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June 20, 2022

Ukraine SitRep - Lysichansk Cauldron - Sinking Morale - More Provocations

The former CIA and intelligence bigwig Graham Fuller predicts a gloomy outcome of the U.S-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. Gloomy for Ukraine, the U.S. and Europe:

Contrary to Washington’s triumphalist pronouncements, Russia is winning the war, Ukraine has lost the war. Any longer-term damage to Russia is open to debate.

American sanctions against Russia have turned out to be far more devastating to Europe than to Russia. The global economy has slowed and many developing nations face serious food shortages and risk of broad starvation.

There are already deep cracks in the European façade of so-called “NATO unity.” Western Europe will increasingly rue the day that it blindly followed the American Pied Piper to war against Russia. Indeed, this is not a Ukrainian-Russian war but an American-Russian war fought by proxy to the last Ukrainian.

Contrary to optimistic declarations, NATO may in fact ultimately emerge weakened. Western Europeans will think long and hard about the wisdom and deep costs of provoking deeper long term confrontations with Russia or other “competitors”of the US.

Europe will sooner or later return to the purchase of inexpensive Russian energy. Russia lies on the doorstep and a natural economic relationship with Russia will possess overwhelming logic in the end.

Europe already perceives the US as a declining power with an erratic and hypocritical foreign policy “vision” premised upon the desperate need to preserve “American leadership” in the world. America’s willingness to go to war to this end is increasingly dangerous to others.

All the above had already been said on this website in late February and March. But it is good to see that seasoned intelligence people are now coming to similar conclusions.

Two weeks ago I wrote that the Ukrainians will soon reach a breaking point. Today's 'clobber list' by the Russia Ministry of Defense has an additional part about Ukrainian troop loses that supports that take:

Since May 19, during the month, only the 14th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU has lost 2,100 persons who resulted dead and wounded. Due to low moral and psychological conditions, 800 persons destined for replenishing the losses of this unit, refused to go to the operational area and accused officers of incompetence, bribery and cronyism in paying money allowance.

About 100 servicemen of a reconnaissance unit of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade have been relieved of combat duty and transported to Kremenchug for investigation.

A considerable part of the commanders of the 30th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU have abstracted themselves from managing their units and refuse to fulfil combat tasks. All kinds of pretexts are used for simulating illness. The majority of units have already been left without any officers.

A mechanized brigade has about 3,500 soldiers. In one month the Ukrainian 14th lost two third of its people. The replacements are not trained on mechanized equipment (tanks, APCs) that likely no longer exists and can only be used as unprotected infantry. It is no wonder that they reject to be send into a hopeless situation.

The Ukrainian leadership is still sending new units into the Lysichansk cauldron in the east. The Russians do not mind that. Their job is to "demilitarize" Ukraine. To enclose more troops in one swoop makes that easier.


The distance between the red Russian held area at the the top to the one at the bottom at the most narrow gap is a mere 15 kilometer or some 9 miles. There is only one open road running through it from west to east which is used for pushing resupplies to the Ukrainian troops in Lysichansk.


Currently fighting is taking place over Mykolaivka at the bottom of this detail map. Five kilometer north of it is the Lysichansk refinery. It will be the next target. The last road to Lysichansk runs directly north of it. When that road comes under direct Russian fire the cauldron will be closed and the boiling will start for those who are in it. For the ~20,000 soldiers in the cauldron it will mean surrender or die.

If that is still possible it will further lower the morale of other Ukrainian troops.

Ananke Group @AnankeGroup - 15:01 UTC · Jun 20, 2022

"We, soldiers of the 8th battalion of the 10th brigade, based near the city of Seversk. We appeal to you, Mr. President, Mr. Zaluzhny, and to the Ukrainian people [...] We demand the immediate rotation of our remaining troops, physically and mentally there are no more forces.
Embedded video


It is interesting that the troops also appeal to General Zaluzhny, the top commander of the Armed Forces of Ukrainian (AFU). It is the first time I hear that. The idea to fight in Lysichansk until the end came from Zelensky and his civilian advisors. Zaluzhny has reportedly been against that. He wanted those and other troops to retreat and wage a more mobile campaign. That would have shortened the front line and given a chance to create reserves that can rest and prepare for a later counterattack. There are rumors that Zelensky's advisors are now lobbying to replace Zaluzhny as he has increased his media presence. They probably fear a coup.

The Russian side reported yesterday that it had killed 50 generals and higher officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a missile strike. The group was meeting to plan the further fight in the southern region of Odessa and Kherson. This now seems to have been confirmed:

Management Impact Solutions Consulting, LP - @MiExecSearch - 15:10 UTC · Jun 20, 2022

Russian Armed Forces beat out AFU generals, who were holed up in the rear. The military-civilian administration of Zaporozhye region confirmed results of a missile strike on AFU command post near the village of Shirokaya Dacha, 57 top-level officers were killed.

Last night, probably in response to the strike on the officers, the Ukrainians fired a missile against a gas and oil production platform in the waters near Crimea. The installation was damaged. Russia considers that to be a direct attack on valuable infrastructure within Russian territory and will likely give a strong response.

Yesterday Lithuania announced that it would immediately prohibit Russian goods under EU sanctions to cross from Belarus to the Kaliningrad enclave at the Baltic seas which is Russian territory. That is in breach of several international agreements which guarantee unhindered Russian access to the city. Russia has yet to announce a response to this new provocation.

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@Scorpion 42

The USSR did not collapse. It was pushed.

The USSR in a Nutshell: A Brief History of the Rise and Destruction of the Soviet Union and What Happens Next

Posted by: Hermit | Jun 21 2022 2:16 utc | 201

Chessmaster #195

I adored Putin but since the the SMO i doubt he is the right man to manage the Ukraine shithole. For me winning is to knock out Ukraine for ever and secure peace for all coming russian generation. Therefore u need somebody with strong fist. Ukronazis and western partners only understand the language of strong fist.

For Putin the objectives are way beyond merely the reformation of Ukraine - see the treaties he gave to USA and NATO in December '21. NATO withdraws to its pre 1997 borders. He is certainly crushing the nazis and the uke military. They will be fleeing for their lives in growing quantities in the coming days and weeks.

Yes it is slow but then it is absolute. Have you ever crushed a Thunder egg to reveal the exquisite interior? A mighty pressure is applied to the circumference but only enough to fracture the entirety and then open it.

Strategically speaking there is a good logic in Ukraine being dissolved. The IMF loans and the USA Lend Lease provisions apply to a place called Ukraine. If it ain't there no more then the debt is inapplicable. Sad.

It may help to see the current scenario through eyes wide open in the present rather than blinkered cultural vision. I imagine that the Martial Arts cultural rigor that Putin has exercised for decades combined with the bottled up desire to avenge every insult, every calumny, every theft from Russia will be expertly applied to the westies until they crack their shells.

Remain calm and don't leave the theatre until the curtain closes.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 21 2022 2:22 utc | 202

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 21 2022 1:55 utc | 197

Also I do find it confounding that you invoked the awfully asymmetric war being waged by the apartheid Zionist state against the occupied Palestinians, but seemingly fail to countenance that the USA designates something like 2X the military-only national budget to "defense" than the next 9 countries - including Russia and China combined - and wages a highly asymmetrical economic war against BRIC and Global South countries primarily in these resource wars you speak of. Quite surprising unless I've massively misinterpreted that comment.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jun 21 2022 2:24 utc | 203

I come here now to ask our Host and the erudite barflies the following:

I have come to believe (Actually strongly suspect) that behind the scenes in the leadup to the Maiden in 2014 there was a plot to evict Russia from Sevastopol and install NATO in those facilities. My problem is that I have very little evidence to back my belief. In fact I think the only written piece I can remember was by Paul Craig Roberts. My request is that b or one or more of our barflies address this opinion to help me better understand it in more and better detail. I am a long time regular reader of MOA and would like to thank b and the many excellent posters who have helped me understand what is going on in our world.

Posted by: Old Guy in Reno | Jun 21 2022 2:27 utc | 204

A current Reuters headline

Putin fears "spark of democracy", Germany's Scholz says

This is Scholz of the German colony of empire talking out of his puckered ass

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 21 2022 2:28 utc | 205

"The former CIA and intelligence bigwig Graham Fuller predicts a gloomy outcome of the U.S-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. Gloomy for Ukraine, the U.S. and Europe:"

The world's tiniest little violin is now playing a pitiful sob song for America, Europe, and Rules-Based International Order.

Too bad so sad, muhf*ckers.

Posted by: ak74 | Jun 21 2022 2:39 utc | 206

@ Debsisdead | Jun 21 2022 1:55 utc | 197
I'm sure many will be telling themselves 'just wait until we get a multi-polar world, then we'll sort that stuff out'. To which I call Bullshit!

Al contrario, amigo. Currently Russia is multi-polar and winning, the US/EU 'old world' 'rules-based" monopoly is losing. Later, there is IMO no likelihood, no evidence, that BRICS will rule the world as US/UE has, with coups, color revolutions, invasions and occupations, etc -- all US/EU favorite behaviors.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jun 21 2022 2:50 utc | 207

@karlof1 | Jun 20 2022 21:40 utc | 107

"Sgt. Sholtz and company ought to be ran out of the country by very pissed off Germans, but the German polity seems comatose. I saw a headline today ..."

An alternative scenario could suggest that this is a passive agressive strategum by a vassel state (without agency) towards its insane Overlord.

Once domestic German affairs become so dire with Mr Winter at the doorstep, and the distracting US mid-terms crancking into a clear Democrat demolishing, then one could easily imagine that suddenly (bingo) NordStream II is up and running under some emergency "responsibility to heat" a freezing European population (& industry) facing a return to the (brown) Coal Age.

By then, probably under some "save transgenderism" policy, NordStream I & II will magically become online; what's left of the Ukraine will be suing for peace on Russian terms; and the USA will wake up one morning to read that 'dear' old Joe Biden fell down the stairs overnight to his death.

I'd put the probability at around 0.65 and rising--perhaps the last quip is more hope than actual expectation. As for Lithuania, I'd suggest it risks getting a Russian (Belarusian) corridor haircut, imo. How does it it go? Slowly at first, then rapidly.

