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March 04, 2022

Disarming Ukraine - Day 9 - Europe Increases Its Own Losses

I feel too outraged and frightened about what is now happening in our societies to write about it. I thus continue to quote others at some length.

Patrick Armstrong continues to be the best military intelligence analyst on Russia:

So far the Russian military operation in Ukraine has been a reconnaissance in force preceded by the destruction of the supplies and headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by standoff weapons. The object being to suss out where the Ukrainian forces are, to surround them, to check existing Russian intelligence against reality and, at the same time, destroy known headquarters, air and naval assets, supplies and ammunition depots. And, perhaps, there was the hope that the speed and success (Russian/LDPR forces dominated an area of Ukraine about the size of the United Kingdom in the first week) would force an early end (aka recognition of reality).

At the moment they are readying for the next phase. The long column that so obsessed the “experts” on CNN is the preparation for the next phase.
As far as I can see they’ve created three cauldrons (encirclements). Probably the most important one is the one around Mariupol where the main concentration of Azov, the principal nazi force, is. Another is being established around the main concentration of the Ukrainian Armed Forces facing LDPR. And there appears to be another developing to the east of Kiev. A super cauldron of all three is visible. The nazis will be exterminated; the ordinary Ukrainian soldier will be allowed to go home. The nightmare question is how many ordinary Ukrainians will be free to choose.


Hardline commentator Bill Roggio confirms Armstrong's take:

Putin is NOT crazy and the Russian invasion is NOT failing. The West's delusions about this war - and its failure to understand the enemy - will prevent it from saving Ukraine, writes military analyst BILL ROGGIO

M.K. Bhadrakumar points out that the now beginning larger war is part of a millennium old conflict within the Christian believe:

At the core is the feud among Christians that began with the Great Schism of 1054 when the main church at that time, based in Rome, split into two divisions, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. They’ve since come to be the two largest denominations of Christianity.

The Euro-Atlantic leaders will shy away from admitting that this ancient feud all along complicated Russia’s inclusion in any common European home — just as the European Union, a Christian club, will never admit Turkey as a member.

The feud within Christianity began intensifying in the recent decade or two with Russia’s resurgence under Putin’s leadership, when Russian Orthodox Church entered a golden era of state patronage.
The Ukraine crisis cannot be understood unless we factor in the swirling primeval passions behind the desperate attempt by Euro-Atlantic countries to attack Putin and weaken Russia and, if possible dismember it, like they did to former Yugoslavia, another Slavic country of Eastern Orthodoxy.

It is no accident that two sentinels of Roman Catholicism, France and Poland, and that gladiator of Protestantism, Germany, are at the barricades of the contestation over Ukraine. This is reminiscent of the Crusade to conquer pagan areas in the Middle East and recapture formerly Christian territories.

Bhadrakumar does not mention that the different flavors of Christianity are also exactly what has caused the problems within the Ukraine.


The parts of Poland and Romania that were attached to the Ukraine after World War II are predominantly catholic. These are also the parts where core members of the Ukraine fascist 'ultranationalists' are coming from.

The religious split is also underlying the age old western racism against Slavs that is currently again prominent. You see, Orthodox Slavs aren't 'civilized people'.

Puck, 1903


Whitney Webb writes that the CIA is creating a new al-Qaeda. This time as a white supremacist rightwing militia. A part of these are mercenaries currently getting recruited by western 'security' companies. These militia will use all the 'small' weapons NATO countries are now delivering to the Ukraine to attack Russian troops and their supporters.

This will have serious backlashes in Poland and Romania from where these troops get deployed. In the longer run it will lead to rightwing terror coming back to those countries who are now supporting these forces. It will also help the longterm trend of rightwing parties increasing their share of votes.

Together with the economic devastation that U.S. and European sanctions on Russia are causing in their own economies this will end in regime-changes in several European countries. The U.S. is of course again protecting itself from as much as it can at the cost of others.

Source: Bloomberg - bigger

Tony Wood asks:

The question remains, why did all those who for so long foretold this war do so little to stop it, and so much to hasten the disaster Russia has now set in motion?

Indeed. Why didn't the government of Germany guarantee in writing that it would veto any additional NATO membership? It would have solved at least half of the problem. Why didn't any other NATO government do so?

And what are they doing now? Where are their initiatives for peace?

It is over. The Ukraine is gone. Russia has won.

Energy and wheat prices have doubled. With inciting a longer fight Europe only increases its own loses.

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A fair bit of this piece has been writing on the wall for some time. All that remains to be seen is how far down the rabbit hole we can go.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Mar 4 2022 16:00 utc | 1

Re: Bhadrakumar
Interesting hypothesis but I think overegged.
The pro-EU and pro-Russia boundaries in the 2010 elections are not aligned with the religious breakdowns noted in the graph.
For that matter, Luhansk is Orthodox while Donetsk is Protestant - yet both were split off from Ukraine by separatists in 2014.

Posted by: c1ue | Mar 4 2022 16:05 utc | 2

Doublethink has metastasized in the Orwellian Anglo Empire, aka Oceania

Posted by: Canadian Cents | Mar 4 2022 16:05 utc | 3

Thanks for the ongoing coverage b and sorry for your troubled feelings about what is going on

b wrote
Why didn't the government of Germany guarantee in writing that it would veto any additional NATO membership?
Many of us here would say that Germany is a colony, like Japan, of empire and its government does what it is told to do.

As I was reading about the monotheistic undertones to Eurasia conflicts I am reminded of the 360+ registered religions in China that prides itself on keeping the government totally secular.....maybe there is something for the West to learn here.

Empire has fostered the build up of nazi oriented folk in Ukraine et al just like they did in Syria and Afghanistan

One of the reasons that I think Putin might be pissed is that Russia is being forced to clean up a mess they didn't make and the same is true in Syria....who is going to deal with all the radical fighters that have been created?

I remain optimistic that the China/Russia axis are proceeding in their efforts to change world governance...for the better

Oh yeah, it really gets down to dealing with the God of Mammon cult of global private finance folk in the West and their anti-humanistic cancer effecting the social contract of humanity

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 4 2022 16:06 utc | 4

Why would it matter whatever Germany did or did not put in writing? Ultimately just words on paper which can be interpreted as necessary.

