to work as usual, but it did accept my credit card info when manually entering it, after logging out of PayPal and refreshing the donation page.

Posted by: Babel-17 | Jan 24 2024 17:47 utc | 15

I can find no alternative to Paypal. I dropped Paypal after they invoked malicious terms in their agreement...

Posted by: david brewer | Jan 24 2024 18:18 utc | 16

A pleasure to support a poor poet

Posted by: Stonebird | Jan 24 2024 18:20 utc | 17

The Paypal 'cookies' dialog page won't allow me to "credit card" option. The Paypal cookies settings page won't allow me to donate.

Posted by: david brewer | Jan 24 2024 18:22 utc | 18

Will send an email to you B for further instructions

Posted by: david brewer | Jan 24 2024 18:23 utc | 19

Thank you, b! Much appreciation!

Posted by: granite | Jan 24 2024 18:26 utc | 20

I do wish I had any extra moneys to contribute, but I do not.

You are something close to a religious icon, b.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jan 24 2024 18:45 utc | 21

thanks b . I look every day. I will donate if I can avoid paypal

Posted by: anaisanesse | Jan 24 2024 19:17 utc | 22

Posted by: david brewer | Jan 24 2024 18:18 utc | 16

I can find no alternative to Paypal. I dropped Paypal after they invoked malicious terms in their agreement...


I closed mine too when the terms became unacceptable (they can remove funds at their own discretion without advance notice). Now b has an option to pay by CC (unfortunately with a provisional paypal account) so I reluctantly resigned up. However, in this case it is not linked to a bank account but a credit card meaning that if Paypal makes a demonstrably unauthorized charge, through the CC company it can be reversed. They cannot go into a deposit account and arbitrarily lift funds without notice. (I only opened this account up again for b otherwise would never have done so.)

In any case, I too wish there were easier ways to pay him!

Posted by: Scorpion | Jan 24 2024 19:32 utc | 23

I would love to donate but will not have anything to do, even remotely, with PayPal since they cut off Consortium News. Give me a post box so I can post a cheque or any other method of sending money and I will, gladly.

Posted by: Hutch | Jan 24 2024 19:47 utc | 24


Posted by: Gur'la-ya | Jan 24 2024 20:03 utc | 25

Happy to add to the pot, wish I could do more

Posted by: Rick | Jan 24 2024 20:17 utc | 26

PAYPAL message after pressing donate button:
"We’re sorry that we are experiencing temporary difficulties.
Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience."

i'll try again later

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Jan 24 2024 20:55 utc | 27


Well deserved. Wish i could give more

Posted by: watcher | Jan 24 2024 21:02 utc | 28

I just paid with my Credit card. I do not belong to paypal. At one point i was asked to give details to paypal but then I un-clicked a button (the one above being over 18 and it went through.

Posted by: watcher | Jan 24 2024 21:04 utc | 29

I have been sending b cash for a decade.

What is the big deal here?

Send him an email to get his snail mail address and try not to work up a sweat addressing the post.

Thanks b. Regular coming your way soon.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 24 2024 21:48 utc | 30

No worries

Posted by: jpc | Jan 24 2024 21:50 utc | 31

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Jan 24 2024 20:55 utc | 28

That was exactly the problem I continually had on my Samsung Tablet, using Firefox, even with my add-ons disabled. Though now that I think about it there is a setting for thwarting tracking within Firefox that I should have tried disabling as well.

But anyway, I logged out of PayPal, after removing my credit card from it, and then closed my browser, and after reopening it navigated back to the donation. When there I chose the option to enter my credit card info on the page, instead of just clicking on the PayPal button. That worked.

P.S. Naturally I first checked the lock icon in the dress field, to make sure it was a secure encrypted tansaction.

