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January 09, 2022

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2022-003

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Russian ultimatum:

> When asked recently whether he could point to any evidence that the Russians were deterred by recent sanctions, a senior aide to Mr. Biden paused a moment and then said, “No, none.” <

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The Wannabe-Sultan is cooking the books:

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Matthew Cortland, JD @mattbc - 2:12 UTC · Jan 8, 2022
Today, @CDCDirector said:
"The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least 4 comorbidities. So really these are people who were unwell to begin with and yes, really encouraging news in the context of Omicron."
This is eugenicist.

Compare and contrast:


Use as open thread ...

Posted by b on January 9, 2022 at 13:28 UTC | Permalink

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Perfidious Albion is a term applied to the completely treacherous UK government and its Bank of England. All of today's Russian leadership is aware of this treachery and it is this knowledge that underpins todays red line warnings to UKUSA and NATO.

Alex Krainer of Markets Trends a& Profits published a 3 part history lesson spanning 1935 until now. Each episode of this 3 part video runs for 40+ minutes and is a salutory lesson of UKUSA betrayal, treachery and absolute support for fascism.

Watch it and weep.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2022 6:43 utc | 101

Suzan @84

Very, very scary! Amazing that is my largely unmasked state (much less anywhere else) we haven't seen people dropping like flies.

On the other hand, there DO seem to be a large number of footballer sudden deaths unassociated with Covid.

Posted by: Zakukommander | Jan 10 2022 6:58 utc | 102

Historic win for tennis great, Novak Djokovic, in the Australian Federal Court. The Commonwealth government ordered to pay Djokovic's legal costs.

Novak Djokovic, 'did everything'he could do'... under the law at the time he applied for a visa. The as usually duplicitous Australian Commonwealth government moved the goalposts RETROSPECTIVELY.

Don't expect fair treatment from the Australian government in the future, they may well cancel the visa despite the court case. Why/? Because they can.

There is a new religion and its holy sacrament is an injection of dubious repute. Unfortunately Djokovic is considered by the high priests of this new religion as a heretic.

The court considered the prize money for the Australian Open is $3Million.

Posted by: Paul | Jan 10 2022 7:31 utc | 103

Oriental Voice #62

The presence of CSTO peace keeping forces will likely maintain stability in Kazakhstan for quite a while to come, allowing for cleaning up remnant bad elements and set out long term measures for lasting peace. As was in Kyrgyzstan, the Empire will not concede defeat and will abide time for another trial. This gives reason for Kazakhstan to collaborate with CSTO, as what that organization was meant for in the first place. Second, Tokayev has the chance to clean out Nazarbayev's corrupt tentacles in the government, remove Nazarbayev's nephew as head of security forces, and to do something meaningful for the Kazakh people for once. Third, this event exposed the organization that the Empire has cultivated in Kazakhstan over a long time. They now know where weapons are who to chase after in days to come. The Empire lost all, while gaining nothing.

Thank you, I view the timing as being a carefully worked out sequence whereby Nazarbayev ended up totally neutered. He is a committed stooge for the west and makes the House of Windsor look like angels. The next few weeks will likely reveal much of the transition away from the old mafia/oligarch regime. If Tokayev can haul Kazakhstan out of the pit of crony capitalism and employment made on the basis of competence, he will win the admiration of the people. Kazaks are totaly fed up with the crony mafia, payback system.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2022 7:35 utc | 104

I saw that. Everything had been reported about him going through the proper channels and everything- however he done it was above board. Fuck these clowns are going to take a fall if/when the US goes down and I'm just trying to keep going long enough to see that.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 7:44 utc | 105

Saker, has an article up, Dmitri Orlov in the comments section. Updates b, as they all agree on the desperate colour revolution scenario to influence the US/Russia talks in the US direction. Another own goal for the Rovian delusionists.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Jan 10 2022 7:47 utc | 106

@ 98.. peter. if you go over to emptywheel, it is like going into some alternative universe! who needs sci-fi when you have writers like marcy.. it is so bizarre, it completely defies logic.... check it out - these folks are completely off their rockers! i think matt taibbi is picking up on this and reading it loud and clear just how drugged out some of the mainstream american folks are..

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2022 7:48 utc | 107

@Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 6:04 utc | 98/james | Jan 10 2022 7:48 utc | 107 & 93

"Dick Cheney did more to destroy democracy in ten minutes of his
Vice Presidency than Donald Trump did in four years." - Matt Taibbi

The difference (ha) between the political parties in the US has never been so well
defined as when the Democrats queued up to greet Dick Cheney the other day. - waynorinorway

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them I have others." - Groucho Marx

Posted by: waynorinorway | Jan 10 2022 8:00 utc | 108

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them I have others."
I like that one waynorinorway.

James, clicked on the site but couldn't read the articles. To dive into US insanity like that is for me like loading up on LSD and diving down Alice's rabbit hole. I have enough health issues as it is.
I see in Russian news the talks in Geneva are kicking off about now so an interesting few hours ahead.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 8:08 utc | 109

Suzan, it doesnt say anything of wether early treatment to reduce the symptoms would prevent the brain duffusion. What it says though is that the corpses will keep polluting the living for months and probably years. We all know of cross species transmission towards at least a dozen animals, so again, training our system to it via small exposition is the best we can do.

Posted by: Anon | Jan 10 2022 8:12 utc | 110

Machine translation

09:15 10.01.2022

Two extremist cells neutralized in Almaty

detention of terrorists, almaty Photo:

The National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan is implementing measures to search for and detain participants in mass riots and acts of terrorism, as well as to clarify the circumstances of the crimes committed, reports.

As a result, two extremist cells were neutralized on the territory of the city of Almaty, whose members took an active part in the riots in the megalopolis from 4 to 8 January 2022.

On January 9, four members of one cell were detained on suspicion of committing massive illegal actions, leadership and participation in a banned extremist organization and recruitment into extremist activities. Press service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan

During searches in their places of residence, firearms, traumatic and light-noise grenades, cartridges, religious literature and other material evidence were found and seized.

grenades, weapons Photo:

The leader of another group, a foreign national, was actively involved in the riots and had connections with terrorist groups abroad.

According to the investigation, he purposefully arrived in Kazakhstan to prepare massive illegal actions and attacks on government bodies and security forces.

books, forbidden literature Photo:

A search for his accomplices has been organized.

Other information in the interests of the investigation is not subject to disclosure.

Operational and investigative measures continue.

