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August 14, 2023

A Litany of Lies

by Arch Bungle
Lifted from an off-topic comment.

Being a catalogue of the lies I have imbibed through by means of torturous exposure to Anglo-American Newspapers and the rumor mills of Continental Europe.

See the examples below:

  1. The Russian MIC cannot manufacture semiconductors. All their semiconductors are obtained via the black market from western sources. Or Iran. Or China. Or North Korea (all of whom are themselves under sanctions!).
  2. The Russian microchip industry doesn't exist (But the Russians can build things with black market American chips that even the Japanese can't build)
  3. The Russian microchip industry has collapsed (How something that doesn't exist "collapses" I am not sure, but there you are)
  4. Putin is a Dictator. He micromanages every single aspect of Russian Society up to the frontline battles (The Surovikhin Line should actually be renamed the "Putin Line". But russian military bloggers and even military staff are criticising him on a daily basis without apparent consequence, and outspoken media figures are allowed to hurl an endless stream of criticism against Putin and his conduct of the war).
  5. Putin is Russia and "Russia is Putin" (And that one aging bureaucrat alone is enough to terrify the West )
  6. Russia / Putin is Isolated from the global community (Because everyone knows the "International Community" consists of white folks plus some honorary members like the Japs and South Koreans (whose membership may soon be up anyway))
  7. The Russian economy is insignificant and smaller than Italy/Texas/France/etc. (it's only the biggest economy in Europe by PPP, and nobody cares about PPP)
  8. The Soviet Union was an Empire and Russia is seeking to restore it's imperialism
  9. Putin is a "Thug" and a "Murderer" (Because he bombed all those Afghan weddings, blockaded the starving people of Yemen and stated publicly that 500 000 Iraqi children were a worthy sacrifice to Mammon)
  10. Russian military operations are at a disadvantage at night due to inferior night vision (The AFU on the other hand has access to the best NATO night vision technology)
  11. Russia is starving the world by withdrawing from the grain deal
  12. The Oil Price Cap, defying all laws of economic gravity, has been surprisingly effective in strangling Russian oil revenues
  13. Russia is running out of artillery/drones/tanks/men Russia is salvaging microchips from dishwashers
  14. Putin is dying from Alzheimers/Parkinsons/Cancer
  15. Russia is stealing millions of Ukrainian children and abducting them to Russian territory
  16. Putin eats brains cooked by Prigozine
  17. Prigozine was Putin's Chef (literally)
  18. Russian army is demoralised and bordering on mutiny
  19. Putin's inner circle is plotting a coup against him (It's going as slow as the SMO because they also believe in the slow grinding approach)
  20. [Counter-Narrative character assassination] Putin was responsible for the Moscow Apartment Bombings
  21. Russian army is incompetent and poorly trained
  22. Russian satellite coverage of the battlespace is poor, so poor large swathes of Ukraine are completely invisible to them
  23. Russian army has poor targeting precision. So bad that even a large CEP and a salvo won't help
  24. Russia is deliberately targeting civilians
  25. Ukraine is not targeting civilians (deliberately)
  26. Putin is preparing to colonise Africa (The Africans will be given a choice of Russia, China, The EU or the US for their new colonial masters)
  27. The Wagner group is involved somehow in the coup in Niger
  28. Russia has been making extensive use of cluster munitions since the start of the SMO (Extensive evidence of this to be found in Bucha, Mariupol and Kherson)
  29. Ukraine has an artillery advantage over Russia (July/June 2023)
  30. NATO tactics are superior to Russian battlefield tactics (Specifically the training provided by the Brits, those eternal masters of battlefield tactics going back to the charge of the light brigade)
  31. Putin has a poor grasp of strategy (As compared to Biden, Sunak, Boris Johnson, Olaf Scholtz, Jens Stotenberg, Milley, Von der Leyen and Borell who are strategic geniuses)
  32. The Sanctions Are Working (Just like they worked against Iran, Cuba, North Korea, the Houthi, China, Vietnam ...)
  33. The HIMARS Missile system will be a "game changer" (It's impossible to shoot down a hi mars round, and not a single Himars system has been destroyed)
  34. American drones will be a "game changer" (especially the little spy ones)
  35. The AFU has "semi-encircled" the Russian forces in Bakhmut/Artyomsk
  36. Byraktar will be a game-changer (Because somehow the Turks managed to evolve from kebab makers to advanced drone manufacture. Who do they think they are, Iranians?)
  37. F16s will turn the tide of the battle in Ukraines favour
  38. X wonder weapon will "turn the tide against Russia" (I thought the tide was already in Ukraine's favour from the start?)
  39. X general/commander has been fired/sacked/discipled
  40. X and Y generals have a personal rivalry that is affecting Russian battlefield performance
  41. The Russian army is dependent on decrepit Soviet-era equipment (e.g old Soviet Hypersonic missiles)
  42. There's nothing special about Ukraine's neo-nazi problem since neo-nazism is a worldwide problem.
  43. There are no weapons bio-labs in Ukraine operated by the Pentagon
  44. The weapons labs operated in Ukraine by the pentagon are not a threat to Russia
  45. Russia Attacked Ukraine Unprovoked (The bombing of civilians in donbas was no reason to go in guns blazing. R2P is the divine right of Europeans only)
  46. NATO made no commitment (written or otherwise) to not advance on Russia's borders (Gorbacheff was drunk and hallucinating at the time)
  47. The SMO has nothing to do with the NATO advancement in Eastern Europe
  48. The SMO has nothing to do with the 8-year killings of ethnic russians in donbas
  49. Cluster munitions are acceptable in Ukraine's case since they're in dire straits
  50. The Russians invaded Ukraine in 2014 ("Little Green Men")
  51. Russian tanks are inferior to American tanks (Even Shermans.)Russian tanks are inferior to German tanks (Even WW2 tiger tanks)
  52. Russian tanks are inferior to French tanks (Especially in reverse)
  53. The Russian army is the second most powerful one in the world (Second most powerful in Ukraine, which means the AFU is the most powerful army in the world)
  54. Putin is a Crypto-Jew (Because there are some photos of a Putin-looking dude wearing a weird cap)
  55. Ukraine cannot be a NAZI state because it's president is Jewish
  56. [Counter-Narrative Character Assassination] Alexander Mercouris is a convicted criminal
  57. [Counter-Narrative Character Assassination] Scott Ritter is a convicted paedophile
  58. "X" pro-russian commentator has never been right (non of his predictions has come true)
  59. "Y" pro-Russian commentator is a convicted x,y,z (character assassinations)
  60. The sanctions will work if we only apply enough rounds of sanctions!
  61. The Russian economy is in tatters!
  62. Putin is losing the political support of his people: Protests breaking out all over Russia with a possible cooler revolution brewing
  63. The Ukrainian Counteroffensive (June/July/August 2023) is/was/will be successful
  64. Russia is firing S300 missiles into Poland (over Ukrainian airspace)
  65. The Russo Ukraine war started in 2022
  66. The Russian Army is using Human Wave attacks (wagner's HR department must be the most efficient on planet earth - a revolution in HR affairs for sure)
  67. The Russian Army is targeting civilians (And yet the Russians have poor targeting ability?)
  68. The Russian army is using cluster munitions since the start of the war (with not a single mention in the media until the US decided to suggest using them?)
  69. Putin wants to expand the Russian empire into Europe (including such useless basket cases like the Greeks, Italians, French and Spaniards and those malevolent psychopaths the Germans)
  70. Ukrainian Grain is key to solving world hunger (But the EU frequently rejects the grain due to toxins?)
  71. 'International Law' says x , y , z about the SMO (the same international law that has no enforcer or single legislative body acknowledged internationally)
  72. NATO is a defensive organisation (Except when it comes to brown people in non-european countries, or yugoslavs, who may be bombed with wild abandon)
  73. NATO is limited to the "North Atlantic" (Libya is a north atlantic country of course, everybody knows THAT)
  74. NATO has greater military power than Russia (An organisation made up mostly of countries who got their asses kicked by the Wehrmacht or paid Russia to do their fighting for them are now suddenly the most powerful military force on earth)
  75. Putin is in league with the Russian Oligarchs and therefore targeting the Oligarchs harms Putin (which explains why they're fleeing Russia for London)
  76. Ukrainian attacks on civilian infrastructure are justified (but Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure are not. All Ukrainian attacks on civilians are unintentional, including the couple killed on Kerch bridge orphaning their daughter)
  77. The Russian Tank Autoloader is inferior to the manually loaded western tank loader (Because a meat-bag on captagon can outperform automation in any era)
  78. The Ukrainian offensive is stalling because NATO is drip-feeding weapons to the regime' (But still Ukraine is winning!).
  79. Current hostilities between the AFU and the RF are "stalemated" (Even in Kupyansk)
  80. Current hostilities between the AFU and the RF are "stalled" (but Ukraine is making 'incremental gains', but Russia is not making 'incremental gains')
  81. The Tochka missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station was perpetrated by Russians using an old Soviet missile from Ukrainian stocks.
  82. The Russian people are collectively responsible for Putin's war on Ukraine (So they need re-education and De-Russification)
  83. The Ukrainian Industry is continuing as normal despite the war. It's glorious industrial machine pumps out tanks, shells, missiles, semiconductors, fuel and grain at impressive levels, supplying The World and their own army with important commodities (Motorsich is running fine producing tanks for the AFU, jet engines for the Ukrainian Airforce, the neon/argon production facilities have not been captured by Russia, oil reserve facilities are untouched).
  84. Life in Ukrainian cities is continuing as normal despite the war. All is well. Pool parties and street celebrations are commonplace. (Millions of Ukrainians have not fled for Europe, it was merely the tourist high season, hospitals are not filled with the casualties of war, funeral hearses in their thousands are not seen in the streets, WW2 cemeteries are not seeing a capacity problem ...)
  85. If the west only gets rid of Putin Russia will collapse and the West will be victorious. (This short, balding, 70-year old bureaucrat is the only one standing between Victoria Nuland and "World Domination").
  86. The use of nuclear weapons by Russia will end the war and the world will be at peace thereafter (or some variation thereof).
  87. Ukraine should be grateful to the West for supplying the Ukrainian Army (But the West owes Ukraine nothing for fighting their wars for them?)
  88. General Gerasimov was killed on the battlefield.
  89. Putin is dead and what we're seeing is one of his many body doubles (The body double is somehow as worthy of hatred as the original and as capable of running Russia as the OG Putin (anybody watched Foundation Series lately?))
  90. Russia is the last bastion of the "white, straight, christian male" and is fighting this war in the name of White Christendom (not the chechen muslim, tengrist buryat, buddhist tuvan, shamanist Yakhut ... no they're all just immigrant labour shipped in for their "white" masters)
  91. The Ukrainians should never have surrendered their USSR nuclear weapons (the ones they never had control of to begin with)
  92. If you were against the invasion of Iraq by the USA you should be equally against the invasion of Ukraine by Russia (During which Vasiliy Nebenziya stood up in the UNSC waving a vodka bottle filled with Novichok as evidence the Ukraine was using chemical weapons against "it's own people")
  93. The Ukrainian Counteroffensive (June/July/August 2023) is/was/will be successful
  94. The USA is able to fund the Ukraine war on Russia indefinitely (because "infinite money printer capacity" = "infinite manufacturing capacity" and all this manufacturing capacity can be restored to the US in the space of a few months, just like 9 women can birth a single baby in 1 month if working in parallel)
  95. The Ukrainians are winning because they've taken back 50% of the territory Russia took from them in a fraction of the time Russia took to take it (at the cost of more than 50% of the Ukrainian army, and just not the part Russia truly cares about. The other 50% of the land will cost another 50% of the AFU probably)
  96. The Wagner Coup' (Because a 10 minute speech by Putin is enough to stop a coup right in the tracks)
  97. the Wagner Mutiny (Because somewhere there was a ship involved)
  98. The Wagner Protest (Minus the protest placards)
  99. The Wagner Insurrection (Because a couple of clowns barreling down the road with some stolen artillery can take on the entire Red Army)
  100. The Wagner Invasion of Poland (Because "why not"?)
  101. The Russian people would rise up and overthrow the Putin regime if they could only just receive CNN, BBC, MSNBC (Because they're all nostalgic for a repeat of the 1990s)
  102. The West has unparalleled media freedom (as long as you don't watch RT, Sputnik, Iranian Opress-TV, Al-Manar because those are obvious propaganda, because we think so)
  103. Putin intends to invade Moldova (skipping on right past Lvov because "Stretch goals: we can do better!").
  104. Putin is "weaponising" hunger by forcing the West to impose grain sanctions on Russia ("I made you hit me in the face to hurt your hand").
  105. The Wagner 'insurrection' left Putin weakened politically (So weak he had to deliver an entire 10 minute speech including pauses to shut the whole thing down completely).
  106. US Patriot missiles in Kiev shot down Russia's hypersonic Khinzal missiles without sustaining significant damage.
  107. Ukrainian Air Defences are capable of shooting down Khinzal hypersonic missiles (but by their own admission cannot defend against Onyx, probably because Onyx beats Dagger in trading card games)
  108. ...

