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August 17, 2023

Why This Ship Was Allowed To Leave Ukraine

The Ukrainian presidential office continues it accumulation of media victories which, unfortunately for Ukraine, do not reflect the facts on the ground.

A signature example comes in the form of widespread reports about a ship that a day ago left the port of Odessa:

Cargo Ship Travels From Port of Odesa in Test of Ukraine’s New Black Sea Corridor - NY Times
Kyiv is aiming to resume traffic to its seaports despite Russia’s threats to ships moving to and from Ukraine.

A civilian cargo ship that has been stuck in Odesa since the start of the war set off early Wednesday morning, becoming the first to venture out of the port into the turbulent waters of the Black Sea since Moscow threatened all ships moving to and from Ukraine.

The move is part of Ukrainian efforts to restore seaport traffic despite a de facto Russian blockade. Kyiv’s efforts to resume exports of grain and other goods raise the stakes for Ukraine’s allies, as an attack or other episode could draw other nations whose ships travel the waters into the conflict.

Establishing a safe path for the small number of internationally flagged ships stranded in Ukrainian ports for 18 months would mark a milestone, but Ukraine also hopes it will be a demonstration that Russia does not dominate the sea and that shipping to Ukrainian seaports can be resumed.

“The fact that the first ship left the port is a little victory for Ukraine,” said Andriy Klymenko, the director of the Institute for Strategic Black Sea Studies, a Ukrainian research organization. “Let the first one be a lucky one.”

The nearly 1,000-foot-long container ship Joseph Schulte, which flies under the flag of Hong Kong and has been stranded in Odesa since arriving there the day before Russia launched its full-scale invasion some 18 months ago, set a course to Istanbul using a corridor in Ukrainian territorial waters established by the Ukrainian ministry of infrastructure for civilian vessels.

In establishing the corridor, the Ukrainian navy said that it could assure ships safe passage through a maze of maritime mines they have installed to protect the Ukrainian coast. But it could offer no assurances of protection from Russian mines and warships.

Once they leave Ukrainian waters, ships would be able to chart a course to Turkey within the national waters of Romania and Bulgaria, which are members of NATO and under the alliance’s protection.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, a company with headquarters in Germany that owns the ship in partnership with a Chinese bank, said in a statement that all the crew was safe as it departed Ukraine with 2,000 containers full of goods on board. It is not clear exactly what the ship is carrying, but it was not designed to carry grain.

I happen to know a member of the Schulte family, which owns the management company, for a long time. I was told that the ships move out of Odessa was not the blockade run that Ukraine claims it was.

Joseph Schulte, IMO 9605243, under its former name


The ship management company put out a statement that offered its thanks in an unusual diplomatic language:

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) is pleased to confirm that its managed container vessel JOSEPH SCHULTE (IMO: 9605243) departed the port of Odesa, Ukraine and is now on its voyage to Istanbul, Türkiye. All crew are safe on board and well.

JOSEPH SCHULTE is jointly owned by a Chinese Bank and Bernhard Schulte, and she utilizes the established corridor (IMO circular 4748) and via territorial waters of Ukraine, Romania, and Türkiye to allow for a safe passage of southbound vessels.

BSM is grateful to the various stakeholders on the ground, the vessel's crew, the IMO, the Hong Kong flag administration and the people whose great support has made the vessel's safe sailing possible.

JOSEPH SCHULTE had been moored in the port of Odesa since her arrival on 23 February 2022.

After the ship had been stopped in Odessa the crew had largely left and was repatriated. As far as I know the ship had to be taken out of its charter and renamed. To get the ship ready to leave a new crew had to be organized and put on board.

It was also necessary to get the Russian governments agreement for the ship to leave. As the Russian news outlet Topnews reports (machine translation):

Second, ship inspection [by] the Russian Armed Forces are possible, but the key threat is the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, which in this case is unlikely.

Recall that two days ago, the Russian side stopped the ship Sukru Okan, which was going to Odessa, for inspection. But Joseph Schulte follows from the port. On the contrary, analysts are sure that his departure plays into the hands of the Russian Armed Forces, as it reduces the chance of Ukrainian attacks from behind someone else's back.

