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August 07, 2022

The MoA Week In Review - (Not Ukraine) OT 2022-123

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Long Covid:


> Barack Obama is said to have observed that it’s impossible to overestimate Joe Biden’s ability to fuck things up, and in large part that has to do with the endless, improvisational talking. But that gabbing is also the reason he was so effective at getting people to consider changing their votes when he was a senator and then the vice president. He doesn’t use verbal communication as a means of transmitting facts. He uses it to bond with someone. Talking is a kind of lubricant, easing people along to a new point of view—at the very, very least, you know that if you agree to change your vote, he might stop talking. <

Use as (not Ukraine related) open thread ...

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Cash making a comeback due to inflation forcing better money management

Cost of living: People turning back to cash as prices rise - bbc

Post offices handled £801m in personal cash withdrawals in July, the most since records began five years ago.

That's up more than 20% from a year earlier.

Natalie Ceeney, chair of the Cash Action Group, said it showed people are "literally counting the pennies" as they grapple with rising prices.

Prices are currently rising faster than they have for 40 years.

The increase in the cost of living is putting a squeeze on people's finances, as incomes fail to keep up.

In total, £3.32bn in cash was deposited and withdrawn at Post Office counters in July, £100m higher than in June.

Personal cash withdrawals, at £801m, were up almost 8% month-on-month and up more than 20% year-on-year.

It is the highest amount since records began five years ago, and only the second time that personal cash withdrawals have exceeded £800m. The last time was December 2021, and there's always an increase in withdrawals around that time of year, the Post Office said.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 14:14 utc | 101

@Scorpion #101

Re: genes shared between SARS and human blah blah

You need to be really careful reading about this kind of junk.
Anything that infects humans or even animals, is going to share DNA. Early on during COVID, there was a particularly egregiously bad article that said COVID shared genes with AIDS etc. This is actually true, but entirely misleading because when you are a virus, you are going to share genes with other viruses - if for no other reason - you are infecting the same human cells and redirecting their internal machinery to reproduce yourself.

Re: MC

I don't know why it is surprising that people coming together from far-flung areas, particularly unhealthy ones like MC, would have different environmental loads of germs. Montezuma's revenge, after all, is based on real experiences.

Re: Italy beaches

If you look at the detail, the vast majority were pretty damn old people. 70+, 80+ year old. Looks like nothing more than the workings of chance.

Posted by: c | Aug 8 2022 14:26 utc | 102

An excellent new article on Indian Punchline:

Why the Gulf states’ SCO membership is a big deal

Posted by: BM | Aug 8 2022 15:05 utc | 103

Science is institutional, comes from within group social dynamics and as such can be shaped by cultural, religious, political and financial inputs as much as any other human group activity.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 8 2022 14:04 utc | 101

I was watching a clip on social media from an old South African scientist who was complaining about the total lack of questioning from scientists in their twenties and thirties that he had dealt with.

If the information they received wasn’t peer reviewed they would ignore it but if it was peer reviewed they wouldn’t question it.It was simply taken as the gospel truth

Posted by: Down South | Aug 8 2022 15:10 utc | 104

I have many problems with the above:
1) The notion that China dumping $981B of US Treasuries, wouldn't hurt the US, is nonsensical.
Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 14:06 utc | 102

... and several other good points

It's not the first time I've had the impression that NC was pushing a point for personal self-interests rather than because they necessarily believed it. Just a gut-feeling, no more!


In particular, in an era of rising commodity prices - it is much less clear that having a weak currency is a net positive. And on a more strategic note: if China wants to create an alternative to the USD - is having a weak or a strong currency better? I would think strong.

Agreed. In addition, the argument is that China is not seriously threatened by loss of exports to the west because she can develop her huge internal market - in that scenario the strong currency would definitely be a strong benefit.

Posted by: BM | Aug 8 2022 15:37 utc | 105

c | Aug 8 2022 14:26 utc | 102

Since you're confident enough to say other people's thoughts are 'junk', please explain the following to me:
- between the dormant virus host-specific to bats, those bats as hosts, and pangolins, how and where exactly does the HUMAN immunodeficiency (host-specific) virus come in, organically, in order for one virus to transfer genes to the other virus?

Please, take it away!

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Aug 8 2022 17:01 utc | 106

@ Jon_In_AU | Aug 8 2022 6:41 utc | 88

thanks... i was on a couple of double bills with the band in the early 90s... great band!

Posted by: james | Aug 8 2022 17:13 utc | 107

I consistently learn something new from every Declan Hayes column I read at SCF, with his latest effort being no exception, "Paths of Glory", which happens to be the title of a 1957 Kubrick anti-war movie I'd never heard of that was once banned in both France and the Outlaw US Empire. He consistently names so many people, real and literary, that relate to the basis of his essays I've never encountered as with this paragraph festooned with links at the original:

"If there is any glory in war, it belongs not to Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or their Zelensky puppet but to nobler souls like August Landmesser, Alina Lipp, Édith Piaf, Princess Alice of Battenberg, Princess Anni-Frid Reuss (Dowager Countess of Plauen aka Anni-Frid Lyngstad), Graham Greene’s anonymous whisky priest, Hugh Thompson Jnr, Alexander Prokhorenko , Khaled al Asaad, Seymour Hersh, Julian Assange and all like them."

The point of Hayes's cultural and moral exposition:

"The tragedy is that the grandstanding of Pelosi (who has the entire American 7th Fleet at her disposal to stoke her vanity), and the avarice of Hunter Biden and Clown Prince Zelensky drags countless millions of Faithful Hussars into war’s abyss. And, though we should give thanks for the literature and whatever other little good may spring from their war crimes, we need a way to end all that and to send Pelosi, the Bidens and the Zelenskys into some silenced void from where they, their fellow anti Christs and their stolen valor can do no more harm."

Indeed, the vile sub-species of humans known as War Mongers and such need to be pruned from humanity's evolutionary bush which is what a genuine Great Reset that put humanity's needs and interests first would accomplish--the world has absolutely no use for such people.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 8 2022 17:23 utc | 108

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:
There were an additional 4,000 non-COVID deaths, or a five per cent increase, in the first four months this year, compared with the pre-pandemic average.

Anecdotally, staff shortages are now affecting everything - not just sectors that were already struggling.

Posted by: Rae | Aug 8 2022 17:39 utc | 109
I’m getting quite worried that these military drills by China over Taiwan will be transitioned to an outright invasion/blockade over the country and its sovereignty, resulting in a us military response and a outright us/China conflict. The fact they haven’t ended yet, but extended gives me anxiety.

Anyone else sharing this concern?

Posted by: Mathew Palmeri | Aug 8 2022 18:06 utc | 110

Goddamn, I just came across this post in LA's Reddit and I don't think I've ever seen Los Angeles and the United States roasted so accurately and devastatingly. The state of our cities really should be a national embarrassment.

Posted by: MD | Aug 8 2022 18:09 utc | 111

@Scotch Bingeington #106
You said

- between the dormant virus host-specific to bats, those bats as hosts, and pangolins, how and where exactly does the HUMAN immunodeficiency (host-specific) virus come in, organically, in order for one virus to transfer genes to the other virus?

AIDS came from monkeys. Which also share large % genetic overlap with people.

What you don't seem to understand is that the chemical interactions which underlie fundamental DNA/RNA operations are basically the same across all organisms - so why would they not share genes involved with DNA/RNA operations?

To restate yet again: ALL viruses replicate by hijacking host cells to reproduce. This means ALL viruses must interact directly with these cells. And in turn, if 2 viruses infect people - why exactly would they not share at least some similar genes - the ones involved in the hijacking of the cells?

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 18:36 utc | 112

Interesting and worrying.

I was talking to a director of a large state's grid about my new venture/product - and the subject of farming/fertilizer came up. He said that he has 2 relatives who separately farm, and they are both strongly considering just skipping a year because of literal fertilizer unavailability.
So it isn't just about cost...

