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December 08, 2022

Open (Not Ukraine) Thread 2022-219

News & views not related to the war in Ukraine ...

Posted by b on December 8, 2022 at 15:50 UTC | Permalink

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For as much as democracy is touted,seems odd that all the ruling bodies in the EU are from appointments and selection. The people of the countries that make up the EU have no say. To have a say some resort to ideals that can be used against them where one might have a 'coup not a coup' and find oneself incarcerated or worse (Death Lists????). Kagans, Freelands, Johnsons et al, all have family ties, ties that bind in blood to the current Ukrainian shit show.
Someone here maybe, mentioned how the EU is functioning like a group of feudal states, what are the chances that those selected, those appointed, all have family ties the ruling houses of Europe. Other than the obvious Epsteination of the resistant, how many of those merchants of death are carrying on a family tradition based on entitlement.

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Dec 8 2022 16:33 utc | 1

fun band... i like the uplifting feeling it get from the music..

Parcels - Comingback

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 16:37 utc | 2

@ sean the leprechaun | Dec 8 2022 16:33 utc | 1

i think it is all about entitlement... we need to find a way to get rid of inheritance and all be on an equal playing field... the future looks wonderful, but these f@kers will keep saying no to it..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 16:39 utc | 3

i think it is all about entitlement... we need to find a way to get rid of inheritance and all be on an equal playing field... the future looks wonderful, but these f@kers will keep saying no to it..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 16:39 utc | 3

Thomas Piketty (Capital in the 21st Century) was onto something when he suggested inherited wealth was a major problem.

But rather than hand it over to the state to redistribute with their usual corruption and ineffectiveness, I suggest that the wealth be managed by a series of non-profits who would allocate it to a new generation of entrepreneurs who prepare sound business proposals.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Dec 8 2022 17:06 utc | 4

@ Opport Knocks | Dec 8 2022 17:06 utc | 4

i guess if there is a choice, it is behind the whole present system to come tumbling down to make a new one, or dismantling the one we have at present because it isn't working for everyone on the planet..if everyone could realize we are all in this together, things would be different.. instead many are attached to the past and can't get beyond that.. i like your idea.. i seems we have to wait a long while for things to move forward...

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 17:11 utc | 5

Fox News
GOP rips Brittney Griner deal for stranding Paul Whelan in Russia: ‘Celebrities over veterans?'
Republican lawmakers on Thursday criticized President Biden for a deal that returned WNBA star Brittney Griner from a Russian prison camp, but failed to free Paul Whelan, a U.S. Marine veteran who has been jailed in Russia since 2018 on spying charges that the U.S. government has said are baseless.
In return for Griner, the U.S. agreed to send convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, known as the "Merchant of Death," back to Russia. Several Republicans said that was a bad deal given the serious charges against Bout, and that Biden missed a chance to get Whelan.
"If @POTUS is going to release a guy convicted of providing aid to a terrorist organization & conspiring to kill American citizens, he should have at least gotten BOTH Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan in return," tweeted Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y. "A U.S. Marine is left behind in another bad deal made by Biden." . . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 8 2022 17:11 utc | 6

I'm no expert on death-merchants, despite familial relations with people whose careers can be reasonably described as within the lethal mercantile sector. From my typical US American viewpoint, Bout's horrible nickname sounds like "working stiff"... and I've yet to hear him accused of anything more sinful than selling arms to forces USA opposes.

Russia's implicit argument, which it apparently won, was that the charges against Griner weren't any phonier than those against Bout -- so it's an even one-for-one retraction for a couple of overcharged screw-ups.

Whelan, OTOH, has all the traditional markings of a genuine, certified spook. Too bad we couldn't spring the spook, huh?

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Dec 8 2022 17:37 utc | 7

Piketty was on to something re: inherited wealth, but if you want to look for real solutions, listen to Michael Hudson. There's a discussion between him and Piketty on YouTube. His analysis of financial colonialism in the 70s was so apropos that it was used by the neo cons as a handbook. He also describes the economic underpinnings of NATO and why the US never has to actually repay foreign debt under the current system.

Posted by: Matthew | Dec 8 2022 18:43 utc | 8

Can this Circus get any funnier ???

Putin is playing this like a champ by allowing Saudi Crown Prince to be the deal maker. The Head head chopper himself !!!

"Update(1228ET): The Daily Mail is calling it a "deal soaked in blood" after the governments of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Russia confirmed that Brittney Griner's release for notorious convicted arms trafficker Viktor Bout came via Saudi/UAE mediation efforts led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS). Foreign ministry statements by both countries, hours after the now freed American and Russian walked past each other on a UAE airport tarmac, revealed the following per a leading Mideast regional news outlet:

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed led mediation efforts that secured the release of two prisoners between the US and Russia, a joint statement issued by both countries’ foreign ministries said on Thursday.

"The ministries said the success of the mediation efforts was a reflection of the mutual and solid friendship between their two countries and the United States and Russia," the statement said.

And according to details of the exchange:

A senior administration official would not comment directly on MBS's role but said the U.S. will 'continue to lean on partners around the world' to secure the release of unjustly detailed Americans.

The swap happened at Abu Dhabi airport, where Griner and Bout had to walked past each other to reach their respective parties on the airport tarmac, Russian state media reports.

The official said Griner was 'all smiles' on the tarmac as she approached the American delegation. "

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 8 2022 18:46 utc | 9

but will Griner lose her right to vote?

it's funny watching these drug warriors get worked up.

who's the biggest arms dealer in the world, by far? why do i forget that every time i turn on the MSM! maybe cuz i have no more capacity for self-reflection than Trump or Biden does? i can't recollect how many millions have been killed and imprisoned thru the US drug war...where's my opioids???

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Dec 8 2022 19:59 utc | 10

Griner can make herself into a self-help and behavioral therapy spokesperson.

"Recovering from Russian Aggression".

she can get all kinds of "non-profit" funding, appearances on "the View," appear with AOC and Kevin McCarthy, market her own line of self-help products ("show us on the doll where Putin touched you"), really do america proud by turning her drug use into both a story of hope and recovery and a weapon of slander, i mean honesty, against humanity's greatest threat.

and be a truly empowered woman.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Dec 8 2022 20:05 utc | 11

i don't know, my sponsor keeps telling me to look on the bright side, so, it's hard but i'll try,

thanks to Russian aggression, maybe Griner can finally get the help she needs?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Dec 8 2022 20:08 utc | 12

Aleph_Null @7

I think Bout's real crime was to be selling large enough quantities of armaments to make him a significant competitor to the military-industrial complex of the US. He may have encroached onto the turf of some large corporate entity, one that makes major contributions to political campaigns.

Posted by: Donnie | Dec 8 2022 20:13 utc | 13

@ Donnie | Dec 8 2022 20:13 utc | 13

yeah, the usa doesn't like competition.. they do all sorts of dastardly things to get rid of the competition - laws being one of the nicer ways to get rid of the competition... rules based order ya know, lol...

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 20:31 utc | 14

in 2015, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra canceled Valentina Lisitsa from a performance because of comments she made on Twitter regarding the Kiev regime's crimes against its Russian population.

the cultural war against Russia didn't start yesterday.

anyway, here she is, playing the "1812" on piano, w/her kids providing the cannon fire, using balloons. enjoy it before she's banned.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Dec 8 2022 20:42 utc | 15

fun band... i like the uplifting feeling it get from the music..

Parcels - ComingbacPosted by: james | Dec 8 2022 16:37 utc | 2

How about this one ?

"The Killers - Human"

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 8 2022 20:42 utc | 16

rjb1.5 | Dec 8 2022 20:42 utc | 15

here is an article that confirms your commentary..

