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June 14, 2022

Ukraine - Killing Surrendering Soldiers, Shelling Civilians

At 8:30 UTC today I checked the priorities of the day on major U.S. news websites.

  • On the New York Times homepage the word "Trump" appeared 10 times, "Ukraine" appeared 5 times.
  • On the Washington Post homepage the word "Trump" appeared 12 times, "Ukraine" appeared 5 times.
  • On the Wall Street Journal homepage the word "Trump" appeared 9 times, "Ukraine" appeared 3 times.

The Google Trends graph for Ukraine has fallen to near zero.


This is a problem because it takes pressure off the Biden administration to negotiate with Russia over Ukraine and the future security architecture in Europe.


Today's daily 'clobber list' by the Russian Ministry of Defense includes an additional chapter taken from the verbal briefing:

I would like to note that in recent weeks, incidents involving the shooting of Ukrainian servicemen in the back by nationalist units have become more frequent in areas of military operations.

Thus, after a fire preparation for an attack by Russian troops near Novomikhailovka in Donetsk People's Republic, more than 30 servicemen of the 25th Battalion of the 54th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU decided to lay down their arms and surrender.

Ukrainian servicemen occupying a stronghold near Zvioroferma asked the Russian unit command via radio to cease fire and provide a corridor for exit.

Around 10 p.m., AFU servicemen with white flags began moving towards Russian positions.

At that moment, a Ukrainian nationalist barrier unit arrived at the stronghold in armored vehicles and opened crossfire in the back on the servicemen of the 54th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As a result of this shooting, 32 Ukrainian servicemen were fatally wounded and killed.

This incident, as well as many others like it, clearly demonstrates that amid growing military failures and demoralization of Ukrainian troops, the Kiev nationalist regime is trying to stop the retreat and surrender of its units by punitive actions of barrier squads.

I have seen no evidence that supports the details of the above incident. But there have been public reports that somewhat prominent people who are opposed to the war or criticize the Zelenski regime get picked up the Ukrainian SBU (the former KGB) or some 'nationalist', ie. fascist  goons to then vanish. It is thereby not astonishing to read that similar events, on a likely larger scale, are happening at the frontline of the war.


The Ukrainian artillery is said to fire only 6,000 rounds per day for lack artillery ammunition. Yesterday 300 projectiles were fired by the Ukrainian army or by 'nationalists' onto civilian areas of 'rebel' held city of Donetsk. There were at lest 7 dead and 22 wounded. Graham Phillips provides a video report of the impacts and damage (vid). To use 5% of the daily ammunition ration to terrorize civilians in Donetsk is not only despicable but dumb as those artillery troops will now receive intensified attention they deserve.

Levi @Levi_godman - 11:42 UTC · Jun 14, 2022
❗️The DPR asks Russia to use additional Iskanders and aircraft to destroy the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Meanwhile Russia is providing a humanitarian corridor for civilians and surrendering Ukrainian troops who leave the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk. The scheme is similar to the corridors at the Azov steelworks in Mariupol where it worked well.

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Ukrainians are being sent to the slaughter to deplete Russian artillery before the Nato attack though unlikely to succeed still sound strategy.

Posted by: NewWorldDisorder | Jun 14 2022 18:42 utc | 101

The Luftwaffe, contrary to popular myth (usually exemplified in the 1960s movie) didn’t shift to London out of Hitler’s misguided rage about the British bombing Berlin; they made the shift because they (wrongly) believed they’d worn Fighter Command down to “its last fifty Spitfires” and shifting to sending massive, well-escorted raids against London would force them to come up and fight, where they could be swarmed and destroyed.

Posted by: Rob | Jun 14 2022 18:32 utc | 90

Unconvinced. They could have switched the strategy back once they'd realised it was erroneous but they didn't. Persuading Hitler was a delicate job, increasingly difficult as he lost contact with reality.

Posted by: laguerre | Jun 14 2022 18:44 utc | 102

@malenkov, so, you too don't know the difference between "civil infrastructure" and "civilian"

Oh well, no surprise there.

Posted by: Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 18:25 utc | 83

You seem to have difficulties with reading comprehension. Quoting myself (Jun 14 2022 17:59 utc | 73):

Should I cut/paste my previous answer? Russia isn't out to destroy civilians. In fact, Russia is out to do as little damage to civilian life as possible. Sorry if Russia's behavior doesn't slake your bloodlust and craving for things to go boom. You're an American, I assume?

Posted by: malenkov | Jun 14 2022 18:44 utc | 103

NewWorldDisorder (98).

Someone pointed out in here the other day that Nato troops are already fighting side by side with Ukrainian forces in the Donbas.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Jun 14 2022 18:45 utc | 104


Re: Winning the peace

When my wife asked why Russia is fighting for land (this is the MSM framing in Canada) I answered that Russia is not fighting for land, it is fighting for people. The expressed goal of “deNazification” signifies a sort of redemption of Ukrainian society, not just this or that border adjustment or the liberation of a limited segment of it. This why Russia is accepting applications for citizenship from anyone present in Kherson, not just local ethnic Russians.

Once one understands that, Russia’s slow and careful approach and refusal to retaliate in kind make perfect sense. Such concerns though are incomprehensible to the leaders of the West which is why they constantly misconstrue Russia’s goals and motives.

Posted by: Phil | Jun 14 2022 18:46 utc | 105

James said (#7) "they are not allowed to surrender or the west will be and are shooting them in the back... funny how that works on both levels... no surrender allowed.. the usa- nato and etc won't allow it... "

It's larger than that. Entire countries that refuse to comply with US demands on e.g. Russian sanctions and Taiwan posturing are metaphorically "shot in the back" to force them to commit economic suicide. How else do we explain the behaviour of Germany in particular? The Nazis in Washington are no different from the ones in Kiev, but the gun is congressional.

Posted by: TPaine | Jun 14 2022 18:51 utc | 106

Phil (102).

Yes Phil I'm inclined to agree with your take on it.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Jun 14 2022 18:52 utc | 107

Russia has banned dozens of British journalists, media representatives and defence industry figures from entering the country.

The list of those banned includes 29 journalists and members of British media organisations such as the BBC, Sky News, the Guardian and the Times.

More than a dozen British figures who Moscow said were linked to the defence industry were also banned from entering Russia.

-The Guardian

UK is whining...

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 18:53 utc | 108

Such concerns though are incomprehensible to the leaders of the West which is why they constantly misconstrue Russia’s goals and motives.

Posted by: Phil | Jun 14 2022 18:46 utc | 102

Not a chance Phil. They know exactly why Russia started the SMO.

transitive verb
To mistake the meaning of; misinterpret.
To construe wrongly; to interpret erroneously.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Jun 14 2022 18:53 utc | 109

For other browsers can use this app to access sites such as strategic culture.

Posted by: Joe | Jun 14 2022 18:53 utc | 110

@malenkov, no real answer then?

Well, I'm not surprised.

Posted by: Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 18:53 utc | 111

Laguerre, Post #87.

No, I am not buying into the US narrative. Both the Russian side and the US side are flaws. Both pick facts and arrange them in the way they want. I see this situation as unfortunately similar to the Cold War in which both sides potentially misinterpreted actions and intentions, and then actions by each side in response fueled further misinterpretations.

Posted by: Chip Poirot | Jun 14 2022 18:54 utc | 112

Trump began a new era. Promises Made Promises Kept. It was a slogan said at the rallies and it happened to be true.

