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March 05, 2022

Zelensky And The Fascists: "He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk"

Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism states:

Lambert and I both find this is the worst informational environment either of us have faced, orders of magnitude worse than the war in Iraq, ...


Dear patient readers,

Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has prompted the worst informational environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in mitigating the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in comments. None of us need more cheerleading and link-free repetition of memes; there are platforms for that.

I ask readers and commentators here to live by the same standard. There are too many comments now for me to read and police. Please notify me via email if there are certain trolls or offenders who deserve to be excluded from this site.

Now back to Ukraine and the big question: Why is Russia doing this?

At the Grayzone Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal have published a piece about Zelensky's turn from the peacemaker he had promised to be before his election to an active supporter of the fascist 'ultranational' militia. They pin that turn to a frontline meeting between Zelensky and militia fighters in the fall of 2019:

In a face-to-face confrontation with militants from the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who had launched a campaign to sabotage the peace initiative called “No to Capitulation,” Zelensky encountered a wall of obstinacy. 

With appeals for disengagement from the frontlines firmly rejected, Zelensky melted downon camera. “I’m the president of this country. I’m 41 years old. I’m not a loser. I came to you and told you: remove the weapons,” Zelensky implored the fighters.

Once video of the stormy confrontation spread across Ukrainian social media channels, Zelensky became the target of an angry backlash.

Andriy Biletsky, the proudly fascist Azov Battalion leader who once pledged to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led Untermenschen”, vowed to bring thousands of fighters to Zolote if Zelensky pressed any further. Meanwhile, a parliamentarian from the party of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko openly fantasized about Zelensky being blown to bits by a militant’s grenade.

Though Zelensky achieved a minor disengagement, the neo-Nazi paramilitaries escalated their “No Capitulation” campaign. And within months, fighting began to heat up again in Zolote, sparking a new cycle of violations of the Minsk Agreement.

By this point, Azov had been formally incorporated into the Ukrainian military and its street vigilante wing, known as the National Corps, was deployed across the country under the watch of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, and alongside the National Police. In December 2021, Zelensky would be seen delivering a “Hero of Ukraine” award to a leader of the fascistic Right Sector in a ceremony in Ukraine’s parliament.

That is all correct. But let me point out that death threats from the fascists to Zelensky were already made much earlier.

On May 27 2019, a week after Zelensky's inauguration as president, the Ukrainian internet news site Obozrevatel published a long interview with Dmytro Anatoliyovych Yarosh, a co-founder of the Right Sector who was then the commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. Yarosh and others like him have had little support when they tried to get elected to parliament but they, as demonstrated during Maidan, have the guns and the will to use them.

I now get an 'access denied' when I try to fetch the original interview but found a copy at

The headline of the interview carries his main message (machine translations):

Yarosh: if Zelensky betrays Ukraine, he will lose not his position, but his life


As the interview is quite long I will concentrate on two parts. Zelensky had promised peace and to implement the Minsk agreement. Here is Yarosh's thought about Minsk:

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Yarosh: The Minsk format - and I talk about this all the time - is an opportunity to play for time, arm the Armed Forces, switch to the best world standards in the system of national security and defense. This is an opportunity for maneuver. But no more. The implementation of the Minsk agreements is the death of our state. They are not worth a drop of blood of the guys and girls, men and women who died in this war. Not a drop.

We were better prepared during this diplomatic game for a possible large-scale Russian invasion.

I: Do you think it's time to abandon "Minsk"?

Y: Undoubtedly.

I: But Zelensky was told immediately after the elections that he had no alternatives.

Y: "They told Zelensky" ... Did Zelensky say anything at all?

I: Not.

Y: And it's scary. The Supreme Commander, who says nothing at all. It's kind of empty. And it's very strange.

I: Waiting for what the newly elected president will say?

Y: Not only. Let's fight and get ready. We are waiting for what he will say and, most importantly, how he will act. "By their fruits you will know them," says Scripture. "Fruits" we will see somewhere in the fall. Zelensky is an inexperienced politician. And the retinue makes the king. And we already see who is there, "in the retinue", is beginning to appear. It does not add optimism. Because Zelensky promised his voters (I was not Zelensky's voter) that he would break the oligarchic system. But already from the first appointments, we see that the oligarchic system continues to live and flourish. And, obviously, it will continue to be so. Just the streams will be transferred.

To the 'ultranationalists' in the Ukraine the Minsk agreement was always just a fig-leaf to have time for rearming. In 2019, five years after Minsk, they already felt capable and ready to again attack and overwhelm the Donbas rebels.

Yarosh's remark about Zelensky and the oligarchs is not wrong. The streams of money sucked from Ukrainians and foreign donors were redirected under Zelensky to benefit those oligarchs, most prominently Igor Kolomoyskyy, who had supported him.

The interviewer then asks Yarosh about his relation to Kolomoyskyy who had called the conflict with Donbas a civil war. Yarosh does not mind Kolomoyskyy but rejects the 'civil war' claim:

Yarosh: [P]erhaps, something is pushing him to make such statements. Apparently, some kind of business interest.

This is the main danger of the oligarchy, as for me. They, the oligarchs, are talented people, because without talent it is impossible to build such businesses and earn billions. But the danger of the oligarchs is that they are compradors. They don't give a damn about the Motherland. They need money. Profit turns a blind eye to everything. And then you can negotiate with Russia on any terms.

And that is why Zelensky is very dangerous for us Ukrainians. I feel it.

Interviewer: What is the danger?

Y: His statements about peace at any cost are dangerous for us. Vladimir simply does not know the price of this world. He may have been with concerts close to the front. But when my boys were torn apart by Russian shells into small pieces and then these pieces had to be collected and sent to their mothers, the price somehow looks completely different.
I: Are you trying to meet him now?

Y: Yes. I have already made a couple of messages, but he is silent. Perhaps they didn't reach him. He is a busy man...

But even if this meeting does not happen, it's okay. He just needs to understand one truth: Ukrainians cannot be humiliated. Ukrainians, after seven hundred years of colonial slavery, may not yet have fully learned how to build a state. But we learned how to make an uprising very well and remove all those "eagles" who are trying to parasitize on the sweat and blood of Ukrainians. Zelensky said in his inaugural speech that he was ready to lose ratings, popularity, position... No, he would lose his life. He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk - if he betrays Ukraine and those people who died in the Revolution and the War.


Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kiev. The above and other threats to Zelensky certainly helped to convert him from peacemaker to warmonger and friend of the various 'ultranational' militia formations.

In spring 2021 Zelensky announced that the Ukraine would retake Crimea by force. Russia then held large military maneuvers and Zelensky backed down. By November 2021 the Ukraine again made noise and said it would be retaking Donbas by force. Russia again held military maneuvers as a show of force but this time the situation deteriorated further.

Starting in mid February the OSCE observers around Donbas noted in their daily reports a strong increase in ceasefire violation and explosions.


Most of the violations came from the Ukrainian site and the explosions of the fired shells and missile happened on Donbas held grounds. On February 19, at the hight of the fire, Zelensky gave a speech at the Munich Security Conference. He prominently mentioned the Budapest Memorandum under which the Ukraine had given up the nuclear weapons it had inherited from the USSR*:

Since 2014, Ukraine has tried three times to convene consultations with the guarantor states of the Budapest Memorandum. Three times without success. Today Ukraine will do it for the fourth time. I, as President, will do this for the first time. But both Ukraine and I are doing this for the last time. I am initiating consultations in the framework of the Budapest Memorandum. The Minister of Foreign Affairs was commissioned to convene them. If they do not happen again or their results do not guarantee security for our country, Ukraine will have every right to believe that the Budapest Memorandum is not working and all the package decisions of 1994 are in doubt.

One of the package decision Ukraine took in 1994 was the entering of Ukraine into the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Russia understood Zelensky's remark in Munich as a threat by Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons. It already has the expertise, materials and means to do that.

A fascist controlled government with nukes on Russia's border? This is not about Putin at all. No Russian government of any kind could ever condone that.

I believe that this credible threat, together with the artillery preparations for a new war on Donbas, was what convinced Russia's government to intervene by force.

On February 22 Russia recognized the Donbas republics as independent states. On February 24 Russian troops crossed the borders into the Ukraine.

The aim set for the Russian military is to de-militarize the Ukraine and to de-nazify it.

The first is easy to understand. The Russian military will simple destroy or disable all heavy weapons the Ukraine has.

The second aim requires more explanation than the above interview with Dmytro Yarosh.

As the Grayzone notes:

In November 2021, one of Ukraine’s most prominent ultra-nationalist militiamen, Dmytro Yarosh, announced that he had been appointed as an advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yarosh is an avowed follower of the Nazi collaborator Bandera who led Right Sector from 2013 to 2015, vowing to lead the “de-Russification” of Ukraine.

The threats from the fascists make it impossible for any Ukrainian politician to implement a sane policy that would lead to peace in the country.

The fascists in Ukraine are relatively few. But they have the guns and they will kill anyone who opposes them and their aims. They have been put into important state positions. (Besides that oligarchs like Kolomoyskyy pay and use them for their own purposes.)

The problem is that such ideological groups, once firmly established, tend to grow. The Right Sector is holding 'patriotic' summer camps for young Ukrainians and the Ukrainian state is financing those. They are successful and Ukrainian youths is looking up to them.

These developments are what Russia is afraid off. As Patrick Armstrong wrote at the start of the current intervention:

What [Putin] is talking about is what the Soviet Union tried to do from 1933 onwards: namely to stop Hitler before he got started. This time Russia is able to do it by itself. In other words, Putin feels that he is making a pre-emptive attack to stop June 1941. This is very serious indeed and indicates that the Russians are going to keep going until they feel that they can safely stop.

The Russian military will destroy the militia formations like the Right Sector and the Azov battalion which is currently holding the people of Mariupol as hostages. It will try to get all their leaders - dead or alive.

When the task is done the Russian military will leave the Ukraine.

Being freed from powerful fascists will enable Ukrainian politicians to re-institute sane policies.

That's the plan.

But will it work?

That is probably the wrong question. One should ask to what degree and for how long will it work.

After Ukraine's independence it took the 'ultranationalists' 22 years, and the help of the CIA, to come to power. Once eliminated they may claw back, but it will take them some time. The Ukraine will be busy with reviving its economy. It will have little money to spend on arms.  

Thirty years later Russia may see a repeat of the confrontation. But 30 years are quite a long time.

* Ukraine could not break the permissive action link security codes of those nuclear weapons so it actually gave up nothing.

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Mearsheimer is a real scholar, and well respected. cancel culture is idiocy.
President, @CSPICenterOrg. Fellow, Defense Priorities.

"University of Chicago students circulating a letter calling for the cancellation of John Mearsheimer over “Putinism,” “anti-Ukrainian ideology,” and spreading Russian disinformation like that there was a coup in 2014 and it included fascists.

Apparently some people think you need to call for firing for it to be a cancellation. Ridiculous. Gathering a mob to have a university denounce a scholar for his views and demanding he “clarify” his views (he can’t be more clear) to the mob falls under the same umbrella...."

Posted by: michaelj72 | Mar 6 2022 3:49 utc | 401

Mar 6 2022 2:56 utc | 444

Pretty much makes clear it's the Right Sektor / Azov goons or their sympathizers who are hi jacking ID's

Seems I've caught their attention too. No matter, I despise nazis. They are filth.

Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 3:50 utc | 402

Sorry about your new troll infestation.
It was bound to happen.
This is one of a very few sites that I trust to provide accurate, truthful reporting about Ukraine, and by extension, the USA.
I won’t identify any others, to avoid a similar infestation at those places.
I’ve been lurking around the bar for two years now, and have had my historical knowledge improved significantly, thanks to the contributors here.
Many thanks to b and friends.
I would suggest that the aware, and scholarly, writers here ignore the voices of distraction that are trying to derail this best of all saloons, and just keep doing your thing.
I’ve had little to no difficulty identifying the top shelf bottles.
The watered down rotgut $hit is pretty easy to spot.
You’re here to educate me, so I can share your message with minds not yet closed.
If Biden and friends don’t get us all killed first, I would really like to have somebody(s) explain the whole Covid story someday.
I think that this story isn’t done yet, but it does seem like nothing cures a virus quite like a little war.
I sincerely appreciate what Is still going on here.
Hopefully, you will continue long into the future.

