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April 29, 2022

Ukraine - Doubling Down

The Russian side is making some progress in the war in Ukraine. While the differences on the map look small the repositioning of forces that had threatened Kiev is finished and the Russian military is now seriously degrading and grinding down the Ukrainian forces in Donbas.

March 31 2022

Source: Liveuamap - bigger
April 29 2022


According to the daily reports of Russia's Ministry of Defense the Ukraine is losing several hundred soldiers and some 30 armored vehicles per day, most of them to artillery. A flood of gruel pictures posted on Telegram by both sides confirm this. Several Ukrainian attempts to counterattack Russian forces have failed.

'Western' propagandists are noting that their side is losing.

Anders Åslund @anders_aslund 14:02 UTC · Apr 28, 2022
The War: Ukraine has experienced setback in the past few days. A senior Ukrainian official announced yesterday that Russian troops had taken part of the Kharkiv region. Yesterday, Russia announced that it has captured the entire Kherson region. No Ukrainian advances.
Not good.

The typical U.S. reaction to losing is to double down.

This can be done financially:

Jack Detsch @JackDetsch - 19:25 UTC · Apr 28, 2022
DATA: A cumulative total of U.S. military aid to Ukraine since Russia's Feb. 24 invasion.
February 25: $350m
March 12: $550m
March 16: $1.35b
April 1: $1.65b
April 5: $1.75b
April 13: $2.55b
April 21: $3.35b
April 24: $3.67b
April 28: $14.67b (if approved by Congress)

Most of above sums will go the U.S. arms industry to deliver weapons for which the Ukraine has little use or which never will reach the frontline. The rest will be pilfered by Ukrainian oligarchs.

That financial doubling down will not be very effective.

There is also the possibility of doubling down by widening the war. This could be in Bosnia where attacks on the Serbian population could drag the Russian ally Serbia into another war. An additional war could also be created in Transnistria (marked as a lengthy strip on the left of the above maps). This could involve not only forces from the Ukraine but also from Moldova, Romania and Poland. In the early 1990s a small war between Moldova and the Russian population in Transnistria ended in 1992 with a ceasefire and Russian peacekeeper troops on the ground.

In a piece about Biden's new pledge of money to Ukraine the NYT notes:

The Ukrainian military said it was moving more troops to the border with Transnistria, a small breakaway region in Moldova, on Ukraine’s southwest flank, hundreds of miles from the fighting on the eastern front.

Should those troops do something Russia does not like it will likely use its air and missile capabilities to destroy their fighting power. President Putin certainly did not mean Transnistria when he recently spoke to Russian lawmakers and threatened retaliation:

Let me emphasise once again: if anyone intends to intervene from the outside and create a strategic threat to Russia that is unacceptable to us, they should know that our retaliatory strikes will be lightning-fast. We have the tools we need for this, the likes of which no one else can claim at this point. We will not just brag; we will use them if necessary. And I want everyone to know this; we have made all the decisions on this matter.

That threat was likely a response to rumors that the U.S. and UK are planing to deliver longer range missiles to Ukraine to be use against targets on Russian grounds. That would be another form of doubling down but also a way more dangerous one.

Ukraine is a victim here but not a victim of Russia but of much bigger plans in the U.S. which did its best to instigate this war (recommended).

As Michael Hudson explains (vid), the economic consequences of this war will be catastrophic for many countries and people. But the neocons who are running the war do not care about those. They have a plan to profit from it. They want to stay the unipolar power of the globe. To them it is a game and their main motives include an ingrained hatred towards Russia.

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sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 18:03 utc | 59
Thank you, indeed, for this very valuable post!

Posted by: JB | Apr 29 2022 20:55 utc | 101

someone is really freaking out, likely the BIS and WMF
Posted by: Tard | Apr 29 2022 18:49 utc | 72

Goldbug "store of value" folklore is always amusing. Why, just the other day, someone on a thread at this site asserted (I paraphrase) that the Bretton Woods agreement marked the first time the US abandoned the gold "standard".

That information is incorrect.

In fact, the "intrinsic," adulterated value of spanish milled and GB sterling specie preoccupied both Hamilton and Jefferson at the first sesstion of congress (See 1791 Congressional Record, Session I, Treasury report as to the mint). Then, setting aside the REAL ESTATE BOOM stimulated by the Gold Rush (1848-1855) and failure of fin de siècle silverbug Progressive Movement to "democratize" hard money, please, do look into the most dramatic in the series of "London Economic Conferences", 1933. That was no failure, but a post-war victory for christ FDR who usurped European banks' hundreds years' long monopoly securitizing its plundered gold--of which US had none to speak of. For shortly thereafter, "U.S. policy towards gold and the dollar became proactive and even experimental". That is, the US envoys (led by Sen. Cordell Hull, future Nobel Peace Laureate) having ascertained Europe's abject political and fiscal bankruptcy at the Conference and already declared US gold embargo, confiscated private gold stocks, and abrogated "gold clause" debentures hither and yon,

President Roosevelt gives 13th press conference of his Administration. Towards the end he announces that the U.S. if definitely off gold.

FDR issued EO No. 6261 (1931) revising Hoover's Reconstruction Finance Corporation mission into Treasury's broker whose sole purpose was to corner the international market for same, thereby establing The NEW! exchange value $35/ounce in time for WWII "reconstruction" of Yerp, financed with USD. (Schlesinger tells the tale of Jesse Jones' autocratic LBO far more candidly than NBER nerds!)

FF >| Fouth Great Depression references

Chris Cook, LQD: Introducing Financial Oil Leasing.....and Macro Manipulation (2009)

The concept of 'leasing' commodities has been well established in the gold market for a while.

The lease rate for gold is derived from daily gold forward rates (GOFO) published by the London Bullion Market Association. You arrive at the rate by taking the GOFO rate -- the rate at which dealers lend gold on swap against US dollars -- from the day's Libor rate.

The biggest lenders of gold have always been central banks, while gold producers have often been those most keen to borrow for the purpose of pre-selling bullion to cover operating and extraction costs. ...

Debasement of Europe's World Council

In recognition of this, major European central banks signed the Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA) in 1999, limiting the amount of gold that signatories can collectively sell in any one year. There have since been three further agreements, in 2004, 2009 and 2014.

Posted by: sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 20:57 utc | 103

Somewhere in Russia there is a list of events that will trigger hypersonic retaliation. Personally I find it confusing that Russia is still holding back so much, but it is part of a very detailed plan. There won’t be a meeting, possibly not even a conversation - the button will simply be pressed the moment the threshold is crossed.

Posted by: Rae | Apr 29 2022 20:57 utc | 104

The map may not look radically different, but the pictures on Telegram and Twitter show that it is a turkey shoot now.

War Reporting Blog

Posted by: Will | Apr 29 2022 20:58 utc | 105

Ukraine is a victim of Russian imperialism just as surely as Iraq was of American imperialism. You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. #6

Ukraine is a victim of AMERICAN imperialism just as surely as Iraq was of American imperialism. You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.

Those who run America are more than willing to sacrifice every Ukrainian as proxies in their control-freak, greed-induced war against Russia.

Posted by: Rob Centros | Apr 29 2022 21:01 utc | 106

Posted by: GreyRaven | Apr 29 2022 20:48 utc | 97

Absolutely. It must be a quiet day when people get stuck on a minor translation error. In any case in English we DO use the term grueling, to refer to a particularly difficult to watch/read/work through situation. Indeed talking of photos and images for example it is perfectly correct to write "The task of looking through a set of gruesome photos was grueling." it means that the task was difficult- hard work, emotionally disturbing etc.

Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 21:01 utc | 107

osted by: Rae | Apr 29 2022 20:57 utc | 104

Quite so.

I suspect that Russia is holding back because it fears a full on NATO invasion. Then it will need all its hypersonics for attacking fleets etc and most of its troops for its own border protection. I hope it does not come to that because then the risk of a nuclear escalation becomes practically 100%

Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 21:07 utc | 108

@ Ghost Ship 96
Piotr Berman . . . minimize the effectiveness of opponents' artillery with earth fortification, masking positions etc... .Nah, this is not World War 1. Trench warfare is obsolete.
You changed the subject, from staying safe to trench warfare. It's standard infantry procedure, you're told to set up in this area to defend it, so you dig a hole. What would you do, sit there on the top of the hill in a folding chair?