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 18:38 utc | 113

Mathew Palmeri @110--

The fact they [China's Taiwan FTX] haven’t ended yet, but extended gives me anxiety....

Anyone else sharing this concern?

Myself, no. There's no way the Outlaw US Empire can defend Taiwan as China's currently displaying. As Wang Yi, China's Foreign Minister, said in an article I linked yesterday, a new status quo is in place because the Outlaw US Empire through its provocation changed it all by itself:

Responding to the US claim that China has changed the status quo across the Taiwan Straits, Wang said it is nothing but a rumor and slander. Taiwan has never been a country. There is only one China, and both sides of the Taiwan Straits belong to one and the same China. This has been the status quo of Taiwan since ancient times.

The China-US Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations issued in 1978, the second one of the three China-US joint communiqués, clearly emphasizes that the government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) is the sole legal government representing the whole of China and Taiwan is part of China, which has been the status quo across the Taiwan Straits for decades, Wang noted.

But such status quo has indeed been broken. The destroyer is not China, but the US and Taiwan separatist forces, Wang said. "In 2000, the US side placed its unilaterally concocted 'Taiwan Relations Act' ahead of the three China-US joint communiqués. Isn't that changing the status quo? A few years ago, the US side brazenly put the so-called 'Six Assurances,' which was kept in secrecy, into its one-China policy statement. Isn't that changing the status quo? Isn't it hollowing out the one-China policy?" Wang asked.

As reported, over 160 nations back China and affirm the One China Principle--representing about 85% of humanity. China continues to speak directly to that audience about unification which will end the Era of China being a Colony and finalize China's rejuvenation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 8 2022 19:43 utc | 114

Anyone else sharing this concern?

Posted by: Mathew Palmeri | Aug 8 2022 18:06 utc

Not particularly. China, like Russia and the ROW outside ZATO, is done trying to find let alone sustain any "agreement" with US/ZATO.

How difficult the "landing" will be for "unfriendlies" depends on how long it takes for US's vassal states to realize IF the vassal breaks with the US, China and Russia will negotiate and trade with them. The kicker in this is the vassal's realization that the US will not have the vassal's back either way when the SHTF.

At a personal level, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Decide if you want to survive a nuclear total conflagration, or not.

But worrying is pointless.

A tip: "concern" is label now attached pretty firmly to the epithet "concern troll". You don't want to be one of those here.

Posted by: Old canadian | Aug 8 2022 20:19 utc | 115

c1ue | Aug 8 2022 18:36 utc | 112

I could repeat my question.

"What you don't seem to understand is that the chemical interactions which underlie fundamental DNA/RNA operations are basically the same across all organisms - so why would they not share genes involved with DNA/RNA operations?"

My question is not about chemistry, but biology: the viruses will have to come into contact with each other, through one or two hosts. They don't interact with each other just by lying side by side in the gutter. I could rephrase my question: how on earth will a bat get HIV, or a pangolin Sars-Cov-2 (without the HIV-bits)?

"And in turn, if 2 viruses infect people - why exactly would they not share at least some similar genes - the ones involved in the hijacking of the cells?"

You're proposing that some human with HIV caught some mysterious pre-Wuhan variant of Sars-Cov-2 (a variant without the HIV bits), or that some human who was already infected with some mysterious pre-Wuhan variant of Sars-Cov-2 (a variant without the HIV bits) caught himself some fresh HIV, too.

I'm sorry, but that's just not what those scientists who deny the relevance of the HIV bits in Sars-Cov-2 are talking about. Their story (it's nothing more that that, a nice story) is humans caught the ready-made Wuhan variant of Sars-Cov-2 from pangolins. Ready-made means already including the HIV bits. Those would have to have entered the Sars-virus earlier on, in the pangolin, or in the bat. While it's easy enough to catch an air-borne virus like Sars, how on earth does a pangolin or a bat catch HIV, a virus that's transmitted through bodily fluids of primates. A hot one-night stand with a monkey? So there's a monkey in the story now, too? Even better!

At odds with the odds, mutters the Wuhan Bat Lady to herself.

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Aug 8 2022 20:47 utc | 116

karlof1 @108 JFC, you've never heard of Paths of Glory? I highly recommend it; one of Kubrick's (and Kirk Douglas') best.

Posted by: robjira | Aug 8 2022 21:20 utc | 117

The amount of Fed Treasuries holdings
Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 14:06 utc | 99

FRBNY is holding all the balance sheet risk. [SCREEN SHOT] It's been that way since '08. The debt "we" don't owe ourselves is mostly FRB running off commercial paper.
src: H.4.1 Statement of Condition of Each Federal Reserve Bank, July 13, 2022

Posted by: sln2002 | Aug 8 2022 22:03 utc | 118

Note NBER's 2-mo "recession" bar. That Taper's gonna run a lot longer than Powell and the "Inflation Reduction Act" let on. Assets: Total Assets: Total Assets (Less Eliminations from Consolidation a/o 4 Aug 2022. Hope I'm alive to enjoy it, 20 years from now.

Posted by: sln2002 | Aug 8 2022 22:13 utc | 119

@Scotch Bingeington #116
I have no idea what weird question you are trying to ask.
The 2 diseases don’t need to have any contact because the basic machinery I reference is common to ALL human infecting viruses.
It is like saying 2 cars must be related because they both have internal combustion engines. No, that’s a design feature of IC cars.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 22:28 utc | 120

c1ue @99 wrote:

1) The notion that China dumping $981B of US Treasuries, wouldn't hurt the US, is nonsensical.

If you read and understood the quote that you are arguing against then you would grasp that the reason China does not sell off all its dollars is because it would effect the exchange rate to the extent that China manufacturers would not be able to sell as much in the US market and that would benefit US manufacturing (which is still the second largest in the world). In the short run it might hurt the US economy but in the long run a stronger US manufacturing sector would not hurt.

In my view, the primary purpose of Treasury holdings by central banks is geopolitical/geostrategic: countries with large Treasury holdings don't get bombed by the US.

That may be true for almost all the world that is not part of the Western world. But it does not apply to China. We are not going to bomb China if they sell all their Treasuries. Sure, if the Saudis and fellow sheiks and the other resource rich 3rd world countries try to sell their dollar holdings they will be nuked and that is what props up US hegemony, but China is still largely dependent on exports and until that changes they will need to hold lots of dollars to make it work.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 8 2022 23:03 utc | 121

So I haven’t read b’s Week in Review yet, I’m getting into it this evening and note with interest that he linked to the Global News report on long Covid research… but I’m going to post this first.

For a bunch of reasons, none of which have anything to do with security concerns, Canada’s navy will not be providing a frigate to either of the 2 standing NATO groups in Europe for the first time in eight years. Not since 2014.

One can’t help but wonder if we are expecting visitors (we still have a border with Russia WTF) and are preparing to receive them properly.

Now, to b’s Week in Review…

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 8 2022 23:22 utc | 123

"chemistry, but biology"

AFAICT (from a drive by one semester frosh "organic" chem) chem, biology, and physics attempt to describe and predict identical atomic dynamics. Distinctions between academic credentials signify observer effects, a range of particle - mole weight (inter | re)actions. I mean, yanno, one periodic table; we are stars, etc etc, failing, mostly "professionally", to descredit the abrahamic mind-body-envelope dichotomy that ethralls voyeurs and superstitious quantum mechanics.

FWIW, IMO, "long covid" is an irreparable injury attributable to hypoxia caused by SARS-CoV-2 hijacking hemaglobin. Neurons neither regenerate nor reproduce: neural stem cell differentiation, eg. progenitor neurons (OLGs), are not wel understood. But there's no dying in baseball. So. There ya go: choice of palliative maintenance drugs and OT/PT until further notice.

