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October 25, 2023

UN SecGen Calls For End Of Zionist Bombing

Press Briefing with the NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby - October 24, 2023

And as I think you’ve heard us say, a ceasefire right now really only benefits Hamas. That’s where we are right now.

A ceasefire would of course benefit ALL people living in Gaza and all Israeli's under threads of Hamas missile fire.

The UN Secretary General António Guterres took a much saner position:

Secretary-General's remarks to the Security Council - on the Middle East - October 24, 2023

It is important to also recognize the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.

The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.

They have seen their land steadily devoured by settlements and plagued by violence; their economy stifled; their people displaced and their homes demolished. Their hopes for a political solution to their plight have been vanishing.

But the grievances of the Palestinian people cannot justify the appalling attacks by Hamas. And those appalling attacks cannot justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.


Even war has rules.

We must demand that all parties uphold and respect their obligations under international humanitarian law; take constant care in the conduct of military operations to spare civilians; and respect and protect hospitals and respect the inviolability of UN facilities which today are sheltering more than 600,000 Palestinians.

The relentless bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces, the level of civilian casualties, and the wholesale destruction of neighborhoods continue to mount and are deeply alarming.
The protection of civilians is paramount in any armed conflict.

Protecting civilians can never mean using them as human shields.

Protecting civilians does not mean ordering more than one million people to evacuate to the south, where there is no shelter, no food, no water, no medicine and no fuel, and then continuing to bomb the south itself.

I am deeply concerned about the clear violations of international humanitarian law that we are witnessing in Gaza.

Let me be clear: No party to an armed conflict is above international humanitarian law.
Today is United Nations Day, marking 78 years since the UN Charter entered into force.

That Charter reflects our shared commitment to advance peace, sustainable development and human rights.

On this UN Day, at this critical hour, I appeal to all to pull back from the brink before the violence claims even more lives and spreads even farther.

I find this unprecedented. The UN SecGen is clearly pointing to the U.S. which had vetoed last week's ceasefire resolution in the UN Security Council.

Should the U.S. calls for a ceasefire Israel will have to end its bombing. It should anyway immediately do so because its opponents are ready for the next phase of the fight.

Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders discuss how to achieve 'victory'

The meeting involved Hezbollah's Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri and Islamic Jihad chief Ziad al-Nakhala, Hezbollah said in a statement. It did not say when the meeting took place.

"An assessment was made of the international positions being taken and what the parties of the Axis of Resistance must do ... to realise a real victory for the resistance in Gaza and Palestinian and to halt the brutal aggression," Hezbollah said.

If Hizbullah unleashes its missile force against Israel's infrastructure and industrial areas the Zionist entity is done.

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The only thing that will save the Palestinians now would be a withdrawal of the Zionists back to the 1967 lines (for starters).

Even a ceasefire would merely allow them room to die in relative peace ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 25 2023 9:23 utc | 1

Must admit I was amazed to hear Guterres come out so forcefully for a two-state solution and the unambiguous condemnation of Israel's war crimes.

Posted by: Gerry Bell | Oct 25 2023 9:26 utc | 2

Tucker Carlson interviewing Col. Douglas Macgregor. The Col.'s take on the the bombing of Gaza and the dangers resulting to the ME is well worth watching:

Posted by: Menz | Oct 25 2023 9:37 utc | 3

In 1956, General Moshe Dayan, one of Israel's most famed military killers, said this, at a funeral held for an Israeli soldier killed by a Palestinian:

"Let us not cast the blame on the murderers today. Why should we deplore their burning hatred for us? For eight years they have been sitting in the refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we have been transforming the lands and villages, where they and their fathers dwelt, into our estate."

Surprising honesty. But he didn't condemn this, he advocated it:

"We are a generation that settles the land and without the steel helmet and the cannon's maw, we will not be able to plant a tree and build a home... Let us not fear to look squarely at the hatred that consumes and fills the lives of hundreds of Arabs who live around us. Let us not drop our gaze, lest our arms weaken. That is the fate of our generation. That is our choice – to be ready and armed, tough and hard – or else the sword shall fall from our hands and our lives will be cut short."

A decade later in 1967 he confirmed:

“You Palestinians, as a nation, don’t want us today, but we’ll change your attitude by forcing our presence on you.” Under Israeli rule, the Israeli general said, occupied Palestinians will “live like dogs, and whoever will leave, will leave.”

Posted by: Tenet | Oct 25 2023 9:38 utc | 4

I would like to know what the death toll in Gaza due to dehydration is.

Posted by: Cassiodorus | Oct 25 2023 9:49 utc | 5

Is Guterres paving the way for a change in the composition of the permanent members of the UN Security Council? If France and Great Britain were to be replaced with Brazil and India, how long would Israel survive?

Posted by: Jonathan W | Oct 25 2023 9:50 utc | 6

Israel's response was as swift as it was merciless: it is denying visas to UN personnel.

Posted by: Jonathan W | Oct 25 2023 9:52 utc | 7

I suspect Guterres was so clear, direct, and forceful in his condemnation because he had nothing left to lose. He may be ready to throw in the towel, but not before saying what his conscience and comprehension allowed, indeed possibly required, him to say. He is most likely not privy to the true logic and reasons behind the present Israeli-US course, but I'm sure he has his suspicions. Thus, as he's kept in the dark about the latter, he can only base his judgment on what is clear and present to his eyes and intellect, to what the world, alongside him, is seeing prima facie and in fact empirically.

Posted by: Ludo | Oct 25 2023 9:56 utc | 8

One more thing: it is one thing to deny visas to UN personnel but happens to the humanitarian aid from now on? No doubt it will be branded as the Trojan horse of all the antisemites in the world, of which Guterres will now be the epitome.

Posted by: Jonathan W | Oct 25 2023 10:04 utc | 9

As much as we'd all like to see a seascefire in this desperate immediate situation i think its unlikly to happen.
Granted the international pressure on israel is getting more powerfull by the day.
Granted the suffering on the ground has now gone off the scale of inhuman war crime atrocity.
The games up for israel.
The izzys would just prolong the torture of Gaza longer. Using the delay to replenish its murderous weapons and resourses.
The longer this go's on the more it becomes normalised, and thats bad for the world pscye.

Israel needs to have an unilateral one sided seacefire. Overwise known as just stop murdering inocent people.
Overwise known as surrender, put the gun down walk out with hands up.
And throw themseves at the mercey of the international law and the mercy of their victems.
Or face an altimatume of all out immediate complete distruction of Israel and the people in it.

Basicly israel and their backers have lost all liesence and ligitamacy.

And should not be consulted. Just stopped within 2 days.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 10:06 utc | 10

Posted by: Jonathan W | Oct 25 2023 9:52 utc | 8

Just goes to show how lawless they really are.

