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February 01, 2022

When We Are Done With Covid The Virus Will Not Be Done With Us

Some people, like New York Times columnist David Leonhardt, can not await the end of Covid.

Over the last year Leonhardt falsely predicted the end of the pandemic every few months. He then mumbled about pundit fallibility, including his own, only to again fall for it.

Pandemic in Retreat, Feb 11 2021

Covid on the Run, May 20 2021
The pandemic may now be in permanent retreat in the U.S.

Covid, in Retreat, Oct 4 2021

Pundit Accountability, Jan 10 2022
Writers and experts should be transparent about what they got wrong.

Omicron Is in Retreat, Jan 19 2022

The last headline line may by chance turn out to be correct as the next wave of Covid will likely come from a different SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern. There is no law or guarantee that it will be less severe or less immune evasive. In might in fact be the opposite on both counts.

It is not the only thing Leonhardt got wrong:

The New York Times’ David Leonhardt and others would have you believe that liberal overreaction to the pandemic is as big a problem as the anti-vax right.
There is a movement afoot just as insidious as right-wingers refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated. It’s progressives who are fully vaccinated but whose overcautious attitude toward Covid-19 is harming a generation of children and preventing society from getting over the pandemic.

Or so posits David Leonhardt, a journalist at The New York Times who has written about this phenomenon in his newsletter [..] to discuss the alarming trend of liberals who just won’t quit Covid. The fact that poll respondents who are fully vaccinated and boosted seem more worried about getting sick, Leonhardt wrote this week, suggests “both political tribes really do seem to be struggling to read the evidence objectively. As a result, the country is suffering thousands of preventable deaths every week while also accepting a preventable crisis of isolation that’s falling particularly hard on children.”
In pieces like these, there is typically little or no discussion of the actual reasons people may be concerned about getting sick. Not everyone is worried about their personal demise. They may instead be worried about spreading the virus to elderly or immunocompromised people or to children who aren’t eligible or allowed to get vaccinated, or they may be concerned about overwhelming hospitals, developing a “mild” course of Covid that nevertheless leads to long-term illness or disability, missing work while sick, losing childcare after they or their kids test positive, or falling behind in school. The choice isn’t a binary between being afraid for one’s own personal safety or carrying on. Mass death isn’t inevitable; being concerned about the vulnerable or the course of the pandemic as whole isn’t pathological.
There are indeed “two Covid Americas,” but not in the way commentators like Leonhardt envision it. There are those who are still at genuine risk, and those who feel too inconvenienced to protect them. The former group have no choice but to take Covid seriously. The least the latter group could do is stop suggesting that those who value the vulnerable are pathologically silly.

People are right to still be concerned about Covid. When some say 'I'm done with it' others will suffer. Unfortunately being 'done with it' is a move that societies seem to just make after some time.

John M. Barry has written a book about the great influenza pandemic. Based on case numbers in Britain it is often claimed that the 1918-1919 pandemic came in three waves. But, Barry writes, there was a fourth one and it was also quite deadly:

Most histories of the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed at least 50 million people worldwide say it ended in the summer of 1919 when a third wave of the respiratory contagion finally subsided.

Yet the virus continued to kill. A variant that emerged in 1920 was lethal enough that it should have counted as a fourth wave. In some cities, among them Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Kansas City, Mo., deaths exceeded even those in the second wave, responsible for most of the pandemic’s deaths in the United States. This occurred despite the fact that the U.S. population had plenty of natural immunity from the influenza virus after two years of several waves of infection and after viral lethality in the third wave had already decreased.

Nearly all cities in the United States imposed restrictions during the pandemic’s virulent second wave, which peaked in the fall of 1918. That winter, some cities reimposed controls when a third, though less deadly wave struck. But virtually no city responded in 1920. People were weary of influenza, and so were public officials. Newspapers were filled with frightening news about the virus, but no one cared. People at the time ignored this fourth wave; so did historians. The virus mutated into ordinary seasonal influenza in 1921, but the world had moved on well before.

Barry writes that we should not repeat that mistake.

Unfortunately a repeat is exactly what is likely to happen. There will be more waves, they will be deadly, but no one will give a fuck.

Posted by b on February 1, 2022 at 17:29 UTC | Permalink

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Sarah Palin was right! Death Panels! you can staff your death panels with many of the commenters here. They gleefully join forces with the likes of G Soros in declaring that China's covid policy will destroy "the economy".

how do people learn to speak the values of the billionaires?

do they recognize that they are talking about their own mom when they gloat over how many old and disabled are dying?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Feb 2 2022 1:09 utc | 101

Hoyeru 94
What drugs have you been using to dream up that shit? Whatever it seems to induce mindless knee jerk reaction not to mention other types of jerk reactions.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 2 2022 1:19 utc | 102

i can't wait till all restrictions are lifted and america's diabetic youth can get back to normal in this genetically-modified, hydrogenated, high fructose corn pone syrup flag waving blue thunder shithole of a country. back to normal!

how do people get so many comorbidities again? best not to think about it, it's a waste of time, since they'll happily be dead soon.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Feb 2 2022 1:25 utc | 103

Hoyeru 94
Russia began its current weapons program in 2002 when US pulled out of the ABM treaty. Before this is over they may well be used. What fucking world are you living in?
Russia has been through war, US has not. Current US in military technical terms is a bag of piss and wind. Geared for propaganda not war.
Go back to watching american wrestling.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 2 2022 1:26 utc | 104

@TEP | Feb 2 2022 0:33 utc | 91

In the NZ government statistics, and despite frequent full lockdowns, 26 people died WITH covid in 2020 (almost all very old with comorbities).... Conversely, according to Otago University, around 500 New Zealanders die from flu every year

Hi TEP (MSc infectious diseases etc.), I'm not sure what you're trying to say here ... my experience of South Island the last year and a half since evacuating Sydney has been idyllic, with just the one full lockdown last August for 2 weeks, no deaths, and next to no infections ... thanks to all the hard work put in by the JAFA's and their Auckland lockdowns!

Currently, there are 10 community cases of Omicron in Canterbury and we're all just waiting for the exponential rise but it's a bit slow coming, possibly because upwards of 93% of the 12+ population have had 2 doses of Pfizer? And the Central Gov is taking it slow at the quarantine border? Especially given the shit show that has been Sydney over this summer!

But are you actually saying that ... 'despite' vaccinations and quarantines, the fact that 26 people died WITH Covid (mostly in the initial outbreak ... the Bluff wedding cluster was horrid etc.) compares ... favourably? ... with an average annual 500 influenza mortalities?

Your sentence construction is a tad confusing ... do you mean that, following the empirical data of course, given the low COVID mortality rates versus flu, that this is prima facie evidence of an effective NZ government and community response to a global pandemic that could have easily added a zero to that 500 flu deaths per annum average ... at least according to Delta etc., modelling?

Thankfully, with these mitigation policies, Aotearoa NZ has made it through to the endemic phase with next to no fatalities, which I think is remarkable. And if the current modelling is any indication, the developing Omicron wave should be trending back towards your preferred influenza mortality rate ... so long as the hospital system isn't overwhelmed of course. Thank the gods, and Otago Uni, for good data:

Posted by: Zeug Gezeugt | Feb 2 2022 1:45 utc | 105

Tom_Q_Collins | Feb 2 2022 1:04 utc | 99
i was going to say " disney's 'black hole' but...nah

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Feb 2 2022 1:56 utc | 106

@ T Q Collins; Yes, I live in LA. Stay healthy!!

Posted by: vetinLA | Feb 2 2022 1:59 utc | 107

I think that ICU data was very old- 31 December. Basically in qld until about 17 decemberwe has only a tiny number of cases=2-5 per day, mostly delta, so natururally on 31 dec everyone in ICU would be delta. we now have 50 cases having jumped cumulatively from 2127 on 30 November to 2188 15 December (ie just 61 cases in two weeks and 13,863 by 31 December ie 11,659 in the next two weeks, 191,070 by (get it an extaordinary 179,311 increase by 15 January (in just two weeks) and 416,129 31 January (ie an increase of 225,089. We have 50 in ICU. Since ICU lags by up to 2-4 weeks, it would be good to avoid car accidents or surgery in February.

Posted by: watcher | Feb 2 2022 3:11 utc | 108

Whatever a virus is, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a will.

Posted by: Leif Sachs | Feb 2 2022 3:15 utc | 109

@Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Feb 2 2022 0:54 utc | 95

Yes, that is funny.

I had never heard of it until less than a week ago.

I buy my Andrographis Paniculata from Nootropics Depot,
they have a solid reputation (trust/verify yourself, of course).
I also buy Lion's Mane 8:1 Dual Extract (water/ethanol) from them.

I noticed Coluracetam on their website and on a whim read about it.
It is sold out there last time I checked. I am on their list to be
notified when it is back in stock. Will likely buy it, but not
sure I will ever ingest it. Let me know, please, of your experience
with it. Thx.

ps, search out coupon codes before you make a purchase

Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 3:26 utc | 110

@Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 3:26 utc | 110

Research into Andrographis Paniculata is ongoing.

The results show that andrographolide, a naturally occurring molecule that contains an exocyclic ene-
γ-lactone moiety, exhibits antiviral activity against Ebola virus, Dengue virus and SARS Coronavirus

Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 3:34 utc | 111

gottlieb @ 25: "...And because this 'disease' was artificially constructed, we can't know how it will mutate and struggle to survive. That's why a 'truth commission' is needed to get to the bottom of Covid's origins, and release..."

I would prefer to say, gottlieb, "...and if this disease (no quotation marks - there most definitely is a disease) was artificially constructed..."

There is so much we still do not know about this virus, where it came from, how it acts in people from whatever backgrounds --- and about what happens in vaccination, while various different qualified medical personages and/or scientists have in so many publications been at odds over what they think is happening --- how can any of us be happy with the increased stratification policies being mounted by our governments? We know we do not know, and most of us are doing the right thing, taking as best care as we can under the circumstances.

And I say if, indeed if, it is an artificial construction, then it is like genetically modified seeds in that science got ahead of itself, but nature will be stronger.

And that gives me hope.