Posted by: Bobolinski | Jun 14 2022 18:42 utc | 97

Yes but.

His inability to rein in the Deep State including brazen election fraud at the end means that whether or not he is a good actor as you seem to believe ultimately he is yet more controlled opposition. To get the restoration of the Republic that you want, buying into federal government including federal elections won't work. And as long as Trump remains a dominant figure in the minds of MAGA Patriots alternative ways will not be looked for, let alone found.

The US might also be running out of time; there is a good chance that a major existential crisis will destroy the Republic before the 2024 election.

Bannon is pushing the precinct approach to ensure fair elections. I think it's a fool's errand because voting machines and mail in ballots and captured Courts. But if it works maybe there can be a restoration. But if the mid-term election keeps the Uniparty in power anyway then you just lost 2 years and Trump's terrible decision to stay within the Republic an party fold will have ensured that this last slim chance to 'take back our country' will have been squandered meaning, like I said : controlled opposition.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 18:55 utc | 113

@Bobolinski | Jun 14 2022 18:42 utc | 97

Trump began a new era of... blatant in-your-face greed and theft. Tried to wrap himself in the flag while doing it. A bunch of marks listening to his bs thought he was helping them. Sent lethal aid to Ukraine, tried to scupper Nordstream II, bombed Syria and stole their oil and wheat. The only thing unique about him was the way he publicly gave you the finger while screwing you. The Democrats smile for the camera while doing it.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jun 14 2022 18:56 utc | 114

And nope, Russia has definitely bombed Ukrainian "civil infrastructure" before. Just on a miniscule level. No war crimes there?
Posted by: Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 18:20 utc | 81

"And nope"
(1) residents of Donbas "oblasts" (politacal divisions of the nation) are citizens of Ukraine until such time a mysteriously arbitrary majority of international arbiters of the "rules-based" order recognize the sovereignty of the LPR and DPR;
(2) until then, combatants and "enemy non-combatants" are subject to domestic criminal code uhhh superceded by martial law; and
(3) UAF consfiscation of "civilian infrastructure" for purposes of securing offensive artillery positions is direct evidence of conspiracy to commit statutory crimes, famously and quite recently, memorialized in incriminating UA broadcast publicity, allegedly produced by PR contracted agents.

Notwithstanding testimony of Donbas citizens' knowledge and belief (circumstantial evidence) of the origin of munitions which destroyed property and uhh natural persons resident in the so-called grey zone of conflict.

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 18:57 utc | 115

Ukraine’s deputy defence minister Hanna Malyar says her country has received only 10% of the arms it requested from western allies, and is warning that unless those countries step up their support the war against Russia will be lost.
- The Guardian
(note the words "the war against Russia")

Well, with or without western arms and "volunteers," the Ukraine will lose.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 18:58 utc | 116

Even 3 months into war putin is not fulling arming the Donbass militia and not stopping kling of civilians the very reason he started the fight!
Putin cares. Ore about what anglos think of him than about Russians who have voted him to power. Poor Russian!
Russia will be badly defeated if she continues this path.
Russia has knack of turning almost won war into a Quagmire. Like in Syria in Feb 2016 in Donbass in Feb 2015 and in Ukraine in 2022.
All because Russia is not smart but well meaning people living in a world full of cheats, cowards and schemer plotters like English pirate race.
Lost 600 billion due to own foolishness.

Posted by: Soi | Jun 14 2022 18:58 utc | 117

Trump began a new era. Promises Made Promises Kept. It was a slogan said at the rallies and it happened to be true.

Posted by: Bobolinski | Jun 14 2022 18:42 utc | 97

Saying it doesn't make it so. Again, I see distinctions without differences. Please elaborate on promises made and kept of any consequence. I realize Trump was deceitfully targeted and handcuffed by the deep state, media, and military, but I simply don't see any meaningful difference in those categories noted in my comment. I've come to see the RussiaGate hoax as bipartisan theater.

Posted by: Doug Hillman | Jun 14 2022 18:58 utc | 118

@ Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 17:30 utc | 56 and @ 43

your questions imply you'd just happily murder and destroy everything and you are wondering why russia doesn't do it like you'd do it... either you are 20 years old, an american, or my head is really messed up with your thinking process... i am putting you on ''ignore'' here forward unless some relevant excuse for your stupid fucking questions is offered... cheers..

Posted by: james | Jun 14 2022 18:59 utc | 119

It is inconceivable that Russian army cannot coordinate where these artillery attacks on Donetsk are emanating from and then hit 'em hard with Iskander missiles am I missing something?

Posted by: Lou Cypher | Jun 14 2022 18:59 utc | 120

@malenkov, You in Russia, bro?

Posted by: Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 18:59 utc | 121

@2 Bruised Northerner

The reason Russia couldn't protect them is that they were leaving Ukranian lines on foot. This was monitored by uke command which sent mounted troopers to kill them before they could make their way to safety on the Russian side. Miserable

Posted by: Cresty | Jun 14 2022 19:03 utc | 122

TPaine | Jun 14 2022 18:51 utc | 103

thanks.. yes, i see it that way too...

Posted by: james | Jun 14 2022 19:03 utc | 123

Oh so much chemistry today, Azot, Ur Pu (in past) I posted in the All Other topics about differential between ore and finalized product for Uranium.

Posted by: paxmark1 | Jun 14 2022 19:03 utc | 124

Note - the Kiev unit that machine gunned its own people for surrendering was most certainly trained by NATO officers and it’s likely that this unit is being commanded (distantly) by NATO officers.

A most interesting case for the forthcoming war crimes trials

Posted by: Exile | Jun 14 2022 19:06 utc | 125

@malenkov, You in Russia, bro?

Posted by: Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 18:59 utc | 118

If I were, I'd be on the other side of the world from the world's largest collection of bloodthirsty cretins.


Posted by: malenkov | Jun 14 2022 19:06 utc | 126

It is inconceivable that Russian army cannot coordinate where these artillery attacks on Donetsk are emanating from and then hit 'em hard with Iskander missiles am I missing something?

Posted by: Lou Cypher | Jun 14 2022 18:59 utc | 117

No problem if you don't mind taking out an occupied apartment building or school or the like in the process.

Posted by: malenkov | Jun 14 2022 19:07 utc | 127

When my wife asked why Russia is fighting for land (this is the MSM framing in Canada) I answered that Russia is not fighting for land, it is fighting for people.

Posted by: Phil | Jun 14 2022 18:46 utc | 102

Russians are fighting for both land and people. During the 2014-22 civil war millions of Russian speaking Ukrainians migrated from the east to Russia to avoid the shelling of settlements. De facto ethnic cleansing. If Russia was only interested in the people, they would have encouraged that migration and abandoned Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts to the Kyiv regime.

It is clear that they want to control as much land as possible as a buffer against NATO missile attacks. The fact that they are issuing Russian Passports, currency and education materials indicates that there is zero intention to return any of the occupied land.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Jun 14 2022 19:08 utc | 128

Scorpion@85 - "The MIC regularly has to get rid of old inventory in order to be able to accept new orders authorized by Congress. So part of what is going on is house cleaning before rebuilding inventory.

Consider a far darker rationale: house cleaning to deny these weapons to rebellious U.S. soldiers for use inside the U.S.

