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August 04, 2022

Open (NOT Ukraine) Thread 2022-121

News & views NOT related to war in Ukraine ...

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Petri Krohn from a previous thread


Why the turbine for Nord Stream cannot be delivered to Russia

The delivery of the turbine is therefore not possible for legal reasons, because delivery routes were used that were not provided for in the contracts and because companies without a contractual basis were involved in processes, which can raise liability issues and other legal problems.

The most important problem, however, is the sanctions imposed by the EU, Great Britain and Canada, because if Gazprom accepts the turbine without having a guarantee that it will not violate their sanctions, Gazprom employees will be liable to prosecution for sanctions evasion. In addition, such a evasion of sanctions could lead to further expropriations of Gazprom assets.

Therefore, Gazprom is demanding a guarantee from the EU, where the turbine is now located and under the sanctions of which bans the supply of machines for gas and oil extraction and transport of gas and oil to Russia, that these sanctions will not apply to the turbine. Gazprom is also demanding a guarantee from Great Britain that the delivery of the turbine will not violate British sanctions because a British subsidiary of Siemens is responsible for the maintenance of the turbines. Should the delivery breach UK sanctions, it could mean the end of maintenance on more turbines.

And Canada must also officially declare that the delivery of the turbine to Russia does not violate its sanctions. Although Canada delivered the turbine to Germany, under Canadian sanctions, transferring the turbine to Gazprom is a violation of Canadian sanctions and could also result in a ban on servicing other turbines in Canada and other sanctions evasion penalties.

I suspect this is a bigger issue than the installation or not of the hostage turbine.

This is merely the beginning.

Germany, Canada, UK should be requested to supply Russia with a Sovereign Guarantee of relief from all sanctions arising from the turbines release to its owner - Gazprom.

Once that Sovereign Guarantee is given and the turbine installed no further gas should be provided unless a further Sovereign Guarantee is provide to Russia from each and every downstream recipient country.

That is - all in or none.

Sovereign Guarantees are the last step on the road to absolute loss of trust between nations - but then that is where these western morons have led us.

Then there are some other pipelines in need of Sovereign Guarantees.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 5 2022 22:03 utc | 101

it would be awesome to know how they staged this in the 5th c, but when Dionysus strikes his staff on the ground in Euripides' "Bacchae", out from the earth flow what? milk, honey and wine.

Falstaff: "If I had a thousand sons, the first humane principle I would teach them should be, to forswear thin potations and to addict themselves to sack." (sack = sherry, vino seco)

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 5 2022 22:12 utc | 102

karlof1 #99

Thank you for the link to the Orban speech. One level head may be enough of a catalyst for change in europe.

Meanwhile has an interesting piece of the less than savory activities of the red cross:

The fact that the Ukrainian army shelled the prison camp in Jelenovka near Donetsk, which mainly houses Azov fighters who surrendered in Azovstal, is denied by Kiev. Instead, Kyiv claims that Russia caused the explosion itself, and the Western media supports this claim.

The West also claims that Russia does not allow visits to the camp by UN and International Red Cross delegations. I know first hand that this is nonsense and I will explain here what is really going on, why the UN and Red Cross delegations are not allowed to visit the camp and most importantly who is preventing the visits.

A little red meat to attract barflies ;))

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 5 2022 22:18 utc | 103

SARS-CoV-1: a biological weapon designed and disseminated by the United States of America, under cover of "zoonosis."

MERS-CoV: a biological weapon designed and disseminated by the United States of America, under cover of "zoonosis."

SARS-CoV-2: a biological weapon designed and disseminated by the United States of America, under cover of "zoonosis."

Does one see a pattern here?

Posted by: George | Aug 5 2022 22:32 utc | 104

@psychohistorian - I think it’s pretty lousy of you to slap me down like that, especially since I brought up my question on an OPEN THREAD. ET TU, Brother. I’m just here to learn.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 5 2022 22:42 utc | 105

@Featherless #86

You need to be more clear as to what "nuclear sludge" means.

Nuclear waste is an enormously broad category ranging from the spent fuel rods, to the irradiated materials around/comprising the reactor, to water used for cooling and the plastic gloves and protective suits used by workers.

The radioactive water out of Fukushima - leftover from the flooding of the reactors there - is supposedly 45.5 million becquerels per cubic meter. That is a lot compared to regular water, but is 1/400th as much as radon for example. Now take whatever large amount of this water and dilute into the entire Pacific ocean...

The radioactivity of a spent rod storage pool, on the other hand, is basically non-radioactive unless one of the fuel rods is leaking. We know this because divers service this pools by swimming in them...

So note that radiation in water is not glowing H20, but rather is radiation coming from something radioactive dissolved in the water. Water itself blocks radiation - every 7 cm of water cuts radiation levels in half.

As for effects, these are fairly well documented.

When I was in Japan, a couple of nuclear workers (basically laborers working in a nuclear power plant) decided that it would be faster to dump all their nuclear fuel material for mixing into a bucket at once instead of in batches like they were supposed to. This caused a fission reaction and both eventually died. A similar thing happened with the early UChicago reactor which someone disassembled by hand when it looked like it might go runaway. But these are cases where basically people were touching plutonium.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 5 2022 22:59 utc | 106

In response to
@psychohistorian - I think it’s pretty lousy of you to slap me down like that, especially since I brought up my question on an OPEN THREAD. ET TU, Brother. I’m just here to learn.
Posted by: Featherless | Aug 5 2022 22:42 utc | 105

I don't want to have a conversation here about what you think is appropriate subject matter for an Open Thread at MoA. Why don't you hang around for a few years and see if anyone else thinks that subjects like yours are what MoA barflys are interested in....or want to see discussed in these threads.....I was asking for you to take such discussion offline of MoA, not stopping you from projecting your feelings or communicating with others about them
I see your comment as projecting a lot of hurt which I am unfortunately very familiar with and don't like to see coming from others in this forum...peace to you

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 5 2022 23:06 utc | 107

Thank you c1ue !

So, to get back to my question, how would you envision :

1. the concentrated sludgy trempette, to dip a person into, probably naked, maybe soak them for a bit, whatever is optimal.

2. an innocuous jacuzzi situation, with the heaviest most radioactive water available.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 5 2022 23:11 utc | 108


Geez, OK, never mind, sorry everybody.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 5 2022 23:16 utc | 109

the antisemitic bullshit spewed around here is pretty sickening. looking at you Scorpio. Soros is funding antifa! who is funding profa? can they fund me some barf bags?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 5 2022 22:00 utc | 100

What's antisemitism got to do with it? You mean because Soros is a Jew he is above criticism? Or that anyone who criticizes him must be antisemitic because Soros is a Jew? Or because pro-Jewish non-antisemites would never criticize Soros because then they would be perceived as antisemitic?


Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 5 2022 23:39 utc | 110

The Global Times reports on the progressive demise of secessionist idiots currently living in Taiwan and surrounding islands.

Just as the PLA live-fire drills were about to start on Thursday, the US Navy's Ronald Reagan carrier strike group moved northeast toward its homeport in Yokosuka, Japan, away from the island of Taiwan, an intelligence expert who requested anonymity told the Global Times, citing open-source data.

The US carrier's retreat from the PLA's exercise region after escorting Pelosi's flight fully reflected the PLA's deterrence capabilities, Zhang said.

This is a strong contrast to the Taiwan Straits crisis in 1996, when the US dared to deploy two carriers around Taiwan in an attempt to threaten China, observers said.

The stunning drills are scheduled to continue for two and a half days until Sunday noon.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 6 2022 0:07 utc | 111

Scott Ritter is happy with events.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 6 2022 0:13 utc | 112

Article begins:

"Why do I love China and the Communist Party of China (CPC)?

It was not always the case.

In fact, for the majority of my life, some 48 years, I hated China and I hated the CPC!

Why This Article

I want to tell my odyssey, my journey to the West, that has taken me far far away from my Motherland.

I hope to connect with a few overseas Chinese who feel similar yearnings that I feel now towards China. I would like to connect with those who feel helplessly sinking in the sea of Western “narratives” or LIES about China promulgated in the mass media, the mainstream and so-called “alternative” media in the West, especially in the USA and Canada.