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 21:08 utc | 109

@ CalDre | Apr 29 2022 18:55 utc | 73 / 75

insightful and incisive posts in response to @6! i recommend others read your posts.. thank you..

one quote from you below -

"Someone entirely ignorant of the long war of the Empire against Russia might think that. So let me add some context.
The utterly unprovoked and aggressive Empire wars of conquest in the past decades were largely against Russian allies, particularly Serbia and Syria but also to some degree Libya and Iraq. If we include economic and information war, add Venezuela and Iran, and even China and Russia itself."

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2022 21:13 utc | 110

Ukrainian forces have blown up several oil depots in Russia. But if I look at fuel prices in Belgorod, diesel and gasoline is similar or even slightly cheaper than three months ago.

Posted by: Passerby | Apr 29 2022 21:14 utc | 111

@ Platero | Apr 29 2022 20:07 utc | 90

here is a quote from intel slava which is a partial answer to your question..

"Well, for understanding - about the microclimate that prevails in the 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, operating near Izyum, in our direction.

“We, the servicemen of the 3rd mechanized company of the 1st mechanized battalion of the 93rd OMBR, refuse to serve further for the following reasons:

No evacuation of the wounded
Lack of adequate command
Lack of heavy equipment
Lack of specialists in anti-tank weapons
Large losses of personnel 3 mech company 1 mech battalion (60%)
Loss of combat effectiveness of the company
Lack of rotation for staffing a company

We refuse to carry out orders that are aimed at the destruction of personnel.”

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2022 21:16 utc | 112

#--Posted by: Obamavirus | Apr 29 2022 16:42 utc | 31

regarding the hijacking

The carrot is obviously money - but what can the stick be?

Roy Cohn came before Jeffery Epstein, but they both had the same purpose, and the same boss.
I guess Jimmy Saville did too.

Blackmail is their default position when bribes fail.

They have also pretty much bought our collective consciousness by strategic ownership and peer-pressure.

Posted by: Anne B | Apr 29 2022 21:17 utc | 113

Mike A @ 6 said;"Ukraine is a victim of Russian imperialism just as surely as Iraq was of American imperialism. You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig."

Nope, disagree completely. Ukraine, like so many others, is the victim of our latest empire. The U$A's corporate empire, a global curse.

Posted by: vetinLA | Apr 29 2022 21:21 utc | 114

from the Pentagon
About 60% of the 90 howitzers planned for delivery are now in Ukraine, the official said, along with 155 mm rounds.
"We do believe that these howitzers will be … very, very effective in helping [the Ukrainians] in the Donbas fight, which we've already seen, is deeply reliant on long-range fires, specifically artillery by both sides," the official said.
"We certainly believe that the conditions could be set for a much longer slog here inside the Donbas given both sides' familiarity with the terrain," the official said. "We've described it as a potential knife fight, and I think it's beginning to shape up to be exactly that." . . .here
Photo of an old-fashioned M777 155mm howitzer here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 21:27 utc | 115

After JFK, Nixon also tried to control foreign policy. The deep state's answer was Watergate.

Posted by: Lysias | Apr 29 2022 21:33 utc | 116

"Digging in" is still a huge part of warfare. Trench warfare never went away. Go enlist in an infantry or artillery unit and see how much time is spent marching from one area to another digging holes.

A 150mm howitzer shell will kill you from 50 plus meters in the open, but dug in deep it needs to hit within 20m.

Posted by: Haassaan | Apr 29 2022 21:35 utc | 117

Posted by: Rae | Apr 29 2022 20:57 utc | 104

“Somewhere in Russia there is a list of events that will trigger hypersonic retaliation.”

Without a doubt, such a list exists and with even less of a doubt, it will be adhered to without hesitation. All the options on the table have been carefully played through by the RF for months, if not years, and whereas the U.S. is looking more confused by the day, the Russians remain in full control.

As you have noted, the Russian forces have been exhibiting incredible restraint. I believe this is occurring for several reasons. The first has been to keep the civilian population from as much harm as possible under the circumstances. The second has been to preserve as much of the infrastructure such as electricity generation and water supplies as possible.

However, the third reason may be the most central one: by determining the pace of its military advances and how its mission unfolds, Russia has established and maintained a strong tactical advantage. It is thereby determining how matters unfold and not the enemy. The Russian forces have all the time in the world and will be neither harried nor hurried.

It is the West, which is in a hurry, knowing full-well how long the attention span and patience of its own audience actually is and how its own time is running out.

Posted by: GreyRaven | Apr 29 2022 21:42 utc | 118

Piotr Berman | Apr 29 2022 17:14 UTC | 41
GreyRaven | Apr 29 2022 20:48 utc | 97

Greuel comes close, but it's obviously a typo: B wasn't feeling his oats — he meant quite simply "cruel".

It's too hot to handle, so I got to get up and go. It's a cruel, cruel summer, leaving me here on my own...

Posted by: Saxxon | Apr 29 2022 21:50 utc | 119

That is great news, James! The first company-wide mutiny.
If one can do it, they all can.
And I feel happy that their lives will be saved and the war will be over, and also that the neocons confidently planning for a war that last for years, killing millions while racking up the profits, will be crying and tearing out their hair in despair.
Russia's refusal to slaughter troops until now turns out to be the correct policy, imo.

Posted by: wagelaborer | Apr 29 2022 21:59 utc | 120

@100 Linda

Thx for the comment.

You bring up a great point.

The eastern, Russian part is manufacturing/labor based, while western Ukraine, under Kiev, is essentially a vassal-state of the west.

Makes sense to me and it seems like it is an important piece to the puzzle.


@ Bevin re: your business-meeting with German industrialists conspiring to overthrow democracy

If only we had a group of western indistrials in the U.S. here that would have a secret meeting to overthrow our version of democracy!

What a boon that would mean for the American worker and our sovereignty, while a bane to our technocratic "liberal" elite which have spent fifty years undermining the purchasing power of us plebians.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Apr 29 2022 22:08 utc | 121

#---Anybody up to provide an actual rational explanation?

Posted by: Arganthonios | Apr 29 2022 18:17 utc | 65

Their ultimate goal is control of the world economy, and that is done mainly through currency manipulation.

Like one of them is quoted to have said :

"I care not who rule the land, as long as I control the currency".

I believe his name was Nathan Rothschild.

That maybe a myth, but the statement is certainly true.

Posted by: Anne B | Apr 29 2022 22:11 utc | 122

What would you do, sit there on the top of the hill in a folding chair?
Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 21:08 utc | 109

Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on Gaza: Zelensk*'s "Hollywood ending for Ukraine!

Posted by: sln | Apr 29 2022 22:12 utc | 123

Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 21:07 utc | 108

“I suspect that Russia is holding back because it fears a full on NATO invasion.”

Although I do understand where you are coming from with your observation, I find it hard to agree from a military standpoint. The reason being that, there will never be a full-on NATO invasion of Ukraine. There may be sly attempts on the part of NATO to use further proxies such a Romania and Moldavia, but you will never see British, French or Spanish NATO troops openly marching across that border into the Ukraine. They know that by doing so, they will be immediately classed as active belligerents by the Russians and may find themselves on the receiving end of a Zircon visitation.

You are absolutely correct, in my estimation, that the risk of a nuclear escalation may be quite high. But we all know that any nuclear exchange will be the “game over” ticket for all of us on the planet. So, essentially, it can be cancelled out as an option by both sides. What DOES remain, is the option the Russians have, but the west doesn’t, of employing their hypersonic weapons armed with conventional warheads and not nuclear ones.

I believe this is the option the west has not yet come to terms with. The Russians are not going to wait ten years until the U.S. finally gets its hypersonic act together. It would be stupid to do so. This is why the U.S. and consorts are holding the short end of the stick right now.

I sincerely believe that the U.S. has no idea how close it is to getting violently slapped down if it continues on its current path. Its NATO allies are entirely irrelevant to this paradigm.

