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February 02, 2023

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-28

Only for news & views directly related to the Ukraine conflict.

The current open thread for other issues is here.

Please stick to the topic. Contribute facts. Do not attack other commentators.

Posted by b on February 2, 2023 at 17:41 UTC | Permalink

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Please B, remove urgently this antisemitic bullshit posted by: Jack | Feb 2 2023 17:49 utc | 1

Posted by: Pnyx | Feb 2 2023 17:59 utc | 1

Return of industrial warfare, US Style (NYT)

How to Forge Shells for Ukraine’s Artillery

The structures, and some of the machines, are roughly 80 years old. Built to fight German and Japanese armies, they now turn out shells for Ukraine.

I've worked in forges and industrial plants. Let it suffice to say, I'm unimpressed. What is their plan... 90,000 per month in 2025?

Posted by: upstater | Feb 2 2023 17:59 utc | 2

If we had the opportunity to strike at a distance of 300 km, the Russian army would not be able to provide defense - Reznikov

Posted by: rk | Feb 2 2023 18:01 utc | 3

Jack seems to be stretching just a bit...

Posted by: A.Pols | Feb 2 2023 18:03 utc | 4

@ Poster No 1

is not just a Drove-by Troll. Drive-by-s*&^^ing on our bar counter and in our drinks.

+ + + + + +

A not so happy camper in NATO. Wow, watch Turkey.

RT reports: Key NATO member state accuses allies of ‘psychological warfare’

Türkiye’s interior minister claims the US, the UK and several other nations are behind it.

Several of Türkiye’s NATO allies are engaged in hostile activities against Ankara, the country’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has claimed. His comment came shortly after the US issued a warning to its citizens in the country about the possibility of “imminent” terrorist attacks.

Speaking on Thursday, Soylu said: “On the day when we announced our target to attract 60 million tourists annually, they started psychological warfare against Türkiye.”

The UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and several other nations also announced their decisions to temporarily shut down their respective consulates in Istanbul, citing a terrorist threat.

Last Friday, the US diplomatic mission in the country cautioned its citizens of “possible imminent retaliatory attacks by terrorists” targeting places of worship in Türkiye.[.]

The consulates of the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Germany and France in Istanbul announced temporary closures for security reasons a short time later. [.]

In bed with rabid dogs that do not recognize you as one of their own breeds? .... in bed with unwashed rabid dogs there's the certainty you will be bitten and, at a minimum, you will catch fleas.

Memo to Erdo: Suggest enhanced security for TurkStream.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 18:04 utc | 5

People seem to view the US and minions involvement as idle meddling for fun and profit, but perhaps it also is deemed existential. There will be a loser.

Posted by: jared | Feb 2 2023 18:10 utc | 6

Appears today MoA is checked for heavy duty Drive-by Trollers.
At 6 posters in the forum, of which 2 are trolling:

@ Trollers 1 and 4 - psycho warfare will not change the results.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 18:11 utc | 7

@Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 18:04 utc | 6

ANKARA, February 2. /TASS/. Envoys of nine countries accredited in Turkey were summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry after their consulates general in Istanbul were shut down over security concerns

Peskov on Putin's words that Russia has something to respond to the supply of weapons to Kiev: "Russia will use its existing potential more fully."

Posted by: rk | Feb 2 2023 18:13 utc | 8

Just one word about post #1, to underline that JEW Surnames are very recent since most European Jews had no surname up to the end of the XVIIIth century.
They chose surnames under pressure from European authorities increasingly demanding to have census of all Jew families, for tax purposes.
These surnames could be anything and actually were most often randomly chosen. So no real Jewish origin to be found in most "German" sounding Jewish names.

Posted by: Greg Galloway | Feb 2 2023 18:18 utc | 9

Everything seems to be going well for RU. UA seems utterly confused and not sure where the hammer will drop. The Oskil? Kiev? Sumy? Zapo? Even Odessa? Russia might have enough troops now for multiple strong offensives. UA shills seem demoralized with all the zrada and shortage of peremoga.

Check out Vovan and Lexus new prank call with Bolton. He says that the US has to prevent Russia from negotiating with Germany and France.

Posted by: catdog | Feb 2 2023 18:31 utc | 10


If you would consider dropping the loaded term "antisemitic" and replace it with something more apt like Judeophobic, I would totally agree with your overall take.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 18:34 utc | 11

Translated, abbreviated, MOD Clobber list (02.02.2023)

📊 In total, since the beginning of the special military operation destroyed ((+?) over preceding 24hrs):
381 aircraft, (Daily avg 1.1)
206 helicopters, (Daily avg 0.6)
3001(+5) unmanned aerial vehicles, (Daily avg 8.8)
402 surface-to-air missile systems, (Daily avg 1.2)
7719(+13) tanks and other armored combat vehicles, (Daily avg 22.5)
1003(+5) multiple rocket launcher combat vehicles, (Daily avg 2.9)
3981(+3) field artillery guns and mortars, (Daily avg 11.6) and
8249(+6) pieces of special military vehicles. (Daily avg 24)

Three Grad MBLRS & US M-142 "HIMARS" & M-270 "MBLRS" destroyed. Above average.

Two D-30 howitzers & one Msta-B howitzer were destroyed. One MBT destroyed.

Sustained high intensity Ops targeting 105 locs.

Two ammunition depots & three rocket and artillery depots were destroyed.

One US counter-battery radar station & a 35D6 low-altitude target detection radar were destroyed.

@ Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 18:11 utc | 8

Exact same pattern as in previous Ukraine Thread ...

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 18:34 utc | 12

" Please B, remove urgently this antisemitic bullshit posted by: Jack | Feb 2 2023 17:49 utc | 1

Posted by: Pnyx | Feb 2 2023 17:59 utc | 2 "

Can you disprove anything that he's saying ? Or do you just have a censorship fetish ?

Posted by: Deplorable Commisar | Feb 2 2023 18:39 utc | 13

Posted by: Jack | Feb 2 2023 17:49 utc | 1

Sounds like Miles Mathis on steroids... lol

Posted by: Deplorable | Feb 2 2023 18:41 utc | 14

Jack (variant of the Jew name Yaaqov)

Posted by: Aelfsige | Feb 2 2023 18:44 utc | 15

Greg @ 11 (or maybe 10)

So you mean the ancient goblet found in Jerusalem with the name Weinstein engraved upon it was a fake?

Posted by: gottlieb | Feb 2 2023 18:44 utc | 16

The can of off-topic spam returns unabated!

The removal of the trash in country 404 grinds on. The grat heroes are running away faster than the bullets chasing their sixes. After seeing their overseers flee in sheer cowardice. Long before the first '2K25 krasnopol' arrives. The fewer surviving conscripted unit members of country 404 seek surrender as a final option.

The western media and the assorted CIA-paid shill cloners attempt to paint a complete 180 full of 99.98 lies about the suffering of the RF and allies' poor morale.