Posted by: juliania | Feb 2 2022 4:55 utc | 112

"Commercial in Confidence" ?

Not with these NZ government clowns....

"Newsroom has revealed that the Government expected to spend $36.50 per dose of the Pfizer vaccine for the general rollout - and earmarked nearly $1 billion for all of the vaccines in its portfolio.

Details of New Zealand's contracts with vaccine manufacturers have been tightly controlled since 2020, when the agreements were first signed. Efforts to access the agreements have been fiercely resisted by the Government.

However, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins mistakenly supplied Newsroom with three unredacted documents concerning New Zealand's vaccine portfolio in response to an Official Information Act request..."

Posted by: Paul | Feb 2 2022 6:10 utc | 113

Three Viral Limericks (homegrown)

There was a young virus named Bill
who was troubled by an absence of will
so he copied the flu
till he knew what to do
now even the doubters get ill.

There once was a blogger called b
Whose views on covid were three:
first get your shots in
then avoid ivermectin,
and stay away from that vitamin D!

There is in China a city Wuhan
where a pandemic unfolded to plan
A plot hatched by Fauci
Unfolded per-fectly
Until RFKJ flung some shit at the fan.

You get the drift...

Posted by: Patroklos | Feb 2 2022 6:51 utc | 114

Dwelt in the basement vk
A poser in Marxist array
But in came thundering b
Followed by c1ue
And chased all the commies away.

Just kidding... ;)

Posted by: Patroklos | Feb 2 2022 6:56 utc | 115

Posted by: S Brennan | Feb 1 2022 23:52 utc | 84

Yes, the weakness in the Western corporate capitalist (USUK) approach was its lack of interest in early treatment, it scientifically blind faith in undertested vaccines, and, importantly, its unwillingness to increase hospitals and ICU beds.

All of this was done by China in its first round with SARs-COV-2, especially the immediate lockdowns, testing, early treatment (ironically, often with HCQ) and the building of hospitals with ICU beds within the first two months. It also helped that they have universal health care which would encourage those potentially afflicted to be tested, without fear in the US of bankruptcy if they were to be hospitalized.

In the USUK, you were often sent home with the disease to wait until it got a little bit worse, apparently to preserve beds.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Feb 2 2022 6:58 utc | 116

It's bloody hard to predict the future. However, it's pretty obvious that the people in charge do not have our best interests at heart in anything. Covid just makes it even more ob vious. By the way, South Africa's basically dropped the whole COVID policy which the government imposed on us two years ago, saying that we now have herd immunity (for two years they told us that this wouldn't happen) but they're keeping the "State of Disaster" (like a state of emergency but with no democratic oversight) because it's really handy for the people running things.

If b's wrong, and I hope he is, COVID will gradually become less dangerous. Of course, there's no actual way of predicting. Anticipating that no dangerous variants of COVID will appear in the future, and therefore abandoning anti-COVID protocols, is like anticipating that at some stage in the future we will be able to do without fossil fuels, and therefore abandoning anti-global warming policies. Which is sort of what we're doing anyway, at least in the West.

Posted by: MFB | Feb 2 2022 7:08 utc | 117

I'm also a bit flustered with the way b is reporting this. Usually the strength of b is to dissect a particular topic, do massive documentary research and uncover glaring inconsistencies and lies in official discourses.

With COVID I would have expected it to go both ways. Instead of focusing on a single, inconsequential columnist, I think it would be great to have a review of the last two years and how official Science (tm) has evolved.

For instance : what about remdesivir ? Why was it approved ? Is it still used ? How come that a drug with massive side effects and no proven efficacy has been authorized for so long ? Why the double standards, requiring on the hand lofty, unattainable standards of proof for HCQ or ivermectin, while ignoring the extremely shoddy basis on which remdesivir was authorized ?

Same goes for the vaccines. How do we explain the fact that Sinovac or Sputnik have never been approved in Europe or the US ? Why no mention at all of the Ventavia scandal ? What about the BMJ editorial which complains rightly that the raw data from the Pfizer or Moderna studies was not released ? Why does b consider the vaccine efficacy and overall safety profile as proven, also literally the only proof we have of that is based on studies performed by the vaccine manufacturers and whose raw data has never been released, while ignoring all the studies about HCQ, ivermectin et al,including the very public and raw data published by the teams of Didier Raoult ?

Why not pore over all the declarations of officials which promised us that vaccines would stop SARS-Cov2 dead in its tracks, and treated for months people who emitted doubts about the ability to stop transmission as conspiracy theorists ?

I just miss the b that I see on other topics, who is able to show both sides of the debate. Here I'm left with the impression that a mountain of contradictions is cast aside in favor of ominous, vague predictions which may or may not happen. Yes, maybe there was a fourth wave of spanish flu, and maybe a new variant will emerge, which may or may not be deadlier. Maybe a meteorite will fall on earth or a solar storm will destroy all electronic appliances. There's so much that could happen, but at one point you have to admit that you can't do much against it and get on with your life. Our ancestors were exposed to 1000x more dangers yet there were still moments of joy, peace and happiness. Why not try to do the same and acknowledge first that the key to being in good health is to be positive and confident ?

Posted by: Micron | Feb 2 2022 7:17 utc | 118

Omicron's a troublesome letter
For a variant there must be one better
Xi's on the nose
but no one knows rhos
And time-keepers will object to Omega.

Sometimes life gets too serious...

Posted by: Patroklos | Feb 2 2022 7:35 utc | 119

@116 Blue Dotterel

My local UK hospital was empty during the so called crisis. A local woman filmed the empty wards (I have posted a link previously).

She was arrested in her sleepwear and was treated rather harshly for the crime of filming in hospital.

I do not know if the charges made it to court.

The emergency Nightingale hospitals laid empty the entire time also. It's clear that here in the UK, a lot of money was splashed around for contracts etc (NHS has just written off £9 billions worth of kit (defective etc) obtained during the last two years).

How did they know they could get away with partying and giving mates contracts in a deadly pandemic?

There's also prof Ferguson who went off for sex during the deadly pandemic he predicted.

It stinks!

Posted by: Never voting labour | Feb 2 2022 7:41 utc | 120

Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 3:26 utc | 110

I had Andrographis Paniculata also known as Kalmegh recommended to me by an Indian ayurvedic doctor as a treatment for head and neck cancer. Its not very expensive at around $50 a kg and I'm finding it remarkably effective. The only drawback is that its very bitter in powder form which I fixed by making it up into capsules. Interesting to find that its effective against COVID, ebola and dengue.

Posted by: Cyberhorse | Feb 2 2022 7:44 utc | 121


what do you think of the general feedback you are getting on this thread?

swissarmyman... hey - are you still around? i hope you are doing well..

Posted by: james | Feb 2 2022 8:18 utc | 122

Also, I would just like to highlight some facts regarding France.

The creation of the "passe sanitaire" translates into roughly 60 million euros of monthly costs, just for hiring security agents whose only job is to control at the entrance of our hospitals that visitors do have their "passe sanitaire" (and now "passe vaccinal", i.e. vaccine pass). I have seen hiring offers where such agents are paid more than nurses (1900€/month versus 1600€/month).

Every month, we spend roughly 1 billion euros (that's right, 9 zeroes) on tests. Although more and more doctors are saying frankly that it's useless without an effective tracing mechanism - including Karine Lacombe, absolutely mainstream and Covid fanatic.

In other words we spend absolutely gigantic sums of money just to pester people with checking their absolutely useless vaccine passes (as evidenced by the explosion of cases since December), or on doing zillions of tests with no use whatsoever. At the same time we closed 3700 ER beds in 2021 and the cost killing in our hospitals goes unabated. Burnouts galore and a medical infrastructure which is crumbling.

For years we have heard that Social Security is too costly, that we have to reduce costs, every euro was counted, hospitals were gradually transformed into entreprises governed by a techno-managerial class. In parallel, we're spending like a drunken sailors on things that evidently have absolutely no use.

This kind of contradictions is too glaring to ignore.

Posted by: Micron | Feb 2 2022 9:03 utc | 123

VetinLA and others who suspect they have had covid of sorts......have you tested the Ct viral load in the past? Only because there are many (more than anecdotal) covid (asymptomatic or not)patients whose Ct tests indicate they did in fact contracted it before their latest exposure to covid.

Posted by: Jason | Feb 2 2022 9:11 utc | 124

Posted by: Never voting labour | Feb 2 2022 7:41 utc | 120

Yes, I have heard about the relatively empty hospital beds, lately. This may be a function of omicron being milder in case of symptoms despite being more infective. I was referring to claims at the beginning of the "Pandemic" primarily.

And all of it "stinks". It is very obvious that the ruling oligarchy has taken advantage of this "crisis" to enrich and empower themselves at our expense, as indeed they have for the "economic crises" they have created. The facts are there even if b is shy of investigating them, and prefers to look only at the pandemic is real meme.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Feb 2 2022 9:20 utc | 125

@120 Apologies. I signed off under the wrong name after receiving a call during composure.


The Nightingale hospitals were erected during the original lock down in 2020. Omicron didn't exist at the scale it is now. I don't think even Delta was around.

I've just read about a study in the UK concerning Aortic Stenosis. It's apparently under diagnosed and we're going to see many die of this in the next five years...hmmm.

Covid is real, there's no denying that. But, my gut instinct tells me it is just part of a bigger plan.

The perfect storm.

The oligarchy didn't take advantage of this situation, they created it.

Posted by: Some Random Passerby | Feb 2 2022 10:14 utc | 126

I think Leonhardt is generally right. The oppostion to the containment measures and vaccinisation campaigns aren't rational and not always fact based. But so is the obsession of the other side with lockdowns and forced vaccinisation.

The reason is in my opinion that the latter group is predominantly composed of the better off while the first group are workers and other normal people. With no existential problems themselfes and used to taking their own feelings as the center of the universe ("Snowflake") they want to spent the pandemic safe and comfortable in home office watching Netflix. They don't care for people who actually have to earn their living by work ("expandables").

