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August 09, 2022

Trump Raid Is Sabotaging The Democrats' Campaign

Over the weekend the Democrats finally passed their rather mediocre $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which will not reduce inflation and is mostly about climate related measures and drugs. They hope to profit from it in the November midterm election:

Vulnerable incumbent Democratic senators like Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada are already planning events promoting the landmark legislation they passed over the weekend. Democratic ad makers are busily preparing a barrage of commercials about it across key battlegrounds. And the White House is set to deploy Cabinet members on a nationwide sales pitch.

The sweeping legislation, covering climate change and prescription drug prices, which came together in the Senate after more than a year of painfully public fits and starts, has kicked off a frenetic 91-day sprint to sell the package by November — and win over an electorate that has grown skeptical of Democratic rule.

But on the very same day the the Justice Department and the FBI handed republicans a huge new rallying point that will significantly increase their election turnout:

Hoards of angry Donald Trump supporters descended on his Mar-a-Lago home last night shortly after it emerged that the FBI had searched the ex-president's estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to the Florida residence.

Trump, disclosing the search in a lengthy statement, claimed that agents had opened up a safe at his home and described their work as an 'unannounced raid' that he called 'prosecutorial misconduct.'

He accused the FBI of a double standard, claiming the bureau 'allowed' Hillary Clinton to 'acid wash' 33,000 emails from her time as Secretary of State.

Those in his camp said the raid was a clear attempt to thwart a potential 2024 Presidential run.

Trump has not formally announced any campaign but speculation that he will run again is rife. It was compounded by his appearance at C-Pac this weekend.

The raid is guaranteed to be covered in multiple news rounds. It will give Trump new momentum for announcing his campaign:

As Trump weighs running for the presidency for a third time, the implications of the FBI’s foray into Mar-a-Lago for his political fortunes are considerable. Will it boost his status as a martyr, prompting the GOP to rally around him? Or is it the first real sign of myriad legal difficulties, ranging from wire fraud to election tampering in Georgia to the January 6 attack, that could fatally entangle him?

Is this a 'bombshell'? Are the walls closing in (vid) on Trump? Is this the long awaited 'tipping point' that marks the 'beginning of the end' for Trump?

Of course not.

All attempts to get Trump over fake Russiagate claims or other issues have failed. Some 'classified' documents probably found in the possession of the person who, as president, had the power to declassify them will not change anything.

The raid and the accusations will only increase Trump's and his followers determination to win:

The short-term upside for Trump, in any case, is clear. He is now once more the center of political attention at a moment when President Joe Biden was scoring a bunch of victories this past week. Trump, a master showman, will milk the FBI search for all the publicity he can squeeze from it.

The raid was probably the best Trump could have hoped for:

Mr. Trump made clear in his statement that he sees potential political value in the search, something some of his advisers echoed, depending on what any investigation produces.

His political team began sending fund-raising solicitations about the search late on Monday evening.

Even those conservatives who do not like Trump will see the raid as an illegitimate attempt by democrats to prevent another Trump run for the presidency. It is something many will opposed on principal independent of who is targeted.

The White House claims to not have been noticed of the raid. Many people will doubt that.

If Attorney General Merrick B. Garland did not inform the White House he should be fired for political sabotage of the Democrats' campaign. Launching highly political action without informing the boss is a no-no for the Justice Department.

If the White House was informed its hatred for Trump must have pushed it into a very stupid mistake. Allowing the raid at this point of time was the worst thing that could happen to the Democrats.


There is also this conspirish issue:

U.S. Ministry of Truth @USMiniTru - 12:57 UTC · Aug 9, 2022

It's perfectly unsuspicious that the lawyer who defended Jeffrey Epstein is the judge who signed the sealed warrant for the FBI raid on Trump's home.


Posted by b on August 9, 2022 at 13:34 UTC | Permalink

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A tragic state of affairs.

Donald Trump is an evil racist dogmatic despicable person. A conman, who should be in jail for life. Given all the evil he has perpetrated.

Only fools, who seek to be fleeced of everything they own and value in life. By the conman in chief Donald Trump. Would vote for this fool.

This explains why 30% of the entire USSA citizens fall for every passing Ponzi scammer that arrives at their front door.

There is another fate that awaits the Ponzi scammer in chief. The party of stupid still ignores.

It could be said. Once the FBI tame doggy bites your ass. You will be facing decades of constant persecution.