It may be a bit of a stretch, but I've read narratives (rather convincing at that) that there is widespread paranoia by U.S. leaders - Democrats, no doubt, of

1) an impending domestic crisis (or several - food shortages, power grid down, hyperinflation, monkeypox, internet going dark, dollar/stock market crashing) late this summer leading to civil unrest in the U.S., followed by

2) orders to the U.S. military to move in to major urban areas to 'restore order', followed by

3) many of those military units instead turning on the insane U.S. government, law enforcement or 'loyalist' military rather than on the citizens.

Insane conspiracy theory? Well, most of the domestic U.S. military is now National Guard and Reserve citizen soldiers, not Active Duty. There's an entire very disturbing monkey-barrel of rumors about an ongoing repositioning or resecuring weapons and ammunition stocks (denying their use by, say, a rouge National Guard unit against 'loyalist' Active Duty). That would make 'now' the perfect time to get rid of old or excess, but still entirely useable heavy man-portable weapons - like Javelins and Stingers - with the plausible excuse of 'supplying the UA Nazis'. ALL those old stocks are (or were) found in the U.S. - the overseas ammo dumps always have fresh stocks with older stuff rotated back for storage in the states. Ukraine is also being used as an excuse for disappearing military small arms ammo in domestic (U.S.) stocks. If you were a Washington D.C. sycophant/parasite, how would you ensure only correct-thinking 'loyalist' military was properly equipped for their primary task: protecting the U.S. government against rebellious military units? What's a regional National Guard unit going to do when they crack the seals on their local arms bunkers and find them empty?

Make no mistake, the regular (supposedly loyal) domestic U.S. military is still armed to the teeth, but those weapons and ammo are mostly under control of active duty units at a known, limited number of active-duty U.S. bases or depots. Guard and Reserve units have almost nothing except what is supplied to them from centralized depots. No ammo supply - no threat.

I'm not really worried about any of this. At the first sign of SHTF, I'm going to run across the border into Canada. My survival plan is to break into James' house, loot his food and liquor, then continue further north until I'm comfortably away from the crazies and nuclear fallout (or too drunk to care).

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 14 2022 19:09 utc | 129

As for b's observation about MSM outlets operating in sync, this is the rule rather than the exception. I've often wondered how, exactly, the MSM outlets are signaled by the CIA.

Posted by: SingingSam | Jun 14 2022 16:30 utc | 31

Partly, "The 4 a.m. talking points" out of various, topic-specific think-tanks in d.c. I thought they were a collective mythical legend until I served a tour at the Pentagon and met cats who explained the process...

Then RI Governor Gina Raumundo was a laughable amature at it, echoing Obama's stated positions nearly word-for-word. I wonder if Zelensky will be rewarded with a U.S. talk show circuit regular as Gina was rewarded her current position in d.c. ...a revolving door of lousy, murderous actors 8n the kabuki theater depop play.

Posted by: ERing46Z | Jun 14 2022 19:10 utc | 130

@ 118 & 123 - I don't think they "run coal" in Russia. They just produce it. Spider senses say... Dallas area. Defo Tejas.

Posted by: lex talionis | Jun 14 2022 19:12 utc | 131

More than 100,000 residents of the Zaporozhye region have applied for Russian citizenship.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:12 utc | 132


“Please elaborate which promises were kept by Trump”

I wrote yesterday about it. Every campaign promise given at the rallies was substantially kept. Here is the short list.
Wall, defeat ISIS, New NAFTA , China trade deal, reshore auto manufacturing, VA admin reform, withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord, tax cuts, regulation cuts, conservative judges, renegotiate NATO, most important negotiate with adversaries. This platform was unthinkable to the democrats and they never came up with anything substantive to counter it.

Posted by: Bobolinski | Jun 14 2022 19:14 utc | 133

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 18:55 utc | 110

I must have missed your reply.
Why did you leave the UK?

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 19:21 utc | 134

Posted by: Vintage Red | Jun 14 2022 17:43 utc | 62
About the "Azot" plant:

Probably from the French "azoute" for nitrogen. If you look at the Russian language there is a Slavic core, with loan words from French, German and US English, in that chronological order. I suppose the next wave of loan words in Russian will be from Chinese.

Posted by: Passerby | Jun 14 2022 19:23 utc | 135

@126 PavewayIV

Dunno about how seriously the idea is taken, to deny these stocks of artillery/mlrs/armor and parts/ammo to US troops. After all, US Army has the benefit of infinite mil budget. (though maybe a smart move on the part of Marines, similar to ditching tanks, to avoid getting diverted to inland ground fighting in the future).

More likely, seems this would equally be cleaning out stocks of a variety of roughly 1990ish vintage stuff from European NATO members! Due to cost, how can they replace that firepower 1-to-1? Also, all EU Budgets are going to get hit hard in the next cycle because of the multiple worldwide economic crises starting to boiling over now.

Posted by: ptb | Jun 14 2022 19:23 utc | 136

According to zero hedge, Freeport LNG are looking at a partial restart in 90 days - three months... A big chunk of US gas exports to Europe won't be back online before the beginning of winter.
Now Gazprom is shutting down a number of compressors that feed Nord Stream 1. 40% reduction in pumping capacity. Looks like Europe will see a Russian winter.
Russian gas giant Gazprom has announced a 40% reduction in natural gas deliveries to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline, blaming German engineering giant Siemens for failing to restore key turbines “on time”.

Siemens’ high-power SGT-A65 and SGT-A35 turbines were installed at the facility to maintain the necessary pressure in the system because there are no additional booster compressor stations along the pipeline’s 1200-kilometre subsea section.

The turbines are understood to be based on Rolls-Royce engines and are usually sent for maintenance to the UK.

However, Siemens has withdrawn its services and maintenance support for Russia to comply with European sanctions against the country following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As well as stating that Siemens had not returned the turbines sent for maintenance, Russian technical compliance watchdog Rostekhnadzor ordered the facility to idle several turbines in Portovaya because of “technical faults and the expiry of overhaul deadlines”.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 14 2022 19:24 utc | 137

The Arctic zone of our country has colossal hydrocarbon reserves - about 25% of the total Russian oil and gas condensate reserves, more than 70% of natural gas reserves. Over the past few years, the region has also entered the list of world centers for the production of liquefied natural gas.

Of course, our opponents will continue to do everything to inflict maximum damage on the domestic fuel and energy complex and undermine Russia's position in the Arctic. However, the mere intention of Western countries to abandon our energy resources is already having an extremely negative effect on millions of Europeans. Today they are experiencing an energy crisis, the scale of which will only increase. Even the main instigator of anti-Russian aggression, the United States of America, suffered.

Everyone understands that in their zeal to destroy the domestic economy, our enemies will go to the end. Impose more and more new sanctions against us, expel Russia from various organizations under far-fetched pretexts. Just recently, seven Arctic states decided to resume the work of the Arctic Council, but without the participation of our country.

Apparently, they all forgot that Russia controls the longest Arctic zone, where more than half of the indigenous population of the Arctic lives and most of the economic activity is carried out in high latitudes. You can arrange as many "cabal fights" as you like and try to solve something without Russia. But if such decisions are made without taking into account the interests of the largest Arctic power, they make no sense. And our country is absolutely not obliged to follow these decisions. Joint effective work to ensure the protection of the environment and the development of the polar regions will actually be frozen. Although the Arctic Council was created precisely for these purposes.

