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January 24, 2023

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twice a year I ask for your help to keep Moon of Alabama going as it is.

Most readers of this site value our analyses. Some even laud us:

Chomsky: Advanced US Weaponry in Ukraine Is Sustaining Battlefield Stalemate - Truthout - Dec 22, 2022

Noam Chomsky: What Merkel had in mind we do not know. We do know that there is no basis in the historical or diplomatic record for her claims. I am inclined to agree with the astute commentator who posts under the name “Moon of Alabama.” He points out that “Merkel is under very harsh critique not only in the U.S. but also in her own conservative party. She is now out to justify her previous decisions as well as the current bad outcome in Ukraine. My hunch is that she is making things up. Unfortunately she also creates serious damage.”

He proceeds to a close analysis of the texts to justify this conclusion, which is the most plausible one I’ve seen.

Others are fond of its vivid comment section. I am very proud to host, and nurture it, to the best of my abilities.

Posted by: bevin | Nov 24 2022 18:45 utc | 17

This website is a tribute not just to the proprietor but to the idea of democracy. The general conclusions reached here over the past nine months (for example) have consistently outperformed the media, the Academy and the political castes which amount to an incredibly expensive and complex and enormously staffed engine designed -in theory at least- to arrive at a realistic assessment of the situation.

>As for us here at MoA, where you are about ten times more likely to discover what's going on in the world than in any medium of the dominant class- than the New Yorker, The Guardian, BBC or even the favoured forums of the intelligentsia such as the Reviews of Books, The Economist or Foreign Affairs- here, as in a democracy, anyone can contribute. And just about anything which is not totally irrelevant or offensively obscene, is allowed. Every kind of eccentricity is permitted. The voices of communists are in constant struggle with those of fascists, liberals are welcome. Those who hate Russia are heard from. Those who hate Putin are listened to. Those who believe the SMO is a disaster have a forum. But so do those who believe that all is proceeding according to plan.

And there are no qualifications demanded of contributors. There is no literacy requirement, no Academic Degrees or resumes of experience, closeness to power or personal beauty are judged. All that matters is how close the poster comes to the truth, which, in the end, and usually sooner rather than later, is invariably revealed.

That is the way that democracy works - everyone gets to express opinions and they are judged by the minds they change. Or fail to change.

Here are more reasons why you should consider to drop me a dime or whatever you can afford.

I, Bernhard, of course love feedback like the above. Unfortunately I can not just live on it. I also need to pay for food and rent.

This site is the full time effort of one person. There is no other income I can rely on. While I live in somewhat better circumstances than Spitzweg's Poor Poet, I am neither rich nor do I indulge in luxuries.


Every donation to this Poor Poet - be it $5, $50, $500 or more - is welcome and needed. A recurring contribution or sponsorship would be great.

Transaction costs are the smallest when you make a bank wire transfer or mail cash. Send email to MoonofA @ (remove the blanks) for the necessary details. (They are the same as before.) You can use other means like credit cards when you donate through the PayPal button below. This even without having a PayPal account. (The Moon of Alabama account is in Euro with currently €1 ~ US $1.08 and US $1 ~ €0.93).

Thank you very much!

Bernhard aka b.

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Donated $50US...keep up the good work.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 18 2023 6:17 utc | 1

Thank you to our generous host. Done & done.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 18 2023 6:23 utc | 2

Sent 15 euro. Someday I hope to send a lot more. Thank you so much, B. You are a beacon of honesty and reason. I have been reading moonofA daily for 10 years+ now.

Posted by: Cresty | Jan 18 2023 6:31 utc | 3

I've enjoyed many of your articles throughout the years but your stance on the C19 mandates, the restrictions and your view on the Covid19 event over all are simply unacceptable for me as a working class person. So what little I have to give will go to people who will actually stand up for my class and my rights as a human being. People have made their choices during these past 2-4 years and now the chips must fall where they may.

Posted by: Mark | Jan 18 2023 6:38 utc | 4

Posted by: Mark | Jan 18 2023 6:38 utc | 4

Aw how quaint. You can't have even $5 because you disagree with me on one thing that I happen to use as a litmus test. I'm sure we'll be seeing similar comments from the likes of our Ukranazi trolls any time now. Spend that money on ammo, I guess.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 18 2023 6:46 utc | 5

Done !