As Bob Dylan once put it, “A hard rain’s gonna fall” and the U.S. dunna have an umbrella…

Posted by: GreyRaven | Apr 29 2022 22:16 utc | 124

My posting #124 just above should have been addressed as follows:

Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 21:07 utc | 108

I deeply regret the error. Please forgive.

Posted by: GreyRaven | Apr 29 2022 22:20 utc | 125

Putin is too "nice", weak or clueless, still addressing the criminal collective west,..."our partners"....really? Give me a fokking break.
The US/UK/EU want regime change, destruction and balkanize Russia, install a western stooge so they can steal-control Russia's resources. Stupidly, he fell for the bait to invade the Ukraine and underestimated Ukie resistance to boot.
After years of sanctions and false accusations, cut off from Swift, Russia's U$D 330billion reserves stolen, he should have cut off all gas/oil to enemy NATO countries instead, then invite to perhaps "renegotiate" oil/gas contracts. His rubles for gas was a smart move tho.

Posted by: Hannibal | Apr 29 2022 22:27 utc | 126

I wonder if the U.S.A.'s recent legalization of marajana has anything to do with its foreign policy decision making?
But then again, I take it most of the U.S.A.'s decision making bodies are into coke anyways.

Posted by: Robert | Apr 29 2022 22:28 utc | 127

OK. Regarding # 125, I think I’ll just pack it in for tonight.

Will show myself to the door and look forward to my next visit. ;-)

Posted by: GreyRaven | Apr 29 2022 22:32 utc | 128

Linda Wood @100--

Very good analysis! You are correct that the current war is a Class War, and that to a degree WW2 was also. Both are essentially major battles of the ongoing 4,000+ year-old Class War between Debtors/Labor and Creditors/Royalist Elites. Hudson explains how the current battle is being waged in the video linked by b above. The goal has been clearly announced by the Outlaw US Empire--to continue its Unipolar Hegemony which is of a Fascist/Neoliberal nature. Currently, The Empire is acting as Sparta in its war on its allies which are being treated like Helots.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 29 2022 22:36 utc | 129

"What on this cursed earth does any banking clan stand to gain from bankrolling a political faction that ultimately seeks to erase any form of private rent-seeking? Sooner rather than later? And with bayonets if needed? ... Anybody up to provide an actual rational explanation?.."

No one else seems to have asked this question, maybe its obvious but not to me: Which faction are you talking about that seeks to erase rent seeking? I'm not aware of one.

Posted by: K | Apr 29 2022 22:45 utc | 130

Press-Secretary of the American Military Department John Kirby:

"Today I can announce that the United States has begun training the Ukrainian armed forces to use key weapons at US military bases in Germany."


I can’t help you. :)

Posted by: financial matters | Apr 29 2022 22:46 utc | 131

For some years now, I have had an idea swirling around in my head, that it is not in fact the UK which is the poodle, but rather the USA. I am not sure I believe this myself but somehow I think the role of the UK is under rated.
Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 20:53 utc | 99

I tentatively agree, but I can't imagine finding proof for such. I find that body language can be a good clue. Who was deferring to whom in face to face meetings between Blair and Bush?

I can tell that the US pisses all over the Papacy as a political power and very obviously over Germany and the EU. But Americans fawn over British royals and the Family even sent a suitably "woke" royal couple to the colonies recently. So who knows?
I am not invested in this kind of thinking, its just a bit of interesting fun, since it matters not which shade of evil is doing the killing at the end of the day.

Posted by: K | Apr 29 2022 22:54 utc | 132

"... my guess is that there was a secret agreement (not yet made public) between the Zionists and Stalin that USSR would recognize/assist Israel and in turn the Zionists would provide USSR with nuclear weapon and other advanced technology (accomplished via the Rosenbergs). That exchange happened almost contemporaneously (the Rosenbergs were arrested in 1951)." CalDre@83
Wrong on all counts.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 29 2022 19:50 utc | 86

Bevin can you please elaborate?

Posted by: K | Apr 29 2022 22:56 utc | 133

A most interesting development.

The various local "Ministry of Truth" media slaves. Have all literally doubled down reporting on Ukrainian war fiction as the truth.

President Zelensky, now claims he was a target off a failed assassin attempt??????? On or around 24th February, 2022????? . The very same person who it is said to have embezzled $850 million USD since 2019(Dutch source).

It has also been reported that CIA has one of it's Prague based spies One who was using a basic plot line lifted from a 1950's spy dime novel. As a K.I.A, in Kiev. On the 29th April, 2022,...

A lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets it's pants on........

Posted by: Bad Deal Motors On | Apr 29 2022 22:57 utc | 134

Yes Ukraine is the victim indeed, an economically troubled country that was seduced by the west to join it. Problem was that, that immediately split an polarized the country and lead to where we are today. It just had to be taken out of Russia's orbit and put into the orbit of the west. No matter the cost.

I find it pretty sad and even evil what has happened, why did we do it ? certainly not to help out the people in Ukraine, how on earth have we helped them look what is happening to Ukraine now.

The Russian reaction was eventually predictable, they were just not gonna let that happen and here we are now. and who knows how far this will escalate.

Look at the price the people in Ukraine are paying, look at the price the people in Russia are paying. Even us folks in western Europe are paying a price, ok it not much compared to Russians and and Ukranians but still a 9 % loss in purchasing power as a result of inflation is a price.

What kind of people are in power here that have put us on this course ?

Posted by: Jimmy | Apr 29 2022 23:02 utc | 135

This is essentially the conflict between our overlords and Putin. Putin is pro-labor compared to Yeltsin, and I believe this is the core problem in Ukraine. Industrial workers in Eastern Ukraine want to be paid for their work and likely favor Putin's policies forcing industrial oligarchs to pay wages and taxes.

This conflict endures because labor can be oppressed by extremes of violence.

Posted by: Linda Wood | Apr 29 2022 20:54 utc | 100

Excellent post thanks very much, returns us to the unexciting but typical reason for wars in this world.

Posted by: K | Apr 29 2022 23:02 utc | 136

Pepe Escobar has a new essay based on the interviews and speeches I posted a few days ago. Pepe picked up on the point I've been pressing since December:

"The formula is crystal clear: 'Russia cannot allow the creation of anti-Russian territories around the country.'"

Thus, no NATO nations abutting Russia's borders, which I now see being extended to include Ukraine.

On the issue of preparedness and what remains in the pantry:

"So far, on Operation Z, the Russian Armed forces have used only 12% of its soldiers, 10% of its fighter jets, 7% of its tanks, 5% of its missiles, and 4% of its artillery."

Hudson said in the linked interview that the fighting will continue for 30 years as the Outlaw US Empire plans to fight Russia to the last European.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 29 2022 23:03 utc | 137

from TheAtlantic Zioinist rag. . .
Why Can't the West Admit That Ukraine Is Winning? -
Mar 21, 2022 — The Ukrainian military has proved not only motivated and well led but ... Russia's electronic-warfare units have not . . .

that ties in with new government control of the internet. . .The United States, European Union, ex-EU member the United Kingdom, and 32 other nations have committed to the Declaration for the Future of the Internet [PDF], an agreement to strengthen democracy online by agreeing to not undermine elections by running online misinformation campaigns, or illegally spy on people, the White House said on Thursday. . .here
The White House document "Declaration for the Future of the Internet" is here from the White House bringing us a "democratic internet" which will, I imagine, tie in with the rules based international order.

In other news, we have the White House decision to announce the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board headed by Truth Czar Nina Jankowicz. What's disinformation? They don't say. . .but we can guess.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 23:05 utc | 138

Jimmy @135--

I highly suggest you watch the Hudson interview b linked at the end of his article.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 29 2022 23:07 utc | 139

As to the Internet, it is already underway. I’m happy I can still access this site although links from it are blocked. I understand Paypal is stopping payments to journalists already and I know Google has stopped paying people’s Adsense accounts. The new policy:

“Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war”

Posted by: GS | Apr 29 2022 23:10 utc | 140

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2022 21:16 utc | 112


The videos confirm that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine left soldiers to die in the Kharkiv region. They were encircled and suffered heavy losses. The soldiers who managed to escape and who left their positions confirmed that they were forced to leave the bodies of their comrades. They had to break out of the encirclement on their own, without any connection with other AFU units.

