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May 04, 2022

On Lavrov's Spat With Israel - Who Is Right?

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is in a spat with Israel over its support for Nazis militia in the Ukraine.

The immediate cause is a passage in an interview Lavrov had with the Italian TV network Mediaset:

Question: This is how you see it, while Vladimir Zelensky puts it differently. He believes denazification doesn’t make any sense. He is a Jew. The Nazis, Azov – there are very few of them (several thousand). Vladimir Zelensky refutes your view of the situation. Do you believe Vladimir Zelensky is an obstacle to peace?

Sergey Lavrov: It makes no difference to me what President Vladimir Zelensky refutes or does not refute. He is as fickle as the wind, as they say. He can change his position several times a day.

I heard him say that they would not even discuss demilitarisation and denazification during peace talks. First, they are torpedoing the talks just as they did the Minsk agreements for eight years. Second, there is nazification there: the captured militants as well as members of the Azov and Aidar battalions and other units wear swastikas or symbols of Nazi Waffen-SS battalions on their clothes or have them tattooed on their bodies; they openly read and promote Mein Kampf. His argument is: How can there be Nazism in Ukraine if he is a Jew? I may be mistaken but Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood, too. This means absolutely nothing. The wise Jewish people say that the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews. “Every family has its black sheep,” as we say.

The Zionist entity in Palestine reacted with harsh words:

The Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett, condemned on Monday a recent claim by the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, that Jews were “the biggest antisemites.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry also summoned the Russian ambassador to Israel to explain Mr. Lavrov’s remarks, while the Israeli foreign minister, Yair Lapid, demanded an apology.
Mr. Bennett said that he viewed Mr. Lavrov’s remarks with the “utmost severity,” saying that the comments were “untrue and their intentions are wrong.”

Mr. Bennett added, “The goal of such lies is to accuse the Jews themselves of the most awful crimes in history, which were perpetrated against them, and thereby absolve Israel’s enemies of responsibility.”

Separately, Mr. Lapid said that Mr. Lavrov’s comments were “both an unforgivable and outrageous statement as well as a terrible historical error.”

“Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust,” he added. “The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of antisemitism.”

Mr. Lapid has a big mouth that hides the whitewashing of Jewish Nazi collaborators in which his own family was involved.

But first let us tackle the question of Adolf Hitler's ancestry. The History channel has a piece on it:

In the decades since Adolf Hitler’s death, the Nazi leader’s ancestry has been a subject of rampant speculation and intense controversy. Some have suggested that his father, Alois, born to an unwed woman named Maria Schickelgruber, was the illegitimate child of Leopold Frankenberger, a young Jewish man whose family employed her as a maid. (She subsequently married Johann Georg Hiedler–later spelled “Hitler”–whose surname her son adopted.)

In 2019 the Jerusalem Post reported of new research on the issue:

[A] study by psychologist and physician Leonard Sax has shed new light supporting the claim that Hitler’s father’s father had Jewish roots.

The study, titled “Aus den Gemeinden von Burgenland: Revisiting the question of Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandfather,” which was published in the current issue of the Journal of European Studies, examines claims by Hitler’s lawyer Hans Frank, who allegedly discovered the truth.

Hitler asked Frank to look into the claim in 1930, after his nephew William Patrick Hitler threatened to expose that the leader’s grandfather was Jewish.

In his 1946 memoir, which was published seven years after he was executed during the Nuremberg trials, “Frank claimed to have uncovered evidence in 1930 that Hitler’s paternal grandfather was a Jewish man living in Graz, Austria, in the household where Hitler’s grandmother was employed,” and it was in 1836 that Hitler’s grandmother Maria Anna Schicklgruber became pregnant, Sax explained.
Sax writes in the study that according to the letters in Frank’s memoir, “Frankenberger Sr. sent money for the support of the child from infancy until its 14th birthday.”

“The motivation for the payment, according to Frank, was not charity but primarily a concern about the authorities becoming involved: ‘The Jew paid without a court order, because he was concerned about the result of a court hearing and the connected publicity,’” the letters state.

It seems to me that Lavrov has that one right. It really seems that Adolf Hitler had some Jewish ancestors who even paid for the upbringing of his father.

Now onto the other issue, Lavrov's claim that:

.. the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews. “Every family has its black sheep,” as we say.

Yair Lapid does not agree with that. Well, his father didn't either until, to his embarrassment, some new facts proved him wrong. There is for example the well known case of Rudolf Kasztner in which Lapid's father was involved.

As the Times of Israel reported in 2016:

[The British Jewish historian Paul] Bogdanor was “extremely shocked” to find that everything pointed towards Kasztner’s having been “a collaborator” with the Nazis, and a “betrayer of the Zionist movement and the Jewish people.”

Bogdanor’s new book, “Kasztner’s Crime,” published in October, sets out the case against the Jewish leader in damning detail. Even the most devoted defender might have second thoughts after reading his book.
Kasztner was a leader of a small Zionist grouping in Budapest towards the end of World War II. He led a Jewish rescue committee which, before the Nazis entered Hungary, did succeed in saving the lives of a number of Jews. But once the Nazis arrived, Kasztner, an ambitious lawyer, became embroiled in prolonged negotiations with the Nazi leadership, particularly Adolf Eichmann.

After complex dealings with Eichmann, Kasztner succeeded in getting the Nazis to agree to the deportation of a group of 1,684 Hungarian Jews, the so-called “Kasztner Train,” who eventually ended up in freedom in Switzerland.

But thousands more continued on the doomed path to Auschwitz. Bogdanor says that not only did Kasztner know they were being sent to their deaths, but that he actively kept such information secret from other Jews in Hungary and the wider Jewish world.

