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September 28, 2022

Open (NOT Ukraine) Thread 2022-159

News & views NOT related to the war in Ukraine ...

Posted by b on September 28, 2022 at 12:10 UTC | Permalink

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Interview of 'Blackout Expert' Robert Jungnischke on (German)

[via Google Translate] The term "blackout" has now made it into the mainstream media. But it is completely misrepresented that a blackout would be nothing more than a power failure, blackout expert Ing. Robert Jungnischke ( criticizes the reporting in the system press. For this reason, companies still do not take this danger seriously enough and hardly make any preparations. A fatal mistake, the expert for blackout prevention makes clear. Because when the blackout hits, it's too late to prepare. Unlike after a power outage, the lights come back on after a blackout, but the total system failure that a blackout causes cannot be resolved quickly. Just starting up the power grid would destroy around 30% of electronic devices such as computers. Jungnischke warns that the dependency on solar and wind energy not only endangers the German power grid, but also the power supply for the whole of Europe.

If broken windows increase GDP - imagine the GDP boost from 30% of all electrical devices getting destroyed.../sarc

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 13:28 utc | 1

B posted a retweet of Donald J Trump offering to lead the negotiations to make a deal over Russia - Ukraine. He spoke out strongly about the pipeline sabotage.

Which made me wonder. Hurricane Ian is headed to Florida, Palm Beach is under a hurricane watch. Where does Mar-a-lago fit in all this?

Some answers are provided by HITC

For the curious among us.

Canada lost its teacup and a most special old oak tree to Fiona, by the way. No yellow ribbon on it I don’t think.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Sep 28 2022 13:55 utc | 2

SoCal container ship line still there, but almost resolved

Checking Back On Southern California's Container Ship Backup

As U.S. import demand fades and inbound cargo increasingly shifts away from Southern California ports, the highly publicized containership backup at the neighboring ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is finally showing signs of returning to some form of normal.

The Marine Exchange of Southern California on Friday reported that the backup hit a nearly 2-year low last Thursday, with just six containerships in the queue, before gaining two on Friday—bringing the number to eight. The six ships is the shortest the backup has been since October 22, 2020, when the pandemic-fueled import surge was just starting to take shape.

It’s been a wild ride these last two years. Before the backup started in Summer 2020, the “normal” number of containership awaiting at anchor was just zero or maybe one vessel. But as consumer settled in to their new normal and pandemic-fueled spending ramped up, within a couple months the backup grew to more 60 ships, in January 2021, before tapering back some in the first few months of last year. But with the arrival of summer shipping season in June 2021, the backup once again exploded in size through the end of the year before peaking at the January 2022 all-time of record of 109 ships.

I can attest to some anecdotal evidence of the shift. Amtrak has a free bus going to/from its Emeryville station on the East Bay - I ride it when taking Amtrak to various points around California.

Because I'm not driving and that the seats on the bus are well above the Bay Bridge guard rail, I can see what is going on in the SF Bay offshore from the main Oakland loading docks. The last several trips, there have been a dozen or more ships sitting at anchor there. Maybe 2/3rds were empty so presumably waiting on cargoes, but 1/3 were obviously fully loaded.

I believe we are in the nadir of the shipping season - but that the Xmas shopping rush is going to start soon. Will the decline in consumption due to the end of COVID buying plus gas price wallet shrinking mean no backups this Xmas shipping season?

We will see.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 14:28 utc | 3

Self driving is not advancing

Cruise Self Driving Cars Keep Blocking Traffic in SF

Driverless cars from GM subsidiary Cruise have been holding up traffic in San Francisco over the last week.

Update: 09/27/22 3:54 a.m. ET: The article has been updated with more images from the incident involving a Muni bus.

As covered by SFGate, multiple incidents have occurred around the city with the company's autonomous fleet of Chevrolet Bolts. In one Reddit post from last week, two of the company's cars can be seen blocking traffic near the intersection of Sacramento St and Leavenworth St.

What's really amusing is that the self driving cars I see, all the time, are getting ever more gear - not less.

The Zoox cars are basically regular SUVs with a huge rack mounted on the roof - with sensors all over it.
Zoox car image

The Jaguar Waymo cars have a gigantic LIDAR on top and apparently more on each corner - possibly 6 or more others.
Waymo car image

This matters because these sensors are VERY expensive: $100K each?
What's the point of replacing human drivers who get $6.20 an hour in California with $500K cars?

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 14:42 utc | 4

I'm surprised that there's anything at all being dropped here. It seems to me that everything, literally everything, relates to the currently smoldering WW III the west has (un)declared against Russia, and against itself. How much longer can the rich and powerful in Germany ignore the willful destruction of its economy and people by its own government?

Posted by: pasha | Sep 28 2022 14:48 utc | 5

@c1ue | Sep 28 2022 14:42 utc | 4

Lidars are sub $1k now.

However game theory has not changed. Driving is a collaborative activity. Nash equilibrium does not apply.

Wherever autonomous vehicles are introduced traffic will partition into sets of human and non-human drivers.

Games about yielding will be played.

Posted by: too scents | Sep 28 2022 14:53 utc | 6

@too scents #6
Please post a link to one of these sub $1k lidars.
In particular, resolution and range are a factor.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 15:33 utc | 7

The UK economy is now, just like the other central banks stuck between destroying their economies with more interest rate hikes or stirring more inflation and currency debasement via QE. The UK is the poster child for this international syndrom that, today, showed this central bank conundrum by BofE.

So rather than choose, it does both.... while trying to fix the mess made by new PM Liz Truss and her Americanized Keynesianism of historically failed Trickle Down economics base on tax cuts for the rich.

Two of the better articles on this I found recently on linked via Unz Review.

This article detailed the parallels between America's and Britain's failed economic policies and social collapse

This article details how Liz Truss is a fool of an American puppet with a Cabinet with not a wit of concern for Britain beyond the House of Lords.

Clearly, Britain is finished and its worst days ahead. Soon to be followed by the US and the EU for EXACTLY the same reasons. Unregulated capitalist greed.

Posted by: Don Stevens | Sep 28 2022 15:33 utc | 8

Breaking News from Afghanistan

At last a thread not obessing on pipelines......

RF signs agreement to provide oil gas grain : would anyone like to speculate as top the currency which will be used to pay ?

This is the way to build a coalition to win the war in the Ukraine

« Taliban officials have signed a provisional deal with Russia to import gasoline, diesel, gas, and wheat to Afghanistan, according to Acting Commerce and Industry Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi.
Speaking with Reuters, Azizi explained that Moscow offered the Taliban “a discount to average global commodity prices.”
The deal calls for the Kremlin to supply war-torn Afghanistan with around one million tons of gasoline, one million tons of diesel, 500,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and two million tons of wheat annually.
After a trial period of an unspecified amount of time – and if the two sides are satisfied with the arrangement – a final deal will be signed.
No details have been provided on pricing or payment methods. Last month, Kabul offered to barter local products like minerals, dried fruits, and medicinal herbs with Moscow in exchange for fuel and grain. »

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 28 2022 15:36 utc | 9

Cape Coral and Fort Myers in Florida are being pummeled by a hurricane, the same hurricane which knocked power out to the whole island of Cuba yesterday. In Cuba, restoration work is already underway. Fort Myers and Cape Coral have elevations above sea level of merely 1'. Storm surges are expected to be above twelve feet, and to destroy millions of dollars worth of property, flooding entire neighborhoods. It seems a sizeable fraction of the population is in the flood zone and the vast majority of the population did not evacuate (I've seen but can't confirm a figure of 95% of the population stayed). Already there's a video going around of a group of men being tossed around by the waves after deciding it was a good time to take a dip. One of the men appeared to be washed out to sea.