Posted by: $outhpaw | Mar 6 2022 3:50 utc | 403

b reports in his post:

The Russian military will destroy the militia formations like the Right Sector and the Azov battalion which is currently holding the people of Mariupol as hostages. It will try to get all their leaders - dead or alive.

Zelensky is the puppet of Yarov. He can do nothing. If he tells Yarov and the Bandaristas to show clemency and release the hostages, they will laugh at him. Such is the chain of authority in Ukraine. Has Biden made a public plea for clemency to Yarov and the nazi scum, has Blinken, Nuland, Jake the snakeeven?? has Pelosi wrung her hands or clapped her knuckles for clemency? Has Schumer, Sanders, the fraudsters demanded a show of humanity .

NOT ONE OF THEM shows humanity or organises public demands for humanity and pleas for compasion.

They give loud and clear comfort to fascists. These are the enemy of the people. And they have many friends in the twisted paranoid land of the WEST. This is a disgusting reality that needs loud and clear condemnation.

Only Russia and Belarus are actively destroying the fascist occupation of Ukraine and what passes for the mind of the west.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 3:50 utc | 404

Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 3:47 utc | 484


Im late to the party.
Looks like somebody are getting desperate

Posted by: denk | Mar 6 2022 3:54 utc | 405

Zelensky is the puppet of Yarov

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 3:50 utc | 489

Who may also be a puppet of Kolomoisky, like Zelensky. Keeping it in the syndicate so to speak.

For some reason few people endeavor to expose that character. It's not as if there isn't plenty to be exposed including the history of Burisma which lays out the multinational schemes of said manipulator. One very nasty piece of work.

Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 4:04 utc | 406

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 4:01 utc | 493
Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 4:03 utc | 494

Ok, Baghdad Bob (Aka Ricky Rubbles)

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:05 utc | 407

propaganda warfare is definitely effective, for « manufacturing consent » but when all is said and done, it’s reality that we all have to live in. Karl Rove’s made-up reality is coming to an end, fortunately.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:14 utc | 408

On a different note regarding Gonzale Lira 446

For the time being I'm accepting he's legit, mostly because Duran is legit. Hope he has good VPN. While interesting the problem is that it is a man in the basement type of situation. On the street coverage I guess is difficult given the patrolling ducks. So his sources are mostly no different than anyone else with web connection.

Posted by: YY | Mar 6 2022 4:15 utc | 409

Vladimir Putin | Mar 6 2022 4:05 utc | 497

If you read the analyses of US experts, you will learn that you should have done it the American way - carpet bombed Ukraine from 30,000 feet.

Posted by: Keith McClary | Mar 6 2022 4:16 utc | 410

@Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 4:03 utc | 494

From the map below (from the Saker)
- Ukrainian 40,000 to 60,000 in the Donbass surrounded
- Mariupol AZOV nutters surrounded
- Cutting off of Odessa from rest of Ukraine, very close (thrust toward Moldova)
- Cutting off of the whole of Eastern Ukraine getting close, on target (thrust south from Kiev and north from Crimea)
- UKE airforce wiped out, UKE command and control wiped out, UKE air defences pretty much wiped out

This is standard operating procedure, plus attempting not to hurt civilians through area-shelling/bombing etc. Plus, an army doesn't have logistics issues when its so close to its own border. This is not a video game, real war takes time and the current achievements are astonishing given the Russian restraint and the size of the country. Please don't be taken in by the Western MSM bullshit, like using video game footage or painting Russian symbols on Uke tanks. In addition, any Volkstrum will be wiped out very quickly by seasoned well-trained troops, thats a suicide mission; that what happened to the German version in WW2.

Kharkiv should have been bypassed, that does look like a tactical mistake. It is always incredibly difficult to take cities (especially when not trying to kill the civilian population), especially against Ukronazis who assume that they are going to die anyway. Once the big Donbass cauldron is brought to the boil the Ukie regulars should collapse quickly, destroying the morale of the rest.

P.S. How long did Iraq 2 take to get to Baghdad against an army depleted by 10 years of sanctions and regular air attacks?

Posted by: Roger | Mar 6 2022 4:19 utc | 411

@b - cleanup list:

- Name jacking
- Posts verbatim from Empire controlled Media with no links or rationale
- Embedded links to porn sites
- General stupidity of an obvious nature
- Mindless insults

Posted by: Vladimir Putin | Mar 6 2022 4:05 utc | 497
Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 4:01 utc | 493
Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 4:03 utc | 494
Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 3:59 utc | 492
Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 3:57 utc | 491
Posted by: denk | Mar 6 2022 3:46 utc | 483
Posted by: denk | Mar 6 2022 3:43 utc | 482
Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 3:38 utc | 480
Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 3:37 utc | 477
Posted by: denk | Mar 6 2022 3:36 utc | 476
Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 3:35 utc | 475
Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 3:26 utc | 466
Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 3:24 utc | 463
Posted by: james | Mar 6 2022 3:15 utc | 457
Posted by: james | Mar 6 2022 3:10 utc | 456
Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 3:10 utc | 455
Posted by: james | Mar 6 2022 3:05 utc | 451
Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 3:03 utc | 449

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:21 utc | 412

Hey uncle tungsten! It looks like you get the spoof treatment as well...grin

denk has it right and obvious....desperate and looking even more so with every step they take, every move they make...the projection onto others of what they have been doing for centuries and calling it bad when it is self defense...delusional projection that most MoA barflies laugh at.

Keep it up for what it pays you in pieces of silver and the loss of your humanity...I expect much of this textual white noise to be gone in 24 hours

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 6 2022 4:22 utc | 413

@michaelj72 - I was watching a video recently, filmed at a US college, I forget which one. A crowd of students, mostly black, were surrounding a teacher and giving him a hard time. Apparently he didn’t treat them delicately enough. I doubt it, as the guy was very patient, and tried to work it out with them. Bottom line, they practically wanted him to get down on his knees, apologize and say he was a piece of shit. He was very patient and flexible, heard them out at length, and apologized for having possibly not been sensitive enough to their needs, but didn’t get down on his knees, and that still wasn’t enough. They were acting like real entitled babies. What were these people doing in college ? It did not look promising for the US’s future.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:26 utc | 414

Does anyone know how porous the Ukeranian western border is?
Not concerned about outflow of people there but is it allowing entry of arms, with no place to go further? All I get about the situation is the Polish border, usual stuff about the east, southeast, Kiev and the Dombass cauldron.

