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September 21, 2022

Russia Announces Partial Mobilization

Updated below (8:45 UTC)

The expected TV speech by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, advertised for yesterday evening, did happen only this morning.

Putin announced a partial mobilization of military reserves:

Only citizens who are currently in the reserve and, above all, those who served in the ranks of the Armed Forces, have certain military specialties and relevant experience will be subject to conscription for military service.

Those called up for military service before being sent to the units will necessarily undergo additional military training taking into account the experience of a special military operation.

Additionally all military service contracts currently in force (usually 3 to 12 months) are extended indefinitely.

Putin said that the current conflict was instigated by the West, noting that the Western countries seek the destruction and disintegration of Russia. He said that the West had been supporting international terrorists, promoted the infrastructure of the NATO offensive close to Russia's borders and fostered Russophobia.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said (video, Sputnik report) that 300,000 reservist will be mobilized. Conscripts and people currently studying will not be send to Ukraine.

He also said that, so far, 5,937 Russian soldiers have died during the war in Ukraine. (This number does not include the militia of the DPR and LPR, or the Wagner group, who have done most of the frontline work and thus have had higher losses.) Shoigu puts Ukrainian losses at some 62,000 killed and some 50,000 wounded. (I regard this as a low estimate.)

Russia's total military reserve, people who have previously gone through military training, is 25 million. It also has the equipment to arm those forces.

There are rumors that the Ukraine is preparing for an all out offensive, mobilizing and preparing new units from Kiev and further west for one big push against the Russian and allied forces. It will take a few months to prepare for this. The Ukraine will need much more equipment and ammunition from the 'west', including 'western' tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, and has yet to train troops to be able to use it. It is likely intending to start the offensive only in spring.

The call up Russia announced now may have the intent to draw Kiev into a premature launch of its general offensive. The mobilized Russian troops will take about three months to be ready for war. Russia could thus launch its own offensive during the winter season. In the meantime constant defensive work will continue to severely degrade the Ukrainian units which are currently on or near the frontlines.

With a force of an additional 300,000 troops, far beyond the 100,000 to 150,000 engaged now in the war, the Russia forces could change their tactics from the slow grind that is happening now into a larger scale maneuver war with heavy strikes into the operational depth of the Ukrainian army.

Belarus, allied with the Russian Federation, is also in the process of getting ready for war. It could, as it had threatened before, cut of the supply lines from the 'west' into the Ukraine in the western part of that country.

Should current Ukrainian attacks on civilians and infrastructure in Russia and the Donbas regions continue, we can expect that the Russian forces will start to degrade Ukrainian infrastructure on a large scale. The electricity and railway networks would be the primary targets.


Some two weeks ago a successful Ukrainian offensive led to the retreat of Russian troops in the Kharkov region. That at least is the 'western' version of that story. A different narrative is that the Russian troops intentionally withdrew from the region to raise Russian calls for an escalation of the war.  The Izium withdrawal was thus probably a mere catalyst for 'starting in earnest':

The Russian public, which at first did not fully understand why the war was necessary, has since grown in its awareness. It now understands the big game that is played against its country. It may soon demand to adjust the level of resources put into the war to the one needed for a decisive victory. Polls will clarify if or when that point is reached.

That is why Dima concludes that: "We can say that today was the best ever [..] day for the Russians in the territory of Ukraine."

It is now probably assured that they will be liberated. One way or another.

I also believe that the withdrawal from the Izium region, which left behind a significant number of pro-Russian civilians under deadly threats from fascist 'filtration' groups, will be the catalyst for a significant escalation on the Russian side.

Finally the gloves are coming off.


Yves Smith just published an English version of Putin's speech and the decree on mobilization:

Below is the Russian transcript of Putin’s morning speech announcing a partial mobilization of Russia starting September 21. There is apparently not an official English translation up yet, and in any event, the Kremlin site is blocked in the US (which it hasn’t been since early in the Special Military Operation) and even to friendly VPN users in some countries in Asia. So we are also posting a machine translation and will replace it with an official English translation when one becomes available.

We are also posting an English version of the mobilization order, which here and apparently in the original Russian has Item 7 missing. You can theoretically find the order here:

As you can see, Putin refines and extends his critique of the “collective West” and its campaign to preserve the unipolar order at the expense of the Global South, and its campaign against Russia. Towards the end, Putin states: ...

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alek_a | Sep 22 2022 8:58 utc | 590

Fnord73 is a sewage level troll. not worth responding to. Perhaps with practice and experience it will move to preschool kindergarten level. I guess for the empire that be, it is difficult to get quality hired help. Currently though, this one is like an unpolished turd.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 9:14 utc | 601

machine learning
anon2020 | Sep 22 2022 9:08 utc | 596


Who knew there were so many possible applications for Eigenvalues and fused-multiply-add?

Posted by: too scents | Sep 22 2022 9:16 utc | 602

@594 Mao Chong Ji


Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 9:21 utc | 603

pretzelattack | Sep 22 2022 9:12 utc | 599

My thought is the punch up in Ukraine cannot and will not end until the power of the anglo west is destroyed. Ukraine is simply a puppet on a string.

Any negotiated settlement will be between anglostan and Russia, but I do not see that occurring. Anglostan is only interested in a fight to the death.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 9:23 utc | 604

The new UK PM Liz Truss is to more weapons and aid to Ukraine, to the tune of billions of pounds worth, meanwhile the cost-of-living crisis has hit UK families that aren't well-off, really hard. As the taxpayer forked out millions to bury an obscenely rich old queen, many working folk are now relying on foodbanks to get by, this doesn't include the high cost of energy, of which many folk cannot afford to use, some at foodbanks are asking for cold foods because they cannot afford to heat the food.

