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January 25, 2024

After U.S. Again Bombed Yemen, Houthi Attack DoD Transport Ships

Two days ago I discussed the reported hope the Biden administration has to get China's help in the U.S. conflict with Yemen.

To Hope That China Will Help With Yemen Is Delusional Bullshit - Moon of Alabama, Jan 23, 2024

Chinese ship do not get bothered by Yemini forces. They only targeted ships were related to Israel and, since the U.S. and UK bombed Houthi positions, ships related to those countries are also under attack.

We have now learned why U.S. officials had expressed hope for Chinese help. The Financial Times reports of previous backroom talks with China about the issue.

US urges China to help curb Red Sea attacks by Iran-backed Houthis (archived) - FT - Jan 24, 2024

The US has asked China to urge Tehran to rein in Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea, but has seen little sign of help from Beijing, according to American officials.

Officials have repeatedly raised the matter with top Chinese officials in the past three months, asking them to convey a warning to Iran not to inflame tensions in the Middle East after Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel and the ensuing war.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan and his deputy, Jon Finer, discussed the issue in meetings this month in Washington with Liu Jianchao, head of the Chinese Communist party’s international department, according to US officials. Secretary of state Antony Blinken also raised it, said a state department official.

This is so laughable that it is nearly sad.

Again, Chinese ships do net get bothered by Yemen. That other ships now have to avoid the Red Sea route and take an extra 14 days to sail around Africa gives China's container fleet a business advantage. So why did anyone in the White House even thought about asking China for help?

As Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism snarked about asking for Chinese help:

Before we go to war with them, or after?

Last night the U.S. Navy tried to escort two U.S. owned and flagged container carriers, the Maersk Detroit and Maersk Chesapeake, through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait into the Red Sea.

The Yemenis responded by firing three anti ship missiles at them. Two missile were intercepted by a U.S. Navy ship, the USS Gravely, but one exploded near to one of the container carriers:

The U.S. Central Command confirmed details of the incident in a statement posted to “X”.

“On Jan. 24 at approximately 2 p.m. (Sanaa time), Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists fired three anti-ship ballistic missiles from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen toward the U.S.-flagged, owned, and operated container ship M/V Maersk Detroit, transiting the Gulf of Aden. One missile impacted in the sea. The two other missiles were successfully engaged and shot down by the USS Gravely (DDG 107). There were no reported injuries or damage to the ship,” the statement said.

These were not purely civilian ships involved in the private transport of consumer goods:

The Maersk Detroit and Maersk Chesapeake are operated by Maersk Line, Limited (MLL), Maersk’s US-flag subsidiary. Both ships are enrolled in the U.S. Maritime Administration’s Maritime Security Program and Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement (VISA) with the U.S government.

Maersk said the vessels are carrying cargo belonging to the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, USAID, and other U.S. government agencies and “is therefore afforded the protection of the U.S. Navy for passage.”

As a result, Maersk Line, Limited has made the decision to suspend transits in the region in until further notice, a significant development considering MLL’s role in transporting U.S. military and government cargo. MLL is not only the largest owner and operator of US flag vessels trading internationally, but also the largest participant in the VISA/MSP programs.

These ships were most likely carrying munitions for Israel. The U.S. Navy lost the battle as the ships could not pass.

The incident happened twelve hours after the U.S. and UK had bombed Yemeni positions for the 9th time.

CENTCOM reported of the strike:

On Jan. 24 at approximately 2:30 a.m.(Sanaa time), U.S. Central Command forces conducted strikes against two Houthi anti-ship missiles that were aimed into the Southern Red Sea and were prepared to launch. U.S. forces identified the missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined that they presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and the U.S. Navy ships in the region. U.S. forces subsequently struck and destroyed the missiles in self-defense. This action will protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safer and more secure for U.S. Navy vessels and merchant vessels.

This is, again, clear evidence that bombing the Yemeni Houthi government forces has zero impact on their capabilities and motivation. It, in fact, encourages them to try harder.

The whole U.S. policy of 'helping Israel' by (unsuccessfully) countering the Houthi blockade of Israel related ships was wrong from the very beginning. The unsuccessful blockade run by U.S. DoD transports proves that it has failed.

But the whole operation has increased the cost for transporting goods between the Europe and Asia and endangers ships unrelated to the conflict.

The Houthi announced their blockade for Israel related ships in the Red Sea on December 9 2023. The U.S. announced, on December 21, a coalition to protect Israeli related shipping in the Red Sea. Only after that had happened did the traffic through the Suez channel decrease.


Now ask how the populations in Europe (and Asia) will feel about the U.S. operation when price inflation, induced by such U.S. actions, will again hit them where it hurts them most.

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Posted by: Alchemist | Jan 25 2024 14:51 utc | 1

Biden forgot to quote PM Lloyd George:
"We reserve the right to bombe the n..."

Posted by: p3t3r | Jan 25 2024 14:52 utc | 2

"Now ask how the populations in Europe (and Asia) will feel about the U.S. operation when price inflation, induced by such U.S. actions, will again hit them where it hurts them most."

I read that Qatar has also cancelled gas deliveries to Europe, or some countries there. The Europeans are certainly suckers for economic punishment.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 25 2024 14:57 utc | 3

The prophecy has come to pass:

The Dabbat al-ard, or Beast of the Earth, will come out of the ground to talk to people. The second blow of the trumpet will be sounded, the dead will return to life, and a fire will come out of Yemen that shall gather all to Mahshar Al Qiy'amah (The Gathering for Judgment).

The grand Sheikh Imran Hosein elabourates using his system of Islamic eschatology:

A Fire will come out of Yemen

And whether it be true or not, for certain a fire shall come out of Yemen, and for sure some country or another will soon see their apocalypse ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 25 2024 15:00 utc | 4

At this point would it be too late to recommend the US government administration the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie? Asking for a friend. And to whom in the administration would best receive such a gift recommendation?

Posted by: titmouse | Jan 25 2024 15:02 utc | 5

Did the missiles miss or was it just a warning shot?

FAFO. I will posit the Yemeni are saying we could if we wanted to. Not interested in a full US response. Yet.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 25 2024 15:09 utc | 6

The problem is not that this or that ship is at risk: the problem is that insurance company raised their premiums because the Red Sea is now declared a war area. Your ship can be Venusian and destined to Mars, but if it goes through the Red Sea, the insurance company requires ten times the money it required a couple of months ago. Shipments of cheap goods simply cannot afford that.

Posted by: SG | Jan 25 2024 15:10 utc | 7

There is not only a price impact but also a delay due to the longer route which will effect time related cargoes.

Adding to that here are reports that Qatar has suspended LNG shipments to Europe whilst it reviews the situation. The UK will be badly effected by this as well as the EU who, given their lack of LNG terminals, are using the UK and its Interconnector pipelines. This could be a huge problem if the winter continues to be a cold one and storage is depleted faster than expected. I bet no-one in Whitehall considered that when they agreed the Typhoon attacks on Yemen, as US vassal duties came first.

Posted by: JohninMK | Jan 25 2024 15:10 utc | 8

*insurance companies raised their premiums etc.

Posted by: SG | Jan 25 2024 15:11 utc | 9

Not to mention that US bombed Somalia, just next door to Yemen

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 25 2024 15:13 utc | 10

"In order to have a successful negotiation, each side must feel that the other side cares." - Dale Carnegie

Mister Finer, Jake Sullivan's helper is likely focused on the "Kiss up, Kick down Principle".