Posted by: YY | Mar 6 2022 4:26 utc | 415

501 not me

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:27 utc | 416

Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:20 utc | 503

(If that is you.)
In terms of civilian casualties, the U.S. invasion of Iraq is many times worse. Wouldn't the invasion of Panama be closer?

Posted by: Keith McClary | Mar 6 2022 4:27 utc | 417

@ Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:21 utc | 504... i guess they are paying these people good money for this... it implies moa is a valuable place for them to work as hard as they are here on this thread... i have never seen this in all my time at moa - ever..

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2022 4:28 utc | 418

congratulations, b! You’re now important enough that the trolls have found you. So what are you going to do about it?

Actually I know already: Ban me, keep Circe, ignore the rest. Yay!

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 4:31 utc | 419

Imagine the cursing and swearing going on at the Nuland / Kagan residence given their carefully laid plans of World Domination being challenged. Fuck the EU would be down on the list of choices to express their white hot anger.

Such are the trials and tribulations of those afflicted with Messianic delusions. If only democracy as we know it wasn't a thoroughly rigged game, they might have a leg to stand on.

Churchill once said, Democracy is the worst of all systems, except for all the rest. Of course Winston was a Company Man, so there's that, but I wonder if he would say the same if he were alive today?

Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 4:31 utc | 420

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:20 utc | 503

Noam Chomsky: Before turning to the question, we should settle a few facts that are uncontestable. The most crucial one is that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a major war crime

This nonsense of "war crime" has to stop.
All wars are crimes.
The term "War Crime" is a tautology.

By that logic, yes, Putin's invasion of Ukraine is a "War Crime".

But you know what?

There is no judge, jury, bailiff or court that convict him because they are are all war criminals and accomplices.
The entire global political structure is run by criminals with no moral high ground or monopoly on Justice.

So while Chomsky can blather on about the criminality of war (Putin's war, or Uncle Sam's, Or Erdogan's or Netanyahoo's) he fails to understand that world system is an Anarchy, there is no 'international law', no 'root of Justice', no 'overarching criminal court' in existence and every single member of the UNSC is no more than a a glorified capo in gangland.

This is what we get for being compliant sheep and subjecting ourselves to Statism instead of embracing a Panarchy overalying formal Anarchy.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:33 utc | 421

@Rick Rubles. I smell odious Joo vermin here. Let's call in the Azov Battalion to clean out this dreck.

Posted by: Dave | Mar 6 2022 4:35 utc | 422

LOL It’s strange seeing weird posts, with my name on them. No, you can probably figure which ones aren’t me.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:35 utc | 423

Xinhuanet has a posting up about a conversation between China FM Wang and US Blinken of which I will post what I consider to be the most important part
The Chinese side, Wang said, also encourages the United States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the European Union to engage in equal dialogue with Russia, face up to the frictions and problems accumulated over the years, pay attention to the negative impact of NATO's continuous eastward expansion on Russia's security, and seek to build a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism in accordance with the "indivisibility of security" principle.

This is amazing slow motion to me. It seems clear to me that China will extend its finance and exchange tools to Russia if asked and it will further the creation/birth of the new bipolar world.
And the worm turns...

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 6 2022 4:36 utc | 424

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2022 4:28 utc | 512

We had a case like this two months back, just without the name-jacking. It was irritating but stopped once the troll team ran out of steam, as they always do.

TBH I was waiting for the name-jacking to start , b's blog software is not matching the Alias to the email address and preventing that.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:42 utc | 425

Whether out of desperation or senility, Chomsky became a Dim Party stooge long ago.

His theory of language is resolutely 19c too.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 4:42 utc | 426

Posted by: B | Mar 6 2022 4:42 utc | 524

Dear Ricky Rubbles - we can deal with all that, but what cannot be tolerated are the high concentrations of Stupidium coming off your posts.

If you're going to vocal, at least be intelligent. Deal ?

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:45 utc | 427

@bubbles - Churchill was great with words, but a real dirtbag. And I wouldn’t ever count on him to say the truth, just something self-servingly snappy.

@Arch Bungle - I suspect the US has something on Chomsky, limiting the honesty of his opinions. He’s a smart enough guy, but obviously he’s playing dumb. Just like with the covid nonsense.

@Rick Ruble - you remind me of most of the folks on imgur political threads : a flaming « democrat ».

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:46 utc | 428


Just because your lying Government says 80% does not make it so.

This is done to isolate you and make you feel outside the norm, you know, go along to get along.

Unfortunately, people being the pathetic sheep they are, it may be quite a high percentage in actual fact but you can bet its not what they say it is.

Have the guts to stick to your beliefs, even if you get into arguments with your sheep I did today!!!!!

Posted by: BearishPanda | Mar 6 2022 4:48 utc | 429

@Rick Rubles - P.S,: Trump’s gonna win the next US election, and he’s gonna make the US great again. The Republicans are gonna start by taking over with the midterm elections.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:49 utc | 430

@ Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:42 utc | 522... yes.... from time to time some loon or two come to moa, but the name hijack routine is not common.. i believe one can buy a scrambler for ip addresses... i am sure the cia use a scrambler all the time... cheers..

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2022 4:50 utc | 431

B, please block the IP that sent this message as its not me:

Posted by: Roger | Mar 6 2022 4:24 utc | 506

Posted by: Roger | Mar 6 2022 4:50 utc | 432

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:46 utc | 526

@Arch Bungle - I suspect the US has something on Chomsky, limiting the honesty of his opinions. He’s a smart enough guy, but obviously he’s playing dumb. Just like with the covid nonsense.

The only thing I can think of that could scare a man of that age, intelligence and moral strength is a threat against family and loved ones.

Remember what they did to Judge Richard Goldstone after operation Cast Lead?

Either that or he got scooped up in Epstein's (Mossad's) paedo honeynet (in which case one has to re-visit the general perception of his moral standing).