I think with Omicron the pandemic is rapidly nearing it's end. Omicrons mortality is not quiet yet on the level of the seasonal flu. But with a combination of mass vaccinisation, increasingly effective treatment and mild containment measures (mask wearing, some travel restrictions) it's effects can be sufficiently supressed. At the same time Omicrons increased transmissibility makes any real containment strategy prohibitively expansive.

I think what makes Omicron different to the fourth wave of the Spanish Flu are the vaccines and treatment. In 1920 people didn't have both of it but only natural immunisation by previous waves.

A new, more deadly variant is nowhere in sight. It might occure but that is an unlikely scenario.

Posted by: m | Feb 2 2022 10:15 utc | 127

Do you know the idiom about not beating a dead horse to the market, B? You should look it up.

Posted by: BM | Feb 2 2022 10:54 utc | 128

Let’s hypothesize

1. A man made virus is released to various parts of the world at the same moment.
2. Other versions are released in different geographical areas regularly every few months.
3. Another man made virus is released exactly two years later - it is easier to spread.
4. The experiment is finished

I find the end effects are that billlions of people are vaccinated. Without choice. And forced to be documented and required to provide proof they are vaccinated. But only with the vaccines they are supposed to have a version of.

No new technology masks have been manufactured, when they easily could have. I saw designs and prototypes as early as the summer of 2020 - clear, easy fitting, powered - where the fuck are they?

I see that anti virals should be the first line of defence against new variants - where are they

I see that being promised that vaccines would be developed and deployed and that would be the end of the threat , a single shot even, without need to document and carry Id permanently - but no we don’t have it that simple.

Except for the Swiss! Again! they have some exceptionality, again!
What do they know that WE don’t?

They said that if you had the two shots of WHATEVER vaccine or have RECOVERED from catching it - that is SUFFICIENT.

Being Swiss they still want it documented!!

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 2 2022 11:44 utc | 129

I do not about the Sinoamarican virus, but I am sure that rationality (Vernunft) has been retreating fast all over this sinkhole planet since 2020.

Posted by: Kim Jong Il | Feb 2 2022 11:54 utc | 130

Vaccine certificate

Vaccine passport

Vaccine visa

"666" tattoo on your ass

Posted by: Kim Jong Il | Feb 2 2022 12:01 utc | 131

I had my first infection in jan 2020 - it was worse than any flu I have ever had and laid me out for 2 weeks,left me lethargic for two more, and a further 2+ weeks to get back to a semblance of fully fit.
I have had a change in sleep patterns and feeling warm in parts of the body which I have always felt cold. Legs, arms and nether regions. The

By the time we were told it had arrived I had just about recovered. The first two - 10 days. I had never felt such sleepiness - that must have been dangerous oxygen levels. I was driving on a motorway and had to pull over - it would have been fatal. The only way to stay awake was to pinch myself hard and slap my self - the pain/adrenaline got the oxygen moving so I could get home and fall Into bed. The sweats were mighty. Dehydration was the main problem.

All through the rest of the year 2020 and last year, I went about with little fear having realised that my infection early meant i was SAFE. I did shopping and delivering to many who were self isolating because of various preconditions - it was necessary to avoid induced coma intubation even if there were enough ventilators and intensive care beds and medics available (there still aren’t) because of the very bad survival risks from such treatment; or cytokine storms that would have killed within hours.

I also became a official random household tester and data gatherer in the ONS Covid Infection Survey - going to many hundreds of households and thousands of people regularly for a year. I can confirm some strange official chaos at certain times in that testing program - certainly during September of 2020. When we suddenly massively reduced the amount of daily testing which then allowed a surge in the KENT variety which appears to have been seeded during the madness of summer bank holidays in the U.K.

We were then required to use Ppe as well as the social distancing at the doorstep! Absurdly. It caused more scare then anything especially to the aged and the children I was seeing.

As the variants rose in various places and were anonymised by random greek letters, I never felt sick. Knowing that my early infection was protecting me, I passed on my turn at the vaccine believing that others who were isolating were in greater need of the vaccine.

I believed in these vaccines and the protection they offer.

I did, until Moronic turned up out of the blue and I instantly got it at the end of November, from a single recent air traveller with a cough who mistook it for another infection from his infant who was picking up plenty during the summer/autumn. I was in their socially distanced company in a well ventilated big room for less than 10 minutes.

I felt exactly the SAME as 20 months earlier. Poleaxed for week, recovery in bed for next week another week before being able concentrate on simple mental and physical tasks and then recovery over next few weeks. These body fevers intensified again.

So here we are exactly two years after my first symptomatic infection and a whole 2 months after my second.

Omicron was as novel as the original according to my immune system.

Would it have been less severe if I had taken two, three or more shots of vaccines without choice of which one?

Probably. Most reported less reaction in the first few days compared to me, but were laid low for a similar number of days.
Or Maybe not. As is shown by these places with maximum inoculations AND booster and still can’t resist the newest variants.

Two years - no new Ppe (jeez we have learnt so much new jargon it feels like we are in some tv medical, police,military drama);

No NEW vaccine. The first ones took only weeks to dream up apparently.

And the SWISS! Man!!

The Swiss will let me travel to there but I can’t visit my elderly relatives because they have been told that they should be careful of Moronic.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 2 2022 12:13 utc | 132

I love the foreign policy/empire coverage here. The covid coverage has been so poor and hysterical it's disappointing. Covid is an escaped bioweapon, given enough time everyone will get it. The shots don't meet a pre-2020 clinical or legal definition of vaccine. The hubris to run this mass experiment is astounding. We still don't understand normal function of our immune sysytem or dna, see epigenetics. Also, please read the Nuremberg codes on medical experimentation without full informed consent. Response has been a gross violation of that. Basic medical ethics have gone out the window cuz the sheep are frightened. I've got news for you, living causes death. Boo.

Posted by: Beau | Feb 2 2022 12:18 utc | 133

So if there are monsters built and released by Man - hubristically trying to control Nature by grabbing its tiger tail - they have committed a Crime worthy of A Cardinal Sin.

Mad Scientist Frankensteins have made a unnatural Monster. Mad potentates have plundered their own treasuries and murdered millions of their own civilians in the process.

Let us know who they are and where they live. We shall march upon their castles and burn the whole lot down.

After all that’s what they have done to me - to us.

That’s a hypothetical solution in case anyone thinks I am really suggesting summary mob justice.

Peace folks and thanks to b and MoA let’s keep the focus on the Death of Empire - which must be at the centre of all the chaos we are subjected to by our unknown overlords as they try and preserve their God Given Supremacy.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 2 2022 12:22 utc | 134

"When We Are Done With Covid The Virus Will Not Be Done With Us"

That sounds like a threat to me, much like the British Prince Philip in 1988:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation”

Well, if Prince Philip has been reincarnated to "solve overpopulation", he failed to be as deadly as he wished and became the common cold instead. How ironic.

Posted by: Norwegian | Feb 2 2022 12:29 utc | 135

Isn't it great that the west can get so hung up on a virus that is of no risk to the overwhelming majority of the population?
Meanwhile year on year the west is happy to fund industries that directly result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people - the MIC !
Our so called civilisation is indeed a strange thing.

Posted by: Hector Sanchez | Feb 2 2022 13:13 utc | 136

Trudeau: I need the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, like me, so that they won't catch covid, like me !

Posted by: Brian mulrooney | Feb 2 2022 13:20 utc | 137

Although this is the only time that I have commented at this site, I have been reading the stuff here for almost two years now.
It’s one of not quite a handful that I find credible, and I always learn something.
I am amazed, and impressed with the rapidity with which Peter AU1 was able to consume, and digest Dr. Bush’s research.
Awe inspiring.
And, the ability to discern my citizenship, after reading a few words, is equally impressive.
I learn so much here.
Even the Oxford trained professors who lectured me at university couldn’t match Mr. AU1.
And, my visits here definitely improve my vocabulary.
I didn’t know that punk bitch was synonymous with Peter AU1 until today.
Does this post qualify as satire, motherfu(ker?

Posted by: $outhpaw | Feb 2 2022 13:28 utc | 138

@132 Dungroanin

I too had my first infection in jan 2020, which I thought was COVID, whilst hardly anyone had ever heard of it. It wasn't that serious, except I went deaf in one ear, which affected both my balance, and self confidence with regards to walking to the pub. I had to hold my wife's hand when crossing the road, and listening to live music in mono was not that much fun. It took a couple of months for it to clear completely, using ear drops from the supermarket. By the time I was better, we were in full lockdown for most of the year.

I got ill again a year later, but think that was unrelated, except for reduced levels of vitamin D, due to lack of sunshine

I then doubted if COVID was actually any different to a seasonal flu, except for the massive wave of propaganda, everyone was subjected to, which was in my view causing more problems than the physical illness.

None of my immediate family have had any injections. Very recently I have got ill again, as has my wife. The main symptoms are total exhaustion, not thinking clearly, and wanting to sleep 14 hours a day. After a few days we are very much better.

Apart from taking Daily Vitamins and Cod Liver Oil, we have taken no precautions, and the only time I have worn a mask was when I was in A&E for 4 hours a year ago.

We have socialised a lot at pubs and rock clubs over the last few months, and since Christmas they have been rammed.

I am beginning to suspect that our recent illness has been down to closely mixing with our friends, most of who'm have probably been jabbed. Though not particularly serious, I guess we should gain natural immunity to this.

Whilst I am not worried about my immediate family, I am very concerned about even the official numbers of very serious adverse reactions from the jabs, the numbers of which are totally suppressed by the mainstream media.

Over 2 years, almost no one has changed any of their views,(except my immediate family) as a result of what I have said. So I have almost completely avoided the subject, as I simply end up annoying people.

I have a lot of respect re your "official random household tester" , except I have very little confidence in the tests, and have never taken one myself. We have also done a bit of delivering food to friends self isolating, but not on the scale that you have.

What depresses me at the moment, is apart from going to the pubs, almost everyone is masked up, even in a garage trying to buy fuel. I believe this is because the Governments nudge unit has terrified nearly everyone. Read Laura Dodsworth book State of Fear on this. Never understimate the power of Behaviour Modification, Propaganda, Mass Psychosis, Brainwashing and watching TV.