Ukraine-born pianist's Toronto concert cancelled over pro-Russia remarks

of course this is not about ukraine... this is about a full on endorsement of hate towards an alternative viewpoint and goes right into the concept of censorship which is thriving in the west..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 20:48 utc | 17

«seems odd that all the ruling bodies in the EU are from appointments and selection. The people of the countries that make up the EU have no say»

That to me seems an hallucination, because the EU treaties make clear that:

* The EU legislative power, composed of the EU Council (lower house) and the EU Parliament (upper house/senate) is made entirely of elected people.

* The EU executive power, composed of the EU Council (plus the Council of the EU for strategy), is also made entirely of elected people.

* The EU judicial is indeed made entirely of appointed people but that is common also in many EU member countries, where judges are not elected (many europeans think that the USA idea of electing judges is pretty bad).

There two flaws with the EU democratic system, but somehow they are never mentioned by those with the hallucination that the EU legislative and executive powers are not elected.

Posted by: Blissex | Dec 8 2022 20:48 utc | 18

@ Tom_12 | Dec 8 2022 20:42 utc | 16

i have heard of the band before... they certainly have a lot of plays on youtube! formed in 2001 and from las vegas..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 20:51 utc | 19

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Dec 8 2022 20:42 utc | 15
That was exquisite. Thanks. (She has hands like V. Horowitz ;)

James, can u 'beat' this?
Mickey Hart 'n friends


Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 8 2022 21:02 utc | 20

Watch for maybe; Griner deal--if US lets Julian off hook? Just Another arms dealer was not worth a Griner.

Posted by: Dennis Szilak | Dec 8 2022 21:18 utc | 21

@ waynorinorway | Dec 8 2022 21:02 utc | 20

hey! you like those playing for change videos! i like this... they are playing with the basic clave rhythm that bo diddley immortalized...
all these musicians are or were basically borrowing from african music traditions..

sweet dreams!

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 21:30 utc | 22

"Freezing." A weather term certainly not in the jurisprudence lexicon. At this point in time and for some time now "Confiscation" puts no spin on this intercontinental, very high dollar crime. But shh.

Ephemizing spruces up the offence and the criminal, too.

It is, after all, happening in broad daylight, and you don't need to be a weather man to know it is stealing, and way, way above grand theft. Call it like it is.

Posted by: Elmagnostic | Dec 8 2022 21:38 utc | 23

Egypt joins BRICS bank – official

The country has reportedly been welcomed into the financial structure, further expanding the lender’s global reach

Egypt has officially become a member of the New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS group of major emerging economies, the country’s government announced on Wednesday.

The NDB was established by BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in 2014 to finance infrastructure and sustainable development in member states and other emerging economies. Since 2016, the bank has invested in multiple projects, including $7.2 billion in India alone, according to the NDB.

Egypt, which has so far not joined BRICS, expressed an interest in becoming a member in July, along with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It is now preparing to apply for membership, BRICS International Forum President Purnima Anand earlier said.


Posted by: Outraged | Dec 8 2022 21:39 utc | 24

Thomas Piketty (Capital in the 21st Century) was onto something when he suggested inherited wealth was a major problem.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Dec 8 2022 17:06 utc | 4

Tomas Piketty is an idiot. The inherited wealth pushes wealth owners to do long-term planning and invest into their family businesses in a way which maximizes the value in the long term. In the inherited wealth managers of capital and family business are also owners.

The alternative is currently pre-dominant public corporate form where owners are effectively diffused and have little control, so the managerial class (C-suite and their board pals) effectively has a free rein. These people (not being owners) are not interested in long term; they are interested in short-term pumping of share value to harvest bonuses. Thus, public companies tend to neglect R&D, long-term investment into sustainable business models, and do financial shenanigans like share buybacks using borrowed money. Not to mention that the managerial class cares a lot less about reputation of the businesses they run (reputation of a generational family business is basically the family reputation - so these businesses tend to be a lot more customer and employee-friendly).

The idea that the productive wealth should be confiscated from people who created or sustained it and given to random bureaucrats to dish out to their political cronies is beyond stupid. This is, probably, the fastest way to destroy economy save from going full socialist. This incidentally is why the 2/20 carried interest crowd of parasites loves Piketty so much - they are already spending other people's money, but being able to do that without worrying about fundraising is their wettest dream.

Anyone with a slightest idea of how estate taxes work understands that their sole purpose is to destroy generational family businesses and to enrich the managerial class. (For example, if you own and run a business, your kids will be screwed by business taxes - the large ownership stakes in privately-owned companies are effectively illiquid; if you keep your wealth in publicly traded securities the descendants will merely pay a part of their capital gain tax earlier - the cost basis on these securities is reset to the current FMV.)

Posted by: averros | Dec 8 2022 22:27 utc | 25

Sean the Leprechaun @ 1:

You could always start with the family background and political connections of the current EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Von der Liar's father Ernst Albrecht was himself a politician at state level (Minister President of Niedersachsen [Lower Saxony], equivalent to State Premier in Australia or State Governor in the US) and the Albrecht family itself has a long history as one of the upper-class families of the Electorate of Hanover in the 18th and early 19th centuries when Hanover had a long political connection with the United Kingdom through the British monarchy at the time.

On her father's side, von der Liar's great-grandmother Mary was descended from the Ladson family of South Carolina, who owned plantations in the American South and owned large numbers of slaves until the 1860s. An early ancestor of von der Liar was Joseph Wragg who built his fortune transporting huge numbers of slaves across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to North America.

The von der Leyen family itself made its fortune in the silk trade and silk weaving industry in the 1700s. Von der Liar's husband Heiko von der Leyen is Medical Director of Orgenesis Inc, a pharmaceutical company specialising in developing cell and gene therapy treatments.

There are other controversies surrounding Ursula von der Liar including a plagiarism scandal surrounding her doctorate and cronyism / procurement scandals during her time as Minister for Defense in Angela Merkel's government.

One might almost believe that von der Liar had to be shunted to Brussels: she was too much of an embarrassment to stay in Berlin but she also had too many powerful family and business connections to be pushed out of government.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 8 2022 22:34 utc | 26

Posted by: Blissex | Dec 8 2022 20:48 utc | 18

What the the European Commission though? I have heard that Vin der Lyin was given the position and it seems that she rides roughshod over all elected officials in the EU. What are your thoughts? I’d like to know how she gets so much power, seemingly without being elected by anyone.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 8 2022 18:46 utc | 9

Griner is a conceited druggie beeatch who deserves a slap across the face.
It is the US excessive use of its Exceptionalist view of its own Extraterritoriality that pisses off many people in the world and I am one of them. Griner was a criminal who would have been charged for exactly the same thing in many US states. The US pushing this “ we get Americans off “ really does whiteant the foundations of the rule of law , and unites lawabiding western secularists and nutjob anti -Western extremists and if the US was smart it would watch that .

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Dec 8 2022 17:06 utc | 4

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 17:11 utc | 5

A good idea and pity we can’t implement it fast enough.

Posted by: Brother Ma | Dec 8 2022 22:49 utc | 27

@waynorinorway, #20:

Thanks for this vid clip :-). I'm also surprised to see Elvis Presley and Celine Dion had actually done a duet.

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Dec 8 2022 22:58 utc | 28

Oriental Voice | Dec 8 2022 22:58 utc | 28

Please tell me you meant that in jest !

Celine was 9 when Elvis left the building.

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 8 2022 23:08 utc | 29

Klaatu | Dec 8 2022 23:08 utc | 29

But then I probably just missed the joke.

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 8 2022 23:12 utc | 30

Interesting news day.

