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March 10, 2023

Mediated By China Iran And Saudi Arabia Restore Ties - There Are Winners And Losers

This is huge!

Regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore ties after years of tensions
The deal, which will see the two countries reopen embassies in each other’s capitals, was sealed during a meeting in China and announced Friday in a joint communique.

Archrivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed Friday to restore diplomatic relations, a dramatic breakthrough brokered by China after years of soaring tensions between the regional rivals.

The deal, which will see the two countries reopen embassies in each other’s capitals, was sealed during a meeting in China — a boost to Beijing’s efforts to rival the United States as a broker on the global stage.

The agreement also may put a dampener Israel's ongoing efforts to normalize relations with its Arab neighbors.

The talks were held because of a “shared desire to resolve the disagreements between them through dialogue and diplomacy, and in light of their brotherly ties,” according to a joint communique from Tehran, Riyadh and Beijing that was published by the Saudi Press Agency, the country’s official news agency.

The agreement followed intensive negotiations between Ali Shamkhani, a close adviser to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni, and Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State Musaad bin Mohammed Al-Aiban, according to the statement.

It added that the foreign ministers from both countries would “meet to implement this, arrange for the return of their ambassadors, and discuss means of enhancing bilateral relations.”

The joint statement by Saudi Arabia, Iran and China is here:

In response to the noble initiative of His Excellency President Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, of China’s support for developing good neighborly relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran;

And based on the agreement between His Excellency President Xi Jinping and the leaderships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, whereby the People’s Republic of China would host and sponsor talks between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran;

Proceeding from their shared desire to resolve the disagreements between them through dialogue and diplomacy, and in light of their brotherly ties; ...

Congrats to China for nudging this deal forward and making it possible.

There are winners and losers in this.

The winners are:

  • Iran, which will now be even more able to break through the sanctions wall the U.S. has put up around it.
  • Saudi Arabia, which now will likely be able to end its disastrous and costly war on Yemen.
  • China, for outplaying the U.S. State Department by achieving this.
  • Iraq, Syria, Yemen as they will become more peaceful as the two middle powers influencing policies on their grounds end their rivalry.

The losers are:

  • Israel, because the chances for its attempts to get the U.S. into a war with Iran are now diminished. Its hoped for coalition with the Saudis will not come into being.
  • The U.S. for having been outplayed on its traditional 'home grounds' in the Middle East.
  • Anti-Iran hawks everywhere.
  • The Emirates for losing at least some of the sanction busting trade with Iran to Saudi Arabia.

This renewal of relations will change the Middle East:

Tensions between Sunni Muslim powerhouse Saudi Arabia and Iran, which is majority Shiite, have dominated the region for decades.

The two countries have been locked in an intensifying struggle for dominance, their rivalry exacerbated by proxy conflicts, including the war in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and the site of its two holiest cities, has historically seen itself as the leader of the Muslim world. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 shook Saudi Arabia and other Gulf kingdoms, which saw the regime in Tehran as a rival.

While tensions brewed for years, Saudi Arabia broke off ties in 2016 after protesters stormed Saudi diplomatic posts in Iran and set fire to the embassy in Tehran.

Days earlier, Saudi Arabia had executed the prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

“Clearing up the misunderstandings and looking to the future in Tehran-Riyadh relations will definitely lead to the development of regional stability and security and the increase of cooperation between the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Islamic world to manage the existing challenges,” Shamkhani said Friday after signing the deal, according to Press TV.

In 2016 I describe the killing of Nimr al-Nimr as a smart move in the sense of Saudi domestic realpolitik. But I also said that it would lead to escalating costs in Saudi Arabia's regional policies, predominantly in Yemen. That indeed proved to be the case.

Reviving relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran will make a lot of new things possible.

That Iran and Saudi Arabia accepted China's mediation is a recognition of Beijing's new standing in world policies. That alone is enough reason for the White House to hate the deal. 

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YappyYahoo says Iran is 35 seconds from getting Zee boomb. Again.

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Mar 10 2023 14:32 utc | 1

Any chance Israël pivots east, too?

Despite their history and ties, they have a lot more to gain by joining BRICS than staying with the sickos.

Posted by: natokraine | Mar 10 2023 14:33 utc | 2

This is an unexpected (but welcome) development. Interesting to see the reaction from the US. I can only hope this lessens the chance of a new war in the middle east involving Iran.

Posted by: ctiger | Mar 10 2023 14:34 utc | 3

And Macron and Sunak are playing nicey, nicey with each other over the refugee crisis. (Of course it has cost the UK a lot of money)
Things are looking up.

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Mar 10 2023 14:35 utc | 4

Earth shattering. The KSA will continue to play both sides to its own advantage, but this indicates that it has chosen a side at a fundamental level. It deeply threatens Israel’s, and by extension, the US’s position in Western Asia. Bad timing for Israel given the domestic upheaval and increased kinetic tensions with Palestinians. So it represents another stretching of the US’s global military position.

There comes a point where the US cannot realistically support Israel, Taiwan, Ukraine and start more trouble it can sustain in places like Georgia or Central Asia. Imperial overstretch is real and it becomes untenable when the imperial center has to send out far more resources than the imperial periphery sends in. The semi-deindustrialized US empire has the particular problem of being dependent not on the imperial periphery (like say Rome was dependent on Egyptian grain) but on the primary challengers to its empire.

Let’s all hope that Western Asia receives a peace dividend from this, few regions deserve one more than them. Next up will be prying Iraq out of US influence and making the US Syrian deployment untenable.

Posted by: Lex | Mar 10 2023 14:37 utc | 5

China encourages peace and friendship between Countries.

The US facilitates and encourages hatred and war between Countries.

The choice as to who to associate with and whether the US or China will give humanity a bright future is an easy one.

Posted by: CitizenSmith | Mar 10 2023 14:41 utc | 6

Calling the US "semi-deindustrialized" is a very optimistic view given that deindustrialization was largely complete thirty years ago.

