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September 04, 2022

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-145

Only for news & views related to the Ukraine conflict.

Note: Stick to the topic or get banned.

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Posted by b on September 4, 2022 at 13:02 UTC | Permalink

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Posted by: GW | Sep 4 2022 18:37 utc | 83

unfortunately, he is right. Ukronazis today started to take over more and more villages.
When you nudge one domino, the others fall in order, one after the other.
If Ukroanzis have lost 1000 and more soldiers how is it possible that they continue to advance?
RF needed months to take over one village but the Ukronazis few days.
I'm telling you, something's up.

Posted by: Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:32 utc | 101

Military expert Boris Rozhin on the situation in the instructions of Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog during the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine at 19.35 Moscow time on 09/04/2022, specifically for the channel Woenkor Kotenok Z @voenkorKotenok :

1. In the Aleksandrovka region, the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was stopped a few days ago. Fights develop positionally.

2. In the Posad-Pokrovsky area, after mutual attempts of the parties to advance and counterattack, the fighting took on a positional character.

3. In the Blagodatnoe area, the front is stable, attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to regain control of the village were unsuccessful.

4. In the Snegirevka area - no significant changes. Today a child was killed in the village because of the shelling.

5. In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Andreevsky bridgehead, despite the defeat by fire of the RF forces in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bSukhoi Stavka and Kostromka, the enemy continues to try to expand and hold the bridgehead. The restoration of at least one destroyed crossing was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transfer part of the reserves.

6. In the Vysokopolye region, the enemy was able to achieve tactical successes, forcing our forces to withdraw from the village under the threat of encirclement. The fighting goes to the southern outskirts.
Attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces towards Petrovka were unsuccessful.
Street fighting continued in Arkhangelsk.

7. The enemy continues to shell the area around Kherson, New Kakhovka and bridges across the Dnieper.
The Armed forces of the Russian Federation delivered strikes on Nikolaev as well as in the Krivoy Rog direction.

8. As of September 4, the operational crisis in the Krivoy Rog sector has not yet been resolved. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to try to achieve something more substantial to offset the losses in people and equipment already incurred.

Posted by: mo3 | Sep 4 2022 19:34 utc | 102

from ISW
Ukrainian officials directly stated on September 3 that the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive in southern Ukraine is an intentionally methodical operation to degrade Russian forces and logistics, rather than one aimed at immediately recapturing large swathes of territory. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 4 2022 19:44 utc | 103

I'm telling you, something's up.
Posted by: Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:32 utc | 103


Russia is relaxed enough to dedicate significant forces to exercises with China and India at Vostock 2022

This year’s Vostok 2022 will be held at several training grounds and sea areas in Russia’s Eastern Military District, and will last until September 7, with a total force of over 50,000 troops and more than 5,000 pieces of armaments and military hardware.

Posted by: too scents | Sep 4 2022 19:47 utc | 104

Yes Russia is strong when it wants!
Does it really want that now?

Posted by: mo3 | Sep 4 2022 19:57 utc | 105

PavewayIV | Sep 4 2022 18:25 utc | 79
and others

There is a contra-war movement in Germany, but as the police (as in most EU countries and US) have been militarized, other means of changing the course of Eurofascism must be used. They may have the right idea here, which is to close down arms suppliers. Rheinmetal.

Note that the woke "lidders" such as Bareback, Macron, Truss are overjoyed to be able to call on violent police oppression. It gives them a sense of power that they must find stimulating, and increases their own opinions of themselves.
If that is still possible.

GW | Sep 4 2022 18:37 utc | 83

I haven't seen Strelkovs remarks but it is clear that the present Ukie actions in the Kherson are A) seen as a "last chance" for the Ukes to turn the tide of the battle by separating the RF North of the Dnieper from easy supply routes (Bridges) and B) This is being organised from London and the US. So it is NOT just Zelensky doing his top. That is disinformation.

UK troops are said to be "helping" actions (ie sabotage experts), and appearing on the front as "spotters" and other intelligence operatives. The US runs the HIMARS?

"British MI6 provides Ukrainian saboteurs with an access to extensive human agent reporting behind Russian lines, U.S./UK-provided satellite, electronic warfare, signals, and cyber intelligence, access to boutique strike drones"

East Ukraine; So this period has not yet been "played out fully" as the increase in new weapons and newish tactics shows forethought. (Example is the use of stones and gravel being used in the Inhulets river to form a ford for vehicles. Difficult for artillery to find and convincingly cut.)

Update: "Russian Defense Ministry: Next week, Russia will present in Geneva documented evidence of violations by the United States and Ukraine of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons".
IF they let the 56 Russian Diplomats in, and give them Visas.

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 4 2022 19:59 utc | 106

Some posts here seem to signal peak content consumption of open source blogs. The masses hungary for information have run out of strength. Leaving some bloggers out in the cold.

My two cents is to all who are riding Alex and Alexander should fish for audiences in warmer waters. Many Youtubers driven by Russia bashing are loosing subscribers. Those subscribers need a new info daddy. Case in point the pedo Bald, his homie Herald, that fake Mongolian guy from LA Jerry FD or something, not to mention the army of Irish weirdos stalking Russian woman for the past decade. That audience is ripe for the picking. Help yourselves.

Posted by: Goran | Sep 4 2022 20:10 utc | 107


Mercouris makes a great case that the Russians lure the Ukrainians into a trap again and again - and the Ukrainians fall for it every time. The Inhulets river crossing was a classic trap, a masterclass in how to wipe out opposing forces with no effort.

Easy to see in hindsight... but I was fooled by the likes of Military Summary Channel who made out this"bridehead" was a big problem for Russia. In a later video he made a throwaway comment that of course it was a trap. I now think MSC and other like him are probably active participants in the game. When they say that Russia is in trouble it is part of the con - because they have a reputation for being accurate and pro Russian - so the Ukrainians believe the story - and then get wiped out. Again. They never learn.

MSC said today that Russia are again in deep trouble, in the north as well as the south. Is he hustling? Lets see if a trap is sprung to confirm my theory.

Posted by: Tim Glover | Sep 4 2022 20:19 utc | 108

Apologies for turning MoA into a Telegram helpdesk, but perhaps others are having the same difficulty.

Posted by: chunga | Sep 4 2022 18:44 utc | 85
I am using Telegram on iPad and don't see 'translate automatically', but in settings one can enable a popup menu item 'show translate button' . This button disappears from time to time. I have to go to the settings and toggle it for the button to show up again.

Posted by: RB | Sep 4 2022 20:32 utc | 109

The weird defensiveness speaks volumes. Deliberately misrepresenting Debs actual post… very telling.

Posted by: Rae | Sep 4 2022 20:41 utc | 110

At 22: No, Human Waste is Bad to burn. To toxic. Only works with Only Plant eating Animals!

Posted by: NoOne | Sep 4 2022 20:47 utc | 111

Screw “Telegraph”, Shitter, and every other giant centralized corporate communication medium that they can shut down.

If you find something particularly important there, paste it here and, if you visit other blogs, on those blogs too.

Posted by: dfg | Sep 4 2022 20:47 utc | 112

unfortunately, he is right. Ukronazis today started to take over more and more villages. When you nudge one domino, the others fall in order, one after the other. If Ukroanzis have lost 1000 and more soldiers how is it possible that they continue to advance? RF needed months to take over one village but the Ukronazis few days. I'm telling you, something's up.

Posted by: Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:32 utc | 101

Indeed, something is up. The NATO military advisors are adapting their strategy to the Russian strategy, which will lead to further changes in Russian strategy...

It is nothing like dominoes, where they only fall in one direction. Your screen name provides a better clue. Are the Russians forming another cauldron? Was it timed by the Ukrainians to coincide with another troop rotation?

The only certainty is that the people who do know are not telling us.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Sep 4 2022 20:48 utc | 113

Military Summary Channel says that Russians are in big problems. That their bridgehead in the south is now isolated form the mainland as Ukrainians disabled all bridges. Russians are playing stupid, very stupid.
The new Ukrainian tactics is to use territorial defense forces to attack in IWW style day by day, and then to use special forces on tired Russians.

Posted by: mario2 | Sep 4 2022 20:52 utc | 114

After 4 days of a large pre planned offensive I would expect to see far more progress than that which appears to be achieved. Two months ago it was to be the million man army retaking kherson, now it is to be a slow grind with massive casualties and without air support. This can only have been launched to appease the donors, as vital reserves are being squandered.