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Feb 2 2023 18:46 utc | 17

by aristodemos

Do any of youse guys feel a vibe of tension in the air? Something like the calm before the storm seems on overall intuitive pickup. The RF is coiled like a tensed cable...scores of thousands of troops waiting for their orders. Does it hinge on the final collapse of the Artemovsk/Bakhmut pocket? Those pincers are now drawing the strings of suffocation ever tighter. At this point, artillery interdiction of exit routes indicate that any retreat will be strictly by shanks mare. In less than a week it will be impossible for the Ukies to drive vehicles in or out of the encirclement.

Today being the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Stalingrad, it seems likely that it could be the occasion of the last of the escape-hatches being slammed shut...a salute to Chuikov and the other Russian commanders who turned the course of the front on that memorable day.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 18:47 utc | 18

Since I've already begun posting excerpts from the interview and my impressions on the previous thread, I'll continue to do so.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 2 2023 18:54 utc | 19

aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 18:47 utc | 20

"Today being the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Stalingrad, it seems likely that it could be the occasion of the last of the escape-hatches being slammed shut...a salute to Chuikov and the other Russian commanders who turned the course of the front on that memorable day."

I thought of that too. Twould be the perfect symbolism for launching the terminal denazification offensive in this theater. Like how they launched Bagration on June 22nd 1944.

Posted by: Flying Dutchman | Feb 2 2023 18:54 utc | 20

Jack (variant of the Jew name Yaaqov)
Posted by: Aelfsige

So the US is going after Turkey again? Didn't they learn from the failed coup attempt under Obama?

Turkey should quit NATO. To be a friend of the US is dangerous. And Germany should realize that the destruction of the pipelines was an act of war. They should quit NATO also. The world would be a better place without NATO.

Posted by: wagelaborer | Feb 2 2023 18:54 utc | 21

Aristodemos @20
“ Does it hinge on the final collapse of the Artemovsk/Bakhmut pocket”
Yesterday Dima was reporting yes exactly that, referring to what he said he got from numerous military experts from Russia, but his explanation for it was lacking other than capturing troops there

Posted by: htyul | Feb 2 2023 18:54 utc | 22

Unsolicited Public Service Announcement - If you feed or respond to the posts of what should be clearly apparent discernible trolls/trolling, this thread will become unreadable much like the last Ukraine Thread ... :(

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 18:55 utc | 23

Analysis of the Leopard 2 against Russian tech in rhyme.

The Leopard 2, a tank with might
Its armor strong, its weapons tight
But in the war, it's not immune
To danger, destruction, and gloom

Guided missiles, precision strikes
Enemy shells, explosive spikes
The cunning tactics of the foe
The Leopard 2, in danger, will show

Superior engineering, advanced tech
But still mortal, with dangers in reach
Reduced to metal husks, it'll show
The brutality and fragility of war, oh!

Sergei Khatylev, once head of Russian might
Says the Leopard 2 is vulnerable in sight
Its propulsion system and thermal contrast, beware
Russian technology, with infrared, does stare!

Oh, the Leopard 2, a symbol of might
But in war, it falls to the night
Its armor and weapons, not enough
Against the power of enemy stuff

The Leopard 2, feared and respected
But in war, its mortality, expect it
Its existence threatened, with every shot
Reminding us, the fragility of war, cannot be forgot.

Yes, ChatGPT at work here.

Posted by: meshpal | Feb 2 2023 19:04 utc | 24

What to make of the disagreements within NATO or will it end in a wider fracture:

these 3 are not with the narrative

1. Turkey accused US a state sponsor of terrorism, quote from RT report:

[.]Soylu also singled out the US for its continued support of the YPG Kurdish militia, which Ankara suspects of being behind a deadly terrorist attack in Istanbul in November last year.

“Don’t we know that you are hand in hand with those behind the attack on Istiklal Avenue?” the Turkish minister asked. He went on to argue that, if Türkiye had acted this way, it would already be labeled a terrorist state.[.] (bold emphasis added)

2. Surprising Bulgaria is not with narrative

Bulgaria, Hungary believe arms supplies will not help resolve Ukrainian conflict -Tass

SOFIA, February 2. /TASS/. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and his Hungarian counterpart Katalin Novak share concerns over the developments in Ukraine, according to their press conference following talks in Sofia.

"We share a common concern in the context of the Ukrainian situation’s development," Radev said, "This conflict is escalating into a global economic clash, which now threatens all of Europe. It is turning into a war of attrition not only for the parties directly involved, but also for Europe, for our economy and social system. We are convinced that a solution to this conflict cannot be achieved by increasing arms supplies, only by showing the will to engage in dialogue and diplomacy. Tensions must be de-escalated and hostilities must cease."

"The crisis has been going on for a year now, and unfortunately, we do not yet see the conditions for peace in Ukraine. But we need to work so that the crisis and military pressure do not escalate further, so that the conditions for a sustainable peace can be created as soon as possible," the Hungarian head of state said.

Then there is this:

European Parliament calls to consider shipment of planes, missiles to Ukraine — resolution

The resolution also expresses support to shipment of all other types of weapons to Ukraine, as well as to establishment of the EU training mission for Ukrainian forces

BRUSSELS, February 2. /TASS/. The European Parliament called to look into an option to send military planes and long-range missiles to Ukraine in its resolution, dedicated to the upcoming February 3 EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev.

"[The European Parliament] welcomes the decision of the governments of several EU Member States, the US and the UK to deliver modern main battle tanks to Ukraine; insists that the training of Ukrainian crews in operating these tanks begin immediately and calls for consideration to be given to delivering Western fighter jets and long-range missile systems as a next step," the resolution reads.

Europe Parliament resolutions are advisory and are not obligatory for EU institutions.

all other types of weapons

These blockhead MEPs will construct a resolution to teleport themselves to Mars...out of harms way. Wait for it.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 19:12 utc | 25

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 18:34 utc | 14

UAF is slowly "transitioning" (as they say) to a full Nato equipment force. Too bad the real reliable workhorses of artillery and air defense seem to be that of Soviet design - Nato designed equipment appear prone to failure and wearing, and low efficiency across the board.

Posted by: unimperator | Feb 2 2023 19:12 utc | 26

It certainly seems as though RF forces have most of their upgrades and troop increases on line now.
The 2nd line of defense is going to fold soon. USA and NATO vassals are beginning to quiver and quarrel, which is often a sign of anxiety and fear. One would expect some sort of false flag or Big Event designed with the intention of getting greater participation. There are also murmurs and hints of the Handlers being ready for talks of some sort. Well we all know THAT goes and we can be sure and the RF planners do too. Not Agreement Capable. One positive takeaway is that the RoW is well aware what happens when entering into a bargain with the USA or its vassals. Meanwhile the vassals in the EU are visibly anxious as they lead their populations down the path of self destruction.