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Mar 10 2023 14:46 utc | 7

Profound shift. Terra is trembling with rapid geopolitical re-alignments. KSA should close the US Embassy pronto in it's own best interests ...

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 10 2023 14:47 utc | 8

It's not long since Biden threatened Saudi Arabia with "consequences" - after it refused to increase oil output in order to reduce Russia's oil revenue which could be used for the war in Ukraine.

Washington still has delusions that it can bully even the richest countries into following American orders. It has not yet sunk in that the USA has made itself less and significant in the world.

Posted by: Brendan | Mar 10 2023 14:56 utc | 9

It remains to be seen if Yemen and Syria will be winners, but if it will happen, it may have global implications: as an ally, West inflames conflicts, multi-laterality reduces them in win-win way.

Bidenesque "vision for the world" is increase repulsive in multiple ways.

Autocrats are used to being periodically bad mouthed even when they are Western allies, but the prospect of having assets confiscated is dreadful. Solution: decrease Western domination.

Democrats who do not follow unpopular policies and THUS are deemed autocrats (see recent "worries" about AMLO) need to reduce Western domination.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 10 2023 14:57 utc | 10

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Mar 10 2023 14:46 utc | 7

I was being generous based on the idea that the US could reindustrialize without needing a lot from the rest of the world in terms of resources. Its deindustrialization is purely a political-capitalism problem. The problem could be solved, but it won’t be.

Posted by: Lex | Mar 10 2023 14:59 utc | 11

This is why Trump killed Soleimani

Saudi Arabia had responded to overtures for a settlement of issues brokered by Baghdad and Soleimani was travelling in civilian clothes and aircraft to deliver the Iranian response to Baghdad............Trump - the ever helpful Shabbat Goy - had Soleimani liquidated

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 10 2023 15:02 utc | 12

Good news and great reporting -- many thanks!

I know that Yemen is not a geopolitical actor like everyone in the winners/losers list but hopefully they can feel the effects of this interaction very soon. Insane amounts of hypocrisy have been spent regarding the Yemen war and the West's (in)actions...

Posted by: Konami | Mar 10 2023 15:05 utc | 13

Posted by: Lex | Mar 10 2023 14:59 utc | 11

Actually "De-Industrialisation" is much, much worse than you leads to mass-redundancies and that leads to social-anaesthetisation using Opioids and Anti-Depressant SSRIs and leaving areas to be serviced by drug-dealer gangs........

Look at where the Opioid Disaster in USA is concentrated........look at UK and see SSRI prescriptions in North East and Liverpool - look at where Heroin is rampant - look at Fentanyl.......look at life expectancy reversal.........look at where respiratory illness kills.......

Look at where inactivity creates obesity

Look at the total health disaster and poverty cycle created when the social structures of male breadwinners collapses and structured unionised jobs disappear.......

That is why De-Industrialisation is irreversible

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 10 2023 15:07 utc | 14

Wonderful - this feels like a positive shift towards that multipolar future. I wonder what USA and its allies will do to fuck shit up again.

Posted by: irish al | Mar 10 2023 15:08 utc | 15

Thanks for the posting b.

I expect the reality has not risen past the Twitter and January 6th Wag The Dog events going on currently to entertain the American public.

I think the big loser in this is Occupied Palestine and I look forward to that loss building momentum.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 15:09 utc | 16

This is good news for the forthcoming new Eurasian world order. Sooner or later Russia is going to defeat NATO on its western borders and Taiwan joining the mainland followed by a new global financial system/trading system. However given SA's extreme dependence on US petrodollar, most likely Washington will try put huge pressures on SA including freezing their bank accounts, run color revolution, coup d'etat... etc.

Posted by: maskazer | Mar 10 2023 15:10 utc | 17

Very interesting and a huge win for the 3 countries involved. If Iran and Saudi were ever to become really friendly, Iran's soon-to-be nukes would be the perfect Arab counterpoint to Israeli undeclared nukes.

Posted by: Kaiama | Mar 10 2023 15:13 utc | 18

Thank you b. Always on top of things.
I want to shout this at the apartheid state, in the voice of Al Pacino in ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ yelling Attica:

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Mar 10 2023 15:15 utc | 19

Posted by: maskazer | Mar 10 2023 15:10 utc | 17

I would be a wonderful woke idea to make enemies out of every exporter of oil in the world. What a winning strategy!

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Mar 10 2023 15:15 utc | 20

Only an hour or two later ... didn't take China very long at all ... once the ducks were in a row ...

China to US: Stop plundering Syrian resources, pull troops out,, Mar10'23

China has called on the United States to stop plundering the natural resources in Syria and withdraw its military forces from the country.

"We call on the United States to sincerely respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of other countries, and to immediately stop its illegal military presence and marauding in Syria," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a news briefing on Friday.

China also urged the US to lift the illegal sanctions slapped on Syria and to stop all actions that exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the country.

"The United States has illegally intervened in military activities related to the Syrian crisis, which has led to the death of a large number of innocent civilians and a serious humanitarian disaster," Mao said, adding that his government calls on the US authorities to lift "illegal unilateral sanctions" against Syria and to stop actions that aggravate the humanitarian situation in the country.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, since 2014 the Syrian crisis in the country has resulted in at least 350,000 people losing their lives in the violence, and 14 million being in dire need of humanitarian aid.


Posted by: Outraged | Mar 10 2023 15:15 utc | 21

I think it's no coincidence that this happened the day after the Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud visited Moscow. He met with Lavrov and held a joint press conference with him.

Today's development is not just about Saudi and Iran, it's about an alliance of many powerful countries that are not part of the collective West.