Posted by: fnord | Sep 28 2022 15:37 utc | 10

@too scents #6
Please post a link to one of these sub $1k lidars.
There have always been cheap lidars: short range and/or poor resolution and/or unreliable.
Doesn’t mean they can be used as a primary sensor in a self driving vehicle, but maybe the lidar people have done in 3 years what it took the semiconductor industry 50 years to achieve.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 15:52 utc | 11

Gulp. I dismissed the new Italian PM as a bimbo in the style of the Finish partying princess or the NZ jabber.
But she impressed me here:
(Responding to comments made by Macron…..
>Child labor exploitation
>African Uranium for France, no electricity for Africa.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 28 2022 15:56 utc | 12

@c1ue | Sep 28 2022 15:52 utc | 10

Wild. My link didn't post.

Search "Chinese MEMS LiDAR company Zvision"

The 2nd link was to a stupid project I worked on in the '80s that was a research application for LIDAR. Our team just did the vision system for foot placement.

Posted by: too scents | Sep 28 2022 16:09 utc | 13

This is Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

I hope this is the way things are going in Italy

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 28 2022 16:30 utc | 14

@too scents #12
Chinese web sites maybe blocked due to slamming?

Any way, thank you for the link.
As I suspected, the “lidar” you reference is both short range and likely more akin to ultrasonic or magnetic proximity sensors than true lidar. As such, it’s low price doesn’t surprise me: BI">">BI overview of Zvision

Note that the article above references both a long range sensor and short range ones; the $10k package I saw in other articles are using the short range ones.

So no, not major changes in cost as yet.

Regarding your game theory: that is part of the problem but not the major part. The major part of the problem is that the driving environment is not static. It has been clear for years now that the self driving startups have ceased making forward progress in the key, core environments of dense urban areas because tuning to fix one issue is causing others to appear (or reappear).

Nor is it clear that the technology works well in deep rural settings.

A tech which is good only for low density suburbs and which costs multiples of base car price seems like an economic dead end to me.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 16:37 utc | 15

A tech which is good only for low density suburbs and which costs multiples of base car price seems like an economic dead end to me.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 16:37 utc | 14


That is why you are posting on MoA and Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. You confuse the "end".

Posted by: too scents | Sep 28 2022 16:42 utc | 16

@too scents #15
Elon, one of the single largest recipients of federal grant and tax break money as an example of technology guru?
Elon whose customers are uniformly rich?
Please tell me next how Apple is going to make the world a better place, too.
This way we can get all the Louis Vuittons of tech lined up.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 17:00 utc | 17

Chronicles of Democracy.

Former French special forces soldier Adrian Boke, who has been covering events in Donbass in recent months, was attacked in Istanbul. According to Boke, he was followed. The attack was carried out by two people with a knife, inflicting cut wounds on Boke.

Posted by: alaff | Sep 28 2022 17:15 utc | 18

Please tell me next how Apple is going to make the world a better place, too.
@c1ue | Sep 28 2022 17:00 utc | 17


The secret sauce is hiring 2nd tier employees from wealthy families that invest in the company.

Posted by: too scents | Sep 28 2022 17:16 utc | 19

From today's Counterpunch, first and last paragraphs, of what passes for "left" in the US, on Iran:

Finally, the inevitable clash between the religious sector of Iranian society and the “awake” sector is taking place. Over the past two decades the latter has been growing in size and is now probably the larger of the two. With greater access to information not generated by the theocracy there now exists an entire generation that has broken free of the brainwashing process, and will never be “re-educated” or “re-programmed”. Mahsa Amini was bludgeoned to death during her “re-education”.

A good future exists for all Iranians and can be created as long as we don’t make the mistake of viewing each other as enemies and attempt to exclude others through intolerance. Iranians have to learn to sit around a very large table where there are royalists, clerics, traitors, leftist, capitalists, Bahia, students, and ordinary Iranians and to arrive at peaceful solutions for all of the problems Iran faces. This is not an impossible vision. All that is required is for all of us to first create this reality in our minds. Once we have done that the changes will start to take place.

As of time of publication, the author states that ONE PERSON has died in the Disney Resistance so far. One person. Clearly the USAID funded groups need to work harder. Only one dead? holy shit, we Amurkins had more high school athletes get shot up randomly during this time. more people in the stands probably died watching various kinds of football, where some real head blows occur.

aside from M Amini. She was bludgeoned to death? Really? Anyway, to avoid nausea, I searched the doc rather than reading it, for the usual suspects like "Israel, war, capitalism, oil, Iraq, Afghanistan, MKE, terror," and the like.

don't hate nuthin' but hatred, right? let's all gather around the big table and imagine through the magic of friendship our bright future together.

and just hope Stuxnet 2 doesn't happen? what the effin eff. and given all the recent revelations about Western intel controlling social media, shouldn't we be suspicious at least a little of this "social media says" kind of pseudo-journalism? "I see things on FB and I walked around my street and I'm filled w/such a sparkling rainbow of hopeful hopefulness." what? they got the equivalent of "black lives matter" and "love wins" lawn signs in Iran? no way.

anyway, any updates on Iran?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Sep 28 2022 17:52 utc | 20

Lavrov addresses "the organisers, participants and guests of the international scientific and practical conference Crimes of Militaristic Japan: Historical and Contemporary Aspects:

I am glad to welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the international scientific and practical conference "Crimes of militaristic Japan: historical and modern aspects".

Your event is very timely. The crimes of Japanese militarism have no statute of limitations and therefore should not be forgotten. At the same time, unfortunately, official Tokyo not only does not hear words of remorse for the aggression against the states of the Asia-Pacific region, but there are completely unfounded and ridiculous accusations against our country. Such a voluntaristic approach to history, which also undermines the UN-centric architecture of the world order, is unacceptable.

At the same time, the Tokyo and the Khabarovsk trials of Japanese war criminals, which supplemented it, provided extensive legal material that still retains procedural relevance. In this regard, it is particularly valuable that during the conference the full certified text in Russian language of the verdict of the International Court of Justice in Tokyo, as well as related documents and materials, will be presented during the conference. Reliance on these primary sources is the key to a depoliticized, impartial study of the past.

I am convinced that today's discussions will be held in a constructive manner and will contribute to the noble cause of countering historical falsifications and revising the universally recognized international legal results of World War II.

I wish you fruitful work and all the best.

I did a search to see if any papers related to this conference were recently published or if a website for it was established but nothing like that presented itself. Instead, I found this interesting PDF, "Researching Japanese War Crimes: Introductory Essays, published in 2006, 240 pages in length, consisting of eight essays that ought to interest others.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 28 2022 17:53 utc | 21

It is pointless trying to scream at people who really just believe the mainstream media.