Sullivan is quite the dunce, as are all the main characters. Unless they're pure evil like Vicky.

Posted by: Chaka Khagan | Jan 25 2024 15:20 utc | 11

Not really off topic: a 10% increase in electricity rates as of February 1 has been announced here in France. This is a step in the removal of thé rate shield in place since COVID. The Minister of Finance told the public that it is time to free ourselves of this "costly shield." In other words, the burden will be shifted from the taxpayer... to the consumer. And the shareholder, meanwhile?

Posted by: Gene Poole | Jan 25 2024 15:23 utc | 12

Chaka Khagan@11.... psychopaths in a blind rage.....generational inbreeding gone awry....

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Jan 25 2024 15:31 utc | 13

According to this<, the merchant boats then retreated back to the Arabian Sea. This marks a clear defeat on behalf of the US Navy to safeguard passage.

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 25 2024 15:33 utc | 14

The ships are contracted by US government (at cost plus plus and 10 percent for the big guy), hauling US weapons, and protected by US Navy, then they're as good as self-insured by the US gov - backed by full faith and credit of endless fiat dollars. Maersk is on the big gub gravy train.

The embarrassment and humiliation is what's got them bothered.

It would be humorous were it not for the horrific genocide.

It is laughable that these backstabbers ask China for help.

Posted by: Chaka Khagan | Jan 25 2024 15:35 utc | 15

From the Far East to Mediterranean, market average short term rates are set to increase 11% by 2 February to stand at USD 6507 per FEU. This is an increase of 243% since the Red Sea crisis escalated in mid December.

Rates from the Far East to North Europe are set to rise by 8% by 2 February, with a market average of USD 5106 per FEU. This is an increase of 235% since mid December.

The biggest increase in rates is from the Far East into US East Coast. On this trade, the newly-released data suggests an increase of 17% by 2 February to bring the average short term rate up to USD 6119 per FEU. This is an increase of 146% since mid December.

Obviously inflation is not coming down anytime soon, yet the financial markets anticipate rate cuts.

Something has got to give.

Posted by: too scents | Jan 25 2024 15:40 utc | 16

Arch Bungle@4.... interesting interpretation of events. Though I'd prefere the forces set for destruction be smashed in their own houses. Spare the poor people of the ME....

Cheers M

....oh, and the little chuckle when he says Gaza....spreading the love.

I'm going to venture what we are seeing, draw down and nutting of NATO in 404, and the embers of fire now spreading through the ME are a coordinated plan, not unintended consequences.

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Jan 25 2024 15:46 utc | 17

Thank you for laying this out, it has been frustrating to read everyone in the US accepting the propaganda that the Houthis are blocking all ships and the US is fighting for freedom of the seas. The Houthis have been very selective in only targeting Israeli (and then US/UK) ships. Yes, this has spiked insurance rates for everyone and caused a lot of ships to voluntarily detour, but the Houthis has been very clear on what they are doing. It is the US that is trying to internationalize this conflict and apply it to all shipping. So far the rest of the world isn't buying it, but who knows how long that will last.

But this current incident is incredible. A US government-contract ship carrying military cargoes directly escorted by US Navy ships being forced back by the blockade, resulting in an announcement that the largest carrier of US military cargoes will no longer even try to enter the Red Sea? It is an epic defeat for the US Navy, and Im guessing the retaliatory strikes will be massive.

Posted by: Bob | Jan 25 2024 15:52 utc | 18

oldhippie | Jan 25 2024 15:09 utc | 6--

Thanks very much for your support!

Trying to navigate the Red Sea is akin to running a gauntlet if you're the enemy as you can be attacked multiple times. I find it odd the arms destined for Occupied Palestine would transit this route unless they were coming from Pacific or Asian ports as Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico ports would transit the Med. As with the situation in Iraq and Syria, the Yemen operation was a mistake. Simplicius has a very good sitrep on all that. USN is very fortunate Ansarallah doesn't have more powerful missiles of the sort Russia, China, Iran, and other nations have. This technological altering of all battlespaces puts the Outlaw US Empire at a decided disadvantage and can no longer use its traditional methods of power projection. We see why the carriers were removed from theatre. The entire carrier fleet now becomes a huge liability in terms of cost for the Empire's military. The wisest choice would be to keep one or two and break all the others plus scrap construction of the newest. The key ships are what Russia's now producing--missile and anti-missile ships along with multipurpose submarines, all of which are armed with hypersonics. Captain Mahan's tactics can now be put to rest for eternity.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 25 2024 15:58 utc | 19

Oh dear Chaka Khagan, that might leave us with Kamala Harris as our only hope! Well don't I feel embarassed. Heh, looks like we're all in danger on Earth flying on Air America.
/pulls out inflatable vest from under my seat/
And remember fellow passengers, your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device.

Posted by: titmouse | Jan 25 2024 15:59 utc | 20

A near miss is as good as a hit. It would scare most people off. Are shipping rates higher for U.S., UK, and Israeli linked merchant ships vs those of China and Russia?
The reason I ask is that if it is then it would prove that the Houthis are only attacking ships in the first category and not all commercial shipping.

Neocons claim that the Houthis are attacking everything but I'd believe the people who have skin in the game (Insurers). Actually, Neocons never have skin in the game. That's one of the reasons I hate them so much.

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Jan 25 2024 16:01 utc | 21

Arch Bungle@4

The red sea is where Empires go to die (Ottoman, French, British... US now).

Posted by: Shahmaran | Jan 25 2024 16:01 utc | 22

Just another of the 1000 cuts to the coffin of the EU economy.

Posted by: unimperator | Jan 25 2024 16:05 utc | 23

Posted by: JohninMK | Jan 25 2024 15:10 utc | 8

Not only is Quatar stopping gas deliveries to EU, US is already considering to stop LNG exports as well. German public is suing against ecological impact of LNG ports. Germany started this one with storage 99% full, next year might look quite different.

Guess Scholz is in for a hot winter, deservedly

Posted by: SOS | Jan 25 2024 16:06 utc | 24

The US has asked China to urge Tehran to rein in Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea

Stupid cowards that would be laughed out if they tried asking directly.

The actual chain of cowardice is even longer: the inbred shitbag tapeworms whose name no one knows asked the rothchilds to tell israel to tell the american tapeworms to tell the american epstein-rapists- uh, politicians (includes trump by the way) to tell the US to ask China to urge Tehran to rein in Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea.

Posted by: Michael A | Jan 25 2024 16:17 utc | 25

Posted by: SOS | Jan 25 2024 16:06 utc | 24

As I read, Qatar is not stopping gas deliveries to EU, but they will be delayed due to the route of Africa transit:

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 25 2024 16:19 utc | 26

A bedtime story for the bar:

Shlomo’s story of how he lost his 3 best buddies

Shlomo’s story of how he lost his 3 best buddies; Moshe, Ari and Benny

They were 4 reservists called up unexpectedly.

Shlomo himself, lived in Brooklyn and had a business pumping and dumping crypto with an onlyfans side-gig.

He secretly thought to himself the stupidest thing he ever did was fly to Israel to fight Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Although the four buddies never left what they were told was the “rear with the gear” they found out the hard way that there was no “rear” in Gaza.