It's common to make fun of the UN for being toothless when it comes to enforcing international humanitarian law.

But, if anything, this whole scenario is completely torpedoing whatever was left of American/Western credibility in the global south.

Posted by: SpatialFix | Oct 25 2023 10:06 utc | 11

Israel is performing a mass self induced suicide.

By employing a policy of genocide for 75 years Israel is, quintessentially, writing their own death warrant for their country.

The inevitable karma/justice might occur this month, next year or 20 years from now but it will come unless Israel politically compromises for a two state solution in the very near future.

Posted by: canuck | Oct 25 2023 10:07 utc | 12


Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 10:09 utc | 13

becoming how even more insidiously ob ious how desparate and psychotic Isr. is determined to protect the hatred and lies it has built up over decades.. the persuasion by them .. the manipulation get support from dumbass politicians signing up to their supportive causes ...declarations.. anti Iranian missiles all over Europe ...that if you are not with us you are against us and will be so treated. Queen Raniae of Jordan gave an interview to mass press media clearly stating the other side to the Isr. story....the Palestinian side...that the Arab world is horrified.

Posted by: Jo | Oct 25 2023 10:17 utc | 14

According to RT news of today, Israel's reaction to Guterrez's words was to pronounce him unfit for office and demand his resignation. Because, so they explained, he was condoning Hamas's atrocities.

Posted by: grunzt | Oct 25 2023 10:19 utc | 15

Maybe it's time to get rid of the veto? Straight roll call vote of all nation's?

Posted by: Immaculate deception | Oct 25 2023 10:20 utc | 16

Just to add to my above comment.

Quite an outstanding fact and important reality....
Between Israel and palistine, israel is now in the weaker position, dispite what it is suffering now Gaze residents are in the stronger position.
Thank you netinyahoo.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 10:25 utc | 17

Guterres indeed has nothing to lose, following the US/Israeli/Zionist/Western course will leave UN irrelevant along with the rules-based order it is part of.

Just like Hamas the only way to win is through mass casualties driving the conflict to absurd levels surpassing even the ability of the west to close it's eyes

Posted by: SOS | Oct 25 2023 10:43 utc | 18

"The time has come to teach them a lesson" stated Gilad Erdan, representative of ISR to the UN.
Oh, the hubris of the Zionist entity...should they have studied Greek mythology (and a little Thucydides) better, they should have known that hubris is irrevocably followed by nemesis and tisis.

Posted by: Memory Man | Oct 25 2023 10:46 utc | 19

RTis reporting that Guterres is ”clarifying” his previous statement.

Frantically backtracking, that is.

What a surprise. /s

Posted by: malenkov | Oct 25 2023 11:03 utc | 20

Its interesting that on the last post of b's (palistine/Gaza)
Ther was a short conversation between Jane & PeterAU1. Regards Qatar.

Then low and behold b puts up this post on a ceasefire topic.

To conect the two above, i'll chip in with the little i know...

Qatar see's its selve as a mediater between two extremely hostile sides.
Both sides Israel, Hamas except this pragmatic compromise.

Its a channel of comunication beteen the two, even now.
A nessersary back channel.

Hamas has an offical office in the open their. All above board.
To add. Compare Hamas to the IRA in Northan Ireland.
A para-military wing and a political wing campletly seperate from any alleged criminal resistance activaty.
Beyound the law. A very sucssesfull tactic ultimatly ending that conflict, with the IRA now in main stream politics.....
Ditto Hamas ditto Qatar as host to this go between araingment. When this is all over you will see the political wing of Hamas emerge to the forground untarnised by to close a conextion to Hamas on the ground.

A very postive stance for all 3 particepunts in the arraingment.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 11:17 utc | 21

Agora Guterres partiu a louça toda. O que disse é muito mais do que o estômago de Netaniahu consegue suportar. Fica exposto o genocídio em curso na Faixa de Gaza. Guteres só não usou a palavra.

Posted by: António Ferrão | Oct 25 2023 11:19 utc | 22

The news of the Eisenhower, previously directed to set sail for the Israeli coast to join the Ford, being directed instead to head to the Gulf and be aimed at Iran rather than Syria seems to have gone under the radar.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon dispatched the carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Eastern Mediterranean in order to prepare for possible contingencies related to American-backed Israeli operations against the terrorist group Hamas. Eisenhower was deployed to serve as a message to Iran and its proxy forces in Syria and Lebanon to stay on the sidelines and out of the conflict. This week, the situation has evolved: with Iranian-backed forces launching missile and drone attacks against American forces in Iraq and Syria, Eisenhower will head to the Middle East instead and will prepare to defend U.S. troops.

It always seemed odd to have two carriers aimed at Syria when if you get into it with Syria you're getting into it with Iran too. It seems the neocons see this too now. The US is preparing for a war with Iran.

Posted by: Altai | Oct 25 2023 11:19 utc | 23

By now the UN will have consulted their legal experts and found that what is happening is indeed Genocide. So the "banning" of UN from Palestine and Israel is to ensure there are no witnesses with any credibilty.

An American Jewish Professor at Stockton whose field of expertise is the Holocaust and genocide;

Posted by: Stonebird | Oct 25 2023 11:21 utc | 24

Gutteres has been courageous enough to spell out what the world, except for the USA and Israel, think. His intervention may trigger other countries leaders to act coutegeously instead of following the USA diktat of absolving Israel for its relentless crimes and rejection of the UNSC resolutions.

Posted by: Virgile | Oct 25 2023 11:22 utc | 25

OT-I used to go to ZHedge for info but , it seems, Goolge or the Jewish lobby have turned ZH jnto Israeli apologists.

Epoch Times is now the 'go to' media for ZH.

A pity.

Posted by: canuck | Oct 25 2023 11:25 utc | 26

Expected to see many Israeli funerals. Have seen none.

Posted by: Cocoliso | Oct 25 2023 11:29 utc | 27

You might find it interesting that Ron Unz gets it wrong.

He doesn't believe that the security failure by the IDF at the Gaza
border was a false flag.

He goes for the ever popular incompetence pretext.


But that seems more a sign of complacency and incompetence than treasonous plotting.

Posted by: librul | Oct 25 2023 11:32 utc | 28

Guterres has more bowls than the head of WHO who has watched his people be minced to pieced rather than come out about the sanitory scandal.

Posted by: Minaa | Oct 25 2023 11:33 utc | 29

Israel has been using as their legal precedent the fire bombing of Dresden
by the allies in WWII.