Their lives have been made so stressful and austerity ridden for the last dozen years they just don’t have any space in their daily lives to actually think and say “hang on! That makes no sense!!”

Don’t blame them for being thick. It’s the way they are being raised. A second year student in a shared house tells me their monthly energy bills are £500 now! I used to get that as one terms grant in the 80’s and it covered rent, rates, electric, food, beer and textbooks and stationery. For 10 weeks.

None of the young ones have time to be political even as they are tested with 9K a year in loans and need another 14k to live on. Doing zero hour jobs.

How is society going to get dedicated well trained, rounded young workers that will serve society for the next 30 years at this rate?

They say “what can you do? It’s the way it is”!!!

I am suggesting they should get political and riot in an organised way. They are half asleep and overtired and too fragmented to realise their power.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Sep 28 2022 19:22 utc | 22

Norwegian @14

I posted same clip yesterday and now you an I are fascists to a faction here. Be 100% correct or be cancelled.

The lady looks like a dog in a fight. There is always collateral damage in a dogfight. I can hardly endorse everything she says. It does feel like I have a dog in this fight. Can't remember a politician who ever made me feel that way. Not in this lifetime.

Posted by: oldhippie | Sep 28 2022 20:01 utc | 23

@oldhippie | Sep 28 2022 20:01 utc | 23

I don't consider this a popularity contest. I am looking for truth and a way out of the madness. Meloni was speaking against the madness in that clip. I don't know if she will follow the same line as Prime Minister, but my principle is to always give people a chance to show what they can do. For sure the other "politicians" in Europe (minus Orban) are totally hopeless (I am being kind).

We shall see what the new Italian government can do.

I expect more governments to fall soon, including in Germany and the UK. I also expect the non-government "EU" to fall. They do not represent anything positive, perhaps the new Italian Meloni-government is different.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 28 2022 20:55 utc | 24

Posted by: oldhippie | Sep 28 2022 20:01 utc | 23

Well that is an interesting speech
I know nothing about her but she is saying the right words. Does she mean them?
I wonder how that marries with her unequivocal support of Ukraine and the EU?

Posted by: K | Sep 28 2022 21:02 utc | 25

oldhippie | Sep 28 2022 20:01 utc | 23

The order of the family generates the order of society. By supporting precious lip service to the Calvinist family order, as a consequence you are also supporting the shape of the Calvinist world order, from which the past 500 years of totalitarian empire and Mammon worship can be seen to evolve. So there's that. Just sayin.

Posted by: sippy the shot glass | Sep 28 2022 21:05 utc | 26

old hippie @23.

"Be 100% correct or be cancelled."

Quite so.

One of the problems with making progress is that too many who see themselves as progressive also believe that only they have solutions to the problems. As a result, any one with a contrary opinion is seen as an enemy. The irony is that they also see themselves as intelligent.

Posted by: Steve from Oz | Sep 28 2022 21:16 utc | 27

No one has any idea what's causing Havanna Syndrome:

Amazing that this story gets so little attention imho

Posted by: GoFast | Sep 28 2022 21:46 utc | 28

imagine people in Africa taking a dimmer view of the piles of horseshit coming out of the mouth of that Mussolini bitch.

imagine people like Norwegian and oldhippie not being able to see her speech as a cri de rapine, calling for a new rape of africa.

what dregs of human scum and filth wash up from the sewers of nationalism.

hey, if american exceptionalism and nationalism doesn't work for you, there's always russia's, china's, hungary's, italy's, etc. boy they sure speak mo better english than blinken or biden does.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Sep 28 2022 22:00 utc | 29

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 28 2022 15:56 utc | 12

New Italian PM women has some specific body language, so that in combination what she said in that clip reminded me strongly of Maria Zakharova.

Posted by: Abe | Sep 28 2022 22:21 utc | 30

Meanwhile in the Pacific the Biden administration, late to the party, is trying to force multiple Pacific islands into a joint declaration that somehow 'fights climate change' by increasing US coast guard patrols in the area. The Pacific leaders, who don't like to be rushed into anything, feel pressured and the US is pointing the finger at the Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal) for being too close to China and obstructing the proposal. The MSM reportage on the subject omits to mention that the US has been funding insurrection in the Solomons for years.

Posted by: Raumati | Sep 28 2022 22:53 utc | 31

No one has any idea what's causing Havanna Syndrome:

Posted by: GoFast | Sep 28 2022 21:46 utc | 28

I would strongly suspect this is a relatively common garden variety of "Tinnitus"!

People with tinnitus experience sounds that aren’t actually being made around them.

Tinnitus is sometimes known as ‘ringing in the ears’, but if you have the condition you might hear humming sounds, or hissing, whistling, clicking, roaring, whooshing or buzzing.

The noise can be faint or loud, and it can occur in one or both ears. Sometimes the noise may feel like a sensation inside the head.
* subjective tinnitus, which only you can hear – this is the most common type
* objective tinnitus, which a doctor can hear when they examine the ears – this can be caused by a problem with the blood vessels, or with the bones or muscles in the ear

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Sep 28 2022 22:55 utc | 32

@ rjb1.5
It seems to me that counterpunch has become 'schizophrenic' in the old street argot version of schizo, that is dual personality. After Cockburn karked St Clair kept the thing going on his own for a few years but not only wasn't it particularly successful, big donors from the dem party's pseudo left began grumbling and developing shallow pockets. This has caused St Clair & Cockburn families to hand the free section over to dem zionist joshua franks while St Clair runs his small paywalled section. Unfortunately the paid section includes Alex's brother Paddy cockburn a man who writes whatever he's told to, something which kept him working in englander newspapers for his entire career, now he appears to be copping a retirement earner from counterpunch readers while still spewing out the same anodyne shit that he generated for the englander fishwraps.

There are still a few good articles but mainly you have to pay for them. Now p cockburn is so ensconced in the paid section, value for sub is doubtful unless you are a dead set environmentalist.
The freebie bit will keep on keeping on since they run anti russia tirades & other dem party lies as the donors are paying to prevent actual, you know, facts from hitting the freebie too often, but I don't see much hope for the paywalled portion unless St Clair ditches cockburn which he may not be able to do.
A sad story but one that is entirely predictable when it comes to any media dependent upon professional news sources.
All the youtubers make similar compromises, thus far it hasn't been too obvious but as alphabet cracks down on de-monetising whatever its owners don't like on youtube I have no doubt that all of the current fan favourites will be shown to have feet of clay as well.

In other words it is same as it ever was - don't believe any of the bastards, check what they are spewing because all media, new or old, corporate or independent lie. The only differences are frequency and degree, which are variables that cannot be taken for granted.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 28 2022 23:32 utc | 33

Stuxnet 2
Posted by: rjb1.5 | Sep 28 2022 17:52 utc | 20

I for one suspect stuxnet (TAO "Olympic Games") is the exploit that crashed NS1, NS2. OG is not contained: Stream Zero Days (2016) and listen closely to the investigators and ret'd US commentary on background. Siemens PLC serial/MAC ids in the binary were the key to tracing to Iranian pipeline explosions before Natanz. Note also that last Friday US Treasury "relaxed" sanctions to release D-2 permits to telecom, ISP operating in Iran who want to circumvent IR data restrictions for "social media". Musk responded affirmatively to specifically Blinken by Twitter that he would "activate" Starlink.

