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July 30, 2023

The MoA Week In Review - (Not Ukraine) OT 2023-181

Last week's post on Moon of Alabama:

Other issues:

Ukraine war:

Not rambo or a kamikaze attack but a good tank commander and his crew demonstrating how tanks should be used. - b.

Lord Bebo @MyLordBebo - 14:21 UTC · Jul 29, 2023

🚨MUST SEE: “Rambo, he doesn’t give a f#ck”
-> Russian Kamikaze tank confronts a whole Ukrainian convoy with 2 tanks, 4 Kazak APCs and 4 Marder IFVs.
PS: Subbed and zooms
Embedded video
Longer video w/o subs





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All the UFO nonsense going on in the US.
What does the bar think?
Just deflection from the crushing realities facing the US especially the Biden administration.

Posted by: jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:16 utc | 1

For the record.
I think it's totally bogus.
Fuzzy blurred jumping pictures in a world of top class optics on most phones.

Posted by: jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:18 utc | 2

The takeover of Ukraine's agricultural land article is excellent.

RF should offer to return all oligarch-held land to small landholders.

Article also makes the painful point that many of the Ukie casualties are causing small private farms to lose their youth making the farms more vulnerable to oligarch / Big Ag capture. Also that corporate farming depletes soil etc whereas traditional family-run farms do not. Best solution to climate disruption is elimination of Big Ag farming.

War is bad for global climate, people!

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 14:29 utc | 3

jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:16 utc | 1

All the UFO nonsense going on in the US.
What does the bar think

Posted by: john | Jul 30 2023 14:36 utc | 4

Heads up !
Whats going on in Pakistan
Mid day bbc radeo news reports on large explosion many casualties. No other details given.
Raised my eyebrows due to comming so soon after an improvment on relations between Pakistan and Iran (days)
To be blunt....
Is this America beginning to panic.
Put another way American terrorism.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 30 2023 14:47 utc | 5

Last time I posted on UFO's two Sundays ago my posts were promptly deleted and the threads were not renumbered. Some posts refering back to my deleted posts remained intact.

What do I think? That is not allowed here.

Posted by: circumspect | Jul 30 2023 14:56 utc | 6

Posted by: migueljose | Jul 30 2023 15:03 utc | 7

Posted by: migueljose | Jul 30 2023 15:04 utc | 8

thanks b...

@ circumspect | Jul 30 2023 14:56 utc | 6

was it on an open thread, or a ukee thread?? so much OT at moa lately..

@ migueljose | Jul 30 2023 15:03 utc | 7

migueljose - you are a man of few words!! cheers james

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 15:15 utc | 9

I know this is not the Ukraine thread, so I will limit my observation here to a comment I made at the nakedcapitalism site which is listed here by b as presenting the Michael Hudson trio that was linked on the last open thread last night. I went to read the comments having already, thanks to Suzan on the open thread, enjoyed watching the video. It is an hour long but very entertaining, and can be viewed at Michael Hudson's site, or if you return to the last open thread, at Suzan's link on the third page.

On revisiting NC this morning I discover the comments section has been severely pruned back, and mine in answer to a previous comment is no longer there, although it went through fine last night. Mine was a polite objection to two terms being used by the commenter:"invasion" and "show of magnanimity". I had otherwise agreed with the posted comment but now both have disappeared, as have others agreeing with the thrust of the video.

At least the video is there in b's link - and I do highly recommend setting aside an hour today to enjoy it.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 30 2023 15:16 utc | 10

@ Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 14:29 utc | 3

just finished reading the article you suggested and i agree with you... if you've never read the book 'economics of a hit man' by john perkins - i can't recommend it highly enough.. this article is a reflection of what perkins articulates in his book.. the international institutions - imf, world bank and etc. etc. - are the predatory arms of the predator.. i almost wonder if that is the reason this war continues? first they have to fully rape ukraine before they can call an end to the madness, except they are and aren't succeeding in their goals here..

@ juliania | Jul 30 2023 15:16 utc | 9

thanks juliania.. i will find some time to watch what you and suzan recommend..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 15:29 utc | 11

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 15:15 utc | 8

Open thread, the Sunday recap

Posted by: circumspect | Jul 30 2023 15:31 utc | 12

[conclusion:] Now that we have observed what China, Russia, India and other members of the multipolar alliance are actually doing, how they are doing it and why, it hopefully has become clearer that the Eurasian/multipolar operating system is incompatible with the ancient formula for depopulation, war and stupidification used by oligarchy’s for thousands of years.

With a sense of the physical economic dynamics shaping both open vs closed systems in combat over the contours of the coming post-globalization age, we are now well placed to review the competing concepts of regionalization, “custom unions” and “world order” which have shaped the entire sweep of the 19th, 20th and early 21st century.

In the next segment of ‘Why the Multipolar Alliance doesn’t want to kill you’, Cynthia Chung will compare the concepts of “regionalisation” as expressed by the toxic anti-nation state traps of NAFTA or the European Union in contrast to associations affiliated with the multipolar alliance such as the Eurasian Economic Union, China’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, New Silk Road, BRICS, SCO, CELAC, and African Union.

A shorter and more understandable than usual piece by Ehret comparing the West's overall modus operandi versus Russia-China-India's. Simply put, it appears the West is following a scarcity-depopulation agenda whereas the RoW is in unabashedly optimistic growth mode. India and China, both growing, are contributing most to global greening (helped by increase in CO2, a life-giving substance). China will soon be building 150 new nuclear plants, whereas the West has been treading water for decades on that front with no plans to change, having been brainwashed into pervasive anti-life, self-shaming negativity.

The article argues that cynics (like myself) who fear an over-arching one-world-government agenda that Russia and China are fully on board with are mistaken because the two blocs are going in decidedly and measurably different directions. He makes his argument well.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 15:42 utc | 13

Eight flexible solarpanels lancet3 extends range 15x (500km/8hours)

Motorized bent wing (at midwing), increase drone dive 4x speed

Rear stabilizer

Air driven generator, 24hr drone flightime

Armor Decoys, flushing, persistent bait

Fluctuating |&| split frequencies embedded comms

Masked traitor-POTUS, ring around eyes, statedept-spokeman, publicly signed doc, makeup blush has glitter

McConnell, confirms transmission, quote:"I was sandbagged".

R 1902-present declassified, esp, Rasputin's continued applied research.

Distant mental effect, 'feel their emotions', words in mouth

Vitamin & sensory enhancements, 2900mg TAURINE, 344mg CAFFEINE, B12 180mcg

Smart-boot with coil/ceramic plate, metal detecting

Drone camera blinding, IR strobe beam

UsaDeployment crosscountry shipments by rail& trucks, without tarps, uncovered

Acoustical, psychic human subconscious alteration-correction, psychological operations

Darpa,Gen Potts, retired, after witnessing kiev clusterfuck

Microwave weaponry, Shielding testicles recommended

Disrupt laser guiding, nm crosshatching, re-lase origin

Posted by: Merlin | Jul 30 2023 15:52 utc | 14

jpc @1: "All the UFO nonsense going on in the US..."

As you correctly observe, it is nonsense.

Anything is possible in the Land of Delusions if you believe hard enough, so why not alien deus ex machina arriving to save the Empire? In the fantasy land where men can be women, dogs can be cats, Biden can be President, and Ukrainians can be winners, anything is possible. Why not aliens too?

Disclaimer: I am confident thousands, if not millions, of species of intelligent beings exist throughout our galaxy alone. In fact, I am one of the crazies who is of the opinion the recent interstellar comet that visited the Solar system, comet Oumuamua, was an alien probe. But I also believe that is the closest contact we have ever had with real aliens. Space is big, aliens will necessarily be far away, and getting from there to here will be difficult and expensive. Sending out probes is doable, even for us, but launching crewed missions to every curious radio source in the neighborhood? Not so much.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 30 2023 15:53 utc | 15

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 30 2023 14:47 utc | 5

Pakistan: appears to be terrist bombing at a political rally (news sources). I'm not going to post links.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 30 2023 15:54 utc | 16

@ circumspect #6 about aliens

Below is a comment I made yesterday in the latest Open Thread

ZH has a posting up on the alien hearing in US and I liked the quote below

He also told lawmakers that he believes the U.S. government has probably been aware of “non-human” activity for nearly 100 years and affirmed to Ms. Mace that he believed there was an “active disinformation campaign within our government to deny the existence of [unidentified anomalous phenomena].”
Fellow witness Ryan Graves, the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, testified that he believes around 95 percent of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) currently go unreported by pilots working for the U.S. government.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 29 2023 22:59 utc | 325

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 30 2023 15:56 utc | 17

doesn't look too good when the gov't is spending 100 billion or whatever and they can't explain things, lol.. all that money for nothing..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 16:00 utc | 18

On aukus:

I'm taking the liberty of re-posting Debs' reply to me from the last Open forum - (we did quite a bit there last night.)

re: juliania | Jul 30 2023 4:05 utc | 332

My reading of Blinken's visit is that he would been sealing the Aukus deal with the current leader of the opposition whose party is always far more prepared to bend over & spread their cheeks for amerika than the current government is.
Election is in November. It's a neck & neck political race but none of the media seems to want to discuss potential differences in foreign policy cos they know to do do will swing a big chunk of the electorate behind the current government & their insistence on not buying into the attacks on China as much as possible.
A group of us shall keep on plugging away trying to alert voters to this issue without tying ourselves to the neolib economics endemic to both parties.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jul 30 2023 5:39 utc | 334

Thanks, Debsisdead, that is really helpful. It will be interesting to see how much weight is given to the non-nuclear issue. The Otago Times piece I linked has a lower down video that mentions how important the matter of NZ joining aukus is to those regional small island countries in the Pacific which have a 'big brother' relationship with NZ. I thought the Hudson video would touch on that as they focussed on the nato switch to China with Taiwan 'standing in' as the new Ukraine. There is to be a followup video of the triumvirate (if I use that term correctly) that b posted above. The first didn't focus on aukus, but I'd say they will next time.