Posted by: imo | Jun 21 2022 2:51 utc | 208

Posted by: Old Guy in Reno | Jun 21 2022 2:27 utc | 204

I do not think it was a plot, but rather a certainty. Although Ukraine did agree to extend the lease on Sevastopol (which ran out in 2017), the vote in the Ukraine parliament was very narrow, and there was every chance/probability that a hostile Ukraine would cancel the lease by vote of its parliament. The USA/NATO could well offer a much better deal price wise (or bribe wise) and Russia would lose its Black Sea port.

Russia had opposed the agreement to allow Ukraine to keep Crimea, arguing it was never integrated into Ukraine. No doubt reluctantly in the depths of the devastating 1990s (1997) they agreed to a 20 year lease. I recall reading it was a very touchy issue way back.

Russia could no more allow Ukraine to keep Crimea, that the UK could allow Russia or China or Germany occupy Dover.

Posted by: watcher | Jun 21 2022 3:02 utc | 209

CalDRE date is what it is and many are fine with it.

Posted by: Heavymetal101 | Jun 20 2022 23:25 utc | 146

Personally I think of the Great War as being from 1913 (the creation of the Federal Reserve) to 1948 (when the movement of captive and defeated people after the formal end of WWII was complete). There was a kinetic interlude from around 1918 to the dates you guys are arguing about some time in the 1930s but really it was all one long struggle. Several Empires fell and only a few remained and these few set the parameters for the post-war period.

Those parameters no longer work so once again there is a struggle to see who will get to dominate during the next era. Sometimes to bring in something new you have to break down or destroy the old so those arguing that the notion that elites couldn't possibly be deliberately crashing things aren't thinking things through enough. Though that doesn't mean that they might not be right, just that the hypothesis of elites managing decline or destruction isn't as nutty as some are making it out to be.

In any case, we are now in a world war again. Hopefully not so many millions will die during this one as the last one, which by my way of calculating lasted about 35 years, which means that I won't live to enjoy a world at peace again, the so-called old 'normal.'

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 3:06 utc | 210

Abdel Bari Atwan is a regular columnist at The Cradle. I cited one of his articles only a few days ago. Here it is again: 'Time for Israel's Gut Punch'

Posted by: bevin | Jun 21 2022 3:08 utc | 211

@ Old Guy in Reno | Jun 21 2022 2:27 utc | 204

start here...

Why were the US Navy going to repair the school in Sevastopol?

from 2011 USAID pdf...


Posted by: james | Jun 21 2022 3:08 utc | 212

I’m not seeing the white supremacy angle.
I’m just not.
I wish people would stop with that.

I’m European ancestry, and I’m definitely not
seeing any supremacy on my end
I’m just as poor and abused as anyone.
Can’t get good paying job,
The rent is too high.
The cost of food and energy is killing me.
So where is my supremacy?

Posted by: Cadence calls | Jun 21 2022 3:13 utc | 213

@ Pacifica Advocate 127

You mentioned Indonesia. If you're interested you should read "The Jakarta Method" by Vincent Bevins. He puts it all together and extends his analysis to Latin America and US foreign policy in general. Author speaks a couple of Indonesian dialects as well as Spanish and Portuguese. The real deal. And by all means, Blum's classic, "Killing Hope." For shear terror and the nature of American air power, "Voices from the Plain of Jars," a collection of first person accounts.

Posted by: Rodrigo | Jun 21 2022 3:20 utc | 214

"..The death squad types still control the Colombian legislature, and the army brass -- death squad types par excellence -- have already expressed their, ermm, extreme displeasure with the victorious candidate. Oh, and do note that it's Colombia, not Columbia..." malenkov@185
Very true (see Chile's new President for example, a model graduate of Obedience Classes). This article from Novara, a place to keep clear of generally, gives some idea of the meaning of the victory in a society in which even looking like a 'leftist' is an act of courage. And 50% probably translates into (9% of the poor and 0% of the bourgeoisie). Colombia has always had a majority of socialist supporters this is the first year that the majority was so large it couldn't be 'counted out' and the Death squads couldn't kill all the Trade union and Community leaders to prevent them from voting.
In Colombia as in Chile, the vote is only the beginning the next step is mobilisation of the masses into permanent vigilance, otherwise the army, the paramilitaries and the US Embassy will do to Petro what they did to Evo. They will certainly have a crack at doing what they did to Lula and his hapless successor.
They don't give up power easily.

Posted by: bevin | Jun 21 2022 3:21 utc | 215

That is 99% of the poor of course.

Posted by: bevin | Jun 21 2022 3:21 utc | 216

I like pathocracy better because it lumps everyone - leaders and followers - into the same asylum which their nations have become. The whole world they inhabit together at this point has gone mental, bonkers, lu-lu, gonzo etc. It doesn't matter whether you are looking news articles from left or right (words which have no meaning for me any more), rich or poor, political or artistic etc. pretty much everyone is nuts these days. The overarching national gestalt, the context, has become essentially mad. So everyone in it is mad.


Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 3:28 utc | 217

Re-definition of the term 'banality' #3642

"...The world has moved on and made Marx largely irrelevant. For example, "Power accrues to those who control the means of production" became "Power accrues to those who control the means of distribution (including the distribution of money)", in less than 70 years after he made that statement."
Opport Knocks@162

Posted by: bevin | Jun 21 2022 3:29 utc | 218

@ Cadence calls | Jun 21 2022 3:13 utc | 213

i hear you.. we are on the same page... i don't follow the white supremacist - marxist - etc. etc. commentary... it kind of boggles my brain and i have never studied the stuff..

Posted by: james | Jun 21 2022 3:29 utc | 219

Sorry, the previous comment directed to:

Posted by: Lysias | Jun 21 2022 0:46 utc | 175

Rule by private individuals who also happen to be borderline psychotically driven to amass more and more "wealth" no matter the means or consequences and the inevitable splintering, stupidification and polarization of a society convinced that plants CRAVE electrolytes from BRAWNDO and use "fag" as a pejorative in courtrooms, yes.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jun 21 2022 1:33 utc | 191

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 3:29 utc | 220

Putin has a philosophic opinion about winning. Lets see. But anyhow i hope and pray that Russia will win no Russia must win

Posted by: Chessmaster | Jun 21 2022 1:46 utc | 195

I think I get your point but Russia needs a friendly or at least authentically neutral nation on her border not a simmering, resentful wasteland which is what you seem to be advocating.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 3:31 utc | 221

In any event, Our Oligarchs are simply incompetent; they are not "committing suicide," they are simply making very bad in investments and have, as a consequence of concocting all of these lies they use to subjugate the rest us, lost their grasp on reality. Our Oligarchs are not not "planning" our extinction and do not intend to "impoverish" all peoples they can; they are simply stupid, ill-informed, and largely do not recognize the hardships they impose upon the permanent underclasses of their own domains.
Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 20 2022 21:29 utc | 102

The above is my favourite segment from a truly 'tour de force' post. In the course of my life, my glimpses- sometimes close - of the thought patterns and opinions of the people who run, have run, or are close to those who have controlled levers of power for some time - "moneyed establishment" in other words - have revealed a surprisingly high percentage of exceedingly shallow, obtuse individuals who rely on connections to achieve success. Because they have power and money, servile people defer to them. These powerful people generally have no idea that they can be wrong about anything, because everything they hear as feedback supports whatever notions enter their heads. This is why empires fall. The ruling class becomes out of touch, and eventually becomes corrupt in thought then in deed. Biden's dementia is a symbol of the Empire's decline.

Posted by: Activist Potato | Jun 21 2022 3:42 utc | 222

Russia could no more allow Ukraine to keep Crimea, that the UK could allow Russia or China or Germany occupy Dover.

Posted by: watcher | Jun 21 2022 3:02 utc | 209

Bad example... "Russia could no more allow Ukraine to keep Crimea, than the UK could allow Spain to occupy Gibraltar."


Posted by: Opport Knocks | Jun 21 2022 3:48 utc | 223

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 21 2022 1:55 utc | 197

"There is nothing in either Russia or China's previous history of imperialism (yes China has quite the imperialist past - ask the Vietnamese for one of many examples) to suggest that either of those two nations will behave any better."

I share your concern. I also find some of the clearly erudite advocates for the Russian side voice consistent expressions of her coherent, pragmatic and highly desirable approach. But I also note that both Russia and China are deep into the development of new digital currencies and ID, social credit and suchlike and am not yet convinced that the two sides in this seeming conflict aren't actually working towards the same end which will be, like you say, a sort of 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss' scenario except now GloboCap will also be GloboCop.

I remain open to things working out well, indeed my gut tells me things might end up better than my head is now worried they will dystopia into, but am no less open to this ending up very, very badly.

(The White Supremacist and racist angles I find extremely bizarre and frankly don't understand why they keep coming up. Do many people really think that way? I find it hard to believe..... to me it is just evidence of encroaching pathocracy....)

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 3:49 utc | 224

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 20 2022 18:32 utc | 41 <-- Total nonsense, in my modest private opinion. Perhaps punctuation is correct, here my knowledge is sketchy.

About Lithuania: if you put together minor and major breaks of norms and custom that phenomenally increased in frequency after February 24, but did not start then, Russian Federation would need to reassign thousands upon thousands of bureaucrats to devise "responses", while they could be doing something productive. "The collective West" commits so many "own goals" in the economic wars that

a. the major part of retaliations that RF would need to do is taken care of
b. it is a warning negative example of what happens if you build bureaucracies for unproductive purposes, Putin has its own, but he strives to pare it down.

A historical precedent that I may recall is (Wiki)

The Berlin Blockade (24 June 1948 – 12 May 1949) was one of the first major international crises of the Cold War. During the multinational occupation of post–World War II Germany, the Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under Western control. The Soviets offered to drop the blockade if the Western Allies withdrew the newly introduced Deutsche Mark from West Berlin.

The Western Allies organised the Berlin Airlift ...