"British Prime Minister Liz Truss has promised billions of dollars more in financial and military aid to Kiev, as she vowed to rally Western support at the UN General Assembly over Ukraine.

The new prime minister said on Tuesday that her government would meet next year to confirm aid that would exceed the 2.3 billion pound ($2.63 billion) in military aid spent on Ukraine in 2022."

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Sep 22 2022 9:24 utc | 605

I'm in the US. No one should be surprised or afraid. Whether now or in near future, US elites will get what they've craved for many years, which is an excuse to destroy the US. US elites despise their own citizens with a searing, white hatred. They absolutely cannot bear living on the same planet with us, need us to be gone ASAP, and will happily accept any collateral damage. They induced Russia into being the excuse they needed. Incidentally, US is in year #3 of "emergency government" decreed by Soros pal Trump in March 2020. I never hear anyone demanding return of normal government.

Posted by: susan mullen | Sep 22 2022 9:31 utc | 606


..a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine did not suit Western countries, so Kiev was ordered to disrupt the negotiations."

I keep seeing this about Kiev under orders not to accept peace, which given the only ones doing the actual fighting is Ukraine and Ukrainians, makes zero sense.

The West has no leverage. If Ukrainians stopped fighting tomorrow then that would be it, the conflict is done. What are the West going to do? Stop sending weapons if peace breaks out? The US and Europeans made great efforts to try and dissuade Russia from initiating the conflict, yet now they don’t want a resolution?

The key to peace is within the gift of the two principal parties involved and no one else.

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 9:33 utc | 607

Republicofscotland | Sep 22 2022 9:24 utc | 604

There are some images of a Truss lookalike doll floating around the twit net but I guess this one, though somewhat more intelligent looking conveys the truss character.

An un-elected leader of a so called democracy who functions under a hereditary head of state bin the so called demonocracy.
.......Bloody typo's. It is becoming difficult to spell demo... democracy.
In practice, the fables of demons and the reality of western democracy are somewhat indistinguishable.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 9:38 utc | 608

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 9:33 utc | 606

I keep seeing this about Kiev under orders not to accept peace, which given the only ones doing the actual fighting is Ukraine and Ukrainians, makes zero sense.

How is that even possible for them to give in, when the current regime are in an existential battle for their existance, and western countries are happily emptying their arsenals to feed the mania?

And how can you say the west isnt directly involved when NATO give direct battlefield instructions and intelligence to Ukraine?

Posted by: Night Tripper | Sep 22 2022 9:44 utc | 609

Tom UK (606).

A naive almost childlike comment, you honestly believe Zelensky's running the show and if he said tomorrow, I think we'll have peace talks that it would happen. Zelensky is a Western puppet, if he's not pushing his own interests or the interests of those countries that want to keep the war alive, then he's gone, never to be seen again. The Zelensky's of this world are ten a penny, next up would probably be Dmytro Kuleba, but the main point is, there's far too much money at stake, and possibly Russian assets if the West wins, for peace to breakout.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Sep 22 2022 9:44 utc | 610

Yes after reading/skimming though 500 odd comments I too am bored. I hope you enjoyed my well intended comments. Cheers

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 4:37 utc | 537

Yes I did. Thank you. Don't bust an artery or something.

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 22 2022 9:48 utc | 611

My post that refers to jap woda and pommie tom seems to have been intercepted mid flight...what a wonderful world...

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 9:50 utc | 612

Peter AU1 (607).

Liz Truss great idea to help struggling families on benefits, in this terrible cost of living crisis, is to give them tax breaks, which of course will only help the very rich, which in my opinion was the plan all along.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Sep 22 2022 9:50 utc | 613

pretzelattack | Sep 22 2022 9:12 utc | 599

But no one knows Russia's goals, how does Scotty? Sure, Donbass and the other regions have to be protected and not accept daily terrorist attacks like now (I hope so) but nato seems fixated on attacks over the new borders forever.
So the goals will reach nato borders 100%, at least. That can be done much faster. Like they did a few weeks ago: in a day power grid off, but all transformers this time. kiev parties can be disabled in 24h, no soldiers needed. Let them run to eu

Posted by: rk | Sep 22 2022 9:52 utc | 614

"Which country can you recommend to emigrate to?
Must be self-reliant on energy and food, and no, China is not an option".

Right now, the safest place on earth.
Cheap energy and beautiful women, too..

Posted by: Alexander P | Sep 22 2022 9:53 utc | 615

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Sep 21 2022 18:19 utc | 302

"When the US invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, the majority of troops that were deployed were from the National Guard and reserves. In fact the number is about 300,000. Then there was the "stop loss" policy of Bush which required extra long tours or extra short breaks. So there is nothing at all unusual about what Russia is doing here.

The only reason I mention it is that my friends in the PMC class, most of whom are developers and engineers on H1B visas (strangely enough all from Latin America), are literally to the last one, super gung-ho about Ukraine's chances and they swallow the MSM spin hook, line and sinker. They've been trying to convince me that this is some huge statement on Russia's weakness and impending loss of this war. When I point out to them that big bad Uncle Scam had to do this when fighting fourth world countries in the Global South, they don't usually have much to say in response. LOL"

Good point. And how did US succeed in those wars?

Posted by: Membrum Virile | Sep 22 2022 9:54 utc | 616

@608 Night Tripper

Because they are not in some ‘existential battle for their existence’. If Russian forces were camped around Kiev, then yes they might have been, but right now, Ukrainian forces are pressuring Russian lines and those lines are in the disputed territories, not Kiev.

Ukraine receives Western intelligence and no doubt games battle tactics with Western advisors, but the fighting is done by Ukrainian troops. This conflict will continue for as long as Ukrainians are willing to fight. If they elect to sue for peace, then it is over and no amount of Western interference is changing that.