Posted by: Oh | Sep 4 2022 20:52 utc | 115

@Time Glove - Dima gets ahead of himself a lot too with excessive speculation and projected timelines and occasional wild comments. As for Vysokopolye seems russians are counter attacking now, and some signals that the southern part of the town may be back in or maybe never fully left Russian control.

-"From the conflicting reports of @rybar in recent hours regarding Vysokopolye, it can only be established that fighting continues for the southern part of the village.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces provided a confirming photo from the roof of a hospital on the western outskirts of Vysokopolye, but the southern part of the village appears to remain a zone of active hostilities. Let's see what the parties will present tomorrow on the fact of control of the territory. In fact, the epic battle is going on behind the village, where about 4,000 people lived before the war, and at the moment there are several hundred people." 62431

-"1. The high field (Vysokopolye) during the day was for the most part behind the enemy. In the evening, it seems like ours counterattacked and the battles for the village continue. We are waiting for the results."
--boris_rozhin 62433

--- rest of the fronts: (are my additions)
2. The code (aka Kodema/bakhmut front), in spite of the possible applications, has not yet been fully taken by ours. The enemy, despite the failure of the previous counterattacks with the use of armored vehicles, continues to wave with the Wagner PMC in the western part of the village. (this is in relation to some reporting the village was finally secured\taken)
3. Ozernoye (North/east of Lyman), as it was yesterday evening in the gray zone, remains in the gray zone tonight. A purely virtual victory of tik-tok troops. (referring to the photo op river crossing and return)
4. At the moment, the Andreevsky bridgehead has not been cut off, although the enemy suffered heavy losses in the area of ​​​​Kostromka and Sukhoi Stavka. It has not yet been possible to completely cut off the supply through Ingulets. (ie andriivka/lozove 'bridgehead' remains atm)
5. The intensification of the strikes of the RF Armed Forces in the Kharkiv direction is caused by the ongoing attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to switch to offensive operations in the direction of Udy, Borshcheva and a couple of other villages. 62433

As for trap theories, they have seem to done that before, in fact specifically twice before in sukhyi stavok area of kherson front prior this offensive, so I wouldn't rule it out there. As for the rest of the areas though, I'm more skeptical that it's been as purposeful/planned.

Posted by: knighthawk | Sep 4 2022 20:58 utc | 116

If I make a promise to the people of Ukraine: 'We will stand by you as long as you need us', then I will keep that promise. No matter what my German voters think.
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, Aug 31, 2022

Check out the streamed live video around minute 1:25

Posted by: António Ferrão | Sep 4 2022 21:00 utc | 117

@Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:32 utc | 101

RF needed months to take over one village but the Ukronazis few days.

Ukrainians are trying to hang on to every inch of the Ukraine. Russians are trying to demilitarize Ukraine.

If Russia moves forward one kilometer, it means 1000 Ukrainians are dead. If Ukraine moves forward one kilometer, it means that Russians yielded and Ukrainians are now one kilometer closer to Russian artillery.

Dr.Snekotron explains:

The key thing to understand about Russian defenses is the front line thinly manned, practically a tripwire force, with the bulk of the defense away from the front in the form of strongpoints and mobile reserves that can be shifted. The advantage of this is economy of manpower.

Getting through the first line is not hard. Russia will pull back if an attack is significant, but the large reserve forces behind them forces attacks to be canalized in the apparent gaps, which turn into killzones. This is what the Ukrainians found when they tried pushing out.

Forced into a thin, narrow salient that was under total fire control. Ideally, Ukraine should have had multiple spearheads bypassing and isolating these reserves into pockets, but they could not accumulate forces of that size without being hit with missiles.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Sep 4 2022 21:03 utc | 118

Invasion stalled for months, and now Russia is losing ground. So most of you guys are talking about other things, which blogs are good or bad, pipeline speculation, etc. Because the situation on the ground is not so good.

The King of Half Measures and his Siberian Shaman have made a mess.

China is watching closely. Is Russia really this weak? Are they a worthy partner? Should we distance ourselves from this incompetent nation?

Posted by: Rangewolf | Sep 4 2022 21:11 utc | 119

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 4 2022 19:59 utc | 106

Interesting take. I’m not surprised to see the UK near the front of anything that might prevent RF from taking Odessa (I suspect that if Odessa falls, the UK chapter of this UA dismemberment hustle ends up with zilch).

One thing that seems to be born out, even by UA source, is the horrendous UA casualty rate resulting from this (counter)offensive ... which we can safely assume is also reflected in the loss of materiel.

UA can keep pouring everyone and everything they have into the breach, in the hopes of some kind of decisive win / gain, but RF have colossal reserves of men and everything else. RF can sustain this renewed UA offensive almost indefinitely, UA can’t.

If things look to be getting genuinely out of hand, RF can drop Iskander thermobarics on UA positions all day long. RF could stop the UA advance in an afternoon, using systems we know they have, they are choosing not to.

The specifics of particular engagements is not something I’ve developed any insight into so I’m looking at thus purely from an attritional, logistics and weapon system standpoint.

I think, sadly, RF is allowing UA to be goaded into this by their “friends and well-wishers”, because it’s an opportunity demilitarise AFU, with minimal risk to civilians, property or RF personnel. News about RF being in some way on the back foot seems to me like just enough chicken-feed to keep UA pressing forward into the woodchipper.

Although, doubtless, it’s all terribly momentous and heroic, to that sorry contingent who are systematically wrong about the reality of the conflict Ukraine ... liars and fraudsters who’ve been wrong too often to now plead ignorance or mere error.

Posted by: anon2020 | Sep 4 2022 21:11 utc | 120

There have been reports of Ukrainian forces using Leopard 2s supplied by Poland. Does anyone have any more on this? Polish regulars or mercenaries?

Posted by: Paul | Sep 4 2022 21:21 utc | 121

@Tim Glover 208:

Easy to see in hindsight... but I was fooled by the likes of Military Summary Channel who made out this"bridehead" was a big problem for Russia.

The Military Summary Channel is truly awful. There is something about that Dima guy that I find incredibly off-putting and I don't trust him one inch. I don't pay any attention to the channel, of course. The only time I ever saw Dima was when he was a guest on The Duran, and I thought it was the worst episode ever. The way he constantly prevaricated made it sound like he had no better idea what he was talking about than anybody else, and that he was just stringing along for time and seizing his 15minutes of fame. Extremely low quality content.

Posted by: Intelligent Dasein | Sep 4 2022 21:26 utc | 122

@Paul #123, no credible reports though. That rumor is 99% sure to be false, no Leo 2s in theater.

Posted by: Yenwoda | Sep 4 2022 21:33 utc | 123

The editor and the person who runs the blog is anonymous and the about page states that “Bernhard started and still runs the site and you can reach the current administrator of this site by emailing Bernhard at...

At least at The Saker, we know who he is, that is, his and his wife's photo, where the site is registered etc, but here...hmmm

Posted by: ostr..o | Sep 4 2022 21:37 utc | 124

PavewayIV @79--

Thanks for providing the KDC Twitter thread. I see it differs little in substance from Hudson's two very detailed analyses made back in February. I asked him about what appears to be 100% German collusion in the Outlaw US Empire attack back in April, and he replied that all German politicos are under direct US control--there are no free/independent Germans in leadership positions, which he cited as knowing from personal experience since his Hudson Institute years. I share your questions to the Germans here. I also see the great need for an investigative book dealing with the Why we both raise.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 4 2022 21:37 utc | 125

@paul 123
Far as I know the poles only provided upgraded T72's, not sure who are providing the Leapard's seen. But here is what I saw over the last day or two on that topic:

Apparently, the entire company set of Italian Leopard 2A4s has now been transferred to the Andreevsky sector of the front.

Now they are in the bare steppe without the support of air defense systems in Sukhoi Headquarters in the zone of destruction of Russian artillery and aviation.

UPD: The source corrects that we can talk about 2A6.

UPD 2: Understood. Most likely, we are talking about the Spanish 2A4. A month and a half ago, they just lit up while loading in one of the ports of Europe."

"Forwarded from 👔tactical tie:
We saw a post from colleagues from Rybar about the appearance of Leopard 2A4 tanks at the Andreevsky bridgehead ... or even 2A6 at the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At first, the tanks were called Italian: it is obvious that the source who reported the appearance of the Leopards simply confused Italy (which the Leopards were never armed with: the Italians have their own C1 Ariete MBT) and Spain. This point was quickly corrected by many telegrams. channels, but something else is interesting: Spain has not officially supplied any tanks to Ukraine.

