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April 06, 2023

Is Netanyahoo (Again) Looking For War?

Israel's occupation of Palestine is moving towards another hot conflict.

Last night the Israeli police again stormed the al-Aqsa mosque:

More Palestinians had gathered in the mosque, responding to calls by Waqf to pray inside overnight. At one of the mosque entrances, police officers could be seen escorting dozens of Palestinians out of the compound. Residents and shoppers milled around, watching social media videos on their phones showing the renewed clashes that had happened just meters away.

Early on Wednesday, Israeli police stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, firing stun grenades at Palestinians who hurled stones and firecrackers in a burst of violence during a sensitive holiday season. Palestinian militants in Gaza responded with rocket fire on southern Israel, prompting repeated Israeli airstrikes.

The violence had calmed by early Wednesday morning, but in the evening, Palestinian militants fired two more rockets from Gaza, with one falling short inside Gaza and the other falling near the security fence separating Gaza from Israel, the Israeli military said. There were no reports of casualties.

The mosque sits in a hilltop compound sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and conflicting claims over it have spilled into violence before, including a bloody 11-day war between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza. Al-Aqsa is the third-holiest site in Islam and stands in a spot known to Jews as the Temple Mount, which is the holiest site in Judaism.

Muslims currently celebrate their Ramadan holy month while Jews began their week-long Passover holiday. Last week some ultra-orthodox rabbis had asked prime minister Netanyahoo to allow them to abuse Al-Aqsa:

Fifteen rabbis have asked the Israeli government on Thursday to ascend the Temple Mount and al-Haram al-Sharif next Wednesday, when the Jewish holiday of Passover begins, a move that could exacerbate tensions in Jerusalem during the ongoing Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The rabbis have put a request to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir on Thursday to ascend to the Temple Mount and for Jews to be allowed to offer the Passover, the way it was practiced in biblical times.

Over the years, a majority of rabbis has ruled that Jews are not allowed to ascend the Temple Mount site, since purification rituals cannot be performed in times when the temple is destroyed. Most rabbis also object to reviving biblical sacrifices of lambs or goats. Still, far-right religious activists have registered a clear trend in recent years of an increase in the number of Jews ascending the Temple Mount compound.

It is dubious that the place where Al-Aqsa is standing is the one where the mythical Jewish temple once stood. Despite intense decades long searches no archeological evidence has been found to prove that.

The Waqf, the authority that administrates the al-Haram al-Sharif, had called for Muslim believers to stay there over night to prevent the sacrilege against the Mosque. In response to the first raid on the mosque earlier this week some rockets had been fired from Gaza to which the Israeli military responded with bombings.

Today missiles were fired from south Lebanon:

Dozens of rockets were fired from southern Lebanon on Thursday afternoon with 25 intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system over northern Israel, the military said. At least three people were injured and several buildings were damaged.

The Israel Defense Forces said 34 rockets had been fired toward the border with five landing inside Israel, and most of the rest downed by Iron Dome. The impact sites of four others were not yet clear.

Such a massive barrage would this the largest number of rockets fired from Lebanon since the 2006 war, during which thousands of rockets were launched at Israel. In August 2021, Hezbollah fired 19 rockets at northern Israel.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, and a Hezbollah source told the Al-Arabiya network that it was not behind the rocket fire, apparently blaming Palestinian groups based in the area. However, it was unlikely they would do so without at least the tacit approval of the Iran-backed terror group that controls southern Lebanon.

This was indeed a message from Hizbullah.

Amal Saad @amalsaad_lb - 14:08 UTC · Apr 6, 2023

The unprecedented barrage of rockets fired at Israel today, allegedly by Palestinian factions in Lebanon, was an indirect message from Hizbullah. Nasrallah had warned as recently as January 2023 that Al-Aqsa was a red line that would lead to an “explosion of the whole region” 1/2
Hizbullah is trying to stretch the rules of deterrence with a new equation: violating al-Aqsa will trigger responses not just from Gaza but also from Lebanon. Hizbullah is responding by proxy with grey zone warfare to preserve the rules of engagement and avert an escalation. 2/2

It is not yet clear that a escalation can be prevented. Currently the Israeli security cabinet is meeting. United Nations peacekeepers (UNIFIL) in south Lebanon have allegedly received orders to enter their bomb shelters. UNIFIl called the called the situation "extremely serious".

Netanyahoo and his ultra-right coalition partners might be interested in launching a new war to divert from their attempts to change the secular state of Israel into a religious led one. Large color-revolution like protests have been held against that and Netanyahoo's project of putting (secular) supreme court judgments under (religious led) parliament revision is currently on hold.

A 'nice little war' might be a welcome distraction and a way to silently revive the matter. But the 2006 war against Hizbullah, which Israel lost, showed that nice little wars can easily turn against their instigators.

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thanks b..

things are going from bad to worse in israel... netanyahoo is the perfect leader for a complete breakdown in all things related..

Posted by: james | Apr 6 2023 15:44 utc | 1

Any info on what is the wider situation with Israel?

As person not familiar with the regional politics, it seems to me that Israel (NuttYahoo) has somewhat strained relations with the "Biden" administration and also Russia and is becoming somewhat isolated in the region as well.

Also seems that the Biden administration has a certain tolerance for Iran that others in the US government do not.

Posted by: jared | Apr 6 2023 15:57 utc | 2

Interesting that after Iran/Saudi/Syria/Turkey make noises of rapprochement, that Israel picks up pace of attacks against Iranian assets in Syria, and Netanyahu lets loose the zionazis against the worship of Islam.

Between the 'holy land', Ukraine and China, the disintegrating US empire is going to go down in a blaze of old glory mixed with a limp dick in its hand.

Netanyahu/Nuland and Jewish Supremacists et al are absolutely crazy.

Posted by: gottlieb | Apr 6 2023 15:57 utc | 3

Did anyone seriously think that the zionazis would have their plans destroyed without kicking out? I imagine we will see a lot more

Posted by: Merandor | Apr 6 2023 16:02 utc | 4

In a speach not quite a month ago Nasrallah said "Israel can be destroyed within 5 years".

it has been said that if the entity continues on this path, it is not certain that it will reach 80 years [the State of Israel was created almost 75 years ago]. For they consider that the Jews had two entities [states with Jerusalem as their capital] in the past, the first entity in the time of the Prophets David and Solomon, peace be upon them, and they consider that it lasted less than 80 years before it disappeared, and the second entity in the time of the Romans, which also disappeared before reaching 80 years. And these fears are haunting them now. Of course, such fears also have a religious and cultural aspect. Who is it that keeps talking about these fears [that Israel will perish a third time before reaching 80 years of age]?

Posted by: too scents | Apr 6 2023 16:16 utc | 5

Keep in mind England is the other ideological pole of the Empire and it's looking a bit shabby as well.

Posted by: John Merryman | Apr 6 2023 16:19 utc | 6

NuttyYahoo at it again.
Never met a dead Palestinian he didn't like.
Pure evil propped up by Uncle Joe and the rest of the Neocons of the past 30 years.
The best thing that could happen to Jizzrael is an Iranian nuclear tipped kinzahl.