I am also hoping to connect with a few mainland Chinese who might be able to help me return back to China.

Who knows maybe I will get lucky and President Xi Jinping will hear about my odyssey and be moved to grant me my Chinese citizenship again!

The Arc of My 50 Year Odyssey...."

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 6 2022 0:21 utc | 113

Looks like things are blowing up (literally) between Izrael and Gaza strip. I only find info on Intel Slava Z on telegram. Great, just great.....

Posted by: ohmyheck | Aug 6 2022 1:22 utc | 114

Re : toxic nuclear waste

I have a bit of a sadistic question, for a fiction story.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 5 2022 19:07 utc | 86

Interesting question.

All jokes aside, this is not a dumb question?

The pro-nuclear power groupies would dismiss this as a dumb question. Not worth answering. In reality, it is well beyond their one thought at a time brainwashed mononeuron mental capacity. Basically not answering, we do not want to know the answer!

History tells us. That the Curie family members. Who refined pitch blend to isolate and purify to extract the known radioactive elements. All died at a relatively young age. When compared to the median average from the same era.

Playing around with radioactive elements without appropriate safety measures in place. Is extremely dangerous.

An excellent reference for the lethal effects of radium poisoning. Is a book called "The Radium Girls".! A very sad tale of greed/profiteering/zero safety standards. Plus the company involved used the "Manhattan Project" to evade paying one dime in restitution for their evil sinning ways. As for all the women employed at the Radium factory. They all died far too young. Their remains were interned in lead coffins...

The USSA has set a variable yet flexible minimum annual radiation safe dose level. Due in part to the massive rise in background radiation after 1945. Due to the thousand-plus atmospheric testing of both fission and fusion atomic weapons. The Hanford papers were released by Prez Bill Clinton. Showed that the American military is pure evil 731 style. All civilians can be deemed as test subjects. Cancer patients are also included as well. Without informed consent. One classic example of uninformed consent. Dumb/dumber tourists to the "Trinity Test Site". Were given samples of a lethal radioactive fused silica sand called "Trinity Glass". Needless to say, many of these same unfortunate dupes/tourists died at a relatively young age. USSA's Empire of evil has no boundaries.

The fun fact. Each individual coal-fired power station. Generates in excess of one million tonnes of ash/slag waste. The radiation from said waste. Is approximately 100 times that of the notional average atmospheric background radiation.

The basic laws of Physics state. That there exist six basic radiation types in nature. Solar Radiation, Cosmic Background Radiation, X-rays, Alpha particles, Beta Electrons, and Gamma Radiation. All known radioactive elements are graded by half-life.

To reduce typical gamma rays by a factor of a billion, according to the American Nuclear Society, the thicknesses of a shield. Requires to be about 13.8 feet of water, about 6.6 feet of concrete, or about 1.3 feet of lead. Thick, dense shielding is necessary to protect against gamma rays.

If nuclear energy was truly safe and risk-free? The entire USSA nuclear storage facility at Hanford Nuclear waste storage facility. In Washington State. Would be fully open, with tourist access to all areas.

The safe Nuclear waste storage issue is unresolved. No known existing waste site can contain the entire heavily contaminated Fukushima Nuclear power plant.

Only a complete fool. Or an idiot would seek to swim in the fuel rod waste pool. Without special protection/limited radiation suits. The likelihood of such a diver receiving the maximum questionable USSA set safe lifetime dosage limit is above average.

As for the pro-nuclear power group. If it is a safe risk-free power generation as you claim. Can one bury all the radioactive waste produced by the said plant? In your backyard. The answer is.................

One answer the pro-nuclear group will always refuse to answer. What happens to a nuclear power plant at end of its working life? A plant, where the majority of the internal contaminated working parts. Can never be safely recycled.

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 6 2022 1:40 utc | 115

A bunch of threads ago I posted a story about a missing indigenous woman and her son from Canada. Just in, they’ve been found in the US.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 6 2022 1:42 utc | 116

So note that radiation in water is not glowing H20, but rather is radiation coming from something radioactive dissolved in the water. Water itself blocks radiation - every 7 cm of water cuts radiation levels in half.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 5 2022 22:59 utc | 106

To reduce it by a billion times. As required by the flexible USSA safety standards. One would need 13.8 feet of water.

Interesting fools looking for a cheap method of disposal. Always select the ocean as an open sewer for all toxic waste.

Scientists estimate that 50-80% of the oxygen production on Earth comes from the ocean. The majority of this production is from oceanic plankton — drifting plants, algae, and some bacteria that can photosynthesize. One particular species, Prochlorococcus, is the smallest photosynthetic organism on Earth. But this little bacteria produces up to 20% of the oxygen in our entire biosphere. That’s a higher percentage than all of the tropical rainforests on land combined.

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 6 2022 1:54 utc | 117

@Bad Motor Finger - thank you !

You and c1ue have given me enough to go on !

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 6 2022 1:54 utc | 118

@Featherless #108
Again, you need to be clear - either specify the situation or the goal.

The other commenter has zero credibility - they like to focus on Greenpeace talking points as opposed to facts.

The facts are: 545 megatons of nuclear weapons - both fission and fusion, have been detonated in atmosphere. These bomb explosions raised background radiation levels in the Pacific region, low single digit percents, I believe, but this increase is literally insignificant compared to the extra radiation received while flying in an airplane, for example.

If the goal is to kill someone as in a murder - look at the Litvinenko situation.
If the goal is some social/emotional story arising from an accident, you'll need to posit how the situation arises - which in turn will largely dictate the environment that it occurs.
If you are talking about "heavy" water - heavy water just has an unusual amount of deuterium. It isn't dangerous at all, as far as I know. Radioactive water requires something like Fukushima: a literal flooding of active nuclear cores by water - which causes all manner of fission byproducts to dissolve in them.

In any case, the real problem with any believable story involving radiation in a civilian situation is getting man-made radiation into everyday life. There just is not any interaction, in any way, normally. Thus only accidents or James Bond type villain attacks would work.

There are exceptions: Rocky Flats, Colorado hosted a plutonium core making plant. Hanford, Washington was the site of a major US Federal government nuclear material production facility - reactors and what not. Other than that, only an accident with a military nuclear weapon or a civilian nuclear power plant - and both those are heavily restricted access locations.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 6 2022 4:44 utc | 119


Are you looking for something graphic? Radiation is rather banal and inconspicuous. Heavy exposure wrecks havoc at the cellular level, but it presents as invisibly as cancer and early death. Most graphic fiction involving radiation I know exaggerates the cancer to be a gross outgrowth: mutation, extra appendages, or some transformation into an unworldly monstrosity.

Something involving gross deformity is usually reserved for things like acid, fire or explosives. Of course you can take it whatever way you like, it all depends on what you are going for.

Posted by: Justin | Aug 6 2022 5:13 utc | 120

Oh yes. I almost forgot radiation and birth defects, a rather intriguing combination.

Posted by: Justin | Aug 6 2022 5:17 utc | 121

I looked up Event 201 again. Full transcript of the event has now been disappeared from the internet. Media was invited, full three hour video still available. Main conclusions were merging of the public private sector, information control, money supply. Most of that we in the west have seen through the two years of event 201. No smoking gun but to what and the names that have come out of Ukraine's with the Rus MoD raids on the pentagon biolabs, US/angloshere must be considered guilty until proven innocent.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 6 2022 5:40 utc | 122

Pepe Escobar reports an interesting tale of funny money linked to Steve Bannon.

Here at The Unz Review :

There is enough mystery here to sink a luxury yacht and a political party or two.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 6 2022 8:09 utc | 123

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 6 2022 4:44 utc | 119

Clue: is there any way of knowing whether or not the Pacific Wild Salmon I can get here in Costco is safe?

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 6 2022 8:56 utc | 124

c1ue | Aug 6 2022 4:44 utc | 119

Radon. There were civil uses in the Jura, Switzerland. Painting watchhands to make them glow in the dark. (I'm serious). There were effects on the girls that did this, and you now no longer can get Radon painted watches. Unfortunately, I do not know what the severity of this was at the time. One was on the tongue as they used to lick the brush to get the radon to stick to it before painting with it.

I think the higher radiation level is still observable in some water sources.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 6 2022 9:22 utc | 125

How Murdoch corrupts...