Posted by: sln2002 | Sep 28 2022 23:49 utc | 34

Self driving is not advancing

Cruise Self Driving Cars Keep Blocking Traffic in SF?

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 14:42 utc | 4


Or is it a sad case of two of the company's cars can be seen blocking traffic near the intersection of Sacramento St and Leavenworth St. (source 'reddit9tm)' July 2022)

The irony of the often untold tale in the USSA. About all urban commuter traffic. One where conventional gaz-guzzling SUVs routinely block traffic at lights including "Keep Clear" zones. Pick any city in the USSA with traffic lights. You will find such privileged drivers on a near daily basis. lol

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Sep 29 2022 0:30 utc | 36

In other news there is only one permitted legal border crossing by road from Russia into Georgia. A place called Verkhny Lars border crossing!

Interestingly, that road is currently under reconstruction since September 2021. The border crossing point was massively enlarged to 6.5 times the previous capacity.

Now prior to international travel both the Black Sea coastline in Ukraine, Crimea, and Georgia were the most popular affordable holiday places to go to. After the usual Baltic Sea coastal resorts.

Data from Georgia's National Tourism Agency shows that each Russian tourist last year spent, on average, about $465 during their visit to Georgia -- injecting more than $720 million into the Georgian economy. In 2018 the volume of Russian tourists was 1.8 million and increasing.

Thus we now have the perfect excuse for the usual dumber than a house brick USSA 'z' grade propaganda writers. To say look at all the Russians fleeing the country's military draft. Lets not mention Russia has 24 million basic military reserves including stored military equipment.

Now, substitute pictures of tourists/bad translations/traffic backed up to Lars Border Station. Claim upgrades to the Russian Border Force buildings at Lars as a new recruitment center. Repeat often and sell trash propaganda as a fact to all Western Media(corporate/Murdoch/Five eyes).

The end result is yet another round of flying poop and fake dung!

Who benefits?

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Sep 29 2022 1:29 utc | 37

tabloid Berlin Zeitung | Leaks in Nord Stream pipelines: did the Russians damage their own infrastructure?, 17.09.22

... The media are currently writing about a possible sabotage organized by special forces or with the help of a submarine. There are indications of "targeted" attacks, the Daily Mirror reported, referring to a person "initiated" in the assessment by the federal government. Der Spiegel also reported, with reference to government circles, that the federal government is not ruling out an attack – with the aim of unsettling European gas markets....
A programmable logic controller based remote pipeline monitoring system, May 2021
... Pipeline Monitoring system can be wired, wireless or a combination of both to transfer data from pipelines to control station. Since pipeline networks are in line, connectivity always remains a critical feature. Pipeline inspection can be broadly classified into three major categories
• Using intelligent mobile sensing devices,
• Using standalone inspection systems, instruments
• Using resident pipeline sensors.

Intelligent mobile sensing devices are robots, pigs, or crawlers these are intelligent robotic devices that can move inside or above a pipeline to inspect the interior/exterior conditions of pipes. Standalone inspection systems utilize phased array ultrasonic technology and are mounted on the outer surface of pipelines they use electromagnetic waves to detect corrosion and defects at a given point in time and space. Hand held devices are also used for manual operation at certain location. Limited research has been conducted on using a distributed network system of sensors, deployed along pipelines, for inspection and monitoring.

Usually Gas pipelines are located underground or under water therefore wired networks can result in a number of problems as discussed in (Shi et al., 2021). Once a monitoring system is deployed it becomes difficult to physically access the structure from time to time, resulting in a demand to monitor and maintain the system remotely as much as possible. Remote monitoring can be classified into mobile and static monitoring as described in Fig. 1...

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on September 28, 2022
The Paper: Yesterday, China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center released a new investigation report on the cyber attacks by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The report detailed how the NSA's Office of Tailored Access Operation (TAO) controls key infrastructure facilities in China and infiltrates into China's Northwestern Polytechnical University's internal network by using servers in countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark to host cyber weapons through stepping-stone attack via Japan, Germany, the ROK and other countries.
(Zero Days, TAO targets: spy or attack)
This enabled the TAO to steal sensitive data including user names and passwords, identification verification data, system logs, access information, files and documents, and network configuration, and information of people with sensitive identities. The US also secretly controls the telecom carriers of at least 80 countries and conducts indiscriminate wiretapping on global telecom users. Do you have any comment?
(Al Jazeera:"for people using the country's largest [telecom] providers such as MCI[!] and Irancell, using their mobiles and getting the internet at home has become more difficult...")
Wang Wenbin: This is the third investigation report issued by the relevant Chinese institution this month on the US National Security Agency's malicious cyber attack on China's Northwestern Polytechnical University. It has revealed more evidence of massive cyber attacks by the US security agency against China.

China has in recent weeks demanded explanation from the US and asked it to immediately stop illegal action through various channels. So far, however, the US has been silent. The US could not have been more bombastic and motivated when propagating the lies about "Chinese hackers", yet it has deliberately chosen to be blind and mute in the face of the solid evidence collected by the Chinese institution. What exactly is the US hiding from the world? ...

Posted by: sln2002 | Sep 29 2022 1:53 utc | 39

@ Old hippy numerous posts.
UK financials summed up:

A thread on the UK “gilts” (which I found informative):

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 29 2022 3:06 utc | 40

Tehran Times reports attempted color revolution following the death of Mahsa Amini under custody for violating religious dress code was coordinated by German embassy.

Posted by: Jun | Sep 29 2022 4:14 utc | 41

via RT

Within weeks of his arrival, the first US ambassador in 25 years has already threatened Sudan with “consequences” if Khartoum followed through on a deal with Moscow for a Russian naval base on the Red Sea.

“All countries have a sovereign right to decide which other countries to partner with, but these choices have consequences, of course,” Ambassador John Godfrey told the Sudanese daily Al-Tayar on Tuesday.

The government in Khartoum had signed an agreement with Russia in 2017 to establish a naval facility at Port Sudan, on the Red Sea. President Omar al-Bashir has since been overthrown in a coup and imprisoned. Godfrey warned the new government against proceeding with the deal, saying it “will be harmful to Sudan's interest.”

It is “essential to say that international isolation around Russia and President [Vladimir] Putin is currently increasing due to the... invasion of Ukraine,” Godfrey told the outlet, according to Middle East Eye. He also told Al-Tayar that he wanted to see a civilian government in charge of Sudan.

Godfrey is the first US ambassador to Sudan since 1996, when Washington shuttered the embassy in Khartoum. Though it reopened in 2002, it was run by a series of interim chargés d'affaires for 20 years, until Godfrey presented his credentials on September 1.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 4:52 utc | 42

New Italian PM women has some specific body language, so that in combination what she said in that clip reminded me strongly of Maria Zakharova.

Posted by: Abe | Sep 28 2022 22:21 utc | 30

I'll need to watch that clip! In the meantime, everyone (including bevin, rjb1.5 et al) sing along -

Posted by: tucenz | Sep 29 2022 5:52 utc | 43

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 13:28 utc | 1

That is why you buy UPS systems for sensitive electronic equipment. It is the out-of-phase surge that blows the circuitry when power resumes although any heat damaged chips might decide to retire when the power cuts.