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 9:58 utc | 617

Posted by: lex talionis | Sep 22 2022 6:58 utc | 558

The deaths of Gonzalo Lira's death are exaggerated. Ritter said he had been tortured and killed in the summer, after which Lira has not wanted to have any contact with Ritter. But it is interesting that it was supposed to be done by Kraken which was recently eulogized by Sky News.

Posted by: Jonathan W | Sep 22 2022 10:03 utc | 618

@609 RepublicofScotland

Zelensky is running the Ukrainian show. It is Zelensky who is front and central of addresses to Parliaments, Congresses and the EU, whipping up aid and weapons for Ukraine. It is Zelensky with the excellent media management and in his trademark combat gear outfit running rings around laboured speeches from Putin and his 40 foot table.

It is Ukrainians doing the fighting. Those that do the fighting determine the peace. Ukraine stops fighting, it’s over. That’s the reality

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 10:10 utc | 619

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 9:58 utc | 616

Because they are not in some ‘existential battle for their existence’. If Russian forces were camped around Kiev, then yes they might have been, but right now, Ukrainian forces are pressuring Russian lines and those lines are in the disputed territories, not Kiev.

Errr and if the Ukrainians stopped fighting you think the Russians would go 'ok Mr Zelesnki carry on with your abuse of Russian speakers in Ukraine for as long as you want to?'

The regime is fighting to survive right now despite your gymnastics.

Posted by: Night Tripper | Sep 22 2022 10:13 utc | 620

If they have good leadership they follow the straight and narrow. If they don't have good leadership... well the current 'west' is the answer to that question.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 8:48 utc | 586

That's the key issue. Some argue for making all equal to eradicate all leadership which is always bad. Wrong. SeanAU above referenced Plato's conclusion that there must be wise and good leaders since no system alone is foolproof.

How to get good leadership?
You need a leadership class.
For that you need followership classes too.
For that you need continuity thus culture.
And for leadership to be good, all classes must be oriented towards fostering the good and reducing the unvirtuous individually and collectively.
Religion is the traditional means of orienting an entire people with all its various classes towards the good,but perhaps there are other ways in secular polities.

Be that as it may, Russia and China keep emphasizing how a core tenet of their polity is that government policies further the well being of their peoples. By so doing they create good leadership and followership and thus possess the 'ontological basis' for a good society.

The West has strayed from such bedrock simplicity and needs to start over. Things have gone way past the point where they could be remedied by reform or elections.

Time for a debt jubilee, a reset. Time for breaking things down, lying fallow for a while, then following polities that are working well but doing so in a way that fits the national character. Witness rebuilding Russia, post-communist China and post-Empire India. They are showing a way forward. We must let them now lead and we must learn how to get our various nations and cultures in order so that we may follow in our own way but also in a good way.

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 22 2022 10:14 utc | 621

@Exile | Sep 21 2022 11:40 utc | 84

"Which country can you recommend to emigrate to?
Must be self-reliant on energy and food.
For Americans ? - South or Central America seems to be a good choice with plenty of options.
Europeans ? - Ireland or Serbia appear to be best solutions.

As someone living in South America. Think not in terms of countries, but down to the regions inside of them. As an example, there is a huge difference in the lifestyle, safety levels, and culture between Buenos Aires and Mendoza provinces (Argentina). The same can be said of brazil, north-eastern states like Ceara are downright your definition of the third-world, while midwestern states like Mato Grosso or southern ones like Parana and Santa Catarina, look definitely more like US midwestern states.
Ideally, for an american desiring to move to south america, and run from the degradation of society, I would recommend moving to those agricultural powerhouses, instead of the notoriously unsafe big cities. If you have the capital to buy land (and the skills to work with it), or highly sought skill like being a veterinarian, you can even make lots of money.

Posted by: Marcos E Brasil | Sep 22 2022 10:15 utc | 622

So many people rabidly cheering on escalation as if this war is in any way a positive thing for them or other "ordinary" people is a sign of truly disturbed and unhinged times that are sliding into blood lust fuelled barbarism.

Or maybe it's just a bunch of unhappy chickenhawks who have nothing better to do all day then collectively reinforce their delusions and degrade their mental health. Russia is welcoming foreign volunteers so you can sign up and join the fight. But of course that is the last thing these goofy keyboard warriors would do.

People who cheer on violence from the sidelines and verbally front like tough guys are always the biggest physical cowards and the first to cry and run when put in an actual tough situation. What a pathetic spectacle that's on display here.

Posted by: Matchbox | Sep 22 2022 10:18 utc | 623

Reply to: SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 4:37

"… Yes after reading/skimming though 500 odd comments I too am
bored. I hope you enjoyed my well intended comments. Cheers"

Your post that I replied to (let's call it the LAST one) contains:
Words: 772
Chars (no spaces): 3,907
Chars (with spaces): 4,655
Paragraphs: 24
Lines: 56

Your PREVIOUS post [SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 7:03] contained:
Words: 623
Chars (no spaces): 3,310
Chars (with spaces): 3,918
Paragraphs: 16
Lines: 47

500 posts with NONSENSICAL VERBIAGE like your LAST post make:
Words: 386,000
Chars (no spaces): 1,953,500
Chars (with spaces): 2,327,500
Paragraphs: 12,000
Lines: 28,000

And YOU are the one that is BORED?!!!
Your comments are NOT well intended -- they are conceived exclusively to
suffocate the discussion here.
So good riddance, you BLOODY TROLL!!

Posted by: LongCovid | Sep 22 2022 10:18 utc | 624

Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 10:10 utc | 618 "Zelensky is running the Ukrainian show"

The green tee shit (another of my typos but little difference between shirt and shit when iut comes to the black hole of corruption that is ukraine that is defending European 'values') that stands in front of video cameras? The cock waggler that plays the part of president?

