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October 05, 2022

EU Pushes For More Sanctions Which Will Come Back To Bite It

On February 22, two days before Russian troops entered the Ukraine, the U.S. and the EU put reams of sanctions onto Russia. They also confiscated some $300 billion of Russia's reserves that were invested in the 'west'. The sanctions had been negotiated between the EU and the U.S. and prepared for over several months.

The idea was to bankrupt Russia within a few weeks. The deluded people behind those sanctions had no idea how big and sanctions proved Russia's economy really is. The sanctions failed to influence Russia in any way but their consequences led to a shortfall of energy in Europe and increased the already high inflation rates. Inflation in Russia is sinking and its general economic numbers are good. The now higher energy prices generate sufficient additional income to completely finance its war efforts.

A sane actor would conclude that the sanctions were a mistake and that lifting them would help Europe more than it would help Russia. But no, the U.S. and European pseudo elites are no longer able to act in a sane manner. They are instead doubling down with the most crazy sanction scheme one has ever heard of:

[T]he European Union pushed ahead on Wednesday with an ambitious but untested plan to limit Russia’s oil revenue.
If the global price of oil remains high, it would complicate the European Union’s effort to impose a price cap on Russian oil that was expected to gain final approval on Thursday, after E.U. negotiators reached an agreement on the measure as part of a fresh package of sanctions against Moscow.

Under the plan, a committee including representatives of the European Union, the Group of 7 nations and others that agree to the price cap would meet regularly to decide on the price at which Russian oil should be sold, and that it would change based on the market price.

Several diplomats involved in the E.U. talks said that Greece, Malta and Cyprus — maritime nations that would be most affected by the price cap — received assurances that their business interests would be preserved, the diplomats said.

The countries had been holding up what would be the eighth sanctions package the European Union has adopted since the Russian invasion of Ukraine because of worries that a price cap on Russian oil exported outside the bloc would affect their shipping, insurance and other industries, the diplomats said.

With oil prices at a high, Russia is raking in billions of dollars in revenue, even as it sells smaller quantities. The cap — part of a broad plan pushed by the Biden administration that the G7 agreed to last month — is intended to set the price of Russian oil lower than where it is today, but still above cost. The U.S. Treasury calculates that the cap would deprive the Kremlin of tens of billions of dollars annually.

How do you make a big producer of a rare commodity sell those goods below the general market price? Unless you have a very strong buyers cartel that can also that product from elsewhere you can not do this successfully. It is an economic impossibility.

To make the measure effective, and cut Russian revenue, the United States, Europe and their allies would need to convince India and China, which buy substantial quantities of Russian oil, to purchase it only at the agreed upon price. Experts say that even with willing partners, the cap could be hard to implement.

Russia has declared that it will not sell any oil to any party that supports the G7 price fixing regime. That is why neither China nor India nor any other country besides the EU and U.S. will agree to adhere to it.

The whole idea is crazy and way too complicate to achieve anything:

Under the new rules, companies involved in the shipping of Russian oil — including shipowners, insurers and underwriters — would be on the hook for ensuring that the oil they are helping to transport is being sold at or below the price cap. If they are caught helping Russia sell at a higher price, they could face lawsuits in their home countries for violating sanctions.

Russian crude will come under an embargo in most of the European Union on Dec. 5, and petroleum products will follow in February. The price cap on shipments to non-E.U. countries has been championed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as a necessary complement to the European oil embargo.

Under the E.U. deal, Greece, Malta and Cyprus will be permitted to continue shipping Russian oil. Had they not agreed to place their companies at the forefront of applying the price cap, they would have been forbidden from shipping or insuring Russian oil cargo outside the European Union, a huge hit for major industries.

More than half of the tankers now shipping Russia’s oil are Greek-owned. And the financial services that underpin that trade — including insurance, reinsurance and letters of credit — are overwhelmingly based in the European Union and Britain.

This is of course an open invitation to other countries to enter the oil shipping and related financial services businesses at the cost of European companies.

China and India will both it to increase their market shares in those fields. Their ships will transport Russian oil to whoever wants to buy it for the market price minus the always negotiable Russian rebate. Greek ships will sit idle or will be sold off while Indian and Chinese and other Asian tankers will be very, very busy. China's big insurance companies will happily join that new global services business.

That European bureaucrats agreed to his stupid U.S. idea, which will foremost hurt European businesses, is another sign that Brussels has given up on having any agency.

Today OPEC+ countries, the seller cartel for oil, reacted to the crazy sanctions idea and the upcoming global depression by agreeing to decrease their daily output by 2 million barrels. This was not done out of Saudi solidarity with Russia. Saudi Arabia needs oil at above $80/bl to finance its budget.

Brent Crude, which had fallen to $83/bl on September 26, has since risen to $93/bl.

The global demand for oil is around 100 million barrels per day. Should the demand stay up the 2% reduction in OPEC+ production will have significant price effects and $100 per barrel will be in easy reach.

But OPEC+ is committed to stable prices, not to significant price increases. During the OPEC+ session today the Saudi Prince Abdulazis showed this table:


Since the beginning of the year the prices for all forms of carbon based energy except crude oil have increased considerably. Abdulazis argued that the chart shows that OPEC+ is managing oil prices responsibly. The EU is certainly not doing similar.

The Biden administration has meanwhile nearly halved the content of the U.S Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This to keep U.S. pump prices down and the Democrats in power.


Neither is a responsible step to take.

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This was not done out of Saudi solidarity with Russia. Saudi Arabia needs oil at above $80/bl to finance its budget.

There are signs that the Americans are threatening the House of Saud if it cuts production further. MBS better watch his throne ... Perhaps even his back.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 5 2022 16:56 utc | 1

It was really entertaining seeing traditional US ally each seek their own independent interest while EU displays absolute obedience. First India, next it's Turkey, then Saudi Arabia, gulf OPEC. Who's next?

Posted by: Lucci | Oct 5 2022 17:07 utc | 2

B; Typo- it’s “sanction-proofed”

Posted by: Moaobserver | Oct 5 2022 17:08 utc | 3

OPEC+ just agreed to reduce Crude Output by 2Million Bbls/Day.

The H8_Hegemony's PriceCap Scheme just BackFired with the OPEC+ Blowback...

Posted by: IronForge | Oct 5 2022 17:09 utc | 4

I find it hilarious that the sanctions completely undermine Neoliberal philosophy by massively increasing the amounts of government regulation on business--recall that Neoliberalism aims to do away with strong governments and their ability to regulate. And not only does the red tape increase, but its purpose can in no way be accomplished, which amounts to a double failure. And as b points out, new entrants will appear to take market share--PLUS--an entirely new system of insuring and such to facilitate sanctions free trade will develop allowing RoW to ignore illegal Imperial sanctions. And those are the institutions that need to be constructed so a new international trading regime can be implemented bypassing dollar hegemony. Thus, the sanctions are propelling RoW to more rapidly circumvent and bury one of the major sources of Outlaw US Empire power. Again, Pleonexia blinds those afflicted to the results of their actions.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2022 17:17 utc | 5

From IntelSlava

🇬🇧❗ More than 250,000 British companies closed in the first half of the year, this is a record - WSJ

The main reasons are high inflation and falling consumer demand.