Posted by: Tony_0pmoc | Feb 2 2022 13:41 utc | 139 time you're at McDonalds order The McTrudeau, aka, The McChicken

Cheers M

Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Feb 2 2022 13:48 utc | 140

So many on this site don’t seem to understand that the western response of “letting it rip” means you will contract the virus repeatedly. We know the virus can infect almost all your organs. How many infections can a healthy individual experience before serious damage occur—we don’t know. The only way we will achieve “herd immunity “ is through culling the herd—think of the indigenous peoples exposed to “novel” viruses.

Posted by: Wobblie | Feb 2 2022 14:12 utc | 141

Our system is designed to run at lean, mean peak just-in-time, no-margin-for-error-or-delay efficiency. This is great for the investors and owners, as it guarantees maximum turnover and earnings, but it is less beneficial to the people who do the work, since they cannot be nearly as efficient or relentless as the machines and systems they serve.

And unlike the machines, they cannot be just cast aside or replaced once they have broken down or passed their productive peak.

And the Corona Pandemic has thrown a major monkey wrench into this system and showed a lot of people who the truly "essential" workers are, and that their indispensability to the system is far from reflected in their salaries and benefits.

Posted by: Malchik Ralf | Feb 2 2022 14:34 utc | 142

How DNA/RNA generate proteins is a complex process. While molecular amino acids are being linked together in a ribosome the chain of molecules might fold one way or another depending upon a variety of factors. It is the overall shape of the resulting folded protein that determines what it can do after being assembled by the ribosome. Having the genetic sequence alone is not enough to know what that resulting shape will be.

Which raises an interesting question: Moderna claims to have produced a vaccine for SARS-CoV-MkII a mere 48 hours after the Chinese released the genetic sequence for that virus. We are to believe they had never before seen a real live example of the SARS-CoV-MkII virus and worked strictly from the genetic sequence that the Chinese provided.

Pretty amazing, huh?

From my undergrad-level biochem understanding (adjunct faculty can take courses for free and I thoroughly abused that benefit), I call bullshit on this. Perhaps a real genetic engineer will be willing to correct me on this, but whipping up a vaccine for a virus that you've never seen before and only have the genome of seriously challenges credulity.

No, the genome for SARS-CoV-MkII was published on Friday, January 10, 2020 and Moderna was able to boast of a vaccine on Monday, January 13, 2020 because Moderna already knew about SARS-CoV-MkII and had a vaccine for it long before anyone in China knew what was happening. Their arrogance in believing everyone else is too stupid to be suspicious of that feat is just another smoking gun in this drama.

Posted by: William Gruff | Feb 2 2022 14:34 utc | 143

Thats got to be satire from an american. Somewhat difficult to achieve when america and the anglosphere is an ongoing satire show. Brits used to have some good political satires but politics out paced them.

the line between reality and satire has become so blurred that it is impossible to tell, like the satirist who attended a school board meeting to demand that his Furry daughter get her own sandbox at school and caused a massive anti-Furry outrage all over Middle America...

Posted by: Malchik Ralf | Feb 2 2022 14:44 utc | 144

@Posted by: Cyberhorse | Feb 2 2022 7:44 utc | 121

Thx. Knew it was also called "King of Bitters" but hadn't come across the term Kalmegh (or Kalmegha) before. My quick search on Kalmegh
came up with an article that says it can be taken chronically for arthritis. We started taking it as soon as my wife tested positive for covid yesterday. Had thought we should take it for ten days only, but now I read it can be taken every day. Not going to continue after ten days, but rather will save the remaining bottle for the next time one of us catches a cold or flu. Stuff is used for everything!

My wife tested positive for covid yesterday, this afternoon I will be tested.
Symptoms for my wife started Friday and mine on Saturday. Quite minor symptoms, like a minor cold for my wife, almost nothing for me (on Saturday a short lived headache, sore sinuses, muscle aches; now I have just a slight runny nose, a tickle in my throat and low energy), wife was shocked when her results said Positive.

Was vaccinated with J&J last April.

ps. do not click on as my security software blocked it and gave out an alert

Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 14:47 utc | 145

@DaveGood #75
Given that governments in the US, UK and EU instituted lockdowns - I'd say your characterization of the beginning is not accurate.
Prior to the lockdowns, it was simply not clear just what impact COVID was going to have.

There were statements here and there, but they were not based on any understanding of just what COVID would do. Once the deaths started, so did the lockdowns.

So again, your belief that all the idiocy has been driven by cold calculation doesn't stand up. Why do lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccines mandates? Why close schools? Why push through enormous economic subsidy programs? etc etc if the real goal was to kill off the "unproductive old" - who also happen to hold a lot of the money and assets?

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 14:50 utc | 146

@rjb1.5 #98
Meh. Given that NO ONE in the entire world has been able to institute China-style countrywide lockdowns, except for the city-state of Singapore, your assertion that a China-style lockdown as a real option is utterly ludicrous.
It also doesn't address the issue of what China is going to do long term. The rest of the entire world is now a hotbed of COVID and will be for the foreseeable future.
Is China going to lock down forever?

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 14:52 utc | 147

Malchik Ralf @144

The outrage wasn't over the furry child wanting litter boxes to scratch in, but rather the insistence that these litter boxes be located in the girls' restrooms. Not the boys' restrooms or a separate room altogether. It had to be the girls' restrooms. Odd, don't you think?

Likewise there is a huge uproar in the US currently supposedly about transsexuals being banned from school sports, if you happen to believe mass media presstitutes. In fact, though, the ban does not apply to school sports in general but only to girls' sports. Any students who want to can tryout for "boys' sports" teams, and indeed there never really was such a thing as "boys' sports" in America. The regular sports teams have always been open to any students regardless of what gender they imagined themselves to be. The problem here is that individuals who imagine their gender to be mountain panda are insisting that they be on the girls' team, even if they have a penis.

Fail the tryouts for the regular basketball team? No problem! Just call yourself Shirley and absolutely dominate on the team that is supposed to give girls a chance to compete. <-- That is what parents are upset over.

Posted by: William Gruff | Feb 2 2022 15:11 utc | 148

Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 14:47 utc | 145

"My wife tested positive for covid yesterday, this afternoon I will be tested."

Thanks for the info Librul. I remember we talked about the J&J last March when my wife and I got it. As far as we know neither of us has gotten covid. We live rural but shop in town for groceries and hardware so I believe both of us have been exposed to covid-- can't be sure. My wife has talked about getting a booster and still might; i consider myself an anti pfizer/moderna vaxer, J&J skeptic and at this point I don't plan on getting any more vaccines (I am not certain that I'm right in my beliefs). We're 70 and retired but work hard and live a fringe lifestyle: lots of wild food, but take the virus seriously as people are getting hit hard here, some deaths.

Please keep us updated on how you and your wife are doing Librul. I value your posts. I'm sure others do as well.

Posted by: migueljose | Feb 2 2022 15:13 utc | 149

3500+ dead Americans yesterday. Most since this time last year. Over 1.3 million excess deaths in two years—that is what a let er rip strategy produces—My wife’s employer (state university) requires in-person teaching. A quarter of her students are out in quarantine everyday. Shops are unable to get sufficient staff to function. Let er rip, now get back to work slaves the plutocrats need your surplus value you worthless wage slaves.

Posted by: Wobblie | Feb 2 2022 15:18 utc | 150

Smearing China's vaccines

I found this piece from Alan Macleod (Mint Press) in Venezuela's Orinoco Press on how blue team screamers condemn anti vaxers for being mean spirited retards and now they are using the same arguement to smear China's two vaccines.

"WASHINGTON — “Hundreds of Thai medical workers infected despite Sinovac vaccinations,” ran Reuters’ bombshell headline earlier this month. The report detailed how 618 Thai medical workers inoculated with the Chinese COVID vaccine have become infected anyway, leading to one death. As is common with such an influential newswire, Reuters’ story was picked up across the world by hundreds of publications, including The Washington Post, Yahoo! News and The New York Post.

Yet the article also notes that over 677,000 Thai medical workers have received the dose, meaning that more than 99.9% of those vaccinated have not developed COVID-19 — a fact that flies in the face of the headline’s implications. A large majority of news consumers do not read past the title, meaning that they were given the false impression that Sinovac is ineffective."

Posted by: migueljose | Feb 2 2022 15:19 utc | 151

Funny but true (from my own experience) anecdotal evidence. In a family of four, the wife has been injected with two Pfizer shots. Husband and kids have nothing. Result: wife catches covid, a few days' symptoms of ordinary cold. No isolation within family. Daily self tests for a week among the unvaccinated family members: negative results, no symptoms.

By all means do delete, if necessary! ;)

Posted by: veto | Feb 2 2022 16:10 utc | 152


You can sit on the fence all you like. The FACT is that China, Russia and Iran treat coronavirus as a bioweapon, have announced it as such at the UN, and are at a high (if not the highest state) of military readiness. That should tell you something about the true origins. You don't have to believe, just realize that John Bolton was in charge of all black operations under the Trump administration. Whether you believe that he could do such a thing is a matter of personal opinion.


Your impression, image and data about China is completely "off the rails". Obviously you have never been to China, well at least in the last 30 years, and you seem to get your intel from American domestic shrill factories.

Not that it's unavoidable.

I, too, used to regurgitate the exact things that you do.

Look, unless you see things first hand with your own eyes, everything else is "hearsay" and there are very powerful entities that use "hearsay" to manipulate.

I would advise that you just stop listening to the "news" and buy a few tickets and travel. It's fun and you will learn so much. And an added plus is that you won't sound so much like a NPC. Psst. Here's a hint, the food is much better, I'll tell you what.


The Chinese have all the biosopy results of the sick American military personnel at the Wuhan Olympic Games prior to airlifting outbound. There is no doubt that they carried the lethal B stain as opposed to the mild A strain that was rampaging though America all Summer.

I suppose it’s just a coincidence.

That's what the Western Press says, when they say anything.

But who cares? I understand that everything is just fine and peachy in the West right now, and everyone can return to normal and things are just going to be like they were before. So why worry. Just have fun. Mob a few stores. Shoot a few policemen, and live in your tents on the street. Isn't America exceptional?