Nevertheless, these are their problems, not Russia's. We will consistently expand cooperation with our friendly countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We have something to offer each other.

Now it is necessary to accurately determine the possible volumes of supplies of our energy resources, including from the Arctic, in these areas. And also to analyze in detail the prices for their products, which would meet national interests. And, of course, we will increase the consumption of Russian oil, gas, and coal in the domestic market and stimulate the deep processing of energy resources.

Taking into account these tasks, all projects and plans related to the development of the Russian Arctic zone require special attention. First of all, transport infrastructure and the Northern Sea Route, including its icebreaking, navigation, port and communications support. It is important to continue linking this key Arctic route with railroads while building a storage and transportation system for liquefied natural gas at high latitudes.

Decrease in demand for fossil fuels can lead to an increase in electricity consumption in the world. It will also be necessary to diversify the products that we export from the Arctic zone of Russia. We are talking about the production of such promising energy sources as ammonia, methanol and hydrogen. Of course, this will require quite large costs, so a comprehensive economic assessment of such opportunities is necessary.

The development of this important region for our country was considered today at a meeting of the commission for the development of the Arctic.

- Dmitry Medvedev

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:37 utc | 138

Just another question


how much do you think the Mercenary Corps is going to pay for the mercenaries caught? I mean there is some honor among thieves at least and I can guess that also some legends were involved...

about 1 ton gold per head?

Posted by: Macpott | Jun 14 2022 19:38 utc | 139

I suppose the next wave of loan words in Russian will be from Chinese.
Posted by: Passerby | Jun 14 2022 19:23 utc | 132

Yes! LOL
You may not be conversant with Bernal's exercise in applied historical linguistics, but I suspect you are a sci-fi fan. The future of evacuated human beans is foretold

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 19:39 utc | 140

Then it turned out that the especially gifted characters that I wrote about ⬆️ began to realize that Russia is our beloved Motherland. And it also dawned on them that without our country they could not survive.

After all, otherwise they will not receive:
- food for their citizens;
– fertilizers to produce food for their citizens;
– sources of energy for the production of food and heating of their citizens;
- metals and other products for the production of machines and mechanisms for their citizens;
- fuel for European and American nuclear power plants, which provide 20-40% of electricity to their citizens.

The list goes on.
Now we are looking forward to the next package of European sanctions and Grandfather Joe's great sanctions decisions, about which the authors of these same sanctions immediately begin to come up with circumvention schemes.
I will not remind you about inflation, prices for all types of fuel and forecasts for the fall of economies. All data is publicly available.
And this is only the first month of summer.

We are waiting for autumn... when we will have to collect the main sanctions harvest.

In the meantime, the locomotive of their economy of services and digital currencies is flying into the wall at full steam. Smile, gentlemen, smile!

- Dmitry Medvedev

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:40 utc | 141

So less freedom gas, 40% less NS1 gas. Germany, at least, will halt economy this summer :)))) I love it. For freedom!

Posted by: rk | Jun 14 2022 19:44 utc | 142

Those living in the "unfriendly countries" should read Medvedev's posts very carefully, at least few times.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:45 utc | 143


dont overestimate Dimitry :) He failed in his tenure

Posted by: Macpott | Jun 14 2022 19:49 utc | 144

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 14 2022 19:09 utc | 126

"I'm not really worried about any of this. At the first sign of SHTF, I'm going to run across the border into Canada. My survival plan is to break into James' house, loot his food and liquor, then continue further north until I'm comfortably away from the crazies and nuclear fallout (or too drunk to care)."

Ha ha!

Well, I don't know about most of your other possible scenarios one way or the other but it does seem to me that we are getting very close to major SHTF epoch-changing events coming soon to a reality near you any time now. The sanctions are going to hit Europe hard this winter presumably and probably the US is also going to be going off the deep end around then. But riots often get going in the summer months so any time now (and before the mid-terms) so since it's June 14th.....

The thing is - at least in the US which I know better than Europe at this point - the country lacks solidarity, is broken up already, is about to be economically battered and socio-politically dysfunctional. Civil war? Maybe but who fights whom? Am not sure any group can organize except the conservative-purged US military in which case it won't be a war so much as a crack-down. I suspect another disease - a much worse one this time - is probably on the menu and then some sort of far more aggressive crack-down on MAGA people after which there won't be much resistance capacity in the general population and the country will be fairly easy to collapse at that point. But of course I don't know and of course I would much rather the country and her people don't have to go through all that sort of thing but it is looking increasingly inevitable, isn't it?

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 19:50 utc | 145

Posted by: Lou Cypher | Jun 14 2022 18:59 utc | 117

"It is inconceivable that Russian army cannot coordinate where these artillery attacks on Donetsk are emanating from and then hit 'em hard with Iskander missiles am I missing something?"

You would think so, but it's quite tricky especially when mobile artillery units shoot and scoot.

Perhaps as well, they may want to let some munitions through to prove a point to their own people that the Ukies are scum.

Posted by: Marky | Jun 14 2022 19:51 utc | 146

The meme in this post tells all, that people should listen to him carefully!

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:52 utc | 147

@laguerre | Jun 14 2022 18:04 utc | 76 et al.
You repeat a flat PR from French lobby.
Karlof1 is certainly right.

Today France WAS on net IMPORT of electricity
Facts are available at

French clean and green Nuclear energy is over sold. French monopolistic EDF is on the run of biggest financial and industrial collapse and 12 reactors [10% of total production] are already shut down for "maintenance". EPR, the new generation is 10 years late.

And electricity is only a small part of the energy needed. Was 3155 TWh in 2005, only 2650Twh last years while French industry is today nearly destroyed [only 10 % of GDP].
France nuclear plants have produced last year 360 TWh

There's no future without Russia fossil fuels in West European countries.
Again, Karlof1 is right.

Or back to Mittelalter with Charcoal and floating wood.

Posted by: La Bastille | Jun 14 2022 19:53 utc | 148

Because the msm is an extention of the war party, no one (who deserves it) will be held to account for US involvement in Ukraine debacle. So dont be disappointed.

Posted by: jared | Jun 14 2022 19:54 utc | 149

I've often wondered how, exactly, the MSM outlets are signaled by the CIA.

Posted by: SingingSam | Jun 14 2022 16:30 utc | 31

I look at it this way, though cannot prove its accuracy:

The mainstream media, including the social media titans, are Intelligence-run operations masquerading as private corporations. Not all the employees know the full agenda, of course, but at the top it's all basically understood. So it's not just that the CIA (or whatever) infiltrate a few senor editors and journalists into the WAPO or NYT; no, the CIA (or whatever) basically run these operations for Intelligence purposes but do an excellent job disguising them as private sector for-profit entities.

Private sector for profit means they are not subject to government oversight which is what all the drug money is about too of course (since it's off the books). The more Intelligence can operate in the dark, the better. And running private sector corporations is right up their alley.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 19:55 utc | 150

Every single EU/NATO countries need Russia, one way or another. Russia can damage/kill any country's economy. Medvedev is the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, where Putin is the Chairman. The world is lucky to have the soft-spoken Putin as the President of Russian Federation.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:57 utc | 151

I must have missed your reply.
Why did you leave the UK?

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 19:21 utc | 131

Family related stuff when still a teenager.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 19:58 utc | 152

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 14 2022 19:24 utc | 134

So many accidents and mishaps...

managed crisis?