Along with this, information about the theft of weapons, ammunition and other property from the National Security Committee of the Republic of Almaty in the city of Almaty, disseminated in some media and social networks, does not correspond to reality.

The department works in an enhanced mode, in accordance with the requirements of the "red" level of the terrorist threat.

Posted by: too scents | Jan 10 2022 8:20 utc | 111

Up to date local reporting on the Kazakhstan situation can be found behind this link ==>

Posted by: too scents | Jan 10 2022 8:29 utc | 112


"When Americans are in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive, not being robbed or raped." - Maria Zakharova, main spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jan 10 2022 8:33 utc | 113

So this is why a tennis player has been plastered over our news here in oz.
"Australia commits to purchasing tanks & other armored vehicles from US suppliers"

Wadda we gonna do? Drive them to China?
Well I just hope these clowns are lined up in Chinese and Russian hypersonic sights. Though come to think of it, if they just lobbed a few grenades over we would have nothing to shoot them down with.
Our heroic "defence force".

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 8:53 utc | 114

Posted by: waynorinorway @ 108

Who quoted Marx:

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them I have others." - Groucho Marx

Thanks for the laugh.

Laughter and sex are the only known and effective aids to reduce stress. I recommend both remedies.

Posted by: Paul | Jan 10 2022 9:01 utc | 115

Paul, just cancelled my Courier Mail subscription today. I refuse to pay 28 dollars a month for propaganda.

Posted by: Peter 4 | Jan 10 2022 9:12 utc | 116

james #107

emptywheel is truly mad, bad, and ugly. Marcy Wheeler was my go to site during Russiagate and the Trump years for comic relief, insane crazy, or just to get a dose hysterical laughter. She is something like a Hunter S Thompson writing the Great Shark Hunt with a line of coke trailing through her intestine. Now that is a long line. On top of that there are no spokes in her wheel.

I urge you not to go there straight ;)

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2022 9:33 utc | 117

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said he will seek “clarification” on why Kazakhstan sought assistance from the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) amid outbreaks of violence across the country.

Yes. Why did the Kazakhs not ask the Vatican to send the Pontifical Swiss Guard ?

Easy to answer. The Pope’s soldiers must all be Swiss Catholic male citizens, must be at least 174 centimetres tall and must be single when recruited, which is discriminatory.

Posted by: Leuk | Jan 10 2022 9:34 utc | 118

Peter 4 should read Peter Schmidt. Hard to type on a mobile phone.

Posted by: Peter Schmidt | Jan 10 2022 9:34 utc | 119

Posted by: Peter @ 116

The Courier Mail was only OK many years ago until it fell into the clutches of Murdoch. I subscribe to the AFR now, better value. Other Brisvagas publications will fill in the local gaps. Is there a local paper between Brisbane and Cairns that is not owned by Murdoch, apart from the Betoota Advocate?

Posted by: Paul | Jan 10 2022 10:09 utc | 120


"Note that at this point every cell phone uses US technology, and I would assume every laptop and desktop as well. China is as you noted developing replacements for the (key) components, but workable cell phones without US technology are a couple of years out, at best."

This is false.

Shaomi, Oppo, Huawei all use 100% Chinese manufactured components. The Huawei systems all use the Chinese HaromonyOS. If you want to discuss things as they really are, then you must up your game. You just simply cannot go about spreading disinfo.

As I have repeatedly stated, we must see things as they really are, and not as we want them to be.

There are some minor products that are imported for specialty products, but they are in no way indicative of the entire sitrep for Chinese manufacture of electronic communication products.

Actually, this is a fascinating subject. The top secure communication systems popular inside of America today are all made inside of China and shipped DDP to the United States. You can say that they are clones of American military systems, but that's not really correct. They are clones of Russian and Chinese military systems.

The massive infrastructure build up in the Guangzhou corridor, as well as the AI and microelectronic complexes in Shenzhen, Danguang, and Xiamen are proceeding to plan. To say that the billions of dollars in investments are not paying off, or will pay off in a few years shows an astounding amount of ignorance in the state of technology, an understanding the Chinese communication manufacturing scene, and Geo-politics in general.

Right now, in China, the big news is the 6G breakthrough. It's easily 25 times faster than 5G. And the chips, and the technology, and the systems to make, run, manufacture and test are all wholly and solidly mainland Chinese.

Posted by: Rufus Arrr | Jan 10 2022 10:33 utc | 121

The risk of myocarditis after injection is far higher in under 40's than the risk after covid infection withour injection - and the risk for youngsters could conceivably be far higher still:

Is the Covid injection unproblematic for youngsters? (in German)

Posted by: BM | Jan 10 2022 10:49 utc | 122

One of the problems that I commonly see with barflies is the mistake of taking a singular issue and using it to compare and contrast an issue.

A common one is nuclear weapons. The neocons berate China (and Russia) saying that they could destroy the country ten times over. But this is meaningless. China can destroy the United States one time over. Destroyed is destroyed. What has more value, a cake sitting in the rain for one week, or sitting in the rain for a year? The answer is neither. Both are equally destroyed.

Another example is with IC chip manufacture, and the related miniaturization of the hardware. Contrary to all the "news", the need to utilize these cutting edge IC chip fab facilities are not as important as they are being presented.

I urge everyone to maintain sanity and look at the bigger picture in that the manufacture of Geo-Political concerns, or communication technology cannot be distilled into a simplistic black and white narrative of chip-fab capability, or public speeches by "authorities". It's always far more complex and comprehenisive.

Posted by: Rufus Arrr | Jan 10 2022 11:01 utc | 123

Paul @ 103, Peter AU 1 @ 105:

The situation with Novak Djokovic is turning farcical ... though a court has ruled Djokovic should be released immediately from immigration detention, rumour has reached his family in Belgrade that the Australian government has ordered he be rearrested. The case is now with the Immigration Minister who may revoke Djokovic's visa and subject him to a three-year ban from visiting Australia.

Well there goes the Australian Open ... trust Scott Morrison's government for trampling it and the Australian legal system into the dust. What are courts and judges for then, if their deliberations and decisions can be overturned by politicians acting on whim?

Not that most Australians, especially the media, care all that much for the rule of law if it doesn't follow their prejudices.