To Debsisdead, how many folk, do you think, remember how the opposition party in NZ was 'party to the invasion' (I use the phrase advisedly) of Iraq? I know Glenn Greenwald's visit and the Auckland Town Hall gathering (I watched that) didn't go over well with the locals, but it wasn't long after that Key resigned. If that is fresh in my mind, hopefully a few others will remember as well. What's my distant relative Winston doing these days? (He wouldn't know he was, just a picayunity of mine.) Still trying to be a spanner in the works?

I'm using small caps for nato and aukus -- they don't deserve large ones at this point.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 30 2023 16:03 utc | 19

Bemildred @ 15
I know here this large explosion is l think in Islamabad occoured at a large Islamist rally. 39 reported dead as of now many more injured.
Thought to be a suicide bomber.
As stated my guise ...American terrorism or may be false flag to creat internal unrest by US or their proxys.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 30 2023 16:05 utc | 20

As stated my guise ...American terrorism or may be false flag to creat internal unrest by US or their proxys.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 30 2023 16:05 utc | 19

Well I would consider that, but it appears to be near Afghan border, and not Khan's party that was bombed. But this is Pakistan, so who knows really? Things should clear up soon.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 30 2023 16:15 utc | 21

Thank you, b, for the Caitlan Johnstone article. I have to give a disclaimer here: I have sailed aboard the Canberra. Of course, it was not the USS one, (interesting factoid in Caitlan's link that it was allowed to be "USS" by Roosevelt). No, back in the day I and my wee family sailed back to NZ aboard the P@O line Canberra, biggest ship they had at the time, and the first to use airconditioning in all the cabins (ugh! But that's another story).

Another "ugh" is Caroline Kennedy; Oh dear, dear. Family ties; we all have 'em, but point to ponder.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 30 2023 16:23 utc | 22

jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:16 utc | 1

All the UFO nonsense going on in the US.
What does the bar think

If the US is in possession of alien technology, then why are the Chinese building all the advanced tech and the Russians have weapons superior to anything NATO has?

I say the UFO stuff is just entertaining nonsense.

Posted by: Format | Jul 30 2023 16:31 utc | 23

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 15:29 utc | 10

If we're thinking of the same book, I believe it's called Diary of an Economic Hit Man. I read it long ago, but I second your recommendation.

Posted by: David Levin | Jul 30 2023 16:33 utc | 24

I posted a link to Miles on the Ukraine thread in response to mention of Elon Musk. Over here I will mention I first discovered him because of his art work and art criticism where I think he is one of the world's best in spite of being suppressed constantly. He is from my part of Texas we went to some of the same schools, I married an artist who was greatly talented who never even got as much recognition as Miles so what he says rings so true to me. Best not to use search engines who constantly put fakes above him and try to block him. Note they have even put up fake sights making him hard to find unless the spelling is exact.

Posted by: qparker | Jul 30 2023 16:38 utc | 25

If we're thinking of the same book, I believe it's called Diary of an Economic Hit Man. I read it long ago, but I second your recommendation.

Posted by: David Levin | Jul 30 2023 16:33 utc | 23

On second thought, I think it was Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Posted by: David Levin | Jul 30 2023 16:38 utc | 26

David Levin | Jul 30 2023 16:33 utc | 23

thanks david.. confessions of an economic hit man.. i got the title wrong. i read the book 5 years ago.. i got it in a 2nd hand bookshop in trieste italy at the time.. i see they have a newer version out..

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 2nd Edition

some jazz piano music for anyone interested...

John Taylor

Songs And Variations

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 16:38 utc | 27

UFO's exist. In many cases these sightings, abductions (see the work of John Mack) do happen but we cannot logically explain these things particularly when there are multiple witnesses as in the case of my wife's abduction experience. The religion of scientism does not like it but there are multiple mysterious happenings in the universe that most scientists do not and would never be allowed to study, i.e., no funding. The idea of paradoxical happenings literally disgusts those of you who follow the aforementioned religion. Paradox is everywhere--mystery engulfs us all even in this high-tech age. I don't personally believed the data causes me to believe in visitors from outer space (whatever that is) but they are something involving other dimensions. To be clear, I'm not sure what that is nor do I care about a strict definition of the physics of weirdness. It is, in the end, just weirdness and weirdness is very real to someone like me who has had direct experience of many deeply paradoxical and glaringly real encounters with mysterious beings as have a good number of people throughout recorded history.

Posted by: Chris Cosmos | Jul 30 2023 16:43 utc | 28

@jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:16 utc | 1

All the UFO nonsense going on in the US.
What does the bar think?
Sure, just show the verifiable evidence for it.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jul 30 2023 17:22 utc | 29

All the UFO nonsense going on in the US.
What does the bar think?

Posted by: jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:16 utc | 1


My personal bet is Reichsflugscheibe. :)

Posted by: Nobody | Jul 30 2023 17:31 utc | 30

War is bad for global climate, people!

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 14:29 utc | 3

Hush. Noone is to mention how dirty is war.

Posted by: Forest | Jul 30 2023 17:32 utc | 31

Chris Cosmos | Jul 30 2023 16:43 utc | 27

All mysticism is disinformation. The UFO myth is simply Evangelicalism with an Art Deco science fiction gloss. Your joy in feeling small and enthralled is merely a particular cultural bias of slave societies and nothing of value.

Posted by: Concerned Citizen | Jul 30 2023 17:37 utc | 32

A cult-like community on New York’s Upper West Side

This is sort of an odd one to include in the mix. Did anyone else read it? Thoughts?

Personally, this struck me as one of the many bizarre offshoots of the Frankfurt school and later the post modernists.

Essentially, they play on the aura around Marx and revolution, it's natural popularity, but cut out the working class, materialism and revolution. The bourgeoisie also disappears and becomes "patriarchy" or the nuclear family.

Cults like this were sort of the rotten fruit of a larger abandonment of actual Marxism after the Stalin Hitler pact by innumerable "New York intellectuals" in the 50s.

Nonetheless, the source material for these movements (Frankfurt school, postmodernism) remains unchallenged in academia. These cults are not a thing of the past either.

Their psyops have been raised to a much higher level and live on today in the woke Dem perspective that's pushed to keep the youth away from real revolutionary, class conflict. They have prepared a race, gender or sexuality war...anything to prevent the class war that would actually threaten them.

It's not just the upper west side anymore either. All our kids are inducted into the cult now from a very young age.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 17:42 utc | 33

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 17:42 utc | 32

Just read it. Well written. Disturbing, but then bad cults always are. My wife watched part if a Mexican reality TV show Casa de Los Famosos in which recently 3 drunk guys, one if them a vicious drunk man to lady trannie with breasts and male junk opened up a straight guy's anus on national TV and lubed it and more. We discussed it a little. We agree that however and whyever our societies are self-destroying and that scene is yet another example. Breaking down family values to weaken and divide society. I think also breaking down collective and thus also individual sense of health, cheerfulness, decency and sanity.

The article raises but doesn't explain a key issue: what drives people into such dynamics and moreover to stay in them once they go so blatantly off the tracks. I think it would also be nice to be able to evaluate the degree to which this is encouraged by a Dark Elite versus being only spontaneous self-destruction from below.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 18:03 utc | 34

Had no idea about the unrest in S Korea. Couldn't find much about it online (in English, anyway), but this provides some helpful background to the SCMP article:

Posted by: farm ecologist | Jul 30 2023 18:11 utc | 35

@juliania | Jul 30 2023 15:16 utc | 9

While initially I was most impressed with Hudson's work, over they years it has become apparent that Hudson is part of the tribe. So you will never hear about who exactly started and continues with the financial capitalism which is destroying the West. Must be that invisible hand of Adam Smith. Nor will you hear about who 2000 years ago took out that famous bloke who wanted the debt amnesties continued.

Posted by: gT | Jul 30 2023 18:14 utc | 36

Merlin | Jul 30 2023 15:52 utc

Is that the same General Potts who died in a plane crash 2 days ago?

Posted by: Some Random Passerby | Jul 30 2023 18:22 utc | 37

Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 17:42 utc | 32

And yet, post-modernism did not cause the Pink Tide to be turned back. That was all done by management of projects, narratives, people, and property.