Nah, couldn't possibly be could it??????

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 19:59 utc | 153

So Military Summary today talks about Avdiika;

At about 24:00 in.

Air defences mean no drone reconnaissance. The second problem is that bombing the industrial plant could release large clouds of toxic chemicals if Donetsk is downwind.

People speculate that Russians want to go slowly for various made up reasons.

Real world: They lack good SEAD capability, they lack sufficient satellite capabilities, and they don’t have enough BTGs to spare.

As usual Putin tried to increase RF force capabilities on the cheap, naively trusted too many oligarchs who pocketed half the cash to finance a new megayacht, and now RF simply have no options other than arty grind for a long time in order to minimise casualties.

I’m sure all of these problems are being worked on intensively, but they will take a lot of time and resources to resolve.

As an example, RF have about 10 Su-57s in service; compare to 150 F-22s of the USAF.

People overestimate the RF capabilities and underestimate the destruction caused in the 90s when 60% of the Soviet inheritance was pillaged.

Posted by: Moaobserver | Jun 14 2022 20:01 utc | 154

PavewayIV @126: "many of those military units instead turning on the insane U.S. government, law enforcement or 'loyalist' military rather than on the citizens."

This is not so far-fetched. The strategists for the domestic establishment are far from world-class intellects, but they cannot be so stupid that they don't realize they only get one shot to put down a righteous rebellion using the regular military. Given time to think about it, and just cause on the side the rebels, almost any nation's military will become extremely unreliable after being ordered to kill their own civilians. Demanding the military kill Iraqi civilians is one thing. Pushing them to kill civilians who could be their very own parents and siblings, on the other hand, is the fast track to mutiny. Police will happily kill civilians all day long, but that sort of thing rubs the regular military (as opposed to Special Forces and "intelligence") entirely the wrong way.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 14 2022 20:03 utc | 155

Posted by: Chip Poirot | Jun 14 2022 15:43 utc | 11

The issue of shooting surrendering and/or deserting soldiers and the arrests of pro Russian, or people perceived as pro Russian raises some interesting quandaries. .... I still come down to the point that Russia invaded Ukraine while there were still other options-even if I believed **all** Russian arguments, which I don't. Most accept that during war, especially an invasion, even the most Democratic society is going to suppress dissent that is perceived as undermining war efforts. Whether it's justifiable or not, and to what extent, is a complex question.

Let me ask if I understand correctly?
You argue that "shooting surrendering and/or deserting soldiers and the arrests of pro Russian, or people perceived as pro Russian" is not a criminal act and may be justified under certain conditions ("Russia invaded Ukraine").

Posted by: Vajezatha | Jun 14 2022 20:03 utc | 156

Putin signed a decree to raise prices continuously in the United States...and its poodles.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 20:03 utc | 157

NY Yella Cake -100 for "Europe is a US colony" fans hanging on to Joe Tzu's British root ball with papist protocol characteristics

British Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill tells Parliament that members of the Irish Free State’s Provisional Government will be required to take the oath of allegiance to the king but members of the Provisional Parliament won’t, although members of the eventual permanent Irish Parliament will. “The House was a little mystified by the explanation.”

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 20:05 utc | 158

Chip Patriot #11
"I think back to the Contra war against Nicaragua. The Sandinistas engaged in human rights violations, but they were fighting against foreign backed invaders who were committing worse violations. " I was very politically active at the time of Reagan's contra proxy war against the sovereign people of Nicaragua. You make allegations against the Sandinista's without proof. Let me remind you that the MSM and the neo-cons from both parties spread lies and rumors about the Sandinistas as prolifically as it does today about Russia. Why do they do this because some people will believe this kind of trash without question and pass it on down the rumor mill.
For example:
"1. I saw a report that blamed Russia for shelling Donetsk, even though it was clear the weapons used were NATO weapons. That's an extreme false flag: they are asserting that Russian, more accurately, DPR forces are shelling their own areas with NATO ammunition. That seems absurd."
Well, it is absurd, but it is put out there to be picked up and carried forward. Who knows, in 20 years someone might repeat it as a fact, like your Sandinista opinion.
Here is a fact, the Contra's raped and murdered civilians. They executed Sandinista mayors and town officials in public for all to see. The kidnapped young boys and men to fight with the Contras or be shot. The CIA was there and was involved up to their necks. This happened all over Nicaragua, but primarily on the border with Honduras which was nothing but one bis US military base where the Contras were trained and was protected.

Posted by: Eldean | Jun 14 2022 20:07 utc | 159

ostro | Jun 14 2022 19:45 utc | 140

Thanks for posting Medvedev. It is what I have been seeing re economies. What I wasn't sure about was if Russia was merely standing back and watching the west running towards the cliff or if Russia was giving a few covert nudges to steer them over the cliff.

Most likely the covert nudges are only required to ensure western economies take the shortest route to the cliff edge.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 14 2022 20:11 utc | 160

speaking of protocols, Have I got a post-SWIFT, evil IMF bulletin for yous!
Putin Approved Protocols To Defer Cuban Debt Payment
Mein GOTT, it's like China rolling over PK and LK debt again. What in HELL is the rule-based, profit-before-people order coming to?!

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 20:13 utc | 161

Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 19:59 utc | 150

The Freeport fire coming at this time does make one wonder.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 14 2022 20:13 utc | 162

"This is a problem because it takes pressure off the Biden administration to negotiate with Russia over Ukraine and the future security architecture in Europe."

No, it's not. That's because the US will never negotiate with Russia over anything. So there is no "pressure" on the US. The only pressure is on the EU - and they're still too scared of or controlled by the US to negotiate.

Re media coverage: I've been noticing that - the so-called "antiwar site" - is barely reporting the Ukraine war now, too. And the guy using Don Bacon's name over there didn't show up for the one report on how Ukraine admits it's losing the war.

Face it, it's all cognitive dissonance. People can't handle the truth - so they don't. And they'll just go merrily on their way to the next obsession with zero contact with reality.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:15 utc | 163

@ Simplicius | Jun 14 2022 15:27 utc | 5

Yes, I have read many accounts of the bombing of Berlin in 1940 which seemingly led to the abandonment of the Luftwaffe offensive on British airfields, a change in policy which may have changed the course of the air war over Britain.

One small quibble though, Sir Arthur Harris was not promoted to head of bomber command until 1942. What makes you think he staged the fateful night bombing of Berlin in 1940? I'm not saying you are wrong necessarily, I'm just curious.

Posted by: MarkU | Jun 14 2022 20:15 utc | 164

In Odessa, the officers of the Ukrainian military enlistment office issue summons to vacationers on the beaches, with the help of the police. Some men manage to run away.

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 20:17 utc | 165

Opport Knocks #9

Treat your sons as I treat mine and they will all follow the white line and have laptops. Joe Tzu

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 14 2022 20:18 utc | 166

@Paveway 77

I saw that Twitter thread earlier today. Up to point 19 the US General makes a pretty convincing case that the Ukies are stuffed on logistical grounds. Then he posts nonsense about them going to win, when he's proved they will never be able to rebuild enough forces.

That's without logistical and trained manpower issues.