Posted by: JoeDontSurf | Apr 6 2023 16:21 utc | 7

I wonder if these zionazis ever stopped to think that they, more than any 'neo' type groups, are to blame for the rapid increase in true antisemitism?

Posted by: hedlykarok | Apr 6 2023 16:22 utc | 8

But of course since Palestinians and arabs are also semites, that makes Occupied Palestine the most antisemitic nation on Earth.

Posted by: hedlykarok | Apr 6 2023 16:23 utc | 9

The Likud keeps doubling down on failure. Of course they want to provoke a War. It’s a mania with them.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 6 2023 16:26 utc | 10

This presents a challenge to the Gulf governments, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as they slowly disentangle themselves from their dependancy on the US.

In Israel this has the look of a crude exercise to distract attention from the internal crisis of the ultra right government, the legal problems of the demonstrably corrupt Prime Minister and the opportunism of the fanatical settler movementeager to push matters to a crisis.

Perhaps the most interesting question is how this will fit in with Erdogan's bid for re-election, which is not going well and General Sisi's problems in Egypt, whose economy is falling to pieces.

It could be that Erdogan will attempt to tar his opponents with the brush of Kurdish-Israeli collaboration and conclude that an Israel weakened by internal division might be the suitable object of military posing and muslim solidarity rhetoric.

As to Sisi, this may be an excuse to extort funds from somewhere.

The world awaits word from Moscow or Beijing- indispensable as they are becoming.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 6 2023 16:29 utc | 11

I'd also like a deeper dive podcast or video by someone trustworthy on what's going on with Israel today. There are a multitude of issues we can see:

* the Saudi-Iran rapprochement
* a divergence in Israel-US foreign policy goals too?
* the constitutional crisis, with Netanhayu trying a power grab and mass street protests to counter it, compare to France? Rule of law? Globalist power-grab or Netanhayu over-reach?
* the simmering intifida - what does Saudi-Iran peace mean for THAT?

I don't think Israeli leaders are in lockstop with even the Joe Biden globalists, despite such close past ties. Yet they're getting isolated.

Posted by: kassandra | Apr 6 2023 16:30 utc | 12

no need to worry about any religious institutions in the west rebelling or resisting imperial assaults or machinations, is there? the western states have basically decreed criticism of Israel = anti-semitism, not buying hummus from Israel = anti-semitism, and the churches have just gone right along with this, the whole way.

they don't want to lose that "non-profit" funding from the invisible hand whose miracles they worship, adorn and praise.

"you are a white-washed wall", Paul, describing the Jewish priests as collaborators with imperial Rome. the handwriting (=grafitti) is on the wall everywhere, but on one side of the wall, the priests come and wash and scrub it all off. mene mene tekel upharsin.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Apr 6 2023 16:30 utc | 13

keeps doubling down
Posted by: Exile | Apr 6 2023 16:26 utc | 10


The Martingale Strategy depends upon the backing of the biggest bank for success. The state of Israel no longer has this backing.

Posted by: too scents | Apr 6 2023 16:34 utc | 14

This twitter is probably the one that clearly shows the violence by the IDF inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (Warning). Brutal. It will have been seen all over the Muslim world.

And this is the medical center at the same place. (Ambulances were also attacked.)

However, this is only one of an ever increasing tempo of killings and deliberate attacks on Refugee camps.

Where does this leave the world? If Netanyahoo gets to become dictator after his Judicial changes, we will find hi, in power in a country that is nuclear armed, attacks it's neighbours regularly (Syrian aerodromes were hit for five days in a row), has a brutal army, navy (six submarines among other craft), and airforce. Is racked by extremists of both religious and secular nature. Practices subversion.

I could go on but the real problem is the strict silence in all the possesed media.

Don't these represent a greater danger than North Korea for example?

If the extremists do sacrifice a live sheep in Al-Aqsa Mosque as apparently seeems to be the plan, it is doubtful that any Emirati country can stay outside the religious calling for action.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 6 2023 16:36 utc | 15

@15. Missed the second link. The medical center.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 6 2023 16:38 utc | 16

Religious persecution is becoming a hot ticket among U.S. client regimes. Zelensky targeting Orthodox Christians and Israel targeting muslims. It is heartening that the BRICS and others have decided the time has come to end the hegemony of evil.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Apr 6 2023 16:46 utc | 17

Probably he's looking for gas to steal and nothing is new,he is a zionist (bloody thief).The problem is that the gas field belongs to Lebanon.No Bibi never lose the habit of bullying until someone decides to destroy him and his illegal state.

Posted by: LuBa | Apr 6 2023 16:46 utc | 18

Priests agitating for war is as old as religion.

Posted by: Wilikins | Apr 6 2023 16:51 utc | 19

Apartheid israel is an abomination. It has no right to exist!

Posted by: Abomination | Apr 6 2023 16:52 utc | 20

I continue to posit that humanity is in a civilization war between public/private finance but have often added that it is between barbaric patriarchy and sharing.

As the first monotheistic religion in the ME or West if you want a bigger term, judaism was the tool to make patriarchy a religion and the Might-Makes-Right cast was merely a carryover from our barbaric past.

In the 1300s the Catholic cast of monotheism went so far as to approve usury which is clearly against the teachings of their mythical Jesus.

Occupied Palestine is just another of the attempts by the cult that runs the West to normalize barbaric patriarchy and it is failing along with the goes Ukraine, so goes Occupied Palestine and the rest of the God Of Mammon house of cards.

It can't happen soon enough for me!

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 6 2023 16:54 utc | 21

I think it is an attempt to distract from his double judicial problems, drawing on a religious festival sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and the opposition of many to his attempt to change the Supreme Court to suit the Executive ...

The Context

The history of al-Aqsa Mosque [12 mins]

Passover 2023: The Jewish holiday of Pesach, explained

Marking the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, what else makes the holiday one of the most important in the Jewish faith?

Posted by: Don Firineach | Apr 6 2023 16:54 utc | 22

I hope the Zionists get crushed this time.

Posted by: Apollyon | Apr 6 2023 16:54 utc | 23

jared @2--

I suggest visiting The Cradle and sift through its many articles, and Alastair Crooke's al-Mayadeen columns as well as the parent site. There are others, of course, but those two alone will keep you busy for several hours.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 6 2023 17:00 utc | 24

Loving this site. This is my first post . Iam from Africa Nigeria.You guys are awesome with your insight and God loving truth. Love you more.

Posted by: Jasper Ogemdi | Apr 6 2023 17:01 utc | 25

It's obvious the Temple didn't stand right where Al-Aqsa is now, nor where the Dome of the Rock is. It was most probably between both. The whole place is really big and is quite empty - good if you have a huge crowd coming to the mosque for a big holiday. After all, when the Muslims conquered the city, they were quite shocked to find that the whole place was left full of debris, broken stones and in an advanced ruined state - the Romans then Byzantines never bothered to clean it up to set up their own church there, possibly because they already had the Church of the Resurrection as a major landmark, and/or because they didn't dare to build their own church that close to the original legendary Temple. The Muslims cleaned it up and built their own religious buildings - without any doubt carefully avoiding the place where the ancient Temple had actually stood.