My latest article about China.

Posted by: Rufus Arrr | Feb 2 2022 16:19 utc | 153

Boy this Hoyeru guy has only two things on his mind: Putin and/or pussy. Does he want to know about Putin's pussy cat?

Posted by: morongobill | Feb 2 2022 16:49 utc | 154

@Et Tu #36

My intent was to show I am not a skeptic of the virus, that I had first had experience. Also, to point out the posts here were very one sided, completely ignoring data etc. on the other side. I find that odd, as that is what our corporate media does in the US. This site usually counters their narrative.

As mentioned though, we all have decided ferment thoughts on various topics. That will not preclude me from supporting this site as I still believe it is an excellent resource.

My apologies to all of my intent was not conveyed properly.

Posted by: Slat1 | Feb 2 2022 17:08 utc | 155

Historic events happening in the world and this is what I find when Visiting this site? Confirms my suspicion this is a CIA misinformation site

Posted by: Randal Roy | Feb 2 2022 17:10 utc | 156

"Unfortunately a repeat is exactly what is likely to happen. There will be more waves, they will be deadly, but no one will give a fuck."

And the historical record having been ignored, with the Rockerfella Institute administering an untested menningitis vaccine on 800,000 US army personnel just before deployment to Europe.

Hey "b"! Over 10 million people globally from starvation. In the time of Covid1984 that means 20 million+. "But no one will give a fuck."

But hey, not in "Western Democ(k)racies"! Phew!

Posted by: Mann Friedmann | Feb 2 2022 17:11 utc | 157

The last REACT survey was January 5 to 20. CNBC summarizes the key findings:

The study found that 99% of sequenced positive swabs came from people infected with the omicron variant, with only 1% of infections being caused by the delta variant.

“We observed unprecedented levels of infection with SARS-CoV-2 in England in January 2022 and almost complete replacement of delta by omicron,” the study’s authors said in their paper released Wednesday.

Two-thirds of the 3,582 participants who tested positive in January reported they had already tested positive for Covid in the past. A further 7.5% of infected participants said they suspected they had previously had the virus, but had not had this confirmed with a test.

let er rip--2/3rds were experiencing their 2nd infection since start of pandemic--fucking "herd immunity" idiots.

Posted by: wobblie | Feb 2 2022 17:22 utc | 158

Not unemployed philosophy professor Piety at Counterpunch today arguing against vaccine mandates, with an analogy about mandates re food & obesity in the US: "Not only would they result in stigmatizing the obese, they would outrage masses of citizens who feel, and I believe rightly, that what and how much they eat should be up to them. You wrong people when you force them to do things against their will."

how does she not recognize that her relationship with food is determined by her income? because she has too much money, that's why. and because her relationship with money has blinded her, not only is she blind to how money controls her and everyone, she cannot see all the wonders of modern science pumped into the food, most of which she likely avoids, but which most of the rest of us cannot afford to, even if we know or care. and she offers not even a glance at food production.

but people eat what they want? "could it be that we are not free? Maybe we should look into that." Samuel Beckett

anyway, people who don't notice that their air is unbreathable and food inedible and water undrinkable aren't likely to give much care to something that can't be seen, like a virus. people can't connect the timber industry that rumbles and thunders nonstop thru their city with the wildfires, they aren't going to let some bullshit like a novel disease interrupt their routines.

they, we, are going to expend every joule of energy we can maintaining a state of denial. only making the inevitable birth of the new more painful.

rev your engines NASCAR fans! let those CA truckers thru, but economic migrants and war refugees can go fuck themselves. let them drown.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Feb 2 2022 17:24 utc | 159


I did not make myself clear, my fault.

The timeline is this;

At the end of December 2019 China warns the world it has detected a new disease, one week later it publishes the genome.

by the third week of January it states the disease (Covid) is infectious and kills, it is locking down any city where it is detected and crash building hospitals in less then two weeks because they fear it will be that bad.

Western governments and media dismiss this as Chinese over reaction to just another type of flu and an appalling infringement, by an authoritarian government on the human rights of those locked down.

Some quick and dirty calculations are done on the back of envelopes by Treasuries that (based on assumptions this is just a bad flu that will likely kill only the sick and elderly) l the costs of protecting this class of citizen will run to billions, while the economic benefits of "losing" ten or twenty thousand of these "Unproductive Drones" (as Ayn Rand might put it) is substantial.

A decision, (in the UK), almost by default, is taken to let the thing run it's course. Apart from some cursory public health announcement type measures nothing effective is done and flights bringing in potentially infected passengers from affected regions continue for weeks.

Over the next two months, as the situation worsens, the UK government/media switches from jeering at Chinas "Over Reaction" to blaming China and accusing it of all kinds of malevolent deeds.

Boris Johnson finally imposes, (far too late,) some serious efforts at controlling the spread of the disease in late March, the same week he ended up in Intensive Care after catching it.

Do I think the UK is governed by people who would quietly allow a few thousand preventable deaths of economically unproductive people if it could be seen as natural and all they had to do was nothing?


Would they set out to do it deliberately?

Probably not.

But why let a disaster go to waste.

Posted by: DaveGood | Feb 2 2022 17:42 utc | 160

@158 wobblie
2/3 of infections in England are re-infections? Wow!

Posted by: ptb | Feb 2 2022 17:44 utc | 161

Oh, and c1ue?

I didn't say that the UK response to Covid was the right one. In fact I think it both catastrophically incompetent and massively corrupt.

I thought from the beginning that since the elderly and sick seemed to be those at risk of serious illness/death, start by protecting them and allow everyone else to live near normal lives while monitoring them in case the consequences for them turned out to be unacceptably serious too.

Posted by: DaveGood | Feb 2 2022 17:58 utc | 162

Oh, and c1ue?

I didn't say that the UK response to Covid was the right one. In fact I think it both catastrophically incompetent and massively corrupt.

I thought from the beginning that since the elderly and sick seemed to be those at risk of serious illness/death, start by protecting them and allow everyone else to live near normal lives while monitoring them in case the consequences for them turned out to be unacceptably serious too.

Posted by: DaveGood | Feb 2 2022 17:58 utc | 163

Whilst I can't claim to be a massive fan of Max Igan's more esoteric views, the first 30 minutes of his latest effort, is excellent, and completely on topic.

Posted by: tony_0pmoc | Feb 2 2022 18:10 utc | 164

Then of course there is the recent study using macaque monkeys (small sample) which demonstrated the presence in all infected monkeys (but not in control group) of "leading to Alzheimer’s-like neuropathology From SARS-CoV-2 invades cognitive centers of the brain and induces Alzheimer’s-like neuropathology:" I'm sure we will have more data in another year or two.

Acute neurological disorders occur in many patients, and one-third of COVID-19 survivors suffer from “brain diseases”. Here, we show that SARS-CoV-2 invades the brains of five patients with COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s, autism, frontotemporal dementia or no underlying condition by infecting neurons and other cells in the cortex. SARS-CoV-2 induces or enhances Alzheimer’s-like neuropathology with manifestations of -amyloid aggregation and plaque formation, tauopathy, neuroinflammation and cell death. SARS-CoV-2 infects mature but not immature neurons derived from inducible pluripotent stem cells from healthy and Alzheimer’s individuals through its receptor ACE2 and facilitator neuropilin-1. SARS-CoV-2 triggers Alzheimer’s-like gene programs in healthy neurons and exacerbates Alzheimer’s neuropathology…

We found that SARS-CoV-2 invades the cognitive centers of all five COVID-19 patients, leading to Alzheimer’s-like neuropathology or Alzheimer’s neuropathology exacerbation. SARS-CoV-2 infects human inducible pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived mature neurons from healthy individuals, leading to amyloid beta (A) deposition, increased inflammation, neuronal death and increased expression of Alzheimer’s mediators. Strikingly, we found that SARS-CoV-2-infects neurons from healthy individuals through a shared gene expression program with Alzheimer’s neurons, leading to activation of the infectious pathways and supporting the infectious etiology of Alzheimer’s disease

Perhaps those who preach herd immunity have already been exposed.

Posted by: wobblie | Feb 2 2022 18:20 utc | 165

@DaveGood #160
Thank you for clarifying.
However, it is still not clear to me how you can tell the difference between a deliberate policy of "doing nothing" vs. say, plain and simple incompetence.

Nor is the idea that "doing something" like China style lockdowns is obviously better.

The three things we do know that the lockdowns did was:

1) crush all manner of small businesses.

2) enrich/empower the 1% via destruction of competition (above), plus encouragement of WFH ("essential workers" still had to work as usual but the white collar got to skip the commutes) and online food/goods ordering plus outright subsidies like PPP in the US.
Can't speak to what the UK did although clearly there were substantial COVID subsidies.

3) disrupt supply chains all through the economy. One major example: In the US, food is distributed through 2 largely separated supply chains: retail (grocery stores) and commercial/public (schools, restaurants). COVID lockdowns destroyed all demand in the latter, thus greatly increasing demand in the former.

From my perspective, I see incompetence plus plain old fashioned bureaucratic/Kafkaesque overreach given the absolute wrong as well as conflicting messages put out by government "leaders" everywhere.

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 18:29 utc | 166


It is hard to tell the difference between incompetence, and simply permitting something to happen expecting an outcome that you can later deny any responsibility for.

But ...

I always look at what someone says, and what they do.

For instance, The UK chancellor is spending an estimated half a million pounds to have a gym, swimming pool and tennis court built at his home. (It's his money, I care little how he spends it)

But at the same time he has stripped 20 pounds a week from the income of the poorest people in this country. Presumably on the groundsit an extravagance they don't need and can't be afforded.

We have a government, for example, that said finding 20 million a week to feed the poorest children a meal during holidays was too expensive but found 1 billion overnight to persuade 10 Northern Ireland Unionist MP's to vote the right way.

That's not incompetence, that's choice.

And they run this country.

The US and UK is run by parties whose stated position is that Government is a bad thing, does not deliver good outcomes, should be as small, weak and powerless as possible and the only reason they want the job is to bring that happy event about.