Posted by: Babel-17 | Jan 24 2024 21:51 utc | 32

I was just thinking about making a contribution this morning. I'll do so in a couple of weeks when finances are more well known. Just a note to b, this is "tax season" in the US, not sure about Germany. So until we receive all of our tax documents and file, it's an "iffy" time of year to spend money. Still, I'll send something sooner rather than later.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 24 2024 22:03 utc | 33


Posted by: Jane | Jan 24 2024 22:08 utc | 34

Posted by: Scorpion | Jan 24 2024 19:32 utc | 24
Re PayPal.

I have never had a PayPal account and have never paid or received any payment via PayPal.

However, it looks as though PayPal is somehow mediating donations via credit card. One gets two lozenge=shaped links, one labeled "via PayPal" and the other "via credit card." Clicking the latter brings one to the standard form to fill in credit card info.

At first the form was not accepting the "required" telephone number. It finally relented, added +1, and allowed me to fill in the required number.

I also made a donation to Information Clearing House---same deal with PayPal/credit card.
The donation appears on my CC bill as a payment to PayPal. I hope PayPal don't skim off any "fee." If they do one can dispute it with the CC company. Unlike with a bank, where the money is just gone from one's account.

Perhaps the function of PayPal is to do the conversion from, say, dollars to euros. Which is redundant in my case because my credit card company makes the conversion for free.

Posted by: Jane | Jan 24 2024 22:18 utc | 35

paypal worked for me thank you b

Posted by: Tony | Jan 24 2024 22:47 utc | 36

I have donated just now. Thanks B, for all your hard work and effort in researching and writing posts, and for maintaining this blog.

Posted by: Refinnejenna | Jan 25 2024 2:07 utc | 37

Thanks b your work and friends keep me sane most days!

Posted by: Susan | Jan 25 2024 2:50 utc | 38

Thank you for your enlightening articles and links to other articles worth reading. I appreciate the reminder.

Posted by: Belle | Jan 25 2024 3:57 utc | 39

Thanks for hosting such an excellent site.
From Sam.

Posted by: Sam | Jan 25 2024 4:06 utc | 40

We love you, b! May you be awash in recreational libations!

Posted by: titmouse | Jan 25 2024 6:04 utc | 41

Thanks b, for all you do.

Why not set up a Substack, where the subscription options are easy. Also buymeacoffee seems to be a popular service among bloggers and webbers, or which is associated with Rumble video as well, though you don't have to make videos. But why not do the occassional video, posted on youTube and Rumble etc, as well as Twitter and Telegram - I would suggest setting up "Official" MoA accounts on all these sites, even if you don't use them, to prevent fakers from stealing your name. You could learn to make videos for yourself, as a mental exercise, keep the brain functioning by learning new things.

I say all this because Blogs are now so old-school that most younger people don't even think of them anymore. If it's not in a video on YT, Tik-Tok or on X or Telegram, they will never hear about it, and thus never read it. Most of the younger poeple at my work, for example, never read anything, they only watch videos. You can criticize them for this, but they don't care.

Posted by: FUBAR111111 | Jan 25 2024 6:41 utc | 42

I have donated a small amount in appreciation of the platform you provide and the many learned contributors who contribute invaluable information and comment. Thank you b.

Posted by: Dr. Rob Campbell | Jan 25 2024 8:05 utc | 43

I tried to make a payment this morning, but the response was "Try Later. We are experiencing problems".
Don't worry.
I will continue to support this excellent blog.
Thanks b for all you do.
You are a STAR.

Posted by: Engineer-John | Jan 25 2024 10:43 utc | 44

Thanks b. I very much wish I was in a position to give more but my circumstances do not currently permit this. Your posts are very much appreciated and let’s hope that the PTB don’t close you down. Keep bringing light into the gloom.

Posted by: Vragtes | Jan 25 2024 10:53 utc | 45

Please start a substack already...Like Simplicius or Niccolo Soldo. Do it before they close it down!

Posted by: Combourg | Jan 25 2024 14:15 utc | 46

An island of sanity and civilization in a sea of regressive, jingoist lunacy, that provides a considered perspective in this time of geopolitical upheaval. Thanks for all the work you do b. I'll see what I can do to an age when journalists have become stenographers your site keeps me from despair.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Jan 25 2024 14:33 utc | 47

Done via Paypal.