Posted by: sln2002 | Aug 8 2022 23:30 utc | 124

Further to my @ 123

The quote of the Week for me is from that 1945 piece: “Betting the integrity and security of a country on going 3-for-3 in the miracle department may not be the best course.”

I think maybe, cautiously, hypothetically, speculatively, Canadian territory may be okay.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 9 2022 0:53 utc | 125

Ok final word goes to this re-tweet by Denmark at NATO:

“Allied air forces support emergency services in fighting wildfires

#NATO Allies assist each other with their specially adapted aircraft, whether it is concerted firefighting action or one nation helping put out fires in another.”

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 9 2022 1:12 utc | 126

Bruised Northerner | Aug 8 2022 23:22 utc | 123

Virtually all doctors and even many medical researchers are dumb as dogshit. These ones in Sydney are getting close. For most suffering virus induced autoimmune condition, there are already many prescription medications for known auto immune conditions will help greatly. But you have to be actually diagnosed with a condition to get the prescription. Dumb as dogshit doctors have a monopoly on that.
"The immune system reacts first with the virus … tries to basically get rid of the virus," she says.

"Then it goes a little bit into overdrive and this overdrive does not fully calm down."

Dr Cysique points to a chart on a computer screen in which a metabolic marker known as the kynurenine pathway is tracked among the ADAPT study participants....

...However, the research may help us to understand the so-called "brain fog" that many with long COVID complain of....

...Prospective patients apply to the clinic through their GPs, which can occasionally be a roadblock, says Elli Asgary, the clinical nurse consultant who processes the admissions.

"Some doctors do not believe in long COVID, so they find it very hard to get the referral from their own GP. So they have to change their GP to get the referral."...

....He says up to 100 symptoms have been linked with long COVID, but the most commonly reported are fatigue, cognitive difficulties, breathing problems, heart palpitations and lasting changes to taste and smell.....

....Dr Byrne says COVID is "not just any virus".

"It's a really inflammatory virus … It causes systemic inflammation. That inflammation is in blood vessels. They affect the liver, the heart, the kidneys, the brain. They just go around the body everywhere, because the blood obviously goes everywhere within the body."

A recent patient at the clinic was a fit young man in his 30s who contracted a mild case of COVID in January. He still suffers from fatigue and an inability to concentrate.

A scan, ordered five months after his initial infection, revealed he has two blood clots on his lungs.....

..."Vaccines reduce, but only modestly, by 15 per cent, the risk of long COVID," he says....

..."There is a potential pathway for treatment, because there are currently clinical trials to modulate the kynurenine pathway, for example."

That's the pathway to the brain that's agitated by the coronavirus in a similar way to HIV.

It shows that the pathway has been agitated by the coronavirus in a similar way to how inflammation is caused by viruses such as HIV.

She says drugs may be an option to suppress the body's overactive immune response.

Dr Byrne explains that normally with a syndrome that affects multiple organs, "rheumatologists would put [patients] on immunosuppressive medications to suppress that immune response".

"Whether that could be possible for some people suffering long COVID is at this point unclear, but I think it is something that we need to research and look at doing specific clinical trials [for].".....

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 9 2022 1:21 utc | 127

Bruised Northerner | Aug 8 2022 23:22 utc | 123

The link didn't come up in a link in the last post I will try again - not t that anything else is of value there though. Lot of namby pamby bullshit by the writer amongst the relevant research.

The Harrison Sachs article had something of interest in the makeup of the virus that is very relevant to the way it triggers auto immune disease. A section of its gene sequence is identical to some body tissue making it more difficult for the immune system to distinguish between virus and the body it is supposed to be protecting.

I have written about it here above the Harrison Sachs article.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 9 2022 1:34 utc | 128

humor for the day
lol :):)
Garland Nixon @GarlandNixon

BREAKING NEWS: The Russians have offered to free Brittany Griner if the US will release 10,00 Black people in US jails for Cannabis. Biden has called the offer insulting and counter offered Hunter's crack dealer and AOC.

2:26 PM · Aug 8, 2022·Twitter Web App

701 Retweets 79 Quote Tweets 3,083 Likes

Posted by: michaelj72 | Aug 9 2022 1:39 utc | 129

@ Peter AU1, there is so much to know about Covid and I admit (ironically) I haven’t followed much of the research. Mostly because I lean heavily in the naturopathic direction so much of it doesn’t apply to me personally. But I am pleased to hear that scientists are moving forward diagnostically - that at least they can pinpoint the internal mechanism that malfunctions to cause those symptoms. What to do about it, how to treat it, is an entirely different matter, and as you point out, controlled by a very tight circle it seems.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 9 2022 1:44 utc | 130

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 9 2022 1:34 utc | 128

Hi Peter, can you help with signing up to VK. My aussie mobile number is not accepted, any suggestions?

Posted by: K | Aug 9 2022 1:46 utc | 131

Once again we see clueless aka c1ue attempting to throw shade on the proven & demonstrated thru science reality that our planet is being subjected to temperature rises by way of humans' use of hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, LPG & CNG. The gibberish clueless posted at #98 is there to confuse, not enlighten. This has been the policy of the energy corporation funded anti-global warming lobby since the turn of the century.
These energy corporation astroturfers cannot confront & disprove the science behind the relationship between the rise in temperature and the release of hundreds of millions of years of the sun's energy stored in decomposed flora & fauna in those hydrocarbons over aeons, in the space of little more than a century so they seek to confuse people by overcomplicating issues and introducing doubt.

Who wants to give up their lifestyle if there is uncertainty about global warming eh?
Well there is no uncertainty, in fact it was Exxon scientists who first blew the whistle on climate change back in the 1970's.
True story at that time when Exxon was making $$$'s hand over fist they funded a vast range of research to (i) make 'em look lie good corporate citizens (ii) be at the vanguard of any good profits which could be made from leading edge research. eg from the Scientific American link:

"Exxon was aware of climate change, as early as 1977, 11 years before it became a public issue, according to a recent investigation from InsideClimate News. This knowledge did not prevent the company (now ExxonMobil and the world’s largest oil and gas company) from spending decades refusing to publicly acknowledge climate change and even promoting climate misinformation—an approach many have likened to the lies spread by the tobacco industry regarding the health risks of smoking. Both industries were conscious that their products wouldn’t stay profitable once the world understood the risks, so much so that they used the same consultants to develop strategies on how to communicate with the public.

Experts, however, aren’t terribly surprised. “It’s never been remotely plausible that they did not understand the science,” says Naomi Oreskes, a history of science professor at Harvard University. But as it turns out, Exxon didn’t just understand the science, the company actively engaged with it. In the 1970s and 1980s it employed top scientists to look into the issue and launched its own ambitious research program that empirically sampled carbon dioxide and built rigorous climate models. Exxon even spent more than $1 million on a tanker project that would tackle how much CO2 is absorbed by the oceans. It was one of the biggest scientific questions of the time, meaning that Exxon was truly conducting unprecedented research.

In their eight-month-long investigation, reporters at InsideClimate News interviewed former Exxon employees, scientists and federal officials and analyzed hundreds of pages of internal documents. They found that the company’s knowledge of climate change dates back to July 1977, when its senior scientist James Black delivered a sobering message on the topic. “In the first place, there is general scientific agreement that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels," Black told Exxon’s management committee. A year later he warned Exxon that doubling CO2 gases in the atmosphere would increase average global temperatures by two or three degrees—a number that is consistent with the scientific consensus today. He continued to warn that “present thinking holds that man has a time window of five to 10 years before the need for hard decisions regarding changes in energy strategies might become critical." In other words, Exxon needed to act."