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Really....that's all you could come up with ;-)

Posted by: JDA | Aug 14 2023 17:55 utc | 1

Thanks @b - here's the rest (for today, at least):

108. Shoigu will be removed as MoD (thanks @ libegafra | Aug 14 2023 14:46 utc) (and presumably replaced by shadowbanned or Strelkov)
109. Captured toilets. Because all those Ukrainian kids Putin kidnapped will need to be potty trained somehow. (thanks @ Stefan v. | Aug 14 2023 14:05 utc )
110. The productive capacity of `laisess faire ` Capitalism is superior to that of a centrally controlled (Communist) production system during war time particularly in shell, drone and tank production.
111. Putin has been giving Shoigu the cold shoulder recently as evidenced on the occasion he walked right by the man without blinking as if he was the office tea boy. This bodes ill for Shogu's job security.
112. The AFU is able to keep the Russian Forces "stretched and pinned" along the frontline (thanks, Mark Galleotti, Times Radio!) so they're unable to move further.
113. On balance, a 20th century Russian army will soon be facing a 21st century Ukrainian army (thanks, Mark Galleotti, Times Radio)
114. "The Leopard-2 has proven phenomenally more survivable than the Russian Soviet era tanks we've seen on the battlefield ... it demonstrates that the build and quality of Western tanks are on the whole superior to the Russian designed tanks" (Thanks, Mark Galleotti, Times Radio) ... (Well, if only we could see an actual L2 on the battlefield with our own eyes!)
115. "The Crimean Referendum was carried out "under the gun", even though a majority of crimean civilians would possibly have voted to join Russia anyway, perhaps a new vote under international supervision should be held to make it fair this time ... maybe" (another howler from Mark Galleotti). (Great - do the same for Kosovo)
116. Oryx is a legitimate source of statistics on the Ukraine war. There is no double counting of the same destroyed equipment from multiple directions. Ukrainians do not label Ukrainian tanks as Russian then photograph them. Not a single instance of an Oryx photographic evidence has been proven to represent a falsified scenario. (The connection to NATO funded Bellingcat is purely coincidental)
117. Russians blow up their own bridges (Ukrainians just create the postage stamps)
118. Russians blow up their own pipelines (Deep in the heart of NATO territory)
119. Russians bomb their own Kremlin (Well, just the tip, really)
120. Russians bomb their own dam.
121. Russians bomb their own nuclear power stations, while actually taking shelter in them, over prolonged period of time. (Those masochists!)
122. Russians attack their own troops (Attack on Wagner PMC, bombing of a PoW detention center). (At this point why fight, the Russians would have defeated themselves long before the AFU saw the frontlines.)
123. Russian Orthodox Priests are in league with the Kremlin, to the extent that those priests are fit to be tried and imprisoned and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should split from the original Russian mother church.
124. Russian forces prevent refugees from passing through checkpoints back to Ukrainian-controlled territory (the Mariupol offensive 2022)
125. While Russia holds a decided margin in artillery, they cannot hit the side of the proverbial barn. Which is why they only target open civilian areas. (thanks @ Erelis | Aug 14 2023 16:01 utc | 22)
126. Ukrainian artillery does not need a numerical advantage, as their artillerymen are absolute accurate snipers needing less shells to do the job. (Despite these artillerymen only having a few months training before getting shipped off to the front) (thanks @ Erelis | Aug 14 2023 16:01 utc | 22)
127. Russian military is composed of constantly drunk old men who cannot stand up to the virile Ukr soldier. In fact all of Russia is a drunk tank. BTW, due to reforms under Dima the Wildman, Russians now drink less per capita than French and Italians. May even include Germans now. Russians consume less alcohol than French or Italians — WHO (thanks @ Erelis | Aug 14 2023 16:01 utc | 22) (despite this lack of virility, Russian population is multiple times the Ukrainian one! Probably because the Ruskis score on the first shot and are not hampered by the 'Surovikhin line')
128. The reason the Ukrainian Army is having such a hard time dislodging the Russians is that the Russians had such a looooooong time to put down defensive fortifications while the AFU had only a few weeks to train for the fight against Russia (the adaptability is commendable!)
129. Sending Ukraine X Billions (instead of spending those billions on saving Maui from the flames) DOES NOT COST THE US TAXPAYER A SINGLE DIME - because it's old surplus equipment is being sent to Ukraine. (Because slave labour and shipping costs are free of course, and all the taxpayer money used to make the old "obsolete" equipment to begin with was pissed down the toilet anyway). (This one courtesy of "Adam Something" off YouTube)

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Aug 14 2023 17:56 utc | 2

I have to confess that as I reached lie 60 and exhaustion started to set in I read ahead to see just how many more lies I had to go.
Due to my deep respect for Arch (and with thanks) I'm going to plow my way through the other 47 but I have to ask, how many more were there?

Posted by: David G Horsmanman | Aug 14 2023 18:11 utc | 3

I try to avoid the Western MSM altogether, esp. when it comes to the conflict, so I salute your willingness to go through this torture.

A propos torture, it is said that Dustin Hoffman went without sleep and proper meals for days to make his character stressed and haggard. Olivier is supposed to have told him not to torture himself so much and to try acting instead.

Posted by: Waldorf | Aug 14 2023 18:18 utc | 4

.....go ahead, make my head hurt.....

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Aug 14 2023 18:18 utc | 5

Ya know, this list of lies reminds me of something that happened in early 2020. Lots of lies in that one also.

Posted by: Mr. House | Aug 14 2023 18:21 utc | 6

No mention of Ghost of Kiev or Ukrainian old lady taking out SU-27 with a jar of pickles? Weak.

As for more serious topics, the list is missing ongoing secret negotiations of surrender by the Russians.

Posted by: Skiffer | Aug 14 2023 18:22 utc | 7

"65. The Russo Ukraine war started in 2022"

I'm well aware of the history of this conflict and we could date this back to 2008 if not before that. The events of 2014 did not involve Russia.