Perhaps James Corbett wasn't completely off his rocker when called Chomsky an academic Gatekeeper all those years ago:

I didn't take him seriously back then ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 4:52 utc | 433

@Rick Rubles - Apparently you Democrats want open borders, so immigrants can come and have sex with your wives. Does your wife have a nice black bull yet ? Or are you one of those « diverse » lot. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:57 utc | 434

LOL looks like I hit the bullseye.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 4:59 utc | 435

And the worm turns...

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 6 2022 4:36 utc | 520

That outcome was inevitable in 2014 in my view. Was stunned that the West would do something so absurd, leading to what I saw then as an inevitable outcome, pushing one of the world's greatest military powers and the World's factory together. Apparently this is what passes for leadership now. So now we have round 2 of a match that never should have been fought and as a wise old Swahili Chief once said, "When Elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers most."

Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 5:02 utc | 436

I suspect the Iranian talks are about ending the sanctions to allow more crude oil and natural gas to hit the market. Also a US delegation rolled into Venezuela for talks while Chevron has been asking the US to allow them to buy crude oil from Venezuela.
U.S. officials to meet with government of Russian ally Venezuela: report

Exclusive: U.S. weighs Chevron request to take Venezuela oil for debt payments

The blood that runs the economy is getting very expensive and that could cause mass chaos across the Empire. Not to mention the ever increasing food costs. The Empire appears to be groveling.

Posted by: circumspect | Mar 6 2022 5:02 utc | 437

@541 - Democrats gonna lose the midterms, and Trump will win the next elections. HAH !


I hope Venezuela and Iran refuse to make deals with the US/West.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:08 utc | 438

Arch Bungle @ 533:

Chomsky isn’t important enough to merit a threat from the Deep State.

When someone like Tucker Carlson starts singing the party line, you can start worrying. Chomsky is as anti-Deep State as, say, Democracy Now.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:09 utc | 439

@Ricardo - you try that, and you’ll get a surprise. I’ll wear a wig, and when you crawl into bed, I’ll outwrestle you, and bring you back here, and we’re all gonna gang bang you. But I bet that was your plan along, you sick Democrat perv.

Posted by: Featherless@ | Mar 6 2022 5:13 utc | 440

@malenkov - with Tucker, it’s probably cause he doesn’t want to lose his very lucrative TV contract. Democrats hate Tucker with a PASSION.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:16 utc | 441

I was trapped in a room with US ABC news playing on the telly last night. It was a nightmare. Pretty much entire broadcast devoted to Ukraine. I dont have the proper vocabulary to described it. It seemed some kind of parody of actual news as if try to signal for help - that they have no choice but to broadcast this crap. I think many people should attempt to watch as a master class of fake (if obviously so) news - I am sure it will be running each night.

But as Ritter points out, what will we do with the outrage that this fake news generates? Appears this matter will be settled on a large scale. Perhaps the owners wish to destroy the modern world ("civilization", if you will) as a way to save the planet or at least allow them to preserve their beach front view.

Posted by: jared | Mar 6 2022 5:17 utc | 442

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:09 utc | 546

Chomsky isn’t important enough to merit a threat from the Deep State.

His position on Palestine is lethal enough for it. Others have been killed for less.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 5:17 utc | 443

On a serious note though, b should really do something to prevent name-spoofing. Maybe require the screen name to match whatever has been previously recorded in the email or url slots. That seems like it would be easy.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:20 utc | 444

Chomsky lost me during the last election when he joined the choir claiming we had to back Biden because Trump was some kind of existential threat, instead of somebody who was in most respects carrying on the normal policies of the empire. I don't see how you can acknowledge that Russia is facing a real existential threat from the US/NATO blob, and acknowledge the constant shelling of Donbas over the past 8 years, and still see no justification for the invasion. maybe it was a strategic mistake, but that will eventually become clear. to me it looked and looks like there are NO good alternatives, and Russia is trying to do the least damage it realistically can while changing the strategic landscape around its borders.

Chomsky joined the gatekeepers, respect for his past work (manufacturing consent) but I have to view him with a more critical eye going forward.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 6 2022 5:22 utc | 445

Featherless @ 550:

Well, if Dims hate Tucker Carlson, then Tucker Carlson can't be all that bad.

I'm appalled by about 40% of what he says, but he's one of the very few commentators of note (if not the only one) who marches to his own drummer, and for that alone he merits grudging respect. And so far he's been right on everything concerning the CIA and the Ukraine. So I guess we'll have to take him seriously . . . unlike Noam Chomsky, who used to make sense but no longer does. (Oh, and his linguistic theory is silly too.)

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:22 utc | 446

I should probably add that he is very old, and old people become more rigid, less able to adapt their viewpoints in light of changing circumstance, not to mention the possibility of cognitive decline.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 6 2022 5:25 utc | 447

Let me start with the premise that Putin is an enigma and a chameleon, therefore one can never presume too much where he's concerned and so I'm simply speculating.

I think that to understand Putin's thinking and judge why he does what he does, and why he took this gigantic leap of faith risking everything to face down USNATO, you have to listen to or research what he says and thinks of Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky, because he wants to be in that club, but avoid the mistakes of his predecessors. He wants his legacy to be revolutionary, but not in the usual sense of revolution as in a movement to overthrow government, rather as a revolutionary challenging the Global Order.

I will admit that despite his intelligence, Putin is far from perfect, sometimes ruthless, and has done some questionable things. For this reason I held back on my full support for him. However, I always sensed there a discipline for ideological proportion, and mindful restraint, together with a deep conviction to further Russia's potential as a global power and challenge unipolar authority from a moral perspective, and this is what kept me from totally abandoning his potential for greatness.

My feeling is that what Putin has done launching this military operation in Ukraine was measured by patience and planning, but totally unpredictable in character given the staggering risk. That's what a leap of faith is; unpredictable, and radically out of one's comfort zone. So although many of us felt the rumbling of something big; his move on Ukraine still shocked and caught everyone off guard.

I mean who would have predicted that a man of his small stature would take on the Empire? Well I guess size doesn't matter because Napoleon took on the imperial powers of his time and he was about Putin's size.

Like all of you, I don't know how this will evolve, but I can say confidently: The moment is ripe, the timing is right, and with all his faults, I need to believe he will succeed.

I need to believe we are on the cusp of a new era and he is the vessel taking us there. Whatever comes of this; we need a sea change and this feels like destiny; so I'm all in.