That was how it was played for the next decade and a half. Exxon weren't bleeding edge on their climate science. A close relative of mine had been visiting Antarctica and the tiny islands dotted between Aotearoa & Antarctica since the 2nd year of his BSc in the mid-1960's. He was studying Antarctic fauna, following in the footsteps of other kiwi scientists who had been doing the same thing since the end of WW2. The Aotearoa Antarctic base was a gathering for a range of kiwi scientists across many disciplines. Physicists, Zoologists, Astronomers, Meteorologists, Chemists and others had been observing and recording conditions for more than two decades before he arrived and at the same time as he began to observe a large drop in the numbers of many fauna others were observing & recording glaciers diminishing by increasing amounts each year, a rise in average temperatures, changes to the chemical makeup of earth's atmosphere for example.

The advantages of all these different sciences getting to gether every year became apparent as all sorts of ideas & theories were spitballed to try & work out what was happening.

Of course all this was not just at the Aotearoa base, other antarctic bases all over the continent had similar science gatherings every year.
The so called 'hole in the ozone layer' was probably the first major effect on climate the antarctic scientists picked up. Located adjacent to the South Pole this rent in earth's atmosphere was determined to have been caused by Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) which were gases manufactured to be compressed as an integral part of heat exchangers in refrigerators & air conditioning units.
At first some scientists believed this was the cause of decreasing mammalian & birdlife around Antarctica, at that time 1960's and early 70's fishing around Antarctica was uite limited, nothing like we see now so fishing could only account for a limited drop in fauna.

The problem with a hole in ozone being the cause of rising global temperatures was that the temperature rise was indeed global, the entire planet was undergoing global warming, but the ozone depletion was an effect limited to the Southern Hemisphere which had caused a dramatic rise in skin cancer cases in nations such as Australia & Aotearoa, but a way that it could cause temperature change much further north, indeed parts of the Northern hemisphere were growing hotter first & fastest, just couldn't be explained.

Once the coolants used in fridges & air conditioners were changed, the ozone layer repaired and temperature rise continued, it became obvious that ozone depletion was not the primary cause.

By that time my relative had completed his PhD and like very nearly every other scientist who was expressing concern about global warming, he struggled to gain tenure. These old arguments which c1ue tries to regurgitate here were first put up by creaky old head's of department who saw technological change as always being a good thing.
Contrary to populist opinion scientists who investigated global warming were subjected to two decades of insecure careers, difficulty in obtaining grants for research and every other obstacle that the capitalist focused science bosses of the older generation could throw at them.
So they did what they did, stuck to the science and proved their arguments irrefutably.
Eventually the old farts had to accept their findings, to the point where even the energy corporations agreed.

The movement to change the way we (humans) generated and utilised energy began to spread. Energy corporations began researching alternative sources and ordinary humans began to involve themselves.
Unfortunately this meant that by the 1990's power hungry politicians such as "call me Al" Gore and Tony Bliar decided that getting onboard with global warming was a quick 'n easy way to get younger voters to believe them about their other stuff.

Some of the more cynical of us knew that having such creeps onside was going to make the elemental changes which we required much more difficult, not easier because pols do what pols do, cut deals & compromise on issues where compromise cannot work.
So Gore, Bliar & co organised huge talk fest where they demonstrated their poor grasp of issues by threatening all sorts of laws, then doing deals with unworkable outcomes.
Meantime energy corporations who were struggling to discover ways that they could generate cash on the same scale as they had been from owning exclusive rights to plunder hydrocarbon resources in poverty stricken nations.

It really wasn't possible to corner the market on windmills, wave generators etc, particularly when designing efficient methods was so technology dependent. That realisation was coming at the same time as idiot pols were threatening all sorts of regulations.

So the anti-climate change lobby was formed, initially an organisation called American Petroleum Institute which used paid liars some who had been ultimately unsuccessful in their profession of doubt creation when they worked for the smoking lobby/tobacco industry.

As all sorts of scientic establishments even NASA were producing more and more hard evidence that made man global warming was a fact, the energy gang really began to freak out. A new organisation comprising of all global energy corporations which extracted fossil fuels plus all corporations, particularly manufacturers who used fossil fuels was formed. It was called "The Global Climate Coalition" and it immediately hired a gang of professional liars comprised of hack scientists and self proclaimed libertarians (whose only real freedom desired is the right to make money by theft - see HBO doco series "The Anarchists") such as Pat Michaels and paid liars cum 'journalists' such as Fred Singer. See here

They knew that big time reporters on big time mainstream media outlets were really struggling to understand some of the complexities of the science behind global warming so they offered to assist.

The GCC knew that their operatives could not hope to deny the science behind global warming so they sought to do as c1ue aka clueless does, they misinformed in an effort to muddy the waters, confuse and in that sly, side-on manner, advocate disbelief from a population already well aware of the distortions society lives under.
Their first big win was to relabel the issue. They had media change the name of the existential threat which confronts us all, from 'global warming' to climate change science'. Blind Freddie can see that renaming /relabelling an issue like that is effective in getting busy humans going about their day to day business think about that issue somewhat differently.

Over the decades since the energy corporations began their propaganda many thousands of charlatans have been employed to propagate the lies.

After the GCC was exposed the industry was fragmented and set all sorts of diverse tasks suited to the specific needs of particular internet outlets.

IMO Clueless is one such charlatan, he appears to agree with many here, somewhat easier since more conservative voices have joined us, on most things; cutting and pasting or occasionally rewording articles from technical journals to support his contentions whilst appearing authoritative across a spectrum of issues.
On global warming however he sticks to the classics put out by the professional deniers, never missing an opportunity to step in and attempt to crush dissent against climate change deniers with a torrent of obfuscation & irrelevance designed to bludgeon everyone else into silence.

You mob can lap up his lies all you want to, I have plenty of real world community issues on my plate to have the time to devote myself to debating clueless' tosh, just be aware that in doing so you are little different than those you seek to denigrate, the humans so many dismiss as 'sheeple', those who lap up mainstream media disinformation unquestioningly.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 9 2022 1:47 utc | 132

K | Aug 9 2022 1:46 utc | 131

Have you put in country code? I think I put in 61 then my 04 mobile number. It would start 6104.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 9 2022 1:51 utc | 133

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 9 2022 1:47 utc | 132

Yes agree, I just scroll right on by those posts, i think they are set to a weekly timer since they appear like clockwork in response to no one.

Posted by: K | Aug 9 2022 1:59 utc | 134

Debsisdead | Aug 9 2022 1:47 utc | 132

Lovely post. I'm on board but I have one question; timing? One small question is the point at which things are (are supposed to get) irreversible. This is no longer mentioned as a date. Although your comments are on Hydrocarbons and other energies, one thing apparently missing is methane, and the natural release of the gas as things get hotter. ie. Russian "holes" appearing in the Steppes from underground release, and from underwater sources as the rising temperature melts the methane ice.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to analyse all the processes, but have we already passed the point of no return without it being commonly realised? ie. There is no going back.
Would this have any bearing on the present political "push" for control over the masses by all the major powers, as the social changes that will happen are already worked out?

You can ignore this next bit if you want - as just me raving ....

It may be irrelevant, but in one "flash forward" moment for me, I "saw" a massive building of glass (multiple stories high and covering several hectares/acres) from 20+ floors up, with two or three residential buildings inside the enclosed area. At the bottom were trees and green spaces and movement. The WHOLE area was isolated from the outside. Something which might be necessary if the earth became an environmentallyy hostile planet.

After 1984, maybe I am taking some Sci-fi too seriously as well.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 9 2022 9:09 utc | 135

I hope the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) are denazified next. The nonsense coming out of their governments would fit right in with the ideology of Adolf Hitler.