Posted by: Paul | Aug 6 2022 9:35 utc | 126

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 5 2022 22:00 utc | 100

When the questions are uncofortable it's so easy to adress people of's the shield to avoid discussions..same old trick..people like Soros,Kolomoisky,The Straussians are the shit of this planet but you can't criticize them..guess why.

Posted by: LuBa | Aug 6 2022 9:59 utc | 127

"Clandestine’s Newsletter

Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!


New briefing from Chief of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defence Forces, General Igor Kirillov, on military biological activities of the United States in the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian MIL have been studying biological samples from surrendered Ukrainian soldiers, and what they have been finding is beyond disturbing. Approximately 20% of them carrying West Nile pathogens, which were being studied “by the Pentagon as part of the Ukrainian UP-4 and UP-8 projects”. Suggesting that Ukrainian soldiers are being subject to involuntary biological experimentation and exposure to biological weapons (think Nuremberg).

In addition to carrying pathogens, nearly all of the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers carried traces of a wide variety of narcotics and opioids, including Meth and Codeine.

Russia were sure to remind us of the Nazi’s usage of methamphetamines in WW2. I covered this 2 weeks ago, when the left-wing media tried to spin this reality as some sort of X-men mutant conspiracy theory. No, they are just Nazis, and historically, Nazis use drugs. Particularly as an advantage in war.

[Clandestine’s Newsletter
Ukraine Adopts Historic Nazi Tactic of Supplying Methamphetamines to Military Forces]...

Russia goes on to cite that this methamphetamine Ukraine are using, Pervitin, was also used by US soldiers during Vietnam and Korea. It’s designed to reduce the psycho-emotional burdens of war.

However, an intended side effect is excessive aggression, which Russia alleges is one of the main factors for the Nationalist Ukrainian forces displaying “extreme cruelty” to civilians and the shelling of their own people in Donbas. Ukraine are using mind-numbing agents on their forces to make them more susceptible to carrying out heinous acts.

Next, we find perhaps the most explosive slide to date, in which Russia FINALLY comes out and DIRECTLY accuses the US of being responsible for the creation and release of Covid-19. What I have been saying from the beginning, is that this allllll leads to C-19, which will be the nail in the coffin and the red-pill that wakes up the world.

The backlash the US are facing from Russia and the rest of Eastern world, is directly because the world found out THE UNITED STATES CREATED COVID. Specifically the “DNC/Liberal Globalists”, as the Russians allege. Not Trump.

Russia clarifies they have record of over 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, transported from Ukraine to the US, Georgia, European countries."


Whether or not one is inclined to believe RF official, this accusation will gradually enter mainstream coverage if not on Empire's sphere then in Global South.

Just as Ukraine military about to buckle and flee so also will currently neutral nations soon begin to stampede towards the new order now on offer by the hybrid communist-Socialist-Statist Eurasian bloc.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 6 2022 13:25 utc | 128

As if on cue, this from Unz himself.

I suspect that the pathogen was jointly developed by both China and US though quite possibly by rogue elements without full Presidential knowledge on both sides. Globalistas creating world wide emergency to establish need for world wide governance transcending nation state jurisdictions.

In any case the story grows. And the Biden family is in it once again.

I wonder if RF will put sanctions on them soon too...

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 6 2022 13:37 utc | 129

spudski, David Levin, et al--

On VK's need for you to have a cell phone: This is done as a security measure. VK will text a verification # to your phone which you must reply with via the computer enrollment page.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 5 2022 21:02 utc | 96

Thanks, Karl. I was aware of this from having attempted to sign up, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask VK. Sometimes there is a workaround. In this case, there isn't (unfortunately for us Luddites), but I was impressed that VK support provided a definitive answer within 14 hours.

Posted by: David Levin | Aug 6 2022 13:47 utc | 130

@Scorpion #124
Get a Geiger counter and test it.
Make sure you learn how to operate it correctly, in particular, the initial calibration.
I'd still guess that mercury in the salmon is a bigger issue; all apex predators in the ocean accumulate mercury. The older, the more mercury hence the Giant Tuna being "ocean thermometers"...

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 6 2022 14:36 utc | 131

@Stonebird #125
Ok, so add child labor in a watch making factory to the otherwise extremely sparse list of civilian exposure to heavy radiation.

I did neglect other sources such as coal ash Coal ash is more radioactive than nuclear waste - scientific american

At issue is coal's content of uranium and thorium, both radioactive elements. They occur in such trace amounts in natural, or "whole," coal that they aren't a problem. But when coal is burned into fly ash, uranium and thorium are concentrated at up to 10 times their original levels.


The result: estimated radiation doses ingested by people living near the coal plants were equal to or higher than doses for people living around the nuclear facilities. At one extreme, the scientists estimated fly ash radiation in individuals' bones at around 18 millirems (thousandths of a rem, a unit for measuring doses of ionizing radiation) a year. Doses for the two nuclear plants, by contrast, ranged from between three and six millirems for the same period. And when all food was grown in the area, radiation doses were 50 to 200 percent higher around the coal plants.

To put the 18 millirems in perspective:

How much radiation is considered safe

The highest recommended limit for radiation exposures is for astronauts-25,000 millirems per Space Shuttle mission, principally from cosmic rays. This amount is beyond the average 300+ millirems of natural sources of radiation and any medical radiation a person has received.

25,000 millirems per year level was the federal occupational limit during World War II and until about 1950 for radiation workers and soldiers exposed to radiation. The occupational limit became 15,000 millirems per year around 1950. In 1957, the occupational limit was lowered to a maximum of 5,000 millirems per year.

Average Natural Background: 300 Millirems

The average exposure in the United States, from natural sources of radiation (mostly cosmic radiation and radon), is 300 millirems per year at sea level. Radiation exposure is slightly higher at higher elevations-thus the exposure in Denver averages 400 millirems per year.


For example, a hyperthyroid problem such as that experienced by former President George Bush is typically treated with a radioactive iodine drink designed to deliver about 10,000,000 millirems of radioactive iodine to the thyroid. It would coincidentally deliver a dose to the rest of the body of about 20,000 millirems. A slightly lower dose of radioactivity is used for cancerous tumors. Radiation to kill a cancerous tumor often involves a beam delivering 6,000,000 millirems to the cancerous tissue, but the whole-body equivalent dose is much less, as it was in the thyroid example cited above.

What is a lethal dose from a single instance of radiation? According to studies made after the atomic bomb explosions in 1945 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, half of the people died whose entire bodies were exposed to 450,000 millirems of radiation from the atomic bomb. All persons died whose bodies were exposed to 600,000 millirems of radiation.

Which is to say, 18 millirems is a small fraction of background exposure.
Is this dangerous? Depends on your risk tolerance.

The above article notes some numbers for everyday radiation exposure:

12-Coast-to-coast US round trip flight in airplane at 35,000 feet of altitude.

10-Annual increase due to daily use of salt substitute (potassium chloride) or eating a diet heavy in such potassium-rich foods as bananas and Brazil nuts. Potassium is an essential dietary element that is present mostly in the muscles.

2-Annual exposure due to watching four hours of television every day.

So... fly ash is 50% more radiation exposure than a single roundtrip coast to coast flight across the US!
It is 80% more radiation exposure than salt substitute or eating a lot of bananas!
It is 900% more dangerous than watching TV!
But it is 82% less than living in Denver vs. San Francisco.

This is why Scientific American is not scientific and very possibly not american either...

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 6 2022 14:50 utc | 132

This is becoming more and more a problem: use of signal boosters to steal cars - because keyless fobs operate on the principle that the normal range of the fob is a proxy for the owner:

President of UK Automobile Association touts microwave to protect against car thieves

Amusing pictures of various ways to protect key fobs when all you need is an electrostatic bag for $1.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 6 2022 14:54 utc | 133

A great article about online retailing, trends in fraud and the online retail ecosystem from the viewpoint of a bike shop owner. In particular, detail on the economics behind credit card processing, returns and fraud.