Posted by: scc | Jan 18 2023 6:52 utc | 6

Já está. Modesto contributo de 5 € para o seu bom trabalho de manter uma janela aberta para a “ sanidade mental “ neste mundo conturbado e perigoso. Bem haja.

Posted by: Albaraka | Jan 18 2023 7:35 utc | 7

I am sorry i cannot donate at this time. Hope others can help to keep the site going.

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Jan 18 2023 7:41 utc | 8

Ok, you are right. This site deserves support. The reports about Ukraine are second to none. - Though I still did not digest my shock about the absolut failure of MoA during this Corona-coup.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Jan 18 2023 7:50 utc | 9

Sorry man, I cant donate through my paypal account it shows my reigion doesn't support donate :(

Posted by: daniel | Jan 18 2023 7:54 utc | 10


I thought Noam did not advocate censorship.

Posted by: Mina | Jan 18 2023 7:59 utc | 11

followed the links but doubt it went through

Posted by: watcher | Jan 18 2023 8:14 utc | 12

Hi B, I tried to send you a small donation but got a message back that "donation to this person is not supported in this country". I am based in Singapore.

Posted by: Milton | Jan 18 2023 8:42 utc | 13

Done with pleasure, thanks B.

Posted by: Ajax | Jan 18 2023 9:06 utc | 14

I’m surprised that PayPal hasn’t stolen all of your funds and closed your account. I haven’t trusted them since they robbed Wikileaks, and never will again, for a dozen other incidents after Wikileaks.

That said, I’ll send a donation some other way as soon as I can.

Posted by: Dalit | Jan 18 2023 10:58 utc | 15

Hi Bernard,

20€ on the way, sorry it`s not more.

Thank you and all those wise and wonderful people here who expand our knowledge and insight. Would that my local bar here had such customers... topics amongst these, mostly expats,(I`m English, resident in France) range nightly from house prices, through sport, petrol prices,the pretty lady just started working in the tabac, and how shit life in France is.....

An ex wife believed that we, living now, were born to see something Earth changing, something mankind would remember forever and that our lives would never return to the ways we once knew. God bless you Amanda-Jane, I hope you`re well and reading along x

On that note I`ll return to the back corner and quietly sip my beer, sitting in the same seat as I have done for these past ten years or so. Thank you again, especially Bevin, Karlofi, the MMT man and all that drink and think in this priceless place.

Order what you want, it`s on me.

Posted by: extremebuilder | Jan 18 2023 12:03 utc | 16

You got it b! I'll get the money in the mail today.

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 18 2023 12:33 utc | 17

Done. Thank you B, for the tremendous information and analysis you regularly share and for attracting such an informed audience also willing to share what they know. Erich in Taos, NM, USA

Posted by: erichwwk | Jan 18 2023 12:58 utc | 18

You're welcome and best regards from Germany :)
Thank you for your work - without people like you and sites like MoA (and fortunately a few others) one could only read MSM garbage in this country.

Posted by: Hardrockfan229 | Jan 18 2023 13:06 utc | 19

Wish I could donate in crypto. Oh well, next year, perhaps.

Posted by: Balaton | Jan 18 2023 13:08 utc | 20

You'll have to wait for payday. I'm skint because of Toni the cat's visit to the cat dentist. She sends a miaow for now. ;O)

Posted by: Squeeth | Jan 18 2023 13:19 utc | 21

Sent 50 euro. Thanks for providing this forum. Great mirror for all to see, except the blind.

Posted by: KitaySupporter | Jan 18 2023 13:35 utc | 22

This a.m. --sent a modest Euro contribution, not to be confused with monthly donation through Ever Horrible Pay Pal. Of course I share the above comments of appreciation for your daily efforts. Rather tacky of people to comment on their Virtuous Reasons for not helping.

Posted by: Glorious Bach | Jan 18 2023 14:02 utc | 23

Postat av: bevin | 24 nov 2022 18:45 utc | 17
"Denna webbplats är en hyllning inte bara till ägaren utan till idén om demokrati...etc"
Så sant och klokt han skriver denne bevin!
Och jag måste nämna Karlof1!