Posted by: Down South | Oct 5 2022 17:19 utc | 6

When the US threatens the House of Said, they threaten the foundation of the petrodollar, without which there is no reserve dollar (and trillions of Dollars will reenter US markets eliminating the US ability to manage its own money supply). It is highly unlikely that the damage already done can ever be rolled back, and the devastating impact of this on the US economy, aided by the basic error of attempting to manage supply side driven stagflation by cutting money availability, now has an exponential trajectory of its own.

Which means that anybody sane should be encouraging this rift while the US continues to be misruled by an insane government led by a senile president, unable to explain to the oligarchs that they are dining on the geese whose golden eggs maintained their luxurious lifestyles.

Posted by: Hermit | Oct 5 2022 17:26 utc | 7

We can not wage war on Russia as long as our fighter planes fly with and our tanks drive with Russian oil. Seen this way, the sanctions are merely creating the prerequisites for a war.

Posted by: Passerby | Oct 5 2022 17:27 utc | 8

Arch Bungle

I believe everything MbS is doing, is to secure himself within the house of Saud. I'm sure all his dealings with US enemies has brought some diversification to his portfolio. A lot more than those of his rivals. If the dollar goes down, he most certainly will get the upper hand.

Posted by: Anne B | Oct 5 2022 17:28 utc | 9

Posted by: Hermit | Oct 5 2022 17:26 utc | 7
Posted by: Anne B | Oct 5 2022 17:28 utc | 9

When the US threatens the House of Said, they threaten the foundation of the petrodollar, without which there is no reserve dollar
If the dollar goes down, he most certainly will get the upper hand.

You are both correct, however this is the first time in 40 years I have heard threats (even veiled ones) from the Americans against the House of Saud.

It hints of desperation, and desperate men are foolish men ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 5 2022 17:35 utc | 10

A great opportunity for RF to expand its shipping, insurance and underwriting, thereby slashing western market share in these fields, further decimating USuk's areas of influence, much like they did in the Agri-Fertiliser markets (Remember several years back when EU farmers would tip their rotten/rotting tomatoes/fruit at EU administrative centres?). Fuck Lloyds of Old London Town.

The clowns underwriting these fantasy directives/measures still refuse to acknowledge their futility. They are operating in the 'Old World' while the 'New World' passes them by.

They should fuck-off and die with whatever dignity remains as it's mighty embarrassing viewing the death of an Empire.

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 17:35 utc | 11

Sounds like an unworkable plan, and China and India both require vast amounts of energy will never get onboard with this. I'm wondering just how far Europe will go to on damaging its economy, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Monroe Doctrine has unofficially been extended to most of Europe. There must be a huge number of European politicians in Biden's pocket for most European government to allow their industries to suffer greatly along with their citizens for the benefit of America.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Oct 5 2022 17:41 utc | 12

Let's forget for a minute everything else in our country that has gone haywire, counter to the desires of the majority. The Jews who run foreign policy have this irrational hatred of Russia frozen in 1917. I wonder how much better our relations with Russia would be if we didn't have such heavy Jewish influence in foreign policy.

Maybe it's just me, but more and more I get the feeling that we are the new dhimmis. Except this time it's not under the Muslims, it's under the Jews with the Indians (dot) rising.

Posted by: TempoNick | Oct 5 2022 17:42 utc | 13

Danny Haiphong of The Left Lens interviews Scott Ritter. Takeaway quote: NATO is more in danger of going to war with itself than it is of going to war with Russia. He sees a major wake up call for Europe this winter. Escalating sanctions will make an even colder and bleaker reckoning for political elites come spring.

Posted by: Jun | Oct 5 2022 17:44 utc | 14

During World War 2, Britain tried to force Irish to support Allies by denying insurance to ships that refused to sail in convoys...when convoys were, legally, military targets, not to mention violation of Irish neutrality (Neutral ships had to sail with lights lit prominently to indicate their neutrality. Ships in convoy had to sail with lights blacked out). This was the birth of Irish shipping insurance that did good business for decades after the war.

Posted by: hk | Oct 5 2022 17:45 utc | 15

Thanks for the posting b....right on target

The desperation is getting dysfunctional and that is a good sign to me.

At some point I think that the public in EU will rise up but not sure what they will do...hopefully get rid of the private finance jackboot but not holding my breath except for the good stuff.....grin

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 5 2022 17:47 utc | 16

"Price caps" on Russian oil - YEAH, GO FOR IT EU!!! I'll be cheering it on vigorously.

Russia will immediately reduce production and cancel long term contracts with EU and US, as well as refusing to sell to the EU and US. Prices will automatically go up, Russia will make more profit from less oil. PLUS:

This is of course an open invitation to other countries to enter the oil shipping and related financial services businesses at the cost of European companies.

- Exactly! Russia and China need to set up their own markets for trade in insurance, reinsurance, letters of credit, and all other financial services related to trade - on terms more suited to benefit trade itself rather than financial speculation - and the so-called "price caps" (more accurately called "price increase accentuators") will be the perfect boon for setting up those new financial services markets and for driving demand for using them. Just as the earlier Russian sanctions helped prod Russia into developing into the robust economy she has now, so to the "price caps" will help set up and promote those markets to kill the monopoly of London and New York. Likewise also for bullion markets and commodity markets.

Posted by: BM | Oct 5 2022 17:55 utc | 17


This makes sense, especially when you think about how the Ukrainian forces are intent on blowing up the largest nuclear energy plant in Europe which would cause a terrible nuclear disaster, the West knows that the Ukrainian forces are trying to blow up the nuclear plant.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Wednesday ordering his country's authorities to take control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine and make it a "federal property".

The biggest nuclear plant in Europe is controlled by Russian troops since early March but continues to be operated by Ukrainian staff, with the raging battle between the two neighbors raising fears of a nuclear disaster."

The Ukrainian forces or in this case international terrorists may have found a way to severely damage the ZNPP. Which is involves either a collapse of the Dnieper dam or opening of the gate to flood the plant.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Oct 5 2022 18:07 utc | 18

Sanction this and see what happens

Russia is ready to supply gas via the intact Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Deputy Prime Minister Novak said.

Posted by: Norwegian | Oct 5 2022 18:10 utc | 19

Everyone's got a plan until their worthless paper products and financial chicanery/mechanisms return to punch them in the face - paraphrasing Mike Tyson.

The talk of power cuts & rationing is afoot here in Blighty, UK.

15-20 years ago there was a popular light-entertainment TV series called 'Call My Bluff'.

Russia did!

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 18:11 utc | 20

Great article B. This is their hail mary (American football reference.) Their threats will only increase the desire to escape their grasp.

"The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and The President of The UAE let the world know how they felt when they snubbed President Biden over and over. Why should they give up their important relationships with the very lucrative Russian and Chinese business world just to satisfy the desires of rich Americans and Europeans to rule over the world? Obviously they would not play ball.

And that is why the plan was so dumb. They didn’t see that Russian and Chinese business partners in the Middle East, Asia, and in Latin America and Africa, would not go along with the plan to isolate Russia and then China." From Zelenskyy Begs For NATO Entrance After Destruction Of Nordstream or: “There must be some way out of here”
Said the joker to the thief

Posted by: Kali El | Oct 5 2022 18:11 utc | 21

You identify a growing contradiction in US strategy. On the one hand, it vomits the liberal ideology of free, open markets and universal rules, etc. On the other hand, it jettisons those positions systematically, for example, through its tariff and technology war on China, including blatant industrial policy to relocate chip fabs to the US.
The US has always made exceptions for itself. But those are becoming the rule now, and thus undercut all the ideological blather about free markets etc.