Posted by: sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 23:11 utc | 141

Bevin @ 85 said; "It is they who deny, for example, that Zelensky, clearly a fascist can be a Nazi because he is Jewish. They say the same of Israel. But fascism is not about identity politics it is about power in a class society. In the end it is about enslaving the great bulk of humanity in the interests of an elite."

Great ending, to a great post..

Posted by: vetinLA | Apr 29 2022 23:12 utc | 142

re: anti-Russian territories adjacent to the country
from the web...
Why did the United States invade Canada in 1812?
The primary cause for the call to invade Canada was the perceived support the British in Canada were giving the Natives of the Northwest. The Americans did not miss that Canada was Britain's last foothold on the continent either.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 23:12 utc | 143

I'm not liking the Azovstal scenario. I know that Putin gave instructions for the Russian military not to storm the Azovstal Steel Plant. Thursday, Ukrainian forces holed up in the steel mill claimed that Russian forces bombed a field hospital inside the plant. Of course, it made a stink for Russia in the news.

This Azovstal impasse dilemma has the potential to blow up into a civilian tragedy that could have deleterious consequences for Russia in the form of a damaging moral defeat, or be used nefariously to escalate against her in some unforeseen manner.

I think that all efforts should be made to get those civilians out in short order and that moment be documented. What about using a trained impartial negotiator since really those civilians are hostages? Just saying. Anyone have another idea? Honestly, this cannot go on, because as food and water run out, it will become a propaganda bonanza for the West. The West is as twisted as news reporter Tatum in Billy Wilder's, Ace in the Hole, who ends up sacrificing a man's life for a sensational story.

The U.S. and Ukraine hate Russia and Putin so much; it's like they're wishing for a tragedy with propaganda value and traction. Like Tatum boasted, bad news is good news, and just like him, they're desperate for anything right now.

Question is: Do the Ukrainians inside Azovstal value their lives more than they hate Russia and scoring a morally-bankrupt victory for the West and Kiev?

I'm just trying to abort the latter and former's perverse fantasy.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 29 2022 23:15 utc | 144

That war of "attrition" NATO's been gunning for
Appeal of servicemen of the 79th Brigade to their commanders:

Posted by: sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 23:15 utc | 145

@ Circe 145
Ukrainian forces are willing to leave the Azovstal Steel factory and evacuate the city if given guarantees of safe passage for themselves and hundreds of civilians, said Capt. Svyatoslav Palamar, the deputy commander of the Azov Battalion, whose fighters have been holed up at the plant since March 1.

Capturing these bad guys was one of the principal objectives of the SMO, so safe passage doesn't work for Russia.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 23:28 utc | 146

Posted by: sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 23:15 utc | 146

Looking at this video makes me feel sad and even empathize with these young men. They are reservists and they were fighting for what that believed was a good cause. Then they were put in a situation so horrific that even though they we willing to fight and even die for their country, because a little hope for victory was still within them.

All that hope was smashed by the reality of modern warfare and the realization of what they were really up against.

All of the sudden they realized that no matter what was pumped into their heads, they had no chance of winning and they were not gonna die for nothing and so they left their post and withdrew from the front and now they risk being tried as deserters and made an example for other soldiers that might wanna do the same thing so they have to plea and explain how hopeless there situation was.

Posted by: Jimmy | Apr 29 2022 23:41 utc | 147

Great discussion today.

The article b recommended with Robert Scheer interviewing Michael Brenner gives some valuable context. And there is a description by Brenner of the despair he feels being a dissident in an inverted totalitarian time that perfectly describes my own feelings now. Here's the link again:

Posted by: Boomhauer | Apr 29 2022 23:50 utc | 148

Posted by: Obamavirus | Apr 29 2022 16:42 utc | 31

"This group has hijacked US foreign policy for 20 years at the cost of over 1 million lives in the Middle East"

Posted by: Scorpion | Apr 29 2022 17:48 utc | 54

"This group has hijacked US foreign policy for at least 120 years.."

Not only US foreign policy. UK and French foreign policy. Sir Moses Montefiore and the Alliance Israelite Universelle springs to mind, before WW1 the headquaters of the World Zionist Organisation was in Berlin:

Give peace a chance... well almost:

"US President Woodrow Wilson sent a mission to Europe in June 1917 in an attempt to persuade Turkey to break with the Germans and conclude a separate peace with the US, Britain and France. Headed by Henry Morgenthau Sr, America's ambassador to Turkey from 1912 to 1915, it was intercepted in Gibraltar by Chaim Weizmann, Britain's leading Zionist interlocutor and 'father' of the infamous Balfour Declaration. Concerned that the success of the mission would result in the Turk's holding on to their possessions in the Levant, an outcome which would frustrate Zionist designs on Palestine, Weizmann persuaded Morgenthau to back off and terminate his mission...."

Posted by: Paul | Apr 30 2022 0:09 utc | 149

“William Blake was not a Zionist”

I think the hymn has been hijacked and is used subtly to instill a sense of Zionism into the population. It’s meant to show the power of Rothschild dynasty who consider themselves on the same level as the royal family.

Posted by: Obamavirus | Apr 29 2022 20:25 utc | 94

My grandfather was a successful London businessman (and a Tory) at the time of the First World War. According to my father, there was an organized campaign at the time of the signing of the Balfour Declaration, to convince people that the British were one of the twelve lost tribes of Israel.

Total nonsense of course, but how else to convince business class of "The Empire" that handing over a chunk of it to the Zionist Federation was a worthy cause.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Apr 30 2022 0:13 utc | 150

@ sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 23:11 utc | 142

thanks for sharing.. i agree with jimmy @ 148.... it is a most unfortunate situation... this doesn't have to happen in 2022..

Posted by: james | Apr 30 2022 0:15 utc | 151

sln2002 | Apr 29 2022 20:57 utc | 103
Indeed, it has had a bizarre history. The price and manipulation has changed, and owning it was outlawed once, but foreign nations were bringing dollars and asking to exchange them for gold until Nixon closed that window at the bank in 1971. Silver and Gold certificate were still honored until then. We had by then printed so much money we either would have to revalue gold and the plans for the PetroDollar were were much more important than gold. A lot of gold left the US in the 60's and the amount the US is supposed to have has not been audited. Notice how everyone that has any at the NY Fed or the Bank of England now want it back? (often denied)
Yet the BIS and IMF have always used gold as the tire one asset, the prime trade. They wouldn't advertise that. Governments tried to make it a lesser asset while prizing it like diamonds or gold! It has only just become a tier one asset again with Target 2 implementation. But has never been anything but Tier 1 for the BIS and IMF.
Watch the fight going on right now within Russia; Putin's highest deputy Petruchev said the gold/commodity standard is on, The head of the Russian Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, just came out today and said that was nonsense. There is some evidence she is very much involved with the world banks, who generally know they will not have the clout they have today if we return to a gold standard with some fiscal sanity. So we have high level people arguing about the gold standard. That is how important it is because it will promote the idea of paper money being supported by anything but hot air and balloon juice. Fear is driving much of this because control is everything. You can't make people believe paper is worth as much as copper, much less silver and gold.

Posted by: Tard | Apr 30 2022 0:18 utc | 152

I did read somewhere (cannot now recall where) that in the US the diplomatic service had two factions- the Atlantacists who were very pro UK and looked up to the MI6, and I guess the rest who were more Asia focused.

Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 20:53 utc | 99

That theory is torn to bits by numerous John Le Carre novels. He had MI-6 inside connections and a consistent theme was that British spies were always looking for ways to suck up to the Americans.

Of course spycraft is all about misdirection, so it is possible that the reverse was true.

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Apr 30 2022 0:20 utc | 153

Finland has been getting about 99# of its natural gas from Russia and now has chosen not to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

A major use of this natural gas is in the Finnish pulp and paper industry. Stock up on toilet paper!