Earlier, the Spanish government announced the possible transfer of a batch of old "Leopards" in version 2A4 to Ukraine, but the shipment was constantly postponed, and on August 2, the Minister of Defense of the country, Margarita Robles , said that the "Leopards" were in an unsuitable condition for deliveries, The mention of the 2A6 modification is also interesting, the main visual difference of which is the shape of the turret forehead and a longer gun: 55 calibers versus 44 for the 2A4 version. Spain is armed with Leopards of the 2E modification, identical to the 2A6. Only now they were not going to supply the latter to Ukraine at all.

Whether the "Leopards" in the Kherson region were the operation of the TsIPSO, or another case of shadow deliveries (earlier, this is how the Armed Forces of Ukraine received HARM missiles), remains to be seen."

Take it for whatever it's worth.

Posted by: knighthawk | Sep 4 2022 21:38 utc | 126

Here anyone can write any nonsense!
But donate...

Posted by: ostr..o | Sep 4 2022 21:39 utc | 127

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 4 2022 21:37 utc | 127

Oh, come on!
This is the only "forum" anyone can write any nonsense, about Russia's tactics, eh, karlof1? Other than copy pasting, can you add anything useful, for example Kremlin's decisions, before they are taken?

Posted by: ostr..0 | Sep 4 2022 21:42 utc | 128

Just some basic things. You can't compare the Donbas ,which is essentially a series of fortified positions to the open steppe with scattered villages.Is it a trap? Is it not? Well from the casualty reports ,it sure seems like it. There is a stark difference between the tactics employed by either side. One places emphasis on movement,the other more 'die in place' as slowly as possible. I'm not familiar enough with the area or names to be more specific. If the strategy is one of, will the Ukrainians run out before the bullets,it will need to show significant results to avoid massive backlash.

Posted by: Bob | Sep 4 2022 21:44 utc | 129

Stonebird @106--

Russia's MFA has permanent representatives in Geneva. I'll look for that report. Thanks for the tip!!

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 4 2022 21:44 utc | 130

anon2020 #122

Thank you. Agreed with every paragraph and especially liked the Odessa reference :)) sounds good to me.

For any doubters out there, just remember this weeks Uke 'conquest' of the ZapNPP. Now THAT was Uke ingenuity and victory consciousness writ large.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 4 2022 21:45 utc | 131

I haven't got time to wade through the numerous Telegram channels. I also know that most of the Ukraine news on the "official" media outlets, ranging from the egregiously pro-Kiev outpourings of our own Irish state broadcaster RTÉ (nicknamed Pravda by some), to the Irish Times and the Daily Telegraph, provide a virtual re-write of UK MofD briefings and Kiev press releases. So I find The Duran a useful service, like my subscription to a newspaper such as the Daily Telegraph, I'm prepared to pay for the work they put in. You can criticise Mr Mercouris and Mr Christoforou in a number of different ways if you feel so inclined, but one cannot fault their work rate, and the breadth of their sources. Subscribing to The Duran on Locals saves me a lot of time, and if the analysis isn't always absolutely 100% correct, well so what? I paid for the Guardian and the Morning Star most days in the 1980s and 1990s and both were wrong on many things a lot of the time. No, for a simply put together, condensation of the key developments on a number of geo political issues, but especially the day to day developments around the Ukraine conflict, I would suggest The Duran are the best option out there. If anything, this Ukraine conflict analysis and news from The Duran has been the making of them, hats off to them both.

Posted by: Gabriel in Ireland | Sep 4 2022 21:46 utc | 132

BBC describes this war as ' on the edge of Europe '. Libya , Palestine, Syria are on the edges of Europe and Russia and therefore anything closer than Russia are presumably inside Europe.

The BBC is like a gyroscope that defies normal scientific facts.

Posted by: Giyane | Sep 4 2022 21:59 utc | 133

"Posted by: Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:20 utc | 97
What does mean FAILING of counteroffensive?"

Kiev publicly announced a major offensive, and then attacked. The result was suicidal for many thousands of Kiev soldiers, and very little territory captured. What was the purpose to announce their action to their enemy and then perform the action? It wasn't a military purpose. It was public-relations. So you could say the offensive succeeded (from the public-relations view) if it was to show Kiev can issue suicidal orders to its military. But from the military view it was (and is) a suicidal disaster.

Posted by: Deplorable David | Sep 4 2022 22:27 utc | 134

karlof1@127 - The problem is that - especially concerning Germany - I feel like some minor clueless mafia minion berating an extortion victim whose boss, landlord and neighbors are also being extorted. "How cowardly! WTF?? Why do you put up with it? Just tell the U.S. to F#&% OFF and leave you alone?" Any German would be perfectly right to strongly suggest, instead, that I tell the US government "to F#&% OFF and keep its nose out of Germany."

It's complicated for both of us, but I will readily admit this is my problem to fix here. I was just kind of hoping I could lounge on the couch, unshaven and in my underwear, eating Cheetos and playing Call of Duty while the Germans stood up to the US once and for all and fixed this problem. I still have a half of a bag of Cheetos left, so there's still time for you, Germany!

Seriously, a weak Germany subservient to US interests is a direct threat to my democracy here, so there's that selfish interest. Same was always true for Russia. Someone needs to give the U.S. a damn good kick in the nuts. I regret that Germany will have to see their economy gutted, their people impoverished and grandma and grandpa freeze to death before they get angry enough to put on the steel-toed boots and start kicking.

Unintended consequences: Europe will come to viscerally despise the U.S. for generations and no amount of U.S. propaganda or bribes is ever going to change that. That will drive our narcissistic neocon leaders completely insane - they NEED to believe that they are loved and admired by Europeans, as crazy as that sounds.

We had it all in the U.S. and blew it. I hope a floppy disk with the story of our demise is preserved for future generations so they understand how unnecessary and unavoidable this all was.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Sep 4 2022 22:33 utc | 135

This week's Alastair Crooke al-Mayadeen column is out, "A turn in the affairs of the world":

"The British and the Americans are pushing adamantly for the Kherson operation. It will be ironic though should this turn out to be the error of judgment by the West that pulls the first thread out from their Ukrainian project."

Here's its central meat:

How quickly contexts shift in these tumultuous times: The Russians were never stalled; it just suits Moscow to ‘slow walk’ their military operation in Ukraine. The extended military timeline simply offers more scope for Moscow’s energy squeeze on Europe to bite. Incrementally advancing, classical artillery warfare also limits Russian casualties, whilst inflicting bigger losses on their enemy.

That is the narrow context. The wider context reveals the ground shaking beneath Zelensky’s feet: European public opinion has begun to cascade in criticism of Europe’s sanctions on Russia, and amidst deepening war fatigue as the slow, calibrated steamroller of Russian artillery fire trundles onwards. Zelensky is at risk of seeing his Western support subside or disappear.

Ukraine notably has been unable to reinforce besieged positions, or counter attack, and then hold re-conquered territory. Consequently, we have seen the EU financial contribution to Ukraine increasingly questioned as its public face an inflation-led austerity -- together with fewer EU weapons systems being shipped. Even the Americans are shrinking the weapons’ deliveries as their own (explicitly insufficient) inventories sink towards critical.

Europeans are in crisis faced with huge bills for energy usage; with small and medium-sized businesses simply priced into bankruptcy, they are turning on their leaders. This is why the West sees it as so critical to show the electorate at least some tangible, sustained result from its war in Ukraine -- even if that ‘victory’ would be more optics and PR than substance. The Kherson counter-offensive was supposed to be ‘it’, but it’s not going to work. And the consequences will ripple through the American and European polity.

And all that has generated the new Global Shattering many of us predicted:

Yet more significant is the ‘mega picture’ that is worrying the West -- which is that the former inter-connectedness that now is palpably fracturing into separate trade spheres very simply underwrote Western low inflation (Chinese cheap manufactured goods, and Russian cheap energy). And contingent upon that low inflation flowed the companion piece of a decades-long era of low-interest rates. These together comprised the very ‘stuff’ of the Western global economic success, and also defined its vulnerability: top-heavy debt loads.

The West became very rich by ‘printing’ money to buy many more consumer goods than the value of the output made warranted. But that ability to ‘print’ arose from unique circumstances of low inflation - that was, in turn, enabled by cheap exports coming from Russia and China.

Naturally, the West crucially doesn’t want the low inflation paradigm to end, but in this conflicted era where commodities, factories, and fleets of ships are dominated by states (Russia and China) that are in conflict with the West, the low inflation world has reached its end.