Trolls like you - its like watching a cockroach crawl over a nice meal.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 10:20 utc | 625

js | Sep 22 2022 9:12 utc | 598

You and a lot of people here pretend to be worried about the prisoner swap

My opinion is that there’s no reason to panick

The prisoners were taken by and held in a jurisdiction which is about to cease to exist – in all liklihood

To go ahead with a trial would present not only a very complex legal situation, maybe an impossible problem, but would give the barking poodles a field day

Much better to impress SCO and RoW, swap out the neos, get back some needed people and by this show loyalty to all captured prisoners – well not in that order – to impress that all steps will be taken to save the lives of your soldiers is worth far more than ignorant randoms worrying about motive

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 22 2022 10:23 utc | 626

Matchbox | Sep 22 2022 10:18 utc | 622

What is your solution to the geopolitical problems of today?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 10:23 utc | 627

Any negotiated settlement will be between anglostan and Russia, but I do not see that occurring. Anglostan is only interested in a fight to the death.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 9:23 utc | 603

Will be a long time until AngloZioStan is 'agreement-capable.' Will require profound level regime changes and return to sovereignties wherein leadership serves the well-being of all. We have no collective experience of this, just jibberish jargon, primitive beliefs and endemic confusion.

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 22 2022 10:27 utc | 628

Tom uk

"It is Ukrainians doing the fighting. Those that do the fighting determine the peace. Ukraine stops fighting, it’s over. That’s the reality."

No, mo, no. Youte wrong. When ukraine troops have refused to fight, theyve been shot by the Kraken brigade or Right Sector who position themselves to the rear to prevent retreat.This is a known fact.

Posted by: Pete UK | Sep 22 2022 10:28 utc | 629

Legitimniy. DeepL translation:

Our source reports that the Office of the President specifically requested the prisoner exchange for yesterday in order to use it as a discredit to the partial mobilization in Russia.

The source also explains that there are a lot of idiots working in the Kremlinl who could not calculate the strategic consequences of this step and prepare in advance a "counter-campaign" with the right talking points and narratives to be launched at moment "X".


Наш источник сообщает, что в Офисе Президента обмен пленными специально затребовали на вчера, чтобы использовать его как дискредитацию частичной мобилизации в России.

Также источник поясняет, что в Кремле работает очень много идиотов, которые не смогли просчитать стратегические последствия от этого шага и подготовить заранее «контр-кампанию» с нужными тезисами и нарративами, которые будут запущены в момент «Х».

Once again, I'm sorry, very sorry.

Posted by: js | Sep 22 2022 10:28 utc | 630

On the prisoner swap:

The azov scum are being held in Turkey until the cessation of hostilities.

I get no comfort in that arrangement but as long as their activities are limited ... trust Erdogan???

The number of Russian soldiers returned is the good news for them and their families.

I see mixed reports on the value of Medvedchuk apart from him being a billionaire and his daughters being pleased to see him no doubt. Some speculate he was Putin's man in Kiev and he was leader of a pro-Russian political party. Perhaps he could become the Juan Guaido of Ukraine while domiciled in Russia or even Donbass. I would like to see that stunt splashed in the UKUSA face.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 10:29 utc | 631

@619 Night Tripper

Russia would enter into negotiations to determine a peace treaty, new borders would be drawn, terms agreed etc. All conflicts end in negotiation at some point.

None of this changes the fact that if Ukraine and its leadership opt for negotiations and peace then there is nothing the West can do about it. Pretending the West can make the Ukrainians fight, or scupper peace talks because it doesn’t suit them, is fantasy. The US couldn’t make the Afghan Govt fight and it can’t make the Ukrainians fight.

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 10:29 utc | 632

Scorpion | Sep 22 2022 10:14 utc | 620

A rest is certainly on the horizon for the west. In what way shape or form that will occur is anybodies guess. Like forecasting which way the wind will blow at any particular moment in a storm. In the past, reset/change entails topping the top.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 10:33 utc | 633

Troll UK, you need to do a better job at trolling.

As it is, it is too transparent and, frankly, not very intelligent.

By the by, I live in the UK, too, and those around me who have their eyes wide open know perfectly well how things are **really** going; they are, basically, all those who care to get proper information, instead of eating all the excrement the Baghdad Bobs at the BBC serve to them daily.

You are wasting your time trolling here, because people go here exactly in order to get proper information.

You should write on r/Ukraine, where there is no lack of people willing to believe you (unless they are trolls, like you).

Posted by: Alexander P | Sep 22 2022 10:36 utc | 634

Much better to impress SCO and RoW, swap out the neos, get back some needed people and by this show loyalty to all captured prisoners – well not in that order – to impress that all steps will be taken to save the lives of your soldiers is worth far more than ignorant randoms worrying about motive

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 22 2022 10:23 utc | 626

All true.
Plus: they rescued Ukraine’s next President!

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 22 2022 10:39 utc | 635

susan mullen #606

"I never hear anyone demanding return of normal government."

From my remote island in the sun I can see it will be difficult to even define 'normal government' in the USA. I get the impression that it may never have experienced such a condition.

My sympathies though as it really is a necessity for world peace to have the USA in a stable, liberated condition but it sometimes seems to me that nothing short of an intelligent revolution of every root and branch is needed. Fortunately there are plenty of models to pick from and they are yet still free of patent, trade mark or whatever.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 10:39 utc | 636

Russia took the bait, removed top ukrainian oppositional leader from ever taking power in Ukraine! Great job Russia! Jesus...

Ukraine's top opposition politician was released as part of a large-scale prisoner exchange with Russia, President Vladimir Zelensky announced on Thursday morning.