Posted by: librul | Oct 25 2023 11:37 utc | 30

Qatar has now joined side with Turkey against Nato US Isr EU. That leaves the Idlib takfiris in jeopardy but they ll sell themselves to whoever will pay them in the good machist/patriarchal/clanic tradition. See the AJE live

Simple solution : call for a global referendum where all the palestinians are allowed to participate and ask them if they want to stay where they are with financial compensation or return
And if they want hamas part of a future coalition or not

Posted by: Minaa | Oct 25 2023 11:38 utc | 31

I wonder if (hypothtical) you were to have a poll of all jews in the world how many would be pro israel or pro palistine. Having seen the presant genicide consentration camp ran by israel. Mmm

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 11:48 utc | 32

"The time has come to teach them a lesson" stated Gilad Erdan, representative of ISR to the UN.
Oh, the hubris of the Zionist entity...should they have studied Greek mythology (and a little Thucydides) better, they should have known that hubris is irrevocably followed by nemesis and tisis.

Posted by: Memory Man | Oct 25 2023 10:46 utc | 21

I believe Israel is following the idea of hubris that Julius Caesar had:

"Its only hubris if I fail."

Posted by: canuck | Oct 25 2023 11:49 utc | 33

Minaa @ 34
Paramilitary wing of Hamas or political wing of Hamas ?
Perhaps both ?

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 11:51 utc | 34

@ 5

Not to bring this back to cocaine or anything, like I seem to frequently, but Geopolitica analyst in Mexico, Carlos Aguiar posted that the UN Secretary-General has the full support of the president of Colombia, Gustavo Pedro.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 25 2023 11:59 utc | 35

Posted by: canuck | Oct 25 2023 11:25 utc | 28
ZH has become bias and impartial. A real pity.

Posted by: AI | Oct 25 2023 12:09 utc | 36

Yes, I must say I was surprised too. On Ukraine the Secretary-General has been pretty much in step with NATO, and now he chooses to tread on the most sensitive corn on the rogue empire's toe. I must assume that there is some reason, and perhaps the US is getting ready to jettison the UN altogether. Or, I suppose, it could be that the Gaza massacre is simply a massacre too far for the Secretary-General. Either way, it's not going to change much -- after the UN abandoned its Charter in order to greenlight the Libyan massacre there's no real way back to restoring credibility to the organisation.

Posted by: MFB | Oct 25 2023 12:17 utc | 37

So the Zioterrorist occupation of Palestine is now denying visas to UN representatives.

Just as well; it saves them from the Folke Bernadotte treatment.

Posted by: malenkov | Oct 25 2023 12:22 utc | 38

A ceasefire will not benefit the Palestinians. It is back to open air prison while the media shifts to something else.

A treaty with some form of the two state solution and upgrade to a full sovereign nation is the only real salvation for Palestinians. Everything else is a choice between death or misery.

On a side note, will the war start already? I want to see Iran and Israel go mano-o-mano. They want to cut each other's throats for a long time now. Let's see if Israel is as great as the IDF says it is.

Posted by: FieryButMostPeaceful | Oct 25 2023 12:45 utc | 39

14 Just another... I think there is some merit to what you say; though I doubt it's as controlled as you claim. Both with 9/11 and this Hamas attack, Occam's Razor would have us pare the elaborate coordination when simply standing down, and letting the "terrorists" have their day (maybe even pouring a bit of fuel on the atrocities) is all that's required. The more elaborate plan would be harder to pull off and unnecessary. Again, I think there's certainly something to that. If you look at COINTELPRO programs, where gov't forces infiltrate and radicalize movements; often it's the gov't plants that are the bomb throwers. That IS an old tactic; no reason to suggest it's been abandoned.

But, you give them too much credit. The US has flooded the "zone" with weapons giving them to ISIS (who likely don't hate Palestinians, Hamas or Hezbollah) so Hamas and Hezbollah may have some surprises in store. We're talking checkers in a land of Chess players; I think Israel and US are too self deluded to be capable of really anticipating their adversaries moves and options.

Posted by: scottindallas | Oct 25 2023 12:48 utc | 40

Dont b fooled. Hes just washing his hands on this like Pontius Pilate did when Jews killed Jesus.

He just doesnt want to be written in history books as Sec Gen that was silent during the Gaza genocide.

Talk is cheap and he did the cheapest thing possible.

Posted by: Comandante | Oct 25 2023 12:49 utc | 41

An israëli official can talk like a dement infinitevely arrogant kunt and wipe all palestinians from the face of the earth, with the approval of Neo-Carolingians. Good.
But he talk to me like this outside and far from its diminutive country, I just kill him, and as per his own logic any biological organism he has spawned, included any newborn.
Israël has no chance to survive well on the long run, given the level of hatred it is spitting around like the spinning head of Reagan in The Exorcist movie.

Posted by: Timur | Oct 25 2023 12:55 utc | 42

Posted by: Just Another 9/11 | Oct 25 2023 10:07 utc | 14
Posted by: librul | Oct 25 2023 11:32 utc | 30 [False flag]

One problem with false flag theory is that it assume comprehensive, secret planning verging on genius.

Yet, when we hear Israeli leaders, including military leaders, the genius seems to be lacking. Also, those guys are typically vain, so I do not expect motivation "I will pretend to be an idiot to hide our false flag".

Of course, the is a bubble of memes in which idiocy is perceived as resolve etc. But people within that bubble can be irrational for that very reason. They do not have to be stupid in IQ sense.

When you observe standard Israeli memes, it is a unique mix of complacency and paranoia. And if you had a 1st hand observation of IDF, the discipline is nowhere as tight as you can imagine. Perhaps my experience was peculiar, because I was invited long time ago by a professor of Tel Aviv university for joint mathematical research, and very shortly after my arrival he was called for some weeks of reserve duty, so we worked with pencil and paper at his unit. And no, I did not got a written commander permission. That was particularly strange unit, the mission was to guard a facility to train how to use anti-aircraft guns that was not used, as those guns were totally obsolete, and 100% of soldiers and officers were reservists on short duty. So it was the bottom of the barrel of IDF. Nevertheless, it gave me ideas what may happen in the military.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 25 2023 12:55 utc | 43

Cocoliso 29; both Muslims and Jews have a policy of getting the body buried by sundown if possible; so the funerals would be all done, there were some. But we sure haven't seen any pictures of those beheaded babies; I've seen pictures of dozens and dozens of dead Gazan infants. The baby mama is Algerian, and her brother shares them, they sure don't come from Western media; all images are behind a double click of sanitation, I haven't really shared them.