On the subject of arms dealers. One tends to focus on the man and not the actual source of said used military weapons for sale!

THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF. This means all arms dealers are in reality semi-disposable cut-out front men and spies acting for and on behalf of... No more and no less.

Why do people believe in the epic stupid is as stupid does mythical Hollywood's poorly scripted/edited by CIA writers "z" grade propaganda versions of arms dealers? Should read up on the history of one "BASIL ZAHAROFF" for the real deal so to speak!

Duck and cover! Incoming!/s

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Dec 8 2022 23:23 utc | 31

European US space shuttle emergency landing option in case no one told you (your question was the last comment I read so far this week and it was many threads ago).

No idea why that wasn't on your internet but in fairness I haven't even bothered confirming what I say (hubis is great!), maybe yours is broken? :P

· · ·

Croatia (speculation!), so was that USSR jet drone crash a proof of concept or previous attack gone wrong due to an upgrade fubar/snafu? 180 degrees off due to some bit flip big endian vs. small endian brainfart? I could buy that :D

I'm not going to see where the midpoint between the Croatian crash site and the Russian base is and whether or not that is somewhere in ex-Ukraine or what kind of places a straight line drawn between the two goes through. Maybe later if I'm still alive next decade.

· · ·

Are they still selling bananas in Kiev?

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 8 2022 23:30 utc | 32

@Klaatu, #29, #30:

You're right. I wasn't jesting, just didn't catch the note that it was a remastered version. Taken like a fool :-)

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Dec 8 2022 23:35 utc | 33

Posted by: Europe is Lost | Dec 8 2022 23:56 utc | 34

So the US bargains for the lesbian lady instead of the serviceman? Never leave a man behind? Disgusting.

I have no problem with trying to get her back but this choice looks politically expedient. But I guess we can just pile it on top of the US military being often obese and woke - and now ordered to give climate issues priority. Or having more formal instruction on diversity concerns than competent ability to operate weapons systems (Navy, I recall)

Posted by: Eighthman | Dec 9 2022 0:09 utc | 35

Viktor Bout's real crime was flying in the Operation Turquoise peacekeepers, over the objections of Dallaire and Kagame, thereby saving 130,000 lives.

As for the Thai "sting" that got him, it was preemptively satirized, to wit, the satire of the sting was published two years before the sting that it satirized: Jormungand Pulsar part one.

To see that Jormungand Pulsar part one is a satire of the Thai sting, some matters need to be understood.

First, Jormungand is generally a satire of the American propaganda film (against Bout), Lord of War. In this regard, the Bout like character is Koko Hekmatyar, based physically on Mika Brzeziński (think of the ties between Zbigniew Brzeziński and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar). Sarcastic reference is made to Dallaire's training of child soldiers for Uganda when he was assisting Uganda's invasion of Rwanda, by having a child soldier (Jonah) as a main character.

In Jormungand Pulsar part one, Koko is pushed into accepting an arms deal that does not interest her. She indicates, "we will pretend to take the order and leave" and "Koko Hekmatyar does not accept credit," thus satirizing the sting/arrest and prosecution of Viktor Bout, two years before the sting happened, on precisely the question of intent/mens rea, arguing that there was none.

Jormungand also satirized the Yugoslavia propaganda: it sticks to the Serb-bad (Republic of T) Bosnia-good (Republic of S) script, then flips it at the end: they land at Planina (Bulgarian for airport, usual slavic is gora) airport. Bulgaria lies between the Serb and Turkish area, thus republic of T(urkey) and republic of S(erbia), i.e. making it a reference to Ottoman imperialism.

Posted by: Johan Meyer (2) | Dec 9 2022 0:18 utc | 36

Thanks James, not bad.

Continuing the topic of people with physical or non-physical "narcotics as the main nutritional group" here's a blast from the somewhat recent past (2003 no less, hah, nothing happening...) The Polyphonic Spree - Soldier Girl :) (you've probably heard it before).

· · ·

People will accept stealing inheritance if whoever pushes it can prove they're actually doing it from the top first rather than using it as an excuse in order to become rich and/or powerful themselves (as has happened every single time).

Like most oligarchs did...

In my opinion the whole idea is mostly nonsense; it's not inheritance that's the issue: whether deserved or not Soros, Gates, Musk, Jobs, Bezos, Epstein, and most financial assholes and previously mentioned oligarchs and other successful criminals but also businessmen (including many Chinese) didn't inherit anything of significance, and most public wealth is often either simply fixed capital required for businesses to exist and function or ridiculous (over-e)valuations of businesses on the various stock exchanges.

It is the non-public stuff that corrodes away at everything and one doesn't get at that by stealing someone's farm or land or house or flat "just because they died".

The whole topic is barely anything more than a nightmarish image problem for socialism and communism, an obvious trap that so many jump into on purpose for some strange reason (well, it does promise power, I guess that's why).

But not only for socialism and communism since most people recoil so much at all the various multitude forms of "death tax" that it is in danger of forcing people into realizing they're nothing but chattel no matter what names those in power call themselves and hence you get libertarianism and whatnot. Jeez thanks, it's the gift that keeps on giving isn't it? :)

Anyway just a contrary view that I suspect many will disagree with.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 9 2022 0:29 utc | 37

To: Jen | Dec 8 2022 22:34 utc | 26

Finally someone with some meat regarding the van der Leyen. Thanks!

Here is something else: Yes, she comes from one of the richest families of Germany

Look at Wikipedia Germany:

Her father Ernst Albrecht, the politician. Father of him, Carl Albrecht.
Father of Carl Albrecht was another Carl Albrecht. Father of the older
Carl Albrecht was George Alexander Albrecht. Following that link and
the wife of George Alexander was Louise Dorothea Betty Knoop, daughter
of Baron Ludwig Knoop.

Knoop was one of the richest German's of his time (did they and if how
did they reduce their wealth since then?). Guess where he made it?

Yeah, in Russia..!

Feel free to dig more.

Posted by: C | Dec 9 2022 0:38 utc | 38

Above, planina and gora are mountain... not airport.

Posted by: Johan Meyer (2) | Dec 9 2022 0:38 utc | 39

Blissex @ 18:

From none other than the European Parliament itself:

"The European Parliament is the EU's only directly-elected institution ..."

True, the EU Council may be made up of elected people but only of people elected by electors of that EU member state that holds the EU Presidency for six months.

The current EU President Ursula von der Leyen was voted into her position by members of the EU Council and the EU Parliament after the previous President retired and the position was going vacant. All the voters had to do was scrutinise her record as a national German politician (in itself a bit suspicious, as the Germans could have polished up her CV and "forgotten" to add a few things) and vote Yes or No to her nomination.

In other words, the people who make up the EU Council and the EU Commission are not directly elected by the public and in a sense Sean the Leprechaun @ 1 is right.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 9 2022 0:38 utc | 40

Beer Hall Putsch or Reichstag Fire?

What does the bar think? Is the alleged Reichsbürger coup d'état plot a farce or a hoax?

Does history repeat itself? If so, which one is the model? The 1923 Beer Hall Putsch or the 1933 Reichstag fire?

Alexander Mercouris believes it is a hoax. I tend to agree.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Dec 9 2022 1:54 utc | 41

Hadn't really seen this thesis laid out all in one place, but I do tend to agree with the notion that...

Trump is the opposable thumb of the establishment

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Dec 9 2022 2:05 utc | 42

In other news here on this thread. ;O

Vietnam draft evader fake patriot who did not serve his country when called to do so! Ex-prez is too old to run in 2024! Owner/controller/comptroller of a convicted tax fraud corp. A vile evil fraud committed prior to his foray into USSA MURKY SEWER politics.