Silca CEO interview

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 6 2022 14:55 utc | 134

I wonder if Nancy's trip to China has the sole purpose of weakening Xi Jinping in the selection process for the next party leader? It is difficult to understand what is going on from my Western perspective.
Xi Jinping battles for credibility ahead of 20th Communist Party congress

Posted by: circumpsect | Aug 6 2022 15:06 utc | 135

So note that radiation in water is not glowing H20, but rather is radiation coming from something radioactive dissolved in the water. Water itself blocks radiation - every 7 cm of water cuts radiation levels in half.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 5 2022 22:59 utc | 106

Sadly you just failed "Occam's Razor Test".

For one very lame description of the "Cherenkov Radiation Effect". Originally postulated in the late 1930s. Long before any nuclear power plant reactor waste storage cooling water ponds were ever created by man. The same three Soviet scientists were awarded the Nobel Physics prize in 1958. For their collective information and description of said effect.........

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Aug 6 2022 15:31 utc | 136

I was just reading this article from Canadian Global News, “Here’s what to know about the current Israel-Gaza conflict”, and I came upon this:

“His death came on the heels of the arrest by Israel of a senior Islamic Jihad commander in the West Bank earlier this week. Bassam al-Saadi, 62, is a senior Islamic Jihad official in the northern West Bank. According to Israeli media, al-Saadi was working to deepen the group’s reach in the West Bank and expand its capabilities.”

In the original, “is” in that second sentence is in bold and italics. Is … like IsIs??

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 6 2022 15:48 utc | 137

I wonder if the challenges described here with this alcohol produced in Mexico from the agave plant holds true for other crops grown around there?

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 6 2022 16:07 utc | 138

Remember that Global Coalition to defeat the Islamic State?? Canada’s Armed Forces are still in it so I thought I’d check what they’re up to. (Might be interesting to do so with other coalition member nations too).

Training women for humanitarian missions.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 6 2022 16:25 utc | 139

it's nice that now, at the state level, we have a major power falsely claiming covid is man-made, which will be used as an excuse to do even less about it as a public health threat.

deep. russia already decided to let it rip. now they've weaponized that decision. were they ever going to do anything else?

why is anyone surprised the US and its allied proxies are conducting "supersoldier" tests?

we'll hearing that monkey pox is man made. it creates the excuse the US and Russia to do what they are accustomed to. fun times are ahead.

people need to stop taking what politicians say as truth. they all lie, constantly. just because Putin sounds like Cicero compared to John Kerry doesn't mean a whole lot.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 17:22 utc | 140

one of the goals, perhaps the main one re China is to try to get China to abandon its public health policies.

so far, they resisted the call of that fatal siren song. The rest of the world following the US lead is an ongoing act of biowarfare against China and the entire planet. Russia might have attempted to emulate China in response to the coronavirus if the US had not started WW3 on its borders. but that would mean stopping their hypersonic missile tests and drilling in the disappearing Arctic, and Russia was never going to do that. no capitalist country will ever do that.

so it's just as likely that China would have "let it rip" by now if the US hadn't started this whirlwind of conflict. in any case, once China stops caring about this bullshit called the "economy" and simply relaxes, quarantining themselves from the rest of the world's diseases will be a whole lot easier. nobody needs more chips, pipelines or nukes. every dam is a god dam at this point. every tree chopped down is a waste. but they've got way too much protestant work ethic and commie perpetual revolution machines spinning in their hearts and minds to realize that americans have loud trucks, their baby/death rattles, bad breath and little else. we are not a sleeping tiger, but an ol' yeller with chemically-induced priapism and dentures.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 18:20 utc | 141

Overshadowed by other more captivating scenarios, the massacre of the Palestinian people is going on without any international objection until now… how long can this still continue?How long will we still have to see children killed by the abusing zionist state?

Posted by: LuBa | Aug 6 2022 18:21 utc | 142

How long will we still have to see children killed by the abusing zionist state?

Posted by: LuBa | Aug 6 2022 18:21 utc | 142

As long as the pussy-whipped Empire of Lies continues to be able to punch above its weight.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 6 2022 18:48 utc | 143

nobody ever does anything except because of how much they love the family, do they? at least not when we are describing ourselves. for Orban, the family is "Hungary".

for Americans, it's not the people who pick their food. they are not family. but when we invade Russia, it's because of how much we care about family. the global family. so many black men are in US prisons from nothing but the noblest of intentions. protect the kids via the drug war. i take my job at Lockheed or Deloitte because of how much i care about family. Hyundai sells cars because of how family-centric it is. Your kids will love the jumbo shrimp at Red Lobster. McDonald's is a pathway to a future for teenagers, ex cons, parolees, single moms, and the able seniors, all the while providing a fun, friendly family environment for the *whole* community, incl more purple-haired autistic gender-ambiguous diabetic 15 year olds. Wal Mart sells guns but not rap albums about guns because of their family values. guns are in churches, malls, schools, et ubique b/c of our overwhelming concern about family.

"greater love has no man than to claim to lay down his life for his ambiguously defined family, while getting other people to fight his battles for him." Orban hates fags! They are not part of Hungary. because Orban loves family. no one on earth has ever loved family, not Mussolini not Trump not no one, more than Jair Bolsonaro. (btw, these battles have no borders in the case of Uncle Sam. at least we cannot say that about Orban. I'm happy he's poking the EU's eye. but he's some alternative? this fascist shitbag?)

people are engaged in flyting contests when they speak. competitive boasting. in the US above all, it's flyte from reality. huh huh. advertisement, after all, is really nothing but one company boasting that it's toilet paper is softer on your bum than the competitors, or it's soap scrubs taco bell off your sweatshirt more better. or its bombs kill Gazans more efficiently, b/c, you know, terrorism. the family. the zionist family needs those orchards. and those trees for it's softer than soft toilet paper.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 18:53 utc | 144

@ clue and others - thank you !

This is the situation/setup :

1. a rich crime boss type likes to use, as a means of torture/revenge murder, dunking those who cross him into a thick concentrated radioactive soup, which will really fuck them up, and kill them within a week or two.

2. his wife - who hates him cause he’s a real bastard (but she loves his money) and he parties with sluts in his jacuzzi - gets someone to hook up his jacuzzi to some really nasty radioactive water, so he’ll hopefully die within a few months or a year, so she a have his money. His radiation poisoning would be covered up by the fact of him using radioactivity on his enemies.

Again, sorry psychohistorian, or anyone else my query offends.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 6 2022 19:01 utc | 145

(The following blockquote is from the "Ukraine SitRep - Casualties Leak" thread.)

There is a portion of population which desires to be lead and conform

Posted by: jared | Aug 6 2022 16:42 utc

But do they actually "choose" to be led and conform? Or have they been so brainwashed and made fearful by the education, political, corporate and other social, moral gatekeepers that they have no critical thinking skills left?

I bet if you asked conforming people if they would wear a mask or willingly go to the Ukie-nazi front lines if they didn't believe doing so alleviated some threat. But, as Milgram, Zimbardo and Bernays show, most are conditioned to blindly accept "authority". The small percent who don't are attacked from all sides, by the "authorities", but also by the misled true believers.

"There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" Gothe

Posted by: Old canadian | Aug 6 2022 17:18 utc | 168

In my experience, health/medicine stands among the disciplines in which the citizenry have been most thoroughly conditioned to distrust their own judgement and to implicitly trust the "experts" (many of whom are simply parroting what they heard from "their" experts).

Posted by: David Levin | Aug 6 2022 19:43 utc | 146

Again, sorry psychohistorian, or anyone else my query offends.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 6 2022 19:01 utc | 145

Have you considered asking a fiction writer who has a blog or other online forum. The subject of how to murder a character is of great interest among novelists: there have even been books written on the subject.

Posted by: David Levin | Aug 6 2022 19:58 utc | 147

As the link below demonstrates, the Covid event remains in flux. I was sent the link and they report themselves as having "....Judeo-Christian values order to combat the threats from Islamic supremacists, radical leftists and their allies....sigh

But hey, their message (1 in 5,000 Covid shots lead to serious side effects) resonates with about MoA barfly Germans being forced to comply?

German Hospital Federation Demands Withdrawal of Vaccination Mandate After Massive Side Effects Revealed

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 6 2022 20:14 utc | 148

According to Abdel Bari Atwan, not long, now

"Only about half of the 160 rockets (Israel says 400+) fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) on the mass of Israeli settlements flanking the Gaza Strip were intercepted by Israel’s US-funded Iron Dome systems.