It is not uncommon to experience brown-outs or transients - especially in UK where the capacity constraints leave 3% leeway - and where the regional transmission lines were privatised - one time Warren Buffett owned whole sections of Northern England through his Indiana utility - Li Kai-Shing owned much of Yorkshire I believe.........

It was marked by a failure to renewal cabling and extend life which lead to frequent power cuts which blew out satellite receivers and computers -- but the utility bears no liability

Some manufacturers fuse their PSU circuitry and some do not leaving everything to the circuit-breaker - but quick-blow fuses are essential in the PSU circuit and are nowadays rarely present

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Sep 29 2022 6:14 utc | 44

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 29 2022 3:06 utc | 39

First Twitter comment posted by someone completely without foundational knowledge.

Countries like UK with sophisticated Treasury operations and the world's centre of Forex Trading borrow in all sorts of currency and even issue Renimbi Bonds.......

A Central Bank runs a multi-currency portfolio to facilitate interventions - UK has borrowed in US dollars for at least 120 years - and in Yuan and Euros and Swiss Francs and Yen and SDRs for decades........

How naive are people nowadays ?

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Sep 29 2022 6:18 utc | 45

Paul Greenwood | Sep 29 2022 6:18 utc | 44
Are you saying nothing is happening in the UK bond (gilt) market?

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 29 2022 6:23 utc | 46

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Sep 29 2022 1:29 utc | 37

Well look at it from NATO standpoint -

a) recruits are streaming across US southern border to recruiting stations at Fort Hood, TX

b) thousands of recruits are sailing in dinghies to England every day to recruiting centres in Kent

c) Germany is awaiting the caravan train from Turkey wending its way to recruiting centres in Berlin and Cologne........

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Sep 29 2022 6:24 utc | 47

@ Bad Deal Motors On | 36

The irony of the often untold tale in the USSA. About all urban commuter traffic... You will find such privileged drivers on a near daily basis. lol

Yes. However I often view the "privileged" drivers, !especially those in the fast lane driving slower than many want to go, as wielding their monopoly on access to the lane ahead. They are essentially bandwidth limiting a public resouce that could function much better for more people if they had the choice to do other than is dictated by the driver who sets the slow pace; operating the lowest common, and sometimes puritanical, denominator.

There may be a "get off my lawn" aspect as well. Many drivers are inattentive and if they are slow in the fast lane, often the lane ahead clears out a bit and they can focus on what is important to them; not paying attention - or maybe paying attention to their phone,...

@ farm ecologist | 38

Of course, we all know it is Russian biowarfare; weaponized crickets.

Yes, it seems fake, psychosomatic, and hyterical-paranoiac.

Posted by: JEN | Sep 29 2022 6:45 utc | 48

Paul Greenwood | Sep 29 2022 6:18 utc | 44
What I’m noticing:

“””The Bank of England will carry out temporary purchases of long-dated UK government bonds from 28 September until 14th October.
UK Money printer goes BRRRRRRR”””

Sept 28:
“”””Bank of Japan spent an estimated 3.6 trillion yen ($25 billion) on the fx intervention last Thursday… today JPY is back at 145 almost entirely erasing the effects of the intervention…
Japan has reached the limits of QE and MMT.””””

Sept 27
“”””US 30y mortgages YoY % change since 1970 …
Draw your own conclusions on if this is bad “”””

Sept 29
“”””Pension funds would have collapsed today without BoE action with 'mass insolvencies', Sky News has learned | live updates””””

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 29 2022 7:04 utc | 49

@Paul Greenwood | Sep 29 2022 6:14 utc | 43

UPS for computers, surge protectors and/or delayed start relays or automatic voltage regulators for the rest. Delayed start connects the device after some minutes, after the moment the power was restored. I always get a few on/off events shortly after power is restored. That quick on/off is very bad for refrigerators. The cheapest solution is a smart power plug with the option to set its default state to off, but you have to remember to manually turn it on when the power is restored, after 15-20 minutes it should be safe. Out of the box I think TPLink, Sonoff and Shelly do that but with a 3rd party firmware (for Sonoff and Shelly) you can also set the time it waits before turning on, the delay.

Posted by: rk | Sep 29 2022 7:44 utc | 50

Yes. It’s twitter. (Eyeroll, if you must). For benefit of Lurkers and loiterers:

1: Carl Quintanilla. @carlquintanilla JPMORGAN, on #BOE: “.. the optics of QE may look odd .. just one week after it began QT asset sales. .. However, it is important to draw a distinction between QE as monetary policy and QE as emergency support .. Today’s BoE actions are very much the latter ..”

The Bank of England, the world's 8th oldest bank, the bank that served as the model for most of the world's central banks, today acknowledged that the only way pension funds will remain solvent is if the bank debases its currency to buy government debt. Can you see it yet?


Bank of England in £65bn scramble to avert financial crisis.
>The Bank of England has been forced into emergency action to halt a run on Britain’s pension funds after the impact of Kwasi Kwarteng’s ill-received mini budget prompted fears of a 2008-style financial crisis.
> Threadneedle Street said the fallout from a dramatic rise in government borrowing costs since the chancellor’s statement had left it with no choice but to intervene to protect the UK’s financial system.

City sources said the surprise move, less than a week after Kwarteng’s unfunded tax giveaways, was needed to halt a “doom loop” in the bond markets that risked draining pension funds of cash and leaving them at risk of insolvency.
>The Bank was concerned that it threatened the financial health of Britain’s biggest pensions and insurance companies, which together manage trillions of pounds of people’s cash.
In a reversal of a policy position announced on the day before Kwarteng’s fiscal event, the Bank said it was setting aside £65bn to buy bonds over the next 13 working days to ease pressure on pension funds and insurance companies.
>”Were dysfunction in this market to continue or worsen, there would be a material risk to UK financial stability. This would lead to an unwarranted tightening of financing conditions and a reduction of the flow of credit to the real economy.
> A Treasury spokesperson said: “Global financial markets have seen significant volatility in recent days.
The Bank has identified a risk from recent dysfunction in gilt markets, so the Bank will temporarily carry out purchases of long-dated UK government bonds from today in order to restore orderly market conditions.
These purchases will be strictly time limited, and completed in the next two weeks.
Bank launches emergency intervention in markets after Kwarteng mini-budget
▶️Bank of England takes urgent steps to buy long-dated UK government bonds
❗️Business live updates: pound tumbles despite Bank move
> The Bank of England has taken emergency action to calm turmoil in financial markets amid the collapse in the pound and the increase in government borrowing costs triggered by Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget.
Threadneedle Street said it was taking urgent steps to buy long-dated UK government bonds, beginning immediately in an attempt to stabilise the market.
Taking evasive action less than a week after the chancellor announced £45bn in unfunded tax cuts, the Bank said it would undertake temporary and targeted purchases in the gilt market on financial stability grounds.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 29 2022 7:59 utc | 51

Hi @Bruised Northerner (2)

B posted a retweet of Donald J Trump offering to lead the negotiations to make a deal over Russia - Ukraine. He spoke out strongly about the pipeline sabotage.