If that was not enough Russia have according to themselves lost about 6000 soldiers already. Compare that number with the US, that "only" lost 5000 soldiers during the 10+ year Iraqi war!

What the heck is going on? Russia is making a fool of themselves!

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 22 2022 10:39 utc | 637

As to the prisoner swap: when Lugansk and Donetsk cease to exist as independent Countries, the death penalty cease to exist, too (bad, I know). It makes sense to consider the new situation on the ground in just a few days. It makes sense to leverage the condemned for a more advantageous swap as alternative to a very fast execution.

Also, those prisoners will become Putin's prisoners. Putin isn't the type to go all Rambo and start executing Western mercenaries. You may like it or not, but this is the situation on the ground.

Posted by: Alexander P | Sep 22 2022 10:42 utc | 638

"Zelensky is running the Ukrainian show. "

Tom UK (619)

Sure he is Tom.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Sep 22 2022 10:44 utc | 639

LongCovid | Sep 22 2022 10:18 utc | 623

I get you think these guys are trolls, and I’m not trying to argue, but-

These commentors are like children playing a game, far from the theatre of action, ignorant of the reality of war the area or indeed the general context, they hop skip and jump over the maps and poke their noses into ‘motives’ and ‘plans’ and worry that it’s not going the way they want, full of suggestions as to how the grown ups should fight a better war

They waste a lot of everyone’s time, wading through the junk, and because more knowledgable commentors have ceased to post here, and the sitemaster has to spend time weeding them out

They’re not really trolls, but baby trolls, try out trolls, unpaid interns

This is a subset of the PMC, mainly ynak, but also fiveyes : those on the lowest rungs of the PMC ratrace, who have to curry favour and attempt to prove themselves to their higher ups by cheerful unending attempts at derailment of anything like a cohesive and coherent group or mindset forming around ‘dissident’ blogs such as this

With the possibility, if their provocations succeed, that the site could be closed for disinformation or racism or not calibrating diversity into .. er.. into something, or whatever non reasons are now de rigueur for censorship in the US/EU

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 22 2022 10:45 utc | 640

uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 10:39 utc | 636 " I get the impression that it may never have experienced such a condition."

That one hits the nail. The bad part is that non experience of normal government is being exported worldwide.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 10:45 utc | 641

Was it Really Worth it?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 10:47 utc | 642

Zanon | Sep 22 2022 10:39 utc | 637

Trollboy, wait and watch as to who has taken the bait. I am not sure that teleprompter makes the grade in the shark pool.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 10:50 utc | 643

In modern usage, sophism, sophist, and sophistry are used disparagingly. A sophism, or sophistry, is a fallacious argument, especially one used deliberately to deceive. A sophist is a person who reasons with clever but fallacious and deceptive arguments.

You do not need to go far to see them at work daily! Alternatively it would be nice if discussions could more often be grounded in reality (good humour aside.
Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 4:37 utc | 537

Thanks for that, i feel the same but couldn't put it into words. Appreciate all your posts today.

Posted by: K | Sep 22 2022 10:53 utc | 644

Peter AU1 #641

The first step to returning Government to normal would be to completely sever the oligarchy and special interest parasite from government and court functions and simultaneously smash monopoly practices in the media.

A free but strictly desegregated media seems vital to restoring some semblance of open discourse and critical debate.

Until those separations are in place the national and international oligarchs will cripple any chance of normalcy imo.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 10:55 utc | 645

A dog called churchill

"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” – Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast). “This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

(7) “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler of a Jesuit priest.” – Winston Churchill [1940]; Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace

Posted by: Sam | Sep 22 2022 10:56 utc | 646

It’s like whitewater rafting with the returning trollers😝

I’ll pick one :

“ [CHURCHILL] He was exactly the kind of person we needed to win WW2.
Because, God was right when he warned us against killing each other. Murder is fundamentally wrong, the worst thing you can possibly do as a human being. War, unfortunately, is organised murder. Ergo you probably don't want nice guys running your war effort.
Posted by: ZX | Sep 21 2022 22:26 utc | 426“

Churchill was born and raised to be a complete and utter murdering bastard for his ancient masters. He was tutored on the NW frontier killing brown peoples, in South Africa killing white and black peoples, overseeing the creation of concentration camps; chemical warfare in MENA, Gallipolli, along with machine guns and canons against civilian protests in the U.K., millions of dead in India’s famines …. A total murderous psychotic c**t.

HE did NOT win WW2 , it is moronic to believe and perpetuate that myth.
If anyone did it was STALIN.

RUSSIA WON WW2 not the ‘West’

We were actual party to causing it. For the same old reason as we are party to creating Nazi brainwashed ‘leader’ Ms. Ellen Sky, and Azov to take Russia. Or attempt it yet again. A twice a century attempt going back hundreds of years. The released Nazis will be looked at as traitors who didn’t die in battle; they won’t be trusted; they may well get executed; they certainly won’t trust their Masters who sent missiles to destroy them in captivity. They will remember that the Russians they were captured by were actual humans and not what they believed in their drug addled Nazi training schools and they certainly will be wanting to get rid of all their ugly tattoos knowing they are branded for life.

Truth hurts eh?

Posted by: DunGroanin | Sep 22 2022 10:57 utc | 647

From the time of pirate queen elizabeth first the war criminal, the english have always sided with sunni Muslims turkey against Christian Europe. Queen Elizabeth first helped turks in joint piracy against the Christian Europeans.
Now after brexit English are funding turks against Germans and Russians.

Origin of their so called (royal) navy (pirates) is high sea piracy from the time of pirate queen elizabeth first the war criminal. That pirate queen helped turk Muslims against Christian Europe.

English are still pirate nation which must be sorted out from doing their piracy.