Posted by: Prof | Oct 5 2022 18:17 utc | 22

Rule of Thumb for (short and medium term) demand/supply elascity of oil; 1:20

A 1% change in supply results in a 20% change in price. B.‘s 100 million oil demand is close enough to estimate the impact of both the OPEC supply cuts as well as maybe a 1 million (?) reduction in RF exports to NATOland.

3% reduction in supply equals….a whopping yuge increase in price.

( note long term oil price elasticity is close to 1:1, but long term is generally out 3 years )

Posted by: Exile | Oct 5 2022 18:19 utc | 23

"Economic blockade".
"Economic attack".


"Sanctions". Too anodyne to describe an action that kills people. Sometimes many many people.

Posted by: dfg | Oct 5 2022 18:22 utc | 24

It is still incredible such blindness.

Whatever the outcome of this attempt, the mere announcement of this so-called price cap will prompt Russia to create its own insurance companies and tanker fleets now, and China will anticipate by doing the same.

In other words, as the 2014 sanctions caused Europe to lose Russia's food market, it will also lose its oil fleet and insurance hegemony, without having been able to achieve its goal.

There is even a risk of moving to a Russian fleet of tankers escorted into international waters by Russian and Chinese military navies and serving themselves and their partners.

As fot the US, one wonders if they still remember the elementary rules of economy. Shale oil has the highest production cost. Even if they manage to bring oil prices below a certain threshold, unconventional American producers will stop pumping at a loss, moving the US from exporter to net importer.

Which of course will still explode prices in a short time. There is no lasting solution through the fall in the price of oil.

And now, as if that wasn't enough, Brandon has set a new enemy: OPEC+ !

Those "muricans" are really crazy...

Posted by: UncleTom | Oct 5 2022 18:22 utc | 25

The brain trust must be out of ideas. It is at that point when the craziest ideas are going to be considered. The confusion that 404 is critical to anything is wearing thin. The political window to act for the US government is closing fast with election looming. An erasement of this incident in 404 is being planned now.
Western sources will simultaneously declare that the covid nightmare is over including the mind altering phase that made everyone say stupid things and make stupid laws is over and insist that they will find out what happened while they were sleepwalking. Investigations have been scheduled.

Posted by: Tard | Oct 5 2022 18:25 utc | 26


Republican dogma circa 1900 was pro-tariff and judging how things have turned out, I think they were more right than wrong.

Look at every business which has a high barrier to entry. Not only doctors and lawyers, but others. They are generally prosperous. Dog eat dog competition businesses, generally not so desirable or profitable. I think the same thing applies to countries.

It's the golden rule. He who has the gold, rules. If you want access to our markets, you play by whatever rules we set.

Posted by: TempoNick | Oct 5 2022 18:26 utc | 27

I want to remind everybody that the straw that broke the camels back for Russia was the decision by Annalena Baerbock's Greens to block NS2. Biden's State Dept. had already given up trying to block NS2 when the German Greens stopped it. Baerbock not Biden set things in motion.

NS2 would have allowed Russia to cut Ukraine out of the gas transit business, a geopolitical win. Putin viewed the blocking of NS2 as a kind of cheating by Germany. Hence relations headed downhill very fast after that.

Posted by: Mark Rothschild | Oct 5 2022 18:29 utc | 28

I found this item rather significant, "Global LNG floating storage hits record high on steep contango ahead of winter":

Energy companies and commodity traders have been accumulating LNG carriers for a storage play for several months. As early as mid-2022, market participants were indicating that 6-12 month charters for LNG carriers had become very popular, and by the third quarter spot LNG vessels were already hard to come by.

Strong demand for storage has also created a shortage of LNG vessels and contributed to the current surge in spot LNG freight rates, which have risen to around $300,000/day from under $50,000/day in a span of 45 days.

"Charterers still have a close eye on the contango into December and January, and hence interest on tonnage that can cover winter months remains strong, thereby elevating the forecast rates further," shipping brokerage Fearnleys said in its latest weekly report.

The brokerage said that in the west shippers are focusing on demand for two-stroke LNG vessels, but that availability is almost non-existent, especially when market players are awaiting further updates on the outage at Freeport LNG and do not wish to reveal their market length.

"It is a very tight market. There are only some steam turbine LNG vessels available but they are not the ideal candidate for floating storage as such ships will have much more boil-off," an LNG ship broker said. Boil-off refers to the LNG that is lost due to vaporization during storage.

This WSJ item's behind a paywall, but here's its gist:

"China’s ENN is expected to make a profit of between $110 million and $130 million on a single liquified natural gas shipment to Europe. SINGAPORE—The economic slowdown in China, a Trump-era trade deal and Europe’s desperate hunt for natural gas are creating a windfall for some Chinese energy companies. The unusual alignment is helping Europe stock up for the winter. With demand down, Chinese companies that signed long-term contracts to buy U.S. liquefied natural gas are selling the excess and making hundreds of millions of dollars per cargo. Buyers include Europe, Japan and South Korea. Just 19 LNG vessels from the U.S. docked in China in the first eight months of the year, compared with 133 for the same period last year. China is getting nearly 30% more gas from Russia so far this year."

Well, it's not really an "economic slowdown;" rather, it's that 30% increase in cheap piped gas that enables traders to reroute their shipments for very lucrative profits in addition to the very tight LNG tanker situation described above. For those ignorant of LNG tankers, here's an informational article.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2022 18:33 utc | 29

The greens will implode after the Germans have digested their physics lesson: energy is everything!

Posted by: bottle | Oct 5 2022 18:38 utc | 30

Mark Rothschild. (28)

Greens Annalena Baerbock said.

"If I give the promise to people in Ukraine – ‘We stand with you, as long as you need us’ – then I want to deliver. No matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine.
We are facing now wintertime, when we will be challenged as democratic politicians. People will go in the street and say ‘We cannot pay our energy prices’. And I will say ‘Yes I know, so we help you with social measures.'
But I don’t want to say ‘Ok then we stop the sanctions against Russia.’ We will stand with Ukraine, and this means the sanctions will stay also in wintertime, even if it gets really tough for politicians."

Here in Scotland Ross Greer of the Scottish Greens, also wants to send more weapons and aid to Ukraine.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Oct 5 2022 18:40 utc | 31

Prof @22--

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it appears pragmatism is currently favored over dogmatism, but policy in many ways remains a tangled bird's nest nobody seems capable or willing to untangle, so the clusterfuck rolls onward.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2022 18:48 utc | 32

When the world was young and I used to frequent public houses you'd occaccionally come across a chap saying something stupid. Rather that point out that fact you'd agree with him and suggest a way the stupidity might be enhanced. Usually, if done well, the chap would be delighted with the improvement and go on to suggest further refinements. This continued until the stupidity of the idea was apparent to the original proposer. We called it driving the fool further. Great fun. All the company could join in. Usually worked best if the chap had had a few in him. No reason why it need to be confined to ideas. It seems that it would work well with proposed actions as well. So maybe we should not discourage Ursula and the gang but encourage her. To shorten the Age of Stupidity. Like Hari Seldom in those books didn't do?