This suggests a similar response. Collect as many noisy cargo planes as practical for the purpose, and let them fly shuttle from some airport in Belarus near a railway station. Make sure that it is a nuisance in at least one large city, perhaps Vilnius? Threat of military response in case of shooting at those planes could be made explicit, or, in keeping with Russian style, oblique.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 21 2022 3:50 utc | 225

Scorpion [210]

So in your US-centric view of European History you see creation of Central Bank of USA as more important and defining that Bosnian Crisis 1908 or Agadir Crisis or Entente Cordiale or secret Grey Arrangements over French Navy deployment or even Daily Telegraph interview or even von Tirpitz Naval Laws ?

Not to mention Erskine Childers “Riddle of The Sands”

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Jun 21 2022 4:02 utc | 226

@Pacifica Advocate #139

No. Only westerners who have never actually studied the war believe that.
The war started in 1937, and is generally acknowledged as such. Even a trash-source like Wikipedia acknowledges that much.
The question is not when any war started, but when it became a World War. Obviously you can't see or accept that distinction but others can. And why not go back to 1935, when Italy launched a massive invasion (its army had 4 times the men of Russia's Ukrainian SMO) of Ethiopia (for which UK and France ... sanctioned Italy ... which sanctions ... were not fully enforced)? Or 1930, when Italy built a fort on Ethiopian land, thereby invading Ethiopia? Or the Treaty of Versailles, when the groundwork was laid? Or to the start of WW I, which resulted in the Treaty of Versailles? Heck, if you want to follow back the chain of causation you might as well claim WW II started when Eve saw the snake.

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 21 2022 4:02 utc | 227

To the Et Tu, you are clearly here to site sh.t and make that as facts, but that is from the MSM playbook.

@30, Russia's only fight is Europe depending on its resources? Who sanctioned Russian resources? Russia?

Russia army dwindling everyday? Where do you get the make up sh.t from? Every single day, they are blowing the sh.t out of Ukraine and the entire east will soon be taken over.

Lithuanian and all of the Baltics, including Sweden, Finland and all the rest is target practice for Russia. Keep believing in your superiority. I never subscribed to that nonsense.

Lithuanian now allows goods not under sanctions to pass by rail. Even that doesn't matter, what matters is that China is buying up all the oil and Russian is sending wheat to the ME and Africa. But wait until lack of fertilizers and minerals kick in.

And, see the mounting protesters and chaos coming soon in the west. It has already started, but see how your racist western leaders handle the mass protests.

Text book from USA/Canada strategy to infiltrate, cause crimes and lock up hundreds and MSM fully in lockstep.

You see, the propaganda against Russia was not meant for them alone; it was meant for us when dissension get out of controlled control.
Await reality.

Posted by: Karl luck | Jun 21 2022 4:05 utc | 228

@Arganthonios #140

Then it is not communism, because communism seeks the abolition of class divisions, if a group of people retain private property and exploitation, a separate class exists.
That actually is not one of the pillars, but sure, that's the impossible "utopia". (Not a "utopia" for me, as classes will always exist, even if it is only between, say, infants and parents, but for the fools who buy into the communist trojan horse.)
going through any communist theory is simply extra steps
Quite contraire, it's what gets the proverbial "useful idiots" riled up for the cause ... of their own destruction.
The vanguard is [ blah blah blah nonsensical dogma purged ]
The "vanguard" is a dictatorship and owns all the property. Whoever controls the vanguard - and that's never the sheep - will own everything. I guess you could say, in feudalism, the monarchy was the "vanguard".
society isn't geared around their interests and their political representation is minimal.
Right, you will have the radical Communists terrorizing all society to implement their impoverishment of the middle class. In Lenin's Russia, ownership of a cow was enough to get you killed. What do you think is worth more, a cow or that computer you are typing on and that car you drive around in? Sorry, I feel your longevity is in extreme danger with the "vanguard".
Property includes not only control (that's a director or administrator) but also the exclusive legal right to alienate the property (selling, renting, donating, partitioning, repurposing, bequeathing, etc.)
Oh, right, the power to sell, rent, donate, partition, repurpose or bequeath it is not part of controlling it - those are completely different things - my bad!

And since pathetic Communist swine like you can only engage in boorish (sic!) insults after spewing your unbelievably stupid garbage like a good trained parrot, I will turn to things of importance.

Go start your little Utopian Communist island, but leave your computer and car behind, the others might kill you for it.

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 21 2022 4:15 utc | 229

@bevin #143

Remember that you are dealing with a fascist in whose eyes any egalitarian ideas are Marxism
I know more about Marxism than someone of your frail capacities could imagine. And it's not about egalitarianism at all - it's about destruction of Western civilization and the subjugation of human nature to the iron rule of the "vanguard". Low IQ communists are just, well, too stupid to figure it out. 99.99% of them have no idea what "Communism" actually is, can't even be bothered to read the short - and written for simpletons - Communist Manifesto.
CalDre for example is a fascist. He believes that most people are really stupid and will believe any nonsense that they are told. Such is his theory.
You Communist swine can only hurl insults at those better than you. You really can't tolerate that, that's why you seek to murder all those better than you, to make everyone "equal". In your case, you'll have to murder 99.9% of humanity.
On the other hand they won't listen to him.
Communist swine are to busy regurgitating the swill they are fed by their masters. Completely unable to articulate a thought of their own, still regurgitating propaganda for idiots from the late 19th Century. As if time has stood still.
his racist edge
LOL, you Communist swine are always the same, everyone who isn't as stupid, ignorant and worthless as you is a "racist". It doesn't even matter if I am or not, who cares? Oh, right, it's your religion, indictrinated in your pea brain by the oligarchs you worship while you pretend to oppose them.

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 21 2022 4:23 utc | 230

@Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 20 2022 22:32 utc | 127

Thanks for the details on the documentary. The sheer brazenness of the Indonesian mass-murderers to tell their story and act out the murders and rapes that they committed really shows the corrupt and fascist nature of Indonesian society, and all of this was carried out in full knowledge of the CIA and US leaders. This is an English subtitled version of the Act of Killing, its overdubbed in another language - I just turned the sound off and read the subtitles.

The 1960s and early 1970s are such a period of sadness with respect to the defeat of the colonized peoples to be truly free, from Lumumba's murder in 1961, through the Brazilian military dictatorship of 1964, the Indonesia mass-killings of 1965-66, and the first 9/11 in Chile in 1973, and of course the Vietnam War (where Vietnam won but at a horrific cost). The alternative to "US capitalist democracy" was repeatedly snuffed out.

The alternative now exists in the shape of China, and to some extent Russia, its sad that the now neo-colonized peoples have had to wait half a century for a new opening.

Posted by: Roger | Jun 21 2022 4:27 utc | 231

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Jun 21 2022 4:02 utc | 226

@Scorpion [210]

"So in your US-centric view of European History you see creation of Central Bank of USA as more important and defining that Bosnian Crisis 1908 or Agadir Crisis or Entente Cordiale or secret Grey Arrangements over French Navy deployment or even Daily Telegraph interview or even von Tirpitz Naval Laws? Not to mention Erskine Childers “Riddle of The Sands”"

Ha! You got me! I don't think my view is so US-centric, though, as woefully ignorant. (I come here in part to read things by people like yourself who know far more than I shall ever even attempt.) For example have not heard of a single one of the events you mentioned!

I chose 1913 because I gather the Fed was mainly started by old European Money Powers and have never really been convinced that much of the current Western power elite is not still run out of Europe, or at the upper echelon levels such nation state delineations isn't regarded as more or less superfluous. But also because I suspect that they helped steer things so that the conflict they helped stoke ('war is a racket' etc.) would weaken UK especially but also Germany and Russia so that the New World would be the place for them to use as the next leader since it was far more malleable being essentially almost a virgin new power due to having been largely settled only in the preceding century. Clean slate. (No longer true, time for some slow or no growth hard times...)

But that level of my ignorance aside, do you not agree that the both WWI and WWII were really two chapters in one overall struggle to see who would lead the world into the next phase of post-industrial revolution growth and development? If not would love to hear what you do think.

Because I suspect the world was on the edge of a huge boom around 1910, many nations waking up rapidly to the marvelous modern age - Russia, Japan, China (just beginning to tear things down), UK at her peak, US about to bust out, many countries in Europe poised for great change (esp. Germany and France) and so on. Huge potential at that point but then tragically it was all channeled into into organized mass murder of millions all over the world and for decades. Extraordinary.

I fear that the same sort of thing will unfold now but whenever I consult my oracles, Russia keeps coming up as a possible leader bringing the world into a far more sane era.

Like I know many people here will find it silly, but have been studying and consulting the Yi Jing for almost fifty years now and I threw on The World last night on impulse and got #50 The Cauldron. Some of the inner attributes are that patience and a methodological step by step approach are called for, though sometimes even holding still or not seeming to move at all will be required; (does this not feel like the current Phase 2 operations in Ukraine by Russia?) In so doing things will cook, possibly burning away impurities to make something very potent, transformational and radiant and one key with that dynamic in the outer realm might sometimes involve forcefully pushing forward with bold new agendas to effect profound change.

Even though I asked about the whole world, the hexagram seems to point back to Russia's Cauldron campaign in Ukraine which indeed seems to be affecting the entire world in significant ways right now and indeed this is an extremely significant time. The Russian initiative in Ukraine is a lever to call the West's unipolar bluff and expose them as paper tigers not only to the world at large but also to themselves since they are so deluded, both their elites and their brainwashed populations.

There is even a chance that in the next year or so Europe might finally summon the gumption, urged by her people hopefully, to cast off the burden and humiliation of Anglo-Zionist control via the US especially and completely rethink their polities, values and geopolitical positioning. Not likely due to hubris, but stranger things have happened.

In any case, I think the struggle now, like from 1914-49 (if you prefer!), is to determine the next world order and it will not just involve casting off unipolar hegemony but will establish global governance of sorts which, whether well intentioned or not, will become exploited and corrupt just like all centralized power systems throughout history. So it may not prove truly multi polar at all like they are now (very vaguely) claiming. However, that is much later. Right now, the Cauldron is burning away many impurities and will help usher in some new configuration with many deeply nourishing possibilities for our troubled world.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 4:30 utc | 232

Posted by: Bobolinski | Jun 20 2022 21:59 utc | 116

A most interesting comment.