Their new piracy is called money laundering of 3rd World wealth which they call financial services.

English pirates always honour the most evil men or women in the world as long as they happen to be English scum like Churchill, Cromwell, pirate queen elizabeth first etc. They adorne their squares with statues of those war criminals.
Francis drake, a pirate was and is honoured by English pirates even now.
The same people tore down the statue of sadam hussian in a foreign country Iraq!
Pirate queen elizabeth first used to ally with Muslim turks against Christian Europe for high sea piracy.

Churchill was worse than Hitler or Stalin.. Churchill caused directly the deaths of atleast 4 million people through artificially created famines in ‘colonies’.. and he ran to Moscow and Washington when his own people faced starvation from WW2.. Some ‘hero’..who loved slavery and was a typically low class Brit racist..
Churchill statue MUST be next to be thrown out.
His crimes –
Union buster as head of police,
Ordering the use of chemical waeapons in M.E.
Responsible for the famine in India, during WWII (millions of people died)
Starting the civil war in Greece in 1944
Admirer of Mussolini, who he praised publicly
and many, many more..

Posted by: Sam | Sep 22 2022 10:57 utc | 648

May 5, 2011
Last year, British forces in Helmand province sent a message to the Taliban that all major operations were carried out by the Americans, so if we, Taliban, did not target them, the British forces would not target the Taliban," Nazir said!

What a coward the English pirate nation is!!

Hitler’s Generals surrounded 300K Brits at Dunkirk, and were ready to finish the job, when Hitler stopped them, saying, 'we are not in the killing business !'
The Brits crow about Dunkirk which was a deliberate gift by hiler to Brutish, as if it was an heroic act when it was a case of coward English fleeing from the enemy after getting permission to flee from same enemy.
Only Hitler's personal command to halt prevented Guderian's tanks and troops turning Dunkirk into an English  bloodbath. And as typical of the English cowards they fled tha battle field as soon as possible-hitler gave them 3 full days !  All because  vile coward liar  Churchill promised something to hitler only token resistance to  his ultimate aim-to destroy russia and (thus from brutish  point of view germans too.).

When someone asked Bismark once what he would do if the British invaded, he said he’d have the border police arrest them (or words to that effect—“ "If the British Army landed in Europe, I'd get the Belgian police to arrest them." ).-that is how low the Germans thought of the English army capability at height of victorian period –and the Germans were right as was shown the cowardice of non fighting coward English troops in both world wars-they instigated others to fight but remained behind in actual fighting till late.
Remember Bismarck said that when the pirate empire called british empire was at height of her pseudo power-in other words Prussians could defeat the English race at the height of their so called power. And rightly so.  english then and now are ready to fight only unarmed civilians.

It is the coward English who plotted Russian invasion by Napoleon the Great.

Considering the extent of the disaster (at battle of Austerlitz and of Ulm before that in 1805 instigated by england with money stolen from India), The Austrian Emperor said


The Emperor forgot to mention that the payment of gold is from the victim or some other people’s wealth especially loot from India.

When it comes to actual war, Anglos are cowards and only attack when they’re sure nothing happens to them. y stuff.

Posted by: Sam | Sep 22 2022 10:59 utc | 649

Peter AU1

Zelensky jailed Medvedchuk to get him out of Ukraine, Russia thus took the bait.

Get out of here by the way homophobe, how you slandered your own grandson for being gay a couple of weeks back here was really heinous.

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 22 2022 11:03 utc | 650

Russia. Right now, the safest place on earth.
Posted by: Alexander P | Sep 22 2022 9:53 utc | 615

With retards like Shoigu in charge, Russia is far from safe. Terrorist attacks, like the car explosion near Moscow, are only beginning. Soon all those thousands of nato manpads will shoot down planes all over Russia, Belarus and former Ukr.

Try Kiev of Lvov, the safest places on earth.

Posted by: rk | Sep 22 2022 11:06 utc | 651

re my #645

On reading it again I would be more inclined to say a strictly SEGREGATED media.
Meaning that you can own print but not radio or television and vice versa and no person, company or chimera can own any media AND an internet service provider.

Plus the veil of secrecy on shareholdings should be immediately lifted so every single shareholder is revealed down to the identity of a real person.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 11:06 utc | 652

uncle tungsten | Sep 22 2022 10:55 utc | 645

Can't disagree with you there, though what I find of importance is the circles that revere the English monarch, the circles that want to be part of the crowd standing in corgi shit.

This reverence or servitude to a foreign monarch is wide spread amongst oz elite and wannabe elite. They raise the empire flag and me.. if I'm gonna be a flag waver it will be black with the silhouette of ned kelly in white.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 22 2022 11:07 utc | 653

650 comments on this must be a record for MoA. A pity though that the quality of the debate has suffered through newer barflies. However, the wider this blog is read, the better for us all. B is our Eärendil.

Posted by: Kaiama | Sep 22 2022 11:16 utc | 654

... Russia isn't going to be the first to use nukes. can't say the same for the americans.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Sep 22 2022 9:12 utc | 600

Or perhaps NAZO is hoping to gradually escalate the intensity and geography of the Ukraine conflict, spilling it over into RF proper, with the specific intention of threatening the Russian state and thus provoking RF into a nuclear response, so they can say Russia Did It?

The only real solution, as many have pointed out, is to slow-play the conflict and wait for the western Ponzi economies to collapse under the weight of their own debt and fraud, something they are prone to do of their own accord!

Posted by: anon2020 | Sep 22 2022 11:33 utc | 655

Lol, why do you enter a debate if you have no knowledge of the topic discussed? You think I made that up?

Here, read Peter Au1's homophobic rant a couple of weeks back.