Posted by: scottindallas | Oct 25 2023 12:55 utc | 44

Israeli delegate is calling for his resignation . How's that in your face truth about the state of Israel. Finally growing a pair , do you say never too late

Posted by: Hankster | Oct 25 2023 12:56 utc | 45

Sayyed Nasrallah, al-Nakhalah, al-Arouri hold critical meeting

Doctors report outbreaks of disease among Gaza's displaced

UNRWA Situation Report #13 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem

More than 700 killed in overnight Israeli attacks, Gaza officials say

UN begs for more aid to enter Gaza as hospitals run out of fuel

New airstrikes hit Jenin camp as Israeli raids escalate

Florida governor bans pro-Palestinian student group in US state (is it to shield Shaitanyahoo snowflakes son's from news of daddy's exploits?)

Meanwhile the zionist pogromists are unleashing their latest psyop secret weapon: gay settler genocidal parkinson for kids (!?!). The battlefield north and south are ready for those US proxies.

Posted by: Dialectical Arab | Oct 25 2023 13:05 utc | 46

Have the aircraft carrier gone yet ?
Every hour counts for the people in Gaza.
Are the IDF going to put boots on the ground ? or whistle dixe ?

Its their call. If they do Hamas, Hezbbulah and the streets of the Middle Esst will be all over the izzys like a bad rash. Do the izzys want to see their citys demolished their familys bodys ripped apart by bombs and scattered about like carreon.

Let the dominos fall.
Or stop. As in stop not ceasefire.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 25 2023 13:06 utc | 47

Perversely, if it was isreal calling for a ceasefire you can be sure the West would pass exactly the resolution needed in a hurry.

No mere 'humanitarian pause' then, a full on silencing of the guns.

Bear that in mind when the upcoming missile barrage becomes too much for the Zionists to handle.

A repeat of 2006.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 25 2023 13:07 utc | 48

Nice headline in German Satire magazine:

"Brazen: UN Chief Guterres Claims Israel-Palestine Conflict Existed Before October 7"

Posted by: Marvin | Oct 25 2023 13:08 utc | 49

Last July -- July 8, 2023 -- Gutteres called out Israel for its offenses in Jenin.

The same person, Gilad Erdan. wailed & gnashed teeth, but Gutteres held his ground.

Posted by: ChasMark | Oct 25 2023 13:12 utc | 50

Talk is cheap and he did the cheapest thing possible.

Posted by: Comandante | Oct 25 2023 12:49 utc | 45

The betrayal came with the:

"Israel has a right to defend itself"


"I support European settler colonialism."

Each one of them receives a fat brown envelope, hand delivered, with a series of photos of their loved ones. On each photo is written in red letters: You will repeat: Israel has a right to defend itself"

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 25 2023 13:12 utc | 51

1. WW II era German citizens vis a vis Hitler, Nazis & SS troopers.
2. WW II era Japanese citizens vis a vis Hirohito, Imperialist Army soldiers
3. Present day Palestinian citizens vis a vis Hamas.

In all three instances, there “is not a dimes worth of difference” between the wartime citizen and the armed political forces who commit war atrocities in their name. With regret, both must be treated in exactly the same way unless and until they choose to unconditionally surrender. Otherwise, Let “NAKAM” be the Israeli battle cry until there is nothing but peace in Gaza.

Posted by: Packard | Oct 25 2023 13:15 utc | 52

In response to MFB@40,

I think that's it exactly. The global position on Israel-Palestine is so overbearing, that for the SecGen to ignore it in favor of US&Co is to essentially initiate the dissolution of the UN. The whole problem of attempting to uphold US primacy in international institutions, against common sense, is that these institutions then inevitably cease to be international, losing the primary purpose for their existence. As strange as it sounds, even Western elites don't actually want that, since that undermines the "rules based system" as well, although they often seem to miscalculate how far they can push it before it breaks and have done so on numerous occasions in the recent past.

Even though you're probably right that this contradiction is more an anomaly or a fig-leaf, I wouldn't exclude the possibility that it's a sign of things to come, depending especially on how US & Israel attempt to tackle the problem. The West's supposed dominance in the UN is primarily institutional, and these days isn't actually supported by much in practical terms, and there's a increasing tendency of isolationism in the West as the primary response to anything remotely uncomfortable, in addition to a continuing misunderstanding of who the dependent is in international relations. Following that logic, the geniuses of US&Co could well conclude that boycotting the UN would shake up the organization in their favor, rather than further diminish their standing in global affairs.

Posted by: Skiffer | Oct 25 2023 13:16 utc | 53

UN head calling out Israel most likely has also to do with the fact that UN sees where the wind is blowing. If they don't do this, over 80% of the world will consider UN irrelevant and facilitate the process of replacing UN with another organization or apparatus, which will primarily based outside the west. This is the goal of China and Russia.

This is also the reason for internal fractures in the west. It's a game of tug-of-war between gaining political points from Ziocon's, vs. gaining political points in the global south. The west has a huge problem being viewed in a very disfavored fashion in the non-western world. If they want to dominate the planet (which they want), they need to convince the non-west.

This tug-of-war has no led further to Israel pressing hard on the UN and the western vassals. The west internally is in chaos.

There are too many contradictions. Figure, all EU and EU state leaders travelled to Israel to offer their Support for the narrative and the genocide, branded as "self-defense", at the same time EU announced they want to give humanitarian aid to Gaza. However, so far we have seen very little real actions, which makes one to believe that most of the stuff from EU is only smoke and mirrors for the non-west.

Posted by: unimperator | Oct 25 2023 13:21 utc | 54

Posted by: canuck | Oct 25 2023 11:49 utc | 36

The thing is that the sequence of hubris-nemesis-tisis is inescapable, once past the tipping point.
Julius Caesar would attest to that. Israel, USA & the West have passed theirs, too.

Posted by: Memory Man | Oct 25 2023 13:22 utc | 55

Otherwise, Let “NAKAM” be the Israeli battle cry until there is nothing but peace in Gaza.

Posted by: Packard | Oct 25 2023 13:15 utc | 56

That sword swings both ways.

The last time it swung not a Jew was left in Jerusalem.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 25 2023 13:23 utc | 56

John Helmer has a great piece:

“Hanging out with or near Israel just became very dangerous,” according to a US military source familiar with the situation. “I think the Houthi firing, trap or not, scared the shit out of them [Pentagon]. The number of drones and missiles the Carney ‘shot down’ keeps going up. It’s not just the missiles they are worried about. Iranian drone technology, and their capacity to get them into the hands of their allies, must be causing alarm. What scares them about the Chinese task force is the range of its cruise missiles as well as its capacity to link up with Iranian and (I assume) Russian air defence radar and targeting networks. They’ve all been practicing together.”
“Every American and allied base in the region is now under a joint, mutually supportive, Russian, Iranian and Chinese umbrella. In short, a trap.”

Posted by: Moses22 | Oct 25 2023 13:25 utc | 57

The zionist filth want him gone....