There are places, like China, run by people who think good government powerfully improved the life of thier citizens and are willing to do the job.

The outcomes you complain of such as disrupted supply chains, unnecessary damage to businesses and so on are a feature of the so called, free market capitalist "Democracies." Not China

Posted by: DaveGood | Feb 2 2022 19:06 utc | 167

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 14:52 utc | 147:

"... a China-style lockdown as a real option is utterly ludicrous.
It also doesn't address the issue of what China is going to do long term..."

China will continue to do longterm what it did initially. It is doing what works! It did not lockdown the entire country. It has been doing sectional lockdowns, and has fully supported those who were inside the lockdown areas, which other countries have not done. Not only that, but the rest of the larger population have helped support those areas as they were identified and promptly segregated; they are proud of doing so -- ask them!. China also has kept the ability of those in lockdown to use traditional medicine along with its vaccines.

The crucial factor is support of the isolated or self-isolating communities. This was never attempted in the US. I think the practices of wasteful spending and coercive mandates have only proved harmful and should be immediately discontinued. They have only made matters worse and increased the burden upon every citizen, even the wealthy ones.

Surely the latter realize this? They had better make amends; dissatisfaction is growing. As citizens, we do have the abilities to isolate and to mask and to keep ourselves healthy; self-preservation requires this of us - but at a minimum the state MUST support us in these endeavors. Instead, they institute harmful and expensive policies that do nothing to keep us safe. Shame on them!

Posted by: juliania | Feb 2 2022 19:15 utc | 168

@DaveGood #167
Incompetence at governance does not always also mean incompetence at self serving.
In fact, I would posit they generally run opposite to each other (although not always, see China).
It is also an enormous mistake to think China doesn't experience shortages...

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 19:32 utc | 169

@juliania #168
It is possible China will do lockdowns (sectional as you note) forever. But I would note that the sectional lockdowns are not the only restrictions China has in place - which also have to remain forever.
They can and do restrict travel. Some places are using cameras to enforce mask mandates or monitor home power consumption to see if people are staying at home. The locations of the lockdowns also can severely affect exports; there's an outbreak in Tianjin right now - where Apple and a bunch of other multinationals have factories.

The most extreme measures absolutely hurt China's growth in 2020.

In any case, we will see. I think the measures are very expensive; Chinese were doing a lot of traveling prior to COVID, both business and pleasure, and it is far from clear that they will give this up forever.

For that matter, if some country wanted to f with China, they could seed COVID...

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 19:41 utc | 170

This is an absolutely hilarious sendup of the "lab leak is a conspiracy theory" by Matt Orfalea

Lab Leak Conspiracy Theory Mashup by Matt Orfalea

Note this isn't about whether lab leak is true or not. This is about the weird lockstep reaction to questions about whether COVID was from a lab leak - doubly ironic given that Fauci was openly discussingsquashing the possibility with "credible scientists" from the start.

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 19:43 utc | 171

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 19:41 utc | 170

Who said anything about "forever"?

Not me. Good grief. I've said 'this must stop' a few times, and I meant it.

Posted by: juliania | Feb 2 2022 20:15 utc | 172

I don't think it possible to run a country using "Democracy/elections" in a competent manner anymore c1ue.

For instance, under the British system,The Countries budget is presented for the first time to parliament a couple of hours before being voted on. Who has a hope of reading, understanding and deciding on the merits of a document hundreds of pages long in that time?

politicians are basically untrained amateurs for the roles they are expected to perform

I don't really expect competence.

Honest endeavour to do good would be enough.

Posted by: DaveGood | Feb 2 2022 20:18 utc | 173

@Posted by: migueljose | Feb 2 2022 15:13 utc | 149

"Please keep us updated on how you and your wife are doing Librul."

Just got my test results back:
Negative for covid
My wife tested Positive yesterday, her symptoms began last Friday (minor cold symptoms still), I have meager symptoms of something (slight runny nose, tired, light-headed) (last Saturday had a short lived headache, sore sinuses and muscle aches),
yet I test Negative. That is surprising.
I asked my wife if I am a hypochondriac. She smiled and said, "you are Positive for hypochondriac-ism".

Go figure.

Will give further updates.
Part of me wanted to test Positive as that would be far better than a booster shot.
Not ever getting a booster shot.

Posted by: librul | Feb 2 2022 20:31 utc | 174

@ librul | Feb 2 2022 20:31 utc | 174... i am the same regarding the booster shot.. ain't doing it.. i might have had covid, or omnicron in december, but never went to get tested... still don't know what it was... isn't it grand how before we would all say we had gotten a cold or flu like symptoms, and now we are forced to think maybe it was covid? i want to believe covid is different then a bad flu, but i am having a hard time convincing myself thanks the latest variants... what next? is big pharma corp going to save us, or will our immune systems save us? or do we have to find some alternative medicine options for our ultimate salvation? our situation may not have changed any in fact.. we are all left to our own devices to come to terms with this ever changing platter of dynamics - confusing dynamics i might add..

Posted by: james | Feb 2 2022 20:38 utc | 175

Hey!, you space-pod replicant... retract those tendrils and explain to the barflies here what you did with the real b's body! C'mon ..Tell us .....

Oh, and NO Pointing and Screaming!

Posted by: polecat | Feb 2 2022 20:39 utc | 176

wobblie @ 165

There could be no better case for early treatment.

Extremely odd paper. Endlessly states SARS COVID2 did this or that with no mechanism stated or implied. Stuff just happens when the virus is in vicinity. When mechanisms are discussed very hard to make much of it because the reader is left to infer everything. Some sections point to cadaver studies, others to clinical observation. Mostly the paper is a mess. In a field where further study is desperately needed.

In case you’ve missed it all, the spike protein alone as produced by the vaccine has been shown to cause the same damage. Again, early treatment.

Yes, anyone who disagrees with anything you say or anything I say is so obviously brain damaged.

Posted by: oldhippie | Feb 2 2022 21:17 utc | 177

@DaveGood #173
Well, my viewpoint is: if the politicians really had the welfare of the country and its people in mind, they would do something about it.
The budget: they would force it to be shown earlier and debate, for example.
But my view has always been that the oligarchies in the US, UK and EU - politicians, media, CEOs, etc - have evolved into a system which is entirely focused on themselves. Or in other words, they're recreating the monarchy.
Which is really funny because the monarchy in the UK is still around, still have literal political significance and has enormous amounts of money.
So in this respect, I don't think those people in government are incompetent: to benefit themselves and their class.
They're just incompetent for the role they are supposed to be fulfilling.

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 2 2022 21:20 utc | 178

@ Blue Dotterel | Feb 2 2022 6:58 utc | 116

the weakness in the Western corporate capitalist (USUK) approach was its lack of interest in early treatment, it scientifically blind faith in undertested vaccines, and, importantly, its unwillingness to increase hospitals and ICU beds.

It was not lack of interest which prevented early treatment but the lack of mega profits from using repurposed, effective generic drugs. It was not blind faith in under tested vaccines but certain knowledge that mega profits can be accrued from vaccines. The development of Coronavirus vaccines had never gone beyond animal testing because of the phenomenon of lethal Antibody Dependent Enhancement so it was desirable to undertest and use a straight-to-human protocol. The pharmaceutical companies have now made billions in profits - job done.

Posted by: cirsium | Feb 2 2022 21:23 utc | 179

Posted by: William Gruff | Feb 2 2022 14:34 utc | 143

I did not realise it was quite so fast!!!

I think we can realistically assume that those who play with viruses (or bacteria") for "defensive" purposes work on developing vaccines to any diseases they suspect might be used. So without accusing anyone of creating SARS-2, I think since the arrival of SARS-1 and MERS, just about every "defence" biological establishment has been working on a vaccine against this type of virus. You do not need to be a conspiracy theorist to accept this, because the authorities in all countries would be negligent if they were NOT working on such stuff- even those who are genuinely working on "defence."

Posted by: watcher | Feb 2 2022 21:26 utc | 180

Why would a country that failed to develop vaccines against viruses that cause respiratory disease be negligent when there are perfectly adequate treatments and the development of such vaccines has long been problematic and poses dangers?

Posted by: Lysias | Feb 2 2022 22:09 utc | 181

Zeug Gezeugt | Feb 2 2022 1:45 utc | 105

Can't argue with anyone about the effectiveness of covid response in NZ when there has been no control group. We will now never know if vaccines work any better than hygiene and quarantine.
There are many possible reasons Oz and NZ have had good results, to be scientific about it we need to take into account general health of the population, vitamin d levels and any other mitigating factors, prevalence of co-morbidities, population density and air pollution and who knows what other factors might be involved?

The reason we don't know is that all questioning and enquiry apart from "take vaccines" has been squashed and forbidden in our two countries. We had very low death rates BEFORE vaccines when distancing and hygiene were taken up with amazing compliance. The death rate is higher since vaccines. I have no conclusion about this, its just a fact.

On the government statistics website in Australia, Covid is listed as number 38 in the list of cause of deaths.
What are we doing about the previous 37 main causes of death?
Who would know, because covid is now apparently the only thing to fear in the whole wide world and good luck getting into hospital for other reasons than covid.

More importantly you are missing the point about the responses here.

Many are questioning the narrative and the so called "health" objectives and mandates. In exactly the same way and with the same critical reasoning that we question everything else that is pumped into our brains by corporate media and lockstep western governments.

I am respectful of the Chinese response to Covid, however they make their own vaccines and they are free to the population who largely trusts their government. Also they among the densest centres of population in the world with some of the worst air pollution. They are obviously well aware of the risk factors for their very large, concentrated populations and if they are treating it as a bio weapon then we should absolutely take notice.
This is just my opinion: I think that a targeted bioweapon will only be effective in the environments it was created for in the first place. A one size fits all bio-weapon would be the end of the human race.
Oz and NZ are just about the opposite environments to any country that has had excess covid deaths before or after vaccines. Co-morbidities in certain countries such as obesity are possibly not a target but rather an unavoidable risk factor. Also consider that the virus seems to survive best in extreme cold (such as frozen goods) rather than hot conditions. It seems to me that there is so much about how this virus manifests in different locations that could be studied to help plan strategies in different places.