Dessutom vill jag som extremebuilder | 18 januari 2023 12:03 utc | rikta ett "tack till alla andra kloka och underbara människor här som utökar vår kunskap och insikt."
Bästa hälsningar från Sverige.

Posted by: Northern Eve | Jan 18 2023 14:11 utc | 24

I used to regularly give donations to MoA.

Then the pandemic came and all of a sudden, B became an expert on the subject like Bill Gates.

Any comments going against this narrative led to comments being deleted and B giving strong opinions in his articles against people who said anything negative about masks and vaccines. Even though evidence was presented.

So people, fans of the site, please feel free to attack me. And give some extra money to compensate for me!

Posted by: Trub | Jan 18 2023 14:27 utc | 25

I have been visiting MOA multiple times a day for years, but rarely contribute. I appreciate the analyses(and the comments). Money sent.

Posted by: upsetter | Jan 18 2023 14:31 utc | 26

Contributed through Paypal using a credit card. Annoying how the default is using the Paypal exchange rate. At least it seemed to work when I changed it back to the creditcard rate.

Posted by: Marduk | Jan 18 2023 14:34 utc | 27

Getan. Vielen Dank, b!

And thank you for the quote from Bevin, a must-read consciousness-raiser on a rapidly growing "shortlist".

Credentials? We don' need no steenkeeng credentials!

Posted by: Doug Hillman | Jan 18 2023 14:37 utc | 28

My personal circumstances make a donation difficult, but this site is one of the few places from which to receive balanced analysis. If my circumstances change, I will contribute.

Posted by: Kaiama | Jan 18 2023 14:59 utc | 29

If i had spare money to give, I would.

I'm sorry i don't.

You deserve the recognition you call our attention to, and I am--daily--thankful for the example you provide all-comers to this site. You are truly a journalist of the highest degree in this day-and-age.

Your careful criticisms of the innate falsehood baked into US and other Corporate (i.e.: Western European corporately disseminated...including most of so-called "free" East, SE, and Pacifica Asia) media are an example for every genuine media critic and regional analyst to take as a lesson.

I wish I could give more.

To steal a ridiculously overused and overestimated US phrase that is rarely deserved:

Thank you for your service.

Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Jan 18 2023 15:00 utc | 30

I'm broke AF, nobody wants to pay for my insights, but I'm happy to liven the discussion forum and keep up engagement, might get other paying people in.

I got your back, just not with money.

Posted by: Neofeudalfuture | Jan 18 2023 15:03 utc | 31

Ah, Chomsky, the academic Bankman-Fried. Always hedging his bets. Still more visibility than I’ll ever get. Congrats.

Posted by: Meh | Jan 18 2023 15:18 utc | 32

Merkel was against peace all the time. That is why she supported the nazis in the first place. Before Minsk I & II she also sabotaged the February agreement of 2014. For example in an interview in May 2014 on German state TV Merkel refused to demand an end of military actions (even if Russia makes concessions!) and openly supported the nazi proxy war against Ukraine(like in the 40s and 50s):
"Deppendorf: If Putin moves somewhat, will you also call on the Kiev government to move and stop the military actions?
BK'in Merkel: It's like this: You can't find compromises by one side not moving at all. But now, of course, hardening has occurred, and this, too, over many, many days. That's why we can't expect everything that comes from the Ukrainian side to be stopped all at once. The fact is that every state has the right to claim a monopoly on the use of force. The second thing is that you have to act wisely. This applies to all politicians in the world. Of course, it is not easy to always find the right path between the two."
machine translation of:

In 2015 she even said:
"I am a hundred percent convinced that, with our principles, we will win."

To support the genocide she allowed the treatment of nazi war criminals in hospitals of the German army:

Posted by: p3t3r | Jan 18 2023 15:54 utc | 33

Barflies considering a bank wire transfer might be advised to first find out the costs on each end, which vary according to one's location. For example, when a client in the UK uses an international wire transfer to convey funds to me in the US, US$18 is deducted on the sending end and US$14 on the receiving end.

Posted by: David Levin | Jan 18 2023 15:54 utc | 34

I was thinking of donating 15 €, but since quite a few have people above have written how they are unable to donate, hoping that enough other people will be able, I raised my donation to 20 €. In spite of Covid, that's still cheap for all the value I get here. Thank you, B!