As for Israel, Bibi obviously wanted to spice things up and have a big bout of violence to rally Israeli people around the government due to the trouble. Except this time it's so obvious and a lot of people are so pissed off it might not work as well as usual. There were plenty of grumblings from conscripts, police and reservists that they weren't keen to fight and suffer to defend such a corrupt and authoritarian government and they weren't going to die for nutjob settlers and religious. I fear that we might soon see how big their discontent actually is...

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Apr 6 2023 17:02 utc | 26

Remarkable similarity with current operation by the Ukies concerning Orthodox church in Kiev, n'est pas?

Posted by: Red | Apr 6 2023 17:10 utc | 27

Gottlieb no. 3

"Between the 'holy land', Ukraine and China, the disintegrating US empire is going to go down in a blaze of old glory mixed with a limp dick in its hand."

Let's not forget the EU with some of the biggest "limp dicks" in control. (Present and previous.)

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Apr 6 2023 17:17 utc | 28

Based on the info I've digested, Occupied Palestine is very close to an internal insurrection, and most of its participants are armed Army reservists and armed Settlers. Letting the crazies attack the mosque might be seen as a way to relieve the internal pressures, but IMO they've advanced to the point where only open conflict will provide a solution, and in the process it's quite likely Arc of Resistance forces will become directly involved. The one state that's omitted from most discussion is the one with the most skin in the game: Jordan. I can't see how Jordan can avoid being drawn into this mess. Meanwhile, Occupied Palestine's #1 benefactor is very busy trying to wage war with Russia and China and cannot afford to deal with a third front. I do note lots of activity taking place in Moscow as Putin's #1 rep for the region, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, has been meeting with most players on a daily basis for more than a month. His meeting today with the Jordanian Ambassador covered this exact topic. Russia asks for calm but must know calm isn't going to be forthcoming.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 6 2023 17:19 utc | 29

I do not care what religion you follow or indeed if you follow none.
But this behavior is simply not acceptable.
You reap what you sow.

Posted by: Butties | Apr 6 2023 17:24 utc | 30

@Red | Apr 6 2023 17:10 utc | 27

Indeed so. I don't think it is a coincidence.

Posted by: Norwegian | Apr 6 2023 17:24 utc | 31

somebody at MoA some time ago linked to this story.

who funds the Zionist terror state, thus making "charities" like World Vision necessary?

who funds World Vision?

same people, right?

the terror, the torture, the charity, the philanthropy, the legal charade, all gets performed on the backs of Palestinians, don't it? what heroes these NGO's are!

"all the world's a stage". unless you are the one being whipped. for handing out bread.

as far as my little opinions matters (they don't), if any person or group does not advocate for the destruction of israel, they are a Big Brother boot-licking state asset. supporting israel is equal to support for the Klan or Nazis.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Apr 6 2023 17:24 utc | 32

without any doubt carefully avoiding the place where the ancient Temple had actually stood.
@ Clueless Joe | Apr 6 2023 17:02 utc | 26


It is ironic and comically paradoxical that places that could most benefit from rigorous archeology are carefully avoided for ideological reasons.

Looking behind the curtain is forbidden because of what it might reveal.

Posted by: too scents | Apr 6 2023 17:28 utc | 33

"we'll be just like Israel!" Zelensky.

and all of Europe applauds...(not the russian part of europe of course)

let us not learn anything about the nature of the west from its unbridled support for the Zionist terror state.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Apr 6 2023 17:28 utc | 34

has Netanyahu ever stopped looking for war?

Posted by: pretzelattack | Apr 6 2023 17:29 utc | 35

What is more disturbing, is the fact that certain Arab countries have "normalised" relations with Israel. The fucking traitors to their bretheren.

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Apr 6 2023 17:32 utc | 36

maybe someone should remind them how well (supposedly) iranian drones worked in ukraine. plus they might not have their buddies the saudis as back up any more. plus plus the US isn't in the collective foaming at the mouth murder mode it was in circa 2006; they got all the support possible since the yanks were obliterating iraqi kids left and right and it was just part of the "flow" of the time. and might the syrians want a little payback as well?

as for the "temple mount", yeah it's bullshit. because EVERY claim the "israelis" make to the land is utter bullshit. the best they can do anymore is "derp DNA tho". i guess my heavily scottish DNA means i'm owed a nice row house in glasgow and all the neeps and tatties i can eat. maybe a sheep as well...i can name him "general wooleimani".

Posted by: the pair | Apr 6 2023 17:49 utc | 37

Israel is not diverging from US….Israel just never understood what was going on, they are a sacrificial lamb like Ukraine, just another pawn piece to be manipulated. Give them credit, they have planned the game better and longer than the Ukes, but alas their time is coming to a close, too.

Tree of Woe and Vox Day have already point out the obvious; inflation isn’t the problem, US currency devaluations is - which is why no matter what the Fed does, they are literally kick a can down the road.

So the US is doing what they planned out years to do anyway, knowing the US dollar would not go unchallenged forever: they have stated to wreck havoc everywhere, First Europe, next middle east, last Asia/China. There plan is simple - if you can’t keep thing in line with force forever(which you can’t) then the next best thing is to get people to submit voluntarily. Within 5 years or less, the world will be messier than ever with a real live world war , mostly using missiles & drones in selected areas but economically and culturally (I. E, information warfare) every corner of the globe.

Objective - entire world a stinking rotten mess, but the US seen as the least stinking….and then all the wayward sons and daughters will return to PApa USA, at least enough of them to render the countries still resisting inconsequential. USA can fight nor complete with the rest of the world, but they are experts at mucking things up and not losing.

Posted by: Actung! | Apr 6 2023 17:53 utc | 38

Joedontsurf@7. No Joe you don’t think. A nuclear attack on people anywhere would be a disaster for the entire world. I know you thought you were being clever, but let’s think of more mature ways to express yourself next time.

Posted by: Mjh | Apr 6 2023 17:56 utc | 39

Thanks for this B. It is incredible that in 2023 we have Hindu supremacists in power in India who have already destroyed Muslim places of worship and are changing laws, we have the Ukrainian government destroying the Orthodox Church to replace it with a state fascist church, and we have Israel invading Al Aqsa as part of the finalizing of a Jewish supremacist state. One of the classic parts of fascism, sanctify the official religion above all others and crush those that oppose it. In India this is very much home grown after the multi-decadal failures of the pathetic Nehru dynasty, but in Ukraine and Israel it drips with US money and interference, If you actually read Herzl (the founder of Zionism) this is what he always wanted, the project was always a Jewish supremacist state; mo matter what it would take. Then you have the US extremists with their business-funded "prosperity" bible and their belief in the US as the new "Jerusalem" opposed to the liberal "progressive" extremists who also believe that the US is the new Jerusalem.

Of course helping this along is big business in bed with the state, happily reaping in the profits while public anger is vented on the scapegoats - the created Other. Muslims in Israel and India, and Russian Orthodox Christians in Ukraine. Fascism (or perhaps inverted totalitarianism in the case of the US) is very good for business.