Every week for the past two months I've asked if Europeans will confront their idiot/bought national misleaders and oust them so policy can be changed. We can see the reason why the Western news blackout over the Kherson massacre. IMO, once Europeans discover the news of that debacle was deliberately withheld, protests will explode as they should--against the entire NATO project.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 4 2022 22:37 utc | 136

One question:
This major offensive was publicly announced by Ukraine months ago.
Their opponent knew it was coming.
Isn't that strange?

Posted by: mario2 | Sep 4 2022 22:37 utc | 137

Any news of Gonzolo Lira? He hasn't posted in a long time

Posted by: erik | Sep 4 2022 22:37 utc | 138

re erik | Sep 4 2022 22:37 utc | 141
Any news of Gonzolo Lira? He hasn't posted in a long time

Erik, he's still in Kharkov, Ukraine and posts all the time, but using his newer and current twitter account,

Posted by: michaelj72 | Sep 4 2022 22:47 utc | 139

Any news of Gonzolo Lira? He hasn't posted in a long time

Posted by: erik | Sep 4 2022 22:37 utc | 141
By long time, do you mean not in the last 24hrs? Cause he's posted content on his YT (his second yt account) every couple days, including yesterday

Posted by: knighthawk | Sep 4 2022 22:49 utc | 140

Posted by: mario2 | Sep 4 2022 20:52 utc | 117

Summary Channel says that Russians are in big problems. That their bridgehead in the south is now isolated form the mainland as Ukrainians disabled all bridges. Russians are playing stupid, very stupid.
The new Ukrainian tactics is to use territorial defense forces to attack in IWW style day by day, and then to use special forces on tired Russians.

I am sorry to have to tell you this, O Mario, but those were not the mushrooms you were looking for.

Posted by: Sarlat La Canède | Sep 4 2022 22:52 utc | 141

It's easy to understand using weak troops first and then throw the better ones after/if the defenders managed to get a bit un-balanced. In war cannon fodder has it's use. Just have to have the means to destroy them all...

Posted by: unimperator | Sep 4 2022 22:57 utc | 142

PavewayIV @138--

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'll agree we here within the Outlaw US Empire share some of the blame for the situation. Unfortunately, when the USSR fell and Germany reunited, the CIA was in charge of the federal government first with DCI Bush then the Clinton recruits. Recall Rockin' in the Free World for a good description of domestic conditions. I went to Hawaii and while keeping informed and self-educating didn't do anything politically, and that continued after I returned in 1996. Later as a student- then teacher-activist, I did what I could to inform while California was Enroned and regime changed. Sure, I marched in San Francisco in 2002-3 and knew we were being grossly lied to, but the War Crimes were committed anyway.

I'm somewhat encouraged by Crooke's report. With luck, the Blowback will reach hurricane force within the Empire and finally arouse people.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 4 2022 22:57 utc | 143

Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:32 utc | 101

Russia has no interest in short term territorial gains. Russia is there to kill neo-nazi's and any who will fight for them. When this is over, an entire generation that have spent their formative years under perfidious albion propaganda will be gone.

After the US bio weapons labs, it doesn't matter who or what goes against Russia. They will all die. Overseen by a comedian in a green tee shirt. They are brainwashed and drugged and march off to their deaths. They should be swing the comedian from a bridge but instead they go into the fire bag.

So much information with the internet. They have no excuse for their stupidity. They will die because of that stupidity.

After the west became the3 ISIS airforce at Dier Ezzor, Russia turned it into a trap. Albion sent waves of ISIS zombies against it and they all died there in the ancient Dier Ezzor graveyard. Russia is doing exactly the same thing in Ukraine.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:00 utc | 144

Ukrainians are highly motivated and radical.
They are almost like ISIS.
That is why their reservists are charging like in WWI.
The death means nothing to them.

Posted by: mario2 | Sep 4 2022 23:03 utc | 145

Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:00 utc | 147

And he's back! Or is he? Only his hairdresser knows for sure...

Posted by: Curtins | Sep 4 2022 23:05 utc | 146

The generally excellent Reminiscence of the Future... blog has a new post up today. Andrei Martyanov explains the gulf between the Russian and EU energy markets and the latest salves offered by the MSM:

That's The Way You Do It

And even this way is still misleading (e,g. Russian energy bill is... 40 times smaller than European one), but at least it is a good start for British tabloids to look at the prices' dynamics. Then it proceeds to tabulate things which DO matter in real life.
The Sun laments:

WELCOME to sanctions-hit Russia – where heating bills and fuel prices are a fraction of those in Britain. Food costs are also coming down every month and Vladimir Putin’s people are partying as if there is no war.
. . .Of course, British tabloid wouldn't be British tabloid if it still wouldn't produce a pile of steaming shit from some professor of astrology, pardon me, economics who stated this:
Explaining how Russia had managed to buck the trend, strategy specialist Professor Michael Clarke said: “Their government has the cash right now to subsidise food, and as long as they have oil and energy money, they can keep subsiding. “But what the price of energy will be next year is anybody’s guess. It will get a lot harder for them from next year onwards. “At some point I believe their economy will be in very bad shape, either next year or the year after. “But that depends on the price of energy. “The rouble is doing OK because they are making people only buy and sell using the ruble. That will keep the currency strong for a while.”
. . . Professor Michael Clarke of the University Exeter certainly qualifies for academic defenestration, because he, same as his former employer of RUSI, have no clue what they are talking about. This also applies to British military and intel establishment populated with barely educated hacks, as the events of the last several days with VSU "counter-offensive" and NPP attacks have demonstrated so dramatically. Not only they have no idea what modern war is, they cannot run their own country. Studying Russia would have helped but there are no real scholars on Russia in the combined West.

And on the war:
Speaking of which. Peskov stated today that Russia is "ready to talk to Ukraine... on how Ukraine will fulfill Russia's conditions" (in Russian). This is a euphemism for capitulation, of course. And here is one piece of news of note. You should remember that starting from 2014 I am constantly on record that Ukraine has coalesced into the political nation distinct from Russia. These ARE different people. Putin and others from Russia political top were forced by political decorum and public mood to constantly stress that Ukrainians and Russians are "brotherly nations". Of course, it was only partially true and it takes a couple of generations to completely reprogram any kind of limitrophes into believing all kinds of pseudo-historic BS and this is what happened in Ukraine in the last 30 years. Here is proof. As whatever is left of the VSU 35th Brigade of Naval Infantry cries from the front lines:
«Это никакая не война, нас просто истребляют... Сколько еще наши матери и жены прольют слез? Сколько детей останутся без отцов? Сколько еще будет братских могил? Братья, кто не пережил эту ночь, вы навсегда в наших сердцах... Где мобилизованные? Всех на фронт! Всех на защиту Украины! У нас батальоны остались только на бумаге, а они гуляют себе!» – сообщают разгромленные морпехи в своем Telegram-канале.

Translation: ”This is not a war, we are simply being exterminated ... How many more tears will our mothers and wives shed? How many children will be left without fathers? How many more mass graves will there be? Brothers, who did not survive this night, you are forever in our hearts... Where are the mobilized? Everyone to the front! All--to the defense of Ukraine! We have battalions left only on paper, while they (in the rear) are partying!” - the defeated marines report in their Telegram channel.

You see, they still want to defend the avatar of a country, known in Russia as country 404 and its Nazi puppet regime in Kiev. So, I want to stress again--war, and SMO is war, albeit very peculiar one, is never about re-educating local civilians only. No, war is, quoting out good ol' friend Carl von Clausewitz is about "compelling the enemy to do our will." In order to do so, you destroy its armies and that means physical annihilation of enemy's war material economy and, yes, extermination of those military personnel who still want to fight.

You see how it works? Peskov articulates Russia's will (conditions), Russian Armed Forces do this proverbial clausewitzian "compelling". Until Kiev is compelled to do Russia's will. But, of course, and that IS the main issue--many Ukrainians are so brainwashed and so banderized that they still do not understand that and continue to go to the slaughterhouse on the East to be denazified and demilitarized in the most radical manner--physical extermination. Arestovich admitted today that he lies about the real state of the affairs on the front (in Russian), but, unlike MI6 and (Royal) General Staff, we knew it all along. And the cycle of disposal of the most stubborn believers in Ukraine's "history", concocted and financed by the US State Department and CIA (and London), continues until mobilization potential of Ukraine is completely annihilated to a dismay of military "planners" in Pentagon and London. I know, I know--real military history, Theory of Operations, math, physics are hard, much harder than learning "proper" gender pronouns.

Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 4 2022 23:10 utc | 147

One question:
This major offensive was publicly announced by Ukraine months ago.
Their opponent knew it was coming.
Isn't that strange?
Posted by: mario2 | Sep 4 2022 22:37 utc | 140

The west is fighting an imaginary information war. The comedians job is to put on a green tee shirt and stand in front of a video camera. Somewhat like the male model Trump held up by the scuff of the neck and announced as president of Venezuela.

The history of war is the history of civilization. I read it all my life until my eyes went. What we are seeing is unlike anything in history. Apart from Dier Ezzor in Syria.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:14 utc | 148

So, again Martynov plays Dr Pangloss and says everything is for the best and we are in the best of all possible worlds.

Any dissent on his blog is hit by a million ad hominem about how everyone else is so ignorant and stupid.

In my view it is now obvious that RFA do not have the manpower to make further offensives.

Ukrainians don’t care about losses. They aim to keep attacking and/or holding lines while being given the best ISR on the planet, while Russia fights almost blind.

In real life the virtuous and the procrastinators get outflanked by the ruthless and aggressive.

Change my view ..

Posted by: Moaobserver | Sep 4 2022 23:16 utc | 149

We had it all in the U.S. and blew it. I hope a floppy disk with the story of our demise is preserved for future generations so they understand how unnecessary and unavoidable this all was.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Sep 4 2022 22:33 utc | 138

Great post. I am still hopeful that even though it might involve some real hardship for a while on their part that the Germans can lead the way out of the morass most Euro countries are in. Nothing less than a major reform of their entire polity is needed. They need a new constitution that makes them entirely sovereign, which means not only kicking out the Yanks but also leaving the EU. This will only happen if the whole country is a mess demonstrating unequivocally that the existing order doesn't work and won't ever work as long as Germany is beholden to foreign powers or committees in Brussels.

If such a thing could happen it would be one of the most significant geopolitical events in Europe in a century; and if it results in sovereign Germany aligning with sovereign Russia and many other sovereign Eurasian states, that would be an epoch-changing geopolitical development. So whether or not it's likely, I pray for it every day.

Furthermore, nothing else as key European states breaking free of their grip would as much oblige Americans look within to both dissolve the Empire, kick out the current elites and restore their Republic, ideally with a stripped down Constitution that does a better job this time around. As long as the Empire continues to exert such influence on important European states like Germany it believes it deserves to continue and continue to hold the general population in thrall with their phony staged democracy. They must be disabused of that Empire fixation both for the world's sake as well as their own.

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 4 2022 23:20 utc | 150


You know there is no changing your view. There is tons of information out there, if that hasn't done it, nothing will. You will believe what you choose to believe like everyone else. Only time will reveal the truth. If the Ukrainians take Kherson, that would give your perspective a great deal of merit, if they fail, the opposite.

Posted by: Haassaan | Sep 4 2022 23:24 utc | 151

DocHollywood | Sep 4 2022 23:10 utc | 150

The bolded part of your quote. I have been seeing that for sometime now and it has got to me a bit. That Goering quote about how easy it is to take people to war. So simple, so accurate about human nature that it is completely ignored. Ukrainians all marching to perfidious albions tunes, marching off to their death.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:29 utc | 152

Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 4 2022 23:10 utc | 150
"concocted and financed by the US State Department and CIA (and London)"

And Canada. I was under the impression that Canada was simply tagging along on Uncle Sam's coat tails as usual, but a look at Chrystia Freeland's wiki bio says otherwise. In fact, given how lightweight Justin T is by comparison, I suspect she is driving Canada's military and intelligence involvement in Kiev. She also looks as though - if Liberals ever get in again - she's positioned for the PM role with international consequences I don't like to contemplate. This really represents the kind of long-term entrenched attitude you're dealing with.

Posted by: TPaine | Sep 4 2022 23:31 utc | 153

Posted by: crone | Sep 4 2022 19:08 utc | 92

Well, my cell is an Apple... Apple will not permit a T'gram app!

Yes it does. Look for Telegram Messenger in the app store.

Posted by: Harry Haller | Sep 4 2022 23:32 utc | 154

The Russian strategy around Kherson is nothing new. Neither is the Ukrainian strategy. We used to call the Russian tactics "pump and bleed". The American Military used it a fair amount in Iraq, especially the fighting in and around Baghdad.

In my estimation Ukraine is using around 60,000 troops on the Kherson front vs. 25,000 Defenders. Russia allows Ukraine to take territory when it amasses a clear advantage of firepower on any given axis, falling back and then counter-attacking where appropriate, instead of standing and dying, which has been the Ukrainian strategy on defense. Not that that doesn't have merit, it exchanges material for time.

Dima is right, there are a couple bridgeheads that if expanded upon would give Russia logistical problems. So far that isn't the case, but the risk is there and the counter-offensive is not over as of now.

Posted by: Haassaan | Sep 4 2022 23:33 utc | 155

Since I hit the pit shortly after I made that final post I missed all the fun. I won't say I didn't know it was coming so after I watched some of Galloway's latest rant and had a cup of coffee I came back to see the entirely predictable reaction after I made the post pointing out that 'the duran' aka Mercouris and Christoforou publish their vids as a means of support and therefore must be regarded as such, scrutinised just as critically as any other media source because as soon as someone's livelihood depends on what they say, they become suspect. This reality is proven by the reaction to what I posted where dingbats attempted to assert I had lost credibility for pointing out that Mercouris has a history of fraud, forgery and deceit & is no trained journalist. If anyone needs to know what that is, they can check it out for themselves, but considering the the state he left his victims and the bourgeois surroundings he enjoys less than 10 years later, I find that hard to stomach.

As far as I am aware Mercouris has not made reparations to any victims. The reaction to my post here shows exactly why these professional spouters are careful in what they say. I couldn't give a damn what anyone thinks of me, I don't depend on it cos I decided long before I came across blogs that I would never again put myself in a position where I had to choose between shutting up or eating.

Maybe he has come good, I don't know but I have seen him soft-pedalling on Ukraine recently doing the old 'even-handed ploy' by reporting some of their nonsense as fact. None of that really matters in comparison to the reality that we all need to check facts before we accept things as true and you can call me old fashioned, lefty, and best of all 'ad-hominem' about types who regularly get personal about others, but I still maintain that when someone's statements have a direct effect on how well they live, we should always treat their utterances with care, not once, not twice, everytime.

This is why I get concerned to see people whose opinions I otherwise respect fall victim to the bullshit put forward by paid propagandists who operate here, because as we have seen with all politicians, it is only a matter of time before such types prevaricate rather than jeopardise their income.

Anyway I'm sure y'all have moved on to the next minor ruction or three by now.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 4 2022 23:36 utc | 156

Haassaan | Sep 4 2022 23:33 utc | 158

The tiny force Russia has in Ukraine is simply bait. The west swallows it hook line and sinker. The so called west has attacked Russia. Russia will destroy the west just as it did with Hitler and Napoleon.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:37 utc | 157

Posted by: Tim Glover | Sep 4 2022 20:19 utc | 108
Dima's lost the script, or perhaps, has started reading scripts. The "OMGOMGOMG Russians are screwed!" silliness of most recent video is absurd. Should have dumped him when he bizarrely said the Russians couldn't operate in the winter. I thought it might have been a language thing, understandably, but he clearly has no concept of either tactical or strategic military thinking. Just compiling and regurgitating, which has value, but he insists on making silly speculations like 'tanks all over the Karkov underground' and similar rumor and hype based conclusions. Just unsubscribed, I am better off just looking at the Ukie map + reading MOD report.

Posted by: muttman | Sep 4 2022 23:52 utc | 158

Question about winter military ops:

1. Are the Ukies running out of bunkers or do they still have plenty left in Donetsk?

2. Can they hunker down comfortably in sub-zero temps in them?

3. Can they easily keep receiving supplies during winter there?

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 4 2022 23:56 utc | 159

Posted by: Gabriel in Ireland | Sep 4 2022 21:46 utc | 134
Here here!

Posted by: muttman | Sep 4 2022 23:57 utc | 160

This is why I get concerned to see people whose opinions I otherwise respect fall victim to the bullshit put forward by paid propagandists who operate here, because as we have seen with all politicians, it is only a matter of time before such types prevaricate rather than jeopardise their income.

Anyway I'm sure y'all have moved on to the next minor ruction or three by now.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 4 2022 23:36 utc | 159

Why don't you go back to sleep and give it a rest?

Posted by: Guernica | Sep 4 2022 23:59 utc | 161

osted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:37 utc | 160

I do not call it bait so much, as the fact that Russia is as always cautious.

