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November 30, 2022

Open (Not Ukraine) Thread 2022-212

I will have to take off today to finish my Christmas backing. I will make plenty of these today as well as other ones. They will be send out to friends and family to arrive at St. Nicolas day, December 6.

News & views not related to the Ukraine conflict ...

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@ uncle tungsten | Dec 4 2022 7:21 utc | 199

Excellent links, especially second, thank you.

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 4 2022 7:58 utc | 201

On the eve of the 75th annual Nakbah commemoration and coinciding with the Netflix launch of Farha, a film that depicts the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948, an English version of my first book was published: The Zionist project Israel. Ethnically pure, or binational model democracy? The book has been fully updated, especially on issues such as the European Union's cooperation with Israel, Israel's relations with neighbouring countries, and the implications of the impending far-right Israeli government.

Published by Geopolitiek in context, the book's worldwide distribution is organised through Amazon, Apple Books, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Bibliotheca, BorrowBox, D2D Print, Hoopla, Kobo, OverDrive, Scribd, Tolino (Thalia), and Vivlio. A synopsis is available a.o. on Kobo:, and Amazon shows even the Preface, Introduction in full, and Chapter 1 partly.

A universal link opens a choice of distributors through which the book can be ordered:

Posted by: Paul-Robert | Dec 4 2022 8:17 utc | 202

C'est la vie.
Posted by: Outraged | Dec 4 2022 7:54 utc | 200

Well, ya gotta have some fun, no? -
Remember that old kiddie dittie - Seaunie & Scorpo sittin' in a tree...kay eye ess ess eye en gee. ;-)

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 4 2022 8:22 utc | 203

China will donate 714.3 million yuan (US$ 100 million) to Cuba to address the shortage of basic commodities and the energy crisis.

In addition to agreeing to restructure Cuba's debt, China will finance a floating dock, the La Herradura wind farm, and a photovoltaic solar farm; in 2021, the volume of trade between the two countries reached US$ 1.02 billion, 7.2% more than in 2020.

Posted by: Walt | Dec 4 2022 8:27 utc | 204

@ waynorinorway | Dec 4 2022 8:22 utc | 203

Kilo India Sierra Sierra India November Golf 5x5 ;)

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 4 2022 8:29 utc | 205

@ Scorpion #190

Whew, when i was scrolling up i was hoping this wasn't my reply, but since this is a dead thread with the rapidly approaching week in review i'm gonna reply briefly as one late night barfly would do to another still awake to listen, er read.

"1. Your perception of my preconceptions about China and

Russia, like so many here, is simply wrong. I simply am not ready yet to trust them, that's all. I have grave doubts - doubts not solid opinions - about China, and guarded admiration for Russia. Have been a fan of Putin for a long time now, indeed he is the only politician in the world I have positive feelings for and have regarded many of his speeches since the early 2000's as the best of any politician in generations. And I still feel that way. And I greatly appreciate karlof1's posts but am not fully on board with his narrative. This is not out of disrespect nor out of cliche views about Russia and China."

Before i came here i had your views too, brother, but since reading the numerous comments by the historians here and reading the speeches that are linked to i've come to a better view of both China and Russia. I now believe both nations are promoting not only their citizens, but other nation's citizens as well. They want better for humanity, than what the last seventy five years have wrought and really for both nations much, much longer. I believe you need to read more of their speeches friend and if you will pour me another.

"Let me summarize my perspective. First it's more of an open question than a fixed view. Simply, it seems to me that there are globally coordinated series of events in play which belie the US Outlaw Empire vs the RoW narrative alone. That narrative is surely playing out, no question, as karlof1 explains often here so very well. But I just don't happen to think it's the only skein."

I disagree to a degree. I believe its america and their vassals causing the vast amount of trouble in the world today. I'd agree there are different factions within the same fascist conglomerate trying to advance their agendas over others, but it's all occurring here and the rest of the one eighth of the world's population against the rest and that eighth, brother is dwindling to a tenth as i type.