BTW @ArmchairWarlord on twitter is a realistic and IMO pretty unbiased observer, former US military officer. He reckons that the Russians need 400 5 ton capacity trucks per day just to move enough artillery shells. If that's so, then Ukraine needs that many at a minimum to reach firepower parity...and they have travel a long way from the West under the eyes, airpower, missiles and guns of the Russian forces. In other words, logistically, it's a non-starter, even if the Ukraine forces ever got enough weapons.

Posted by: JulianJ | Jun 14 2022 20:19 utc | 167

@ PavewayIV | Jun 14 2022 19:09 utc | 126

lolol! good luck getting my address! but yes - further north is a good idea... being on an island is a pretty good idea too as i see it! your scenario is not that far fetched.. i agree with you and scorpion - the SHTF epoch seems just around the corner.. what that entails is harder to know exactly at this point..

@ Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:15 utc | 160

i agree.. the pressure is all on europe... they can thank the usa for that... at some point it will come back to bite the usa in the ass, but that time hasn't arrived yet.. as for the regular gong show called usa elections and mid terms - i am so done with this circus show as a canuck... i don't want to hear about it anymore, but it will be in the news cycle regardless, overwhelming everything else - intentionally..

Posted by: james | Jun 14 2022 20:24 utc | 168

@ Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022 17:30 utc | 56 Re:

"This raises another question: why is the civil infrastructure in Ukraine still functioning? The bridges... the electricity... television... the water supplies... the internet... the bridges... the trains... the highways...."

The answer to your question is that bombing civilian infrastructure is a war crime under International law, not that you would guess that from watching US/NATO/Israel actions over the last few decades.

Posted by: MarkU | Jun 14 2022 20:25 utc | 169

Hundreds of thousands of people are planned to be mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar reminded that Zelensky's decree on mobilization is still in force.

Well, Ze is getting rid of all the male Ukrainians...

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 20:25 utc | 170

Opport Knocks | Jun 14 2022 15:41 utc | 9

Wish MoA had the ability to "upvote" (down too).

Thumbs up, way way up.

Posted by: Fiji Refugee | Jun 14 2022 20:29 utc | 171

@ Fiji Refugee | Jun 14 2022 20:29 utc | 168

that flakebook feature would ruin this site... but regardless - i too liked opport knocks post..

Posted by: james | Jun 14 2022 20:31 utc | 172

Ukraine is preparing its Western host for its great military failures

Like: well, we asked for 100% of weapons and ammunition, and you gave 10%, so we are losing!

No, you are losing the war for three other reasons:
1. Picked the wrong opponent.
2. They chose the wrong allies.
3. Picked the wrong ideas for which your soldiers don't want to die.

Everything is simple.

- Sladkov

Posted by: ostro | Jun 14 2022 20:31 utc | 173

I see we have a new set of morons turning up here today.

Also, I agree that the site needs a "pinned Ukraine FAQ" section where b can post the best answers to all the usual stupid questions.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:32 utc | 174

@ Rob | Jun 14 2022 18:32 utc | 90

Sources written much nearer the time say otherwise. It is a serious error in my view to trust current day 'fact checking' websites on anything. They are busy re-writing history, whitewashing the actions of the Allies in WW2 is a given.

Posted by: MarkU | Jun 14 2022 20:32 utc | 175

In Paris you don't need AC. In the south you might, but I don't think they do very much. It's a Mediterranean climate; there's not a lot of AC in Mediterranean climates, as it's not too hot.

Posted by: laguerre | Jun 14 2022 18:26 utc | 84

I stayed in a less expensive hotel in Paris in summer ca. 30 years ago. Surely you can survive a steamy night by opening the window AND the door to the hallway. So, yea, you can survive.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 14 2022 20:34 utc | 176

Vajezatha 153

I am asking an abstract, hypothetical question about laws of war and general military understandings. Under US law, desertion during time of war is punishable by death, though this has not been applied in the US since WWII, and only following a Court Martial. I am asking the question-not stating: Is it lawful for any country to shoot people who desert during combat? It has been done in many cases. I don't know how surrendering contrary to orders is considered under military law. There's a pretty good rule of thumb to follow: if you have to use ... to make it sound like someone is saying something, chances are you are distorting what a person is saying. Laws of war are more permissive than is often understood. But I am not a military lawyer or an international lawyer. I'm suggesting the issue be considered in light of international law, military law, etc. and in the context of any country fighting an external invader. At what point a person commits treason in the context of an external invasion might also be difficult to judge.

Eldean #156

The name is spelled "Poirot". I respectfully request you not distort my name to make a polemical point. I too was very active in the 1980's in demonstrating against Reagan's policies in Central America as well as the anti-nuclear movement. If you read what I wrote, I said that I opposed the Contra War. Multiple human rights organizations documented human rights violations on both sides. Unfortunately, I have to rely on memory right now.

Posted by: Chip Poirot | Jun 14 2022 20:34 utc | 177

So you say you want to know how PUTIN's War will end in the USA? I told you: fade.
tabloid USAToday celebrity "Opens up" Feature 14 June 2022

Front Headline: The life of a [modern slave with European characteristics]: Free stuff, 'blatant lies[*] and strings attached
Doctype Title: "jenny-mollen-city-likes-instagram-influencers/7615119001/"
Redirect Title: What's it like to be an influencer? Jenny Mollen dishes on free stuff — and all the strings attached

* Oxford comma omitted

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 20:36 utc | 178

re Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:15 utc | 160

"I've been noticing that - the so-called "antiwar site" - is barely reporting the Ukraine war now, too..."

oh come on, Richard, I read over at quite frequently, I just checked it earlier today and the top three links/stories are about Ukraine. And it's been a top or near top story for months; along with related news about Nato and/or Biden re ukraine/Russia/sanctions etc.

and the fine writer, Dave Decamp writes about it all the time

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jun 14 2022 20:36 utc | 179

From Pepe Escobar's Telegram channel... This nails it on the head.


A SBU General, Andriy Naumov, was arrested in Serbia trying to cross the border, smuggling $20 million and a fitful of gems.
Naumov was the head of the Main Directorate for Internal Security of the SBU.
Just before the start of Operation Z, he abandoned Ukraine along with his SBU chief Ivan Bakanov. They took away an absolute fortune in cash.
A month ago, Bakanov came back to Kiev.
Naumov continued to buy real estate in Europe.
But now he's in custody - and faces a prison sentence of up to 12 years for smuggling.
The Kievan racket is doing ANYTHING possible to cover up this fiasco from their European "benefactors".
Naumov was a key guy: Zelensky's "wallet" and a very close friend of SBU boss Bakanov.

There you go: lowly Ukro 404 "intel" thieves using tons of looted money to buy real estate in Europe while the Empire of Thieves fights its proxy war to the last Ukrainian.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:37 utc | 180

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jun 14 2022 20:36 utc | 176

Three stories? They used to have ten to 15 plus numerous stuff over in the blog section. Now it's down to three. See the point? It's quite noticeable how it's been drifting off the radar.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:38 utc | 181

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jun 14 2022 20:36 utc | 176

Oh, and Dave Decamp never has anything of significance to say. Also, when was the last time Doctorow or McGovern or anyone else of significance had an article there? McGovern had one a little while back, but it was basically a blurb.

Face it, the war is now "old news" there as well as everywhere else.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:41 utc | 182

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 20:37 utc | 177

Hey, now, what happened to that Boss Wife who was caught at a Polish check point with a body guard and a trunk ("boot") load of € cash money way back in March when the SMO crossed the border?