What I appreciate about posting here is that it is a conversation and an opportunity to learn from extremely well informed regulars. That is rare and I thank everyone who posts here for contributing to the conversation, whether I agree with it or not.

Posted by: K | Feb 2 2022 22:14 utc | 182

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 2 2022 11:44 utc | 129

How about a more realistic idea

1. A man made virus accidentally gets loose (it doesn't matter much where)

2. Countries respond differently -
2.1 China assumes it is a bioweapon (their own or someone else's- again does not matter now) but goes into lockdown. Rapid development of vaccine, but tried and true methodology so less population resistance and faster on line. ie similar to normal childhood vaccines.
2.2 UK goes for herd immunity but fails and panics. Rapid development of vaccine
2.3 USA tries to pretend it is not happening and has a delayed and muddled approach, with Dr Fauci changing his story often and clearly not having much influence. Rapid development of vaccine
2.4 Australia and NZ go into lockdown/isolation
2.5 Russia - essentially ignores it but rapid development of vaccine

3. The virus goes viral ha ha- world wide panic and confusion.
3.1The profit motive dominant in the west, My vaccine will make me megaa trillions, but anivirals do not seem to work well so no profit there
3.2 Gradually some effective treatments are found which reduce death rate- especially in the UK where cheap anti-steroid prevents many deaths
3.3 Lots of possible remedies are suggested by various people some of which might work or work a bit. Unfortunately many factors stop them being used.
3.3.1 Firstly the profit motive of big pharma
3.3.2 The fact that they became politicised
3.3.3 the general conservatism of the medical profession
3.3.4 the fact that many of the remedies did not work well or only in a limited way and few proponents did proper controlled trial;s
3.3.5 the attitude of the help yourself libertarians who think all disease is because you are naughty and do not eat right
3.3.6 The fact that many of the remedies were in fact quack, pushed by get quick snake oil salesmen
3.3.7 The sad fact that many of the possibly useful treatments (like invermectin) were adopted by the crazy gun toting, anti- government QANON nutters such that no rational person (or medico) would even try them, so contaminated were they by their supporters

4. As is to be expected once virus reaches India or Africa or crowded parts of South America (or London), new variants appear. one of these Delta is particularly nasty. More panic and rapid release of vaccines - probably a bit too early as not fully tested.

5. There are problems with the vaccines - The British one gets very bad press because it causes blood clots, the US RNA vaccines are very new and expensive and cause heart issues in some people. However it is too late to be cautious because the virus is viral so rapid mass inoculation.

7. They sort of know but do not tell us that the vaccines do not work very well but seems to reduce risk of severe illness.

8. Somewhere over the rainbow (not in China but anywhere else) someone (or chance) develops a highly contagious but less deadly variant termed Omicron. A decision is made by the western governments to let this variant rip in the hope that it will provide herd immunity. they choose to do this at a time when there is some protection from severe disease given by the vaccines and they are keeping their fingers crossed, willing to accept that it will bring death to many but within manageable levels. It seems that hard living rock musicians find their past catch up with them and seem to be susceptible.

9. We all just hope. Hence B's 'VERY sensible analysis.

Posted by: watcher | Feb 2 2022 22:43 utc | 183

C1ue 179,

I largely agree.

In my opinion the UK and the US started to hand over powers that rightly belong in the hands of an elected government to Private, for profit, Corporations from the eighties onwards.

They called it many things, "Privatisation", "Cutting red tape", "Market Forces", "Efficiency" etc.

Now huge chunks of our Justice systems (Prisons, Forensic Labs) and Military (Training Front line RAF pilots) are owne, and run, by private corporations.

Vital national assets like electrical power generation that were once owned by the public are now in the hands of Foreign Powers.

This countries laws are largely written by ministerial "Advisors" seconded from the very industries the laws are intended to regulate in language of such density that the ministers themselves, never mind other lawmakers, can't understand them.

And in Britains case, we knowingly chose a fat, dishonest fūck to co-ordinate the whole shitshow.

Posted by: DaveGood | Feb 2 2022 23:03 utc | 184

@c1ue 170

You are talking shit about China, a country you cannot even read the language.

China will not do lockdowns forever. They are doing only very restricted lockdowns, often for a single compound, a city quarter, rarely (like Xian) a whole city. And they monitor the outcome.

For the shortcomings of the Xian lockdown lately, several city and county officials have been demoted or else punished. The reason were widespread complaints in the Chinese internet, about food deliveries to the locked up not working for days, a pregnant women miscarriaging after left out for 2 hrs at hospital entrance, an old man dying from heart failure, and one other similar case. The western press drooled about while uncounted numbers of people are dying unter their corona regime by a host of reasons with complete impunity of the officials.

The other "restrictions" are e.g. a highly .. well censored, one could as well say moderated internet. It is not like anticommunists like you and worse fantasyze that every voice critical of the CCP or the government, or saying something unfavourable to China, will be muzzled (or ofc sent to the death camps with the millions of Uyghurs). If they would censor all such voices Chinese internet would be empty except some cooking recipes.

Rather they try to keep a bit order within the chaos of Chinese public opinion, e.g. when RRSS is going over the top and the like. I'd say China censors a lot less than Facebook, Google, or Twitter, and in more balanced ways. Extremist pro government and party posts are removed as well, the guideline is not to stir up too much strife and avoid extreme turns. Also, only a few foreign sites are blocked. Not that I like it. And you may always use PVN to peek into the "Free World" which hundreds of millions of Chinese netizens do so every day. It is not by chance that Zhao Lijian is on Twitter and is retweeted by Chinese (certainly not all 五毛党) who obviously have access. China is not North Korea, or the Facebook ghetto.

As to the lockdown consequences, Chinese suppliers got along with after an adaptation period in 2020. Note that all Chinese factories were shut down between End January, and February 2020, reopening slowly. Of course that caused troubles. Since then, Chinese industrial production and export output have surpassed 2019 levels.

The Chinese are not solely relying on vaccinations (though their full virion vaccines may prove more efficient and with less side effects) but are working on a host of treatments. They seem not too confident over Ivermectin, btw. (it is license free, they could produce it en masse, but the tests looke unconvincing to my knowledge).

Interestingly, about 79% of the Chinese in polls believe that Sars-Cov1 was a biowarfare weapon of the USA brought to China. Not that I believe that, but as a matter of fact, the gruesome war criminals from Japanese unit 731 were ratlined to Fort Detrick after the war, and continued their studies (bit less obvious) on US blacks and welfare receivers for decades. If there is one country willing to mess with that kind of weapons, it is certainly not China, and not in WIV where researchers from all over the world went in and out for years.

Posted by: aquadraht | Feb 2 2022 23:20 utc | 185

osted by: K | Feb 2 2022 22:14 utc | 183

Sadly K we will know because there is a real life experiment in progress and I am part of it.

It is hard to believe but Queensland had a hard border- nearly as good as NZ, with occasional lockdowns often of only 3 days to suppress arrivals. In course of the pandemic we had until mid December

There was obviously pressure to open the borders and vaccines were being pushed.

Then we had a new chief medical officer who had a let it rip herd immunity strategy. Unbelievably we have gone in just 6 weeks from 2227 cases on 17 December to an extra ordinary 423,260 yesterday. in other words almost 10% of our population has been infected in just 6 weeks. It is probably more because of those who have mild symptoms and have not been tested, the denialists who think it just the flue and others who lack the money or time for testing or need their money for jobs and will just carry on.

Deaths have gone form a TOTAL (ie since 2020) of only 7 to 225 yesterday, with the illness from the 400,000 new cases yet to find their way into the data I expect a sharp increase in the next 4 weeks/

Posted by: watcher | Feb 2 2022 23:35 utc | 186

great summary:

The shots don't meet a pre-2020 clinical or legal definition of vaccine. The hubris to run this mass experiment is astounding. We still don't understand normal function of our immune sysytem or dna, see epigenetics. Also, please read the Nuremberg codes on medical experimentation without full informed consent. Response has been a gross violation of that. Basic medical ethics have gone out the window cuz the sheep are frightened. I've got news for you, living causes death. Boo.

Posted by: Beau | Feb 2 2022 12:18 utc | 133

Posted by: Rae | Feb 3 2022 0:06 utc | 187

@ Posted by: Tony_0pmoc | Feb 2 2022 13:41 utc | 139

Compo. You rascally old fraud. Glad to see you are still stalking - a bit like Elmer Fudd yak yak.

The Viruses are REAL.

The masks work and REDUCE risk as did social distancing.

At your age you’d have ended up in hospital if you actually had the Covid in 2020, you suddenly believe in - that was really probably just the flu. I know others who had it at the same time mostly towards the end of 2019.

What are you doing at the petrol station refuelling? Got a bonus to be able to afford £1.45 per litre? You’re a poor church mousey pensioner ain’t you? There are free big red things for you to use never mind the daily emission charge of £15 ... can you at least try and stick to your lies? It would make it easier for readers to have some sport?

Come on up to the Stow sometime - we all moved on couple weeks ago.
You’’ll fit in nicely with many other dumb fuck BrexShit heads who think Bozo is a disgrace but he got us through the Covid! 😂😂

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 3 2022 0:08 utc | 188

watcher @181: "I think since the arrival of SARS-1 and MERS, just about every "defence" biological establishment has been working on a vaccine against this type of virus."

Except the mRNA vaccines do not target this TYPE of virus. They target the SARS-CoV-MkII virus very SPECIFICALLY. Indeed, they are so specific to the initial version of the SARS-CoV-MkII virus that they don't work at all at impeding the Omicron variant.

I'm not saying that Moderna was behind seeding the virus in Wuhan. That was the CIA. Moderna was clearly involved in creating the virus, though. Moderna may even have been working on a way to fight retroviruses, with SARS-CoV-MkII only being a work-in-progress towards that end and funded by DARPA.