Posted by: Edward | Aug 9 2022 10:15 utc | 136

re Stonebird | Aug 9 2022 9:09 utc | 135
I don't claim to be expert enough on global warming to give a nay or yea on whether irreversible change has occured. Climate is a complex arrangement of complex systems. However I imagine that truly irreversible change thus far is probably confined to extinction events. As for the other stuff I dunno, certainly if we were to push too hard in reverse in an attempt to achieve a cessation of global warming we could run the risk of putting climate into reverse sending us back to an ice age.
This is how the deniers exploit the public as it is so easy to distract people into irrelevancies when systems are so complex.
The major effects on climate such as the amerikan military, must be forced to conform rather than this endless blame & shame game directed at individuals that is used by pols to distract us. One doesn't need to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to know that the likes of Gore, Blair and their contemporary ilk will never support moves towards demilitarisation of our planet, yet the excess created by war & the machines which war-mongers gather and use up like disposable tissues are about the biggest causes of unregulated destructive CO2 release that man has created.
Instead of useless guilt trips about individuals 'carbon footprints' we need to be getting together, bypassing pols & demanding that these polluters immediately cease their activities.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 9 2022 11:31 utc | 137

re Stonebird | Aug 9 2022 9:09 utc | 135
I don't claim to be expert enough on global warming to give a nay or yea on whether irreversible change has occured. Climate is a complex arrangement of complex systems. However I imagine that truly irreversible change thus far is probably confined to extinction events. As for the other stuff I dunno, certainly if we were to push too hard in reverse in an attempt to achieve a cessation of global warming we could run the risk of putting climate into reverse sending us back to an ice age.
This is how the deniers exploit the public as it is so easy to distract people into irrelevancies when systems are so complex.
The major effects on climate such as the amerikan military, must be forced to conform rather than this endless blame & shame game directed at individuals that is used by pols to distract us. One doesn't need to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to know that the likes of Gore, Blair and their contemporary ilk will never support moves towards demilitarisation of our planet, yet the excess created by war & the machines which war-mongers gather and use up like disposable tissues are about the biggest causes of unregulated destructive CO2 release that man has created.
Instead of useless guilt trips about individuals 'carbon footprints' we need to be getting together, bypassing pols & demanding that these polluters immediately cease their activities.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 9 2022 11:31 utc | 138

Posted by: jinn | Aug 8 2022 23:03 utc | 121

AE securities trading decoupled from real US about 45 years ago, yanno, when "off-shoring" US manufactur, FDI in "factoryless" goods, and union-busting was cool. EU Single Market doesn't carry the same liabilities. The US is the world's net importer. US principle exports weapons, IPR, USD *flation, and NGO corruption -- so, really, ROW has few US import and FDI choices; their FX reserves (cash and equivalents acquired by interest and export income) service USD-denominated external IMF and commercial debt. CN total external debt is 16% GDP and all consumer debt is CNY-denominated. The US labor force participation rate has fluctuated btw 58% and 62% for nearly two decades of "service" and "knowledge" job growth. FRB discount rates (yes, there are two) at ZIRP for nearly 2 decades inflated equity demand and RRE prices (which was nice for EME elites fleeing onshore *flation, until it wasn't) and "inverted" UST yield. (yes, FRB monetary policy adversely affected ROI for all L/T bondholders, ie. CN, JP, and perverted beta valuation across the planet; so much for safe harbor.) Xing Huina, Deputy Head of the Press Bureau of the State Council Information Office explains counter-cyclical monetary policy, portfolio balancing, how interbank FX cost controls and USD:RMB liquidity mediate domestic CapEx and minimize spreads.

Did you copy & paste your reply from sections of a Zero Hedge or a Pettis post from 2002?

Posted by: sln2002 | Aug 9 2022 11:54 utc | 139

I've been silent on this foolish and narcissistic display of conceited power by Pelosi because, as is obvious to all who read these comments, it was an exercise in self-promotion: as is the case in all American politics, it was pure narcissism, without any regard for the well-being of those "voters" the "Democratic" model supposedly honors.

However, b is correct in his assertion that China has responded by making a display of what it will do, should there be any kind of declaration of independence by Taiwan.

What may have been neglected, here, is that over 25 years ago the estimate of Jane's Weekly and other espionage agencies was that a Chinese takeover of Taiwan would simply be a naval barricade. Taiwan's entry into the WTO was predicated upon its US-enforced conversion of its agricultural sector from a reliable autarkic--in the event of invasion--supporter of the Taiwanese people, into a net exporter that served WTO interests over the political interests of Taiwan.

Jane's Weekly is basically a for-purchase shadow version of the CIA/MI-6.

China's current military response to Pelosi's "visit" is essentially a re-enactment of what was "predicted" 25 years ago by the western "Intelligence Community."

China's response is currently showing "The West" what it could-have-done back 25 years ago.

People love to claim that the US submarine fleet is subject to none.

However, such people who make those claims fail to recognize the advancement in China's close-border submarine navy. It is largely diesel--which is harder to locate than nuclear--and is entirely designed to defend against the US submarine fleet.

There is also the problem of geography--which, in this case, involves the Pacific Shelf, at which Taiwan is a precipitous marker.

The Pacific Shelf is a markedly weak-point which any navy may exploit.

It's also very, very close to China.

Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Aug 9 2022 13:33 utc | 140

@oldhippie | Aug 7 2022 12:40 utc | 1

>>>WebMD is as reliable a source as Bellingcat. Only reason to go there would be to see what is being pushed.

Thanks for that. Bellingcat...ugh....

Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Aug 9 2022 14:51 utc | 141

Taiwan's entry into the WTO was predicated upon
Posted by: Pacifica_Advocate | Aug 9 2022 13:33 utc | 140

One China admission to WTO, 2001
CNN | Taiwan joins China in WTO, 11 Nov

Beijing had insisted Taiwan could enter only after China since it considers the island part of its sovereign territory.

Taiwan's entry followed one hour after a signing ceremony for its larger rival. At Beijing's insistence, the WTO agreed to categorize Taiwan as a "separate customs territory" instead of a country. Its signing ceremony is scheduled for Monday.

Same year Deutsche Bank listed on NYSE ha. ha.

Posted by: sln2002 | Aug 9 2022 15:00 utc | 142

Re: Bruised Northerner #123

Article make some good points, my opinions are that a combination of factors at play.

- Vessels are very old already (built in early 90s) and possibly well into the 2030s before they can be replaced. In the same way that many people seem to be keeping old cars/trucks on the road that are falling apart as they drive because they can't afford or find a replacement ... the Canadian Navy has to make those frigates work (and they can fight, the have serious battle computers) way past their typical replacement date.

- Canada has longest coastline in world but totally inadequate Navy for any defense of it while presumably Russian submarine patrols are going deeper and deeper into Canadian waters (good place to be in case of WWIII going hotter) and the Navy wants to work harder at Anti Sub Warfare and is doing some sort of quiet refit/retraining to work on that ...

- Northern Naval Refueling station and Ukraine Aid has possibly also chewed into the Military's budget more than publicly disclosed. The Navy seem to be struggling tremendously to build and operate such a (seemingly) simple facility, in an admittedly challenging location.

- The main naval shipyard's drydock is not large enough for the new frigates they are building (again big$$$ cost, need to start planning now)

- A shore training facility for the new frigates is behind schedule.

- Both At-sea resupply ships being built are behind schedule. Currently leasing a private sector built and operated ship to cover but probably not a cheap option ...

- Other idiocy and chicanery by our political class and their bureaucratic minions related to getting into a war with China?


Posted by: Stuart Cram | Aug 9 2022 17:49 utc | 143

@Scotch Bingeington #116
It is 100% clear that you are getting your information from crap conspiracy sites. The actual published papers only note specific "genes" - i.e. DNA or RNA segments - that exist in both AIDS and COVID viruses.

As I have clearly explained - there are many reasons why those original papers (and no doubt, this latest batch) are not credible.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 9 2022 18:17 utc | 144

@Scotch Bingeington #116
It is 100% clear that you are getting your information from crap conspiracy sites. The actual published papers only note specific "genes" - i.e. DNA or RNA segments - that exist in both AIDS and COVID viruses.

As I have clearly explained - there are many reasons why those original papers (and no doubt, this latest batch) are not credible.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 9 2022 18:17 utc | 145

@Debsisdead #132
Thank you for a long an incoherent rant.