Posted by: sln2002 | Jun 14 2022 20:42 utc | 183

La Bastille @145--

Thanks for your support!

laguerre has disliked me for years and tries to hurt my credibility when the opportunity arises.

The energy situation is dire in all of Europe, excepting Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and a few other CIS nations as a result of the illegal sanctions regime demanded by the Master of EU Colonies the Outlaw US Empire. As we've seen, energy is a major if not The Key Factor in today's Hybrid War. And as such, several oddities are produced, such as Russia still paying Ukraine its transit fees for gas traversing the pipelines under Ukie control while pursuing its SMO. Serbia's President Vucic said: "Only by imposing sanctions on Russian oil, they directly took $600 million from our pocket! $600 million was taken directly from the pockets of Serbian citizens, this is within a year." IMO that's grounds for war against the EU. Will Serbia again allow itself to be raped by EU/NATO?

Some see what's occurring and calling it out for what it is. Many here detest the current Pope, but he has the courage to say the following that was picked up for an RT article (URLs were blocked earlier):

"Pope Francis has suggested that World War III is already in progress, as evidenced by 'intertwined elements' at work in the Russia-Ukraine crisis and other conflicts across the globe.

“'A few years ago, it occurred to me to say that we are experiencing a third world war fought piecemeal,' the head of the Catholic Church said in a May 19 interview with Jesuit media outlets that was published on Tuesday. 'Today, for me, World War III has been declared'." [My Emphasis]

May 19th!!!! His observation was buried for almost a month?!? Will his statement be published in the West?! Including his saying "the Russia-Ukraine crisis may have been 'provoked'"?!?

Yesterday, I published "The Colonization of Europe by the Outlaw US Empire" and soon after discovered Alastair Crooke's latest essay essentially agreed while also noting the EU that Colonization means "The EU has abdicated on the means to bring the war to its end," as that's completely under the Outlaw US Empire's control since it's the Master. Some didn't care for my assessment, but then there are times the Truth hurts.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2022 20:44 utc | 184

... why is the civil infrastructure in Ukraine still functioning? The bridges... the electricity... television... the water supplies... the internet... the bridges... the trains... the highways...

Posted by: Citizenfitz | Jun 14 2022

Article 52(2) of the 1977 Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions provides:

In so far as objects are concerned, military objectives are limited to those objects which by their nature, location, purpose or use make an effective contribution to military action and whose total or partial destruction, capture or neutralization, in the circumstances ruling at the time, offers a definite military advantage [French « un avantage militaire précis »].

It is a rule of customary international law (even a country that has not signed the Geneva Conventions must respect it).

For example, the destruction of a bridge must have a precise military objective: to prevent or make more difficult the supply of enemy troops, the arrival of reinforcements, etc.

Israel's bombing of Lebanese civilian infrastructure: power stations, bridges, which did not provide any specific military advantage, were clearly war crimes.

Posted by: Leuk | Jun 14 2022 20:49 utc | 185

Reply to Chip #82
"As I see it Russia had the following options, short of invasion:
1. Bring an official resolution to the UN with proof that the shelling in the Donbas and Luhansk regions coupled with the human rights violations was primarily the fault of Ukraine;
They took it to the Security Council repeatedly. It wasn't a secret. How would a General Assembly resolution stop anything the Nazis in Kiev planned?
2. Request the presence of international monitors in the Donbas and Luhansk regions;
Why request them when they were already there? OSCE monitored the area for years and reported on the increased shelling of Donbass.
3. Continue the game of making the US look foolish by not invading Ukraine;
So, do nothing? Stand by as Donetz and Lugansk are shelled, bombed and invaded? More likely to make Russia look foolish.
4. Threaten to bomb Ukrainian forces if they sought to invade DPR and LPR by force;
How much threat is enough? They threatened, but NATO wasn't listening. Maybe more bombast (pun intended)?
5. Continue diplomatic pressure to split NATO;
In the short term, which was the only term available, that would be totally useless.

Posted by: TPaine | Jun 14 2022 20:50 utc | 186

karlof1@27..can't believe after the last major gas explosion that Russia sent major components out of country for repair. That be like Iran sending reactor parts to Occupied Palestine for repair. Back in the eighties Russia bought CIA sabotaged valves from the US, they read 'underpressure' but were actually running 'overpressure'. Caused quite the bang, looked like a nuclear explosion from space, Americans had quite the laugh, balls big enough to make a documentary about it.
So just a stupid move on the Russians part, and guaranteed they get the equipment back, it'll be sabotaged.

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Jun 14 2022 20:54 utc | 187

@ Karlof1
"toujours là pour aider un ami"

Posted by: La Bastille | Jun 14 2022 20:56 utc | 188

Also, to realise how important "shoot and scoot" is for both sides, Patrick Lancaster has an artillery video

Two Russian 122mm D30 howitzers fire a handful of rounds at a Ukraine target. It's clearly a complex and physically arduous task being an artilleryman. They pack the guns up from the firing configuration and move away in two minutes. Lancaster seems rattled at the end and rushes off to his car. Obviously you don't have much time before counterbattery fire comes in.

Posted by: JulianJ | Jun 14 2022 20:57 utc | 189

The Freeport fire coming at this time does make one wonder.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 14 2022 20:13 utc | 159

Yup... just because one's pet conspiracy doesn't know who is doing what to whom and for why doesn't necessarily make it wrong!!

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 20:57 utc | 190

If the Republicans take both Houses of Congress in November, it becomes conceivable that Trump could become president again next year. A Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of the House. A new Republican majority in the House could elect Trump Speaker. I was thinking it was unthinkable that enough senators would vote to convict Biden and/or Harris in an impeachment trial. But, if that were to happen to both Biden and Harris, the Speaker is next in line for the presidency. And, if it's Trump, and he becomes president again next year, that will not count against the two-year limit, so Trump could be re-elected to a full term in 2024.

Posted by: Lewis's | Jun 14 2022 20:59 utc | 191

that's a lot of mercenaries, folks......
and a lot of trials coming up for war crimes and crimes against humanity etc. And a lot of Nato nations going to be begging for their mercenary-citizens not to get the death penalty
Russians With Attitude @RWApodcast

The LPR says that there are up to 2500 soldiers in the industrial zone of Severodonetsk, including up to 20-25% foreign mercenaries

7:39 AM · Jun 14, 2022·Twitter Web App
271 Retweets 1,478 Likes

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jun 14 2022 21:01 utc | 192

Posted by: Bobolinski | Jun 14 2022 16:33 utc | 32
"They may be trying to game out the scenario where Biden and Harris are both impeached and a new replacement selected from the republican controlled house, possibly Trump himself."

Can't happen. Starting with Harris, there are 17 US officials in line for the presidency if those ahead of them can't do it.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jun 14 2022 21:01 utc | 193

@ sean the leprechaun | Jun 14 2022 20:54 utc | 184

Maintenance for this kind of industrial gas pipeline is only certified for a few companies [I worked for one of them, partners with Siemens].

And on the other hand, is an excellent test for German reliability. 🤪

Posted by: La Bastille | Jun 14 2022 21:01 utc | 194

Comment from Telegram channel about the IRIS-T AD systems being sent to Ukraine... Another example of how useless all this stuff being sent to Ukraine is.

Regarding the "unparalleled" air defense system IRIS-T in Ukraine, there are several facts that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and officials of the country are hiding.

