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April 18, 2023

China Brings Peace To Yemen, Syria And ... Palestine?

Peace is breaking out in the Middle East and the U.S. is pushed aside by more friendly actors.

On March 10 the world was surprised with a China mediated deal that restored ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran:

There are winners and losers in this.

The winners are:

  • Iran, which will now be even more able to break through the sanctions wall the U.S. has put up around it.
  • Saudi Arabia, which now will likely be able to end its disastrous and costly war on Yemen.
  • China, for outplaying the U.S. State Department by achieving this.
  • Iraq, Syria, Yemen as they will become more peaceful as the two middle powers influencing policies on their grounds end their rivalry.

The losers are:

  • Israel, because the chances for its attempts to get the U.S. into a war with Iran are now diminished. Its hoped for coalition with the Saudis will not come into being.
  • The U.S. for having been outplayed on its traditional 'home grounds' in the Middle East.
  • Anti-Iran hawks everywhere.
  • The Emirates for losing at least some of the sanction busting trade with Iran to Saudi Arabia.
Reviving relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran will make a lot of new things possible.

That Iran and Saudi Arabia accepted China's mediation is a recognition of Beijing's new standing in world policies. That alone is enough reason for the White House to hate the deal.

I predicted that the U.S. and Israel would do their best to sabotage the deal or at least make its implementation difficult.

The U.S. sent CIA director Bill Burns to warn the Saudis off. However the deal has held so far and the Saudis are repairing their relations with countries against which they previously waged wars. Yesterday a senior Saudi official visited Sanaa and shook hands with Yemeni Houthi officials:

Saudi Arabia’s military intervention against the Shiite Houthis began in 2015. Bolstered by extensive American military and intelligence support, it came to include 25,000 air raids, according to a count by the Yemen Data Project. The years of fighting created one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises and resulted in the deaths of more than 377,000 Yemenis by the end of 2021 from both war and hunger, the United Nations calculates.

The Houthis have made Saudi Arabia and its coalition allies pay a high price for their failed bid to return to the capital the internationally recognized government after it was ousted by the Houthis. They have launched more than 1,000 missiles and 350 drones into Saudi territory, increasingly deeply since 2019, prompting Riyadh to search for a way out of its military quagmire.

The accelerated moves follow just weeks after a high-profile rapprochement brokered last month by China between rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran – both of which turned Yemen’s civil war into a proxy battleground to expand their regional influence.

Over the last week the Saudis and Houthi sides released prisoners of war. The U.S. has done its best to sabotage the deal:

In the wake of the China-backed détente, the Saudis have largely been willing to abandon their proxies in the interest of ending what has been a draining war. The U.S. responded with alarm, rushing diplomats to the region to insist that pressure continue being applied to the Houthi government in the hope of undermining the deal in the works. [Tim Lenderking, the U.S. envoy for Yemen,] rushed to Riyadh on April 11, as news broke of a peace deal, to remind Saudi leaders of the U.S. desire that they continue to back their proxies in the war.

Instead, the ceasefire talks appear to have become possible because of an agreement in principle that Saudi Arabia would abandon its puppet government, back down from the blockade, and — as the Houthis hoped — use its vast oil wealth to pay Yemeni civil servants.

A similar rapprochement is happening between Saudi Arabia and Syria. On April 12 the Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad visited Saudi Arabia:

The visit is the first by a Syrian foreign minister to Saudi Arabia since 2011, when the war in Syria began. Saudi Arabia supported the Syrian opposition, but ties have thawed in recent months.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has largely defeated the opposition with Russian and Iranian backing.

Over the past few months, there has been increasing engagement with al-Assad, who has been isolated since the start of the Syrian war.

Al-Assad has visited the UAE and Oman this year, and last month Saudi Arabia said it has started talks with Damascus about resuming consular services.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia will host a meeting of regional foreign ministers on Friday to discuss the return of Syria to the Arab League.

The Arab League re-entry will not happen for some time as Qatar, which supported the Muslim Brotherhood rebels against Syria, continues to be hostile to it.

The Saudis will never the less continue their plan. Today the Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan arrived in Damascus for a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad:

Saudi Arabia severed ties with Assad's government in 2012 and Riyadh had long openly championed Assad's ouster, backing Syrian rebels in earlier stages of the war.

Several other Arab countries also cut ties with Syria as some powers bet on Assad's demise.

But regional capitals have gradually been warming to Assad as he has clawed back most of the territory lost to rivals, with crucial backing from Russia and Iran.

As with Yemen the U.S. does not like this move. It will continue its effort to isolate Syria and its government. It is no by chance that today, Just as the Saudi foreign minister visits Damascus, the U.S. is revealing a looming indictment of high ranking Syrian officials:

The inquiry, which has not been previously reported, aims to bring to account top Syrian officials considered key architects of a ruthless system of detention and torture that has flourished under President Bashar al-Assad: Jamil Hassan, the head of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate when Ms. Shweikani disappeared, and Ali Mamlouk, then the head of Syria’s National Security Bureau intelligence service.

A federal indictment accusing the men of committing war crimes would be the first time that the United States has criminally charged top Syrian officials with the very human rights abuses that Mr. al-Assad has long denied using to silence dissent. Although the men are unlikely to be apprehended, a conviction would signal that the United States aims to hold the Syrian government responsible. Already, the United States has imposed sanctions on Mr. al-Assad and his inner circle, including Mr. Mamlouk and Mr. Hassan, over abuses like violence against civilians.
A potential indictment would “personalize the evil of this regime and make it clear you can’t do business with Assad,” said former Ambassador James F. Jeffrey, the Trump administration’s special representative for Syria engagement.

The move will be to no avail. The next country to patch it up with Syria will be Turkey. The Saudi clown prince Mohammad Bin Sultan has decided to develop Saudi Arabia into more than an oil producing country and pilgrimage enterprise. Peace is a prerequisite for development. Good relations with Iran and its various friends in the region will also keep Saudi Arabia out of a potential conflict between Iran and Israel.

There China may also be helpful. It has just offered to facilitate Israel-Palestinian peace talks:

In separate phone calls to the two officials on Monday, [China’s foreign minister] Qin Gang expressed China’s concern over intensifying tensions between Israel and Palestinians and its support for a resumption of peace talks, the Foreign Ministry said in statements issued late Monday.

Qin stressed in his talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen that Saudi Arabia and Iran have set a good example of overcoming differences through dialogue, a statement about that phone call said.

He told Cohen that Beijing encourages Israel and the Palestinians to show political courage and take steps to resume peace talks. “China is willing to provide convenience for this,” he was quoted as saying.

This is another area where the U.S. has previously held, as in Saudi Arabia, an exclusive role.

China, with the support of Russia, is wrestling the U.S. of that role bit by bit. It can do this because it is perceived as neutral and shows no interest in any aggression.

It is the opposite of how the U.S. is perceived in the region. The Chinese way of doing these things makes it likely that these efforts will have better and longer lasting outcomes.

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this was absolutely apparent from those significant developments and represents the absolute defeat of hegemony.

Posted by: Not Ewe | Apr 18 2023 16:33 utc | 1

How many Zionists are members of the Chinese Communist Party?

Posted by: too scents | Apr 18 2023 16:43 utc | 2

Thanks b. Can you check the spelling for crown?

Posted by: Dansk | Apr 18 2023 16:48 utc | 3

re: on China successes -- "It is the opposite of how the U.S. is perceived in the region."

Unfortunately under a new president Philippines has swung the other way, so the US now has another ally in the region to go with Japan, South Korea, Australia and (to a slight extent) India. China does remain firm with Asian countries -- trade is up 34% for one thing. Trade will eventually win over aggression, but the US currently still wields a big stick toward the US occupied countries (and now Philippines again) and toward the US puppet Australia, in regards to renegade province Taiwan mainly.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 18 2023 16:52 utc | 4

Yeah, you're right. The ME situation is getting more and more significant. The big issue is the growing split between Saudi and the US. Quite why MbS has decided he doesn't need the US so much any more, I am not clear. It was always the rule that SA stood shoulder to shoulder with the US, so that the US would defend it, and Saudi oil maintained the petrodollar. But now they're not bothered about sticking with the US.
Everything else derives from that split. Saudi-Iran warming only comes from a change of Saudi policy; the Saudi regime naturally hate Iran, because of the Shi'a sitting on the Saudi oil-fields. What is making the Saudis forget that?
I agree the US position in the Middle East looks to be on a downward slide (and thus also Israel's position). The US can't fight the Chinese and Russia, and keep up the focus of the 20 years on the Middle East.
"Saudi Arabia, which now will likely be able to end its disastrous and costly war on Yemen."
I doubt that the US was driving the Yemen war; it was more Saudi Sunni hatred of the Shi'a Houthis. Not even a proxy war with Iran, as in fact Iran gave the Houthis very little help. It was the Houthis on their own.