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Jan 18 2023 16:04 utc | 35

I just tried to send a donation with a credit card but it was rejected because I was asked to provide a cell phone number and I don't have a cell phone. Usually I send cash in the mail but I'm away on vacation now and that becomes more difficult. Geez! Can't even donate to MOA without a cell phone.

Posted by: Chas | Jan 18 2023 16:04 utc | 36

Thank you, b - you cover all the bases and for that I am grateful, as for your acknowledgment of the importance of us eccentrics - we may simply be posting on 'far out' issues with respect to other more important posts, but as long as we stick to the facts as we know them and don't attack other posts, we can be happy in the knowledge that somewhere out there a reader of your posts may glance our way. As the Canaanite women says to Christ, even the dogs can enjoy the crumbs from the table.

I can't do much in support, but I will try to send my widow's mite!

Posted by: juliania | Jan 18 2023 16:15 utc | 37

thanks b.. will do so shortly... i love your site and the many fine posters who grace this place...

Posted by: james | Jan 18 2023 16:20 utc | 38

@ Chas | Jan 18 2023 16:04 utc | 36

chas - send b a note and get his physical address to send money in the mail... i have done that a few times in the past..

Posted by: james | Jan 18 2023 16:21 utc | 39

I've enjoyed many of your articles throughout the years but your stance on the C19 mandates, the restrictions and your view on the Covid19 event over all are simply unacceptable for me as a working class person.[.]
Posted by: Mark | Jan 18 2023 6:38 utc | 4

You take the prize. Bejesus, it's a puke. How do you justify yourself?

I bet you hold your nose and vote even though you may not agree with everything your Prostitician promises...during election campaigns.
You know; the promise to give you free lunch using your own tax dollars.

I may not always agree with Bernhard. I donated and will buy him more coffee.
Bernhard's coverage of the UKR conflict supersedes all others and is of unquantifiable value and, given his location, merits our support.


Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 18 2023 16:38 utc | 40

how can you send b a note when you don't have his email address? Email address and snail mail address are nowhere to be found...

Thanks again Bernhard!

Posted by: nathan in WA US | Jan 18 2023 16:40 utc | 41

Donated a small amount for the first time ever, will probably donate again in the future. Thanks for what you do. Much appreciated.

Posted by: Italanon | Jan 18 2023 16:47 utc | 42

I can only send Bitcoin but I know B detests this payment system :)

SO ill just send good vibes and thanks for this great site. Cheers

Posted by: Comandante | Jan 18 2023 16:49 utc | 43

Thank you b. Much appreciation for your site and insights.

Thanks to the quality posters that come by too!

I'm glad to support MoA.

Posted by: granite | Jan 18 2023 17:02 utc | 44

Posted by: juliania | Jan 18 2023 16:15 utc | 37

Juliania, let's make a deal. Maybe it will make it easier for you to give your mite.
I was just digging in my old sock drawer where I have some US bills stashed.
I'm planning to send some on to b. (Bills I mean, not old socks.)

I'll fumigate an extra $20 bill and send it along in your name if you will give the same
amount to a good cause in your local area (or provide the same value there) in the coming year.

I'm walking to the store Sat. morning and will drop it in the mail box there if this is acceptable to you.

And fwiw, your posts alone are worth at least that much and with what b provides along with the great
input from the other bar patrons we are all getting a great bargain here.

P.S. What Likklemore | Jan 18 2023 16:38 utc | 40 says!

Posted by: waynorinorway | Jan 18 2023 17:10 utc | 45

I rarely if ever commented on your blog, but sent you a small donation!
Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Julio | Jan 18 2023 17:34 utc | 46

Tried to contribute with a credit card. Wouldn't work. Your donation page insisted that I do it with paypal.

Posted by: David Hamilton | Jan 18 2023 17:44 utc | 47

Done. 50€ by bank transfer.

Posted by: Stéphane | Jan 18 2023 17:44 utc | 48

how can you send b a note when you don't have his email address? Email address and snail mail address are nowhere to be found...

Posted by: nathan in WA US | Jan 18 2023 16:40 utc | 41

easy peasy.

for b's email coordinates, at right top of page mouse-click About Moon of Alabama, the history of; then scroll down bottom of page to read:

"You can reach the current administrator of this site by emailing Bernhard at MoonofA_aXXXX.'