Posted by: Brendan | Mar 10 2023 15:17 utc | 22

If it continues, it's a blow to the Carter Doctrine, with China supplanting the US as Mr. Big in the Middle East. The Carter Doctrine was a policy proclaimed by President of the United States Jimmy Carter in his State of the Union Address on January 23, 1980, which stated that the United States would use military force, if necessary, to defend its national interests in the Persian Gulf.
...from the State Office of the Historian:

In response to the situation in Iran, namely the taking of 66 American hostages on November 4, 1979, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the administration of President Jimmy Carter developed a new U.S. policy for the Persian Gulf region. This new policy began to take shape in late November 1979 among the National Security Council Staff and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Zbigniew Brzezinski. On November 27 and 28, National Security Council Staff members sent Brzezinski several memorandums that dealt with broad Middle East issues and contained ideas for a U.S. response. In a November 27 memorandum to Brzezinski, National Security Council Staff member Paul B. Henze wrote that the United States needed to “display a determination to stick it out and assert ourselves,” which the administration could achieve “by showing the kind of determination and strength that will enable our friends to help us assert ourselves.” (Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Staff Material, Middle East, Subject File, Box 30, Iran: 11/28–30/79) The following day, National Security Council Staff member Robert Hunter, in a November 28 memorandum to Brzezinski, noted that while the Iranian situation had precipitated a major crisis, there were “also increased opportunities, especially with greater American public willingness to see us take a leadership position, a fading of the ‘Vietnam syndrome,’ but also a sense of greater balance and maturity in the nation about the uses of power.” Hunter commented that “there will be insistent demands for a strong, coherent policy, and clear leadership by the President.” He recommended that Carter deliver a televised address immediately following resolution of the hostage crisis. Hunter asserted that Carter should propose:

“a series of concrete, specific, steps, including domestic and international energy efforts; some tailored increase in defense spending and activity; and our position toward and support for other countries in the region (within the context of respect for individual national integrity, independence, and respect for Islam). There should be a clear integration of political, economic, and military efforts—no one is enough; the interrelationship is critical.

“If enough pieces of a long-range strategy can be ready for use, this could become a Carter Doctrine for the Middle East, dealing with the whole nexus of oil-security-U.S. resolve and leadership issues.” (Ibid.) . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 15:18 utc | 23

I think if they want a war, they are going to get one now.


Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 10 2023 15:19 utc | 24

@ Paul Greenwood | Mar 10 2023 15:02 utc | 12

Instead of the KSA actively luring Soleimani, as was 'put out', they were likely just as much betrayed by Empire as well ... that explains quite a bit since then re KSA's conduct/actions towards US ...

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 10 2023 15:21 utc | 25

How much do you want to bet that this will be portrayed as a 'threat' to the U.S. by our corrupt MSM? I'd bet my last dollar on that one.

I can hear the wailing now, 'China completely shut out the U.S. [shudder, only the U.S. is allowed to do that] to become a major actor in the M.E. to displace the U.S.'

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Mar 10 2023 15:23 utc | 26

There has been a noticeable cooling off of relations between Saudi and the US recently. This event is more likely a product of that, than Chinese super-diplomacy.

I wouldn't put too much money though on a rewarming of Saudi-Iranian relations. The hostility is very deep. The Saudis, being extreme Sunnis (that is, Wahhabis) treat the Saudi Shi'a population like sh*t. The Shi'a live on the oil-fields, which Ibn Saud stole from them. There's no sign of the Saudis behaving better, for example numbers of Shi'a executed on one pretext or another.

"[Israel's] hoped for coalition with the Saudis will not come into being." Not because of that. The project was already dead in the water. MBS was never able to admit to it publicly, which speaks of important opposition within the country. Saudis are very attached to the Palestinian cause, and Saudi doesn't have to bend the knee like Jordan is forced to.

Posted by: laguerre | Mar 10 2023 15:28 utc | 27

@ Paul Greenwood | Mar 10 2023 15:02 utc | 12

Instead of the KSA actively luring Soleimani, as was 'put out', they were likely just as much betrayed by Empire as well ... that explains quite a bit since then re KSA's conduct/actions towards US ...

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 10 2023 15:21 utc | 26

Yes, excellent thought, likely good news for the Horn of Africa too, the Chinese will want peace. They have better things to do.

It looks like we have just about eaten all the seed corn.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 10 2023 15:30 utc | 28

If this happens the middle east will see a very positive change. Saudi Arabia will not follow the UAE and Bahreïn in recognizing Israël. Quite the contrary. No more billions of dollars to buy US weapons to protect from Iran 'aggression'. Lebanon Syria and Palestine will get a boost. Yemen may reach peace.
Israël is in real trouble. It deserves to be
Let's cross our fingers!

Posted by: Virgile | Mar 10 2023 15:38 utc | 29

Deep felt Thanks b, so the whispers in back channels proved correct.

Tears in Tel-Aviv.

Huuuge indeed and off the Richter scale measured in megatons.
Pass the drinks, first 5 on me. KSA and Iran have their applications on the table to join BRICS. BRIICSS!

= = = = =

Any chance Israël pivots east, too?

Despite their history and ties, they have a lot more to gain by joining BRICS than staying with the sickos.

Posted by: natokraine | Mar 10 2023 14:33 utc | 2

BRICS is multipolar...they are escaping masters -- headed by Israel. Or did you not know the capitals of collective west reside in Tel-Aviv?

Posted by: Likklemore | Mar 10 2023 15:49 utc | 30

I don't agree with the chatter about an Iranian bomb. It goes against their views to have such weapons and they have, publicly, more than once, made statements to that effect. "Nuclear weapons are blasphemous" or words to that effect.

I couldn't agree more.

However, as has already been pointed out, this will help trade for the Iranian Republic and that includes things like the development of their nuclear power industry.

"win-win" as they say in the Middle Kingdom.