Kasztner deliberately put selected strong Zionists who wanted to emigrate to Palestine on his list. Those Hungarian Jews who did not want to emigrate were deceived by him to believe that the Nazis were no danger to them. Kazstner himself later found a role in the Zionist establishment:

Kasztner himself did not get on the train, but survived the war and made his way to Palestine. By 1952 he was a spokesman for the Ministry of Trade and a would-be member of Knesset, though he did not succeed in obtaining a place high enough on the Mapai list to become elected.

Nevertheless, when, in 1953, an embittered Hungarian Jew named Malkiel Gruenwald distributed a pamphlet about Kasztner, naming him as a Nazi collaborator, the Israeli government thought highly enough of him to bring a libel suit on his behalf, accusing Gruenwald of defamation.

During the trial, dozens of witnesses testified about Kasztner’s actions during the war. The case lasted 18 months and did not end well for him. The presiding judge ruled that Kasztner had indeed collaborated, and in words which echo down the years, said he had “sold his soul to the devil.”

The Israeli government of the day fell and Kasztner and his family became virtual prisoners in their home. He resigned from his post, his wife sank into depression and his daughter spoke, years later, of having been ostracized and mocked by other children at school.

On March 3, 1957, right-wing extremists shot Kasztner dead. The following year, too late for him, the court verdict was reversed, suggesting that much of what was claimed against him was not correct. Leading the campaign in ensuing years to rehabilitate Kasztner was journalist and political Tommy Lapid, himself a Hungarian Jew and father of Yair Lapid, the leader of today’s Yesh Atid party.

The father of the current Foreign Minister of Israel Yair Lapid tried to rehabilitate Kasztner. But the British historian found that Kasztner was indeed guilty:

“Kasztner didn’t start out as someone evil,” says Bogdanor. “He started out as someone who wanted to rescue Jews, and before March 1944, he did rescue Jews. But when the Nazis occupied Hungary, he began negotiating with them and, very quickly, I argue, he became a collaborator.”
The central charge made against Kasztner by the surviving Hungarian Jews was, says Bogdanor, “not just that he failed to warn them [of the Nazis’ intention]. It was that Kasztner had instructed local Jewish leadership to mislead them, and to deceive them into boarding the trains to Auschwitz. After Kasztner had visited the local communities, the leadership spread false information — which he had given them — that the Jews were going to be resettled inside Hungary. Agranat and the other judges overlooked this matter of deception.”

Bogdanor admits to being profoundly shocked by the depth and extent of what he found out about Kasztner. It would have been bad enough, he argues, if Kasztner had passively collaborated with the Nazis. But he actively collaborated, he says, taking steps to mislead both Jews inside Hungary and his Jewish contacts in the outside world.

Yair Lapid, just like his father, is wrong. There were quite a number of Jewish collaborators and some were even officers in Hitlers Wehrmacht.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to Yair Lapid's false accusations:

Michael Elgort 🇺🇦✡️ @just_whatever - 9:18 UTC · May 3, 2022
Today Russian @mfa_Russia has officially replied on its telegram channel to @yairlapid statement that you see below and this reply deserves to be translated and posted in full. A long thread with full translation below, link to the source in the end

The complete translation of the Foreign Ministry statement is here. It says (format edited for readability):

We paid attention to the anti-historical statements of Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, which largely explain the course of the current Israeli government to support the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv. The Israeli minister said literally the following: “The Jews did not destroy themselves during the Holocaust. Blaming Jews for antisemitism is a blatant level of racism against Jews”.
For some reason, the Western press (and some of our liberals) still argue about whether there are neo-Nazis in Ukraine. The Jewish origin of Vladimir @ZelenskyyUa is given, as one of the "reinforced concrete" arguments. The argument is not only untenable, but also crafty. History, unfortunately, knows tragic examples of cooperation between Jews and the Nazis. In Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe, the Germans appointed Jewish industrialists as heads of ghettos and Jewish councils (“Judenrats”), some of whom are remembered for absolutely monstrous deeds.

Jakub Leikin in Warsaw conducted surveillance of the Jews and reported everything to the German occupation administration, dooming his compatriots to certain, and sometimes painful death, and Chaim Rumkowski generally offered the Jews of Lodz to give their children to the Nazis in exchange for saving the lives of adult residents of the ghetto, there are many evidence of his words. It only remains to agree with H. Dreyfus a professor of history at Tel Aviv University, that the complicity of Jews in the Holocaust is a “marginal phenomenon” (but not a taboo and is the subject of research). ...

The Foreign Ministry then points to Israeli government sources which documented a big increase of antisemitism in Ukraine since the 2014 Maidan coup:

Since the coup in 2014, antisemitism has flourished in Ukraine. The report of the Minister for Relations with the Diaspora of Israel, @naftalibennett (PM now), indicates that in 2017 the number of antisemitic incidents including dozens of acts of vandalism in museums, synagogues and memorials, increased manifold in Ukraine.

Ukraine has become the leader among all the countries of the former USSR in terms of the number of antisemitic incidents, and some publications indicate that Ukraine generally surpasses all the countries of the former USSR combined in their number. One of the prominent representatives of the Jewish movement in Ukraine, Eduard Dolinsky, recently feared the termination of the activities of his organization (“Ukrainian Jewish Committee”).