It was a warm Tuesday afternoon

Benny and Ari were lounging around in the home of a Palestinian family they'd recently mowed down, under a baby blue canopy that was flapping softly in the med sea breeze.

They were cheering Moshe on as he danced the kitvah with a Corona in one hand and a bong in the other.

Shlomo was on his way back from the fridge with a cold-one, when he heard someone yell.

Allah Akbar mother****ers!

Followed immediately by Moshe getting hit center of chest with an RPG fired from a Yassin 105 by a smiling Arab named Mohammed in an Adidas track suit and reeboks standing about 10 meters away.

Benny, Moshe and Ari all went to jew Heaven (if they have a Heaven, I don’t know) in a yellow flash.

After that little incident Shlomo became disillusioned with the whole Zionist/Jewish supremacist thing and got permanently addicted to psychotropic drugs ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 25 2024 16:31 utc | 27

Did the missiles miss or was it just a warning shot?

FAFO. I will posit the Yemeni are saying we could if we wanted to. Not interested in a full US response. Yet.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 25 2024 15:09 utc | 6

I believe the Houthi are very sensibly firing warning shots on the principle of least effort. They accomplished the mission: stop the ships from transiting the Red Sea and humiliate the US but leaving the US without a compelling justification for a massive Shock and Awe campaign (which would be risky and ineffective anyway).

I would also imagine that the Houthi are firing off their oldest, crudest missiles, and the US knows it. The older, cheaper stuff is a cost-effective way to reduce US anti-missile stocks, while keeping the real war-fighting missiles in reserve. The politicians may not understand this, but Navy certainly does, and so, very likely, do the neocons who want to fight China. If they piss away their air-defense capability against Yemen, that just won't be an option at all.

Posted by: Honzo | Jan 25 2024 16:34 utc | 28

@ Arch Bungle | Jan 25 2024 16:31 utc | 27

Now you’re just daring me, aren’t you?
You’re daring me to start an “Arch Bungle (unauthorised) Tribute Substack”.
If it ever happens, I promise to send all earnings to b.

Posted by: tawharanui | Jan 25 2024 16:42 utc | 29

Posted by: tawharanui | Jan 25 2024 16:42 utc | 29

All proceeds donated to this fine establishment ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 25 2024 16:47 utc | 30

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 25 2024 16:19 utc | 26

From the middle of Gulf of Persia is about 9900km (5350nm) to Gibraltar through the Suez. Round the South African coast is about 19700km (10600nm). So that's a nice 9800km (5300nm) addition to a a one-way trip. If the ship is moving at 12 kt, that's 18+ days on the one way trip, or 36 days round trip. I guess it adds costs (translating to more inflation in Europe), but how much someone else can probably better calculate.

Dry bulk day rates are running between $10 - 20k in dry bulk and over $40k on liquid tankers.

Posted by: unimperator | Jan 25 2024 16:48 utc | 31

money grows on trees for the usa... it isn't the same for the europeans however... thus a continuation of this stupidity is highly likely..

Posted by: james | Jan 25 2024 16:50 utc | 32

Pepe Escobar's Telegram linked to an excellent "Voldemort publisher" article on the rate issue, "Red Sea Blockage Leads To "Out Of Control" Shipping Rates; Charters Hits $100,000 Per Day," that latter rate being for tankers. Container ship rates are also ballooning. This excerpt talks about them:

Moreover, reports to The Loadstar suggest that some shippers of low-rated contract cargo are seeing their allocations slashed by up to 80% by their carriers, forcing them onto the spot market.

Xeneta’s XSI Asia-North Europe spot component jumped 25%, for an average of $4,612 per 40ft, representing a month-on-month increase of nearly 200%.

However, for shipments before the Chinese New Year, which commences on 10 February, some carriers are touting rates in excess of $10,000 per 40ft. One UK-based NVOCC director told The Loadstar he had decided only to ship his most urgent boxes before CNY, on the basis that rates should go down in the traditionally slack period following the holiday.

“The lines have plenty of ships and demand is still not that strong, so once the longer transits get baked into their schedules, I can’t see any reason why rates would stay high,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mediterranean shippers are not only facing huge delays in containers arriving from Asia, but are seeing the cost of spot freight rates leap to more than $6,500 per 40ft, from $2,300 at the end of December.

Elsewhere, transpacific spot rates from Asia to North America are “out of control”, according to a UK forwarder contact currently in Shanghai.

“The lines are charging what they like at the moment, whether that is to the west or east coast, the market has been taken over by a return of the pandemic ‘fear factor’ of not getting product shipped,” said the forwarder.

Unfortunately, it's only getting worse as transpacific carriers are still in the process of raising their rates, with further FAK (freight all kinds) hikes planned for 1 and 15 February.

Drewry’s WCI Asia to US west coast spot shot up 38% this week, to an average of $3,860 per 40ft, while its east coast spot climbed 35%, to $5,644 per 40ft, respectively 88% and 64% higher than for the same week of last year.

In the market for something imported? Buy now.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 25 2024 16:50 utc | 33

"So why did anyone in the White House even thought about asking China for help?"

You know, this reminds me of the first year of US imperialism's war on Russia in Ukraine. I thought it was so unusual that the western press held out hopes that China would take the side of US imperialism over Russia.

It took the western press-- essentially the scribes of the state department, CIA, Pentagon--at least a year to accept China's repeated loud and clear statements of "limitless" partnership with Russia seriously.

I concluded then that the leading element of the imperial ruling class, read Dems, don't really want war with China.

The china trade is too good for the billionaires associated with the Dems. Yet, politically they are aware of the dangers of appearing weak before China, so they do stunts. Idiot Biden calls them names behind their backs, freaky old chicken head Nancy Pelosi makes a dramatic in your face trip to Taiwan, balloon gate, etc.

I get the impression that the Dems think they may be able to intimidate china into line with such stunts. And they keep expecting china to kowtow in response. Of course, that never happens.

Again it seems the Chinese have a good measure of the Dem wing of the ruling class. It seems they are going to let these fools keep thinking this way until they are exhausted and geopolitically checkmated. If they can pull this off with out a major war and consolidate their status as the new world power, well all be better for it.

But the Dem wing of our elite is just the saddest stupidest collection of freaks one can imagine. Just boggles the mind how alienated from reality they are. And with such power! Their political existence is a perversion of the natural order.

Yes I don't mention Republicans. Not because I sympathize with them, but because they are so powerless before the Dems who are running imperialism and are thus an even bigger joke. Trump is funny and committed to a vision, but it's a vision of America that will never return. It's a fantasy. Nonetheless he's entertaining. Like the roadrunner in the old cartoons.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jan 25 2024 17:10 utc | 34

IIRC this is the third time in less than a month that Maersk has paused its shipping via the Red Sea. Continued Houthi attacks must result in higher insurance rates for other shipping lines that continue to use the Red Sea, yes? Is the increase in insurance close to equaling the cost of additional fuel needed to sail around Africa yet?

If it requires so much more fuel to sail around Africa, why hasn't the price of oil skyrocketed lately? Brent crude was $76/barrel on the first trading day (Dec 11) after Houthis announced their Red Sea blockade, and today's price is only $81. The price was as high as $92 as recently as Oct 19, so it's not close to reaching that level yet.