Incidentally Australian politicians (and the Liberal Party in particular) have long flirted with elements of Croatia's Ustasha movement which might partly explain the long dislike Canberra has had for Novak Djokovic.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 10 2022 11:02 utc | 124

suzan @ 84

When I read of China’s extreme public health measures to avoid this 21st century disease, and the prompt response of another country in particular which involved and still involves mass vaccination ( a country known for being in the know by whatever backdoor means), I knew I wanted to avoid this infection too

It has a name, suzan, it's called Israel.

Notwithstanding your real scary bolding, and judging by the veracity of this comment, your non peer-reviewed preprint probably won't pass muster...

The conclusions are not at all justified by the methods. The abstract makes it appear as if this study covered patients with a wide range of severity of infection. However, buried in the text is this gem, "81.8% of patients required intubation with invasive mechanical ventilation, 22.7% received extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support, and 40.9% required renal replacement therapy." That changes everything! The authors state that the samples could not have been contaminated during autopsy. That does not answer the question of whether or not the samples were contaminated by machines that forced the virus into areas of the body it would not have gone on its own. It would appear that 100% of the subjects had either a high pressure device or blood circulating machine that would force the virus into the blood stream

Posted by: john | Jan 10 2022 11:05 utc | 125

Nazarbayev ended up totally neutered. He is a committed stooge for the west and makes the House of Windsor look like angels. uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2022 7:35 utc | 104

Hm. Who looks more angelic in a photo album that comes as a perk for spending more that 200 pound sterling on London real estate. The program works like that: purchase 10 stupidly expensive mansions, collect a stamp for each of them, and with a card full of stamps you and your loved ones get a most lovely photo album with the royal family (beware: eating English food is an obligatory part of the package).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 10 2022 11:12 utc | 126

Rufus Arrr @ 121

...You just simply cannot go about spreading disinfo.

As I have repeatedly stated, we must see things as they really are, and not as we want them to be...

Hahaha, that's pretty funny coming from a retired spook.

Posted by: john | Jan 10 2022 11:17 utc | 127

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 10 2022 11:12 utc | 126

(beware: eating English food is an obligatory part of the package).

"You are what you eat", no wonder the toxicity of that island.

Posted by: Paco | Jan 10 2022 11:25 utc | 128

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2022 6:43 utc | 101

I listened to the Around the Empire Podcast when they had Alex Krainer on the program a few weeks ago. That guy was making so many strange statements - inter alia- that there is not even a novel coronavirus at all, the virus is fake, etc. His Twitter feed is also highly dubious. I followed him for a while but too much nonsense made me unfollow. Don't really know whether this guy is capable of giving an accurate history lesson.

Posted by: v | Jan 10 2022 11:26 utc | 129
Posted by: suzan | Jan 10 2022 2:08 utc | 84

Forget that pre-print study Suzan, it is crap. Those doctors are guilty of gross medical malpractice and deserve to be tried for murder. 82% of those patients were put on forced ventilation, even long after it had been established that forced ventilation just kills the patient. Even one poor little 6 year old girl was murdered with forced ventilation and died a mere 4 days after testing positive (see the last table).

As one of the pre-print commenters commented, the virus may well have been forced around the body as a result of the pressure of forced ventilation and forced blood circulation.

Posted by: BM | Jan 10 2022 11:35 utc | 130

schmoe @88: "[China] catching up [in chip fab] in 2-3 years when 15 years behind will be tough."

Sure! Good thing the Chinese started on that back in 2015 with their Made in China 2025 effort. They are not anywhere near 15 years behind anymore. Maybe one or two years behind on the bleeding edge, but that is debatable.

You know what is way behind the times though? The doomcasting from Sinophobes. It is as if they are always talking about last decade or last century.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jan 10 2022 11:55 utc | 131


Article about Aman Dikiy. If you want to get an impression of how IT was possible to form those underground cells over some years read this one.

An important event in the context of everything that is happening. Since a bandit from Shymkent, an ex-boxer who is also an Instagram blogger, is extremely popular among mambets (through and through the criminalized lower strata of Kazakh society, the very masses of riot-mongers).

As a result of a special operation, law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan detained in Alma-Ata the well-known crime boss Arman Dzhumageldiev, nicknamed Dikiy Arman (Arman Dikiy), and several members of his organized criminal group.

Posted by: MD | Jan 10 2022 12:39 utc | 132

The author has produced a number of articles regarding recent happenings in Kazakhstan, yet now that CSTO forces have brought the riots under control, western governments and their media have got the knives out, trying to bleed the situation for everything it is worth.

Posted by: MD | Jan 10 2022 12:50 utc | 133

And they are off and racing ... (or is it; they are off, and the Russians are racing?)

Short 60sec segment of initial photo-op.

"US, Russia open high-stakes talks on Ukraine | AFP"
5,196 viewsJan 10, 2022

Posted by: imo | Jan 10 2022 12:51 utc | 134

ooops, and the link...

Posted by: imo | Jan 10 2022 12:52 utc | 135

It's too bad this blog can't support polls. I'm betting the US will double down. I fully expect the US to renege on any agreement as soon they walk out the door of the conference room.

Posted by: Ian2 | Jan 10 2022 13:12 utc | 136

Turns out there's a long-standing connection between a Kazakh politician involved in the turmoil and the two Bidens, Joe and Hunter. BIDEN BUSINESS ASSOCIATE, FORMER KAZAKH PM ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF TREASON.

Posted by: lysias | Jan 10 2022 13:27 utc | 137

COVID update from India
The daily cases were going down in December when the govt in its wisdom started giving jabs to 15 to 18 year old children. The only jab approved was Gates sponsered covaxin. But by the end of December COVID 3rd wave arrived and now we are seeing exponential increase in COVID 19 cases. The govt has tried best to scare the citizens with nonstop coverage of omicron cases which mostly are non-symtomatic and quite harmless.
I believe the idea is to jab everyone in India but the results may end up by destroying natural immunity for all citizens but that is a personal opinion which one may or may not agree

Posted by: R M Rao | Jan 10 2022 13:29 utc | 138

The information space is distorted with one goal - to create an altered consciousness so that people carry out all the orders of the system, considering them correct. And our beloved Twitter is part of this system. Just know this.

Nothing new, of course - but TELEGRAM IS GROWING, quite strongly, it has been reaching the 500 million active users milestone now. It's the fasting growing social messanger network all across Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia. Africa and South America are also regions with highly increased user numbers.

Posted by: MD | Jan 10 2022 13:30 utc | 139

The only jab approved was Gates sponsered...

R M Rao | Jan 10 2022 13:29 utc | 138:

After what Gates did in the past, I can't believe India would repeat their mistake again.