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 16:58 utc | 5

An alternate headline would read: Saudi's Refuse to Continue as Outlaw US Empire Proxies; Will Now Seek Peace & Security in Persian Gulf Region. I linked to this The Cradle article twp days ago on the Week in Review thread that provides excellent inside info, "Echoes of Taif: Syria and Saudi Arabia reconcile". The outlet also published this excellent news a few hours ago, "GCC rivalry nears its end as Qatar ready to restore ties with UAE". And it also provides a report on the speech by Iranian PM Raisi on Iran's National Army Day, "Raisi warns Washington ‘leave West Asia as soon as possible’".

A Full Court Press is being waged against the Outlaw US Empire's continuing presence in the Persian Gulf Region as it becomes clearer almost on a daily basis that the very similar Iranian and Russian Peace and Security Proposals are being pushed hard by China and that the region's previous Imperial proxies are seeing the light that and determining being such vassals isn'rt at all in their best interests.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 17:02 utc | 6

And the constant U.S. bashing of China continues ...

'Secret Chinese Police Stations' is a popular meme. Like all propaganda, the story is designed to trigger an emotional reaction but it's a fake story.

The indictment accuses two people of acting as agents of the CCP without registering themselves as such, but it's NOT a police station. They never detained anyone and no weapons were found. At best you could call it a spy station, as they claim that the CCP used it to get the names and locations of dissidents, but again, no dissidents were ever apprehended or detaine.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 18 2023 17:04 utc | 7

What's also (not) surprising is that the U.N. (or Guteres for that matter) was/is totally irrelevant.

Posted by: xor | Apr 18 2023 17:06 utc | 8

Obama created isis, as proxies to sunder syria as usa sundered afghanistan, and iraq!

h w bush created Al qaeda as proxies to beard the russian bear in afghanistan

Clinton tore apart serbia.

Biden wants to do it to russia

bin salmon see evil and turn away.

Posted by: paddy | Apr 18 2023 17:09 utc | 9

The best hope for a lasting and secure Jewish State remains in the Likud finally accepting U.N. resolution 181. UNR 181 describes the only internationally recognized boundries between the Jewish and Arab states.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 18 2023 17:17 utc | 10

The US wants to make money off war in the middle east, China prefers to make money off peace.
Different business model.

Posted by: ian | Apr 18 2023 17:18 utc | 11

"arranging peace with palestine would be anti semitic"
- probably some neocon

Posted by: leaf | Apr 18 2023 17:29 utc | 12

A us diplomatic convoy was shot up by the RSF (who blew up Egyptian warplanes) in sudan.

Another fire starts when one goes out and because the US is under direct fire I'm guessing Sudanese patriots are fighting to keep the US out of a "democratic transition"

Question is, did the US even start that fire?!?!?

Posted by: Neofeudalfuture | Apr 18 2023 17:29 utc | 13

The best hope for a lasting and secure Jewish State remains in the Likud finally accepting U.N. resolution 181.

Posted by: Exile | Apr 18 2023 17:17 utc | 10

That's not right. You haven't read Avi Shlaim's The Iron Wall. That shows clearly that it's impossible for Israel to make peace. They've led a war policy since 1948. They can't change now. It's a matter of Live by the sword, Die by the sword.

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 17:32 utc | 14

thanks b...

it's nice that saudi arabia don't want to be puppets of usa foreign policy objectives any more.. that is refreshing..

the joke about the usa with its looming indictment - to “personalize the evil of this regime" would be better served if they did the indictment on bush 2 with blair, but we know that ain't gonna happen.. the evil of the usa-uk duo is glaringly obvious for anyone to see.. all the rest is obfuscation and distraction..

maybe israel will have to find a way to give back the land they have stolen... i can't see it, but all things are possible when big brother usa has its hands full elsewhere... finding peace in israel is highly unlikely.. peace is anti-semitic right??

Posted by: james | Apr 18 2023 17:35 utc | 15

It would seem that there is a common denominator in nearly all global conflicts, and I think Columbus has a lot to answer for with his discovery.

Posted by: Pancho Plail | Apr 18 2023 17:35 utc | 16

Who is driving Sudan war?
What was UN envy to Sudan role in triggering the war?

Posted by: Arata | Apr 18 2023 17:35 utc | 17

laguerre @5--

IMO, the Saud/US "pact" was seen as a better deal than with the UK at WW2's end. The Sauds were then enlisted in the Anti-Communist Crusade convincing the King that Russia would oust him on ideological grounds. The weaponization of Islam began by the UK was continued by the US which also seemingly benefited the Sauds and their Gulf cousins. Getting the Sauds to abandon the Palestinians was almost a success, but that is now a failure with MbS at the helm. IMO, the final straw was administered over time via a shrewd educational campaign by Russia and China aimed at prying open Saudi eyes at their past, present and future situation within the Big Picture where attaining peace and thus security was the only pathway for the success of MbS's development plans. The Outlaw US Empire's continuous demand that it act as its war making proxy that ignores Saudi interests and the fact that US military systems were unable to defend vital Saudi interests combined with the final straw to break the "pact." Other factors like the Empire's escalating hegemonic behavior and plundering plus its crazed Woke and Cancel Culture also played a role.

The Iranians having reestablished good relations with GCC are now becoming more forceful in their demands as they can now claim to be talking for the entire region when addressing the Zionists and their Master.

There are more news items at The Cradle germane to this topic I didn't list above.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 17:37 utc | 18

Quite why MbS has decided he doesn't need the US so much any more, I am not clear. It was always the rule that SA stood shoulder to shoulder with the US, so that the US would defend it, and Saudi oil maintained the petrodollar. But now they're not bothered about sticking with the US.

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 16:58 utc | 5

My guess is that the increasing weaponisation of the US$ has served as a wake-up call for all those nations that have conventionally held their wealth in US$ denominations. I can quite believe there was some internal consternation among the oil-rich Arabian peninsula states at the action taken over Russian-held US$ assets, with many asking themselves “Could we be next? Should we get out of the dollar while the getting is good?”

Posted by: West of England Andy | Apr 18 2023 17:38 utc | 19

I think there is a big thing coming. It's possible that Israel and USA will attack Iran, and Saudi-Arabia wants to avoid direct attacks.

Posted by: Mehmet | Apr 18 2023 17:39 utc | 20

hope for a lasting and secure Jewish State
@ Exile | Apr 18 2023 17:17 utc | 10


The foundation of Jewish culture is that its people are a diaspora. Through the millennia their state has only briefly existed as a temporary anomaly.

History does not bode well for a lasting Jewish State.

Posted by: too scents | Apr 18 2023 17:41 utc | 21

Thanks for this comprehensive roundup, b. The loveliest aspect of these products of Chinese Diplomcy is that China has delivered a fresh batch of "Alternative Facts" for the White House, and its cavalcade of spokesperson/ spin doctors, to chew on at their leisure.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 18 2023 17:43 utc | 22

Russia is the new enforcer (a fair one, unlike the US). The US/Saudi connection was always going to end one day: all the heat on/over 9/11 has been hard to hold at bay. China might be fronting this Russian power. That is, informing everyone that if they f-up that Russia will be able to strike them anywhere and that isn't in anyone's best interest. Folks in the ME clearly see that Russia is dismantling NATO and US military dominance. China steps in as an "independent" mediator (as close to it as has existed in perhaps ever). But as with all "agreements" there has to be some sense of enforcement lurking in order to keep people to their word: Russia.

Israel shouldn't irritate Russia lest it's project be curtailed. The Russia+China duo will finally bring relief to the Palestinians; how this will be we will have to wait to see (but it won't be a long wait).

Posted by: Seer | Apr 18 2023 17:45 utc | 23

IMO, the Saud/US "pact" was seen as a better deal than with the UK at WW2's end.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 17:37 utc | 18

Sorry, no. The Brits were never close with the Saudis. The Brits supported the Hashemites (Sharif of Mecca), and the Gulf states, the opposition to Saudi. The decisive event was when Standard Oil took out an oil prospecting contract and started drilling in 1937. Ever after it was the Saudi-US relationship that counted. But not now. That's why it's so amazing.