Therefore, February 2022 seems like an appropriate arbitrary date to set as the start of the war.

The term SMO serves only to indicate the low intensity of Russian attacks to date. I still consider it a civil war.

And should NATO formally enter the conflict we will see what Russians at war truly look like.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Aug 14 2023 18:25 utc | 8

The alleged opposite of "Hunter Biden Laptop is Fake News" is "The Bidens are Treasonous Foreign Agents." This is 180 degrees (360 if as geometrically challenged as Analina Bareass) away from the historical pattern. Much more likely is somehow the influence peddling is going the other way and they are trying to hide that. A court case likely gets thinks out in the open, right? When have things ever been what they appear?

If not we are probably already getting incoming boomerangs much worse than I think.

Posted by: William Haught | Aug 14 2023 18:38 utc | 9

RE: William Haught | Aug 14 2023 18:38 utc | 8

In other words, the Biden Laptop must be worthy of another long litany by those few that are not partisan, causing many like me to be completely turned off. Unlike NATO-Russia, Biden Laptop is no truth, just falsities and partisanship all the way, even alt-media.

Posted by: William Haught | Aug 14 2023 18:43 utc | 10

PS Also fueling my suspicions -- the Sock Puppet-in-Chief is too senile to defend himself, run the country, or interfere in a criminal case, even that of his son (or his own).

Posted by: William Haught | Aug 14 2023 18:50 utc | 11

No mention of Ghost of Kiev or Ukrainian old lady taking out SU-27 with a jar of pickles? Weak. @6

Even forgot Butcha!

Posted by: Pah Cartwright | Aug 14 2023 18:52 utc | 12

German MSM keeps daydreaming, still didn't get the message permeating even CNN.

Fringe oldskool-left daily "Junge Welt" summarizes* (DeepL translation):

"Spiegel" victory

On Monday, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) summarized the military situation in the Ukraine war with headlines and sub-headlines on page one: "Ukrainians stuck on southern front. Russian defenses are stronger than expected. Two months into the offensive, there is little to suggest a rapid collapse of Russian lines. But the Ukrainians are also struggling with home-made problems."

NZZ correspondent Ivo Mijnssen writes that Kiev's troops "are at best just reaching the enemy's main defense lines (...) (and) can expect heavy losses there," of which he gives examples. According to Mijnssen, there is "growing skepticism among experts as to whether this pace can be increased rapidly, especially since the Ukrainians are already deploying many assets. In the south, they have superiority in artillery for the first time, but they also fire a third every day of what the U.S. produces in an entire month." Numerous "of the bloody mistakes now occurring during the offensive suggest weakness of leadership and incompetence."

Accounts of this kind are not found in German major media. They adhere somewhat more strictly than the Swiss paper to rules of war propaganda: "We" are the good guys, the others are evil par excellence, "we" win all the time, the others lose in one go, etc. A prime example is an interview published by Der Spiegel on Tuesday. In it, Spiegel editors Francesco Collini and Lina Verschwele interview the head of Berlin's "Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center," Alexander Gabuyev, who mentions in passing that he is an interlocutor in the Chancellery and the Foreign Office. Some of the two journalists' questions are prefaced with statements like these: "Russia has experienced enormous defeats in Ukraine over the past 17 months." That sounds surprising in light of the fact that Russian forces control more than 100,000 square kilometers and - see the NZZ from the day before - have had to give up relatively little of it or clear it for tactical reasons.

Another question is: "Already the Russian side is recording enormous casualties. Couldn't even more casualties lead to a popular revolt?" Gabuyev does not even address the alleged "enormous losses," but accommodates the two experts and speaks of "great(is) concern among the population." Nevertheless, "the protests so far have been rather small and thus easily suppressed." Small, but suppressible?

Next investigative question: "If there is such great fear in Russia, with everything related to this war - why did 'Wagner' chief Yevgeny Prigozhin get away unpunished after his attempted riot?" Ignoring the hallucination of "great fear" and impunity, Gabuyev replies, "We don't know what the deal was." Then he goes on to speculate that perhaps the Kremlin's military group chief is still needed in Africa or has a "folder full of compromising material about the Russian leadership" that will end up in the media after his possible assassination. That's just how Russian politics works: In the Kremlin there is permanent gnashing of teeth - in front of the own population or criminal oligarchs.

What is missing from the complete picture is that the Muscovite economy has already succumbed to the economic war of the West. So the question about Russian armament follows: "All this costs a lot of money. How does Russia finance its war machine, despite the sanctions?"

The Spiegel editors consider Annalena Baerbock's mission to ruin Russia accomplished. Never mind that the Russian economy is growing and the German economy is shrinking. Nobody reads the NZZ.

*) jungewelt_de/artikel/

Posted by: Nervous German | Aug 14 2023 19:08 utc | 13

thanks for making it into its own post b! kudos arch....

Posted by: james | Aug 14 2023 19:09 utc | 14

To add a handful more on top of my mind...

108. Journalist Julian Assange raped women and it's only normal this journalist is locked up in high security prison Belmarch rotting away with psychopaths and murderers
109. The West is not a party to the Ukraine conflict
110. Putin/FSB bombed Nord Streams, Kerch, Kashovka dam in a 5D chess move
111. Putin/FSB murdered Darya Dugina/Vladlen Tatarsky in a 6D chess move
112. Russia would never use nukes against the West so there's absolutely no risk in ever escalating the war
113. Russia would only use nukes against Ukraine, never the Western war participant so never mind upping the ante
114. The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 case was carried out by Russians and directing the flight route over the most active war zone of that time as well as lowering the flight altitude from the usual 10 km to 8 km is just imagination
115. To let the war finally end, more weapons payed for by Western tax payers are necessary... war is peace
116. RT, Sputnik News and so many more information streams need censoring to protect our freedom... ignorance is bliss
117. Europe is now totally free of Russian hydro carbons
118. ...

Posted by: xor | Aug 14 2023 19:21 utc | 15

When in Germany, I buy the Junge Welt if I go anywhere near a place that might stock it, like the newspaper shop in a railway station.
There is also former East German party daily Neues Deutschland but its coverage is closer to the MSM norm. Another "left" daily, tageszeitung (all lower case) is probably funded by Soros or some such NGO and its coverage suggests this. Very colour revolution.

Posted by: Waldorf | Aug 14 2023 19:23 utc | 16

Heres two.
Both sides are as bad as one another...
liberal peace niks.
Anti facists are facists...

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 14 2023 19:25 utc | 17

Posted by: David G Horsman | Aug 14 2023 18:25 utc | 7

'"65. The Russo Ukraine war started in 2022

I'm well aware of the history of this conflict and we could date this back to 2008 if not before that. The events of 2014 did not involve Russia."

Well, I think we could date this back to 1989-1990, when the USSR came apart. At that point the US was already looking forward to a long tenure as global hegemon. See: Wolfowitz Doctrine (

As it has turned out, the US empire lasted less than a century.

Posted by: Clever Dog | Aug 14 2023 19:31 utc | 18

Just assume whatever the government or major media is saying is the exact opposite of the truth. It's simple and easy and almost always accurate. It saves a lot of time too.

Posted by: JustAMaverick | Aug 14 2023 19:42 utc | 19

And must have pastis.

Oh, you all know why . . .

Posted by: Acco Hengst | Aug 14 2023 19:54 utc | 20

Taking a breather part way through the list to ask…

What - if anything - do we know about Surovikin’s whereabouts and activities these days? Is he still under a cloud of suspicion after the Privozhin coup attempt?

Posted by: Sentient | Aug 14 2023 20:10 utc | 21

"65. The Russo Ukraine war started in 2022"

I'm well aware of the history of this conflict and we could date this back to 2008 if not before that. The events of 2014 did not involve Russia.

Therefore, February 2022 seems like an appropriate arbitrary date to set as the start of the war.
The term SMO serves only to indicate the low intensity of Russian attacks to date. I still consider it a civil war. And should NATO formally enter the conflict we will see what Russians at war truly look like.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Aug 14 2023 18:25 utc | 7

You got it wrong David. The US/NATO attack against Russia via a proxy war against Russia started during the Clinton administration when in 1994 it decided to cross the Rubicon, despite the US promise not to, enlarged NATO towards Russia's borders.

Then, again in 2004 the neo-cons in the Baby Bush administration attempted a coup in Ukraine with the Orange Revolution run by NED.

Then in 2008 the announcement that Georgia and Ukraine would be brought into NATO, and finally, the Obama / Biden administration's 2014 Maiden Coup in Kiev which lead to a war between the Russian speaking people in the Donbass who did not accept the coup, or the US chosen Nazis who were put into power in Kiev.

These are events are all connected to the SMO in 2022. You can't separate the events without making un-pardonable concessions to the western narrative. Which I don't think you intended to do.

Posted by: Ed | Aug 14 2023 20:15 utc | 22

This is my favorite lie: inflation in the euro area. "in June 2023 the inflation rate was 6.8% in Germany, 5.3% in France, 6.7% in Italy and 1.6% in Spain."

If correct, this would imply it takes 10 years for prices to double in Germany, and 44 years for prices to double in Spain.
[70 divided by the percentage]

Posted by: Passerby | Aug 14 2023 20:20 utc | 23

Duplicate at #63 and #93

Hilarious in a macabre sort of way - true things in a carnival mirror. So many gravely butchered and dying take the humour out of witnessing these events. Godspeed the end of hostilities.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 14 2023 20:47 utc | 24

Ukrainian farmers shoot down russian airplines by throwing magic stones at them.

