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February 01, 2022

When We Are Done With Covid The Virus Will Not Be Done With Us

Some people, like New York Times columnist David Leonhardt, can not await the end of Covid.

Over the last year Leonhardt falsely predicted the end of the pandemic every few months. He then mumbled about pundit fallibility, including his own, only to again fall for it.

Pandemic in Retreat, Feb 11 2021

Covid on the Run, May 20 2021
The pandemic may now be in permanent retreat in the U.S.

Covid, in Retreat, Oct 4 2021

Pundit Accountability, Jan 10 2022
Writers and experts should be transparent about what they got wrong.

Omicron Is in Retreat, Jan 19 2022

The last headline line may by chance turn out to be correct as the next wave of Covid will likely come from a different SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern. There is no law or guarantee that it will be less severe or less immune evasive. In might in fact be the opposite on both counts.

It is not the only thing Leonhardt got wrong:

The New York Times’ David Leonhardt and others would have you believe that liberal overreaction to the pandemic is as big a problem as the anti-vax right.
There is a movement afoot just as insidious as right-wingers refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated. It’s progressives who are fully vaccinated but whose overcautious attitude toward Covid-19 is harming a generation of children and preventing society from getting over the pandemic.

Or so posits David Leonhardt, a journalist at The New York Times who has written about this phenomenon in his newsletter [..] to discuss the alarming trend of liberals who just won’t quit Covid. The fact that poll respondents who are fully vaccinated and boosted seem more worried about getting sick, Leonhardt wrote this week, suggests “both political tribes really do seem to be struggling to read the evidence objectively. As a result, the country is suffering thousands of preventable deaths every week while also accepting a preventable crisis of isolation that’s falling particularly hard on children.”
In pieces like these, there is typically little or no discussion of the actual reasons people may be concerned about getting sick. Not everyone is worried about their personal demise. They may instead be worried about spreading the virus to elderly or immunocompromised people or to children who aren’t eligible or allowed to get vaccinated, or they may be concerned about overwhelming hospitals, developing a “mild” course of Covid that nevertheless leads to long-term illness or disability, missing work while sick, losing childcare after they or their kids test positive, or falling behind in school. The choice isn’t a binary between being afraid for one’s own personal safety or carrying on. Mass death isn’t inevitable; being concerned about the vulnerable or the course of the pandemic as whole isn’t pathological.
There are indeed “two Covid Americas,” but not in the way commentators like Leonhardt envision it. There are those who are still at genuine risk, and those who feel too inconvenienced to protect them. The former group have no choice but to take Covid seriously. The least the latter group could do is stop suggesting that those who value the vulnerable are pathologically silly.

People are right to still be concerned about Covid. When some say 'I'm done with it' others will suffer. Unfortunately being 'done with it' is a move that societies seem to just make after some time.

John M. Barry has written a book about the great influenza pandemic. Based on case numbers in Britain it is often claimed that the 1918-1919 pandemic came in three waves. But, Barry writes, there was a fourth one and it was also quite deadly:

Most histories of the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed at least 50 million people worldwide say it ended in the summer of 1919 when a third wave of the respiratory contagion finally subsided.

Yet the virus continued to kill. A variant that emerged in 1920 was lethal enough that it should have counted as a fourth wave. In some cities, among them Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Kansas City, Mo., deaths exceeded even those in the second wave, responsible for most of the pandemic’s deaths in the United States. This occurred despite the fact that the U.S. population had plenty of natural immunity from the influenza virus after two years of several waves of infection and after viral lethality in the third wave had already decreased.

Nearly all cities in the United States imposed restrictions during the pandemic’s virulent second wave, which peaked in the fall of 1918. That winter, some cities reimposed controls when a third, though less deadly wave struck. But virtually no city responded in 1920. People were weary of influenza, and so were public officials. Newspapers were filled with frightening news about the virus, but no one cared. People at the time ignored this fourth wave; so did historians. The virus mutated into ordinary seasonal influenza in 1921, but the world had moved on well before.

Barry writes that we should not repeat that mistake.

Unfortunately a repeat is exactly what is likely to happen. There will be more waves, they will be deadly, but no one will give a fuck.

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@DG #201
Agreed - except for homophobia.
They're definitely not doing that.

But it is ironic that they are doing misogyny (actual women vs. trans women) and racism (explicit racial quotas which are against federal law, Title VII).

Well, that's not the funny part.

The funny part is that all this sturm und drang is failing miserably: the Democrats continue on the path towards a potentially historic Red Wave in November because very few Americans - most Republicans and Independents, and even half of Democrats - believe that the government is not focusing on things that matter to the people.
Woke is clearly in that category.

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 3 2022 17:36 utc | 201

c1ue | Feb 3 2022 17:36 utc | 202

“ Agreed - except for homophobia.
They're definitely not doing that.”

I don’t know about the US but in England there is a war going on between the LBG proper and the QT+ crowd. It’s really weird. Trans ppl turning against the lesbians with a ferocity that’s really frightening.

On another note I was just reading that Canada is considering to send the army against the truckers. Well, isn’t that how capitalism works? Sending poor ppl to fight against other poor ppl?