"This, in itself, is a major military and psychological achievement for the Palestinian resistance. The settlers have lost their security, their time to leave has come."

"The PIJ cleverly handled the pre-battle phase by stepping up armed military confrontations in the West Bank, entering into strategic operational coordination with Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – particularly in Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarem – and besieging and forcing a curfew on more than 1.5 million Israelis in the southern settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

"These confrontations were in retaliation for Israel’s targeting of PIJ’s cadres throughout Palestinian territories this summer. But it was the Israeli leadership which decided on war and must take responsibility for the consequences of its decision, regionally and internationally. The PIJ lured Tel Aviv to war without firing a single missile, and herein lies the miracle....

"...This is a war that will last. It comes as a precious gift to the Palestinian people and their resistance, and the coming days will reveal shocking and terrifying surprises for the Israelis that will send millions of them into shelters and global isolation.

"Hezbollah’s Hisham Safieddine, executive council chairman of the Lebanese resistance movement, recently said: “The resistance has obtained strategic weapons that will break the balance of power, and the enemy’s attempt to prevent their arrival has failed.”

"To this he added: “we must be present and not be affected by propaganda media campaigns that want to undermine our capabilities – by the Israeli, US and Gulf media and some of their ‘mignons’ in Lebanon. We will not give up our wealth [natural resources] in our territorial waters,” which means that the gas war is very imminent.

"We are facing a war that may have begun in the Gaza Strip, but could, with just one ill-timed spark, transform into a regional war involving many other resistance factions. This comes at a time when western colonialism is facing two major power wars – in Ukraine (with Russia) and East Asia (with China)...

"Airports may close very soon, and thousands of Israeli settlers may take to the seas in search of safety from the retaliatory missiles of the resistance. Watch this space and its developments in the coming days."

Posted by: bevin | Aug 6 2022 20:19 utc | 149

Congratulations B, you are being quoted by commentators down here in the land of OZ who are very firmly establishment, even if they are dissenting from the current idiotic narrative.

Posted by: eagle eye | Aug 6 2022 21:49 utc | 150

FYI--Lavrov now has his own telegram channel.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 6 2022 22:01 utc | 151

@David Levin - thank you. I specifically wanted to ask THIS population, among whom there are MANY PEOPLE I HIGHLY RESPECT. Like c1ue. Thank you m8, I am not worthy 🦉

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 6 2022 22:08 utc | 152

rjb1.5 @144: "Orban hates fags!"

Does he really? I would appreciate some link to his own words and deeds on that. The reason I am skeptical is because there is so much mindless hysteria in the West on the subject that I wonder if we are just seeing more of that hysteria here. There is a subset of the US population, for instance, who immediately assume you intend to murder all homosexuals when all you actually intend to do is prevent grooming 5-7 year old children for gay sexuality in public school classrooms. If you suggest opposition to letting boys who are pretending to be girls using the girls' restrooms it is immediately inflated to genocide against all gender nonconforming peoples by some partisans.

Mindless extreme hysteria by emotionally fragile/broken individuals, basically.

Does Orban really intend to herd all gays off to death camps? I'd prefer links to something authoritative and not to blogs like the "Daily Beast" that are run by the above-mentioned hysterical freaks.

Posted by: William Gruff | Aug 6 2022 22:16 utc | 153

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is such a bought and paid-for slut of the United States. It's just pathetic. At first I thought he was simply scared of the US, but based on his lies of commission and omission, he is clearly in the employ of Washington.

Posted by: Reg | Aug 6 2022 22:35 utc | 154

I see Erdogan's meeting with Putin and their agreements have the West in a tizzy, “increasingly alarmed” RT reports the Financial Times saying. Good! Years ago here I opined it was in Turkey's interest to leave NATO and its EU aspirations behind and fully align with Russia where it would actually be respected as a partner to work with and enhance relations than something to be used then discarded, which is how the West treats Turkey, the never to be fulfilled EU bid being the best graphic example. The stark reality is the West has nothing to offer Turkey, a reality it seems Turks are finally beginning to accept as its longtime enemy is far friendlier and has much more to offer.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 6 2022 22:36 utc | 155

rjb1.5 is an American imperial loyalist of the highest order, constantly promoting the extremist homosexual agenda and attacking the traditional values of the majority of humankind. It screeches a lot and resorts to profanity in its postings; on that basis alone, worth ignoring.

Posted by: Don | Aug 6 2022 22:40 utc | 156

@ McGruff - between you and c1ue and karlof1, I’m not worthy. You guys are awesome.

Orban is probably the only Sovereign European leader left.

Daily Stormer would be a better source than Daily Beast. Same reason.

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 6 2022 22:47 utc | 157

William Gruff | Aug 6 2022 22:16 utc | 153
point taken. i'm tickled pink that there are divisions within the facade of unity, it's a good sign, but not all the centrifugal forces are equal.

in the US, neither the "z is for zygote" or the "gender reveal" parties give a shit about children. i'm all for gay rights. and adults leaving kids the hell alone. how much energy is expended, incl by catholic social services types, on gender and sex, supposedly to help kids, kids who don't eat food and are homeless or abused or...there's something very sick about that. adults prying into the lives of abused (or confused) children and calling it "help". i got another word for it, at least one: voyeurism.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 22:52 utc | 158

on the other hand, homophobia and the tyranny of conformity: I had a friend in Charlotte NC who, with his wife, were teachers in the public schools. their 2nd child is moderately autistic and when he got to high school, the only people in school who would befriend him was the kids *labeled* as LGBTQXYZ++.

his evangelical parents assumed he was being "groomed" and freaked the hell out. they were terrified of the big gay agenda but blissfully unconcerned how the normal kids have learned not to give a shit about their disabled peers by the time they are 13.

what a nightmare the US is in so many ways for an autistic 13 year old.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 23:05 utc | 159

Don | Aug 6 2022 22:40 utc | 156
boy you got me pegged! pinned and wriggling. please, ignore me by all means.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 23:09 utc | 160

Don | Aug 6 2022 22:40 utc | 156
fuck you and your traditional values. is that profane enough for you? the traditional values of most of mankind? like big macs? like treating children as property? that's a big "traditional value".

could you name me a traditional value that has survived industrialization? people like you running your mouths about family values? war? yeah, there's a long tradition of that. your prostration before your only god, the nation state? yeah, tradition.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 23:26 utc | 161


Don’t take any crap, Bro. « Don »? If it were Don Midwest maybe, different guy, I’d listen to him. F that.

Carry on Dude, have a beer on me, I salute your integrity and spirit ! You’re in the right bar.
*pats shoulder*

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 6 2022 23:58 utc | 162

Featherless | Aug 6 2022 23:58 utc | 162
thanks. lots of kids also see thru how the adults are using the Big Gay Agenda. and they play a game. it's very sad in one way, but thus has the world ever been. if i as a kid tell you my counselor at the youth shelter i need some estrogen, will you help get some better services for me? even if i wind up trading those estrogen pills for cigarettes and laughing at you after? it's some sick shit but some of the kids do see thru it, for sure. they see it as a "virtue performance." it's so much easier for adults to worry about this crap than kids' access to food or the legit fear kids have of being shot by adults, esp cops. "your problem is your gender orientation, not the DV in your home and your family's inability to pay rent!" barf. really, really sick.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 7 2022 0:28 utc | 163

Years ago when I moved to the Top End the NT was run by a mob of greedy wide boys. Led by a particularly scungy lawyer they got into and managed to stay in power for 4 terms on the platform that the NT would be granted statehood. Of course that never happened & never will happen due to constitutional reasons too arcane to get into. This didn't go down well with Indigenous Australians who at that time made up 50% of the NT & knew very well that the CLP (country liberal party) in government were rorting most of the federal funds targeted for them and using it to gerrymander & pork barrel whitefella electorates to stay in power. Another scam these arsehole pols had going was forcing uranium mining on their traditional land, the locals had been aware of the danger for many generations, around Jabiluka (the site of a proposed U mine) there were cave paintings showing pregnant women with spears through their womb, warning the dangers to pregnancy of swimming in the local billabongs.

