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March 25, 2022

Propaganda Does Not Change The War - The Ukraine Is Still Losing - Updated

Updated below (17:30 UTC)

This map of the situation in Ukraine on March 24 is provided by the French Ministry of Defense.


It is likely the most realistic and neutral one available. It comes with short notes about the numbered theaters.

Here are my own takes:

  1. The Russian forces around Kiev are making no offensive moves but defend against minor unsuccessful counterattacks from the Ukrainian side (see below). I have seen no hint that Russian forces strives to get into Kiev. It would be too costly to do that and for little strategic gain.
    But the forces east and west of Kiev are binding a big part of the Ukrainian army and prevent it from sending reserves towards Donbas.
    Yesterday an air attack or missile strike destroyed the largest Ukrainian fuel depot left near Kiev. The Ukrainian army will soon lose its mobility (if it hasn't yet done so).
  2. Kharkiv is about to get encircled.
  3. Dnipro is a strategic target that the Russian forces will like to isolate or take by coming up from the south on both sides of the Dnieper river as well as from the north.
    Russian forces destroyed a railway station between Dnipro and Donbas from where resupplies were flowing to the Ukrainian forces fighting there.
  4. After large progress yesterday Mariupol is now in a mop-up situation. The Azov forces still there have no chance to survive.
  5. Russian passage through Mykolayiv towards Odessa has proven to be difficult. Artillery is now softening up the Ukrainian defense lines.
    There are unconfirmed reports of large Ukrainian losses in Mykolayiv (300+) due to a missile strike on their barracks.
The U.S. has tried to use yesterday's NATO and G-7 meeting to push the Europeans towards sanctioning Russian hydrocarbon exports. It also tried to attach China to Russia and to get the Europeans to sanction its biggest trading partner. Both attempts failed. There will be no additional sanctions on Russia. And while the NATO communique mentions China it only urges it to leave its neutral position. Everyone knows that that is not going to happen.

The only thing NATO agreed on is the release of a new load of fresh propaganda.

NATO: 7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops dead in Ukraine - AP

A senior NATO military official said the alliance’s estimate was based on information from Ukrainian authorities, what Russia has released — intentionally or not — and intelligence gathered from open sources. The official spoke on condition of anonymity under ground rules set by NATO.

Andrei Martyanov looks back at the casualties Soviet forces suffered in 1943 when they liberated Donbas from then still first class German Wehrmacht forces. Back then there were more than 1,000,000 Soviet soldiers involved against some 600,000 Germans. Some 1,600 Soviet soldiers were killed each day in fierce fighting. We are now supposed to believe that the much smaller operation against a less fierce and less capable enemy in the Ukraine is killing 550 Russian soldiers per day? That's obviously nonsense.

As one anonymous Pentagon officer said about the NATO number:

"We continue to have low confidence in those estimates"

For the record Russia's Defense Ministry just announced that as of today 1,351 Russian servicemen have been killed and 3,825 wounded. (The losses of the Lugansk and Donetsk militia are not included in those numbers.)

There is more propaganda bullshit out there like this from the New York Times:

Counteroffensive in Ukraine Shifts Dynamic of War

Sure, the headline gives that impression. But only to those who do not read down into the report:

The asserted gains in territory are hard to quantify, or verify. In at least one crucial battle in a suburb of Kyiv, where Russian troops had made their closest approach to the capital, brutal street fighting still raged on Thursday and it was not clear that Ukraine had regained any ground.

But even this muddied picture of Ukrainian progress is helpful for the country’s messaging to its citizens, and to the world — that it is taking the fight to a foe with superior numbers and weaponry, and not just hunkering down to play defense.
In Makariv, another battleground town to the west of Kyiv that Ukrainian officials claimed to have recaptured this week, the fighting was also ongoing, Vadym Tokar, the mayor, said in a telephone interview.

“I don’t understand where this nonsense came from,” he said of reports his town had been liberated. “It is not true. We have shelling and we have Russian tanks shooting into the town right now.”

Here is more 'western' media nonsense:

The Ukrainian Army Has More Tanks Now Than When The War Began—Because It Keeps Capturing Them From Russia - Forbes

Ukraine has lost at least 74 tanks—destroyed or captured—since Russia widened its war on the country starting the night of Feb. 23.

But Ukraine has captured at least 117 Russian tanks, according to open-source-intelligence analysts who scrutinize photos and videos on social media.

In other words, the Ukrainian army might actually have more tanks now than a month ago—all without building a single brand-new tank or pulling some older vehicle out of storage.

The Dutch "open-source-intelligence analysts" who came up with those stupid numbers are the people who run the Oryx website and who were also the source for this Economist bullshit:

Stijn Mitzer, an analyst in Amsterdam, and his colleagues at Oryx, a blog, track losses by surveying openly published photos and videos of the war. Nearly three weeks into Vladimir Putin’s reckless campaign, Ukraine has destroyed, damaged or captured at least 1,054 pieces of Russian equipment, about four times as many as it has lost to Russia.

Counting published photos from dubious sources in a war where both sides use the same equipment is as dumb as it gets. As even the Economist notes:

These figures are far from perfect. They are a lower bound, only counting losses confirmed by photographic or video evidence. Ukrainians are far more likely to capture such evidence and disseminate it than Russian soldiers who have probably had their phones confiscated and are, according to the Kremlin’s propaganda, on a peacekeeping mission. Nevertheless the figures provide a glimpse through the fog of war.

The figures and pictures do not provide "a glimpse through the fog of war". They ARE the fog of war.

Russian soldiers are prohibited from carrying cellphones and from taking pictures. (The Russian-Chechen militia currently cleaning up Mariupol is an exception). Ukrainian soldiers do carry cellphones and upload pictures of all kind. There are often several of each disabled vehicle from different perspectives which makes for a lot of double and triple counts. There is also the inconvenient fact that both sides use the same Soviet weapon systems which often makes it impossible to identify the side to which a vehicle belongs.

Last but not least the authors of Onyx are obviously taking sides in the conflict arguing to send more arms to the Ukraine as if that would change the inevitable outcome.

Update - 17:30 UTC

About an hour ago the Russian Ministry of Defense published the text below.

Speech of the Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy

The speech sets a frame for the Russian operation in the Ukraine, explains the battle plan and the so far achieved results.

As the site is blocked or difficult to reach from several countries I have uploaded the speech as a text file.

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It's my experience that people who get all wound up about names suffer from feelings of inferiority. For example, if you call an Englishman "foreign ghost" (gweilo in Cantonese) and he'll adopt the not-so-polite name with pride and use it constantly. Because if it means Englishman it can only have a good meaning.

And when people let others perceive that they feel they are inferior- well those others do tend to trust their assessment by default, rightly or wrongly.

Posted by: Billb | Mar 26 2022 5:21 utc | 301

Walmart worker assaulted over mask request, says RCMP

Posted by: Laurence | Mar 26 2022 5:36 utc | 302

Posted by: Paco | Mar 25 2022 18:14 utc | 104

It's such a powerful presentation, though, isn't it Paco? In the beginning was the word... it leaps back all the way to Genesis and the beginning of Creation.

I'm sure that your thoughts have resonance. Though for John, (who is called The Theologian,) who links that word to the personhood of Christ, the word is sacred, God speaking to cause things to come to be. (And you know, for those who think that the Trinity comes later, there it is in those first verses of Genesis - Creator, Word, then Spirit.)

What we have ourselves is just words, speeches - and as you say, the media. I'm glad I don't listen or watch or even read media news any longer. No, John wasn't talking about that; but we should. Even bad words have power. But speeches -- for me it has been the speeches of Putin, Xi, Lavrov...these are not lovers of war.

Please, friends, neighbors, family members, political leaders --- wake up, before it is too late!

Posted by: juliania | Mar 26 2022 6:07 utc | 303

@Billb, #297:

Well, when you were growing up did you pronounce it as "u kraine" or as "oooh kraine"? Where I grew up, it was "oooh kraine".