Can we now add Marxism to the list of authoritarian Calvinist cults that denounces psychology as heresy even as it works on them? Is there anybody here or on Substack who isn't simply trying to recuperate industrial-commercial middle-class authoritarianism into their own personal brand?

Posted by: Concerned Citizcen | Jul 30 2023 18:33 utc | 38

@Some Random Passerby | Jul 30 2023 18:22 utc | 38

That was US Army Maj. Gen. Anthony Potts

Posted by: Norwegian | Jul 30 2023 18:45 utc | 39

The video of the tank battle was really interesting to watch.

Posted by: Jörgen Hassler | Jul 30 2023 18:45 utc | 40

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 30 2023 15:53 utc | 15

Agree completely with you William Gruff.

Posted by: jpc | Jul 30 2023 18:46 utc | 41

Greenpeace founding member, Dr Patrick Moore - on those pushing the climate agenda:

They will cause devastation the likes of which the earth has never seen.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jul 30 2023 18:50 utc | 42

Martyanov with a new piece on his pet project "Russian model of harmonization of services".

Since Milley apparently admitted - interprets Martyanov - that the US pendant to the Russian model, JCS, has failed.

"Mark Milley, leaving his post (and because of that) suddenly recognizes the fact of which I wrote for years--JCS is not really up for such a complex task as planning and fighting a REAL war."

Martyanov as often eventually does a bit of an exaggeration, for my naive taste, but there are only a few people writing about this kind of stuff outside military faculties, in reach for people like me:

Posted by: AG | Jul 30 2023 18:54 utc | 43

🇷🇺 The Caucasus Nature Reserve is cultivating a unique programme to reintroduce Persian leopards into the wild - and so far it’s a success!
There is a similar project with the German variant in a country nearby. I hear reports it is a success also !

Posted by: Norwegian | Jul 30 2023 18:57 utc | 44

ACARS is for an airplane what WhatsApp is for your mobile phone. As part of the sanctions Russia was cut off, so the Russians made a
domestic analogon.

This is a typical example of Europe and US shooting themselves in the foot. Europe and US had a service they sold to the whole world. Sanctioning Russia is. broadcasting the West cannot be relied upon as a supplier. And Russia developing their own means there's now an alternative product.

Posted by: Passerby | Jul 30 2023 19:06 utc | 45

@gT | Jul 30 2023 18:14 utc | 37

But Hudson keeps bringing up the depth jubilee he claims the jews( I presume) practised in an earlier era.

"The word “Jubilee” comes from the Hebrew word for “trumpet” — yobel. In Mosaic Law, it was blown every 50 years to signal the Year of the Lord, in which personal debts were to be canceled. The alternative, the prophet Isaiah warned, was for smallholders to forfeit their lands to creditors: “Woe to you who add house to house and join field to field till no space is left and you live alone in the land.” When Jesus delivered his first sermon, the Gospel of Luke describes him as unrolling the scroll of Isaiah and announcing that he had come to proclaim the Year of the Lord, the Jubilee Year.

Until recently, historians doubted that a debt jubilee would have been possible in practice, or that such proclamations could have been enforced. But Assyriologists have found that from the beginning of recorded history in the Near East, it was normal for new rulers to proclaim a debt amnesty upon taking the throne. Instead of blowing a trumpet, the ruler “raised the sacred torch” to signal the amnesty."

Posted by: petergrfstrm | Jul 30 2023 19:07 utc | 46

@Some Random Passerby | Jul 30 2023 18:22 utc | 38

‼️🇷🇺💥🇺🇸🏴‍☠️ The United States and NATO continue to legalize losses after strikes with 🇷🇺🚀"Kinzhals" on bunkers in Ukraine. Yesterday there was a helicopter, today there is a plane.

The New York Post casually reports that the plane was a single seater. That is, they did not even have to escort the pilot to another world along with the signalman general.

Tactical communication is a very risky combat job.
Coordination of all battlefield control systems, communication with satellite constellations and servers, integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, management of information flows from the central headquarters to the field headquarters and vice versa, bringing together heterogeneous reports and commands into a coherent control system.

🇺🇸🏴‍☠️ The signalmen generals of the USA literally burn out at work.
🇺🇦🏴‍☠️ Especially during the Nazi counteroffensive.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jul 30 2023 19:10 utc | 47

Twitter or "X" (lmao) link to tank battle has been removed. Thanks Mr. Free Speech Elon!

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 19:22 utc | 48

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 18:03 utc | 34

Thoughtful comment, Scorpion. But I think what causes people to subject themselves to such cults is really the world we live in.

What we think of as ourselves is really just a sliver of the whole, a personal touch, a style, at most. Most what we consider ourselves is created for us. The time your born into, the city you grow up in, demographics, your social class. All of that makes up what most consider their unique original self.

So, youd have to look at those questions first to determine why people feel it necessary to live and think in such bizarre ways. More a social question, than one of individual psychology.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 19:23 utc | 49

Posted by: Concerned Citizcen | Jul 30 2023 18:33 utc | 39

Totally inscrutable comment. Does anyone know what concerned citizen is trying to say? Baffling.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 19:24 utc | 50

re. The deindustrialization of Germany: If Europe’s economic motor stalls, the Continent’s already polarized political landscape will shudder. - Politico

"By halting deliveries of natural gas to Germany, the Kremlin effectively removed the linchpin of the country’s business model, which relied on easy access to cheap energy."

They issue such blantant, bald-faced lies in their reporting because they know the vast majority of their readership don't know or care about truth and facts.

Posted by: upstater | Jul 30 2023 19:28 utc | 51

"....While initially I was most impressed with Hudson's work, over they years it has become apparent that Hudson is part of the tribe. So you will never hear about who exactly started and continues with the financial capitalism which is destroying the West. Must be that invisible hand of Adam Smith. Nor will you hear about who 2000 years ago took out that famous bloke who wanted the debt amnesties continued." gT@37

This is just standard, tedious, idiotic anti-semitism.

"...Can we now add Marxism to the list of authoritarian Calvinist cults that denounces psychology as heresy even as it works on them? .." Concerned Citizen@39

No, We cannot. If we were to do so we would advertise our folly to the world.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 30 2023 19:32 utc | 52

...I think it would also be nice to be able to evaluate the degree to which this is encouraged by a Dark Elite versus being only spontaneous self-destruction from below." Scorpion@34

That would be one of those 'dark elites' that owe their power and influence to something other than control over the economy, I suppose.

Posted by: bevin | Jul 30 2023 19:38 utc | 53

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 17:42 utc | 33
Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 30 2023 18:03 utc | 34

I read the LRB piece.
I have a feeling some people from my misguided youth were I think part of this pogrom program, or at least influenced by them.
I saw the film about Jackson Pollack when it came out. He was mentioned in the article. I detest "action painting" as well as the value of "modern art." It's all crap - IMHO. The only living artists I like are Manuel Ocampo from the Philippines and Sandow Birk, although SB is a woke talent. (his wife is a great ceramicist. They both are very talented.)

During the formative years which I mentioned above, I read Marcuse, much to my detriment. I did really like One Dimensional Man (from - bevin will approve ;)

I was too stupid (and I still am) to understand it all, but it sounded cool. Bad idea. Then a quick fall into MK Ultra Bay Arian test trials.
I fully agree with both of your assessments.
Spot on.

Posted by: lex talionis | Jul 30 2023 19:49 utc | 54

@petergrfstrm | Jul 30 2023 19:07 utc | 47

The Jews never invented nothing, the debt jubilee existed in the Fertile Crescent before the Jews even moved into that region after the Bronze Age collapse. Even the Jewish religion is not their's, they adopted it from the territories they entered. I'll post a link about that shortly. They could not even build anything, others had to build their supposed temples for them. Meanwhile, here is a nice link about how "some theorists believe Modern Hebrew cannot be considered a revived language at all, since it differs so much from Ancient Hebrew", "between the second and nineteenth centuries it was no one’s mother tongue". So for like 1700 years no-one spoke Hebrew.

Posted by: gT | Jul 30 2023 19:51 utc | 55

Posted by: bevin | Jul 30 2023 19:32 utc | 53

Hear, hear! Races are not the issue. That's another big psyop of the RC to keep us divided. Ultimately, it's a class question.

Marx actually has something very very valuable to say, however, about the tribe. Worth reading, especially for those heading down the race thinking road.

I think he was a little hard on Bauer, but he's correct in the end. Would love to see the original essay Bauer wrote. Anyone seen that online?

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 19:56 utc | 56

Posted by: lex talionis | Jul 30 2023 19:49 utc | 55

One dimensional man is definitely Marcuse at his worst. Probably the most influencial of the anti Marxist fake revolutionaries. Definitely a founding father of wokeness.

However, he wrote a nice defense of Hegel in his younger years that is quite good and actually readable. Reason and Revolution. Worth a read.

Just shows he knew exactly what he was doing in slandering the working class, abandoning revolution and subverting the class struggle.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 20:04 utc | 57

Totally inscrutable comment. Does anyone know what concerned citizen is trying to say? Baffling.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 19:24 utc | 51

Sorry, no. I'm not that concerned.