In addition, the release of the vessel was requested by the co-owner from China, the request came from the Hong Kong Foreign Ministry, which reduces the degree of suspicion. In general, according to experts, after the cancellation of the grain deal, the situation in the Black Sea area remains stable.

Indeed. In yesterday's morning report Dima, of the Military Summary Channel, reported on the foreign ministry request  and even showed a copy of it (@2:00 min):


It is on official foreign ministry paper with the written request in Russian language. Russia will not reject such a request from its major ally. It has obviously agreed to let the ship leave Odessa. The ship does not carry any grain but only its regular load of containers.

This is a not a victory for Ukraine. It does not confirm the validity of its so-called corridors.

Source: IMO Circular Letter No. 4748 - bigger

The map may help to avoid the anchor mines the Ukrainian navy has dropped into the sea but it will not hinder Russian forces from following their orders. Any ship that wants to go to Odessa or any other Ukrainian port or leave from them will have to at least be checked by Russian forces and may well be told by them to turn around.

The New York Times report, and all similar ones in the western press that I have read, is not correct as it leaves out the most important facts and replaces them with Ukrainian propaganda.

Bernhard Schulte Management is well known in its trade. It will let other ship managing companies know what the real state of shipping access to Ukraine is.

Posted by b on August 17, 2023 at 13:20 UTC | Permalink


thanks b... publicity stunts are what the west excel at... ukraine follows in their footsteps.. your first statement is exactly right..

Posted by: james | Aug 17 2023 13:42 utc | 1

Thank you, b. This is what I was looking for. It went on Internet in the early morning of yesterday, then I could not find this report later.

The reason I was looking for it was that as you stated here, chorus of reports by FT, NYT, WSJ, etc, the usual, had declared the bravery of blockade busting Ukrainian navy shamelessly. Commenters in FT openly cheered this fake news without any due diligence fact checking.

I am continuously amazed by the fakery in the news media. Reading them has become a chore, it needs non-stop fact-checking. Who has the time?

Posted by: KitaySupporter | Aug 17 2023 13:46 utc | 2

Thanks b for the truth. There's some new news sites on utube that very pro ukraine with no truth involved. Patrick Lancaster provides info today that bridge has been damaged but is in business.

Posted by: jo6pac | Aug 17 2023 14:35 utc | 3

excellent work b

Posted by: AG | Aug 17 2023 15:03 utc | 4

NYT are truly unparalleled liars.

NYT Lie: "A civilian cargo ship that has been stuck in Odesa since the start of the war set off ... the first to venture out ... since Moscow threatened all ships moving to and from Ukraine."

Fact: Civilian ships have been trapped in Odessa since early 2022 because Keiv has refused to let them leave. Russia has never threatened civilian ships leaving Ukraine.

NYT Lie: "The move is part of Ukrainian efforts to restore seaport traffic despite a de facto Russian blockade."

Fact: There is no blockade. Keiv is releasing the ship now as a desperate ploy to bait Russia.

NYT Lie: "Establishing a safe path for the small number of internationally flagged ships stranded in Ukrainian ports for 18 months would mark a milestone, but Ukraine also hopes it will be a demonstration that Russia does not dominate the sea and that shipping to Ukrainian seaports can be resumed."

Fact: Again, Keiv was the entity preventing the ships from leaving. Russia has never threatened international civilian shipping.

NYT Lie: "In establishing the corridor, the Ukrainian navy said that it could assure ships safe passage through a maze of maritime mines they have installed to protect the Ukrainian coast. But it could offer no assurances of protection from Russian mines and warships."