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Mar 26 2022 6:15 utc | 304

Monsanto (Bayer) had supposedly bought access for GM crops in Ukraine. Russia wants to be global source for real food and so opposes Monsanto/Bayer

Maybe farmers in Ukraine need to check their seed supplies

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 26 2022 6:18 utc | 305

As early as April 4, 2014. US regime change coup (of which Joe Biden was viceriy) was then still in its earliest days and already Hunter Biden was at the trough. With hazardous biolabs no less:

Posted by: Antonym | Mar 26 2022 6:22 utc | 306

I think Russia should make sure that Ukraine is completely denazified.
I do not for one minute believe the US will give up trying to provoke regime change in Russia
Even if it means WW3
Why is Biden sending more troops to Ukraine as he told the 82nd airborne? Or was that just a dementia moment?
I watched a video of a Russian official (can't recall his name) that mentioned Hunter Biden as being involved in the BIO weapons labs in Ukraine.
That would be reason enough to keep the Biden regime in the Ukrainian game

Posted by: Kay | Mar 26 2022 6:29 utc | 307

I don't think Biden is driving this, he was always more of a front man even when he hadn't started losing his marbles. They may even dump him if they can find somebody that polls better.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 6:32 utc | 308

Reading through the report from ministry of defense I would say that in terms of territory the strategy is 'not greedy'. Donbass and nothing more, even if outside there may be large russian speaking populations. There is no intent right now to go into other cities.
For demilitarization and denazification one can still ask how greedy the approach will be. The first might be achieved by degrading the heavy weapons as is going on now. The second requires a form of deep intervention or a form of capitulation of which there is no sign yet.

Russia rightly point out that Ukraine now has a big reservoir of portable weapons, from handguns to manpads and stingers, and that they risk spreading out beyond Ukraine's borders. while handguns are already causing problems in Ukraine other weapons may eventually bring down planes anywhere for whatever reason.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Mar 26 2022 6:36 utc | 309

Monsanto (Bayer) had supposedly bought access for GM crops in Ukraine. Russia wants to be global source for real food and so opposes Monsanto/Bayer

Maybe farmers in Ukraine need to check their seed supplies

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 26 2022 6:18 utc | 301

Hunter Biden was (IS?) the rep for Monsanto / Bayer in Ukraine. The plot thickens around this individual.
GM seeds + pesticide and toxic weapons are not actually very far apart in terms of who makes them.

I read that Russia is against GMO but some of the Agri business that supply them are in Russia and defying sanctions to stay there apparently. It would be amazing if Russia rejects GMO.

Posted by: K | Mar 26 2022 6:45 utc | 310

Grayzone interview with Scott Ritter - a former HAZMAT expert fireman, US Military officer, weapons expert, UN arms control & WMD inspector - of Iraq War fame in that he went public before the invasion that Iraq had surrendered all their WMD - and brilliant mind with wealth of knowledge that he conveys with fluent articulate capacity to put everything in understandable context. You might remember Ritter as the outspoken chief UN weapons inspector from the US who worked with Hans Blix to try and stop the Iraqi war in 2003 by telling the media they had good evidence Iraq (fearful of being invaded) had fully surrendered all chemical/biological/radioactive material weapons during 2002.

It’s long but I found if play the interview at 1.25 speed, Ritter is articulate and well-spoken, so knowledgeable – it is a fairly easy listen.
If you want a transcript type summary:
1. Russia is not planning annexation of Ukraine as such - but actually doing what they say. =
i. Securing Donetsk & Lugansk Republics after 8 years of bombardment by Ukraine & on eve of massive Ukrainian invasion to retake & probably genocide those rebel republics.
ii. Denazification of Ukraine. $Billions spent by US-NATO to empower & equip Nazi political & military parties & battalions in Ukraine for over a decade. Although only 2% of vote they run the government policy in Kiev by threatening (& at times carrying out) to murder Ukrainian leaders who negotiate with Russia. Given every family in Russia lost numerous relatives & forebears to the Nazis in WW-2 - this intensely provokes Putin & nearly all Russians.
iii. Message to NATO = we’ve been asking for negotiations & weapons treaties for 30 years & you’ve broken several major weapons treaties & never negotiated in good faith. Now do so & establish new security agreement for Europe so Russia & Europe can prosper (UK & US elites don’t want this).
iv. Threat to NATO of weapons strikes “you’ve never before seen” is not of Nukes but is hypersonic missiles with conventional warheads. Thus the use of Kinzhal missile once to take out a deep bunker in western Ukraine was sign that if NATO directly enters the war - Russia will take out NATO command & control centers across NATO nations.
v. Ukraine must recognise Crimea as Russian & Donbas republics as independent.
vi. Russia is keeping Zelensky alive - he has been built up as Churchillian by MSM so when he signs away Crimea & Donbas it will carry weight. Zelensky remains as he has been since elected at risk of assassination by far-right in Ukraine.
vii. Russia policy to prevent civilian casualties wherever possible It’s main reason for over 1,000 Russian dead. If used usual War tactics would be far fewer dead Russian soldiers.
2. Gives a longitudinal history of the Neocons & war-mongers like Madeleine Albright & Michael McFaul (former US ambassador to Russia, influential in neocon think tanks in Washington) & CIA etc over the years that he’s had to deal with in his role as UN weapons inspector.
3. Creation & use by those War-mongers of ISIS in Syria & Nazis in Ukraine but also of problem of tail wagging the dog actions whereby the proxies create false flags to bring in NATO retaliation against Assad govt in Syria or in this case Russia. That there is high risk of uncontrollable escalation now with MSM narrative Russia is losing its objectives & might resort to biological or chemical weapons. Although bullshit - if the neo-Nazis pull off a false flag it becomes hard for Western politicians & NATO to not escalate the war.
4. Although Russia might’ve hoped for a quicker victory & more Ukrainian regular military surrendering - they were prepared for current scenario and are winning their limited objectives convincingly. If Russia truly wanted to invade to control & annexe Ukraine it would have used a far larger force.
5. Beyond the Western nations the world is backing Russia. The petroruble, petroyuan and demise of petrodollar & Western economic hegemony is now going to accelerate.
6. The bioweapons labs do appear to have included weaponising pathogens to affect genetically Slavic people & spread by birds for example that migrate annually to Russia. John Kerry’s stepson from Heinz dynasty & Hunter Biden’s company do appear involved financially in funding these bioweapons labs. This alone was an existential threat sufficient to drive a limited invasion to ‘demilitarise’ Ukraine. Biden as VPOTUS & Kerry as USSOS during 2014 Kiev coup has even more sinister nepotistic corruption aspects.

There was more, and lots of asides & anecdotes from a career spent in military intelligence and on the ground weapons inspections in Iraq & Soviet Union/Russia. Ritter grew up in Germany & his father had similar role with German military, next door to major US-NATO base & childhood very aware of living under M.A.D. - we are right back to that daily threat of nuclear annihilation. The blame is nearly all NATO & the Western elites who set policy.

Posted by: PJB | Mar 26 2022 6:52 utc | 311

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Mar 26 2022 6:36 utc | 305

Disagree. You can not do de-Nazification without taking out those embedded in the government and all other services in which they are embedded - which is almost everything. You also have to get rid of the neo-Nazis in western Ukraine. You can't leave those people in place, at least not the ones who have influence. You can leave random neo-Nazis wandering around, not people with influence, access, resources, etc.

As for "taking cities", there was never an intention to do that. Only control some of major cities that are strategic. As far as the rest of the large cities in Ukraine, we haven't seen that simply because Russia doesn't have the forces right now to control more than the ones they have. When the rest of the Russian forces come in, and all the ones in the east plus the LDR are freed up from dealing with the bulk of the Ukrainian army, Russia will be able to plow across Ukraine in record time right to Kiev. They're not likely to try to take Kiev directly, but again apply the "Syria strategy".

They will go on to the Polish border. It just doesn't make sense to partition Ukraine and leave a section of Ukraine which will allow NATO to swoop in and get even closer to Russia with strategic weapons. That's nuts. I certainly hope Russia isn't that stupid.

Everyone has completely gotten this wrong. They're now interpreting the Russian MoD briefing as claiming that all that Putin cares about is Donbass. Putin has never said that. Putin even rejected Donbass independence back in 2014. Putin wants an integrated, pro-Russia Ukraine, stable and capable of hosting Russian military bases to counter the US weapons in eastern Europe. The de-militarization and de-Nazification are only necessary preconditions for that. So those two aspects have to be done completely before the ultimate goal can be achieved.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 6:57 utc | 312

Posted by: PJB | Mar 26 2022 6:52 utc | 307

Yup. That was a must view, as is all his other interviews, especially the longer ones.