Posted by: N Hanrahan | Mar 10 2023 15:56 utc | 31

re: The winners are: Iran, which will now be even more able to break through the sanctions wall the U.S. has put up around it. . . .
US sanctions Chinese firms linked to Iranian drones used by Kremlin against Ukraine

Five Chinese companies were added to a U.S. blacklist this week over accusations that they sold parts to an Iranian firm that manufactures drones used by Russia for attacks in Ukraine.
The Treasury Department says the firms used shell companies to hide sales of light aircraft engines and other components used in production of the Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicles that the U.S. believes Iran has exported to Russia.
“The United States will continue to target global Iranian procurement networks that supply Russia with deadly UAVs for use in its illegal war in Ukraine,” Treasury Undersecretary Brian Nelson said in a statement Thursday. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 15:58 utc | 32

@ Outraged | Mar 10 2023 15:15 utc | 21 with the update of China telling empire to get out of Syria.....thanks

This is the part of the civilization war I am liking....grin

How many more blows to the bully of empire will this war take?..........As many as necessary

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 15:59 utc | 33

I though I felt the shock wave of a hundred NEOCON heads exploding. What will be the sanctions now? Expect a tantrum from the US side very soon. Did they not see this coming?

Posted by: circumspect | Mar 10 2023 16:03 utc | 34

For China to broker a rapprochement like this really is huge. I have always known that China's growing economic and geopolitical weight would eventually shift the global center of gravity but it sure is exciting to see it happening in real time.

There are so many conflicts in the world that exist only because the empires (British, and then the US) stirred shit to keep the rest of the world destabilized. This deal between Iran and the Saudis shows that China doesn't necessarily have to militarily defeat the empire to bring peace. They just have to displace the empire's diplomatic agitators and saboteurs and be an honest broker instead. That's what everyone outside the empire wants anyway.

[I promise to ease up on calling out the trolls for the rest of the day]

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 10 2023 16:04 utc | 35

KSA is akin to the Mormon Cult in the U.S.. I don't like them. I don't like what they did and have done to their neighbors in Yemen. I don't like how they played ball in the U.S. dominance in the MENA in the last 30 years.

But forgiveness is something that will be very important in the coming years, provided these conversions are done in good faith which they appear to be.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Mar 10 2023 16:05 utc | 36

The writing is on the wall for Israel.

Posted by: Richard | Mar 10 2023 16:08 utc | 37

Terrible news for the US. A candle of hope for peace.
Another nail in the coffin for the Empire of Lies’.

Posted by: Moses22 | Mar 10 2023 16:10 utc | 38

While this is great news for progress, a stable Middle East is very bad news for Israel. As Netanyahu totters on yet another failed Israeli government, as Jewish Power in Deep State Empire is faced with rebellion, one expects a dramatic escalation of tensions in the region.

Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 10 2023 16:11 utc | 39

@ Bemildred | Mar 10 2023 15:30 utc | 28
@ psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 15:59 utc | 33

Probably sound like a broken record, yet the pace of events & consequential change over the past twelve months is astounding. The closest I lived through in rapt attention would be GDR inadvertently nullifying the Berlin Wall/Border controls & all that promptly followed on like an avalanche.

Appears, even so, to be picking up steam now with China becoming an open active player ... 'interesting times' indeed.

Grins, of the Cheshire kind. :)) Peace. Still Steel

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 10 2023 16:14 utc | 40

The Biden, Obama, Clinton, Nuland, Powers axis has absolutely FUBARed US foreign policy and national security. Even worse, the toxic rhetoric to demonize Trump voting conservatives has been so alienating that the same folks that marched off to war to avenge the 9-11 attacks are now praying for a nuclear 9-11.

Posted by: Elmer Fudd | Mar 10 2023 16:24 utc | 41

given SA's extreme dependence on US petrodollar, most likely Washington will try put huge pressures on SA including freezing their bank accounts, run color revolution, coup d'etat... etc.

Posted by: maskazer | Mar 10 2023 15:10 utc | 17

True, the War Party will try all those dirty deeds to attack KSA. KSA must have game played this all out before making these decisions to join Eurasia.

frankly shocked by this development. This signals a erosion in Washington‘s influcene far beyond what I imagined. Pace of de-dollarization continues to accelerate

Posted by: Exile | Mar 10 2023 16:24 utc | 42

Appears, even so, to be picking up steam now with China becoming an open active player ... 'interesting times' indeed.


Posted by: Outraged | Mar 10 2023 16:14 utc | 41

Well, you never know, but having witnessed the debacle of the 60s and 70s, you start to get a spidey sense for when somebody is going to crack. And yeah, this is the year, we made it.

In any case, thanks for all your work.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 10 2023 16:26 utc | 43

Saudi-Iranian relations worsened because of the Saudi-Qatar clash in 2017. Saudis accused Qatar of siding with Iran. The alleged hacking incident still remains a mystery. I collected a large amount of information and sources on our A Closer Look on Syria site. See:

Saudi-Qatar clash

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Mar 10 2023 16:28 utc | 44

There's always the US Army -- or is there?
...from warontherocks. . .

The all-volunteer force may finally have reached its breaking point.

During the first years of the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, many military experts worried that the constant deployments would “break” the force since they expected that fewer young Americans would volunteer to serve in a wartime military. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Yet a perilous recruiting crisis began just after the United States fully withdrew from Afghanistan last summer, and it shows no sign of abating anytime soon. As a result, the U.S. military is shrinking, not because of any strategic choices, but simply because there aren’t enough qualified volunteers — and that may have enormous implications for the U.S. strategic position in an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world.

How bad is the recruiting crisis? During the last fiscal year, the Army missed its recruiting goal by 15,000 active-duty soldiers, or 25 percent of its target. This shortfall forced the Army to cut its planned active-duty end strength from 476,000 to 466,000. And the current fiscal year is likely to be even worse. Army officials project that active end strength could shrink by as much as 20,000 soldiers by September, down to 445,000. That means that the nation’s primary land force could plummet by as much as 7 percent in only two years — at a time when its missions are increasing in Europe and even in the Pacific, where the Army provides many of the critical wartime theater enablers without which the other services cannot function. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 16:33 utc | 45

I'm looking forward to more western sanctions. Every time they do this it's like they are punching themselves in the balls. Bring it.