If I remember correctly, at least two years ago Trump spoke against Nord Stream 2, and before then (2018) 'warned' Merkel about reliance on Russian gas (and got laughed at, rightfully or otherwise).
I wonder what made him do a 180 over the past two years, assuming that said U-turn is genuine and not just convenient lip-service.
I've seen a number of Trump's supporters (e.g. Breitbart) interpret the current gas crisis as a 'vindication' wrt his 2018 statement. In light of the linked tweet, how are those same supporters reacting now?

Posted by: joey_n | Sep 29 2022 8:10 utc | 52

Is that Hurricane Ivan that's visiting Florida?

Posted by: tucenz | Sep 29 2022 8:29 utc | 53

@joey_n | Sep 29 2022 8:10 utc | 51

Trump is just propaganda. Election speeches. Trump fanatics have been spreading two lies related to NS2. One is that NS2 was working (Biden removed sanctions) and one that Trump was right in sanctioning the pipe because Putin is using it as a weapon now. Forgetting to say that all the LNG on the planet can't replace how much ultra-cheap gas Germany was using from Russia or that their own sanctions have stopped the supply of cheap resources.
The same Trump who delayed NS2 using sanctions for years so that the Greens puppets come to power. Also the first to send lethal weapons to Ukr worth of billions each year. After war started in Ukr, didn't he say that he would have painted airplanes with Chinese colors and bombed Moscow? Now he plays the "concerned" troll role.

Posted by: rk | Sep 29 2022 8:37 utc | 54

Brazil having their election on the 2n of October
Anti-imperialist and socialist veteran Lula is expected to win!

"Lula Slams US Billions in Military Aid to Ukraine"

"Brazil's Lula says Zelensky shares blame for Ukraine war"

So...prepare for attacks by the EU/US/media if he win.

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 29 2022 8:46 utc | 55

@ Melaleuca

Thanks for the twitter links.

Shit is moving faster than I thought it would, but seeing as how everything is fake in this economy, I suppose it could have happened anytime.

I said it some time ago and I will say it again...this is going to be the most amazing thing that I or you will live through.

Get the champagne out people! Int'l finance emptying its bowels on the mortician's table as we speak.

I do not find joy in all the suicides that will transpire, if the economy is really allowed to fall instead of them takings us to a nuclear exchange, yet am elated at the thought of no longer living under the spell of international finance. Rejoice little people, you laborers and philosophers. You rearers of children and breadwinners. Your children will get to live in the light of truth.

God is great!

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 29 2022 8:52 utc | 56

Apple is threatening and forcing telegram to censor its posters, otherwhile it will ban telegram from apple instruments:

Posted by: njet | Sep 29 2022 9:27 utc | 57

Norwegian | Sep 28 2022 16:30 utc | 14

I hope this is the way things are going in Italy

Yes, she can talk the talk, but...

Il “Partito Americano” in Italia

Institutional parties conduct the electoral campaign not only in Italy but in the United States. The secretary of the PD[center left], Enrico Letta, in an interview with a US newspaper, declares: "With the right, Italy is close to Russia, with us, to the USA". In the same newspaper, the president of Copasir[a kind of intelligence oversight committee], Adolfo Urso[parliamentarian for Meloni's party], on a visit to Washington, assures us instead that "for the USA Giorgia Meloni is fully reliable". The parties of the entire parliamentary arc thus compete to obtain the consent of Washington, which is indispensable for any government that comes out of the elections. At the same time, they act together when it comes to implementing the Washington directives. For example, that of boycotting the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, ratified by 66 states and signed by 20, but boycotted by the US and NATO. At the June meeting of the adherents to the Treaty, Italy, despite being invited, did not even participate as an observer.

Also in June, the 6th Wing of the Italian Air Force in Ghedi received the first US F-35A nuclear attack fighter that will soon be armed with the new US B61-12 nuclear bombs, ready to be used by the Italian Air Force under US command . Italy thus violates the Non-Proliferation Treaty ratified in 1975, which states: "Each of the militarily non-nuclear states undertakes not to receive nuclear weapons from anyone, nor control over these weapons, directly or indirectly".


Speriamo bene

Posted by: john | Sep 29 2022 9:43 utc | 58

Posted by: njet | Sep 29 2022 9:27 utc | 56

Yes, situation normal.


Apple confirmed on Wednesday that it had removed the applications of the Russian VK company from its App Store, including the country’s version of Facebook, VKontakte. The US tech giant explained the move by citing alleged links between the company’s developers and “one or more parties” sanctioned by the UK.

In a statement, quoted by The Verge, Apple spokesman Adam Dema claimed that the applications from the VK ecosystem are being distributed “by developers majority-owned or majority-controlled by one or more parties sanctioned by the UK government.”

“In order to comply with these sanctions, Apple terminated the developer accounts associated with these apps, and the apps cannot be downloaded from any App Store, regardless of location,” Dema said.

He added that users who already have the apps installed can continue to use them. :


The European Parliament may call on the EU to freeze accession talks with Serbia and funding for Belgrade over its ties with Moscow, US state-run broadcaster Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL) reported. Previously a group of MEPs stated that a country that does not sanction Russia cannot hope to join the bloc.

“The EU cannot continue accession talks with Serbia if they don’t align with EU sanctions against Russia. That’s what we will say in the Parliament’s upcoming enlargement report,” the Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D Group) tweeted on Monday, after Belgrade and Moscow inked a plan for bilateral consultations for the next two years.

The statement referred to a draft report on the EU’s enlargement strategy, the details of which were made public by RFE/RL on Wednesday. The station, which reviewed the document, said it includes wording calling on the EU to punish Serbia for not following Brussels in its relations with Russia.


Then there is the current beat up in Iran as well. No restrictions by Apple or Facebook being applied there, oh no.

So what is Russia, China and the grandiose outspoken SCO group of nations doing about this then?


They won't do anything.

Same as they will not do anything about Ukraine or the USA/NATO's threatening belligerence.

They will not back up Russia one bit.

Not until they get serious.

And they are not serious.

All they do is talk and issue press releases.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 9:49 utc | 59

@NemesisCalling | Sep 29 2022 8:52 utc | 55

God is dead!

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 9:58 utc | 60

SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 9:49 utc | 58

All the TwitterApple bla blah you complain about is unimportant, is only of interest to westies addicted to this kind of false consciousness, is not to SCO and company

They are building a different system – one you do not and can not understand

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 10:07 utc | 61

It is reported that an invitation to the Kremlin was sent to the deputies of the State Duma [of Russia] for tomorrow, where an event with Putin's participation will begin at 15.00 (Moscow time).

Posted by: alaff | Sep 29 2022 10:07 utc | 62

john | Sep 29 2022 9:43 utc | 57

She reminds me of a certain Barack Obama, who talked up a storm, so much so he was taken seriously as bringing in a new era of….

That turned sour very quick – even the ynaks have now lost their last illusions, apparently

In Africa there were many who fell for the bla bla, yet also many who knew he was just another ynak whatever the colour of his skin, spreading the same old snake oil

His trip to Kenya was an eye opener

She’s just as good a talker, I still hope she may prove less of a slave

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 10:20 utc | 63

From a month ago. Very interesting times we live in.