There is a certain tradition of collaboration between Zionists and antisemitic people. Event the founder of the Zionist movement to establish a 'Jewish state', Theodor Herzl, was guilty of it:

[A]s the Austro-Hungarian writer Theodor Herzl was about to publish his manifesto The Jewish State in February 1896, he faced intense pressure from Vienna’s Jewish community to halt publication. Herzl rejected the pleas, published the book, and launched a movement that ultimately led to the establishment of modern Israel. Around the same time, the residents of Vienna elected an anti-Semitic mayor. To the relief of Vienna’s Jews, the emperor refused to approve Karl Lueger, but Herzl lobbied the prime minister to accept the people’s choice, arguing that boycotting the populist leader would only increase hatred of Jews.

Herzl had hoped that the installment of an anti-semitic mayor would push more Jews in Vienna towards supporting his idea of a 'Jewish state'.

Israel's arming of fascist militia in Ukraine may well have a similar motive:

Israel is keen on bringing in Ukrainian Jewish refugees for the purpose of maintaining Jewish demographic “supremacy” over the Palestinian population, academics and analysts say.

Since the outbreak of the war with Russia on February 24, the Israeli government has called on Ukrainian Jewish refugees to immigrate to Israel and removed bureaucratic hurdles to secure their arrival as quickly as possible.

“We call on the Jews of Ukraine to immigrate to Israel – your home,” Israel’s Ministry of Immigration and Absorption said in a statement on February 26.

Does that also explain why Igor Kolomoiski, the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch who lives in Israel, has financed the Azov battalion and other fascist militia in Ukraine?

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librul @ 364

Glad I was able to amuse you. Here’s the topper.

Imagine a rabbi makes a statement to another rabbi. A categorical statement with Jewry as the subject. The disputation would never end.

The rest of us are never entitled to say a word.

Posted by: older | May 5 2022 18:08 utc | 401

bevin | May 5 2022 15:11 utc | 373

Which peter are you referring to?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | May 5 2022 18:09 utc | 402

as if Stoltenberg doesn't know that Breivik is a big fan of Azov. Norway had a big problem once, named Quisling.

Posted by: rhythm&blues | May 5 2022 18:12 utc | 403

I believe Lavrov could have approached this subject more effectively.

My impression is that he gets ensnared in the narrative framing imposed by the interviewer and loses his principal argument. And that main point should be that, today, neo-nazi elements are unarguably present in Ukrainian military, politics, economic and mediatic spheres.

Much like the very loaded notion of militant jihadism, this key subject of right wing extremism is one which directly collides with ostensible Western values. And yet, miraculously, this entire sector of the field of discussion has been carefully fenced off. Despite all the evidence, the direct quotes, filmed clips and photos, the testimonies, we Western audience never get the opportunity to appreciate the gross disconnect between domestic and foreign policy.

Two years ago, without the least trace of irony, the french executive pushed a law to fight "islamist separatism" even as it stood ten year into, and balls deep, in what cannot be described as anything other than "islamist separatism" in the Middle East. This is the kind of contradiction which needs to be exposed.

Veering off into enemy controlled territory, as Lavrov did with his remark, is a sure way to lose the argument and the initiative of the original attack.

Posted by: robin | May 5 2022 18:19 utc | 404

To illustrate, if more was needed, the state of affairs in Western Europe, you have this....

The Azov battalion in Azovstal singing “Our father Bandera, Ukraine our mother”.

Stepan Bandera - known Nazi collaborator.

Between the years 1941-1945 Bandera and those who followed him tortured, killed and sent to concentration camps more than 5 million Jews, Poles and Ukrainians. In 1943 they carried out Volynskaya Reznya, murdering 100,000 civilians (mainly Poles) in cold blood.

Today Europe sends weapons to those who call him father. Chilling.

We have fallen hostage of a coup d´etaty perpetrated by that fanatic, ursula Von der Leyen, who dictated the lockdowns which rui9ned our countries and which made them hostage of the "recovery funds"....

Rumor has that the NATO Summit to be held in Madrid, Spain, tomorrow, was in interdict on alleged security issues.
"Antonio", as they call him abroad, when he does not pass totally undetected by Biden at summits, did as he could, even selling the country into slavery dreaming with being named the next NATO SG...

It is my hunch that "Antonio" was asked to detain Sharyi in order to keep the summit at home....

Also, it seems that he is the starring host at the next WEF summit in June....What more he will be asked to sacrifice?

Posted by: Ghost of Mozgovoy | May 5 2022 18:23 utc | 405

I doubt if anything like this would have happened in Franco's Spain.

Posted by: Lysias | May 5 2022 18:54 utc | 406

Down South | May 5 2022 16:28 utc | 384

the German press has a slightly different view, about this phone call, and stresses that President Putin apologized to the Israeli for the "antisemitic remark by Lavrov". I don't know if that is correct, or the Israeli spinning. The link is below

Posted by: fanto | May 5 2022 19:12 utc | 407

"It's an intentionally misleading term designed to shift blame from US establishment and US controlled opposition [DNC/DP] onto an actual enemy (marxism) which has little or nothing to do with that particular shitshow."

"So stop calling it "marxism" in here, becaue it isn't, and people around know better."

Arganthonios | May 5 2022 8:51 utc | 324

Thanks for this. ISTM, so-called "Cultural Marxism" (really anti-Marxism) of the DC is designed to distract/divert from their bipartisan victory in the class war by dividing and atomize working classes and American culture itself along race, gender, sexual preference, immigration, and pseudo-partisan politics --- all highly coordinated with Covid tyranny, vaxx enmity, anti-social distancing, and so on. They've hijacked critical language in Orwellian fashion to mean its opposite, hard right is now left, neoliberalism is liberalism, war is security, Fascism is liberal democracy, etc.