I wonder now whether Biden or his people told MbS there were limits to the US investment in defence of Saudi, and MbS felt he had no choice but to look wider for allies. with the present consequences.

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 17:50 utc | 24

All too often, so many conflicts and sufferings only get appraised from the interests of the belligerents. Although I'd rather not believe this to be true of our chief parfy's sympathiies, the listings under "The winners are:" comes close to it.
How come he does not list the populace of Yemen as one of the winners -- or at least the beneficiaries -- of the signs of an agreements that may end the war?
Also, at least eight million Palestinian Arabs, among those two millions inside of Zionist direct control. and i surmise also a lot of Izraëli Jews could be counted as having been spared lots of aggravation due to the now new detente.

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Apr 18 2023 17:51 utc | 25

I wonder what an Israel-Palestinian deal would look like. I suspect that at the very best, it might involve some sort of easing of the occupation of the West Bank, and perhaps Gaza. Nothing there for the Palestinians of '48: the Zionist abomination would be treated as legitimate and would remain implanted in most of Palestine. Can't see that that's the way forward.

Posted by: traducteur | Apr 18 2023 17:51 utc | 26

I wonder if there is something that went down behind the scenes that caused SA to flip, such as a botched regime change operation which the Saudis foiled. A lot of removals in recent years due to “corruption”, including some military roles.

Posted by: BillB | Apr 18 2023 17:52 utc | 27

i love all this peace breaking out.

ian #11 The US wants to make money off war in the middle east, China prefers to make money off peace.
Different business model.


Posted by: annie | Apr 18 2023 17:55 utc | 28

"hief parfy's sympathiies"
"chief parfly's sympathies"
(sorry for mis-spellings!)

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Apr 18 2023 18:01 utc | 29

I think there is a big thing coming. It's possible that Israel and USA will attack Iran, and Saudi-Arabia wants to avoid direct attacks.

Posted by: Mehmet | Apr 18 2023 17:39 utc | 20

Iran has too many friends with real Nukes and "Israel's" nukes are all imaginary. It's going to be fun counting the excuses the Yankees come up with for refusing to help "Israel" to attack Iran.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 18 2023 18:02 utc | 30

Even the defeats are deteriorating. Not even an embassy for the final escape from Syria. :-(

Posted by: MorePain4Cakes | Apr 18 2023 18:03 utc | 31

Burkina Faso is undergoing a general mobilisation to fight ISIL after an attack on their soldiers.

Posted by: OohCanada | Apr 18 2023 18:08 utc | 32

Another reason for SA to shift away from the US has to do with the USD's decline. The break that Russia made is the trigger. Russia pushed the energy markets such that producers will increasingly move away from the USD. Energy is REAL. USD is totally virtual. Resources are becoming more scarce thus should be worth more: and at the same time the USD is becoming more abundant [insert printer sounds here].

Posted by: Seer | Apr 18 2023 18:11 utc | 33

It is well established that the CIA has used Syria as a black site for illegal renditions and torture. Thus any discussion of human rights abuses should include this fact. If Syrians are being prosecuted then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Posted by: Goober | Apr 18 2023 18:15 utc | 34

Also the attempt to dictate the price of oil. It's like as with any merchant with a stall at the market; once the owner of the market starts disrupting your business, dictating terms, you go elsewhere. Especially if you're selling goods that are in high demand, which energy is.

Posted by: Skiffer | Apr 18 2023 18:16 utc | 35

" a ruthless system of detention and torture "

Sorry, that was his daddy Assad. And CIA had no qualms to use it for own captives. Now there is Guantanamo.

Posted by: MorePain4Cakes | Apr 18 2023 18:17 utc | 36

All these very welcome developments are a glimpse of what the world can be like. If just common sense prevails with the actors of these processes, they will not be stopped regardless of meddling and obstacles.
Certainly, the solution to the Israel - Palestine gangrene would be the most important contribution to a progressive transformation of international life.

I just read the following piece which generally fits into this topic and will be of interest to all:

Posted by: JB | Apr 18 2023 18:20 utc | 37

The US wants to make money off war in the middle east, China prefers to make money off peace.
Different business model.

Posted by: ian | Apr 18 2023 17:18 utc | 11

Because peace doesn't open the option for the narcotics peddling, bioattacks a la covid+pfizer, debt traps, mass poisoning and habitat destruction a la monsanto, child trafficking, organ harvesting, torture camps and tunnels and ritual bloodletting and slaughter that usa and particularly israel need.

I tend to think that usa by itself would likely be content with financial and military domination—it's the other partner (or rather, the master of the usa-golem) that brings the satanism, nihilism and depraved bloodthirst.

Posted by: Mike | Apr 18 2023 18:20 utc | 38

Terrific news, b! Thanks for this (as always) excellent article.

Blessed are the peacemakers!
(And to hell with the hegemonsters.)

Posted by: JMF | Apr 18 2023 18:22 utc | 39

“by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Apr 18 2023 17:51 utc | 25”

B specifically mentioned Yemen as a winner by being more peaceful, which includes the ordinary people of Yemen. The list of winners he quoted is from before the current event of China offering help facilitate Palestinian peace talks, and therefore wouldn’t have included them.

The list of losers should include the most obvious, the U,S. war industry (euphemistically and dishonestly called ‘defense’ industry), which will lose sales to countries that will no longer need to buy weapons to kill enemies created by the U.S.

And speaking of which, the deadliest war in 2022 was... not Ukraine?? What? Wait, where the heck is Ethiopia, and what was going on there, and why did I hear absolutely nothing about it either in U.S. news or even here?

Posted by: Dalit | Apr 18 2023 18:27 utc | 40

The Saudi clown prince Mohammad Bin Sultan
Ok.... I thought the Sultan was in Turkey, but we learn new things every day.

Posted by: Norwegian | Apr 18 2023 18:35 utc | 41

laguerre | Apr 18 2023 17:50 utc | 24--

I wonder now whether Biden or his people told MbS there were limits to the US investment in defence of Saudi, and MbS felt he had no choice but to look wider for allies. with the present consequences.

As I opined, it's a compilation of many considerations, while also being "schooled" by Russia and China. Perhaps the major consideration was the fact that to continue its global hegemony the Outlaw US Empire must continually engage in warfare of some sort--hybrid, actual or both--which for its region also means continual warfare and no peace. And no peace means no attainment of Saudi development plans and possible catastrophe. What's the choice for the wise ruler given current and likely future realities?

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 18:56 utc | 42

According to the veteran Eritrea based correspondent, Thomas Mountain its another CIA aggression

Posted by: bevin | Apr 18 2023 19:00 utc | 43

Nobody can trust the United States.
It is impossible for anyone ever to trust someone intent on total domination.
And that is as true of states as it is of individuals.
The United States is, indeed, 'agreement incapable', as Lavrov noted. Any state bent on hegemony cannot commit itself to abide by agreements made with its 'inferiors'.
In the case of Saudi Arabia the blowback from the Adnan Khashoggi killing has been a key factor. Khashoggi was a CIA asset, his employers initial reaction to his killing was irrational and racist.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 18 2023 19:07 utc | 44

For those unclear why MBS is doing what he is doing watch this. It will clear up a lot of things that just didn't quite make sense in the past.

Part 1

Part 2

Posted by: Tom_12 | Apr 18 2023 19:08 utc | 45

Something that Eric Newhill, Scorpion, et ilk will likely want to discredit is the indisputable fact that both Russia and China have kindly supported their ethnic ("indigenous") minorities, economically, culturally, and biologically. "Indigenous" is in quotes, there, because neither China nor Russia considers such peoples as exotic; in both cases, such peoples have been absorbed into the cultural/political milieu as fully-fledged equals deserving of full political rights.

Israel, however, has followed the US (and Nazi) pattern of systematic obliteration of its own indigenous peoples.

The prospect of China now exerting its own geopolitical influence to push Israel to accept human rights on UN terms once established by long-abandoned US aspirations is both hopeful and--for the collective West--entirely undermining of all prospective futures.

I, for one, am glad that China is attempting to teach the Israelis how to cohabitate with their geopolitical partners.

Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Apr 18 2023 19:13 utc | 46

Quite why MbS has decided he doesn't need the US so much any more, I am not clear.