To begin with, it is worth saying that they will not give this complex to Ukraine. They sell it to the country, carefully adding air defense to the military aid package, that is, it is not a gift, as someone says.

IRIS-T, under the terms of the transfer, Ukraine does not have the right to use anywhere except to protect Kyiv. The Germans are afraid of technology leakage and they can be understood. The Ukrainians hide this requirement and say: "Wherever we want, we will put it there."

The first IRIS-T will arrive in Ukraine no earlier than in November. By this time, the tricolor of Russia will quite possibly be over Bankovaya, which is why the Germans are pulling. Maybe they won't send anything.

The first batch to transfer is just one battery. Two launchers, control vehicle and radar. This is clearly not enough to cover even Kyiv from Caliber or Kh-22 cruise missiles.

#Armament Supplies #Air Defense

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 21:02 utc | 195

"Unconvinced. They could have switched the strategy back once they'd realised it was erroneous but they didn't."

Be my guest. The argument turns on Luftwaffe strength. On 1st September (the midpoint of the attack on the airfields) the Luftwaffe flew only 640 sorties. It never reached 1,000 sorties on any of the five remaining days before the switch to attacking London.
It's not surprising, total fighter strength had fallen to less than 600 machines ie for the first time less than the RAF.
By the time the Luftwaffe realised their mistake about having destroyed Fighter Command it was in no shape to return to attacking airfields.

Posted by: Rob | Jun 14 2022 21:02 utc | 196

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2022 16:21 utc | 27

We’re going thru an unusually hot end of spring, a discouraging heat wave since it comes early and will make the summer a lot longer, I do not use AC at home but lot of businesses do, and apartments too.

At times it looks to me like a planned suicide, not only are we the main real target of the sanctions consequences, but it is multi layered, Spain had a relatively stable supply of gas and we get in bad terms with Añgeria our supplier under pressure from the usual actors and their schemes for North Africa and of course the straight, Gibraltar with the brits on one side and the yanks on the other with Rota. Our foreign minister a Bilderberger, Obama in Malaga for some conference at almost 2K€ the ticket, and greeted by our president. At times looks like stupidity, but at times it seems like a thought out demolition plan.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 14 2022 21:03 utc | 197

On the issue of what the US Military is oath-bound to support--the US Constitution, not POTUS or the JCOS, Congress, or any particular political faction. It's for that reason why I've beaten the table so hard over the years about the continual violation of the US Constitution by all POTUSs and Congress since 1945. The message being the enemy is domestic, not foreign, which thanks to Dr. Hudson's outstanding work can be narrowed down to the Rentier Class and their grifter allies in the MIC and FIRE sectors--probably less than one million people in total. Thus the reason for trying to get citizens to understand they share the same duty the soldier has to protect the ideals of our imperfect 1787 Constitution. (The Naturalized Citizen also swears a similar oath of allegiance as all soldiers.)

Mr. Bobolinsky screams the Ds are the problem. I politely told him he was incorrect. Others were more brusk. And as myself and others have written here very often, our struggle isn't with Rs or Ds, but with those in Washington DC, New York City, and those in penthouses nationwide. And those parasites will continue to win until we little people stop our infighting, join forces and assault them. And that goes for our colonized kin in Europe and elsewhere.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2022 21:04 utc | 198

Comment from the Telegram channel on the overall progress of the SMO and Russian tactics... Seems reasonable...

From the very beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, military experts undertook to analyze the tactics and further strategy of the RF Armed Forces. The guesses turned out to be wrong due to the dynamic development of events and the fact that our army tried different models of warfare. Today it is already possible to conduct an intermediate analysis of the situation that is developing within the framework of the NWO. In my estimation, everything is going as it should.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have completely switched to the tactics of mobile assault groups and complex fire engagement, shifting the focus from high speed of advance to minimizing losses while maintaining damage to the enemy.

Now an approximate algorithm of actions looks like this: Ukrainian positions are opened by UAVs and reconnaissance groups, then artillery and aircraft are hit at the identified objects, after critical damage to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, assault groups consisting of several tanks, other armored vehicles and infantry platoons are advanced in the direction of key objects. Point support is provided by artillery forces and mortars. If Ukraine tries counterattack, the offensive of our troops is slowed down, and the enemy’s points are again “polished” by artillery and fighters. Such tactics are systematically squeezing the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of cities, villages and fortified areas.

In general, the Russian troops adopted a strategy to deplete the enemy's resources. After the final retirement of the combat-ready backbone of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the deprivation of the Ukrainian troops of the minimum number of heavy weapons, repair and fuel and lubricant resources, things will go faster.

At the moment, the actions of Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups have been almost completely neutralized. First of all, due to the counter-ambush actions of our special forces. In addition, extensive work is being carried out in the rear of the RF Armed Forces to identify and capture / destroy Ukrainian DRGs. Additionally, there is a checkpoint system.

As for the losses of Ukraine as a whole. With a change in tactics, the effectiveness of the liquidation of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased. On average, it is 300-500 people per day. The total amount of Ukrainian military undefined Losses today are, according to my estimate, up to 100 thousand people. Of these, approximately 25-30 thousand were killed and up to 70 thousand were wounded and surrendered. To these 100 thousand one can add several tens of thousands more deserters.

Russian long-range aviation and the Navy continue to regularly strike with long-range cruise missiles at enemy military targets, including deep in the rear. The calculation of Kyiv and the Western side that the Russian Armed Forces would run out of missiles did not materialize - our military industry provides a sufficient rate of production of these products.

Speaking of aviation, our Air Force has now achieved operational air supremacy. It eliminates the possibility for any effective actions of Ukrainian aviation over the territories controlled by the Russian Federation, and also allows Russian pilots to operate effectively. At the same time, pockets of Ukrainian air defense remain, creating a high danger for our aircraft. The air defense system of Nezalezhnaya was created according to Soviet undefined principles, with deep separation, extensive use of maneuver and camouflage, and the use of anti-aircraft ambush tactics. In the history of wars, such a powerful and diverse air defense system operates for the first time.

With regards to the supply of Western weapons. They turned out to be a tangible help for the Ukrainian troops, but not enough. There are few foreign weapons, ensuring their operation suffers due to the extremely short training period for Ukrainian combat crews. There is an ammunition shortage. In addition, a number of European countries are sabotaging supplies initiated by the United States, which leads to a low density of heavy equipment per kilometer of front and does not have a significant impact on hostilities.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use the theater of operations within the framework of the NMD to develop the latest weapons. At a minimum, the use of BMPTs, MLRS systems "Tornado-G" and "Tornado-S", a link of Su-57 fighters was noticed. For the first time, the Buk-M3 air defense system is used in combat conditions.

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Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 14 2022 21:08 utc | 199

Yesterday, I published "The Colonization of Europe by the Outlaw US Empire" and soon after discovered Alastair Crooke's latest essay essentially agreed while also noting the EU that Colonization means "The EU has abdicated on the means to bring the war to its end," as that's completely under the Outlaw US Empire's control since it's the Master. Some didn't care for my assessment, but then there are times the Truth hurts.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2022 20:44 utc | 181

From the quality and quantity of your output I wonder: have you considered a substack account. Free and easy to set up. No canceling. You could even make some money. Your voice deserves wider audience.

My two cents.

Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 14 2022 21:13 utc | 200

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