(Yes, I'm the original Circe; not the imposter who crashed the discussion earlier.
Can't you recognize me by my writing?)

Posted by: Circe | Mar 6 2022 5:26 utc | 448

@ pretzelattack:

In my heart of hearts I remain a leftist, but after hearing Chomsky and "Look at me! I'm a Communist!" Angela Davis tell me to vote for Killary Clinton, I find myself asking whether there's such a thing as a Left that's worth supporting. The fact that Trotskyites inevitably end up as neocon Zionists doesn't help matters either.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:26 utc | 449

"They're all saying, 'Oh he's a nuclear power,'" Trump said of Putin

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:02 utc | 541

As if we need to be reminded of the fact the World's self proclaimed leading democracy elected a life long conman as President. The only thing he accomplished was confirming to the world America is full of shit. And without the subtleties of the Obama administration. That he still commands significant political prominence speaks to the state of the American public's state of mind.

Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 5:27 utc | 450

Posted by: Tucker Carlson | Mar 6 2022 5:25 utc | 559

Vladimir Putin started this war, so whatever the context of the decision that h...

Wrong. This war began many years ago, and it wasn't started by V.P.

You conveniently pick the start and end of wars to suit your own agenda.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 5:28 utc | 451

I’m not familiar with the bulk of Tucker’s work. But a few times, smoothie has posted a Tucker video, and I was really impressed. Apparently he has a team of writers. It was clearly explained, and well said. I thought it was brilliant.

And I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, and believe they’re both fake.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:29 utc | 452

I study the intersection of cognitive science and linguistics. I absolutely know what I am talking about.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:26 utc | 562

suuuUUUUUUuuuuuure you do.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:29 utc | 453

@ Arch Bungle Israel is very realistic about its own interests, and if i understand it has not voted to sanction Russia. if it figures the wind is blowing that way, I wonder how long that very special relationship with the US will last. i mean that would mean Israel no longer views the US as useful.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 6 2022 5:30 utc | 454

To deal with troll intervention, I suggest
1) Maybe be could remove those which are spoofing as others
2) Everyone lighten up a bit, take a break if you must
3) Dont feed the trolls - dont respond to directly provocative posts
4) Keep it mostly in the affirmative

That Naked Capitalism site is something of an oasis in the desert of disinformation. B has cited it previously as if they have found each other in the storm. I could see a collaboration forming - something like Naked Moon of Alabama Capitalism

Posted by: jared | Mar 6 2022 5:32 utc | 455

Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 6 2022 5:32 utc | 570

Well, it is a Saturday. Presumably b has a life - unlike me, who has been sitting on this computer since 3PM.

And yes, this is the real me. I assume the troll doesn't know I'm a Transhumanist. Of course, now he does.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 5:37 utc | 456

@ Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 5:37 utc | 573

b is a person and allowed to have a life. Nonetheless, if he's going to have a blog and allow comments on it, he has to assume some modicum of responsibility for it. Perhaps he could ask Gospodin Raevsky how to go about doing it right.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:40 utc | 457

the Grayzone and Jimmy Dore are oases, too. and Craig Murray mostly. I'm sure there are many more that I'm not aware of.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 6 2022 5:40 utc | 458

And I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, and believe they’re both fake.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:29 utc | 567

Carlson plays to the crowd. Not so skilled a master manipulator, but he doesn't have to be given the crowd he and his show targets. Saw a video of him being challenged by a critic he agreed to debate and the critic drew a lot of blood. Carlson went into a melt down as he couldn't offer rational responses to the criticism.

Posted by: bubbles | Mar 6 2022 5:43 utc | 459

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Mar 5 2022 19:29utc | 75

"It will be almost impossible to de-natzify Ukraine, Nazis can just throw off their uniforms and melt into the civilian ppopulation"

It's not that hard to identify them. Firstly, they're normally heavily 'inked' with Nazi symbols, and secondly, if you give any of them a Nazi salute, they will invariably robotically reciprocate.

Posted by: Jon_in_AU | Mar 6 2022 5:47 utc | 460

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:40 utc | 576

Saker is occasionally a little heavy handed, but he's definitely well moderated as is Martyanov. One of my posts disappeared from Martyanov's site, but he rescued it when I asked why it was missing. He doesn't ban idiots that frequently, unlike Pat Lang where you get banned if you have a too-long name or the temerity to challenge his opinions. Martyanov is much nicer.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 5:49 utc | 461

@bubbles - I saw him in an interview with someone « on the same side » but there was still a clear difference between that and his editorials, for which I think he has a team of writers. So I’m not surprised he got out-debated. I suspect they are a LARGE part of his success, which is fine. But you gotta play to your strengths.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:50 utc | 462

@ Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 5:49 utc | 588

Yeah, exactly. I have immense admiration for both Raevsky and Martyanov, and would gladly buy they both drinks as long as they didn't insist on hearing anything from me -- I'm sure I'd bore them silly.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:55 utc | 463

@ Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:56 utc | 596

Both countries have earned a s*it ton of pride for surviving Uncle $am's genocidal sanctions. It would be, well, whorish of them to give in now.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 5:58 utc | 464

@malenkov - that’s exactly what I was thinking. But apparently the US is trying anyway.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:00 utc | 465

I will admit that despite his intelligence, Putin is far from perfect, sometimes ruthless, and has done some...

The man is far and beyond the mental capabilities of any world leader I have ever known of going back 80 years.

Men like Putin appear once every century.

To say he's far from perfect is like a junior chess player criticising the game of a grand master - the mistakes may be clear in retrospect, but the junior is not in the same league.

To call Putin ruthless doesn't make sense either.

Taking the bare minimum of action to protect a state of tens of millions from meeting the fate of countries like Iraq is not ruthlessness, it's the exact opposite.

ruth·​less | \ ˈrüth-ləs also ˈru̇th- \
Definition of ruthless
: having no pity : MERCILESS, CRUEL
a ruthless tyrant

Perhaps another word would be more appropriate?

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 6:00 utc | 466

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 5:56 utc | 596

A snowball's chance in hell.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 6:04 utc | 467

@Arch Bungle - how about « unsentimentally pragmatic » ? Yes i know that’s two words. I’m a huge fan of VVP too, as well as Lavrov, who reminds me of a political Krishnamurti, for the lucidity of his explanations.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:04 utc | 468

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:04 utc | 603

"Pragmatic" is what is was looking for.