Posted by: Krollchem | Apr 30 2022 0:33 utc | 154

Recently Russia passed a law saying the securities of Russian companies can be traded on foreign trading floors only with special permission by Russian authorities which has prompted Gazprom to announce its withdrawal from the London Stock Exchange. The law was passed in retaliation to Russian companies being blacklisted on non-Russian exchanges. What that does is to impede Western Neoliberals from making money gaming Russian stocks and serves to strengthen Russia's exchanges. I see this as a boon for Russians, Eurasians and others unwilling to put their money into a rigged market where their investment might be stolen--the sanctity of contracts no longer exists in Natostan.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 30 2022 0:35 utc | 155

Gruelling not Grueling, extremely demanding.

Posted by: John R | Apr 30 2022 0:35 utc | 156

Posted by: Opport Knocks | Apr 30 2022 0:20 utc | 154

Novels are works of fiction.

Posted by: Arganthonios | Apr 30 2022 0:44 utc | 157

Posted by: bevin | Apr 29 2022 19:47 utc | 85

Well said Bevin. It is almost always about money and power. People make alliances where they need to in order to stay in power. Just occasionally it is about religion or ideology, but that is usually only when the elites have so far corrupted the system that it is revolutionary and some uniting force welds together an alliance of the have nots, plus some of the more genuinely humanist elites plus sadly the seeds of later destruction- the wannabe elites still on the outer.

Posted by: watcher | Apr 30 2022 0:46 utc | 158

Posted by: John R | Apr 30 2022 0:35 utc | 157

My spell checker would not allow gruelling - but it is the way I prefer to spell it. I assumed it to be a US spelling oddity.

Posted by: watcher | Apr 30 2022 0:47 utc | 159

Novels are works of fiction.

Posted by: Arganthonios | Apr 30 2022 0:44 utc | 158

That’s why so many are by members of the security services...

Posted by: Cortes | Apr 30 2022 0:54 utc | 160

@Arfur Mo# Apr 29 2022 19:44 utc | 84

Daniel Kovalik: Why Russia's Intervention in Ukraine Is Legal Under International Law

That analysis is not quite correct, as Art. 51 technically does not apply in this situation. However, I do think that it does in fact apply anyway, and further that it is Ukraine that violated Art. 2(4) of the UN Charter with its aggression and war against the LPR and DPR. Accordingly, the so-called "West", along with Ukraine, are the actual parties acting illegally under international law and illegally attacking LPR and DPR, while Russia, LPr and DPR (and Belarus) are acting in accordance with international law.

Analysis follows.

Application of Article 51

While he quotes Art. 51, he omits a key part of the language (the omitted part italicized):

Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations

The problem is that neither DPR nor LPR is a "Member of the United Nations" (although an armed attack was clearly occurring). However, this does not mean the Article does not apply. A number of decisions have been reached under Article 51 by the UN Security Council or General Assembly related to the State of Palestine (see here, here and here), which is not a Member of the UN, and involving the right of collective self-defense, and no party made the argument that a Member does not have the right of self-defense with a State which is not a Member of the United Nations.

Article 2(4) Does Apply

However, the analysis does not stop there. We know from the Kosovo Advisory Opinion of the ICJ that a unilateral declaration of independence does not violate international law. Accordingly, neither Lugans'k Oblast nor Donetsk Oblast violated internaitnoal law when they seceded from Ukraine and declared independence.

The ICJ in Kosovo did not reach the decision of whether Kosovo had the right to form a State. It is clear from Art. 4 of the UN Charter (related to the admission of new States as Members) that international law recognizes States that are not Members of the UN.

The generally accepted criteria for becoming a new State are set forth in the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States (1934) (the Convention), which provides, in relevant part:

Article 1

The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a) a permanent population; b) a defined territory; c) government; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.


Article 3

The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states. Even before recognition the state has the right to defend its integrity and independence, to provide for its conservation and prosperity, and consequently to organize itself as it sees fit, to legislate upon its interests, administer its services, and to define the jurisdiction and competence of its courts. ...

Under the provisions of Art. 1 Conversion, did DPR and LPR become states?

* A permanent population. Both LPR and DPR have had a permanent population for many centuries, and continue to have this population until today.

* A defined territory. Both LPR and DPR have a defined territory, to wit, the political borders of the former Luhans'k Oblast and Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine. (Note that Israel does not have a defined territory, but is still considered a "State".)

* Government. Both republics clearly have a government which provides all essential services, including a police force and a military, and which provides for the general welfare of its population. In fact many years ago Ukraine cut off all electricity, energy, water, pensions, bank services, trade, etc. from these republics - which means Ukraine does not recognize these territories as its own, but as separate states.

* Capacity to enter into relations with other states. This prong is also clearly satisfied and it has done so with several states.

Thus, under international law, both LPR and DPR are sovereign States, irrespective of the lack of recognition of this status by other states, as per Art. 3 of the Convention.

Now how does Art. 2(4) of the UN Charter apply? That provision provides that:

The Organization and its Members, in pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles.


4. All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

Note that, unlike Art. 51, this prohibition applies to all states, not just Members of the UN.

Accordingly, when Ukraine attacked and shelled DPR and LPR, it violated international law. Accordingly, DPR and LPR had every right to defend themselves. As observed above, Russia had the right to come to their defense.

Since the actions of Ukraine are, however, illegal, the actions of the US, UK and other member of the Empire in arming and supporting Ukraine in the was is also unlawful. There is no "collective right of self-defense" with a country that is the aggressor; instead, the Empire is aiding and abetting the violation of international law, which is also illegal.

Posted by: CalDre | Apr 30 2022 1:02 utc | 161

Posted by: Arganthonios | Apr 30 2022 0:44 utc | 158

Le Carre's novels are not entirely fiction - indeed one A Perfect Spy seems practically an autobiography (or biography of his father- not quite sure which)..Some MI6 sucked up to the US, some did not.

Posted by: watcher | Apr 30 2022 1:07 utc | 162

@ Tard | Apr 30 2022 0:18 utc | 153 who wrote

Watch the fight going on right now within Russia; Putin's highest deputy Petruchev said the gold/commodity standard is on, The head of the Russian Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, just came out today and said that was nonsense. There is some evidence she is very much involved with the world banks, who generally know they will not have the clout they have today if we return to a gold standard with some fiscal sanity.

Thanks for links?

IMO, it is not fiscal sanity but public fiscal sanity instead of private fiscal greed.

It sounds to me like Elvira is left slowly twisting in the wind as the private banking point person in a public banking moving country.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 30 2022 1:07 utc | 163

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 29 2022 23:28 utc | 147

Yes, I get that, but what about the civilians? I was referring to the civilians trapped inside with those Ukie thugs.

Are they suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Why the hell are they persisting in there under those conditions? It's a crazy situation that's only going to get crazier.

They need to be assured of safety and persuaded out of there. If the Ukie forces deny civilians exit, then the consequences are all on them.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 30 2022 1:16 utc | 164

Posted by: Circe | Apr 30 2022 1:16 utc | 165

I thought the civilians were hostages, human shields for the nazis.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Apr 30 2022 1:19 utc | 165

>>>Have the European members of NATO opened the floodgates to increase the flow of weapons to Ukraine in the expectation that at some point in the near future Washington will demand that NATO forces enter the fight in Ukraine against Russia. The European members of NATO then turn and say to Washington "Love to old chap but we're shit out of weapons and ammo, can you supply us with any?"

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Apr 29 2022 16:19 utc | 19<<<

Hard to know precisely what the US, and their satellites, is sending to Ukraine but what is getting play time on media? this is not greatly helping Ukraine. The US UK and others know the Russian military already has compensated and grown their military capability beyond this weaponry. What they are doing is cleaning out the warehouses while gaining media points plus getting promises of free replacements from the US. As I said before, be careful what US offers for free, it'll be very expensive.
The SAMs US are sending are helpful. It forces Russia to fly higher altitude. How many of those SAMs will end up in the hands of crazies in the world? That's to worry about after a commercial jumbo jet is shot down in the coming years.
But the T72 models being "given" to Ukraine are going to make steel coffins. The MIG29s being "given" are going to make Russian Aces. Russia knows this, Ukraine knows this, US knows this, UK knows this, NATO knows this.