Posted by: Roger | Apr 6 2023 18:05 utc | 40

The Temple Mount, on which the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque are located, was the Roman military base of the Antonia, built by Herod the Great and named after his patron Marc Antony. The Dome of the Rock is actually built over an artificial cave which was a Mithraic Temple. Mithraism was the religion of the Roman army. The first and second Temples were located 600 feet away from the so-called Temple Mount and were over the spring of Jihon. The Jewish temples were kosher slaughterhouses. That was their only function, and they needed water, which was not enough to dispell the stink. (It was illegal to slaughter—"sacrifice"—animals any where else.) For Yom Kippur, actually a Babylonian rite called the kapparu (after 641 BC the priesthood of Yahweh was an ally of Babylon), blood was smeared over the walls. That is all that took place there. A slaughter house needs water, and there is ample documentation in the Bible that the first and second temples were near, or over, the spring of Jihon. After the destruction of the second Temple by the Romans in 70 AD, no one could easily locate where the Temple was. (The Romans destroyed it because Jewish Zealots set fire to Rome in 64 AD.)
Benjamin of Tudela, a Spanish Sephardic envoy from the Jewish political center in Toledo, Spain, to the Khazar Askhenazim of Ukraine and Poland (the Sephardic Jews are Phoenicians, the "Northern Kingdom of Israel" was Phoenician), declared in 1165 that the Temple Mount was the site of the two Temples. He was mistaken. But the error became engrained. The al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock must be destroyed for the construction of the Third Temple. Which will thereafter be destroyed by the Third Rome.

Posted by: casca | Apr 6 2023 18:21 utc | 41

I think it's worth noting the timing of publication (b covered it) about how "russiagate" was most likely "Israelgate" during 2016 and how it certainly looks like Biden's DoS is running a light version color revolution against Netanyahu. The results of that, however, appear to be widening cracks in Israeli civil society. Papering them over with attacks on Palestinians isn't going to be as fool proof as it once was. Add in the regional foreign policy changes and you've got a pretty bad situation for Israel. Combined with a fading US empire that has its hands full and doesn't have the strength it did even 10 years ago being led by a guy who doesn't like the current Israeli leadership and you've got a really bad situation for Israel.

Maybe a glorious little war is just what the nation needs. It's almost certainly all the Likud leadership can imagine. But the last adventure in Lebanon didn't go very well. If the war is neither little nor glorious it will almost certainly be disastrous for Bibi and Israel as a whole.

Posted by: Lex | Apr 6 2023 18:30 utc | 42

The only internationally recognized borders between the Arab and Jewish states remain those described in United Nations Resolution 181.

Despite many decades of the Likud trying to establish facts-on-the-ground, peace and stability remain elusive for Israelis. UNR 181 is the solution.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 6 2023 18:35 utc | 43

Again . . . because I find it unbelieveable that for commenting some original entry in the middle of a large page I have to skroll to the very end where is the action window.
I use smartfon, 95% or more times for reading daily the material - but I refrain from inserting my own input due to the strange ways. Do you have the same issue, with other handhelds? I think that it is no better with the PC screen and desktop OS.
Maybe keeping this like that is a way to discourage the potentially stupidiest comments? The rest of the top warriors know of how to beat the system, and respond on the spot. No t8nkering. Well, I don't know efficient access to Reply button, below someone's paragraph. There is no such button . . .
Need, again, some guidance or rebuke.

Posted by: LogosApplied | Apr 6 2023 18:43 utc | 44

It's been abundantly clear that the Israeli apartheid regime has been seeking to externalize its domestic problems (the massive protests against it) by both attacking Syria in an attempt to provoke a serious response as well as provoking reactions from the Palestinians by conducting sacrilege on their holy places. And for some "mysterious" reason all these European politicians like Borell continuously blurting about human rights and European values remain nowhere to be heard or be seen.

Posted by: xor | Apr 6 2023 18:52 utc | 45

Exile | Apr 6 2023 18:35 utc | 43

These may be the only officially recognized borders, but Israel itself has not defined themselves as having any. This in turn allows Smotrich and others like him to extend the "greater" Israel in almost any direction indefinitely.

"Border expansion" has been the seen in the Golan, the West Bank or the Lebanese frontier (Sheeba farms).

Jordan, which has a large Palestinian population, has a particular problem as being designated by some as the place to send the Arab Israelis as well. Ethnic cleansing is probably part of the Netanyahoo's suppporters wet dreams.

The idea that the US is "doing a colour revolution" in Israel. Could it be linked with the collapse of the dollar? Finance/speculation is one of the strong points of Zionist influence, as are holdings in Media and Banking. I presume that the dollars demise will alter the ability of the AIPAC lobby and others in the US, to buy elections. Well, buy politicians if the elections themselves are "democratic" and "fair". (dream on)

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 6 2023 19:09 utc | 46

Whatever was left of Jerusalem is buried under the rubble after the Roman siege of 70 AD. Rome rebuilt the city and named it Aelia Capitolina. It was completed around 130 AD. Jesus said not one stone would be left upon another.

What the Jews revere is something that is buried under a mountain of rubble, a tell of rubble of a city long gone. What these Zionists, both Christian and Jew, worship is a building not yet built. A misrepresentation of scriptures in the Old Testament and lousy popular opinion of Rabbis laid down in the Talmud.

The Talmudic Jews were kicked out of the land multiple times for their practices. Jesus called them out. Moses warned them what would happen in Deuteronomy 29 and it came to pass. They are kabbalists. Snake worshipers in secret. They are the Western global order through the work of many associated organizations of gentiles and Jews. Moses fought them. Jesus fought them. The Prophets fought them. They existed long before Abraham existed.

They have taken the land back by terror and intrigue. If Jesus came back they would try to kill him again on Passover.

Posted by: circumspect | Apr 6 2023 19:11 utc | 47

One sign that the settlers, etc. were raising the level of their violence was the attack on Cassandra Dixon. CPT- Christian Peacemaker Teams (pacifist Mennonite influence) has been sending individuals to stay a week or 3 in Palestinean homes and they walk with children to school to lessen the numbers and sizes of rocks thrown at 6 -12 year olds via late teen and early 20 year old settlers carrying automatic weapons. Cassandra has been going every couple of years now for over 15 years.

For the 10 years of civil disobedience at Grand Forks AFB on MLK Day 1981-1990, if she was there, she was the lead car, for she never drove more than 50 mph for events. She is an exemplar of pacifism.

The settlers, ultra-orthodox and others of their ilk are escalating on various venues and fronts. Flashpoints all over the planet.

Posted by: paxmark1 | Apr 6 2023 19:26 utc | 48

I do wonder what may happen in the event the USA suffers a Soviet style meltdown? Some have been predicting for some time now that this will happen, and it does appear the ingredients are coming into alignment (The Orlov collapse soup he described awhile back). If America does a great unwind, as opposed to a "great reset", the result is likely to be internecine strife and the fragmentation of the American nation state. Under those circumstances the American Horn of Plenty sustaining Israel all these years, will dry up, and what will they do then without money, intelligence, and unlimited supplies of weapons?
Battle of Algiers all over again?