How does the old saying go? Something like:

”People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

... Churchill? He'd love VVP.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 6:10 utc | 469

@ Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:00 utc | 598

That would be the same USA that tried to threaten and bludgeon China into supporting it against Russia. :-)

@ Arch Bungle | Mar 6 2022 6:00 utc | 599

You understand. So few people do!

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:15 utc | 470

@Arch Bungle - and no doubt, VVP would agree, and maybe change rough for « strong ». And he’d likely be too classy to mention what a dirtbag Churchill was, but elaborate on the necessity of strong and responsible leadership.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:17 utc | 471

@all -

just deleted some 100+ comments from one dude who used names of dozens of well known commentators at this site.

There is no further need to react to those.

Posted by: b | Mar 6 2022 6:20 utc | 472

Oh Putin, Putin, wherefore art thou Putin?

Posted by: Circe | Mar 6 2022 6:17 utc | 496

Anyone with a passing knowledge of English, let alone Shakespeare, knows that "wherefore" means "why" and not "where." So your comment makes no sense. Par for the course.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:26 utc | 473

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 5 2022 19:40 utc | 78

Yes, there are more and bigger nukes now. Still, an all out nuclear war would not mean the end of humanity. Not that I'm advocating for it, but in the minds of the ruling psychopaths, it's a distinct possibility.

Posted by: HB | Mar 6 2022 6:27 utc | 474

@John Cleary | Mar 5 2022 18:54 utc | 52

Once you get into the 'zone,' it comes easy…it flows. I know this. —Ret. Ed. (aka Occasional Lurker on this feed)

Posted by: Ret. Ed. | Mar 6 2022 6:28 utc | 475

HB | Mar 6 2022 6:27 utc | 504

You wanna gamble on that? Fine. I don't.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:29 utc | 476

Gives you an idea of what Russia is going through right now... The idiots over at Anonymous need to get a clue.

Russia shares list of 17,000 IPs allegedly DDoSing Russian orgs

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 6:29 utc | 477

Posted by: b | Mar 6 2022 6:20 utc | 499

Well done, b!

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 6:31 utc | 478

Arch Bungle #487

Every president since JFK is way more ruthless than Putin could ever be in a century. Every CIA director likewise.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 6:32 utc | 479

@ uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2022 6:32 utc | 509

I'd back up and say "Every president since Miss Buchanan." Oh, hell, throw in the whole lot of them. Washington was a pretty miserable SOB too, the first Adams an enemy of the First Amendment, and on and on . . .

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:35 utc | 480

The Saker's site is timing out for me. Other sites are going dark. The situation will become impenetrable to scrutiny. Is this it now? Is this the day the globally linked internet goes dark? Have all our IPs been marked for follow up by home affairs? Will I wake up tomorrow to find MoA inaccessible?

When the US invaded Iraq 1.5 million people marched in Sydney against it and our involvement in it. Now, outside of a very few trusted friends I stay quiet. We are being prepared for Totalkrieg. COVID was just the dress-rehearsal. We will all learn in the end that Big Brother is Love.

Posted by: Patroklos | Mar 6 2022 6:35 utc | 481

Thanks b.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 6 2022 6:37 utc | 482

@ Patroklos | Mar 6 2022 6:35 utc | 491

Saker is down for me too, momentarily at least, but RT loads just fine. (I'm in rural western USA.) So who knows? All I know is that the NSA tracks every keystroke, but I can't say I give a damn. Price of freedom and all that, you know.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:39 utc | 483

These morons never stop. Now the US wants to tell Poland to give Ukraine Poland's own jets and the US will replace them. I wonder how stupid Poland is if they will actually consider this moronic plan.

Ukraine war: US, Poland working on supplying Russian-made jets to Kyiv

The idea, though rejected by several eastern European members of the alliance this week, was floated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a video call with a large group of US lawmakers on Saturday. Several said afterward that they support an aircraft transfer, which could involve Russian-made planes on which Ukrainian pilots are trained.

President Joe Biden’s administration is considering finding replacements for any fighter jets Poland might send from its fleet to Ukraine, the spokesperson said.

The decision is Poland’s to make, the spokesperson said, adding that there are logistical and other challenges, including how to transfer aircraft from Poland to Ukraine.

Yeah, no shit there's a problem transferring the aircraft - it's called "Russia."

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 6:39 utc | 484

@ Patroklos | Mar 6 2022 6:35 utc | 491

oops -- of course Saker is down -- migration to new server from 0:01-4:00 EST, and sure enough, it's 11:39 MST where I am, so the migration is underway. Duhhhh!

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:41 utc | 485

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:41 utc | 495

Damn, you're right. I forgot about that.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 6:42 utc | 487

@ Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 6:39 utc | 494

"Oh, and by the way, Poland, the replacement aircraft will come at some cost. You wouldn't mind paying, would you? Thanks, so kind of you!" . . .

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:44 utc | 488

@RSH - I don’t want to be racist, but isn’t Poland kind of famous for... not being the sharpest fork in the drawer ? I bet their old soviet jets are better than the newfangled overpriced F-35 garbage the Poles would end up buying. It’s a pity that it’s always the taxpayer that takes it up the bum.

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:45 utc | 489

Circe | Mar 6 2022 5:26 utc | 458

there is just one thing you can guarantee about Putin. He will do the unexpected. And he is very much the opposite of madness.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 6 2022 6:48 utc | 490


MacLeod does plenty of good work at Mint Press News, which I read quite frequently. a very astute observer of the press and of world events
Alan MacLeod @AlanRMacLeod

PBS Newshour interviews the Mayor of Konotop, Artem Semenikhin, presenting him as a hero for killing Russian invaders.

However, despite his Zoom blur effect, you can clearly still see that behind him is a portrait of Nazi leader and Holocaust perpetrator Stepan Bandera.

Posted by: michaelj72 | Mar 6 2022 6:50 utc | 491

@ Featherless | Mar 6 2022 6:45 utc | 499 re Poland and Poles:

I'm not the kind of guy who thinks that people always get the government they deserve. Heck, every European party that stands a snowball's chance of sitting in a governing coalition takes orders from the CIA. But until I see masses of Poles (or Germans, or Italians, or Czechs, etc.) on the streets in general strikes to bring their governments down, my sympathies are definitely limited. (I'll cut the French some slack because of the Gilets jaunes.)