"Another big theme is a general one-world technicity developing. The responses to covid including medicine suppression and mRNA-shot rapid delivery with mandates were clearly internationally coordinated. Then immediately following that the sweeping sanctions drama unfolded world wide in a matter of days following February 24th also clearly because it was long in the making on both sides and thus internationally coordinated. This is why I don't find terms like America, Russia and China as clear as they used to be."

The mrna clot shots are only in the west, brother. Neither Russia, nor China are using them, nor are we allowed to have theirs, which were researched and developed well over ten years before given to people who'd take 'em and i guess in China that was most everybody, but it sounds likely China has a far deadlier strain than what i personally caught. As for Feb. 24th how were both sides making it 'long in the making'? Seems to me america manipulated the whole affair, as they most always do. And since coming here i see much clearer and defined parameters around all three, guess we disagree there too bro.

"What you say about the evils of America sounds about right to me. Certainly it's been my working assumption for decades now. However, I don't think 'America' is 'America' any more. And if you're talking about the American elites I'm not sure if they are all Americans or indeed anything else. They are into a new para nation-state world. And they are in all major polities including for sure China, possibly not so much Russia."

Damn, i disagree again bro, don't throw that beer at me. America has never been what i (dunno about you and your proper english upbringing?) learned in school, any level, but i bought it hook line and sinker and held those beliefs until retirement. Funny how retirement allows one to see the picture much clearer, but too old to do anything about it anymore, dagnabit. Why China for sure? Reading how they perform politics over there and their clear record of keeping their oligarchs in place and not running amok speaks volumes of their authoritarian economy, which america desperately needs.

"The clear world wide thrust towards authoritianism/totalitarianism is alarming. All developed nations have recently announced they are looking into digital currencies, digital ID's, social credit. And the WHO and UN just announced vaccine passports may be mandatory for all world travel which, if ratified, means we will finally have a centralized world government in the making. Probably climate will be next requiring global taxation (without representation)."

Your centralized government bro is centered in washington dc and i dunno i've been reading here and there how our military ain't what it was and really likely can't beat anybody anymore. Their only threat is to blow up the world, which likely wouldn't happen either given THEY have hypersonic missiles, we according to tRump have hydrosonics whatever they are? Practically everybody else has them except the 'west' doesn't that tell you something brother? I think last call was a while ago, but i'll give you a swig off my flask if you wish?

"This is NOT only the work of the US Empire is it since China is front and center in all WHO stuff as is the RoW. This is why I'm not on board with the US Empire being the only evil in the mix. I find the narrative too simplistic but am not against the sentiment."

China was front and center with WHO, but i seriously doubt they still are after the WHO's response to america's disaster coupled with the CDC and FDA. The WHO is mostly funded by Bill Gates too, not China.

"Sincerely, I think many of us are trapped by habit and custom in old nation-state thinking, since we all grew up in such polities, so that when I express doubts or questions about the 'globalista' agenda you think I am backing the US against the RoW and thus some sort of retarded MSM regugitating US-loving troll. That's not where am coming from in the slightest."

For once i agree, brother, because it's ME who thinks that way, not you, you seem to believe others are involved too and it's a big free for all out there. Not me! I believe it's all being bankrolled by the cuntry with endless dollars to create. Have you paid attention to Karlof1's newer creation of the plundering nations? Imo they're the ones responsible for all the mayhem on this planet in one way, or another.

"Lastly, am not trying to push my view on others, merely raising doubts and questions. So I think those who feel disgusted or threatened by such questions may be having doubts themselves about their own views. Or maybe have overly rigid views which feel hostile to differing views. Some of these issues are difficult and no doubt I lack expressive powers so have been misleading, hence the irritation, but also some need to check their own attitudes. There really is no reason to get so upset by someone's post except something one is carrying around oneself is getting its buttons pushed. Examine those buttons. Always valuable lessons in doing that."

