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October 13, 2023

The Split In Israel And The War Of Al-Aqsa

What is the reason for the 'Al-Aqsa Deluge', as Hamas had named its terror operation against the Zionists?

On October 8 Alastair Crooke, one of most experienced Middle East hands, wrote in AlMahadeen:

"Israel" has shattered into two equally weighted factions holding to two irreconcilable visions of "Israel’s" future; two mutually opposing readings of history and of what it means to be Jewish.

The fissure could not be more complete. Except it is. One faction, which holds a majority in parliament, is broadly Mizrahi -- a former underclass in Israeli society; and the other, largely well-to-do liberal Ashkenazi.

Mizrahi are mostly the original Middle Eastern Jews and often on the religious far right, Ashkenazi are mostly liberal European ones. The current Netanyahoo government is the first which includes far-right Mizrahi ministers.

Most Mizrahi follow the Sephardi religious rites. They want an religious state based on Jewish law.  They are as radial as ISIS.

The high court of Israel has 14 Ashkenazi judges and one Mizrahi one. It is one of the reasons why the Netanyahoo government wants the parliament to be able to vote down high court judgements. There have been large, U.S. sponsored 'regime change' protests in Israel against that move. The leaders of the military and security services, mostly Ashkenazi, have also opposed the government move against the court.

I therefore think that it is quite possible that there was intelligence pointing to the Hamas attack, but that it was not revealed to let Netanyahoo fall into a trap. We have however no evidence that there were reasonably precise intelligence warnings, or that they were held up.

There are already demands for Netanyahoo to go. If only for his long term sponsoring of Hamas as a counterweight to the more secular Fatah Palestinians. Should he no longer be prime minister the courts will take up the three bribe cases against him which are currently pending. He would likely end up in jail.

Another reason for Hamas' success was the fact that three of the four infantry battalions, with 800 soldiers each, that usually guard the Gaza strip,  had been moved to the West Bank to protect right-wing Zionist settlers during a religious holiday. This allowed for Hamas' easy breach of the fence.

Back to Alastair Crooke on the real motive of the Al-Aqsa flood:

Well, the Right in Netanyahu’s government has two long-standing commitments. One is to rebuild the (Jewish) Temple on ‘Temple Mount’ (Haram al-Shariff).

Just to be clear, that would entail demolishing Al-Aqsa.

The second overriding commitment is to the founding of "Israel", on the "Land of Israel". And again, to be clear, this (in their view) would entail clearing Palestinians from the West Bank. Indeed, the settlers have been cleansing Palestinians from swaths of the West Bank over the past year (notably between Ramallah and Jericho).

On Thursday morning (two days preceding Al-Aqsa Flood), more than 800 settlers stormed the Mosque Compound, under the full protection of Israeli forces. The drumbeat of such provocations is rising.

This is nothing new. The First Intifada was triggered by (then) PM Sharon making a provocative visit into the mosque. I was a part of Senator George Mitchell’s Presidential Committee investigating that incident. Even then, it was clear that Sharon intended the visit to fuel the fire of religious nationalism. At that time, the Temple Mount Movement was a minnow; today it has ministers in Cabinet and in key security positions -- and has promised its followers to build the ‘Third Temple’.

So, the threat to Al-Aqsa has been building for two decades, and today is reaching an apex. And yet US and Israeli intelligence didn’t see resistance coming, and nor did they see the settler violence building in the West Bank?

What happened on Saturday was widely expected and clearly extensively planned.

There is by the way no archaeologic evidence, none, that a Jewish 'Temple' ever existed in Jerusalem. If it did, it was most likely not on the hill of Al-Aqsa but one of the six other ones.

Al-Aqsa is holy to all Muslims, Shia and Sunni alike. Its destruction would inevitably lead to war. The West is clearly underestimating what forces calls like this one can rise:

Khalid Aljabri, MD د.خالد الجبري @JabriMD - 11:52 UTC · Oct 13, 2023

Friday sermon from the Grand Mosque in Mecca prays for the “liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque” in Jerusalem.

This is significant for two reasons:
• Audience of 2 billion Muslims.
• Such sermons have been significantly censored under MBS. Today's sermon was likely pre-approved.

Israel has used White Phosphorus on the people in Gaza, another war crime. Israel has given all people in north Gaza, 1.1 million human beings, 24 hours to move to south Gaza. That is impossible and will not happen. It is an attempt of ethnic cleansing.

Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz - 10:52 UTC · Oct 13, 2023

If there were two million Jewish people trapped by Christians in a giant open-air prison and placed under total siege, being told that half of them had 24 hours to relocate into the other half or be killed, nobody would have any confusion about what they were witnessing.

If Israel makes, as announced, a ground attack on Gaza, Hizbullah in Lebanon is likely to attack Israel. The U.S. has allegedly let Syria know (via France) that Damascus, and President Assad personally, would be attacked if that were to happen. This is a miscalculation. It is far from certain that Assad, or even Iran, has the means to hold Hizbullah back.

A U.S. attack on the government of Syria would bring Russia into the war. Iran would also respond which is exactly what some of the neocons want.

The war could easily escalate further from there.

Posted by b on October 13, 2023 at 15:46 UTC | Permalink

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The US has no ability to take on the entire middle east and Russia. Threatening Syria is pure insanity.

Posted by: Merandor | Oct 13 2023 16:02 utc | 1

1. Can anyone get to 'Fars news' ?
I cannot and I want to know if their domain was revoked and how to access it now.

2. This was a disaster for Hamas.
If the execution of 260 civilians at the music festival and 200 more at Kibitzes is correct then this puts them into 'ISIS territory' where negotiating with them is a toxic position. Are these events true, has anyone in Iran or Hamas condemned it?

I feel bad because up until now Hamas was doing so well by focusing on governing Gaza and documenting reasonable causes for their actions. This completely undermines that narrative.

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Oct 13 2023 16:03 utc | 2

Re: Al-Aqsa Mosque

Interesting video on Twitter:

🇵🇸🇮🇱 Video from a school in Israel:

“Al-Aqsa mosque will collapse, explode, disappear.”

“I feel I want to kill them [an Arabic kid].”

“There will be Arabs, but they will be slaves.”

“There will be a massive war and all the Arabs will die.”

What are they teaching these kids!?

Censored Men @CensoredMen on Twitter, October 13, 2023

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Oct 13 2023 16:05 utc | 3

Well, we should be happy they are fighting over a hill that might or might not be Zion. If they were fighting over a different hill further up north, I'd be theoretically more worried. xD Although I might also be happy seeing as how it would herald the end of all this crap. :)

More seriously though, the analysis in this article is approximately what I have inferred over the last year. Somebody in Israel is apparently trying to build a "theocracy" and "purify" the land. That's my understanding.

Posted by: rert | Oct 13 2023 16:10 utc | 4

“If only for his long term sponsoring of Hamas as a counterweight to the more secular Fatah Palestinians.”

Is this so different from the divide inside Israel? And Is Fatah not also compromised?

Posted by: anonymous | Oct 13 2023 16:13 utc | 5

I think this in itself, not to speak of the wider article, is a brilliant comment: "I therefore think that it is quite possible that there was intelligence pointing to the Hamas attack, but that it was not revealed to let Netanyahoo fall into a trap. We have however no evidence that there were reasonably precise intelligence warnings, or that they were held up."

Netanyahu is the fall guy, he's politically and reputationally finished, but before he's defenestrated in ultimate ignominy, he will and is being assigned the task and responsibility for the war crimes, of collective punishment against millions, currently being committed against the population of Gaza. Once the dust settles newer, or at least "saner and more reputable," hands will take over in Israel. But first the orgy of collective violence against Gaza tout court will be allowed to take its course and then Netanyahu, the scapegoat, will be catapulted into the deepest desert of ignominy and of the blacker names in the history of Israel, per his utter and complete and most unaccountable "incompetence" in defense of the Israeli people.