One hopes that the RF will not listen to any of the pissing and moaning, refuse to "do business" with the vultures and hyenas that have tried so hard to destroy them, and keep their eyes on the prize.

Posted by: Chevrus | Feb 2 2023 19:14 utc | 27

@ wagelaborer | Feb 2 2023 18:54 utc | 23

Turkiye & Hungary can do far more damage by stayin' in NATO. At least until it starts to breakup, no ? :)

@ unimperator | Feb 2 2023 19:12 utc | 28

UAF is slowly "transitioning" (as they say) to a full Nato equipment force

Missing /s ? ;)

All true, yet the bigger issue is extant arms materiel stocks & military industrial capacity.

Review the daily average loss rate, destroyed, excluding abandoned/derelict, trapped in the greyzone. Can US/NATO supply 22.5 MBTs, 2.9 MBLRS, 11.6 Artillery pieces & 24 logistical/transport/service/support vehicles each day ? To merely sustain the AFU at it's current derelict state, day in day out, without delay, including all the myriad logistical requirements thereof ongoing ? Without considering ammo/POL, medical, potable water, field rations, etc ?

The answer is no. Absolutely not. Multiply each of those figures by 30, 90, 180, 360 days ... it is over, we just don't know the end date re presentation of unconditional terms yet. Manpower is meaningless without the arms materiel. And the manpower is another critical issue ...

Hence why Empire has been in a panic, reaching for an out, its propaganda narrative is adrift. IMV this was triggered at the failed USAF Ramstein NATO meeting Jan20'23.

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 19:32 utc | 28

@ Outraged | Feb 2 2023 19:32 utc | 30

Apologies. Correction: 'supply 22.5 MBTs' should read 'supply 22.5 AFVs' (Comprising MBTs/IFVs/APCs).

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 19:48 utc | 29

Post #1 is intended to grab attention of German authorities and get them to go after B.

Transparent idnit

Posted by: Exile | Feb 2 2023 19:48 utc | 30

you're a full-blown retard.
get lost.

Posted by: Tov | Feb 2 2023 19:49 utc | 31

Turkey must be getting pressure to ease up on the
Montreux Convention.

The conflict would get hot real quick if US ships were in the Black Sea.

Surely the US couldn’t be that stupid?

Posted by: Johnycomelately | Feb 2 2023 19:53 utc | 32

As to NATO unity it’s so solid that greek coastguards shooting at turkish coastguards isn’t a problem, it’s a sign of strength.

Posted by: Jörgen Hassler | Feb 2 2023 19:55 utc | 33

Gottlieb no. 18

Yes it was proven to be a personalized goblet belonging to the debauched former film producer of the same name who apparently lost it whilst on location.

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Feb 2 2023 20:00 utc | 34

Please B, remove urgently this antisemitic bullshit posted by: Jack | Feb 2 2023 17:49 utc | 1

Posted by: Pnyx | Feb 2 2023 17:59 utc | 2
I'll second this.

This crap was spewed a while back.

Posted by: jpc | Feb 2 2023 20:09 utc | 35

⚡️ US is advising Ukrainian forces give Russia a symbolic victory and play for time to allow tanks and other weaponry to arrive

According to senior US official, Ukrainian troops might have to retreat out of east Artyomovsk-Bakhmut (, as Zelensky himself said situation is becoming even more severe for Ukraine’s forces in east.

Spin machine at work.
"How do you explain our forces got ground to dust in half-enclosed cauldrons with incomprehensible artillery advantage"?

White house: "Just tell them it was a symbolic victory to delude the enemy and draw his attention from coming Steiner's counter-attack."

Posted by: unimperator | Feb 2 2023 20:16 utc | 36

⚔️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Ukraine's Use of "Petal Mines" Confirmed by West

For months journalists on the ground including Eva Bartlett reported Ukraine firing "petal mines" into civilian areas specifically to maim/kill civilians.

Now even Western rights orgs like HRW admit this.

NPR in its article, "Human Rights Watch urges investigation of alleged use of land mines by Ukraine," admits:

"HRW suggests that Ukraine scattered so-called petal mines in and around the eastern Ukrainian city of Izium.

The report contradicts previous claims, including from Human Rights Watch itself, that Ukraine has only used anti-vehicle mines since Russia invaded in February 2022. "

We see how far behind/incomplete the West is in holding Ukraine accountable, and how accurate reporters like Eva and Patrick are on the ground.

NPR still falls short of the full truth - NPR cites the UK MoD who previously accused Russia of using these mines in the streets of Donetsk. It is now obvious the UK MoD lied & it was Ukraine all along.

Posted by: Down South | Feb 2 2023 20:20 utc | 37

❗️The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fleeing from Artemivsk, their heels are already sparkling

As early as January 30, Russian troops were confronted by 12 large gangs of militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: 1st brigade, 24th, 53rd, 60th and 28th brigade, 71st brigade, 40th abr, 57th brigade, 111 -I, 119th, 125th and 127th br TerO.

Over the past two days, the 24th and 53rd MBRs (withdrawn for recovery), the 71st Airborne Brigade (near Kremennaya), as well as battalions / bands of mercenaries and the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have been withdrawn / retreated from Artemovsk with losses.

The transfer of the 3rd Azov brigade from near Kleshcheevka to the north of Artemovsk was also noted, which will probably cover the withdrawal of the unfinished 57th battalion.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the 24th MBR and the 111th TerO Brigade have been withdrawn to the west of Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, where defensive positions are being erected based on urban development. As you can see, cities are not being prepared for defense, but for destruction.

Thus, Artemovsk is being prepared for surrender, trying to stay on the Novomarkovko-Kalinovka-Chasov Yar line. At the same time, the fiercest fighting will begin on the Seversk-Soledar line and in the direction of Kramatorsk.

Posted by: Down South | Feb 2 2023 20:22 utc | 38

The answer is no. Absolutely not. Multiply each of those figures by 30, 90, 180, 360 days ... it is over, we just don't know the end date re presentation of unconditional terms yet. Manpower is meaningless without the arms materiel. And the manpower is another critical issue ...


Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 19:32 utc | 30

Yes, and it has not been there for some time, nor is it likely to be there until long after all this bullshit is forgotten, with some new bullshit taking the stage instead.

Probably right about Ramstein "pivot point" too.

Thanks for your good work.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 2 2023 20:23 utc | 39

Polish farmers begin protests against Ukrainian grain imports; roads at border crossings are already blocked. 

Farmers have started protesting on the border between Poland and Ukraine. Poles demand to stop importing cheap Ukrainian grain into their country. In particular, they want to block trucks from the neighboring country. The protest will last for two days in Lublin and Podkarpackie.

At the same time, protests may start in other countries as well. Many farmers have found themselves in a difficult situation after the introduction of "cheap" Ukrainian grain and agricultural products into European markets.