The one part I think he gets wrong is how many forces Russia would need to control Ukraine. He's right if one talks about "occupation" in the US sense. But that's not what Russia is doing. They are intending to control Ukraine, not occupy it. That means once the fighting stops, Russia will get the Constitution changed, clean out the old government, a new government put in, remove the oligarchs, reorganize the Ukrainian military and security services, and arrange for economic deals, etc. Most of the Russian forces can leave even before most of that is done. It will take some months, but it's not going to be multi-year "occupation." What Russia wants is control, not occupation. That can be done without hundreds of thousands of troops.

And if it does, well, how hard can it be for Russia to mobilize the reserves? They have hundreds of thousands of troops and a reserve in the millions. But that's not how it's going to go.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 7:07 utc | 313

Read 302 Americans and Aussies: one UK MSM (DailyMail) broke the Great Anglo firewall to show critical e-mails from Hunter Biden's laptop send in April 2014 finally now 8 years later.

Not a pretty sight for the Biden family & the DoD, even with treads towards Wuhan!

Posted by: Antonym | Mar 26 2022 7:17 utc | 314

Propaganda does not change the outcome of a war, but it can fool people for a very long time - for example, "Cuban" missile crisis; or Lone Deranged Gunman.

Posted by: Old Brown Fool | Mar 26 2022 7:18 utc | 315

"Professor Thomas Homer-Dixon believes the current trajectory is more dangerous than was the Cuban Missile crisis of 1963. His subhead summarizes the problem. 'This time, "Mutual Assured Destruction" might not work. The Russian leader has already shown extreme irrationality in his calamitous choice to start this war.'"

Posted by: Ronald | Mar 25 2022 17:07 utc | 72

Analyst disqualified on multiple gross and easily-checked counts of mendacity:

(1) He ignores the 2014 coup, the well-planned NATOzi terror-action in Odessa, eight years of attempted genocide in the East, the ongoing surge or "uptick" of NATO weapons to push that genocide to its conclusion, and Z's floating the modification of the Budapest agreement banning the nuclear-weaponization of Ukraine.

Just another "academic" propagandist.

Putin has acted as any responsible Russian executive would, holding his options open as long as possible.

(2) The Turkish Missile Crisis began when Ike installed nuke-tipped Atlases on Turkey's northern border. The missiles sent to Cuba were in retaliation. As part of the settlement, the Turkish nukes were removed. Khrushchev won, but it's been spun as young virile brave "Cold Warrior" JFK's "Cuban Missile Crisis" victory ever since, in US propaganda. Just despicable dishonesty, as characteristic of the US then as now.

Posted by: John Kennard | Mar 26 2022 7:20 utc | 316

Most of you seem to know a lot and I am grateful, including this site MOA. Very few left, but please keep it up. Thanks.

Posted by: Karl luck | Mar 26 2022 7:36 utc | 317

@ Oriental Voice | Mar 26 2022 6:15 utc | 300

The only pronunciation I’ve ever heard is U-crane. It would be odd to pronounce it oo with that spelling in English, I think, but that’s a fairly subtle difference.

Posted by: BillB | Mar 26 2022 7:37 utc | 318

Ghost of Kyiv | Mar 25 2022 14:32 utc | 1

Yes, you are not supposed to say "the Ukraine." This apparently denies its existence as a nation. Ukraine means "plain" in Russian, so saying "the Ukraine" is saying "the plain." It denies its existence as an actual nation. It is proper to say "Ukraine" as this is how they wish to be referred to. It's important not to piss these Ukies off anymore than we already have. Ukraine is indeed a separate country with a separate language. Russian denials of this just serve Ukrainian nationalism.

Posted by: Robert Lindsay | Mar 26 2022 7:47 utc | 319

Posted by: njet | Mar 25 2022 14:41 utc | 3

Our side has been lying about the Eastern kettle for weeks now. Bottom line is it's not a cauldron. It's not surrounded. Like, at all.

Posted by: Robert Lindsay | Mar 26 2022 7:49 utc | 320

I think making predictions or assumptions about what Russia will do is probably a waste of time, because the situation is so fluid. i doubt even Russia knows what it will do, although i am sure they have lots of contingency plans.

I suspect that initially Russia's plan was mostly bluff. They expected Zelensky to negotiate, probably along Minsk lines.

When Z failed to negotiate they did the short sharp attack still expecting negotiation but when that failed they recognised the two breakaways and realised they would need to engage militarily on the ground.

I think that Russia has been surprised and disappointed by the degree of resistance. I think they expected more surrenders and an easier time of it. They have had to adapt their plan.

The statement that Z has lost the right for a Ukrainian state I think is significant. Whereas three weeks ago I think Russia planned to be in and out quickly, denazify and get agreement for now NATO now they have little choice but to take most of the place. They cannot afford a long war of attrition and a quagmire, so I suspect they now have little choice but to do a variant of shock and awe.

My guess (recognising as I sais that things change, is that there will be balkanisation of Ukraine now.

Posted by: watcher | Mar 26 2022 7:59 utc | 321

Watching "NATO, Biden, Ukraine, Russia and China (Live)", The Duran live stream from Thursday. You really want to watch this, if you have two hours. Very extensive analysis of the new economy and the destruction of the US and EU economies. Includes Robert Barnes, someone I wasn't familiar with, described as "Robert Edward Barnes is a criminal tax attorney, legal advocate, political commentator, and YouTuber. Barnes is the founder of Barnes Law LLP, a Los-Angeles-based law firm specializing in IRS investigations, tax fraud, asset recovery, and private banking".

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 8:09 utc | 322

@89,& 90. Thanks for the map links. I have been looking for something more accurate that gives a better situational overview and location of the MOD briefings.

Posted by: Dean | Mar 26 2022 8:10 utc | 323

@Peter AU1 | Mar 26 2022 2:33 utc | 276

I don't agree with all of that although human mentality is 80-90% herd mentality. One thought something I have thought for some time is that higher education in the so called west reinforces herd mentality. so many I have dealt with that specialize in a certain area are incapable of thinking outside the box of what they have been taught. media and US bullshit further drums that into them.

Have a listen to a guy from Chile who grew up in the US, now sitting in Kharkov, Ukraine as the artillery shells are falling around the city, explaining exactly what you are talking about and how it became like that. It is a remarkable document for the history books.

Gonzalo Lira: Why The Western Elites Are Foolish and Amoral

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:11 utc | 324

I think you are entirely correct regarding Kiev etc.

Posted by: Ike | Mar 26 2022 8:17 utc | 325

Posted by: watcher | Mar 26 2022 7:59 utc | 317

Nope. As I've said before, this plan has probably been in existence for the last eight years, if not longer, and was updated every years, and especially since spring, 2021. This is what militaries do.

As for expected resistance, I'm fairly sure Russia knew that a military trained to NATO standard would not collapse right away - not until its command and control was trashed, which left its units mostly without control, with only local options. You can be sure NATO is watching this because this is how Russia would trash NATO - if NATO didn't already learn that from the thirty war games showing them losing to Russia.

They don't need shock and awe, except possibly in the Donbass if they don't surrender. But that was always in the cards if that Ukrainian force didn't surrender. For the rest of the country, once Donbass is dealt with and Russia has all those forces free to move west along with the LDR and the reserve forces still sitting on the Ukraine border, Russia will plow across the rest of Ukraine in a matter of a couple weeks. Because Ukraine doesn't have anything left.

As for partition, I'm on record: Nope. Russia needs all of Ukraine all the way to the Polish border, because that's where they want to put those strategic missiles.

People have completely forgotten the Russian treaty proposals once the war started. While those proposals are now off the table, their intent is not. Russia wants those missiles in Poland and Romania either gone - or countered. The only way to do that is place missiles in Ukraine and Belarus. People who think Russia is going to just missile strike those sites are idiots. Russia is not seeking a war with NATO. If NATO wants one, fine, Russia will accommodate them. But the goal is to counter the West's moves and that's 90% of why this war happened. I keep pointing people to the repeated Russian statements that if those proposals were rejected, Russia would take military-technical measures.

Ukraine is one of those measures. That should be obvious, if everyone hadn't completely forgotten those measures.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 8:21 utc | 326

It looks to me that Balkanization of The Ukraine was planned all along. I don't think Russia was surprised by the resistance but knew all along this would be a slog. 8 years of NATO training and weapons supply. The renovation of Ukrainian Airforce and making sure all the S-300 and BUK systems were operational with a large network of support radar. Thousands of tons of concrete poured, bunker made, trenches reinforced, underground storage and headquarters. Ukraine took a couple pages out of Hezbollah's war manual.