Really? Religion? There are biases based on long time associations, but I feel sure the pentagram are not consulting their bibles. This is just a distraction.

Seems the war may be not going as easily as would be hoped but niether is Russia in danger of failing at this point. I would say the Putin is not Stalin and Russia is not Soviet Union - meaning they dont have same resolve. Suspect modern technology is changing the game a bit - sidelining the tanks and possibly the air force?

B's analysis is interesting but lacks objectivity.

Posted by: jared | Mar 4 2022 16:11 utc | 5

Beware of people who tell you what you want to hear.

Posted by: jared | Mar 4 2022 16:13 utc | 6

I am as bummed out as you. It is a disaster all around. It could be a terrible miscalculation, but I do not have the información to say one way or another. Here is a link to something from Consortium News that seems reasonable. I Will try to avoid too much war porn and just wait to see what happens - and hope for the best

Posted by: c | Mar 4 2022 16:15 utc | 7

I am as bummed out as you. It is a disaster all around. It could be a terrible miscalculation, but I do not have the información to say one way or another. Here is a link to something from Consortium News that seems reasonable. I Will try to avoid too much war porn and just wait to see what happens - and hope for the best

Posted by: c | Mar 4 2022 16:15 utc | 8

It is very sad to see the left in Brazil, with its usual moralism, divided in the necessary robust support for Russia, without understanding that the weakening of the USA is essential for the Development of Brazil.

It is a lot of fun to see the UK punishing few of its entities in the face of the large presence of Russian speculators and money launderers present in the country. The great cunning of the perfidious Albion.

Posted by: argos | Mar 4 2022 16:16 utc | 9

the falling stock market might be seen as evidence that those in the know, know Russia is winning; that they think this won't be so protracted, that we've only unleashed an economic Pandora's box. Glad I didn't sell off that Exxon stock just yet

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:17 utc | 10

Intel Slava looks at Territorial Defence in Kiev. Look at the photo. Snowflakes and wokesters. Their assessment is correct, this crew will not fight.

There will be little in way of guerilla warfare or insurgency. The Nazis never had more than the 2 or 3% needed to bully and intimidate civilians. Ukie military is now surrendering. Watch the videos. Remember that before surrendering these men must kill the political officer. Maybe they overpower and subdue the officer - it is far easier and safer to kill him. The Russians treat the surrendered well because they just killed the Nazi political officer, they just did the job Russians are there to do. These soldiers go home where they are not going to bow to the local Nazi bully. The real support for the Nazis was always Vicki Nuland, Tony Blinken, Chrystia Freeland, NYT, NPR.

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 4 2022 16:18 utc | 11

I did a check for using Google for Wilhelm Kaiser, actually, it is Wilhelm Kaiser, trying to find recent mention at Moon of Alabama, The Saker, and Andrei Martyanov's blog, of the World War I anti-German propaganda but could not anything. Even (at least one) teacher I had for either in high school or junior high / middle school (changeover while I was there) who mentioned the British propaganda crap about Kaiser's boys roasting babies at their camps and pushing grandmas over cliffs. He mentioned that later it found that the soldiers where actually helping to save people, trying to prevent them from falling.

Before then, that is all that I could hear at home, since my father was the stereotypical anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish) anti-British, anti-communist, pro-Hitler world British and world communist conspiracy schizophrenic, like Kurt Saxon, minus the crap along the lines of Jews needing to drink Christian blood to conceive crap.

It did not take three hours on Traitor Day for that script to get flipped. I bet Kurt Saxon (who also now loves Jews and hates Muslims) is the same.

Now, it seems, almost everyone in the U.$. today (including him, of course) are far crazier than he was back in the late-'70s.

Posted by: William Haught | Mar 4 2022 16:19 utc | 12

thanks. once again at CP, despite all the other good things he discusses and his enjoyable style, J St. Clair engages in the false equivalency of "their Nazis vs our Nazis" since we all recruited Nazis after WW2, the west and soviets. everybody does it. St. Clair even goes so far as to quote Masha Gessen (!) to lay some blame on Putin for the "shock doctrine" killing millions of Russians after 1991. Putin supposedly personally is so evil that he helped to cause the near total collapse of the Russian state, by directing the privatization schemes of the West.

posturing about the equivalency of "both sides" is cowardice. pure and simple. unless Putin (again, Putin himself) is so evil that the Russian people lose the right of self-defense. FFS.

if russia doesn't have the right of self-defense, then just who does? people like St Clair are actually disarming their readers, cuz there's not some other plan in the US, CA, UK, France, et ubique than what is happening in Ukraine.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Mar 4 2022 16:20 utc | 13

You should stop being emotionally invested. It skews your perception and you're liable to make mistakes with your predictions and turning a blind eye to the opposing side.

Posted by: Anon | Mar 4 2022 16:25 utc | 14

RE: William Haught | Mar 4 2022 16:19 utc

It is worse now than then even before including the contextual differences between the late-'70s and early-'20s, for example, the low in the DOW of around 740 is fewer points than a typical swing in just a few minutes nowadays, much lower top marginal income tax rates, billionaires and oligarchs even in China and Russia, ad nauseam.

Posted by: William Haught | Mar 4 2022 16:27 utc | 15

It is really quite amazing. It doesn't make any sense. Is this the plan for the great reset? End fossil fuel use? They have a great excuse now. How will the population of the West feel once they realize their leaders have stabbed them in the back and thrown them into poverty? Just when you think things can't get any crazier. The analysis is good here but still... the author and most of the commenters here firmly believe the covid narrative and the global warming narrative but for some reason think better on the Russia narrative. Very strange.

Posted by: goldhoarder | Mar 4 2022 16:29 utc | 16

It is a very good question, why 'the west' was so insistent on refusing and even denigrating Russia's demarches about collective security/NATO expansion.

Frankly, I can't see what other conclusion Russia was supposed to draw, other than the interpretation that NATO was deliberately set on undermining Russia's security. It's hard to avoid the impression that NATO wanted, or at least accepted, Russia's resort to military action. And yet, if that is the case, why have they seemed so ill-prepared for it (other than to intensify futile propaganda and self-harming sanctions)?

To me, Russia's actions seem explicable, but NATO's do not.