Posted by: Squeeth | Oct 25 2023 13:27 utc | 58

Continuation what may happen in the military. It seems that violence calendar in Israel/Palestine is quite regular: during major Jewish holidays there are huge restrictions on the movement of Palestinians, and the most fanatical segments of the Jews there makes series of provocations and pogroms with ample screen provided by police and IDF. With those fanatical segments including heads of security and defense in the most recent government, that was further amplified. But this ample screen requires a lot of people! There was a claim that of four battalions guarding Gaza, three were moved to West Bank, while the top provocation, ritual desecration of al-Aqsa happen just before. Worth to note that it was not vandalism, as far as I know, but we are talking about deeply religious people on both side. Also, praying on the ground of al-Aqsa has a context of the talk and writing about the necessity to destroy mosques in the Noble Sanctuary and build Jewish Temple there.

I could reason that the remaining battalion that was so woefully outnumbered SURELY compensated by being super vigilant. But I am not surprised that they were not. As it was a top holiday, they could celebrate a bit too, and that sometimes percolates down with an amplified effect. E.g. you know that there will be no inspection, so you can relax a bit further. At the end of the day (literally), there was nobody in the guiding towers, no problem with cameras and automatic machine guns. As those thing happen with some regularity, the Hamas people in charge could observe it earlier and plan accordingly.

So we know that bulk of IDF was away from any kind of heavy weapon, assisting pogroms and suppressing resistance, while pre-positioned equipment near Gaza fence was in large degree not available. Of course IDF has plenty other equipment, but now you have troops IN SMALL GROUPS in West Bank, reserve equipment in the storage, and Gaza neighborhood. Putting act together in less than 10 hours is actually good (and it was 5 to 8 hours!), but the mental state of the troops and their command at that point had to be fragile.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 25 2023 13:28 utc | 59

guiding towers --> guarding towers

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 25 2023 13:29 utc | 60

Thinking about Dag Hammarskjöld.

We read his Markings in high school.

He died in a plane crash in 1961:

"There is evidence suggesting the plane was shot down A CIA report claimed the KGB was responsible. . . . In 1998, documents surfaced suggesting CIA, MI6, and/or Belgian mining interest involvement via a South African paramilitary organization. The information was contained in a file from the South African National Intelligence Agency turned over to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission in relation to the 1993 assassination of Chris Hani, leader of the South African Communist Party. These documents included an alleged plot to "remove" Hammarskjöld and contained a supposed statement from CIA director Allen Dulles that "Dag is becoming troublesome ... and should be removed." Hammarskjöld's mission to end the war over the mineral-rich Katangese secession from the newly formed Republic of the Congo was contrary to the interests of those organizations.

Posted by: ChasMark | Oct 25 2023 13:30 utc | 61

Jonathan W @ 8

Yes. This could be described as a chickenshit move. Best Israel has is behaving like spoiled children and stamping their foot.

Posted by: oldhippie | Oct 25 2023 13:34 utc | 62

Central Asia: the NATO/zionist quiet offensive at the russian, Iran, China soft spot. Azerbaijan, Turkey are vital for the zionist entity energy needs. Erdogan is the key asset of the zionist/US hegemony and threats, from takfiri networks in west asia, to Kazakh plots against Russia or security risks for China and Iran. Tehran and Beijing are taking it seriously. Sadly in Moscow, the "binational" crowd in control since the late nineties is working hard to weaken the security state (through its economic grip on russia, its dominance in rus public media)

Zionist expert Mikhail Finkel: "Almost every gas station, tank or military aircraft in Israel is fueled thanks to Baku's oil supply."

Azerbaijan accounts for large part of Israel’s oil imports

Beyond borders: the Israel-Azerbaijan understanding between containment and cooperation

Posted by: Dialectical Arab | Oct 25 2023 13:36 utc | 63

Fine words butter no parsnips as they say in the U.K.

Gutters is trash - he is a ukrop natzi supporter and did nothing for years as we got boiled into this now world wide conflagration.

Tell me one thing he has achieved, one disaster or war he has stopped …tumbleweed.

Just crocodile tears.
Which are his cover as he West Bank is invaded daily, even more with the distraction of Gaza.
He is a nut. A complete utter one.

Most of the UN reps are compromised by the Mossad blackmail crew of Epstein and Hock (Maxwell). Or dollars.

Anyone holding Israeli passports as well as being in foreign governments should be forced to declare it, including UN representatives. Or being secretly funded by Israeli lobby.
Including having advisers in their offices of power.

They should have no say in their countries position on Israel.
Should clear out most US and European government officials who keep the Palestinians in their concentration camps daily brutalised and only used as slaves under an apartheid regime.

But of course that ain’t ever going to happen , it never has.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Oct 25 2023 13:38 utc | 64

Let's all be honest, shall we. Israel has been engaged in slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians for 70 years. They have been doing it slowly so that, unlike the Nazis against them, no-one would really notice and be able to raise credible international resistance. The only difference now is they've dropped the shroud of deception. No-one can say they didn't learn anything from the Holocaust. Is there any real difference between a pilot dropping high explosives on defenceless women and children and an Einsatzgruppen gunman shooting them in a pit?

Posted by: HOGGY | Oct 25 2023 13:38 utc | 65

Violence begets violence is a very old and well understood maxim that's clearly being ignored as Zionism says Palestine is only for Zionists. Today's Global Times editorial isn't specifically about Palestine but touches on one of the main reasons for the perpetuation of the violence and willful intent to support it by the Outlaw US Empire, "US politicians need to cleanse their hearts of 'evil' thoughts":

It's evident that polarized thinking and ideological paranoia are spreading rapidly in Washington. A country with the world's most powerful military acting in a manner reminiscent of the "Inquisition" - simple, crude, and extreme - is sure to have frightening consequences.

In contrast to "evil" is "justice." Labeling others as "evil" implies that whoever does so is the embodiment of "justice," naturally standing on the moral high ground. If the other side is considered evil, then it becomes a matter of righteousness to strike against the "evil side," as if one were acting on behalf of justice. Justice and evil leave no room for compromise or coexistence; it's a fight of "kill or be killed." If this extrapolation continues, the world will become even more brutal than a jungle society.

The problem is, who gets to determine what is "evil" and what is "justice"? The US undoubtedly lacks the qualification. Its use of this binary, black-and-white, dualistic thinking to view today's diverse world and handle extremely complex international relations is, in fact, turning itself into the "evil" side.