Posted by: Mark Mosby | Jan 25 2024 17:12 utc | 35

If I was still a logtics sales rep I would be targeting affected clients. And I would be offering service via Chinese lines who must be having a field day. Chinese transit to EU via Red Sea in two weeks as opposed to service by Maersk and the others at 4 weeks, LOL. And at a savings of $1000. plus per FEU. Maersk is known as the highest cost carrier. IMO within 1 month lines like Maersk are going to begin to go belly up. This some real deal hybrid warefare.

Posted by: Ralph Conner | Jan 25 2024 17:13 utc | 36

I posted this yesterday over at week in review. Of course “Iran-backed.”
Apologies for the repost.

US urges China to help curb Red Sea attacks by Iran-backed Houthies

Reaching out to enemy number one, to ask enemy number two, to stop enemy number three (four? after Russia?, five? after NK?). Now, that’s called diplomacy. All bases covered, except for the home base.
Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Jan 24 2024 17:52 utc | 148

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Jan 25 2024 17:13 utc | 37

"The US has asked China to urge Tehran to rein in Iran-backed Houthi rebels " - Posted by b on January 25, 2024 at 14:34 UTC |

The idea that Iran countrols the Houthis is silly; the idea that China can control the Houthis is siller.

No one is in contril. "Time and Chance come to them all." == Ecclesiastes.

Posted by: lester | Jan 25 2024 17:15 utc | 38

Another Afghanistan waiting for the US. But, fortunately, it's not the US anymore that could afford another Afghanistan.

Posted by: Zed'sDead | Jan 25 2024 17:18 utc | 39

Ahenobarbus | Jan 25 2024 17:10 utc | 34

You sum it up pretty well. The problem with the cartoon analogy is that, in history there is only one 'take.' If roadrunner knocks a hole into the grand canyon, nobody can call 'cut'. And shoot it again-there is a hole in the canyon to deal with.

Posted by: bevin | Jan 25 2024 17:19 utc | 40

Hasn't the US been negotiating directly with the Houthis? Isn't this time for MORE negotiations? Not that Blinken could negotiate the prices of a kebab with a street vendor. :-(

Posted by: lester | Jan 25 2024 17:21 utc | 41

Brutal coping and delusion on this forum, as always.

Once Qatar decides to sell (and has binding contracts to sell), their gas to someone, they are not going to stop it just because some starving savages play with rockets somewhere, in order to feel they are helping other people just as mad as they are. Qatar will, as everybody else would do, adjust to the situation and find a solution.

The Suez Canal route isn't indispensable to world trade. It's merely convenient. If it can be used, fine. If not, around Africa it is. Egypt will suffer the most, the others, not so much. Sea transport is extremely cheap, which is another reason why it is extremely important for THE Ukraine to keep access to it.

But no, keep deluding yourselves that the UK is soon remaining without gas because the Rotschilds have forgotten to ask Zio here and Zio there to put pressure on Snow White via MI 6 and the British "banksters".

I come here for the laughs.

I am never disappointed.

Posted by: Augusto Pi | Jan 25 2024 17:23 utc | 42

"Another Afghanistan waiting for the US. But, fortunately, it's not the US anymore that could afford another Afghanistan.

Posted by: Zed'sDead | Jan 25 2024 17:18 utc | 39"

No one wants to loan more money to Uncle Sam?

Posted by: lester | Jan 25 2024 17:25 utc | 43

I come here for the laughs.

I am never disappointed.

Posted by: Augusto Pi | Jan 25 2024 17:23 utc | 42

Have a chuckle at your 24 buddies who had their balls blown off while trying to mine a Palestinian building.

It's tough being a Jew , first they take the foreskin then they take your nuts too!

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 25 2024 17:33 utc | 44

You sum it up pretty well. The problem with the cartoon analogy is that, in history there is only one 'take.' If roadrunner knocks a hole into the grand canyon, nobody can call 'cut'. And shoot it again-there is a hole in the canyon to deal with.

Posted by: bevin | Jan 25 2024 17:19 utc | 40

Yes, the RC clearly isn't fully aware of the distinction between cartoons, movies and reality. Hundreds of millions of wage slaves will have to make them feel fear again for them to learn that basic distinction.

Nonetheless, it is entertaining to watch them destroy each other politically. They reveal a lot in their political battles. I get the sense most wage slaves are still quietly soaking it all in at this stage. The moment a credible political exit door from the imperial parties appears, they will move by the millions to open it.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jan 25 2024 17:33 utc | 45

I know this does not relate to the Middle East. But there are shipping prob;ems on the other side of the world also.
The Panama Canal is in the middle of a big drought. Shipping in the Panama has been cut by one third.
Between the use of both of the worlds vital canal being curtailed by Man and nature. The worlds supply chains are breaking down.
I find it very strange that one of the worlds poorest countries is driving the worlds economy.

Posted by: golddigger | Jan 25 2024 17:49 utc | 46

Reports from a Yemen based Telegram channel state that the US transport ships were carrying 1000s of Tonnes of ordinance between them.
They got bracketed by missiles and drones and were at high risk of being ranged and hit by the next volley. They were apparently "Ordered" by the US Navy to abort passage due to the risk of a "Kiloton range conventional explosion" occurring should they be hit or a major fire break out.
Munitions will now be taken through the Med, coinciding with the announcement of "Stage 2" of the resistance which is a blockade of the Med from various points in North Africa.
This show is only just beginning.

Posted by: Kiloton Blast | Jan 25 2024 17:50 utc | 47

Biden and Blinken genuinely hoping the Chinese will help them out of the mess that the USA got itself into is yet further evidence of both men's delusion and utter stupidity.

That these Houthi attacks are meant to punish Israel for committing GENOCIDE is a testimony to the psychopathic monstrosity of the foreign policy of the Collective Waste. Biden and Blinken and Trooduh and all the NATO imbeciles and the "Five Eyes" idiots are all trying to help Israel evade ANY consequences for mass-murder.

It really is as disgusting as it sounds.

Posted by: Jonathan Canuck | Jan 25 2024 17:58 utc | 48

Biden and Blinken genuinely hoping the Chinese will help them

Posted by: Jonathan Canuck | Jan 25 2024 17:58 utc | 48


Reports of US appeals to China are pure misdirection to deceive the uninformed public. China has made their position absolutely clear.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Regular Press Conference on January 24, 2024

Reuters: The Financial Times reported that the United States has asked China to urge Tehran to rein in the Iranian-aligned Houthis attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea, but has seen little sign of help from Beijing. This is according to US officials. The report said the US has repeatedly raised the matter with top Chinese officials in the past three months. Could we confirm with the Ministry if these discussions with the US took place? Has China been in touch with Iran or the Houthis about the Red Sea attacks? If so, what was discussed or any outcomes that China is hoping for?

Wang Wenbin: We are deeply concerned over the recent rapid escalation of tensions in the Red Sea. The Red Sea is an important international trade route for goods and energy. China has been in close communication with various parties and worked actively to alleviate the tension in the Red Sea. China calls for a stop of causing disturbance to civilian ships, and urges relevant parties to avoid adding fuel to the fire in the Red Sea and jointly safeguard the safety of the Red Sea shipping route in accordance with the law. It must be stressed that the tension in the Red Sea is a manifestation of the spillover of the Gaza conflict. The priority now is to end the fighting in Gaza as soon as possible to avoid further escalation and prevent the situation from getting out of control. In the meanwhile, we believe that the Security Council has never authorized the use of force by any country on Yemen and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen and other coastal countries of the Red Sea need to be earnestly respected. China stands ready to work with all parties to help cool down the situation and safeguard the security and stability of the Red Sea region.