It's all by design. I first realized that early in the Obama regime when conservatives were calling Obama a Marxist (Huh??) without a peep of protest from the regime itself or "liberal" media. All part of the class-war democracy theater.

Posted by: Doug Hillman | May 5 2022 20:26 utc | 408

Peter AU1@402

Not you. There was a Nazi poster yesterday calling himself simply "Peter."
I should have been more specific- nobody in his right mind would confuse you with the other guy. All the Best!!

Posted by: bevin | May 5 2022 20:38 utc | 409

I've machine translated Lavrov's article "Russia – Central Asia: 30 Years on the Path of Friendship and Cooperation" and made it available here at my VK Space. For those unable to access VK, I reproduce it all below.

This year is marked by the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the countries of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. On the occasion of the anniversary, a rich program of events is being implemented. Among them are days of culture, exhibitions, theatrical tours, concerts, film screenings, round tables and scientific and practical conferences.

We've come a long way over the years. In our joint work, we have always relied on the historical ties of friendship that unite our peoples, the rich traditions of mutual support, trust and respect.

Like any responsible member of the international community, Russia is interested in a benevolent external environment, maintaining good-neighborliness and constructive interaction with all, but, above all, neighboring and neighboring states. In this regard, we can not but rejoice that we are connected with all the countries of Central Asia by relations of strategic partnership, and with the majority – by alliance.
Our cooperation is inclusive. A rich dialogue aimed at achieving practical results has been established at the highest level, between ministries and departments. A solid regulatory and legal framework has been formed, numbering more than 900 bilateral treaties and intergovernmental agreements.

The unification of efforts in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the further consolidation of our countries and peoples. Russia not only responded to requests from Central Asian friends for vaccines, but also shared technologies, ensuring the possibility of their production in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Trade and economic ties are developing dynamically, regardless of fluctuations in the geopolitical situation. Trade turnover with almost all states of the region is growing. Its structure, in addition to raw material positions, is formed by industrial goods, agricultural products, chemical products, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, automobile and mechanical engineering.

Only for the period 2010-2021 the volume of accumulated Russian investments amounted to about $ 30.5 billion. There are more than 10,000 Russian and joint ventures in Central Asian countries, creating 900,000 jobs.

Major joint projects are being successfully implemented. In particular, work continues on the implementation of the agreements of the Presidents of Russia and Uzbekistan on the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Central Asia. The flagship of Russian-Tajik economic cooperation is the Sangtuda HPP-1. It provides about 12.5% of the total electricity generation in the Republic. In 2021, the contract of KAMAZ PTC for the supply of about 2,000 units of vehicles to Turkmenistan was completed. In January last year, the Presidents of Russia and Kyrgyzstan launched the work of the Talas Gold Ore Plant. In the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan, joint production of mineral fertilizers has been established. And this is only a small part of our common endeavors.

Cooperation between the regions plays a special role in maintaining an atmosphere of good-neighbourliness. Forums of interregional cooperation with the participation of heads of state make a great contribution to its further enhancement. First, this practice was introduced with Kazakhstan, and then with Uzbekistan.
We proceed from the premise that the processes of Eurasian integration, which are gaining momentum, should also contribute to the expansion of practical cooperation. Currently, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are members of the EAEU. Since 2020, Uzbekistan has been participating in the work of the Union as an observer.

Interest in the activities of the association is shown by Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The attractiveness of the Union is due to tangible benefits for its members, including the growth of mutual trade, the removal of barriers to the movement of goods, capital, services, and labor resources. Within the framework of the Union, a coordinated, coordinated and unified policy is being carried out in key sectors of the economy, work is underway to create a common market for the electric power industry, oil and gas.

Russia's relations with the states of Central Asia are distinguished by a rich and diverse cultural and humanitarian interaction. There are Russian centers of science and culture in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. A representative of Rossotrudnichestvo at the Russian Embassy works in Turkmenistan.

There are representative offices and branches of leading Russian universities in the region. Among them are Lomonosov Moscow State University, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. In May 2019, the first branch of MGIMO (U) of the Russian Foreign Ministry in the CIS was opened in Uzbekistan. In February of this year, a Russian-Kazakh intergovernmental agreement was signed, regulating the activities of branches of universities of the two countries on each other's territory. The Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University are successfully operating in Bishkek and Dushanbe. The issue of opening a joint university in Kazakhstan is being worked out.

The Joint Russian-Turkmen Secondary School named after A.S. Pushkin is very popular in Turkmenistan. The construction of five Russian-language schools in Tajikistan is continuing. We expect that they will open their doors to students from September 1 of this year.

It is important that education in Russian-language schools makes it possible for citizens of Central Asian countries to enter Russian universities on equal terms. About 160 thousand citizens of the Central Asian states study annually in Russia, of which 60 thousand are at the expense of the federal budget.

It is no secret that citizens of Central Asian states show a high interest in the Russian labor market. This is due, among other things, to the visa-free regime with the overwhelming majority of countries in the region and the absence of a "language barrier". Our countries are developing close cooperation in the field of migration regulation, improving the profile legal framework. In 2017, an intergovernmental agreement was signed on the organized recruitment of Uzbek citizens to work in the Russian Federation. A similar agreement signed in 2019 with Tajikistan came into force. The relevant intergovernmental document is being worked out with Kyrgyzstan.

Security cooperation is being strengthened. Consultations on countering international terrorism are held on a regular basis, relevant bilateral projects are being implemented, and assistance is being provided in the training of professional personnel.

Military and military-technical cooperation is actively developing. Medium- and long-term programs are being implemented to provide military-technical assistance aimed at modernizing the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The key factor in ensuring a unified system of collective security of the region and neutralizing terrorist threats remains the presence of the 201st Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan and the Russian aviation group in Kyrgyzstan (Kant).