The horrid reality is that there is a real potential for an all out NATO/Russia war. Russia knows this and I believe that if Russia had gone into Ukraine boots and all, depleting much of its high tech equipment, (and assuming that the economic sanctions did their work) then there would have been a full on NATO attack and Russia would as a minimum have lost Crimea and probably Kalingrad. My guess is that the West thought like this:

1. Sanctions from hell will weaken Russia and Putin particular. With luck the regime will fall and son on Boris/Michael G will return, with western looting free for all

2. Russia will depelete its resources so that it will be realtivley easy pickings for the west to knock our their military, especially after 1 above is in fill flight.

3. From its base in Mariupol, NATO forces will retake Crimea.

4. Kalingrad would go in "reparations"

5. There will quickly be a "maidan"type revolution in Russia (or in many of the states) and NATO/US forces will then be placed on the border of China.

6. China will be cut off from Russian oil and gas (which will be USA by then)

7. China will be destroyed.

Posted by: watcher | Sep 5 2022 0:01 utc | 162

Posted by: watcher | Sep 5 2022 0:01 utc | 165

Like you said. The plan was:

The US-NATO-UK Strategy Plan for The Ukraine and Russia appeared thus:

Courtesy of The World’s Finest Fighting Force, train for several years and equip a heavily armed Ukrainian Armed Forces of units that position themselves close to the two Eastern Ukrainian Russian speaking provinces and open fire.

Create fixed fortifications from which to launch attacks, positioned within population centres of cities.

Assume that the Russian Armed Forces would apply a Shock and Awe Strategy, to use President George W. Bush's term for the Iraq War II, meaning carpet bombing and killing most, or alternatively, everything that flies on anything that moves, that Vietnam War policy term attributed to White House occupants President Richard Nixon and Dr. Henry Kissinger. This was necessarily to lead to a heavy number of deaths of the Eastern pro-Russian, Russian speaking Ukrainians, historically Russian. Thus so consolidating further anti-Russian racist sentiment, promoted for over one hundred years in The West [dealt with in the prior essay].

In turn the entire, disparate Ukrainian population would converge in popular outrage against Russia, creating a unified, anti-Russia Ukrainian block and enabling US-NATO-UK Planners to position major weapon systems on the border up to the western border of Russia.

Have Europe reduce or cease imports of Russian resources and switch to US suppliers. Damage major European export markets by making their products more expensive, so favouring US exports.

Generate disaffection within Russia for the Russian leadership, leading to its removal and replacement by pro-Western Yeltsin-like leaders chosen by the important Washington-London Thought Leaders to re-enable the pillaging of Russian resources and sovereign interests.

It seems likely that US-NATO-UK Planners reckoned that the Russian War Machine would be largely dissipated within weeks.

Enhance sanctions on Russia to accelerate these outcomes via a fall in the Russian standard of living and shortages of essentials.

The Russian financial elite class would be on-board to protect their vast fortunes and settle for having sanctions on their operations removed.

As the Russian Armed Forces collapsed, heavily armed and prepared NATO forces would invade.

Posted by: unimperator | Sep 5 2022 0:07 utc | 163

@Peter AU1 | Sep 4 2022 23:29 utc | 155
Me too.
Goering’s words appear no less true today than when he spoke them over 75 years ago.
Below is the background for anyone unfamiliar with Peter’s reference:

[Nazi Reichsmarshall and Luftwaffe-Chief] Herman Goering was one of the highest-ranking Nazis who survived to be captured and put on trial for war crimes in the city of Nuremberg by the Allies after the end of World War II . He was found guilty on charges of "war crimes," "crimes against peace," and "crimes against humanity" by the Nuremberg tribunal and sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence could not be carried out, however, because Goering committed suicide with smuggled cyanide capsules hours before his execution, scheduled for 15 October 1946.

The quote [bolded below] does not appear in transcripts of the Nuremberg trials because although Goering spoke these words during the course of the proceedings, he did not offer them at his trial. His comments were made privately to Gustave Gilbert, a German-speaking intelligence officer and psychologist who was granted free access by the Allies to all the prisoners held in the Nuremberg jail. Gilbert kept a journal of his observations of the proceedings and his conversations with the prisoners, which he later published in the book Nuremberg Diary . The quote offered above was part of a conversation Gilbert held with a dejected Hermann Goering in his cell on the evening of 18 April 1946, as the trials were halted for a three-day Easter recess:

Sweating in his cell in the evening, Goering was defensive and deflated and not very happy over the turn the trial was taking. He said that he had no control over the actions or the defense of the others, and that he had never been anti-Semitic himself, had not believed these atrocities, and that several Jews had offered to testify in his behalf. If [Hans] Frank [Governor-General of occupied Poland] had known about atrocities in 1943, he should have come to him and he would have tried to do something about it. He might not have had enough power to change things in 1943, but if somebody had come to him in 1941 or 1942 he could have forced a showdown. (I still did not have the desire at this point to tell him what [SS General Otto] Ohlendorf had said to this: that Goering had been written off as an effective "moderating" influence, because of his drug addiction and corruption.) I pointed out that with his "temperamental utterances," such as preferring the killing of 200 Jews to the destruction of property, he had hardly set himself up as champion of minority rights. Goering protested that too much weight was being put on these temperamental utterances. Furthermore, he made it clear that he was not defending or glorifying Hitler.

Later in the conversation, Gilbert recorded Goering's observations that the common people can always be manipulated into supporting and fighting wars by their political leaders:

We got around to the subject of war again and I said that, contrary to his attitude, I did not think that the common people are very thankful for leaders who bring them war and destruction.

"Why, of course, the people don't want war," Goering shrugged. "Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship."

"There is one difference," I pointed out. "In a democracy the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars."

"Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."


Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 5 2022 0:10 utc | 164

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Sep 4 2022 14:57 utc | 22

Some cultures use dried cow chips as fuel. Presumably the same could be done with human waste.

Why stop with human waste? In the WWII western desert campaign the British, in one of their periodic reversals due to the actions of Rommel, turned to removing corporeal remains from the local graveyards and burning them in locomotive fireboxes to get much needed supplies to the front.

Unfortunately for Z, his tanks lack fireboxes.

Posted by: Sushi | Sep 5 2022 0:15 utc | 165

Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 5 2022 0:10 utc | 166

it seems to me that death by cyanide is not an improvement over death by hanging, but I guess a lot of hangings were botched.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Sep 5 2022 0:16 utc | 166

Without western help this war is long over, all the "more weapons" talk at the beginning was a mass money grab. I saw footage of fighting at the beginning of the war in dombass, in a window not involved in the battle they had a remote turret in a empty house for defending. This is a serious war against Nato it is a dangerous dangerous time for the world.
Yes they are pushing the Russians back, the entire western half of Ukraine is running at them and it will be hard for the Russians to hold that side of the River and still attack in the east. They are sending waves of untrained troops to legitimately run at them, Russians dont have the ground forces for that and even if they did I highly doubt they are fine with both sides losing 5-10 thousand guys a day.
The Ukies should have been attacking since day 1 if this was the plan, sitting in rat holes catching bombs for 6 months was absolut stupidity. They had the numbers to swarm the Russians but the west trained them to be pain in the ass resistance fighters.

Posted by: OhhCanada | Sep 5 2022 0:19 utc | 167

Sort of a dumb question but why is the term " settlements" often used in describing areas in the Donbas and elsewhere? I assume it means a village or small town located in a remote area. Im in the northeast US.To me the term " settlement" has a frontier connotation, there are vibes of the North American Old West.
As I understand much of what's now Novorussiya was depopulated after Turkic slave raiders devastated the Black Sea and was settled by people from the Russian Empire in the 18th century. Would it ve accurate to say that thus region is something of a frontier of settlement?

Posted by: Kate Frey | Sep 5 2022 0:25 utc | 168

Invasion stalled for months, and now Russia is losing ground.

China is watching closely. Is Russia really this weak? Are they a worthy partner? Should we distance ourselves from this incompetent nation?
Posted by: Rangewolf | Sep 4 2022 21:11 utc | 121

Yep, it stalled, except for the continual capture of territory. The classic advancing stall. I am sure that China is alarmed, having seen Russia throw everything they had at Ukraine using the USA tactic of massive bombardment of infrastructure in every city and the government headquarters. From what I hear China is looking to kick Russia out of the BRICS.

Posted by: Simon | Sep 5 2022 0:31 utc | 169


Both sides aren't losing the same amount of troops.

Ukraine never had and doesn't have the man power to overrun Russian positions.

The Ukrainian Kherson assault force aren't untrained.

Digging in is the best strategy Ukraine has and no, those forces weren't trained as resistance fighters.