His sewer mouth continues on full torrential overflow. Demanding the return of a disgraced Yankee Veteran complete with a "Dishonorable Discharged" for theft. The theft was from the former "UN-FOOD-FOR-OIL FUND". Basically stealing food from starving Iraqi children. A horrible dastardly evil crime in itself. A truly great "Amerikan Hero(not). During the GWB Jr. stop loss not enough USSA cannon/IED fodder on the ground era...

His fellow sewer friends of DJT. Will ignore all inconvenient truths to endlessly repeat the same lie in a locked Mobius loop.

That is truly first-class multiple ironies.

Given the well-documented history of DJT's highly questionable legal finance shenanigans since he turned 16.

During the recent company tax fraud trial. Seen in the back row. A number of top IRS tax audit INVESTIGATIVE staff were in faithful attendance. Busy taking notes and paying the required fee for the full upcoming soon-to-be-published number one bestseller (non-fiction) NYS trial transcripts.

DJT is a gift that keeps on giving whilst withholding the usual 98% of the facts.

Interesting times indeed!

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Dec 9 2022 2:16 utc | 43

Suddenly everything is quiet about the "China Protests" and how China is collapsing, et al. Actually, what is going on is very interesting. But the real seriousness of how China is dealing with the aftermath is not being reported and it is going to make your eyes twitch!

Posted by: Rufus Arrr | Dec 9 2022 2:43 utc | 44

With Xi visiting Saudi Arabia and the Summits ready to commence, "Xi Jinping’s Visit to Saudi Arabia and the overthrow of Atlanticism" is filled with economic stats and reviews of development deals. This section IMO is crucial:

Despite the continued chaos in Yemen, and economic devastation in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, Beijing’s subtle trend has nonetheless been one of healing with Saudi Arabia – and regional power Turkiye.

Saudi Arabia and Turkiye have often acted as rivals, and front two distinct foreign agendas with broad regional ambitions that overlap on many fronts. But despite this competitive past, higher necessities have induced both nations to harmonize their foreign policy outlooks with a new “look east” focus.

This was expressed during the Saudi crown prince’s visit to Ankara in June 2022 where the two heads of state called for “a new era of cooperation” with a focus on political, economic, military and cultural cooperation outlined in a joint communique.

Only days after MbS’s return from Turkiye, then-Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi visited Jeddah to promote regional stability stating in a press release “they changed points of view on a number of issues that would contribute to supporting and strengthening regional security and stability.”

Iraq and Saudi Arabia had only re-established diplomatic ties in November 2020 due to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait 30 years earlier.

Between 2021-2022, Iraq had worked hard to host bilateral talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran with five rounds of talks held and Kadhimi stating his belief that “reconciliation is near.” Tehran-Riyadh diplomatic ties were cut in the aftermath of the 2016 execution of outspoken Saudi Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, prompting the storming of the Saudi embassy in Tehran by angry protestors.

In March 2022, MbS stated that Iran and Saudi Arabia “were neighbors forever” and stated that it is “better for both of us to working it out and to look for ways in which we can co-exist.”

By August 23, 2022, the UAE and Kuwait created a new milestone by restarting diplomatic relations with Iran. And although nearly every Persian Gulf state (plus Turkiye) had devoted years to supporting regime change in Syria, a new reality has imposed itself with all Arab parties veering toward the Chinese BRI model of regional integration and economic development.

What I see is masterful diplomatic orchestration by China primarily because its goal isn't Plunder like that of the Atlanticists its displacing. TIAA--There IS Another Alternative.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2022 2:56 utc | 45

@ Rufus Arrr | Dec 9 2022 2:43 utc | 44 with the link/posting about China Covid protests...thanks

Many who read your posting will think the handling too harsh for some but I agree with the serious response against those most complicit.

Will the West learn from China's example? Only when forced to do so by RoW

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 3:11 utc | 46

The BBC has a posting up saying the Pope Frank was seen crying about the suffering of the Ukrainians. I refuse to provide link to or view the hypocrisy myself.

What it tells me though is that Pope Frank is aware of the challenges that the Ukraine SMO is making to the Roman Catholic Church dynasty.

Tell us poor meat sacks at the bottom again how usury is moral and supported by your god's teachings Pope Frank.

How come you are rich and all your followers are poor in you not walk the talk of Christianity?

At least King Chuck has the myth of Royalty to fall back on and Scorpion will attest to its value.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 3:36 utc | 47

Posted by: Jen | Dec 8 2022 22:34 utc | 26
Von der Liar's father Ernst Albrecht was himself a politician at state level (Minister President of Niedersachsen [Lower Saxony], ...

Albrecht's initial career was as a senior EU official in Brussels where Ursula attended the international school. At the EU, Albrecht would de facto have been serving at the pleasure of the U.S. government. Albrecht was later re-deployed to handle Lower Saxony.

Significantly, Ursula herself lived for several years in Palo Alto, California.

Posted by: Pacific Observer | Dec 9 2022 3:53 utc | 48

Inheritance is bad. It is funny to read the phony arguments defending it, complete with straw men and deliberate misrepresentation, especially in light of the relevance of inheritance to the current West vs RoW conflagration…

Posted by: Rae | Dec 9 2022 4:00 utc | 49

@ Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 9 2022 0:29 utc | 37

never heard that band or track before.. i liked it.. thanks... as for the talk on inheritance and etc. etc. - how to make the world a better place... people need to figure out at a much earlier age in life that they can't take any of it with them and that they are related to everyone on the planet, not just those from their immediate family... although i know lots of times people can't even get along in their own family, so treating the whole world like your whole family is going to be very difficult for some - especially the greedy... greed is a sickness.. i feel sorry for those who have it.. that's the end of my small rant on inheritance related matters..

Posted by: james | Dec 9 2022 4:49 utc | 50

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2022 2:56 utc | 45
Thanks. In the '50s the big question at the US State Dept. was 'Who lost China?*.

Maybe/hopefully in the 2020s the question will be 'Who lost the ME?'.

Go Morocco!!

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 9 2022 4:59 utc | 51

Inheritance is bad.

Posted by: Rae | Dec 9 2022 4:00 utc | 48

Yep, that is complete loser-speak. You obviously never made anything worthwhile in your life, and thus have nothing to leave to your family.

I'm more than willing to bet that you'd be signing a completely different tune about the death taxes if you were good for something.

Posted by: averros | Dec 9 2022 5:02 utc | 52

Rae | Dec 9 2022 4:00 utc | 48

"Inheritance is bad"

You need to clarify that, it doesn't make sense.

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 9 2022 5:18 utc | 53

hey! you like those playing for change videos! i like this... they are playing with the basic clave rhythm
that bo diddley immortalized...all these musicians are or were basically borrowing from african music traditions..
Posted by: james | Dec 8 2022 21:30 utc | 22

Thanks for the link. My musical expertise is limited to 'do I enjoy the sound coming to my ears?'
I can't follow rhythm patterns much beyond a metronome but that allows me to get a lot of pleasure
when I do pick up on what's really going on. In fact I'm so limited there that instead of listening to
Desmond's 'Take Ten' I usually just listen to 'Take Five' twice. Just kidding but 'you drummers' are
in a world of your own it seems. I forget who said it but I'm reminded of the quote ' playing the drums
allows me to sit in with a lot of great musicians'. Kidding again of course.

I found Paul Simon's Graceland album very enjoyable when it came out.