Well, Biden calling KSA a "Pariah State" after the Khashoggi affair probably didn't help. But, much of the animus the ROW has toward the Empire is the zombie Biden himself. Guy has always been a dimwitted, heavy handed prick going back to his days in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and these ME regimes remember the thuggish way he comported himself then and as Obama's VP. The unraveling of the hegemony probably would have occurred faster after the Bush/Cheney/Wolfowicz reign of terror had not Obama been an iconic figure in the ROW and Trump offered a "business first, weapons second" type of foreign policy (scuttered by subversives in his Admin). But, when Biden was crowbarred into the Oval Office and all the NeoCon/Lib cockroaches started their usual mafia antics sans the Obama imprimatur ... all bets were off. Biden and his Neocon/Lib extortion goons are disrespected and hated everywhere outside the quickly deteriorating "West". As an American ... I know what's coming to us and I am accepting and will be agile for me and mine.

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 19:13 utc | 47

And speaking of which, the deadliest war in 2022 was... not Ukraine?? What? Wait, where the heck is Ethiopia, and what was going on there, and why did I hear absolutely nothing about it either in U.S. news or even here?
Posted by: Dalit | Apr 18 2023 18:27 utc | 40

One of the reasons to watch the daily "Redacted" shows on YT. Clayton and Natali care about that War and also the dismal American shit going down in Syria and Haiti. Well, around the World.

The dirty little secret? The evil people waging coups, insurrections, War, death, misery, grief and propaganda on every population around the World are the same who are waging the same in EVERY pocket of American empowering institutions of lawful order, education, religion and Press. It's the Neocon elites (largely another name for entrenched non-religious Jews - sorry) against Humanity. We're all at risk from these demons.

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 19:31 utc | 48

@ Pacifica_Advocate | Apr 18 2023 19:13 utc | 46

Israel, however, has followed the US (and Nazi) pattern of systematic obliteration of its own indigenous peoples.

It is a bit ugly to call Palestinians indigenous, but I get the point.

Not to excuse anybody, but actually, the second wave of Israeli immigrants predominantly from Algiers, Morocco, and Ukraine brought the violence and terror upon Palestinians. The first wave was rather intellectual, post-war traumatised and pretty much non-aggressive “volk” being pretty happy with what they got.

Ukrainian Jews from Odesa smuggled massive amount of weapons to Zionist terrorists way back then, triggering English withdrawal and a demise of friendly Muslim-Arab and Christian-Arab neighbours.

It would be very smart for Israelis to start quickly making friends around the Middle East, as without American backing they might be in very big trouble, not being able to handle it.
With American backing, they are just in trouble that they can handle.

Posted by: whirlX | Apr 18 2023 19:41 utc | 49

Yemen has more hydrocarbon deposits underfoot than central *(aka: Saudi) Arabia.

The war on Yemen is to a large extent about the hydrocarbon deposits.

The "Global South" will never get out from under the "West" until they come up with a COMMODITY based money system. NO "CURRENCIES" OF ANY SORT, and in addition to that, they must "quote prices" in the commodity based money and NOT in any national currency susceptible to Government or Bankster control.

Gold is a commodity. So is silver, rice, oil, and anything you can put your finger on. The new money may be a "basket" of commodities, but NO CURRENCIES.

Posted by: Hot Carl | Apr 18 2023 19:46 utc | 50

To piggyback off Drake S.

Concur with your discourse. Well stated. The Obama imprimatur was a fraud, of course. But it did provide a cover of sorts - somewhat like a urinal cake.

To add to what others have written about US Warmongering and general shite stirring everywhere.

The chaos created provides a cover for looting which is part and parcel, conceptually.

Posted by: Chaka Khagan | Apr 18 2023 19:57 utc | 51

" why MbS has decided he doesn't need the US so much anymore, I am not clear."
1. Confiscation of Russia's Western Bank accounts by (U.S.) Rules "based" edict. Now the U.S. can arbitrarily take any country's bank accounts. "Just watch me" says mediocre, installed President Little Boots.
2. Despite U.S. rendition or direct killing of anyone on the planet without trial, the fuss made about MBS killing Khashoggi was more than Saudi logic could bear.
Now the pendulum has swung back. American Divide and Conquer policy is now devouring the U.S. internally, and foreign countries are seeing how they have been manipulated and encouraged to hate and fight their neighbors, instead of finding compromise and common ground.
Taiwan should make a deal with China before the U.S. glasses the island "for their own good."

Posted by: kupkee | Apr 18 2023 19:59 utc | 52

Hot Rod @ 50

And that's it exactly!

As to the Saudis worrying about protection... I have already provided that answer: Russia (who else can handle anyone else, including the US? so, US is going to threaten SA and then? and note that Russia has set a firm road around sanctioning powers of the US/West)

Posted by: Seer | Apr 18 2023 20:02 utc | 53

Grr, sorry, "Hot Carl" not "Hot Rod" (my mind wondered before my fingers knew where it went!)

Posted by: Seer | Apr 18 2023 20:03 utc | 54

The US won't like this either:

"UK should not ‘pull the shutters down’ on China, says James Cleverly"

"Exclusive: British foreign secretary says failing to engage ‘closely and regularly’ with Beijing would be ‘really counterproductive’"

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Apr 18 2023 20:07 utc | 55

Well there will be no USA peace in Urkaina

The USA are nnot making peace, not in any of their military conflicts have they made a peace agreement. They have sabotaged them all.

WW2: Japan hade to continue figthing against RU, was not allowed to make peace.
No GER- US peace agreement after WW2.
Stalin suggested in 52 to merge East and West Germany. USA said NO.
And so it goes- if they have been an active (and visible) part of the war: vietnam, libya, iran, afgan and the rest.

Proxy wars have also been extended.

They will leave UKR without peace.

But it looks like they will use the leaks to blackened UKR. IF we the USA new what is now clear because of the leaks, we would not be able to support you for so long.

And a fragmented Europe, will have to step up to a problem we cant handle.
Austerity will spread, Nazism will grow in Germany, Italy and so on and there you go.

New wars will come.

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Apr 18 2023 20:09 utc | 56

A bridge too far. Many bridges too far.

Stealing Russia's Dollar accounts.

Destroying Nordstream Pipeline.

Kindergarten-level cover stories.

Blatant hypocrisy. Finger pointing. Holier than thou. Habitually talking down to others.

The Epstein Maxwell Caper. The Jimmy Savile Caper.

The lack of accounting for trillions.

The clever synthesis of the FIRE sector, Collateral Debt Obligations for trade, crooked Wall Street, generally.

The Demand, Clearly Stated that nothing other than "Full Spectrum Dominance" is acceptable to the mighty USA.

Never recalled, has it now "transitioned" to become Full Rectum Dominance?

Posted by: Chaka Khagan | Apr 18 2023 20:11 utc | 57

Thanks to all those who've given reasons why the US has pissed Saudi off. But you do understand this is a deep policy, which started in 1937 and has lasted without interruption till today. No Saudi ruler is going to change that policy because he's a bit annoyed. The indication by the Biden regime has to have been pretty clear to drive a different direction from SA.

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 20:17 utc | 58

Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Apr 18 2023 19:13 utc

I am curious about the true situation regarding the Uighurs. Because, much of the angst around overnight abandoning Bagram AFB amongst the disgraceful Biden pullout from Afghanistan was the abandoned incapacity to monitor (provoke) those ethnic and religious tensions in that region. Are things as "bad" for that Chinese ethnic minority- i.e. Muslim slave camps making Nike Air Jordans for American Urban terrorists lol - in Xinjiang as we have been sold?

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 20:18 utc | 59

Drake Schroeder @ 59

Uighurs that aren't radicalized are fine in China. If they're radicalized (which the US has helped promote) then the Chinese govt will look to "re-educate" them: far more humane than what the US does/would do.

Posted by: Seer | Apr 18 2023 20:26 utc | 60

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 20:18 utc | 59

From what I understand Xinjiang is not a closed territory, and you can go to visit for your holidays. There are a lot of videos of visits on Youtube, many looking like Chinese-financed, though fronted by Western travellers.

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 20:28 utc | 61

One of the minor-but they all add up-problems for the US is that it has been excluding "Arabists" from top level Foreign Poliocy discussions for twenty years or so now.
Its window, and listening post on the region is Israel. Its policy makers are Zionist neo-cons.

Underlying their attitudes is that oldest of American intellectual traditions: blind, insane racism.

After a while, a century or so, it grates as those at the receiving end- smiling philosophically, one encounter after another, come to understand that it isn't a passing phase, that fades with familiarity, or a generational thing that passes over time. On the contrary Arabaphobia is constantly refreshed by Zionists, for whom hatred of real semites is the foundation of all policy.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 18 2023 20:32 utc | 62

ian #11

The US wants to make money of war, China prefers to make money off peace.
Different business model.

Fantastic said.