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Mar 4 2022 16:30 utc | 17

When you look at this disaster and the increased instability in the west, you have to ask yourself who benefits from this war? In the west, I would say the radical left marxists and the leftist WEF, both of whom are best able to advance their agendas in conditions of increased societal instability. However the big winner by far is China. This war is achievement of a major geopolitical goal, keeping the Russians and the West from uniting. So who were the behind the scenes instigators of this war?

Posted by: Lynx | Mar 4 2022 16:31 utc | 18

weird how people come on here trying to dispirit the "bar" As if that will alter facts on the ground; they must be superstitious. I don't support Russia, nor do I support the notion that Putin is Satan. But, to watch the coverage, we're presented a simple fairy tale, an evil and deranged Putin attacking innocent Ukrainians; that's fairy tale stuff; but what we're being sold; like the "Evil Saddam" and the IraqWMD, sale sales pitch, same sales people. Surely the truth is nuanced; where is that in US/NATO perspectives? It does seem (some express sentiments) of cheering for Russia; while those of us cheering for some balance in the narrative may seem similar.

I don't think anyone was wrong about this invasion; I don't believe Putin was resolved to invade. I think he was amassing troops, hoping to provoke negotiations/talks, yet all his reasonable concerns about our broken treaties and promises were red-lines. I believe he's remained truly open to talks all along; but Ukraine/US/NATO refuse to even consider his concerns. I imagine he's apathetic, and at this point is happy to create facts on the ground that align with his end result. I don't believe he intends to occupy Ukraine; I can imagine him annexing more by ballot.

Again is it widely known here that Crimeans voted 95% to join Russia and that the CARTER CENTER oversaw the vote? That's a powerful counter to the forboding "ANNEXATION" (over the corpses of dead baby Ukrainian Crimeans, naturally) narrative we hear.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:32 utc | 19

There are so many Nazis running Ukraine that LGBTQI approval and acceptance has been lowering year over year and at all-time lows right now. Oh wait, that's Russia. Help me remember, are Nazis usually approving of LGBTQI people?

Posted by: noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:34 utc | 20

@ noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:34 utc | 21

Yeah, let's support eight years of shelling Donetsk and Lugansk, to say nothing of those bioweapons labs, because the Ukraine is somewhat more "Western" on LGBT+ rights than Russia is.

Yours is a strong contender in today's Most Trivial Comment contest.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 4 2022 16:41 utc | 21

@c1ue #2:

For that matter, Luhansk is Orthodox while Donetsk is Protestant - yet both were split off from Ukraine by separatists in 2014.

I can assure you that Donetsk is not Protestant. Look closer at the map: it says 70% Orthodox, 5% Protestant. Of course, these 5% have only popped up in the Ukraine in the 1990s.

Posted by: S | Mar 4 2022 16:42 utc | 22

Covid has nothing to do with global warming, and neither does the war propaganda against Russia. so, not strange at all.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Mar 4 2022 16:42 utc | 23

Ahh, they're Nazis because you don't like them... Got it.

Posted by: noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:42 utc | 24

noNazis; are Orthodox Jews big on LGBQT? Christian conservatives? Russians? Ukrainians Azov types? So what? That's an odd basis for war one way or the other. How is the GOP on LGBQT? yeah; take that troll sophistry elsewhere.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:42 utc | 25

@18 I think the idea was to provoke 'regime change' in Russia. The constant pressure was supposed to push Putin to overreact. It worked but not quite the way NATO was hoping.

Posted by: dh | Mar 4 2022 16:44 utc | 26

they're Nazis cause they identify as such; good grief. YOU google "Azov Battalion" who am I to tell them they're not true Nazis, they say they're neo-Nazis, they're neo-Nazis, oy vey

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:45 utc | 27

Nazis are as Nazis do. Which country actively persecutes its LGBTQI population?

Posted by: noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:45 utc | 28

“ It will also help the longterm trend of rightwing parties increasing their share of votes.”
Huh? Seems like a nonsequitor.

Posted by: Platero | Mar 4 2022 16:45 utc | 29

Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran; all the theocracies do

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:46 utc | 30

A larger Nazi force is trying to defeat a smaller Nazi force. But to you only one side is Nazi?

Posted by: noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:48 utc | 31

No, only one side is into ethno-genetic purity; the other represents a very cosmopolitan state. derp

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:49 utc | 32

I feel to outraged and frightened about what is now happening in our societies to write about it.

I have a lot of sympathy and understanding for this viewpoint. Why is that? It reflects closely the outrage and fear I felt immediately two years ago when "the thing" arrived. I understood it was nothing but an expression of the authoritarian fascism we see expressed in our societies today, and I said so then. I was never afraid of the "virus", but I was terrified to my soul about the savage behavior of politicians and every other "authority". What we see with Ukraine is the same thing, it is a systems collapse that takes several expressions. These phenomena are not separate, they are closely linked. I share the outrage and fear about what is happening in our societies, but for me it didn't begin last week.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 4 2022 16:50 utc | 33

thanks b... yes, it is depressing... good questions at the bottom... they will remain unanswered, i'm sure...

@ ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:32 utc | 20... thanks for your comments here and elsewhere on the threads..a moment of sanity enters...

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2022 16:50 utc | 34

From what i hear the "second wave" of refugees from ukraine to poland, moldova and romania go there for two reasons: first becuase they want to get their expensive cars away from the ukie army or people posing as such, because the cars are "seized" by them. Strangely enough, they mostly "seize" expensive german brands. Secondly, some want to take advantage of the fact that border controls between poland and ukraine, which used to be really very strict - ukraine does have a certain image - have pretty much broken down due to the chaos. You can imagine what type of people would take advantage of that. The mood in poland is already shifting, of course. Lots of the NATO weapons that Ukraine was stuffed with to the hilt in the last months landed on the open market ( a stroll across one of the ukrainian outdoor markets was "interesting"). So in a nutshell, now the looting and chaos has started and people will welcome order, no matter who brings it. And Poland is in deep shit. That's what you get from cowtowing to NATO. This will lead to consequences noone in the EU can even dream of in their wildest nightmares. Ukraine will be fine once the shooting is over. The EU - not.