Posted by: Phil R | Jul 30 2023 20:06 utc | 58

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 30 2023 15:53 utc | 15

It's nearly completely impossible that any intelligent alien race has visited the earth (or sent that meteor as a probe*) for a couple of reasons.

1) Unless this race is so advanced that they have mastered some means of bending/opening holes in spacetime, it would take any spaceship tens of thousands to millions of years to even reach us physically.

As well as method of communication, distance poses a huge obstacle. For a new project called Breakthrough Listen, scientists are searching a million of the nearest stars, but they’re also looking at stars that are in the middle of our Milky Way, 25,000 light years away. A message sent from one of these stars would need to travel in the region of 25,000 years before it even reached us. If alien life is out there, it could take thousands of years before we hear a peep from it.

2) Assuming that they *are* that advanced, then it's more likely that they actually *CREATED* life on Earth and last visited us millions of years ago when they planted the seeds (see "2001 A Space Odyssey" or the like). I actually think there's way more truth to this than in any of the world's major religions - including fairytale Christianity.

2a) In support of the above:

An alien civilisation also needs to exist at the same time as humans. It’s possible that extra-terrestrials have made contact with Earth – even visited – but it was way back in the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and so we simply don’t know about it. “If our civilisations don’t overlap,” says Maggie, “then we will never meet the aliens.” Perhaps they came a long time ago, or they’ll come in the future, long after human life has expired.

3) The USA's land mass is far smaller than the combined landmass of China and Russia. If alien craft, having traveled incomprehensible distances (or bending space and time) to get here, piloted by a highly advanced alien species, simply "crashed" (and regularly it would seem) then both Russia and China, and likely Iran and other countries have recovered some of their own.

All of this strains the most basic level of logic. Again, we're talking HIGHLY advanced alien species, given the physics of it all.

I suppose that, considering all of the above, it's possible that a slightly less advanced alien (or human?) civilization exists in our own solar system and have been hiding out all this time, but in the age of cell phone cameras, "Ring" doorbell cams, and widespread use of webcams, there would have to be far more compelling video evidence than the occasional oddity - or - what we've been fed, conveniently enough, by the "defense" department!

William Gruff and james: The Congressional Theater was a psyop. By the "intelligence" and MIC community on the Congresscritters (the ones not in on the act) and the people of the world (specifically Americans, Russians and Chinese). On the one hand, these actors wanted to, ahem, probe the gullibility of the morons "we" have elected to represent us and throw trillion dollar sums at "national security" and "defense." Note that nary a single skeptical voice was raised during the hearings. If I had been there, I'd have asked these spooks and former spooks (a very rare thing, most are spooks for life) the following: "Do you think we're ALL morons here? We all saw "Alien Autopsy" on TV years ago. Show us evidence or GTFO and stop wasting our time and money. You don't need a SCIF, we want pictures at least." But nobody did.

IOW, the whole thing is a dog and pony show designed to continue priming the American public for ever larger debt-financed budgets to the "Space Force" and "Defense" Department. As soon as the words "In your opinion is it a risk to NATIONAL SECURITY?" were uttered, I knew the whole thing was 100% Grade A Bullshit. No fucking alien crafts or "biologics" are in the hands of "our betters."

Nobody has any alien craft.

*If it was from an alien race, it wasn't a probe, but more likely a "Hello, Universe" type thing.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:19 utc | 59

The culture article linked ("A cult-like community on New York’s Upper West Side") is positively horrifying. I emerged a few minutes later thinking I read through a Stephen King novel, but worse. We can definitely see the bases for the so-called "woke" ideology in the Sullivanian teachings, where anything related to family or autonomy is deemed a crime, and you may only have an identity as part of a group.

As an occasional "social engineer" by profession, I found the group dynamics fascinating. It seems all you need to roll your own sect is to promise lots of sex to men and a "better" family to women.

Posted by: Lemming | Jul 30 2023 20:21 utc | 60

Norwegian | Jul 30 2023 19:10 utc

Much appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by: Some Random Passerby | Jul 30 2023 20:23 utc | 61

Oh, BTW another thought on the UFO thing. Remember back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s all the stories of "alien abductions" and hillbillies being "probed" by little green men or tall skinny beings with uniformly giant eyeballs?

Been a while since that's been a news item hasn't it? Wonder why the aliens lost interest in probing the rectums of rednecks (no offense intended, as it includes my own family members) with bright white lights and all of that as soon as human kind started using cell phone cams, IP based CCTV, "Ring" and other video surveillance technology on a widespread basis. Hmmm....what a coincidence.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:26 utc | 62

@ Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:19 utc | 60

there was a poster who shared a link on elon musk from 2015 on the ukee thread earlier today.. it got removed by b, because although starlink is an important aspect of the war in ukraine, b seemed to feel it was ot and got rid of 5- or more posts... at any rate - the idea of multi level psyop is this authors angle on just about everything.. if you've never heard of this guy miles mathis, then this will get you started.. the essay on elon musk is on their somewhere from 2015...

here is the article on elon musk..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 20:39 utc | 63

And yet another point of thought on the ET aliens and their ships being reverse-engineered by American spooks and warmongers:

So let's say these "tictacs" and other super maneuverable impossible-to-intercept craft have been visiting us, from a very far away place thus necessitating the types of advanced physics I referred to earlier, and therefore indicative of a VERY highly advanced civilization. And let's further accept that they constitute a "threat to nAShUnall SuCKUrity" as we were told by our ever so believable (former and current) spooks in front of Congress. (I still can't believe that Matt Taibbi is so fucking gullible that he thinks that one dude is credible and/or sane, BTW)

Let's accept all of the above at face value. So the plan, then, given the "threat" posed, is to somehow devise a way to start shooting these things down, i.e., making war on them? Does this sound like a good plan to anyone here? Is that a war we could possibly win given the super-duper-advanced capabilities that this "threatening" alien race possesses? Like can we start to hear concrete proposals for exactly WHAT their capabilities even ARE before we start throwing trillions of dollars at "defending" ourselves from what appears to any rational mind to be a peaceful alien race simply observing (and in some cases pranking) our brave defenders of freedom at Area 51 and off the shore of our "democracy spreading" Naval bases in California?

Nope. The whole thing - AGAIN - is Grade A Bullshit and just another dog-and-pony kabuki theater act designed to "probe" the "intelligence" of congress and the American people. "Hey, Ike - Let's see what these suckers in Congress and watching TV will buy. I bet we can convince them that we've got an ET hidden away deep in the Nevada desert!" "Ok, Jim, you're on. And I'll bet YOU that they don't even demand proof before they start throwing money at us!"

TL/DR: For any alien species to have been visiting us, they would be so militarily advanced that any hostile action we take against them could result in the end of humanity. Period.


Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:40 utc | 64

Thanks Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 20:39 utc | 64

I always thought Mathis was a total kook, but when he says something like this I listen:

Musk has claimed he is a big fan of Margaret Thatcher. What? Only fascists and plants are fans of Margaret Thatcher. No real person of any intelligence and scruple is a fan of Margaret Thatcher. Musk is sold as a progressive, but no progressive would claim to be a fan of Thatcher. It doesn't fit his profile at all, and we can only imagine it was worked into his bio as either a clue for people like me or as part of some late promotion of Thatcher and fascism in general. Actually, I assume it is mainly another plug for privatization. Musk's entire bio is a long plug for privatization. Along with deregulation, privatization is one of the two main planks of neo-fascism.

Notably that PDF is from 2015 and Musk has since put to bed any notion that he's a "progressive" but it looks like MM was completely right.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:44 utc | 65

juliania | Jul 30 2023 16:03 utc | 19

Very good commentary on Australian matters can be found at Pearls and Irritations.

You may find it of interest.



Posted by: auximenes | Jul 30 2023 20:48 utc | 66

@ Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:40 utc | 65

maybe part of the idea of another alien species being advanced, is they don't feel threatened either? it's just a thought.. maybe they understand the nature of life better then us on planet earth and they are not into screwing over their fellow travelers in space ship galazy here? i am just speculating.. i think it is entirely possible and even highly probable other planets in other solar systems are inhabited by some form of human life.. and i think it is possible for there to be somewhere in the universe where a planet of people have worked out their problems, unlike what we see going on here on planet earth..

but i am idealistic and i like thinking of all the possibilities.. i can't know and i say this about most everything, which might explain why i am receptive to speculation that seems ridiculous to others..

if we were really advanced on planet earth, we would be working towards a better world for all, as opposed to a better world for the oligarchs, which is what we see going on today.. so yeah - my thinking of all the fluff about ufos is a big money grab from the usual suspects to justify the ongoing insanity... nothing else really explains any of that as well for me... another big money grab, as if people aren't already tired of seeing all that.. and yes - your question to the commission - ''do you think we are morons?' is exactly right..

have to leave for a gig out of town shortly, so won't be back til much later..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 20:53 utc | 67

@ Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:44 utc | 66

thanks.. i had never heard of him before, but in hindsight he seems to have captured the bullshit around musk fairly well! it is like he is a made up fictional character which goes right back to a cia type psyop..

Posted by: james | Jul 30 2023 20:56 utc | 68

Hmm, assumptions, assumptions, assumptions.