My guess is the western part of the country gets left alone as does Kiev. I think Russia's minimal goals all along are Crimea recognized as Russian, autonomy for the two Donbass republics, no NATO in Ukraine. The fourth requirement, "denazification" has a lot of room for interpretation. I'd take it to mean at the minimum, the separation of the Nazi militias from the government.

Beyond that, depending on when Zelensky gets serious about negotiation, Odessa, Kharkov and all the oblasts East of the Dnieper might be liberated with the intent on forming some sort of larger Republic.

I'd be surprised if they went all the way to the Polish border but we will see. Short term goals Mariapol and collapsing that big cauldron.

Posted by: Haassaan | Mar 26 2022 8:24 utc | 327

@Laurence | Mar 26 2022 5:36 utc | 298

Walmart worker assaulted over mask request, says RCMP

Mental violence breeds physical violence. A society in mental decline, suffering mass psychosis.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:28 utc | 328

@Antonym | Mar 26 2022 6:22 utc | 302

As early as April 4, 2014. US regime change coup (of which Joe Biden was viceriy) was then still in its earliest days and already Hunter Biden was at the trough. With hazardous biolabs no less:

Why is this suddenly allowed to be published? This was a big no, no before the 2020 US 'election'. Can it be understood as anything else than a blunt message to Joe Biden from the puppet masters that "Do as we tell you, or else your remaining son will go down" ?

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:34 utc | 329

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:34 utc | 325

Exactly what this lawyer Barnes said about Biden - also a lot on Barr's comments on Biden - on The Duran live stream I just watched. Not five minutes ago at that. That it's all about keeping Biden on script.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 8:50 utc | 330

If NATO/western powers would stop giving arms to Nazis,
Then the world could catch a break on rising hydrocarbon prices, and food shortages.
But nooooooooooooo.
It’s “fight for Ukraine”
Cuz freedom and democracy,
Or some shit like that

The west straight sucks.
And I’m a westerner

Posted by: Cadence Calls | Mar 26 2022 8:54 utc | 331

@Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 8:50 utc | 326


Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:55 utc | 332

This debate over the use of "the Ukraine" is really silly.

Posted by: Cabe | Mar 26 2022 3:44 utc | 289
I don't agree. Not to peal the onion for people or make them aware that there is such an issue with history, is to lead them to simplistic narratives. Ukraine is anything but a simple State. It is a many layered onion and can not be properly understood by piling everyone there into the category "Ukrainian people". The individuals who invested so much energy to be "others", that in the end they joined the German Army, came from a very specific region and specific subpopulation of the territory we call today Ukraine (borderlands). These people had little ,if not nothing, in common with other "Ukrainians" in that and other regions of Ukraine. If I was discussing them I would refer to these people as Ruthenians. Not all Ruthenians but some had no problem going full Nazi when the Germans came in 1941. Understanding the Ukraine this way, IMHO, makes it clearer who we are dealing with here and where the problem originates.


Posted by: Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 9:33 utc | 333

Postat av: Likklemore | mar 25 2022 22:49 utc | 202

I can´t find this:
Is it removed?

Posted by: Northern Eve | Mar 26 2022 9:40 utc | 334

@ Norwegian 325

If the Anglo puppet masters need to convince Joe Biden publicly via a widely circulated UK Daily Mail than there is something seriously wrong in the Washington - theater.

I believe more that the UK Daily Mail wants to publish sensational stuff anytime to up their circulation in the UK MSM competition. Rogue capitalism has a few bright sides...

Hunter is going to be hunted by the press: he doesn't fit under the carpet anymore.

Posted by: Antonym | Mar 26 2022 9:46 utc | 335

The Worst Defense Program of All
What Happened When the U.S. Air Force Eliminated Human Eyesight

When Vladimir Putin took over Crimea in 2014, the immediate reaction among defense lobbyists was "borderline euphoric," as one denizen of that world told me at the time. As might be expected, the invasion of Ukraine has brought a bountiful harvest for the military industrial complex

Posted by: Antonym | Mar 26 2022 9:57 utc | 336

Anybody looking for the full Vovan & Lexus call with Ben Wallis: it is on Odysee here

Posted by: NotEinstein | Mar 26 2022 10:07 utc | 337

BBC proudly presents: SS Division Totenkopf

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 26 2022 10:30 utc | 338

The Netherlands, with definitive article, is not the Dutch name.

The Dutch name for the country is "Nederland" . Note, no "s" on the end.

A HREF="">Link to Wikileaks article Nederland , in Dutch

Posted by: Fíréan | Mar 26 2022 10:39 utc | 339

pretzelattack #304

Biden is defintely driving this - he is the USA president. Plus Hunter Biden is recipient. Meanwhile first lady is gifter in chief. The Biden fmily business has been hard at work for many decades and they now how to hire and fire.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 26 2022 10:46 utc | 340

@ Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:28 utc | 324

So you 'n' Anders Breivik are justified, eh? You sick fuck.

Posted by: Laurence | Mar 26 2022 10:47 utc | 341

In 1985 there were a few in the US who were willing in print to say what needed to be acknowledged.


MAY 19, 1985 12 AM PT

In his address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on V-E Day, President Reagan made not even the slightest mention of Russia’s contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany of World War II. The historical fact remains, however, that it was the Russian soldiers ( "And the beat goes on ...") who saved the civilized world, including the United States, from being enslaved by Hitler’s Third Reich.

Winston Churchill put it succinctly when he said, “It is the Russian army that tore the guts out of the German military machine.”

For the President of the United States to ignore the facts of history does not enhance his posture or reflect well upon the office he occupies.


Posted by: Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 10:52 utc | 342

No definitive article. The addition is some english language aberration.

Posted by: Fíréan | Mar 26 2022 10:53 utc | 343

@Antonym | Mar 26 2022 9:46 utc | 331

If the Anglo puppet masters need to convince Joe Biden publicly via a widely circulated UK Daily Mail than there is something seriously wrong in the Washington - theater.

It was first in the New York Times.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 11:23 utc | 344

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 26 2022 10:46 utc | 336

Reagan was the US president with full blown dementia. Biden just has developing dementia. He's a figurehead, imo they have to pump him with some kind of partially effective dementia drugs so he can be a serviceable one. now if you mean the executive branch is driving things, maybe; I think it's the usual game of thrones bullshit, but there is a consensus that Russia has to be "punished" and behind that there is a consensus that Manifest Destiny 2.0 means the US deserves to rule the world forever. But if you think he is running this like Trump did in some respects, or Obama, naw. Just like with Reagan, there are going to be competing power cliques, which often happens when there is a vacuum at the top.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 11:29 utc | 345

What the hell are people doing worrying about an article.

Look we refer to the Netherlands where the dutch live or translating from old English to modern we refer to the lowlands where the Germans live. In a previous era all the area including Belgium were called the low countries. Now not knowing Dutch i am not sure if nether is still a commonly understood word but in English it is barely understood these days although we occasionally refer to the nether regions as in far, far away eg in space and sometimes as a euphemism for genitals.

So something similar i guess is relevant to the ukraine region, but which has now become an issue due to nationalism. OK move with the times but it is a trivial issue.

Posted by: watcher | Mar 26 2022 11:30 utc | 346

oh and the only reason Biden is president is Obama and the DNC flexed their muscle to get somebody safe and controllable in the office; even somebody as mild and supportive as Sanders was seen as a major threat. It wasn't because of some magical effectiveness of the Biden family--they aren't the Bushes or the Clintons or the Kennedys. Biden was a joke in all previous presidential campaigns, albeit a reliable Washington fixer--that was his ceiling.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 11:33 utc | 347

@Laurence | Mar 26 2022 10:47 utc | 337

@ Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:28 utc | 324

So you 'n' Anders Breivik are justified, eh? You sick fuck.

I take your irrational reaction as an expression of cognitive dissonance, i.e. what happens when reality meets a world view that does not agree with facts. So thanks for the confirmation.

This has nothing to do with 22. July 2011. I know more about that event than you, and if you want to learn more about it you should ask Jens Stoltenberg, he was was in the middle of it and your characterization applies more to him. He knows something about mental violence and physical violence as well.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 11:37 utc | 348

I think the original plan was to get Kamala Harris to take over at some point, it's just that she was even more unpopular than Biden. they can sell a nuclear war, but they can't sell Harris.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 11:37 utc | 349

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 11:37 utc | 345

That lawyer Barnes on The Duran live stream said he knows her - and she's dumb as fuck. He said she failed the bar twice. He says that's why Biden is still safe in office, because no one wants Harris to follow him in the chair. But if Harris ever gets taken out, then Biden has to worry.