Peter Au1

Just talking to youngest daughter who I have always backed and supported. No totally wrapped up in this fantasy faggot world. Now separated will most likely bring her child, my only grandson up to be a piece of fairy floss.

This watching the pied piper pull all your children away. I pulled down all the photos off the fridge and cupboard the other day. Perhaps they will come back when the green faggot shit hits the fan in the not too distant future perhaps not.

Melaleuca don't take the wording I am using personal. I don't care what you do in your private life. This culture that has fucked my family realy pisses me off.

I will not see my grandson being brought up like that. What people do as adults in their private lives is very much their own thing. I will not stand by and see my grandson brought up wrapped in a rainbow flag.

From this thread:

I can also provide you with a couple of more comments when Peter Au1 use "gay" as a slur.

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 22 2022 11:39 utc | 656

@639 Republicofscotland

Well, it certainly ain’t Boris Johnson running things, the man couldn’t run a bath and got tossed out of office.

Seriously, though. How is Johnson in a position to scupper peace negotiations? What leverage would he have? Answer: None. Johnson used to fly to Kiev for photo ops to bolster his own standing, and Zelensky would touch him up for more weapons each time. That’s about it.

The Ukraine and its armed forces are headed up by Zelensky. Deal with it. Stop huffing fantasy nonsense.

Posted by: Tom UK | Sep 22 2022 11:51 utc | 657

@ 277 T

I second the motion , and Tom uk being from Haifa.

Posted by: GMC | Sep 22 2022 12:29 utc | 658

Mercouris and Garland Nixon livestream now. two of the best IMO.

Posted by: migueljose | Sep 22 2022 13:23 utc | 659

Tom UK

The Ukraine and its armed forces are headed up by Zelensky. Deal with it. Stop huffing fantasy nonsense.
Zelensky is a puppet of the west of course. If the west would not have aided him in every way possible he would have made peace with Russia already back in march.

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 22 2022 13:28 utc | 660

(about Sophism etc)
Thanks for that, i feel the same but couldn't put it into words. Appreciate all your posts today.
Posted by: K | Sep 22 2022 10:53 utc | 644

Thank you very much K, same to you. And Thank you to scorpion too.

All I can say about LongCovid @624 is looks like they can use a word processor to do word counts. Thank you too very much for your 'kind' and 'thoughtful' comment. Love your attitude. Thanks so much for the "warm welcome".

There's also this thing about never been truly able to know for certain what other people's "intentions" are behind their words and actions (it's a psychological/cognitive science thing.)

Much better, they say, to focus only on your own intentions and see them for what they really are! Cheers

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 13:45 utc | 661

"The Ukraine and its armed forces are headed up by Zelensky. " Tom UK

Now that is up there as the funniest thing I have heard for weeks.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 13:48 utc | 662

@ Tom UK.

I now fully understand that the English schooling system has been degraded substantially, I failed to see it previously. Oh well morons will be morons!
As a Northern European, I would take glee in watching your puny stupid kingdom burn, it is out of date and the population is mostly outright stupid. My kingdom is smaller than puny, but we do not tell the world what to do. And your women are ugly ;)BTW, your beer is thinner than piss in a toilet and my dog will not even touch your food! And you are piss - poor and people are starving! Just like in Americunt! You guys are from the same basket of rotten apples.
The only difference is that the Americunts wanted to determine themselves, who next to bully! Oh, I know the Brits well, having lived in AUST ans SA for years. They hated you intensely! I have carried my despise of you and your nation with me home and spread it vigorously. And dont give me 1945, it was another nation and another World!

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Sep 22 2022 13:53 utc | 663

Gerrard White | Sep 22 2022 10:45 utc | 640

Oh stop it, I almost broke my ribs laughing so hard. Jeez, get that paranoia and your delusions of grandeur checked by a witch doctor you silly man. You seem totally off with the faeries with all your constant noise about imaginary dire website conspiracies.... everyone you cannot understand or parse is a nefarious planted troll !

You're the real nutter here Gerrard, sorry to break the news to you.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 14:01 utc | 664


I really enjoyed this autobiographical post. Inspiring to this senior citizen😁👍

Posted by: morongobill | Sep 22 2022 14:46 utc | 665


Masks aren’t completely useless, when used w distancing are the most effective way to protect oneself. All one has to do is enter a cold environment to see this fact. Masks keep aerosols closer to our body and diminish spread. You can actually observe this effect. That being said blue masks aren’t gonna stop a virus, it will however provide more protection than not. Believe me scorpion, I agree w ur statement and think the whole thing was/is a sham. IMO so is belittling the actual protections available.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Sep 22 2022 15:45 utc | 666

SeanAU | Sep 22 2022 14:01 utc | 664

In the context of the SMO the two countries the most ridiculous in submission to the US have been UK and Aus – one recent phrase was ‘tea lady assistance’

You are no exception, although you’re ‘worried’ and ‘concerned’ as well, always ‘sorry to break the news ’

Maybe : find out why you are your country is behaving in this way, whether you can keep on the same, or whether you can make an effort to think for yourself

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 22 2022 16:33 utc | 667

Lord Have Mercy, Christ Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy.

This anti-war right winger cares not a whit about "gloves coming off" tough talk. This situation is getting more and more dangerous and anything that can de-escalate this war should be considered. Anything that escalates this war should be rejected. And if you think this is just state dept propaganda, that's stupid, I care not a whit about the perverts and war mongers in the US state dept, with their "pussy riot" brain trust wrecking our country's prestige abroad.

Tragic beyond belief these casualty figures. And the ones with horrible injuries, or even just the ones who have economic destruction and chaos but are still healthy - this war must end.