Posted by: too scents | Jan 25 2024 18:52 utc | 49

>> Before we go to war with them, or after?

The Chinese reply:

If US needs China in Red Sea, it should talk to China nicely

If the US wishes to cooperate with China to jointly promote a peaceful resolution of the Red Sea crisis, its message would be better received without irritable or ambiguous undertones. It is also absurd to complain about China's actions in this matter.

If they believe the expected results are not achieved, they even criticize China. This obvious contradiction is a perfect portrayal of US' selfishness and double standards on the international stage.

The envisioned image of the "Guardians of Prosperity" by the US in launching escort operations has turned into emptiness, leaving behind a figure increasingly passive and struggling to cope in the Red Sea.

The US' complaints in this regard are largely an attempt to shift the responsibility for regional crises onto China, reflecting a habit by the US in recent years when it has misjudged or has been ineffective in dealing with regional crises.


In other news: yesterday the EU released the European Economic Security Package, targeting trade with & investment in China. „De-risking“ is moving forward.

Posted by: Zet | Jan 25 2024 18:55 utc | 50

Regardless of whether costs go up for China and everyone else due to higher insurance, the problem is the U.S. and Israel’s making and they are the only two with the keys to solve the problem. The solution for China isn’t to join in doubling down on avoiding the solution.

Posted by: WG | Jan 25 2024 19:01 utc | 51


Posted by: petra | Jan 25 2024 19:23 utc | 52

Brutal coping and delusion on this forum, as always.

Once Qatar decides to sell (and has binding contracts to sell), their gas to someone, they are not going to stop it just because some starving savages play with rockets ...

I come here for the laughs.

Posted by: Augusto Pi | Jan 25 2024 17:23 utc | 42

You don't come here "for the laughs", to spread propaganda and defamation.

There are people who write that Qatar hasn't stopped shipping, but you conveniently disregard this, since it doesn't fit within the "coping & delusion" narrative you try to promote.

This is, thankfully, too obvious for the real readers of this forum.

I'm glad to see that the decadence of TPTB characterizes also the trolls they hire.

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 25 2024 19:24 utc | 53

"But to spread", of course...

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 25 2024 19:25 utc | 54

@Gene Poole #12 re: shifting costs

I'd imagine an involuntary 'remittance protest' on the part of consumers would have a negative effect on share prices.

Quite the quandary...

Posted by: Dr Wellington Yueh | Jan 25 2024 19:37 utc | 55

Remember we had the eight-year closure 67-73 and re `Egypt the only state to suffer` alluded to above, that it was Egypt which made the decision and kept the route closed for that period.
The Afrikaner nationalists loved it of course, not so much for any economic benefit (few of the passing cargo and tanker traffic called into any of the four ports) but for the raspberry they thought they were blowing at a West where at the time the boycott was gathering momentum and the system was at its most isolationist.

Posted by: petra | Jan 25 2024 19:39 utc | 56

Why does the U.S. care if shipping costs between Asia and Europe go up? Solely because of their supposed role as guarantor of open shipping? Makes no sense. I think Biden just likes bombing.

Posted by: Sentient | Jan 25 2024 19:40 utc | 57

*** 6/67--6/75 of course

Posted by: petra | Jan 25 2024 19:41 utc | 58

Sullivan purports to be a gentile, but he’s married to a Jewess and even his deputy is Jewish. We need diversity. At least a couple of gentiles, for G-d’s sake.

Posted by: Sentient | Jan 25 2024 19:45 utc | 59

“Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 25 2024 15:58 utc | 19”

“USN is very fortunate Ansarallah doesn't have more powerful missiles of the sort Russia, China, Iran, and other nations have. This technological altering of all battlespaces puts the Outlaw US Empire at a decided disadvantage and can no longer use its traditional methods of power projection.”

I keep seeing this assumption, the one that’s buried deep in your reply. For example, here it it is, stated outright, in an article on RT about China’s ‘smart shells’ that can hit within 15m of a fixed target (which they think includes warships??) at a speed of Mach 7:

“The development of the military technology, the SCMP said, builds on the US Navy’s proposed development of the ‘dream shell’ – a similar weapons system that was theoretically intended to navigate at a speed of Mach 5 and be guided by GPS satellite signals.

The US military first proposed the concept in 2012, indicating its intention to test-fire the ‘dream shell’ within five years, the SCMP said, but that deadline passed in 2017. By 2021, the US military had abandoned research and development of the weapons system, the report adds.”

“Had abandoned” it says. I call bullshit. Let's try to imagine this: the US, which pictures itself as the pinnacle of military prowess, KNOWS that China, Russia, Iran, and other nations all have hypersonic missiles, and therefore knows that they’re not only possible, but also practical. So in response it ABANDONS research into producing them? Like fucking hell they did. Since the US military has publicly ‘abandoned’ the research, that can only mean they succeeded, years ago, and are now producing hypersonic missiles by the buttload. Or the boatload. My bet is on a hundred thousand hypersonic missiles already in stock in the US arsenal, stored somewhere secret, probably already secretly deployed on submarines and on missile ships and on carriers to be fired from aircraft just as soon as the mass-murdering bastards in the White House think the time is right. When and why did the US start actively trying to start hot wars all over the world? They’re just itching to use their new hypersonic missiles, thinking “I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when we fire these!” Thinking that the US military abandoned the research before succeeding is to imagine the US military shrugging and muttering “We give up. Obviously they’re just smarter than we are.” Oh SURE.

Posted by: Dalit | Jan 25 2024 19:45 utc | 60

The nerve of the US to beg china for help, while simultaneously waging an economic war against them, based on lies, and openly preparing for war with them, shameless.

Maybe china can provide the houthi with enough antiship missiles to overwhelm the ship defenses and sink one of the ships protecting the squatters genocide and ethnic cleansing . Best to first make an example of a british ship and the rest will scurry. China can repeat verbatim what the US/UK say every time ukraine uses weapons they provided against russian assets inside russia. They'd be apoplectic.
What a disgrace to the whole arab world that only the houthi have stepped up to fight and attempt to end the gaza war crimes.

Posted by: RC213V | Jan 25 2024 19:46 utc | 61

Posted by: Neofeudalfuture | Jan 23 2024 19:33 utc | 79

Stopping the houthis is simple, as they themselves have spelled out.

Israel leaves the gaza strip and allows humanitarian aid in.

This post from yesterday by NeoFeudal is worth repeating. Why spend time trying to persuade China to restrain the Houties, or spend money assembling warships from a "coalition of the willing" to protect shipping, when a simple cost-free instant solution is available? Conclusion: USA-EU motive is not what is stated.

Posted by: Alchemist | Jan 25 2024 19:47 utc | 62

Buy your War Criminals playing cards now here:

WAR CRIMINALS PLAYING CARDS During the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. made playing cards to help troops identify the ‘most wanted’ members of Saddam Hussein’s government, political party, and military. The cards were used to help American military units recognize the ‘most wanted’ individuals in the field and hunt them down.