China takes a stand on 9/11

Posted by: tucenz | Sep 29 2022 10:36 utc | 64

Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 10:20 utc | 62

She reminds me of a certain Barack Obama

I know what you mean, but in Giorgia's case I do believe that she's sincere. Problem is, things like sincerity tend to wither away rather quickly in the face of political expediency.

We'll see...

Posted by: john | Sep 29 2022 10:42 utc | 65

john | Sep 29 2022 10:42 utc | 64

I hope too – but know little about Italian politics – and the article at Voltaire was convincing

If only more could tear into Macron like she did !

I do know that nearly everyone bought the Obama scam, only a few in the US like Adolph Reed had long recognised him as the worst sort of fake

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 10:53 utc | 66

Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 10:53 utc | 65

I do know that nearly everyone bought the Obama scam,...

I did not. I voted for Cynthia McKinney, not because I thought she had any chance of winning, but because she is the most intelligent, informed, and gracious spirit of the true left to ever walk those menacing halls on Capitol Hill.

A symbolic vote, and my arrivederci to the electoral system.

Posted by: john | Sep 29 2022 11:08 utc | 67

Any theories, or has anyone else questioned, why have two of PCRs blogs over at Unz been opened for comments after being closed for so many years?

I commented on the first, was lost in the braying. The second, when I questioned the blog owner as well as the blogger. That comment was deleted.

As always, thanks to MoA and all the commentariat!

[Could be, God is dead to some and very much alive to the rest of us!]

Posted by: zendeviant | Sep 29 2022 11:12 utc | 68


" This is Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni."
This also Italy's new PM:

She supports Zelensky

She support riots in Iran

Posted by: Zanon | Sep 29 2022 11:17 utc | 69

john | Sep 29 2022 11:08 utc | 66

Bravo ! But I also know little about US politics – so have not heard of Cynthia McKinney, I’ll look her up

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 11:29 utc | 70

Not me commenting @ 41, someone is using my name to troll BDMO and Farm Ecologist. I do not believe that the Russians or the Cubans have anything to do with whatever physical symptoms that US and Canadian diplomats experience in embassies and consulates in countries they may perceive as being hostile to their home nations.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 29 2022 11:38 utc | 71

Gerrard White @ 69:

I've heard of Cynthia McKinney. I believe she was targeted by the pro-Israeli lobby and lost her bid to continue as Democrat representative for her district in Georgia as a result. This was back in the early 2000s.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 29 2022 11:43 utc | 72

Jen | Sep 29 2022 11:43 utc | 71

Thanks for information

Posted by: Gerrard White | Sep 29 2022 12:05 utc | 73

@too scents #19

You said

The secret sauce is hiring 2nd tier employees from wealthy families that invest in the company.

I think that helps, but that the real secret sauce is Musk's early and ongoing mustering of the internet/young investor herd.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 29 2022 12:12 utc | 74

@Paul Greenwood #43
Start/stop a few times has no effect on computers - you don't need a UPS for hardware damage. Software running - different story.

All you need for computers and other equipment are surge suppressors.

A simple example: a computer that is turned off can still be damaged by a surge.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 29 2022 12:16 utc | 75

Important mostly because of Rogan's enormous audience

Dave Smith talks to Joe Rogan about Ukraine war - provocation, history, etc

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 29 2022 12:18 utc | 76

We used to get lots of trips here, usually coinciding with lighning bolts, even distant ones.

The network operator came and drilled six deep boreholes next to the last pole in the network branch to install an impressive network earthing point and we are much better and stable since.

Nonetheless I have a big APC 'onduleur' protecting the heating system which will run for a while until I connect a generator.
I have 6TB backup network drive and that is similarly protected, plus that onduleur will also force an ordered shutdown before turning the power off.

Other critical and expensive gear such as fibre wifi router is also protected.

I have also figured out that it these devices which contribute significantly to my continuous 'baseline' consumption 24*7 :-(

Posted by: Lapin | Sep 29 2022 12:37 utc | 77

“All countries have a sovereign right to decide which other countries to partner with, but these choices have consequences, of course,” Ambassador John Godfrey told the Sudanese daily Al-Tayar on Tuesday.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 4:52 utc | 42

Spoken like a true mafioso...

Posted by: farm ecologist | Sep 29 2022 14:39 utc | 78

tucenz | Sep 29 2022 5:52 utc | 43
awesome. if there's one thing fascism represents, it's innovation in theatrics. with the same images, songs, gestures, costumes, beliefs, speeches, etc., you too can preserve the unique greatness of your own national heritage!

go Norwegian go! save Norway with Italian fascism!

the superstate never gets the coronavirus, does it? it's fun to watch little boys infinitize themselves thru an idealized superstate. what a little thing shows what you lack of a man.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Sep 29 2022 16:22 utc | 79

Few days ago Alex M. insisted that Liz Kwarteng's "mini budget" most certainly was not conservative.

in re: " special forces or with the help of a submarine."
This morning Alex C. discovers the Torygraph on twitter. He found the ELUSIVE tory tweet of PUTIN steering a wee submarine. Also, "I thought this was a serious outlet!"

Posted by: sln2002 | Sep 29 2022 16:34 utc | 80

"...the Bank said it would undertake temporary and targeted purchases in the gilt market on financial stability grounds."

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 29 2022 7:59 utc | 51

That's the Bank on aptly named Threadneedle Street (so ought to be called a Camel). Thank you for this informative post, Melaleuca, and for your appropriate bolded segments. Thanks to your analysis we are informed that the Bank so described is considered the earliest parent of central banks around the world.

And additional thanks to Michael Hudson for pulling no punches in his recent interview on Ralph Nader's radio show. Here's a portion of the initial post I referenced on an earlier thread:

"...The role of central banks is to prevent the government from spending money on social programs and to support the commercial banks in lending money to inflate the asset markets..."

(I thought I'd use a bold of my own, just so there's no doubt what is happening as the camel begins to squeeze through the eye of the needle.)

Posted by: juliania | Sep 29 2022 16:41 utc | 81

Now after these terrorist attacks Germany will start to rethink its Atlanticism.
The US is playing a dangerous game, as they want to treat a nation openly like a killer bee, that has to die on its command.
No nation can ignore that, not even der deutsche Untertan.

Germany will look to Russia. This job will be done by the CDU/CSU, the Conservatives, not by the SPD. The AfD will push them, even if they seem to be too stupid for even this clear position.
When? I don't know. Christmas Eve?

The crazy thing is that the USA has wanted to prevent that for over 100 years and is now enforcing exactly that.
The offer that the Atlantic partnership once was to Germany is being reversed 180 degrees.
This attack on the pipeline will go down in history as the turning point.

Posted by: njet | Sep 29 2022 17:12 utc | 82

Putin called the NS incident "international terrorism". The UNSC meeting for today was prevented by nato countries who voted against it. The NS sabotage will be discussed tomorrow at UN

Posted by: rk | Sep 29 2022 18:05 utc | 83

Sam Husseini on how we've forgotten about USA's anthrax attacks of 22 years ago. Seems relevant to subsequent developments, imho...

Congress Has Yet to Investigate the Bioweapons Attack Against It

In 2008, Leahy, one of the targets of the attacks, told then-FBI head Robert Mueller, who claimed that deceased government scientist Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator: “I do not believe in any way, shape or manner that he is the only person involved in this attack on Congress and the American people.” [more]

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Sep 29 2022 20:07 utc | 84

God is dead!