Posted by: Ian2 | Jan 10 2022 13:41 utc | 140

It's too bad this blog can't support polls. I'm betting the US will double down. I fully expect the US to renege on any agreement as soon they walk out the door of the conference room.

Posted by: Ian2 | Jan 10 2022 13:12 utc | 136

You need to give odds, if you want anybody to take that bet.

I expect lots of waffling and babble, and the Russians lecturing them a lot. I think that is the point of it all, since everybody agrees the US gov't is not capable of keeping its word.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 10 2022 13:47 utc | 141

(Use as an open thread, says b…) Random news alert - twice now Ian Hanomansing of CBC’s The National has referenced Gerry Dee dropping into online classrooms. I took this as a hint and followed it to a shocking story (in my view) of a high school hockey player dying during a game when another player basically skated over his throat.

Interestingly, this story has received a very muted response from the MSM. Terry Balkind skated for the New Canaan Winter Club for his entire hockey career.

Here’s the NY Times coverage: player dies after falling

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Jan 10 2022 13:57 utc | 142

Thanks for that link about Ustashi in Australia. You mention : “ the long dislike Canberra has had for Novak Djokovic.” How has this been manifested in the past?

Posted by: Platero | Jan 10 2022 14:03 utc | 143

@schmoe | Jan 10 2022 1:12 utc | 80
@Roger | Jan 10 2022 4:53 utc | 91
@Rufus Arrr | Jan 10 2022 11:01 utc | 123

I think we need to differentiate between the chip technology and the supply chain behind it.

Smic has 14nm process in mass production and 7nm process in limited production. Unisoc has a 6nm 5G chip that's widely used in the lower end models of Realme and Honor. Ymtc has cutting edge 128layer 3D NAND in mass production. Cxmc has advanced DRAM capacity.

all these companies have to rely on supply chain that utilize American technology to certain degree.

Chinese plan calls for a completely de-americanized line at 28nm node by the end of 2021 and at 14nm node by the end of 2022. The current news is the plan has been delayed due to problems with lithography machine. But I don't think this should be a problem given Chinese planning usually does pan out and that the us is increasingly alarmed by China's progress in the semiconductor industry. It is currently trying to increase its own investment into the industry as well as looking for ways to stifle investment into that of China's.

Posted by: Cindy6 | Jan 10 2022 14:16 utc | 144

Thank you. You succinctly described what I was trying to say. And "have to rely on supply chain[x] that utilize American technology" is the crux of the matter.

Posted by: schmoe | Jan 10 2022 14:23 utc | 145

Rao, I think it should be possible to verify with the world covid statistics that each place that has had a massive mRNA campaign has experienced an exponential wave quickly after the start of the campaign.

Posted by: Tom2 | Jan 10 2022 14:31 utc | 146


I find the platform here quite antiquated. Wish there were more features, especially when responding to posts, ie. something like over at Unz.

Posted by: Jun | Jan 10 2022 14:56 utc | 147

Fair treatment of indigenous people? ASK the Americans.

Russian media: US government secretly conducted 928 nuclear tests on indigenous land !
2022-01-10 22:03 Surging News Editor Chen Jingwen Video Source CCTV Military Source: The Paper

Posted by: MD | Jan 10 2022 15:38 utc | 148

@Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 7:44 utc | 105

Fuck these clowns are going to take a fall if/when the US goes down and I'm just trying to keep going long enough to see that.
I am looking forward to hear the victory speech of Djokovic.

I used to think it wasn't so amazing to see him win again. Not anymore, he deserves a lot of praise for hiw he took this abuse.

The "authorities" have completely discredited Australia.

Sympathies for you guys living there. I am not saying we are better over here, far from it.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2022 16:23 utc | 149

@ Jun | Jan 10 2022 14:56 utc | 147 who wrote
I find the platform here quite antiquated. Wish there were more features, especially when responding to posts, ie. something like over at Unz.

You are in the wrong bar. This bar focuses on content and is respective of others. Kindly take your disparaging or otherwise worthless comments elsewhere.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 10 2022 16:25 utc | 150

@Jun | Jan 10 2022 14:56 utc | 147

I find the platform here quite antiquated.

Go find another one, there are many to choose from.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2022 16:44 utc | 151

@ john Jan 10 2022 11:05 utc & BM | Jan 10 2022 11:35 utc

It would be wonderful if the autopsy findings were a result of cross contamination. The authors argue against this based on the techniques they used. Peer review approval is of course needed and should come shortly if granted.

Depending upon who one is — disposition, temperament, age, health, social relations, etc, we will decide one by one to make decisions regarding this issue within the narrow parameters and limited information available to us.
I choose to err on the side of caution and, as I have said b4 several times, i do not believe others should be forced into being vaccinated although it has been recently estimated by the commonwealth fund that vaccines in the USA up until nov 2021 have prevented over 1 million deaths, over 10 million hospitalizations and over 35 million infections. Nevertheless IMO vaccination-only policies are failed policy and now show clear signs of a eugenicist policy mindset which view people who are health challenged or too old to extract surplus value from for the ruling class as worthless.

In a more perfect world we would be sharing vaccines and science knowledge across the world, not sequestering information in state secrecy committees which issue policy edicts regardless of science findings and public heath interest. All types of vaccines and treatments would be immediately available to all peoples across the world.

Posted by: suzan | Jan 10 2022 17:01 utc | 152

More about authoritarian Australian PR disaster and Novak Djokovic

Djokovic wins court case. Bitter, defeated Morrison considers nuclear option

Djokovic has won whatever happens. He has integrity and did everything right.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2022 17:32 utc | 153

I find the platform here quite antiquated.
Posted by: Jun | Jan 10 2022 14:56 utc | 147

Your lucky day Jun. You get to put up or shut up. Help b
Click the link and do your best - like b does.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Jan 10 2022 18:23 utc | 154

suzan @ 152

Nevertheless IMO vaccination-only policies are failed policy and now show clear signs of a eugenicist policy mindset which view people who are health challenged or too old to extract surplus value from for the ruling class as worthless

Yeah, IMO too, so how exactly is getting vaccinated, 'erring on the side of caution,' unless, perhaps, you're health challenged?