Farmers from Poland, Romania, Hungary, and other countries are suffering the most.

Posted by: Down South | Feb 2 2023 20:27 utc | 40

UK backtracking, whilst a few days ago they said some rubbish about "sophisticated equipment":

"The United Kingdom is not ruling out supplying Ukraine with fighter jets, the defence minister says.

But Ben Wallace cautioned such aircraft would not be a “magic wand” in the war with Russia.

“On the process of jets, I’ve been pretty clear. One thing I’ve learned over the last year is don’t rule anything in, don’t rule anything out,” said Wallace."

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Feb 2 2023 20:27 utc | 41

Unbelievably stupid as this may seem, the US is demilitarizing Europe while South Korea stands to make a fortune in selling tanks, jets and artillery.

Posted by: Eighthman | Feb 2 2023 20:27 utc | 42

> Posted by: Tov | Feb 2 2023 19:49 utc | 33
If only he were a retard. I suspect his purpose is two-fold:
1) To scare of casual readers of this blog and taint it. There is nothing better for this purpose than vulgar antisemitism.
2) To create a reason for the authorities to close this blog.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, but I have noticed that it's often the first or one of the first posts that are made for purpose 1), as they are the first that are noticed by new readers. I suspect that there are watchdogs that raise an alarm whenever a new thread is going online, as only minutes later the first troll appears.

Posted by: Zweckpessimist | Feb 2 2023 20:38 utc | 43

So you mean the ancient goblet found in Jerusalem with the name Weinstein engraved upon it was a fake?

Posted by: gottlieb | Feb 2 2023 18:44 utc | 18

It was certainly put in the middle of the sanctuary of Solomon circa 350 BC by some anti-semitic agent from the Russian tsarist police (Okhrana)...

Posted by: Greg Galloway | Feb 2 2023 20:40 utc | 44

I saw this today, in The Postil Magazine. It is amazing. It dates back to 1994 !!! Definitely worth sharing.

The full-blown War Plan for a zombie Ukraine.

It refers to a report by Barry R. Posen (Rand, CFR, MIT, Woodrow Wilson Foundation).

Selection by Mendelssohn Moses.

Posted by: luiscborges | Feb 2 2023 20:45 utc | 45

As for the infamous post (which is a repeat, no?) at the top of this thread. It's actually kind of funny. 'This name might be a derivate of another name that sounded like it could have been...'

But what this comment does is undermine legitimate critique of "Jewish Power".

(And sorry for continuing this decidedly OT discussion.)

Posted by: gottlieb | Feb 2 2023 20:46 utc | 46

Russell Bentley, whom I've known personally for years, asked me to post the following message to Richard Steven Hack:

Bro, I saw your re-post on MoA, and the one dude's smartass reply about me not being a west point graduate. Might I ask you to post a reply for me there?

Russell responds - "It seems Hack was in such a hurry to disparage what I wrote and defend his heroes that he didn't have time to actually read what I had written. I do, in fact have a fair amount of experience as a soldier, in the US Army as a 12-B Combat Engineer from 1981 to '84, and as a frontline combat soldier in the DPR Army, including in the 1st Spetsnaz Battalion ("XAH") in 2014, 2015 and 2017. And I have six medals to prove it. Which I am willing to bet is a lot more than Hack has. (Real soldiers don't say "operational art". it's a fact.) But of course, I could be wrong. Maybe Commander Hack commanded a brigade, or went to West Point, you know, like General Custer and Benedict Arnold.

If Hack had taken the time to actually read my comments, he might have noticed that I referenced Commander Alexander Khodakovsky, (the founder, and still Commander of VOSTOK BRIGADE) in the first paragraph, and the second paragraph is mostly quoting him, and he is without a doubt the finest military Commander to ever step onto Donbass soil since the 2nd World War. The longest standing, and still commanding, most combat experienced military officer in the Russian military, with 8 years of combat command, who is still to this day, commanding and reporting from the Front.

Before forming the first military unit of the Donetsk People's Republic and defending the Republic with it through 8 years of war, Khodakovsky was the Commander of the SBU Alpha Team (Spetsnaz) and the head of the security team of Renat Akmetov, the richest man in Ukraine. Hack would make himself ridiculous were he to question these credentials, and the point is, my opinion and reporting coincides almost 100% with that of Commander Khodakovsky.

In fact, my opinion (including legitimate criticism of the Russian General Staff) also very closely aligns with those of Ramzan Kadyrov and Evgeny Pregozhen, Commanders of the Chechen Division and Wagner PMC, respectively, and along with Khodakovsky and VOSTOK, the best and most successful and effective combat Commanders and combat units in this war. So when you're finished hacking, Hack, you can go ahead and clean up your own "puke".

And BTW, Hack, do you know how much military education and combat experience Sergey Shoigu has? No? I didn't think so. Look it up, then get back to me..."

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Feb 2 2023 20:47 utc | 47

@ Biswapriya Purkayast | Feb 2 2023 20:47 utc | 48


Thanks for your reporting.

Posted by: too scents | Feb 2 2023 21:15 utc | 48

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 19:32 utc | 30
"Can US/NATO supply 22.5 MBTs,..."

It think it's not just MBT's.
It says: tanks (= MBT/main battle tank) and other armored combat vehicles (IFV, for example BMP-1 / BMP-2 ...).
Or am I mistaken?

Posted by: NoName | Feb 2 2023 21:17 utc | 49

Re antisemitic posts pretending to be objective, b's article announces a victory, his analysis has finally been backed up by people with clout. I forward it to people who have written him off. Then jack monomaniacally serves up a reason for them to keep doing so.

b may think that he's affirming freedom of expression, but he's really allowing his site to be associated with fools and then dismissed.

Posted by: dadooronron | Feb 2 2023 21:20 utc | 50


Posted by: Klaus Karlbad | Feb 2 2023 21:24 utc | 51

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 2 2023 19:48 utc | 31

I've should have read further... ;) Sorry..

Posted by: NoName | Feb 2 2023 21:24 utc | 52

What do people think of the ongoing purges inside Ukraine. One view is that it is a US sponsored event to isolate Zelensky prior to forcing his ouster and replacement with someone more compliant to American advice. Another Diem like coup to complete the takeover of Ukraine.

Others says it's a legitimate move to try to clean the place up. Perhaps co-sponsored by Zelensky and his American handlers.

Others say it an internal power struggle between competing crime lords ?

Others Say ?

One imagines that it must be having some kind of impact on war operations.

Posted by: Dan Farrand | Feb 2 2023 21:27 utc | 53

Many keep talking about the Spring offensive. I don't think Putin is going to wait until Spring to spring forward. As soon as the ground freezes solid again, the RF will be on the move again in a strategic way to eliminate the AFU.

Soon the ground in the Donbas will freeze solid again for the second time this winter. According to the Donetsk City weather forecast, in about a week the ground will be frozen solid again. Then Russia will yet again step up its mobilization.