Don't believe the TV. Russian military weaponry is very capable. Ukraine can't fight this war with a Cold War tank or plane. What'll help Ukraine right now is artillery shells by the train load that can be guaranteed delivery to the front lines. More SAMs and drones for intel and artillery spotting (drones that aren't so easy to be neutralized with countermeasures). ,

Posted by: Corsair66 | Apr 30 2022 1:20 utc | 166

>>Ukraine is a victim of Russian imperialism just as surely as Iraq was of American imperialism. You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. #6<<

Ukraine is on Russia's border. If you can't see the difference between projecting your military might 10,000 kilometers away and in your backyard, I don't know what to tell you. NATO members specifically US said NATO no further east. NATO saw Russian as the enemy, Russia saw Nato as the enemy. Russia saw an enemy that said they would not expand expand to their boarder starting north to south. Russia mage agreement with Ukraine with NATO input (Minsk). Did Ukraine or NATO follow it? Russia make multiple statements over the year telling US and West that their encroachment would cause instability and war. Now Russia has invaded the eastern half of Ukraine -- much of this area having expressed their desire to be independent and/or part of RF. None of this is TV talking points, this is all 100% fact. Fact, if NATO and that means US did not screw around in Ukraine then we would probably not be here. Worse, if US had stayed back or been statesmen, this may have been cleared up with talks in Turkey. Imperialism? Wake up to what imperialism is.
Follow the money Charile. An extended Ukraine war is a monetary win for one of the big players. Not Ukraine, not Russia, not Europe. US wins. More oil and natural gas, more agricultural and especially more military purchases. Maybe that is coincidence, yes?

Posted by: Corsair66 | Apr 30 2022 1:36 utc | 167

I wonder if the U.S.A.'s recent legalization of marajana has anything to do with its foreign policy decision making? But then again, I take it most of the U.S.A.'s decision making bodies are into coke anyways.

Posted by: Robert | Apr 29 2022 22:28 utc | 127

Marijuana is still illegal everywhere in the USA. Some states have decriminalized/legalized it, but their actions would be rendered null and void if the federal government chose to challenge them in court. It's just that the federal government has chosen for the most part to look the other way; federal prosecution of marijuana sales in states where marijuana is "legal" is at best sporadic these days, although such prosecutions were rather common during Eric Holder's term as Attorney General.

Not that it matters much; the elites have always had easy access to whatever drugs they crave, just as they've always had access to safe abortion.

Posted by: malenkov | Apr 30 2022 1:37 utc | 168

Hello all:

“⚡During the breakthrough of the Russian army, a hail of blows fell on enemy positions in the Limansky district of the DPR.”

Intel Slava—Sorry if already posted, does anybody have more details on this breakthrough? Are any other sites reporting on it?



Posted by: Billy the Texas Red | Apr 30 2022 1:40 utc | 169

for end users, weed is practically speaking legal in a lot of states. i've never heard of the feds prosecuting individuals for it.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Apr 30 2022 1:43 utc | 170

@ pretzelattack | Apr 30 2022 1:43 utc | 171

Holder prosecuted several dealerships here in Colorado after promising not to do so. Prosecution of individuals seems to occur only at the local level. We in Colorado know that it's essential to have our vehicles in perfect working order and our cruise control set to a speed no higher than the legal limit when crossing the state line; the risk of "civil asset forfeiture" by state troopers who equate a Colorado license plate with drug running is simply too high.

Posted by: malenkov | Apr 30 2022 1:53 utc | 171

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2022 16:29 utc | 25

ukraine is much more a victim of usa (nato) imperialism as i see it.... if a similar dynamic of russia influencing canada happened, what would we call it??


The TrudeauNDP has sent millions in money, equipment, and technical training assistance to Ukraine. Yet we still have aboriginal populations without clean drinking water because the TrudeauNDP claim we cannot afford the expense.

The situation is so bad that rank and file soldiers sent to Ukraine on training missions raised complaint over the fact they were being asked to train neo-nazis. The Ottawa Citizen covered the story but it went unremarked elsewhere.

Given the prominent position of Freeland in the TrudeauNDP government it is unlikely there will be any change in Canadian policy toward Ukraine regardless of the facts.

Your tax dollars pay for unDemocracy and the bloated propaganda vehicle that is the CBC. Trudeau stands in Parliament and denounces opposition M.P.s as Nazi supporters and then walks out when the opposition members demand an apology. CBC coverage? Zilch. Nada. Nyet.

Posted by: Sushi | Apr 30 2022 1:56 utc | 172

Posted by: malenkov | Apr 30 2022 1:53 utc | 172

yeah I've read about that, Kansas and Nebraska cops in particular.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Apr 30 2022 1:58 utc | 173

malenkov | Apr 30 2022 1:37 utc | 169
freedom means not smoking what grows in the ground. except when it's useful for imperialism, like global tobacco addiction, opium wars, cocaine wars, etc.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Apr 30 2022 1:59 utc | 174

There was a sheriff in New Mexico on a one man crusade to stop pot smokers returning from Colorado to Texas, I think in Clayton. I don't think he's there anymore, at least I haven't read anything about him.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Apr 30 2022 1:59 utc | 175

people forget that we had a family of nazi oil barons in the big house in the US from most of 1980 thru 2008. and how tight the obamas, bushes, trumps and clintons are (or have been).

oh, and lend-lease...
and chicken hawks flapping away in fright from afghanistan...and every other conflict bigger than grenada since WW2. america runs on cheerleading.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Apr 30 2022 2:02 utc | 176

Crises in the Fall

Posted by: Roger | Apr 29 2022 16:31 utc | 28

Roger raises the issue of a coming food crisis. I expect the impact of that crisis will not be felt until the fall harvest indicates a significant global crop yield failure. Couple food scarcity with likely energy security issues (I think it unlikely the EU will be able to arrange substitute supplies for Russian NG by the onset of the winter heating season) and high energy prices increasing the transport cost of all goods, the consequent inflation, the strong likelihood of a stock market collapse/retrenchment, and western economies crippled by stagflation, and I suspect we are looking at a perfect storm, a socio-political tornado that will likely reshape the globe if nuclear Armageddon does not achieve the same result even sooner.

As the Chinese proverb says: "May you live in interesting times!"

I think it is going to get very interesting. Best to remember the Boy Scout motto.

Posted by: Sushi | Apr 30 2022 2:09 utc | 177

"For some years now, I have had an idea swirling around in my head, that it is not in fact the UK which is the poodle, but rather the USA. I am not sure I believe this myself but somehow I think the role of the UK is under rated."
Posted by: watcher | Apr 29 2022 20:53 utc | 99

Yup. After the so-called war of independence the USA basically found a way to gift-wrap and give itself back to the same festering ruling class that the patriot army fought at enormous cost. The real revolution was not so much the release from imperial colonization, but rather that the model of installing a colonial government to dominate captured territory was replaced by one of using military to suppress the population just enough for the extraction companies to plunder resources, further developed into creating a mercenary force out of the locals, in Quislingesque or Banderista fashion.

The Bidet mafia, being the proxy for a more cunning and clever neo-empire, is simply pulling the trigger on the movement of cash through the Ukrainian laundering machine, as the power structures have been wired to facilitate the secret conveyance of wealth, crating context as pretext for larceny, while the general population back home plants sunflowers and blue and yellow flags in blissful ignorance.

Tommies in trenches have been replaced by black suits and moneybags, as the Zelenskys and Guadios of the world served as puppet figureheads sucking in the spotlight as the true owners lurk in the salons upstairs, gambling for souls.

In short, I agree that the USA is actually the pirate island where the treasure is stashed, the unassailable safe haven, or so we think. Today's royalty du jour appears to be the expat Ukrainian princesses fattening the unsuspecting animals for slaughter.

Posted by: Stumpy | Apr 30 2022 2:10 utc | 178

Given the prominent position of Freeland in the TrudeauNDP government it is unlikely there will be any change in Canadian policy toward Ukraine regardless of the facts.

Your tax dollars pay for unDemocracy and the bloated propaganda vehicle that is the CBC. Trudeau stands in Parliament and denounces opposition M.P.s as Nazi supporters and then walks out when the opposition members demand an apology. CBC coverage? Zilch. Nada. Nyet.