Posted by: irish al | Mar 10 2023 16:40 utc | 46

Indeed huge news, and good news too.

I guess this is largely the plan that got General Soleimani killed in January 2020. The US didn't like the idea.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 10 2023 16:44 utc | 47

@Paul Greenwood | Mar 10 2023 15:02 utc | 12

Yes, you said it first.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 10 2023 16:46 utc | 48

It's bone deep. . .'cuz Biden said so
...from US DOD . . .
During the final stop of a multiday tour of the Middle East, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III visited Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant.

The senior government and military leaders discussed, among other things, the U.S.-Israel defense partnership, threats posed by Iran in the region, and America's ironclad commitment to Israel's security.
During a briefing following his meeting with the Israeli defense minister, Austin explained what is, perhaps, the No. 1 reason for his visit.
"I wanted to be here to make something very clear," Austin said. "America's commitment to Israel's security is ironclad and it's going to stay that way. As President Biden said on his visit to Israel last year, the connection between the Israeli people and the American people is bone deep." . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 16:48 utc | 49

I wonder what the faces of barbaric patriarchy (Pope Frank & King Chuck) are thinking about this.....maybe go smoke some opium......grin

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 16:49 utc | 50

Overlooked is the very heavy lifting by Russia with all players in the Persian Gulf Region. Over the past week, all players met with Russian MFA people in Moscow; a review of the MFA's event roster will tell you who and when. Motivation by the Saudis is directly related to their eagerness to join both SCO and BRICS, which is shared by all players. Occupied Palestine has finally shed its cloak and revealed itself as a fully Fascist Apartheid State bent on finishing the Genocide of the original inhabitants, and that's had a great impact on all players. Furthermore, the changing balance of geopolitical and geoeconomic power is much clearer to see as the Outlaw US Empire retreats by throwing its erstwhile allies under the bus. Recall the prognostications made after the 20th Party Congress and the installation of the new Politburo that China would finally become as assertive as its "weight" in global affairs. That change was preceded by Xi's announcement of his Global Security Initiative that was recently reiterated in a position paper published for global consumption, which barflies have seen me champion.

I expect more to happen with Syria returning to the Arab institutions it was very wrongly ousted from along with the initial mending of relations between Turkey and Syria. IMO, many apologies to Syria need to be made publicly by the Arab world for its siding with the Outlaw US Empire's war against Syria before Assad will smile back and shake hands.

The key to ousting the Outlaw US Empire from the Persian Gulf Region is the adoption by the region of the various security plans proposed by Iran, Russia and China which are built around the indivisible security principle, which means no foreign military bases in the region. The further solving of the security situation in the Horn of Africa Region along similar lines is also needed if the Multipolar World is to advance and free itself from dollar hegemony.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 10 2023 16:52 utc | 51

Posted by: demos | Mar 10 2023 16:29 utc | 46

Perhaps you meant to post the cat news on the open forum?

Posted by: morongobill | Mar 10 2023 16:54 utc | 52

I love the timing of this news...
After a little over a year Russia and its SMO are still standing strong.
Finally someone had the balls to stand up to the American bully boys, that's a fact, you can't spin it any over way.
But in the last days America and its sycophants have shown their incapable of learning by their mistakes. Demonstrated by the on going 'regeme chainge in Georgia.
Right on que we have the new multiplier worlds combined response to Georgia. IRAN and SAUDI'S agreement.
Things are hoting up for the west.

Posted by: Mark2 | Mar 10 2023 16:56 utc | 53

Don Bacon @51: "It's bone deep. . ."

That's what bone saws were made for.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 10 2023 16:57 utc | 54

Sadly, due to the state of belligerent spite and out right hatred that the US government seems to be in I can only there will be some incoming false flag spectacles staged followed by US military attacking either Iran or Saudis.

Posted by: James c | Mar 10 2023 16:57 utc | 55

maskazer @17 & Exile @43--

Touch any Saudi assets and the petrodollar explodes into flames and dies as it will turn to yuan and other currencies, plus the Saudis can reciprocate against dollar assets.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 10 2023 16:59 utc | 56

thanks b... a very positive development! thanks everyone for the informative posts...

Posted by: james | Mar 10 2023 17:04 utc | 57

This is truly good and important news for the countries involved, for their part of the world and for the world, all of us.
karlofi (at 53) made a point I want to stress - Russia played perhaps a crucial role in this development. Iran has been calling on Saudi to establish good relations for a number of years,and Russia has been deeply involved, it seems based on open source information. Anyone following world events would have noticed.
I am looking foreward to the solution of Palestine - Israel conflict with the assistance of Russia, China and other decent international actors.

Posted by: JB | Mar 10 2023 17:07 utc | 58

My above at @ 54

Multipolar obviously not multiplier.
Predictive text and my lack of concentration.

Posted by: Mark2 | Mar 10 2023 17:08 utc | 59

James c | Mar 10 2023 16:57 utc | 56

what US military? attack? with what? Bic pens? or Nukes?

Posted by: crone | Mar 10 2023 17:10 utc | 60

Bernard, There is no difference between a killer and a person who justifies a killing.

"In 2016 I describe the killing of Nimr al-Nimr as a smart move in the sense of Saudi domestic realpolitik."

Only extremists and sick people in the "Democratic West" think along these lines and that's because they are morally and ethically bankrupt.
Eventually we all have to account for our Stances and Deeds.

Posted by: Appalled | Mar 10 2023 17:11 utc | 61

This China action is in accordance with President Xi's Global Security Initiative
. . .from The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper 2023-02-21

The issue of security bears on the well-being of people of all countries, the lofty cause of world peace and development, and the future of humanity.
Today, our world, our times and history are changing in ways like never before, and the international community is confronted with multiple risks and challenges rarely seen before. Regional security hotspots keep flaring up, local conflicts and turbulence occur frequently, the COVID-19 pandemic persists, unilateralism and protectionism have risen significantly, and traditional and non-traditional security threats are entwined. The deficits in peace, development, security and governance are growing, and the world is once again at a crossroads in history. . .