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 11 2022 0:08 utc | 201

karlof1 @ | 172

“The Swamp/Deep State is a criminal cabal that must be disempowered. The public realizes that which is why so many voted for Trump”

“realizes” or “is realizing”, and who is the public? I am a bit confused here.

Posted by: Man | Aug 11 2022 0:51 utc | 202

Man @205--

Sorry, grammar error--wrong tense. Should be realized, then perhaps a comma after that, reading thusly:

“The Swamp/Deep State is a criminal cabal that must be disempowered. The public realized that, which is why so many voted for Trump.”

Grammar check doesn't like the added comma, but IMO it helps comprehension, which is what they're for. But it's the first sentence in that quotation that's important and is a task that still must be done.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 11 2022 1:32 utc | 203

Posted by: fnord | Aug 10 2022 22:47 utc | 192

Sorry, it is purely my opinion based on what I regard as common sense.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 1:44 utc | 204

karlof1 @ 206

Thanks for your reply. I usually jump straight to some posters and I though I have missed something. For the public to realize the criminality of the deep state is the biggest challenge but there is always hope as I can sense from your writings.

Posted by: Man | Aug 11 2022 1:49 utc | 205

"Trump is lucky he hasn’t been killed. The people who hate him are legion and powerful. The efforts to keep him away from the levers of control have been excessive and obvious.
Even though he’s a dick, a cowboy politician, and a crappy person. he doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment, imo."

Posted by: Cadence calls | Aug 10 2022 22:52 utc | 193

I agree but to my mind what is far worse is that the way he was treated basically wrecks the entire national code of honor. A President is elected via the votes of the entire population with a States-weighting system per the constitution. He then takes an oath of office in front of that entire population. As someone who has taken an oath to serve the interests of the people in accord with the constitution he deserves gratitude, respect, support and loyalty. By not giving Trump any of these either before or after he took the oath, those relentlessly attacking him, nearly always using fraud to do so, dishonored every single person who voted for him, and thus of course all those supporting such low behavior.

As I watched how he was treated I realized that the country was gone. People go on and on about white supremacy and all that stuff but actually that world has gone. We are in a much more modern - and frankly more Jewish (supremacy) - world which is materialist and transactional, one without any respect for and far too often not even any awareness of, any honor code.

In governance terms I guess this is called 'rule of law.' There is no more rule of law in the US as the way they keep treating Trump - but not the people on the other side doing far worse things - clearly evidences.

So the country was unfairly treated and indeed has become lost in the process. There is no going back from all this. Either the current entirely corrupt machine operating in DC is entirely uprooted or the country will collapse into mayhem having lost any honorable basis connecting the many different regions, classes and sub-cultures in the once-great federation known as The United States of America.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 1:52 utc | 206


I have little doubt that the Founders and many in the past have dark stains on their character, just like I do and all whom I meet. And I freely admit to not knowing even a tenth what you do about it all. However, I think you are overlooking some things in tarring all our ancestors so generously.

Whether or not the cause was just, so many gave their lives in conflicts caused by corrupt elites but that doesn't make their sacrifice entirely dishonorable as you seem to be implying. Even if it's only facing death with your foxhole brother there is value in such courage, and value in such sacrifice if you pay the ultimate price.

Of course in today's materialist, transactional world, there can be no value in losing your life in some filthy foxhole next to a brainwashed redneck religious nut idiot doing the bidding of oil companies and power-crazed Deep State denizens. But to that point of view life itself is not precious except insofar as what you can get out of it; the world is not precious; nature is not precious.

Some of the ancestors who you are trashing - again not without reason and research but in a somewhat one-sided fashion imo - had deep feelings about life, about nature, about honor, about sacrifice, about trying to create a better world. They were not just greedy assholes.

You are right to point out that most of the treatment they have received as demi-gods is unjustified. Of course it also causes harm by promoting ignorance and fanaticism. But there is more to it than that. We wouldn't be here without their aspirations and sacrifice even though, yes, through their failings we have inherited a truly wicked Deep State which is our time's duty to find a way to overcome.

Or maybe not. Maybe we are of the same rotten stuff as those of yore, enthralled by what is evil, and we will all continue to enable evil to thrive until this world is a complete, entire living hell and all that is good will no longer be worth fighting for, as Gamgee mused on dark day, because none of us is worth anything.

I think that being either extremely positive about our ancestors or extremely negative is extreme. Extremes should always be avoided. The middle way is better!