Posted by: Haassaan | Sep 5 2022 0:32 utc | 170

@ pretzelattack | Sep 5 2022 0:16 utc | 168

Neither one is particularly pleasant.

From here I can only speculate, but the cyanide capsule probably gave Goering a sense of control over the time and manner of his death while taking that power away from his captors.

Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 5 2022 0:35 utc | 171


"Would it ve accurate to say that thus region is something of a frontier of settlement?"

No that wouldn't be accurate. A decent geographical comparison would be the upper industrial Midwest. Eastern Ukraine is heavily industrialized and was heavily populated.

Big cities are surrounded by smaller cities which are surrounded by towns. The towns are surrounded by agricultural areas and forested areas which in turn have tiny settlements.

Posted by: Haassaan | Sep 5 2022 0:38 utc | 172

Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 5 2022 0:35 utc | 173

that makes sense.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Sep 5 2022 0:38 utc | 173

Scorpion | Sep 4 2022 23:20 utc | 153

"...If such a thing could happen it would be one of the most significant geopolitical events in Europe in a century; and if it results in sovereign Germany aligning with sovereign Russia and many other sovereign Eurasian states, that would be an epoch-changing geopolitical development. So whether or not it's likely, I pray for it every day..."

It's more than just likely. Winter is coming...

Save your prayers for what comes after that. I cannot even imagine.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Sep 5 2022 0:40 utc | 174

RF needed months to take over one village but the Ukronazis few days.
I'm telling you, something's up.

Posted by: Chessmaster | Sep 4 2022 19:32 utc | 101

What was the village the Russians needed months to take and which was the village Ukraine took in a few days? I want to look and see if there are any differences.

Posted by: Simon | Sep 5 2022 0:47 utc | 175

@ 159 Debsisdead

Your patter's like water son, see-through. lacking substance.

Posted by: WTFUD | Sep 5 2022 0:48 utc | 176

The "War in Ukraine" YouTube channel says that HARM radar seeking missiles have taken out enough radar that they can now fly the Turkish drones and are taking out heavy artillery with them.

Posted by: Simon | Sep 5 2022 0:52 utc | 177

Ive learned much off Alex Mercurous. Hes a fountain of knowledge. Not just about the NATO war on Russia, but many interesting titbits he adds to his analysis. Yesterday, for example,whilst he analysed the days events in Ukraine, i learnt that King David was a psalmist and that the psalms were actually songs. I never knew this. So, i gained something new, not just about the conflict, but something completely unrelated!

Posted by: HERMIUS | Sep 5 2022 0:52 utc | 178

@179 C- for you Simon. Poor qualityfodder. Could do better. Too obvious. Try to practice, maybe you get a little better at posting rubbish.

Posted by: Oh | Sep 5 2022 1:02 utc | 179

Meanwhile, Alex Christoforou (hope ive spelt that right), as well as his excellent analysis of serious World events, intices me with his Greek walkabouts (god i wish i was there) and mystery tours of the famous historical sites of one of the worlds first major civilisations. An excellent mix.

Posted by: HERMIUS | Sep 5 2022 1:03 utc | 180

Wanna know what's it like getting hit by an artillery shell?

🇺🇦 Removal of the wounded to Odessa from the Krivoy Rog direction. 2 September. This flow of cars to hospitals has been going on since August 29.

Posted by: unimperator | Sep 5 2022 1:05 utc | 181

I probably should have added this, Scorpion:

“The inevitable was approaching. Winter was near and, in the human world, something like a state of suspended animation, which was in the air, and which everyone was talking about.

This was the time to prepare for the cold weather, to store up food and wood. But in those days of the triumph of materialism, matter had become a disembodied idea, and the problems of alimentation and fuel supply took the place of food and firewood.

The people in the cities were as helpless as children in the face of the unknown—that unknown which swept every established habit aside and left nothing but desolation in its wake.” - Boris Pasternak [“Doctor Zhivago”]

Posted by: PavewayIV | Sep 5 2022 1:05 utc | 182

@Simon #179, there is definitely a significant uptick in TB2 drone strikes in Kherson oblast. What is probably going on is that HARM + HIMARS has taken out enough air defenses near *some* parts of the front line that Ukraine has localized air superiority (not supremacy) which certainly doesn't extend through the entire territory. Plus a "risk on" mindset with respect to assets given the offensive. They can't use TB2s for deep strikes against Dnipro ferry staging points, for example. But they have released videos of multiple tanks, trucks, Tor(?) TELARS, a mortar position, self-propelled gun, looks like targets of opportunity of which heavy arty is a small part - probably because they are further back for the most part.

Posted by: Yenwoda | Sep 5 2022 1:09 utc | 183

I left out that "War in Ukraine" is only talking about the Kherson oblast, and I believe only the western part (40 to 60%) of that.

Posted by: Simon | Sep 5 2022 1:27 utc | 184

When england left the eu the way it did, hurriedly, stupidly with so little care given for whatever comes next, I predicted that the whining about 'europe' which was what absorbed so much of the brexit discussion rather than the fact that the EU was an undemocratic, neoliberal hell would continue until the falling out became so severe a political force in england would develop whose demand would be that england sever all ties with europe and align with Russia instead.

I still remain unconvinced that this will not eventually occur and it seems the borg, war machine, call it what you will may have come to the same realisation which is why an extra special golden handshake was made available to Boris Johnson on condition he led the way in ensuring that Ukraine continued to sacrifice its humans on the altar of a Nato victory. Since then it is correct that media pols plus all the usual hangers on have tried to get englanders rallying on the side of so called western democracy, but nevertheless there remains an undercurrent in englander media of 'look what the eurotrash are doing now', this government will never be able to do the impossible of squaring the circle vis a vis Northern Ireland because ulster loyalists remain an integral part of the conservative party tosh machine, yet ripping up the peace agreement will also cause more trouble than this shower of shitbags could ever handle.

That in turn means it is difficult to imagine that englanders will get through the coming winter without falling back on old favourites such as "Fucking germans, it's their intransigence over their fucking gas supplies that is causing this" or "Bloody french, fucking frogs own the energy companies ripping us off while the same corporations sell us power for 5 times what they charge their own" etc. The stupid and entirely artificial nationalist nonsense that has become hard-wired into many englanders cannot be purged so fast.

Maybe Germny will beat england in getting alignment with Russia first, however there are major obstacles for that to be overcome. We have seen from statements by german pols that the old fascist assertion that all Russians are sub-human untermenschen remain below the surface, combine that with germany's committment to the EU which now contains the Baltic States and Poland where political control is in the hands of similar politicians who spout the same type of racist garbage and it is less likely to be Germany who takes advantage first.

It is correct to say that england and Russia were at logger heads long before the 1917 revolution but it is also true that England and Russia have also been close allies, allies who unlike Germany or France weren't regarded by Russia as being probable destroyers & parasites on the motherland.

Of course much of that will have been reconsidered by Russians after the huge thefts from Russians which the england government has recently perpetrated but in a way because that is recent it is not as deeply embedded into Russian consciousness as the torching of Moscow by France or the 27 million dead civilians killed by nazis, not to mention the continual state of low level conflict on the border between Russia and German principalities over the centuries which Russia would try to avert by choosing german princesses to be be Tsarina.

Rather like england and france melding into one state because they have so much shared history, not to mention common geography, the idea seems absolutely rational to any outsider but is unimaginable to many of those nations' inhabitants.

So even though I'm certain this will be just as loudly rejected as it has been before, I regard it as a good chance that an eventual alliance between england and russia will happen. amerika which is currently seeking to absorb england into its lost empire seems to be an obstacle to that but amerika is not without passionate detractors in england either, detractors who will become much more vocal as this conflict continues long past its best before date and amerika's efforts to be the puppet master keeping the conflict with its associated detriments for all the people of europe become too obvious to ignore.

Not that I'm any sort of a barracker for a positive outcome for england other than history has taught us down here on the other side of the planet, that the more effort that england, amerika and europe spend on their eternal internecine conflicts, the less time they have to disrupt our lives here.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 5 2022 1:40 utc | 185

@187 Simon like you posting that China is about to kick out Russia from BRICS. Total rubbish. Yenwoda, you get maybe a C, but you are just as poor a troll as Simon and some of the others. Tnat’s it. I’m not going waste time on you two.