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 6 2022 6:51 utc | 492

And the own goals just keep on coming...

Western cancel culture has gone nuclear in targeting an entire country
The West doesn’t seem to have considered the campaign’s collateral damage, or how persecution could be expected to promote peace

By now, we’re all used to righteous people pitching fits and ganging up, mean-girl style, on those they feel have committed transgressions against the status quo. But amid the conflict in Ukraine, some are actually trying to deplatform the world’s largest country by attacking anyone and anything even remotely associated with it.

Back in 2003, in the run-up to the Iraq War, when I was working in Washington, DC as the director of a think tank associated with the George W. Bush administration, I recall the moment when “French fries” were suddenly renamed “freedom fries” in the Congressional cafeteria. It was an attempt by the Republicans to stick it to the French, who had opposed the invasion of Iraq.

French products were also subsequently boycotted over Paris’ refusal to support the US invasion, but such measures are almost quaint and sensible compared to the utter hysterical lunacy that’s transpiring today, as Russia and NATO member countries face off over Ukraine.

According to various reports, North American government officials have been demanding the removal of Russian vodka from store shelves. But it turns out that almost none of it imported to the continent is actually made in Russia. The brands – Smirnoff or Stolichnaya, for example – just sound Russian. A bar in the state of Maryland has also renamed the classic Russian Mule cocktail, rebranding it a “Kyiv Mule”. And Magic Mountain ski resort, in Vermont, tweeted a video showing a bar man dumping bottles of Stoli – already bought and paid for, presumably – down the drain, apparently unaware that the brand is actually Latvian, with operations in Ukraine.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 6 2022 6:51 utc | 493

Featherless | 188

Rick Rubles is a rube --- someone without manners, education, and culture. He's really only an agit-propagandist whose sole purpose is to distract, provoke, and sow discord with his utterly nonsensical charges of anti-Semitism and other typical worn-out neo-leftist bullshit. He's utterly ignorant of history, or more likely pretends to be, especially about Nazi-AshkeNazi Zionist collaboration dating to before WW2, and now rhyming in Ukraine, controlled by US Zionist Neocons.

In just the last 20 years, US Neocons, in lockstep with Apartheid Israel are responsible for at least a million deaths and the destruction of half a dozen countries, all premised on proven lies. Rick Rube feigns ignorance of everything leading to this crisis --- the Outlaw Empire's criminal wars, broken promises, breached treaties, and multiple violations of international law. He also poses as an idiot who's unaware of Nato's encirclement of Russia, the installation of strike weapons minutes from Moscow, and the long-running genocide of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine. He's here not to persuade anyone or learn anything himself, only to fling shit thru the bars of his cognitive cage at sincere commenters.

Posted by: Doug Hillman | Mar 6 2022 7:03 utc | 494

I agree with every word: Zelenskiy pushed the start button on this war with his incredibly stupid boast Ukraine would obtain Nuclear weapons. Ukraine won't have a single nuclear power plant under their control. This war will proceed cautiously until the Nazis are cornered and all the power plants and pipelines are secured. The first strategic goal was achieved with the complete destruction of Ukraine's air and sea power. It's amusing to hear Zelenskiy demand a no-fly zone. Ukraine has a no-fly zone; it's owned and operated by Russia. The second strategic goal is in sight: cutting Ukraine off from the sea. Number #3: surrounding Ukraine's cities east of the Dnieper River. Number #4: cutting Ukraine in two by driving north and south along both banks of the Dnieper.

Napoleon: 'The army marches on its stomach.'

As for untrained volunteers flooding into the war: great. Thank you for providing a target rich environment. And they won't be killing anyone elsewhere. The idea the most corrupt failed nation on Earth could manage a war is laughable. Wars are fought and won based on logistics, on supply, training, and timely movement of troops. This is never more true than recently as weapons are more complex, vastly more expensive, and incredibly destructive. This has slowed research and development, and, construction to the point wars will now be fought with weapons on hand until exhaustion compels defeated surrender.

Bertrand Russell: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

And Western 'pundits' still claim Ukraine isn't controlled by Nazis. That Zelenskiy is as Jewish as the Warsaw Ghetto Judenrat doesn't mean Azov, Right Sector and the rest aren't goose-stepping morons. Putin has heard all the promises and watched the treaties being signed, and quickly ignored. So it will be blunt demands and brutal facts on the ground that spell public surrender.

Joseph Schumpeter: “Politicians are like bad horsemen who are so preoccupied with staying in the saddle that they can’t bother about where they’re going.”

Posted by: Richard Graham | Mar 6 2022 7:03 utc | 495

I wonder when China will dump their US dollars soon, and whether they’ll do so abruptly or gradually. I understand their plan was to do so gradually : a smooth let down. But with all the US sanctions kicking into maximum gear, I wonder if that’ll change. And I wonder if Japan will follow, before they lose that trillion dollars. How close is Japan to dropping the US like a hot potato, and jumping into bed with China ?

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 7:04 utc | 496

Posted by: Richard Graham | Mar 6 2022 7:03 utc | 505

Yes, 66,000 ex-pat Ukie fascists arriving from Canada, Australia, etc. It will make it easier for the Russians to denazify not only Ukraine but the rest of the world. The Pied Piper could not have done a better job.

Posted by: Patroklos | Mar 6 2022 7:08 utc | 497

james | Mar 6 2022 4:50 utc | 441
I noticed you got hit but the morons pay grade wasn't up to copying your style. Some of the others weren't so easy to pick.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 6 2022 7:10 utc | 498

ah, a refreshingly troll free environment. thanks b.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 6 2022 7:11 utc | 499

@Doug - thanks Doug. The general rule is to not feed the troll, but this one appeared plenty fed, and was already taking over the thread. I felt like I’d sized him up, and tried to say things specifically to dishearten him. I don’t know if it was the right thing, but it was my instinct. I had the urge to just leave, and imagine others might feel that way too, so my objective was just to help keep the thread alive. ;-)

Posted by: Featherless | Mar 6 2022 7:12 utc | 500

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