The frozen ground will allow their heavy equipment to manuever over the ground without getting stuck in the mud.

Where further mobilizations might occur are pretty much a guess. But after the ground freezes again, it will not be long before it is obvious where Russia is going to mobilize.

For sure, it looks like Bakhmut will be encircled and the main roads to the Siversk area will be cut off. Then the Russian troops will proceed to take the encircled areas grinding them down every day until their ammo and food and water and heat and medical are exhausted. Most likely the Russians are not going to allow trapped troops to walk away from Bakhmut and Siversk like they did in Severdonetsk and Lysychansk areas in early July, 2022.

Posted by: young | Feb 2 2023 21:31 utc | 54

@Biswapriya #48

The Russians that were critical of the military commanders were acting, they screamed and all vowed that not another inch would be given from retreat. They watched the west spend months moving 1 machine at a time into Kherson area then they retreated leaving half of the Ukrainian offensive standing around in empty fields.
Those guys sell a bluff. There is also the Russian running gag of "we had to buy our own clothing" just trolling the Ukrainian free ride and laughing when the west reports it as Russians are poor and shitty.

No offense but Kadyrov and Pregozhen do not share your opinion

Posted by: OohCanada | Feb 2 2023 21:33 utc | 55

Germany open to idea West behind Nord Stream sabotage - article published by the other venerable rag - The

German investigators reportedly have not ruled out the possibility that a Western nation was responsible for the Nord Stream blasts

German officials are "open to theories" that the sabotage of the Nord Stream undersea pipelines was carried out by a Western nation "with the aim of blaming it on Russia," The Times reported.

In a Wednesday report, the British newspaper described the mystery of who was behind the attacks as "one of the biggest questions of the 21st century."

The two pipelines, each of which has two strings, were damaged by explosions in late September. Germany, the recipient of Russian natural gas, for which the undersea energy routes were built, as well as Sweden and Denmark, in whose territorial waters the damage was done, are each running a separate investigation.

Citing European officials, the Times said a failure to provide transparency in the probes risks encouraging "dangerous conspiracy theories" and "wild speculations."

"This was a major infrastructure attack. It's strange that we've heard very little," an unidentified Western analyst was quoted as saying.[.]

The Russian government described the sabotage as a "terrorist attack" and said that the US was the nation that benefited most from it, by speeding up Europe's attempts to wean itself off Russian gas.

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland declared that she was "gratified" with the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 project during a Congress hearing last week. Responding to the remark, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday that the US diplomat had essentially "confessed" Washington was behind the sabotage. [.](emphasis added)

A Western nation, eh? Dangerous conspiracy theories and wild speculations?

that day, September 26, 2022 left two trails pointing to the terrorists:

Trail No: 1(a) -- Liz Truss' Text to Tony Blinken: "It's done." Trail No: 1(b) -- former Polish FM (Sikorski's) Tweet: "Thank you USA"

You do not thank someone for achievements, or actions for which they were not involved.
The NordStream sabotage coupled with the confessed Minsk 1, 2 deception present an obstacle to any negotiated UKR settlement.

IMHO, as a good faith gesture, any settlement will include reparations for the NordStream attack.

Better option perhaps - trust Argentina's penguins but only after examining underneath their feathers to ascertain there are no hidden wolves lurking there.

Who can be trusted?

You may want to read this review of the recent Rand Report "Avoiding a Long War" as another call meant to deceive. expands on b's take.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 21:37 utc | 56

Eigthman @43--

I took a look at the main South Korean defense conglomerate, Hanwha, Monday, and it doesn't appear to have plans to expand its armament production plants as it has other goals for its business expansion with its initial core based on armaments production being spun-off. That decision coincides with what I discovered with Outlaw US Empire MIC corps--what's increasing is their order backlog and the rate of their stock buy-backs, the latter of which is fueling the increase in share price, not profits or equity growth. IMO, such business plans are but one factor that's driving Imperialists bananas as they need growth in the industrial plant capacity for weapons production, not the growth of order backlogs. IMO, there's a certain irony within that situation. IMO, that's what happens when you farm-out national security instead of keeping it under tight government control as do Russia and China.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 2 2023 21:37 utc | 57

1/ "...If we had the opportunity to strike at a distance of 300 km, the Russian army would not be able to provide defense - Reznikov..." rk@4

Can anyone think of any military which could not say the same thing? If one presumes the invulnerability of ones rocket launchers/artillery then landing bombs/shells/rockets on a targeted country would be impossible to defend against.

What Reznikov and rk forget to mention is that there is no invulnerability, certainly not against hypersonic weapons. They are whistling past the graveyard, a graveyard that goes on and on.

2/ As to Jack's scholarly contribution @1 this has certainly appeared before. It is utter nonsense. And it expresses the views of several other posters for whom the ultimate explanation of all evil is 'the Jews'.
Such views are invariable signs that the poster is a pilgrim from the right wing of the political spectrum, an elitist, an apologist for capitalism, generally a revisionist in historiography and still under the influence of the anticommunist propaganda that poisoned the milk of generations of American mothers.
Which is why they seize every opportunity to give their friends, the German secret police, the ammunition needed to discredit what has become one of the most reliable and authoritative sources of current affairs analysis on the net.

Posted by: bevin | Feb 2 2023 21:41 utc | 58

No offense but Kadyrov and Pregozhen do not share your opinion
Posted by: OohCanada | Feb 2 2023 21:33 utc | 56

I do share @Biswapriya #48 's opinion, but I remain silent because I believe the most important thing now is to mislead the enemy.

Posted by: Greg Galloway | Feb 2 2023 21:41 utc | 59


Could be a poke at B. Can we assume that this is the product of a hostile intel agency?

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 21:43 utc | 60

Posted by: young | Feb 2 2023 21:31 utc | 55

In the summer-Autumn of 2022, it was mostly the ukie cannon fodder doing the fighting, attacking sporadically against the Russian lines, which weren't then all that coherent. Then came Kherson offensive, which lasted for a couple of months, but seemingly it kept coming like the Borg. Then out of the "blue" came the attack in Balakleya-Lyman axle, causing also a mini crisis situation in Lyman, but more or less the extraction and restoration of a solid line was possible. The ukie armored vehicle force was mostly spent on those offensives.

Now we're kind of in a similar situation, terrodefense are still attacking and have been for a long time. But the difference is the best troops were sent to defend Soledar, and around Bakhmut. It was a magnificent success of drawing deep and trained reserves.

There's a lot of fog of war and difficulty to judge what's really going on, but they might be able to muster one more large offensive with the supposed 200 or so Nato tanks IF they concentrate in a single place, instead of falling to the temptation of scattering them across the front of supporting defense in Ugledar, or Bahkmut, or Svatovo. Now, since the universe isn't a system of isolated islands, events interact with each other.