Thanks. You're welcome.

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 18 2023 18:04 utc | 49

I still have a very bad taste in my mouth from donating to Wikipedia. We see how they turned out. MoA much better and consistent though.

Posted by: Terry Roberts | Jan 18 2023 18:04 utc | 50

I have tried several times to get past PayPal using my credit card only, no luck. It is frustrating. Please reconfigure the donations to include just credit cards without PayPal. I have limited digital acrobatic skills.

Posted by: Paul GV | Jan 18 2023 18:16 utc | 51

Done & Done

Posted by: Gur'la-ya | Jan 18 2023 18:24 utc | 52

OK b. I made a donation via credit card but I am morally opposed to Paypal, and even tho' I'm not using paypal, I am going through paypal which pisses me off. Next time you solicit support, could you make the instructions to send you money without paypal a bit more prominent?

Posted by: Jeff Harrison | Jan 18 2023 18:27 utc | 53

Trillions for the Pentagon, inflation for the people. I'm coming out of a blissful retirement so we can do better than beans and rice 5 times a week. As soon as I find a job pumping gas or greeting fuckin american slobs at Walmart I'll PayPal you a few bucks.

I'm stopping my couple bucks a week handouts to the homeless... it just grows more of them. I'd rather give it to this site which has way better entertainment value than watching the shopping cart people keel over from a hot shot of fentanyl laced meth.

Posted by: comrade simba | Jan 18 2023 18:46 utc | 54

Thanks for all you do B! My daily go-to. Donation made.

Posted by: Phalanges | Jan 18 2023 18:47 utc | 55

I sent a modest amount with deep gratitude to Bernhard. Also appreciative of the exceptional commenters on this site. Access to MoA is worth sacrifice.
(BTW, I used a debit card - skipping the "opportunity" to join PayPal - which I refuse to use. Conversion and submission went through smoothly.)
Happy New Year to all . . . .

Posted by: grandmainmontana | Jan 18 2023 19:14 utc | 56

Donation sent. Thanks for your site and all of your hard work!

Posted by: Innocent Bystander | Jan 18 2023 19:15 utc | 57

Donated 50.00 Euros.....

Posted by: georgeg | Jan 18 2023 19:18 utc | 58

I’m sending in my part. Thanks for what you do; b.

When I was twelve I started reading the World Socialist Website. I was not a communist or a socialist. But it was the only place I could find daily updates critical of the Iraq War (until I discovered Digg and DailyKos, blech).

Your site and the commentariat’s contributions give me hope anew that there are people who get it. I’d probably prefer to fight in the trenches with people who believe exactly what I do, but then that lot wouldn’t have the prescience and courage of the motley crew assembled here.

Thanks to everyone for the contributions and support. Thanks b

Posted by: Tony Jackson | Jan 18 2023 19:28 utc | 59

Anyone having issues with credit card declined regardless of it's good

Posted by: jpc | Jan 18 2023 20:08 utc | 60

Anyone having issues with credit card declined regardless of it's good

Posted by: jpc | Jan 18 2023 20:08 utc | 60

I did so I was forced to use PayPal, which I really hate due to their politics and cutting off sites like Consortium News, but only had money in there from new fantasy football winnings. I don't know what the heck was going on with the CC payment system, but good luck finding a workaround. In fact for the last 2 years I was unable to donate for that very reason, but I will still not recommend PayPal out of principle.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 18 2023 20:41 utc | 61

Best site on the internet.
Not hyperbole… fact.
Thanks b.
Given the time I spend here, and what I learn from you and others… thank you. Will happily donate.
As for those that chose to use the site, but “oh, I can’t possibly donate as I don’t like the old fashioned wallpaper in the annex”.
Trash people talking trash.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Jan 18 2023 20:42 utc | 62

Posted by: Likklemore | Jan 18 2023 18:04 utc | 49

aaaha Found it! Thanks for the assist!

You know how long it takes to peruse a wide variety of headlines, read the many articles, ponder the big picture of it all, then come up with a hard hitting article of your own that covers it all? Impressive work, definitely deserves a bonus from the top shelf.

Posted by: nathan in WA US | Jan 18 2023 21:13 utc | 63

contributed $25 for the first time

excellent site

will see if my comment is blocked

Posted by: Don Midwest | Jan 18 2023 22:11 utc | 64

Keep uo the good work sir.
Donated 30 euro for now.
You are doing great service to humanity.