I would like to note in particular the joint work on the anti-terrorist and anti-drug structures of the CIS, the CSTO and the SCO. The effective actions of the CSTO peacekeeping forces in January of this year to assist Kazakhstan in stabilizing the internal political situation after the mass unrest supported from the outside became a clear evidence of the maturity and high reliability of this Organization. In many ways, this made it possible to stop threats to the security of the entire Central Asian region.

Our states traditionally take coinciding or very close positions on most of the key problems of our time, fruitfully interact in various multilateral associations, including the UN.

Unlike some Western countries, Russia does not consider the Central Asian region as an arena for geopolitical confrontation – in the spirit of the colonial concept of the "great game". In this regard, we only welcome the growing intraregional integration, regular consultative meetings of the heads of state of
Central Asia.

We attach great importance to cooperation in the dialogue mechanism "Central Asia + Russia" at the level of foreign ministers. It has established itself as a useful platform for the exchange of views on topical issues of the regional and international agendas. Its relevance is evidenced by the fact that the format is acquiring new dimensions, including parliamentary. At the initiative of Turkmenistan, the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of Central Asian Countries and Russia, as well as a meeting of the Dialogue of Women of Central Asia and Russia, will be held in Ashgabat in May this year.

Our harmonious, equal and mutually beneficial relations are a vivid example of how to build interstate cooperation in the XXI century. There is a mutual commitment to expanding and deepening the mutually enriching partnership. We see great potential for further development of cooperation in trade, economic, energy, scientific and technical spheres, and the realization of each other's transit opportunities. All the necessary prerequisites for bringing our ties to new frontiers are available. The main one is the bonds of friendship and trust that unite our peoples.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2022 20:50 utc | 410

bevin | May 5 2022 20:38 utc | 409

Thanks. I am not able to keep up with all the comments now.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | May 5 2022 21:27 utc | 411

Peter AU1
Who can?

Posted by: bevin | May 5 2022 21:32 utc | 412

Posted by: circumspect | May 5 2022 6:05 utc | 311

"Once the assassination was completed the team, and it was a large one, was called into a room and told they would be given new identities and placed in other countries. If the choose to stay then they would not leave the room alive. I personally know of one guy who called his daughter many years later from another country. She thought he had died in 1963. He told her what happened. He was dead within three days.

Such is how things work in the good old Empire."

If what you are saying here is correct, then you would be talking about Lansdale's team

Posted by: Andrew S MacGregor | May 5 2022 21:37 utc | 413

Путин о Зеленском: «Он хороший актер»

Posted by: Tom_12 | May 5 2022 21:54 utc | 414

Путин о Зеленском: «Он хороший актер»

Posted by: Tom_12 | May 5 2022 21:54 utc | 414

a skoreye on plokhoy aktyor. Putin was, as typical, being kind.

Posted by: malenkov | May 5 2022 22:01 utc | 415

Matthew Ehret and legendary journalist Vanessa BeeleyChabad Lubavitch and Ukrainian Gang-Countergang Operations

We look at the emergence of the Chabad Lubavitch sect that was established before Zionism came into existence and has its origins in Ukraine – now with 10,000 emissaries in 100 countries at the cutting edge of Zionist expansionism. This group is believed to be responsible for the majority of the price tag attacks in occupied Palestine, denies the right to return for all Palestinians and leads the ideological war against non adherents of Judaism.

We make the link between this secular ultra nationalist ideology and consider how it is mutually inclusive of the Ukrainian far right and Nazi elements that now dominate Ukrainian politics, military and police. An analysis of the Oligarchical power base behind these cults and how it ties into the Great Reset/WEF agenda that is threatening Humanity is also discussed.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | May 5 2022 23:03 utc | 416

Posted by: Republicofscotland | May 4 2022 15:50 utc | 105

Sorry I must have missed this yesterday. Did you or anyone else post a link at some point? I'm extremely interested in seeing if my name is on this list. Kidding, but I have been in some pretty heated Twatter spats with Ukraine flags.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | May 5 2022 23:19 utc | 417

Looks like Minister Lavrov is Correct.

ISR Mercs are fighting alongside the Bandera-Nazi, according to MFA Speaker Zharakhova.

Oddly, RT only has President Putin Apologizing to PM Benet - no updates since.

Posted by: IronForge | May 6 2022 0:17 utc | 418

Republicofscotland | May 5 2022 15:28 utc | 375


This map may help locate the highways and cities mentioned.

Posted by: pogohere | May 6 2022 0:36 utc | 419

Herzl and Zionism

This video was created in Hebrew with English subtitles by Israelis around 2000.

At 33:48
Of special interest in the deal offered by Eichman to Joel Brand of a million Jews in return for “10,000 truckloads of tea coffee and the like”—Zionists scuttled the deal and double-crossed Brand leaving the million Jews to their fate..
The whole video is worth watching though you may want to retch or projectile vomit occasionally..

Posted by: Mike | May 6 2022 1:59 utc | 420

Considering both Zelenski and Putin are jewish (yes Putin has jewish roots), maybe some part of this war is just a game of jewish revenge. Sponsoring and recruiting neo-nazi's, then sending them into the meat grinder.

Posted by: RON | May 6 2022 7:45 utc | 421

"for materialism is the belief that the only thing that is real is physical matter, is this life now, and everything else, including the mind and emotion, is an epiphenomenon that has as much substance as an hallucination, is brought on by chemicals, hormones and so on but has no actual existence."