Posted by: Ludo | Oct 13 2023 16:13 utc | 6

thanks b... and thanks karlof1 for your ongoing posts too...

it is amazing how ignorance is behind so much... eclipse is for tomorrow...

Posted by: james | Oct 13 2023 16:14 utc | 7

“What are they teaching these kids!?”

Does it need to be said?

Posted by: anonymous | Oct 13 2023 16:14 utc | 8

"Hamas" is an agent of the European settlers and do not judge the whole conflict on anything religious, judge it solely on the European Ashkanazi verses the indigenous population.

Never say it's the "Jews", cuz it isn't. Always say it's the Europeans / Ashkanazi against the locals.

Posted by: Hot carl | Oct 13 2023 16:14 utc | 9

The towns and kibbutzim attacked are illegal settlements (recognized as such internationally), populated by settlers who are armed (and often attack). Hamas claims it was not in a position to distinguish between armed enemies and non-combatants, and blames the settlers for bringing non-combatants into a war zone.

Posted by: Johny Z | Oct 13 2023 16:15 utc | 10

"Hizbullah in Lebanon is likely to attack Israel"

Hezbollah will not attack Israel unless they are attacked first. Nasrallah is an exceptionally reasonable and predictable person. He has told Israel that Hezbollah will only attack, in proportion to Israeli attacks against them in Lebanon. Israel killed 3 Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon and he responded with only one ATGM attack.

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Oct 13 2023 16:15 utc | 11

Haredim, not Arabs or Iran, are the biggest threat to Israel - opinion
By DAN PERRY Published: JULY 5, 2021

Israel’s new leadership calls itself the “Change Government” because the long-serving Benjamin Netanyahu has been finally displaced. But its ideological disparities risk blocking the real changes that are needed, including on the primary threat the country as currently constituted faces.

It’s not from the Palestinians, important though they are (as I argued on these pages), nor from the wider Arab world or even Iran. The greatest danger is from within: the rapidly expanding haredi state-within-a-state whose current dynamic cannot continue …….

Posted by: Exile | Oct 13 2023 16:17 utc | 12

The last gasp of the cornered badger.

Posted by: oracle | Oct 13 2023 16:17 utc | 13

@ Christian J Chuba | Oct 13 2023 16:03 utc | 4

i haven't been able to access fars news for a long time... your link doesn't work either..

i agree with you.. its a disaster for hamas and the palestinians and it is clearly a disaster for those innocent people who have died.. by extension it is a disaster for israel and for the world at this point in time... and there are no clear and easy answers to altering any of it either..

Posted by: james | Oct 13 2023 16:18 utc | 14

@Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Oct 13 2023 16:03 utc | 4

...This was a disaster for Hamas.
...the execution of 260 civilians at the music festival

Did this "execution" happen or is it more "atrocity propaganda" like we have
all been exposed to over and over and over again?

When will we learn?

I am open to seeing your evidence, plz.

Posted by: librul | Oct 13 2023 16:18 utc | 15

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Oct 13 2023 16:05 utc | 5


Here is the correct link

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Oct 13 2023 16:19 utc | 16

There is by the way no archaeologic evidence, none, that a Jewish 'Temple' ever existed in Jerusalem.

Not defending Israel or anything, but this is blatant revisionism. There is plenty of archaeological evidence for the remains of the Jewish Temple situated on the summit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that was destroyed by the Romans in 70.

Posted by: Monos | Oct 13 2023 16:19 utc | 17

Can Israel get away with genocide of the Palestinians? It looks like nobody in the Arab world wants them so Israel must be thinking about a Final Solution without openly admitting it. Disease, starvation, bombing, snipers and so on. Gradually, so no one notices.

Then we have the Third Temple problem: the crazies want this and are in control ( or will be, once enough babies are born). Bulldozing the mosque is a bit extreme, even for these fanatics. They need a huge war and a 'horrible mistake' in which missile "accidentally" levels it. Getting rid of Netanyahu doesn't solve the problem of settler fanaticism. Someone else will take his place.

Posted by: Eighthman | Oct 13 2023 16:20 utc | 18

Perhaps its worth pointing out - though it's somewhat off topic to this post - that there is video from the festival filmed by an attendee that shows not only Israeli armored vehicles there but police/security/IDF (unclear) shooting from within the attendees. Fog of war and all that, but it's a both sides fog of war. Raising the question of whether Hamas would have fired on those attendees if they weren't taking fire from it.

The escalation potential is dramatic. I don't see the US having the capability to either contain it, since it's currently throwing kerosene on the fire, or actually win any escalation. An escalation likely results in multiple US outposts in Syria and Iraq being obliterated. How does the US escalate to that in response? It can really only bomb from the air and launch missiles from the carrier strike groups. There's a lot of firepower in two strike groups but not unlimited. What's the US response to losing jets to air defense systems? There's no real capability to insert enough ground forces to take and hold territory, not on any reasonable timeline. And all that leads us to a point where the US might consider nuclear weapons because the alternative is to back down and run away. I'm not comfortable with US leadership making rational decisions in the potential scenarios, mostly because it's clear that they believe threats are enough and their reaction if someone calls the bluff is unpredictable.

Posted by: Lex | Oct 13 2023 16:22 utc | 19

"Al-Aqsa Deluge', as Hamas had named its terror operation..."

Terror operation... that remains to be seen. With phone video from Israelis at the festival it is now clear no atrocity took place at the festival.
There is plenty of video of destruction of residential areas in settlements due to rocket strikes. What is as yet unknown is if the unguided rocket barrages were centered on a military target or where they simply aimed at settlements.
I could see Hamas simply directing rockets at settlements to drive the settlers out as the settler in their treatment of Palestinians are no different to the military, many taking t into their own hands to attack Palestinians even before this operation began so impossible for the Palestinians to see civilian settlers as innocents.
But in light of the festival bullshit, it does need to be known what exactly Hamas was centering those barrages on.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 13 2023 16:23 utc | 20

Hezbollah issued late Friday s statement which indicated that the Islamic Resistance fighters attacked the Israeli border sites of Al-Abbad, Misgav Am, Ramya and Jal Al-Allam, with the suitable weapons inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The statement clarified that the attack came in response to the Zionist aggression on the outskirts of a number of Lebanese towns.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

P.S: The Christian J. Chuba that appears to be posting does not sound like the Chuba I'm familiar with ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 13 2023 16:25 utc | 21

Al-Manar correspondent reports a direct clash between Lebanese army and Israeli enemy troops off Adaisseh town.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 13 2023 16:27 utc | 22

b wrote: "the Hamas attack, but that it was not revealed to let Netanyahoo fall into a trap."

I see it differently, Netanyvoodoo is the beneficiary from the Hamas attack.

In 2006 the US and Prime Minister Olmert plotted an attack upon Hezbollah.
A very dubious, multi-pronged security failure by the IDF provided Olmert
and the US with the pretext for war. The 2023 security failure at the Gazan
border is a repeat of a tactic that worked before. (Security failure also
worked as a tactic on September 11th, I am certain you will recall.)

Posted by: librul | Oct 13 2023 16:28 utc | 23

@Monos Not defending Israel or anything, but this is blatant revisionism. There is plenty of archaeological evidence for the remains of the Jewish Temple situated on the summit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that was destroyed by the Romans in 70.

Then show it. Show me a paper in an archeologist magazine that says so. There is zero evidence for the first (Solomon) temple and very dubious evidence for the temple the Romans allegedly destroyed.

The Zionist have dug under Al-Aqsa as far as possible and found ... nothing!

Posted by: b | Oct 13 2023 16:30 utc | 24

Frames filmed by Hamas militants of the first minutes of the attack on participants in a music festival that took place on the border with Gaza on the night of October 7 have appeared.

The bodies of 260 people shot by the militants would later be found at the site of the attack.

Video in link

Posted by: Down South | Oct 13 2023 16:32 utc | 25

The Zionist have dug under Al-Aqsa as far as possible and found ... nothing!