Posted by: erik | Apr 6 2023 19:29 utc | 49

#40 Roger. Deeply appreciate, fully on topic. Hannah Arendt would agree.

Posted by: paxmark1 | Apr 6 2023 19:31 utc | 50

I wish that everyone in the middle east would just take a DNA test so they can see that they are all related and the hatred is contrived based on who said what when in a religious orgasm of prophecy. It's a multinational feud. In the US we thought the Hatfield and McCoy feud was ridiculous. They were small fry. They didn't now about vendetta.
One of the participants is a Yahoo. Jonathan Swift was always unstuck in time.

Posted by: Tard | Apr 6 2023 19:42 utc | 51

For background to the situation in the Levant my monograph at On">">On the Founding of Israel and the Slow Genocide of Palestinians may be helpful.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 19:55 utc | 52

@Hermit | Apr 6 2023 19:55 utc | 52

Repost with corrected URL

For background to the situation in the Levant my monograph at On the Founding of Israel and the Slow Genocide of Palestinians may be helpful.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:01 utc | 53

To all those who are familiar with the 2006 war I tell you to get your popcorn ready. RottenYahoo and the world have no clue of what awaits “The Children Of Scam”
An Israeli response will either be a publicity stunt targeting empty fields or perhaps bombing defenseless women and children in Gaza. Any miscalculation in Lebanon will lead to a regional war and most likely the last in the region.
“Israel is weaker than a cob’s web”

Posted by: Popcorn | Apr 6 2023 20:06 utc | 54

As a matter of speculation, I am going to guess that around 98% of us northern gentiles don't know enough about what goes on in Palestine to have a sound opinion. Thus we shouldn't really be choosing sides.

If the motive to get involved is a dislike for genocide, then the side that wishes to be saved has to make a mutually self serving deal with us. That's all. Otherwise screw them.

Posted by: Jmaas | Apr 6 2023 20:10 utc | 55

@erik | Apr 6 2023 19:29 utc | 49

It is probable, perhaps even unavoidable, but still terrifying, as it will make the mess in Ukraine look like a spring picnic by comparison.

Refer my Why">">Why Civil Disturbance (and other catastrophes) might cause Civil Collapse and the Death of 95% of Americans.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:10 utc | 56

@erik | Apr 6 2023 19:29 utc | 49
@Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:10 utc | 56

Apologies. Repost with corrected URL.

It is probable, perhaps even unavoidable, but still terrifying, as it will make the mess in Ukraine look like a spring picnic by comparison.

Refer my Why Civil Disturbance (and other catastrophes) might cause Civil Collapse and the Death of 95% of Americans.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:10 utc | 56

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:13 utc | 57

Its only a matter of time before the resistance has accurate, or precision guided missiles as they like to call them. When they are able to accurately destroy Israeli infrastructure, its game over. Just a few ruptured gas lines, ammonia factories and burning POL facilities and Israel will not be very habitable. Perhaps its already happening.

Posted by: ralph conner | Apr 6 2023 20:13 utc | 58

@xor | Apr 6 2023 18:52 utc | 45

Israel perfected the art of threatening to fund opponents to force politicians into line in the 1980s. The election of Clinton and Democrats, because HW Bush was not sufficiently nice to Israel, served as a dreadful warning to the world that this technique was not only much cheaper than bribery or blackmail, but also far more effective.

And politicians across the Western governments fell over one another to get in line.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:20 utc | 59

Peace is an existential threat to Israel

Posted by: Jacq | Apr 6 2023 20:20 utc | 60

@ralph conner | Apr 6 2023 20:13 utc | 58

Who says that Israel has not done this to itself already?

But then worry about the "Samson" myth, what it means when you have 300+ nuclear device along with means to deliver them, and a military that vests enormous importance in the fable of Masada*.

*Refer e.g. Ben-Yehuda, Nachman (1995) Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel. University of Wisconsin Press.

Ex. Pub.

"In 73 A.D., legend has it, 960 Jewish rebels under siege in the ancient desert fortress of Masada committed suicide rather than surrender to a Roman legion. Recorded in only one historical source, the story of Masada was obscure for centuries. In The Masada Myth, Israeli sociologist Nachman Ben-Yehuda tracks the process by which Masada became an ideological symbol for the State of Israel, the dramatic subject of movies and miniseries, a shrine venerated by generations of Zionists and Israeli soldiers, and the most profitable tourist attraction in modern Israel.
Ben-Yehuda describes how, after nearly 1800 years, the long, complex, and unsubstantiated narrative of Josephus Flavius was edited and augmented in the twentieth century to form a simple and powerful myth of heroism. He looks at the ways this new mythical narrative of Masada was created, promoted, and maintained by pre-state Jewish underground organizations, the Israeli army, archaeological teams, mass media, youth movements, textbooks, the tourist industry, and the arts. He discusses the various organizations and movements that created “the Masada experience” (usually a ritual trek through the Judean desert followed by a climb to the fortress and a dramatic reading of the Masada story), and how it changed over decades from a Zionist pilgrimage to a tourist destination.
Placing the story in a larger historical, sociological, and psychological context, Ben-Yehuda draws upon theories of collective memory and mythmaking to analyze Masada’s crucial role in the nation-building process of modern Israel and the formation of a new Jewish identity. An expert on deviance and social control, Ben-Yehuda looks in particular at how and why a military failure and an enigmatic, troubling case of mass suicide (in conflict with Judaism’s teachings) were reconstructed and fabricated as a heroic tale."

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:28 utc | 61

Israel's controversial new “Jewish nation-state” law " is the most important law in the history of the State of Israel, which says that everyone has human rights, but national rights in Israel belong only to the Jewish people. That is the founding principle on which the state was established."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 6 2023 20:47 utc | 62

Estimates of Hezbollah's total rocket count range from 40,000 to 150,000, which is considerably more than most countries.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 6 2023 20:50 utc | 63

@Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:28 utc | 61

Very much the same as in the way the obscure words about a "city on a hill" from a preacher in 1630 were used hundreds of years later to mythologize the founding of the northern colonies ("New England") during the US Civil War, then later used to mythologize the US as the "shining city on a hill" (the "shining" added by Ronald Reagan at about the same time that the movie of the same name was released; the movie being much more representative of what the US brings to the other nations of the world). Words taken up by Obama, a man whose whole existence and history have been mythologized to hide his role as an elite puppet.