Posted by: Orgel | Aug 14 2023 21:03 utc | 25

When Japan bought the Pebble Beach Golf Corse and claimed their Emperor's quarters were worth more than all of California, their economy was financially 'deflated'.

Wonder if when Germany pulled their gold from the vaults in London and New York, made a target of the German economy and its Achilles Heel in the North Streams I and II; kinetic financial dominance?

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 14 2023 21:07 utc | 26

You got it wrong David. The US/NATO attack against Russia via a proxy war against Russia started during the Clinton administration when in 1994 it decided to cross the Rubicon, despite the US promise not to, enlarged NATO towards Russia's borders.

Posted by: Ed | Aug 14 2023 20:15 utc | 21

The destabilisation of the Caucasus was well underway by 1994.

The Original Chechnya Bombers The CIA, The Saudis And Bin Laden

Posted by: JuliaHin1984 | Aug 14 2023 21:22 utc | 27

> Posted by: Waldorf | Aug 14 2023 19:23 utc | 15

You're right. "Junge Welt" still boasts some remnants of classic anti-imperialist class struggle stance. "tageszeitung (taz)" is a shadow of itself. It's become the establishment's most extremist mouthpiece tolerable by MSM standards, just like the green party has become the establishment's ugly face of repression, fearmongering and warmongering.

Posted by: Nervous German | Aug 14 2023 21:27 utc | 28

Good example for the rule enforcers at the bar. Let the thread flow. Interesting stuff emerges.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Aug 14 2023 21:35 utc | 29

RF never did anything good since 2007. Every scientific, sports or diplomatic activity was denigrated and Russians are simply idiots sitting on vast energants,
Even recently our favorite Graun commentator Simon Tisdall compared Putin and Xi to Stan and Ollie among world leaders.
Lies and obfuscation by the West possibly can go to chapter 150. but Western downfall will be painful for everyone to watch and most horrid for its citizens, dumbed down, obese and zombified. It is a slow motion car crash.
Sad thing is that many people in the West that know the true state of the things are going to go, too. It will take a couple of generations to come back to where we were before ideas of NATO were so blatantly disclosed and openly bashed by Putin in Muenchen.

The West could never forgive that, but facts are the facts. And t washat is when the SMO started...indeed, a slow burn is possibly the best way.
Will mr. Martyanov stay in Russia? Curious events unfolding.

Posted by: whirlX | Aug 14 2023 21:39 utc | 30

One story in the National Enquirer deserved more serious consideration: "Pope gives birth to three-headed Martian". I hope his Holiness does the right thing and pays child support or else someone needs to learn his Vatican ass some responsibility. But we know what happened last time a Holy Father fathered a child so I ain't holdin' my breath.

Posted by: Patroklos | Aug 14 2023 21:49 utc | 31

Interested in your thoughts on Frank-Walter Steinmeier hinting at banning the AfD:

Also apparently discussed in Der Spiegel

Posted by: intp1 | Aug 14 2023 22:10 utc | 32

Lies, liars. Hmm. Someone a long time ago identified a group of liars. Lying was part of their soul. Just what group was he talking about? Trying to remember. No, it wasn"t Anglo-Americans. Who were they? Can't quite remember.

I'll have to read John 8:44 again.

Posted by: stones | Aug 14 2023 22:10 utc | 33

By accident came across the twitter account – now X-files - of former assistant to VP Dick Cheney, the architect of the decisions pushed down the throat of NATO member states at Bucharest in 2008, to invite Georgia and Ukraine. Each and every entry on het X-account is an unadulterated LIE … makes an easy list to add to summary of b.

Nuland's husband, Robert Kagan, is a historian, foreign policy commentator and co-founder in 1998 of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Robert the organizer, Vicky the executioner.

Posted by: Oui | Aug 14 2023 22:22 utc | 34

If the Russians didn’t want Ukraine to fall they would have sent in troops or private security to shut that down. They used it as an excuse to steal Crimea. If they wanted to crush Ukraine they would not have signed on to the Minsk crap.
They are trying to take down the west,
They are caught in a trap along with NATO. Neither side can afford to tap out now. The results would be devastating

Posted by: OohCanada | Aug 14 2023 22:31 utc | 35

This list should be sent to the main tabloids involved in publishing this "propaganda".

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Aug 14 2023 22:39 utc | 36

How do people square their belief in "democracy" with the fact that the average person is a complete and total idiot and will listen to and believe whatever the government or their media cronies tell them? It doesn't really matter how many times these morons get lied to -- they never stop believing. They just move on to the next story/narrative like clockwork.

Even small children begin to get skeptical over time. They stop believing parents if you constantly lie to them all the time. But not adult human beings. THOSE people are intellectually disabled in my view. And I'm just talking about the average person.

Posted by: Clown World Veteran | Aug 14 2023 22:56 utc | 37

Loved Blinken the other day . dont worry about debt we can print more. facepalm

Posted by: hankster | Aug 14 2023 23:14 utc | 38

Posted by: OohCanada | Aug 14 2023 22:31 utc | 34 - If the Russians didn’t want Ukraine to fall they would have sent in troops or private security to shut that down. They used it as an excuse to steal Crimea. If they wanted to crush Ukraine they would not have signed on to the Minsk crap.
They are trying to take down the west,
They are caught in a trap along with NATO. Neither side can afford to tap out now. The results would be devastating

Is that you, Tru-dumb? Gosh, seriously? Can I have some of that cope/hopium you are smoking? Sometimes I cannot believe how low Canada's once great educational system has fallen, but then I see comments like this which prove that only propaganda is taught in our post-secondary institutions.

Posted by: Arcticman | Aug 14 2023 23:57 utc | 39

"Bayraktar will be a game-changer (Because somehow the Turks managed to evolve from kebab makers to advanced drone manufacture. Who do they think they are, Iranians?)"

OK THAT one got a laugh out of me!

Posted by: mtw | Aug 15 2023 0:25 utc | 40

Id love to see another interconected list of the press barons responsaple for this 'post truth insanity' .
Name them and shame them.
We in the west are living in a 'post truth world' you could say 'a mad house'
Mental gymnastics.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 15 2023 0:32 utc | 41

No matter how many lies you list, you will never catch up ...

Posted by: Trisha | Aug 15 2023 0:43 utc | 42

Don't forget MH17.

Posted by: YY | Aug 15 2023 0:44 utc | 43

If I'm not mistaken, you all are missing that Putin had the Skripals poisoned.

How soon they are forgotten

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Aug 15 2023 0:45 utc | 44

Our leaders are NOT silver-spooned sociopathic incompetent grifters running on a "values" ticket.

Posted by: bobzibub | Aug 15 2023 0:50 utc | 45

It gets worse the more you think about it...
What effect dose this have on a persons 'wellbeing' ?
Self medication, perscribed drugs or street drugs. Alchol. Adictive behaveous.
Break down of marriage, freandship working relationships.
I bet thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 15 2023 0:51 utc | 46

Without a doubt, it takes its toll. The truth is not magic. It can take a long time. That said, I don't think my personal views are as much of an outlier as they once were amounst my peers and family. Look how various countries are floating the banning political parties? (Outsode Ukraine, lf course.) The powers that used to hold a monopoly see the tide turning and are resorting to extremism. We may not be currently winning the discourse, but the trajectory is positive.

Posted by: bobzibub | Aug 15 2023 1:06 utc | 47

@Nervous German 12

I won´t stop wondering about the exceptionalism in idiocy by the German media.
(Even the Brits have better reporting in some places.)

But I do believe it has something to do with Germany´s countless university departments and academic institutions dedicated to "East European studies" which, as one of the "Junge Welt" senior editors pointed out past winter on a panel, have always been a breeding place for right-wing, Fascist think-tankers.

So what was once an attribute for cultural diversity has turned out a fortress of hatred.
Great work mates.

This sadly so, as these places have always been considered an exclusive German treat of cultural openness and funding "other fuck-me cultures" in Europe (I have never quite bought that crap however. Kumbaya.)

Just have a look into the headlines of paywalled articles of the major German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung which has sunk into despicable publishing politics dedicated to the "Ukraine" section which every paper has been running for almost 2 years now:

The best one being "Mushrooms still radiocative" (from the 1986 meltdown, that is.)

Gosh, they must be desparate recruiting even plants!

Posted by: AG | Aug 15 2023 1:10 utc | 48

Wow. Looks like NAFO trolls finally discovered this blog.

Good luck, b, in the tedious work of banning them. My suggesstion: institute ban by IP address blocks. Quite a few of these wilk come fron the same troll farms.

Posted by: averros | Aug 15 2023 1:13 utc | 49

CJ Hopkins - a dedicated anti-totalitarianist currently being indicted by German Govt under their anti-hate-speech laws, calls out Twitter:

I closed my account in the middle of the Jan 6th staged insurrection event which successfully prevented constitutionally allowed challenges to the initial slate of electors by raising objections from both House Representative and Senator followed by 2 hour presentation and debate and vote.

Clearly that event evidenced the Republic as a post-constitutional clown show. Had no desire to go back into Twitter with the Elon reboot. The richest man in the world is Deep into the Establishment - although he is a lot of fun, and clearly very bright.

But so is Vivek chatting with Russell Brand on Rumble...

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 15 2023 1:15 utc | 50

Posted by: Arcticman | Aug 14 2023 23:57 utc | 39

Too bad you went to an inferior school; guess you must have dropped out in; what? the third grade? Well, I guess that qualifies you to be a Biden Troll.

Posted by: Ed | Aug 15 2023 1:46 utc | 51

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 15 2023 0:32 utc | 4

Remember Mark 2, according to Karl Rove, the neo-cons make their own reality. He learned that from reading Mime Kein Kampf while beating off.