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 9:58 utc | 60

Sean of the dead. Might be some laughs in a film called that...

Posted by: tucenz | Sep 29 2022 20:11 utc | 85


In war, the first victim is the truth.

The mainstream German media is busy censoring all information concerning the latest round of German street protests. Concerning the removal of all sanctions against the Russian Federation.

"Thousands of people rallied in several eastern German states on Monday evening to protest the government’s energy policy and sanctions against Russia. dated 27th September 2022.

The protesters shouted slogans against Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition government and carried banners bearing the messages “Stop the price explosion,” “Stop the war, stop the sanctions,” and “Open Nord Stream now.”

Ironically an English language media from Turkey is more forthcoming.

Posted by: Bad deal Motors On | Sep 29 2022 20:16 utc | 86

Newspapers inform me hurricane "Ian" has flattened a sizeable pidde of southwest Florida. I also read president Joe Biden has approved $1.1 billion in military aid for Ukraine. This choice of priorities surprises me.

Posted by: Passerby | Sep 29 2022 20:40 utc | 87

This pipeline terrorism or whatever story stinks. A key part is missing...

Posted by: Scorpion | Sep 29 2022 20:57 utc | 88

@ Melaleuca | Sep 28 2022 15:56 utc | 12

awesome... thanks! more of that......

Posted by: james | Sep 29 2022 22:45 utc | 89

Since I brought up Trump @2, I might as well finish with it. Actually, the British media is going to finish it for me:

Trump makes heartfelt plea for funding, from Mar-a-Lago, where he’s toughing it out through Hurricane Ian —

In contrast, Jared and Ivanka and their kids were filmed at Jersey Beach during Hurricane Ian —
“Exclusive photos show the couple doting on daughter Arabella, 11, and sons Joseph, 9, and Theo, 6, as they played a game of catch and frolicked on the sand”
“The former White House advisors are staying at the nearby Kushner Family estate, where they had celebrated Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year, days earlier”

I am sorry to read on the Saker’s website that he lost his house to flooding. That’s a terrible experience to have to go to. You know, I noticed in some coverage, by the Sun Sentinel I think, that that hurricane was headed directly towards those countries just to the south of Mexico, before it made a big shift northwards to western Cuba and Florida. So much damage from a storm like that, and it’s still very dangerous!

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Sep 29 2022 23:10 utc | 90

If broken windows increase GDP - imagine the GDP boost from 30% of all electrical devices getting destroyed.../sarc

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 28 2022 13:28 utc | 1

Interesting not so.

So the expert is explaining the absolute worst-case scenario for a dumb grid.

Now, why do I suspect the author is deliberately withholding 98% of the real truth? About how modern smart electric power supply grids function in the real world of reality.

Care to explain why in the USSA. With either the great Con-Ed New York blackout. Or the more recent Ohio North East Grid super fail! Due to poor substandard transmission line maintenance in both cases. Or that of profits first and all users last USSA MBA standard business mantra!

Required no such factory level basic and home user replacement requirements in the USSA?

Who benefits? From the distortions by supplying 2% of the truth?

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Sep 29 2022 23:39 utc | 91

Has anyone any information on the Organizing Council of Oil Contract Workers in Iran. According to RFE/RL and similar media, it's supposed to be leading the current protests in Iran but there is no mention on the web of it except in the last few days.
Is it an MeK operation?
Is it an NED-funded operation?

Some links:
Free Them Now
Arab News
Gulf Insider
Any ideas?

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Sep 30 2022 2:13 utc | 92

And they are not serious.

All they do is talk and issue press releases.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 9:49 utc | 59

Are there 2 Sean Au ? Or are you trolling using his ID ? Some of Sean’s posts are astute others like this one is just rubbish and entirely different style

Posted by: K | Sep 30 2022 2:51 utc | 93

K | Sep 30 2022 2:51 utc | 93
“……Are there 2 Sean Au ? Or are you trolling using his ID ? Some of Sean’s posts are astute, others like this one is just rubbish and entirely different style……
I’d noticed that too.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Sep 30 2022 4:01 utc | 94

@ K | Sep 30 2022 2:51 utc | 93

Yes, sorry, that was me. Posted info about Apple, then added a comment below that:
So what is Russia, China and the grandiose outspoken SCO group of nations doing about this then? Nothing. They won't do anything. [...]
(emphasizing) they are not serious. All they (SCO etc) do is talk and issue press releases.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 29 2022 9:49 utc | 59

It's no big deal versus others issues, only it caught my eye, of how a self-righteous Corporation can lord it over anyone anywhere, including people in the SCO/BRICS nations and their govts etc cannot / will not do anything about it.

Nothing new here, it's been like this for a long time already.

My comment is also driven by realizing the SCO etc do not even recognize Crimea's referendum or as a legitimate part of Russia. There is a huge credibility gap between what they say (in announcements/summit press releases) and what they actually do and stand up for.

Member states of the CSTO, BRICS and SCO remain silent on the matter.
Posted by: SeanAU | September 30, 2022 at 00:40

I do not trust them at all. Russia and Putin should not trust or rely on them either.
Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 30 2022 3:05 utc | 195

But that's me. Others will see it differently and not see an issue.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 30 2022 5:14 utc | 95

I think we should start by killing all the known FBI agents at their homes, and then attacking all Democrat National Congress members to death. It is time we paid them back.

I wish to KILL Fidel Castro Jr., with the most savage aboriginal killing weapon, the ANAIDA war axe.

Posted by: Arcticman | Sep 30 2022 5:35 utc | 96

The anti-conspiracy theory movement is itself an institutional conspiracy.

Posted by: blues | Sep 30 2022 5:45 utc | 97

Posted by: K | Sep 30 2022 2:51 utc | 93

I was thinking the same thing. or maybe the online personas start out appearing reasonable and then switch to their agenda?

Posted by: pretzelattack | Sep 30 2022 6:54 utc | 98

pretzelattack | Sep 30 2022 6:54 utc | 98
Melaleuca | Sep 30 2022 4:01 utc | 94
K | Sep 30 2022 2:51 utc | 93

There are many other options and possibilities than the one you're choosing to focus on.

How about it wasn't a well thought or crafted comment/post but was done in a reactive mindset after seeing that report on TG? A spur of the moment kind of thing. There's one possibility. Maybe there are others?

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail".

Some humans are more complex beings than that. They are broadminded with different skill sets, interests and more often colourful not simplistic stereotyped shades of gray. Not all are one trick ponies either. They might be quite thoughtful, eclectic and nuanced, characterized by subtle shades of meaning and expressions.

Doesn't matter, carry on regardless, and don't mind me. Pretend I'm not even here.

Posted by: SeanAU | Sep 30 2022 7:45 utc | 99

Scholz is being personally blackmailed I believe.

The Cum-Ex tax fraud scandal is hanging over him - he 'advised' the Warburg Bank Hamburg how to 'influence' the local tax authority and save 47 million euro at the time, 2016.
Scholz was first mayor of Hamburg

Posted by: glupi | Sep 30 2022 10:01 utc | 100

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