To me "climate science" seems to consist of people getting paid to use the findings of Lorenz to ignore the very same findings of Lorenz and then hide it behind as much data as possible to not make it absolutely obvious :P (and giving him a Kyoto prize to feel good about it, and now he's dead so it's a free for all —humans are nasty).

We were talking about aliens right? Or is anyone claiming the "believers" aren't aliens? They seem very alien to me :3

Remember that flamethrowers aren't green!

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 30 2023 21:34 utc | 69

It took awhile to assemble, but my Sunday Sermon is now ready to be read, "Organizing the Team". It's filled with the many Hudson and Escobar items produced over the last 8 days that are sure to keep people busy even longer.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2023 22:20 utc | 70

jpc | Jul 30 2023 14:16 utc | 1--

My wife discovered then showed me a half-dozen videos about the idiocy of the Oligarchy's Alien bit, some of which are extremely hilarious given their level of ridicule. In fact, the number of agitators she's been showing me over that past several days is heartening.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2023 22:25 utc | 71

UFOS - quotations/excerpts from various books & articles


1) Excerpts from "Flying Saucers Have Landed", George Adamski & Desmond Leslie, (1957)
2) Edgar Mitchell: Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years, (2008)
3) Quotations from: Paul Hellyer, Minister of Defense, Canada, 1963-1968
4) Excerpts from Lecture in Tokyo by Benjamin Creme: A new civilization dawns. The emergence of the World Teacher and the role of UFOs (2010)
5) Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, Off-air comments after an interview on Russian TV, (7 December 2012)
6) Excerpt from "Before Disclosure: Dispelling the Fog of Speculation" by Gerard Aartsen (2016)
7) BBC News Churchill ordered UFO cover-up, National Archives show (5 August 2010)
8) Lukas Pokorny in Handbook of UFO Religions, Volume: 20 (22 Feb 2021)


1) Excerpts from "Flying Saucers Have Landed", George Adamski & Desmond Leslie, (1957)
Today, the American Government has dropped its original attitude of disbelief and admitted that it has over eighteen hundred authentic cases on its files. The British Air Ministry is more cautious, but grudgingly admits that it also has a secret department to deal with or to discourage questions...

The American Government, however... hints that it is not in the public interest for it to publish all it knows...

Ever since the cliché ‘Flying Saucer’ was coined, the greatest and most exciting mystery of our age has been automatically reduced to the level of a music hall joke. The comics of Vaudeville and the comedians of State and Science banded together, most successfully, to encourage humanity... to laugh at what it does not understand... From then on, anyone who said ‘I have seen a flying saucer’ or, worse, ‘I believe in flying saucers’ was considered... a crank.

Despite evidence to the contrary (and there is enough of it to fill many volumes), there is still a widespread notion...that flying saucers are some kind of American joke... that the mystery has already been cleared up...

We can thank those semi-scientists and self-appointed ‘experts’ who have simply failed to study the facts. Too many glib pontifications have been issued to the faithful by those who should know better... to say... that they cover all the cases on record is a flagrant untruth for which a Higher Justice may, or may not forgive them.... Although I quote less than two hundred incidents, these have been selected from nearly two thousand cuttings, reports, articles, manuscripts and ancient documents supplied to me by kind helpers from many countries...

A red glow in the clouds over Godman Field, Kentucky—a disk the size of the Pentagon, lurking, silently, above a fighter base—a construction dwarfing the Queen Mary [British ocean liner...1,019.4 ft (310.7 m)] supported by dull orange flames that lit up the cloud base and caused Captain Mantell, of the U.S.A.A.F., to be dispatched in his tiny pursuit plane to investigate.

When Mantell found it, his voice came over the radio, full of excitement. It was immense, he said, a colossal metallic thing, 500-1,000 feet in diameter, and cruising at 250 m.p.h. He was going to try to overtake it... the giant began climbing at 400 m.p.h. It accelerated faster than any jet, and Mantell went streaking up in pursuit...

Ex Cathedra spoke Authority. First, Mantell had been ‘chasing the planet Venus’. Will some kind illusionist kindly explain how the planet Venus could appear as a disk 500 feet across, going at 200 m.p.h.; afterwards climbing rapidly and emitting orange flames? Later, we read of a new official explanation, that Mantell had hit a ‘Skyhook’ meteorological balloon and crashed.... Well, say he had? Would it tear his plane to pieces?

I am quite willing, for anyone who will pay my expenses, to pilot a fighter plane through a Skyhook balloon any time of the day or night and observe the results, without very much fear of hurting myself. But when has a Skyhook ever cruised along at 250 m.p.h., or risen sharply at 400 m.p.h., with orange flames, etc., etc., into the bargain? But officially Mantell had chased the planet Venus, metamorphosed later into a Skyhook balloon, and thus, alas, met his death...

... As I approached him... He made me understand that their coming was friendly. Also, as he gestured, that they were concerned with the radiation going out from earth. I asked if this concern was due to the explosions of our bombs with their resultant vast radio-active clouds? He understood this readily and nodded his head in the affirmative.

/end of quotes from book listed above/


2) Edgar Mitchell: Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years, Daily Mail UK, (23 July 2008)

"I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real, although it’s been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.

I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes - we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it's been happening quite a bit.



3) Quotations from: Paul Hellyer, Minister of Defense, Canada, 1963-1968

Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after… The veil of secrecy must be lifted and it has to be lifted now, before it is too late.
- Speech at the National Press Club, Washington DC, April 2008

They are very much afraid we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again and that would be very bad for us and them as well... We are polluting our waters and our air, and we are playing around with these exotic weapons… and they [space brothers] don't like that. They'd like to work with us to teach us better ways, but only, I think, with our consent.
-from an article: Paul Hellyer, Canada's Ex-Defense Minister Says Aliens Would Give Earth Tech If We Were Less Warlike, Popular Science, Douglas Main, (6 January 2014)


Q: How do you answer UFO skeptics?

A/Hellyer: I get them to read my books and others; because there’s so much literature on the subject, that it is just amazing. And the skeptics, by large, have never done any reading on it. And it’s just like, take any other subject, physics or something that you are not familiar with, you can be skeptical of some of the rules and things people say if you haven’t taken time out to learn about it.... You have to read the books and get the evidence, and then you can check it out for yourself.

There’s all kinds of proof, but only if you know where to look and taken the trouble to go and look... The United States government is the principle villain. Why is a good question, you should ask them, because basically, at a hearing we held a couple of years ago in Washington, the consensus of the witnesses at the hearing, of whom I was one, was that it was power and greed. They cover it up under the cloak of national security, but we all, I think the consensus of all of us who gave evidence there was that it had nothing to do with national security, it was a cover story to keep people from demanding answers, and that the real reasons were power and greed.

Quoted in: The truth is out there? UFO conference claims government conspiracy, Nikki Jamieson, Calgary Herald, April 15, 2015


4) Excerpts from Lecture in Tokyo by Benjamin Creme: A new civilization dawns. The emergence of the World Teacher and the role of UFOs (8 May 2010)

"The governments of the world who are responsible for the covering up for over 60 years of the truth about UFOs, flying saucers... kept from the public the vital information that this planet is a conscious part of a solar system which acts together, which has a parliament for all the planets... The beings coming in the... UFOs are 100% friendly, 100% on a powerful deep spiritual mission to help humanity A) to avoid self destruction thru nuclear war and B) to aid & guide in every way possible those who can respond to them and who are not afraid of them.. and are aware that they are friendly 55:17, that they have never harmed a soul on planet earth...

And yet have constructed against them mainly by the American government and its agencies, not necessarily by the American government, but by the agencies of the American administration a series of lies, of innuendos, of blinds which have made even the strongest awareness of and contact with UFOs such a nonsense to the majority that most people are too afraid or too embarrassed, too shy to do anything about it. And yet it is one of the great happenings in our life today that we are being helped in a great spiritual mission... (56:37)

Source: Full video (84 mins & 36 seconds)


5) Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, Off-air comments after an interview on Russian TV, (7 December 2012)

Along with the briefcase with the nuclear codes, the President of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder which is entirely devoted to the extra-terrestrials who visited our planet. The report is provided by the special secret service which deals with the extra-terrestrials in our country.


6) Excerpt from "Before Disclosure: Dispelling the Fog of Speculation" by Gerard Aartsen (2016)

As a result of widespread disinformation, present-day UFO researchers and enthusiasts are not just faced with derision among the general public and the mainstream media, but with rampant speculation about the extraterrestrial presence from within their own ranks as well.

The essays in this volume are intended to help the reader distinguish between corroborated facts and speculation, and will hopefully remove the need of many today to find an 'alien' scapegoat - or saviour, as the case may be - for the dire situation that we ourselves, as a planetary species, have created and need to resolve...(Intro)

...None of the contactees, whose accounts were not contaminated by the disinformation campaign, had anything but positive experiences to share.
The message they were asked to convey... was one of empowerment for the human race: We must avoid further armed conflict if we are to prevent self-annihilation, and it is feasible to create a peaceful future through international cooperation and making sure everyone’s basic needs are met...
However, being engaged in a nuclear and conventional arms race..., the Western industrial-military complex, which includes the fossil and nuclear fuel industry, felt this message was not in their interest. So much so, that governments and their military... decided in the mid-1950s that, despite the cover-up of the army’s salvaging of one or more crashed flying saucers, the contactees’ message of international co-operation for peace and brotherhood was being too well received.