Posted by: Scorpion | May 5 2022 15:08 utc | 371

The classic misconception about materialism, which is called mechanicism... and which Marx and Engels themselves attacked.

This is in turn the result of a platonic-cartesian view of matter, of substance, of physicality; as intrinsically inert, quiescent, strictly passive - it cannot move, it doesn't do anything, it can only receive motion and transmit it.

This fiction, by now amply contradicted by science; begs the question - where does movement come from? Plato's demiurge, Aristotle's prime mover, Descartes' god are all postulated entities to solve this apparent contradiction, and are not even bad arguments in themselves... the problem being that the apparent contradiction they were summoned to rescue, simply doesn't empirically happen, it's not true.

Matter is not only inherently animate in itself, it is inherently animating.

Atoms are in constant movement, and so are its constituent parts, and the constituent parts of such constituent parts.

And the mere presence, the mere existence of mass, of matter, even the tiniest speck; is enough to animate every other speck of matter in the universe to come to it, which is what we call gravity.

And it can't stop doing this, it cannot stop attracting other matter and it cannot stop being in movement and internal turmoil; because if it could it would amount to evaporating out of existence. So it's not a matter of transmitting movement from a prime source.

The other side of the coin of dualism is that spirit is a substance, that spirit is a realm that mirrors the physical realm in certain aspects, or rather "from which the physical realm is mirrored". Animist naturalism sometimes tends towards the former, monotheist idealism virtually always claims the latter against all evidence

Not only are there no objective arguments in favor of the transcendence of spirit, the very notion of transcendence of spirit is in flagrant contradiction with some of the properties that dualists often adscribe to spirit: like the possibility or even actuality of contact between humans and spirit or its ever-presence.

If spirit was transcendent, spirit couldn't be anywhere, much less everywhere - At best any sense of "spirit space" would be without no correlate to our own, at worst the very notion of spatial presence would be inapplicable, much less "be here".

If spirit was truly transcendent, any contact between matter and spirit would be impossible. As such, any notion of spirituality would be moot since we do know that human beings are (at least) physical.

It's not that spirit doesn't exist, it's that spirit is IMMANENT to the physical, not transcendent.

Posted by: Arganthonios | May 6 2022 11:52 utc | 422

Uh, sorry for the italics tag left open. My bad.

Posted by: Arganthonios | May 6 2022 11:53 utc | 423

@Posted by: Mike | May 6 2022 1:59 utc | 420

Your post: “10,000 truckloads of tea coffee and the like”

I didn't watch your Israeli made video.
And that Israeli video has a new twist - tea and coffee ??

No, rather Heinrich Himmler (via Adolf Eichmann) planned to split the Allies with his 10,000 trucks deal.
Churchill and Stalin were very suspicious of each other. Even a false rumor of Britain supplying Germany
with trucks (for military transport! not tea and coffee!) to be used against Stalin could create an earthquake
in the alliance.

Himmler wanted a negotiated settlement that would preserve the Third Reich. He hoped to disrupt the alliance
between the US, Britain and the USSR by playing upon their mutual suspicions of each other.
10,000 trucks given to Germany by Britain to be used solely against the USSR, that was Himmler's deal carried by Joel Brand
(who worked for Kasztner).
Astonishing that anyone would think Britain would give Germany 10,000 military transport trucks.

This was all in 1944, D-Day was approaching.
But Himmler hoped that Joel Brand, who worked for Kasztner (Kastner), would follow through with Plan B.
After the British told Joel Brand, "no deal!", Brand was supposed to return to Eichmann/Himmler and lie about it.
Himmler said that he would release one hundred thousand Jews from the camps if Joel Brand returned
and said the British had accepted the offer.

Himmler wanted propaganda to use and play upon Stalin's suspicions and paranoia:
"The British will be sending Germany 10,000 trucks to be used on the eastern front against Stalin."

The Zionists had factions in 1944 Palestine. Joel Brand traveled to Syria and met with Zionists there that he hoped
would put him in contact with the British administration. It is reported that a Zionist faction turned Joel Brand over for arrest instead.

Two months before his death in 1964, Brand commented: "I made a terrible mistake in passing this on to the British. It is now clear to me that Himmler sought to sow suspicion among the Allies as a preparation for his much-desired Nazi-Western coalition against Moscow.

--"Allied Rift Called Aim of '44 Nazi Ransom Plan'". The New York Times. 21 May 1964.

Posted by: librul | May 6 2022 13:04 utc | 424

@Posted by: librul | May 6 2022 13:04 utc | 424

Ever beware when using Wikipedia. I took that quote from Joel Brand from Wikipedia.
Fortunately Wikipedia provided the reference for the quote, a 1964 NYT article.

If you read the 1964 NYT article itself it does not say "Brand commented" as Wikipedia infers.
It wasn't some idle comment that someone made note of.
Joel Brand said this on the witness stand.

Posted by: librul | May 6 2022 20:03 utc | 425


The Babylonian Rabbinical Jews have switched, while in Babylon, the rules concerning who is to be considered Jewish, from original father's side of patriarchal tradition, as in from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob, to only accept mother's mother line as requirement for being Jewish.

Obviously it didn't happen overnight. At first, the revolutionary change was led by High Priest Ezra 'the Scribe' from 587 BCE, who insisted that Israelites start marrying only Jewish women while in Babylonian exile in order to protect Jewish culture and language from assimilation. At a time Jewish men could have polygamous relationships with women from different cultures and ethnicities, amply demonstrated by King Solomon who had Ethiopian Queen as his wife along with his huge harem with women from around the world.

