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April 13, 2022

U.S. Military Intelligence Official Refutes 'Russian Atrocities' Claims

Russian soldiers left the town Bucha in Ukraine on March 30. Two days later the Ukrainian Gestapo like SBU and men of the fascist Azov battalion moved in to find and remove 'traitors'. On April 2/3 video was published that showed freshly killed men laying on the streets of Bucha. Several of them had white arm bands signaling to Russian forces to see them as friendlies.

The 'west' and Ukrainian officials immediately called those dead the result of 'Russian atrocities'.

I had called it a provocation:

The Bucha 'Russian' atrocities propaganda onslaught may have worked well in the 'west' but it lacks evidence that Russia had anything to do with it.

The former Indian ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar calls it an outright fake: ...

And a fake it was.

Thankfully there are still some sane U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency officials and William Arkin is talking with them:

Last Wednesday, Bucha Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk said that 320 people had been killed in the town of 37,000.
"It is ugly," a senior official with the Defense Intelligence Agency tells Newsweek. "But we forget that two peer competitors fought over Bucha for 36 days, and that the town was occupied, that Russian convoys and positions inside the town were attacked by the Ukrainians and vice versa, that ground combat was intense, that the town itself was literally fought over."
"I am not for a second excusing Russia's war crimes, nor forgetting that Russia invaded the country," says the DIA official. "But the number of actual deaths is hardly genocide. If Russia had that objective or was intentionally killing civilians, we'd see a lot more than less than .01 percent in places like Bucha."

320 of 37,000 is not .01 percent. But we do not know how many of those dead were Russian or Ukrainian soldiers. Some of the dead were so called 'civilian defenders' which were supposedly local civilians to whom the government had handed guns to 'fight the Russians'. During a war a 'civilian' with a government issued gun shooting at enemy soldiers is a combatant, not a civilian.

The DIA official continues:

"Have the Russians been indiscriminate? Absolutely. But it shouldn't too surprising. It's part and parcel of the Russian way of war, lining up their artillery guns and letting loose," the DIA official says. "But here in particular, in Bucha and the other towns around it—Irpin and Hostomel—there was intense ground fighting that involved almost 20 battalion tactical groups."

I doubt that there is really intentional 'indiscriminate' Russian artillery fire. The Russians have held back quite a lot and paid in blood for it.

One should also note that the often shown mass graves in Bucha were not from recent actions but had been dug on March 10 after heavy fighting when Russian soldiers tried to enter the town:

Maxar Technologies, which collects and publishes satellite imagery of Ukraine, said the first signs of excavation for a mass grave at the Church of St. Andrew and Pyervozvannoho All Saints were seen on March 10.

"More recent coverage on March 31st shows the grave site with an approximately 45-foot-long trench in the southwestern section of the area near the church," Maxar said.

The DIA official clearly says the civilian casualties in Ukraine, which are quite low, get overplayed and that attributing them solely to Russia is wrong:

On Monday, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said it had recorded 1,793 deaths and 2,439 injuries to civilians in all of Ukraine since the war began on February 24. U.S. intelligence believes that the true number is some five times greater, as previously reported by Newsweek.

"It's bad," the DIA official says. "And I don't want to say it's not too bad. But I can't help but stress that beyond the clamor, we are not seeing the war clearly. Where there has been intense ground fighting and a standoff between Ukrainian and Russian forces, the destruction is almost total. But in terms of actual damage in Kyiv or other cities outside the battle zone, and with regard to the number of civilian casualties overall, the evidence contradicts the dominant narrative."
The official says that it is dangerous to attribute one or even several graves and scenes of civilian disaster to Russian barbarism rather than just being realistic about the depredations of war.

The official also worries that attributing the destructiveness only to Russian conduct, rather than to war itself, creates future dangers.

"If we blame all the damage on Putin, as if he commanded it and that it is due solely to Russian war crimes, we are going to walk away from Ukraine with some illusion in our heads that modern warfare can be fought more cleanly, that the Ukraine war is an anomaly solely created by Russia's behavior. This war is just demonstrating how destructive any war on this scale would be."