Posted by: Ed | Aug 15 2023 1:52 utc | 52

Talking about lies, here is a good one, I lost count of the number but:
XXX). The US put medium range missiles it the Baltic States only to defend Europe against an Iran nuclear threat.

Posted by: Ed | Aug 15 2023 2:01 utc | 53

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 14 2023 21:07 utc |

You took me by surprise. I remember both Germany and Australia asking about their gold on deposit at the Bank of England and being told to fock off by the British . So Germany did manage to get their out ,ha? Great , so only Australia is a sucker now. When did Germany get it out? Was it in the mass media ?

Posted by: Wondrous | Aug 15 2023 2:19 utc | 54

David Horsmann @7 and Ed
and others who 'challenged' or amplify Arch Bungle on the begin of Ukraine SMO - which may evolve into WW3 quite surprisingly and easily - my thinking is that the Brits and French will have to scratch their heads to come up with an explanation, how German nation is actually the culprit - and arrange for a "Versaille #3" - I would not pass it by Macrob to work in that direction; (for the benefit of barflies who do not know - "Versaille #2 was the introduction of the Euro, as trumpeted in the French press at the time).The paragraph that Germany was guilty of starting it was put in the Treaty, but not in the separate Treaty with USA in 2021.

The current mantra in the West goes in the direction that Russia started it, that Putin and others will be put to "Nuremberg 2" trial, but that may change with time and the usual scape goat - Germany will be found, when Russia and the old "Allies" will come to the table, to carve new borders.

(I was very long under the impression that Germany was really the culprit in starting WW1, only late I began to see that there was a lot of provocations and intrigues involved to get Germany fall in for the tricks. My Old Man, who was in the WW 1 trenches was cautioning me about the belief in the sole German guilt - and he knew his history well, but I was a very naive almost 'woke' at that time - unfortunately. If I only could ask him to forgive my 'smarts'... )

Posted by: fanto | Aug 15 2023 2:20 utc | 55

@German MSM keeps daydreaming, still didn't get the message permeating even CNN.

Germany is a key player of the NATO operation in Ukraine.
In Austro-Hungarian times, expansion of Uniat church and of Galician ultra-nationalism was a tool of Wien against the Orthodox and russian-centric core of central Ukraine and the edges there of russian realm. In short building an ethnic hatred, specially later in the context of 1914-1918 war, is part of the austrian-german tradition.
Banderism was forged inside Austro-Hungary, Bandera, Konovalets, were Austro-Hungarian subjects.
This was reactivated by Germany in 1939-1945.
CDU ***is*** the heir of former german imperialism of old, of which NSDAP was just yet another tool.
Hans Globke, one of the experimented co-administrator of Eastern Territories in the 3rd Reich, and other subalterns state servants of the same kind, formed CDU and the circle around Adenauer.
In the 2000's/2010's , Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung played a role, alongside NED money and circles, in reshaping the ethnic hatred tool again in Ukraine. Their main local figure was Klitschko. Polaks they worked more with the Galicians like Svoboda Party.

Basically all the german establishment and media pundits have been all along soft speaking lower profile but very active in creating the Ukraine Frankenstein. DW has a extremely high level of duplicity and are basically a very agressive agit-prop device.
SPD has been at some time destroyed by CDU, and Steinmeier turned atlantist and american puppet long ago (Irak war), Steinmeier is an Arschloch.
In short: Germany is rotten to the bone.
But then german maleficence showed as soon as reunification. Back then Kohl administration was the one who encouraged a spiral of violence inside Yugoslavia in order to torn it apart, no matter what. They were among other niceties staunch supporters of Thaçi and KLA, etc.

Die Deutschen muß sterben, damit wir leben, I guess.

Posted by: Timur | Aug 15 2023 2:24 utc | 56

Hey all, I made it to line #75. May I have some cookies now?

In reference to the comment about 2008 being the year of U.S.S.A. meddling in Ukraine affairs:

I will raise you (or lower depending on a 13 dimension reference) to year 1945 when the C.I.A. returned Stepan Bandera out of Germany back to Ukraine via the U.S.S.A.

Great list. Did not know it was humanly possible to produce such an accomplishment...

That's all folks!

Posted by: MRDMK | Aug 15 2023 2:38 utc | 57

The face of Ukraine is beating Russia's fists bloody.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Aug 15 2023 2:42 utc | 58

A treasure trove of open source information. What the lies are aimed at is good information.

Posted by: Neofeudalfuture | Aug 15 2023 2:43 utc | 59

More like a "Litany of Opinions"...

Posted by: Arch Wanker | Aug 15 2023 2:48 utc | 60

somewhat related, Bobby K with Tucker C discussing mainly Ukraine after the interview (long) gets going.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 15 2023 2:59 utc | 61

You forgot one:

Aleksei Navalny Is Russia’s True Leader

Posted by: Rokossovsky | Aug 15 2023 3:19 utc | 62

Posted by: Timur | Aug 15 2023 2:24 utc | 56
You make some good points, but the overarching problem was and is the fact that Germany after WW2 lost their sovereignty, (as documented by Egon Bahr and others) and could not have independent foreign policy. The German people are not all that bad, as you make it appear. The DW is bad, I totally agree, but it is also under heavy oversight by foreigners (dual citizen).

Posted by: fanto | Aug 15 2023 3:26 utc | 63

Posted by: Arch Wanker | Aug 15 2023 2:48 utc | 60

There's always a critic.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Aug 15 2023 3:29 utc | 64

Great list. It is part of USA government propaganda - i.e it's information war which includes censorship, firing people for the wrong opinion, shadowblocking, account deletion... One can say the USA government is waging a war on the American people.

Posted by: Afraid Tosay | Aug 15 2023 3:36 utc | 65

The lies definitely affect friendships and family relationships. If 90% of your contacts without question believe what they read and hear it leaves very few left to communicate with. Interactions become superficial.

Posted by: Inki | Aug 15 2023 4:17 utc | 66

The Lord of Lies? So many that I can't keep track. I do like most of the posters here. But prognostication of the future is a fruitless endeavor. From empirical evidence. I think I can say that things won't get better anytime soon. But what do I know?

Posted by: Immaculate deception | Aug 15 2023 4:24 utc | 67

And noy one word about the Covid lunacy.

Posted by: g wiltek | Aug 15 2023 4:27 utc | 68


This new piece from reader and sometime blogger albrt has a go at the question that has been bedeviling more and more commentators: why are the putative people in charge in the US and the EU making such a hash of things? It dovetails with our post today on how a large number of Western policy makers and pundits seem unable to escape the intoxicatoin of heavy doses of Ukraine war propaganda. Importantly, albrt adds some relatively new theories to explain these pathologies

By albrt, a solo lawyer from flyover country who has previously posted at Calculated Risk and Corrente
Several Naked Capitalism commenters noted the similarities between recent blog posts by Aurelien & John Michael Greer (formerly known as “the Archdruid”). Both were linked under Imperial Collapse Watch at Naked Capitalism on August 2. Both bloggers commented on the sad state of western elites, who seem unable to manage much of anything.

Aurelien faulted the Professional Managerial Caste (PMC) for their “vast carelessness,” similar to Tom and Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby. Tom and Daisy

…were so confident of their own superiority that they didn’t care much about ordinary people. That’s today’s PMC: the main danger they pose to people like you and me is the fatal collective, ingrown confidence that they and their ideas can never be wrong, and that in the end nothing is ever really serious. If they break something, it doesn’t matter.

Greer had a slightly different take, observing that western elites “are stuck in habits of thought that make it impossible for them to do anything useful in a crisis.” He called the problem “stormtrooper syndrome” because children of the western elite are brought up thinking that bad people, like the Imperial Stormtroopers in Star Wars, can’t possibly shoot straight. Since bad people always lose and good people always win, the way to win is to define yourself as a good person rather than making rational decisions or ensuring that you have the material necessities for success. In other words, being woke (or anti-woke, if that is your ideological thing, I think it applies both ways) matters more than being competent, to the point where competence is not even on the radar.

Posted by: Catta | Aug 15 2023 5:31 utc | 69

Its all a big curupt capalist band wagon carreing down hill.
Greedy self interst, if your not in it your sat in the gutter. Thats the thinking, the driving force.
It starts way way higher than presidents or wanna be presidents.
Think Bilderberg !
It gose right down the demograthics...
Thanks Ed
Spot on as always.
Providing for your family.. you gota been in the wagon, or starve.
Students, you wanna a career jump on board.
Schoolyard... support Putin see where it gets ya.
No breaks on this wagon down hill all the way to the depopulation cliff edge.
Truth ? Thats a swear word these days.
The elite 10% laugh on.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 15 2023 6:06 utc | 70

If I'm not mistaken, you all are missing that Putin had the Skripals poisoned.

How soon they are forgotten

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Aug 15 2023 0:45 utc | 44

Please educate us, if you know what is going on!
I don't believe one word of the official English version.
Here is a source that is not main stream aligned:
I haven't gone through it, yet.

Posted by: g wiltek | Aug 15 2023 6:30 utc | 71

Posted by: MRDMK | Aug 15 2023 2:38 utc | 57

Great list. Did not know it was humanly possible to produce such an accomplishment...

It's an ADHD friendly task. Just leave the 'radio' on in the background.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Aug 15 2023 7:26 utc | 72

44a. Non-threatening weapons labs are suddenly a threat if they might fall into the hands of approaching Russian forces (Kookie Nuland).