II.Core concepts and principles. . .
1. Stay committed to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. In 2014, President Xi Jinping initiated a new vision for common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, which has been widely recognized and supported by the international community. The essence of this new vision of security is to advocate a concept of common security, respecting and safeguarding the security of every country; a holistic approach, maintaining security in both traditional and non-traditional domains and enhancing security governance in a coordinated way; a commitment to cooperation, bringing about security through political dialogue and peaceful negotiation; and pursuit of sustainable security, resolving conflicts through development and eliminating the breeding ground for insecurity. We believe security will only be firmly established and sustainable when it is underpinned by morality, justice and the right ideas. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 17:12 utc | 62

First time ever I agree with anti-Iran lobbyist Mark Dubowitz:

Saudi Arabia and Iran Agree to Re-establish Ties in Talks Hosted by China

Mark Dubowitz, the chief executive of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based research institute, described the renewed Iran-Saudi ties resulting from Chinese mediation as “a lose, lose, lose for American interests.”

Posted by: b | Mar 10 2023 17:16 utc | 63

Karlof01 - 52
When it comes to Syria and Turkey, I wouldn't be surprised if the recent tragic earthquake, which wrecked entire provinces and killed thousands in both countries, would cause some kind of detente in their relationship, with the common suffering that's been caused, and with the need for cooperation in relief, aid and rebuilding. Though it's a bit early to assume Erdogan would eventually let go of Afrin and Idlib....

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Mar 10 2023 17:19 utc | 64

Here's a photo of the handshake.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 17:22 utc | 65

@Don Bacon | Mar 10 2023 17:22 utc | 66

With Wang Yi. Well done!

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 10 2023 17:24 utc | 66

That's what bone saws were made for.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 10 2023 16:57 utc | 55

And Saudia Arabia has quite some experience with bone saws ;-) #kashoggi

Posted by: Zet | Mar 10 2023 17:24 utc | 67

Earth shattering. The KSA will continue to play both sides …

Boy prince Salman was personally insulted and dishonored by uncle Joe in the White House.

UAE has been very close to the Jewish state ever since the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. The Emeratis must have been impressed by the Mossad, Israeli intelligence and surveillance. Great opportunity to buy Pegasus spyware to keep track of wives in harem and suitors.

Hundreds of millions have been invested in DarkMatter and veterans of the NSA-GCHQ-Unit8200. Pentagon military veterans build the UAE Armed Forces and it has attracted corporations like Halliburton and Erik Prince’s Academi.

Erik Prince to Prince bin Zayed: The Private Military Connection

Did well to boost the election chances of Donald Trump in 2016, teaming up with Netanyahu, Steve Bannon and Republican oligarchs. The UAE are tied to Israel by a intelligence and security umbilical cord. Saudi Arabia did not accept the avances of the Jewish State, treatment of Palestinians, building settlements and avoided talks based on the Arab peace initiative of 2002. Broken promises of GWB on Iraq War and Obama on the JCPOA initiative.

Dubai has always had economic ties with Iran and transit hub for gold bullion from Turkey to trade and avoid US sanctions. In First Gulf War and in its aftermath “Oil-For-Food Program and Illicit Trade”.

UAE and KSA split on military strategy Yemen War. King Salman will never accept Abraham Accords and the major customers of Aramco are in Asia. Largest breakthrough would be when a barrel of oil is not coupled to the U.S. dollar.

Posted by: Oui | Mar 10 2023 17:25 utc | 68

b above

About the loser, Israel: you make it sound as if Israel tells the US what to do. This is no different than Mearsheimer. This turns reality upside down. Essentially, the US commands Israel and everything goes through the US before any action is undertaken. Israel is the US's aircraft carrier for the middle east - from day one....

Posted by: zeke2u | Mar 10 2023 17:27 utc | 69

"Multi-polarity", when it comes to capitalist states, isn't the benign condition everyone seems to agree with. As long as there's capitalist states, war is always a possibility. The real crisis we face is a working class crisis, not a capitalist crisis. It's a crisis of political consciousness. We have created a situation that we have not yet consciously acknowledged. We have created conditions whereby the capitalist classes are unable to rule in the old way. It is a political crisis because there is no class conscious response sufficient for a very dangerous situation. It's not that we lack power but that we refuse to understand - a failure of working class consciousness to keep pace with a changing world.

Posted by: zeke2j | Mar 10 2023 17:35 utc | 70


WSJ: Saudi Arabia, Iran Restore Relations in Deal Brokered by China

In Israel, the announcement of restored Saudi-Iran ties was met with dismay.

“The Saudi-Iran deal is a total failure of the Israeli government’s foreign policy,” said Yair Lapid, the opposition leader. “It’s the collapse of a regional defense wall we started building against Iran.”

Posted by: b | Mar 10 2023 17:36 utc | 71

Posted by: zeke2u | Mar 10 2023 17:27 utc | 70

1 word for you to demonstrate the error in your statement:

Posted by: irish al | Mar 10 2023 17:43 utc | 72

@b #72

The quote doesn't refute my point: US foreign policy and Israeli foreign policy are essentially one - to prevent Arab unity from forming in the middle east.

Posted by: zeke2u | Mar 10 2023 17:44 utc | 73

This is big. I doubt the arrogant West and the terrorist Zionists saw it coming. I hope Saudi Arabia remains steadfast, I have no doubt about the steadfastness of Iran to defend its principles.

Posted by: Steve | Mar 10 2023 17:47 utc | 74

@ b | Mar 10 2023 17:36 utc | 72 who disagrees about who runs our world.

So who does run it b?

There is a comment of mine lost in suspension where I take a dig a Pope Frank and King Chuck as titular leaders of the West but I know they are not all of the folks behind the curtain. I continue to posit that it is not individuals or groupings of folk that are the problem but the "agreed upon" structure of our social contract that has global private finance at the core instead of finance being a public utility provided by individual or groupings of sovereign nations.