Posted by: Sushi | Apr 30 2022 1:56 utc | 173

Stephen Harper on Twitter: "Statement by The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine:" / Twitter

Yatsenyuk signs free trade deal with Canada’s Harper | The Ukrainian Weekly

By and large the same `opposition' that assisted Nuland in organizing the Maidan UkroNazis — FM Baird meeting wih the same bunch Nuland did — arranging connections with the Nazi diaspora etc.[ ] whose go-to gal on Ukraine was none other Chrystia `Pierre's your Nazi Uncle' Freeland. Fergeddit, Sushi. Freedom Convoy Lindsay Graham's Dissident Right A-hole. EndOf.

Posted by: Laurence | Apr 30 2022 2:33 utc | 179

Posted by: bevin | Apr 29 2022 19:47 utc | 85

Great post!

Posted by: Sushi | Apr 30 2022 2:44 utc | 180

bevin | Apr 29 2022 19:47 utc | 85

As only few barflies will be able to cover every thread and all comments, I suppose it makes sense to be the echo chamber to outstanding comments.

Bevin‘s #85 is one of them.

Hitler was fought and defeated as a competing imperialist system. Not because killing jews, gays or even socialists.

Killing 27 Mio Russians is no number in common german remembrance.
The 6 Mio. Jews are.

The Nazis had been competing the Anglosaxons, but the Russians were the enemy. As long as the Sowjet Union existed, the nazi „Greuel“ was functional to claim US imperialism as superior to both communism and nazism. They called it „democracy“, guaranteed by the illiterate „x“ allowed to place anywhere on some lists.

But nazi totalitarianism was what they always had been dreaming of. Total control. No risks. Full spectrum dominance.

„Democracy“ is over. Now we are back to „them“ or „us“.

And, by the way, Bevin also explained why the Russians still are the Sowjets. The are not talking about political systems. They are talking about any understanding of „nation“ that defies the neoliberal agenda. The despice of „communism“ has never been anything but this. Not bending to the empire of darkness.

Posted by: njet | Apr 30 2022 2:45 utc | 181

@ CalDre 83

Stalin’s recognition of Israel solved his problem of Nazi death camp residents lingering in a no man’s land as their home nations refused to repatriate many of them. Large numbers could not remain in these camps indefinitely, and so the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine worked for those who did not wish to become citizens of the Jewish Autonomous Republic near the Chinese border was a welcome and timely development.

Had nothing to do with the bomb.

Posted by: P Walker | Apr 30 2022 2:56 utc | 182

Neocons/Neolibs= ZIONISTS..
Zionism is Nazism..
Hence why it appears the same Jew Zionists Banksters backed the Nazis in WW2, have moved and morphed into the US gov.
Soros is a HUGE player behind Ukraine. Who helped the Nazis against Jews during WW2? SOROS.
He is also the number one donor to the DNC politicians. He funded BLM/ANTIFA riots (I call it the summer of insurrection in the US, all a concerted effort to oust Trump), he finds Dem city DA's that refuse to prosecute crime, leading to horrific crime rates in these cities like NY Chicago and Portland

He is not the only Jew Zionist billionaire in Ukraine. Kolomoisky also funded Zelensky's campaign.
Too many Jew Zionists in banking hedge funds, Big pharma and the MIC to not notice a pattern and the ideology, ZIONISM, that drives them all.
There was an old quote by Bibi Netanyahu in the 90's who said they would destroy the US piece by piece and leave a wake of destruction behind them. That is not verbatim, but very similar

Russia has been in the Zionist cross hairs for awhile now. In Syria and in trying to broker peace deals behind the scenes with Iran.
For a long time I believed Putin to be working within the Zionist globalist Great Reset plans, HOWEVER, he has now been removed from the WEF young globalist leaders alumni. Maybe the Zionists thought Russia would allow their oligarchs to move in and break up Russia into little statelets, with Russia resources under their control.
Looks to me as if Putin has parted ways with those who would dare to BETRAY him and his country? Who knows what LIES they told him, aside from the most obvious in not moving NATO an inch eastward

I support Putin Russia and the Russian people, who appear to have made excellent voting decisions.

It's too bad that we can't say the same for the US
BTW, the US Zionists can be as determined as can be to try to drag NATO into a war with it. But the foolish Poles and Romanians and Moldavians will find out real quick that they are no match for Russia
The US MIC have been stealing US taxpayer money for generations now
Little to nothing has gone into MIC upgrade and innovation. We are GENERATIONS behind Russia in this way

Our leaders and people are now hopelessly incompetent and the US desperately in need of regime change

Posted by: Kay | Apr 30 2022 2:59 utc | 183

From Rybar Telegram channel... Apparently there may or may not be troop movements in Romania and Moldova...

On the movement of military equipment in Romania

Toward the border with Ukraine

On April 27, a video ( of the movement of NATO equipment across Romanian territory appeared on the Web, immediately giving rise to rumors that the convoy was moving towards the border with Ukraine.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense reacted literally the next day.

In an official statement ( index.html) of the department says that there is no transfer of equipment to any borders.

Moreover, “previously planned firing with Romanian soldiers and allies” is being carried out in the country, and a convoy of US armored vehicles, accompanied by military police, went to the Babadag training ground for this.

The video from April 27 really confirms this information.

It was made on the national road DN22 near the village of Sibiora.

The footage captures the moment the US equipment returns to the territory of the Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport, which is a NATO base.

Toward the border with Moldova

But simultaneously with the statement of the Romanian military department, another evidence of the movement of military equipment appeared - a photo ( taken on April 28 at a crossroads in the suburb of Birlad - Simile.

And in this picture, the convoy is really driving along the highway going towards the border with Moldova.

That's just in Byrlad stationed:
83rd division of multiple launch rocket systems "Bogdan I";
85th Logistics Battalion "General Mikhail Cherches".

And several of the military trucks in the picture could be assigned to any of these units.

To date, there is no reliable evidence of the transfer of equipment to the borders of Moldova or Ukraine for active participation in hostilities on the territory of one of these countries.

However, such a sharp reaction of society to any movement of military equipment in the region is symptomatic.

It's scary to think what will happen when NATO exercises "Spring Wind" begin on the territory of Romania on June 6, in which about 1,500 people will take part.

Map in high resolution

( #Moldova #Romania #Ukraine

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Apr 30 2022 3:02 utc | 184

The stupid Pentagon spokesperson Admiral Kirby doesn't like President Putin because Kirby knows all abut Russia's true security interests and Putin obviously (to Kirby) doesn't, and also Putin kills people, don't you know.

“It’s hard to square [Putin’s], let’s just call it what it is, his BS, that this is about Nazism and Ukraine, and it’s about protecting Russians in Ukraine and it’s about defending Russian national interests, when none of them — none of them — were threatened by Ukraine,” Kirby added, while lightly pounding his fist on the podium. “It’s hard to square that rhetoric by what he’s actually doing inside Ukraine to innocent people: shot in the back of the head; hands tied behind their backs; women, pregnant women being killed; hospitals being bombed. I mean, it’s just unconscionable." he said."It's just beyond me.". . .here

Kirby: This is a person who represents the major US agency, the Department of "Defense."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 30 2022 3:02 utc | 185

There are two possible outcomes to the war in Ukraine, a Russian victory, and WW III. And the US govt. is doing everything in its power to prevent a Russian victory. Brenner's vast experience leads him to the same conclusions I make just looking at what is prima facie obvious in what's going on. It borders on unbelievable.

Posted by: Saggy | Apr 30 2022 3:12 utc | 186

From Intel Slava Z Telegram channel...

The Pentagon has warned Americans against traveling to Ukraine to fight the Russian army after the death of US Marine Willie Joseph Kansel, who was hired by a PMC.

“We continue to urge Americans not to go to Ukraine. This is an active war zone, this is not the place to go," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told CNN.

But...but...aren't we supposed to support Ukraine with our tax money and our gas prices and our food prices? Why not our very lives?! LOL

So maybe this is why there aren't any US troops there as well? Because "this is not the place to go?"

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Apr 30 2022 3:16 utc | 187

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... And what socialists and communists were saying at the time- many of them being killed in Concentration Camps for doing so- which is that Fascism, as both Hitler and Mussolini were very honest in saying, is ...