Today we want the public to easily identify the people responsible for committing, enabling and failing to prevent a genocide in Gaza.
The ‘War Criminals’ deck contains 54 individuals implicated in the genocide in Gaza. These individuals are bound together by their indiscriminate support for the systematic killing of Palestinian civilians when the world, resoundingly and repeatedly, begged them to stop.

They engaged in collective punishment, the targeting of civilians, forced displacement, mass starvation, torture, attacking hospitals and evacuation routes and other atrocities, while boasting they had “no red lines” and they are fighting “human animals.”

These War Criminals deserve no peace.

Buy the War Criminals Playing Cards with artwork by a Palestinian artist, portraying the people responsible for the genocide in Gaza. Remember their faces, remember their crimes. Contains 56 cards including 2 Joker cards and 2 Rules cards.

A percentage of profits (minimum 40%) from sales of products will be donated to charities and projects that directly support the people of Palestine, in partnership with the Adalah Justice Project.

We are not yet shipping internationally, please sign up for updates.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 25 2024 19:52 utc | 63

@Sentient | Jan 25 2024 19:40 utc | 57

Why does the U.S. care if shipping costs between Asia and Europe go up?

Because the rising cost of trade between China and Europe is a disincentive to EU-China economic relations, and the _primary_ mission of the US and UK foreign policiy right now is to stop globalization and raise a new iron curtain.

@petra | Jan 25 2024 19:39 utc | 56

At that time Egypt was not a 110 million inhabitants bidonville with millions of unemployed young people. Egypt today is totally dependent on imports to feed its own people, while there are millions who can barely afford something to eat.

Posted by: SG | Jan 25 2024 19:55 utc | 64

More on the War Criminals playing cards from Ryan Grim (of The Intercept):

The lead organizer of the effortOpens in a new tab, Ashish Prashar, is a former adviser to Tony Blair as well as to Boris Johnson. Prashar was on Blair’s staff when the former British prime minister served as Mideast envoy, giving him an insider’s perspective on Israeli–Palestinian relations.

Much of the rest of Prashar’s playing cards campaign has declined to be named publicly, but one is a former prosecutor at the International Criminal Court. Others are also offering expertise and experience when it comes to converting outrage at apparent Israeli war crimes into criminal charges against specific Israeli officials.

The coalition of attorneys, activists, and human rights organizations is pursuing charges against Israeli or American officials, or both, in Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, and Colombia. Many countries, unlike the United States, allow human rights organizations to present evidence of crimes to a judge, who can then decide whether a case can be brought. Prosecutors recently moved ahead with a case in Switzerland aimed at Israeli President Isaac HerzogOpens in a new tab, timed for his visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos. The charges serve as a model for how the activists plan to move forward.

Also, re: the South African case at the ICJ -

I was at the State Department briefing today and asked if the U.S. would pledge not to veto the International Court of Justice’s preliminary ruling on the genocide charges against Israel, which is due out tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Spokesperson Vedant Patel wouldn’t commit.

Scumbags and war criminals to be sure.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 25 2024 19:56 utc | 65

Helllllllo, pq?

The Court to deliver its Order on Friday 26 January 2024 at 1 p.m. (3p pdf)

The sitting will be streamed live and on demand (VOD) in the two official languages of the Court, English and French, on the Court’s website and on UN Web TV. High resolution video clips and still photos produced by the Registry during the sitting will be available on the Court’s website free of charge and free of copyright for editorial, non-commercial use (to download, click on Multimedia) and X (formerly Twitter) feed (@CIJ_ICJ).

Posted by: sln2002 | Jan 25 2024 19:59 utc | 66


For a group that makes up less than 4% of the overall US population, they sure are over-represented among neocons:

The following 28 Jews are in Creepy Joe Biden’s Cabinet and most important Administrative positions:

1) Doug Emhoff, Jewish Husband of Kamala Devil Harris
2) Janet Yellin, Jewish Secretary Treasury
3) Anthony Blinken, Jewish Secretary of State
4) Robert Klain, Jewish Chief of Staff
5) David Cohen, Jewish Deputy Director CIA
6) Merrick Garland, Jewish Attorney General
7) Alejandro Mayorkas, Jewish Secretary Homeland Security
8) Avril Haines, Jewish Director National Intelligence
9) Wendy Sherman, Jewish Deputy Secretary of State
10) Victoria Nuland, Jewish Secretary State Political Affairs
11) Eric Lander, Jewish Office of Science Technology
12) Jeffry Zeints, Jewish Covid Czar
13) Rachel Levine, Jewish Assistant Health Secretary
14) and 15) Cass Sunstein, Jewish Senior Counselor at the Departmentof Homeland Security, and his wife, Samantha Power, Head of USAID
16) Dana Stroul, Jewish Pentagon Senior Policy Official on the Middle East
17) Rochelle P. Walensky, Jewish CDC Director
18) Anne Neuberger, Jewish Director of Cybersecurity at NSA
19) Chanan Weissman, Jewish Director of Technology at National Security Council
20) Avril Haines, Jewish Director of National Intelligence
21) Polly Trottenberg, Jewish Deputy Secretary of Transportation
22) Jessica Rosenworce,l Jewish Acting Chairwoman FCC
23) Jennifer Klein, Jewish Co-Chair of the Gender Policy Council
24) Jared Bernstein, Jewish Member of Council of Economic Advisers
25) Jeff Zients, Jewish COVID Czar
26) David Kessler, Jewish Chief Science Officer of COVID Response
27) Stephanie Pollack, Jewish Deputy Administrator Federal Highway Administration
28) Gary Gensler, Jewish Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

And going back a few decades:

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 25 2024 20:02 utc | 67

just in case it's helpful

link gives everyone's local time = to 1pm at the Hague

Posted by: DuchessAndBob | Jan 25 2024 20:08 utc | 68

Posted by: Dalit | Jan 25 2024 19:45 utc | 60

What you write is plausible and it is definitely unwise to underestimate one's enemy, even if that is a derelict Empire.

I think most of us see the world through our own little crack in the window shutter, and make our best guess based on available information and critical thinking.

Indeed we might not know with certainty if the Empire has abandoned this research or not, but I bet you China and Russia do, and plan accordingly.

I don't think they are making the mistake of underestimating their enemy.

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 25 2024 20:13 utc | 69

Like bevin, I also have memories of Aden in the troubles ('61... things were picking up on the border but quieter in the town than it was to become). Naturally enough, my awareness was less of of political shenanigans and the news than of bowling along crammed into the back of taxis, of dockside vendors, palms and sand and glare. Plenty of khaki though. Britain had held Aden as a Protectorate (protecting their sea route lol) from the time of Victoria's accession and the Crown made some stupid decisions between the 1956 Crisis and the inevitable abandonment in '67. Also nice memories from that time of Suez, sandy banks gliding past.

Posted by: petra | Jan 25 2024 20:15 utc | 70

From AJ

"In a statement published via its official Telegram channel, the Palestinian group says that as long as Israel reciprocates, it will abide by any decision issued by the International Court of Justice that calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The statement also says that Hamas will release all of the captives it holds if Israel releases the Palestinian prisoners currently held by it.

“The Zionist enemy must end its 18-year siege of Gaza and enter all necessary aid for population relief and reconstruction,” the statement concludes, in its third and final demand."