Fact: Ukraine hasn't "established" any corridor. It has declared one, but it has no navy to establish one.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Aug 17 2023 15:17 utc | 5

I first saw the report by Dima who showed the permission given by the Russians. The behavior of our so called MSM worries me enormously. These are the morons who are responsible, in a round about way for the decadence that has set in the West and grows like a cancer, metastizing ever so relentlessly. And the real name of this cancer is western oligarchy. Just recently, the "Canard enchainé" pointed out the incestuous relationship between the newspaper of record Le Monde with Bernard Arnault, the billionaire owner of LVMH who is a BIG pal of the Macron couple (above all Mrs. Macron). Aristotle first said it whe he pointed out that every "democracy" is in reality an oligarchy. But how stupid they are! When we all go together, we will indeed go all together regardless. Tom Lehrer was right.

Posted by: Stierlitz | Aug 17 2023 15:17 utc | 6

I saw an article on that totally unbiased media outlet, Yahoo! News, regarding the ship. The headline read something like RUSSIA UNABLE TO PREVENT SHIP FROM LEAVING UKRAINIAN PORT or some such nonsense. Somehow I don't think Russia would have any difficulty at all capturing or even sinking an unarmed container ship, much less simply stopping it. Then again, I've noticed that almost every article Yahoo! runs on anything Ukraine-connected is nothing more than a reprint from allegedly Ukrainian sources, so I take them all with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Posted by: John S | Aug 17 2023 15:18 utc | 7

@ KitaySupporter | Aug 17 2023 13:46 utc | 2

There is no real need to fact-check the MSM. It is safe to assume they are lying. Lying is the essential purpose and function of the MSM>

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Aug 17 2023 15:19 utc | 8

No business, but show business for US Imperialism at this point. Just a hollowed out husk of what was once a functioning nation state.

Aurelian had a good article the other day sort of accepting the fact that states in the west cannot and will not govern.

In an environment of multiple breakdowns in such complex societies, he tried to imagine what order or "power" would take the place of a competent state actor and concluded rather depressingly that private groups of ex police/military would likely fill the gap.

I think he's right about the breakdown and resulting power vacuum. However, other power structures could be developed now in anticipation. The cell form could be neighborhoods and work places.

Nonetheless, working people in the US are on their own and if they don't construct a means to fill the power vacuum in their interests, it will be filled for them.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 17 2023 15:36 utc | 9

First off the ship is flying under a Hong Kong flag. That means China. A Russian ally. Why would Putin damage his allies cargo ship? Even if it's deemed by Ukraine to be a bait for Putin to nibble on? I don't think he's dumb enough to take it.

Posted by: JP | Aug 17 2023 16:03 utc | 10

It is good to see Ukraine finally starting to release foreign hostages.

Posted by: First Time Poster | Aug 17 2023 16:05 utc | 11

Thank you b (I don't know why but oldtimers here call you b so I'll do the same), this is reporting as it should be: show the facts.

Posted by: Johan Kaspar | Aug 17 2023 16:20 utc | 12

Every day is Opposite Day with the Kiev regime. If only they would give advice on, say, gold prices …

Posted by: Sentient | Aug 17 2023 16:55 utc | 13

In response to
It is good to see Ukraine finally starting to release foreign hostages.

Posted by: First Time Poster | Aug 17 2023 16:05 utc | 11

LOL!! You are correct in your perspective.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 17 2023 16:57 utc | 14

Interesting and brief post on RT:

Says Seymour Hersh is claiming that CIA realizes that Ukraine cannot succeed in its offensive.

But I think that circumvents the reality which is that the entire west and Ukraine has realized for some time that under the current circumstances, Ukraine stood no chance.

The plan was to goad Russia into an all-out assault in which they would be stretched thin and become bogged-down in an insurgent warfare situation - another Afganistan. This Russia would likely not be able to win (without major cost - political and economic and human). So as long as Russia did not take the bait, the plan was doomed to failure and now it is the west and Ukraine which are being bled.

And the west had no plan "B" and they cannot admit defeat - Ukraine and the west are caught.

Well, they will pursue other avenues.