Thank you for all you do.

Posted by: JohninMK | Jan 25 2024 14:53 utc | 48

Done via PayPal. Appreciate your efforts. Best wishes.

Posted by: KitaySupporter | Jan 25 2024 14:53 utc | 49

Started a recurring donation via paypal. Please consider reworking your RSS feed to contain the full body of your articles (my only complaint about the site).

Posted by: Max | Jan 25 2024 16:54 utc | 50

@ FUBAR111111 | Jan 25 2024 6:41 utc | 42

your last few words summarize it up well ( but they don't care )

and is another reason for b to continue as is... if your fellow workers really ''don't care'', that is not b's problem..

Posted by: james | Jan 25 2024 16:57 utc | 51

Your work is invaluable. Wish I could donate more.

Posted by: Straightwalker | Jan 25 2024 19:15 utc | 52

Great blog, great samizdat,adding to efforts of other people. Huge influence in the world. Big money loses against big minds.

Posted by: fanto | Jan 25 2024 20:19 utc | 53

Paul from Norway | Jan 24 2024 20:55 utc | 27
Same problem for me .... "We are experiencing difficulties".
I've tried several times today to donate and get the same response each time.
I'll keep trying.

Posted by: Engineer-John | Jan 25 2024 22:00 utc | 54

PayPal works great. Took about a minute. It's attached to a credit card so no worries as stated above.

You do an awesome service b. Although I've just been lurking a few months, your website and guests are highly educational. You all are second on the morning reading list after

I am not sure how I woke up. Covid definitely broke my Today Show habit, then Joe Rogan introduced me to different voices. Ukraine always smelled bad to me. Maybe because I had three Russian friends in graduate school manyyearsago. All kind, extremely smart and hilarious. So here I am with all you barflies almost daily now.

Thank you all, especially you, b, for the awakening education!

Posted by: cc | Jan 25 2024 22:02 utc | 55

donations. I keep trying to donate by card, but paypal does NOT allow it . They pretend you can then keep asking for more details and say no. Is there another way? I have a visa card from my Australian bank but live in France, and this paypal dominance is new.

Posted by: anaisanesse | Jan 25 2024 22:11 utc | 56

I gave a small amount via Wise ( I requested via email, and B sent bank wire info. Transaction cost @ 1.93%. Quick, easy.

Posted by: Neil MacLeod | Jan 25 2024 22:16 utc | 57

My friends tell me that I´m well versed in politics, I could never ever been that without going to this blog every day. It´s just marvellous to be able to listen to wise people from all over the world, yes listen..I often use the text-reading of the articles and the comments, so thank you b for your work to spread a true image of reality. Tomorrow, I´ve to find out if my bank actually still sends you a monthly allowance, as I promised last time you asked for support.

Posted by: Northern Eve | Jan 25 2024 22:22 utc | 58

Thank you b.

I paid in euros rather than ‘gold’, much easier for you to use.

I would send more but energy bills in the UK are approaching four figures each month.

Posted by: Lev Davidovich | Jan 25 2024 23:46 utc | 59

Thanks for this site - It is incomparable! Happy to do my small part to show my appreciation.

Just thought I'd share how I pay - and avoid Paypal (which is a scumbag corporation). I live in Australia so I'm not sure this will work for others in the U.S. but it might be worth looking into. We went to our local bank and were able to set up a second debit card account with its own account number and card. We can do interbank transfers within seconds so when we want to donate to a site or buy something on-line, we just transfer the amount we want to send from our main account into the second account and use that card number. If someone or some bot tries to draw money out, they get an "insufficient funds" message because, unless we are specifically transferring, it always carries a zero balance. Cheers!

Posted by: Valerie | Jan 26 2024 1:41 utc | 60

Just realised that using my debit card has to go through PayPal - So scratch what I just wrote. I will send you an e-mail and get the direct funds transfer. Thanks

Posted by: Valerie | Jan 26 2024 1:55 utc | 61

MoA, a sight for sore eyes, sometimes overwhelming.