Posted by: b | Oct 13 2023 16:30 utc | 24

I have read they have found hellenic and other "semitic" artifacts ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 13 2023 16:32 utc | 26

Israel is a pariah state, morally destitute

as are its u$$a vassal sponsors

Posted by: paddy | Oct 13 2023 16:33 utc | 27

Zionistan needs to be destroyed. There are two choices:

1. All zionists to be deported to Amerikastan, which loves them so much. Amerikastanis who support zionistan can give up their own houses and property to zios. Inkanazi1969 especially should be compelled to give up everything it has to the first zio that comes along.

2. Zionists who choose to stay can be citizens with equal rights, but zero special privilege, in an Arab majority Palestine, which can be democratic or otherwise as it chooses.

No third option is now viable. Zionistan's continued existence threatens to destroy us all.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Oct 13 2023 16:36 utc | 28

Qatari authorities are threatening to create a global gas shortage as part of their support for Palestine. “If the bombing of Gaza does not stop, we will cut off the gas supply to the world,” said Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Hezbollah, on the other hand, has made an official statement:

In the name of Allah,

In response to Israeli attacks this afternoon on the outskirts of a number of towns in southern Lebanon, Islamic Resistance fighters attacked the following Israeli targets: Al-Abad, Misquam, Ramiyah and Jal Al-Abad, Jal Al-Alam, with direct fire and appropriate weaponry, they achieved accurate hits.

Victory belongs only to Allah, the Almighty and the Wise.

Thus, this is the first confirmation that the Hezis have fought the IDF "on the ground" in small arms combat. Prior to this, there were only videos of mortar fire and PTRK use

Note: Round 2. IDF and helbollah. Last round was very unpleasant for the IDF

Posted by: Down South | Oct 13 2023 16:36 utc | 29

Christian 4

Please keep up. IDF attacked Hamas through the grounds of the music festival using the ravers as human shields.

The kibbutz is a way of indoctrinating children with Zionist ideology , separated from.ordinary family values .
Witnesses have testified that Hamas were absolutely polite to civilians.

Netanyahu , as our host says, is only safe from.prosecution by being P.M. , so he has latched onto a cause he does believe in and knows is political suicide, to save his own private foreskin.

The IDF have been virtually on strike for months because of the radicalisation of the government. The threat of genocide is pure political posturing because anybody participating in genocidal attacks on civilians will be liable for trial in the Hague , especially if obeying orders from people that US secular Jews think are morons.

Israel would lose any war against Iran in weeks and that would end the Zionist project immediately. Palestine would become a pluralist society in which Jews and Christians would have the jizyah tax to the Palestinians.

Posted by: Giyane | Oct 13 2023 16:38 utc | 30

Stunning State Department Memo Warns Diplomats: No Gaza 'De-Escalation' Talk

As Israel escalates its offensive, U.S. diplomats are being discouraged from publicly using three phrases that would urge calm.

Posted by: b | Oct 13 2023 16:42 utc | 31

Down South | Oct 13 2023 16:32 utc | 25

Interesting video. Quite likely the festival site due to the rows of portable toilets. Very interesting is that not one Israeli civilian, not one wounded person, not one body laying on the ground appear in that video.

And who were the people walking through that site. No military green garb as in other videos of hams units. Doubtful they were Hamas. Perhaps the Gaza inhabitants that followed Hamas out through the fence?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 13 2023 16:45 utc | 32

Ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which has been going on continuously since World War II, will continue in Gaza.
I recommend reading the well-documented and well-researched book 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine', focusing mainly on the early years around 1946/1948.
Free downloadable at:

Posted by: Peacelover | Oct 13 2023 16:45 utc | 33

I know fake news for most here

Posted by: Inkant1970 | Oct 13 2023 15:56 utc | 2

Your link refers to a video that allegedly shows a captured Hamas activist being interrogated by the Israelis. In the video, the activist claims to have committed crimes. This is not further verified, nor is it supported by facts (videos, photos of corpses, etc.).

I am sure Hamas can produce something similar with its "protective prisoners".

You criticize the sensitivity of Moa visitors regarding the truth of information? Are you naive?
Or why are you promoting manipulability?

Earn answers through appropriate content!
This provoking is unobjective and childish.

Posted by: 600w | Oct 13 2023 16:47 utc | 34

iran did one revenge attack after suleimani got whacked and it resulted in quite a few US troops who can't wipe their own ass anymore. syria has only held back because of russia and a lack of firm support from others in the region. both their major airports just got hit by the ziofags so they need to work on their AD (as usual) but i'd be surprised if they thought, "oh no...what if we piss them off and they go from bombing us to bombing us slightly more often!!!"

hezbollah (arabic for "smart") have dealt with these vermin before and their stockpiles are not at the modest 2006 level anymore. their southern border is a dumpster fire due to "israel" but their other borders are very capable of taking in anything they need (including a nice pile of ukrainian weapons here and there). iran is also not gaza. the egyptian government can put on its kneepads and pleasure tel aviv all it wants but the citizens will only allow so much extra bullshit on top of the bullshit sundae they're fed every day.

MbS is trying to read the room and pretend he's a muslim instead of cecil rhodes in a gay little robe. jordan is a stain run by a spineless bitch. this won't just affect "israel" - it's going to be a litmus test for every "leader" in the region.

Posted by: the pair | Oct 13 2023 16:50 utc | 35

I can't get to FarsNews site.

Posted by: scanalyse | Oct 13 2023 16:50 utc | 36

Israel has lost my sympathy, says Croatia's President:

"with all my sympathy for Israel, which unfortunately they lost within 15 minutes..."

Lol. Expect this gentleman to be colour revolutioned, shortly.

I post this merely to highlight that the longer Israel (and their neocon backers) indiscriminately bomb civilians, the worse they will look in the eyes of the world.

Posted by: ADB | Oct 13 2023 16:50 utc | 37

In theory, you can be ant-Israel and still tell the truth. But some of you can't ever tell the truth at all. You need to believe your own BS to justify your response - sounds familiar.

Dance Party Attacked

Posted by: Just Observing | Oct 13 2023 16:52 utc | 38

b,Thank you so much for your blog, especially what you have written today.

Posted by: tony_opmoc | Oct 13 2023 16:53 utc | 39

Posted by: Monos | Oct 13 2023 16:19 utc | 17
Maybe in Syria or Turkey but not in Jerusalem.

Posted by: AI | Oct 13 2023 16:54 utc | 40

Word of the Zionist's plans is now out to the Umma. The Arab "street" was already on fire according to Iraqi PM Sudani. Putin's explanation/analysis in a Q&A from the 11th that was seen by all of Judge Napolitano's viewers yesterday and today that it was US policy that's at the root of this disaster informs a small segment of the US populace as to cause/effect, but that's little solace for anyone at this juncture. I can't help but think of the great Russian military planner who said you must shape events to your liking on the battlefield so you can face the enemy on terms you dictate. IMO, that's what Hamas and the overall Resistance Movement are doing, which explains the political aspects of the military events we'll soon see. The Zionists will invade Gaza and be met with their own Bakhmut. Zionist military logistics are already at a low ebb because of its support for their Ukie Nazi kin, thus the urgent call on the Outlaw US Empire for help. Iron Dome has proven to be relatively useless, with much of its ammo expended and we know how well Patriot systems perform. When the Zionists go into Gaza that crosses Hezbollah's red line, so will Hezbollah act as it's said it would? And what of the threats to Syria? Would Russia allow such threats to be carried out since it would be hard to determine where the strikes are aimed? And what of the Empire's troops inside Syria? Will they finally be attacked? Iraqi PM Sudani said he'd like to remain neutral, but I doubt that will be politically possible now that the Zionist's plans are known and Gaza is being invaded. What might happen there? And then there's Iran. The Neocons drool at the possibility of attacking Iran, but Iran has shown it is capable of defending itself and is far more able to now then the last time it was tested by Trump.