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 2:11 utc | 207

We came very close a few year ago to having a Marxist mayor here in Tromsø, the 'Paris of the north'.
(btw, Red and Blue in Norway are the opposite of what they are in the US)

Posted by: waynorinorway | Aug 10 2022 18:35 utc | 183

Few more years, and folks will refer to Paris as Tromsø on Seine.

“The Swamp/Deep State is a criminal cabal that must be disempowered. The public realized that, which is why so many voted for Trump.”

Grammar check doesn't like the added comma, but IMO it helps comprehension, which is what they're for. But it's the first sentence in that quotation that's important and is a task that still must be done.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 11 2022 1:32 utc | 206

I guess that "grammar check" understood the sentence as "the public realized that which made so many to vote for Trump", i.e. "that" in forward sense, while comma makes it backward. Comma or no comma, a rather insipid sentence, as opposed to

The Swamp is a criminal cabal that must be disemboweled. Many in the public craved that, so they voted for Trump. They could as well vote for a bloke promising to turn wetlands along lower Potomac into "National Swamp Monument" on the logic that National Park Service prohibits feeding the animals. Who knows, there could be also prescribed culls of overly prolific species.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 11 2022 3:21 utc | 208

We live in a much more modern - and frankly more Jewish (superiority) - world that is materialistic and transactional, lacking any respect and all too often not even aware of any code of honor.
Scorpion 209

In 1902, Otto Weininger wrote his major work, Sex and Character, in which he argues that women are deprived of honor in the male sense of the word, and that Jews and the Negroid race are more "female" peoples. However, the same conclusions can be drawn by each person from direct observation and analysis.
It is hardly surprising that after the long-term impact of the Jews on European civilization and several waves of Jewish emigration to the United States, the code of honor was effectively removed from the consciousness of the collective West.
Fortunately for world civilization, the code of honor still plays a significant role in the collective East due to some remoteness from the main territory of influence of the Jews in the West.

Posted by: Nebo Sinee | Aug 11 2022 3:53 utc | 209

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2022 22:35 utc | 191

Thanks, karlof1. I should make a correction or fill in to my bio - I have been in the US from my teenage years through college and on raising a family. My experience with the founders was fairly direct - we had a Liberty Tree on campus and our studies were a lot of reading, then seminar group discussions. Close to D.C. at the time, the final years of Eisenhower and early Kennedy administration when I actually worked one summer for Clark Clifford as a fill-in for his receptionist. I was a Kelly girl, if you remember those, also did some telephone operator work at the American University. So, there was power...and then there was me. Hah!

After college we came west and raised our kids in Utah, then the Chicago area. At first I had been in a Catholic convent school in California, so yes, I've been around this country - mostly by Greyhound bus! I had just kept my green card status that long, became a citizen here in New Mexico along with an enormous South American group at a time when it was being suggested that there was some question those having a green card might not be eligible for social security.

I decided it was time to take the plunge. I and one other were the only non-Americans doing so, and we were seated next to one another in the large hall. She was younger, and was from Belarus, of all places. I think there must have been some animosity towards such a large group, as after we had taken the pledge the loudspeaker played at enormously earsplitting intensity the national anthem as we all stood at attention, hands to hearts - I think I've had tinnitus ever since. I've often wished I'd had the courage to put my hands to my ears and protect them.

I'm glad that I did this though - my children have all been born here, and my youngest grandson is named Theodore so he will be the president who sets things aright.

Thanks for the book suggestion - it sounds very interesting! Books is where I get all my historical info - I love to read, wish I retained more, but that can't be helped. Our college taught a liberal arts program all four years, everyone the same. It didn't use text books but paralleled actual texts that we discussed with language tutorials, math, and lab - lots and lots of reading required, which I loved. Our tutors were often learning right along with us. It was great.

Thanks for putting up with me.

Posted by: juliania | Aug 11 2022 4:08 utc | 210

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 2:11 utc | 210

That was good, Scorpion! Thank you. It's good to realize our own shortcomings, and certainly those who began this nation have made mistakes - you can see it in the conversations between Adams and Jefferson, in particular. Plus not all historians get the entire picture - I think one would have had to live in their times for that. I have been at Mount Vernon -- sure there are slave quarters, an estate -- but the house is tiny! Shame on those mega-mansions the wealthy have built.

But thanks to karlof1. He is a good soul, like b. Thanks to them both.