Posted by: Franz Beckenbauer | Mar 4 2022 16:51 utc | 35

noNazis noCommunists

oh, and there's no such thing as "communists" Silly fool, you fell for a pejorative that had no rooting in economic policies, but was always about policy favoritism. Every economy in the history of mankind is blended; the Soviets were as interested in raw materials for refining and to facilitate production just as the capitalists were; and both brought both private enterprise and state functions to bear. You've bought into a false dichotomy that has perverted your every analysis, rooted in an absurdity that is actually based in simple self serving prejudice over any actual policy standards. Go away, you're not really equipped to discuss or debate here.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:53 utc | 36

OMG, what a propaganda circus. I suppose It'll all sort itself out. Nothing to do but read around, and wait for reality to occur, which, eventually, it will..

RSH, thanks for all the info....

Posted by: vetinLA | Mar 4 2022 16:53 utc | 37

I miss Lobelog.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:55 utc | 38

I remember when the USSR had to import wheat because of poor harvests due to “bad weather”. It couldn’t possibly have been their single payer agricultural system. I see that Russia is now the world’s largest wheat exporter. Must be that climate change I’ve heard so much about.

Posted by: Kevin | Mar 4 2022 16:56 utc | 39

Dear NoNaz/NoCom - you were pretty much dispatched @ 26, but I recommend you shoot over to UNZ and take up residence in an Andy Anglin thread.


Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 4 2022 16:56 utc | 40

Testing: I just tried to post a comment to Consortium News and a screen came up stating:

"Access Denied - MediaTemple Website Firewall

- several lines of technical data -

Then: "Block Reason: Comments and xmlrpc are being blocked on this site"

I don't have the technical savvy to know what this is about or who/where it originated. Any help here?

Posted by: vinnieoh | Mar 4 2022 16:56 utc | 41

d'j'all see this? Nothing revealed, but it is a balanced and measured piece; for a change.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 16:57 utc | 42

Nazis are as Nazis do. Which country actively persecutes its LGBTQI population?

Posted by: noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:45 utc | 29

Well, I wouldn't want to live in Chechnya if I were gay, but as far as Russia proper is concerned, same-sex activity among consenting adults is legal; civil unions/marriage is not; you can't teach about homosexuality in the schools; you might face employment discrimination. Hardly ideal, but hardly persecution.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 4 2022 16:57 utc | 43

@goldhoarder | Mar 4 2022 16:29 utc | 17

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 4 2022 16:58 utc | 44

Malenkov 43; sounds like Texas outside of the cities

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:00 utc | 45

Least I forget; Thanks b, for the platform, and thanks all for an island, for the most part, of sanity and honest reflection, in these troubled times.

Posted by: vetinLA | Mar 4 2022 17:00 utc | 46

Anyone see what Orlov just posted a few minutes ago? Interesting. It is behind a paywall so no link.

Posted by: David F | Mar 4 2022 17:00 utc | 47

Centuries old struggle by Ukraine against Russsia ... uh, no

MoA, not directing this against you, just revisionist history where people today pretend that Russia has been oppressing the state of Ukraine for hundreds of years.

It's accurate to say that Ukraine has been a battleground between Poland and Russia for hundreds of years. Catholic Poland had attempted dominance over Orthodox Russia and vice versa. It was Peter the Great who obtained Kiev from Poland. Ukraine never had a separate identity.

That being said, I think it is wise to let them have one now. But what is the point in pretending that this is some kind of ancient claim?

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Mar 4 2022 17:01 utc | 48

Bhadrakumar writes:

It is no accident that two sentinels of Roman Catholicism, France and Poland, and that gladiator of Protestantism, Germany, are at the barricades of the contestation over Ukraine. This is reminiscent of the Crusade to conquer pagan areas in the Middle East and recapture formerly Christian territories.

I wonder if Bhadrakumar knows about the Northern Crusades (specifically, read the “Teutonic Order” subsection and articles listed in the “Wars against the Rus” section).

Posted by: S | Mar 4 2022 17:02 utc | 49

Posted by: Farquad | Mar 4 2022 16:22 utc | 14

Michael Hudson has a post or a comment or an interview somewhere where he suggests that the anti-Russian hostility coming from the Biden administration is linked to a kind of generations-old hatred for Russia coming from certain eastern European-Zionists like Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland.

I do think that when we talk about neoconservatives, we are really talking about Zionists, and I do also think that a kind of irrational hatred of all things Russian seems to accompany certain Zionists with eastern European ancestry.

I am not saying this is "all about the Jews" in some reductive and to my mind anti-Semitic way. I am saying that Zionism is a powerful political ideology and when combined with ethnic prejudice and ethnic supremacy (as I suppose it is, to some level, in every case) it can result in decisions that do not reflect a rational calculus so much as a blind vengeance and pride.

I do worry that this is what is going on in the US at the moment, and it is this that makes me very afraid that we will see further escalation before this is all over.

We are dealing with deep, irrational, race-based resentments, here, and that leads to very dangerous actions.

Posted by: WJ | Mar 4 2022 17:02 utc | 50

I don't agree with assessment that this conflict has anything to do with religion. It's a simple fact that Russians defeated the Germans in WWII and the west allowed all the Nazis who weren't caught and convicted to move to the western countries. Their children are now grown and inhabit the halls of power in the USA. US Germans are worse Russophobes than the actual Germans in Germany. For them, WWII is not over and Barbarossa continues.

Posted by: Balkanizer | Mar 4 2022 17:08 utc | 51

DavidF @47

Orlov posted from Alexei Danilov calling for a closed extraordinary meeting.

Orlov's thoughts: Make of it what you will, but I have a feeling that lots of people are going to start making bets on when the Ukrainian regime is going to capitulate.

Posted by: georgeg | Mar 4 2022 17:09 utc | 52

In the past people used to joke that you can never lose when betting on the stupidity of the American people, its government rather. I think one can say the same of the collective West now. They, the West, underestimate Russia and its government. They don't know that woke culture is strictly limited to the West.

Posted by: Steve | Mar 4 2022 17:09 utc | 53

don't know how old people are, but I'm 52; people any older than me have been programmed forever to hate Russia/Soviets; it's powerful. Sting's song, "Russians" (Love Their Children Too) was a powerful wake up call in 1985; we'd made such monsters out of them. Then the wall fell and we were taught to hate the Arabs; but man, we're quick to hate whomever we're told. "Whatcha' got?"