Posted by: Guy L'Estrange | Oct 5 2022 18:53 utc | 33

saw the other day Rus has lost in Ukraine 500m in railway stock wagons trains and cargo's ...135m in russian assets of shopping centres ... 35 m in chains of garages selling fuel(presume Rus stock too)....

Posted by: Jo | Oct 5 2022 18:54 utc | 34

Posted by: Mark Rothschild | Oct 5 2022 18:29 utc | 28

U nailed it!
Its Baerbock and the green pedos who re max rusophobe.
Putin still lives in his positive german memories.
Somebody has to wake him up and confront with facts that GERMANY LIKE HE EXPERIENCED IS DEAD!!!
I am not expecting this will change the next 100 years.
The new generation of retarded voters in Germany will keep these greenred virus in power.

Posted by: gonzo | Oct 5 2022 18:55 utc | 35

thanks b.. you cover all the bases....

i don't understand how a country - usa - gets to dictate sanctions to others.... is it the fucking emperor of the planet? and as karlof1 and the prof note - this has nothing to do with freedom, democracy, international law and etc. etc... everything the usa stands for is shown to be a complete joke...

so - yeah.. war and more war look like where all this is going.. not that folks here don't see this...

ditto @ 17 BM commentary too..

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2022 18:56 utc | 36

@ Guy L'Estrange | Oct 5 2022 18:53 utc | 33

looks like it is going to work out that way regardless! look at this green party of germany bozo response to all this... it defies logic or sanity....

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2022 18:58 utc | 37

Europe should put sanctions on Ukraine. Look, USA confirms they are engaged in terrorism:

Posted by: GoFast | Oct 5 2022 19:06 utc | 38

james @36--

Your confusion is healthy. I suggest revisiting the definition of Pleonexia to find your answer. You can also think of Wil E. Coyote's pursuit of the Road Runner. Crooke has also been trying to provide an explanation for the drive to attain Exceptionalism which is clearly both psychotic and ultimately self-defeating. Otherwise, Empire's wouldn't die.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2022 19:06 utc | 39

Russia says that it will not sell oil to countries that support the cap. However, if India and China went along with the cap, it would be very hard for Russia to stop selling.

We've heard a lot about Ukraine being an existential matter to Russia, but have not really seen Russia taking any actions that carry too much risk. Russia keeps absorbing blows without any response. I can understand that any response will carry risk so we can be thankful that Russian leadership is level headed. But on the other hand, no response just invites further risk taking by the US.

Hopefully, Russia is waking up to the fact that time is not on their side. But so far, no real evidence of that. Perhaps some big moves are being planned for all of the alledged new troops, but the reports on the Oskel river and in Kherson fronts still suggest people begging for reinforcements and not receiving them. One gets the impression that even the vaunted Russian artillery supremacy is fading, but none of us has any real idea.

Posted by: Dan Farrand | Oct 5 2022 19:08 utc | 40

I'm beginning to "feel" that nuclear war is inevitable.

Unfortunately, once either side starts thinking it's inevitable, out of fear of the other side doing it they might strike first.

Moscow, London, DC, Brussels, NYC, Jerusalem, Tehran ... will Asia be spared?

It's good so many bar patrons live in Oregon, probably out of harm's way. Does your junk still work? You guyz are gonna hafta repopulate the planet, you know. Order some lead-shielded underpants, today.

Posted by: dfg | Oct 5 2022 19:10 utc | 41

Why would Russia pick pipeline locations which crossed the exclusive economic zones of NATO members Denmark and Sweden which would give these nations control of the crime scene as well as place them in charge of the investigation?

Posted by: Kevin | Oct 5 2022 19:18 utc | 42

I wonder what the German business community lets them do to them. They are used to approaching the party leaders to push their interests and pre-formulating the bills. Now they are rebuffed. This has never happened before.

There is simply no contact person. This person should stand for "Get out of NATO" as a survival programme for German industry. Because America has declared war on Germany. I think they are rebuffed and shocked.

Nevertheless, my guess is that the conservative elites will make the first move. Markus Söder and the Hanns-Seidel-think tank maybe. When? They don't have too much time left.

It would be easier with Trump. Now they need a new narrative, e.g. "Germany has relied too much on America", etc. Europe is no longer an option as there is no D-F axis. The competition overrides their common interests.

The pain needed for such a change is far from being there.

Translated with (free version)

Posted by: njet | Oct 5 2022 19:22 utc | 43

@ 40 Dan Farrand

Don't be such an idiot Desperate Dan If China and India stopped buying Russian energy, then like the foolhardy Europeans, their economies would tank, and the natives would become restless.

Furthermore, if Russia and Iran ceased trading gas tomorrow, 55% of the world's proven gas reserves would come off the market, with resulting gas prices quadrupling.

Wake Up Numbnuts!

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 19:51 utc | 44

Dear Mark Rothschild

How is it you know what Putin think? Just curious.

Posted by: Anne B | Oct 5 2022 19:53 utc | 45

Thanks for another great analysis, b.

I would echo your post with what Putin recently said about Western sanctions:

"Washington demands more and more sanctions against Russia and the majority of European politicians obediently go along with it. They clearly understand that by pressuring the EU to completely give up Russian energy and other resources, the United States is practically pushing Europe toward deindustrialisation in a bid to get its hands on the entire European market. These European elites understand everything – they do, but they prefer to serve the interests of others. This is no longer servility but direct betrayal of their own peoples. God bless, it is up to them.

But the Anglo-Saxons believe sanctions are no longer enough and now they have turned to subversion. It seems incredible but it is a fact – by causing explosions on Nord Stream’s international gas pipelines passing along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they have actually embarked on the destruction of Europe’s entire energy infrastructure. It is clear to everyone who stands to gain. Those who benefit are responsible, of course.. .

But people cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros. You can't feed them with those pieces of paper, and the virtual, inflated capitalisation of western social media companies can't heat their homes. Everything I am saying is important. And what I just said is no less so: you can't feed anyone with paper – you need food; and you can't heat anyone’s home with these inflated capitalisations – you need energy.

That is why politicians in Europe have to convince their fellow citizens to eat less, take a shower less often and dress warmer at home. And those who start asking fair questions like “Why is that, in fact?” are immediately declared enemies, extremists and radicals. They point back at Russia and say: that is the source of all your troubles. More lies.

I want to make special note of the fact that there is every reason to believe that the Western elites are not going to look for constructive ways out of the global food and energy crisis that they and they alone are to blame for, as a result of their long-term policy, dating back long before our special military operation in Ukraine, in Donbass. They have no intention of solving the problems of injustice and inequality. I am afraid they would rather use other formulas they are more comfortable with."

Posted by: Steven Starr | Oct 5 2022 19:54 utc | 46

there are two reasons why European elites are fully on board w/the US:
1) Operation Gladio type stuff. (now where could we be getting the idea that Jews are running everything? from the Nazis who staff the education systems of Europe? and post all over social media?)
2) Cronyism, as demonstrated by SoS Blinkenstein hiring all his Ivy League buddies. (sure, with a Blinkensteein, Princeton beats Yale and Jew beats Goy, but Ivy gets the laurels over all.)

talk about intellectual and moral incest. they all mirror each others' "breeding".