Posted by: sam | Jan 18 2023 22:17 utc | 65

Couldn't do much but it'll fill your mug with coffee or lager for a while. Thank you b.

Posted by: NJH | Jan 18 2023 23:02 utc | 66

Just transfered 200 euros. Keep up your great service to democracy and truth.

Posted by: Konrad | Jan 18 2023 23:32 utc | 67

Alexandar Mercouris of the Duran gave a good report of your work (THE MOON OF ALABAMA - BERNHARD) today on his Duran and Youtube channel.

Posted by: young | Jan 18 2023 23:50 utc | 68

Sent 20 euros, not a lot but as an undergrad I'm a bit strapped for cash. Your analysis and the lively comments section have done a great deal of informing me my own shortcomings.

Posted by: lurker | Jan 18 2023 23:51 utc | 69

10 euro from me. A (literally) small token of my esteem. Sorry it couldn't have been more.

Posted by: paul | Jan 18 2023 23:59 utc | 70

17.01 euro on it's way

Posted by: Degringolade | Jan 19 2023 0:06 utc | 71

Done with pleasure, b, from south-central Appalachia. You've created something special, glad you're getting some additional recognition. Now, back to my quiet corner...

Posted by: BoilingFrog | Jan 19 2023 0:47 utc | 72

Contributed through Paypal using a credit card. Annoying how the default is using the Paypal exchange rate. At least it seemed to work when I changed it back to the creditcard rate.

Posted by: Marduk | Jan 18 2023 14:34 utc | 27

For information, I just checked my online credit card statement and the amount debited at the Mastercard exchange rate was 3.97% less than PayPal would have taken. Note that my credit card (28 Degrees Mastercard) is one that does not charge any extra for payments in currencies other than AUD.

Posted by: Marduk | Jan 19 2023 1:10 utc | 73

Dear B,

Just posted 25 euros to you. Thanks for yr blog and the comments forums. I have been learning a great deal about how the world really works since I started coming here back in 2014 or 2015.

Regards, Jen

Posted by: Jen | Jan 19 2023 1:50 utc | 74

Seriously, I would donate but: (1) Paypal would have the ability to dox me.
(2) PayPal is literally spearheading Creepy Chi-Com social credit scoring in the USA, and, well, USA says: "Russia BAD!"

Note I almsot never donate to "content providers" because they're almost all regurgitative #MeToo pagiarists. But not you, B, you're pretty much a trailblazer in your niche.

So how to send you money??? Crypto is for delusional douche-tools, so that's a no-go. you have a P.O. Box? If so, then I'll mail you cash. Yes, in cool Petrodollars!

Posted by: Tom SteChatte | Jan 19 2023 2:19 utc | 75

I don’t agree merkel did damage with recent statements, truthful or not. She clarified for row that Russia has nobody to negotiate with, so row just has to be patient and wait for Russia to finish the op, which might include other Russia security issues wrt nato. My guess is row is looking forward to having a non-west option wrt trade, security etc.

Posted by: John k | Jan 19 2023 2:41 utc | 76

Contributed 30 euros by paypal. Keep up the good work. Despite the ugly predictions, lets pray for peace.

Posted by: Cruise57k | Jan 19 2023 3:23 utc | 77

Long time lurker.
I don't comment much. Been following your work for years though.

We are about opposites politically when it comes to the c0v1d lockdown stuff. When it comes to foreign policy, however, I find most of your takes refreshing and well reasoned. Well researched, educated. Your contributions you have made to the information war there has been in regard to Bolivia, Venezuela, Syria, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Biden, corruption, among related subjects are to be commended amidst a rising tide of algorithm pumped propaganda. Frequently refer your foreign policy work to friends and family. You are one of my main go-tos for Ukraine news! I hope you enjoy a coffee or a drink or something with my contribution. Thank you. Please stay with us. What you contribute in regard to what Westerners are able to read about Ukraine censorship-free is most vital amidst a sea of propaganda!