Posted by: DG | Feb 3 2022 17:52 utc | 202

Posted by: waynorinorway | Feb 3 2022 7:22 utc | 194

Even HCQ seems to be reasonablyeffective as an early treatment.

It also seems to have been adopted by the most countries for early treatment

China adopted it early, and Turkey adopted through China in early 2020.

Yet, like ivermectin, it got a lot of negative press - not profitable.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Feb 3 2022 19:36 utc | 203

"Herd immunity" is a good principle. Unfortunately it is more complicated than many think.

What many people forget is that the extent to which you get ill from covid is proportional to the amount of virus you are confronted with. So going all in is a foolish move and specially the older and the vulnerable should be protected so that their introduction to the virus becomes very gradual.

Vaccination is not a long term solution. It has quite a few side effects and needs to be renewed every three months. So it should mainly be used to win time while getting people used to the virus.

As for omikron, it has a low fatality rate - even compared to normal flue - so it is good when many people get it and built resistance from it. It will help them against new variants of the virus that will inevitably appear later on.

Posted by: Wim | Feb 3 2022 19:47 utc | 204

Below is a ZH posting quote about how if you take the vaccine and die that insurance companies might not pay out and call you a suicide.....

It is therefore highly probable that in France at least deaths resulting from vaccines will be treated as suicides.

The court allegedly justified its ruling as follows:

The side effects of the experimental vaccine are published and the deceased could not claim to have known nothing about it when he voluntarily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that compelled him to be vaccinated. Hence his death is essentially suicide.

The court had this to say:

The court recognizes the classification of the insurer who, in view of the announced side effects, including death, legally regards participation in the phase three experiment, whose proven harmlessness is not given, as voluntarily taking a fatal risk that is not covered by the contract and legally recognized as suicide. The family has appealed. However, the insurer’s defense is recognized as well-founded and contractually justified, as this publicly known fatal risk is legally considered suicide, since the customer has been notified and has agreed to voluntarily take the risk of death without being obliged or compelled to do so.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 4 2022 4:58 utc | 205

Another quote from the same ZH posting

The UK government now oddly admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated.

The UK government has admitted that once you have been double-vaccinated, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants… or possibly any other virus.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 4 2022 5:02 utc | 206

Any links in that ZH posting to that court? From my experience with insurance companies it may well be correct.
When I was young I took out a health insurance policy. Cover medical and time off work from day one. Went fishing one cold overcast day. Wearing shorts to cast out in the surf, my legs got that badly burned, My legs swelled up and I didn't just have blisters but water bags all over my legs. Had to sit in the bath for a number of days and couldn't work for a week. Thought I would claim insurance since that's what I paid for and the Dog dropping said it was a deliberately self inflicted injury. Have not had any form of health or injury insurance since that day. Had some suckers ring me trying to flog life insurance a few years back and when I looked at it, I thought was suckers because I am not traveling so well - perhaps my wife will get it perhaps not. Some seem to do alright out of insurance but many do not. Bit like the lottery. They don't become multi billion dollar industries by paying out.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 4 2022 5:20 utc | 207

"Even HCQ seems to be reasonably effective as an early treatment."
Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Feb 3 2022 19:36 utc | 207

Thanks for your reply B.D. (Can I call you that? No ref. to the Doonesbury character of course:-)

Yeah, I've been pretty intense about gathering info thru this whole 'episode' and there are several other things I'd like
to have on hand too. I'm sure I would get the same response from my doc. though, but again, if anyone knows how to order that
and get it here in Norway, I'd appreciate the info.

We're a pretty orderly society and there's a lot of (blind?) trust in gov't. For the most part it's a good
quality but still I think we could use a few more Norwegians like Norwegian.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Feb 4 2022 5:35 utc | 208

Blue Dotterel 207

If people try to spruke ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as anti virals it will go nowhere.
Many country's has tried them and tested viral loads. They both regulate the immune system and I think without suppressing it. For the vast majority that have serious illness this may well give a much better outcome. Sars-cov-2 for whatever reason triggers the immune system into auto immune type reactions where the immune system thinks healthy cells are a pathogen or infected with a pathogen.
Far better way to go I think for perhaps a minority than vax. A study published in a solid medical journal, forget which one it was found some people developed so called long covid. That is simply a long lasting immune reaction. Not much fun to go through. That was the pfizer vaccine but Israel is the only one to do a study on it. They wont know about other vaccines as they have just been pumping themselves up with Pfizer. Couldn't happen to a better bunch I guess.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Feb 4 2022 5:40 utc | 209

@ Peter AU1 | Feb 4 2022 5:20 utc | 211 with the request for a link to the legal ruling about taking Covid vaccines being legal suicide

Here is the link to the French legal ruling

Yes, insurance provided by other than sovereign governments by and for the people will be for profit and the lawyers are paid well to obfuscate coverage details.