The two carriers and their escorts are now all targets if they provide any fire support for the Zionists, and Hezbollah, Syria, Russia, and Iran all have weapons capable of taking them all out. Then there're the regional bases, and not just those in West Asia; what will become of them with the Umma's ire raised? And what will happen to Jews outside of Palestine? The comparison in size between the Zionists zealots and the Umma is massive, with the small cult aiming at launching a religious war, for that's what will surely result. The current Pakistani government may be somewhat controlled by the Empire, but it will quickly fall if it doesn't act as its populous demands.

IMO, the Zionists and their supporters have far too much hubris because they've been allowed to get away with their crimes and their plans for too long, so they see themselves as untouchable because of their great protector, the Outlaw US Empire.

In his presser after the CIS Heads of State Summit, there were two questions related to Palestine, with the first being the most comprehensive:

E. Zhelbunov: Edmund Zhelbunov, NTV.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, from your point of view, regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, is there any prospect of resolving it in the coming weeks or at least in the coming months? And how is the Russian side ready to contribute to this process?

Vladimir Putin: Israel, of course, faced an unprecedented attack, which has never happened in history, and not only in terms of scale, but also in terms of the nature of its execution, in terms of brutality – well, what can I say, we must call a spade a spade. Israel responds on a large scale and also with rather brutal methods. Of course, we understand the logic of events, but despite all the bitterness on both sides, I still believe that, of course, we need to think about the civilian population.

I have already said this and I want to repeat it. We are currently looking at assessments of what is happening in the United States, and various scenarios are emerging, including that military and non-military measures can be taken against the Gaza Strip in the same way as during the siege of Leningrad during World War II. But we understand what this is about, and in my opinion, this is unacceptable. More than two million people live there. Not everyone supports Hamas, by the way, not everyone, and everyone should suffer, including women and children. Of course, hardly anyone will agree with this.

On the other hand, as I said today at a meeting with my colleagues, Israel, of course, has the right to ensure its security and guarantee this security. But we need to find these tools, find this way out of the situation. In my opinion, it can be achieved, of course, as a result of some mediation efforts.

As I have already said many times, there are a lot of our compatriots living in Israel – former citizens of the Soviet Union and Russia. This factor is real for us, of course. We can't forget about it.

But on the other hand, we have very good relations with the Arab world – many years, decades – and, first of all, of course, with Palestine, which at one time was promised that a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital would be created. They were promised, and decisions were made at the UN level. They are entitled to expect these promises to be fulfilled. We need to combine all this and, of course, first of all, think about the people who are not to blame for today's escalation at all. And to pretend that no one sees this, does not understand it, and puts it out of brackets is impossible.

E. Zhelbunov: Can Russia help with this?

Vladimir Putin: And Russia can, precisely because of the fact that we have developed very good relations with Israel over the past, say, 15 years, absolutely, and traditional relations with Palestine. Therefore, no one will suspect us that we want to play along with someone. But if, of course, someone needs our mediation. This is always done only on the basis of the parties ' agreements.

Hopefully behind the scenes there's a greater sense of urgency and appreciation of the situation's gravity, none of which were expressed by Putin. The Zionist deadline for Gazans to move South nears.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 13 2023 16:57 utc | 41

Posted by: Just Observing | Oct 13 2023 16:52 utc | 38


TIL today, NBC delivers the "truth". 😂😂😂

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Oct 13 2023 17:01 utc | 42

How does the US escalate to that in response? It can really only bomb from the air and launch missiles from the carrier strike groups. There's a lot of firepower in two strike groups but not unlimited.

Posted by: Lex | Oct 13 2023 16:22 utc | 19

The US could deploy ground troops and aircrafts to Israel itself, the strategic aviation would operate from the usual based. Exposed positions in the middle East might have to be evacuated and some will be destroyed with substantial losses but the combined american-israeli firepower could flatten Syria, Lebanon and any eventual half baked, half hearted attempt from conventional forces coming from Egypt/Jordan. The US probably could not deal with Hezbollah any better than Israel but could at least disrupt resupply effort and reinforcements coming from Iran and anybody else as well as inflicting massive punishment on local populations.
The russian garrison in Syria is not protected by much more than a implicit threat of nuclear escalation that american élite may well believe to be hollow now.
Actually pounding Iran into submission might turn into a nightmare for the US though...

Posted by: Satepestage | Oct 13 2023 17:01 utc | 43

@ADB | Oct 13 2023 16:50 utc | 37
Croatian president is a sort of maverick.
So far, he managed to piss just about every politician in Croatia and the West.
People seem to like him, though.
He has yet to announce if he is willing to run for the second mandate next year.

Posted by: scanalyse | Oct 13 2023 17:02 utc | 44

Israel is punishing Hamas for crimes of Gaza civilians

I have seen no evidence that Hamas fighters were involved in war crimes or massacres. There were maybe 20 000 people storming the "Gaza Envelope" on the Israeli side. Only 2000 or so were actual Hamas fighters acting on orders from Hamas leadership. The rest were armed civilians, "returnees" looking for their family home, or just looters looking for something to steal.

Lord Bebo on Twitter explains:

So far, after seeing most of the footage I do not see evidence that there were planned and thorough mass atrocities of that brutality.

What is clearly to see that professional assault brigades acted targeted and professional, but ruthless. They killed unarmed people at a military bases for instance. They were mostly busy doing war and fighting the military.

There’s a second group, unhinged militants with guns. They went in on pickups after the assault brigade through the holes in the fence and killed and kidnapped civilians on their way. Example, the highways littered bodies and the attacks on the villages and towns.

The third group was just random idiots that went in on the heat of the moment, not knowing what was going on. Bystanders, if you will. Some just ran in and started grabbing things and do all kinds of nonsense.

So the question, did one of the group thoroughly went through a village, collected specifically all babies and did what is claimed? Or were they just rampaging randomly?

Don’t get me wrong, civilians died and it’s a tragedy. But did they shoot a random car up with civilians or did they specifically tried to burn babies is the question. (Somehow)

Because let’s be honest, if some poor souls burned in a car, due to a missile strike, their fotos can be used in other context to round up the emotions for the coming offensive.

I previously have uncovered one case, where burned bodies of Hamas fighters were presented as burned Israeli children.

This 30 minute video from a Facebook livestream ends with a scene of the bodies of eight military-age man at the entrance to the Nir Oz kibbutz. It is not possible to say, how or where these people died. Settlers in front-line kibbutzim in Israel are armed. It would have been the duty of these people to defend the settlement from the Hamas attack. It is not possible to say, who killed the other unarmed women and children inside the kibbutz.

At another kibbutz a 25-year old girl is said to have personally killed five "Hamas fighters". A total of 20 of these fighters were killed. Again, there is no way of knowing if these attackers were actual Hamas fighters or just "returnees" or civilian looters. The Hamas fighters acted as highly professional special forces, neutralizing military bases and other siege infrastructure. I do not think they would lose a firefight to amateur kibbutzniks.

Professional armies often leave the massacring to armed civilians. This is what the Nazis did in Ukraine and much of Eastern Europe. In Ukraine OUN supporters killed some 100,000 Poles. In Lebanon in 1982, the Israeli army had their Christian militias massacre up to 3,500 Palestinians at the Sabra neighbourhood and the Shatila refugee camp.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Oct 13 2023 17:09 utc | 45

I therefore think that it is quite possible that there was intelligence pointing to the Hamas attack, but that it was not revealed to let Netanyahoo fall into a trap. We have however no evidence that there were reasonably precise intelligence warnings, or that they were held up.

If true, this article out of Israel states Netanyahoo had a 10 day warning from Egypts top intelligence offical and shrugged it off. Did he task Mossad to take a look? Should he have? As Iraeli solders died entering Gaza these questions will remain large in Israeli society.
Egypt spy chief warned Netanyahu of Gaza assault, was ignored — report; PM denies it

There is by the way no archaeologic evidence, none, that a Jewish 'Temple' ever existed in Jerusalem. If it did, it was most likely not on the hill of Al-Aqsa but one of the six other ones.

That is absurd.