So the situation might actually be that sacrificing terrodefense troops to attack in Seversk, and forest of Kremennaya, and Svatovo axle, and sacrificing them defending Ugledar, might actually cause a situation where there will not be terrodefense for the first sacrificial wave of Steiner's counter attack in Mariupol. Or the situation might be that the collapsing axle north of Seversk, around Kremenna and Lyman might cause a crisis situation of "indefinitely postponing" the Mariupol operation and inevitable capture of Crimea. Things are getting stretched a lot.

Posted by: unimperator | Feb 2 2023 21:48 utc | 61

A retired Czech police officer estimates the number of Ukrainians that find themselves within the borders of the Czech Republic on 700.000 (Source: Czech FB).

Posted by: Oblomovka daydream | Feb 2 2023 21:49 utc | 62

aufgrund der nichtlöschung des 1.tweets verabschiede ich mich als leser von dieser seite.

Posted by: mimu | Feb 2 2023 21:50 utc | 63

I provided the translated text of Putin's Stalingrad anniversary speech but few have commented upon it. RT cites what it calls "Putin's warning to West" when he says that Russia doesn't need to send its tanks to those nation's borders as it has other means:

"Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them. We’re not sending our tanks to their borders. Yet we have something to respond with, and it would not be limited to armor use only, everyone must realize that."

And IMO he's not talking nukes but hypersonics. Putin also made another insinuation--that all the West by their actions are Bandera followers, meaning they are all at minimum neo-Nazis. While those words might have been for Russian consumption, they also imply that denazification must extend to all those Banderite nations.

I also noted that Larvov's interview confirmed what I stated about the political necessity to push the battlelines well away from Russian lands so artillery strikes can no longer reach. Lavrov said that if longer range weapons are introduced, then the buffer distance would also be increased. Since strike systems are already in Poland and Yugoslavia, that political decision will have major military implications as the SMO now has another component.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 2 2023 21:55 utc | 64

The anti-semitic nonsense posted by Jack just reeks of a false flag operation.

Posted by: ian | Feb 2 2023 21:58 utc | 65

Posted by: unimperator | Feb 2 2023 21:48 utc | 62

No doubt the zero line stretches for a long distance. The advantage in such a long line is being able to quickly move troops and equipment to where they are needed to hold the line or to advance.

The Ukrainians appear to be doing a good job in being able to do so. Or course, they are helped with the best that Western intelligence can provide.

I don't think Russia can match the ground intelligence.

But, it may not matter if the Ukrainian forces are stretched to breaking points and Russia mobilizes in a BIG way.

Posted by: young | Feb 2 2023 22:07 utc | 66

@ karlof1 Post 65

Many thanks for all you share and your own excellent VK forum.

In a few words:

condensing Lavrov on longer [300 km] range artillery; 'it's an invitation for us to push all-the-way-to-Poland's eastern border'

Yes we can.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 22:08 utc | 67

"aufgrund der nichtlöschung des 1.tweets verabschiede ich mich als leser von dieser seite."

Posted by: mimu | Feb 2 2023 21:50 utc | 64

Yes, if you run a blog you have to watch it non-stop 24 hours. Otherwise some „mimu“ will not like you.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Feb 2 2023 22:09 utc | 68

If you wish to discredit a blog, post something anti-semitic. If the post is not removed, the blog is of dubious repute. If the post is removed, the blog does not respect freedom of speech.

Posted by: Passerby | Feb 2 2023 22:12 utc | 69


Did check out your line and indeed, it is amazing how far back these rotten imperialistic schemes happen to go and the attitudes behind them. Thanks.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 22:15 utc | 70

Posted by: Dan Farrand | Feb 2 2023 21:27 utc | 54

Former allies start to turn against one another when the alliance is losing. They are stressed and looking to cast blame. There really is serious corruption with Ukraine's border guards for example (stealing every generator that crosses the border) but they wouldn't be getting purged if things were going well.

Posted by: catdog | Feb 2 2023 22:16 utc | 71

Posted by: Zweckpessimist | Feb 2 2023 20:38 utc | 44

In complete agreement and it is imperative for b to take down that bullshit ASAP. It's part of a coordinated effort to smear MoA and maybe even bring in the German authorities to shut it down.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Feb 2 2023 22:18 utc | 72

@ #20, thanks for informative comment. BTW you wrote "At this point, artillery interdiction of exit routes indicate that any retreat will be strictly by shanks mare." In case there are one or two on MOA who never heard of the idiom "shanks mare," I was curious to learn "shanks mare" refers to "one own legs"

Posted by: Willow | Feb 2 2023 22:19 utc | 73

by aristodemos

"Do any of youse guys feel a vibe of tension in the air? Something like the calm before the storm seems on overall intuitive pickup."

Oh yes, it's a very weird feeling and I can feel it in my bones. A feeling not of big arrow offensives but a feeling you get while watching a Pikey bare knuckle fight. Just before one fighter grabs the other by the ears so they can't move. Then proceeds to chew their nose off and spit it on the canvas.

Posted by: Derek Henry | Feb 2 2023 22:21 utc | 74

@Willow, 74

It's an old expression. Also used in the form 'Shank's pony'.

Posted by: George | Feb 2 2023 22:29 utc | 75

"aufgrund der nichtlöschung des 1.tweets verabschiede ich mich als leser von dieser seite."

No need to delete this crap as it is such blatant crap.

Posted by: Apollyon | Feb 2 2023 22:31 utc | 76

There was a lot of talk about an "off ramp" for the Russians the middle of last year.
Is it still available for NATO?

Posted by: jpc | Feb 2 2023 22:32 utc | 77

Russia won the war when the Russian army withdrew from Kiev. You may assume the occupation of Kiev by the Russian army to have been war-gamed to exhaustion: Russian army barracks would have been attacked by truck-bombs, like the truck-bomb used to attack the Kerch bridge. Anti-tank weapons and manpads would have decimated tanks and helicopters. Looking back, it was wise of Russia not to bite the poisoned apple.

Posted by: Passerby | Feb 2 2023 22:33 utc | 78


Perhaps the single most effectual and generally unrecognized difference between the disparity between the profit-driven WarDefense Industry in the U$$A and collective West and Russia and China is the fact that in the latter nations military production is either state-owned or closely controlled.

Giving the example of the U$$A policy is that it's "Profits, Profits, uber Alles". So ultimately in these regimes, military spending centers on industries that are nothing more (or less) than bottom-line considerations. Quality of the products are strictly secondary. Therefore there is something like a 1,000% gap between the materiel developed and produced by the private WarDefense Industry, headed behind the scenes by powerful financier interests; and those of the strictly design and production capacities within the Eurasian powers.

When Dwight Eisenhower gave his farewell address as composed by his speech-writer Malcom Moos; the original text called for the "Military Industrial, Congressional Complex." The word "Congressional" was eliminated due to "political considerations".