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Oct 5 2022 19:58 utc | 47

22 days of oil left in the SPR.
Brandon is doing great work driving the final nails in the USSA coffin

Posted by: JoeDontSurf | Oct 5 2022 19:59 utc | 48

I see other commenters were chuckling like me upon OPEC+ news. House of fraud has seen the future and moved accordingly. Maybe cheap idle tankers will be available soon for RF to add into a new friend only delivery business they can start.

Posted by: Hankster | Oct 5 2022 20:00 utc | 49

"massively increasing the amounts of government regulation on business"

but Americans are experts at creating bureaucracies whose effect is to do the opposite of the stated purpose of the organization.

if we must wax gnomic in our old age..."they lay traps for themselves" seems a good one.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Oct 5 2022 20:02 utc | 50

The EU needs a severe culling .
Back to a trading association.
Nothing else.
It's been run by imbecillic rejects who have destroyed Europe.

Posted by: jpc | Oct 5 2022 20:03 utc | 51

EU Chief diplomat (if ever an oxymoron existed) Borrel said today that a European Union diplomatic solution on Ukraine is possible should 'the circumstances permit'.

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 20:05 utc | 52

rjb1.5 | Oct 6 2022 0:24 utc | 53
"...bureaucracies whose effect is to do the opposite of the stated purpose of the organization...."

the biggest bureaucratic nightmare ever created does posture as a bunch of human rights warriors, but, despite the "green agenda" seen in the 5 or 10 solar panels put up amidst the 500,000 cars parking daily at the Pentagon parking lot, no one at the Pentagon yet claims that their military endeavors are a form of "eco tourism".

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Oct 5 2022 20:09 utc | 53

This just reinforces the feudalist nature of Colonialists.

The global serfs are meant to supply the nobles materials at barely above cost price while they get to on sell it at huge margins (often simply rebranded).

The global south is hip to the game but currently doesn’t have the capital and spending power to increase its markets.

According to Yanis Varoufakis the next phase is techno feudalism, hence the rush for carbon restrictions and chipping everyone.

Posted by: Johnycomelately | Oct 5 2022 20:13 utc | 54

I would hazard the guess that the US State Department stopped blocking NS2 only because they knew that the German Greens would do the job for them.

Posted by: Lysias | Oct 5 2022 20:14 utc | 55

US has no more sanctions left. That is why they went the terrorist way and exploded NS. Next step will be to place nukes in at least Pooland and Finland, maybe Estonia too. That is why nuke talk is at max in MSM. Prepare retards to demand and accept nukes in their countries, die for US.
If dumbo generals don't increase pressure in Ukr they'll end in a much worse situation than before. They have to reach Pooland and Romania borders as soon as possible, Ukr doesn't matter anymore as strategic threat. Or maybe they want to live with exploding pipes everywhere and nukes at all borders.

Posted by: rk | Oct 5 2022 20:16 utc | 56

Question - What do the 3 longest serving US sanctioned countries (Cuba, DPRK and Iran) have in common?

Answer - Yes you all know, none of the 3 operate a (Rothschild) Zionist Central Bank.

When will Russia join them and completely end their ties to this bloodsucking leach?
Or will Putin have to consult his Allies on this matter also?

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 20:18 utc | 57

OK, a question for economic mavens: suppose a price cap on Russian oil could be imposed - why would anyone want to pay more than the price cap on oil from any country?

Posted by: ian | Oct 5 2022 20:22 utc | 58

Can USA sanction Indian and Chinese companies and their ships directly?
Can USA stop Indian and Chinese ships on open see to enforce embargo?

Posted by: marko | Oct 5 2022 20:25 utc | 59

A kind of madness is running through the European corridors of power. Frankly I'm at loss what their game plan is. Apparently they are failing to distract Russia with pseudo-offensive their Ukranian puppets are launching. Their hysterical propaganda of nuclear blackmail is not doing anything to shift the focus of Russia from its set goals as well. Yet they continue pursing the do or die policies at the expense of their common citizens. I wonder how long it would take before the whole thing blow in their face.

Posted by: Steve | Oct 5 2022 20:28 utc | 60

@karlof1 #5

Among the Western powers, who claims to be neoliberal?

Certainly not the US government. They have regulated, regimented the bejesus out of us for the last 100 years, literally every aspect of our lives is under their scrutiny. Whenever we can we have to break oppressive laws in order to have a sense of freedom, of control over our lives, without asking some lackey bureaucrat for permission. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And the federal government of my country has become acutely corrupt.

Posted by: Art Thomas | Oct 5 2022 20:31 utc | 61

Finally the Russians counter-attack....

Reporting from the front lines, Callsign "Pauk" confirms the capture of Krasnoye Dibrovo overnight and the Russian Army's offensive from Kremennay toward Krasny Lima

Yesterday we reported that our troops had gone on the offensive from Kremenna towards Liman. Now a report came in that our troops had taken Krasnoye Dibrovo (Dibrovo) overnight.

They are moving on.

The Ukrainians are trying to bring in reinforcements from Slavyansk via Liman. In the evening there was a column of 10 km or more. Artillery is working from the Kremennaya triangle side at the path of the Ukrainian column, simultaneously clearing our way to Liman.

Whatever the case, the fact that the threatened Kremennaya assault may be a feint has probably given the Russian Army's 208th Cossack Regiment an opening to exploit. If indeed the Kremennaya preparations are a distraction, the Ukrainian defences in the direction of Krasny Liman along the Torskoye-Zarechnoye junction may well be light. If so, this would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Ukrainian regrouping after the taking of Krasny Liman—whether that regrouping was done in the direction of Svatovo (with Kupyansk forces joining) or Lisichansk.

The 208th Cossack Regiment's actions would also be supported by the fact that significant forces of the Russian Army have been moving from Russia through Starobelsk and flooding the Svatovo-Kremennaya-Starobelsk triangle, prepared to dig defensive lines and stand their ground. Valiant action in the direction of Krasny Liman may well scuttle the Ukrainian plans, whether it is Svatovo or Lisichansk that they see as the prize.

I imagine the Ukie column 10 km in length must be a juicy target, particularly so, given the ground is too soft for off road maneuver, thus this agglomeration is confined to paved roads.


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Oct 5 2022 20:36 utc | 62

reply to 60

I would never have predicted anything such as this happening. It resembles a sort of fanaticism or mental illness. I don't see any big shift in the polls. Greens are doing fine. I would be inclined to think that bribery and blackmail are needed to control the EU but it goes way beyond that.

And it's popping up all over the West. I live near a liberal community that is fanatical about 'defund the police' ideas. They are entering a crisis as police leave and no one wants to be a responder, even with bonuses. And they are getting reporters fired if they accurately report on the problems.

Putin and China need to get real about what they are facing.

Posted by: Eighthman | Oct 5 2022 20:39 utc | 63

Hail Mary is an American football reference?

For those un-familiar with US slang, the "hail mary" comes from a catholic prayer...

" Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee...."

In the matter here, it refers to a desperation forward pass in USA football for the purpose of saving loss of control of the ball to the opposition.

Thus, the reference here admits the situation is desperate, and the likelyhood of success is nil.


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Oct 5 2022 20:42 utc | 64

Admitted. I'm from the other team. From the team that calls the current development in Ukraine an imperialistic and senseless war initiated only by Russia. A war, that brings unbearable hardship, first to the Ukrainian population but now, and probably way more in the long run to the Russian people.