The concluding paragraph could be used in many situations since WW2:

"China is not part of any "axis of evil," and this is beyond doubt and not worth refuting. Those who use this term should examine their own hearts and clear away any truly evil thoughts residing within. If some politicians in Washington say such things, they can be dismissed as madmen. However, if there are many who say it, then Washington should engage in collective introspection and reflection. This matter is not to be taken lightly." [My Emphasis]

Of course, the bolded portion above will be avoided by the "madmen" and women that are supposedly representative of the US public, and those same words can be directed at Zionists and Nazis.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 25 2023 13:42 utc | 66

Is there any real difference between a pilot dropping high explosives on defenceless women and children and an Einsatzgruppen gunman shooting them in a pit?

Posted by: HOGGY | Oct 25 2023 13:38 utc | 69

Advanced explosives dropped from advanced aircraft on civilians provides legitimacy for an attack.

The same civilians, attacked with low-tech weapons by starving gunmen in hand-me-down rags?


To legitimize mass-murder it must be Hi-Tech.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 25 2023 13:43 utc | 67

Guterres uses the correct English "bomb" and "bombardment" whereas the US always says "strike" and "airstrike." Big difference.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 25 2023 13:45 utc | 68

HOGGY | Oct 25 2023 13:38 utc | 69--

Many will agree with you that there's no difference. And some will add that's been known by many for decades but until now nothing was done internationally. Hamas attacked to change the political dynamic, and most level-headed people would agree there was no other course of action as all negotiations were blocked by the Zionist's #1 Ally and accomplice in its genocide the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 25 2023 13:49 utc | 69

@ scotttindallas #44
" Both with 9/11 and this Hamas attack, Occam's Razor would have us pare the elaborate coordination when simply standing down, and letting the "terrorists" have their day (maybe even pouring a bit of fuel on the atrocities) is all that's required."

9/11 was much more than just 'standing down', which is exactly what Cheney commanded the USAF to do. They were to do so in order for the zionists to complete the task. Christopher Bollyn many years ago explained the who and why of 9/11 (no mention of the how) which seems more than relevant today.
Now we wee the fruit that was planted then (and referenced by both PNAC and Z Brzezinski): the Yonin plan put into force, zionazis from the sea to the Tigris.

Posted by: hedlykarok | Oct 25 2023 13:53 utc | 70

Guterres really does need to stand up now and tell the Israelis to suck his dick.

If he doesn't then he's toast, and he should know he's toast.

So he may as well go out swinging his dick as furiously as he can: suck on THIS, Netanyahu!

If only for the shock value alone, he'll be doing the entire world a huge favor.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Oct 25 2023 13:55 utc | 71

Haaretz reports that Erodgan hails Hamas as 'Liberation Group' and has cancelled his planned visit to Israel. Erdogan also condemns 'collective punishment' and calls upon Muslims and others to lift the blocade. Could there be an aid flotilla in the offing, protected by Kinzals, and going to Gaza with vital supplies?

Posted by: No More BS | Oct 25 2023 13:56 utc | 72

One problem with false flag theory is that it assume comprehensive, secret planning verging on genius.

Yet, when we hear Israeli leaders, including military leaders, the genius seems to be lacking. Also, those guys are typically

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 25 2023 12:55 utc | 47

This is a common misconception that derails any further effort to investigate own&self-goal scenarios.

Think of the situation as a complex of *systems*. Systems engineering, environmental controls, decision trees (of possible actions and outcomes), etc. If we think holistically, as "genius" level strategist minds, and systemically, a few things become clear.

1: You don't need to staff your system component with geniuses. As long as they follow protocols and orders, they can be modeled systemically for an analytical and predictive model.

2: You don't need to plan or even oversee events that you (with probability p>>.5) have induced or permitted to occur.

Example: Military intelligence notes that Chinese steel pipes are being imported into Gaza under building permits for use as "gas pipes". Order from above is to ignore this. Order could have been to stop shipments and force use of PVC for "gas pipes". (A Chinese foundry has an upbeat page on how their "superior tubes" were misappropriated for rockets).

Example: As part of comprehensive anti-terror training, propaganda units have (over the years) have had training sessions and 'filmed atrocities'.


A pattern to look for in systemic management of "crisis" is post-event censorship.

Post-event censorship is necessary since all the 'little pieces' in the "system" now may start thinking "hey, isn't that what we shot for that training session?", or "Hey, I rememer Moshe raising a stink about those pipes but he got shot down from above", or "Hey, the Hamas terrorists were very hospitable to us"

Systems have structure, components, and behave according to a 'dynamics'.

It is difficult to engineer precise system-level events but it is trivially easy to guide a world system to intended state-spaces.

Posted by: robinthehood | Oct 25 2023 13:58 utc | 73

Let's all be honest, shall we. Israel has been engaged in slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians for 70 years.

Posted by: HOGGY | Oct 25 2023 13:38 utc | 69

One more thing: it is one thing to deny visas to UN personnel but happens to the humanitarian aid from now on?

Posted by: Jonathan W | Oct 25 2023 10:04 utc | 10

I would like to know what the death toll in Gaza due to dehydration is.

Posted by: Cassiodorus | Oct 25 2023 9:49 utc | 6

There's a difference between 'genocide' (Greek genos, "race, people" and Latin -caedo "act of killing") and 'ethnic cleansing'. Israel has always had 'ethnic cleansing' as a goal, but not genocide - they try to avoid killing large numbers of Palestinians.

Ethnic cleansing was done on a large scale after WW-II, but nobody complained that it was a war crime (Kaliningrad, Czech, Poland, etc.) and those cleansed just got on with setting in new countries. Genocide is what happened to the jews in WW-II - large-scale deliberate killing. Israel doesn't want to kill Palestinians, they want them off 'their' land, just as the winners after WW-II (looking at you, Poland and Czech Republic) did ethnic cleansing to get the Germans off 'their' land.

Given that Gaza doesn't have clean water in aquifers and doesn't have fuel, Israel doesn't have to invade, just make water available in the southern Gaza strip and not in Gaza city. People are smart - they'll migrate to where the water is. With no fuel for electric generators, the Hamas tunnels in Gaza city will be uninhabitable and will force Hamas to the surface (tunnels need ventilation or the inhabitants will suffocate). This strategy will make ethnic cleansing of Gaza successful for Israel without killing large numbers of Palestinians.

But Israel will be forced to finish ethnic cleansing of Gaza city and walling off the south of the Gaza strip from Gaza city.