No idea if any of that is true (other than Harris is stupid, that's apparent for all to see.)

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 11:51 utc | 350

Posted by: Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 10:52 utc | 338

Reagan was too busy praising SS officers at the time, probably. "nazis were victims, too" or something like that. As usual, he may have been confusing some Hollywood movie with reality.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 11:54 utc | 351

What I find interesting is the timing of Rudskoy's speech.

I take it that people would agree that announcing your battle plan in the middle of a war is not exactly.... normal.

So why do it?

This is what I think: the Russians ALWAYS planned the "envelopment of Kiev" to be a feint. Its intention was ALWAYS to fixate the Ukrainian General Staff on Kiev and convince them that destroying the Russian army when it attempted to storm the city was their best opportunity for a big victory.

And it worked. Brilliantly. All of it. The Ukkies became obsessed with repelling an attack that never came.

And meanwhile...... the Russians got to work encircling the Ukrainian forces in Donbas and as far as I can tell the Russians are almost certain to bag all 60,000 of them.

So why the statement by Rudskoy? Why now?

I have no evidence for this, but I suspect that some contrarian DIA analyst in the Pentagon has finally had enough, thumped the table and shouted "I've been telling you since Day One that Kiev is a feint. LOOK AT THE MAP. The Russians are pushing down the M03 Highway and nothing is there to stop them!"

So they all stirred themselves up, peered at the map, and they all went "Oh. Oh, ummm, that's not good."

Phones started running hot between the Pentagon and the Ukrainian General Staff and - of course - the Russians are listening in.

So they know someone has finally worked out that Putin had pulled down Zelensky's pants and the dude had been walking around for a month with his dick hanging out.

So they may as well have a good laugh about it. Politely, of course, because the Russians are a polite people.

Rudskoy: Da, da, pants all the way down to his ankles.
Rudskoy: Da, da, we never intended to storm any cities.
Rudskoy: Da, da, swinging like a plucked turkey in a shop window.
Rudskoy: Da, da, everything beyond the Dnieper River was for show.
Rudskoy: Da, da, we all laughed. I mean, how could we not?
Rudskoy: Da, da, the cauldron is nearly closed.
Rudskoy: Da, da, Lavrov was the most ribald. Of course!

And the funny thing is that even after explaining it all, the west still can't bring itself to believe them.


Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 26 2022 11:57 utc | 352

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 11:51 utc | 346

I do not follow US politics in detail except during an election cycle but i am a bit puzzled as to why Kamala Harris is so disliked and seen as stupid. Compared with the UK luminaries like Liz Truss she seems like Einstein and as for incompetence you really cannot go past Wallace. During the election campaign Harris seemed like one of the less stupid candidates.

I am genuinely just curious- I have no particular brief for Harris. Like others i assumed the plan was for her to step into Biden's shoes and wonder what has sent it haywire.

Posted by: watcher | Mar 26 2022 11:59 utc | 353

“Anybody looking for the full Vovan & Lexus call with Ben Wallis: it is on Odysee here

Posted by: NotEinstein | Mar 26 2022 10:07”

The pranksters have redacted something that Wallace said that concerns U.K. national Security. But of course the Kremlin has it.

There is another to come!
‘Not at all Pretty just Petty’ Patel, the Home Office minister, dressed up in her best finery in front of the British and Ukrainian flags , channeling pure fascist leaderinne audition - ‘us Brits are obviously not at all bothered by the Nazis as you can see by how we have managed perception here in the U.K.’ she can barely contain her glee!


Main points from Wallace:

Confirmation of U.K. direct involvement in training and supplying Zelensky’s Nazi Army for 5 years in the Ukraine directly;

Escalation - by confirming the supply of anti aircraft missiles with night vision! ;

Confirmation of at least 2 supply routes in smuggling these weapons;

There is a positive for Wallace, his initial reaction to the prankster request for nukes- Bens eyeballs involuntarily almost pop out their sockets! It almost shows a genuine human reaction. I’ll give him that.
He stated explicitly that Russia - not Putin - would be a lot upset by any such developments!

But then he spoils it by saying that we will look at how we are ready to work on future developments...

It’s not his fault. Patel though I have no sympathy for. She is bitch of the order of Margaret and Madeline.

There are a lot of private PR corporations and thousands of these Coke snorting. Champagne swilling , caviar quaffing Advertising types who have been brought in to overide actual civil servants in this madness against Putin Bashing - which is all about pushing Russophobia, which is all about as usual another attempt at conquering these lands and its resources.
ii /77 th etc - As most recently MintPress revealed.

Heads will roll - genuine Civil Servants will cheer.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Mar 26 2022 11:59 utc | 354

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 26 2022 6:18 utc | 301

ah things come full circle. Bayer supplied the Zyclon B for the concentration camps. still supporting Nazis after all these years.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 12:04 utc | 355

Some news is getting through Western censorship.

Hunter Biden helped secure millions in funding for military biotech research program in Ukraine – Daily Mail Online

The Russian government held a press conference Thursday claiming that Hunter Biden helped finance a US military bioweapons research program in Ukraine. But emails and correspondence obtained by from Hunter's abandoned laptop show the claims may well be true.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Mar 26 2022 12:11 utc | 356

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Mar 26 2022 12:11 utc | 352
As Norwegian pointed out, I think this originally came from the New York Times, which is very interesting. The NYT is a reliable conduit for whatever people with the most power want published, so I don't think it is a case of something getting through censorship--revealing this is by design. another plot strand to keep track of in the coming days.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 26 2022 12:17 utc | 357


Hello. I would like you to wear a face covering in my place of business so I don't have to breath in your spit.

Sorry. Not only will I continue to spit in your face I will punch it instead of buying chinese junk somewhere else.Because freedom.

Posted by: mi | Mar 26 2022 12:20 utc | 358

@349 watcher One difference is this: if Boris were to choke on his breakfast bangers 'n' mash then Liz Truss is not automatically elevated to 10 Downing Street.

But if Joe Biden has a fatal brain freeze from licking an ice cream too vigorously then Kamala Harris *is* automatically elevated into the Oval Office.

And related to the above: I believe there is considerable resentment towards Biden choosing her as his running mate.

She stood in the primaries and did not garner a single damn delegate vote. Not one. Zero. Ziltch.

It actually isn't possible to be MORE rejected by your own constituency, and yet the old coot *still* decided that she should be just one fateful ice cream lick away from the Presidency.

All those registered voters who looked at her during the primaries and went "eeeeewwwwwww, not her" actually do have a reason to resent Biden.

Because, in essense, after they had already rejected her Biden turned around and said "Well, f**k you and your opinion. Now, where's my ice cream?".

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 26 2022 12:26 utc | 359

Posted by: watcher | Mar 26 2022 11:59 utc | 349

I figure that was the plan, too. But apparently since she is so disliked, for whatever reasons, said plan was changed. I don't follow details of the internal US politics, either, since I don't vote. But from what I've read, such as the polls, people don't like her. She has baggage from her time in California among other things. What appears indisputable is that ehe's not liked. From LA Times 4 days ago:

As of March 22, 39% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 52% had an unfavorable opinion — a net rating of -13 percentage points, according to a Times average.

Do a Google search on "why Kamalas Harris is unpopular." Plenty of articles to choose from.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 12:31 utc | 360

Posted by: DunGroanin | Mar 26 2022 11:59 utc | 350

Richard Medhurst had a video up yesterday on his channel analyzing the teaser version of that video. He played some clips from it and the Patel video. He also showed a document that the Ministry of Defense put out asking Twitter to pull any copies that show up there. Here it is:

Medhurst points out that these guys have done prank videos like forever on all sorts of people and yet the UK MoD claims it's all "Russian propaganda". This video makes hash of MoD security since apparently anyone can get through to Wallace and Patel without any significant screening. Medhurst just cracks up over the whole thing, for good reason.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Mar 26 2022 12:37 utc | 361

I can´t find this: Is it removed?