The minister of mines or primary production or whatever I can't remember his exact title this was back in the late 70's, he was a nasty piece of work, he had been a police thug up in Papua New Guinea during the time when PNG was a colony of australia. Anyways in PNG he had come home one night and found a local in his accommodation so he shot the bloke & dragged him out of his rooms up the road & left him to die. Nice bloke he was promoted to sargent & when they finally got thrown outta PNG he along with too many others transferred to the NT - stay in the tropics try & oppress blackfellas, something he had much less success with in the NT as federal courts held at that time, police could only enter Indigenous communities with the approval of the community council. So he got into greedy politics instead.

One wet season the tailings dam at the Ranger U mine over-topped & ran off into the Arnhem wetlands. Big fuss from all locals Indigenous & others, so this fool went out to the mine with media entourage and had himself filmed doin' an Obama, before Obama, at the tailings dam. 'Cept he drank a whole glass of water he scooped outta the waste pool. The drongo contracted some sort of cancer which galloped through his system and he was dead less than two years later.
Doubtless energy corporation touts such as clueless will claim that coincidence isn't causality or somesuch but, no one around at the time was in any doubt about what had happened. The NT government who had a cushy you scratch my back I'll scratch yours with the local murdoch owned media did everything they could to play it down, but no one forgot and the really crooked government got arseholed a little later.
Things had reached the stage where even in those pre internet days, the fishwrap & TV news were no longer heeded. See it can happen tho a community buzz is required.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 7 2022 0:51 utc | 164

@ rjb1.5 | Aug 6 2022 17:22 utc | 140

This is the second time I have read you associating an acknowledged lab-made virus with people advocating therefore there is no need to take precautions unlike for a so-called natural pandemic. I puzzled over your first mention of this, skipping over it, assuming you are perhaps more in tune with popular opinion. But you mention it once again so I must ask, what is the thinking behind this?

Gain-of-function viral research as I understand it has inserted coding for asymptomatic spread and immune escape, two reasons why more precautions are necessary, not fewer.

What reasoning is behind those you cite as claiming that if the virus is lab made there is less need for concern, not more? Not seeing it.

Looks like to me the AA overclass wants the old, weak and infirm in the homelands dead. Those afflicted - until death, will provide rentier income for the for-profit ‘health’ care industrial complex, all the better to eat you my dear. And, in this devil take all system, illness in our for-profit ‘health care’ system is counted as GDP growth. Those countries which still have public health care, beware, these “freedom and democracy” neolibcon imperialists are coming for you too.

Also, rjb1.5, I wish you well, to recover your good health. I enjoy your ranting posts with all their unique leaps of associations. Keep at it.

Posted by: suzan | Aug 7 2022 1:07 utc | 165

*hi-5’s suzan*

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 7 2022 1:55 utc | 166

suzan | Aug 7 2022 1:07 utc | 165
i don't think there is any evidence for your major premise. (something actually works that is stamped "made in america"??? color me skeptical. maybe b/c it was really in Ukraine, something actually works?)

why did Trump insist China is responsible? because he cares?

is he not representative of the views of such people? is he not the leader? in Western officialdom, i mean.

you don't see him? even now? the Kung Flu King Don?

and you don't see the entirety of the US following the Trump "let it rip" plan?

not in England? France? Germany? Spain?

not in Russia? since the supposed revelations by Russia's MOD that covid was in fact US lab-made, what has the public health response been in Russia? more importantly, what will it be tomorrow? an excuse to ramp up the war while, at best, keeping covid protocols as they are? that would be my bet.

btw, i don't put anything past the USG. but where's the evidence *in this case*? i'm fully convinced the world governments are knowingly lying about the severity of the coronavirus. this includes Russia. because it interrupts the economy. period. no other reason. Russia is not different.

Therefore, to me it seems reasonable that like its mirror enemy Russia adapted its rhetoric to its already-determined policy. such rhetoric definitely serves a military purpose. just as in the US.

thanks for the well-wishes. i certainly could be wrong. but i'm not. :)-

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Aug 7 2022 2:05 utc | 167

Sorry suzan 165
I could not resist lol

Soldiers came to the games
with a virus in their veins
giving all their Crown of Strains;
a present from Fort Detrick
Homeward bound contestants
all sickened with the flu
were carrying contagion
deployed by you know who

We must be number one
we must kill the competition
even if it takes
a biological emission
Once the enemy is ravaged
we'll sell our vaccination
but not too soon until we prune
our elder population

The gift that keeps on giving
to the Super Pharma Suits
aiding in the sieving
of the coughers that it loots
Dissenters will be broken
better get on board
The Overlords have spoken
take the prick or get the sword
Which jab do you prefer
heart attack or stroke?
if you wanna work or have a roof
better come and take a poke

There are just too many of you
most will have to go
We must reduce the populace
to maintain our status quo
We'll keep a few subdued
for parts and recreation
we'll use the rest as food
fomenting D predation

Posted by: ld | Aug 7 2022 2:08 utc | 168

@Suzan, I got us 2 nice saki shooters. You know what I’m talking about. this fuckin bar. Cheers !


Staggers outside, serpentine (not driving)

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 7 2022 2:13 utc | 169

@ld : BRUTAL poem. Are you familiar with Dave Mustaine/Megadeth ? « Youthanasia ».

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 7 2022 2:20 utc | 170


Posted by: Featherless | Aug 7 2022 2:30 utc | 171

(I wrote all this down on a napkin, before I staggered out.)

Posted by: Featherless | Aug 7 2022 2:31 utc | 172

Below is the title of a ZH posting about anther circus ring of our civilization war

15 Dead As Israel Pounds Gaza, Military Prepares For "Week Of Fighting"

The beginning of the article

Since the start of Friday's fresh Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, ostensibly toward decapitating the leadership of the Islamic Jihad following the Monday night arrest of its senior commander Bassem Saadi, the death toll has continued to rise, with Gaza's health ministry saying 15 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks so far.

As we previously detailed, the Israeli strikes were 'pre-emptive' in that they were not a response to initial rocket fire from Gaza, as is the usual case, but were launched with a declared intent to degrade the militant group Islamic Jihad's capabilities after days of security incidents along the border with Gaza.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 7 2022 2:59 utc | 173

@ rjb1.5 | Aug 7 2022 2:05 utc

But you did not answer my question.

Which is:

Why do people think there is less need for protective precautions if they assume the virus has a lab origin vs a so-called natural origin?

I repeat,

Gain-of-function viral research as I understand it has inserted coding for asymptomatic spread and immune escape, two reasons why more precautions are necessary, not fewer.

Posted by: suzan | Aug 7 2022 3:04 utc | 174

Featherless | Aug 7 2022 2:20 utc | 170
I saw Megadeth open for TOOL but was never really a fan. I will definitely check them out now though
Thanks for the tip

Posted by: ld | Aug 7 2022 3:10 utc | 175

a fan now!!!
many thanks

Posted by: ld | Aug 7 2022 3:15 utc | 176

The metal version is as I remembered them
Great lyrics

all of my 'poems' are lyrics

Posted by: ld | Aug 7 2022 3:18 utc | 177

An update on Occupied Palestine from Xinhuanet

GAZA, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- At least 24 Palestinians have been killed and 215 injured as Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) continued their exchange of fire for the second day.

The fatalities include six children and two women, the Gaza health ministry said on Saturday in a press statement sent to Xinhua.

The Israeli air force on Saturday night targeted a house in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah without warning, killing two Palestinians and wounding more than 30 others, Palestinian security sources told Xinhua.

Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraee said in a statement that the raid targeted Khaled Mansour, the commander of the southern brigade of PIJ.

PIJ didn't confirm the death of Mansour, but announced the killing in the raid of Ziad Al Mudallal, one of its members.

Meanwhile, at least five people, including four children, were killed and 15 others injured on Saturday night by an explosion in the refugee camp of Jabaliya in northern Gaza, according to Palestinian sources.

Israel denied being responsible for the explosion, saying that a rocket misfired by the PIJ militants caused "the tragic killing of the children" in Jabaliya.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 7 2022 3:50 utc | 178

Below is a link to an article at The Cradle about the latest activity in Occupied Palestine

Sword of Jerusalem II has begun and there is no room for negotiation

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 7 2022 4:12 utc | 179


anybody know anything about this .. ?