I've often heard rumors that the so called Portland 'Antifxx'. Were all out of uniform police college junior cadets. Dropped off nearby from Police/corporate media contract buses . The corporate media reporters in Portland . Have two sound recorders on scene. One is used to secretly record the background scenes. For the one camera person attached to the TV reporter is constantly recording background shouting noise "The Media tells lies". Back at the studio the editor works overtime altering the sound track. Adding fake questions and removing the unwanted background sounds....... The demonstrators often film the reporters acid looks with the correct background sounds.

The smarter veterans often carry a bag of onions and bottled water. To all demonstrationz. When the unwanted often rejected career Republican politicians come to town.

It should be noted, the Portland Cops routinely spray tear gas into the eyes of clearly marked non corporate/independent reporters. Who show them deliberately assaulting any college age student within reach . In addition to the usual elderly retired persons . Often in town for other reasons. Those 'serve and protect' lads lie so well on the witness stands.....

Ah, the bad old days when the drunken holiday prone Bush jnr came to town. That sure does bring back memories. Gotta love his fake victory speech way back when tens of thousands of liberated Iraqi civilians. Were terminated by the kill crazy USSA army war criminals for merely standing on the corner. As the bored 'Blackwater" PMC's drove past..

As for the work shy inexperienced college graduates . These badly educated ignorant fools. Seem to think the minimum wage should be $12K air dollars per month after taxes. Plus free health care with company Toyota Sequoia /fuel card and a $500K annual entertainment/general expense limit gold card ....... Just for a "Political Science Degree".......

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Jun 21 2022 4:32 utc | 233

The commie/not commie argument has been played over here so many times.
It’s boring to me, and self congratulating and
intellectually masturbatory only for the people who argue it.
If I want serious debate on communism v capitalism, I’ll look into the bar archives.
Please stop.

Posted by: Cadence calls | Jun 21 2022 4:34 utc | 234

@Olivier #163

For it needs someone truely stupid to think that the elite of the elite (wow!) is not stupid.
Right, you are so much smarter than them. That's why they control the vast majority of the planet, and have for centuries, and you control ... what is it that you control?

Just because you do not (can not?) understand their goals and methods, does not make them stupid. In fact, the very fact that you think they are stupid would, if you were actually intelligent, seem to cause you to realize that your entire Weltanschauuing is inconsistent with reality.

If the "planet" is at risk (rather the biodiversity) it is because of the human pullulation and its nefarious monotheist ideology destroying the life ant its ecosystems.
Verdict is out on "peak oil" vel non, I suppose you've never heard of the theory of abiotic petroleum origin? Ohh, but the oligarchs' Wikipedia says the theory is discredited! Feel free to freeze, live in the dark, walk everywhere you go and eat raw food, just don't force me to do it, I (and billions of others) will fight your malicious tyranny. And don't forget to say hi to your masters, the hereditary oligarchs, they appreciate the hard work you are doing for them!

"nefarious monothese ideology" - it's quite nefarious until you consider the alternatives, esp. the Communist death cult.

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 21 2022 4:38 utc | 235

It’s why they’ve had no coherent response to predictable Russian responses to sanctions. They never thought that far ahead. They’re not masters of the universe. They’re incompetent, fundamentally weak and cowards too. That’s what Russia’s trying to show the world.

Posted by: Lex | Jun 20 2022 22:21 utc | 122

I 90% agree, and the remaining 10% is mostly stylistic. Most saliently, you seem to imply that collective inchoate leadership of the "collective West" does not consist of masters of the universe, because that is contradicted by incompetence (and weakness? they are much stronger than I have expected).

In my opinion, "mastery" and decrease of effective intelligence is closely related. Tyrannosaurs were not very intelligent, but they were fast and between enormous maws that could chomp a car in two and powerful legs that could make a hole in an armored infantry vehicle they did not have to. However, they needed quite steady supply of huge amounts of food, so they could not survive an extinction events, unlike mammals that were small and reliant on sparse and more sustainable food sources. And perhaps were more intelligent too.

Once a group becomes dominant, personal success is more related to intra-group stratagems than external strategies. For example, I do not understand how Biden won Democratic primaries, but it had appearance of a brilliant strategy. But externally, Democrats may rue the day of that sudden success. The resulting policies seem stupid, which may be by design: since Ronald Reagan, all politicians knew that appearing "clever" delivers political disaster, unless you posses a rather rare charisma, able to gain followers who worship you in part for appearing clever. In short, to be elected, it pays to behave like an idiot. Thus what we get is a mix of genuine idiots and those who pretend which effectively is the same. Hence "effective stupidity".

However, those lower in the food chain must have some effective intelligence to survive, it is not enough to be the most strict mulla in some Islamic Republic, you also need many ideas that prevent the collapse of the Republic.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 21 2022 4:44 utc | 236

CalDre | Jun 21 2022 4:23 utc | 230

Like most Americans, you mistake your opinions for knowledge. You know a myth and, like a boy, want so badly for it to be real to give your sad little Puritan neoliberal life meaning. Too bad, kid. Read actual historical research about where all the shitty little jewels of your shitty little European "lifestyle" LARP came from and stop wasting people's time with mythical bullshit.

Posted by: sippy the shot glass | Jun 21 2022 5:01 utc | 237

[thinking out loud]

In 1975 the military resistance of South Vietnamese collapsed

Will the resistance of the Uki forces suddenly collapse similarly, like a house of cards?

What would that look like? Thousands of men all racing to cross the Dneiper River
all at once.

Major cities along or near the Dneiper fill up with disillusioned and angry Uki soldiers.

What would follow that? Perhaps the many thousands(?) of Ukrainians kowtowed into
silence would gain their voices and their will. Then a shake up in Kiev?

Posted by: librul | Jun 21 2022 5:01 utc | 238

Posted by: Cadence calls | Jun 21 2022 4:34 utc | 234

Perhaps you would prefer Plutocracies one party rules with free general health care, low cost government supplied housing and basic wage. And Plutocracies with fake democracies. No basic wage. Health care extra as paid from slave rates of pay. Stagflation. High unemployment . High homeless rates . Housing paid from slave rates of pay? Prison gulags with prisons running at 1,000% over capacity.

That is :-
1/ Plutocracy police state with benefits/s
2/ Plutocracy police state without benefits.........../s


Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Jun 21 2022 5:04 utc | 239

SwissArmyMay @ 171

Try watching the moving "The American Ruling Class" which was created by Lewis Lapham (a member of said ruling class). It's an odd little documentary/musical which provides some insight into how things work "American style".

It used to be available for free, but now I can only find ways to rent it on Amazon or YouTube.

Posted by: Objective Observer | Jun 21 2022 5:26 utc | 240

@sippy the shot glass #237

Only an utter cretin would write the garbage you write. But carry on. You pathetic attempts of you and your pathetic comrades to silence and cancel anyone who doesn't drink the Kool-Aid with you is hilarious. All you can do is attack those who are smarter, more educated, more civilized than you. As long as you have that attitude, you will always remain ... losers. Even if a billion of you pathetic losers insult me, I couldn't care less - you mean less than nothing to me.

So unless you have something constructive to write - yes, I realize, an impossible dream for your ilk - just STFU. It's better to be silent and have people wonder if you are stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 21 2022 5:31 utc | 241

Sorry...should be SwissArmyMan, not SwissArmyMay.

Posted by: Objective Observer | Jun 21 2022 5:42 utc | 242

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 21 2022 4:44 utc | 236@

In general terms.

Oppositions do not win elections. It is basically the inept/incompetent/arrogant government of the day. Loses the interest of the female swing voter.

Thus what really killed "DJT" was the female swing voter. Females voters saw him as a "POS" with poor non female oriented domestic policies. The very arrogant male Republican party members. During the "DJT" stupid domestic economic policy era . Were all working very hard to overturn "Roe vrs Wade". A big mistake....

I would suspect the 2022 mid terms. Will come as a very big surprise for election predictions forecasting a "Republican Party Swing !

A combination of stagflation, The end result of bad 'DJT' domestic economic policy. Plus the loss of "Roe Vrs Wade". Will have a very great affect on the Female Swing voter. Males usually remain ignorant of the true demands and preferences of the real female swing voter. When you look at the pollsters there is no female oriented questions.

The Pollsters take a survey of a small equal number male/female . Then add a few statistical deviation mathematics . To produce the end publication results. Not a very wise choice...

Never under rate the power of the female swing voter............ A very real problem with all conservative politicians. Who arrogantly believe that a female is a born as a slave..........

In the USSA the crossover point where the female voters came to dominate was in 1980. in 2020. the median average voter turn out was 61.3% Males 59.5% females 63% . Excluding the special statistical anomaly of the Republican run Waukesha County , Wisconsin........

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Jun 21 2022 5:57 utc | 243

CalDre @ 241

Dang, brother, chill it on out. All ism's, whether they are Capitalism (which is only profitable when the owners are able to contravene the very base tenets of Capitalism i.e., perfect knowledge and equal access to markets, coupled with a fair spread of wealth and the just rule of law) or Communism (which provides for democratic governance and the spreading of resources and labor from each according to ability and to each according to need) end up being perverted by hubris and greed. I mean does Marxist theory really support Lenin's vanguard or some of Stalin's or Mao's plans, I dont' think so. And the current bogeyman of CRT and cultural Marxism are not really Marxist at all. And really, how much profit is made when everybody knows the true worth of all products and has equal access to those markets, political power and the law - not much. So capitalism is just a philosophical tool to justify oligarchs and 'elite' control, just as Communism can justify a similar end result that is far removed from its philosophical moorings.

While I will state up front that I'm much more in tune with Marxist interpretation of how the world works (as it actually includes a Capitalist analysis), I certainly am not constrained by having drunk the Kook-Aid as you say. I will say that you have apparently have had a lot of the Capitalist Kool-Aid...time to have a rest, CalDre.