Posted by: Roger | Apr 6 2023 20:51 utc | 64

@Don Bacon | Apr 6 2023 20:47 utc | 62

Memorializing the Israeli rape, spoilage and pillage of Resolution 181 which Israel still asserts justifies the foundation of the modern state, despite it doing no such thing. Which utterly invalidates the nonsense of Israel having a "right to exist" somehow not pOssessed by any other colonial scion.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 21:40 utc | 65

@Jmaas | Apr 6 2023 20:10 utc | 55

Thanks all the same, but speak for yourself. What has been going on under the rule of the Tel Aviv criminal regime is plenty clear for those paying attention to choose a side.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Apr 6 2023 21:40 utc | 66

@Roger | Apr 6 2023 20:51 utc | 64

Indeed. And by very much the same kind of hypocritical religiots.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 21:42 utc | 67

Hi all, I think that after all the protests and bad blood from Netinyahu’s attempt to game the Supreme Court system in Isreal he needs to unify the country. So he provokes, bombs, invades mosques and tries to get Iran to attack.

This is all to get a response from his enemies everywhere, he needs something ugly to bring back his power.

Posted by: Fudup | Apr 6 2023 21:45 utc | 68

A blood test can tell the ancestry of an individual.
A blood test can tell if a person is an American Indian or an Indian from India.
A blood test can tell if someone is a descendent of the Biblical Hebrew, like Assad from Syria, Muammar al-Qaddafi from Libya or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Iran are all descendents of the Biblical Hebrew.
A blood test can tell if someone is primarily descendent from the Khazarian Empire of central Eurasia.

Get out a gun.
At gunpoint, force everyone in occupied Palestine to take the blood test. Those with primarily indigenous ancestors are set to one side and those with primarily Khazarian ancestry are set to the other side. Those with Khazarian ancestry get taken straight frome blood testing sight to an airport where they are flown out of the region. It is well known as indisputable fact Bibi Nut&Yahoo is of Khazarian/Polish heritage. He should be flown to Khazaria or Poland.

Posted by: Hot Carl | Apr 6 2023 21:55 utc | 69

@Jmaas | Apr 6 2023 20:10 utc | 55

There are no sides in a genocide

Just criminals and victims. And when the invaders are deliberately denying the indigenous access to potable water, boasting about murdering them en mass, bombing them with F-35s in material breach of US and International law, and trapping them in brutal, dignity-free, open-air concentration camps, while the indigenous are attempting defend themselves with shouts, stones knives and home-made, fertilizer-powered rockets, it's not challenging to figure out which side is which. Especially as more than 5 million of the indigenous people's ethnically cleansed relatives and neighbors with a US originated "right to return" live out their squalid lives crammed into refugee camps destabilizing half the Middle-East.

Equivocation is always a fallacy, but nevermore than under such circumstances.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 21:57 utc | 70

Allow me to make my usual comment on this stuff...

Israel can not afford a "minor war" with Hezbollah. Hezbollah has enough missiles - and much better ones than the Katyushas it used to have, which it used up in Syria and was replaced by precision missiles from Iran - to put all of Israel in bomb shelters 24x7 for months. The Israeli economy will evaporate and the electorate will be pissed off and kick the ruling elites out in the next election.

Israel can not win a war with Hezbollah unless it gets direct military help from the US. The question is: will the neocons around Biden get Biden to do just that? A "nice little war" against another third world country would be helpful to Biden to distract from the disaster in Ukraine.

Plus the military still smarts from the Beirut bombing back in the day that killed a barracks full of Marines. They wouldn't mind carpet bombing southern Lebanon, knowing they wouldn't be facing Russian AD. If Syria and its AD got involved, the US would use that as an excuse to attack Syria and roll back the Russian success there. This would also put the US and Russia directly in conflict in an area where the US has the advantages.

This is a very dangerous situation. It could lead to all-out war between the US and Iran.

The main point is that Netanyahu wouldn't be looking to start a war with Hezbollah unless he already had some guarantee from Biden that the US would help militarily.

All I'm going to say. I've got other things to do today.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Apr 6 2023 22:00 utc | 71

@xor | Apr 6 2023 18:52 utc | 45
@Hermit | Apr 6 2023 20:20 utc | 59

PS That is not to say that blackmail and bribery are not used. Why else dis Israel need people like Epstein who seems to have trapped pretty much every Western politician (as shown by the fact that Gislaine Maxwell is languishing for 20 years in durance vile for allegedly trafficking children to nobody), but these are very much secondary tools to the simple threat to fund opponents of those in power if those in power are not compleasant, while the Israeli "genocide by inches" continues.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 22:10 utc | 72

"Religion is poison"

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Apr 6 2023 22:21 utc | 73

@Hot Carl | Apr 6 2023 21:55 utc | 69

Why not redirect the tens of billions 9f dollars going from the USA to genocidal Israel to resettlement programs in exchange for verified dismantling of Israel's vast stockpiles of WMDs. Israelis have great education and receive thousands of dollars a year each from the US. So the program suggested here is potentially a huge money saver. Promote emigration of Israeli families with one or more parents with non-religious bachelor degrees or better, to move to the US, in equal numbers with Palestinian families, making funds available for Palestians to move and study, study and allowing them to stay in the US if after 6 years they have attained at least a bachelor degree. We might need to sweeton the pot by offering everyone the basic needs of life as they have in Israel, but that would be good for all Americans.

Given this, I don't think that any but the ignorant and fanatic will remain in the Palestine, All the expensive and complicated weapon systems we have provided would fade into obsolescence, along with the water purification plants, and those remaining can fight as much as they like or move to countries where they don't have to.

The US benefits from an influx of smart people used to living in the kinds of arid areas that global warming will bring to parts of the USA, and everyone will be able to rest a little easier at night.

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 22:32 utc | 74

Richard Steven Hack | Apr 6 2023 22:00 utc | 71

Worth noting that the Six Day War and Yom Kippur wars were both ended by the USSR warning the US that it would nuke Israel if the wars were not ended, and the US applying pressure on Israel that it probably no longer has, given that Congress appears to be, as Pat Buchanan articulated, "Israeli occupied territory".

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 22:40 utc | 75

@Duncan Idaho | Apr 6 2023 22:21 utc | 73

That's not a hint, It is an encyclopedia of world history. See my Religion considered Harmful (and the Ungoodness of Prayer) for the full unexpurgated version ;-)

Posted by: Hermit | Apr 6 2023 22:44 utc | 76

according to RT occupied palestine is bombing gaza.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Apr 6 2023 22:52 utc | 77

With respect, b, Hezbollah is not an "Iran-backed terror group", it is an important component of the Palestinian resistance. Vive la Palestine !

Posted by: traducteur | Apr 6 2023 23:13 utc | 78

@ Traducteur 78

Re "Iran-backed terror group", b. was quoting the Times of Israel, which unfortunately tends to use that kind of language when talking about Hezbollah.

Posted by: expat | Apr 6 2023 23:24 utc | 79

Strange times with nearly insane PM for life Bibi Nutajoblot. Leading a minority repressive group of land thieves fully funded and subsidised by the Evil Empire. Which treats the entire world bar one as a killing field for all other countries with surplus peon to shoot loot and burn after 1948. See General Doug's Jeju island massacre and wholesale theft of the dead Korean peons land in 1948. When the world's attention aided by the corrupt western media was looking else where.

Sadly Bibi's poor country with limited resources could not function with out the Evil USSA. Paying all his daily costs of living after internal corruption has absorbed the remaining 95%.