Posted by: snake | Aug 7 2022 4:48 utc | 180

The Greanvillepost has been REMOVED by the CIA ShedSteam Media. The U.S.A. is now a fascist dictatorship of the eleet.

Posted by: rkJoyce | Aug 7 2022 5:16 utc | 181

I expect many people who support russia to the hilt over ukraine will largely ignore the latest attack upon the indigenous people of Palestine, because it is inconvenient & so 'old hat'.
Inconvenient because too much analysis of the cruel situation that true people of that land have been placed in could expose Russia complicity in their plight and old hat because everyone already knows that the zionists have been butchering the Palestinian people for nigh on 100 years.
Once the occupiers had conspired with the local mafiosi to drive objective reporting by media out of the area (remember the spate of reporters getting 'kidnapped' in the 90's - achieved by a strategy between Mossad & the gang which Mossad licences to smuggle into Gaza), the cruelty of zionist oppression was played down - treated as just another 'boring' example of tribalism when any proper examination of so-called tribalism, anywhere, always reveals some capitalist get rich agenda inciting all the trouble.

In this case racist sociopathic zionists have been used by amerika as a forward operating base to ensure that nothing interrupts the flow of ME oil before all ME hydrocarbon resources are 100% exploited.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 7 2022 5:26 utc | 182

by John Taylor Gatto:

"We live in a time of great school crisis. Our children rank at the bottom of nineteen industrial nations in reading, writing and arithmetic. At the very bottom. The world's narcotic economy is based upon our own consumption of the commodity, if we didn't buy so many powdered dreams the business would collapse - and schools are an important sales outlet. Our teenage suicide rate is the highest in the world and suicidal kids are rich kids for the most part, not the poor. In Manhattan fifty per cent of all new marriages last less than five years. So something is wrong for sure."

The Greanvillepost has been REMOVED by the CIA ShedStream Media. The U.S.A. is now a fascist dictatorship of the eleet.

Posted by: RKJoyce -Prophet | Aug 7 2022 5:41 utc | 183

I truly hope the Palestinians reign some just desserts to these disgusting creatures.

Let them take flea to the seas and be treated without pity like the flotillas that tried to help the desperate people in Gaza.

If one good thing happens let it be the end of the zionist project.

in sodom and gomorrah
everywhere they preach the torah
Everyone must bow
to the ziodiaspora
fuck that

Posted by: ld | Aug 7 2022 6:10 utc | 184

Unbelievable that Greanville Post is no longer accessible. I was only ever an occassional visitor having stumbled across the site about a decade ago, but everytime I did visit I couldn't help but notice a great deal of sense had been written there.
Oh well. I suppose that eventually even amerikans will notice that they live in an exploitative fascist dictatorship where no one who doesn't own a coupla zillion dollars worth of other people's stuff counts fer shit.

That will be the tipping point, once the greed goes so far that even the enablers of oppression no longer enjoy any extra benefit, the gutless wonders who have been supporting the burn on the grounds that someday they may get to be an elite, won't back the parasites anymore.
Of course it is difficult to decide which is the more moronic position;- ignoramusi supporting the wealthy on an off-chance, or, rich people being so stupid & greedy that they steal from their mug supporters. The reality is though that every bloodsucking system which has grown so ugly and self-serving ends that way - with the aristos getting slaughtered by their own praetorian guard.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Aug 7 2022 7:32 utc | 185

psychohistorian | Aug 7 2022 4:12 utc | 179 and others.

This is planned from the onset. There was no real reason to start it from the Palestinian side. There are several reasons for it to get incrementally worse.

Before the "start" the raiders were taking "prisoners", 45 at a time were regular occurences, plus one or two killings a day. The assasination and capture of leaders is also meant to stir up the "resistance.
So, Why now? One not so obvious reason is the current attempt by both Israel and the US, to get their hands on the Gas fields off Lebanon. For this they will have to beat Herzbollah, to eliminate the threat of missile retaliation ON the drilling ship. If the Gaza strip is under bombing, then the semi-obligation of Hamas to protect it's inhabitants, then the extension to lebanon/Herzbollah (likewise motives). Finally adding Iran as the backer.

All of those groups have been "selected" as excuses for Israel's continued human rights violations and killing.
There are other reasons - the tunneling under the Temple mount and the exclusion of Arabic worshippers (although Jewish citizens will still be allowed), is alway to be considered a key.
The recent Russian bombing of terrorists in the Al-Tanf US held enclave, the use of 3 Poseidon spy aircraft the day before the Beirut explosion, a similar aircraft commanding 13 drones in an attack on Khmeimim, has not made the area any safer.
There are now three oil based touchpapers in the Israel/Syria zone. Gas Off lebanon, The Golan (with undeveloped oil or gas resources underneath), the increased US theft of oil from E. Syria which I gather ends up in Israel. Egyptian and)or a prospective(?) Qatari or UAE pipeline from the Persian Gulf via Iraq and Jordan to Israel. (Israel has not given up it's ambition to become the major oil hub for the med.)
Since they cannot get all that legally, they will try to eliminate all the others to get control, N'est-ce pas?

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 7 2022 8:21 utc | 186

Posted by: ld | Aug 7 2022 6:10 utc | 184

I share your hope for a free Palestine and a better world without the zionist cancer.Something has to happen soon.

Posted by: LuBa | Aug 7 2022 8:37 utc | 187

suzan @174: "Why do people think there is less need for protective precautions if they assume the virus has a lab origin vs a so-called natural origin?"

Perhaps because they think a lab virus would be "tame"? Like a lab rat?

Maybe some people think that if the virus comes from a lab then for sure the vaccine must have been developed at the same time and thus must be perfected?

A lab virus must be known and understood by its creators while a natural virus must be a mystery and full of unknowns?

Those are all bad reasons, of course. The truth is that a lab created virus is far more dangerous, at least in the first decades after is is released.

A note about viruses: More complex forms of life have a number of "error correcting" features built in to manage mutations in the proteins of their "bodies". RNA viruses don't even have the built in redundancy of the the double strands of nucleotides that organisms that employ DNA have, thus RNA viruses are prone to mutation.

RNA viruses are not completely without error correction, though. One fairly crude but effective form of error correction involves how the proteins that form the virus's structure fold. If the proteins fold one way the virus has a viable shape and if the proteins fold another you just have dead protein soup. There are a vast number of different ways the proteins can fold, and that folding is significantly influenced by how adjacent and nearby proteins have folded. Since viruses' structures are very basic when compared with other organisms they are reliant upon the folds in the proteins reinforcing and supporting each other.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, over time the viruses' RNA will mutate. non-viable mutations of course turn into protein soup but the more viable mutations will, over time, have more self-reinforcement in the virus structure that will stabilize its genetic code. A freshly minted lab virus will not have had this evolution driven optimization. This means that the lab created virus will be more prone to significant mutations.

It is conceivable that the big forehead guys who coded the virus took this evolutionary optimization into account in their genetic coding, but that involves difficult multi-dimensional thinking and clever computer modelling so probably not. From what I have been able to see the brainiancs are pleased when their artificial chimerical bugs survive at all.

What this all boils down to is that a lab virus will mutate furiously for a period after being released into the wild. It is highly probably that the virus in question was designed to preferentially bind with the subtle difference in East Asian ACE2 cellular receptors, but that difference is minuscule and that preference likely evolved out of the virus on its first replication in the wild.

A lab virus that manages to be sufficiently viable that it goes on a world tour is thus far more sinister and dangerous than any naturally evolved virus. SARS MkII has more surprises for us yet.

Posted by: William Gruff | Aug 7 2022 11:20 utc | 188

Debsisdead @185:

That will be the tipping point, once the greed goes so far that even the enablers of oppression no longer enjoy any extra benefit, the gutless wonders who have been supporting the burn on the grounds that someday they may get to be an elite, won't back the parasites anymore.

Of course it is difficult to decide which is the more moronic position;- ignoramusi supporting the wealthy on an off-chance, or, rich people being so stupid & greedy that they steal from their mug supporters. The reality is though that every bloodsucking system which has grown so ugly and self-serving ends that way - with the aristos getting slaughtered by their own praetorian guard.