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:09 utc | 54

A very disappointing analysis by both Bhadrakumar and b, reflecting their own biases. The Crusades and the religious conflicts in pre-modern Eastern Europe were never about race. What we see at work now is an entirely different thing : Nazi ideology disguised under the varnish of neo-liberalism has infiltrated the entire West.

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 4 2022 17:09 utc | 55

Good News. I have read Mish for years and his views are usually solid.

Posted by: Eighthman | Mar 4 2022 17:10 utc | 56

Sanctions & consequences...

Good-bye." Putin starts mass nationalization

Posted by: MD | Mar 4 2022 17:11 utc | 57

WJ @ 50 - you're not wrong...

the subject is hard to bring up in polite company that walks on the egg-shells of the 'Holocaust'. As that right-wing radio show guy said (paraphrasing) - "You know who rules over you by who you are not allowed to criticize." He wasn't wrong either.

If we don't factor in Zionist influence (some would say 'control') over the government of the US/UK/NATO, then it's another conversation while ignoring the elephant in the room.

Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 4 2022 17:14 utc | 58

Discussion of effects of Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity on Ukraine police action by Russia, but no discussion of Jewish influence ? No wonder everyone stumbles around this topic. From the demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia to the twisted news that people receive everyday, they are behind it. From Zelensky to Kolimoiskyi to Antifa to every Jew bought politician in the world, they have by far the biggest effect on this situation.



Posted by: ReddPPill | Mar 4 2022 17:14 utc | 59

Malenkov 43; sounds like Texas outside of the cities

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:00 utc | 46

Yes, and let's not forget that antigay violence is hardly a thing of the past in Rainbow USA.

Posted by: malenkov | Mar 4 2022 17:15 utc | 60

Nazis are as Nazis do. Which country actively persecutes its LGBTQI population?
Posted by: noNazis_noCommunists | Mar 4 2022 16:45 utc | 29

The Head of MI6, a man called Moore, just Tweeted that his support for Ukraine and fascism, was all of a piece with his enthusiasm for LGBTQ causes.
So he's on your side.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 4 2022 17:16 utc | 61

More good news

A big discount but that will attract big buyers. The sanctions dam is beginning to crack.

Posted by: Eighthman | Mar 4 2022 17:18 utc | 62

@Figleaf23 | Mar 4 2022 16:30 utc | 18

>>It is a very good question, why 'the west' was so insistent on
>>refusing and even denigrating Russia's demarches about collective
>>security/NATO expansion.
There is no "West": it's America against Europe--Michael Hudson has it right I think, and on this point, the estimable Bhadrakumar has it wrong. The $100b in German arms sales is not the resurgence of a Germanic giant: how would that even work if they don't have enough young men to properly rebuild the Wehrmacht, as others have remarked. No, it is a tribute, and the Biden crew will fill out the Germans' shopping list for them with American weapons, based on the Dems' electoral needs.

Posted by: Ma Laoshi | Mar 4 2022 17:18 utc | 63

everything is a negotiating tactic at this point, all this can be undone, or done just performatively. Oil is fungible, uranium can be excepted, along with other minerals; and reality and how it's sold are two totally different things. We didn't learn about the Missiles in Turkey that we pulled in the Cuban missile crisis till decades later. We will either bring back the ABM treaty and pull the missiles in Poland, or Putin will put missiles in Belarus. I think Putin is too pragmatic to get mad and to retrench in spite; and he has some damned good cards to play. Despite the fears of many here, we're likely safer than we've ever been, I think we'll get a new ABM treaty; and ironically, our political environment is so toxic, it may all be hidden from US/NATO constituencies.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:19 utc | 64

best link i read the past 24 hours - it includes a very good 6 minute video in it as well.. highly recommended..

MM observations and thoughts about the war in the Ukraine

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2022 17:20 utc | 65

About religious and other principal differences in Ukraine.

This is not 17th century or even 19th. Religion does not drive differences in Ukraine, although it is "weaponized" according to ideology.

"European ideology". Russia was and is the enemy (now, the main enemy) of Ukrainian nation, and the hope of the future lies in EU -- with fat subsidies like those received by the new eastern members, orders of magnitude larger that scraps that Ukraine got after 2014, NATO -- shiny super weapons, preferably donated because Ukraine cannot afford them. The greatest heroes were those who fought Russia/Soviets in WWII and for at least 5 years afterwards, Bandera, Shukhevich and lesser stars. The lasting achievement of those heroes was ethnic cleansing (with many deaths) of Western Ukraine from Poles, but this is obfuscated rather than loudly praised.

"Ruski mir", Ukraine as a political entity emerged in a war with Poland, 1648-67, and survived Polish reconquest only by a union with Russia. Soviet times resulted in the current borders, industry, science, education (in Ukrainian for all who wanted), wide horizons, the greatest heroes are those who fought in Red Army.

As we see, achievements and calamities, heroes and traitors are the same in both ideologies, but with reversed tags.

Consequently, Uniate Roman Catholicism is "European", and after 2014, Eastern Orthodox were split into followers of Moscow Patriarchate and a new patriarchate which is resolutely "European". According to detractors, it is also heavily homosexual, at least the higher up who pray on the young clerical students. For this reason, the cardinal "religious difference" is not easy to map.

BTW, the Polish nobility/szlachta was increasingly intolerant starting from 17th century, and by the end of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, almost all Orthodox were converted to Roman Catholicism (szlachta) or Uniate (peasants). Czars of Russia outlawed the Uniate church and peasants became Eastern Orthodox again. Uniate church was also promoted by Hungarian/Austrian rulers, hence "Catholics" in Trans-Carpathian and Bukovina regions.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 4 2022 17:21 utc | 66

religion is important as it is a way of defining cultural identity; like nationalism, ethnicity, or whatever other trait you wanna glom onto; LEMME HEAR FROM YOU; PARTY PEOPLE! We may be Raider's Nation, Freaks, Geeks, the meek

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:26 utc | 67

Posted by: S | Mar 4 2022 17:02 utc | 50

The northern crusades where aimed at the conversion of the Baltic pagans, not the Russians. The war against Novgorod was an isolated attempt of conquering land at the expense of the Russian republic - an attempt that failed - and was not part of the crusades. The Teutonic Order did not exitate to invade and occupy repeatedly Catholic Poland, without any Crusade travesty.