Syria has refused to concede both land and water resources to this nameless country since 1967! Currently is fighting on three different fronts at the same time. The only no-go/no shoot zones are all the current RF military bases in Syria.

For Bibi insane as he is. Knows to poke an angry bear. Leads to an automatic permanent disarming of his weak military. To that of an armed police force only level. Nukes inclusive. Leading to another Red Revolution as the local slaves revolt.

Not a pretty choice is left for Bibi(i'm insane) Nutajoblot. His cash cow is running on fumes. Plus his internal landed elite occupying stolen lands are now all in full open revolt. Due to his promises to multiply local corruption levels ten fold.

Question whom in th current nuclear armed players before the evil empire sends the final armagedon go codes.

The answer lies in the PM residence office in Tel-Aviv.

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Apr 6 2023 23:34 utc | 80

Our newly rejuvenated host i sensibly focusing on the political intention of Netanyahoo to distract Russia and Iran from the Ukraine problem , which itself was a distraction from the Syria problem, which was itself a distraction from the loss of Russia's Libyan other port in the Mediterranean.

It seems to me that Israel fears Russia in its bid to steal everything from Tel Aviv to Kurdistan for Greater Israel. Poking the Bear through its Western ports is designed to create panic in Moscow. Russia's response is that its existence does not depend on Western ports in Syria, in Ukraine , or in Libya . She is self-sufficient, especially if her Eastern boundaries are friendly. She won't exhaust herself in Ukraine , or anywhere else. Let the West exhaust themselves in igniting flames of war and use the moral authority that Western aggression by contrast gives them in the eyes of RoW to increase their global diplomatic power .

This Israeli vandalism is like kids lighting fires in the council rubbish bins, caught on CCTV, and arrested in the morning. Teenage cries for attention. Israel kicking against the adult pricks yet again. Boring.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 6 2023 23:37 utc | 81

Israel is at war with Iran.
via Azerbaijan...

After 30 years of diplomatic relations between the two states, on 29 March, Azerbaijan inaugurated the opening of its embassy in Tel Aviv.

During the ceremonies, which were attended in person by Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen dropped a bombshell, saying: “Bayramov and I agreed to form a united front against Iran.”

The Iranian response was swift, and ended up being aired on Twitter by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani, where he revealed that Baku had not only refused to explain Cohen’s incendiary claim to officials in Tehran, but had even lobbed “new accusations against Iran”:

Another meddlesome puppet state in a strategic and mighty provocative location. Time will tell if the current Azerbaijani leadership can survive these idiocies.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 7 2023 0:01 utc | 82

Israel has no right to one square millimetre of land anywhere. Torching the communal facilities will prove how un ready Israel is for the responsibilitues of adult life. Probation's not working on their
Recidivist criminality. Politics is a total waste of time for getting from God some kind of respect. The only way to exist in the Holy Land of Palestine is on equal terms with everyone.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2023 0:06 utc | 83

Hermit #56

Refer my Why">">Why Civil Disturbance (and other catastrophes) might cause Civil Collapse and the Death of 95% of Americans.

Can we at least be methodical and economical with this theory and go for 0.95 percent starting from the top?

As a fall back perhaps 9.5 percent starting from the top?

The people will know how to best distribute the material leftovers and they have (maybe) learned how to better configure their society.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 7 2023 0:10 utc | 84

remember all the 5th columnist peace people that all ran to israel whilst objecting strongly to the SMO? lucky for them they found a peaceful nation that doesnt illegally occupy or commit war crimes daily.
the mosque beatings is pure provocation its a regular event designed to let settler facists feel good. fish in a barrel where a few entrances can be blocked and a mob left to rampage until their punching arm is tired

Posted by: hankster | Apr 7 2023 0:29 utc | 85

What would happen to the oligarchies domiciled in London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Japan, North Eastern USA, Canada, Poland, and California should the nation of Israel cease to exist? What would happen to the institutions, global corporations and nation state armies these oligarchs use to impose their monopoly powers on the RoW? Seems to me Netanyahoo is playing with fire.

Posted by: snake | Apr 7 2023 1:03 utc | 86

tony golani | Apr 7 2023 0:04 utc | 83

I'm reposting an item I did a few months past on how the Ukrainian War was orchestrated by American, European and Israeli Zionists to replace Russian oil in the EU with Israeli oil. Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of their actions. And in my opinion Zionists have lost any moral authority they claim because of the holocaust because of the oil holocaust they orchestrated in Ukraine.

The first Israeli oil tanker delivered its first oil in early March.

I'm going to be the contarian
here and say this war has nothing to do with Minsk, Nato, Dombas, Ukrainian nationality, Nazi or historic Russia. It has to do with getting Europe off Russia oil and gas so the EU countries will buy oil and gas from Israeli.

Its estimated israel has more oil in the Golan Heights than Saudi Arabia and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas off its shores in the Eastern Mediterranean.

2013 was the pivotal year for the implementation of this strategy, where a modest company called Genie Energy was given exclusive rights to drill the Golan, and an agreement was signed between Greece, Cyprus and Israel for joint development of the Eastern Mediterrain natural gas fields.

A look at Genie's strategic planning board shows you the international importance of this company's:

Chairman Dick Cheney since 2009 (former vice president of the United States),Members: Rupert Murdoch (media oligarch), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head US Treasury), Bill Richardson (former Governor of New Mexico, ex-ambassador to the United Nations and United States Energy Secretary), Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rothschild, and Mary Landrieu, former United States Senator from Louisiana.

Also, Greek Prime Minister Samaras on 8 August 2013 at a meeting at the White House stated that Israel has a special role to play in supplying Europe with energy resources and supported that it can become a key energy hub.

The following year 2014 the ukraine color revolution occurred, Crimea was occupied and dombass separated from Ukraine.

In 2017 Huge pipeline deal signed by most major continental european energy actors to bring gas from the Eastern Med to Europe.

Then the US recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel through a presidential proclamation signed by President Trump on March 25, 2019, guaranteeing Israeli sovereignty over these oil reserves.

And most recently, in June, 2022, Ursula Ursula of EU fame formally signed an agreement between the EU and Israel on energy development. The article regarding this below and note it also states this was prophesied in Deuteronomy.

An interesting article on the duplicity of US policy regarding their recognition of the Golan by Israel but not Crimea by Russia is in the following American Thinker article.

Posted by: Jerr | Apr 7 2023 1:03 utc | 87

Ukraine and Isreal are joined at the hip. i.e. one in the same bunch of creeps that are causing all the trouble.