Posted by: Objective Observer | Jun 21 2022 5:58 utc | 244

@ Posted by: sippy the shot glass | Jun 21 2022 5:01 utc | 237 with the Graeber up to Hierarchy but sleepy and hard to focus, will finish later

The personal exceptionalism shown by some of the recent co-human meatsacks coming through the MoA bar is a anthropological study itself...grin...Animal Farm in action.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 21 2022 6:04 utc | 245

Posted by: Hermit | Jun 21 2022 2:16 utc | 201

Thank you very much.

Russia for sure is pushing back now!

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 21 2022 6:10 utc | 246

psychohistorian @ 245

I still get mad whenever I even think of Boxer being carted off to the glue factory...god damn Napoleon!!!

Posted by: Objective Observer | Jun 21 2022 6:10 utc | 247

This thread has been particularly low content.

Why Ukrainians are fighting: this isn't rocket science. It is true that Russia attacked Ukraine; why wouldn't Ukrainians fight when attacked? I doubt the average Ukrainian, particularly in the SBU-dominated media environment in Ukraine, would have much chance to objectively analyze the situation even were average people of that leaning (which they aren't).

Re: Yellen

Inflation is, in fact, global. Just because it is higher in the US, doesn't mean it isn't high in Europe, Japan, etc etc. That's what high energy prices do, much less the extra food/fertilizer kicker that will start soon (as in while they have been increasing, we ain't seen nothing yet).

Posted by: c1ue | Jun 21 2022 6:10 utc | 248

"These dumb kids go to college and study lesbian history, or immigrant theory, or Marxism and then are shocked when they graduate and can’t find a job."

Posted by: Bobolinski | Jun 20 2022 21:59 utc | 116

Which one is the university that teaches Marxism in america?

How is this degree called?

What does it teach?

Posted by: Arganthonios | Jun 20 2022 22:06 utc | 119

Interesting question. After the military I went back to college to study political theory and economics. During downtime in the service we would play Axis and Allies or Chess while talking about everything from Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, Joe Tzu and a variety of philosophies. An NCO i was close to was very knowledgeable on Marx, a philosopher I hadn't been exposed to yet.

Marx fascinated me, and that is what i wanted to focus on in college. This was about 25 years ago. I quickly found out there was little in the way of Marxist Philosophy anywhere on the West Coast. Most schools had a one semester "Radical Philosophy" course that included Marx, Lenin, St. Simone, Kropotkin and some others. It was hard to find much in the way of political philosophy period, which was very disappointing. Most Political Science programs were all about polling, community organizing, fund raising, NGO's and non-profits, media, etc...

I was lucky enough to find a good political philosophy program that had a whole semester on Marx, and got to study everything from Hume, Smith and Ricardo to Hegel, Plato, Nietche and maybe my favorite American Philosopher John Rawls.

A few years after graduation i went back for a law degree with a MS in Political Philosophy (unsuccessful). There was no Marx to be found, and even the more traditional philosophy departments had dried up. Instead they taught "How to be a Cog in the Capitalist Machine" or "How to Administer the Anglo-Empire". It was also clear, if you did find a department that actually taught philosophy, there would be no work for you after. The money was to be made by joining the bureaucracy public or private. Having Marxism on your resume was a sure way not to get hired.

So, yeah, there is no Marxism in the USA, techno-fascist corporate America crushed that decades ago. There isn't even a moderate left in the USA, we have two right-wing parties, old corporate interests sometimes in competition with new corporate interests give the illusion of political diversity, when in reality we have a dangerous monoculture.

Posted by: Haassaan | Jun 21 2022 6:16 utc | 249

@ CalDre | Jun 20 2022 22:35 | 128

You wrote "I only post on select topics where I can make a contribution, unlike the basement-dwelling know-nothings that feel compelled to post on every topic regardless of their ignorance and frailties of comprehension"

Hmm. And here I thought you were a very humorless person, taking yourself and your opinions, way to seriously. But now I realize I was wrong. You are instead a person with a deeply ironic, self-mocking humor.

Way to go CalDre

Posted by: Icaros | Jun 21 2022 6:21 utc | 250

William Gruff
"That is just the natural end state that capitalism always culminates in, exacerbated in this case by stupidity and incompetence."
This could be true while at the same time an elite conspiracy to manage this end state, in the best way for the elites, could be underway. Elites can read Karl Marx as well and their social groupings would lead to their collective class conciousness which would lead to conspiratorial behaviour as an expression of class forces taking action to safeguard class interests.

Posted by: Johnny Conspiranoid | Jun 21 2022 6:24 utc | 251

I just wonder why the Russians take so long to close the Lysichansk cauldron. A more nimble UKR army would have escaped that cauldron long ago.

Posted by: donby | Jun 21 2022 6:27 utc | 252


The cauldron isn't completely closed, the Ukrainians there could still get out if they wanted, although at this point it'd be tricky.

One possible reason Russia hasn't put the lid on the kettle is it encourages Ukraine to keep pouring resources into a region that is very manageable for the Russians.

Another reason could be it would cost Russia many casualties by increasing the tempo. The way the Seversky Donets River runs, combined with many heavily wooded areas, all sorts of urban areas and sprinkled with some defensible high-lands makes it a hard nut to crack.

Posted by: Haassaan | Jun 21 2022 6:45 utc | 253

@ CalDre | Jun 21 2022 4:02 utc | 227

And why not go back to 1935, when Italy launched a massive invasion (its army had 4 times the men of Russia's Ukrainian SMO) of Ethiopia (for which UK and France ... sanctioned Italy ... which sanctions ... were not fully enforced)?

A) Because Germany didn't participate in the war on Ethiopia, which made it a typically European war of colonial conquest--essentially a localized conflict between two independent nations with one far inferior in terms of technology to the other.

B) Because the Alliance against The Axis hadn't yet taken form, so there were no European countries which took part in resisting the Italian aggression against Ethiopia.

C) Because Japan (the key Asian mainstay) had not yet joined The Axis powers.

To be a "World War," the "World" as currently known must be participating in a wide-ranging war. Italy vs. Ethiopia is just a one-on-one. Germany/Austria, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Czechoslovakia against Great Britain/India/Burma (in exile)/Sri Lanka, Iran, the USA, Mexico, the USSR, France (in exile), Egypt, the Philippines, Benelux (in exile), Poland (in exile), and Greece (in exile)--among others--is most certainly a war waged widely across all of Eurasia and North Africa.

So, in short: "Italy vs. next-door-neighbor Ethiopia" is a "localized conflict", while "coalition of Central-and-Eastern European Powers + Japan vs. all of Western Europe, much of Southern Europe, much of North Africa, and all of East Asia" == "World War".

1937 is when the Axis powers opened their first salvo on conquering territory, and that salvo was sustained throughout the entirety of the war.

In contrast, in 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany over its conquest of Poland (which followed the Japanese conquest of Eastern China), and Germany surrendered earlier to the Allied powers (early-1945) while Japan held out for another 6 months (late-1945) and surrendered independently under threat of attack from the combined forces of the USA, China, Great Britain, and the USSR.

Ethiopia, however, surrendered to Italy--and Italy alone.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 7:06 utc | 254

There is actual truth and perspective of truth. Most views are perspectives from our readings that tend to confirmation bias and events that have shaped our lives.

And yet we are so certain we are correct, differing views are provided by only bithering idiots or the latest concern trolls. Woe betide those who challenge our distorted view of reality.

We all have views, but this is where free speech is superior, it at least offers differing perspectives as food for thought, at least it should.

Posted by: Organic | Jun 21 2022 7:14 utc | 255

Morning $hit by CNN; Two months on, Russia is still struggling to capture this small city. Despite overwhelming firepower, Russian forces still can't dislodge Ukrainian resistance from Severodonetsk -- nor cut supply lines of weapons and ammunition to the city's remaining defenders.

And BBC; 'You're my hero' - Ben Stiller meets Zelensky

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 7:28 utc | 256

Schiller Institute video featuring Col Richard Black.
He is stating the obvious fact: Ukraine Has Lost the War: But Thermonuclear War Still Threatens. I do not know if anyone has already posted this, but it is nevertheless an interesting and very real observation. I do not know anything about this Col Black or where does he belong, but he seems reasonable.

Posted by: whirlX | Jun 21 2022 7:33 utc | 257

For all those who question my date of the "start" of WWII (including karolf1, whose criticisms and debate i invite), I shall point out:

No great number of people in this world are yet convinced that "WWIII" has begun--even though this conflict between Russia and Ukraine could well spread into East Asia (via China/Taiwan), and could well escalate into Russia vs. NATO (most recently because of the actions of Poland and Lithuania--which NATO-Central is trying to distance itself from).

Now, if this conflict escalates into Russia/China+Allies vs. NATO+Allies, then yeah: I'll agree that Russia vs. Ukraine == the start of WWIII.

But we haven't gotten there, yet. Right now, WWIII still seems avoidable--the key question whether this conflict will escalate is essentially who in the NATO/Pentagon hierarchy is willing to deliver the ugly news of what will happen if such escalation occurs, and what the Chinese government structure is planning vis a vis Taiwan (wait-and-see? Strike-now-while-iron-is-hot?).

Just as a data point: back in...2004~5 or so, the CCP passed a law that was widely reported in the Western MSM as "authorizing" military action against Taiwan. Certainly, that's how it was reported here in Taiwan. At the time, however, I pointed out that it had a double-use effect. Yes, while it outlined in explicit fashion that China would invade Taiwan should Taiwan ever take the foolish step of declaring "independence" from China, it also had a secondary knock-on effect that was, in fact, critical to internal CCP decisions on "The Taiwan Question": it explicitly laid down a red line beyond which the Red Army could not invade (nor argue for invasion of) Taiwan.

To this day the Pentagon and Western MSM insist that the law was a "declaration of war" against Taiwan, yet all evidence is to the contrary. Up until the establishment of that law the Red Army factions held strong influence over foreign (and especially Taiwanese) policies within the CCP. Following that law, Red Army influence over the CCP's Taiwanese policies have been significantly weakened. Up until the last year or so (see my comments vis a vis Cai Yingwen earlier in this thread) there has been far less saber rattling over Taiwan than there was during the 90s. This has been a state of effective peace going back to the establishment of that law--which effectively made it illegal to discuss an invasion of Taiwan outside of the limiting parameters established by that law.