Climate change is real - but the problem is the details:

1) How much is natural vs. man made?
2) How much of the man-made portion is CO2 vs other things?
3) Even if the majority is man made, and all of this is CO2 - how much is actually changeable via existing and near future technologies?

It is utterly moronic and hypocritical to not clearly debate, discuss, and think through all 3 of the above questions.

Europe has spent hundreds of billions to trillions on alternative energy - how well is that experiment going now?

Germany meat production feel 7.9% in 1H22 vs. 2021

7.9% less meat = higher meat prices, even disregarding the increasing cost of feed for animals due to fertilizer prices; the increase of transportation costs; the inflation feeding into higher labor costs which in turn multiplies commodity prices.

So fuck off with your idiotic ad hominem nonsense. Let's see some real action from you are your fellow useless wankers complaining about evil fossil fuel company this and conspiracy bullshit that - when the reality is that shit policies have directly contributed to the increase in hunger and misery around the entire world.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 9 2022 18:25 utc | 146

There is no Nobel Prize in economics. Economics is not science, it is philosophy.

Posted by: too scents | Aug 7 2022 14:07 utc | 7


Does no such a prize exist? Or, one that has been awarded annually since 1969. "Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences".

The facts from the real world speak for themselves...........

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 9 2022 22:06 utc | 147

@Stonebird massive building of glass.. isolated from the outside
Reminds me of the city described by Yevgeny Zamyatin in the book We. It is a dystopian fiction that predates both 1984 and Brave New World. Has always irritated me that Orwell didn’t seem to credit the obvious inspiration.

And lol @ c1ue, nice response to Debsisdead - you totally didn’t just do exactly what he said you would.

Posted by: Rae | Aug 9 2022 22:15 utc | 148

sln2002 on Aug 9 2022 11:54 utc @ 139 said:

Did you copy & paste your reply from sections of a Zero Hedge or a Pettis post from 2002?

If you are really interested if quotes come from some well known website, ask google.

But anyway, thanks for the links confirming what I wrote.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 9 2022 22:46 utc | 149

C1ue wrote:

Europe has spent hundreds of billions to trillions on alternative energy - how well is that experiment going now?

Morons like c1ue whined voraciously complaining about government dictates in regard to incandescent lite bulbs.

Now when I'm under a car doing some maintenance and I drop my trouble light with the newer LED light bulbs, I thank the govt mandates against incandescent bulbs. I know if i had an incandescent bulb in that trouble light I would be in the dark, but with the newer LED bulbs it never goes out no matter how much it gets banged. And besides that the LED bulb uses 20% of the power and never burns you if you touch it.
The improvements in the light bulb should have and could have happened 50 years ago but we (the zombies) were so convinced that the markets would deliver us the best products possible that we never suspected that was entirely bullshit.

The improvements to the incandescent light bulb alone are enough to convince me to support the efforts against global warming. I don't believe in global warming myself, but I believe the efforts to counter global warming are far better than the efforts to continue the current path of insanity.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 9 2022 23:09 utc | 150

Never forget that the United States bears 100% operational and moral responsibility for the design and dissemination of the SARS-CoV-2 viral bioweapon. If you've suffered through COVID, you've been the victim of a bioterrorist attack by the United States, and you should keep records of your illness. There will be future opportunity to seek financial recompense.

Twitter, an arm of the American Deep State, is all aflutter over this matter. Aflutter it should be: the truth shall be set free.

Posted by: Reginald | Aug 9 2022 23:40 utc | 151

Alastair Crook used a long quote from a Daily Telegraph article in his latest piece at SCF. It was behind a paywall so I downloaded firefox plugin to bypass it. Crooke describes the Daily telegraph as Deep state connected. I have copied the entire piece to my vk site so it is not behind the paywall.

The last paragraph of the article..
"This may sound like a grim prognosis, but particularly in Britain it does feel as if we just may have entered the final act of an economic system that has patently failed. It is clearer than ever that the emperor has no clothes and has no more stories to distract us with."

After UK saying in June no bank it to big to fail, something like that coming from establishment media.....

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 9 2022 23:56 utc | 152

But what you cannot say is that they are nothing more than an unavoidable outcome of economics.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 8 2022 14:06 utc | 99

Question do you understand how the USSA bond selling and buying market functions?

From your simplistic thinking. The answer is obvious.

The fun fact. USSA Postal Service future funded Pension Fund. Is one very large purchaser of USSA government bonds issued every 12-month cycle. Alas, they too are a large purchaser of the overinflated price gouged USSA petroleum fuels too. Fewer cash profits equate to fewer USSA government bonds purchased in the next cycle...

The USSA government was locked into deficit spending from the 1930s. The USSA government bond debt keeps increasing every twelve months. A rubber band can only stretch so far.

In a new multipolar world. One where the USSA air dollar ceases to be a viable trading international currency medium. Economics 101. USSA air dollar will become the new 21st century equivalent of the "Weimar Republic" value-free reparation paper Mark. In..........

Sadly, when you begin to believe your own country's trash propaganda. Originating from idiots told to sell only fiction as truth... You doom yourself to super fail.

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 10 2022 1:38 utc | 153

I set up a vk account original as access to Rus MoD bio briefings and will try a post other items there as a resource that can be referred to or linked to. Have set up an index page where I will place a link to any articles in my account. That page is now linked to my username so even those without a vk account should be able to access all articles as yet I'm unsure how to edit a vk page without it posting as a new article so it may be just periodically I update it.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 10 2022 2:22 utc | 154

In other news, I wonder if any of you know what is happening in Cuba. Since the weekend, the largest oil terminal in the country in the province of Matanzas has been burning due to an alleged lightning strike that set one of the tanks on fire. The fire spread and only today the firefighting teams sent by Mexico and Venezuela - the only countries that have provided aid - began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is very bad news for the island, where high oil prices and rationing have translated into barely ten hours of light a day in Havana itself. Even Cuba's main carnival, this month, has had to be suspended. For the first time in a long time, people protested by blocking a road. All this will translate into further impoverishment and immigration to the US, Mexico and other neighboring countries. It seems that difficult times are approaching for the Díaz-Canel government in Cuba. Its population, as on other occasions, will be put to the test as in the harshest moments of the criminal US embargo and the end of Soviet aid in the 1990s.

Posted by: Gabriel Moyssen | Aug 10 2022 4:58 utc | 155

Antifa members have been arrested in Russia, charged with conspiracy to commit arson against military registration and enlistment offices. These criminals are protesting Russia's actions in the Ukraine, and by doing so aligning themselves with the fascist Western sponsors of the Nazi junta in Kiev.

Antifa groupies are such clowns and dupes - claiming to be anti-fascist but falling prey every single time to the machinations of fascist forces all around the world. It is akin to rape victims advocating for the freedom of rapists. Do they realize the damage they're doing to both the progressive left and the true battle against fascism?

Posted by: Lebron | Aug 10 2022 8:59 utc | 156

Lebron | Aug 10 2022 8:59 utc | 156

Crooke described them well in his latest piece at Strategic Culture. If anyone cannot access Strategic Culture Foundation, let me know and I will post relevant pieces to my vk account.
Best thing though might be to get a cheap as chips paid VPN.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 10 2022 9:07 utc | 157

Essentially saying that the US has no logistical or military means of aiding Taiwan in a war.

Posted by: Sam B | Aug 10 2022 10:43 utc | 158

Posted by: Lebron | Aug 10 2022 8:59 utc | 156

Any movement that looks like it may elicit positive change for the 99% of us, is immediately infiltrated, steered within the confines of the Overton Window, or trouble is created via elicited response from the militant fringes, and the clampdown begins in earnest.

All of the western world is a crypto-fascist dystopia.

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Aug 10 2022 11:09 utc | 159

Heard about this site and enjoy the content!
Keep up the great work!