There is extensive evidence of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in that location in both international literature of that age and in archeological evidence as well. Certainly the Dome of the Rock is not located in the exact spot of the second temple but it is on the second temple grounds.

I strongly supect the builders of the second temple knew where the first temple stood as the time between temples was short. History is clear in this matter down to the library of Cyrus the Great. Also This is set in stone as happening...

The Babylonian Chronicle (Chronicle 5): Nebuchadnezzar Besieges Jerusalem, 597 BCE

The other absurdities in B's post will be left for another day.

Posted by: circumspect | Oct 13 2023 17:10 utc | 46

Former Israeli general compares treatment of Palestinians to 'Nazi Germany' and 'apartheid'
Amiram Levin says the Israeli army condones violence by settlers, which could make it liable for 'war crimes'

…..A former top general in the Israeli military has said that Israel's treatment of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank resembles Nazi Germany and is "total apartheid".

Amiram Levin, former head of the army's northern command, made the comments on Sunday on Israeli public broadcaster Kan.

"There hasn't been a democracy there in 57 years. There is total apartheid," Levin said, referring to the situation in the West Bank……

Posted by: Exile | Oct 13 2023 17:12 utc | 47

Posted by: james | Oct 13 2023 16:14 utc | 7

eclipse is for tomorrow...

It is indeed an annular eclipse on the ascendant of Israel's Horoscope taking place at the time of the Uranus return of the founding of that state while Pluto has just stationed on its 4th house cusp and and is now beginning to transform that land for good.

Interesting or not, this is also the almost final Contact of Pluto to Pluto's position shortly after the founding of that Republic.

That the two states are tied up you already know, and the how is not to hard to see in the charts. That this is also connected to the Pluto position at the start of Covid, which coincided with what I called the End of the World back when .. and the so called Great Mutation of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at the end of that year on the first degree of Aquarius (the most corrupt degree in the Zodiac) .. is what will drive the events of the next year .. until all of this is settled, earlier than people think .. by about '26 .. Is just a coincidence of course.

I wish it would pay to write about this stuff in more detail, but I do it anyway, over at that TG channel i once invited you to before. Its all in German and mostly deals with the subjective experience of time, which means I usually lead the news in my own cryptic way. You're welcome to take another look.

Posted by: Michael | Oct 13 2023 17:12 utc | 48

Current Croatian President comes from a Orthodix family :)

Posted by: Exile | Oct 13 2023 17:13 utc | 49

>after the founding of that Republic

After the founding of the USA

Posted by: Michael | Oct 13 2023 17:14 utc | 50

Very sadly, I fear the beginning of the end will be Israel dropping an atomic bomb on Damascus.

Posted by: W | Oct 13 2023 17:15 utc | 51

Greater Israel? (a Twitter thread)

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Oct 13 2023 17:17 utc | 52

Never say it's the "Jews", cuz it isn't. Always say it's the Europeans / Ashkanazi against the locals.

Posted by: Hot carl | Oct 13 2023 16:14 utc | 9

Boo hoo. Preposterous bullshit. It's the Russians winning the SMO even if there's a few Russians who oppose it. It's the Americans bullying the world even if a couple weakly object. It's the Chinese building BRICS even if some Chinese are corrupt and work for the West.

No need for the hand-wringing special apologism for the jews. They've had thousands of years to fix their problems. Any intelligent person knows that by "jews" we don't implicate the precious few that do stand up. Besides, a hebrew bourla talking genocide through vaccines isn't any better than an ashkenazi soros or netanyahu.

Posted by: Michael A | Oct 13 2023 17:22 utc | 53

Does anyone else find it odd that of the 150 or so hostages that Hamas has, I have not seen a single name published or story, other than a TikTok video of an Israeli mom pleading for her child to be released?

I may have missed something, as I haven't been scouring Israeli media. However, here in the US, there has been a conspicuous absence of coverage of the individuals (Americans) who have been taken hostage, nor much mention of the identities of the 27 dead Americans.

Something is very wrong, here. Normally there would be a list of names, along with local coverage in the hometowns of the affected relatives. I have seen zero.

My theory on the hostages at least is that they're deliberately holding back names so that when the IDF goes in and kills them, or a gravity bomb turns them into pink mist, their names are never known.

Surely the US State Dept. knows the identity of these folks, or could, if they wanted to.

Posted by: Ghost of Zanon | Oct 13 2023 17:24 utc | 54

Yup the frog that is the populations of the Collective Waste is about to get boiled - the Big All In move has to happen now or never. We have been told of greater and greater casualties - now we are to accept millions, perhaps billions.

Xi and Putin and co have known this for a long long time - hence their frantic efforts at trying to get the deluded rest of the world to understand, if not onside against the mass conflagration that is occurring.

Our masters need a New Narrative to inculcate into the surviving future generations. Having replaced Napoleon, with the Hun and Nazis, then the Commies, who actually almost annihilated these proxies. Shame that some were saved to make the current efforts.

So it’s only China that has been sitting out on the sidelines. Trying to work it out with the Arabs and Indians to do the same and not be led into a cauldron , which is where the Nukes will go off. These desert cities have been built to be brutally destroyed.

A bit dystopian and pessimistic of me, some may say. I hope they are right.

I’ll repeat the only option is to target these very few who pull all the strings, let them surrender and pay back and ship out of their grand palaces and bunkers where they have been frantically collecting the worlds art and wealth since the QE tap was turned on.

Where they have collected food for several generations as they expect to live on, whilst the remaining humanity returns to a Stone Age!

That is the actual psychopath world view that needs destroying. It has to be done by the tool and sacrifice of these other countries. We citizens and subjects are in no way capable of rising up against our sadistic masters as they have long since learned to hide away. There are no palaces to storm. No kings heads to chop off.

Threatening Assad directly? That is the desperate loser move. Because after his state visit to China it is obvious that both China and Russia and true believers of the multipolar will rally to his defence.

So it comes down to these still sat on the wall , I already mentioned India and Pakistan, previously. It’s Erdo and his natzo forces that may well decide whether it will be Peace or Total destruction.

Either way the Old Bastards must be removed for ever from their Power.

Hope to see the weekend through before we are toasted, as some great quarter final matches.

Have a great Friday folks. I’m off for a few pints befor the Vogons proceed with their plans.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Oct 13 2023 17:25 utc | 55

"...where negotiating with them is a toxic position. Are these events true, has anyone in Iran or Hamas condemned it?" - @Christian J Chuba

Why Iran? Is Iran required to condemn anything anyone does? Iran had nothing to do with the Hamas attack, but do you (like many others) hold that Iran NOT condemning an act is tacit approval of that act? It happens all the time in the US- our government does messed up things to other countries, but Joe the Plumber doesn't step up to the cameras and say he condemns whatever it was that was so bad- does that automatically make him a silent accomplice? No, of course not. When Iran is ready to make a statement it will make a statement- but don't expect condemnation from them, considering many around the world are of the opinion that Israel had this coming (and ARE saying so in front of the cameras). (On the other hand, how many pro-Israel folks have come out to condemn the daily killing of Palestinians by Israeli forces? Not many, I'll warrant. Does that mean the majority of Israelis support the killing of Palestinian civilians just for being Palestinian?)

Posted by: John S | Oct 13 2023 17:26 utc | 56

Jonathan Cook has written an important article I warmly recommend:

Posted by: JB | Oct 13 2023 17:32 utc | 57

[email protected] wonder why the Apartheid State sent archaeologists to Iraq during the Gulf Wars. They spent weeks with full US military cover digging in the sand......where they looking for the the Ark? Or the Deed to chattel?

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Oct 13 2023 17:32 utc | 58

@Monos Not defending Israel or anything, but this is blatant revisionism. There is plenty of archaeological evidence for the remains of the Jewish Temple situated on the summit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that was destroyed by the Romans in 70.

Then show it. Show me a paper in an archeologist magazine that says so. There is zero evidence for the first (Solomon) temple and very dubious evidence for the temple the Romans allegedly destroyed.