Yeah, I like the Playing For Change vids. The concept fits with what most of us @MoA are all about.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 9 2022 5:24 utc | 54

psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 3:36 utc | 47

The poor little catholic nazi's vs the orthodox barbarians from the north. It gets little mention here but I have often had a feeling religion - catholic vs orthodox plays a part in this. The popes remarks bring that into plain view.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 5:32 utc | 55

An important assembly will take a further step to becoming reality, "Putin Arrives in Kyrgyzstan's Bishkek to Attend EAEU Summit":

"Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov said on Thursday that the EAEU leaders will discuss the formation of a common gas market during the summit."

The idea is to create a pan-Eurasian gas market that will be supplied by the soon to be formed GASEC, kin of OPEC+. An excellent idea that will benefit extraction companies, users and will promote further development.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2022 5:42 utc | 56

Below is the title and a quote from a ZH posting....any insight from you Down Under folks?

New Zealand Takes Baby From Parents Demanding "Unvaccinated" Blood For Heart Surgery

The quote

New Zealand's High Court on Wednesday took custody of an infant whose parents demanded he only receive blood from donors who are unvaccinated against Covid-19 for an urgently needed heart surgery to repair a congenital defect.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 5:46 utc | 57

ZH has a posting up with the title
THE TWITTER FILES, PART II - Twitter's Secret Blacklists

The beginning quote

After nearly a week's delay on the second installment of "THE TWITTER FILES" - Twitter's internal correspondence surrounding their decision to censor the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop story - Journalist Bari Weiss (@bariweiss) has begun releasing more information via Twitter.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 5:50 utc | 58

psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 5:46 utc | 56

It seems to be narrowed down to mRNA

"The baby's parents had blocked the procedure on the grounds any blood transfused could have come from a donor jabbed with an mRNA vaccine."

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 5:58 utc | 59

karlof1 | Dec 9 2022 5:42 utc | 55

The oil price cap was as big a blunder as stealing Russia's reserves. This going to hurt the west bigtime.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 6:01 utc | 60

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about US Congress pass a DEFENSE(/sarc) spending bill for more than the military had asked for

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. House of Representatives passed the annual defense authorization bill on Thursday.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) -- worth 847 billion U.S. dollars -- now goes to the Senate for consideration.

The NDAA includes a topline of 817 billion dollars for the Pentagon and about 30 billion dollars to fund nuclear activities overseen by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The United States has been heavily criticized for hefty spending on military activities.

In 2021, the U.S. military spending represented nearly 40 percent of the world's total, more than the next nine countries combined. (my bold)

Andrew Lautz, director of federal policy for the National Taxpayers Union, a U.S. taxpayer advocacy organization, published an analysis on Wednesday, writing that "Congress is rushing to pass the NDAA over the next week or two, before they go home for the holidays."

"Christmas will come early for the nation's military brass, who often get to spend without consequences from lawmakers who control their purse strings, and defense contractors, who benefit mightily from the taxpayer-funded largesse," Lautz complained.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 6:27 utc | 61

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about Xi's trip to SA and this one shows China's commitment to Palestine

RIYADH, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Riyadh.

Xi pointed out that China-Palestine friendship is deeply cherished by their people, adding that over the past five decades and more, the two sides have always trusted and supported each other.

No matter how the international and regional situation changes, China always firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore the legitimate rights and interests of their nation, and always stands with the Palestinian people, Xi said.

The international community should prioritize the Palestinian issue on the international agenda, keep to the direction of the two-state solution and the principle of "land for peace," and facilitate resumption of peace talks on the basis of relevant UN resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, Xi said, adding that China will continue to work for an early, just and durable solution to the Palestinian issue.

Noting that next year marks the 35th anniversary of China-Palestine relations, Xi emphasized the need for the two sides to make good plans for celebrating the anniversary.

The two countries signed a tourism cooperation document, actively advanced negotiations for a China-Palestine free trade agreement and successfully held the second session of the Chinese-Palestinian Joint Committee for Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation, Xi said, adding that China has provided a large amount of vaccines and other anti-COVID supplies to Palestinian refugees, and will continue to do what it can to help Palestine develop its economy and improve people's well-being.

China commends Palestine's active participation in and efforts to promote the collective cooperation between China and Arab states, and will increase communication and cooperation with Palestine on advancing China-Arab relations and delivering the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, Xi said.

For his part, Abbas said that the Palestinian people are deeply proud of their friendly relations with the Chinese people, adding that China is Palestine's sincere and trustworthy friend and has always firmly supported the just cause of the Palestinian people by offering Palestine all-round and unconditional support on the political, economic, moral and other fronts.

All Palestinian people hold sincere affections for the Chinese people, he said, noting that China's positions on the international stage are fair and just, and its initiatives and propositions are positive and constructive.

Pointing out that Palestine stands firmly with China, Abbas reaffirmed Palestine's steadfast commitment to the one-China principle and firm support for China's just position on issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

Palestine firmly supports and actively participates in Belt and Road cooperation and stands ready to work with China to continue strengthening cooperation in all areas, Abbas said, adding that Palestine looks forward to working with China to make the first China-Arab States Summit on Friday a success.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2022 6:33 utc | 62

Tom_Q_Collins | Dec 9 2022 2:05 utc | 42

That link was interesting, Thanks.

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 9 2022 6:42 utc | 63

Xi Jinping’s Visit to Saudi Arabia and the overthrow of Atlanticism
The historic China-Arab Summit currently underway in Riyadh symbolizes the emerging Eurasianism in the Persian Gulf.
By Matthew Ehret
December 08 2022

Posted by: Scorpion | Dec 9 2022 6:45 utc | 64

[My bias is that I am not anti-catholic and by that I mean I'm not against ordinary people with either a catholic faith or cultural background or less ordinary people with genuine faith and belief. To me there are currently at least something like 8 billion paths to god or the idea thereof or similar but easily many more. Non-faith and atheism is perfectly okay too, to me pretty much anything is okay as long as it is not used an excuse to avoid doing or supporting what one believes is right (or worse as an excuse to do what one knows isn't right) and as long as it is not used as a weapon against others who disagree.]

The Vatican has already sealed their fate by supporting the nazis yet again. It negates any apologies for the first time.

Told again and again in decade upon decade they know exactly what the result will be: their own destruction and obliteration by the people they live amongst and prey upon. Despite that they are not able to change their ways or practice what they were supposed to preach.

Russia will have no part in it.

· · ·

Well I'm glad I shared it then. However I have to point out that despite how much I kind of like the music it's straight into cult-like MK-Ultra territory of manipulation whether or not it is tongue-in-cheek. "Soldier Girl" is about as blatant as it gets and when one realizes it the video (and song) becomes incredibly creepy precisely because of all the happiness and joy and "innocence". In the end they are literally running off into the sunset and disappearing, fading from existence. Kool-aid/Flavor Aid is used because it tastes good.

I mean if someone wanted to make "1984 The Musical" into a joyful(!) Broadway smash hit... :P

Here's some more "The Polyphonic Spree - Lithium" (cover of the Nirvana song) and while people laud it in the comments (and it is very well done) I can't help wonder if Cobain wouldn't ask for a second helping of shotgun (or whatever it was). It wasn't written as a product placement commercial and I notice the words "I killed you" could easily be missed, it was a warning referencing all the people being killed.

Not sure if any of that survives in the cover?

I'm sorry if I'm spoiling very well made and beautiful music (shiny happy people comes to mind). There's hardly anything human one can't pick apart like this.

Mea culpa :)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 9 2022 6:55 utc | 65

Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 5:32 utc | 54

It's got everything to do with it. One of the indy journalists covered it. Not sure who it's was, maybe Lancaster. It was around 2015-2016.

Scratch the surface of any war and you will find God botherers lurking.