Eh? For whom the turd polish toll?

Posted by: Laurence | Apr 30 2022 3:21 utc | 188

From Sputnik News Telegram channel...

Humanitarian aid from Germany for Ukraine is being thrown out at the Polish border

A correspondent of the German Blaulicht Magazin filmed mountains of discarded humanitarian aid on the border. Boxes of groceries and things were just thrown away. And there are many such episodes.

"A lot of things, clothes and other humanitarian aid donated by German residents are lying around in a Polish village near the border, and no one cares about them"

Help for Ukrainians was collected by volunteers, and now they have filed claims against the transport companies that were responsible for the delivery. Experts are already commenting - weapons are being transported to Kiev in trucks, and humanitarian aid is simply thrown away.

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Lavrov on neocolonial oppression

MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. Russia's special military operation in Ukraine is contributing to liberating the world from Western neocolonial oppression, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Xinhua news agency.

"It is obvious that the collective West’ attempts to hinder the natural course of history, to solve its problems at the expense of others are doomed," the minister said, "Today's world has several centers of decision-making, it is multipolar. We see how dynamically Asian, African and Latin American countries develop. Everyone has a real freedom of choice, including ways of development and participation in integration projects. Our special military operation in Ukraine also contributes to the process of freeing the world from the West’s neocolonial oppression, which is densely mixed with racism and an exceptionality complex." . .here

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Latest Russian MoD briefing from the Telegram channel... Slow day...

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.

High-precision air-based missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces have hit 38 Ukrainian military assets.

Among them: 20 platoon strong points, 11 areas manpower and military equipment concentration, 1 fuel depot near Volnoe Pole and 1 radar station near Pechenegi.

Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces have hit 22 military assets of Ukraine.

These include 5 platoon strong points, 13 areas of manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 4 missile-artillery weapons and fuel depots in Severodonetsk, Chervonnoe and Belohorie.

Missile troops have hit 3 Ukrainian military assets during the day.

The neutralised targets are 1 Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile launcher near Adamovka and 1 Mi-24 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force near Chuguev.

Artillery units have hit 5 command posts, 13 strong points, 64 areas of manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 7 artillery positions.

The attacks have resulted in the elimination over 200 nationalists and 32 armoured and vehicles of various purposes.

Russian air defence means have shot down 6 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over Zavody, Semyonovka, Rubezhnoe, Chervonnyi Oskol, Sukhaya Kamenka and Lyubimovka.

During the day, 3 Ukrainian Tochka-U missiles over Izyum, Novaya Dmitrovka and Sukhaya Kamenka, as well as Smerch MLRS rockets near Topolskoe have been shot down in the air.

In total, 142 aircraft and 112 helicopters, 640 unmanned aerial vehicles, 279 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,646 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 305 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,184 field artillery and mortars, as well as 2,475 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation.

#MoD #Russia #Ukraine #Briefing

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Regarding "In the early 1990s a small war between Moldova and the Russian population in Transnistria ended in 1992 with a ceasefire and Russian peacekeeper troops on the ground."
In Transnistria the ethnic situation form 2015 census:
- 33.2% moldovans (romanians)
- 33.8% russians
- 26.7% ukrainians
see here:

So what you wrote is a lie.
And Transnistria would not even be if the ukrainian state didn't protected the left bank in the past. Now they realize what a mistake they did, but too late, the russians are going to connect Donbas with Transnistria.
Wheel of fortune!

Posted by: zeT | Apr 30 2022 3:40 utc | 192

Posted by: Circe | Apr 29 2022 23:15 utc | 145

Wouldn't worry about it. It depends on how many regular Ukrainian forces vs Azov are in there. If the regular forces outnumber the Azov, sooner or later the Azov will get shot and the rest will surrender.

Also keep in mind that once Russian troops get in there after the finish and they find tons of Nazi paraphenalia, the West will suddenly stop talking about it.

Look, the West is going to make propaganda out of anything Russia does. So worrying about how the West will perceive the Azovstal situation is not worth it.

Wait until the 30,000 or so dead Ukie soldiers in the Donbass get filmed on people's cameras and the 30,000 or so prisoners (if the rest surrender). Because at that moment the entire Western propaganda campaign collapses. No one will remember Azovstal.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Apr 30 2022 3:49 utc | 193

Another Pepe Escobar interview with Richard Medhurst... Always great listening to Pepe...


Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Apr 30 2022 4:00 utc | 194

For anyone seeking a fairer assessment to Germany's NSDAP and its actions leading to the war from an increasingly accepted "revisionist" standpoint, I do recommend this essay from Ron Unz around Buchanan's book about Churchhill and the Unnecessary War.

For those here in good faith, that is.

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"The US is preparing to supply Ukraine with strike drones capable of flying to Moscow, and the UK will provide missiles for them - Readovka study

The United States has repeatedly stated that it is ready to supply Ukraine with MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles under Lend-Lease. Many, including us, were initially skeptical about this information. At the same time, new data indirectly confirm the fact of such a supply.

Recently, the UK announced that it was going to transfer Brimstone air-to-ground guided missiles to Ukraine. In this regard, it is worth noting that the Armed Forces of Ukraine currently do not have a single carrier for this missile, and it is impossible to integrate it with existing aircraft and helicopters. However, the Brimstone can be used from the aforementioned drones.

Here it is appropriate to recall the recent statement by the head of the British Foreign Office, who declared the legality of Ukraine's possible strikes against targets in Russia. At the same time, the speed of this drone is about 200 km / h, and the duration of being in the air is more than 12 hours. Thus, all Russian cities located 1000 km from the Ukrainian border fall into the affected area."

I hope Russia has the means, conditions and will to destroy them as soon as they cross the Polish border: from somewhere 130 km northeast of Lvov this crap can hit Moscow.

Posted by: SCan | Apr 30 2022 4:50 utc | 196

Brimstone was being mounted on a chassis in cooperation with a Polish entity.

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Apr 30 2022 4:55 utc | 197

Russia is going to take all of Ukraine. Expect further escalations between Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania via the US. Sometimes think of the human race as a failed experiment. Imagine if these aristocrats were ever able to get off this rock into the universe. They'd destroy the entire universe. Maybe better off to let the nukes fly and start over from the microbe level.

Posted by: Joe | Apr 30 2022 4:56 utc | 198


Don't forget Victor Suvorov and the possibility that the war in the east may have been started by Stalin if not started by Hitler.

Actually, although it will rustle the hell out of any Russians jimmies, a quick comparison of Operation Barbarossa and Operation Z assuming Suvorov is correct and Stalin planned to invade Europe:

Operation Z was pre emptive,Operation Barbarossa, according to Suvorov, was pre emptive

During Barbarossa Russia was heavily armed by lend lease by the United States. During Z Ukraine was heavily armed by originally aid packages and soon lend lease by the United States

During Barbarossa the Atlantic powers accused Germany of genocide and white washed Soviet atrocities. During Z, the Atlantic powers are accusing Russia of genocide and are white washing Ukrainian Crimes

Ukraine is ruled by a CIA regime. The Soviet Union was more politically complex than Ukraine, but many people in the FDR cabinet were Stalin sympathetic and the revolution that created the Soviet Union was funded by the Wall St bankers Jacob Schiff and the Warbergs.

In the interest of brevity I'll stop here, but it does just keep going. Geopolitically, to the Atlantic powers, Hitler and Putin aren't very different at all and in terms of what the Atlantic powers have done as a reaction to Z and Barbarossa, there isn't much a difference either, which calls into question the whole history of the 20th century because if we know the type and depth of lies about Russia right now, it begs the question, how deep did the lies go about Germany then?

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Posted by: John Dowser | Apr 29 2022 18:21 utc | 66

- A well located fortified position is not that easy to approach by a tank, a path needs to be cleared
- Rockets are unguided so might have to approach quite closely for a precision shot

This makes sense. The solution would seem to be a long range thermobaric missile launcher with a minimal guidance capability (if such a thing even exists). Or, the napalm dropped from a bomber type of approach ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Apr 30 2022 4:57 utc | 200

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