An indication of this popularity can be found in the fact that, within three years of its publication Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953), the book which included George Adamski’s initial contact experience, was reprinted twelve times in the US alone and published in seven (!) other languages.
Because attempts to silence these harbingers of a different, saner way of life with offers of money or intimidation did not bring the desired effects, it was decided to discredit their experiences and defame their character. At the same time, film makers were enlisted to seed confusion in the public mind...secretive government agencies were set up order to engender fear...

Full text free:


7) BBC News Churchill ordered UFO cover-up, National Archives show (5 August 2010)

The (British) government took the threat of UFOs so seriously in the 1950s that UK intelligence chiefs met to discuss the issue, newly-released files show... Ministers even went on to commission weekly reports on UFO sightings from a committee of intelligence experts...

the papers also include a wartime account claiming prime minister Winston Churchill ordered a UFO sighting be kept secret to prevent "mass panic"...

the latest batch of UFO files released from the Ministry of Defense to the National Archives shows that, in 1957, the committee received reports detailing an average of one UFO sighting a week...

The files also include an account of a wartime meeting attended by Winston Churchill in which, it is claimed, the prime minister was so concerned about a reported encounter between a UFO and RAF bombers, that he ordered it be kept secret for at least 50 years to prevent "mass panic". Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFO sightings for the MoD, said: "The interesting thing is that most of the UFO files from that period have been destroyed... But what happened is that a scientist whose grandfather was one of his [Churchill's] bodyguards, said look, Churchill and Eisenhower got together to cover up this phenomenal UFO sighting, that was witnessed by an RAF crew on their way back from a bombing raid...
The reason apparently was because Churchill believed it would cause mass panic and it would shatter people's religious views.


8 ) Lukas Pokorny in Handbook of UFO Religions, Volume: 20 (22 Feb 2021)

The origin of Earth-dwelling or -visiting space folk is exclusively limited to our solar system, with the majority being Martians and Venusians. Mars and Venus are the two planets within the solar system most influential for Earth. Mars, like almost every other celestial body in the universe is populated, yet, ordinarily their inhabitants cannot be perceived for they are of etheric matter (in the case of Mars this shift from the dense-physical state occurred some three million years ago).

Creme states that Mars is bustling with nine billion people; typical Martians would look like smaller-sized humans. Overall, Mars is spiritually on a par with Earth but technologically tremendously superior because they did not make the many “mistakes” humankind did...

Creme divides Martians into three categories of spiritual evolution: those who are like gods to us; those of lesser but still remarkable spiritual progress; and those of very low spiritual quality.

Moreover, contrary to humans, Martians are mostly holding fast to the Plan; however, unlike Earth, Mars has hitherto not witnessed the creation of a Christ. Like Earth, Mars is not considered a “sacred planet.” Both are in their fourth round (of a total of seven) in terms of planetary evolution, which renders them lagging behind the other ten [sic] planets of the solar system. (p. 301)



Posted by: Toby C | Jul 30 2023 22:51 utc | 72

How Propaganda Hides the True Face of War | Documentary by John Pilger
15 mins 23 seconds (12 July 2023)

"...a powerful and timely investigation into the media's role in the war. The War You Don't See traces the history of 'embedded' and independent reporting from the carnage of World War I to the destruction of Hiroshima, and from the invasion of Vietnam to the war in Afghanistan. As weapons and propaganda are ever more sophisticated, the very nature of war has developed into an 'electronic battlefield'. But who is the real enemy today?

Posted by: Toby C | Jul 30 2023 22:55 utc | 73

@ karlof1 | Jul 30 2023 22:20 utc | 71 with the link to his Sunday Sermon Substak piece...thanks

I had not yet caught the new Pepe piece "First we go for Moscow, then we go for Beijing" which is quite good....the last of it

So the Straussian neocon psychos want to expand their unwinnable Forever War to rabid hyena Poland and the Baltic chihuahuas? As in first we go to Moscow, then we take Beijing? Be our guest. But first be sure to place a call to Global South powerhouse DPRK. Steel Kitten Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, will be delighted.

Yes, Japan can rearm but this is now, not a couple years from now.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 30 2023 23:02 utc | 74

Having read a little further into Miles Mathis Elon Musk article I remembered why I thought he was a space cadet. The dude is truly nuts (but correct about a lot on Elon's background) - thinks pi = 4 and that he's disproven various common physics equations. Also he thinks that simple derivatives like one does in calculus class are all wrong and that everything based on them is flawed. LOL, if he were right, airplanes would be falling from the skies. Oh, but he's NOT a flat-earther! Good for him on that, anyway.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 23:04 utc | 75

Here's the tank battle on youtube. With subs.

Posted by: blueswede | Jul 30 2023 23:14 utc | 76

For any alien species to have been visiting us, they would be so militarily advanced that any hostile action we take against them could result in the end of humanity. Period.


Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 30 2023 20:40 utc | 65

How come? Even taking enough bombs into orbit from an alien planet and then across to earth to win just Bakhmut alone would take tens of thousands of rocket launches. Unless they have pfizer or bill gates, how would they carry the amount of stuff needed to end humanity?

Stop watching movies and use your brain.

Say we could just barely launch a spaceship with a frozen crew to a different solar system, where they'd wake up and take a trip down to an inhabited planet on a little landing vehicle. Does that mean we'd be "so militarily advanced"? No. Does it mean we sent the thing with enough crew and weapons to fight a battle? No. What's stopping the inhabitants from taking a few crossbows or medieval cannons and shooting the thing into pieces when it's landed? Or bashing it with rocks.

Some people imagine things like Dyson spheres or death stars and then start thinking that they're real. They're not. The limits of physical structures come at very mundane scales, far smaller than an orbital battle force. There's a reason shopping malls have seams: things of that size get broken just from heat expansion and random tremors, if they're solid. Battle ships are broken in half by getting lifted by an air bubble.

I'm not saying space war is impossible, just pointing out that aliens wouldn't likely have any construction technology even 50% stronger than ours, so their creations would have essentially the same limits. It's unlikely that there's such a thing as a space rocket even three times as big as ours (because it will just bend or collapse under its weight and forces), or a space station or spaceship that can handle anything more than the most gentle impulse forces. It's likely that there's nothing that can carry enough fuel to do more than ten fast turns in space, if that (our probes certainly can't turn around and return). There are no battle lasers that can destroy anything at distance except cameras; the beam disperses too much and it's difficult to provide the electric power.

Any alien in any future has the same constraints. They won't have better conductors than copper or gold. They won't have batteries or fuel with more than 2x (or much less) the energy density we have now. They won't have any metal more than 10-50% stronger than our best alloy. Ever. Those constraints are for eternity, because the atoms themselves aren't glued to each other any more tightly.

I find this very nice. It's one more sign that we already live in abundance. Further exploration and science is always possible, but there's no technology in the future that we're particularly missing, or suffering from the lack of, in this moment.

But some people see a movie where a shopping mall sized thing is already in space, and then big lamps light up at the end, and it flies around like a toy plane. Nonsense. Physically impossible, and there will never be a time in this universe (which is the only universe) when it would become possible.

Or could the aliens send just a few small packages of drones full of mercury, lead, cyanide, dimethyl cadmium, botulinum toxin A or some such, that would fly around and hunt down every human? No, because there's no such battery or navigation system. Try getting all the ones in a bunker or even randomly camping in the forest somewhere. And more importantly, no, aliens wouldn't do that because they're not american weedsmokers.

Posted by: Mike | Jul 30 2023 23:15 utc | 77

"He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence."

Regarding the Cult in New York. The sickness of class societies in multi faceted but the underlying story in this society is one of the enormous lengths to which men and women will go to satisfy their sexual appetites in a society in which, for the most part, sex is regarded as, generally, illicit.

Capitalism has been seen as a sado-masochistic culture and, in many ways it is. But a more accurate description of it is that it is all about masturbation- sex performed by the exploiter for the voyeur and the powerless full of longing. Never to be requited.

In the LRB story, calculated to increase circulation, everything is about sex.

"What is it men in women do require?
The lineaments of gratified Desire.
What is it women do in men require?
The lineaments of gratified Desire."

"You are not promiscuous enough" James Agee's daughter is told. And it was like a light bulb being turned on in her head
In fact promiscuity, which is to say setting out to realise sexual ambitions, is thoroughly disapproved of. And not least by psychologists who are, or ought to be, aware that nothing is more natural for a nubile female or an intact male, than to seek to fuck. Which just about encapsulates the matter.

The problem with sexuality is that while the instinct to reproduce is as strong as those to eat or drink, those who are starved of their desires to do not die- they hang around to employ their displaced energies in business, government or some other forum in which large numbers of victims can be 'royally' fucked'.