Had the original text held, there would have been a dampening effect on campaign contributions and other forms of grease going to the majority of Congre$$critter$. With something like 2,000 WDI lobbyists haunting the halls of Urination's Capitol, armed with the prospects of considerable grease; we have the "sterling" examples of the likes of Senator Mitch McConnell and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi having concocted fortunes of hundreds of millions each on Congressional salaries of less than 200,000 per year.

Do the math.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 22:36 utc | 79

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Feb 2 2023 20:47 utc | 48

"Russell responds - "It seems Hack was in such a hurry to disparage what I wrote and defend his heroes that he didn't have time to actually read what I had written. I do, in fact have a fair amount of experience as a soldier, in the US Army as a 12-B Combat Engineer from 1981 to '84, and as a frontline combat soldier in the DPR Army, including in the 1st Spetsnaz Battalion ("XAH") in 2014, 2015 and 2017. And I have six medals to prove it. Which I am willing to bet is a lot more than Hack has. (Real soldiers don't say "operational art". it's a fact.)"

Thereby proving my point - that some "grunt" as a "Combat Engineer" back in the '80s actually has any comprehension of "operational art".

Martyanov is laughing so much he's probably spewing coffee all over his monitor.

As Khodakovsky, well, I'll let this article in Wikipedia make some points:
Alexander Khodakovsky

Note that 1) he was the head of a Ukraine SBU Alpha team, 2) he defected in 2014 to the Donbass side, and 3) "In December 2022, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he said that the only way Russia can win the war against Ukraine would be through the use of nuclear weapons.[6]" - which in itself is risible and clearly shows a total lack of comprehension of the military balance, and 4) he claimed the Donbass rebels in 2014 had a BUK AD system which might have been involved in the shootdown of MH17, a claim he later denied, although reported audio recordings proved otherwise.

I'll let the bar readers assess this individual's competence in high-level operational planning and credibility.

"In fact, my opinion (including legitimate criticism of the Russian General Staff) also very closely aligns with those of Ramzan Kadyrov and Evgeny Pregozhen"

And now this character places himself on the level of these two people, neither of whom are on the Russian General Staff, one of whom is a restaurant owner with zero comprehension of military strategy, and who also once stated: "On 1 October 2022, he said about the commanders of the Russian army that "All these bastards ought to be sent to the front barefoot with just a submachine gun."[54]"

I'll let the bar readers assess this individual's competence in high-level strategy and credibility.

I'll also let the bar readers assess the original poster's status as a troll.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Feb 2 2023 22:40 utc | 80

Liebes mimu,

Wir haben schon ein paar jahrhunderte, ja sogar jahrtausende geschichtsschreibung. Aus der kann man lernen.

Du willst dass eine bewegung oder idee wächst? Gut, dann versuch sie zu unterdrücken, löschen und in den untergrund zu treiben. Vom christentum bis zu den kommunisten aber aber auch der idee von freiheit, die liste ist endlos.

Du willst eine bewegung oder idee besiegen? Dann mach sie öffentlich, mach sie lächerlich, stell ihre dummheit bloß und lach über sie.

Posted by: Orgel | Feb 2 2023 22:46 utc | 81

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not care about the number of casualties among the military, the main thing is the fulfillment of the task. This was stated by Alexei Arestovich.

“Losses are not an argument at all. They were all prepared for a big war, where the lifetime of a motorized rifle regiment is 45 minutes,” Arestovich said.

Posted by: unimperator | Feb 2 2023 22:55 utc | 82

Dear Jack @1,
If you ever decide to out guns blazing,
Please go for the oligarchs and politicians.
Leave the schools and Walmarts alone.

Posted by: Theodore Roosevelt | Feb 2 2023 22:56 utc | 83

Likklemore @68--

Thanks for your reply. I recall speculating on that soon after Russia's December 2021 security proposals. Lavrov devoted some serious thought to the Polish situation and lamented that they like so many have drank the Outlaw US Empire's Koolaid. After reading and thinking, IMO it all boils down to a fight over the bully demanding all follow his demands or else--the totalitarian behavior remarked by the interviewer first then echoed by Lavrov. And as both Putin and Lavrov noted today, that method was tried on Russia twice before and completely failed. But the seed of US-style Fascism was planted long before Hitler and even before Napoleon since it actually comes from the mother of both--England, not Scotland or Wales, but England. And to be fair, the English got it from the Nordic peoples.

The human yearning today is to be together yet independent, collectivist yet individualistic. Millions know that, but a few thousand want to deny humanity its opportunity to evolve beyond its current primitive state because war, conflict, dissension, and such allow them to continue to divide and rule. That set of circumstances is also recognized by millions and the movement to alter those circumstances is afoot.

Recall the first Bond movie Dr. No and how he met his end. That's what I see happening to the Outlaw US Empire--it will grasp and grasp and grasp again but to no avail as it sinks into the morass of its own making. And yes, the symbolism of a megalomaniac empire is 100% correct.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 2 2023 22:56 utc | 84

Saw this on the RWA Telegram channel. If you enjoyed the Musicians' Best in Hell, you will probably enjoy this, which is less a dramatization and more a documentary on the Donbass militia before the SMO.

Ghosts. Soldiers of a forgotten war [film about war in Ukraine]

I think the footage is incredible.

Posted by: LoveDonbass | Feb 2 2023 23:00 utc | 85

Bevin @ 59

As a superannuated Grouchy Marxist, you are always looking under your bed for rightwing plots. Goes with the territory, I guess.

Do you really believe that some rightist fanatic would sit patiently at his desk to unload his dump of horseshit as the very first entry on MoA? In the process such an entity would make a fool of himself and in the process manage to smear those whose positions tend to be vaguely similar to those of that entity, BUT are by no means on the same page. It is all a matter of discernment.

Far more likely, this was an "inside job" by one of the intel agencies in order to besmirch the site and also to also use against those of us who are fully aware of the actual role of the Talmudist Imperialists. That way, you and a couple of other of the "on message" ilk are enabled to pull off further smear-jobs.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 23:01 utc | 86

Another example of 'Projection' "Hundreds if not thousands of foreign veterans and volunteers have passed through Ukraine. Many of them, like Milburn and his group, are hard-living men who have spent their adult lives steeped in violence, solo flyers trying to work together in a very dangerous environment without a lot of structure or rules."

In other words, private contractors from the U.S. exhibit criminal behavior. Yet we accuse the 'Wagner Group' of being 80% convicts.

I was perplexed at how obsessively we attacked the Wagner Group but now I know why. We observed how our own volunteers were acting and immediately had to start deflecting.

My beloved country is lost. We have chosen to get into a deathmatch where only one of us will emerge and we have embraced every depravity, mocking the very nature of God.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Feb 2 2023 23:01 utc | 87

Connecting dots......