Posted by: Alb | Mar 4 2022 17:26 utc | 68

Posted by: Alb | Mar 4 2022 17:26 utc | 69
Typo for Alberto

Posted by: Alberto | Mar 4 2022 17:28 utc | 69

RE: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:09 utc

I am 54 and heard all that anti-Russian (and all kinds of other related baggage) craziness for decades orders of magnitude more than most, but see that stuff for more or less for what it is, per the posts of mine above.

Posted by: William Haught | Mar 4 2022 17:28 utc | 70

I hear ya, B. I'm outraged, too. I can't help but think about my father, who went to war to fight Nazis, and how we are now supporting them in Ukraine. He would literally spin in his grave to know this.

We tout men such as my father as "the Greatest Generation", then turn around and shit on all they fought for. What the Hell has happened to America??

Posted by: Woogs | Mar 4 2022 17:29 utc | 71

DPR is reporting an event of a kind I have been expecting -- armed conflict erupting between regular UAF and Azov elements:

Posted by: Figleaf23 | Mar 4 2022 17:29 utc | 72

i think religion mattered a 100 years ago, maybe even 50.... but the bigger issue is the prejudices that came out of that thinking from 100 years ago are still around today... from all of my reading on history, russia has been in the dog house since at least 100 years ago.. perhaps that had to do with the bolslovik revolution as well, but i think the religion thing is an important backdrop to why we are here at this moment too... i don't think it can be dismissed so easily as some suggest here.. and, i think a different type of thinking and thought process comes out of these remnants too which can't be overlooked or ignored...

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2022 17:30 utc | 73

I think the map of language distribution in Ukraine gives a better idea of the historical and current divisions

Posted by: Tony | Mar 4 2022 17:31 utc | 74

Lynx @19: "When you look at this disaster and the increased instability in the west, you have to ask yourself who benefits from this war? In the west, I would say the radical left marxists..."

What, all six of them? A half dozen octogenarians living in poverty because they refused to yield when big business blacklisted them from employment and kneeled on their necks? Those are the guys pulling strings in the world, huh?

Hint: neither Bill Gates nor George Soros nor Warren Buffett nor Jeff Bezos nor any of their peers are Marxists. They are dyed-in-the-wool capitalists.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 4 2022 17:33 utc | 75

"A soldier of the 42nd battalion of the 57th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kuropyatnik, who voluntarily laid down his arms, told how his unit was surrounded.

“On the 24th there was shelling, on the 25th we were encircled - we were surrounded. We ate snow for five days, ate rose hips, got frostbite on our feet, didn’t know just where to get out and went to Grechishkino, it was March 1, but we started walking from the 25th. They met a local there, he showed me where the commandant's office was, and we went to the commandant's office," the serviceman said.
When asked about the losses in the Ukrainian army, he replied: “I think that there are big losses and in vain.”

see and translate links on this site if interested

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2022 17:34 utc | 76

Great article b, and thanks a lot for the link to Bhadrakumar's article, it is an untouched and very solid viewpoint.

Other news, Kiva in his Telegram channel posted that Zelensky is in Poland, in the US embassy.

Posted by: Paco | Mar 4 2022 17:34 utc | 77

The Nazi problem is simple enough for a child to understand.

Posted by: too scents | Mar 4 2022 17:36 utc | 78

I don't have the knowledge most commenters do here, but I find it useful not to dig in the dirt too much at times. It is amazingly early in what is happening to say much about what will be, what is certain to me is the last week is a historic moment how that turns out will be played out over the years ahead but this week will be remembered for what comes. One has to hope that the western allies will ultimately exhaust themselves hyperventilating over everything but it is unlikely since it plays so well on all of the MSM. It really is a few people pushing the narrative not the lions share of people in any of the involved countries. Now the outright theft of property or other interests of Russians is a tragedy, George Orwells "Minute of hate" appear to be real now. To me the real danger is turning it off. There has to be an exit ramp to get to what ultimately must happen, a form of peace. Once again the US has managed to incite a mess, get someone to go fight and die for it and the infamous EU/NATO to back it up all with fiat currency the ink is still wet on. I don't live in the EU but when I look at it, I see the US's biggest lapdog not a prosperous progressive group of 500 million people, they get to play at that when we don't need them. They are willingly sacrificing their economy, future and possibly state hood because of this. . I have to say I have a huge level of disappointment in the countries that make up the EU. I think it would be an interesting study to figure out just what it is that the US holds over them, that gets this kind of result. Its not all about the free movement of goods and money between the countries The situation in the US and the EU could not be more different. The US is totally insulated from the fighting, nobody can physically invade the U.S. except migrant farm workers through Mexico and we normally welcome the low cost labor. The idea that the US will fight to the death of every European is true, yet the EU/NATO group carries the water for it, simply amazing. A comparison of sanctions, on a similar page to MOA but unverified, shows that the EU has sanctioned 450 Russian entities, the US 118, if that is true, what are they thinking! I've been waiting for years now and this is the end of the fourth turning and while still possible to avoid a larger war, it looks less likely every day. The self inflicting damage in the west goes on daily now ultimately at the expense of the average citizen. Wage Peace!

Posted by: Ozz | Mar 4 2022 17:36 utc | 79

would make sense zelensky is in the us embassy in poland.. thanks paco..

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2022 17:37 utc | 80

Gottlieb @59

Your right wing talk radio guy is quoting Voltaire.

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 4 2022 17:38 utc | 81

Perhaps some will be interested toknow that the Puck Magazine (published by Hearst) painting is by Joseph Keppler. He was an Austrian cartoonist who moved to New York. Not sure exactly what he had against Russia but 1903 was the year when the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (which included Lenin and Trotsky) met in Brussels.

Posted by: dh | Mar 4 2022 17:39 utc | 82

@ b, Norwegian, Grieved, and a few others (you know who you are)
I'm in the same boat; it is all outrageous and a bit terrifying, especially the mass suspension of disbelief we have been witnessing over the past couple years.
I've started reading The Hundredth Monkey and it's reinvigorating my hope that humanity does have the capacity to not only make through it through all this sheise, but that we might actually improve ourselves as a whole as well.
Stay strong and hopeful, brothers and sisters and thanks again for all the great work, b.