Such people are everywhere- tittering prudishly over the exploits of the late Mr Epstein and his guests. Exploding in the rage of the impotent over the idea that, in a society in which wage slaves and oligarchs are everywhere, sixteen year old masseurs make money from the lusts of old men instead of working at McDonalds and giving their supervisors blowjobs like poor girls are meant to.

New York in the time of 'Dr' Newton, the therapist, was a foetid, pululating sewer of dishonesty in every form- and Jackson Pollock painted it. Everything about it was either a lie, like its politics and its Academy, its media and its art or an impoverished, alienated, exhausted and, as Hudson stresses, depressed mass of consumers struggling to make a living and condemned, among other things, to sexual frustration.
Has it changed? Not much, although the disease has probably infected Harlem, once redlined out of the whitebread world of the Land of the Free, too.
The original sin of America, of the Puritans and of their contemporaries, was hypocrisy. Not just the hypocrisy of pretending that thy neighbour's daughter is not an exceedingly desirable nember of the human race, but the companion deceit that the land being plundered is taken on trust for the Glory of God and the salvation of the savage. Amen.

And now, as we venture into a new era in which girls can become boys, so long as they don't take their clothes off. And boys can get castrated but not laid. And Harvey Weinstein is jailed for life while Jeff Bezos abuses millions of men and women, old and young, nubile and dessicated, all over the world. Let us talk about the dangers of sex, of young women fucking and Princes who- surprisingly, for in history, or Fairy Tales, Princes and Princesses pay for their exalted positions by being virtuousm thoughtful and considerate-succumb to their inexplicable appetites.

Only we will call it pedophilia, even though it is nothing of the sort, and agonise over the illicit sex that Bill Clinton or Henry Kissinger have enjoyed, while forgiving them for the entirely understandable genocidal episodes of which they were the authors. And in which thousands of women and men, young and old, attractive and otherwise, were (considerably) more than bruised or left with hurt feelings or guilty consciences or stained underwear.

"Listen to the fools reproach! it is a kingly title! "

Posted by: bevin | Jul 30 2023 23:31 utc | 78

Posted by: Mike | Jul 30 2023 23:15 utc | 78

Thought about that last one a little, and I guess a navigation system capable of finding every human is possible, and a battery can always be charged with a solar panel. Humans could probably still fight back just fine with hazard suits and guns, plus it's worth remembering that sending reinforcements from a different solar system will take centuries. Still worth hoping aliens don't have the same nazi bloodlust as american weedsmokers.

Posted by: Mike | Jul 30 2023 23:34 utc | 79

Why would aliens be even remotely interested in our humanity?

They would possibly walk past us to study the interesting and disparate flora and fauna of this planet, but to communicate with humans? They would have to be messed up themselves to want to want to mingle with us.

Think about this: an alien species of that intelligence of interstellar travel would have long ago solved the problem of humanness...meaning they would have had to overcome the ego and question of selfhood that humanity can not seem to rid itself.

The likelihood of this happening is next to nothing. The problems of philosophy here on earth and the same problems for an interstellar species in their own Dasein. Furthermore, a species that is authentic in its Dasein would not see the need for interstellar travel at all.

Really, the fantasy of alien technologies is incredibly sophomoric and depressing when you think of it.

Even if the theory that aliens seeded this planet eons ago with life were true, the question of Being itself would still be there to puzzle those they would not actually be our Gods.

We would ask them, "Well, who created you?" And they would just shrug their shoulders.

In his book "Lost in the Cosmos," Walker Percy muses about an interstellar mission where a carefully chosen crew makes contact with another intelligent planet. This is not before the two female astronauts become lesbians onboard after two of the three males kill each other in combat for the right to captain the ship.

The alien planet refuses the human ships request to land. Unbeknownst to the human crew, during cryo-sleep, earth went up in smoke in a level 9 nuclear catastrophe (most-likely war) and the alien planet does not know how to break it to the remaining small human crew.

Overheard on the radio on the alien planet after the captain's request to land:

"My God, we need these people like [word not understood]. Get them out of here."

Alien planet: "I am sorry, we can not grant your landing. Please proceed to PC7 (next planet with life), which is also a c3 civilization. They, too, are a curious, inquisitive, murderous civilization. They are sentimental, easily moved to tears, and kill each other with equal ease. Uncognitive of their predicament and pre-help. Paranoid mind-set. Two superpowers, ideological combat but not yet a nuclear exchange. They like wars, too, pretend not to, but get in trouble during overly prolonged peace. Right now, they are bored to death and spoiling for a fight. They are divided into two hostile powers. You would be welcomed by either as a sensational diversion-for a while. There would be parades. You might talk one or both parties into permitting your entry, but each will suspect you are a spy for the other. Good luck. You have one hour to vacate orbit. Over and out."

Yeah, I think Walker Percy is right. What the hell would aliens be interested in us for?

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 30 2023 23:39 utc | 80

psychohistorian | Jul 30 2023 23:02 utc | 75--

Thanks for your reply. I also omitted his long discussion with Danny Haiphong. Miffed at not proofreading.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2023 23:47 utc | 81

Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 19:24 utc | 51

I'm only saying that psychology is prior to all purposeful human action, because it turns out to be very easy to inject false information into a person's mind and have them disbelieve their lying eyes without them even knowing it, and that is done by all social norms, even the ones you like. The Situationists were investigating the effects of second nature on the mind, no mere "pomo". Bernays and Lippmann and Coase are to blame for the state of total undifferentiated idealistic possibility, not "pomo". The liberals had more than enough theories of self-delusion and social property creation to keep their larders stocked until the sun's batteries run down.

Ceteris paribus, Rome must be destroyed in memory and heritage.

Posted by: Concerned Citizcen | Jul 30 2023 23:59 utc | 82

@ 79 bevin

What you need to do is find a country where you can satisfy your desires the way that country dictates is normal.

In western countries, Catholicism rightfully established that sex can be made to enjoy through the sacred channel of marriage. This joy, however overrated it is today and for which the Talmudists will try to impress upon us through psychoanalysis that sex is all, is still understood in the tradition of marriage today, albeit increasingly eroded by subversives such as yourself.

The point of the human is not to succumb to our passions but to overcome them through revelatory channels. These channels are the way that tradition is passed down and for which grants much happiness to those that understand it.

The joy of coitus is not an end-all, but rather a life-affirming gift that allows a man and wife to feel belonging in the other and to feel the joy of God radiating down upon them.

Your sex for no other reason than self-gratification and empowerment has been incredibly harmful for society. You will not rethink your position but I will not shirk from pointing this out.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 31 2023 0:08 utc | 83

NemesisCalling asked: What the hell would aliens be interested in us for?

For the same reason an older/wiser, good hearted, well rounded sibling would want to help a younger, uneducated sibling avoid needless disaster.

Posted by: Toby C | Jul 31 2023 0:13 utc | 84

@ toby c

Look at the wealth of philosophy and lessons of history at our disposal. My friend, if there was a lesson to be learned here it is that we don't learn our lesson.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 31 2023 0:24 utc | 85

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 30 2023 19:23 utc | 50

So, youd have to look at those questions first to determine why people feel it necessary to live and think in such bizarre ways. More a social question, than one of individual psychology.


Your comment thoughtful too. But that last paragraph I think is telling. Perhaps cults form because their members are drawn to both co-creating as well as dwelling within that sort of (collectively narcissistic) dynamic - for it is a social not an individual creation alone as you say.

But both an individual and a group are social entities for indeed as is well said 'no man is an island.'

Maybe most members are people whose psychological makeup in self-to-other relations is imbalanced somehow, maybe one's sense of individuated self being overly dependent upon others or a sense of belonging to something greater providing leadership or direction or some such.

It's an important topic because what we see playing out in very concentrated, relatively small cults also manifests in far broader contexts, such as what hundreds of millions experienced during the pandemic, or nations during wars or other crises, real or induced.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 31 2023 0:25 utc | 86

Posted by: Mike | Jul 30 2023 23:15 utc | 78

Almost made it through your insulting word salad, but not quite. OK, so who cares (I agree with NemesisCalling @81, btw) if they have military capabilities. The core point of fact is that the probability that 1) an advanced alien race exists, 2) has the ability to travel here from hundreds to millions of light-years away, 3) the desire to do so (assuming that they didn't create us in the first place), 4) exists in a time period at the same point as us (again assuming they aren't able to bend space-time), and 5) that we have actually recovered 'crashed' alien vehicles and "biologics" (dead or otherwise) is so infinitesimally small as to render the entire topic something only worthy of serious conversation by "American weed smokers" raised on a diet of CIA-influenced Hollywood bullshit.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 30 2023 23:39 utc | 81

Agreed. Having already laid out that it's highly unlikely such aliens have traveled to earth in the first place, I fall back on your argument. Why the f*ck would they care about us anyway? It's sophomoric, indeed.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 31 2023 0:29 utc | 87

Posted by: bevin | Jul 30 2023 19:38 utc | 54

That would be one of those 'dark elites' that owe their power and influence to something other than control over the economy, I suppose.


That seems to be one of the main branches in the Dark Arts, perhaps the most fundamental one. Not being an insider though. If that agent was speaking truth, there are millions of minors abducted and forced into slavery and being chopped up for body parts and it mainly goes unpunished suggesting some level of coordination. That sounds like another Dark Art to me, but what do I know?