(and any estimates of the scope of prevention across the board are going to be at best questionable, and probably meaningless)

Posted by: john | Jan 10 2022 18:33 utc | 155

@ peter au / waynorinorway | Jan 10 2022 8:00 utc | 108 / uncle tungsten -

yeah - i got banned from emptywheel many years ago.. yes - going there is like taking drugs! different reality.. i only bring it up as an example of just how crazy the usa political divide has become... thanks for the humour and groucho marx quotes - waynorinorway and paul.... cheers james

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2022 18:34 utc | 156

@R M Rao | Jan 10 2022 13:29 utc | 138

"non-symtomatic and quite harmless."

It's amazing how many people don't seem to know about long-covid. For everyone dead from covid, ten or more people will have long-term organ damage. You don't even need to have symptoms to get things like permanent lung scarring.

Posted by: Ben | Jan 10 2022 19:22 utc | 157

The transcript of the CSTO meeting.

I have had a bit of a glance through and again the Kazak President speaks of a command center but their has been nothing on that being found. Also nothing about that center being outside the country. I think the command center grabbed their things and scooted back to London in those two planes when they heard the Russian forces where on their way. Pity a small covert operation was not launched early by CSTO to grab that command center.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 20:24 utc | 158

@ Peter AU1 | Jan 10 2022 20:24 utc | 158 who wrote
Pity a small covert operation was not launched early by CSTO to grab that command center.

While I agree, it may have been the intention to send some puckered cheeks back to the home office with a message that next time they may not make it out....we don't know who they have caught yet, do we? There may yet be fun to be had with this event.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 10 2022 20:33 utc | 159

Platero @ 143:

I am sure just eleven months ago when the Australian Open was being held (in February, the event having been rescheduled) that even then Djokovic was in some conflict with govt authorities over his vaccination status and his refusal to give them his private medical information

Djokovic has never been very popular with the tennis-watching public in Australia to the extent that Roger Federer (the Swiss fellow with the sore loser reputation) has been. Much of this dislike has been fanned by the mainstream news media in this country. I would not discount a political agenda at work behind this manipulation of public feeling. It is more a hunch on my part (and I do know someone who is Serbian-Australian) but I definitely think there is some underlying hostility towards Serbia and Serbian people in Australia and the fact that the Liberal Party in Australia has associated with pro-Ustasha Croatian elements in the past, especially when Tony Abbott was Prime Minister not that long ago, but even well before then, may be behind this dislike.

A few other foreign tennis players also entered Australia recently with exemption papers of exactly the same kind as Djokovic did but only he was targeted by border police and taken to a quarantine hotel and subjected to a six-hour interview session pressuring him to agree to his visa revocation without his lawyers or a Tennis Australia representative present. Would Djokovic have been treated the same way if he were a US or British citizen?

Posted by: Jen | Jan 10 2022 20:36 utc | 160

Former Australian tennis player and now Liberal MP John Alexander interviewed by ABC Radio National Breakfast about Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic had another comprehensive win in the court of law. He has gained thousands more fans world wide. The PM and the Australian government has shown themselves as duplicitous, bureaucratic, petty and spiteful.

Posted by: Paul | Jan 10 2022 21:59 utc | 161

UK pro Palestine democracy direct action activists achieve a great victory against Elbit and the ugly Bandit State.

Victory in Oldham: Elbit forced to sell Ferranti after a sustained direct action campaign.

This follows the Max Brenner chocolate and coffee shop chain going bankrupt in Australia. Who would want to be seen at that place literally supping with the devil?

BDS works.

Posted by: Paul | Jan 11 2022 0:02 utc | 162

Well, then, Djokovic is very gracious, because I've never seen him say anything negative about Australia. (I only watch Tennis Channel on TV, I don't read behind-the-scenes reports)

Posted by: Platero | Jan 11 2022 2:35 utc | 163

After 7 boosters, everything is just fine, pic:

Posted by: Paul | Jan 11 2022 7:16 utc | 164

In Bavaria the deput head of the FDP has called for constitutional legal action against the provincial president Markus Söder for falsifing the Covid-19 statistics and misleading the Bavarian parliament. Söder had claimed in November that covid cases for unvaccinated were massively larger than those for "vaccinated". In December it turned out that all "unknown" cases - 70% of the total - were counted as "unvaccinated"!

It gets worse. In September the number of cases with KNOWN vaccination status at 60%; after rechecking that went up to 80 to 90%! Yet in November the vaccination status was known in only 30% of cases - WHY??? It suggests known "vaccinated" cases may have been fraudulently classed as "unknown" and then counted as "unvaccinated" in order to force more people to "vaccinate".

Bayerns Inzidenzstatistik in der Kritik: FDP wirft Staatsregierung Täuschung der Öffentlichkeit vor

Posted by: BM | Jan 11 2022 8:41 utc | 165

An old brit (1968) satire that is in places quite relevant to today's circumstances
Sid James heading up the khyber
Subjects like military underwear which has recently been discussed here are also covered.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 11 2022 9:12 utc | 166

Only Tuesday, is this thread dead already??

I chanced on this very interesting article:

China Shows Its ‘Trump’ Card - In a world of chronic shortages China has realised that commodities hold more value than cash - by Eamon McKinney.

Posted by: BM | Jan 11 2022 15:44 utc | 167

Still early, but still meaningful: 26th House Democrat announces not running for re-election in 2022

Some amount of dropoff is inevitable, but generally people don't run for re-election primarily because they're either going for something higher or expect to lose.

To put the above in perspective:
House breakdown is 222 Democrat vs. 213 Republican (9 more Democrats).
26 Democrats not seeking re-election vs. 12 Republicans - this definitely puts House control in play even disregarding normal mid-term election switchover, but overall the 26/12 is small potatoes compared to the overall election.

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 11 2022 16:19 utc | 168

@BM #67
It isn't clear whether the China "grain hegemony" is a government action as opposed to the thundering herd in China.
This thundering herd has stampeded in many directions in recent history:
China garlic control in 2009
Shanghai copper inventories surge due to speculation in 2016
China speculation fuels rubber price in 2017

The point being: speculation is a real thing and has real impact. I do note, however, that a big chunk of this "grains" business is corn. China is the 2nd largest producer of corn in the world - ~260B tons vs. US' 345B tons.
How much is just "retained" corn to regrow the decimated Chinese pig market? Since the outbreak of swine flu, pork production has whipsawed there.
The Chinese government has definitely published goals for increased food security - but again, only time will show what this really means.
Nor are all of the above mutually exclusive. Speculators acting in front of government initiatives isn't an unknown thing, for example...