Posted by: Oh | Sep 5 2022 1:41 utc | 186

Kate Frey | Sep 5 2022 0:25 utc | 170

”Hello y’all. I’m american! omg. I’ve just learned there’s somewhere on the other side of the planet!!!! Omg!!! I only know a few things. And one of the few things I know is about America, and there was this time 200 years ago, we had frontiers..…is the other side of the planet in 2022 anything like that?? Please explain in terms familiar to me as an *american!*

Kate. Somehow you’ve found your way onto the internet. And then found your way to this obscure blog.
Here’s a tip. Use your internet to find these Ukraine locations on google maps, google Earth. You don’t have to filter everything through your provincialism. You don’t have to shit up this thread with your banal curiosities.
You can sit comfortably in the “northeast US” and see exactly the “settlements” in this region (that has a 1000 year history)

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 5 2022 1:42 utc | 187

re HERMIUS | Sep 5 2022 1:03 utc | 182
Nothing sums up the causes of the mess the west is in, as succinctly as Hermius's unquestioning hero worship of a pair of silver tongues like Mercouris & Christoforou does. If you cannot separate facts from the opinions of the person spouting them and question these facts & opinions, then you remain just as stupidly credulous as the other humans who so many here express such contempt for.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 5 2022 1:49 utc | 188

there is definitely a significant uptick in. . .What is probably going on is that. . . Plus a "risk on" mindset. . .” - Yenwoda | Sep 5 2022 1:09 utc | 186
You definitely can’t be that certain about the current state of battle.
You probably don’t know what is going on.
Plus you don’t know what they’re thinking.

Posted by: DocHollywood | Sep 5 2022 1:50 utc | 189

@187 Simon like you posting that China is about to kick out Russia from BRICS. Total rubbish. Yenwoda, you get maybe a C, but you are just as poor a troll as Simon and some of the others. Tnat’s it. I’m not going waste time on you two.

Posted by: Oh | Sep 5 2022 1:41 utc | 189

Reread the BRICS post and you will see it was sarcasm. Please don't "waste any time" on my posts as you called the notion of the Turkish drones "rubbish" - with nothing to back that characterization up. You wasted my time.

Posted by: Simon | Sep 5 2022 1:56 utc | 190

@191 Duran may be right and they may be wrong. They may even, heaven forbid, be making money of it. But they are certainly more interesting than your Aotearoan snears.

Posted by: dh | Sep 5 2022 2:01 utc | 191

Change my view ..
Posted by: Moaobserver | Sep 4 2022 23:16 utc | 152

Events will change your view. Wait...

Posted by: Activist Potato | Sep 5 2022 2:12 utc | 192

I like Mercouris and Christoforou as well. Unquestioning hero worship on my part.

Posted by: Simon | Sep 5 2022 2:42 utc | 193

I'm somewhat encouraged by Crooke's report. With luck, the Blowback will reach hurricane force within the Empire and finally arouse people.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 4 2022 22:57 utc | 146

I am also encouraged by publication in the WSJ an article by Mr. Kimmitt, retired colonel, who says that the Ukraine war is not going well for Ukraine, and that the ammunition stocks in the USA are running low.

Posted by: fanto | Sep 5 2022 3:20 utc | 194

@Paul Greenwood | Sep 4 2022 16:41 utc | 51

Yes, I remember Peter Lavelle making angry sarcastic comments about that fracture.
However, each side has done well since to present useful information and (time saving) synthesis of complex geopolitical events. And I think Lavelle's style would have skewed it towards his RT show format etc. And the Duran has developed a presentation style that others emulate. Too bad they can't patch up and join forces etc.

As for blaming "NHS" I suspect it was just poor judgement(s) and stress that "NHS" might be a metaphor for. Nonetheless, it is all past and they both seem legitimate and useful in their current social media roles.

I also browse a number of the same sources as they (and many others) appear to do. However, now I can background their shows, as one did with radio, and usually find they add some deeper contextual value. And one can comment or follow up other links in their comments sections. And those here who still adhere to that old 'left-right' paradigm thing need to update their worldview schema. It is far more complex than that. And I don't go for the religiosity of the 'good-evil' binary either. The best model is a simple 'criminal-outlaw vs the rest' framework, imo.

As many have pointed out, it is "Rules based" dictat vs "Rule of Law" process -- nothing is perfect, but I know in the final analysis which one is safer, ... and which one I support in my prognosis.

Posted by: imo | Sep 5 2022 3:23 utc | 195

re article in WSJ by ret. Colonel Kimmitt - sorry that I do not have a link, because I read it in an email from a friend and he did not give me the link, but copied and pasted the whole article.

Posted by: fanto | Sep 5 2022 3:23 utc | 196

Scorpion @153

Germans need to get up the gumption to evict the current regime and, perhaps by referendum, appoint a caretaker government whose first duty would be to request the eviction of the U$$A occupying forces, along with demanding a peace treaty with the 3 Western Allied powers who began the occupation in May of '45. This done, it is not illogical that Russia would quickly agree to a full peace treaty and recognize German sovereign independence as an established fact.

Posted by: aristodemos | Sep 5 2022 3:28 utc | 197


In what currently can only be described as Canuckistan, it is imperative to free the land, not only from the dictatorial Freeland, but also from the bloody Crown. Crown lands, in many instances, could become free homesteading lands for those whose survival talents are such as to be able to make a go of a fully back to the land lifestyle.

Posted by: aristodemos | Sep 5 2022 3:32 utc | 198

And those here who still adhere to that old 'left-right' paradigm thing need to update their worldview schema. It is far more complex than that. And I don't go for the religiosity of the 'good-evil' binary either. The best model is a simple 'criminal-outlaw vs the rest' framework, imo.
Posted by: imo | Sep 5 2022 3:23 utc | 200

That old left paradigm that explains very well how we got into this current mess, you mean that one?
It's actually not complex at all.
Unfettered capitalism + Unfettered Individualism = Greed, chaos and corruption, theft of the world's resources in a scale never seen before to the benefit to a tiny % of humanity.

Ukraine is grand theft of resources covered up by a bunch of chaos and propaganda. Most of the budget flowing to Ukraine is going to the 1% with the bonus that they get to buy up the land after all the Ukies are gone.
Win win and not complicated.

That's Capitalism fer ya.

Socialist, human oriented systems offer an alternative to this and don't need to be called "left" if people find it confusing due to their lack of interest in reading.

American doublespeak has decimated so much meaning in the English language its a wonder they can communicate any more
grunt grunt

Posted by: K | Sep 5 2022 3:42 utc | 199

The people in the cities were as helpless as children in the face of the unknown—that unknown which swept every established habit aside and left nothing but desolation in its wake.” - Boris Pasternak [“Doctor Zhivago”]
Posted by: PavewayIV | Sep 5 2022 1:05 utc | 184

Thank you, kind Sir.

I can't help thinking that all this has been foreseen. From the first week of the sanctions imposed by the West it was fairly clear that they would back fire as it was instantly obvious that Europe cutting themselves off from Russian gas - especially Germany - was drop dead stupid. Throughout the pandemic it seemed to me that the intention was to soften up - if not outright collapse - western and many other economies in preparation for the infamous Reset or something. Then this happened. Whether by accident or design it is more of the same but more so. Significantly more so.

And now winter is indeed coming, with many well-off European polities about to face pressure that hasn't been experienced since the time of their grandparents, almost beyond living memory. Of course RF-China could be doing this just to prove a point - that they can no longer be pushed around. Or they could be doing it for more than that: establishing their own domains in which to build their own civilizations without WEF-IMF-etc interference in which case rather than global integration they want global bifurcation.

But in many of his addresses the past 20 years or so Putin has often spoken from within the European cultural sphere. Indeed he often expresses core European values better than any western European leader. Who has done so better than he since.... well it's been a long, long time. Churchill, controversial as he is now and understandably, was perhaps the last. Or deGaulle. Those who have come since are mainly mere managers. The point being that I believe based on many of his pronouncements that he wants to chart a different course for his people, his great Russian civilization which involves establishing peace and prosperity within and without. That is the sort of network of sovereign partnership he is building in Eurasia, starting with China, but I believe he wants the same with Europe.

Except Europe is not one nation like China. It is many nations. They need to return to being sovereign, each and every one. Then they can enter sovereign alliances and partnerships. If Russia could bring European countries into his alliance then a genuinely complete Eurasia would emerge moreover making Russia the twenty first century central kingdom with culture and view straddling, and including, both East and West, both Christian and Confucian.

Maybe I'm projecting and reading too much into his speeches, but if not then I believe this SMO with sanctions (which he knew were coming) is partly designed by Putin to prize Germany from Europe and break them free from the US. Need will make it so. Anyway, I think that's what they want, not permanent enmity which never ends well...

Sorry, am ramblig...

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 5 2022 3:44 utc | 200

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