Posted by: Bobby | Apr 7 2023 1:50 utc | 88

israel is surrounded by enemies this is 1939 new hitler all over again

Posted by: tony golani | Apr 7 2023 0:04 utc | 83

While the situation is nowhere as dire as "Golani" poster claims (from Syria?), it would be better if some folks did not spend decades harping on the theme "Israel is the only truly safe place for Jews". So unexpectedly, it is not as safe? Are the inhabitants of Boca Raton less safe?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 7 2023 1:54 utc | 89

Nazinyahu needs war to distract attention from the protests. I see some people who should know better cheering the "protestors" as though they were anti war. Of course they aren't, they're every bit as racist anti Palestinian and warmongering as the Nazinyahu regime, and bombing and murdering Palestinians will make them as happy as it will Nazinyahu's zionazi voter base.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Apr 7 2023 2:13 utc | 90

No one wants war except the USA as that is their business death and destruction for profit. The people who do want war will have to be subdued by total isolation of the world which is what should have happened to Israel years ago. Many of us demonstrated against South African apartheid and it worked, but all that participated then like New Zealand are totally silent because they are afraid of the main Sponsor of world terrorism their ally USA who it is proven will destroy even allies who don't like their policies and practice

Posted by: Les | Apr 7 2023 2:18 utc | 91

The whole world is watching Ukraine right now. When the cat is away the mice will play they say.

Of course that is a double edged sword, all those 155mm stocks are gone from Israel now, if shit got Suez Canal War levels of real, things might go way different.

Posted by: Virgil | Apr 7 2023 2:40 utc | 92


thank you. i look forward to the golan's full return to syria, oil & water.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Apr 7 2023 2:52 utc | 93

@Don Bacon

RE: Israel's controversial new “Jewish nation-state” law " is the most important law in the history of the State of Israel, which says that everyone has human rights, but national rights in Israel belong only to the Jewish people. That is the founding principle on which the state was established."

That is the crux of the matter and one of the oldest UNRESOLVABLE problems in the world.

The American Revolution was not about, “taxation without representation“ as we all have been taught, but about “representation“. If King George III had given the colonies representation in the English parliament, due to the greater populations of the English colonies, the Mother Country would have become effectively governed by its colonies.

Israel is now in the same position. It was founded as a Jewish State, but what do you do when the majority (or significant minority) of the population is non-Jewish? If you follow democratic principles, as King George III realized, you would lose your empire/nation. Israel was founded under two contradictions, it is a democracy, but a democracy only for Jews, not for others, otherwise it ceases to be a Jewish State.

This has played out numerous times in history. When Caracalla gave Roman Citizenship to all freemen in the Empire, in 212, it effectively ended the Roman Empire, as more people existed outside of Rome than in Rome and they had more alliance to their region than they did Italy. The Spanish Empire failed the same way. After Napoleon was ousted in the Peninsular War, and the Spanish Empire tried to reconstitute itself, under democratic governance, it could not be done as the populations outside of Spain greatly outnumbered those inside Spain. There was no way that the Spanish ruling classes were going to be governed from Mexico or South America (and by Indians no less).

The European Union has the same problem, is wants to expand eastward, but each time it does, it must become more authoritarian, as the eastern populations will eventually outnumber those in the West. Look at the problems it is currently having with Hungary, Poland and Serbia… and they think they can add the populations of Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia & Belarus without a problem?

This is the principal reason why democracy is incompatible with Empire. If the entire world were to be truly democratic and put under a Utopian global system of governance, it would be governed from China & India, because of their greater populations, something the Western elites would never allow. BTW

Posted by: Rokossovsky | Apr 7 2023 3:03 utc | 94

Israel had its butt kicked in 2006. Hizbullah is now 1000 times stronger. 20 rockets is nothing. Hizbullah has 10's of thousands of every imaginable size. Could easily launch a 1000 rocket barrage and follow it with similar barrages every 30 minutes for several days. We are talking reducing the country to rubble. After a couple of such barrages, pause. Most Israelis would leave the country. Let them go. Palestine will be free! As in Ukraine, the bad guys have bitten off way more than they can chew (I hope!)

Posted by: Rodrigo | Apr 7 2023 3:17 utc | 95

@ jerr 88

Thank you for explaining this. It solves the other puzzle on my mind at the moment because my wife is Kurdish ( North Iraqi) and the Kurdish oilfields have just been taken over by Baghdad from the Usukis stooges Barzani family.

My simple question was how the Brits, who have been siphoning Kurdish Oil through Turkey, through Zahawi's London based Genel Company, for many years, could suddenly give up this colonial honeypot.

You have answered that question most clearly. Thank you.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 7 2023 3:20 utc | 96

Netanyahu is a coward. He doesn't really believe in any of these political Judaism goals. He just wants power and he isn't going to risk it with something major like an invasion of Lebanon lest he go the way of Olmert. Sadly, invading al-Aqsa isn't a new tactic by Israel but if he goes too far he risks a war with Hezbollah not seen since 2006 and Hezbollah is even stronger now. He backed down many times in the past when he had a chance to escalate further. Also, the Israeli military is in a dire position from low morale, Israel's economic struggles and the exhaustion of Western military industries due to the Ukraine war. The US has limits on what it will tolerate from Netanyahu, even more so now with Ukraine occupying its resources.

Posted by: let's get bizzay | Apr 7 2023 3:52 utc | 97

For me the most salient issue in Nuttyahoo's renewed effort to chase all the 'Arabs' outta Palestine is whether the RF government is still in the back pocket of the coterie of zionist oligarch's & their attendant zionist Russian followers; the blokes who have always prevailed upon the RF government to allow the fighter bombers of Occupied Palestine free access to Syria whenever the zionist occupiers of Palestine wish to entertain the hoi-polloi among the zionist occupiers by slaughtering 'Arabs*' anywhere in Syria the zionists choose.

One would hope that recent rapprochement of Saudi Arabia & Iran will discourage the RF from being so benign towards the zionists but Iran & Russia have had a friendship going back decades and that hasn't prevented the RF anti-air systems from green-lighting zionist attacks on allegedly Iranian backed militias inside Syria. In fact one of the more recent attacks was on an alleged militia camp close to Latakia where Russia has installed an S-400 air defence system, the RF military manning the S-400 that night cannot have failed to witness the strike at least from the moment it entered Syria's airspace - yet they chose to do nothing.

So we will have to watch & see whether the RF government will respect its allies or if it will continue to sit on the fence so as not to annoy some of the RF government's biggest business sponsors.

*As I'm sure most are aware referring to all the myriad non-Persian population of the ME Arabs is the equivalent of saying that all people in the western & Southern hemispheres who speak englandish as 'English'. It is a collective noun much used by zionists to de-humanise a vast array of clans & cultures whilst separating indigenous Palestinians from their country.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Apr 7 2023 4:32 utc | 98

From Reuters

JERUSALEM/GAZA, April 7 (Reuters) - Israel's military hit sites in Lebanon and Gaza early on Friday, in retaliation for rocket attacks it blamed on the Islamist group Hamas, as tensions following police raids this week on the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem threatened to spiral out of control.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 7 2023 4:33 utc | 99

Under international law, the Palestinians must not negotiate their right to self-determination. As an apartheid state, Israel has no right to exist, but the right to exist as a state of Palestine is beyond dispute. The Israelis will have to learn to share the area with the indigenous Palestinian population, or return to their country of origin. That is the introduction to the article "Does an apartheid state fit into today's international community?" that I just published on Geopolitiek in context, see

The Israelis have to choose. The status quo is not sustainable.

Posted by: Paul-Robert | Apr 7 2023 4:52 utc | 100

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