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 11 2022 16:32 utc | 169

Posted by: Ben | Jan 10 2022 19:22 utc | 157

It's amazing how many people don't seem to know about long-covid. For everyone dead from covid, ten or more people will have long-term organ damage.

The doctors that have been successfully treating covid early all agree that long covid is the result of untreated covid.

Early effective treatments prevent both hospitalization and long covid. Untreated covid can lead to the a loss of self tolerance so that the immune system attacks the self resulting in acute inflammation (severe covid) or chronic inflammation (long covid)

Posted by: jinn | Jan 11 2022 16:56 utc | 170

".. Israeli Army Radio: Israeli soldier "Ben Kogyashvili" (22 years old) was shot dead in the city of Almaty, southeast of Kazakhstan. .."

Nothing to do with the call for a boycott of the festival... well if you say so..


for everyones enjoyment ... well, I enjoyed it...
75,480 views 7 Dec 2010

Posted by: tucenz | Jan 11 2022 18:08 utc | 171

At year end, Rosh Ashcroft of Renegade Inc invites previous guests to provide a year-end wrap-up and their prediction for the new year. This year's program features some excellent observers/commentators including Michael Hudson who appears last beginning at the 21:00 mark. What he points at for 2021 is policy continuity since as we've noted here Biden is continuing most of Trump's policies. For 2022, he sees a 60% chance of war. Another guest is Richard Wolfe. I'm reminded that I don't watch often enough.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 11 2022 19:15 utc | 172

The biggest potential coup for 2022 isn't a change in government but a Free Trade Deal between China and the Gulf states as Tom Fowdy examines and is also quietly noted by Global Times:

"Saudi Arabian foreign minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said that China is Saudi Arabia's important strategic and development partner and Saudi Arabia firmly supports the one China Principle, as well as China's proper position on Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and human rights issues.

"Saudi Arabia is willing to synergize its 'Vision 2030' with China's Belt and Road Initiative, deepen practical cooperation in oil and gas resources, clean energy, Chinese language teaching and humanities exchanges, Faisal noted."

That's the first time I've seen Saudi having a Vision 2030. Here's a snippet from Fowdy's long very informative essay:

"With all of the Gulf states seeking to diversify their economies away from oil, and China keen to secure as many free trade agreements as it can to counter America’s containment efforts, the conditions are ripe for a deepening of ties. As the Huawei debacle shows, it is clear that the US has miscalculated the amount of leverage it has over these states, which have long had close ties with Washington. Beijing, however, offers them economic and regime security in ways the US does not, which has caused them to increasingly cast their eyes east."

As Hudson told Ashcroft, the Outlaw US Empire is losing ever more vassals because of its dwindling economic power, while China and Russia gain more partners because of their economic prowess.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 11 2022 19:28 utc | 173

Those watching space developments will want to read this: "‘Most important’ scientific mission for Russia in 2022 named."

"The launch of the ground-breaking Luna 25 moon lander mission is set to become the most important milestone for Russian science this year, the president of the country’s Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev has said.

"He expressed confidence that the state-of-the-art spacecraft would make a 'soft and successful' historic first landing in the lunar south pole region, which offers the highest chances of finding water.

"'The launch of the Luna 25 lander is the most important Russian scientific event in 2022 and it marks our return to the Earth’s natural satellite since the 1970s,' Sergeyev told TASS News agency, adding that the summer of 2022 would be the most favorable time for the long-awaited mission.

"'Water is fundamentally important for the exploration of the Moon, because the future lunar settlements are unlikely to experience any major issues with energy, but oxygen is something that needs to be obtained,' the Academy’s president said."

The item mentions the Outlaw US Empire plans to resume manned lunar flights in 2025, a goal that's very improbable, IMO.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 11 2022 19:41 utc | 174

jinn 170

People with even very mild symptom are getting hit with the auto immune condition that's called long covid. I have had inflammatory autoimmune conditions most of my life. In my mid thirties I developed the 'long covid' condition after contracting Ross River fever which normally has very mild or no symptoms. That took seven years to fully recover from. In about 2007/8 I developed that condition again but have no idea what triggered it. Rather than gradually recovering though, my condition continued and worsened.
Vaccines and covid have become extremely political which makes it difficult if not impossible to find reliable information. We have the old tech vaccine available here which I don't have a problem with apart from wondering if it could trigger more autoimmune issues.
These autoimmune conditions triggered by viruses and I am fairly sure there are other triggers go largely unrecognized and untreated in the medical world.
For me it is only anti-inflammatory and antihistamines that have helped. One Drug that is used in some autoimmune conditions that I know from taking in a herbal form helps a lot, I cannot get as doctors wont prescribe it without first diagnosing a known condition. As a herbal medicine it is nasty stuff to take in the long term as it contains quite a number of other alkaloids.
Perhaps this 'long covid' thing, more research will go into triggers and treatments for these conditions.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 11 2022 20:00 utc | 175

Two small pointers for the "world-as-almost-comedy" series.

North Korea fired a hypersonic missile today, (Mach 10) and the US west coast closed down its airspace and airports (for five-six minutes), probably in conjunction with Norad. "N.K. missile traveled more than 700 km at top altitude of 60 km at Mach 10" The US is now racing hard to catch up with North Korea technically.

Russia is holding off attacking Ukraine as it is now ...... too hot. (US source)

Posted by: Stonebird | Jan 11 2022 20:43 utc | 176

@ Peter AU1 | Jan 11 2022 20:00 utc | 175

I thank you, Peter AU1, for continuing to make vital contributions to the bar for barflies to consider despite your suffering as you describe. One of my older brothers is autoimmune deficient although doing well in this pandemic due to his pursuit of the (infamous) boosters — twice now by my count. Once every three months. We are of the late 60s generation, silvering amidst auburn streaks but still vital, athletic, active and aware.

Like others who suffer from immune irregularities that either prey upon the host or open up the to adversarial Trojan horses, he too trucks on, helping others as the situation arises.

May you be happy despite our circumstances.

Posted by: suzan | Jan 11 2022 21:46 utc | 177

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 11 2022 20:00 utc | 175

People with even very mild symptom are getting hit with the auto immune condition that's called long covid.

Well yes, almost everybody who gets covid is not treated, but if they were treated it would be a different story.

The doctors that are successfully treating covid from the first day of symptoms (instead of waiting till they end up going to hospital) report that their patients do not progress to severe covid. I believe them. I don't believe the doctors that have never seen a patient until they have become so sick that treatment is no longer effective. What other disease have doctors refused to see patients until the disease has progressed to the point where people start dying?