"...enablers of oppression.."?
"...ignoramusi supporting the wealthy..."?

Yes, they are called "the middle class" in politically correct speech. They are the "insulation" between the working class and the ruling class. Middle managers, journalists presstitutes, and corporate entertainers. Just as important as the presstitutes though are the dog trainers and high priests of wokeness in the universities preparing the next generation of insulators and apple-polishers for the ruling class.

Declining rates of profit are forcing the ruling elites to pare down their society's insulating layer, throwing millions of otherwise useless middle class insulators from lives of privilege into the grey masses of workers or even into the sub-working-class lumpens. Opioid-enhanced delusions of glory from their former middle class existence safeguarding the elites' exploitative social order are all that is left to the children of the middle class.

Good riddance to middle class rubbish.

Posted by: William Gruff | Aug 7 2022 12:02 utc | 189

People still trust their governments. People still trust the media. How can they be so trusting of such persistent liars?

Posted by: John Goss | Aug 7 2022 12:07 utc | 190

John Goss @190:

Reality check (from July):Media Confidence Ratings at Record Lows

Democrats' Media Confidence Higher Than Other Partisans' but Below Average

Basically, while Democrats are dumber and more gullible than all other partisan groupings, even many of them are developing a clue.

"...the 8% of Republicans with a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in television news is not statistically different from last year's 6% record low.

So statistically practically no Republicans trust cable/broadcast news. That 6%-8% is probably just individuals who watch Tucker Carlson and ... well, probably just Tucker Carlson.

Don't despair. Don't base your evaluation of the state of the public mind upon the increasingly desperate and hysterical screechings of the delusional prestitutes and what is allowed to be posted on Twatter and Farcebook.

Posted by: William Gruff | Aug 7 2022 12:35 utc | 191

People still trust their governments. People still trust the media. How can they be so trusting of such persistent liars?

Posted by: John Goss | Aug 7 2022 12:07 utc | 190

I have encountered people who, when consuming a media item that conflicts with one they'd heard recently (often from the same media channel), replace in their minds the older item with the new item and don't even consider whether the two items are consistent. Thus, they are incapable of discerning that they are being lied to by the media.

Let's hope that William Gruff (Aug 7 2022 12:35 utc | 191) is right that soon, few people will be in this conditioned state.

Posted by: David Levin | Aug 7 2022 15:18 utc | 192

Extra Judicial/Extra location/Precise Judicial/Precise location

Some one posted Pepe Escobar's How nothing connect to something or something connect to nothing...section of the article of the cradle in some other article's comment section of MoA. Reading Pepe's article i went back to the memory lane searching for something which i searched back then after quite a few years of 9/11 atrocity when it seems victims will get some respite.

When Allies didn't know anything about him but the deep blue sea was vast and open. Most importantly terrorist Osama Bin Laden he was supposed to be brought dead or alive in the land of prime rights for the victims of one of the recent most atrocious act of their history, yet deep blue sea was vast its easy to get lost and sung "dont We in God we trust", "dont We in Leaders we trust","dont We in Protectors We trust","dont We in Judges we trust". The helpless victims will get the "In God We Trust" its enough it turns out to be its not enough which brought me Mr. Pepes article's section related to leftover most important terrorist Al-Zawahiri .

This time Allies do know the vast deep blue sea so no song will be sung as there are other places song needed to be sung.It will be ridiculously precise this time who knows what waves will interrupt.

Assets need to be protected all hell will broke loose.When you fear your own's songs causing extra ripples you build a far distant nirvana and hide the world to listen the songs .

No time for the young world.

Posted by: _mECHO | Aug 7 2022 15:30 utc | 193

@ William Gruff | Aug 7 2022 11:20 utc | 188

Thank you for your response and for your many other valuable contributions to the commentariat at this unique international bar.

Re the discussion on children and role models, I am old school. Let children be children if at all possible, free from the delusions, obsessions, cravings and aversions of older people who are often trained, indoctrinated and or corrupted by mass media images & the larger society of a avarice, narcissism etc. I think most young children know fakes and opportunism when they see it but the glamour of exhibitionism may overcome their innate sensibility.

As grandparents from my generation said, “Always do what you think is right, but don’t scare the horses.” In other words, the world is bigger than you (us). Respect others. Unequivocally.

Posted by: suzan | Aug 7 2022 22:03 utc | 194

The question, though, is whether Washington and its allies want Xi Jinping to consolidate his power in November 2022, leading to the further economic maoism and continued collapse of the PRC economy, or whether they want Xi’s “moderate” rivals to triumph, possibly extending the viability of the communist Government of mainland China.

Posted by: Antonym | Aug 9 2022 3:02 utc | 195

Antonym | Aug 9 2022 3:02 utc | 195
I see you Indians are still the jewel in the British crown. Not hard to understand why a pissy little island like Britain could take and retain control of India.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 9 2022 4:04 utc | 196

Now Biden's FBI have raided the home of Trump! This is dictatorship style! Trump was so correct regarding the nefarious deep state power.
Sickening if this somehow lead to jailing Trump, if he is not jailed he will have even bigger chance winning if choose to participate in the next election.

Posted by: Zanon | Aug 9 2022 6:07 utc | 197

@karlof1 #98:

Thanks for that info. The TASS item didn't mention that part. However, I do find it odd for any Russian scientist to pass info to China since much of their research is done jointly.

I disagree that “much” of Russian and Chinese research is done jointly—“some” is a more accurate quantifier. Russian government is sharing Soviet/Russian knowledge and technologies with China in return for China sharing something with Russia. If Russian scientists start revealing Russian secrets to China out of goodness of their hearts, there is no longer any incentive for China to share anything with Russia. Chinese are pretty tough negotiators, after all.

In that particular case the scientist may not have been aware of the fact that he was sharing state secrets—apparently, the director of the institute has signed off on the contents of lectures the scientist was giving in China.

On a separate note, was Patrushev recently interviewed by a Russian media outlet over the last two weeks? I saw a reference to one, but my search revealed nothing.

Not to my knowlegde. I’m aware of only three interviews he gave after the start of the SMO:

And another question, which of the Russian language media do you find most reliable?

That’s a hard one. The main ones are generally reliable, but every media makes mistakes. For example, a recent opinion piece published in RIA Novosti claims that there are 2,000,000 tonnes of strawberry rotting in the fields of Finland because Ukrainians no longer want to work picking them. The correct figure is 2,000 tonnes, which was pointed out by multiple commenters, yet the article has not been corrected. Of course, stupid errors like that are rare, but they’re not impossible. If you want reliability, it’s best to read multiple media using a news aggregator like Yandex.News.

Personally, I read RIA Novosti (high volume, covers all kinds of news) when I have time and EurAsia Daily (more focused/curated, covers geopolitics) when I don’t.

Posted by: S | Aug 13 2022 16:12 utc | 198

Will the United States exist after November?

"In order for freedom, accountable government, and the rule of law to survive in the United States, will the American people have to take up arms against Washington just as the Donbass Russians had to do against Kiev?

If the Democrats can be prevented from again stealing the November election, perhaps more Republicans with backbone can get into office, people like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis has said outright that he will not permit woke prosecutors to defend criminals from justice as is the practice in many Democrat jurisdictions. DeSantis understands that the Democrats’ policy of normalizing crime, sexual perversion, and open borders means the death of America.

Although it took forever, finally many Americans have also come to this realization. If the sentient Americans who remain can reject being put in a defensive position by the Democrat and media enemies of America, people far more dangerous than Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, and turn aggressive like Antifa and BLM, the republic has a chance of being restored.

Otherwise, it is good-bye America."

Personally, I think it no longer exists. But if enough people believe it does and find a way to restore it, then they will create their own reality. But I fear PCR is right: it's going to take fighting to do this, not participation in gamed elections and a hopelessly corrupt Congress-Administrative State-WH complex.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 14 2022 1:25 utc | 199

Sovereign Guarantees are the last step on the road to absolute loss of trust between nations - but then that is where these western morons have led us. Then there are some other pipelines in need of Sovereign Guarantees.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 5 2022 22:03 utc | 101

Both sides working together seamlessly to bring down the West. Par for the course.

Posted by: Scorpion | Aug 14 2022 1:31 utc | 200

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