Posted by: juliania | Aug 11 2022 4:27 utc | 211

@Scorpion #207

"Sorry, it is purely my opinion based on what I regard as common sense."

Common sense is a fallacy. If sense were common then everyone would have it. I get that you think there was some sort of conspiracy, but like all the others that claim such nonsense, you have only speculation and conjecture. Thanks for playing.

Posted by: fnord | Aug 11 2022 7:32 utc | 212

It wasn't a "raid"; it was the execution of a search warrant which was granted by a judge; not the DoJ, not the Biden Administration, and not the Democratic Party.

Posted by: Rod Silver | Aug 11 2022 8:22 utc | 213

ut like all the others that claim such nonsense, you have only speculation and conjecture. Thanks for playing.

Posted by: fnord | Aug 11 2022 7:32 utc | 215

I can't be bothered to sift through curated internet searches and hyperbolic conspiracy sites but I betcha those million dollar homes owned by their idiot leader didn't come from ordinary folks' donations. BLM is funded and organized as is Antifa and many others including fake right wing militias.

Some of us are able to think for ourselves. Some depend upon others to do their thinking for them.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 10:58 utc | 214

It wasn't a "raid"; it was the execution of a search warrant which was granted by a judge; not the DoJ, not the Biden Administration, and not the Democratic Party.

Posted by: Rod Silver | Aug 11 2022 8:22 utc | 216

Define 'raid.'
Explain why you care if people who don't like what happened describe it as a raid, especially after the BS the FBI put the entire nation through using false documentation featuring fiction they helped compose by getting a FISA warrant. No doubt you think that was fine because a Judge signed that warrant too. No doubt you think all Judges are honest, uncompromised and infallible.

Clearly you feel fine about tearing the country apart.

And I'd say a search for documents using 30 agents and some with machine guns it seems plus refusing to show the on site lawyer the warrant makes it a raid because clearly it was with hostile intent.

The FBI and Deep State covering its ass before bankrupting or murdering Trump no doubt. He must have some dirt on them but they shouldn't worry. He did nothing to rein them in when he was President and since he has children and grandchildren he will never do anything.

What ails America cannot be cured by a Presidential election unless there is also a huge wave putting in reformers willing to clean out most of the agencies in THE USG. Possible, but given the crooked judges who protect the crooked counting machines and the only handful of jurisdictions at the county level willing to clean them out of the system after 2020, looks highly improbable even though Bannon is risking jail organizing precinct people to ensure fair procedures are followed this time. We'll soon see but it's almost certainly a big waste of time.

Convention of States, mass secession or some such is more likely what's needed. Not Trump, who is controlled opposition par excellence and no threat to anyone so therefore no national savior either. (But that doesn't make the way he has been treated right.)

He should have been given a chance to fulfill his oath of office and to the nation to the best of his ability. He wasn't. Making his great gift that of knowledge: whether or not people have the wit to acknowledge it now both her own citizens and the millions of illegal immigrants set up with IDs and debit card income and the rest of the whole world can see that America is a broken and entirely corrupt republic, a people without honor, a nation without a soul even though a healthy majority wish it were otherwise and could make it so perhaps if given a chance. The irony is that a Great Reset is indeed needed.

And so it goes.

Rod Silver : The entire nation is being raided but what is most sad is how many are cheering it on and how the so-called Left has embraced the politics of personal and national destruction!

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 11:30 utc | 215


Trump is a famous counter puncher. He may yet have something up his sleeve.... (which is perhaps what they are still scared of...)

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 11:41 utc | 216

Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 11:41 utc | 219

Trump is a famous counter puncher. He may yet have something up his sleeve.... (which is perhaps what they are still scared of...)

Here's a pretty comprehensive overview of how we got to where we are. Part 2 will deal more specifically with Trump's declassified material. Stay tuned...

Ultimately, this corrupt political process gave power to create the Fourth Branch of Government, the Intelligence Branch

Posted by: john | Aug 11 2022 13:25 utc | 217

@Paul McGrory #142
Please be clear:

1) Are you saying that Alex Jones' new lawyers did a good job defending him? The verdict argues otherwise.

2) Or are you saying that Robert Barnes did such a hash that the case was unwinnable?

Did you actually listen to the Duran talk? Because it was 100% clear that Robert Barnes was not, in any way, affiliated with the trial. Barnes removal was long before the trial.