These autoimmune conditions triggered by viruses and I am fairly sure there are other triggers go largely unrecognized and untreated in the medical world.

Triggers to autoimmune conditions may most often go untreated but you can't say they are all unrecognized. For instance, eating red meat (meat from other mammals) has been scientifically proven to cause an autoimmune response when consumed by humans. We are all living with autoimmune disease just like we are all living with constant attacks from pathogens and chemicals.

Numerous things in modern life cause an autoimmune response and many people live on the edge of a cliff where something like covid comes along pushes them over the edge.
Here is one study that shows that practically all obese humans suffer from autoimmune disease and covid is prone to pushing that cohort of the population over the edge into a life threatening condition because covid aggravates their already existing autoimmune disease:

Posted by: jinn | Jan 11 2022 23:59 utc | 178

Here's one for psychohistorian and all other public banking activists:

"150+ NY Groups Back Public Banking Bill to Declare 'Independence From Wall Street'"

"Our organizations are fighting for public banks that have a clear mission to advance racial, economic, and environmental justice," the letter supporting the New York Public Banking Act states. "With these principles at their core, public banks would reinvest in New York's low-income and immigrant neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color, meeting critical community needs and strengthening our ability to withstand future crises."

"Wall Street banks have for decades blocked low-income people, immigrants, and people of color from mainstream banking," the letter continues, "relegating them to high-cost, predatory financial services that extract massive amounts of wealth from communities and perpetuate poverty and inequality."

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 12 2022 1:17 utc | 179

@ karlof1 | Jan 12 2022 1:17 utc | 179 with the New York public banking interest link

Thanks. This is the time to be pushing the issue.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 12 2022 2:06 utc | 180

Haiti, Bolivia, coup plots and assassination teams

Ryan Grimm does some good investigative pieces in spite of the fact that he works for oligarch Pierre Omidyar and The Hill. This latest reveal is about 10 minutes: Grimm pulls apart a NYT article, sourcing a Haitian drug dealer/DEA informant/high level fixer named Rodolphe Jaar, who claims the U.S. was behind the assassination of Moise. Grimm reads through the article, gives credit to the journalist and rightly slams the NYT for burying the explosive allegation on paragraph 29 when it should have been a headline.

Grim then connects the assassination in Haiti with an aborted assassination on Bolivia's president Luis Arce. The Bolivia story by Grim is here; it ran in the Intercept on Oct 21, 2021..

"Mercenaries involved in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in July traveled to Bolivia ahead of the country’s election late last year, according to Bolivian authorities. In a press conference on Monday, Bolivian government officials alleged that the mercenaries were in Bolivia with orders to assassinate Luis Arce, then the leading leftist candidate for president."
It was the same assassination team.
I expect a more complete account along with court filings in Bolivia as the investigation continues and will be finished: the Bolivian government is thorough and they will not be deterred. The Haitian aspect will be more difficult as the current president Henry is now widely understood to be involved in the assassination of Moise.

Bottom line, coup and assassination plots by imperial operators are being exposed and defeated more quickly than ever. I expect this trend to continue as support for the Empire crumbles.

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 12 2022 3:13 utc | 181

"Swearing in at inauguration ceremony for his new term attended by envoys from China and Russia and reaffirming cooperation with China, Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega is aligning with current global trends as more Latin American nations elect left-leaning governments that will act in their own best interests,..."

"The US Department of the Treasury said in a statement that it imposed sanctions on six Nicaraguan officials over accusations of state acts of violence, disinformation and targeting of independent media.

“In concert with democracies in the international community, the United States will continue to call out the Ortega-Murillo regime’s ongoing abuses and will deploy diplomatic and economic tools to support the restoration of democracy and respect for human rights in Nicaragua,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement"

"The US Treasury action targeted the minister of defence as well as officials of the military, the company overseeing telecommunications and postal services and the state-owned Nicaraguan Mining Company.

The US Department of State also said it is also taking steps to impose visa restrictions on 116 people it accused of undermining democracy in Nicaragua, barring some mayors, prosecutors and police, prison and military officials, among others, from entering the US."

Both Russia and China moving into the US backyard. Nicaragua no doubt eligible for the Russian defense umbrella if they request it.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 12 2022 4:00 utc | 182

Below is a ZH posting link I found interesting as shown in the take away quote

Who Is Ray Epps? DoJ Refuses To Say, Jan6 Committee Claims 'Not A Fed'

The take away quote from a Greenwald tweet in the posting
This may be, but then why isn't Epps among the more than 700 people charged in connection with 1/6 when there are multiple videos showing him doing far more than many if not most than those who have been charged?
Quote Tweet
January 6th Committee
@January6thCmte· 8h
The Committee has interviewed Epps. Epps informed us that he was not employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on Jan 5th or 6th or at any other time, & that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.

I am not a Trump supporter but do believe that his supporters were played for effect on January 6, 2020

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 12 2022 5:23 utc | 183

Below is a posting from Xinhuanet that shows empire has no shame

U.S. record of torturing prisoners under renewed scrutiny as notorious Guantanamo Bay camp turns 20

At least U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is quoted in the piece as having spoke out about this criminality.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 12 2022 5:40 utc | 184

Jen #124

Incidentally Australian politicians (and the Liberal Party in particular) have long flirted with elements of Croatia's Ustasha movement which might partly explain the long dislike Canberra has had for Novak Djokovic.

It was far more than flirting. They actively enabled the Croation nazis passage to Australia after WWII and they protected them from war crimes prosecutions. One even made his career as far as President of the NSW Liberal Party. He was then exposed for murdering an entire village in a program by Robyn Ravelic and Mark Aarons of Radio Special Projects when the ABC was reputable.

The Oz government paid the passage for young Croatian women to Australia after paying twenty quid to their parents and assured they would marry a young Croatian man waiting in Oz for them.

For more on how Oz shelters war criminals look here.

Many of the Israeli facilitated Christan Falange throat slitters and killers of Sabra and Chatila Palestinian camps in Lebanon ended up living in the western suburbs of Sydney and were used to stack the Liberal party branches.

Poor fellow my country.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 12 2022 9:59 utc | 185

Great to see everyone continue to post away. I thought I might find some insight on the latest color revolution, and indeed I did. I little dissappointing that the dominant covid narrative is still afloat, but it takes all types. See'ya in a month or so.