On (88), Gerasimov was injured somewhere in Ukraine by an enemy attack around 1st May 2022. Such was claimed by western media and not even denied by official Russian channels, just a generic “he’s ok”, no denial of him being injured in Ukraine.

Why Gerasimov was roaming around the battlefield is another matter, most likely to meet with his opposite numbers in the fantastical hopes that the outcome of the conflict could in that way substantially influenced while the CIA could overhear everything being said and done within Ukraine.

He got a close call with a switchblade drone as a reward for his cartoon-like understanding of the situation.

The event actually isn’t a fit subject for humour, one can only hope things have improved since them.

Posted by: anon2020 | Aug 15 2023 7:33 utc | 73

Excellent !


Posted by: Echo Chamber | Aug 15 2023 8:07 utc | 74

MRDMK, now that she has scraped the blood of Niger off her Blahniks Victoria Nuland is on her way to you with a big basket. Don't worry about the bluish crystals they're powdered with . . .

As for the overall post, I refer you to George Orwell and the concepts of "doublethink" and "crimestop", which between them are fully capable of enabling anyone to believe anything at any given moment and forget or ignore any contradictory information.

Remember that Orwell was working for the BBC, and his "Ministry of Truth" is modelled on the building housing the British Ministry of Information.

Posted by: MFB | Aug 15 2023 8:20 utc | 75

Posted by: Catta | Aug 15 2023 5:31 utc | 68

I see things a little differently. I believe the Elite is fluffing it because it is full of uncaring people who themselves are the offspring of uncaring people. Once upon a time, you had meritocracy which led to the elevation of competent caring Average Joe classers who saved the bacon for the Elite as a whole. Just like one good futures trade could make a millionaire out of a nine time futures loser. With meritocracy gone in the USA -and thus reflected in satrap nations as well- the Elite is simply composed of well - connected and /or wealthy selfish dunces. Such dunces cant even tie their own shoelaces and rely on the help for everything.

Now some say the Elite can be dumb and still survive ; simply by paying one half of us to kill or keep the other half down. There is some truth to that, but in the end the charismatic competent leader always come down the road and turns the whole order upside down .

Will we see such a revolution in our time , or has Europe (apart from Russia and Hungary) really blown it irretrievably ; for us to become the poor white trash of the future?

Posted by: Wondrous | Aug 15 2023 8:23 utc | 76

Not to mention, that the Russians are shelling Zaporizhia NPP in another 5d chess move…

Posted by: Spezofai | Aug 15 2023 8:26 utc | 77

Posted by: Roderic | Aug 14 2023 17:02 utc | 131

Posted by: petergrfstrm | Aug 14 2023 9:27 utc | 104

Thanks for those curiously ignored, unique and much needed refreshing buckets of water upon the subject.

More dots to reveal the real pattern as a self guided searcher of historical truths using logic and scientific method, avoiding being ‘railroaded’ by received wisdom of those others who claim authority by virtue of being good ‘Historians’ i.e ‘Because we know best, it is what is believed and taught at the highest institutes to the lowest school history text book for children’.

My terms of reference and parameters of historical timescales have had to be expanded several times - starting at looking at various subjects that interested me post formal education and many businesses to have achieved financial independence in my early 40’s. From the supposed esoteric e.g Stone Circles, Measurement Systems, Astronomical knowledge and calendars, language formations…to ultimately the nature of Money and its History… all further removed from Theoretical Physics, the religion of Economics and the false gods of Accountancy … it inevitably lead me down the very paths , deliberately obscured and now hardly travelled by orthodoxy of Truth as meted out by the modern witch doctor, high priests of the Academic Churches, the modern Holy Sees and its Mass Media Bibles and Bashers…
Enough about MY bonafide’s!
One Method is Means, Motive and Opportunity.
Make and test conjectures, look for clues, don’t ignore pieces that don’t fit, ask awkward questions ( a la ‘just one more thing’ type ).

Why didn’t the Western Forces, the newly landed US forces arriving late to the WW1 fields, just after the Russian Revolution and with the Royal Family lineage exterminated (with the acquiescence of their cousins in Europe! No one asks Why they did that to their Blood relations?), with their long coveted target of centuries - to take Russia, helpless finally - Why oh why, didn’t the massed old collective Anglo Europeans and their forces NOT just roll East and just take possession of that Holly Grail?

Is it perhaps that these who always wanted it , believed they had won already? There was no further need for pesky military proxies? They didn’t trust these old monarchies and nations to do the job anymore. The Money had for decades planned, set up, nurtured, bought the ‘new model army’ mercenaries and the New Religion forged by their academics for a century, and had achieved their Goal. Placed into position their New Caesar

All Would Be Well ?

Ah finally, there is the plausible answer of why Lenin started handing territories to a ‘Ukraine’ reforming the borderland and the jewel of the Black Sea, Crimea, the fulcrum, the gatehouse, The Crossroad to hand to the modern pharaohs to oversee the World from.
With the Fed in Place, the Balfour declaration as a backup, the failure of the Japanese Proxy could be forgotten and the hopes of the Berlin Conference restored . All was to be finally well.

Until Lenin dropped dead.

Mysteriously? I found it shocking that he was mummified and put in a glass case to be revered and seen forever as Stalin stood as his greatest acolyte! Above suspicion and reproach.
Hold your friends close but Your Enemy closest! Yup probably the Greatest strategist. He went through Vienna, positively vetted by their great psychologists, all were gathered and ‘schooled’ there, who played their allotted roles.

Lol, the End of (fake) History is so close now, I smell it arriving like the monsoon rain. The panic is palpable from the hidden top, through its minion mandarin puppet politicians, their deepstate, the Narrative purveyors to their attempts at control through the media above and below the lines.

Xi and Putin say it straight , we are blinded to their words. “The biggest change in the world in a hundred years” they announced.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Aug 15 2023 9:31 utc | 78

Whoops wrong thread! Sorry barflies. Serves me right for having multiple tabs open.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Aug 15 2023 9:32 utc | 79

About life being normal in the big Ukrainian cities. On Facebook a Czech tourist relates about his holiday in Kiev and Kharkov, where he stayed in nice affordable hotels that serve English breakfast. He shows how the supermarkets are well-stocked in goods and have pricings that are much lower than that of Czech supermarkets. So if you want to enjoy a cheap and exciting holiday, go to Kiev and Kharkov!

Posted by: Oblomovka daydream | Aug 15 2023 11:05 utc | 80

@intp1 31

thx was looking for the article.

but nothing of that will happen.
banning discussions of that kind are part of German politics for almost 70 years.

If the party WAS banned who do you use for scapegoating???

And it´s not that easy to ban a party.
So, just summer chatter.

(And there are indeed some idiots in the AfD. How much influence they truly have no idea. But after 1945 Germany NEVER had 1st Amendment like free speech which we know from the US at least on the purely constitutional, legal level. Free Speech has always been curtailed by the 1949 constitution itself a designed under Allied tutelage.)

Posted by: AG | Aug 15 2023 11:50 utc | 81

sry if this OT but its important at leat re: Germany - court complaint against §130 of the Constitution started:

A complaint at the highest German court has been submitted by 3 lawyers concerning the law about "incitement of the people" which has been changed last autumn without any discussion in ways that make any public speech which does not concure with e.g. the government´s policy on the UKR war illegal.

German-language about this important case here:

Posted by: AG | Aug 15 2023 12:31 utc | 82

It was a very fun and quick read for me, because I know all those lies by heart, and they are getting even more ridiculous with time.

There are a few typos that 'b' should have corrected.

This funny list ends with 107, but if you were going to pick more specific cases, like Donetsk/Mariupol theater "with 3000 children inside" that the Russians targeted (with their imprecise weapons...), that had no Azov/Nazi inside, and that Euronews (by Vakulina, a Ukrainian "journalist") later assured that had "a few hundred bodies", even though I saw the images of the cleaning of the rubble and there were none.

Or that supermarket that Russia targeted (another "civilian" target), only by chance at a time when it was closed... But later images appeared of the Russian drone filming Ukraine's artillery being shot from well within a residential area and the MLRS vehicle driving in a hurry to go park... exactly in that supermarket's garage, where a photo from a "putin's spy" Ukrainian also showed it was not the only military vehicle inside.

There aren't just 107 lies. There are hundreds more. Many were lies repeated everyday ("unprovoked"), other were lies repeated for months (the next "game changing" weapon, and why change a game that Ukraine allegedly is already winning?!), and other lies had just 24h of life or less (like the "capture" of some village, or this or that rocket hit), some lies come from Pentagon, others from Kiev, others from the internet propaganda army. But it's all lies, lies and more lies.

I wish one of the Russian demands in the end is that the West's "free press" is obligated to show all of them, and tell the truth behind each of them.
This demand would be the best thing that could happen to the people of USA and EUrope.

But I also know that the western genocidal empire would sooner accept to surrender ALL of Ukraine AND Moldova AND the 3 stooges of the Baltic, than accept the demand to speak the truth.

Because a house (western regimes and the western autocratic oligarchy) of cards (lies, regime press pretending to be "free press"), would crumble to the ground if that demand was accepted.

Posted by: Carlos Marques | Aug 15 2023 12:35 utc | 83

There has been much obfuscation WRT the coup in Niger....

Apparently, Petro-China has large investments there...

A lot of Chinese investment comes from PetroChina — the commercial arm of state-owned oil company CNPC — which has sunk billions into building the country’s major oil refineries and exploring its oil fields, with the hope of a share of all revenues. It built Niger’s oil industry single-handedly, when it began drilling in the Sahel in 2008 (under risk of terrorist attacks), taking over after Western companies abandoned their own projects as too costly and perilous.