I am also unclear what you are saying here

prompted accusations from the parent's lawyers that Barnes was deliberately sabotaging the process.

Are you saying that the other sides' lawyers were complaining about Barnes? Why exactly is this credible in any way?

You also said

was then described by Jones new lawyer as badly botching document discovery in the cases

What exactly was this "botching document discovery"? I have and do participate in both civil and criminal court cases - there is no such thing as "botching document discovery" except in 2 categories:

1) Failing to meet the requirements of disclosure as established by the case, or
2) Sending to the other side, what wasn't supposed to be sent.

Barnes specifically noted that Alex Jones' private texts were sent to the other side by mistake and it wasn't him, so it isn't 2).

And in reference to listening to the Duran talk: Barnes made a number of very specific accusations which would result in him being sued if untrue, including:

a) Potential jurors were asked if they believed Alex Jones should pay $150 million in damages. Any juror who said no, was excused (removed).

This is blatantly against all norms. In a normal court, both sides have to try REALLY hard to be able to get juror selection questions which steer the desired demographic to ones which are felt to be favorable. Typical juror selection questions will be: have you ever been a victim of a crime? (these tend to be against alleged criminal defendants). Are you or are any of your family members, involved with law enforcement? (pro law enforcement also tend to be anti-alleged criminal defendant).

b) That the judge in the case was clearly biased against the defendent because what Alex Jones said outside the courtroom was allowed to be used by the prosecution in the trial.

c) And that the above (b) was used to justify Alex Jones not being able to even present a defense

d) That an "expert witness" valued InfoWars at $290 million even without Alex Jones in it

The whole talk is 2 hours, and a significant part of it is Barnes talking about specific examples of what he saw as violations of trial norms.

What it appears to me is that you listened to a 10 minute talk by some heavily Left leaning lawyer such as Legal Eagle, or followed some twitter thread as opposed to either having followed the case or listened to Barnes directly.

But please do expound more - I am very interested to understand the details behind your statements.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 11 2022 14:14 utc | 218

@uncle tungsten #147
Barnes is very clearly a hard core libertarian - a creed I don't agree with.

However, what is much less clear to me is that what he is saying is either normal trial/DOJ practice or Constitutional rights in the form of allowable/not allowable trial practices, is wrong.

Do you have something specific in this regard? Because Barnes isn't a fake lawyer: he has represented a lot of people in highly controversial, high profile cases including the "other" Covington kids (not the main one, but the rest), Wesley Snipes in his tax trial (the felony accusations failed, the misdemeanor ones succeeded), Ralph Nader suing over the 2004 election (failed) and Kyle Rittenhouse (succeeded).

So to say he's a hack - not the least bit clear to me.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 11 2022 14:24 utc | 219

@Scorpion #217

More speculation and conjecture. Don't worry about empirical evidence, right? Who needs research when you have a gut feeling and can make declarative statements lacking proof. I was hoping you could point me towards some kind of evidence, even circumstantial evidence, but instead you tell me that it only exists in your mind. Each to his own.

Posted by: fnord | Aug 11 2022 18:31 utc | 220

@Scorpion #218

"Clearly you feel fine about tearing the country apart."

L0L...holy shit, man! Can you be more dramatic? Do you need a brush to get that sand out of your vagina? So the corrupt USG did something nefarious to a former president. Who cares about such things? Apparently, you do. Why? Are you a god-fearing sort of individual? Do you love Jesus? Do you love 'murica? You can write the longest comment on MoA with the most words but you're still full of shit. Thanks for playing.

Posted by: fnord | Aug 11 2022 18:44 utc | 221

Ultimately, this corrupt political process gave power to create the Fourth Branch of Government, the Intelligence Branch

Posted by: john | Aug 11 2022 13:25 utc | 220

Thank you. Looking forward to Part II.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 11 2022 19:43 utc | 222

The FBI raid on Trump's residence seems almost deliberately provocative.
I can't rule out the possibility that Democrats are deliberately trying to provoke civil disorder so they can crack down as we approach elections they are expected to lose.
It's all quite brazen.

Posted by: John Kirsch | Aug 11 2022 21:20 utc | 223

All I see in your comment is paranoid right-wing conjecture and speculation but nothing of substance. Feel free to chime in when you have something real.

Posted by: fnord | Aug 10 2022 23:20 utc | 199

Then my post has likely had the intended effect on others as well.