Now, obviously most of you see all this different. Fair enough. I say "A", you say "Z" (no pun intended) .. it's hard to figure, who is right, since we are all sitting on our couch and have no real insights into the battle field, into the governments, into the people calling the shots. So who knows ..

But, after reading a fair amount of comments here on this side, I can't help but notice, there is no humour here. Not a single funny line. Each comment on this post, 60 so far, is drop dead serious. Full hate and bile here. In mankinds most darkest hours, people try to see the funny side of things. You do not.

The forums and places of the other team, you know, my team, there is always laughing and jokes galore. Even when the situation was not as good looking as it is right now.

And you know what .. the absence of humour is a pretty clear sign: you might be on the wrong side of history ;-)

Posted by: GuyFromTheEast | Oct 5 2022 20:44 utc | 65

You identify a growing contradiction in US strategy. On the one hand, it vomits the liberal ideology of free, open markets and universal rules, etc. On the other hand, it jettisons those positions systematically, for example, through its tariff and technology war on China, including blatant industrial policy to relocate chip fabs to the US.
The US has always made exceptions for itself. But those are becoming the rule now, and thus undercut all the ideological blather about free markets etc.

Posted by: Prof | Oct 5 2022 18:17 utc | 22

You exemplify the mentality that sees contradictions only in the West and not in the other elites. On the one hand, the leaders of China, Iran, and Russia vomit "multi-polarity" at every chance they get. On the other hand, god help if you happen to disagree with the one and only true gospel in their fiefs, for which they will more than 'sanction' you, you would be lucky to be alive.

These people have always made exceptions for themselves ("our history", "our culture", "our unique condition") as to why they treat their own citizens as captive subjects. But this is all becoming clear now, undercutting all their blather about multi-polarity, plurality, and right and wrong.

Posted by: student | Oct 5 2022 20:48 utc | 66

do the Americans trot out the price cap scheme knowing it will fail and further screw Europe, or do they really think it will work? is the US devious or delusional? I honestly cannot tell the difference.

Posted by: mastameta | Oct 5 2022 20:51 utc | 67

Price caps?!
It looks like VD Leyen actually has VD in her brain. She is after all, a German.

Posted by: Paulg | Oct 5 2022 20:53 utc | 68

So, now we have Russia evangelizing for markets.

All the neo-Liberal Western powers keep stumbling from one anti-market policy to the next: One might ask if their hypocrisy is clear evidence they never ever did believe ... just a convenient way to fleece the population of money that ‘belongs’ to financial elites.

The problem with a buyers' cartel is that everybody is already in it ... just the suppliers that refuse to play ball.
They are more into a ‘zero-sum’ game, 0+0=0

Posted by: Webej | Oct 5 2022 20:55 utc | 69

Posted by: GuyFromTheEast | Oct 5 2022 20:44 utc | 65

Well, I for one take your post as sarcastic. So there is some humor to be had here.

Or were you serious?

Posted by: alek_a | Oct 5 2022 20:55 utc | 70

@44 um not sure about proven reserves but Australia was largest exporter of lng last 2 years in a row since qlds Curtis Island plant came online. Gas is quite extensive in aus with 3 different pipeline networks.we also do not wish to remold the world in our image it is just not in our phyce, Australia is occupied by a tyanical empire howeverand we have just spent the last 2 yrs opposing with freedom rallies etc. Come to nought.. Hopefully we get to trade our goods with the world as we see fit someday soon and the traitors currently dictating our policies for foreign interests are disposed and exposed. Beijing and even Moscow are closer to Canberra than London or Washington.

Posted by: Mick McLennan | Oct 5 2022 20:58 utc | 71

Posted by: rk | Oct 5 2022 20:16 utc | 56

you described it very well
the clock continues ticking away in direction of ukronazi clowns
it is already five minutes past midnight for RF and Russian state.
life punishes those who come too late or
USUkros punishes those who re planless and purposeless

Posted by: gonzo | Oct 5 2022 21:00 utc | 72

Discussions about the US terrorist attack on Nordstream seem to have largely ignored two salient facts.

Number One (minor point first.)
Nordstream is 51% Russian owned. 49% of it belongs to a western consortium of energy companies. So they are on the hook for half of this loss thanks to our US neocon friends.

Number Two (much more important.)
This sets an entirely new precedent. From now on, such highly vulnerable and impossible to protect infrastructure is fair game for anyone with a bit of spare TNT. The seabed resembles a tangled web of spaghetti with cables and pipelines everywhere, oil, gas, telecoms. The world economy also depends on the internet and several hundred satellites to function. GPS, banking, credit cards, everything. Also highly vulnerable to physical destruction or jamming. Someone (no prizes for guessing who) has opened a real can of worms and shot themselves in the foot yet again.

Posted by: Paul | Oct 5 2022 21:00 utc | 73

Posted by: Kevin | Oct 5 2022 19:18 utc | 42

Why would Russia pick pipeline locations which crossed the exclusive economic zones of NATO members Denmark and Sweden which would give these nations control of the crime scene as well as place them in charge of the investigation?

Look at a map of the Baltic Sea, it's impossible to build a pipeline that doesn't go through some country's EEZ.

Posted by: Peter Williams | Oct 5 2022 21:03 utc | 74

@ GuyFromTheEast

They are humorless, but their side is losing the war right now.

I tend to agree with you that when people can't make or take a joke, there is a problem. Often taboos cover sensitivities. But, go on western forums and make some kind of joke at Ukraine's expense like "what do you call a Nazi whose welcome at U.S. Congress? A Ukrainian!" (lame, but I am thinking fast). See how many likes you get from fun-loving, good-humored, westerners.

Posted by: GoFast | Oct 5 2022 21:04 utc | 75

@ GuyFromTheEast

What's the name of your team and what position do you play?
Or do you just sit on the bench and brag to other players about how totally cool the team is?

Posted by: Art Thomas | Oct 5 2022 21:10 utc | 76

WTFUD @57--

Most of Russia's special purpose banks are state--public--owned, and the Central Bank of Russia is a very different entity than Western banks of a similar nature. Wiki's basic article is a good place to start despite the clear bias at its end. Do take note of its legal relationship as described in Russia's Constitution, which is clearly different from privately owned banks. After consuming the Wiki page, visit CBR's English website to learn more about it, what it does and doesn't do. Unfortunately, not nearly as much information is made available in English versus the Russian language site.

Despite Glazyev's grumblings, CBR's performance in dealing with sanctions and aiding Russia's economic growth, import substitution program, and National Projects is very good which is why Putin refused to accept Nabiullina's attempt to resign in early March. Another way to monitor Russia's banking and financial systems is to read the transcripts of Putin's meetings with major figures in those realms and the meetings on economic issues. Unlike the Fed, CBR is kept on a tight leash, Nabiullina often meets with several legislative committees monthly to explain current policy and recent decisions.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2022 21:11 utc | 77

GuyFromTheEast @65: "But, after reading a fair amount of comments here on this side, I can't help but notice, there is no humour here."