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 9 2022 7:04 utc | 66

Posted by: Jen | Dec 9 2022 0:38 utc | 40
«True, the EU Council may be made up of elected people but only of people elected by electors of that EU member state that holds the EU Presidency for six months.»

It is made entirely by elected ministers of the member states, one minister per state, and those ministers are either directly elected members of their national parliament or in rare cases elected by their national parliaments. The Council of the EU is made entirely of elected heads of government.

«The current EU President Ursula von der Leyen was voted into her position by members of the EU Council and the EU Parliament»

That is not a political position, the EU Commission is the EU civil service (administration), which has no legislative, executive or judicial power, only an administrative role; she is an employee of the EU civil service.
The EU civil service, like most civil services (e.g. the french one, the english one, ...), is quite powerful, but it has no political powers.

«not directly elected by the public»

I think that in no european country the head of the civil service is elected, they are always appointed by the head of government, often subject to approval by the parliament.
The USA president (and most european member state presidents) is not directly elected by the public either, and sometimes some part of the national legislative power are indirectly elected too (e.g. by regional parliaments)

Posted by: Blissex | Dec 9 2022 7:59 utc | 67

If Ursula von der Leyen was voted into office in a clear and democratic way, then there should be some tabulation of the votes somewhere, no?

But yet it seems impossible to find this information. I can't even find a simply tally (i.e. 100 for, 50 against). Really transparent, let me tell ya.

Posted by: Sam | Dec 9 2022 8:11 utc | 68

Okay, I did manage to find a vote tally here (383 members voted in favor, 327 against, and 22 abstained):

So woah, that was pretty close. Yet there was no competition for the job, and it's really unclear if more than one person is ever nominated:

Posted by: Sam | Dec 9 2022 8:15 utc | 69

@ psycho

"In 2021, the U.S. military spending represented nearly 40 percent of the world's total, more than the next nine countries combined. (my bold)"

That dramatically undercounts it, two ways.

First, re-estimate the war budget yourself the way this guy did more than a decade ago:

Second, add up all the war budgets of all NATO.

Compare that to the RoW.

Posted by: klik2 | Dec 9 2022 8:27 utc | 70

Viktor Bout for non entity Griner ??? I can't see the Americans coming at that. One of Kadyrov's deleted five big fish would make good trade currency. Throw a non entity in for public consumption...

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 8:46 utc | 71

Prisoner swaps between US and Russia, Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine wants so called collaborates as prisoners to swap rather than than starring in nazi snuff movies yet Azov POW's were hit with HIMARS a few months back. Whatever was at Azovstal seems to have value as a trade currency. Big fishes, medium fishes and little fishes of a HQ?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 8:58 utc | 72

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 8:46 utc | 70

The Griner story gets a lot of press in the U.S., this probably relieves some political pressure on Biden or his handlers. She was pretty much a nonentity before she got busted, but the story fits into the whole Russiagate propaganda, so...

on another subject, I'm reading a book called Secret Power Wikileaks and Its Enemies, which I saw recommended on Craig Murray blog. It's very good, has a lot of background on the history. I couldn't get it through interlibrary loan, according to the librarian, she could not find any libraries that had it. If true, I think that is very odd, just another example of information being squeezed out. I found a copy in a local brick and mortar store, so at least I was able to avoid Amazon.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Dec 9 2022 9:00 utc | 73

lol people who refer to estate taxes as "death taxes" are usually bootlickers.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Dec 9 2022 9:02 utc | 74

Posted by: Sam | Dec 9 2022 8:15 utc | 68

Nice job Sam.
I was under the impression that the plagiarist was appointed by a shadow cabinet. So happy to hear that the EU Politburo functions like a Democracy.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 9 2022 9:08 utc | 75

Goooood morning barflies & b - quick question did I get a comment binned yesterday on the topic of the PATHOCRACY?

Or did I write it and forget to post? Just asking, not a problem if was deemed as being o/t, or whatever.

Anyway the jigsaw appears to be resolving from its kaleidoscopic fragmentation as the WC heads towards a Xmas zenith and the World turns!

Too much to ponder so will just meander with some that I’ve noticed this crispy pre dawn few hours of surfing.

There are an awful lot of handsome celebs - mostly male - joining Xi and MBS Saudi.
Bollywood, Korean, Beiber! And Ronaldo signing up for hundreds of millions in that reshaping .

Along with the MBS brokering a deal for the prisoner swap a Russian Arms Dealer for a Yankee sports player!! I must admit this is one set of characters and story I have absolutely no background about or followed - Anyone? Can point me to some idea of who and what and why? The How seems to be clear enough - Caesar has a photo of a exchange at AbuDhabi airport which looks exactly like a old fashioned spy exchange as the two parties walk between their planes whilst a line of Arab dressed gents oversee it !!! Just wtf?

Xi gets a kingly welcome and brings a massive contingent of top business folks who all sit opposite the Saudis and looks like hundreds of billions of business deals going down and NOT necessarily in $$$. The Uigher ‘genocide’ fairytale is wholly dismantled, no one mentions the Saudi backing of head chopping jihadis and wahabbism is put on a back burner with the dismantling of the daily incessant megaphone speakers on all mosques everywhere causing untold misery to everyone subjected to its crackling cries all day.

Xi quips that the Saudis learning Chinese is great thing and hopes more do for better business.

It seems the Old Slave Traders and Silk Roaders have decided to return to the ancient land connection of commerce that joined the far east to Africa and Europe

The Dead Empires Dogs are madly barking as what they thought was their caravan - moves on.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Dec 9 2022 9:25 utc | 76

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Dec 8 2022 16:33 utc | 1

You are headed for a career in stand-up comedy.

The European Community was designed by Arthur Salter and Jean Monnet back in the interwar period and modelled on the League of Nations purposely to INSULATE decision-making FROM "democracy"

It was designed to create a "Congress of Vienna" with Plato's "Guardians" who would save the teeming masses from themselves. It lacked BioTech and BigTech Surveillance - but its goals were the same.,_1st_Baron_Salter

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Dec 9 2022 9:34 utc | 77


It seems the Old Slave Traders and Silk Roaders have decided to return to the ancient land connection of commerce that joined the far east to Africa and Europe

BUT you forget to mention why the Silk Road was disrupted............ISLAM.........the fall of Constantinople and the Muslim takeover of Central Asia........

WHICH is why Columbus had to sail WEST to find India

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Dec 9 2022 9:37 utc | 78

Posted by: Sam | Dec 9 2022 8:11 utc | 67

You must be particular disadvantaged not to have read the various Treaties structuring the EU when they are online - EURLex

There has NEVER been any provision to directly elect the Head of the EU Commission because that is the whole purpose of The Commission - NOT to be elected.

Americans do not elect the Ambassador to the UN yet that person sits on the Security Council.

The President of the EU Commission runs the Civil Service. ONLY the Commission can propose legislation NOT the Parliament. The Council of Ministers runs the Commission.

The Council of Ministers is like the Security Council putting the Secretary General of the UN in place.

Although the process is informally called an election,[1] the United Nations refers to it as the "procedure of selecting and appointing the next United Nations secretary-general."[2] Since the General Assembly has never refused to appoint the person recommended by the Security Council, it is the selection of the Security Council that determines the next secretary-general of the United Nations.