One should avoid to wage war whenever possible but it also important to end wars as quickly as possible:

"Maybe it's heartless to urge that we look at Ukraine with precision, without human emotion," says the DIA official.

"But for those who think tens of thousands have died and Russia is intentionally killing civilians and pursuing genocide, I say that's even more of an argument to find a diplomatic solution to cease fighting. But nothing is going to happen in the coming days or weeks to change the reality on the battlefield. That's why stopping the fighting should be our highest priority."

Unfortunately ending the war is not a priority for the U.S. nor the EU. Their leaders are drunk on the idea that the Ukraine defeated Russia around Kiev. They seem to believe that the Ukraine can defeat Russia everywhere.

But the retreat from Kiev was ordered because the deceptive move towards it had fulfilled its purpose of keeping a large number of Ukrainian soldiers in place around Kiev while the Russian army opened the land corridor to Crimea.

The Ukraine has no chance to defeat the Russian army no matter how many old tanks or airplanes the U.S. and EU countries move to it.

Sending more weapons only prolongs the war and inevitably creates more military and civilian casualties on both sides.

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What can be said? I am drowning in this. I hear Slava Ukraini! used as a greeting simply going about the daily rounds. The contractors remodeling the house next door are all Ukrainians, they expect compliance and so does everybody else. Blood lust is pervasive.

Ukrainians living here are all heroes. Most never bother with getting the green card or moving towards citizenship because everyone knows the Chicago Immigration will not deport Slavs. Not ever and certainly not now. So this old man gets abused by thugs on his own doorstep. Say not a word beyond Good Morning and they are on you. It ain’t elder abuse if a Ukrainian did it. Heroes.

Posted by: oldhippie | Apr 14 2022 14:53 utc | 401

b wrote:

"During a war a 'civilian' with a government issued gun shooting at enemy soldiers is a combatant, not a civilian."

1. What is difference between armed civilian not in uniform and a partisan?
2. If the armed and uniformed adversary kills such a "combatant," is that a legitimate "kill," not subject to sanction as a "war crime" of killing a civilian?
3. Does wearing a uniform make a difference?
4. What if "armed civilians" form a militia and dress in uniform gear -- does that make them legitimate military targets?

Finally -- in the NEXT war, should propaganda that spreads information about the adversary that is
KNOWN to be untrue (i.e. not based on reality)
IS INTENDED to or DOES have the result of increasing war-destruction-death --
Should that propaganda be a WAR CRIME, and its purveyors subject to the same charge, trial and punishment as if they pulled a trigger?

Posted by: Aspa | Apr 14 2022 15:07 utc | 402

@ Aspa | Apr 14 2022 15:07 utc | 402

Yep, might makes right and to the victor go the spoils ("justice for just us" included).

Posted by: majoab | Apr 14 2022 15:39 utc | 403

Just one post missing to get to 404...

Posted by: TomD | Apr 14 2022 16:08 utc | 404

Intel Slava Z, [14/04/2022 17:23]
🇷🇴🇺🇦⚡️The Red Cross stops the supply of food and medicine to Ukraine: officials steal humanitarian aid

The Romanian branch of the Red Cross announced a halt in the supply of humanitarian aid to the Odessa region. The reason was the received facts of theft of the supplied food and medicine by high-ranking officials of the military administration - primarily the governor and his entourage.

Corrupt officials, taking advantage of their official position, send aid from Romania to their warehouses and sell it in their stores.

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 16:39 utc | 405


Russian MOD has just released a statement:

"During the special operation in Ukraine, it was established that US scientists from a laboratory in Merefa (Kharkov Region) were testing potentially dangerous biological drugs on patients of the regional clinical psychiatric hospital No 3 in Kharkov between 2019 and 2021.

Persons with mental disorders were selected for the experiments on the basis of their age, nationality and immune status. Special forms were used to record the results of 24-hour patient monitoring. The information was not entered into the hospital database and the staff of the medical institution signed a non-disclosure agreement.

In January 2022, the laboratory in Merefa was shut down and all equipment and medication were moved to western Ukraine.

There are a number of witnesses to these inhuman experiments, whose names we cannot disclose for the sake of their safety."

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 16:46 utc | 406

Aiden Eslin is a British national.