- and this is also the problem in the US versus RU. RU and CH are making weapons that actually works. No profit.
The private weapons-producers in US complicate, delays all their weapon system to make money.
There was a movie about the development of the Bradley. Every weapon- system under development has been fucked by the developers.

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Apr 18 2023 20:36 utc | 63

On October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man from Mesquite, Nevada, is alleged to have opened fire on the crowd at a concert.

MBS and Family were in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017. MBS was in the same hotel as Paddock who was murdered on the 32nd floor. MBS was some 4-5 floor above !!!

On Nov. 4, 2017 nearly 400 of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful people, among them princes, tycoons and ministers, were rounded up and detained in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, in what became the biggest and most contentious purge in the modern kingdom’s history.

On 2 October 2018, Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident journalist (he was not) was dissected in the SA embassy in Turkey

Khashoggi was not a journalist. From Wiki we can learn,
"He also served with the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Agency, and possibly worked with the United States, during the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan.[30]"

To slice and dice someone and then record it, someone must have done something very very bad to get such treatment. What is it that Khashoggi did that prompted MBS to met out such treatment exactly 1 yr. later ?

More about this can be learned from the two YT links I posted above.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Apr 18 2023 20:41 utc | 64

"History does not bode well for a lasting Jewish State"
Posted by: too scents | Apr 18 2023 17:41 utc | 21

Do the anglosaxons have any wish to render it stable?
I suggest the answer is No!
And in any case it has been in the negative from the start.

The original purpose for that state was for Britain to have use for it as a bridgehead against France and Russia
And as the 19th century continued the purpose evolved into a means to control the financiers.

It is that simple. It was all about enforcing lojalty to the empire from the financiers and thus denying them to be neutral investors according to market economical principles.

A stable nation state was therefore of less value for the colonial masters.
Churchill wanted to transfer an intensely patriotic race of 3 to 4 million.
'Intensely patriotic' may be translated to 'uncompromising'.
But it didnt happen because of any strong desire on the part of the jews.
And an important initial phase happened while Palmerston secretely had become the worlds leading freemason.
70 years before the Balfour declaration.
Thus that latter phase was not something the british elites were blackmailed to bring about but what they actually desired and had been planning for generations.

Posted by: petergrfstrm | Apr 18 2023 20:43 utc | 65

Posted by: Seer | Apr 18 2023 20:26 utc | 60

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 20:28 utc | 61


I am interested in seeing what that "element" in the evolving American provocation and trudge toward conflict and War with China will become. I guess there are too many powerful American political commercial "interests" there to transition away from the Taiwan liberation fraud for our craven War Masters.

Nothing good is happening in DC right now. Not a fucking thing.

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 20:49 utc | 66

The following fits within the main theme b has introduced this week and is Hudson's remarks at the beginning of the latest Geopolitical Economic Hour Show:

MICHAEL HUDSON: The important point is that once you break away from the West, what are you going to break to?

And while you were in Russia talking about how they wanted something new, the whole West was in a turmoil. We’re really at a turning point of a civilization, probably the biggest turning point since World War I.

Where, in order to not follow the West, there has to be a whole new set of institutions that are non-Western. A new kind of International Monetary Fund (IMF), meaning some kind of a means of financing trade and investment among the non-Western countries.

Some kind of a new World Bank. Well so far we have the Belt and Road Initiative for a new kind of investment.

And what we’re really talking about, since a theme of our talk all along has been Biden saying that this split is going to go on for twenty years, we’re really talking about the split between Western finance capitalism and the global majority moving towards socialism. [My Emphasis]

China's three initiative proposals all imply the need for those new institutions if the current ones are beyond reforming. There are also developments that aren't exactly institutions but require them to be made, like peace and security pacts. IMO, the main goal of what Russia and China have recently proposed are the creation of new international pathways that circumvent the Outlaw US Empire's choke points that enable its illegal sanctions to function and thus create the space for nations to exercise their sovereignty. Perhaps the most significant way the Empire makes a mockery of itself that alienates most nations is its declaration that negotiations to end the Ukraine crisis cannot be held, just as it's also opposing the peace talks between Houthis and Saudis, while demanding that all nations conform to its rules. The distinction is very visible for all to see: China promotes peace; the Empire promotes war.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 20:50 utc | 67

The Xinjiang issue is another boarder disruption by the US. This is where the belt and Road show takes off the US hates the thought of rails moving goods benefiting everyone in Asia. Kashgar from the 80s to now is crazy! It was a dirt poor area when I was there in 82. Dirt roads poor people it is now a vibrant city and a major connector to the rest of Asia. The US is vey good at making up BS and that is what it does. China is a vastly modern country every 10 years I go back and I am blown away each time. They treat their minorities far better than we treat ours! They have far less incarcerated as they do not rely on corporate prison labor.
Oh by the way Russia is also an amazing modern country.
Both have high quality healthcare, transportation, and vastly superior educational systems

Posted by: Susan | Apr 18 2023 20:55 utc | 68

The interesting here is de decay of democracy in the western world.
- Who would know that 360 Baerbock and the german greens would become the most pro- war party.Continue with coal- closing their Nuclear Powers in a time of energy crisis.
- Who would believe that Zelinsky who campaigned to bring peace in UKR would be a war- monger.
Who would believe that Sanna Marin would take Finland to Nato- without consulting the people. After 70 years of nutrality.

And the list goes on... Maja Sandu in Moldova is opening an US- military base in Moldova.

You voted for this- now own it!! says Martyanov. No they didn't. They are betrayed by their politicians, like you in the US.

Posted by: Paul from Norway | Apr 18 2023 20:58 utc | 69

@traducteur | 26

I wonder what an Israel-Palestinian deal would look like. I suspect that at the very best, it might involve some sort of easing of the occupation of the West Bank, and perhaps Gaza. Nothing there for the Palestinians of '48: the Zionist abomination would be treated as legitimate and would remain implanted in most of Palestine. Can't see that that's the way forward.

Jordon is the natural location of a Palestinian solution.

Beyond that, there is probably no solution that does not involve war and not any of these silly television wars where daily death counts are posted in the corner of the screen like football scores.

We are at a incredible point in history where the road forks and either path leads to something astounding.

Posted by: Dan Farrand | Apr 18 2023 21:14 utc | 70

what if everyone makes up with Syria and the US still won't leave?

Posted by: annie | Apr 18 2023 21:27 utc | 71

In continuing my pursuit of the Big Picture, here's another citation of Dr. Hudson from the article I linked @66 above:

MICHAEL HUDSON: You and I have been talking about this since Covid began in 2020, and it’s only right now that finally the IMF and the World Bank meetings are getting around to finding this out, three years too late.

They didn’t want to confront that finance capitalism has a problem. The debts ultimately cannot be paid. The debts mount up faster, especially on the Third World.

And the reason we discussed it and they didn’t was they didn’t want Africa and South America to deal with the problem. They wanted the problem just to go on and get worse and worse.

So now the IMF has published charts saying, “Wait a minute, most of the Third World countries are now in crisis.”

They are not attributing the crisis to the sanctions against Russian oil and food exports. They’re not attributing it to the increase in the dollar’s exchange rate by the Federal Reserve. They’re just blaming statism.

Well obviously, the one thing the characterizes the new global World Majority order is a mixed economy where other countries will do what China has done. They will make money and land, meaning housing, and employment into public rights and public utilities instead of commodifying them and privatizing them and financializing them as has occurred in the West.

So we’re really talking about, in order to move away from the dollar-NATO-sphere, we’re not really talking about just one national currency or another.

It’s not going to be a question of the Chinese yen and the Russian ruble and other currencies replacing the dollar. It’s a whole different economic system.

That’s the one thing that is not permitted in the mainstream media to discuss. They’re still on the “There Is No Alternative” Margaret Thatcher slogan, instead of talking about: What is the alternative going to be?

Because obviously things cannot last the way they are now. [My Emphasis]

Part of what we're seeing occur in West Asia is the formation of one aspect of the alternative that's essentially a prerequisite to implementing the sort of political-economy best suited to aid the Gulf region's economies and their peoples develop. You can bet the national debt that wherever the Empire has a military presence that unfortunate nation will be subjected to Neoliberal Parasitism until it ousts the Mafiosi's hitmen.

So, China's peace efforts (and those of other participants) are a precursor to the coming economic change in the Persian Gulf Region and beyond--it is a demonstration model for other regions experiencing troubles caused by Colonialism's hangovers.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 21:35 utc | 72

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 19:13 utc | 47

Drake, I'm so glad you found this bar.