Nothing, anywhere is as good as MoA for my needs. Many are the times where the collective knowledge is way over my head. No harm done.

I do wish some barflies would take their ad hominem business elsewhere.

Perhaps trite, but I thank you, b, for everything you have done and inspiring insightful barflies to inspire a few brain cells here and there.

I should figure out how to increase my monthly contribution.

Posted by: Acco Hengst | Jan 26 2024 1:56 utc | 62

Do you have a BTC address?

Posted by: Sideshow Bob | Jan 26 2024 6:43 utc | 63

"and is another reason for b to continue as is... if your fellow workers really ''don't care'', that is not b's problem..
Times change, James. 20 years ago. Blogs were big, now they are not, that's just the way it is.

If the point of writing a Blog is so that others read it, the same can be said for videos, Telegram posts, or whatever. The point is to get the message out, the medium you use should attempt to reach out to new people. If the audience is stagnant, over time, due to natural attrition, they move on to other things.

b's message is valuable, a wider audience would ensue if more venues are utilized. THat is all I am saying. But a wider audience would get more donations, maybe enabling b to expand the site, or get a new computer or car, or whatever he needs to do. Money flow increases with audience size. My young co-workers might not read the Blog, but they might watch a video, a few are interested in the Ukraine war. There are so many more options now than there used to be, why not use what is out there?

Posted by: FUBAR111111 | Jan 26 2024 6:47 utc | 64

I could find no PayPal sign and when you click on donate it will not allow a donation unless you click a regular payment via credit card who charge a fee plus a lousy exchange rate so I emailed as suggested and await a reply to make my contribution for your very enlightening work.

Posted by: Rakyat kecil | Jan 26 2024 11:23 utc | 65

First time donation sent today, many thanks B for the excellent craftsmanship and research.

Posted by: madmarc | Jan 26 2024 12:34 utc | 66

Get a job you bum!

Posted by: Kat | Jan 26 2024 15:12 utc | 67

Posted by: Kat | Jan 26 2024 15:12 utc | 68

Hahaha......what are you doing here? BUM.

Posted by: kitaySupporter | Jan 26 2024 15:26 utc | 68

@ FUBAR111111 | Jan 26 2024 6:47 utc | 65

i understand what you are saying, but ultimately it is b's choice to do what he does, however much others might try to persuade him to act differently... do you understand that? regardless, you can show support by sending some money b's way to continue to appreciate what you're able to access here... cheers..

Posted by: james | Jan 26 2024 16:14 utc | 69

It's done, by Überweisung

Posted by: grunzt | Jan 26 2024 16:44 utc | 70

Thanks b for all you do, and thanks to all those bright and knowing folk who pass by and share their insights and opinions. Take good care, the world needs you. Much love from France x

Posted by: extremebuilder | Jan 26 2024 16:54 utc | 71

With many thanks to you, b!

Posted by: Vivacious Recluse | Jan 26 2024 16:57 utc | 72

Get a job you bum!

Writing for and running MoA (and taking care that morons who make fools of themselves, like you, do not have an upper hand in the comments) is a full time job.

Posted by: b | Jan 26 2024 17:05 utc | 73

Done, thank you

Posted by: Karl Hungus | Jan 26 2024 20:09 utc | 74

my small contribution went through via credit card from usa no problem. to you and to PRCS. it's a good day. Thank you, b! (and i hope you have by now given yourself the most excellent gift of freedom from nicotine) :)

Posted by: DuchessAndBob | Jan 26 2024 20:54 utc | 75

Thank you MoA for all your hard work and objectives analysis over the years.

Donated with paypal 😎

Posted by: Pitit_Dessalines | Jan 27 2024 14:01 utc | 76

B, looks like your donations are not set up to receive Paypal from Singapore? I tried twice to no avail.