Posted by: Northern Eve | Mar 26 2022 9:40 utc | 330

No, it's still there. Wonky page layout: you'll have to scroll down a couple of screens to get to it, but it's there. Unless of course the entire site is blocked in your country.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 26 2022 12:39 utc | 362

Re the Russian military statements (both can be read at the Saker site). They need to be looked in conjunction with what Putin has said over the last month. Demilitarization and denazification - currently all that has occurred is the destruction of military supply, destruction of airforce air defense and navy and the military is pinned in place. next step is destruction of the main military force that is facing donbass.
Denazification - the Ukraine government, SBU, Interior ministry, police force ect ect. The entire government structure is nazi infested.
Denazification I think will come after the military forces facing donbass and any other significant military groupings have been destroyed.

Re the Wallace video - who needs an intel/spook service when a couple of pranksters can just ring a dumbfuck defence minister and ask him UK intentions? And idiot anglos like him think they are going to take Russia down? The only difference between them and a monkey with a hand grenade is that the anglo monkeys (UK//US) are sitting at a panel of nuclear buttons.
The pecking order amongst the monkeys as I see it - the US will fight until the last Ukrainian and whoever else they control or can con, and the Brits will fight to the last American.

Norwegian | Mar 26 2022 8:11 utc | 320 thanks. Lira is spot on and explains it well.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 26 2022 12:46 utc | 363

We have just seen another "rope a dope", this time another heavyweight champion klitscho was fooled by the 40 mile convoy outside Kiev. The aim all along has been to en-cauldron the nazis who thought they had Donbass in their sights, now its terminator time.

Posted by: Anon | Mar 26 2022 12:54 utc | 364

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 26 2022 2:45 utc | 277

Putin once commented on how dangerous it was for Obama in his address to the nation to tell Americans they were the exceptional nation.

I can't find, but there is video of obama giving speech to west point graduates. It was full of "we are exceptional", "whole world is our to lead" etc. etc.

It rang all the nazi SS bells in my head. This was Himler level of racism, hate and genocide training, any sane self-reflecting able human would not think, let alone speak like that.

Well, exceptional nation is about to get exceptionally buttf**ked, and the rest of the world will become better to live in.

Posted by: Abe | Mar 26 2022 12:55 utc | 365

Once these hostilities are brought to an end crimes committed by the Ukrainian Banderist bandits must be investigated.

Posted by: John Goss | Mar 26 2022 13:19 utc | 366

Anon | Mar 26 2022 12:54 utc | 364

The Russian grouping around Kiev I think will be staying for some time. Clearing Mariupol gives Russia land access to Crimea. Next operation is the dug in nazi grouping facing donbass. Other nazi military groupings will be eliminated after that. Far better if a city like Kiev can be take by the simple means of a nazi surrender as their military is systematically destroyed.
Mariupol was a sealed cauldron in which Azov volunteer nazis were and will be systematically killed. No escape for them. But other major cities and fronts have not been sealed off, leaving an escape route for conscripts civilians ect. By the time the grinder reaches Kiev, many civilians will have left.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 26 2022 13:26 utc | 367

just a photo:


Amazon seems to provide pro-Ukirainian scrip[t kiddies with free traffic from AWS cloud in exchange for them DDoSing out Amazon's competiitors in trade-with0-delivery (СДЭК yesterday and today).

Ukrainian db1000n bt-net even ceased attacking Russian government sites to free resource for attack on Amazon''s rivals.
What a beautiful principled war :-D

Posted by: Arioch | Mar 26 2022 13:26 utc | 368

@365 You may be mixing up speeches. The Bush Doctrine of Preemption was announced at a West Point graduation representing a significant departure from prevention. Obama later repeated the position at AIPAC but was praised by the media for a different tone despite the same language which Beijing and Moscow heard. Shrub wasn't an aberration. Obama used the phrase "American exceptionalism" repeatedly in a manner indicating American elites possessed divine rights. He also liked "uniquely American" to justify lousy domestic policies such as ACA.

Posted by: NotTimothyGeithner | Mar 26 2022 13:26 utc | 369

Yesterday I posted how a narrative appears to be developing in the MSM that Russia is losing or stalemated and will thus become desperate and make use of chemical or bio weapons.
I posted the main headline from Reuters: Ukrainian forces advance east of Kyiv as Russians fall back

This morning I visited what is referred to as "The bible of the Deep State", Foreign Affairs magazine.
Their current lead article and main headline makes it even clearer:

Preparing for the Unthinkable in Ukraine
America and Europe Must Be Ready for Russian Biological or Chemical Attacks
By Michael T. Osterholm and Mark Olshaker
March 25, 2022

The first paragraph of the article is this:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not gone as the Kremlin imagined, with its forces bogged down around key cities and the Ukrainian army providing stiff resistance. As its troops grow demoralized and its supplies are exhausted, Russia may turn to more drastic measures to win. In Washington, U.S. national security officials are already meeting and planning for a growing possibility that was once unthinkable: that Russia might use biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine.

The second paragraph of the article is a study in hyper-biased historical revisionism, if you care to read it.
(for example, only Germany deployed chemical weapons in WWI)

Posted by: librul | Mar 26 2022 13:28 utc | 370

@watcher #353
The conspiracy theories about Harris taking over for dementia Joe are nonsense.
Dementia Joe is the most useful President there is: he'll do and say whatever he is told by the last person to talk to him.

That's why the Biden presidency is so chaotic - there are multiple groups pulling his strings, and the strings get crossed frequently.

As for Harris: she's stupid because

1) She keeps saying stupid things on video. The "passage of time" is the latest - go look it up for an example of just how bad she is.
2) She has literally accomplished nothing as a vice president - which is saying a lot. VPs are not expected to do much to start with, but her laundry list of "mission not accomplished" is quite impressive. A big part of the problem is that people thought she would be a female Obama: Harvard/Harvard law school, stint in Congress, etc.
She clearly is nowhere as good a PMC whisperer as Obama was.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 26 2022 13:30 utc | 371

Norwegian @321, PeterAU1@ 363

I will vouch for what Lira says. As an American I went through exactly the same process fifteen years earlier. In Lira’s day the monitoring and controls were tighter, in current era they are suffocating.

Some things he misses. He does not appreciate how much deference he received from his family, from having the Carrera name. Higher ranking students really are exempt from all of this. Many students get to view the faculty as hired help. Pay $50-100,000 annually for tuition (no scholarship needed) and there is no possibility of not getting the degree. Be at the school because your family has made 7 figure donations and you will graduate with honors while never being asked to do anything.

Americans know that his alma mater, Dartmouth, was the model for Animal House, the movie. Yes, it is an Ivy and yes, it still ranks high. Basically a party school. The screenwriter for Animal House was a Yalie, the Bluto Blutarsky character was based on his freshman roommate, George W. Bush. Bush of course never did any academic work whatever and was social promoted all the way to the top.

Lower ranked students live in a mental straitjacket that gets worse every year.

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 26 2022 13:31 utc | 372

Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 10:52 utc | 342
NO !!!!!

It was soldiers of the Army of the USSR. - Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Georgians, Chechens, Russians, - it was not exclusively Russian

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 26 2022 13:34 utc | 373

Paul...and women too

Posted by: bevin | Mar 26 2022 13:50 utc | 374

Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 10:52 utc | 342
NO !!!!!
It was soldiers of the Army of the USSR. - Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Georgians, Chechens, Russians, - it was not exclusively Russian
Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Mar 26 2022 13:34 utc | 373

Yes Paul, you are correct, and good on you !!!! However ....

You obviously missed my comments on this website, which would have made it obvious to you why I bolded the word "Russians". It's a misleading word, hence the phase in the brackets. Lyrics to the song which were not in that article from 1985,

Follow The Whispers
on Bandsintown
"And The Beat Goes On"

And the beat goes on
Just like my love everlasting
And the beat goes on
Still moving strong on and on

Do you ever wonder
That to win, somebody's got to lose
I might as well get over the blues
Just like fishing in the ocean
There'll always be someone new
You did me wrong 'cos I've been through stormy weather.

In case it's not clear. I'm referring to the perpetual use of the term "Russia"/"Russians" when discussing events that happened during Soviet Unions existence.

Sorry for not being clearer in that comment, but it is more than clear in my other comments on this website.

OK, lets correct Winston,

Winston Churchill put it succinctly when he said, “It is the Soviet army that tore the guts out of the German military machine.”


Posted by: Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 13:52 utc | 375

@352 Yeah, Right

It's all very cute and funny, but what are you really implying? So are you saying that Putin didn't take the prize, Kiev, even though he sent an impressive column there that was 40+ kilometers long, so he could instead bang away at Mariupol for weeks on end? That’s low.