The Zionist have dug under Al-Aqsa as far as possible and found ... nothing

Let's see, we have the surviving portions of the huge retaining wall that Herod built during his expansion of the Temple complex, along with the stairways and colonnades. We have the Trumpeting Place inscription and the Temple Warning inscription. As for digging underneath the Temple Mount, well you're not going to find much of anything down there to prove the Second Temple's existence because it stood on top the Temple Mount where the Al-Aqsa mosque stands today. The only way to get direct, instead of indirect, archaeological proof of the Second Temple's existence would entail tearing down the mosque to examine its foundations. Doing so would be highly problematic, geopolitically-speaking, to say the least.

Your assertion also ignores the literary evidence of the Second Temple's existence, and I'm not talking about the Bible either. Strabo (a Greek) states there was a temple to the Jewish God standing in Jerusalem in his day (early First Century AD), and Josephus (a Hellenized Jew) goes in to great detail describing its wholesale destruction (along with the rest of post-Herodian Jerusalem) during the Great Jewish Revolt. Or, do you suppose that Josephus just made all of that up?

One does not have to be a 'Zionist' to accept the available evidence that supports the existence of the Second Temple. Having said that, I acknowledge that the field of Second Temple Judaism studies is overrun with 'Zionists' who have a certain political agenda: namely that the evidence of the Second Temple somehow validates the Israeli state.

Posted by: Monos | Oct 13 2023 17:36 utc | 59

VP stated a nazi like siege of Leningrad is unacceptable for Gaza. There's a history lesson.

Posted by: Hankster | Oct 13 2023 17:38 utc | 60

Posted by: Just Observing | Oct 13 2023 16:52 utc | 38

My observations re the "Dance Festival"...

1. That Tent - the focus of the Rave event, is extremely small. Even I could put it up in an hour. Maybe suitable for a yoga event for around 300 people, not 3,000. Only about 6 portaloos.
2. Why exactly was it there just across the border.
3. Most people at such dance events, might drink lots of water, but typically not loads of Jack Daniels - so what's the added clip, showing a bar?
4. I have seen no evidence that anyone at the dance event was killed, but accept that, most there were probably innocent, and that the video that Syrian Girl posted was legit - They were terrified and ran - cos of some Gloks and AK47's going bang - but no blood, no slaughter, and people hiding in grass and bushes in the desert???
5. The Girl reporting the head chopped baby thing, couldn't stop smiling, and has been sourced to who she actually works for...The entire thing was complete bollocks - and the Daily Telegraph was disgusting today, still trying to make out this event was real

However, whilst much of the rest of it seems to be true, even I can notice the fakery, when I look at it all again.

It's all extremely strange, and I hope things do calm down, or its all going to become extremely horrible for Billions of People, cos it really does have the potential to escallate into WWIII over a bunch of religious nutters

Posted by: tony_opmoc | Oct 13 2023 17:39 utc | 61

Hankster: Leningrad was an interesting choice for comparison by Putin wasn't it?

Posted by: A | Oct 13 2023 17:40 utc | 62

It is alarming how brittle our western countries, our supposed democracies, have become, particularly accelerated by the covid years. When not outright criminalized, dissent from official narrative is increasingly dealt with through a “social credit” apparatus - cancellations, demonetizations, etc - operating with zero due process to effectively intimidate the expression of unwanted opinion. The basic unrelenting mediocrity of elected officials almost ensures that bad decision-making is ahead, and it is warranted to be extremely concerned that some sort of overt authoritarian superstructure will be enforced as a result.

Posted by: jayc | Oct 13 2023 17:42 utc | 63

The greatest danger is from within: the rapidly expanding haredi state-within-a-state whose current dynamic cannot continue …….

Posted by: Exile | Oct 13 2023 16:17 utc | 12

This is clearly a 'Bad for Business' article, as if Israel goes full religious state, nobody will do business with them and this is a possibility as long as the situation escalates. Every bomb dropped on Gaza makes business worse.
On the other shoe, there is a great cover-up that is being advances, as we should all know, something is needed to disguise the increasing and up-coming radical effects of the C-19 mRNA (circular DNA; that was never removed) jabs [Bio-warfare]. Nuclear war by any means as long as the dust cloud(s) can be said to cover the globe.

Posted by: T S | Oct 13 2023 17:47 utc | 64

It's quite ominous how b's logic seems so inexorable, all but inescapable. After Israel's ground invasion of Gaza, it's hard to imagine Hezbollah keeping out of this fight -- a thread which pulls in Lebanon, which pulls in Russia. Sometimes the path ahead charts a distinct future, like finding the solution to the puzzle "white to checkmate in four moves."

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Oct 13 2023 17:48 utc | 65

Well done, that is how I have understood things since shortly after the millenium. "Monkey with a grenade."

Is Ariel Sharon still "alive"? I haven't been keeping up.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 13 2023 17:50 utc | 66

Putin compares Gaza blockade to Nazi siege of Leningrad

Posted by: Apollyon | Oct 13 2023 17:51 utc | 67

I do not agree to Crooke. As far as I see it, the radical national religious settler movement is mainly based on ashkenazi jews from the US and Canada, not on oriental jews. So there seems to be a split between secular liberal jews and radical national religious zionist jews on the ashkenazi side that is important to understand the actual conflict within Israels society.
Crooke is correct when he describes the oriental jews as the underdogs in Isreals society compared to the Ashkenazis, but he bis wrong when he seems them as mainly national religious radical zionists. The whole situation is much more complicate.

Posted by: Bystander | Oct 13 2023 17:54 utc | 68

RE: “Have a great Friday folks. I’m off for a few pints befor the Vogons proceed with their plans.”

Posted by: DunGroanin | Oct 13 2023 17:25 utc | 55

Well, we will move through this weekend and many, many more to come as it appears “suffrage” is the commonality that all of humanity gets to partake in these days no matter where on the globe one is.

Nevertheless 🍻 Enjoy the pub!

Posted by: Trubind1 | Oct 13 2023 17:55 utc | 69

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Oct 13 2023 17:48 utc | 65

Seems like its only a matter of time with Lebanon after the murder of journalists over the border and various Zionist operations against locations in the south. The Armed Forces of Lebanon have already shelled Zionist locations in response, but it all of course remains to be seen.

Posted by: warxism | Oct 13 2023 18:03 utc | 70

Crooke paid too much attention to Mizrahi-Ashkenazi split. In my observation, social and political divisions in Israel are only loosely correlated with that categorization. Number one, "mixed marriages" seem frequent, but since Ashkenazi came in larger number earlier and often had higher education before coming, they dominated leadership for decades, and that may persist in judiciary and military command. Number two, there is much deeper split between "ultra-Orthodox" and others. Ultra-Orthodox have worldview strongly influenced by Torah and Talmud, and there are both Mizrahi and Ashkenazi.

One of the pet causes of many Ultras is restoration of the Temple and instituting theocracy like in Iran. A religious council, Sanhedrin, would be ruling like analogous councils in Iran, and presumably there would be a "normal government" like in Iran that would obey the guidance of Sanhedrin. This is my interpretation, because Sanhedrin would consist of sages that, like in Iran, are not interested in bureaucratic duties. Needless to say, more secular folks (not necessarily agnostic) would have deep reservations in giving government ministries to such guy, but Likud and National Unity (fresh Likud offshoot) do not. Apart from Sanhedrin issue, there is a host of conflicts between secular and ultra-Orthodox, but a lot of positions in between.

The international importance of Ultras is their crazy plan that manifestly assures a vehement conflict with analogous folks on Muslim side. So they are perfect for sparking bloody conflicts, but probably more as a tool than the actual deciders.

A more profound problem is that Zionism from the start was not a universalist movement, but focused on building a new nation (restoring it their language) that would achieve greatness, lording over an area, so the area should be as large as possible and dominance over non-members of that nation as complete as possible. But from the beginning, there was a division on the question: what is possible? What the new/restored nation can do without some calamity or a lamentable setback. So we had a consensus about the goal, but disagreement about the means etc. Israel, being a smallish nation, must secure support of larger nations like France and Britain (allies in 1956 war) or USA (after that war), and those nations cannot be alienated by going too far.