Posted by: jared | Aug 17 2023 17:08 utc | 15

Nonetheless, working people in the US are on their own and if they don't construct a means to fill the power vacuum in their interests, it will be filled for them.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 17 2023 15:36 utc | 9

i think you are right, and sadly i doubt it happens, we are in for a rough ride.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 17 2023 17:13 utc | 16

I would think that even with allies, Russia could board the ship and inspect.
That is about all they can do, I think - cannot simply sink civilian ships, unless they fail to comply.
I suppose it is fair to block transport of cargo until west allows Russia to do same - safely.

Posted by: jared | Aug 17 2023 17:15 utc | 17

It is good to see Ukraine finally starting to release foreign hostages.

Posted by: First Time Poster | Aug 17 2023 16:05 utc | 11

The german - very much pro-Ukraine - magazine der Spiegel reports some data that very suggest that the ship was indeed taken hostage, sorry, "held in a Ukrainian port for its own safety, by Ukrainian authorities:

"The last voyage for a long time took the "Joseph Schulte" from Constanta in Romania to Odessa. It set sail on February 22, 2022, and reached its destination one day later. While the ship was still being unloaded, on February 24, Vladimir Putin's troops began their invasion of Ukraine. The authorities then ordered the closure of the port. ...
"We have been trying all along to get permission to leave," shipping company spokeswoman Janina von Spalding said when asked by SPIEGEL. ...
About a week ago, Ukraine announced the establishment of a "humanitarian corridor." It would be set up temporarily for merchant ships stuck in Ukraine's Black Sea ports."

Posted by: Marvin | Aug 17 2023 17:31 utc | 18

@First Time Poster | Aug 17 2023 16:05 utc | 11

It is good to see Ukraine finally starting to release foreign hostages.
Tell that message to Gonzalo Lira.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 17 2023 17:35 utc | 19

I hope that the cargo of this ship will be thoughly inspected at its next port of call with Russian partisipation.
I cant imagine what cargo its supposedly carrying.. broken tanks for scrap metal ?
But they need to look for contraband gold. Cash money laundering or working arms, grenades, manpads, who knows what else.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 17 2023 17:36 utc | 20

Posted by: Sentient | Aug 17 2023 16:55 utc | 14

If only there were a way to short Kiev’s veracity.

Posted by: anon2020 | Aug 17 2023 17:42 utc | 21

@ Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 17 2023 15:36 utc | 9

I think that's sh-BUSINESS.

(With thanks to Mel Brooks.)

Posted by: Squeeth | Aug 17 2023 18:04 utc | 22

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 17 2023 15:36 utc | 9

Can you post a link to the article.

Posted by: Colin | Aug 17 2023 18:07 utc | 23

"I can't imagine what cargo its supposedly carrying..."

I can imagine it full of body parts and biolabs, but that probably speaks more about my kind of imagination than reality.

Russians are probably just helping their friends get it out of Ukraine. Let's see if more ships are allowed to flee.

Posted by: oracle | Aug 17 2023 18:17 utc | 24

Posted by: Colin | Aug 17 2023 18:07 utc | 24

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 17 2023 18:36 utc | 25

Aurelien makes a good point.
It seems to me that we are living in a socio-political equivalent to a Kondratieff cycle.

The process goes like this.
War forces a state to become powerful and to take over control of the entire economy. Take Germany in 1917 where the General Staff plus heavy industry virtually supplanted the formal government.

Or the UK in the Second World War with total mobilisation of both population and the economy: the Labour government's nationalisation programme, following the war, was, in some senses, just catching up legally with the reality that the mines, transport including railway networks and public utilities were all under direct government control. They had been in the First War too, but, often in the face of mass protests, they had been returned to private ownership, despite the fact that government appointed commissions had urged that, for example, the mines ought to be nationalised.

Concomitant with 'war socialism'- a vital part of it- were programmes designed to enrol working class support for the war and the government- again in the UK Homes fit for Heroes (a plan to build enormous amounts of public housing for rent at cost) and the Beveridge Plan, the foundation of a Welfare State are examples. Every country had similar programmes: the GI Bill being one famous example.
The post war period saw the high water mark not just of government intervention in the economy and social engineering through education and healthcare, but of triumphant political reformism.