Posted by: Mexicana | Apr 18 2023 21:38 utc | 73

On the issue of Israel/Palestine, there was an interesting piece from John Helmer

Vzglyad – “it’s Time For Russia To Change Its Position In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

The title of an op-ed piece by a Moscow academic, published this week in Vzglyad, bellwether of Russian security analysts, requires reading between the lines. Every Russian knows how to do this since the tsar’s chancellery posted bulletins outside the Winter Palace on how well the Russian Navy was doing in battles against the Japanese at Port Arthur in 1904.

Neither the gap nor the remedy has been the point of any communiqué issued from the regular meetings of the Kremlin Security Council, nor has it been discussed publicly in the state media, including the Valdai Club.

The Vzglyad headline refers to the one international conflict on which President Vladimir Putin has said so little since the start of his term, and done so much – this is Israel’s war against Palestine.

The gap was made visible once by the General Staff; that was in September 2018 after the Israel Air Force caused the shoot-down in Syria of a Russian Ilyushin-20M electronic reconnaissance aircraft (lead image), and the killing of all fifteen crewmen on board. At that time the Russian military expressed a loss of confidence which had not been seen in public since President Boris Yeltsin countermanded orders for Russian military aid to Serbia under NATO bombing between March and June 1999, dismissing Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov on the US demand.

Posted by: Clonal Antibody | Apr 18 2023 21:43 utc | 74

annie @70--

what if everyone makes up with Syria and the US still won't leave?

The Empire won't be able to support its forces as their logistical chains will be severed since "everyone" will agree to the requirement that Syria enjoy its territorial integrity: No help from Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, leaving only Occupied Palestine as a logistical source which is impractical. Such agreement will allow Syria to eject those forces if they don't retreat.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 18 2023 21:44 utc | 75

@Drake Schroeder, #47; #48:

Nice posts!!! I agree with your takes on Brandon as well as the American Institutions stirring shitty pots around the world for nefarious ends.

Brandon has been an obnoxious prick for as long as I've know this character (of course he ain't the only one as such; they are all over the places inside the Beltway), and I have followed American politics for 50+ years. That means Brandon is very American! He talks the pitbull talks, because he senses (correctly) that is exactly what American voters want to hear from their politicians, so as to enhance their own notions of America being different/exceptional. That's how all these a-holes within the Beltway get re-elected again and again, despite their obvious intellectual imbecility and gross incompetence in governance. He, also like his fellow Americans, take every advantage his office has to offer to benefit himself/family/cronies, hell with his actions may undermine his nation's global interests. He is obvious devoid of morality, as his fellow presidents/ex-presidents since Jimmy Carter was ousted at the polls in 1980. He is, as iconic as possible, the essence of the majority of his constituents. He made use of his political statue to instigate and facilitate wars at powder keg locations (Ukraine being the latest instance) around the world because those were what his constituents wanted. He is simply evil, just like his past 4 predecessors (I would exclude Reagan, who wasn't mentally alert enough to know what he did).

American institutions, all those alphabet entities, are simply populated with people, as you correctly characterize, "waging coups, insurrections, War, death, misery, grief and propaganda on every population around the World are the same who are waging the same in EVERY pocket of American empowering institutions of lawful order, education, religion and Press. It's the Neocon elites (largely another name for entrenched non-religious Jews - sorry) against Humanity. We're all at risk from these demons." These evil people had lots of successes during the past 40+ years.

However, 2022 seemed to a year of turning point. These weasels seem to be running into stonewalls now. Let them run at full speed! Let them bleed their noses in bumping these walls.

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Apr 18 2023 21:48 utc | 76

Actually, ifffff,
1)if China gets peace in these regions, and
2) if the US were to use this excuse as a wonderful gift and switch from guns to butter, as we said after WWII,
THEN this would also be a win for the US, if it could cut the bases, bring soldiers home, redirect materiel suppliers into general goods suppliers, ditch the MIC, and use the returning personnel to reduce or eliminate our labor shortage.
Dream on, huh?

Posted by: HelenB | Apr 18 2023 22:19 utc | 77

Posted by: paddy | Apr 18 2023 17:09 utc | 9

Al Qaeda had its beginnings in the Mujahedeen which started under Carter, though I'm not sure about his level of involvement or knowledge and then really took off under Reagan, a Cold Warrior Anti-Communist who by all means knew what was happening. H.W. Bush continued the process and Shrub took advantage, if not actively allowing an attack on American soil to do so. But the Saudis and Israelis were definitely involved as well.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Apr 18 2023 22:24 utc | 78

@59 Drake S.

There was an interview a couple of years ago by CBC Canada with a Canadian Journalist living in China. Daniel something or other. He was being baited by the CBC guy to get Daniel to admit the stories of Uighur attacks were true. They were not. Many businesses were hiring them although there was some trepidation because of all the attention and negative press by the US.

Posted by: safe | Apr 18 2023 22:29 utc | 79

Funny that I just posted a link and excerpts to this in the O/T.

Seems apropos to the conversation.

Excerpting bits that are more relevant here, we have:

ll the propaganda of moral superiority, of concern for human rights, are, as we will see, lies in their entirety. The US is not only not morally superior, but has the worst human rights record of all nations excepting one, in recent centuries. Americans have many tales – almost all false – of other nations committing wartime atrocities while their own government and military were committing far worse and heavily censoring the media to prevent that knowledge from escaping custody. Almost no Americans know of the vast massacres committed by their military in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Germany and Iraq. Human rights atrocities began from the first days of the white settlers landing in North America, and have never ceased. Ever since the US outsourced to other countries its human rights atrocities, it has boasted to the world of its moral righteousness in human rights leadership, but all was based on lies, deception and marketing. The world’s only “torture university” – the infamous School of the Americas, the decades of cruel and even savage atrocities inflicted on so many of the world’s nations, have been lost in the American propaganda of goodness.

The US heavily promotes its fictitious position as the world’s policeman, but it has never once acted in such a capacity. No nation has ever been protected or defended from anything by the US, but many dozens have instead been ravaged and destroyed by this same imaginary angel of mercy. Everything about the US protecting any part of the world, is an outright lie. American heads are filled with tales of American goodness rescuing these populations from tyranny, but the hundreds of US military interventions have been undertaken to beat down indigenous populations who were rebelling against American imperialism, poverty and death. The US Congressional Record lists these interventions as “protecting American interests” without providing details on precisely what interests were being protected, by what means this “protection” was being inflicted and, most importantly, why America had any “interests” in those nations in the first place.

The US government has not only lied about every war and foreign military intervention, but has most often created false-flag events to accompany the lies and create fictitious justifications for belligerent action. The American entry to World War One was promoted by perhaps the greatest woven tapestry of lies ever created, thanks to Lippman and Bernays, a project that involved literally millions of lies told over a period of years, sufficient to brainwash an entire population into hating an innocent country. The promotion of World War Two was not better in any respect. The Americans have done this since the destruction of the warship Maine in Cuba’s harbor more than a century ago, and have never ceased these enormous self-inflicted injuries. Lies used to justify more lies.

It is now well-known and not in dispute that US officials told more than 900 separate lies to justify the invasion and destruction of Iraq. The same is true with Libya, and with Syria today. The same is true of the destruction of Yugoslavia, another devastating military adventure based 100% on lies. All of the so-called “color revolutions” and other similar were not initiated to protect local populations from dictators but to punish unwilling nations for resisting the brutal American-style capitalism that was ravaging their shores. Ukraine, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and so many more nations have been under attack by the US government simply for resisting colonisation, but stillborn American minds believe they are God’s representatives pressuring “the bad guys”. Every part of American foreign policy and foreign involvement is covered with a carpet of lies, the media assisting in subversion and burying of the truths.

It would be useful to collect a catalogue of lies told by American presidents, Secretaries of State and other high officials, and publish these alongside the true facts. Consider this statement by George Bush made in 2003, just as his vast international kidnapping and torture regime was running at top speed: “The United States is committed to the world-wide elimination of torture and we are leading this fight by example. I call on all governments to join with the United States and the community of law-abiding nations in prohibiting, investigating, and prosecuting all acts of torture and in undertaking to prevent other cruel and unusual punishment. I call on all nations to speak out against torture in all its forms and to make ending torture an essential part of their diplomacy.” Name one president of any country that has told a greater lie than this one by George Bush.