Posted by: Contrarian_Ed | Oct 25 2023 14:07 utc | 74

A link to an article in haaretz the list gives the names of the dead Israelis from the initial raid. I have not gone through the list to count the number of military personnel but comment 5 gives this "1538 names, of which 924 military" and then goes on to break that down into ranks. The percentage of NCO's and officers is staggering.
110 soldiers
26 privates
118 corporals
400 sergeants (90 majors)
96 commanders
64 lieutenants
10 lieutenant colonels
6 colonels
28 captains
74 officers
20 inspectors
12 intendents
4 Lance Corp.
[-44 doublets]

I scrolled through some of the list and noted the large percentage of military dead. For one civilian in what I scrolled through, cause of death was simply listed as rocket fire. For the rest that I checked, actual cause of death was not mentioned.
Any attack targeting military that is within civilian areas will cause what the Americans fondly refer to as collateral damage. But the is also the fact that many civilians in these settlements are also armed reservists.
And as Scott Ritter has pointed out, the Kibbutz's also intentionally double as a line of defense against Palestinians

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 25 2023 14:09 utc | 75

If a vulnerability complex truly existed, any security state worth its salt would immediately conduct comprehensive threat analysis in context of security failures.

We can be certain that e.g. 911 or Israel's "9/11 & Pearl Harbor rolled into one" [IDF] are not seen as system failures as no debugging of the systems occurs beyond increasing security state powers and diminishing citizen rights.

An actual security system focused on survival and superiority would first need to establish "how did the system fail?" and then "can these flaws continue to be exploited?" and finally "Corrective measures follow [which are not the same as bolded pattern above]".

We would also see immediate removal of responsible office holders. In USA, 9/11 principals all got promoted.

Posted by: robinthehood | Oct 25 2023 14:11 utc | 76

Thanks for the posting b.

I just checked Reuters and they don't report the Guterres condemnation...are we surprised....?

Yes, the UN is trying to maintain some sort of relevance.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 25 2023 14:12 utc | 77

Posted by: Contrarian_Ed | Oct 25 2023 14:07 utc | 78

Where the fuck do you think Gazans could go?

It's also laughable your statement that Israeli don't kill a lot of Palestinians, they have done it in the past and they are doing it actually.

Their 'chirurgic' bombing killied 6 thousands civilians, most of them children, and, apparently, they could not clear missile launching positions from the strip,.
Go figure.

Posted by: Mario | Oct 25 2023 14:13 utc | 78

From a Reuters article for whatever its worth...
"There is some progress and some breakthrough and we remain hopeful," said Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani at a press conference in the Qatari capital.

Wealthy gas-producer Qatar has had an open dialogue with both Israel and Hamas, which has brought about the release of four hostages captured in the Oct. 7 rampage Hamas led into southern Israel, including two Israeli women on Monday.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 25 2023 14:15 utc | 79

Contrarian_Ed | Oct 25 2023 14:07 utc | 78

Considering Israel bombs exits to Egypt, bombed the routes south when it told northern Gaza residents to evacuate to the south, you are knowingly lying.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 25 2023 14:20 utc | 80

Another parallel story:

Posted by: hedlykarok | Oct 25 2023 14:21 utc | 81

Posted by: No More BS | Oct 25 2023 13:56 utc | 76

Yes Guterres first and Erdo second.

Posted by: Jonathan W | Oct 25 2023 14:21 utc | 82

Suppose it was an Israeli planned "false flag" event? What difference would that make? The situation is what it is and Israel is in a very difficult position. A much worse position than it was on October 6th.
If this is because a cunning Israeli plan went awry- they hadn't reckoned that the world would not accept their Final Solution- rather than an Israeli response to attacks that was miscalculated there is no real difference.
The situation is what it is.
Some people are obsessed with flase flags and kabuki theatre scenarios- the treatment advised is deep reading and sober thought.
What is false is the representation of the religious nut cases in charge of the Cabinet as being in any weay representative of the people in Palestine.

Posted by: bevin | Oct 25 2023 14:22 utc | 83

ZH has a posting up with the title

Israeli Attack On Southern Syria Kills 8 Troops After Hezbollah Fired Rockets On Golan Heights

In the article it also reports that Occupied Palestine has bombed the Aleppo airport in Syria yet again today to take out another runway.

Escalation is just beginning for some and I hope it helps save some lives in Gaza soon.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 25 2023 14:23 utc | 84

Throwing Israel out of UN and retreating UN resolution from 1947 would make things much more easier to handle Palestine by Arabic countries.

Posted by: whirlX | Oct 25 2023 14:23 utc | 85

To conclude,

Since as outside observers,

- we see system level events,

- we are subject to post-event narrative controls,

- and most importantly, information flow from system actors (the "non-genius and non-aware actors") post-event is highly curtailed and at best it is disconnected leaks spread over a long post-event period,

it is not possible for us to arrive at a (probable) true picture without great difficulty. And during that entire long, preditive and repetitive, post-event narrative control period, all sorts of established hired-pens and outlets (say ZH ..) attempt to patch any leaks from "hey, I remember .." systems actors into multiple varieties of slightly different "stories" with the exception of "the story" that is never on the pages of ZH or even MoA ..

The only proof against staged geopolitical events is unobsutructed investigation and sharing of findings.

The only proof.

Anything else is just narrative control, regardless of how "controversial" or "anti-System" it sounds. Please note that there have been only a handful of voices in the opposition over the past 23 years. Same pens, same "authors", same "websites".

Posted by: robinthehood | Oct 25 2023 14:24 utc | 86

Guterres the gutless gives great speech.... Makes me wonder if US has given him the not.
Perhaps he suddenly realized those shrived male appendages he sees in the mirror and often wondered about were actually balls that had something to do with testosterone.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 25 2023 14:26 utc | 87

Slightly OT but from WAPO a semi-confession that CIA was involved in attempted assassination of Dugin working with Ukrainian SBU which they helped develop.

Posted by: Scorpion | Oct 25 2023 14:30 utc | 88

A few years ago ZH was deplatformed for a short while. When it came back online, the articles were over the top pro- deep state. I believe the owner of ZH was blackmailed in some way He decided to exaggerate in a way to signal his readership.

BTW - his readers don’t buy the deep state party line, scroll through the comments.

Finally ZH gets around 35 million unique visitors/month. It’s the big kahuna of all media outlets .

Unz Review gets ~3,000,000
MoA gets also over 3,000,000
These are far in excess of deep state regimist media outlets .

Regimist media is dead
Long Live Independent Media

Posted by: Exile | Oct 25 2023 14:32 utc | 89

Regimist media is dead
Long Live Independent Media

Posted by: Exile | Oct 25 2023 14:32 utc | 92

Thanks for the laugh.

ZH is obviously agitprop. It is designed to agitate. That is it.

UNZ is (minimally) Ron Unz's subconscious attempt to "get all the jew haters" gathered on one website.

The key observation about the system approved "Independent Media" is that it is (at best) 2nd rate. 2nd rate minds, 2nd rate writers.