And that social contract structure is what the China/Russia axis are challenging.....and replacing

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 17:49 utc | 75

Also, a shout-out to Browser for posting that link to the Dmitry Polyanskiy interview - it's a great interview and a detailed history lesson everyone should watch...

Posted by: zeke2u | Mar 10 2023 17:50 utc | 76

thanks b for that positive post. (peace is everywhere and anytime a good message)
What is a real stunning fact is that the US apparently have had not a clue of that ongoing negogiations under the umbrella of China.
Are they realy such blindfolded? Or arrogant? Or simply not able to accept the real thing?
Anyway, this development of a agreement between former foes is a lighthouse in the dark, the UK/US/IS had formed.

Posted by: ableman | Mar 10 2023 17:57 utc | 77

Huge diplomatic win for China. What are our governments doing? Twisting themselves into knots trying to justify deadly and pointless wars

Posted by: Chris N | Mar 10 2023 17:58 utc | 78

Are they realy such blindfolded? Or arrogant? Or simply not able to accept the real thing?


Posted by: ableman | Mar 10 2023 17:57 utc | 78

The US Government has been bragging for some time now that it is not reality based. So here we are.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 10 2023 18:01 utc | 79

Excellent news.

It shows that China can and will act as a neutral mediator in conflictual situations. We needed one big enough to make things work.

Clearly it is also using its financial clout to help make the deal one of mutual benefit. One of the easiest ways that Saudi oil and Gas could be sent to China is through Iran Which is a win-win situation for all three. And eliminates possible sea (read US) blockages in the future. (Malacca) I can see a pipeline (several in fact) crossing the Persian Gulf soon.

Anther other short sea route is through Laos, but that is mainly goods.
The Palestinian situation and the atrocious actions of Israel, compounded by Netanyahu, will now have a more world-wide impact. By lessening their ties to Israel, the two coutries will gain "respectability" in their own citizens' minds, and be beneficial to both Iran and Saudi.

The Emirates will be well advised to clarify which side they are on. Qatar as well.

Problems to watch. US and Georgia regime change. Pakistan and US inspired military regime against Imram Khan. Azerbaijan. The North South corridor from Iran to Russia will be under threat.

Posted by: Stonebird | Mar 10 2023 18:01 utc | 80

Believing one's own fake news

There is no surprise here. The restoration of Saudi-Iranian relations has been discussed here for at least half a year, along with the turning of Saudi Arabia toward China and BRICS.

The only surprise here is how surprised and shocked the US is about these developments. This is what happens when one believes in one's own fake news.


The Duran has a new video on the topic: HUGE China brokered deal, Iran & Saudi Arabia restore diplomatic ties

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Mar 10 2023 18:10 utc | 81

Thank you b. for these news, very good.Multi-polar movement advancing unstopably and thankfully against the hegemons suicidal moves. the rest of the world is big, 85 %.

I am posting a ME source of news, useful, as we mostly learn from western sources. MSM it is, but one can learn a lot...
Apologies as I previously posted on a wrong thread.

Posted by: stranger | Mar 10 2023 18:10 utc | 82

@Posted by: irish al | Mar 10 2023 15:08 utc | 15
Wonderful - this feels like a positive shift towards that multipolar future. I wonder what USA and its allies will do to fuck shit up again.

release a virus into the wild or turn the servers down for communication

Posted by: AI | Mar 10 2023 18:12 utc | 83

Thanks b!

One small step for Saudi-Iran relations.
One giant leap for Mankind.
One painful kick in the teeth for "Israel" and its Useful Idiot/Bull in a china shop, AmeriKKKa.
Bibi & the unelected US Neocon tricksters will be shedding tears of blood.
With a bit of luck the "Israelis" will slither off to Ukraine and wear out their welcome in that benighted ex-country. They probably won't even thank NATO/OTAN/ZATO.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 10 2023 18:24 utc | 84

This is brilliant. Increasingly the Middle East states are coming into their own cutting the reins of US imperial power

Posted by: Ruth | Mar 10 2023 18:37 utc | 85

I don’t know, for the first time in 25 years I have the feeling this dystopian, neoliberal, globalist nightmare “Pax Americana” is coming to an end. Now I’m imagining Neocons in whatever dark place they come from, stripped of power, laughing maniacally and ranting with nobody listening. I suppose the decaying body is still capable to lash out and cause hurt, but the beast is getting given plenty of good whacks.

Posted by: Bristolian | Mar 10 2023 18:53 utc | 86

DW News covered the Saudi-Iran bromance and guessed that it won't make certain (unnamed) countries very happy.

Coincidentally and amusingly, not long after broadcast DW News, they broadcast a recent edition of DW Conflict Zone in which cute Sarah Kelly assembled and quizzed a gaggle of "experts" under the auspices of the Munich Security Conference...
The topic?
"Countering Russian And Chinese Disinformation."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 10 2023 18:59 utc | 87

b forgets that the winners also include Russia, EU (less chance of war in Middle East and refugees crisis), and all the peace-loving countries and peoples in the world.

Any thought about the candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize this year... oh never mind, that is for people starting wars.

Posted by: d dan | Mar 10 2023 19:03 utc | 88

The difference between Chinese diplomacy and US diplomacy is that the former is designed to reconcile differences for peace and trade; while the latter is classic Imperial "divide and conquer" strategy to instigate war and perpetual strife.

This is why the Global South sides with Sino-Russo leadership.

Posted by: posa | Mar 10 2023 19:04 utc | 89

But forgiveness is something that will be very important in the coming years, provided these conversions are done in good faith which they appear to be.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Mar 10 2023 16:05 utc | 36

Yes, SKA royals = oft-rumoured cryptos... Hopefully not Trojan horse in multipolar matrix. If all as it seems, indicates significant lessening of AIPAC clout = neocon weakness = their Ukraine regime might soon crumble = the IS-US shadow regime might actually go out with whimper not bang which must be the main goal of the Eurasian Great Game players.