Posted by: littlereddot | Jan 27 2024 15:00 utc | 77

@littlereddot -

Paypal follows local laws and some countries (New Zealand for example) do not allow payments to foreign accounts through it.

Please try other means as describe above.

Posted by: b | Jan 27 2024 16:47 utc | 78

Überweisung sent -- many thanks!

Posted by: BillC | Jan 27 2024 17:33 utc | 79

Almost never post as having a life, responsibilities and daily chores precludes my living here full-time. Unlike so many of the MoA regulars. MoA is the virtual version of going to a coffee shop and seeing the tables packed with old geezers (...I am one) blabbing away, all day. I'm a lurker of long standing and have learned a lot here. Despite the spammers, scammers, trolls, anti-trolls, USSR nostalgiasists and general mayhem it's the best place around. I hope those who post, and post, and post every-single-day cough up big bucks. Delighted to pay my way to the best of my abilities.

Posted by: Robert E. Smith | Jan 27 2024 18:05 utc | 80

Super broke, B, will have to try to double up my contribution next go.

Posted by: muttman | Jan 27 2024 18:32 utc | 81

Hello, b. Finally my husband TJ Putnam sent you a donation on my/our behalf. I’ve tried endlessly with no success.
Thank you as ever for your indispensable work and the valuable contributions of commenters you gather together.
Indeed darkest times. However knowledge is vital even if the way through looks impenetrable right now.
Very Best Wishes

Posted by: Valerie Seales | Jan 27 2024 18:38 utc | 82

Done. Thanks for everything b.

Posted by: mtw | Jan 27 2024 20:09 utc | 83

Donated via Paypal. I only posted once on MoA so I'm not sure I am using the same username,I'm sorry. Thank you for all you do, B!

Posted by: wuming | Jan 27 2024 20:58 utc | 84

Sent in 20 euros

Posted by: Steve | Jan 27 2024 22:28 utc | 85

Is cigarette smoking an indulgence in luxury? If yes, we can perhaps persuade b to reduce or quit, so we can indulge in his --- oh, wait.

Well. I found "quitting" after 25 years easy when I discovered that vapour devices (e-pipes) are actually good. The stuff is water-soluble, and you can tweak the stream according to your needs. The available flavours are a world of its own.

Posted by: persiflo | Jan 28 2024 4:01 utc | 86


I am not a regular visitor but have always admired the quality of articles and discussion going on here at MOA.

I must admit I have not followed previous discussions you must have had before about alternative means of donating. If I am covering previously discussed issues then I apologise in advance.

There are those of us who do not feel comfortable sending cash by mail. In some jurisdictions, it is simply not safe as mail is known to be pilfered by postal staff.

Bank transfer fees may be worthwhile for someone who is sending large amounts. But for those who wish to help out with smaller sums, it seems wasteful to pay in bank transfer fees a sizeable chunk of the money that would have otherwise reached your hands.

I am also just guessing here that you have not chosen other means as Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee is because it is vulnerable to being "cancelled"?

Posted by: littlereddot | Jan 28 2024 6:00 utc | 87

Please check the payment system. I've tried twice to donate by card but it doesn't work - also, it tried to return me to Paypal (which I don't want to use).

Posted by: Keith | Jan 28 2024 15:18 utc | 88

Thanks B for your work, and for all the regular commenters. I'll send some extra on top of my monthly donations in a few days time.

Posted by: Peter Schmidt | Jan 28 2024 18:08 utc | 89

Hi b, I've tried twice to now send money via Mastercard this day, 5 hour gap, but keeps failing. I will try again tomorrow. I'm just a reader of this site, but believe it's a very important place with your thoughts and some exceptionally interesting contributors.

Posted by: Poonday | Jan 28 2024 22:46 utc | 90

MOA is more important than ever! Support feels more like a moral imperative than a simply transaction. Happy to support you B.

Posted by: flugzeit | Jan 29 2024 5:17 utc | 91

You deserve every donation x1000. I am in horrible financial straits but will try to find money to give.