Humor here tends to be on a different level than the scatological variety that is prevalent on Farcebook and other similar social fora, so it might be challenging for the uninitiated to identify. Do lurk more and read deeper into the non-troll posts (posts by people other than those in cubicles neighboring your own) and you will find some quite refined gems here.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 5 2022 21:11 utc | 78

Putin and China need to get real about what they are facing.
Posted by: Eighthman | Oct 5 2022 20:39 utc | 63

Going by Putin's speech, The leadership of Russia and China know exactly what they are facing. Putin has known for a long time. Satanism as Putin described - lizard people whatever, since Russia issued the mutual security ultimatums, Russia has exposed the true face of the west to world. Mark Twain's 'Anglo Saxons' describes that face well.

The destruction we are bringing on the world doesn't even have to go nuclear. Coronavirus - US bio weapon?, massive money printing and offshoring of the resulting inflation, sanctions. It will wreak havoc throughout out the world. Many will die of famine or violence. Several decades of great turbulence throughout the world is the future now.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Oct 5 2022 21:12 utc | 79

You exemplify the mentality that sees contradictions only in the West and not in the other elites. On the one hand, the leaders of China, Iran, and Russia vomit "multi-polarity" at every chance they get. On the other hand, god help if you happen to disagree with the one and only true gospel in their fiefs, for which they will more than 'sanction' you, you would be lucky to be alive.

These people have always made exceptions for themselves ("our history", "our culture", "our unique condition") as to why they treat their own citizens as captive subjects. But this is all becoming clear now, undercutting all their blather about multi-polarity, plurality, and right and wrong.

Posted by: student | Oct 5 2022 20:48 utc | 66

Iran, China, Russia, India are aware that their societies are not perfect and that solving internal contradictions is a matter of politics and the state. Just like we in the West believe.

There is no exceptionalism meant when they say “our culture” or “our history” with pride. I understand that you can feel threatened, left out or otherwise uncomfortable by it. Or that it conveys some nationalistic alt-right vibe. They should be more careful with this, yes. It is however a reaction of a victim that wants to assert its identity in the face of those with power abusing it. Not some attempt to impose its own will on others.

Posted by: alek_a | Oct 5 2022 21:14 utc | 80

I’m sure you’ve all thought of this - these ruling class characters in the West for decades have been lying, cheating, robbing their own middle and working class, other nations, partners, and the world of time and a chance to try a better life and a better future.

They are constantly plotting. That’s the only thing that they do, literally - let ’s think of a way to swindle so and so, to make life hell for so and so, to use this awful trick and say we are doing the opposite, or even better, blame the victim, let’s apply this lie or this means (weapon) to make us richer and look stronger, let’s kill this guy and imprison this guy with the help of this ally and announce it’s lawful, it’s right, it’s justified, it’s for democracy and everyone’s good, etc, etc. They have an oversized, very expensive and very unaccountable apparatus for this diabolical business.

For decades they have been at it. They don’t know anything else. When was the last time any genuinely good and constructive anything for the world came from the West? Maybe somebody remembers. That is because they have NEVER answered for their deeds. When rarely questions do arise they employ their tested schemes, or crimes, to stop any slightest possibility of truth and answerability in its tracks.

If it wasn’t so deadly serious it would be comical - a bunch of really, really nasty really spoiled kids playing villain in their own bubble, and can’t stop.

So, like this fascinating German lady said - who cares about the German citizens. (According to Scholtz Germany will have enough gas this winter). They will not stop. They can only be stopped.

Posted by: JB | Oct 5 2022 21:16 utc | 81

PCR still nervous lest Putin's scrupulous, lawyerly patience will embolden the tribals running the US Reality TV Republic to push the world into a hot war for lack of other options bolstered by a conviction that Putin is too soft to withstand a determined attack.

" The complete and total failure of Washington to create an ally and business partner out of a willing Russia is the worst diplomatic failure in world history. The Jewish neoconservatives demanded hegemony at Russia’s expense.
The US military/industrial complex demanded Russia as an enemy to justify its power and budget. The State Department needed a Russian threat to Europe in order to keep normal relationships between Europe and Russia from loosening Washington’s hold on its European empire. An American President who intended to normalize relations with Russia was driven out of office."

Posted by: Scorpion | Oct 5 2022 21:24 utc | 82

student @66: "...they treat their own citizens as captive subjects."

How free from captivity are you? Give it a test: If you are from a minority ethnicity, religion, or "gender", post a joke poking fun at that minority group (called "self-deprecating humor"; something Millennial Americans lack the intestinal fortitude for) with your Twitter account and report back how long it took for you to get "cancelled".

Sad, but you don't even rate the freedom of a cell being that your mind is locked in a dog crate.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 5 2022 21:25 utc | 83

With respect i think the sane/insane analytic framework is insufficient. Without deeply deconstructing the claim, this is hyperbole and a mass psychosis is not being suggested. We need strong analytic frameworks to understand extraordinary disruptions and revolutionary changes. A better approach is the the EU is a neo-colonialist appendage of US imperialism. The attack on the Russian Federation in Europe is being undertaken by a comprador class. This term was used in the colonial era of imperialist expansion for the natives of a colonized land that are "bought" by the colonizers.
The term ‘comprador class’ has been defined as “[A] relatively privileged, wealthy and educated elite… introduced by colonial domination, and who may therefore be less inclined to struggle for local cultural and political independence.” This description certainly applies to Albanese and most of his American boot licking snivellers here in Australia. I would suggest it describes Annalena Baerbock and her Green war party perfectly.

Posted by: Paul McGrory | Oct 5 2022 21:28 utc | 84

@ 75 Go Slow

Losing what numbnuts?

Militarily, Economically, Hearts & Minds or just the Info War?

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 21:30 utc | 85

Some shaking going on?..

Germany’s economy minister accused the U.S. and other “friendly” gas supplier states of astronomical prices for their supplies, suggesting they were profiting from the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

“Some countries, including friendly ones, sometimes achieve astronomical prices [for their gas]. Of course, that brings with it problems that we have to talk about,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck told regional German paper NOZ in an interview published Wednesday which was translated by NBC News. He called for more solidarity from the U.S. when it comes to assisting its energy-pressed allies in Europe.

Posted by: Lathe biosas | Oct 5 2022 21:31 utc | 86

The old English expression, "hoist by one's own petard", has trenchant relevance here.

Posted by: A.Pols | Oct 5 2022 21:35 utc | 87

Apropos Posted by: Scorpion | Oct 5 2022 21:24 utc | 82, and in general it is worth
remembering here Dr Stephen Cohen, with fondness and great respect. His last book was "War With Russia".
Who is interested to hear some of his thoughts and analysis:

Posted by: JB | Oct 5 2022 21:38 utc | 88

Dances with Bears on sanctions. Belgium of, core of the EU, Benelux fame makes a lot of money importing Russian diamonds. Thousands of highly skilled jobs and enormous sums of money are at stake. One would imagine that it would be a 'no brainer' to throw it all up to Stand by Ukraine but....

In other news from RT The NY Times reports that US spies are disgusted by way that Ukraine assassinated Dugina. Meanwhile the veteran officer who chairs the Duma's Defence Committee wants the government to start telling the truth about the SMO.
I get RT here:
It is sad that many living under the shadow of NATO's Voltairean values are not allowed to check it for themselves.

Posted by: bevin | Oct 5 2022 21:44 utc | 89

@Posted by: GoFast | Oct 5 2022 21:04 utc |
If you want to test out the sense of humour of the compradors try this one.