The US government and its agencies boast to the world about their freedom of speech while condemning censorship in other nations, yet the US is probably the most heavily censored of all countries. The fact that the media are willing conspirators does not change the fact that all news and public content is heavily controlled and that 95% of what Americans “know” about their own nation and the world, is false. The US news media invariably present only one side of events that proselytise the current political agenda, leaving the American people hopelessly in the dark about the true facts. This is so true that one US columnist noted that only 4% of Americans have any awareness of the immense brutality perpetrated on the people of Palestine by the state of Israel for the past 70 years. American history books and other educational materials consist largely of historical myths, propaganda about the goodness of America, about the badness of other nations, lies about the foundation and entire history of America itself. Hollywood is one of the worst criminals in this regard, with virtually every movie containing historical content being little more than a twisted propaganda film, satisfying one ideology or another while totally misleading Americans on the truths of their own nation. Stephen Spielberg’s recent ‘Lincoln’ movie is one such example, but there are hundreds of others.

The US, the one nation in the world stridently claiming an absolute freedom from propaganda, brainwashing and censorship, is in fact and reality the nation most overwhelmed with precisely these attributes. We will see irrefutable evidence that American schoolchildren are exposed to extensive indoctrination virtually from birth in terms of politics, capitalism, consumerism, patriotism, moral superiority, American exceptionalism and so much more. We will see that this indoctrination and brainwashing are so extensive that the American view of itself and its place in the world bear almost no comparison to reality, to the extent that this vast gulf between beliefs and reality constitutes a national mental illness. Given the enormous cognitive dissonance in America today, one can conclude only that Americans are the most deluded people on earth.

And in the end, this is the reason the US Department of Homeland Security has built its 800 detention centers and purchased its three billion bullets, the same reason that many (Western) columnists are openly suggesting that the rampant abuse of power, the entrenched corruption and feeding from the public trough, the persistent plundering and terrorising of nations with civilian casualties in the millions, “has become so widespread, so deeply entrenched and so increasingly bold, that the only possible remedy is a revolution”. American and European columnists are becoming increasingly vocal in actually recommending another American revolution, convinced that only a popular uprising of the population acting in concert would have the power to reverse this tide. Until then, America, unlike almost every other nation in the world, will continue to be a nation built on lies.

I recommend the whole series, most of which can be found at Larry Romanoff's blog which bears a very similar name to this place.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Apr 18 2023 22:35 utc | 80

Now would be the perfect time for Turkey to see the light and finally get out from under the jack boot of Americas threats and intimidation.
Erodigan would certainly have a lot of support and encoragment. The economics and resulting peace would be a win win for all but the US right now.

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 18 2023 22:54 utc | 81

The Arab League re-entry will not happen for some time as Qatar, which supported the Muslim Brotherhood rebels against Syria, continues to be hostile to it.

Does re-admission require a unanimous vote giving Qatar an effective veto? If not Qatar doesn't seem to command a large block in the Arab League with its main ally being non-Arab Turkiye.

Posted by: S.P. Korolev | Apr 18 2023 22:57 utc | 82

Oops; there goes the policy of Securing the Realm ( sowing chaos in the Mid-east) and now what will happen to the 'thorn in the side of Arab unity"?

Posted by: TMartin | Apr 18 2023 23:02 utc | 83

Oriental voice @75

I used to see the us as Meth lab masquerading as a country. Recent events have caused a re evaluation.

The us is a death cult masquerading as a country. The meth is just to get normies to do death cult shit.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 18 2023 23:35 utc | 84

Where angels dare to tread. THe CIA used dictators and stooges across the world to torture Muslims and non-Muslims for its own political and colonial interests. The Zionist's purpose was not to gain information, but to create hardened militants.

At the same time in Western countries the Zionists continually reversed and cancelled Christian mores until the backbone of society is broken , leaving " woke ".

The zionists then let the dogs see the rabbits, the hardened militants see the wokes. When the Zionists were defeated in Syria by Russia, they brought forward Plan B, to attack Russia using Azov wolves, a plan that has again be defeated by Russia with Chinese moral support.

Whatever the Zionists touch turns to dust, like an embalmed Pharaoh meeting the oxygen of truth. It isn't politeness that stops Russia explaining to the Western publics just how criminal the Zionist lobby is. It is the constant worry that the psychopaths will use weapons of mass destruction on all of us if they thought their criminality had become common knowledge.

You cannot tiptoe past the guard dog. You throw it a bone or a Bullet. In Syria a bone , first Kurdish and now Golan oil and gas, and in Ukraine millions of bullets.
Hoping thereby to silence the jibbering foam- flecked fangs of Zionism, either with cash, or death.

Posted by: Giyane | Apr 18 2023 23:50 utc | 85

Thank you, b.

Posted by: beq | Apr 18 2023 23:51 utc | 86

A part of the succeeding before all eyes of the Belt and Road Initiative. Time is moving on in high gear.

Posted by: Elmagnostic | Apr 18 2023 23:53 utc | 87

The case of Layla Shweikani.
What is the truth about her death? I wouldn't rely on the U.S. regime.

Former and current U.S. officials involved in scrutinizing Ms. Shweikani’s activities also expressed doubt about Syria’s accusations of terrorism.

The State Dept. seems to decide on who the terrorists are depending on who they are terrorizing. For instance the MeK were regarded as terrorists for killing Americans but then they became contract killers for the Israeli regime killing Iranian nuclear scientists and they stopped being terrorists. Since the US regime sponsored HTS, ISIS and other "moderate" terrorists to overthrow Assad, I suspect that if Layla Shweikani had been involved with any of them the US officials would deny she was involved in terrorism.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Apr 19 2023 0:03 utc | 88

I always thought us has total penetration within the Saudi power structures so if mbs isn't deposed within six month then I have to think the empire is in a far more severe fast paced decline than I thought. The ...clown prince is a cheap thug who is going against fundamental us interests so if us hasn't done something about it withing six month to an year then it is,because they can't, not anymore.

Posted by: A.z | Apr 19 2023 0:14 utc | 89

A bridge too far. Many bridges too far.
Posted by: Chaka Khagan | Apr 18 2023 20:11 utc | 57
Agreed. September 18, 1944 still well established in Dutch memory.

IMHO, Blinken has been forced to 'blink.' He, Icky Vicky et. al. have pushed the proxy war in Ukraine to its limits, showing the true colors of US Foreign Policy and its relationships to friends and allies.

The chickens have now come how to roost.

The single biggest tell is the complete Western news blackout on the destruction of that NATO bunker in the Trans Carpathian mountains. The Soviets built it, the Russian Federation knew where to find it and exploit its vulnerabilities. Dead Ukies are one thing, dead NATO are something else.

Posted by: Acco Hengst | Apr 19 2023 0:23 utc | 90

Drake Schroeder @ 59:

In Australia, the organisation that heavily pushes the propaganda that Uyghurs are persecuted by Beijing in Xinjian is the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), a Canberra-based thinktank funded by the Australian government and the Australian Department of Defence, other governments and several overseas private weapons manufacturers / defence contractors like BAE Systems, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies.

Another source of disinformation on the issue of China's supposed persecution and genocide against Uyghurs is the German-born academic Adrian Zenz who also happens to be a born-again Christian fundamentalist believing he is on a special mission to expose Chinese mistreatment of Muslims living in China.

A third source of disinformation is the World Uyghur Congress, based in Munich and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which is affiliated with various other Uyghur or East Turkistan groups, some of which may have their headquarters in either Los Angeles or Washington DC. Some of these groups are part of the separatist / pro-independence movement which itself may have links to Uyghur fighters for ISIS and other extreme jihadist groups in northwest Syria.

When reading reports on the human rights situation in Xinjiang, you need to ask yourself who wrote the report, what sources the writer relied on, and who funds the writer's work and the work of the sources the writer cites. Most of what you see in the MSM is media outlets repeating one another and all their repetitions going back to Zenz or the various Uyghur / East Turkistan organisations based in the West. Australian news media often refer to the ASPI for their "information" on Xinjiang; indeed, The Sydney Morning Herald did so very recently to write an article in support of the AUKUS deal for Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines.

Posted by: Refinnejenna | Apr 19 2023 0:26 utc | 91

@Seer #33
US $$ is virtual
Agree. But isn't JP¥ even more virtual? Leaving Tokyo after 3 weeks traveling from Fukuoka and all between. Economy screaming! Tourism back, but few westerners. Asian, Indian etc.

US still a 2nd rate printer except for military. I'd rather have a Shinkansen than an Fxx. Perhaps the world is coming round to this.

Posted by: 44Cadillac | Apr 19 2023 0:31 utc | 92

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Apr 18 2023 22:35 utc | 79

Yup, that Romanoff character sure packs a punch. I still think opportunities are missed by the reflexive use of the term 'US' in his an other authors offerings.