Posted by: YourAverageJoe | Aug 10 2022 14:56 utc | 160

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian addresses the National Press Club
The Chinese ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, speaks at the National Press Club on Wednesday against the backdrop of heightened tensions after officials in Beijing warned Australia to stop criticising China’s military drills near Taiwan over the weekend.

Tweets from the event:
The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says Chinese Ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian gave a “chilling address” which had a “velvet glove that contained an iron fist” at the National Press Club on Wednesday afternoon.
China’s ambassador to Australia says the country will use “all necessary measures" to take Taiwan as part of the Chinese Communist Party's push for “reunification".
·The Chinese Ambassador called Australia's media coverage of China "misleading" and harmful, while speaking directly to reporters during a National Press Club address.
China's ambassador to Australia said that more needed to be done to reset relations between Canberra and Beijing and that the two nations were not at the stage of solving political and trade disputes.
@7NewsCanberrChina's Ambassador to Australia says he would welcome a meeting between the leaders of both nations at an international forum later this year.
The Chinese Ambassador to Australia has sensationally claimed that once China takes Taiwan, there could be a “process” of re-educating its citizens so they can get a “correct understanding of the motherland”.
> SBS's Helen Chen asks Ambassador Xiao Qian in Mandarin whether China will drop its trade sanctions or release Aust journalist Cheng Lei - believe it's an @PressClubAust first @SBSNews
>> What struck me about this - how often would Xiao Qian be asked a media question in Mandarin that isn’t from a Chinese state outlet? For all of Beijing’s efforts to dominate mandarin media outside its borders, a nice reminder in Aus that it doesn’t control SBS & ABC中文 services
> Extraordinarily brazen distortions from Chinese Ambassador to Australia - says opinion polls showing Taiwanese want to keep status quo are ‘misleading’, claiming they really see themselves as Chinese and want to be part of China @PressClubAust
>> He is half right. "Maintaining status quo" is indeed a minority preference among Taiwanese just like those support unification, a majority (50%~) supports *Taiwan independence* as desired political future. See also this TPOF report published last year.
> The media has turned very nasty with its questions to the Chinese Ambassador. This has crossed a line. #npc
>> China is firing missiles across the Taiwan Strait and Twitter is worried about 12 questions from journalists? Ambassador Xiao Qian had the podium at the @PressClubAust and it's important we hear his view. But it also means taking direct questions.
> The Ambassador is asked whether the 23 million people who live in Taiwan deserve a say on their own future. He insists most people in Taiwan believe "Taiwan is a part of China" and that in any case its future will be determined by "the 1.4 billion Chinese people"
> China's Ambassador to Australia compares Taiwan to Tasmania (!) - two territories not connected to the mainland but important to both nations' sovereignties in their eyes
>> Tasmania also the true rulers of the Commonwealth of Australia (unrecognised by illegitimate mainland government)
> When pressed about press freedom in China, the Ambassador just doesn't get the question! Despite @domgiannini best efforts.. A good reminder that
China the world's 'biggest captor of journalists’ with 127 detained
[[Me: oh do me a fucking favour you sucking useless stenographers. Not *one* of you parasites of the press have *ever* raised a whisper in solidarity with Assange. Useless fucks]]
> @billbirtles. Ambassador Xiao Qian telling flat out porkies on Taiwan: ‘Most people in Taiwan believe they’re Chinese. Most people want reunification’.
Latest annual survey - a mere 2.4% of Taiwanese identify as Chinese, less than 1/3rd identify as both. Plus landslide DPP wins in 2016,2020.
> @billbirtles. One of the more interesting points, @CUhlmann. challenged Ambassador Xiao Qian on. Xiao in his speech said there are ‘1.2 million overseas Chinese’ in Australia. Uhlmann’s Q: ‘Many of us would call them Australians’. This prompted Xiao to clarify they are ‘Australian citizens’…
>> Xiao: “They are loyal to Australia, they are not loyal to China, but at the same time, they came from China, they have blood linkages… & their rights should be protected’
>>> His figures are also out of date, it's 1.4m with Chinese ancestry according to 2021 Census data
>>>> Is Xiao implying China has 1.2 million "boots on the ground" in Australia, as a thinly veiled threat.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Aug 10 2022 15:37 utc | 161

re: China

Something of a de-escalation development here:

PRC is lowering expecations (or trying to), in regard to likely US maneuvers in Taiwan Strait. This is as the NYT repeats announcement of an upcoming "FONOP". The 'experts' cited in the People's Daily article say this:

* There are in fact international waters in the Taiwan Strait. This is in contrast to some claims that China would "close the Taiwan Strait", which it did only partially and only temporarily with the military exercises. However, such exercises will be repeated from now on.

* Transit by a US destroyer would not be considered provocative, whereas transit by an aircraft carrier would be considered provocative. So this is a pretty clear recipe for a mutually face-saving de-escalation (ie a FONOP by a destroyer only)

Also (although not discussed in this particular article), the informal "midline" arrangement in place since 1955, seems to have slipped under the waves.

During the exercises of the last 7-8 days, the Ronald Reagan stayed well clear of the area (near Japanese waters, per this description: Will the US ignore the suggestion of this article, and continue with salami slice type escalations as usual? Let's find out.

More substantial items are out there too. That Taiwan Policy Act of 2022, making its way through US Congress. And above all, moves in the trade and economic sphere.

Posted by: ptb | Aug 10 2022 17:43 utc | 162

The Taiwan narrative is following the Ukraine one pretty closely - and it’s even easier because the racism against Asia is so strong here in Oz.

Anyone able to offer some good reading on the Chinese revolution? Normally I think wiki is underrated for science/engineering/math (hard sciences?) but it definitely deserves to get trashed for most of the politics/history articles.

Posted by: Rae | Aug 10 2022 20:59 utc | 163

China has issued a White Paper on the topic of Taiwan Reunification, "The Taiwan Question and China's Reunification in the New Era." To get to the Word Doc, you must first go to this introductory article, scroll to page bottom, and click the link to "Full Text" to download. The intro article notes:

"The white paper was released to reiterate the fact that Taiwan is part of China, to demonstrate the resolve of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese people and their commitment to national reunification, and to emphasize the position and policies of the CPC and the Chinese government in the new era."

Of course, the Paper's main target audience is the Global South as well as those few in the West with open minds. The document consists of 51 "screens" or about 25 pages. The document's intro notes the following:

"The Chinese government has published two previous white papers on Taiwan. One was The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China in August 1993, and the other was The One-China Principle and the Taiwan Issue in February 2000. These two white papers provided a comprehensive and systematic elaboration of the basic principles and policies regarding the resolution of the Taiwan question. This new white paper is being released to reiterate the fact that Taiwan is part of China, to demonstrate the resolve of the CPC and the Chinese people and their commitment to national reunification, and to emphasize the position and policies of the CPC and the Chinese government in the new era."