Posted by: Mikhail-Raygun 19772 | Jan 19 2023 6:41 utc | 78

I wish I could donate. But I am literally the Poor Poet. Really. 76. "On the spectrum". Ex-media professional/ writer now living in a small apartment in Tokyo. I write on Substack and elsewhere but don't have enough subscriptions to ask for donations yet. However, I find your work inspiring. And the comments here are a HUGE resource! Well-done. My recent work:

Posted by: julianmacfarlane | Jan 19 2023 7:05 utc | 79

Small contribution completed as an expression of my gratitude for your ongoing contribution to my personal sanity.


Posted by: nwwoods | Jan 19 2023 8:14 utc | 80

Is there another way to donate other than Paypal

Posted by: Jj | Jan 19 2023 9:02 utc | 81

Donated E50 as that seems to be the market rate for an annual subscription on places like Locals for people like Glenn Greenwald or the Duran. BTW I'd recommend that to you, too. It's an excellent platform, drives out crazies and is a source of recurring income. Locals or Substack

Posted by: Krab | Jan 19 2023 9:40 utc | 82

Hello B

please consider accepting XMR/Monero crypto

Posted by: supporter | Jan 19 2023 10:30 utc | 83

Why don't you start a Patreon? A lot of indie journalists have one these days. And it works for them.

Posted by: Dodrey Dougherton | Jan 19 2023 11:31 utc | 84

Donation of 30 Euros. Keep up the good work! Almost everyone is on strike in UK at the moment.

Posted by: Chris E | Jan 19 2023 12:05 utc | 85

If I am banned from commenting here---for no reason that I can see---then of course I shall not contribute.

Posted by: Jane | Jan 19 2023 14:35 utc | 86

Posted by: Phanon | Jan 19 2023 8:39 utc | 79

Happily supported this site, a mirror for all to see, except blind. Yes, that is you.

Temporary PR vs. final reality. How many rounds of wonder weapons announcements and deliveries by now? Made any difference? One more pronouncement, one more PR cycle?

Who is winning? If you thing Russia is losing, then Russia needs to lose more. If US/NATO are winning, then congratulations!

Posted by: KitaySupporter | Jan 19 2023 14:36 utc | 87

Dear Bernhard, greatly appreciate your site and wish to donate but will NOT use paypal. Trying to pay by card is impossible as paypal insists on grabbing excessive personal data even when I try to pay by credit card. Patreon allows such payments without paypal greed. Can you somehow help???

Posted by: anaisanesse | Jan 19 2023 15:46 utc | 88

Just chipped in a modest but grateful contribution. Thoroughly enjoy your reporting and analyses. Carry on, b!

Posted by: Dioscure | Jan 19 2023 18:38 utc | 89

Wish to contribute some, albeit less than before due to the hostility encountered by a small group of rude posters here, but have quit paypal and cannot contribute. Even choosing the non-paypal option leads one back into opening a new paypal account which am not willing to do since they have a new policy of just lifting funds from your account if you do something they don't like on social media - such as criticize USG on the Moon of Alabama forum! Truly, I don't know exactly what their policy is, but it does involve giving them the ability to remove funds from your account without your knowledge or consent. Not acceptable. If you find another option via usual credit card, then can give a little, but via paypal: no, sorry, no can do.

All best. Great blog. Much better than average comment section but still far too many hostile rude people who indulge in inappropriate and unnecessarily rude ad hominem.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jan 19 2023 19:11 utc | 90

Scorpion no. 95

Admire your website.

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Jan 19 2023 19:55 utc | 91

From Alabama to the Moon… glad to support the work you’re doing!

MoA is the site I recommend most highly to my American friends. I scan Russian, Ukrainian, and English-language media… then come home to MoA to sort it all out.

Great people, and a good vibe… nice to see so many people engaging in smart discussions about issues that really matter, with no filtering or cancelling.

Keep up the great work!

Posted by: Leo Vaulin | Jan 19 2023 20:02 utc | 92

Thank you for your great work B. I Have followed this blog for many years thanks to my dad.
In a fair world you would win the Nobel peace prize. I am now a monthly giver of a small amount.

Posted by: R | Jan 19 2023 20:16 utc | 93


I’m sending you some money. Well done and thanks for hosting.

As for the rest of you that participate here and you post that you can’t even contribute a modest amount, you’re full of shit, youu’re fucking ponces, and should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you’re going to use the resource have the decency to at least buy @b a beer, or fuck off.