He is a British mercenary who fought on the side of the Nazis in Ukraine. He was captured together with marines who were trying to escape from Mariupol. He was captured by officers of the DNR interior ministry.

We were the first to interview him, and all the details are on 60 Minutes.

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 16:51 utc | 407

joseph ward Clark 13.12.1987 killed in Donbas (DNR)

Posted by: Evgeniy | Apr 14 2022 18:10 utc | 408

The U.S. didn't start fighting proxy war in 1945. That's exactly what they did in 1939-41, with the proxies being Britain and eventually Soviet Russia. The U.S. itself took a more active part in the war, but Hitler didn't take the bait. Until Pearl Harbor.

A lot like the situation today.

Posted by: Lysias | Apr 14 2022 18:10 utc | 409

[Forwarded from INTERNATIONAL FAN]
[ Photo ]

🇺🇺🇦 A decisive battle: what is the significance of controlling Popasna?

Popasna is a district town in the Luhansk region with a population of just under 20,000. However, one of the main battles for the Donbass unfolds here.

The first mentions of the village in combat reports began to appear as early as 12 March. A month later, however, the operation to liberate the town is still under way. There are several reasons for this.

Read about the importance of Popasna, the challenges faced by the liberators and what is now happening inside the strategically important city in our story

#Donbass #Popasna #Russia #Ukraine


Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 18:15 utc | 410

Posted by: DunGroanin | Apr 14 2022 10:19 utc | 362

Tru Dat - as some say across the pond. All of it.

How the Western media narrative changed, in fact u-turned, after two years of population conditioning to fear and proapganda 24/7...The pandemic was totally instrumental to this...

Posted by: Givi | Apr 14 2022 13:29 utc | 384

It didn't on Russia, that for sure. That changed when Putin didn't want to be their puppet- around 2007. If you think so, you probably didn't think about it until it involved you. Don't gaze to long at your navel, or you miss the story again.

Posted by: Anne B | Apr 14 2022 20:19 utc | 411

🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️⚡️The big battle on the Donbass arc will begin within 48 hours.

This is evidenced by several factors:

✅ Finished the concentration of reserves in the border areas.

✅ The troops withdrawn from the Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy regions had enough rest.

✅ For a week now, the main missile strikes of the Russian Federation have been inflicting on the areas of the near reserve, approximately along the Dnipro-Krivoy Rog line.

✅ To the south of Izyum, a fairly large shock fist was formed, and clashes of reconnaissance groups began almost at hand-to-hand distance.

✅ An unprecedented number of aircraft are concentrated on the nearest airfields. Aviation, obviously, will be the main factor in the upcoming operation by the Russian Federation.

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 20:21 utc | 412

More on Brit mercenary Aiden Eslin

🇬🇧🐷British mercenary Aiden Eslin, who surrendered in Mariupol, said that he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for four years.

First he was in the infantry, then in the landing, and spent the last months in the mortar unit.

He claims that when the special operation began, he refused to shoot, so he was sent to guard the checkpoint near the metallurgical plant. With him were a Moroccan, a Croat and another Briton.

🇬🇧🐷 British mercenary who surrendered in Mariupol assures that he wanted to escape when the special operation of the RF Armed Forces began.

“On the very first day of the operation, I told the commander that I did not want to fight. I wanted to run away, but I could not do it because of the constant artillery shelling. Grads fired without stopping.

The commander told me that I could leave when we got to Mariupol. And when we ended up in Mariupol, we were told that we were surrounded, so I had to stay with the battalion,” said Aiden Eslin.

He added that he personally did not participate in hostilities, but simply guarded the territory.

“Whenever there was talk of a truce, they didn’t want to negotiate, they didn’t take steps that could stop the war, end everything peacefully.”

🇬🇧🐷British mercenary Aiden Eslin, who surrendered in Mariupol, told during interrogation why he went to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and why he became disillusioned with the Kiev regime:

“I fought at the very beginning, when Ukraine was a good side. But then I realized that they were not making the right decisions that could help end the war...

When President Putin signed a decree recognizing the DPR and LPR, Ukraine had a choice - to withdraw from the Donbass. But Zelensky refused.”