Lastly? How come you haven't finished your beer then? I also agree with everything said. You do take a lot of flak here bro, but it could be the length of your posts, 'cept when you're giving your views on Buddha and meditation. I can alway use some free dharma and yours seems well thought out.

(1)"I believe most of us should be having more doubts about their views generally right now. If there is one thing most could agree on here, it is that these are not easy times to read. Alot about the recent covid business, which you say is over but I don't think so yet given what's happening with rapidly accelerating all-cause death rates which happened starting in 2021, contains no end of contradictions and loose ends which I won't go into. (2)Many, including many Russians, feel the same about the current Ukraine operation. (Why does Russia keep supplying gas to some German armament companies for example, and many other issues that raise questions.)

(3)The ivermectin issue I brought up (because a couple of things were published today) is not about ivermectin per se, rather about internationally coordinated government corruption. How can such things be internationally coordinated? How can so many nations come to the same false conclusions and instigate similar harmful practices? This is not about medicine or science but politics and what is says about nation states. (4)Mexico City did a large ivermectin study in the fall of 2020 and got very favorable results. And yet the doctors here have not been told to prescribe it. Why not? No press coverage about the issue at all (but then journalists get killed here a lot so...) (5)Is it international pressure/collusion? Or what? We don't know. There are so many things like this on so many fronts where we just don't know. I envy those of you with such clear, solid opinions. Sorry, I'm just not there yet. Too many unknowns and variables. (Don't you agree?)"

Mostly no. 1. The rapid acceleration of deaths in 2021 is due to clot shots, not covid 19, which doesn't kill that many people with covid alone, just the ones with more than one comorbidity, which would be prevalent amongst overweight americans. This can be proven looking at life ins. co's spread sheets they're alarmed and might be looking for bailouts if this keep up, which i believe it will. 2. Unlike the west, Russians try their damnedest to full fill a contract. Why is that so hard to understand? 3. They're not internationally coordinated, only in the west and again the west is all of one ninth, tenth of the world? How is that international? 4. Why not? Could it be because who Bemildred refers to 'Uncle Sugar' north of their border and who stole half their country, might have something to do with keeping their politicians inline, including killing wayward journalists. 5. You say we don't know, but i think we both do, you're more hesitant, but that beer will loosen you up sooner, or later.

"Somebody above criticizing my views is projecting that I am totally concerned about America as if America is the civilization. No, I mean Western civilization in todo of which America is a leading polity right now but certainly not the only one. I'm talking the disappearence of common law (and it's near equivalents in Grund Gesetz and Code Napoleon). Sovereignty. Privacy. Private property possibly. Possessions possibly. Freedom of religion possibly. I'm talking the end of Christianity-based common culture in the West. The American Republic fell with JFK long ago but it only became blatantly obvious with the 2020 election and the Jan 6th false flag 'insurrection.' It's most likely a good thing that a phony Republic falls, but that Republic is just a political vehicle for a population to live together within. Can that population fashion a better polity together? Or will what comes after be much, much worse? And of course where goes America there goes most of Western Europe? Are they post republics or kingdoms (aka nation states)? My concern is about people not US Empire.

Putin says the Europeans are all vassal states to the Big Dog America. I think that's a fair take. Certainly de facto if not de jure. So the fall of America is a big deal because it does - I believe - involve the fall of Western civilization as such.

That is no small matter. But my concern is not out of jingoistic loyalty to a Republic I feel has been fake for decades now. If that is what you are imagining you are entirely wrong. If you think I hate Russia because they are anti-capitalist communists or some such you are wrong. I regard both capitalism and communism as two-bit materialist phony pseudo-scientific and largely Jewish conceptual overlays over badly run materialist-based modern societies. I couldn't care less about either. I only care about people and cultures."