Posted by: robjira | Mar 4 2022 17:42 utc | 83

The map of religious orientations of various parts of The Ukraine i essential, but too over-simplified:
A. About one third of the area colored as "Orthodox" are only so in that thay adhere to the Greek-Russian-Byzantine-Coptic-Ethopian-Levantic rituals for religious services and rites. But they belong to the overlordship of the Pope in Rome and not to the councilliums of the six fore-mentioned patriarcies.
B. Crimea is only about eight percent Muslim (Krim-Tartaric/Turkmenic) by now.
C. Jewish or Judaic remnants and influence is maybe somewhat stronger than most people recon with. (I know this from having been married a suchamunch for one decennium.)
D: The influence of Polish -- and especially of the German languige "Jiddisch"-- upon Ukraini is too much under-estimated.

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Mar 4 2022 17:42 utc | 84

What's The Plan Sam?

Russia needs time for its plan to succeed and I'm not sure they are going to kill large numbers of Ukrainians (solders).

1) The US set up a "bear trap" for Russia by brining in weapons and instructors over the last year and allowing Ukraine to plan for a large invasion of the Donbass region. (Ukraine can't join NATO if they have a border dispute with a neighbor). The US felt that this would accomplish two primary goals. Weaken Russia and peel Germany away from the East. This would then lead to a full frontal assault on China. The West knew Russia would not be able to simply stand by and would have to get involved. I don't know if they thought this through but they obviously felt Russia would proceed like they would which is Shock and Awe with lots of destruction. I believe Russia has other ideas as that would be the worst outcome for launching a Multipolar World Order.

2) From the Russian's perspective they view most Ukrainians as "brothers". It is why most citizens in Ukraine thought Russia would not invade. The Russian plan is similar to sitting on your crazed brother's chest and making them say, "I surrender". You don't want to kill your brother just calm them down and show who is stronger.

Instead of brute force, I believe the Russians are simply going to destroy Ukraine's economy and get the Ukrainians to collectively say, I surrender"> 1-200,000 women and children are leaving the country each day. But they are stuck in limbo because their husbands, etc. are not allowed to come with them. After a while, they are going to say, "We need to resolve this as it is destroying the future lives of our children". Since Russia has allowed communications to continue to operate it will be said in real time. This may take months but it will definitely occur before the next school year starts. In the meantime, few people are working so nobody is getting paid. Ukraine is more of a 21 century economy and can't handle such conditions especially since they have blockaded Ukraine's ports.

There is not going to be any siege of the cities as that is considered a war crime. Civilians can come and go, the electricity etc. will also continue. But little commerce.

3) A bigger issue is how best to reduce the influence of the dollar to help allow for a multipolar world? Reduce the payment for oil in dollars. The price of a barrel of oil is over $100 and in the area of demand destruction. This is the point where it is not to bring on new supply (there is none, except for Iran), but to simply outprice it for poorer buyers so the West can consume it. The West's sanctions have so spooked everyone that nobody is buying Russian oil in dollars. Fine, at some point when the storage begins to deplete you will see buyers for Russian oil, especially since they are offering a large discount (today it is around $115/barrel). Even at that discount Russia is still making a lot of profit. Russia can balance it's budget on $40/barrel oil. The Global South etc., will be willing to pay in something other than dollars. Nobody wants a complete destruction of the dollar for technical reasons just a significant reduction of its influence. The best would be as China has long supported and that is a mixed basket of currencies.

Further, analysts are saying that the US economy will go into a recession if oil gets to $120/barrel for more than 3-6 months. I imagine the EU is in even worse conditions.

It's going to take time but time is on Russia's side. It has the country totally locked down militarily. Nobody is going to militarily challenge Russia due to their technological superiority. Remember, after this Ukrainian "special operation" is over, how are the Ukrainians going to feel if they have lost 100,000 vs. 5,000 men?

Pull up your chair and get out the popcorn. This is going to take some time. The Russians are trying to lay a trap in a trap and it has a good chance of succeeding.

Posted by: Douglas Houck | Mar 4 2022 17:43 utc | 85

There is no "West": it's America against Europe ...

Posted by: Ma Laoshi | Mar 4 2022 17:18 utc | 64

For EU-pians and wannabe EU-pians, America is the best gift of the Creator to His creation. If you think otherwise, you will be encouraged, usually gently, to shut up. The appreciation of this gift, and deference to the leaders of USA may have some ebbs and peaks, but it seems steady overall, and now it is as high as I can remember. America proved gentle guidance, and occasionally, collects tribute.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 4 2022 17:43 utc | 86

thanks oldhip @ 82 - I remember researching that quote years ago and found it was a false attribution to voltaire, and led to right wing radio guy who I can't remember. But I am more than happy to take your word for it. cheers mate.

Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 4 2022 17:43 utc | 87

thanks oldhip @ 82 - I remember researching that quote years ago and found it was a false attribution to voltaire, and led to right wing radio guy who I can't remember. But I am more than happy to take your word for it. cheers mate.

Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 4 2022 17:43 utc | 88

Religion, IMO, is nothing but crowd control. Always has been, always will be. The search spiritually however, is very meaningful.

Make up your own, cause' they did. But, when you do, please try to live your beliefs. Hopefully, they will be based on kindness, generosity, and tolerance. Not some long ago myths..

Posted by: vetinLA | Mar 4 2022 17:44 utc | 89

Situation seems out of control. Skirmish on the grounds of nuclear power plant, thankfully minor. Press is doing a fabulous job exaggerating and amplifying fears. US state dept reportedly threatened China with sanctions - another can of worms best not opened, but no indication of doing anything other than escalating to the max. Natgas TTF 2022-2023 hit 200 EU/MW (!).

Military situation not pretty either. RF has operational success but no joke bloody fighting. What we feared would happen in 2014 but didn't, now is. With modern satellites and long range flying radars, even in cloudy weather, both RF and NATO can see most moving vehicles in the countryside, and city fighting is what it always was. UA seems willing to sacrifice any number of people to escalate the war, since they're losing vital coastline, and only by drawing in tens of thousands of NATO "helpers" does it look like they might get it back. Final can of worms, that. And RF isn't going to give up either, at least not until destroying UA forces next to Donbas, and that's going to take a little while. Wild guess 10-15k RF casualties and 40-60k UA. Plus who knows how many civilians, given UA tactic of human shields.

Washington seems happy to let it burn. China, quietly, also. Rest of world helpless.