1/ Kiev asks the Gerries for a submarine

2/ Turkey shuts the Bosphorus straits (access to the Black Sea) to military traffic

3/ Thats the end of Kievs submarine plan

Posted by: HERMIUS | Feb 2 2023 23:09 utc | 88

Ukrainian vodka has been on sale in many places in the US for a year or so.

It is bottled in litres (1000 mL not 750 mL) and priced at around $20 USD each.

Sale price is buy one, get one free.

It's called Rusalka. Rusalka is a faerie of legend.

Every purchase probably enriches 10 percent Brandon and Poon Hunter.

Posted by: Chaka Khagan | Feb 2 2023 23:09 utc | 89

unimperitor @62

In the numbers game in warfare, the RF forces now have a majority of well as a massive edge in artillery, rockets, missiles, armor and air forces.

Thus the Ukies are spread thin, with those poor, shanghaied conscripts making up their "Territorial Defense" units herded up front as meat for the grinder. Some of the conscripted elders are probably armed with canes and walkers as well as AKs. The kiddie corps of teenagers are mooning and weeping over photos of their girlfriends and mothers...and sorely missing their gamer gear.

War is rarely if ever fair. It's nasty, dirty, smelly and not unusually those heads and hands of Western mercenaries chopped off, sometimes even before they have actually died of their wounds. Imagine for a moment, the levels of PTSD on the part of Ukie frontline troops...witnessing and feeling all of the above PLUS being under constant bombardment by artillery, drones, rockets and missiles.

And the Ukies are planning on an offensive with their new tracked-toys which they cannot properly utilize due to lack of sufficient training?

Likely that in the next couple weeks the Russian forces will surround both Artemenyovsk/Bakhmut as well as Ugledar, simply stationing some of the newer unbloodied volunteers around the perimeters, backed by plenty of artillery...just waiting for those white flags to emerge like spring flowers as the Ukies run out of ammo, food, clean water and basic warmth.

Upon the liberation of those two holdouts, Russian forces can flow through the gap without any concern for their flanks. It could end up as a race to the Dnieper between those who retreat and those who advance.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 23:15 utc | 90


does any alert, observing human think Russia would take natostans word as pact?

Posted by: pappy | Feb 2 2023 23:18 utc | 91


Posted by: BG | Feb 2 2023 23:19 utc | 92

please remove the anti khazar hate speeches now my life already or pay us compensation

Posted by: benji bj klein | Feb 2 2023 23:25 utc | 93

Asked before, asking again. I had Telegram for some months, it was always hinky and there was absolute zero user support. It periodically disappeared and with some effort I would get it back. Cannot possibly repeat those steps because it was all fumbling around describing vast loops.

I do not care about giving Telegram a phone # or an email. I do care about being snagged by third parties and only want to get Telegram from Telegram.

Can someone post a how-to? Or directions to a how-to. Please no handwaving "with this software you will be able to...". No, I will not be able to. Please keystroke for keystroke instructions. Not storytelling leaving out al pertinent steps. Please no directions that are only clear to those who already know how.

Posted by: oldhippie | Feb 2 2023 23:28 utc | 94

Dan Farrand@54. I have been taking a serious look at the purges in the Ukie Govt. Firstly, I think there is far too much emphasis on the fact Ze is being totally controlled by the USA. I agree he is to some extent but it's less than is estimated. It's become a sort of excuse to remove any type of responsibility from him for his actions. He is, there can be no doubt, suffering from an extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder with strong psychopathic traits which include serious messianic delusions. The Collective West has turned a television comedian into some kind of heroic God which has fuelled the emergence of the psychopathic personality disorder and the delusions.

I don't believe the USA has ordered these purges at all. I think Ze is pretty damned paranoid at the moment and, like Hitler, is descending into a form of madness. As they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (I'm quoting Lord Denning here from a Judgement he made against the HMRC). To use corruption as the basis for these purges is astonishing given Ze is the most corrupt of them all. Looking at the 3 senior politicians who died in the helicopter crash one of whom was the Head of the Interior Ministry who was conducting investigations into corruption and who is Head of the Police and the information related to that crash, for me, there can be no doubt it was an assassination especially as, the following day there were further resignations and sackings. I think the Head of the Interior Ministry and the other 2 colleagues from the same Department had uncovered serious S**t on Ze and some of his cronies. I think Arestovich knew this was coming which is why he bailed. I do wonder what has happened to him as he has been 'blocked' by the Ukie Govt and hasn't been heard of since.

I don't think the USA has anything to do with this it's is Ze's paranoia at work, pure and simple. The purges to me, look very much like Ze protecting himself by creating a Circus using corruption as its theme. He will not survive though. The truth is beginning to rise up and once the floodgates open it will be unstoppable. Unfortunately, as the Collective West has built up Ze to such heroic proportions including by turning a blind eye to the chronic, horrendous, war crimes being committed by the Ukie Army and the Nazi Armies, the now cannot be seen to arrest him. He will flee, and that time is coming sooner than we think. The collective West should seize all of his assets him being the war criminal of the century.

Posted by: Jo Dominich | Feb 2 2023 23:30 utc | 95

karlof1, outraged, likklemore, richard hack and a few others - thanks for your posts..

Posted by: james | Feb 2 2023 23:40 utc | 96


True, the enemies of collective humanity are not great in numbers. However their power rests upon the twin pillars of highly organized will and determination...along with the highest known financier protection and projection.

It's a slow process to awaken those media-mesmerized masses. Our need is to just keep chipping away at that unfortunate reality. Some deep thinkers posit that once ten-percent of the general population "gets it"; the dam will burst and the rest of what is now but the herd will come to their senses.

That's the WINNER.

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 23:42 utc | 97

Posted by: aristodemos | Feb 2 2023 23:01 utc | 88

I understand you're feeling Mossad breathimg down your neck.

Posted by: Moses | Feb 2 2023 23:43 utc | 98

@ Karlof1 Post 86

Appreciative for your additional insights.

Yesterday in another thread I posted a link on the Egyptian parliament approving President Sisi's proposal/decree for the country joining BRICS and specifically the BRICS Development Bank.


The BRICS+ space quickens. Note the bit about using local currencies between Russia and Egypt.
That struck me as a back slap to the US as the vote took place within hours of Blinken's departure from Cairo.

Likely Blinken visited to request Egypt's Soviet era materiel for UKR and that the request was denied.

Posted by: Likklemore | Feb 2 2023 23:44 utc | 99

About Jack@1: This is antisemitic bullshit. Almost all of the names are common German family names. Ok, a lot of them were actually old Nobility, but still German. I understand that you don't understand German and have no feeling for the history of German names. Please stop bothering the barflies with your crap.

Gehe mal wieder an die frische Luft, Junge. Dein Gehirn braucht Sauerstoff!

Posted by: Tuk | Feb 2 2023 23:48 utc | 100

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