In fact it is not really clear where the political clout of Reform Parties and Trade Unions began and where the desperate exigencies of wartime ended.

What we do know is that if Reform was powerful it failed to close the deal. Because, seventy odd years later, we are at the other end of the cycle: the state no longer governs, Aurelien talks of garbage collection. He does so as one example of an endless list: Customs inspections, prisons, visa issues, probation officers... there is no end to the functions that have been privatised. At the same time, and often because of privatisation, the Trade Union movement is almost powerless. As to Reformism- in terms of political parties such as Labour, for example, or the SPD not to mention the Communist parties which dominated Italian amd French politics in 1945, the highwater mark in the cycle- it is barely alive.

Seventy years ago Socialists and Unions were at their most potent and the working class was rapidly moving towards equality in terms of income, opportunity and access to services. Now inequality increases annually, taxation, once highly progressive, is regressive, with the rich paying very little of the social tax bill. Social services from Healthcare to Education and everything in between are collapsing as new profit centres are built up by a capitalist class which is out of control.
And imperialism, which is inseperable from capitalism, and seventy years ago appeared to be in the process of being dismantled, has never been stronger. Neoliberalism and neo-colonialism have become dominant.

If I am right a new cycle, born of the despair and anger of masses who have seen their incomes falling, their hopes thwarted, their pensions vapourised, their institutions crushed, their careers blown away and their social security nets torn up, is likely to come next. In the ghostly forms of political parties such as Die Linke, Syriza, Podemos and the Melenchon and Corbyn projects- all crushed by a ruling class which barely worked up a sweat as it swatted their challenge aside- we have seen precursors of the next Reform movement to come.
There is much more, of course, but the problem will always be that Reform which cannot transform itself into a seizure of power and its transfer to the people will never be anything more than a passing, cyclical phenomenon. Not so much a challenge to the system as a regulatory mechanism smoothing out the contradictions in a system aiming at cannibalism.
In a week in which an Argentine politician calling for the legalisation of organ sales and human trafficking headed the primary polls nobody can charge me with hyperbole.

Posted by: bevin | Aug 17 2023 21:25 utc | 26

The New York Times article does not explain why the Joseph Schulte was not able to leave Odessa earlier, using the same route as the grain ships. I have been under the impression, that it is Ukraine that has prevented the stranded ships from leaving Ukrainian ports.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Aug 17 2023 21:25 utc | 27

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 17 2023 15:36 utc | 9

Based on my own first hand knowledge (and I actually happen to have some, not going to divulge more because you probably wouldn't believe any way) Jesus is coming back soon. Most likely in 10 years time or sooner. So there's your fill for the power vacuum. Only things left to happen before that are the mark of the beast (the microchip, and TPTB taking cash out) and the false messiah. You can read the Zionists (well, actually Satanists) plans from their Protocols, they mention installing their own messiah there, over a hundred years ago. This will all happen quite soon. The CBDC's are already on their way too... We'll see if they start WW3 before the false messiah arrives, that's how they're going to get their One World Government. Either way, Jesus is coming after the false messiah comes on the stage. And then it's Armageddon time. Extraterrestrials included, forgot about that... Humankind is in for a BIG surprise in the not-so-distant future. That much is certain. Now's a good time to read your Bible :). Among other things.

Posted by: just somebody | Aug 17 2023 22:56 utc | 28

just somebody@29
By 'soon' do you mean within the timeline of the cycle I descried @27?

Posted by: bevin | Aug 17 2023 23:02 utc | 29

I am still confused about this Hong Kong Administration? Isn’t Hong Kong part of China? Autonomous maybe, but it is still part of China, so shouldn’t the blurb read Something about thanks to a Chinese administration?

Posted by: Wondrous | Aug 18 2023 0:27 utc | 30

In 1982 britain arbitrarily imposed 200 miles security no ship no plane zone around British ships. In 1990 same england imposed sanitary zone around British ships in the Persian gulf.
Russia in the middle of hostilities against nato, has not imposed no fly or no shipping zone even after 18 months.
That shows how stupid is Russian leadership and is insult to the average Russian's honour.