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 31 2023 0:31 utc | 88

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 30 2023 22:20 utc | 71

Thank you, karlof1 - lots to read there! And since it is Sunday and you have given us a sermon to consider (I promise I will) I will give one also -- mine is short and sweet:

" exist as a person is not at all the same thing as to exist as an individual... [Father Stephen Freeman,in "Truth and Existence".]

Happy Sunday to all!

Posted by: juliania | Jul 31 2023 0:33 utc | 89

Posted by: Mike | Jul 30 2023 23:15 utc | 78

P.S. I agree with you on the universal physical limitations you're talking about. In fact that's another reason that the whole thing is bullshit. Regardless, you seem to be lacking imagination - and here I'm being fantastical admittedly - if such a civilization had mastered space-time, had the ability to harness and use "dark matter" (assuming it exists), or other advanced abilities and knowledge of physics (or other physics we haven't 'discovered' yet) - then it's conceivable that they'd have the ability to 'militarily' destroy us. That doesn't need to involve bombs or lasers - as you also laid out - there are a million different possibilities if you're not stuck in Hollywood mode.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 31 2023 0:34 utc | 90

The question in not about life in our galaxy, a likely probability considering the number of solar systems, but, has intelligent life visited Earth using machines/ufo? My nickles worth, the UFO story is cover for US military tech and propaganda. The best witness to CIA/DarkTech/UFO's are the US military pilots & radar operators who unwittingly play their roll as amazed witnesses to something special, they've all repeated the mantra, suggesting they witnessed an object that was 'not from this world'. I remember Elwood Blues once say, "you can't out run a Motorola", and physics suggests it's seriously hard to break the speed of light barrier. I have zero expectation of us/human/apes of ever having the capacity to design and successfully build a device that can time travel or act as a propulsion system for faster than light travel. I live in the physical universe, happily grounded on Earth. Looking into Earth's neighbourhood to comprehended distances in light years, then consider all the near solar systems and none have RF signals of any type that suggests a habitat with similar life, with similar technology as to us wee curious Earth apes. The UFO story is just another grand USA CIA/DoD lie to hide all the little lies, the flying black ops business is a continuation of the long told alien crash stories, it's become an industry. Have fun with it!

Posted by: Bill Miner | Jul 31 2023 0:41 utc | 91

Your sex for no other reason than self-gratification and empowerment has been incredibly harmful for society. You will not rethink your position but I will not shirk from pointing this out.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 31 2023 0:08 utc | 83

And what of the seemingly never ending rash of priests stretching back probably since the beginnings of 'modern' Catholocism who seem to have a need to self-gratify with little boys (and girls, I assume)?

Taking a vow of chastity, it would seem, is very hard and has some very undesirable consequences, which apparently tend to form a pattern. A predictable pattern, even. And yet the Catholic Church - as do many puritanical religions - has a big problem with what two consenting (heterosexual!) adults do in their own private bedrooms.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 31 2023 0:41 utc | 92

Posted by: Bill Miner | Jul 31 2023 0:41 utc | 91

100% agree. In my penultimate comment I was only trying to use my imagination - let's say that they've managed to come up with a way to travel that doesn't require the ability to actually move a physical being at or beyond light speed. Wormholes, folding of space-time, or the like? This type of travel could easily enable them to theoretically move an "army" or a "death star"* to our solar system. I would still argue that any such advanced civilization could probably kick our asses if the had any desire to come visit us and we fucked with them, but again - all of this is just another psyop and "justification" and priming the public for more money to the MIC, ya know - gotta protect "national security."

*-Speaking of "death stars", what IS the size limitation for structures built in a vacuum (space)?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 31 2023 0:46 utc | 93

@92 Tom

Sure, Tom. I will bite.

My wife is a cradle Catholic and she has summed it up to my over-analyzing mind simply by saying: "Sure, there are bad Priests, but why throw the baby out with the bathwater?"

For the record, most powerful, centralized authorities have a penchant for disgusting acts against children . Orthodox Jews in upstate NY I think or have read have an ever greater incidence of predatory behavior against their flock's children.

Predators get into religious organizations because religious organizations are welcoming and give the benefit of the doubt.

Am I going to trust a Priest with 1-on-1 visits with my nine year old? No, because that goes against commonsense.

Being religious does not necessarily equate to naivete. Although one does need to temper their suspicious mind at times lest you lose all trust in humanity period.

Case-in-point: I was in a situation where I was alone with a teenage altar server in the Sacristy and it happened accidentally. I thought I would humor the boy until his mother came to get him by having him help me with a task. His mother came in suddenly and was aghast that i was alone with her boy. I blushed and felt the judgemental look of many Catholics who suspect predatory and homosexual tendencies.

The situation really soured my perception of assisting my Church and I got a taste of just how judgemental the flock can be towards clergy, even though I am not. For the record, I think the ire directed towards the Catholic clergy and the scandal to be ginned-up by world Jewry and its media. The Roman Catholic Church has more or less rolled-over and has barely rushed a defense to itself because it has been infiltrated.

I am not saying no acts occurred., only that I know who is spear-heading the attack and for what aim.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 31 2023 1:12 utc | 94

Anyone have a working link for the subbed tank video? I can see the un-subbed video at the second link but I want to hear the color!

Posted by: Hickory | Jul 31 2023 1:25 utc | 95

Posted by: Scorpion | Jul 31 2023 0:25 utc | 86

I'm more on the Bevin side of this, although I don't think its merely the sex aspect. That's as old as time itself.

More precisely, I'd say western society is very ill. Beyond wage slave work there is very little to call community. So people desperately try to break out of that enforced isolation, they naturally as humans want freedom and community with their fellows.

The cultists cynically manipulate that healthy desire with whatever is the political flavor of the times. Give it a psuedo left revolutionary coloring in the late 70s, today maybe something different.

But there is definitely a philosophical underpinning to these particular cultists and that's the Frankfurt school, postmodernism and Freud, who as Bevin alluded to, was obsessed with sex as the driving force, the revolutionary energy underlying all human developments.

Reality: it's the class struggle. That's the motor that moves development. You can't reconcile Freud and Marx. Look no further than the sad case of Wilhelm Reich. One centers human development on overcoming class conflict, the other on sexual liberation.

Posted by: Ahenobarbus | Jul 31 2023 1:48 utc | 96

The joy of coitus is not an end-all, but rather a life-affirming gift that allows a man and wife to feel belonging in the other and to feel the joy of God radiating down upon them.

Your sex for no other reason than self-gratification and empowerment has been incredibly harmful for society. You will not rethink your position, but I will not shrink from pointing this out.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 31 2023 0:08 utc | 83

I prefer to keep God out of my sex life, he (it) is not qualified to question anyone's sexual values: He (it) apparently is fond of sex with (early puberty) teenage virgin girls, without their consent, perhaps while they sleep. Today we call that rape of a minor.

Posted by: Ed | Jul 31 2023 2:33 utc | 97

Not sure where the figure of “6 billion years or more” for the age of the earth originated from but my pops dated the age of the earth in 1953 and that figure, still uncontested, stands as 4.55 billion years. Just sayin…

Posted by: suzan | Jul 31 2023 3:08 utc | 98

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 31 2023 1:12 utc | 95

For the Orthodox as for Catholics the faith is not about the frailty of humans but about the purity of God. Even saints consider themselves unworthy because in the midst of suffering humanity they find themselves most to blame, and like all humans helpless to ease that suffering. I think this is how they differ from Buddhists, whose release from such awareness of the pain that surrounds them lies in techniques that truly help them achieve a serenity that we all need in order to more fully find a peaceful harmony which in the end is beautiful and can accomplish much.

Each finds a healthy path that works, and it is a pity that Christians seem most under attack because of the abuses of a few who cannot tread the path set before them. It rarely is a temptation for the Orthodox priest though temptations there certainly are. A wonderful old movie is one called "The Island" - Russian. A monk who is considered holy to his small monastery knows himself to have murdered his best friend so is hardest on himself and his brethren until his death. The others are aghast at his austerity and yet they revere and learn from it.

Perhaps in time Catholics will reconsider the necessity for priests not to marry. I can't help feeling that would be a release for many who feel called to the priesthood but need the comfort of a family relationship as well. It works for the Orthodox.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 31 2023 4:28 utc | 99

RT reports on the Niger situation:

A bloc of West African states has warned that it may use force against the coup leaders in Niger if they do not reinstall the recently overthrown government and release deposed President Mohamed Bazoum.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a group consisting of 15 countries, delivered its seven-day ultimatum following the emergency meeting held in Abuja, Nigeria on Sunday. If the demands are not met within one week, the group would “take all measures necessary to restore constitutional order in the Republic of Niger,” the communique read.

“Such measures may include the use of force,” ECOWAS said, adding that the members’ chiefs of staff were ready to meet “immediately” if necessary. Niger itself is an ECOWAS member.

Russia will back ECOWAS as that's Africans solving African problems. And we know why the pot's being stirred.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 31 2023 4:38 utc | 100

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