Later, by about 7 CE, the Khazars have joined forces with the Moseretic Babylonian Rabbinical Talmudic Jews by adopting Judaism also following exclusively matriarchal traditions concerning who is to be considered Jewish or not, driven party due to the inheritance laws that were primarily focused on the eldest male line still alive, and in case there were none, the state could claim the family's estate, however on the mother's side chances are there were some family members left alive, since men mostly worked hard, fought and died at wars, which were plenty.

So it took from around 840 BCE to 7 CE, almost a thousand years for the switch to occur so that nowadays the Rabbinical Cabal cares not about your father's family, if you want to play Jewish, but instead have unhealthy fixation on your mother's mother family line.


However, scientifically speaking, the Y chromosomes we get from father contain the unbroken genetic information connecting the generations in one continuous line, whereas the X chromosomes are from mother is part of so called Mitochondrial DNA, which is the small circular chromosome found inside mitochondria. The mitochondria are organelles found in cells that are the sites of energy production. The mitochondria, and thus mitochondrial DNA, are passed from mother to offspring, and gets updated every other generation to reflect the environment.


Karaite (readers) Judaism or Karaism, sometimes spelt Karaitism (also spelt Qaraite Judaism, Qaraism or Qaraitism) is a Jewish religious movement characterized by the recognition of the written Torah alone as its supreme authority in halakha (Jewish religious law) and theology.

Meaning, the Karaite Jews preserve the original Moseretic tradition started by Moses, who is considered to be king Akhenaten of the famous 18th dynasty, as it was formed after the departure in 840 BCE from the original Abrahamic tradition of Covenant with Supreme God Amun (Amen), whose cult was centered in Thebes then becoming Egyptian state God at the beginning of the 12th dynasty started by Amenemhat I, considered to be the historical Abraham.

Karaites maintain prior to Babylonian exile form of Moseretic Judaism with original patriarchal tradition preserved intact, different kosher and Sabbath laws, and of the divine commandments handed down to Moses by God were recorded in the written Torah without additional Oral Law or explanation. Karaite Judaism is distinct from mainstream Rabbinic Judaism, which considers the Oral Torah, codified in the Talmud and subsequent works, to be authoritative interpretations of the Torah. Consequently, Karaite Jews do not consider the written collections of the oral tradition in the Midrash or Talmud as binding.

There is only one Karaite Synagogue in North America, I think it is in San Francisco, and about 10,000 Karaite in Israel who moved there from Cairo during the six days war and are protected by the state of Israel from hostile treatment by the Babylonian Talmudic Rabbinical establishment, who go as far as to deny them being Jewish.


So, with this in mind, let's take a look at the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Originally families who controlled twelve nomes of Egypt along the Nile, separated by the cataracts in parts, the number varying depending on the Jehoist or Elohist traditions, twelve being perfect metaphor for time.

The number 12 was not a real number, but an ideal number, which had symbolic significance in Near Eastern cultures with duodecimal counting systems, from which, among other things, the modern 12-hour clock is derived.

Now, Jacob aka Israel reportedly had twelve sons and one daughter. However, not all are from the same wifes Rachel and Leah, four tribes are from concubines, from Bilhah came Dan and Naphtali tribes, while from Zilpah came Gad and Asher. It is more likely than not that Bilhah and Zilpah are slave concubines girls living with Laban, father of Rachel and Leah, and not their father as some Rabbinical commentators have suggested, quoted farther below.


A handmaiden, handmaid or maidservant is a personal maid or female servant. Depending on culture or historical period, a handmaiden may be of slave status or may be simply an employee.

Genesis 29:29 describes Bilhah as Laban's handmaid, who was given to Rachel to be her handmaid on Rachel's marriage to Jacob. When Rachel failed to have children, Rachel gave Bilhah to Jacob like a wife to bear him children.

Bilhah gave birth to two sons, whom Rachel claimed as her own and named Dan and Naphtali. Genesis 35:22 expressly calls Bilhah Jacob's concubine, a pilegesh. When Leah saw that she had stopped having children, she took her servant Zilpah and gave her to Jacob like a wife to bear him children as well.

Zīlpā, meaning uncertain) was Leah's handmaid, presumed slave, whom Leah gave to Jacob like a wife to bear him children (Genesis 30:9). Zilpah gave birth to two sons, whom Leah claimed as her own and named Gad and Asher (Genesis 30:10–13).

Zilpah is given to Leah as a handmaid by Leah's father, Laban, upon Leah's marriage to Jacob (see Genesis 29:24, 46:18). According to the early rabbinical commentary Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer, Zilpah and Bilhah, the handmaids of Leah and Rachel, respectively, were actually younger daughters of Laban.

Which makes no sense, if they are daughters of Laban and sisters to Leah then why lower handmaid, slave, concubine titles, and why will they be passed along with the marriage as some property if they are indeed family members? Obviously the social status of Bilhah and Zilpah was lower than Rachel's and Leah's. The Babylonian Rabbinical explination is that the two maidens were Laban's daughters from another concubine, but that would still make no sense for the father to treat his daughters as servants and/or slaves, maidens and/or concubines.

The apocryphal Testament of Naftali says that Bilhah and Zilpah's father was named Rotheus. He was taken into captivity but redeemed by Laban, Rachel and Leah's father. Laban gave Rotheus a wife named Euna, who was the girl's mother. On the other hand, the early rabbinical commentary Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer and other Rabbinic sources (Midrash Rabbah, and elsewhere) state that Bilhah and Zilpah were also Laban's daughters, through his concubines. They were half-sisters to Rachel and Leah.