The passing of the government-building majority from Labor to Likud meant that the cautious approach of Labor was viewed as inferior to bolder Likud. And that was true! In short, the history of Israel is that of constant "stretching the envelope" while avoiding alienating USA and other key countries. Due to indefatigable efforts of Israeli diplomacy and lobbying in diaspora, the envelope was wider and wider. To clarify, my conclusion is that the reality in Israel is continuously evolving because of external factor: the impulse to expand and dominate is constant, but external constraint eroded to what we see today and what we would not see 10 years ago, and 10 years ago the same could be said.

In the meantime, the demographic balance in Israel was changing, Ultras being extremely good in producing babies, new immigrants having more of neophytic zeal (perhaps), but the key dynamic was the more and more taboos created to accommodate "the nations" were broken because they could be broken. And why they could be broken? This is beyond my competence. E.g. one can point to "Christian Zionists", but that does not explain the witch hunt on "anti-Semites" in the British Labour Party.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 13 2023 18:06 utc | 71

Posted by: JB | Oct 13 2023 17:32 utc | 57

I sometimes find Jonathan Cook a bit wishywashy - far too polite - but he is absolutely brilliant here, saying exactly what he thinks in Gaza, I suspect, totally terrified re whether he and his wife and family are going to survive.

Good Bloke

Posted by: tony_0pmoc | Oct 13 2023 18:11 utc | 72

Posted by: JB | Oct 13 2023 17:32 utc | 57

Yes, Gaza seems to be a larger trial model of the WEF's 15 minute city concept. Given that, in the West, at least, many of our governments seem to be led and staffed by WEF young leaders these days, we should be really concerned about what Israel has ben doing in their Gaza concentration camp.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Oct 13 2023 18:14 utc | 73

Posted by: Hot carl | Oct 13 2023 16:14 utc | 9


During the time of the Prophet in Medina, it was the Jews, who behaved a lot like today's Jews. It's uncanny how their strategies and motivations have stayed consistent for so long.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Oct 13 2023 18:17 utc | 74

Not sure if this TV report is mentioned anywhere in comments, so I just deliver the English transcript and the link to the video:

Zionist regime channel 12 TV report

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime published a report about the behavior of the Palestinian resistance fighters towards the settlers.

According to the report of "Quds" website, Rotim, a settler from Kibbutz "Kfar Gaza" in the southwest of the occupied territories, in an interview with Channel 12 of the Zionist regime, narrated the moment when the resistance forces entered her house as follows: "When the attack began, my children were asleep. . I entered the shelter to be with them. I closed the shelter door.

"I told them it's dangerous out there and there are bad guys out there," Rotim continues. Moments later, I heard the sudden entry of [forces] into my house; I heard that they are speaking Arabic in my house. I tried to push the shelter door hard so that they could not enter."

And she adds: "But 6 [resistance] forces were in my house. They managed to open the shelter door. A bullet was fired at the door of the shelter. This bullet only wounded me and then hit the closet. The troops entered the shelter and I told them there are two children here! This was the first thing I told them."

"I told them this in English and they looked at us for a moment and one of them said to us in English, 'Don't worry,'" added Rotim. We are Muslims and we will not harm you. On the one hand, I was surprised when I heard these words, and on the other hand, my stress decreased."

"I sat next to my children and the [resistance] forces brought a chair from the dining room," she continued. One of the armed forces was with us full-time in the shelter, and the others were constantly going back and forth in the house. One of them saw the bananas on the table and said to me: Can I take one? (Rotim's smile) I said: Yes! You can take one."

Rotim narrates: "My eldest son was a little stressed; But my daughter was not too impressed and was playing with her tablet. Those weapons did not scare my children very much. At first, they were talking to each other next to the shelter; They spoke Arabic. My son asked me: Does that mean they are thinking of apologizing to us? (Rotim's smile) I told my son: "It doesn't look like that."

In the end, she said: "They were in my house for about two hours, and finally one of them closed the shelter door and they all left."

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime TV also published pictures of the walls of the houses after the resistance forces entered them, on which it was written: "Qassam does not kill children".,/14020718000280.mp4

Posted by: Framarz | Oct 13 2023 18:17 utc | 75

@Down South | Oct 13 2023 16:32 utc | 25

Frames filmed by Hamas militants of the first minutes of the attack on participants in a music festival that took place on the border with Gaza on the night of October 7 have appeared.
The bodies of 260 people shot by the militants would later be found at the site of the attack.

The video is filmed around 9 am. The rocket and paraglider attack happened before 7 am. The partygoers would have had 2 hours to evacuate before the video was filmed.

P.S. - The gunmen on the video do not look like Hamas fighters. More like a bunch of armed civilians from Gaza.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Oct 13 2023 18:28 utc | 76

" Israel must be thinking about a Final Solution without openly admitting it. Disease, starvation, bombing, snipers and so on. Gradually, so no one notices."

Exactly. It's high time we introduced that phrase into the discussion.

Recall that the whole phrase is "die Endloesung der Judenfrage"---the final solution to the Jewish Question. As of 1942, the 9-year attempt to get the Jews to leave Germany had "worked" fairly well, but with the attack on and annexation of large portions of Poland, there were just too many more Jews to deal with. This was all clearly set forth in the Wannsee Protokol. Hence, the Final Solution der Judenfrage.

The decades-long onslaught on the Palestinians has not "worked" for the Zionists to get rid of or control the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Israel's international profile is slipping. The Ukraine conflict complicates things. Now a faction has grown impatient and intends to "seize the day" while their power in still on the ascendant in Zion. Time to accelerate events and usher in the Final Solution. It wouldn't surprise me at all if these fanatics had somehow encouraged this Hamas break-out to create a "Make My Day" scenario and get the Final Solution 2.0 started.

Posted by: Jane | Oct 13 2023 18:29 utc | 77

With that demented smile, it is hard for me to see Netanyahu as a fall guy in the coming days. The guy has survived for a long time and there is a reason for that. There is a greater game afoot and the psychological theater put forth by media and pundits is part and parcel of its power.

Thank you, b, as always. Hezbollah does seem to be an incorruptible (read: unwilling to be steered by greater forces, even in the case of its allies, Iran and Russia) which, imo, will likely lead to the bigger guys having to swoop in when Hezbollah does indeed bite and gets the Ashkenazis on the ropes.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Oct 13 2023 18:30 utc | 78

Reuters has a posting up with the title

Israeli military says troops make first ground raids into Gaza

As I recall that is a red line for some folks....sad state of humanity

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 13 2023 18:31 utc | 79

DunGroanin @ 55
Enjoy ya pint.
I recomende the 'Resteraunt at the end of the universe'

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 13 2023 18:31 utc | 80

Posted by: Christian J Chuba | Oct 13 2023 16:03 utc | 2

I hope you were simply parroting the assumption and that you are not stupid or gullible enough to believe 10 let alone 260 ravers were killed by Hamas.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Oct 13 2023 18:31 utc | 81

The first and second temples were located 600 feet away from the so-called Temple Mount and were over the Spring of Gihon or Jihon. The Temple was situated over the spring. Why? WATER. AND PLENTY OF IT. The temple was an industrial kosher slaughterhouse. It was illegal to slaughter animals anywhere else. The present day Temple Mount was the Roman military base of the Antonia, built by Herod the Great in memory of his patron Marc Antony. The Dome of the Rock is built over an artificial cave which was a Temple to Mithras, the popular god of the Roman military. There never was a big Solomonic temple there. Solomon never had an empire or a large capital - but that's another story. SO, extreme religious Zionists, reality check. Read your historical sources. The only spring within five miles of Jebus, at first a Canaanite city, was GIHON. The first name of Jerusalem was MIGDOL EDAR, the Tower or Citadel of the Flock. Linked with Jacob - Genesis 35:212 and Micah 4:8. It became later equivalent to the original Mount Zion. THERE WAS NO SPRING OF ANY KIND IN THE REGION WHERE THE so-called temple and later AL AQSA was situated. To sum up, the vast expanse now occupied by Al Aqsa has no relevance at all in locating the temples of Solomon, Zerubbabel and Herod. So where was Solomon's temple? At the top of the Hill of OPHEL, a little bit higher above ... you guessed right, the Gihon Spring. David had originally placed the Ark of the Covenant over the Gihon. The early temples were NOT located near the northern area of the Dome of the Rock, then outside the walls of Jerusalem. Settlers": Go back and look at the biblical and historical eye-witnesses accounts ...