Posted by: Cresty | Jan 29 2024 5:55 utc | 92

Sorry b, same problem as #27 and 54, paypal won't accept. Is this because I closed my paypal account? Anyway, will email you as I had to do last time I donated. Best wishes for 2024

Posted by: Ben McDonnell | Jan 29 2024 10:49 utc | 93

Donation wired with gratitude. Thank you

Posted by: DocHollywood | Jan 29 2024 15:53 utc | 94

Dear b, I've tried again via Mastercard and cannot make a payment, so I plan on doubling the payment. What would be the best way to get you the cash, I've seen some people say to email you.

Posted by: Poonday | Jan 29 2024 21:54 utc | 95

Most of you who come here value my analyses. Others are fond of MoA's vivid,...

There cannot be one without the other.

You've put on your gestapo hat and policed me with ruthless German efficiency in the past, but I'm a sucker for punishment, I guess, and keep coming back.

I cannot donate, but hopefully those still working or with reasonable retirement funds can do so sufficiently. Keep up the good work b.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 29 2024 23:52 utc | 96

sorry if duplicate - timed out and didnt appear when refreshed so reposted.

I gave a small amount via Wise ( I requested via email, and B sent bank wire info. Transaction cost @ 1.93%. Quick, easy.

Posted by: Neil MacLeod | Jan 25 2024 22:16 utc | 57

I cannot donate, but hopefully those still working or with reasonable retirement funds can do so sufficiently. Keep up the good work b.
Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 29 2024 23:52 utc | 96

Lurker here since just before beginning of SMO, Many Thanks b for the education and perspective your forum provides.

Neil: Looks like a great suggestion (paypal hater here). Your link ended up leading my wandering ways to the website Monito (try to determine least expensive or least hassle transfers. Looks like it determines what works for individuals in different parts of world. Eyeopening for someone who keep procrastinating on getting passport lol. From fiddling around a bit with it (different country combinations) it looks like is usually up near top of least cost and/or fastest transfer services.

Peter AU1: thanks for your varied contributions to MOA. I like to think outside box and to look for synergies; throwing spaghetti on the wall here - dont know if it will( or should) stick.

Others have suggested b set up alternative formats to facilitate cashflow {and/or at least make trolls have to pay a subscription fee to access comments ;)}. Obviously b is maxed out on individual labor capacity and you seem to devote significant time to contributing here but seem retirement/health cost cash poor. Assuming the details/math works and b is amenable, perhaps you (or some other significant MOA personality that b trusts) could do like Karlof and while still contributing here start/administer a Substack (or other forum)as a repeater/augmentation of MOA articles or interesting threads that would be limited to paid subscribers only with the understanding that the majority of proceeds would be forwarded to MOA - you could thus aggregate small contributions from people that would otherwise not go thru the hassle/high % expense of directly sending money to b - maybe take a cut of revenue and/or transfer fee saving by aggregating and making less frequent but larger transfers to b (or take no cut and make your effort an in-kind contribution.) Not sure if the numbers work without doing details of forum fees; if could be gifts; if income taxes would be incurred; etc; or if would actually draw in large number of small contributors in a less cluttered space that would expand b's audience rather than detract.

Anyway just a couple of thoughts. I too am retired on limited income and taking care of recently widowed mother. For now, if i can find time, will use Monito to determine best service to send small amount to b but would be interested in subscribing to a MOA Substack repeater for paid subscribers only if it helped reduce troll litter or expanded/extended threads that would otherwise be lost.

Afterthought- as alternative to repeater maybe someone could (with b's permission) administer a "JustaCoffee" (sp?) or other similar type account and administer it for b to facilitate and aggregate small contributions that would otherwise not be made due effort and high relative expense barriers??

Posted by: NoStraightPath60 | Jan 30 2024 13:54 utc | 97


Time flies and a week has past ...

A big thank you to everyone who contributed.

A big thanks also to those who tried but failed for whatever reason.

The thread will now close down and go back to its original date of its first posting.

Posted by: b | Jan 31 2024 16:03 utc | 98

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