Now here we are, looking at a a Taiwanese Preznit who is continually flirting with the possibility that she'll suddenly declare "Independent!" and pray for the US military to rescue the island--and whadd'ya know, we see China's Red Army increasing air sorties and naval exercises demonstrating its readiness to invade Taiwan.

I share (with @Et Tu, Rodrigo, Don Bacon, karolf1, psychohistorian, DebsIsDead, Tom Q, bevin, Angio...[sorry, i forget the rest], oldhippie, VietnamVet) the worries that this conflict is going to escalate, and I think voicing those concerns and putting thousands of bodies into the street based on those concerns is fully justified in the current situation.

Nevertheless, I do firmly (!) believe that the people in charge of the Red Army vis a vis Taiwan, and the nukes in the Pentagon vis a vis some Russian/Chinese alliance, are far more hesitant to initiate conflict--and would be far more proactive in their intervention against any attempt to use nukes--than most other people here believe.

Remember: the threat of a military coup against the government is not only run by Russia, but also by the US and NATO--especially should the political leaders ever try to initiate a nuclear war. People here forget that the "Good Ol' Boy" networks that run through the South and Midwest of the US are essentially a form of organized resistance (and/or crime) against "TPTB"; those same networks have run throughout the US military (at least) for decades, and certainly form a nominal (?) bulwark against the stupid use of nuclear weapons.

Whether that bulwark would be enough to override a command from the political "leadership" to start a nuclear-initiated WWIII is a gamble i certainly do not want to risk. A gamble with poor odds, no less, since any weak link in the chain will be exploited to maximum capacity by institutionalized authority.

But let us all remember: it's a gamble. Imagine, for a moment, that Ritter's worst nightmare does come true and the US navy is wiped out in a series of lightning-fast Chinese missile strikes that eliminate any chance of support for Taiwan following a Chinese invasion.

Which do y'all think more likely: a military coup that takes out the Evangelical nutjobs and puts a 6-star general in control of the Executive of the US, or a slow-roll of the Pentagon to allow a leisurely roll-out of the nuclear arsenal because Kamala decided that was the best way to respond?

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 7:43 utc | 258

@ Posted by: Doug Hillman | Jun 20 2022 23:56 utc | 155

"Your refusal to acknowledge that the conflict Ukraine was engineered by the US" - I never said such things. I am fully aware Ukraine is a NATO hatched plan to provoke Russia. All i suggested was perhaps there was a way of responding that did not involve war, highlighting that Russia is responding most effectively vis a vis NATO with economic war and not militarily.

"... but I am genuinely curious about who you think is being punished by the economic war." - Well, for starters, people like me, who lost their job as a direct result of this war. And all the tens of thousands of Russians who were suddenly unemployed from all the Western companies that left. Their Gov't may be making a big fat surplus, but from what i read it's not ever gonna trickle down to ordinary Russians. And the millions worldwide who will either starve or have no savings. So everyone will suffer, but ultimately, i think the West and in particular Europeans will suffer the most on the current trajectory.

Posted by: Et Tu | Jun 21 2022 7:44 utc | 259

How Russia will respond to the blockade of Kaliningrad: five possible strikes on Lithuania

1. Revocation of the recognition of Lithuanian independence. Gorbachev's unconstitutional State Council had no right to take decisions of such a level as revising the borders of the Soviet Union and cutting off territories from it. This is a legal fact. By the way, State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov recently submitted a bill to that effect.

2. Withdrawal from agreements with the EU on Lithuania. As recalled by Dmitry Rogozin, who in 2002-2003 led negotiations on this between Moscow and Brussels, Russia recognized the borders of the Republic of Lithuania in exchange for guarantees of uninterrupted transit of Russian citizens and Russian cargo from Kaliningrad and to Kaliningrad. Thanks to this recognition, Lithuania was able to join the EU and NATO.

3. Russia's demand to return Klaipeda. If Brussels today withdraws from its part of the agreements, then Moscow withdraws from its own. By the decision of the Potsdam Conference following the results of World War II, Memel, like Koenigsberg, was transferred from Germany to the Soviet Union, and not any of its parts. It was only later that Stalin, by his internal decision, transferred Koenigsberg to the RSFSR, and it became Kaliningrad, and Memel was gave to the Lithuanian SSR, and it became Klaipeda. Modern Russia is the legal successor of the USSR, that is, the post-Soviet borders of Lithuania are determined by it. And if the European Union violates the agreements that guarantee these borders, then everything can happen to Lithuania…

4. Creation of the "Suwalki corridor". By introducing a virtual transport blockade of the Kaliningrad region, Vilnius puts NATO at risk. This will itself disavow for Russia the legitimacy of all documents on Lithuania’s membership in the EU and will untie its hands to solve the problem of Kaliningrad transit created by Lithuania by any means Russia chooses. It is clear what this step would mean - a war with NATO.

5. Disconnection of Lithuania from the energy system. This would be Moscow's most painful economic response to Vilnius' hostile move. BRELL is an energy ring uniting Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Balts have long been declaring their desire to leave it, fully merging into the EU energy systems. Officially announced that this will happen in 2025. However, the energy transition to Europe faces significant difficulties, so the Baltic countries are still heavily dependent on Russian electricity. Disconnecting Lithuania from BRELL ahead of schedule is guaranteed to create very serious problems for its economy and the life of the population. For Kaliningrad, such a step does not pose any threat - the region has already disconnected from BRELL twice in a test order and tested offline operation.

-Aleksandr Nocowicz

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 7:47 utc | 260

In response to my earlier post, just above:

Which do y'all think more likely: a military coup that takes out the Evangelical nutjobs and puts a 6-star general in control of the Executive of the US, or a slow-roll of the Pentagon to allow a leisurely roll-out of the nuclear arsenal because Kamala decided that was the best way to respond?

Let me remind y'all that this is essentially the situation that Russia found itself at the moment of the Soviet uprising. The Soviet uprising followed a revolt--coup--against the Czar by the Russian military. The Soviet uprising was then commandeered/neutered/tempered (depending on which variation of Marxism one prefers) by the Bolshevik uprising that ultimately imposed itself on the Soviet leadership.

Let us all reconsider that "...doomed to repeat itself..." dictum we have, each of us, heard too many times.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 7:47 utc | 261

This CalDre twat really needs to go. Or at least ignore the virulent shyte…

Posted by: Peter Fenton | Jun 21 2022 7:58 utc | 262

Don't they remind you of some images from 1942-44 in Reich? Only the colour of the uniform is different, but the faces look the same.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 7:59 utc | 263

"the cauldron will be closed and the boiling will start for those who are in it. For the ~20,000 soldiers in the cauldron it will mean surrender or die."

Everyone knows that Ukraine has lost, and these soldiers will be killed / captured. Surely the idea now must be to get Russia to destroy the regular military to prevent a military coup from overthrowing the nazis?

Posted by: Tim | Jun 21 2022 8:04 utc | 264

Addendum: In my opinion the US side excel at psychological manipulation and I think sending 20,000 troops to the area is a devious and cunning move. They are effectively human shields. Russia will be reluctant to slaughter so many helpless civilians in soldier's costumes.

Posted by: Tim | Jun 21 2022 8:07 utc | 265

NATO is a tool of White Supremacism

Posted by: Robert | Jun 20 2022 18:36 utc | 44

The first Secretary General of NATO stated that purpose of the organisation was to keep the Germans down, the US in and the Russians out.

Pretty much what you are seeing now play out in Europe as its original purpose has never changed. It was the reason the Cold War started and lasted 4 decades until the collapse of the Soviet Union

The Anglo Saxons fought two world wars to keep the Germans down.

Now they’re trying to start a European war for the third time in a century to ensure to keep the Germans down and the Russians out.

If NATO is any form of supremacism it is Anglo Saxon supremacism over continental Europe.

Posted by: Down South | Jun 21 2022 8:15 utc | 266

@ Roger | Jun 21 2022 4:27 utc | 231

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 20 2022 22:32 utc | 127

Thanks for the details on the documentary. The sheer brazenness of the Indonesian mass-murderers to tell their story and act out the murders and rapes that they committed really shows the corrupt and fascist nature of Indonesian society, and all of this was carried out in full knowledge of the CIA and US leaders. This is an English subtitled version of the Act of Killing, its overdubbed in another language - I just turned the sound off and read the subtitles.

The 1960s and early 1970s are such a period of sadness with respect to the defeat of the colonized peoples to be truly free, from Lumumba's murder in 1961, through the Brazilian military dictatorship of 1964, the Indonesia mass-killings of 1965-66, and the first 9/11 in Chile in 1973, and of course the Vietnam War (where Vietnam won but at a horrific cost). The alternative to "US capitalist democracy" was repeatedly snuffed out.

The alternative now exists in the shape of China, and to some extent Russia, its sad that the now neo-colonized peoples have had to wait half a century for a new opening.

You should definitely watch the follow-up doco, "The Look of Silence". It builds upon the original doco in a fascinating way: the younger brother of one of the men murdered in the "democide" is an ophthalmologist who coyly travels around his city to offer new spectacles to the aging members of his community who...admitted, on film, to murdering his brother.

In each case, he seeks to elicit some form of regret or guilt from the men he offers his free service to, and yes: such regret/guilt is in short-shrift.

But the effects his casual chats with those men have on those around them are noted, as well.

Again: it's a fascinating psychological documentary that flies in the face of virtually everything contemporary psychology/psychiatry might say about certain "types" of people, and how those "types" live along in their daily interactions.

Also, i'd suggest watching it so you can hear the original Indonesian language--it adds a layer of horror that you can't get any other way. Get the damn things off of Bittorrent--neither Herzog nor Morris will blame you, and certainly not prosecute you. These men produce these works for our education and enlightenment and while they may lament that mostly poor people find these works enlightening, they certainly will not begrudge either you nor me the money lost to pirate copies.

FWIW, I think the guy who financed "The Act of Killing"--the Indonesian gangster, Mr. Congo (?)--was sincerely wracked by guilt, and sought to purge his guilt through a confession of what he had done along with a grand display of the sorts of people he was (at the time) and today (continues to be) surrounded by.