Posted by: Circe | Mar 26 2022 14:00 utc | 376

Posted by: Fíréan | Mar 26 2022 10:53 utc | 343

"The netherlands" : literally, the low countries; abbreviation of "the low countries by the sea". Up to about 1830 the kingdom of the Netherlands used to include current-day Belgium and Luxemburg.

Posted by: Passerby | Mar 26 2022 14:01 utc | 377

ex-head of Polish army claims Kaliningrad district is "occupied Polish land"

not German, but Polish.

dude, FFS...


Kiev C14 soldiers whine about "territorial defense" in their round-the-clock state of panic destroys more of Ukrainian armory, than Russian enemies; including medical emergency cars and helicopters. "and our drones... now one even counts drones [you destroyed] anymore".

Readeing the screenshot (in ukrainian) is hillarious.

Allegedly the original post was at but is no more.


Trump, inviting amerians just to feed them some burgers, was pathetic?
Hold Biden's beer.

He comes to American sodier to feed them a pizza. One pizza. One single pizza box for few dozen soldiers.
Biden knows how to save...


Serbia and Kosovo seems up to some skirmish..


North Korea joins trolling USA:

Posted by: Arioch | Mar 26 2022 14:15 utc | 378

@Posted by: librul | Mar 26 2022 13:28 utc | 370

A false-flag this time will be different.

The aftermath of previous false-flags was fought in the media
and diplomatic venting. This time the aftermath in Ukraine will be fought
with tactical nukes.

The Kremlin will know that they are not responsible for the false-flag
and, most importantly, that the false-flag is a pretext for
imminent attack upon Russian forces.

Posted by: librul | Mar 26 2022 14:16 utc | 379

@ Richard Steven Hack 313
They are intending to control Ukraine, not occupy it. That means once the fighting stops, Russia will get the Constitution changed, clean out the old government, a new government put in, remove the oligarchs, reorganize the Ukrainian military
Easier said than done. Remember the US went into Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and replaced the government with its own panel with a new constitution. Rumsfeld said the military was ready to leave . . .but then the Iraqis with political power said uh-uh, we want our own people to govern, which they did. And the US military didn't leave because they couldn't pacify Baghdad, etc. and it went on for years.
Perhaps the Russians are smarter in that respect then the Americans were, that wouldn't be difficult.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 26 2022 14:20 utc | 380

@Arioch -378
ex-head of Polish army claims Kaliningrad district is "occupied Polish land"

not German, but Polish.

As someone who's father was born in Koenisgsberg, Kaliningrad is not occupied Polish land, it's occupied Prussian land.

dude, FFS...

Posted by: Manage without me | Mar 26 2022 14:28 utc | 381

Don@380... language and cultural barrier between exceptional US personnel and humble Iraqis. Will Russia have that issue with eastern Ukrainians...heck they fight each other and have to wear coloured arm/leg bands, red, blue, to tell each other apart. There are good people in Ukraine, like us westerners, they are under neo Nazi Fascist control. Seeing a Russian flag flying over Reideau Hall...."wet yer panties, Justine?"

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Mar 26 2022 14:38 utc | 382

Sorry if this comment is off subject, but it does address the issue of identity in the Soviet times.

In my opinion, one of the greatest generals in WW II that the Soviet Union had was not Zhukov but Rokossovsky. A name that hardly appears in discussions among the average crowd interested in geopolitics.

Rokossovsky was Polish. For Stalin that was not a problem but for the Russians in the Soviet Union it was. To hide this fact the subject of his nationality was avoided, while his last name was almost always russified.

Birth name Konstanty Rokossowski
Born 21 December 1896[1]
Velikiye Luki or Warsaw, Russian Empire[1]
Died 3 August 1968 (aged 71)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Zhukov was a cold calculating officer who used his troops like chess pieces. Rokossowsky was just the opposite, treated them like human beings but no less intelligently than Zhukov.

Not that the Japanese crumbled easily. At one point a divisional attack on Japanese fortifications was bloodily repulsed and the division, probably the raw 82nd Infantry sent from the Urals, pinned down under heavy fire. Its commander begged Zhukov for new orders; Zhukov told him to continue his attack. When the divisional commander doubted the possibility, Zhukov said coldly: “I hereby relieve you of command. Give me your Chief of Staff.” The Chief of Staff agreed to continue the attack, but the attack failed to materialize. Zhukov picked up the telephone once more: “I hereby relieve you of your command. Wait for the arrival of a new commander.” An officer from Zhukov’s own staff was sent over, and with reorganized artillery and air support, the attack succeeded despite appalling losses.

The military operation in Ukraine in some ways reminds of the the Soviet-Japanese battle at Khalkhin Gol in Manchuria in 1939.

K.K. Rokossovsky, Zhukov’s commanding officer while he was still a brigade commander wrote an assessment about Zhukov, saying:

Wilful. Decisive. Has initiative and knows how to apply it to his work. Disciplined. Persistently demanding. Personally a little cold and insufficiently tactful. Has a significant streak of obstinacy. Painfully proud. In military matters well prepared. Has a great deal of practical command experience. Loves military affairs and is constantly striving for perfection. One can see scope for the further development of his abilities. Authoritative. In the current year has achieved significant results in the battle training of his brigade in drill and rifle training as well as the development of the brigade as a whole in the tactical and combat spheres. Knows and is interested in mobilisation work. Gives due attention to questions of economy of arms and horse regulations, achieving positive results. In the political sphere is well-prepared. His occupation of the post is fully justified. Could be utilised as a divisional commander or as the commander of a mechanized unit, providing he did the appropriate course.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 14:50 utc | 383

@PeterAu363..fighting to the last Ukrainian neo Nazi...only, otherwise Russia will fight to the last Kalibar, Kinzal, Zircon.....and a few sleeve hidden devices just for a touch of icing. Lira's Elite Peak Stupidity vid explains it in digestible layman terms. He really is good, should he make it out the other end unscathed...well I suppose that'll be a new book.

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Mar 26 2022 14:51 utc | 384

Here's another link to that article on Microsoft:

Posted by: Aussie expat | Mar 26 2022 14:53 utc | 385

The Biden laptop and association with corruption in Ukraine and China are somewhat old news at this point - completely valid, but not "breaking" news. So why would it become important now. They are not suddenly concerned about supporting a facist government or prospect of war and economic troubles (to put mildly).

Nothing the state loves more than a comprimised politician. Just in case Joe was getting any ideas (its possible). He is now where Trump was - owned.

So now we know where this will go.

Posted by: jared | Mar 26 2022 14:59 utc | 386

no Jared, Sun Tsu says, if you become your enemy, you lost. The promise on NATO was codified. Iraq and East Syria have WATER, oil after all is just for fun; compared to water.

I heard a Russian general got fragged by his troops running him over on the BBC this morning.

I've used to argument, that no, fairy tales aren't real, Putin isn't Satan incarnate and the Ukrainians aren't innocent angels; Ukraine has been at civil war for over a decade, Minsk2, US unilateral violation of missile treaties in Poland. I point out that such black and white stories are FAIRY TALES and not reality, that reality is nuanced (and a few would do well to take that to heart; Covid denialism, and conspiracy is insane here among some. Covid represents/ed an unknown threat, even if you think it was planted, we didn't know if mutations would be worse. Wearing a mask in crowded situations, grocery stores, mass transit; is a good idea and seemed effective on all sorts of respiratory illnesses. Again, too many craft elaborate conspiracy when ignorance and stupidity and myopia are far more likely.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 26 2022 15:00 utc | 387

ex-head of Polish army claims Kaliningrad district is "occupied Polish land"

not German, but Polish.
Posted by: Arioch | Mar 26 2022 14:15 utc | 378

Ha ha ...
More noise from a loudly barking paper tiger with little bite. Their Military Academy must be using American text books written by Kissinger or Brzezinski.

Apparently Poland bought a bunch of F-35-s from the US. It be interesting to know if they can even afford to fly those things more than once a month ?

Poland is just a weak Pawn of the US neocons, which that purchase nicely demonstrates.

Posted by: Tom_12 | Mar 26 2022 15:06 utc | 388

“Serbia and Kosovo seems up to some skirmish..” #378

This is just a show off for the elections next week. Although at some point I don’t exclude Serbain military moving to secure six mainly Serbian municipalities at the North of Kosovo.