There is a chance that ICJ follows all its own precedents enshrined in black and white, follows the letter of the law and issues a strict order to Israel.

With the weight of at least a few big countries leaning on Israel, the above three things happen...and that takes care of the Ansar Allah blockade all by itself.

Win win for all except genocidal psychopaths.

Posted by: pq | Jan 25 2024 20:16 utc | 71

This is a very interesting report by a whistle blower in Yemen.
Cia backed mercenary training for UAE to carryout assainations in Yemen. Going back several years but almost certainly going on now. Over 100 assinated.

Terrorist america.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 25 2024 20:19 utc | 72

Well all these shipping headaches puts the big kibosh on Just in Time inventories everywhere. People need to really think about stocking up bigtime on all essentials....

-while they're still not priced out of this world
-while you can still buy what you want.

Posted by: bisfugged | Jan 25 2024 20:20 utc | 73

China should say to the United States that we can help curb Red Sea attacks by the Houthis, but in order to do so you need to get Israel to implement a ceasefire in Gaza. It's very simple.

Posted by: Steven | Jan 25 2024 20:21 utc | 74

Chaka Kagan @ 11

Sullivan is by far the smartest of the bunch. He is smart enough to know he is not up to the job. If he had a trace of competent support work done by staff he might occasionally choose less terrible options. The others are falling back on Sullivan because they don't even know how much basic scut work is being left undone.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 25 2024 20:26 utc | 75

Helllllllo, pq?

Posted by: sln2002 | Jan 25 2024 19:59 utc | 66


Thanks for the link. I had problems with the Court link last time. In case that happens again, I suspect it will be on AJ too and Press TV although I often have issues with their player.

Israel killed 200 people today and injured 370, with the hospitals out of painkillers, anaesthetics and other basic things. The two hospitals in the south are still under siege.

Many, many people were shot at today while trying to get aid.

The death toll is at 25,910 and the injured at 64,110. So that's about 98,000 if we add 7,000 to 8,000 injured.

Of the dead, so many have died the slowest, most painful deaths, bleeading to death over hours or days as limbs were torn off or crushed. Or from burns injuries.

The ICJ either comes through or is dissolved.

Posted by: pq | Jan 25 2024 20:28 utc | 76

Just to note that Yemen has a population of 35 million. Even if some wish to think of it as a shithole it is not a small shithole. About same population as antebellum Ukraine with a population far more capable of standing up for themselves.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 25 2024 20:42 utc | 77

@50 zet
indeed. thanks for the link

With the impeccable timing characteristic of the Blinken/Sullivan team, the USN also paraded another destroyer thru Taiwan strait yesterday, successfully passing all the way thru - unlike in the Red Sea the day before. Small victories, I guess.

Posted by: pxx | Jan 25 2024 20:50 utc | 78

And going back a few decades:

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 25 2024 20:02 utc | 67


Not only in DC...

" Russia's Fauci says arsenal of genetic vaccines will protect against "Disease X"
Covid showed that "genetically engineered" injections can be safely deployed in six months, according to Gamaleya Center Director Alexander Gintsburg

JAN 25, 2024


Gamaleya Center Director Alexander Gintsburg being congratulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin after receiving the Order of Alexander Nevsky on November 8, 2021.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jan 25 2024 20:52 utc | 79

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 25 2024 20:19 utc | 72

Youtube algo was pushing that video on me but I could not be bothered to watch BBC. However, the SOTT article you linked is pretty good because these guys insert their comments.

My two cents:
"BBC investigation"....if British Bullshitting Corporation does an "investigation" the first question I ask myself is:

Who is BBC trying to throw under the bus today?

It seems the BBC is trying to throw the UAE under bus.

Could it be because KSA and UAE are not cooperating with Operation Genocide Guardian?

Their airspace has not been used for strikes on Yemen. US strikes go from their bathtub and the UK strikes from RAF base in Cyprus. No need to fly over KSA. This was reported everywhere.

(The fake news about UAE and KSA airspace being used was put out by Russian bloggers pretty much in real time as reported by John Helmer on UNZ).

Two observations:
1. If an American mercenary goes around killing people it is so not terrorism. Terrorists are the locals hired directly or indirectly by America to do exactly the same work that American "mercenaries" do.

2. The only fact appears to be that Spear group had trained Emirati officers at an Emirati base. Much of the article seems to rely on drum roll.... a Buzzfeed article from 2018. No wonder Buzzfeed is going bankrupt.

The founder of Spear Group is Israeli.

This is the comment from the SOTT team:

Comment: The 'exiled' Yemeni government was overthrown in a revolution sparked by the Arab Spring. It was another unintended consequence of the 'democratization birth-pangs' fomented by the US and UK. So the US and UK leaned on SA and the UAE to crush that democratic revolution 'lest the same happen to you'...

I agree with the final conclusion by the SOTT Team

"Comment: So, as in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, the West - working closely with Israelis - have been running a death squad in Yemen. What the above text description doesn't mention, but which is clear from the above BBC documentary video, is that these assassinations were reported in Western media as having been done by 'ISIS'. And so, once again, we see that 'ISIS', like 'al-Qaeda' before it, is Western-Israeli military-intelligence assassinating political figures it believes pose a challenge to their influence over the 'management' of global energy supplies coming from the Middle East."

Posted by: pq | Jan 25 2024 21:00 utc | 80


Why fire warning shots? That's both a waste of missiles and dumb. Imagine the PR victory the Houthis would get if they manage to sink a ship that's supplying the evil Zionist regime! They'd become heroes in ME overnight. And what would USA or anyone else do? Bomb them harder? KEK

Houthis are fighters and fighters aim to kill. Only thing I'm curious about is whether the missile that landed in the water was tracked as a guaranteed miss or everyone involved just got lucky.

Posted by: ABOBA | Jan 25 2024 21:10 utc | 81

"What a disgrace to the whole arab world that only the houthi have stepped up to fight and attempt to end the gaza war crimes."
Posted by: RC213V | Jan 25 2024 19:46 utc | 61

agreed. I consider it one of the biggest disgraces of the 21st century.
Houthis are incredibly brave too to challenge both the US and UK like they are doing; and at considerable costs to themselves too (consider the UN Food Program cutting them off some two+ months ago)

also, shameful that Russia hasn't had any role whatsoever (but talk in the UN Security Council) in stopping the Genocide in Gaza, and israel's 2,000+ attacks on Syria in the last 15 years.


"....Now the situation is repeating itself. Putin stands by and does virtually nothing while the Israel-Hamas war threatens at any moment to precipitate a regional war that in turn could become a world war in an instant.

I share Roberts’ disappointment with Russia’s tolerating the Ukrainian atrocities in Donbas for so long. However, there are others who question why Russians ever entered into the Minsk Accords to begin with....

....Roberts also points to other current contradictions in Russia’s policies that look like weakness to Western officialdom. He mentions Russia’s failure to protect Syria against Israeli air and missile attacks....."

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jan 25 2024 21:13 utc | 82

Who would have thought it's actually easier to guaranty navigation right in South China sea than in the Red Sea ?

Posted by: Hiro Masamune | Jan 25 2024 21:14 utc | 83


USA does not have any secret hypersonic missiles for one simple reason: if they did, then they would absolutely brag about it to the world. Why? Because a weapon has two functions: it's actual use and its symbol as a deterrent. If you keep a weapon platform secret then you lose out on this "free" bonus of using it as part of your tactical deterrent package. This is why China and Russia are happy to share with the world their weapon project developments such as new Lancet generations, new SPG development, etc.