PetroChina now owns two-thirds of the vast Agadem oil field, and started processing it through the SORAZ refinery in 2011 for the domestic market.

Its plans have become bolder. The company is spending $6 billion in expanding Agadem’s production for export to the international market, through a vast new pipeline. When complete, it will stretch 1,200 miles from Niger’s Agadem oil fields through Benin to the Atlantic, and would increase the country’s oil output by over 450%. It was estimated to be more than three-quarters complete in March, but what happens to it now is unclear — Benin insists sanctions have not affected construction, but admitted there will be delays. The excess fuel, and export revenues from it, could be a future lifeline for Niger’s military government.

Niger’s oil fields are too tempting for China — thought to be holding over a billion barrels, with basins to the east still under-explored. In May this year, another major Chinese oil company, SINOPEC, signed an MoU with Niger for oil blocks of its own. No doubt they and CNPC will try to make friends in this new government if it remains in place once the dust settles — they should have the right contacts given that the general now in charge worked in both Issoufou’s and Bazoum’s regimes. For the junta and for CNPC, that pipeline could be a fine bit of win-win cooperation.

It would seem that Niger's oil need be added to it's uranium and gold resources...


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:35 utc | 84

It would seem that Tesla and China are joined at the hip, (battery that is )

Nearly 40% of the suppliers for materials used in Tesla's electric vehicle batteries are Chinese companies, a Nikkei analysis finds, underscoring China's strong presence in a strategically important sector.

China was the largest supplier of materials for the lithium-ion batteries used in Tesla's EVs, constituting 39% of the 61 companies in the "storage battery" category, based on an analysis of the American electric vehicle maker's supply chain.


Who'dve thought???


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:38 utc | 85

Then there are Solar Panels....

A startup in China is set to begin production of ultra-efficient solar panels that are made from the so-called “miracle material” perovskite.

The next-generation solar cells will be manufactured at half the cost of traditional silicon cells, with 50 per cent greater efficiency, according to researchers from Nanjing University who made the design breakthrough that made mass production possible.

“The raw materials for making perovskite cells are cheap and abundant, making the production costs of these cells just one 20th of traditional solar cells,” Professor Tan Hairen from Nanjing University, told state media.

“Moreover, they are easier to produce and can be made in a single factory. Even with other items added, the overall cost of production is only half of that of traditional silicon cells.”

Professor Tan has created a startup called Renshine Solar to move forward with commercialisation of the technology, and has already signed a government deal to build a production line in Jiangsu province this summer.

The factory is expected to achieve a capacity of 150 megawatts by September, according to the South China Morning Post, with the perovskite solar panels built for use on roofs, walls, or placed on electric cars to improve their range.

The perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are capable of retaining over 90 per cent of their initial performance after 600 hours of continuous operation, the team noted, making them suitable for commercial use.

The researchers said the next-generation solar cells could also be used in applications ranging from building-integrated panels to space-based electricity generation.

“With their lower fabrication cost, low-temperature solution processability, roll-to-roll manufacturing, and wide-bandgap tunability, PSCs have the potential to become the candidate of choice for high-efficiency tandem solar cells,” they wrote in a study detailing the new design that will enter production.

“Considering the rapid progress in photovoltaic performance, PSCs have been considered to be ideal candidates for integrating with other systems to realise new innovative technologies.”

This should revolutionize the PV industry, making the panels themselves a minor part of Solar power systems...




Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:41 utc | 86

Then.... Graphite.....

An American mining start-up gained the powerful endorsement of the U.S. Defense Department last month, when it received a $37.5 million grant to develop what could be the country’s largest graphite deposit, close to Nome, Alaska. The company, Graphite One (Alaska) Inc., aims to be America’s first domestic miner of graphite, a mineral that’s vital for producing electric vehicle batteries and is used widely in the defense sector. But Graphite One’s fortunes will likely depend on the assistance of a familiar rival: China. That’s because a key advisor aiding the company’s plans to build a domestic battery anode factory is a Chinese firm founded by executives with deep ties to China’s battery industry. In May 2022, Graphite One announced an agreement with Guizhou-based Sunrise New Energy Material Co. — also known as Sunrise Guizhou — that will see the Chinese firm share expertise and technology for the “design, construction and operation” of Graphite One’

Or will they????


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:43 utc | 87

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long used licorice in it's formulations...

Now a component of licorice has been isolated and found effective in the fight against cancer...

Licorice compound suppresses ‘silent killer’ pancreatic cancer, Hong Kong study finds, paving way for improved treatment
Study reveals isoliquiritigenin lowers survival rate of cancer cells, according to Baptist University
Substance has fewer side effects compared with conventional treatments and can boost impact of other drugs, research finds

A chemical compound in licorice, a herb commonly used in Chinese medicine, has proved effective in suppressing pancreatic cancer, a Hong Kong Baptist University study has found, paving the way for improved treatments against the “silent killer” disease.

The research team behind the paper on Monday said isoliquiritigenin in licorice, or Gan Cao in Chinese, had lowered the survival rate of cancer cells in laboratory experiments, and resulted in fewer side effects compared with conventional treatments.

It also boosted the impact of drugs commonly used to treat the illness, the researchers added.

“This compound is worth considering for further development into a new generation of chemotherapy treatment,” said Joshua Ko Ka-Shun, an associate professor at the university’s school of Chinese medicine, who led the team.

Those pesky Chinese....


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:46 utc | 88

Hey @Dr. George W Oprisko (comment 83), that's interesting for the Present, but Tesla has no future, if Musk manages that company the same way he "manages" Twitter.

The future belongs to the biggest car manufacturer in the world: BYD (Chinese), and the future is Hydrogen that can be used as quickly as today's oil/gasoline.

Lithium batteries are inefficient, too expensive, too heavy, and take too long to charge (in a car, more than 1 or 2 minutes to fill the tank is too long).

If Tesla doesn't quickly change its business model, it's over almost as fast as it started. The same for Western car manufacturers. I think only Japan is side by side with China in preparing for this inevitable future: great built good priced cars, and developing the transition for Hydrogen to replace oil.

Posted by: Carlos Marques | Aug 15 2023 12:47 utc | 89

Alex Krainer's view of Chinese nuclear reactor diplomacy...
The alarm is about China overtaking the US in developing advanced new technologies. Again, it’s all about energy economics and we circle back to the issue of nuclear power:

“Nuclear, I think is critical, not again for proliferation, but nuclear reactors. I don’t think people really appreciate this. And I know… we speak about AI and biotech and quantum, I think a vector spotlight should be on nuclear because I think it’s really serious and here’s why. US went from 104 to 93 reactors. We’re down 10%. China went from 2 to 25 to 55 and they’re on their way to 150. 5% of their electricity is produced by nuclear. It’ll be 20, which approaches ours. But it will be a much larger population. But that’s not what concerns me. What concerns me is they’re beginning to export the technology. And not for nuclear proliferation, but for creating dependency. You think about all the countries on the coasts of the African continent, all the countries in South America and Central America. And the reason… the idea that something is cheaper sometime makes it more attractive. The Georgia plant that was done in nuclear here in the US recently, $25 billion. That’s about $11.5-12 billion or so per gigawatt. China is producing nuclear for $2 billion a gigawatt. So that’s a huge contrast. If you’re a foreign country, China can easily come in and say, we will build it for you, we’ll finance it for you and then, by the way, we’ve got you hooked for the next few decades and dependency on fuel and maintenance, etc. ... this is an area that we should dominate, and as you noted with Westinghouse, the AP 1000 and many other reactors with a lot of other history, we should make sure that these are the ones that the wolrd is buying, not Chinese nuclear reactors.”

Wolfe did not specify how exactly the US Congress, or whomever he refers to as "we," should make sure that the world is buying 5-times more expensive Westinghouse's reactors. If the Chinese can offer nuclear energy at 20% the price of Western ones and finance it without forcing IMF loans, their crushing "structural reforms," mandatory LGBT indoctrination and parades, and all other humiliating nonsense, then the fight has already been lost. We may have reached the beginning of the end of 300+ years of western colonialism, and good riddance: it’s been the worst malignancy to afflict humanity since the days of the Roman Empire.

What will Westinghouse do??? Now that it's losing the Ukrainian/EU market for it's barely functional, incompatible fuel rods made with previously available Russian HEU???


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:51 utc | 90

You can't make this stuff up!
Why India will never be a bigger economy than China's...
Equipment developed by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to analyse interstellar gas has yet to receive an export licence
A scientist who played a leading role in the project says political tensions have not helped the process and ‘for now, there’s not much we can do’

Indian scientists have hit a wall as they try to ship a scientific instrument to China for use on the country’s Tiangong space station.
A team from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore applied for an export permit from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs for the Spectroscopic Investigations of Nebular Gas (Sing) device about a year ago.

However, the team has not heard of any progress since. “We completed everything two months ago. The instrument is now sitting in the clean room, ready to fly,” said project leader and astrophysicist Jayant Murthy.

“I’ve been told that our application is being processed, and that it has not been approved yet,” he said, adding that Sing was supposed to arrive in China last year to be launched in mid-2023, but had been delayed due to Covid.

You'd think the Indian government would showcase this instrument as evidence of advances in Indian technologies...



Petty rivalries over a border delineated by the British Raj during the period of Chinese humiliation...

Where, India thinks it can capitalize on that to take Chinese lands....

Take presidcence.....

While the foolish Pakistanis continue to shoot themselves in the foot... kowtowing to NATO... insulting their Chinese/Russian friends...