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 20:27 utc | 413

Posted by: Lysias | Apr 14 2022 18:10 utc | 409

Deeper levels of the chess game. Always better to act when they least expect it or when they are weak. Problem, Soviets were not as weak as was expected thus things didn't go according to "The Plan".

Sort of like with Putin, he was not as the external image would imply, weak and naive.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Apr 14 2022 20:30 utc | 414

🇺🇸🇺🇦🇷🇺 The Pentagon instructed the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to withdraw all the remaining artillery to the cities on the eastern front - Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, where they can fire behind civilians. Restraining the offensive of the Russian troops is prescribed by small mobile groups armed with mortars and anti-tank systems, moving across the steppe in civilian vehicles. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the Americans impose terrorist tactics on their pets, in which their people are taken hostage. But the fact that Ukrainian resources write about this quite openly, and treat such methods with understanding, and as the only correct one, cannot but amaze.

Posted by: Barofsky | Apr 14 2022 21:01 utc | 415

Re "370 is not 0.01% of 37,000"

Yes it is 0.01 in this case:

320.0 / 37000.0
=> 0.008648648648648649

Removing the repeating "864" in the fraction results in 0.00864

Rounding 0.00864 yields 0.009, which is effectively 0.01, since 1/1000 of 370 deaths is 0.37, less that a single death.

Posted by: TheTrumanShow | Apr 15 2022 1:17 utc | 416

@TheTrumanShow | Apr 15 2022 1:17 utc | 416:
Re "370 is not 0.01% of 37,000"
Yes it is 0.01 in this case

It seems you are not familiar with the % symbol? It means percent: one in hundred. A fraction of 5% = 5/100 = 0.05. And 320 in 37,000 is as you say 0.008 ~= 0.01, which is 1% (and not 0.01%).

Posted by: pepa65 | Apr 15 2022 2:26 utc | 417

The only way to prevent and stop wars and all other ills is to determine a class of things that are solely the complete and direct financial responsibility of the ruling class; things that they are directly in control over through their positions in society.

Among those things are the direct financial responsibility for all costs, directed and indirect, through direct taxation of both their income and wealth for; war/military spending, immigration and economic displacement, pandemics and food supply contamination, pollution and is negative health impacts, crime, negative effects of legal and illegal drugs financial bailouts and inflationary monetary policy, emergencies other than unpredictable natural ones, etc.

The only solution is making negative things not only not profitable for the ruling psychopaths, but to make them extremely financially painful, because if they want the power and control then they also need to have the responsibility of paying the price of failure, incompetence, and fraud … the defining characteristics of all of our ruling class psychopaths.

Because once being fraudulent, failing, incompetent, plundering liars is no longer profitable; they would start working on managing things so they don’t suffer the consequences they used to pile up on everyone else.

Posted by: Randal Ranier | Apr 15 2022 12:17 utc | 418


Regardless of the actual effectiveness of the “Neptune” there can be no doubt that it was NOT designed and manufactured in the Ukraine. First, the Ukraine as the 2nd poorest country in Europe simply did not have the money to develop, let alone manufacture and field such a sophisticated weapons system. 2nd, the Ukraine has never had the needed intellectual, let alone manufacturing infrastructure necessary to create such a weapons system.

Consider that if such a weapons system did not need relatively large sums of money and infrastructure to develop, build and field every 2-bit dictator on the planet would have some now wouldn’t they…

Whatever the actual source of this surface-to-surface anti-ship system may be, it was NOT the Ukraine. If I were to make an educated guess, I suspect it was supplied by a secret skunkworks inside israel, given their vast expertise false flags using foreign weapons (remember israel using remarked US and captured Egyptian jets to attack the USS Liberty). Naturally, israel wouldn’t actually pay for these themselves, so no doubt the original source of funding was the US taxpayer…

Please bear in mind that literally within the first hour of Putin’s Police Action that USA Today published the first piece of fake news when it categorically stated THERE ARE NO US BIO-WEAPONS LABS IN THE Ukraine when in point of fact there were literally dozens.

Posted by: DDearborn | Apr 17 2022 15:47 utc | 419

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