Related possibly :

Posted by: Scorpion | Mar 10 2023 19:07 utc | 90

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 16:49 utc | 51

I wonder what the faces of barbaric patriarchy (Pope Frank & King Chuck) are thinking about this.....maybe go smoke some opium......grin

It seems ironic to suggest that in a thread about Saudi Arabia's barbaric patriarchy getting rehabilitated in the eyes of Iran.

Does this restoration mean that Saudi Arabia is now seen as one of the "good guys" in this website? Will Mohammed Bin Salman now be an honored Crown Prince instead of the Clown Prince?

Posted by: Inkan1969 | Mar 10 2023 19:09 utc | 91

Posted by: natokraine | Mar 10 2023 14:33 utc | 2

Israel might just have too much on it's plate right now. With the deep divide in their society, this will only add to the confusion.
If not king Bibi is busy forging alliances under the radar? He isn't very visible in domestic issues, that's for certain.

Posted by: Anne B | Mar 10 2023 19:09 utc | 92

I imagine this is connected with the Middle East Conference at the Valdai Club in Moscow that Pepe Escobar wrote about a few days ago and whose piece appears in the Unz Review today.

Posted by: Lysias | Mar 10 2023 19:13 utc | 93

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 10 2023 16:59 utc | 57:

Touch any Saudi assets and the petrodollar explodes into flames and dies as it will turn to yuan and other currencies, plus the Saudis can reciprocate against dollar assets.

I agree with your take that the Empire wouldn't dare to mess with the petrodollar. The Empire itself is the biggest beneficiary of petrodollar. It appears to be stupid of late but not yet to the point of shooting itself in the foot.

KSA's petrodollar is meant to pave their ways of perpetuating the wealth past the dates of oil reserves exhaustion, as Norway has done with sound investments of North Sea wealth in contrast with others who had squandered theirs such as UK/Brunei/Nauru(with fertilizer deposits)/et al. In the past KSA parked most of their wealth in Wall Street and the City which have facilitated their vast growth, but of late looking rather precarious. It's not just the 'dollar' alone; it's how the 'dollar' is being put to use that counts. In the past 5-10 years they found a sounder way to park their wealth: put it in use to build future technology/infra structures/human resources/income producing facilities/etc., etc. They are now partnering with PRC, building 5G/6G structured new cities, petrochemical refineries and factories, and getting their younger generations trained in commerce of the future world, prominently in the East.

It appears the Arabs have awakened sooner than the Europeans. This is indeed a HUGE surprise; a huge good surprise! 2023 is looking like a pivotal year for change.

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Mar 10 2023 19:15 utc | 94

Bristolian @ 87
I couldn't have put that better myself, most people on this blog will agree.
I have to say... great to see another none mind controlled commenter from my very own lovely city !
Secound comment i'v seen of yours and look forward to many more.

Posted by: Mark2 | Mar 10 2023 19:16 utc | 95


Yes it does. We are every bit as hypocritical as our counterparts on the Fox News website.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 10 2023 19:20 utc | 96

Wow! This is the most heartening geopolitical news I have heard recently. It not only gives me a huge amount of hope but it shows what genuine, heartfelt, competent Diplomacy can achieve. Thank God for Xi Jingping and Putin who are genuinely interested in Peace and a fair, multipolar world. Congratulations to Saudi Arabia and Iran for having the courage to set aside what were considered to be insurmountable obstacles and work towards stability and mutual respect. I sincerely hope the Palestinians will now be given renewed hope to realise their own dreams and for Syria to thrive and become sovereign once again.

I also pray for the President and Govt of Georgia to stand firm, really firm with the help and support of other Eurasian countries against the USA. If that means introducing martial law to stymie the USA attempt at a Maidan Coup in Georgia so be it. Stand firm Georgia. Peace and sovereignty will be yours. Stick it out.

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important and that, right now, is Peace and prosperity in the world. The evil, malicious, relentless hatred against other nation's sovereignty by the collective West and likewise the hatred and malice it incites is on its way out. Long live Diplomacy, Democracy and Decency.

God Bless all these courageous Peace makers and Peace keepers for they shall inherit the Earth.

Posted by: Jo Dominich | Mar 10 2023 19:25 utc | 97

given SA's extreme dependence on US petrodollar, most likely Washington will try put huge pressures on SA including freezing their bank accounts, run color revolution, coup d'etat... etc.

Posted by: maskazer | Mar 10 2023 15:10 utc | 17

Catch up on the earth-shaking news. Death Certificate of the Petrodollar was signed by the KSA's Finance Minister on January 18, 2023, when he stated “We will accept other currencies in payment.”

Place of Death: Davos, Switzerland.
Cause of death: Arrogance disease

(a) seizure of RF’s foreign reserves KSA looking on, why, we could be next?
(b) Bombing NordStream pipelines an Act of War against an Ally, a 49.1% shareholder why, with Allies like USA, who needs enemies

Last December I wrote, "watch Q 1 the financial collapse is ongoing."

Loads of Timber on Wall Street at this hour:
Bank Runs

Regulators close Silicon Valley Bank in largest failure since financial crisis

Who is your banker?
10 banks that may face trouble in the wake of the SVB Financial Group debacle

Posted by: Likklemore | Mar 10 2023 19:25 utc | 98

I expect there is no appetite in the US to formally send troops.

Posted by: Key Bored Warrior | Mar 10 2023 19:10 utc | 287

Not likely. Biden needs to get re-elected, or at least another Democrat.

Thank you for your post.

It will be interesting to see how this affects KSA domestically.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 10 2023 19:25 utc | 99

Sounds like the real Arab spring has begun.

Not the phony one that was filthy with the greasy fingerprints of the CIA and US state dept, back in 2011.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 10 2023 19:26 utc | 100

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