I can't remember which scenes convinced me of that--and honestly, I may be remembering wrong--but there were a couple of places I went "God damn, this guy hates himself, and he's trying to beg forgiveness......"

But all those orange-camo mufu's?

Yeah: those are all just Ukronazis in a different uniform, and darker skin.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 8:16 utc | 267

Don't they remind you of some images from 1942-44 in Reich? Only the colour of the uniform is different, but the faces look the same.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 7:59 utc | 262

Which part of this picture makes you think they look more like Nazis than they look like Russians?

I ask this because there's a lot of overlap in Russian/German/Prussian/Polish military training and attire. So isn't it pretty damn easy to say "These guys look like Nazis!", and then flip the same picture over in reverse and say "These guys look like Soviet Commies!"

This is a sincere question. Please: teach me.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 8:22 utc | 268

I hope that what Lex says in no. 122

And that’s why Russia isn’t cutting of the gas to Europe (etc), they’re trying to show Europeans who the real enemy is and how not actually intimidating the masters of the universe are. It’s why Russia is patient and consistent and even tries to prosecute a war humanely.

answers the question posted by Ivan (129) who asks:
Why would the Russians sell energy and other commodities to Europe
after the dust settles if they can get customers in Asia and elsewhere?

Unless there are details I may have missed.

Posted by: joey_n | Jun 21 2022 8:27 utc | 269

@ Tim | Jun 21 2022 8:04 utc | 263
also: Tim | Jun 21 2022 8:07 utc | 264

"the cauldron will be closed and the boiling will start for those who are in it. For the ~20,000 soldiers in the cauldron it will mean surrender or die."
Everyone knows that Ukraine has lost, and these soldiers will be killed / captured. Surely the idea now must be to get Russia to destroy the regular military to prevent a military coup from overthrowing the nazis?

Addendum: In my opinion the US side excel at psychological manipulation and I think sending 20,000 troops to the area is a devious and cunning move. They are effectively human shields. Russia will be reluctant to slaughter so many helpless civilians in soldier's costumes.

What kind of moron reads this kind of moronic nonsense and enlists in a moronic conflict against entirely non-existent "enemies"?

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 8:39 utc | 270

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 21 2022 8:22 utc | 267

Faces and the hats...😋

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 8:48 utc | 271

EU Ambassador Markus Ederer on Tuesday, June 21, arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry against the backdrop of Lithuania's decision to ban the transit of a number of goods to the Kaliningrad the way...

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 8:50 utc | 272

Re@ 259: do you think Russia will do these steps in order, or these are more options to choose from? The anxiety here on what Russia will do is killing me.

Posted by: Mathew Palmieri | Jun 21 2022 8:52 utc | 273

Posted by: c1ue | Jun 21 2022 6:10 utc | 248

An interesting use of selective logic. ho hum

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Jun 21 2022 8:55 utc | 274

Well it seems that with Colombia falling to democracy and free and free and fair elections that the supply of the magik energy that the Collective Waste runs on is threatened!

Florida, Newyork and California are in deep shock! Hollywood ‘stars’ are deployed - no GI Janes the current lot - just limp wristed wankers showing their true colors as tools of cultural propagandists siding with Nazis, urging them to greater annihilation in the never ending game of empire.
What grade A cocaine did Ben Stiller come calling with?

Hurrah Colombians . A coup, assassination, restoration of contra gangs ... all will be on the cards. I guess the Ring musicians may well be employed in these sultry equatorial places soon too help the Colombians free themselves as unwilling narco suppliers to the deluded Masters of the World !

Bozo the Clown went to meet miss elensky immediately after the three stooges had their snog feet with her - manny couldn’t keep her little pecker of the ‘boy’.
It seems they have made sure there will be no chance of democracy giving a wrong result in whatever pantomime being planned - all opposition parties banned! Lol.

Don’t know who brought brought the best Colombian marching powder, but Bozo had to go in for an urgent sinus operation yesterday morning after his return - not even privately but queue jumping into a National Health Service hospital - which he and the Official Loyal Opposition are daily disorganising into a two tier insurance led US style restriction of health and medicine as a human right.

I’ve finally seen the cut of clown elensky’s t shirt - notice that pocket with zipper on the left shoulder?
Totally useless pocket you may think! But perfect for that wrap of that nose candy, when you urgently need some before walking into a room full of furious Nazis! 😂

On which recent photos - highly choreographed that only none tattooed bare arms are visible on the thugs sitting to meet him - and all badges are hidden now. The scowls of the ‘soldiers’ are obvious.

As is the fact that wherever Z goes to meet his commanders in their secret bunker with the PR mob suddenly becomes a target for precision missiles.

That’s why the Russians haven’t taken the clowns out - they are much more useful doing their pratfalls and bringing the circus down.

As the Collective Waste attempts to go into generations long purdah from the world , it will be left to us to rise from within against that bondage we are being led to.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Jun 21 2022 8:57 utc | 275

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Jun 20 2022 21:29 utc | 102

That is a spectacular post! Thank you for that.

Posted by: KyleKoffler | Jun 21 2022 8:58 utc | 276

#Finland has announced the opening of the border with #Russia for tourists from June 30.

What happened? Is Finland's economy collapsing? Are local manufacturers & hotels bankrupt? How does this fit in with the EU's overall goals regarding #sanctions against Russia?

My guess is that Finns used to go over to Russia to fill up their gas tank and they got mad that their govt closed the border. Now its back to business as usual.

Posted by: Arne Hartmann | Jun 21 2022 9:06 utc | 277

Question — You are pessimistic about Kyiv's chances of joining the European Union. Does Russia perceive Ukraine's potential membership in this organization as a geopolitical threat? Or does Moscow still fear only the rapprochement of the neighboring country with NATO?

Vladimir Chizhov — You know, I have been saying for quite a long time, for many years, that everything is clear with NATO. NATO expansion is an attempt to meet the security challenges of the 21st century with the mechanisms of the mid-20th century. Especially created for a completely different purpose. Although the goal now may not be so different. But it doesn't matter. As for the European Union, yes, we perceived the enlargement of the European Union as a regional dimension of globalization. But the European Union has changed.

There was the European Union - an economic association that eventually acquired a political dimension, claiming strategic autonomy and so on. But lately it has degraded to the level of an auxiliary military bloc, auxiliary to NATO. So this is a completely different European Union. And, of course, we consider the process of EU enlargement to be negative, hostile, in fact, in relation to Russia's national interests.

Question - In conclusion, I still want to ask: despite what is happening in the world now, is the normalization of relations with the European Union still possible?

Vladimir Chizhov — Not all bridges have been burned. But the majority. Let's see what will happen next. In any case, there will be no return to business as usual, this cannot be. We understand it, and they understand it. This means that it will be a new system of relationships that has yet to be created. But it can be created only on the basis of equal cooperation. And for this they must change their attitude towards Russia. As long as they consider Russia an opponent, an adversary, what kind of cooperation can we talk about?

Vladimir Chizhov - Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the EU

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 9:22 utc | 278

If I want serious debate on communism v capitalism, I’ll look into the bar archives.
Please stop.
Posted by: Cadence calls | Jun 21 2022 4:34 utc | 234

Personally I greatly appreciate the marxist etc perspective here, between them, the various posters are intelligent and very well read historically and philosophically.
There is no argument going on since I've not yet seen a credible post from any of the anti commies here.

Whether you like it or not the world is already and will continue having the communism vs capitalism debate until there is an equitable solution for the masses of humanity. Capitalism already lost in terms of a viable solution for everyone not in the 1%, wouldn't you agree? let's see what happens next.

Posted by: K | Jun 21 2022 9:31 utc | 279

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Jun 21 2022 0:17 utc | 162


Do you think these are regular history of economics courses, or do you think these are political indoctrination courses where pupils are taught how to attach to cuban intelligence and carry out sabotage actions within the US?

>For example, "Power accrues to those who control the means of production" became "Power accrues to those who control the means of distribution (including the distribution of money)", in less than 70 years after he made that statement.

This can only be a temporary arrangement, and what we're currently witnessing in the international stage is a large-scale although partial unraveling.

The US and its cronies have founded their power on currency hegemony, commerce and communication.

However they're trying to push industrial countries beyond what said countries are willing to accept.

US and its cronies have found that if they try to sanction core producing countries, while they themselves are financiarized, it's themselves that they're sanctioning.

Nothing can be distributed if it is not produced first.

Therefore if production disappears, doesn't follow diktat, or is economically smothered - "distribution power" starts to crumble.

If liberals really want to make Marx obsolete, they better return to Classical economy based on reality and minimization of rent-extraction instead of neoliberal midget-throwing based on rampant cocaine insufflation.

Posted by: Arganthonios | Jun 21 2022 9:52 utc | 280

It may be going badly for the Ukrainians, but they are still shelling Donetsk civilians. The Ukes must understand that the end is near for them, and that this will not endear them to the Russian military. They may fight to the death.

Posted by: Cesar Jeopardy | Jun 21 2022 9:52 utc | 281

@ Old Guy in Reno | Jun 21 2022 2:27 utc | 204

I don't remember the details and I have no link. But I remember that in 2014 on the eve of the takeover over Crimea there was a rumor that Kiev was considering throwing Russia out of Sebastopol on the argument that Russia had ignored one clause of the agreement.

Posted by: Wim | Jun 21 2022 9:53 utc | 282

EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer said on Tuesday, June 21, that Lithuania is not taking unilateral measures against Russia, but is complying with EU sanctions.

He added that the blockade of the Kaliningrad region is out of the question and the transit of unauthorized goods allegedly continues.

Interesting what would follow...🤔

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 9:54 utc | 283

Just before bedtime, I received reports via telegram channels that Ukraine pulled it's forces from the Belarusian border, and sent them to the front.

I also received reports of a handful of reserve units being sent to the front opposite Donetsk city, and of preparations for a frontal assault on that city.

Given, Ukraine is a NATO puppet, I am of the opinion the above activity is coordinated with the "embargo" imposed by Lithuania on goods transit to Kalinigrad.