Posted by: ptb | Mar 4 2022 17:44 utc | 90

@robjira | Mar 4 2022 17:42 utc | 84

Thank you.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 4 2022 17:44 utc | 91

@ Ozz | Mar 4 2022 17:36 utc | 80.. yeah ozz.. wage peace! what a thought! showing the numbers on sanctions and where they originate is very telling, isn't it?

Posted by: james | Mar 4 2022 17:46 utc | 92

Thank you William; yeah, I mean I just want national healthcare and to end the death penalty; in the USA that makes me "radical left marxist" or at least adjacent. I oppose the privatization of utilities, I don't want gov't taking over free markets; I just don't conflate these inherently structurally different markets. But, actual capitalism, capital intensive production is protected by the progressive limits; where unchecked, capital becomes subservient to finance. Not sure what you call that, but "capital" refers to depreciable assets; Wall St is legally prohibited from working/holding such assets.

Sen James Couzens, the CFO/co-founder of Ford, the man that actually called for the $5 workday, created the progressive tax code, opposed privatization of utilities as contrasted with Andrew Mellon, who argued for "Low taxes" prompting Will Rogers to call it "Trickle Down" Andrew Mellon carried the day, and low taxes encouraged an orgy of speculation on Wall St that would result in the (2nd the first was 50 years prior) Great Depression. Under progressive taxes we had a strong middle class, powerful industrial base, a tame Wall St, values were VERY stable; and zero systemic bank failures.

Economist paid by Wall St to grapple for what happened, but Reagan killing the tax code fueled the call for NAFTA, and the off-shoring of production, challenged the unions and hollowed out our industrial base. GE stands as a perfect example, after Reagan, GE moved it's production off-shore, and turned from actual products to finance; and Jack Welch starved the firm to where it can be the sad shell it is today. Low taxes aren't good for the workers, not good for the firm, not good for the economy, it's good for Wall St and the execs. That's it. Also, suckers, the alternative to progressive taxes aren't "low taxes" no; it's high sales and property taxes and toll roads and use fees; so the actual tax burden falls as a far greater percentage of our income. The highest taxed worker in the US makes $130k/yr I don't think that is a lot of money, and that should strike at a far higher income. I support a 50% income tax at $1m/yr and 66% at income over $3m/yr. That would do more to stimulate our economy than any other policy you could imagine, and, it would be firm directed, not driven by some special incentive. That's how we became the great nation we were.

Posted by: ScottinDallas | Mar 4 2022 17:50 utc | 93

Examples of the kind of Russophobia that has been normalized in the Ukraine by Ukrainian Nationalists: (video)
A 2014 event at a Kiev bar. The guests are served a “Russian baby” cake. “I’d like the belly!” asks a woman. At the same event, the guests were served “Trade Union House” burgers (mocking 45 pro-Russian Ukrainian citizens burned alive by Ukrainian Nationalists at Odessa’s Trade Union House on May 2, 2014) and “Rebel’s Liver” dish. (screenshot)
“Russians are not people” says the caption. 28k views and not a single downvote.

Posted by: S | Mar 4 2022 17:51 utc | 94

NATO Boeing E-3A AWACS near the Triple border of Poland-Belarus-Ukraine on radar at Bellum Acta Telegram.

This must be that live monitoring of RUssian troop movements that are being communicated to Ukraine as per Psaki's message yesterday.

Perhaps also related to the open line of communication between Russia and US in order to avoid unintentional contact near borders of war zone.

I wonder if the US negotiated with Russia to allow this for domestic purposes and Russia agreed under certain conditions bc they know it won't seriously affect the outcome of the war.

Posted by: WJ | Mar 4 2022 17:51 utc | 95

thanks B, for providing this regular bite of mental sanity!

"Why didn't the government of Germany guarantee in writing that it would veto any additional NATO membership?"
What is for sure is that both chancelor Olaf Scholz and his NATO-olive-green foreign ministress Annalena Baerbock - by each stopping over in Kiev while on their way to Moscow - made it visibly clear to even the dummest observer that they have no interest in contributing to a peaceful solution. So there was little surprise that they came back empty handed.
Baerbock at least stayed true to her name ("Namen san Schicksal", "nomen est omen"), with Baer in German of course beiing the animal enigmatically representing Russia, and Bock in German also having the meaning of an unwanted insect; such that her surname can be translated to english as Bear-Bug. What can you expect from someone like that?!

Posted by: Sternberg | Mar 4 2022 17:52 utc | 96

WJ @ 50 - you're not wrong...

the subject is hard to bring up in polite company that walks on the egg-shells of the 'Holocaust'. As that right-wing radio show guy said (paraphrasing) - "You know who rules over you by who you are not allowed to criticize." He wasn't wrong either.

If we don't factor in Zionist influence (some would say 'control') over the government of the US/UK/NATO, then it's another conversation while ignoring the elephant in the room.

Posted by: gottlieb | Mar 4 2022 17:14 utc | 59

there's more than one elephant in the room, and the JQ is the little elephant standing on the big elephant.

the big elephant is that the System hit the limits to global growth in 2018, and it just so happens to be a system that must grow or it self-destructs.

so the little elephant is proactively doing a controlled demolition of the system in order to stay ahead of an uncontrolled collapse.


Posted by: reante | Mar 4 2022 17:53 utc | 97

Scott Ritter Joe Laurea and Mark Sleboda, top analysis:

Posted by: njet | Mar 4 2022 17:54 utc | 98

Look at the streets map of Ukraine. If Russian forces are at Izyum as reported, then the only way to the West from Donbass is via Dnipro. If most of the Ukrainian ATO forces havent made it out yet, its unlikely that they can still withdraw in an orderliy manner.

Posted by: Arne Hartmann | Mar 4 2022 17:55 utc | 99

Posted by: reante | Mar 4 2022 17:53 utc | 98

This is a fair point. What is the controlled demolition of the system going to entail? I assume it is meant to eventuate into a kind of dystopian national socialist model on the style of 1984, wherein the political elite of each separate world sector basically try to manage the increasingly scarce resources they still control for their own benefit while managing the populace via totalitarian-like carrots and sticks.

This assumes a "rational" outcome to the situation. The problem is that in crises human beings cannot be trusted to act rationally.

Posted by: WJ | Mar 4 2022 17:57 utc | 100

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