When a speaker is being sarcastic, they are saying something different than what they actually mean. As a literary device, sarcasm can convey a writer and/or character’s true feelings of frustration, anger, and even derision, though veiled by the presence of humor and wording that is inconsistent with what is intended. However, since sarcastic statements, as they are worded, contradict the speaker’s intent and true meaning, it can be difficult for writers to effectively utilize this literary device without proper context or tone.

Hahaha...does Moon of A really have regular "barflys" who espouse such things as George Soros getting traffic tickets in a serious tone? As for the general tone and sentiment I'm seeing around the comments lately, there is very much a funhouse mirror of United States politics and division. Much bickering and posturing; far more than any time in the past decades. Scanning the room over the last 3-4 years time, it would seem to have started with Trump's election and intensified around the summer of 2020.

On that note, other than the implications of geopolitics, the blog owner-slash-barkeep should probably avoid comment on American domestic matters; he is much more adept with sit-reps and out of his depth as a non-American offering nothing that cannot be found elsewhere. That isn't a dig at him because he could easily monetize such fare on Substack or a right-leaning aggregator but he doesn't [tho some fossil fuel shills around here are surely on that industry's payroll]. I never thought I'd see "wokeism" talked of so frequently and yet so boringly and inaccurately at Moon of A! It's really difficult to make counter-argument too because who the hell knows what it even means to anyone other than a RWer nowadays??? This is a German blog if what I've read is true. Was it "wokeism" when Nazi statues were torn down? I'd like to get my bearings if a future conversation on the topic arises, lol.

Speaking of which, do we ever get any analysis of German domestic or international issues at Moon of A? Other than the pipelines and coming winter freeze, I should say. Wish there was more of that and less of the amateur commentary on USA, which most people around the world are tired of having to read about anyway.

I want my money back!!!

Posted by: Crimea River | Aug 12 2022 2:40 utc | 224

Who was it that said something about the national honor or decorum? This person needs to try stand up comedy or a Tik Tok show!

What's ever been honorable about how the USA functions except the few major incidences of the power faction being dragged kicking and screaming out of the morass of the far right white supremacist capital worshiping swamp-cave [the couple of times American settlers and military were on the losing end against the natives...oh! sorry I meant the savages impeding civilizatino! end of slavery...oh! sorry I meant infringement on "state's rights"! / the Civil Rights era...oh! sorry I mean making white people uncomfortable for having to share a building or bus with blacks!].

But no! Trump deserves more respect than he's been given. Because he was the President and he showed a great deal of respect to all that stood in his and his daddy-gifted nest-egg's way! Imo, all ex-Presidents should be raided by an army of citizens and investigated for their crimes, not the gestapo FBI which has and always will reside in a building named after the man who still most personifies the real nature of the agency. Yes! Trump should be given the same amount of respect as the true patriots who came before him attempting to genuinely change the course of the USA! Let's give him the JFK treatment, I say! Perhaps in 75 years they will de-classify the covered-up coverup for our grandchildren!

Posted by: Crimea River | Aug 12 2022 2:53 utc | 225

Given everything else going on in our world, this Trump event has all the markings of desperation "look over there for a while" optics. This movie is writing its scenes as it goes along and keeping the empire public enthralled with the theatrics of the participants.

And in the interim, there is a revolution going on in the bigger world and empire is losing.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 12 2022 5:52 utc | 226

The FBI raid on Trump's residence seems almost deliberately provocative.

Posted by: John Kirsch | Aug 11 2022 21:20 utc | 226

Interesting calling it a raid instigated by the Democrats.

Alas, the FBI first press report since the raid shows the self-proclaimed fool who caused the DC riots in 2020. One "Donald (the Dumbest ex-prez) Trump was sitting on a pile of top secret classified military documents. All were stolen from the "Whitewashed House" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC. Or were delivered to his holiday home reading leisure literature. Prior to January 2020.

The dumb irony was that a vain fool called Donald Trump. Could(should) have boxed them all up and had them delivered to the US Government archive to be sealed for up to 500 years. The question, is Donald Trump now suffering from early onset daddy's mind disease?

Now, the chorus of ten serial Republican-employed media liars! Will chime in one literal endless loop loud voice for the next two years. All yelling "He is innocent(still doesn't alter his lying and sinning ways), Fake, Planted evidence, False Investigation"! In an auto repetition mode......... His Republican opponents for the 2024 run. Oh, look the fool disqualified himself for 2024. It's our turn now! Thus endeth his second run as the worst US President since Benedict Arnold................