A key feature of "Independent Media" "outlets" (a key word to mediate on ;) is that whatever is left of independent individual minds in the wild are goaded to expend creative and cognitive energies in marginal comments in forgotten threads instead of say writing a book..

Posted by: robinthehood | Oct 25 2023 14:40 utc | 90

Mother Dayan was a notorious rapist and died fittingly breaking the Sabbath on a motorbike from which he was ripped by a length of chain. He clearly gained his energy for crime from his abuse of power over women. Metropolitan police candidate?

Posted by: Giyane | Oct 25 2023 14:46 utc | 91


Posted by: Giyane | Oct 25 2023 14:49 utc | 92

Thanks for the link. I finally broke the habits of a decade and went over to CP to the story:

"...On October 7 Hamas militants carried out a cruel spasm of killings of Israeli military personnel and civilians. The Israeli government and media, and the U.S. government and media—almost without exception— were quick to condemn these truly terrible Hamas acts without any effort to explain what might have motivated them. They consciously ignored and suppressed any mention of the seven decades of history of land dispossession, death, destruction, murder, and insult, the hellish conditions Palestinians have been forced to endure due to actions by the Israeli government and settlers against the Palestinians. The actions may not have justified the October 7 killings, but they do explain them..."

To me that reads like a classic case of heavy editing. They are holding a fund raiser: No thanks.

Posted by: bevin | Oct 25 2023 14:50 utc | 93

If the situation was legally resolved with demarcation of the 1967 bountries which is the only sane option Donald Trump Et Al, our great anti war hope would likely loose big $$ he and his ilk have invested in the stolen lands of the Israel project. Zionism is designed to be self funded. Of course.

Posted by: Ralph Conner | Oct 25 2023 14:50 utc | 94

ZH like Reuters is forced by reality to report some things they don't want to and they spin the shit out of those stories.

BUT, they still have to report the world turning or become irrelevant.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 25 2023 14:54 utc | 95

bevin @86: "Some people are obsessed with flase flags and kabuki theatre scenarios..."

In cases like this it seems to me more an effort to salvage wounded pride/arrogance. After all, lowly "human animal" ragheads couldn't possibly have gotten the better of the very most exceptional of the Empire's "exceptionals", could they? And it wasn't even in a meat wave attack, but rather those primitive untermenschen totally outplayed The Chosen! It simply must have been a secret plan by the zionists because the alternative is too painful for the "exceptionals" to contemplate.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 25 2023 14:55 utc | 96

Intel Slava telegram channel reports...
Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 5:46 AM]
🇱🇧🇮🇱🇺🇲 Mourners gather over the coffin of a recently deceased Hezbollah member proclaiming death to America and that they're ready to serve Hassan Nasrallah.

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 6:52 AM]
🇵🇸🇹🇷 A senior Hamas official said Politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh met with Turkey's foreign minister to discuss the war in the Gaza Strip.

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 7:42 AM]
🇹🇷🇮🇱⚡Turkey has suspended ongoing work on drilling and construction of a gas pipeline in the Mediterranean together with Israel.

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 7:42 AM]
🇹🇷🇮🇱⚡All energy agreements between Turkey and Israel have been suspended.

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 8:33 AM]
🇱🇾❗ Libya has decided to expel the ambassadors of Britain, USA, France and Italy from the country because of the position of their governments on the situation in the Middle East

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 9:27 AM]
🇱🇧🇮🇱 Hezbollah reported that today another Merkava tank was destroyed on the Lebanese-Israeli border. The crew of the tank was also killed.
As of October 25, Hezbollah, according to its official statements, had already lost 42 people killed and several dozen wounded as a result of IDF shelling. Medium-intensity fighting continues. Apparently this will remain the case until the invasion of Gaza begins.

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 9:31 AM]
[ Album ]
🇮🇱🇵🇸 Photos of the consequences of Israeli airstrikes on the city of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip.

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 9:44 AM]
🏥 🇵🇸 🇮🇱 Aljazeera's October 19th investigation made similar findings as NYT

"Based on a detailed review of all videos, Sanad’s analysts conclude that the flash Israel attributed to a misfire was in fact consistent with Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system intercepting a missile fired from the Gaza Strip and destroying it in mid-air."

Intel Slava Z, [10/25/23 9:44 AM]
🏥 🇵🇸 🇮🇱 NYT visual investigations - Aric Toler

"...there is at least one Iron Dome launch site in nearly the same location that overlaps from the sight lines we drew from the five videos. This site was still present in satellite imagery this year."

"This projectile may have been launched in reaction to barrages of rockets from Gaza."

Regardless, I've seen reports that >60% of Israeli casualties on 7 Oct were IDF/IsraeliPolice members


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Oct 25 2023 14:56 utc | 98

Guterres says above: I have condemned unequivocally the horrifying and unprecedented 7 October acts of terror by Hamas in Israel
And Jean-Pierre says: Following the Hamas terror attacks in Israel, which were the deadliest for Jews since the Holocaust

The Seven-Ten Hamas Terror Attack, or, 710 Terror Attack, for short . .

Ok, got it. Thanks.

Posted by: Nothingburgers | Oct 25 2023 14:56 utc | 99

Gaza has no future?

"But it is not only Arab countries, but also African countries that stand for the Gaza Strip. Pakistan announced its readiness to use weapons. I understand that demonstrations in Europe do not change anything, but aren't the Arab countries and Iran going to intervene in the conflict?"

"They won't intervene. Look at Hezbollah — they fired their guns a little, and that's it. Don't forget that these organisations despise each other. Hamas and Hezbollah are enemies. Everyone hates the Abbas administration in the West Bank. There is no unity there and never has been. The Arab world is not homogeneous. They all hate the Palestinians, and this affects the decisions that governments make. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan — they all despise Palestine, even though almost half of the residents of Jordan, including their queen, come from Palestine. Jordan and Egypt immediately agreed to exclude any infiltration of refugees from Gaza into their territory.

"Of course, what the Israelis are proposing is savagery. This is a terrible tragedy. They propose sending 2 million 200 thousand Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the Sinai Desert. It really is a desert there. Palestine does not have rich soil either, but there is at least a little water, and one can grow food there. Sinai is a lifeless desert. Sending people there means exterminating them all.

"Of course, the Global South disapproves such a development, given that the South now concentrates around China. The recent Belt and Road summit demonstrated that 130 countries are looking for a new centre. China does not stand for Hamas — the Chinese stand for the Palestinian people. Russia advocates the idea of two sovereign states. The Americans consider themselves to be in charge — they make decisions very quickly. The States will not look at Pakistan and Africa. The Americans can't do it in Ukraine, but they can try again at least in the Middle East. They need some kind of victory."

See more at

Posted by: Oberbayer | Oct 25 2023 14:56 utc | 100

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