NATO is doubling down.

Goal: force Russia to back down. Scholtz' most recent statement that Russia must lose and Ukraine cannot be allowed to lose fits.

I anticipate Russian maneuvers in the UNSC to enable them to rectify matters in Lithuania by force, and to obviate any attempt to invoke Article 5.

Will be an interesting week.


Could it be... that last week's lul in Russian attacks was for the purpose of luring the UkroNazis into a massive counter attack using all their reserves.???


When that fails....

Game over....


Posted by: Dr. George W Oprisko | Jun 21 2022 9:57 utc | 284

Trump said the risk of world war due to the actions of the Biden administration - Newsmax

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 9:57 utc | 285

Posted by: Longshot | Jun 21 2022 5:22 utc | 199

He's not wrong about that.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 21 2022 10:10 utc | 286

whoops should have been posted as a reply to ostro

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 21 2022 10:12 utc | 287

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 21 2022 10:12 utc | 286

Oh, it doesn't matter, who is wrong, or who is right in this both are wrong, and the "person of colour" before that...😋

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 10:14 utc | 288

Pacifica Advocate #269

Sorry my comment was rather terse, so you did no understand. Let me explain.

Zelensky / The Nazis / Nato have lost this war. And in the process they have completely dumped their military in the shit, using them as cannon fodder for PR. The Ukrainian military are not happy. And the troops on the ground are not happy. When reality bites there is a serious danger to the Zelensky regime that they will be overthrown in a coup by their own pissed off military.

So to avoid this fate, their best option is to get Russia to destroy their own military. NATO can then fly in mercenaries and nazis as required to run what is left of Ukraine when the Russians are finished.

Posted by: Tim | Jun 21 2022 10:23 utc | 289

The correction of the height of the ISS orbit, which was supposed to take place on the evening of June 20 using the engines of the American cargo spacecraft Cygnus, was interrupted.

Earlier, NASA announced that the American cargo ship Cygnus will leave the ISS on June 23. Before that, he had to correct the station's orbit.

Did not work out.

I remind you that Roskosmos, in response to US sanctions, stopped the supply of our RD-180 and RD-181 rocket engines. A pair of RD-181 engines are used by the American Antares rocket, which is the standard launch vehicle for the Cygnus cargo ship, which suffered an unpleasant failure yesterday. As a result of our retaliatory sanctions, the United States has only 4 RD-181 engines left. Enough for two Cygnus launches.

- Dmitry Rogozin
Director general of the Roscosmos State Corporation

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 10:24 utc | 290

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 10:14 utc | 287

yeah each built on the work of his predecessor.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 21 2022 10:29 utc | 291

Are you sure the UAF is responsible for that? Do you think they have complete control over all the nationalist, territorial, foreign and other militants operating in the area?

Posted by: CalDre | Jun 20 2022 17:41 utc | 17

It's irrelevant. It is their duty to assert control not to feign uselessness.

Posted by: Arioch | Jun 21 2022 10:34 utc | 292

Posted by: Chessmaster | Jun 21 2022 1:30 utc | 187 <= which reads
1. Everyone has the right to own, use, dispose of and bequeath his or her lawfully acquired possessions. No one may be deprived of his or her possessions, except in the public interest and in the cases and under the conditions provided for by law, subject to fair compensation being paid in good time for their loss. The use of property may be regulated by law in so far as is necessary for the general interest.
2. Intellectual property shall be protected.

<=problem so-called "right" to own property does not exist without the nation state system.
So called "Property Rights" are fictions, created by the rule of law.. they are not
natural human rights; our makers did not patent the earth, the universe, or anything in it
when the makers donated the heaven and earth to the open source; it was meant for all humanity to benefit from it. Without the nation state there no fiction of property right would exist. No way for the fictions of property rights to be enforced, to favor fictional entities over human persons.
Same with the minerals and other resources in or on the earth.

Inheritance is also a fiction of the state; a product of the rule of law.

Humans do have the natural right to use property that they need for their life,
liberty and pursuit of happiness, but exclusive use is limited to need, circumstance
and fares, and exist without benefit of privilege and only as long as the need

Another problem with legislated created property rights is the word "everyone"?
"Everyone" extends to yet another Impossibility, except for the nation state system <= "the rule of law".
The legal definition of the word "everyone" includes other fictions created by the rule of law. That "everyone" fiction seeks to include Non human entities(corporations, partnerships, trust, etc.). But these Non human entities are
results produced by oligarch use of the nation state seeking to extend by fiction that non human entities are to enjoy the same rights and privileges as humans.

Corporations span the globe, they don't die, the grow wealthier and more powerful with each day, they don't lose part of the corpus in estate taxes passing legislated rights in the form of property to their heirs.
Competitively, rule of law fictions (property ownership and rule of law created entities)
make the fictions more powerful than any human or family of humans could expect to amass.
Rule of law enforced by the courts is a precursor to rule of law being enforced by
artificial intelligent robotic police; there will be no appeal.

Everyone, should recognize these fictions as devices that separate and divide the people into classes. It is the nation state system that empowers the Oligarchs, not the will of those the nation state system governs.

It d/n matter if the nation state is headed by royalty, organized shared government, a religion, or a robot<= the creation of fictions are only possible be cause of the rule of law and the rule of law is only possible if there is a state. Human nature has shown that when ever a way to divide and conquer exist, human manipulation and greed will produce Oligarchs and the Oligarchs will rise to take charge.

Humanity should recognize but one world of humans, without any fictions.

Posted by: snake | Jun 21 2022 10:36 utc | 293

@Pacifica Advocate 296, Tim 288

And an explanation of my addendum :-) The "troops" now being sent to the front lines are civilians in fancy dress. They have no hope against Russian artillery, and they don't want to fight. In my opinion, the Russians will be reluctant to slaughter them all; the Russian target is the Nazi commanders not civvies in fatigues. If so, it seems to me that the presence of 20,000 of these lambs in the Lysichansk cauldron is a serious complicating factor for the Russians.

Posted by: Tim | Jun 21 2022 10:43 utc | 294

I cannot be arsed to trawl through the endless blather here…this may have already been posted.

One can only wish this would get the air time it deserves in the so called “Zone A Countries”

Posted by: Per Terram | Jun 21 2022 10:44 utc | 295

I understand this is difficult especially for those old men who still have an immature need for heroes. No amerikan heroes bear scrutiny so many have transferred their need to be led onto the shoulders of a different band of corrupt politicians and their billionaire paymasters.
So, I'm 100% unsurprised to see the banal contortions that james & tomq indulge in to avoid having to confront a simple reality that russia like amerika is a capitalistic imperialist state concerned only with enriching its elite. Telling the truth is never cynical, the cynicism is in the way that billionaires of whatever nation treat those who they bribe their nation's leaders to exploit.

It's crazy that according to some amerikan dingbat survey I saw a coupla weeks back that more than 60% of amerikans (brainwashed since birth) still believe that russia is a socialist or communist state despite that ending after Yeltsin shelled russia's parliament 30 years ago and tossed many deputies and red army generals into prison for the rest of their lives.

Yet people still lap up the dross lavrov & co spew, dross which is barely different from the lies of pompeo or blinkin. Wake the fuck up. I would say that you need to follow the link I provided to Abdel Bari Atwan's talk where he 100% states everything that I wrote plus some, but I already know that even among so called 'lefty' amerikans, exceptionalism applies so they won't even try to get past Bari's Palestinian accent and listen to what he says. Still even when they do, judging by the txts alongside his talk, amerikans who have decided russia is the bees knees, now pull the same lame contortions we've already seen here eg 'what's it to do with russia?" that being the russia who claimed to be about aiding Syria but who backed down once they had secured the land required to block a qatar - euro gas pipeline. That despite the fact that Russia has installed and controls an anti aircraft system which could detect then blow any of the zionist airplanes or missiles outta the sky. They don't do that though, what they do is to co-ordinate with the zionists' flight plans to ensure there are no more difficult incidents like the one where the zionists shot down a russian spy plane 18 months ago.

Russia isn't an ally of syria, russia has become syria's colonial master; as long as no more ruskies get killed and embarrass the kremlin, russia aint gonna do jack shit to protect syrians.

The russian elites who own the russian hydrocarbon companies - many of whom are as committed to zionism as any amerikan, in fact more so as it is russian 'expats' who make up the bulk of scum living on stolen land on the west bank, are gonna be OK, their profits will be secure long term thanks to the death and suffering of syrians plus working class russians forced to fight to secure those 'rights' which actually belong to the people and not to greedy thugs turned urbane capitalists.

I swear, too many people unquestioningly slurp down propaganda, never going beyond the lies that all politicians speak lest it make life too difficult and force them into the embarrassing positions james & tom-q are trying to foist on others.

If multi polarity is just an attempt to turn the clock back to the good old days where the globe was divided up into area of imperial influence not only is that not anything different from what has gone before, it is destined to fail, the humans of the Middle East, Africa and Asia won't stand for it.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 21 2022 10:49 utc | 296

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 21 2022 10:49 utc | 295
Oh, sorry for your loss...😋

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 10:56 utc | 297

And finally for now: "Defeat on the battlefield is irrelevant. What matters is that you won in your own head. You dog faced Pony soldier."

- Joe Tsu.

Posted by: Tim | Jun 21 2022 10:58 utc | 298

RT tells us that passenger through-traffic between Kaliningrad and mainland Russia has already been stopped back in April (link).

And even before Lithuania's irrational decision to stop freight transit for Russia, the state-owned railroad company Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai had to announce the firing of 2,000+ employees (Baltic Times). That's almost 1/4 of their total workforce. Imagine that. Reasons for the reduction being Lithuania's ban on shipments of Belarussian fertilizer and oil products to the port of Klaipeda, plus Belarussia's counter-measure of banning transit of said products from Lithuania to Ukraine via Belarus. Lithuania's most recent move will add yet another toll to Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai, obviously.

That's how lunatic they are.

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Jun 21 2022 11:05 utc | 299

I wonder when the Ukrainian women start to rebel against Ze's regime...

Posted by: ostro | Jun 21 2022 11:13 utc | 300

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