Posted by: Sam | Aug 18 2023 0:32 utc | 31

Posted by: bevin | Aug 17 2023 23:02 utc | 30

I don't think the second coming is predictable - that seems to be a sticking point -but I liked your explanation, bevin. We mightn't get the former, but there is always Providence. I'd put my money (what little I have) on that.

Posted by: juliania | Aug 18 2023 1:05 utc | 32

Posted by: just somebody | Aug 17 2023 22:56 utc | 29

Oh, this poison dwarf talks crazy! Do you all get a pay bump for extra creativity?

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 18 2023 5:45 utc | 33

For those who are curious, yes, Hong Kong does have a sort-of Foreign Ministry. HK, after all, is operated under the concept of "one country, two systems [governments]."

The official name of the HK Foreign Ministry is: Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

They even have a website.

Posted by: Sam (in Tiraspol) | Aug 18 2023 7:25 utc | 34

Just sombody @ 29
Sad to let you know he's already been for his secound coming.. but no one noticed.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 18 2023 8:22 utc | 35

Ooh I like ship tracking.
Last night it was queuing to exit the Black Sea at Istanbul . Today it’s through and turned to starboard.

Interesting that the tracking only seems to start as it was in Bulgarian waters , there is no track from Odessa.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Aug 18 2023 8:26 utc | 36

What else was happening in the Sea yesterday?

‘The Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to attack the ships of the Black Sea Fleet southwest of Sevastopol.

▪️ Today, at 22:55 (Moscow time), the AFU attempted to attack the Black Sea Fleet ships that were engaged in controlling navigation in the southwestern part of the Black Sea, located 237 kilometers southwest of Sevastopol.

▪️ While repelling the attack, the enemy gunboat was destroyed by fire from the onboard weapons of the patrol ships "Pytlivy" and "Vasily Bykov" of the Black Sea Fleet, preventing the attack from reaching its target. Our ships continue to carry out their assigned tasks.
@Slavyangrad ‘

Ho humm- the hugging and the puffing of the pretend wolfey’s. Who are actually the little piggies.
Guess the Western Media are not interested in the escalation at Sea - Brittannia still believes it Rules the Waves when all it does is waives the Rules.!

Here is the meat of what is happening in the Worlds Seas , the Belt gets going as much as the Road (Rail)

‘The West, through its rejection of Russian resources, has largely contributed to the development of the Northern Sea Route (NSR), according to Breitbart News. By actively utilizing the NSR, Russia will now have a dominant strategic position in international trade.

Russian tankers that used to deliver oil to European buyers are now being rerouted to China via the Arctic.

"In mid-July, Russia sent the first two shipments of crude oil to China, and currently four more tankers, each carrying about 750,000 barrels of crude oil, are heading in the same direction via the Arctic," the report said.

Note: the project of the northern sea route.... Russian diplomat Dmitry Gerasimov first spoke about the possibility of its use in 1525.

Vitus Bering went on to study the...
Laptev, Lomonosov ... Vilkitsky in 1915 pioneered the first through passage of the Northern Sea Route from east to west... and now we've done it.

Japan and Korea at Camp David will have much to think about before committing as proxy losers of the Collective Wasters for another generation. Or they will certainly face a severe ‘belting’ by the NSR as well as the Roads interlinking South East Asia - as they sit by losing out.
Exactly the same goes for the Subcontinent wallahs.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Aug 18 2023 8:54 utc | 37

Posted by: Sam (in Tiraspol) | Aug 18 2023 7:25 utc | 35

Tthanks for the explanation re Special Admin Zone Foreign Ministry of Hong Kong.

Posted by: Wondrous | Aug 18 2023 10:18 utc | 38

A Chinese ship carrying containers.
What a victory for the Ukrainians and NATO.

Posted by: jpc | Aug 18 2023 12:02 utc | 39

Great job, b. The problem is that the dimwit international Russian media, "sputnik international" in this case, is still carrying the report just as NYT, uncritical and with no explanation.