What DO you keep secret then? The specifications of your weapons platform. You lie, obfuscate, or omit information about things such as range, payload weight, a platform's counter measures to EW, and other important details that will help you get an edge in a hot war. Keeping secret about the weapon as a whole is just idiotic.

Posted by: ABOBA | Jan 25 2024 21:17 utc | 84

Posted by b on January 25, 2024 at 14:34 UTC | Permalink

...Chinese ship do not get bothered by Yemini forces. They only targeted ships were related to Israel and, since the U.S. and UK bombed Houthi positions, ships related to those countries are also under attack...

And what about Israel-bound Chinese ships ?

Posted by: robin | Jan 25 2024 21:18 utc | 85

Thanks for your view and conclusion on my link, it exactly chimes with my view...deep suspicion.

But none the less dispite the toxic source we need to monitor the foe, plus a large instatution like bbc staffed by people with different agendas, very often the good ones manage to get important reports past the 'gatekeepers. Often quickly buried.

But this report needs some detective work on to ascces its present importance to the Yemen conflict, plus UAE implications ie will UAE become a target.

Much respect.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 25 2024 21:20 utc | 86


Excuse me, but what do you expect the rest of the Islamic world to exactly DO? Gather up their forces and invade Israel ASAP? Start bombing Israel? Blockade Israel? Send suicide bombers to Israel? C'mon, share your master battle plan that all these countries should be executing!

Do you realize that no one in the ME actually likes Palestinians because they built up a reputation as ungrateful and ornery shits? They are only tolerated or talked about they are fellow Muslims. And the global Islamic world is doing what it can to help by supporting peaceful avenues for ending the conflict (all this "UN stuff" that you dismiss), supporting SA's case against Israel and building closer alliances so it's easier for these nations to react together to the growing threat of Zion and USA (i.e. Iran and Saudis actually having talks). Just because you don't see or understand something doesn't mean that nothing is being done.

Posted by: ABOBA | Jan 25 2024 21:22 utc | 87

Probably a bit emotional but I think Russia should take revenge for the Moskva and help the Houthis sink a US or UK destroyer in the Red Sea. Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Posted by: xor | Jan 25 2024 21:23 utc | 88

My mark2 @ 86 was adressed to Pq @ 80

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 25 2024 21:26 utc | 89


Not a problem because COSCO announced at the start of January that it's suspending all shipments to Israel. I believe CSG has made a similar statement, but I'm unable to find an article ATM.

Posted by: ABOBA | Jan 25 2024 21:26 utc | 90

Another note. If two missiles were intercepted by the Gravely it would be the first time US anti-missiles hit anything. Unless you count the thousands of interceptions reported by Kiev.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 25 2024 21:27 utc | 91

I come here for the laughs.

Posted by: Augusto Pi | Jan 25 2024 17:23 utc | 42

Today you sound much more constipated than usual.

Posted by: Jaime | Jan 25 2024 21:27 utc | 92


Cool. Let's have violence beget more violence. That always works out. Glad you're nowhere near being in charge of anything.

Posted by: ABOBA | Jan 25 2024 21:28 utc | 93

@ xor | Jan 25 2024 21:23 utc | 88 who is suggesting sinking a US or UK destroyer

Why think that small? Why not a carrier? Certainly a bigger target.....just don't do it in the middle of the channel so boats can navigate around the wreck.

I am a strong advocate of the slow and steady we are seeing from the China/Russia axis BUT, I too would like to see some serious hubris deflation (bitch slapping) here and now.....Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth....meek does not mean weak.....Yemen is showing the world it is not weak.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 25 2024 21:34 utc | 94

Do you realize that no one in the ME actually likes Palestinians because they built up a reputation as ungrateful and ornery shits? . . .

Posted by: ABOBA | Jan 25 2024 21:22 utc | 87

Is it possible that they are ornery because of their recent history and dispossession?

Posted by: Jane | Jan 25 2024 21:35 utc | 95

Those trained mercinarys in Yemin need to be eradicated, they will be carrying out reconasence of Yemins arms storage sites.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 25 2024 21:41 utc | 96

Dalit | Jan 25 2024 19:45 utc | 60--

Thanks for your reply.

When and why did the US start actively trying to start hot wars all over the world?

As soon as WW2 ended is your answer; many were planned but not attempted. As for development of hypersonics by the Outlaw US Empire, the procurement and R&D systems are not black holes but rather translucent for those knowing what to look for and monitor. Putin announced Russia was researching and developing hypersonics in 2004. Missile development is currently a very weak spot within the Empire's MIC thanks to the paltry number of STEM grads since 1990. There are three very important components to hypersonics that must be mastered--fuels, propulsion systems, and specialized structural materials. The Empire's most prestigious aerospace corporation can't even construct its passenger jets competently anymore. Its highly touted air defense systems don't come close to working as advertised. No new main battle tank's been designed and produced for 40 years. Aircraft carriers are now obsolete. The USN cannot field anymore than 50% of its sub force due to R&M and crew shortage; similar problems exist with the surface fleet. And so on with the Air Force.

In order to know a weapon system works properly, it must be tested. With modern ISR, no test can be camouflaged. One of the reasons why advanced weapons systems are touted by their makers is for deterrence, and you test them overtly to let your opposition know you're not bluffing. And to insure your opponent knows you aren't shooting a test weapon at it and risk retaliation, you announce it in advance and specify the test zones via international warnings to mariners and airlines--one of the few treaties the Outlaw US Empire obeys.

So, you can type up all sorts of Wunderwaffen, but proving they actually exist is the task.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 25 2024 21:50 utc | 97

Notice how the MSM always refers to the “Iranian-backed Houthis.” This serves the purpose of planting the seed in the public’s mind that the Houthis are incapable of agency without direction and support from Iran. It’s very comparable to the constant use of the phrase “unprovoked Russian invasion” with reference to the origin of the War in Ukraine. That phraseology is designed to minimize or bury the many provocations coming from the US and NATO which compelled Russia to invade.

The efforts at narrative control have become so blatant that it’s a wonder that anyone believes them.

Posted by: Rob | Jan 25 2024 21:51 utc | 98

....Roberts also points to other current contradictions in Russia’s policies that look like weakness to Western officialdom. He mentions Russia’s failure to protect Syria against Israeli air and missile attacks....."

The current "rules" appear to be that Israel can bomb anyone they like, and if the victim retaliates, Israel (with the help of Uncle Sam) will flatten them.

I assume Assad and Iran are slowly building up the military capability of Syria to the point they could wage war against Israel... until that point, Israel bombs anything they like. Russia can't defeat Israel in a war, and if they defend Syria from IAF attacks, Israel will flatten Russia's base at Tartus.

Posted by: Observer | Jan 25 2024 21:54 utc | 99

karlof1 | Jan 25 2024 21:50 utc | 97

Re the aircraft carriers. I was surprised to learn sometime back that US has a law that obliges them to always have a fleet of at least 11 aircraft carriers. Very similar to the sort of groups that only wear clothing or use technology from a certain point in history.
US seems to have no issues creating many new laws, but rarely removes them, even when they have become obsolete or counter productive.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 25 2024 22:13 utc | 100

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