It is funny how many people have ZERO idea how the planet on which they live is actually controlled........yet the information has NEVER been as easily accessible as in the Internet Age

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Dec 9 2022 9:43 utc | 79

Barflies should not let themselves be diverted by this Blissex type's dissemination.
For example he claims that Van der Leyen's position on the European Commission is purely administrative - just a public servant in fact and therefore should be appointed just like any other technocrat. This is a frequent deceit made by apologists for the EU which I highlighted a few days ago when I last posted on the lack of democracy in the EU - I would link to it but in a contest between the plethora of threads per week at MoA, google site search and my memory, we all lose.
Anyway as I pointed out at the time, although the EU bosses claim that commissioners are just dedicated public servants, a lie which is easily refuted by the simple fact that all of the present gang of alleged technocrats are former national POLITICIANS, if any have held jobs as senior public servants IE permanent heads of ministries/departments or the like, that is purely incidental, part of their 'pre sleazy pol' careers and irrelevant to how they came by the gig.
It also should be pointed out that yes, whilst the amerikan president is appointed by 'the electoral college' those electoral college positions are determined by the votes of citizens. As we saw with the last prez beauty contest, electoral college members are enjoined to vote according to the results of each states popular ballot. It is also worth noting that like the archaic method of selecting members of england's house of lords, the process was designed centuries back and is subject to contemporary popular demand that it be reformed to ensure that there is no leeway for personal preference.

Yet knowing this, knowing that such a system of selection of euro commissioners was archaic, more in keeping with process instituted by systems first recovering from the tyranny of monarchical government, the corrupt slugs who wrote up the 'Lisbon Treaty' and it's subsequent bullying refusal to accept "No" infliction on the people of europe, did so knowing damn well that their proposed structure was a return to previous euro tyrannies and grossly 'undemocratic'.
The Euro parliament has a kabuki role in this process as we saw with the election of Van der Leyen. As you can read here, vander leyen's appointment was judged to be "undemocratic by the eurp parliament:

"The European parliament’s political groups have united to condemn the selection of the next European Commission president, branding the process an undemocratic stitch-up by national governments."

That link is behind a paywall so here is an unpaywalled description of the 100% corrupt process used to ensure the next EU prez was a dyed in the wool warmonger devoted to ensuring dollars & euros continued to flow for the military industrial complex.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 9 2022 9:44 utc | 80

pretzelattack | Dec 9 2022 9:00 utc | 72

Sounds interesting. Let us know if there is anything interesting. I read all my life but stopped when my eyes went. For whatever reason I could not settle down to read with glasses. Did a lot of research once I got on the internet but not so much now. Just drink ethanol and watch the world go round.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 9:50 utc | 81

Here's how the Grinder Bout exchange was completed

If Grinder didn't hate America this wouldn't have happened.
US Vets must be very happy to see Grinder return to the US.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 9 2022 9:54 utc | 82

Paul Greenwood | Dec 9 2022 9:37 utc | 77

It is my understanding the silk road is very old with originally Persia the middle man between China and Rome/Mediterranean. That seemed to have continued into Muslim times. Many Muslim/mixed communities springing up along the silk road or perhaps rather old communities taking up Islam. Some very old cities through the stans that were based on the silk road.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 10:05 utc | 83

Bloody hell Jen and C put up a lot of reading.

Thanks both.

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 9 2022 10:24 utc | 84

Tom_12 | Dec 9 2022 9:54 utc | 81

So it identifies as a woman.


Has it hurt anyone playing ?

Posted by: Klaatu | Dec 9 2022 10:49 utc | 85

My god this bar has degenerated into some low form of talkback radio since righters began to hang around. Who gives a flying fuck what pink bits the amerikan repatriee likes to play with or anything else about her personal life aside from the fact that she broke russian law by smuggling dope into the place? This is what shits me the most about rightists; they always have to have someone, some group of humans who they hate. Why? Humans are humans in my years on this planet I discovered a long time ago that a person's character is never determined by the colour of their skin, whether or not they adhere to a particular set of ancient superstitions or what other human's bits get them off, yet this is why I really struggle to tolerate rightists. They always appear to need some easily definable group of humans who they congregate around hating. Sometimes it's homosexualists, sometimes it's unwhite people or jews, sometimes it's anyone who subscribes to a different set of old wives' tales than those they themselves reckon are the 'truth'.
The thing is it is always some group of 'other' humans who the bosses of their particular stupidity have selected for them to resent.
The bosses - so called leaders or philosophers for the screwed up, do this because they know if they select a group of humans to use as scapegoats and blame the ills of the world on em, it is far easier to gather a group of unthinking individuals, ones who will not think too hard about inconsistencies in their rationale, that it is to put in the hard yakka of developing a cogent logic which ordinary humans will adopt because it is simple to see the thinking works.

The object is to get followers not thinkers, so "give 'em someone to hate" easy peasy - now pass round the hat and issue the orders.

Griner was arrested and imprisoned because she broke Russian drug laws, imprisoning types who smuggle pot into a country is common happens every day in amerika as well as pretty much everywhere else, still it's not gonna endanger the state, especially since the pot was for her own use. Now people can argue that locking someone up for that is wrong & I would agree but only in regard to me own nation, if it is somewhere I am visiting as a guest especially when I knew it was illegal if I got caught, I would accept whatever I copped. Not only hosts have responsibility, guests also are expected to follow the customs of the land they visit. The Russian govt decided she had learned her lesson and more importantly other potential visitors had as well.

On the other hand Whelan did enter Russia with the intent to do the nation damage. He was a spy determined to cause trouble for his hosts. Victor Bout was set up - the fact that the creeps in Hollywood made a movie about him betrayed the lengths the amerikan MIC went to in order to remove Bout as a competitor, amerikan arms merchants pissed that Bout closed so many deals whined to the amerikan govt about him so a media beat up about him was created, leaks about him being the subject of a movie were spread and pressure put upon the Thai government to allow his extradition once the bloke's name had been sufficiently disparaged (see Assange J. and the shit he copped for ten years prior to being arrested) for a good example of how the boss class/ elite operates.

the warmongers have played you all on this. There was simply no way that Russia would agree to a prisoner exchange for a known spy & failed saboteur, the amerikan indoctrinators knew this but deliberately ignored that reality so they could create a belief in the average amerikan consciousness, knowing full well a swap would never happen, just so they could get the unthinking portion of the amerikan population spouting nonsense here and/or anywhere else on the net they can spread their disinfo.

Yawn - wake up dingbats yer being played again.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 9 2022 12:09 utc | 86

@ YetAnotherAnon | Dec 9 2022 12:29 utc | 308 from 'Ukraine Open Thread 2022-220'

People Living in Tent Cities Are Just That — People

Homelessness is a collective failure.


Healthy societies do not have tent cities. Healthy societies put tax dollars back into the community. Healthy societies understand that you’re only as strong as your weakest contingent.

The tent city is a reflection of our values, and it’s something we need to bear in mind when getting haughty about those less fortunate than ourselves.

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 9 2022 12:46 utc | 87

Any Europeans care to comment on who you voted for when electing the EU Commission and EU Parliament. What was their platform and did they follow through on their promise? Anyone know what the voter turn out was in each country. Did your party get voted in? Was your vote wasted? Will you vote in future EU Parliament and Commission elections? Is your vote counted? Do you feel you wasted your time voting? You got a vote, right? Crickets.........

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Dec 9 2022 12:51 utc | 88

Long hearing about covid including in the 40s minutes discussion of off-label drugs being known about from the beginning of the outbreak. Much more in this 3 hour hearing.

Clear corruption, fraud and criminality laid out in simple presentations.

Nothing will change.

Posted by: Scorpion | Dec 9 2022 13:26 utc | 89

A poor Ukrainian refugee speaking clear Russian while complaining about their bad treatment in Germany.

She's clearly an airhead.
My message to her, "Find a job, any job. Earn the money to buy what you want."

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 9 2022 13:55 utc | 90

What a "Revelation." Twitter's been "shadow banning" its lumpenproletariats all along.

Our "Society" is now so fallen and miserable you can't walk to the kitchen without tripping over another Euphemism. The word is "Censorship."