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 12 2022 7:32 utc | 227

Bad Deal Motors On,

For reals, right? If it was a "raid" someone would have been shot as the doors were knocked down past midnight when everyone was asleep. Probably a dog or two as well [although as with most sociopaths I do not think Trump's family ever had dogs - Obama and Bush were exceptions].

Right on cue, the American RW, comprised largely of white males and their spouses, with the occasional "Western Chauvinist" among the darker complected seen among the crowd, will cry foul and that evidence was planted! They seem to be forgetting that this is a tactic used not against rich males such as Trump, but rather poor workers and minorities. How many 'drop guns' or baggies of drugs secreted from the evidence locker have been planted on poor whites, leftists and blacks over the last 150 years? There is an even bigger picture...Affirmative action? Repayments? The return of tribal or black owned land? All of those things are portrayed to HURT the poor, oppressed white majority of which Trump is the modern figurehead, but no alternative strategies are proposed [other than to criminalize those groups and jail them if possible]. So yeah, American law enforcement often IS illegitimate and a tool of the capitalist class, and Trump is excellent at playing the victim, as are 95% of his staunches allies and supporters among his cult of personality and white grievance.

This is the great reverse-discrimination lie used by the RW and white "moral" majority recycled against the law enforcement bodies they favored, that have historically enforced laws that either don't affect them or are intentionally there to benefit them. J. Edgar Hoover's FBI relentlessly targeted, harassed and arrested leftists and minorities for years, more often than not on trumped [pun intended?] up charges or planted "evidence" or lies. Nobody on the right raised a peep except to cheer it on.

As soon as an election [or even before in Trump's case] or law enforcement action doesn't go their way or the LEAs that have historically protected and served their interests are turned on them, they cry foul and seek to instigate violence. Has Trump or any modern Republican EVER conceded or admitted to making a mistake, much more, wrongdoing? It's typical of the tantrums we've seen since the days of slavery or civil rights or striking miners in company towns whenever black, Chinese, Mexican or poor working class white people got too "uppity", won concessions against big business, or made too much money which in the USA also carries with it a rise in political stature and a perceived threat to the white capitalist class [and the minions of poor whites who are suckered into fighting against their own economic or social interests].

Back on the topic of Trump's document theft, here is the timeline.

In October 2021, Trump sued the January 6th Committee in an attempt to block it from getting records from the National Archives.

On January 19, 2022, the National Archives announces its intention to turn over Trump White House documents to the committee.

On January 20, 2022, the Supreme Court dismissed Trump’s attempt to block the National Archives from turning over the documents.

On January, 31, 2022, the National Archives obtains Trump documents that had been ripped up and taped back together.

On February 7, 2022, the National Archives discloses that Trump took 15 boxes of White House documents to Florida and archivists went to Mar-a-Lago to retrieve them in January. (The Archives had known since May 2021, the documents were missing, but Trump’s people had dismissed their inquiries.)

On February 9, 2022, the National Archives requests that the Department of Justice investigate Trump’s handling of White House.

On February 16, 2022, the Archives discloses that some of the missing 15 boxes contained classified material.

In April and May 2022, the FBI interviews Trump aides on the missing White House records.

On May 12, 2022, a federal grand jury is convened to investigate whether Trump mishandled classified documents.

Sometime in May, the feds served Trump with a subpoena for classified documents had refused to turn over.

On June 8, 2022, federal agents go to Mar-a-Lago to investigate the missing documents. While there, they tell Trump’s aides to padlock the room where the documents are held.

August, 8, 2022, the FBI serves Trump’s people with a warrant and executes a search for the missing documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump and the right's depiction of the "raid" as something totally unexpected, unprecedented or even illegal is of course utterly ridiculous.

Posted by: Crimea River | Aug 12 2022 21:42 utc | 228

And now we're hearing that Trump was also planning to hand over nuclear secrets to the same bonesaw wielding Saudi criminals to which he and Biden have both genuflected in recent years.

Oops, sorry sent the wrong boxes. It was an honest mistake so why are you persecutin' us, bro?