Posted by: Geraint ap Iorwerth | Oct 13 2023 18:35 utc | 82

Re: Siege of Leningrad ?

Barflies - Which current President of a great power had a older brother ( baby at the time ) who starved to death during the siege of Leningrad ?

Now do you Understand why he specifically referenced the Siege in his interview today 😳

Posted by: Exile | Oct 13 2023 18:35 utc | 83

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Oct 13 2023 18:31 utc | 81


* 6 million ravers. 😂

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Oct 13 2023 18:38 utc | 84

Rhodes, psychopaths, eloi and morlocks...I am reminded...

Til we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land!

Posted by: Dr Wellington Yueh | Oct 13 2023 18:42 utc | 85

Posted by: Just Observing | Oct 13 2023 16:52 utc | 38

Lol thanks for the Lester Holt NBC news clip Now where are 2 bodies, let alone 260?

We'll wait.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Oct 13 2023 18:42 utc | 86

To Whom it May Concern,

I don't know who writes this crap, but to say that Middle Eastern Jews are as radical as ISIS is utterly indefensible, insane really. Why don't you just come out and admit it: you're a Jew hater.
Shame, shame on you!

Posted by: Craig Luther | Oct 13 2023 18:44 utc | 87

As far as I know, the indigenous Jews i.e. those who are native to Palestine are a tiny minority in Israel. Many of them actually oppose the existence of the state of Israel and if there are any radical religious nuts between them, they are the exception, not the rule. The most blood thirsty seem to be the settlers, immigrants who came to Israel from around the world. The Jews who lived in Palestine for centuries are not the settlers because they have settled already centuries ago and lived peacefully amongst Muslims and Christians of Palestine during the 400 years of Ottoman rule.

Posted by: ABC | Oct 13 2023 18:45 utc | 88

I heard his interview, good explaining the plans for Israel by Israeli extremists... including Netanyahu showing map of ‘New Middle East’– without Palestine — to UN General Assembly!

To reference a GOOD article: Operation Al Aqsa Storm: How, why, and where to now in Gaza? By Antony Loewenstein, October 11, 2023

BUT, to blame a specific ethnic group is DISGUSTING... THE 'Mizrahi' Jews... is an erroneous grouping !!! perhaps it could be called all-the-jews-that-are-NOT-Ashkenazi...

When you look at all the Ashkenazi's that are hip-hip annihilate all Palestinians! Including the US-americans, virtually ALL the Europeans who are calling for ethnic cleansing, especially because they don't want Jews living their own countries!

A racist bunch of crap!

Posted by: Kim Sky | Oct 13 2023 18:49 utc | 89

b : « There is by the way no archaeologic evidence, none, that a Jewish 'Temple' ever existed in Jerusalem. If it did, it was most likely not on the hill of Al-Aqsa but one of the six other ones. »

There is plenty of archaeological evidence for the remains of the Jewish Temple situated on the summit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that was destroyed by the Romans in 70.

Posted by: Monos | Oct 13 2023 16:19 utc | 17

There is none. There is every indication that the Wailing Wall is in fact a remnant of the Roman fort.

On this point I recommend the documentary The Coming Temple:

You can skip the introduction, which is far too long, and start at 9'30".

It should be added that verse 1 of Sura 17, "The Night Journey", makes no explicit mention of Jerusalem as the destination of Muhammad's journey (which would give the Temple Mount its sacred character), this destination being defined simply as "the most distant (al aqsa) mosque (al masjid)". It is tradition that places this mosque in Jerusalem, and it can be disputed. But that's another story.

Posted by: Leuk | Oct 13 2023 18:50 utc | 90

Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly vocal. Foreign Ministry has released a statement demanding the end to the siege on Gaza. More words, but an interesting development nonetheless.

Posted by: warxism | Oct 13 2023 18:51 utc | 91

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi: the cause of the conflict is injustice to the Palestinians.

Posted by: anon2020 | Oct 13 2023 18:57 utc | 92

They want 1,000,000 inocent
Palistinians to evacuate north Gaza in 24 hours ending at 12pm tonight. They may invade or carpet bomb. Is that right.
I suggest new york city should evacuate. Just to be on the safe side. And washington.
This shit is about to hit the fan. And Americans seem to think its some kind of holywood entertainment.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 13 2023 18:57 utc | 93

ZH has a posting up with the title

Iran FM Meets Nasrallah, Threatens To Open Hezbollah War With Israel If 'Brutality' Against Gaza Doesn't Cease

the quote

On Friday Lebanese Hezbollah released a rare photograph of a meeting between Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. The two discussed the Gaza crisis and ongoing hostilities with Israel, also after days of internecine shelling and exchanges of fire along the Israel-Lebanon border.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 13 2023 18:58 utc | 94

Blinken says at least 25 Americans killed in Hamas attack. Probably Americans looking at real estate in the West Bank.

Posted by: Ed | Oct 13 2023 18:59 utc | 95

Can someone recommend me a rational book or article on how religious Israelis came to want a third temple? Usually it's been Christian Dispensationalists who wanted a temple, so the anti-christ could defile it and provoke the second coming of Jesus.

I was always told that the rabbinic movement replaced sacrifices with prayers millenia ago. I find it hard to believe that the present-day rabbinic establishment would want to give up power to a bunch of sacred butchers. Can someone explain the steps to me? In a rational, unemotional way?


Posted by: lester | Oct 13 2023 19:01 utc | 96

Posted by: warxism | Oct 13 2023 18:51 utc | 91

Saudi Arabian does not need to lift a finger, just announce that if the siege doesn't stop, all oil exports to the West will be halted, and watch the Dow go limit down.

Do it, MBS!

Posted by: Ghost of Zanon | Oct 13 2023 19:02 utc | 97

I just want to point out that "Middle Eastern Jews" aren't what they USED TO BE. Most of the SEMITIC Jews were driven out quite early in the invasion of Palestine. The invaders distrusted and harassed them because they had lived peacefully with the Arabs there for centuries... (did I mention the settlers were also RACIST and Semitic Jews have dark skin?), and the Arabs stopped trusting them because they were Jews, and Palestine was being invaded by Jews.

I knew quite a few Semitic Jews that fled the region while growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1960s. What's left are most likely collaborators with the invaders and their descendants. Over the years I've seen a number of histories on the internet written by those Semitic Jews whose families fled.

Posted by: Heretical_i | Oct 13 2023 19:03 utc | 98

Saudi Arabian does not need to lift a finger, just announce that if the siege doesn't stop, all oil exports to the West will be halted, and watch the Dow go limit down.

Posted by: Ghost of Zanon | Oct 13 2023 19:02 utc | 97

Funny enough, there was a video circulating today of the Emir of Qatar apparently threatening to cut off gas supplies to the West if the attack on Gaza does not cease. I guess it turned out to be false and out-of-context, but I don't speak the language, so I can't translate the video.

Posted by: warxism | Oct 13 2023 19:06 utc | 99

I am concerned...that if Palestinians do not evacuate north Gaza...IDF will assume any that remain they will assume to be Hamas to be liquidated.

Not a remote chance that there is a trap to get IDF in and kettled?????

Posted by: Jo | Oct 13 2023 19:08 utc | 100

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