Posted by: Steve | Aug 18 2023 14:29 utc | 40

Posted by: just somebody | Aug 17 2023 22:56 utc | 29

RESPONSE: I don't disagree with your time line of the most important of all future events. Still future events are most difficult to determine.

For now I have enough trouble trying to figure out where the Ukrainian war is going and when.

The Black Sea and the shipping that occurs therein is a major impactor upon both Ukraine and Russia. Events that occur there certainly can have an effect both upon this war's timing and where this war is heading.

Posted by: young | Aug 18 2023 15:14 utc | 41

Posted by: young | Aug 18 2023 15:14 utc | 42

I know your religious, Young, and that's fine, but including the rapture in the analysis, unless it refers to nuclear Holocaust, as you have many times, just seems crazy to me.

After the nukes, that's it for all of us and every future generation. You don't want to start thinking of that moment as some great development.

Plus, just someone, unlike you, actually writes like a crazy person. You might want to consider who's on the other end of the line. He might not be the good fellow you think.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 18 2023 15:43 utc | 42

Posted by: young | Aug 18 2023 15:14 utc | 42

They are indeed. Of course I can't be 100% sure that what I described will happen in the exact sequence I described, but if you read the Bible you will know that there is going to come a false messiah, who will order everyone to take the mark of the beast in the last 7 years called "Tribulation" before Jesus comes back. That false messiah is the second of the two beasts described in Revelation 13, and the first beast are the powers that be, basically the Illuminati. Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the lot, and their minions such as our political leaders.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 18 2023 5:45 utc | 34

Poison dwarf? Where did you come up with that one, lol. Any ways, you don't have to believe me, just telling you what I know. You will see for yourself soon enough. Then, if what I'm saying comes to pass, you can remember this "poison dwarf" lol. Again, I have some "inside information" on this matter, which you don't, so... And nope, I wish I got paid for what I do. And no, I'm not working for anyone except God :). Just thought to reply to you, because I liked that you were thinking about ways to remedy the current situation in the West. Obviously you haven't found God or Jesus then. I suggest reading the Bible, you could actually start from the very last book, and see if you can find any parallels to these days... Like for example Revelation 17 and the Harlot = USA etc. There are many things that are mentioned in the Bible that are coming to pass today, things that are said about the times just before Jesus returns. I don't think it could hurt to read the Bible, at least. Well, some people just refuse to believe in any case, can't really help them.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 18 2023 8:22 utc | 36

Oh, really? What was his name? The Bible says that Jesus will "rule all the nations" when He returns for a thousand years, that definitely hasn't happened yet! But I can tell you, that Jesus is most likely alive right now. Check out Revelation 12 and September 23, 2017 Sign in Heavens. The sign that tells that Jesus has been born happened on that date, so if it truly is the sign (which I'm at least certain it is) that means that Jesus is here! He just can't come just yet, first the false messiah and the mark of the beast must come. After that, He will come, and then we will have Armageddon. And extraterrestrials are also coming somewhere around this time, they will be part of Armageddon too. Well actually, extraterrestrials are already here, but there hasn't been an official acknowledgment yet. That is coming up soon too, if you have been paying attention to the news. David Grusch etc. We live in interesting times. A bit scary times too. The 7 year Tribulation of the Bible is about to commence, if it hasn't commenced already. That means really hard times for the world..

Posted by: just somebody | Aug 18 2023 16:26 utc | 43

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 18 2023 15:43 utc | 43

Maybe what I say sounds a bit crazy, I admit these things are pretty mind blowing, but that is honestly what's up. You don't believe that God exists? You don't believe that extraterrestrials exist? You don't believe that Jesus exists? You don't believe that the Illuminati (TPTB) exists? You don't believe in the Bible? It's all good, but for me to believe in these things (actually not just believing, I have some first hand knowledge of certain things which you obviously don't) doesn't make me crazy. It just means I know more than most. And even if I were crazy as you say, why would that make me a bad person as you seem to imply? Maybe you are actually the bad person here? What I'm saying is from what I know, I'm not making these things up. We will all see, sooner rather than later, if I'm right or not. But please do answer this, why do you imply "I'm not the good person he thinks" if I'm just crazy? That doesn't make any sense. Something about you smells.