The republic died with JFK long ago? Way off bro america's never had a republic, except starting in April of 1913, when after decades of wrangling over it congress finally created the 17th amendment that allow citizens of states to elect their own senators, governors mostly selected them before. But as america would have it the democratic party used the thanksgiving recess to single handedly create the federal reserve act, with an already compliant prez ready to sign it into law and that's when any republic was lost not quite forever, but up until now for sure. Why you hate Russia i don't agree with, but i do agree with the way you said it and couldn't have stated it better myself, aye? I think your suspicious of Russia, because you haven't sorted out their politics yet, but you will, if you hang around here long enough and personally i hope you do.

"To my mind Russia is the only European/Western polity still standing as such in any clear and forthright way. If I were younger I'd move there in a heartbeat though really I should visit first! China's size and centralized form of government gives me pause but I don't pretend to know enough about it to have a formed opinion. I admire the roots of their culture greatly but have no feel for the modern country. I don't like how they are so tight with UN and WHO et alia because I don't like those organizations in principle and think they do more harm than good especially given how tight they are with woke ideology, WEF, the Green Agenda, 2030 and all that (IMO) garbage. This opinion has nothing to do with the US. It's just a personal opinion about supranational unelected bodies. For the same exact reason I believe the EU does more harm than good."

Wow, i'm either drunk, or drank too much, but you're making shense to me now. Whoops shlurring one's voice can get you kicked outta here. Anyway, i couldn't move either place. I've always sucked at learning a new language and ones with new alphabets too? Forget it. But i agree with all the rest brother. (and as i try and pat you on the shoulder, miss and take a clunk into that dark abyss beneath the barstools ;)

Posted by: aye, myself & me | Dec 4 2022 9:17 utc | 206

Ania poses a historical question regarding the instruments of colonization.

Catherine the Great on Poland. Or perhaps a hoax letter.
Read through the comments.

Eleven mins utoob from Through the eyes of channel.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 4 2022 9:19 utc | 207

Outraged #201

Thank you.

The two posts are subtly linked imo as SA is a key participant in BRICS and any loan risk might be in question. The ethics of the outraged 'repairman' from the western economic tradition are amusing to some extent. He fumes at corruption and yet private ownership of a nations resources in the hands of vulture capitalists will equally impoverish a nation.

Interesting times.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 4 2022 9:26 utc | 208

For Ivermectin to be approved for a medical treatment is complicated ... they have to go through all kinds of high bars for approval to use it ina treatment for a new/different condition or purpose. Twitter and Trump are not part of this approval process in any nation. Each nation has it's set procedures. The WHO nor the CDC cannot just tell nations Govts to use it for covid out of the blue either. That is not the Process to follow. So .... guess what ... there was PUSH BACK from the professionals who are the gate-keepers for the System that includes all the Safety Checks and Balances.

That should not be a surprise to anyone - that's is their job that is what they are supposed to do. Stop rash untested unchecked behavior and the uncontrolled use of drugs willy nilly.

What happens is some jackass with a public megaphone shouts out Ivermectin 24/7 - but this jackass was never ever a part of the professional teams who did detailed intelligent and thorough expert scientific analysis of what to do were a Pandemic to break out ... so frankly the jacklass don't know shit about anything about the history of why The Health Manual says what it says .... and the manual cannot be re-written at Will in a moment just because some jack-ass or President, or some obscure unknown group of Doctor's MDs in Brazil suddenly had a great new idea.

Posted by: SeanAU | Dec 4 2022 4:36 utc | 192

What you write Sean sounds very reasonable. Checks-Balances are the stuff of a well organized society. However in the case of Ivermectin/Amantadine/HCQ a curious thing happened. This I know from medical source, that whereas prior to 2020 my doctor had the discretion how/when to use the above but after 2020 this was suddenly taken off the table, with the added threat of losing license to practice if not done so. So what happened to those "Checks-Balances" prior to 2020 ? Why suddenly this heavy handed regulation in 2020 ?