Posted by: William Gruff | Feb 3 2022 0:44 utc | 189

In Japan a study has been done showing Ivermectin effectiveness against omicron

Is this allowed b?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 3 2022 5:09 utc | 190

Below is a link to an un-peer-reviewed study that shows China coming up with drugs that neutralize the omicron variant and supposedly is effective across the whole Covid range of variants

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 3 2022 5:16 utc | 191

Posted by: William Gruff | Feb 3 2022 0:44 utc | 190

My post was cautious - I do not want to be endlessly targeted by pro or anti bioweapon theorists. I was trying not to name anyone who created the virus, how it was released and why. I was trying to stick to obvious or probable situations which may /did occur without actually implying any evil motive.

What I was suggesting was that they may have been working in SARS like viruses vaccines- developing the techniques and so forth, such that it was relatively easy to refine for SARS-2. They would have been doing this (in fact we know they were) in response to SARS and MERS and in some cased Ebola- each recent epidemics. We do not need to posit bioweapon manufacture to agree that defensive biological strains are being studied.

Just call me wimp and you may be right.

Posted by: watcher | Feb 3 2022 6:09 utc | 192

In Japan a study has been done showing Ivermectin effectiveness against omicron
Is this allowed b?
Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 3 2022 5:09 utc | 191

Thanks for that p.h.
I've seen charts that show a drop in cases in Japan corresponding with a more permissive attitude toward its use. India too.
I'd like to get some but not sure just how to go about it. My doc said she would not prescribe it, giving me the standard excuse handed down by the 'health authorities' here. I know there is a doctor (Dvergsdal) in the south of Norway who will prescribe it and claims that can be done by any doctor in Norway, thus contradicting what my doc said.

If anyone knows how to get it in Norway I would appreciate more info.

Is it allowed b for others to help me in this?

(btw & fwiw, the fact that psychohistorian and I even ask about permission is illustrative that the rules here are not crystal clear.)

Posted by: waynorinorway | Feb 3 2022 7:22 utc | 193

I wonder indeed if it is allowed to post this.

I have already asked respectfully b to detail the objective criteria according to which a treatment can be considered "proven" or "unproven" or anything inbetween. So that we can know what we can post or not. I would be very interested in a response.

Posted by: Micron | Feb 3 2022 7:33 utc | 194

@ Posted by: watcher | Feb 2 2022 22:43 utc | 184

Interesting finessing of my postulates especially YOUR
“4. As is to be expected once virus reaches India or Africa or crowded parts of South America (or London), new variants appear. one of these Delta is particularly nasty. More panic and rapid release of vaccines - probably a bit too early as not fully tested.”

This is the second instance in have noted here which appears to reset the recent past into a fictional narrative.

I asked to venerables here about it here when they appeared to miss it some days ago :

Jan 31, 2022 11:36:41 AM
Oldhippie @ 14
Jen @ 39
I’m sorry but where has the KENT variant disappeared to in your list of the greek alphabet.

“The alpha coronavirus variant or B.1.1.7, which was first identified in the UK county of Kent” is
Read more:

I seem to recall that it was all about the ‘CHINA’ virus until the English mutation arose - caused by Bozo the Clowns governments encouragement of mixing of peoples particularly the n the South East during the summer season in 2020. Encouraged by the head goblin mad professor BrexShit general unelected Dominic Cummings driving trip to the north of the country in May to ‘test his eyesight’ after catching Covid in London.

The Kent variety arose and spread like wild fire and was taken around the world from which the later variants emerged.

Is that not so?

The Greek letters were started to cover up the KENT, England variant created by the U.K. governments deliberate mismanagement of the pandemic.

The Kent variant was introduced as the first one was naturally dying out with the mass self protection that people undertook. Vaccines can’t obviously be tested when the virus is no longer in the community.

It was encouraged by the publicising of the Professor Ferguson fake shagging his ‘girlfriend’ story with photos posed at his door step as she wore her Avazz t shirt - from months earlier.
It was spread amongst the thick as mince BrexShit heads who were encouraged to gather during the summer holidays at their usual beach holidays and camps.

This was illuminated by the mysterious visit by Cummings to the town Barnard Castle to ‘test his eyesight’ and to visit his in-laws - curiously very close to a big pharma site that was involved in ... virus research around the same time.

So in all this fog of WAR - because that’s what the amount of trillions in money unleashed, to allow the filling of the epic bankers and their minions coffers has achieved, as in every war - it was only when the KENT variant was the one spreading back across the world aided no doubt by the regular travel by the Indian diaspora back to India - a INDIA variant arose.

As you know one of the BrexShit aims is to have a major trade deal with India - a bilateral deal which will inevitably demand ‘free movement’ by the billion there to the U.K.- but that was causing a ‘err hang on didn’t you say...’ thoughts in these deluded into believing BrexShit was all about controlling immigration from the EU that was supposedly the cause of the 10 years of Austerity.

Hence the sudden invention of the Greek nomenclature, ‘don’t worry it’s not KENT, or INDIAN, and heck we’ll even jump Xi as that may cause the real Xi to really punish us more ‘

The Kent became Alpha and the original Chinese reported version didn’t make it to the Greek alphabet soup!

We have reported over 500 deaths today , well past the 100 that would have been a disaster and what we have is Bozo becoming his own dead cat on the table to divert from that abject mass murder daily in the U.K. as the Great Knight Dope Starmer is presented tin the media as the next saviour !

I could go on but will stop here and ask you ‘watcher’ (and if OH and Jen care to reply )

What gives? With regards this rewriting of very recent history, it’s all Greek to me.

Posted by: DunGroanin | Feb 3 2022 11:55 utc | 195

Our host has persistently got wrong everything about covid from day one. This post is another example of this long tradition. I’m not surprised.

To be honest I’m not very interested or very knowledgeable in the science of covid, or the statistics, or the efficacy or not of the vaccines, or how many ppl got it in Israel or South Africa.

From the very beginning I was dismayed by the erosion of fundamental freedoms and rights that this covid situation was causing and I’m surprised how cavalier ppl were about it. Oh it’s just necessary to fight the pandemic, oh why can’t you do like so many others are doing and get vaccinated so you can protect your fellow citizens. Etc etc

Someone even asked me if there was a war what would I do. Would I dodge the draft? Jesus

Meanwhile bodily autonomy was trashed, the need for informed consent was ridiculed, the questioning of The Science was proclaimed idiocy, the mandatory vaccinations were labeled a duty to society and so on.

I was really taken aback seeing that this narrative was coming mainly from the liberals, from the Left side of the political spectrum from the ppl that someone on the net called “The Pfizer Left”. Some of these ppl were asking whether or not it’s OK to laugh at the unvaccinated when they die of the COVID-19 virus.

I’ve reached a point where to my dismay I found myself agreeing more with conservatives than with liberals who were posting photos of themselves getting their 15th dose.

How did we end up here?

This post is another explanation maybe?

Posted by: DG | Feb 3 2022 12:46 utc | 196

@aquadraht #186
Well, you get my vote for today's least observant commentator.
I don't live in China but I've been there many times, and I speak Mandarin among a number of other languages.

As for your response: you likely joined in the conversation late.
I did not say China was in lockdown and would forever be in lockdowns.
What I said is that COVID is here forever, and China will have to continue its COVID policies, including lockdowns - sectional, temporary or whatever - forever in response.

Do you disagree with this?

Secondly, I made no comments concerning the China surveillance state.
So thank you for ranting about misrepresentation of the Chinese surveillance state - but I never commented on that.
What I noted were specific examples of practices being used to enforce China's COVID policies including lockdowns, mask mandates etc and noted that the problem was that these are very expensive, not that they are infringing human rights or whatever.

Do you agree that these extra measures to enforce COVID policies are expensive?

Lastly, I noted that sectional lockdown effects on Chinese manufacturing will depend on whether the specific heavily manufacturing areas are the ones affected - with a specific example of Tianjin at present.
A lockdown in Hangzhou is very different than a lockdown in Shenzhen.

Do you disagree that a (sectional, temporary, whatever) lockdown in a manufacturing area like Shenzhen or Tianjin is very different than a sectional lockdown in say, Beijing or Hangzhou?

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 3 2022 14:18 utc | 197

@DG #197
The explanation is simple: you have a set of core fundamental beliefs.
The "liberals" screaming the loudest about COVID and vaccines are acting out tribal identity.
The "doctors" pushing COVID this and that may have expertise in medicine, epidemiology or other health care shit, but have no expertise or understanding that mass societal changes in response to COVID need to take more into account than health care shit. And there is no small number of tribal identity doctors as well.
There is more but I think you get the drift.

Kudos for realizing that your core beliefs are in contradiction to the "left" public policies.

I personally am fiscally conservative but socially liberal. This is why I am so very, very amused when people here think I'm a right-ist - I am very much not. I've openly stated many times I would vote for anyone who openly pushes for fixing the US health care fiasco; I would have voted for Bernie had he been the Democrat nominee in 2016 even though I was 99% sure he would either fail or cave.

I am equally in favor of Georgist/Dr. Michael Hudson type property taxation.

Another example: I'm 100% against woke bullshit, and 75% against mainstream Green bullshit (solar PV and wind but not nuclear> but I do believe in conservation. But I don't believe in recycling anymore because it is 100% clear that recycling is nothing more than outsourcing American garbage to poor countries.

But none of this matters because the American oligarchy: the politicians, the bureaucrats, the media, the CEOs etc don't give a shit about results oriented policies that help Americans. They only care about results oriented policies that help themselves stay in power and get rich(er).

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 3 2022 14:29 utc | 198

Johns Hopkins Prof. Slams Media, Own Institution For Hiding Bombshell Study That Found Lockdowns Are INEFFECTIVE

Posted by: librul | Feb 3 2022 16:22 utc | 199

c1ue | Feb 3 2022 14:29 utc | 199

Thank you for bringing up the Woke nightmare. Those ppl are nuts. Period. They are absolutely crazy. They want to impose a cultural dictatorship like Mao in China wherein everyone who dares to say that trans women should not compete in women’s sports is by default labeled transphobic or whatever.

The more you examine what the Woke want the more they emerge as reactionaries rather than rebels, leading to the surreal situation wherein censorship, misogyny, racism and homophobia comes principally from the Left.

Strange times we are living in.

Posted by: DG | Feb 3 2022 16:58 utc | 200

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