Posted by: just somebody | Aug 18 2023 16:33 utc | 44

I don't know, Jesus is just alright with me.

Posted by: T6 | Aug 18 2023 17:18 utc | 45

Posted by: T6 | Aug 18 2023 17:18 utc | 46

Same here! God bless.

Posted by: just somebody | Aug 18 2023 17:27 utc | 46

Howling, mad dogs , barking, barking, the caravan moves on regardless.

Oh mighty sages, Will the Wind be so Mighty, that it levels all the mountains of the earth oh great one? Even the one you sit on?
Oh and what happened to that sandwich board you used to wear up and down Oxford Street back in the day when you were claiming the end of the world was nigh?
Dumb..Dumber..Dumbedores…wizards and dragons or is it space lizards , dribble dribble lovely flies , yum yum ..gobble… gobbledy…gobbledygooks.

Nurse! Nurse quick..they’ve escaped from the ward and taken over the microphone again!

Anyway the ships made some curious circles and seems to be heading back to the Turkish coast !

Perhaps it’s its second coming ?
😆🤣 🤡

Posted by: DunGroanin | Aug 18 2023 20:05 utc | 47

what do you bet many containers contain tooling and parts to manufacturer helicopter engines that China has paid for?

Posted by: T S | Aug 18 2023 21:43 utc | 48

I’m curiously obsessed by the course of the vessel, it exited the Black Sea into the Marmara sea did some large circles slowly and is now at anchorage making even more circles.
There seems to be no attempt to go into the Mediterranean with its cargo? What is the cargo? What is its destination? Did it deliver some cargo that can only be done by sea? Is it picking up something similar? Are subs and sea drones involved? Just kidding.

Is this standard navigational behaviour? What is going on with it?

Does b’s namesake shipping company know any more?

Does anyone hear?

Posted by: DunGroanin | Aug 19 2023 10:09 utc | 49

Not that I'm of a suspicious mind, but has anyone looked at any satellite photos to see where that ship was berthed in Odessa?

Could there be some port facility nearby that the Russians might like to blow up?

Russia: just between you and me, you might want to move that ship.

China: why?

Russia: [mimes an explosion with his hands]

China: gosh! What should we do?

Russia: send us an official plea for that ship to be allowed out.

China: and then?

Russia: [wink] [wink]

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Aug 19 2023 11:34 utc | 50

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 18 2023 15:43 utc | 43

RESPONSE: I wrote to just somebody's (post at 29) that "I don't disagree with your timeline".

I think it is possible that Jesus could return around 10 years from now. Most likely Jesus was crucified on March 23, 34. Adding 2000 years to this date gives March 2034 which may be an approximate time when Jesus returns.

A lot of events written by the Apostle John would have to occur first to give this date any credence.

I avoid speculation on any rapture. I did not use the word "rapture" in my response to "just somebody".

For now I am mostly interested in the events that occur in Ukraine with Russia's special military operation.

Trying to bring this back on topic, I attempted to relate my post at 42 to what is going on in the Black Sea which for sure is part of the conflict. And most likely the Black Sea is going to become a more significant part of that conflict.

Posted by: young | Aug 19 2023 13:15 utc | 51

recommended reading for Just Somebody:

Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus
by Joseph Atwill,

Things were much like they are now back then, I wouldn't count on being saved.

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Aug 19 2023 13:32 utc | 52

The ship was probably loaded with draft dodgers who paid hefty fee to get out.

Posted by: Hugh Jorgan | Aug 20 2023 0:06 utc | 53

The Joseph Schulte was unable to depart Odessa on the same path as the grain ships, although the story does not specify why. My understanding is that Ukraine is responsible for the ships' inability to leave connections game Ukrainian ports.

Posted by: Homer Bryant | Sep 13 2023 6:47 utc | 54

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