Posted by: Patrick Constantine | Sep 22 2022 17:12 utc | 668

...this blog is not changing the world...

at Sep 22 2022 4:08 utc | 531

You might consider the possibility this blog is read by not only hapless nobodies like us but also 'somebodies' with actual influence.

The trolling comments serve to pollute the infostream and sow FUD.

Whole blogs may be set up as intel influence operations. Turcopolier may be considered one such.

Posted by: Browser | Sep 22 2022 17:31 utc | 669

Zanon is one of the most insidious trolls who posts here. They only come back now to kick Russia while they think it's down, which is completely in line with their trolling pattern.

Posted by: Cynica | Sep 22 2022 19:04 utc | 670

If you do t believe in the war then what do you? Flee? Suicide? Join but never hit anyone? Shoot your own army at the right moment?

Posted by: ThrowsOfWar | Sep 22 2022 19:50 utc | 671

Posted by: JackG | Sep 21 2022 16:30 utc | 244

Thank you for your reference to and acknowledgement of mercenary forces of Acedemi (and/or other Erik Prince organisations ) particiption in the Ukraine. A matter overlooked by other commentariat.

Posted by: Auntie Nellie | Sep 22 2022 21:19 utc | 672

The speech from Putin today is a careful balancing act of a leader under pressure, who is trying to:

1. please hardliners and Russian milbloggers;
2. not displease the general populace;
3. appease the military;
4. give the impression he is not losing a war.

Posted by: Troll65 | Sep 22 2022 22:25 utc | 673

golly, more proof from @667

Don't let me stop you Gerrard .... do carry on!

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 23 2022 0:26 utc | 674

@ aristodemos | Sep 22 2022 4:49 utc | 542

nice post... thanks and thanks to morongobill for drawing my attention to it..

Posted by: james | Sep 23 2022 0:47 utc | 675

SeanAU | Sep 23 2022 0:26 utc | 674

That's exactly what a tea lady would say - try and break out of the fiveyes syndrome, it's tough living in a brainwashed country as servants

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 23 2022 3:48 utc | 676

I have my own piece up on this issue, on my Medium page:

The cliff notes version: (1) Biden knows there's no sane way to 'respond' to the use of a tactical nuke. (2) Europe is hurting for fuel, fertilizer, food, and Italy's election Sunday will probably throw more fuel on the fire. (3) Negotiations are underway to convince the Russians to renew the Ukr-RF grain export deal. UN is pushing Ukr to allow RF ammonia exports thru Odessa as part of this. The prisoner exchange the other day is probably part of it. Some economic realism is (maybe) setting in, beyond all the braying and tough talk.

It is a good moment to pressure US officials. IMO, Bernie Sanders needs to get an earful, and Jayapal. Progressives need to step up. Email them. Email or call the White House. And definitely give your Congressperson an earful. People in the US are looking for answers.

But keep your arguments on target. Don't go into Covid theories, or the Democrats kidnapping kids at pizza parlors. Keep it about Ukraine, US expansionism (Henry Kissinger is a good talking point, so is Pope Francis), the legitimate needs of all parties.

Posted by: Myke | Sep 23 2022 5:54 utc | 677

Gerrard White | Sep 23 2022 3:48 utc | 676

Is that all you got now. Bitching about what country I live in and using that as your latest insulting putdown / ad hominem abuse tactic. You are a pathetic loser.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 23 2022 6:38 utc | 678

SeanAU | Sep 23 2022 6:38 utc | 678

Strewth!- Steady as you go now – It’s tough living in a country enslaved to the ynaks, for sure – and I can understand you’re angry – it’s not so much ‘you’, it’s the structure of submission that you are a victim of

Do something about it instead of being ‘worried’ and ‘concerned’ – learn how to think

Use that anger ‘positively’, get ‘help’ to use your localspeak

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 23 2022 7:54 utc | 679

Gerrard White | Sep 23 2022 7:54 utc | 679

ROFL, so now I am angry? You are an certifiable idiot Gerrard White.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 23 2022 8:14 utc | 680

SeanAU | Sep 23 2022 8:14 utc | 680

Angry only in a submissive way, don’t worry so much

You westies have all sorts of problems due to the conditioned servilitude of false consciousness brought on by the structure of oppression in your society

Strine for ‘deal with it’, but not in public

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 23 2022 11:03 utc | 681

I don't understand why people is enjoying this turn here, it is only a speech, Russia can do nothing to reverse the situation. Ukraine gets more and more new weapons from western countries whereas Russia is losing tons of equipments which will be analyzed by western countries to counter it in the next few years. And even if Russia can send 25 millions people, what will their equipment be ? Some videos shows that Russia already uses weapons (rifles) from WW2 in Ukraine. There is a serious lack of material in russian military industry.

What will Russia do, bring all her units (all over the world) back to keep fighting Ukraine, destroying all railways bridges and power stations? I think it's over for Russia, because I don't see Putin allowing its army to use a tactic nuke in order to end the war.

I might be wrong but Russia was playing a US game, talking talking and only talking. Another "big mouth" country.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 25 2022 4:39 utc | 682

Jusses @ 384 : A troll of another type. Is there a name for it?

Posted by: Gene Poole | Sep 25 2022 6:10 utc | 683

Correction: the 'slit their throats' troll (whose aim is to discredit the site) is by: Jusses | Sep 21 2022 20:14 utc | 364

Posted by: Gene Poole | Sep 25 2022 6:16 utc | 684

Posted by: aristodemos | Sep 22 2022 3:02 utc | 510

This is a familiar form of trolling called "international Jewish conspiracy" or "((()))" trolling, aimed at discrediting the site as being anti-Semitic.

Posted by: Gene Poole | Sep 25 2022 8:16 utc | 685

By the Power of Kwarteng!

Posted by: Wokechoke | Sep 25 2022 20:52 utc | 686

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