The US Social Security Insurance program as initially conceived and run until the Reagan/Greenspan team stole the savings and turned ongoing funding into a political budget football is an example of good insurance....the concept has merit but it depends how/who implements/manages the risk

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 4 2022 6:12 utc | 210

Interestingly: I posted a link to Jimmy Dore being interviewed by Tucker Carlson on his day show on the Open Thread link.
At the end of the show, Dore talks about his personal experience with his 2nd vaccination shot: it caused recurring pain which only ended after taking Ivermectin and some other stuff, as prescribed by his doctor after said doctor was in conference with a 2nd doctor.
Also mentioned: Mexico City mayor distributed ivermectin to everyone there when COVID spiked - and COVID spike then ended.
This is interesting for several reasons:
1) Dore is extremely outspoken but has never mentioned this on his show - because said Youtube show is very important to his livelhood "it sells tickets". So the ham-handed clampdown on "misinformation" is clearly affecting free speech even by the very vocal. Dore was also outraged that people are calling him "anti vax" for talking about this on Twitter, when he is talking about a 2nd shot vax effect...
2) Yet another example of "alternative", post COVID infection treatments not being talked about in the news at all. Mexico City isn't in India, it is right next door.

Posted by: c1ue | Feb 5 2022 5:22 utc | 211

A site supposedly dedicated to off the narrative takes on so many issues its in a very sorry state for stifling and censoring legitimate questions and exchange of ideas about one of the defining issues of our times.

I suppose it’s a sign of the times more than anything. Intellectual and scientific debates now have to have guard rails lest we offend someone s sensibilities.

Posted by: Hornswaggler | Feb 5 2022 17:10 utc | 212

To those who keep pushing the false “fact” that SARS-Cov-2 is a bioweapon that escaped from a lab, please stop. There is zero evidence of that. Instead, what you have is propaganda accusing China (somehow in league with the USAID and US scientists) of weaponizing Covid at its Wuhan lab. On a smaller scale, there are also accusations the bug came from Ft. Detrick.

While one can hypothesize all you want, there’s no evidence that there was ever a plan to use coronaviruses as a weapon. Spouting such nonsense is harmful
because it misdirects the populace from grappling with the real BW dangers of unregulated or monitored bioweapon “defensive” research. It also disarms us when it’s clear new reservoirs of novel viruses are appearing due to human developments intruding upon formerly isolated animal reservoirs (such as distant bay caves), not to mention the viral brew that occurs in domestic animals bred for slaughter (pigs, chickens).

I have looked at the BW issue more closely than probably almost anyone who comments on this site. You can view my writings about the long cover-up of U.S. use of bioweapons in the Korean War linked to my name in this comment.

Posted by: Jeffrey Kaye | Feb 6 2022 20:28 utc | 213

It is interesting to watch the perspective of B. As he rightly has pointed out, we in the US are on our own when it comes to Covid. Russia seems to be following suit, Doubt very much that Putin's response to the pandemic is impressing Xi. Feb. 6: What you need to know today
Russia reported a record 180,071 new coronavirus infections and 661 deaths over the last 24 hours.
Russia's Labor Ministry has recommended that all enterprises send as many of their employees to remote work as possible due to the surge in Covid-19 cases.
Russia plans to cancel mandatory isolation requirements for people who come into contact with somebody infected with Covid-19, Anna Popova, the head of the Rospotrebnadzor consumer health watchdog said Friday. She said the forced quarantine rules “have lost their reasoning” with the surge in Omicron cases.

Sounds like it could be DeSantis

Posted by: wobblie | Feb 7 2022 3:15 utc | 214

I am sure that the Bio-Labs are busy developing new more effective strains. After all Peter Daszak received so much funding from DoD for his "projects". In Looking Glass World the development of bio-weapons proceeds as "search for antidote to 'bad actors'"

SARS is handled in Wuhan is a Level-3 lab not a Level-4. Clearly it was not regarded as the ultimate threat and I bet Beijing was startled to learn what had been going on with US "assistance" and sponsorship.

Reading about strange afflictions in Georgia where Us maintains an offshore bio-research facility one does wonder....

Posted by: Paul Greenwood | Feb 7 2022 6:54 utc | 215

Love the site for foreign policy. Not greasy on Covid (although there are good comments).

This disease has been overhyped from the beginning. Go look at the data on who it actually kills. Old people. Sick people. Old sick people. The risk for someone under 50 and healthy is pretty low.

No, the media has generated a lot of unnecessary fear. A reasonable person could think it was to push people to taking the vaccines. Children too. If you have had it before too.

Omicron effectively ends this. Everyone gets it. Everyone develops some level of immunity.

Of course the virus and the disease will continue on. It just won't have as big an effect on society. Time to move on folks.

Posted by: Joe | Feb 7 2022 17:13 utc | 216

Please check this out, MoA made it, together with the WSWS, to the Covid-19 Alternative Media Hall Of Shame..

“Moon of Alabama”, a website known for its independent geopolitical analysis, is essentially authored by a single analyst who, according to his own description, is about 60 years of age and afflicted by several health conditions. Thus, Moon of Alabama primarily focused on the health impact of covid from the perspective of a high-risk individual, essentially following the official narrative and its many fraudulent claims and false promises, while favoring China’s seemingly more successful approach to coronavirus suppression – much to the dismay of many of its more skeptical readers.

Posted by: DF | Feb 14 2022 16:43 utc | 217

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