Posted by: Milos | Mar 26 2022 15:06 utc | 389

Don Bacon | Mar 26 2022 14:20 utc | 380

Current Russia is not US faggotry, bluff and bluster. Putin's Russia also understands US/UK modus operandi. Those Russian pranksters sure played the UK like a violin. History repeats in the rise and fall of empires and civilisations. nukes and MAD marked a turning point in this history though anglo so called elite in some ways do not yet understand this.
US bullshit and WWII cluck have run its course. Anglo dominance of much older civilizations has run its course.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 26 2022 15:07 utc | 390

Posté par : oldhippie | 25 mars 2022 22:26 UTC | 193
the tochka if you don't intercept it well in berdiansk it's 3 ships in flames, one of which is sinking
at the dock and 2 who fled as for no deaths we can always dream.

Posted by: la bouteille | Mar 26 2022 15:07 utc | 391

So I tuned in this morning to MSDNC to hear the spin on Biden's "defining" trip to Europe, and especially his day in Poland.

The coverage shifted from Biden talking about how he longed to hug the refugee children (stop in mid-sentence...improvising again), to Lvov where a very troubled looking reporter was standing on his hotel balcony looking out on a huge plume of black smoke on the horizon. He excitedly reported that no alarms had gone off in Lvov, but the first thing that happened were two loud booms, then a huge plume of smoke. They cut to another reporter in Lvov looking just as scared, but making no effort to jump in a car to head for the smoke or even to go onto the street and ask people for local knowledge about what may have been hit.

Meanwhile, Joltin' Joe is a few miles away thinking about those children's hair. Wonder if he heard the booms.

What a message was sent this morning!

Posted by: HMP | Mar 26 2022 15:08 utc | 392

Ukrainian Lt-Col surrendering along with 61 of his men.

Posted by: Manage without me | Mar 26 2022 15:08 utc | 393

Juliana, no, that's no argument for the trinity, the Trinity is direct violation of the 1st Commandment; The Holy Ghost appears at the baptism of Jesus; of course Jesus himself denies the Trinity; it's extra-Biblical heresy. It's the heresy that divides the Hebrews from the Christians from the Muslims. If Constantine isn't the head of Babylon, who would be? Jesus said "our father" the one that is greater than him. And, the paraclete, "Mohomadean" in Aramaic, isnt' the Holy Spirit coming back for yet another cameo appearance in the role of mutable, unmutable God; but Mohammad "who must come to set the record straight about me if I am to come again" The Jews await the Messiah, they're not waiting to worship him as God, that's the heretical twist. Jesus is the Messiah to Muslims, but they're not so stupid as to worship creation over the creator. Even John's "word" indicates such. If God speaks into creation a 'spirit of Christ' that will later be actually created in flesh, then the Holy Spirit will make an appearance. I mean, the 5 different notions of God in the Torah alone should give one pause... As the Tao te Ching says, "the God/Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao/God"

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 26 2022 15:08 utc | 394

Hedge accordingly.

The thing that struck me on encountering the former z/h some years back is that everything can be explained by finance and non of this is new.

They did several articles some time back about thucides trap and economic and solvency issues inevitable turn to trade wars which then deus ex machina become hot wars.

The thudices trap was the other side of the analysis finding that the failing great power is threatened by new power and feels necessary to destroy it as matter of self presevation.

Bureacracies are big on self preservation.

They did Russia a favor by putting it in corner - every body has a pland and then you get punched in the face.

Posted by: jared | Mar 26 2022 15:10 utc | 395

@226 And how are the 82nd meant to get to Kiev when the other side has air superiority. They would be cut to shreds. Parachute in? And then what? Logistics, none.

Posted by: Oh | Mar 26 2022 0:20 utc | 235

@ Yeah Right 243
They could try through the 2 smuggling routes

@ 334 Northern Eve

Need to watch UK Minister of Defence spill a huge INTEL DUMP. He got pranked thought he was talking with Zelensky.

The video is taken down by YouTube...but The video on Rumble is in my link to 21st Century Wire 30 minutes but this website is under DDOS.

This Open Thread is stretched so I reposition from 206.

UK Defence and Wallace wants the call censored. Try this link. Takes time to load.


* NATO's plan for the next Phase of the Ukraine-Russia War...and that UK ministers are committed to war with Russia.

* Wallace reveals the smuggling routes for weapons from Poland into Ukraine,

* UK/NATO planning provocations in the Black Sea and next fighting of NATO's involvement to include direct fighting against Russia and

* Zelensky should not recognize Crimea as Russia

Posted by: Likklemore | Mar 26 2022 15:12 utc | 396

Paul, if Ukrainian farmers are using Bayer/Monsanto seed, they have no supply, they're not allowed to save their seed stock; that's a violation. That's conventional farming. Now, perhaps they can use the seeds of their Monsanto/Bayer crops, but such hybrids seldom come true through seed. That IS The real threat of GMO, (it probably isn't a big deal to eat it) the real threat is it hybrids into other conventional crops strains narrowing our genomic diversity, rather than widening that. It was reliance on a single strain that lead to the potato famine and many other crop blights throughout history.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 26 2022 15:12 utc | 397

Richard, you keep putting the "hack" in your name when you continue to groundlessly insist Russia intends to go to the Polish border. Again, pull it back, you're not a soothsayer, you're not reading tea leaves; you're guessing GROUNDLESSLY. We know they intend to wrap up the Donbass, after that Kiev sits there like a plum, Odessa another. We don't know if Russia will take them, we don't know if they will. We don't know what negotiations/surrender will be entrusted to deliver. Guessing about future events we have no data about is nothing but rank speculation. You should try to refrain from that, it's not good for your credibility

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 26 2022 15:21 utc | 398

Antonym @ 306

Thanks much, that Daily Mail story is riveting. I don't know how this will play out here in Oz, where nobody mentions US bioweapons labs in Ukraine. It's tremendously disorienting for leftists of a truth-oriented perspective -- to witness such suppression of vital truths in organs we previously admired, such as DemocracyNow! and CounterPunch. An ever bigger pile of inconvenient, ignored crap boggles their Rusophobic narrative, jams the plumbing.

The story mention our unmentionable hero Hunter Biden, and his meeting with Kathy Dimeo, whose LinkedIn profile (soon to be expunged, no doubt) is a rogue's gallery of biowarfare profiteers...

Mar 2021 - Present
Chief Operating Officer, CRDF Global, Arlington, Virginia

Jul 2020 - Feb 2021
President, Navitas Life Sciences, Princeton, New Jersey

May 2014 - Jul 2020
President, KAI Research, Rockville, Maryland

Apr 2014 - May 2019
Vice President, Clinical and Population Health Research, Altarum, Rockville, Maryland

Aug 2011 - Apr 2014
Director, Business and Program Development, Metabiota, Washington, D.C.

Sep 2007 - Sep 2011
Senior Program Manager, Henry M Jackson Foundation, Rockville, Maryland
"Managed portfolio of several large infectious diseases programs for the Department of Defense including the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center/Global Emerging Infections System (AFHSC/GEIS) and Hyperbaric Oxygen research program."

Posted by: Aleph_Null | Mar 26 2022 15:24 utc | 399

The Pentagon isn't buying the 'Kyev ruse -- Donbass is key' angle -- No, Russia is failing.

A senior U.S. defense official told reporters on Friday that Pentagon leaders have a different assessment of the situation: that intelligence, command and control, and logistics failures were taking their toll and potentially forcing Russia to reconsider its objectives.
“They overestimated their ability to take any population center and they clearly underestimated the Ukrainian resistance,” the official said. “So I think it's safe to assume that they face some intelligence failures of their own. Whether they're now changing their strategic goals or not, I think it's difficult to say.”
On the ground, the official said, the Russians were facing “significant command and control problems, both in terms of an individual leader’s ability to command troops in his field but also the ability of commanders to speak to one another.”
Unlike the United States, Russia does not have a non-commissioned officer corps, seasoned and senior enlisted leaders who provide decentralized command and control.
Russia’s stalled ground attack and columns of forces that have faced fuel, food and water shortages have forced it to rely heavily on long-range fires, which were also facing shortages and high failure rates.
Those long convoys of troops that had been headed to Kyiv have not made significant forward progress in weeks and were now digging in, the official said. . . .here

Cue the White Helmets.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 26 2022 15:26 utc | 400

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