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April 09, 2023

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Please join me, Johann van Goethe and Dr. Faust on our traditional Easter Walk:

Look from this height whereon we find us
Back to the town we have left behind us,

Where from the dark and narrow door
Forth a motley multitude pour.

They sun themselves gladly and all are gay,
They celebrate Christ's resurrection to-day.

For have not they themselves arisen?
From smoky huts and hovels and stables,
From labor's bonds and traffic's prison,
From the confinement of roofs and gables,
From many a cramping street and alley,
From churches full of the old world's night,
All have come out to the day's broad light.
How it hums o'er the fields and clangs from the steeple!
This is the real heaven of the people,
Both great and little are merry and gay,
I am a man, too, I can be, to-day.



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Happy Easter to you, and I wish a solemn and safe Easter next week for everyone in Ukraine and Russia.

Posted by: Sam (in Tiraspol) | Apr 9 2023 12:13 utc | 1

Happy & safe Easter to one & all, kith and kin.

Posted by: Outraged | Apr 9 2023 12:15 utc | 2

Frohe Ostern!

Posted by: Apollyon | Apr 9 2023 13:08 utc | 3

Happy easter to you all and everyone everywhere.

With Easter, Ramadan and Passover all falling together, there do seem to be more signs that real peace could break out, than there have been in many years.
(Iran-Saudi, Saudi-Yemen, Syria-Arab Union etc. etc. African States declining to follow the dollar. Russian-Chinese rapprochement. etc.)

I hope that other countries and places will find the same togetherness happening to themselves as well.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 9 2023 13:23 utc | 4

Happy Easter, B! I do hope your health and spirits have recovered from your recent fatigue. I value your work, and you, tremendously. ~H

Posted by: Helena | Apr 9 2023 13:58 utc | 5

Blessed Easter Feast to All Men of Good Will

Christ the King's Peace in Ukraine,

And Peace in Russia.

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit



Posted by: Brother Beowulf | Apr 9 2023 14:06 utc | 6

Happy Easter everyone!
Much love to the MoA community.
Here's a Easter dime in the jukebox at b's wonderful and educational establishment.
Rising Son - Jah Jah Robe
At most bars, one is advised not to talk about religion or politrix. Thank Jah, not here!

Posted by: lex talionis | Apr 9 2023 14:26 utc | 8

I read that poem and i am sad.

So much of it is untrue, in my homeland, the U.S.

So much of what it communicates has been forgotten in my homeland, the US.

Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Apr 9 2023 14:43 utc | 9

Thank you, b! Wishing you good health and calmness during these troubled times. I hope for the "motley multitude" in my country, USA, to someday come out of from their willful ignorance. This bar is a light in the darkness.

Posted by: Tiger Lily | Apr 9 2023 15:16 utc | 10

Joyeuses Pâques ! Et vive la Palestine !

Posted by: traducteur | Apr 9 2023 15:35 utc | 11

I always said: I am not a pessimist, I am just realistic. And this attitude seems to describe my present look on the situation in Germany for me.

An den Schwankenden

Du sagst:
Es steht schlecht um unsere Sache.
Die Finsternis nimmt zu. Die Kräfte nehmen ab.
Jetzt, nachdem wir so viele Jahre gearbeitet haben
Sind wir in schwierigerer Lage als am Anfang.
Der Feind aber steht stärker da denn jemals.
Seine Kräfte scheinen gewachsen. Er hat ein unbesiegliches
Aussehen angenommen.
Wir aber haben Fehler gemacht, es ist nicht zu leugnen.
Unsere Zahl schwindet hin.
Unsere Parolen sind in Unordnung. Einen Teil unserer
Hat der Feind verdreht bis zur Unkenntlichkeit.
Was ist jetzt falsch von dem, was wir gesagt haben
Einiges oder alles?
Auf wen rechnen wir noch? Sind wir Übriggebliebene,
Aus dem lebendigen Fluß? Werden wir zurückbleiben
Keinen mehr verstehend und von keinem mehr verstanden?
Müssen wir Glück haben?
So fragst du. Erwarte
Keine andere Antwort als die deine!

You say:

Our cause is in bad shape.
The darkness increases.
The forces decrease.
Now after we have worked for so many years
Are we in a more difficult position than at the beginning.
But the enemy is stronger than ever. His strength seems to have grown. He has an invincible Appearance accepted.
But we made mistakes, there's no denying it.
Our numbers are dwindling.
Our slogans are in disarray. A part of ours Words
Has the enemy twisted beyond recognition.
Now what's wrong with what we said Some or all?
Who else are we counting on? Are we left over
ejected From the living river?
Will we stay behind
No longer understanding anyone and no longer understood by anyone?
Do we have to be lucky?
That's how you ask. Expect
No answer other than yours!

by Bertold Brecht

Posted by: OldCH | Apr 9 2023 15:56 utc | 12

Christ has Risen !

Posted by: Exile | Apr 9 2023 16:01 utc | 13

The Pogues - Lullaby of London

As I walked down by the riverside
One evening in the spring
Heard a long gone song
From days gone by
Blown in on the great North wind

Though there is no lonesome corncrake's cry
Of sorrow and delight
You can hear the cars
And the shouts from bars
And the laughter and the fights...

Posted by: Apollyon | Apr 9 2023 16:04 utc | 14

Happy Easter, B and barflies!

Posted by: Alex Cox | Apr 9 2023 16:08 utc | 15

The great verses and other great art referenced on this Easter here on MoA fill the heart with a feeling of warmth, community and the greatness of genuine human achievements. Makes one think of the concepts of agape and ubuntu.
A peaceful, prosperous and exciting world is not utopia!

Posted by: JB | Apr 9 2023 16:14 utc | 16

Happy Easter to one and all, even if you don't believe!!

Posted by: DakotaRog | Apr 9 2023 16:29 utc | 17

Of course Hoppy easter:) Going on an egghunt at the Baptist rock and roll jesus church later this afternoon. Careful B liveload will be calling you an ape and dismissing your beliefs as hubris and ignorance like the good antihuman navel gazing clown it is.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 9 2023 17:07 utc | 18

Happy Easter!
Thanks to all of you for your much needed peacefullness!

Posted by: Baile | Apr 9 2023 17:09 utc | 19

Lovely Easter poem. Thanks for that.


Posted by: Tusky | Apr 9 2023 22:19 utc | 20

Happy Easter Bernhard!

I hope you got to spend some quality time with family today.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 9 2023 23:28 utc | 21

Happy Easter everyone! it's a glorious day here today, i hope everyone is enjoying it, sending love.

Posted by: annie | Apr 10 2023 0:20 utc | 22

Happy Easter to one and all. May there be peace on earth.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Apr 10 2023 2:17 utc | 23

Happy Easter all (and Ramadan and Passover and any early hints of spring!) :)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Apr 10 2023 7:03 utc | 24

I bind myself to…..

His bursting from the spiced.tomb.

St Patrick

Posted by: paddy | Apr 10 2023 15:18 utc | 25

I appreciate this yearly tradition of yours.

Posted by: Jonathan W | Apr 10 2023 18:24 utc | 26

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