I highly suggest visiting this page just to see the graphic at its header, which conveys a message of its own. Along with that article, Global Times also published this related editorial. I've also found and linked above the two previous White Papers published on the topic. I hope barflies will make use of these documents to further understand the foundational correctness of China's position and the deliberate wrongheadedness of the Outlaw US Empire's--and Collective West's--position.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2022 21:19 utc | 164

Rae @163--

Which Chinese Revolution? There are several.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2022 21:21 utc | 165

Europe’s rivers are running dry, disrupting $80 billion in trade routes
From the Rhine to the Danube, Europe’s key waterways are failing at the worst possible moment as both the energy and climate crises worsen.
In the midst of an arid summer that set heat records across Europe, the continent’s rivers are evaporating and there’s little chance these once-reliable lifelines will rebound quickly as the climate crisis worsens.
The Rhine — the continent’s most important river and a pillar of the German, Dutch and Swiss economies for centuries — has dried up to the point of becoming all but impassable at a key bottleneck, stymieing vast flows of diesel and coal.
Italy’s Po is too low to water corn and rice fields or sustain clams for "pasta alle vongole".
While disruptions to waterways would be a challenge at the best of times, the region is already on the brink of recession as Russia’s invasion fuels inflation by squeezing food and energy supplies.
The continent’s rivers and canals convey more than 1 ton of freight annually for each EU resident and contribute around $80 billion to the region’s economy just as a mode of transport, according to Eurostat figures.
Even seasoned veterans are shocked. Gunther Jaegers, managing director at Rhine stalwart Reederei Jaegers GmbH, says he fell off his chair earlier this month when he saw the cost of shipping.
"I’ve never, ever, seen this," he says. "It is insane".
The Rhine plays a key role in helping transport more coal to German power plants up river, to help offset the impact of Russia’s squeeze on gas supplies.
The Rhine is the lynchpin of Europe’s network of inland waterways.
It is connected to the Danube via canal, runs about 800 miles through industrial zones in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands before emptying into the North Sea at Rotterdam port.
On the Danube, emergency dredging operations are under way in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, and ships are backed up waiting for channels to be cleared.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Aug 11 2022 1:05 utc | 166

Debsisdead, there are 2 things I would be quite interested in your thoughts regarding
And, please know I ask this with all due respect...
Firstly, have you read Cory Morningstars' 16 part Investigatory Series on Wrong Kind of, titled, " The Manufacture for Consent of Greta Thunberg, or the Political Economy of the Non Profit Sector"?
If so, your thoughts?
Admittedly, each section is akin to reading Legal or Medical research with dozens of cites. It'll take awhile but I'm patient and get the drift you love to read, just like me!
If you read 1600 words/minute with 90 to 100 percent comprehension like I do, you'll rip thru it in no time, I have no doubt.
Secondly, what say you about Dr.Jeffery Sachs, Head of the Lancets Investigation into the origins of COVID-19 and his recent comments regarding said same?
I thank you in advance...
Blessings to All

Posted by: Lauren Michele | Aug 11 2022 1:41 utc | 167

Guy Fawkes. @blunted_james
Liz Truss had an Amazon Prime subscription in her expenses.
You paid for it.
She hosted a small work lunch in January and spent 3k.
You paid for it.
She chose a private jet to go to Australia costing half a million.
You paid for it.
She doesn’t believe in ‘handouts’.

Posted by: Melaleuca | Aug 11 2022 1:44 utc | 168

U$A: you’re either with us or against us
SOUTH AFRICA [with SoS Blinkin Idiot s(h)itting right beside her:
Yeah. Nah.
“We are a sovereign nation. We won’t be bullied. We won’t accept being told how we are to behave with threats “or else”…. Not that Sec Blinken has said that….but others have.


Posted by: Melaleuca | Aug 11 2022 2:13 utc | 169

Which Chinese Revolution? There are several.

Wow, I probably need to start with basic Chinese history!

Posted by: Rae | Aug 11 2022 3:02 utc | 170

A collection of interesting bits of trivia from various places… I guess I’m posting click-bait today - there you have it.

First, close to home

Some Francophone coverage of Trump

(Trump’s statement is posted in the video)

“In 2009, DARPA initiated the NIMBUS program, which sought ideas to study lightning processes and obtain a better understanding of the phenomenon.”

Then from farther afield, a couple updates from MK Bhadrakumar:

“Given Nepal’s past history of cross-border terrorism in Tibet…”

And on Sri Lanka, “Colour Revolution disintegrates!”

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 11 2022 10:18 utc | 171

The Cradle has a posting up

Washington steals over 80 percent of Syria’s oil output per day

The take away quote

The Syrian Oil Ministry released a statement on 9 August accusing US forces occupying Syria of being responsible for the theft of most of the country’s oil.

“The amount of oil production during the first half of 2022 amounted to some 14.5 million barrels, with an average daily production of 80.3 thousand barrels, of which 14.2 thousand are delivered daily to refineries,” the oil ministry’s statement said.

The statement went on to say that “US occupation forces and their mercenaries,” referring to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), “steal up to 66,000 barrels every single day from the fields occupied in the eastern region,” amounting to around 83 percent of Syria’s daily oil production.

According to the ministry’s data, the Syrian oil sector has incurred losses nearing “about 105 billion dollars since the beginning of the war until the middle of this year” as a result of the US oil theft campaign.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 11 2022 12:08 utc | 172

ZH has a posting up

Twitter Suspends Russian Foreign Ministry Account For COVID Origins Theory

but the real tweet had more meat:

Russia MoD unveils new data on military and biological activities of the US and its allies in Ukraine and elsewhere in light of new information

We are considering the possibility that the USAID was involved in the emergence of Covid19

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 11 2022 12:18 utc | 173

@jinn #150
You distinguished yourself as being totally unconnected to reality with your nonsense on "no subsidies for ethanol" bullshit, now you are trying to say semiconductor light bulbs are better.
Of course, as an idiot - you don't understand the enormous pollution and waste associated with creating semiconductors.
You don't understand that electricity isn't just that magic substance that flows down cords when you turn a switch.
No, your convenience is what matters - mental and otherwise.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 11 2022 13:11 utc | 174

@Rae #148
Debsisdead is clearly a disappointed and angry altruist.
I have never questioned his motives - what I have and continue to question is his blind acceptance of narrative when he exhibits such finely nuanced criticism of things he doesn't agree with.
That's pure hypocrisy in my view.
Equally, it is quite clear from his rants that he thinks "doing his community part" makes a difference. It does not.

I am in the process of closing a deal to take one family office's natural gas wells - which are presently flaring their output because the economics of building a natural gas pipeline to many wells is simply impossible - and using it to create nitrogen fertilizers. This isn't the Kochs, they're smaller but still pretty damn big - tens of thousands of wells. And this won't require billions of dollars of government subsidies - in fact, there won't be a dollar - because it actually makes both environmental and economic sense. The previous proposal was to put in cryptominers - but fortunately for me, the fall in bitcoin price has made that uneconomic.

As I am actually doing something to materially affect outcomes despite my fundamental disagreement with most of the core premises of catastrophic anthropogenic climate disaster, I have ever decreasing patience for the bullshit of those who can do nothing more than attack anyone who disagrees with them, using ad hominem.

I am even less patient with the assumption of altruism around alternative energy: it is 100% clear to me now why politicians like supporting alternative energy.
It is money - in the form of board seats.
I was just told by someone who was told directly by the person in question: the campaign finance manager for our present vice president, when she was running for office in SF, asked someone I know if they knew of any board positions in alternative energy companies that was available. Zero qualifications either in education or experience - clearly just looking for a free ride. This is different than in established fields like fossil fuel energy where the board seats are populated by people who actually need to do something.
So good on the alternative energy companies for using all the tools available to them to promote their own interests - but bad on all the idiots and hypocrites and directly benefiting politicians who uncritically accept the most ludicrous crap put out on behalf of self-serving interests by the aforementioned alternative energy companies.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 11 2022 13:24 utc | 175

C1ue wrote:

You distinguished yourself as being totally unconnected to reality with your nonsense on "no subsidies for ethanol" bullshit


And yet you still have not been able to produce a single subsidy for corn ethanol that has not long expired.

But go ahead and post links to more expired subsidies as if you still believe nobody will tell the difference between what is and what used to be years ago.


And then as if to prove what a moron he is, c1ue wrote:

Of course, as an idiot - you don't understand the enormous pollution and waste associated with creating semiconductors.

Today c1ue is a bleeding heart liberal concerned with pollution and waste, but OK, lets play the silly game you picked today.

You don't think there is any pollution and waste associated with a lite bulb that burns out whenever its bumped? A bulb that lasts 50 times longer is gonna havta have 50 times the pollution and waste "associated with its creation" for your remark to have any validity. And that doesn't even account for all the pollution and waste associated with the massive amount of extra electricity used to power incandescent bulbs after they are created.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 12 2022 0:58 utc | 176

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