Asenath is a minor figure in the Book of Genesis. Asenath was a high-born, aristocratic Egyptian woman. She was the wife of Joseph and the mother of his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Since the Babylonian Talmudic Rabbinical Jews switched passing being Jewish to the mother's mother line only they then had to go back in time explaining away any contradictions.

There are two Rabbinic approaches to Asenath: One holds that she was an ethnic Egyptian woman that converted to marry Joseph. This view has her accepting the Lord before marriage and then raising her two sons in the tenets of Judaism. This presents her as a positive example of conversion, and places her among the devout women converts.

The other approach argues she was not Egyptian by descent, but was from the family of Jacob. Traditions that trace her to the family of Jacob relate that she was born as the daughter of Dinah. Dinah was raped by Shechem and gave birth to Asenath, whom Jacob left on the wall of Egypt, where she was later found by Potiphar. She was then raised by Potiphar's wife and eventually married Joseph.


The original Israelite slavery laws found in the Hebrew Bible bear some resemblance to the 18th-century BCE slavery laws of Hammurabi. The Hebrew Bible contained two sets of laws, one for Canaanite slaves, and a more lenient set of laws for Hebrew slaves. From the time of the Pentateuch, the laws designated for Canaanites were applied to all non-Hebrew slaves.

The Talmud's slavery laws, which were established in the second through the fifth centuries CE, contain a single set of rules for all slaves, although there are a few exceptions where Hebrew slaves are treated differently from non-Hebrew slaves. The laws include punishment for slave owners that mistreat their slaves. In the modern era, when the abolitionist movement sought to outlaw slavery, some supporters of slavery used the laws to provide religious justification for the practice of slavery.

Broadly, the Biblical and Talmudic laws tended to consider slavery a form of contract between persons, theoretically reducible to voluntary slavery, unlike chattel slavery, where the enslaved person is legally rendered the personal property (chattel) of the slave owner.


Abraham was king of Egypt as Amenemhat I at the start of the 12th dynasty, who adopted Amun, means hidden, of Thebes/Luxor priesthood as his and state God of Egypt. Fast forward to Moses as king Akhenaten of the 18th dynasty who goes war on God Amun and his priests and starts worship of Aten, god of light, as Supreme God.

Akhenaten was Amenhotep IV son of Amenhotep III aka king Solomon at the end of the 18th dynasty, according to Velikovsky around 840 BCE, whereas Seti and Ramses are from the following 19th dynasty established by the military generals who had no blood relations with the previous ruling Semitic House of Israel royal family, hence the exodus, two at that, after Akhenaten's revolutionary Amarna period has catastrophically collapsed.

This begins the Moseretic era with the form of Judaism preserved by the Karaite (readers) Jewish community as it was before the Babylonian exile from 587 BC. Then, while in Babylon, the Tonach, Torah, Pentateuch, OT Bible was begun to be rewritten incorporating the Babylonian cosmology and Hellenistic techniques of narrative pioneered by Herodotus. That is why the OT Bible now starts with the second letter Bet and not the first Aleph of the Hebrew alphabet. My article The Father Of The Beginnings ( on steemit dot com) goes into details of it. The original narrative was more true, spiritual, and shorter.

When Akhenaten was leaving Egypt with his second and final exodus, he was followed by the large entourage of supporters, semites, hapiru (Hebrew) workers, members of the royal House of Israel, and Atenists. Collectively they represented the collapsed Egyptian government which ruled along the 12 cataracts the nomes, provinces, of Egypt, the structure of which they preserved as the 12 tribes of Israel. The Jewish identity was only later shaped by the Babylonian Talmudic Rabbis who have ever farther drifted from the Karaite Jews, and even farther from the original Judaism of Abrahamic Covenant.

The connection to the Egyptian royal house, as well as the Sumerian through patriarch Abraham, is what being traced and noted in various genealogies in the bible. Biblical Joseph, for example, gains position as Vizier Yuya of Egypt, second only to the Pharaoh Amenhotep III, marries Egyptian Thuya from a royal family, and had a daughter Tiye who became the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III aka king Solomon, whose son, most likely, also became Pharaoh Ay for about four years at the end of the 18th dynasty and after the departure of Akhenaten.

Yuya is a name that Egyptians used for the foreign Vizier by paraphrasing the name of his God Yahweh in Hebrew aka Jehovah in English aka Yahw in Egyptian, meaning light, and represented in the OT bible as tetragrammaton (Yod Hey Vov Hey), reads Yahoo, translated in English as Lord God, also is another reference to Saturn (god of time), Lucifer (light bearer), Satan (the adversary), Ramphant (six points star), etc...

Joseph rose to became Vizier from a slave is a story indicating that it was mainly the tribe of Joseph (Manasseh and Ephraim) who were in Egypt from early on, after Abraham has established the royal house of Israel rule there, settling in Goshen in the Nile delta, and eventually rising to occupy important positions of trust and power. This power structure was preserved for hundreds of years and ever since, granted not necessarily involving the same people, as the twelve tribes of Israel.

However, the biblical narrative is based on the hidden esoteric wisdom and the spiritual power required to control and contain it, and in corrupted hands of the Babylonian Satanists, the weapon to control the world by way of ignorance in what is good and expertise in what is bad, wrong, and evil.

Albeit the Golden Rule with Hermetic principles and seals will maintain the karma/dharma balance no matter what is done to upset it. I hope it answers some of the questions you may have about who are the Chosen ones and why. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for the truth, for it shalt set yee free.

_ \ \ | / / _

Alexander Braun (Duke Maximus)
Hiereditery High Priest of Israel
Ordained Aaronic Priest LDS Church
Church of Unity (assembly of oneself) Founder

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