One of the biggest stories of the past few hundred years has been how a new modern nation emerged along with an industrial revolution that propelled the Euro-western civilization to punch above its weight for a century or so and yet how this same young nation was quickly captured from within and above by financial-political elites who operate outside the purview of the political systems in which citizens and subjects believe they dwell. It's been a con pretty much from the get-go.

I realized recently talking to my 90-something mother born in the 30's in the US that she has been brainwashed since forever about the benevolence, justice and wisdom of the US State. She is not at all unintelligent but it is almost impossible for her to distrust science, or doctors or bankers or senior government officials. She grew up in a country which instilled in her a profound belief and trust in the integrity of her nation and its authority figures. This respect is fully baked in. And this sort of trust, IMO, is what enables the hostile captures as well which is why it is always deliberately inculcated in children generation after generation. It works.

Perhaps the story can never be told in simple, comprehensible terms in sufficient detail so that it can be clearly understood. But clearly understood it should be.

How do nation states get captured? And how can you tell when they have been? And what can you do about it?

How do the people in them get fooled into enabling this, even cheering it on? What are Russia and China doing to ensure this is not already on the menu in their own polities? Is there incisive reporting on this (sadly no longer extant in the West if indeed there ever was). President Xi recently went on a huge crackdown of corruption. Did he? Do the dissidents who say he effected a tyrannical takeover have a point or are they deluded or liars or both? And how can the Chinese themselves tell one way or another? Is there a (ively culture of hard-hitting critique? Or is there not? (We certainly lack that ability in the West at this point.)

Because the real story about the 'US' is that it is a charade, a performance, a deception. The 'US' that most of her citizens believe in never really existed as such and certainly doesn't any more. And so the 'US' as described is not what people think of when the term is uttered. The actual 'US' is somewhat unknown and unknowable and not really a nation state at all, rather a mafia-like cabal harnessing the resources of a nation state for its own entirely self-serving purposes.

We all need to better understand how this happened and how it can continue to or begin to keep happening and moreover how to prevent it from happening or, if ever one has the chance, actually stop it from happening at all. Or if not entirely prevent, then at least be able to see it more clearly in real-time. I don't think it's good enough to just keep listing all the evils any given Empire has committed as if bringing that Empire down is all that is needed to fix things. It won't.

For if the story of the US of America proves anything, it proves that, because that America was above all an attempt to start over, start fresh, do things entirely differently from feudal, aristocratic, monarchic, theocratic or other tyrannical ways. And yet so early on it was captured. To me that is the BIG story that is too often overlooked. Because it is playing out today all the time and most are unaware of it, even those who reject the blatant manipulation and propaganda of the illegitimate regimes running that blighted polity.

Posted by: Scorpion | Apr 19 2023 0:43 utc | 93

Posted by: safe | Apr 18 2023 22:29 utc | 78

These are 2 foreigners who went to those places to see for themselves.

I'm a foreigner living in China for past 10 years and no intention of leaving.
Ethnic minorities in China are considered national treasures and have special rights over the Han majority.

Foreigners already in China can enter Xinjiang without restrictions but not foreign diplomats and "journalists". Very obvious reason right?

Numuves - Xinjiang

Dumbrill - Tibet

Posted by: Surferket | Apr 19 2023 0:53 utc | 94

Posted by: laguerre | Apr 18 2023 20:28 utc | 61

The reason why you only see foreigners posting videos of Tibet and Xinjiang is because MOST Chinese post on WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili, Douyin which are Chinese social media. Just because foreigners post positive videos on Tibet and Xinjiang don't make them "paid" by the Chinese govt.
These foreigners are long stayers in China. Same for me. 10 years and loving it. You should ask why we prefer to live in China instead of implying we're paid by evil commies to do propaganda.

Posted by: Surferket | Apr 19 2023 1:01 utc | 95

Posted by: Drake Schroeder | Apr 18 2023 20:18 utc | 59

You have been sold 100% pire bullshit about evil China commies.
The only way to free your mind is to STOP reading western MSM.

I'm a foreigner living in China for past 10 years.
There are Uyghurs living in my Chinese city which is very far from Xinjiang.

Posted by: Surferket | Apr 19 2023 1:05 utc | 96

Turkiye has a major election coming up on 14th May 2023, and firts for several elections, pollsters reckon opposition is in with a shot, as was revealed in 2022 when Istanbul Mayoralty ( Erdy's 1st big gig was mayor of Istanbul) went to opposition candidate, so Erdy ain't gonna be doing anything to provoke trouble until after the general election which he will likely still win as he still very strong in non-urban, rural regions.
After that if Erdy gets back in and manages to show how much interference from amerika occured in election, kicks off a big clean out of likely lads to push a colour revolution, then he will declare for BRICs mob more vehemently. Right now he's tryin' to avoid startling the horse.

Load of garbage being talked about Saudi england relationship never being close; one only has to consider the history of Saudi to see this:

The origins of the two Kingdoms’ alliance date back to the signing of two historically important treaties. The first, The Treaty of Darin, was signed in 1915 and made the lands of the House of Saud a British protectorate. This treaty was significant as it was the first time international recognition was given to the fledgling Saudi state. In 1927 a second treaty between the two nations was signed, The Treaty of Jeddah. This recognised the independence of Ibn Saud and gave sovereignty over the two regions then known as The Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd. It paved the way for the unification of the two regions into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932. This treaty ensured the safety of neighbouring British protectorates in the region.

The U.K was one of the first states that recognised the country and as such had a diplomatic delegation present as far back as 1926. Four years later in 1930 saw the cementing of the two countries’ relationship with the opening of the Saudi embassy in London, only the countries second official foreign affairs office abroad.

Although amerikan corporation standard oil signed a major development contract with Saudi in 1938, some kiwi mining engineer who had picked up stories about oil leakage into the sea from Arabia whilst the ANZACs were fighting Germany & Turkey in the Middle East signed a development deal with the ibn-Saud family in 1923.
SO had the rights to a big chunk of Saudi initially but Saudi's eagerness for rapid development saw that reduced to 25% of what it started off at as the infamous seven sisters :
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (later to become BP)
Gulf Oil
Royal Dutch Shell
Standard Oil Company of California
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Standard Oil Company of New York
each copped a share of Saudi oil. By the 1980's ARAMCO the company which had been formed for Standard Oil's development of Saudi hydrocarbons was wholly owned by the nation of Saudi Arabia.

The issue of occupied Palestine can be dressed up anyway any nation outside the ME wishes, however that will not change the attitude of the majority of the people of the ME which increasingly even the ibn-Sauds have to take heed of.
The people's attitude is that every rape, murder and theft committed on Palestinians by the zionists underlines further a simple reality that the zionists must not be rewarded in any way for their crimes.
If anything that attitude has hardened over the decades, not relaxed. ME nations such as Saudi whose oligarchy is increasingly vulnerable to public pressure understand this. As much as peace is a desirable state of being it is tough to visualise how the demands of the people of the ME can gain justice without having to resort to war.
The only practical way would be one where those euro nations whose racism forced the jews to go to Palestine are made to relent and accept all the Ashkenazis on return.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Apr 19 2023 1:07 utc | 97

Did anyone mention 'one man one vote'?

It looks like talk of 'human rights' are a weapon to be deployed against enemies, prior to colour revolutions.

Posted by: Paul GV | Apr 19 2023 1:27 utc | 98

Important post, Debsisdead.
The points that you make about the Sauds and the British are welcome. Laguerre knows better than to imagine that anything happened in Arabia without the British-who ran Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, the Gulf states, from Kuwait to Bahrain to Oman to Aden, virtually the entire peninsula with the unimportant exception of Yemen-knowing. Both the Gulf and the Red Sea were controlled by the Royal Navy.
The idea that the US had more influence than the British until the retreat from east of suez began in the late fifties would surprise US historians.
Surprisingly nobody has mention Mr St John Philby or the government of India which had primary responsibility in the British Empire for policing the Arab world.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 19 2023 1:39 utc | 99

Why should oil be traded in dollars, US doesn't buy oil it is supposed to be self-sufficient, China does buy oil in large quantities so why shouldn't they use their own Yuan. The US I hear gets an 8% cut from the dollar from the world why should they pay this premium. This is crap the world I hope will continue to get out of the dollar system that places a premium on everything they buy and for what no one gets anything from the us besides grief and bullying

Posted by: Les-1946 | Apr 19 2023 1:50 utc | 100

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