Prior to 2020 I could buy Ivermectin and HCQ on the internet without the need of doctors permission. I know this personally because after reading some articles I looked on the net to see if this was available. Then magically it seems the gov. woke-up and after March 2020 these were blocked, unless you went to the trouble of buying from India or China. Heck, Ivermectin is a old well known antiviral used for horses and dogs. AND it turns out some doctors use it to also treat humans.

Isn't that curious ? I'd say YES.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 4 2022 9:29 utc | 209

aye, myself & me #206

Allow me to line up a few tankards for us to drink ;)

Thatsh if you can dreg yourself back up on the shtool.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 4 2022 9:30 utc | 210

Garland Nixon asks:

52 minutes utoob:

Maybe wishful thinking in Garland's mind as these dudes are certainly suicidal imo. But there is always hope (and stupidity).

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 4 2022 9:45 utc | 211

Outraged | Dec 4 2022 8:29 utc | 205

10-4. You're 5 by 5. Out. raged 2.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 4 2022 9:46 utc | 212

So what happened to those "Checks-Balances" prior to 2020 ? Why suddenly this heavy handed regulation in 2020 ?
Tom_12 | Dec 4 2022 9:29 utc | 209

I can't answer that Tom. I don't have all the details, but it sounds "curious" how it's been presented. Please note reply SeanAU | 195 which clarifies where I was/am coming from regarding the qualifications of my story. It was intended to be fictional as a thought provoker, that's all.

I never said " how " they did things were justified or faultless. I made no judgements good or bad. The issue was about what too often happens - automatically seeing things in a planned conspiratorial collusion pov/framing OR can things be seen differently were one to truly fully understand and take into consideration how every nation got to where it was at the day before Covid-19 arrived?

The story was about conspiracy theories being shunted around in the absence of any genuine real knowledge or evidence of how things (society/govt/institutions) actually operated in the real world.

What you have here Tom is another "specific" issue you say is " curious " .. OK , now what?

What can I do with that? I'll tell you - absolutely nothing. I can't do anything with it. I have no real hard facts at all. Only another " story " without a resolution. Me guessing or theorizing helps no one - Facts always help.

But I am not going to spend my life looking into every mystery someone lays at me feet. I have enough of my own already. :-)

B says here repeatedly - Contribute Facts. It may not solve the problem all by itself, but facts have a tendency to add up over time. Which is a good thing. Sharing facts with supporting evidence in the appropriate forum is good.

Thx and cheers

Posted by: SeanAU | Dec 4 2022 9:59 utc | 213

What you have here Tom is another "specific" issue you say is " curious " .. OK , now what?

Posted by: SeanAU | Dec 4 2022 9:59 utc | 213

Nothing Sean. People come and go, share what they know, think as they wish. My definition of The Bar.

Life goes on.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 4 2022 10:47 utc | 214

Came across a facinating story.

"The 'White Feather Girls': women's militarism in the UK

The suffrage movement was split by the Great War. Most often remembered are the pacifists. But the militant history of feminist war supporters in Britain, and the audacity of the 'White Feather Girls' who shamed young men into enlisting, must also be remembered in this centenary year"

Yes, that Sexual Revolution did so much good for Society. I bet in the Woke/Soy Boy Era the above tactic wouldn't even have a smidgen of chance to succeed. But the Sexual Revolution wasn't a total failure.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 4 2022 10:53 utc | 215

I would love to know if those thousands of people are still alive and how they fared afterwards.

"Anti-vaxxer nurse who injected up to 8,600 elderly patients with saltwater instead of Covid vaccine walks FREE from court in Germany
The nurse in Germany jabbed up to 8,600 elderly people with ~saline solution"

Posted by: Tom_12 | Dec 4 2022 17:32 utc | 216

People come and go, share what they know, think as they wish. My definition of The Bar.
Tom_12 | Dec 4 2022 10:47 utc | 214

That is what I did too.

Life does go on. Yes.

Posted by: SeanAU | Dec 4 2022 21:06 utc | 217

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Posted by: Hunter | Dec 6 2022 6:12 utc | 218

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