Posted by: Crimea River | Aug 12 2022 21:46 utc | 229

Obviously am speculating but the fact that they are making a big deal about making the search warrant public seems to me to say they didn’t find anything. Otherwise they would be making a big deal about what they found not why they had to do the search. But that said, once they start talking Espionage Act, Trump should be worried. That’s a law that the more it is used the more embarrassing it is to the country’s history. Further it won’t allow him a defense and even the best lawyers will have their hands tied.

Posted by: GS | Aug 13 2022 0:19 utc | 230

ZH has a posting up with the title

Court Removes Page For Judge Who Approved Raid Of Trump's Home

That is a web page they are referring to

This is the best Wag The Dog kabuki money can buy...are you entertained?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 13 2022 2:33 utc | 231

court removed page lol. like they removed page of thomas, alito and the other activists?

Posted by: Crimea River | Aug 13 2022 5:40 utc | 232


Nobody cares about your idiotic deviations from the needed conversations.

Posted by: Crimea River | Aug 13 2022 5:43 utc | 233

Am I the only one in the world that thinks the FBI knows they are helping Trump win?

Everybody knows the raid will help Trump. Even die-hard liberals are saying this raid will strengthen Trump.
But we are supposed to believe that the Democratic leadership and the FBI leaders have no inkling that they are helping Trump grow more powerful. Seriously???

Posted by: jinn | Aug 13 2022 22:42 utc | 234

Interesting news developing.

The incredibly dumb&dumber fans of stupidity. Not one of them has provided one verification data on how "Erection 2020" was actually stolen. Outside the serial liar in chief sedition charlatan, Donald Trump's zero evidence provided. A fallacy-riddled claim of complete nonsense. He said so it must be true! No further evidence is required!

Oh, he claimed these documents are declassified. Where is the visual evidence? Trump supporters reply. His verbal claim must always be true!

All the pro supporters have sunk to a new low on lies to the general public. Have now resorted to the usual dirty tricks of fake photoshopping. Brian Kilmeade style... The only thing missing is Sarah Palin in a shopped

So comes the new normal for all the "Trump Supporters"! So busy lying to each other. As if, this is a race to see who will become a bigger lier than their flawed charlatan hero Donald Trump.

The latest totally debunked lie to emerge from Donald's lips. Is that his predecessor is also guilty of the same crime?

Donald Trump is a man. Who just can't shut his big grave-digging mouth?

The standard rule in the USSA for all issued declassified documents! Is a big rubber stamp on a duplicate copy and a sharpie to censor/redact self-incriminating paragraphs.

Can the Trump Supporters produce such documents? It would take an incredible miracle. The probability of the said event is 0.0002%. If the said documents had actually existed. The FBI drones would have discarded all such marked papers. Over the floor of his home office..........

Would the same supporters create a string of shopped/fake declassified documents? That specific action has a 99.9985% probability in the affirmative.

What an amazing yet sad life! To tell oneself lies whilst living in denial of the real world. Supporting a complete charlatan as USSA Prez wannabe.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me 48,003 times shame on me!

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 14 2022 2:05 utc | 235

" What should be relevant for the US people is to find some way to coexist in peace with the rest of the world."
But there is too much money to be made from simmering conflicts - as long as they don't get too out of hand and kill too many Americans. It all comes down to incentives.

Posted by: ian | Aug 14 2022 19:50 utc | 236

In 2016 Princeton University came out with a study of American Politics and concluded that the USA was,and had been for many decades,an Oligarchy.
During the summer of 2016 ex President Jimmy Carter described the USA as a "Lawless Oligarchy.
And on 12/31/2016 that renowned Constitutional scholar Barack Hussein Obama signed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act which among other things revoked Habeas Corpus.
People here refer to "America" and its decades of criminal behavior as though the average American subject has some influence on the actions of its Government.
We do not.
I'm a Native Californian, California has incarcerated a larger percentage of its population than Soviet Russia Communist China or Nazi Germany ever did.
And the fastest growing part of California's economy is the prison industrial complex.
Slavery, to put it bluntly.

Posted by: Tom Stone | Aug 15 2022 2:06 utc | 237

Amazing to me that anyone views Trump as some sort of legitimate counterforce to the elements that have captured our govt. The man’s claim to fame as POTUS was to pass yet another budget crashing taxcut to the wealthy, increase renaway military spending, and signal that the GOP and Dem assault on women and worker’s rights will continue apace. Broke and backward the US sloggs on. May the entire Fed govt collapse into bankrupt obscurity sooner rather than later.

Posted by: Miller | Aug 15 2022 10:05 utc | 238

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