Posted by: PalmaSailor | Jan 19 2023 20:22 utc | 94

Donated, and will donate at the start of next month again.

Posted by: Peter Schmidt | Jan 19 2023 21:37 utc | 95


Posted by: Toxik | Jan 19 2023 22:30 utc | 96

Admire your website.

Posted by: ThusspakeZarathustra | Jan 19 2023 19:55 utc | 100

Why thank you, Thusspake. Though it's not mine, rather run by an old friend. I send him stuff every day and usually he includes a few of them but basically he spends most of his retirement time scanning the news and offering his selection. It's pretty good if I say so myself as a minor collaborator.

He started off as an activist pushing One Democratic State in Israel for about 15 years I think. That cause has never interested me all that much but we used to correspond about it with me mainly saying that although I thought it might in theory be a good idea, in practice it would never work because I don't believe the Jewish leadership would renounce a view wedded to creating one place in the world that is clearly and unequivocally a Jewish state for Jews so any plurastic democratic agreements entered into would soon be broken. It's not an outrageous idea, albeit if any host country started saying things like 'let's make England for the English' or 'let's make America for European Americans' etc. there would be hell to pay! All other countries must embrace multiethnic diversity of course!

Reluctantly, he of late has come to agree with my opinion on this but he had developed the habit of scanning for news and has found it impossible now to relinquish. Over time, he had noticed that in covering Jewish-related issues for his One Democratic State site that he ended up also covering many Western and later geopolitical issues so now his site has morphed into following general geopolitical developments world wide with an emphasis on how they effect Americans and Westerners in the english-speaking world with a sub-emphasis on developments in Israel or other issues regarding Jews and their relations with Western peoples. He's Jewish himself, with a background (junior level in his twenties) in Army Intelligence and then small business. In any case, a smart cookie and a 'good egg.'

Posted by: Scorpion | Jan 19 2023 23:13 utc | 97

I came into this conversation late, so please forgive me if this issue has been touched on in previous posts.

This statement is why I used to have a lot of respect for Noam Chomsky (NC) but not so much anymore: “Meanwhile the U.S. is gaining enormously in multiple ways: geopolitically by Putin’s self-destructive decision to drive Europe into Washington’s pocket by ignoring very real possibilities for avoiding criminal aggression…”

Exactly what “possibility” is NC talking about? President Putin tried to find a diplomatic solution but the response from Biden was forget it, just roll over and let the US and NATO have their way in Ukraine. In fact, Putin tried to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Donbass question for more than seven years, apparently to a disingenuous triad of European political snakes.
I know B and Chomsky are in agreement that “She [Merkel] is now out to justify her previous decisions as well as the current bad outcome in Ukraine. My hunch is that she is making things up….” But B please consider that the illegal post-coup President, Petro Poroshenko, also said what Merkel said, even before she said it.

Furthermore, even if she is lying now, her lie is that she was lying then to prepare for war, therefore now she is in fact taking credit for knowingly starting a major bloody and destructive war. Would she really do that if Poroshenko hadn’t blurted it out first. French President Macron seem to not want all that blood on his hands, and he swears that the Minsk Accords were a genuine effort to find a peaceful solution for the Donbass situation. It is my view that he is lying now. Why? Because 8 years is a long time to be negotiating a "peace" accord while people are dying in the Donbass.

Posted by: Ed | Jan 19 2023 23:36 utc | 98

Given that NATO has essentially telegraphed it will rearm itself and go to war with Russia, China and whoever else is "not with us is against us", this may be an incentive for Russia to attack NATO before it is able to rearm.

This is the direct outcome of doing diplomacy via Twitter slanging matches.

And of perpetual bad faith negotiations by NATO.

Posted by: nothing but the trut | Jan 20 2023 2:32 utc | 99

Hello b. . Many thanks for this space. It mightvbe difficult for somebody living in Germany to understand how an Englush electrician could be broke.

2 main reasons, first that for us to comply with High skill standards and knowledge our government has created can entire industry out of Training. So the more qualified we are , the more we have to feed the Training industry. . Second , Britons are not legislated against in their own homes, and businesses are not forced to comply with legislation by Tories.

Playing dumb is the British way, and the always has been.

Posted by: Giyane | Jan 20 2023 3:16 utc | 100

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