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 12:56 utc | 91

Sir, this post is again prime content!

Posted by: Grenknight | Aug 15 2023 13:02 utc | 92

Boris Rozhin Reports on Polish preparations for attacking Belarus....

Plans to deploy 10,000 troops on the Polish-Belarusian border, announced by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blashak, caused a resonance in the world media. Let's see what Poland's intentions are, and for what purpose it forms such a large military group near Belarus. Everything indicates that Poland is preparing for a strategic offensive operation in the Belarusian direction.

Judge for yourself. Since 2021, under the cover of the “migration crisis”, access to the border zone has been limited at the Belarusian borders, after which the military began to actively arrive in order to deploy field communication centers and command posts. At the same time, the Polish government announced the creation of a 300,000-strong army and began a “hidden mobilization”, thanks to which it completed the deployed and newly created units to wartime states. Later, under the guise of major exercises ("Defender of Europe", "Anaconda" and "Bear"), they were additionally provided with weapons, military equipment and materiel. The newly formed units underwent combat coordination, which ended with their certification (checking their readiness to perform tasks for their intended purpose).

At the same time, in recent months, the 12th mechanized and 11th tank divisions have been transferred from the German border to the Bialystok and Biala Podlaska regions. And at the end of July, their advanced command posts and field communication centers were deployed near these cities. In turn, the 18th MD was urgently deployed from near Rzeszow to the Bielsk-Podlyaska area. Thus, Poland on the border with Belarus at the Grodno-Brest line deployed three divisions fully staffed according to the wartime staff at once.

For understanding, three divisions are 15 thousand military personnel, hundreds of tanks, artillery and missile systems, several thousand military and special vehicles. It is also worth noting that for the successful operation of the first strike echelon during an offensive operation, it is necessary to have large reserves. This is exactly what Minister Blaschak was talking about.

In addition, another marker of Poland's preparation for aggression against Belarus is the redeployment of army aviation and airborne units to the Belarusian borders.

Thus, analyzing the preparations carried out by Warsaw, it can be assumed with high probability that most of the measures for the strategic deployment of the Polish Army on the border with Belarus have been completed.

Based on this, the actions of the Polish grouping can be of the following nature, which can be divided into three directions:

On Grodno, the 12th MD, blocking Grodno from the south, will seek to reach the Shchuchin line.

On Volkovysk, the 18th MD strikes in the direction of Baranovichi.

On Brestsky, the 11th TD is advancing in the direction of Ivatsevichi.

At the same time, the 6th airborne and 25th assault brigades capture and hold the airfields in Bereza and Pruzhany. It should also be emphasized that the actions of the 12th Mechanized Division and the 11th Panzer Division are aimed at providing cover for the northern and southern flanks of the 18th Division, which, being the most powerful formation, will deliver the main blow. In addition, from the territory of Ukraine, the offensive of the Polish forces can be supported by bandit formations from among the mercenaries and militants of the fugitive opposition. The ultimate goal of the Polish troops may be reaching the Lida-Baranovichi-Pinsk line.

In summary, we want to note that the Poles have almost everything ready for aggression against Belarus, the reason for which can be both a border incident and a political decision of the ruling PiS party aimed at maintaining power in Poland. -zinc

It is unlikely that in the event of such a scenario, we will not see the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

I think Boris is avoiding the obvious....

An attack by Russian nuclear forces for the express purpose of turning Poland into a radioactive waste land.


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Aug 15 2023 13:03 utc | 93

Everybody knows something is not quite right.

This is one of the best Duran discussions in a very, very, long time. Worth anybody's time.

But again because it is an echo chamber Alexander has created and quite rightly accused the mainstream of doing the same thing. It's incredible why he can't see why he himself creating an echo chamber is the wrong thing to do.

If any of these people had reached out across the political divide they would have seen help everywhere they looked.

MMT economic professors have been attacking the Euro for 30 years so Thierry Baudet couldn't have looked very far.

Not only that Just money .org

Has been fighting back for decades.Their conferences concentrate on law and how the law has changed so many things.

Their Money as a Democratic Medium conferences have been excellent. Brilliant infact.

Katharina Pistor – Columbia Law School debate - “Capital Rules by Law” is a must watch.

Should put the fear of God into everybody as she describes the changes that have been made.

Katharina Pistor starts her talk at the 34th minute mark. In the video below.

Everybody should be absolutely terrified after watching that.

So where has Thierry Baudet been looking ? Why won't he look across the political divide to find people to help him set up his resistance movement ?

Money as a Democratic Medium conference (Harvard Law School 12/14-15/2018) included....

Katharina Pistor – Columbia Law School

Jamee Moudud – Sarah Lawrence College

Anush Kapadia – Indian Institute of Technology

Mark Blyth – Brown University

Gerald Epstein – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Rana Foroohar – Financial Times

Natascha van der Zwan – Leiden University

Rebecca Spang – Indiana University

Sandy Brian Hager – City, University of London

Helmut Siekmann – Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, Goethe Univ.

Farley Grubb – University of Delaware

Isabel Feichtner – University of Würzburg

Philippine Cour-Thimann, European Central Bank, Sciences Po, and HEC Paris

James Livesey – University of Dundee

Andrew David Edwards – University of Oxford

Elizabeth Cross – Georgetown University

E. George Gallwey – Harvard University

Stefan Eich – Princeton University

Peter Dietsch – Université de Montréal

Ann Davis – Marist College

Jonathan Crock – College of William and Mary

Maxximilian Seijo – University of South Florida

Anna Gelpern – Georgetown University Law Center

Erik Gerding – University of Colorado Law School

Thomas Herndon – Loyola Marymount University

Pamela Foohey – Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Kristin Johnson – Tulane Law School

Jennifer Taub – Vermont Law School

Martha T. McCluskey – University at Buffalo Law, SUNY

Robert Hockett – Cornell Law School

Joseph R. Blasi – Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations

Lenore Palladino – Roosevelt Institute

Jeffrey Sklansky – University of Illinois at Chicago

Scott Ferguson – University of South Florida

Christine Desan – Harvard Law School

Roy Kreitner, Tel Aviv University School of Law

Morgan Ricks – Vanderbilt University Law School

Pavlina Tcherneva -Levy Economics Institute

Rohan Grey – Cornell Law School

Darrick Hamilton – The New School for Social Research

Martijn Konings – University of Sydney

Perry Mehrling – Boston University

Eli Cook – University of Haifa

Antara Haldar – University of Cambridge

Nathan Tankus – Clarke Business Law Institute at Cornell Law School

David M. P. Freund – University of Maryland

Jakob Feinig – Binghamton University, SUNY

Nadav Orian Peer – Tulane Law School

Patricia McCoy – Boston College Law School

Saule Omarova – Cornell Law School

Iain Frame – Kent Law School

There has been a huge academic fight going on across the political divide. Thierry Baudet needs to step out of his circle.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Aug 15 2023 13:11 utc | 94

@Passerby | Aug 14 2023 20:20 utc | 22

...and 44 years for prices to double in Spain.
[70 divided by the percentage]

Not exactly - at the risk of being pedantic, it's an approximation. In reality, it's the natural log of 2, divided by the natural log of 1.016......which is closer to 43 years and 8 months...

Posted by: zeke2u | Aug 15 2023 13:25 utc | 95

The Western media is plumbing new depths through their propaganda. They know support for their warmongering would br nonexistent.

Poles are more savvy than expected by Maerican 'strategists' and don't want to be their next cannon fodder, who knew?

EchoChamber, do you ever post on topic? It's endless MMT TLDR posts from you to the point I'm skipping them. There are forums dedicated to such talk and this isn't one of them.

Honestly money..a tortured instrument Maerica has stretched to its absolute limit...doesn't solve all problems. Talking about the real economy, resource pricing, the beginnings of the resource wars (Niger), Maericas hamfisted attempts to protect its hegemony, sure..but not endless MMT rantings. I don't speak for everyone but I'm utterly disinterested. Try to tie it back to the war please.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Aug 15 2023 13:28 utc | 96

By the way if you are interested in BRICS.

Farley Grubb – University of Delaware who is considered THE expert on American colonial currency.

In his talk - Complementary Currencies - outlines what he sees as a solution.

The whole debate is interesting Farley starts on 27 mins.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Aug 15 2023 13:32 utc | 97

Unlike NATO-Russia, Biden Laptop is no truth, just falsities and partisanship

I dont give a shit about insipid Maerican politics.

However I must quibble with your statement. Pretty sure the Hunter laptop really does show the presidents son smoking crack and fucking underage prostitutes while holding a gun. While that's mostly irrelevant though amusing, there is the fact this useless dipshit was on the board of Burisma, where he had no business being. So while Maericans may be inured to the utter corruption of your state, I am not, and certainly feel it relevant since it ties directly to the current situation in Ukraine.

Posted by: Doctor Eleven | Aug 15 2023 13:34 utc | 98

Few days ago, Iskander-K missile hit a hotel stuffed with foreign mercenaries, posing as UN workers in Zaporozhye. The blast radius was 100m. US and EU passports were found littered in the area.

US AWACS aircraft had been blinded, so no air warning was given.

Posted by: unimperator | Aug 15 2023 13:36 utc | 99

Denying liberty, eroding democracy with Thierry Baudet, John Laughland and Alexander Mercouris.

Described starting a "resistance movement" to counter A Litany of Lies by Arch Bungle.

Thierry Baudet and John Laughland need to look across the political divide to achieve it. As yet it is very clear they haven't looked very far.

Posted by: Echo Chamber | Aug 15 2023 13:39 utc | 100

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