Zelensky travels to America to discuss how to defeat the Russian devils. Biden takes Zelensky on a break to a ranch in Texas. They go horse riding. They come across a cow with its head caught in the fence. Biden very spritely gets down off his horse, walks towards the cow, unzips his trousers and starts having sex with the cow. 'But Joe, can you do that in America'? a shocked Zelensky asks the President. 'Sure you can can little guy.' 'All American patriots do this in America' said the President adjusting his riding chaps. 'Hey little guy why dont you try it and become a real American?' Zelensky stammered 'You sure Joe? I can do this in America? The President replied: 'Hell yeah'. Come on get yourself down from that horse and give it a go.' 'Well OK Joe if you say so' the hero of Keeve replied. So the President of Ukraine dismounted and swaggered over to the cow. And put his head in the fence.

Posted by: Paul McGrory | Oct 5 2022 21:45 utc | 90

We are living in the craziest times.

It's like the entire collective West - which was getting increasingly neurotic and fidgety for decades - suddenly had a complete mental breakdown in early 2020 and has gone literally insane.

Never thought I'd see the day when the EU and Britain collaborated to make themselves a much poorer and less significant part of the world. But maybe they really are dumb enough to think they can hector Third World countries (who already hate the West) into cutting themselves off from vital Russian trade.

They gonna learn.

Posted by: ZX | Oct 5 2022 21:59 utc | 91

presumably, as well as Russia blowing up Russian gas pipelines, Russia will sink any ships carrying Russian oil.

Posted by: mijj | Oct 5 2022 21:59 utc | 92

India might have toed the US line if the spineless Congress party was in power. Their de facto leader Rahul "Gandhi" has already relayed EU diplomats whining that Indian foreign services no longer listen to the EU.

Dr Jaishankar will put the US in its place.

("Gandhi" is in quotes as his grandfather's real name was Ghandy. He changed it for the brand value.)

Posted by: AmusedIndian | Oct 5 2022 22:04 utc | 93

My 2 cents:

Russia has plenty of resources namely energy, food, water and comodities.

The west has its printers.

Those printers sure atract alot of mercenaries, criminals and low IQ scum.

Russia is playing the game of letting them feel overconfident, send more scum and junk machines to be grinded down by remote means.

See, you can always print more money but eventually you achieve a point where not even all the money can find a merc willing to have it.

You can print money but not, let's say, an apple!

So, again, Russia preserving assets while the west is losing them.

Posted by: Zé das bolachas | Oct 5 2022 22:08 utc | 94

@ 87 A.Pols

'Hoist by one's own petard' - Hamlet, idiom

Most fitting!

To become a victim of your own scheme or to shoot oneself in the foot, or more fatally, lungs, as Orban described the sanctions on Russia.

I like Robert Burns 'the best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley' - proverb, something ends badly from initial expectation.

Posted by: WTFUD | Oct 5 2022 22:08 utc | 95

I am German, like B, and I can tell you that Germans are so used having a stable life, basically that the state takes care, if you cant make it on your own, that they cant see that things will be changing. Of course, Germans read the news, but the majority cant get their head around what it means to deindustrialize, to have rationed energy, to actually be poor. If that hardship hits them, not only reading in the news about it, only then things will change.

The political landscape is that the Greens, SPD, FDP and CDU have tied themselves to Ukraine and sanctions. Only the AfD and parts of Die Linke around Wagenknecht warn about what is to come. Especially the Greens have tied themselves to Ukraine that they very likely will be gone, if ppl actually experience hardship. The only party that will profit from that will be the AfD, a right-wing party that has positioned itself against sanctions and unconditional support for Ukraine, they call for a negotiated peace. They hover around 15% right now, up around 3-4 %. If the economic situation really becomes unbearable during this govt period, I can see the AfD doubling its numbers during the next general election. However, the other parties know that and will do anything to make Germans not feel whats happening with a mountain of debts.

Posted by: Arne Hartmann | Oct 5 2022 22:17 utc | 96

«From the team that calls the current development in Ukraine an imperialistic and senseless war initiated only by Russia.»

The colonial war of aggression and ethnic cleansing by the ukrainian government against the right to self-determination of the ukrainians in the Donbas and Crimea is 8 years old. The autonomist or independentist ukranians in Donbas and Crimea never attacked the government of the rest of ukraine, but they were attacked.
Perhaps what's right for the albanians in Jugoslavia is wrong for the ukrainians in Donbas and Crimea, the usual USA-style difference between "freedom fighters" (our bastards) and "terrorists" (their citizens).

«A war, that brings unbearable hardship, first to the Ukrainian population but now, and probably way more in the long run to the Russian people.»
3,393 civilians killed (349 in 2016–2021)
13,100–13,300 killed; 29,500–33,500 wounded overall
414,798 Ukrainians internally displaced; 925,500 fled abroad.

Posted by: Blissex | Oct 5 2022 22:23 utc | 97

Steven Starr | Oct 5 2022 19:54 utc | 46
I’ve seen other transactions where Putin says “sabotage”, not “subversion”.
Maybe a Russian native speaker can weigh in:

But the Anglo-Saxons believe sanctions are no longer enough and now they have turned to sabotage{subversion}.
It seems incredible but it is a fact – by causing explosions on Nord Stream’s international gas pipelines passing along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they have actually embarked on the destruction of Europe’s entire energy infrastructure.
It is clear to everyone who stands to gain.
Those who benefit are responsible, of course.. .

Posted by: Melaleuca | Oct 5 2022 22:27 utc | 98

"Brilliant" analysis of Nordstream attack here. The speaker must be a genius because the vast majority of commenters say so.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Oct 5 2022 22:29 utc | 99

I see the mules have changed tactics.

Art Thomas @61--

No western nation makes that claim; they all claim to be democracies, but we all know that's false. Recall Reagan's dicta: "Government is the problem." Ah, but for whom? For those wanting to commit fraud on a massive scale and needed an extremely weak regulatory sector that they could capture via revolving door procedures so they could create the grounds needed for their plunder. Bastiat, a French Libertarian lawyer and political-economist said it best in 1848:

"When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."

Reagan also said, "Greed is good."

Over the many years of ongoing discussion here, longtime barflies know the nature of neoliberalism and what constitutes it. We're being accused of being humorless. I suggest reading this 12 year-old Dr. Hudson essay to get a sense of our type of humor while learning about neoliberalism prior to the onset of Thatcher and Reagan/Bush.

To properly understand what Neoliberalism is and what a Neoliberal advocates, one needs to know what is meant by economic rent, monopoly rent, land rent, and the French term Rentier and what constitutes a Rentier Economy--in short, what the elements of the Free Lunch are. Complementing that knowledge it's necessary to know what the school known as Classical Economics was attempting to accomplish in the mid-19th Century prior to the 1880s Scramble for Africa when Great Power rivalries and other events allowed the Rentier Class to mount its Reaction that continues today.

Here's a very informative article from a South American POV published 15 years ago, "Neoliberalism and its Discontents", and it's not the only essay with that title. Another term for Neoliberalism is Washington Consensus and the Rules Based Order was created for its support. To learn how it works, read Dr. Hudson's Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy, which you can do for free by becoming an Archive member, which is also free.

I could add pages more, but what I've provided is beyond sufficient.

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