Not "Visibility filtering." And Goebbels is not the sound a turkey makes.

Posted by: Elmagnostic | Dec 9 2022 14:08 utc | 91

At 48 sec mark Griner lets us know everything we need to know about who this person is. I'd love to see what is written on on Griner's birth certificate. My guess Bret.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 9 2022 14:17 utc | 92

"Capable of the worst, the union of certain rulers makes World War possible
by Thierry Meyssan
"... the current leaders of the US State Department, the government in Kiev and the next government in Tel Aviv have no limits. The union of the "Straussians", the Ukrainian "integral" nationalists and the Israeli "revisionist Zionists" can, without any qualms, plunge the world into a Third World War. Fortunately, the CIA does not share their ideas, the government in Kiev is constrained by Russian military intervention, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s coalition has not yet formed its government..."

Posted by: bevin | Dec 9 2022 16:26 utc | 93

"It is my understanding the silk road is very old with originally Persia the middle man between China and Rome/Mediterranean. That seemed to have continued into Muslim times. Many Muslim/mixed communities springing up along the silk road or perhaps rather old communities taking up Islam. Some very old cities through the stans that were based on the silk road." Peter AU1@82

I think that you are right. The Vivaldi brothers, sailed into the Atlantic and were never heard of again as early as 1291- the year that the Crusaders lost Acre to the Saracens. The way east was not blocked by muslims. There are many other reasons why Europeans refocused their attention on western routes to the cornucopia of Ming China in the latter half of the fifteenth century, one being that they had ships armed with cannon to use.

It is also true that Columbus did not have to sail west to find India, Vasco da Gama had already sailed south and east and established an Atlantic/Indian Ocean route. .

Posted by: bevin | Dec 9 2022 16:41 utc | 94

Comments from elsewhere. This time RT:

"Didn’t Europe say they aren’t buying ANY RF oil? Why do they need a price cap? Might as well set the cap to 0."

Agreed. The EU needs to get even more adversarial against itself. That'll show 'em.

Posted by: Elmagnostic | Dec 9 2022 16:52 utc | 95

@ Peter AU1 | Dec 9 2022 10:05 utc | 82

Peter, thank you for your very correct assessment of the ancient Silk Road. The route was established maybe 2,000 years ago as the overland connection between the Chinese and the Graeco-Roman worlds. It was used primarily for the transport of luxury goods, including silk; however, the East Roman Empire obtained silkworms from China in I believe the 6th century and could then produce its own silk, albeit of lesser quality. But trade on the route continued, and the Muslims did not interrupt it, but rather enhanced it. At the same time, the Muslims further developed maritime trade over the Indian Ocean, which had already been starting up, and Europe continuously imported luxuries, including spices from Southeast Asia, through the Muslim world. This is how the trading republics of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa became wealthy, helping to finance the Renaissance.

The trouble was that the costs went up with too many middlemen, so when the Portuguese were able to sail around Africa finally in 1498-1499 and then seize control of the Indian Ocean, it really ruined the middlemen, so Italy and Egypt both declined and the Silk Route practically came to an end, just because of the Portuguese action, followed up subsequently by the Dutch, British, and French. Indeed, the Portuguese seizure of the Indian Ocean was a major factor in the downfall of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt and Syria to the Ottomans in 1517.

This was because maritime transport has always been cheaper than land transport, that remains to this day, as can be seen comparing the huge size of container ships to the size of trucks and trains. A big advantage of the US has been its control of the oceans, but that has its limitations, as the rule of international law requires free passage, so there is nothing the US can do to block other people's commerce easily. Also, technology has made the pipeline of oceanic delivery very fragile and potentially vulnerable to interruption by anybody, and the US doesn't want to encourage such action, as it would be the biggest loser.

So Xi's Belt-and-Road Initiative to revive the Silk Road actually makes sense, because land transportation costs may become more competitive with sea transport costs, especially over routes where the land distance is much shorter, and such land routes will be much less vulnerable to potential US interference and interdiction. It's win-win for the Central Asian countries, so they are all more or less on board with it, and the Taliban's Afghanistan will be too.

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@ waynorinorway | Dec 9 2022 5:24 utc | 53

hey! i love your sense of humour! thanks for all of that and i agree those playing for change videos reflect an aspect of what moa is all about indeed... i just listen and like what i like based on the sounds as well.. i think one is better off not knowing all the technical jargon associated with music, whether it is rhythm, harmony and etc, as it all is about the sound and what appeals to you, no matter who you are.. it wouldn't matter whether it was mozart, or dylan or the beatles listening to the music - it all comes down to what do you like and enjoy? maybe this is my anti authoritarian self speaking here, but i don't think so.. no one can be an authority on what is subjective in nature and listening and loving music is very subjective in nature.. things can sound wrong and still people can like it and find it fascinating and rewarding.. think of free jazz, lol... others hate it, lolol! music is a jumping board to a lot of analogies and parallels i find in real life, so i like your comparison here to those playing for change videos to moa community!

@ Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 9 2022 6:55 utc | 64

they do a good cover of the nirvana song... again - i like it.. it is kind of quirky... 2 things about me - i don't like music videos.. i like music and combining different mediums, although very artistic in itself, is not my thing so much.. so this video is very theatre, and generally i never watch them, and yet it appears it is a part of the live show, so seeing them live would be a lot of fun! the 2nd thing is i don't listen to the words.. this confuses a lot of my song writing and musician friends! i am mostly into the sounds - harmony, melody and rhythm.. the words are the least interesting to me and frankly - i don't listen to them... i do the opposite here at moa - it is all about the words, lol..

here is a bit more about me.. i write songs on the piano.. i was asked a few years ago to participate in song competition and i submitted a few songs.. i was a runner up the first time, but in the past year one of my songs was chosen and it will be performed by a very large audience and sung by about 120 singers in a choral arrangement a friend of mine did of the song.. this happens in march 2023... but another thing happened.. one of the choirs sang this song i wrote this past weekend and i got to see them sing it.. it was a group of about 25 singers and it was a christmas type celebration.. they sang my song first up! so - how does this work where i write songs but not the words? my friend in toronto has written the words to these songs... so, it is not my song - but our song in fact.. it was such a thrill to see and hear it be performed this past weekend by this group of singers!

Posted by: james | Dec 9 2022 17:03 utc | 97

@ bevin | Dec 9 2022 16:41 utc | 93

The innovation of Columbus was his erroneous and, even for the science of the time, scientifically ridiculous theory that the earth's diameter is actually much smaller than it is in reality, so that he would reach East Asia by sailing only as far as America. Evidently, this seemed worth a gamble to the Spanish monarchs, although it is also possible that secret, previous explorations by the Portuguese had shown that there was an unknown continent out there, and that Ferdinand and Isabella were aware of this. But Columbus himself seemed long convinced that he had actually reached East or Southeast Asia.

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Posted by: Cabe | Dec 9 2022 16:54 utc | 95

Credit should be given to these people because the term Muslim does not fully explain who was involved in this Silk Road business.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 9 2022 17:06 utc | 99

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Tomas Piketty is an idiot. The inherited wealth pushes wealth owners to do long-term planning and invest into their family businesses in a way which maximizes the value in the long term. In the inherited wealth managers of capital and family business are also owners.

Posted by: averros | Dec 8 2022 22:27 utc | 25

Obviously any wealth redistribution scheme to new entrepreneurs would not apply to true owner/operator family enterprises and would not be 100% of total family assets.

The target would be the spawn of Soros, Gates etc., where the wealth is almost 100% financialized assets held in trusts, etc.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Dec 9 2022 17:34 utc | 100

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