Posted by: Chevrus | Jan 12 2022 13:23 utc | 186

Everyone ready for 6G? Well, it's moving right along and China's in the vanguard:

"China vowed to increase support for 6G innovations and promote 6G international standardization in a digital economy development plan for 2021-25 released on Wednesday, reiterating the country's ambition of maintaining its edge in the ultrafast 6G era, despite challenges and hurdles.

"According to the roadmap, which was launched by the State Council, China's cabinet, the added value of the core industries of the digital economy will account for 10 percent of GDP by 2025, and the digital transformation of the industry will reach a new level."

6G relies on a system of low orbit satellites that will pose a problem if every nation tries to establish its own stand-alone system as Space-X is already demonstrating:

"Xiang also said that the push of 6G technology entails the establishment of a complicated satellites network, and China might soon launch more low-Earth orbit satellites to make preparations for its 6G strategy.

"Observers warned that the development of 6G faces many challenges, as it will be difficult to form unified international 6G standards from a political perspective, given the divisive role of the US government."

We'll witness a very serious competition between the Outlaw US Empire and China over who gets to set 6G's international standards--that is if the Empire's able to compete.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 12 2022 16:24 utc | 187

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 12 2022 4:00 utc | 182
"Both Russia and China moving into the US backyard. Nicaragua no doubt eligible for the Russian defense umbrella if they request it."
Yet another failed attempt at color revolution in Nicaragua.
Here's another report from Venezuela's Orinoco Tribune that goes with what you cited Peter.

The writer, Daniel Kovalik, states:
"I’ve just attended the latest inauguration of Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega as Nicaraguan president and found him in a bullish mood, relishing his country’s improved ties with China and critical of American hypocrisy."

The Grayzone's Ben Norton has a deeper 20 minute dive into Nicaragua here.
Norton spends lots of time there and is a very good source. The first 10 minutes of the report he gives a bit of history along with a key point on why the Sandinistas are so popular: they do things! Norton explains how their public housing program works: funded by one third fed, one third municipal, one third home buyer, low interest, sliding scale mortgage and then when it's all paid the deed goes to the female head of house.
The second half of the vid. (10 min mark) Norton talks about China, BRI and Nicaragua's recent acceleration of its involvement which might include the canal.
As Peter said, Nicaragua and Russia are very good friends since the 1979 Sandinista revolution.
Look for Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to lead Latin America's BRI networks, followed by Bolivia. Each country has a pro-empire, NIA/AID/CIA larded contingent but they are getting confronted and squeezed and exposed. China, Russia and Iran will help.

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 12 2022 18:29 utc | 188

Last year I linked to the report dealing with Gazprom's being charged with the task of gasification of as much of Russia as possible--quite a large task. Today, Alexander Novak gave his progress report, which is in Russian. It follows an update on the pandemic and a report on the new laws that entered into force on the new year. What readers will want to note is the report that follows Novak's, which is about the work United Russia--Russia's primary political party--has done in getting Russians involved with the gasification program. The work being done is unusual for any Western political party as they don't usually engage in what amounts to social work. IMO, this is quite similar to what community-based CPC workers in China do, which is important when trying to gain an understanding of Russia's society and culture of volunteerism, which is very strong.

An important point I'd like to make known to those who bothered to click and read my comment is an observation about Putin's nature. At the end of the session a report was made about the tragic coal mine accident during the holidays in the Kemerovo Region. What follows are Putin's words at the close of the meeting:

"Someone has a holiday, and someone has a misfortune and tragedy. Of course, everything must be done to support people during this difficult period of time. Work, of course, should be exclusively individual, because there are a lot of questions and difficulties in life. We do not think about them when we do not encounter problems of this kind, and then it turns out that these issues can be solved only in close contact with those people on whom the adoption of certain decisions depends and who should approach the solution of these issues not formally. I ask you to keep that in mind.

"If you need something from the Government, from the President, please contact us immediately."

My point is simple: For Putin, Russia's people and their wellbeing are important--always. That is not the case with most western leaders as shown by their policies and behavior.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 12 2022 18:32 utc | 189

Here is an accurate account of the Novak Djokovic fiasco to date. There is no doubt, as the timeline shows, He was denied natural justice, see below:

I actually prefer the Wiki definition, it includes, for North American readers, 'procedural fairness':

Suffice it to say, when have the Anglo/Zionist 'exceptionaalists' cared about natural justice or procedural fairness, at home or abroad? 

Posted by: Paul | Jan 12 2022 19:37 utc | 190

Below is a link to a Xinhuanet posting that, IMO, questions the long term viability of the UN

8 member states lose right to vote at UN due to unpaid dues

Iran and Venezuela are two of the nations and they owe a combined 60 million USD....chump change for other nations to come up with unless things are going to change?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 13 2022 5:38 utc | 191

migueljose thanks for posting that. It is good to see peoples lives improving. Hopefully the era of the Monroe Doctrine is nearing its end.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 13 2022 5:57 utc | 192

Ms Janet Reno
Attorney General of the USA
Ref: English Jurisdiction
29 May 2000

Queens Bench 1994-C-2024
JP Cleary v Anglia Television

Dear Ms Reno,
The sovereign people of America are in great danger from a malign foreign power. Some salient facts:

1) Lloyds of London and the British Crown are one and the same. What happened at Lloyds (Time Magazine 21 February 2000) represents the precedent for the surrender of American sovereignty. This process if unchecked will culminate with the re-absorption of the United States into the British Empire and the full extension of English jurisdiction over all American citizens

2) There is no public scrutiny or supervision of the English Court because the people are not sovereign.

3) Queens Counsel, though professional advocates and litigators, also have the power to sit in judgement and deputise as a High Court judge.

4) This obscene combination inevitably leads to reciprocity and a secret, though active market in purchased decisions.

5) The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand personify this culture of cheating and corruption with High Court Judge John Baker available to issue forged documents under a false name.

6) Mr Blair trained as a barrister with Derry Irvine and formed his character within this culture of cheating and corruption. Though Scottish and still in his twenties he was given the safest Labour seat in England. Likewise Mr Major, when unknown, was given Huntingdon, the safest Conservative seat in the country.

7) Mrs Blair QC also trained with Irvine and obtained her powers from the Queen on the day Mr Blair became Prime Minister. She can now cheat low-paid council workers with greater efficiency and even more profit.

8) Despite its poor public image the House of Lords served a clear constitutional purpose as an independent check. Hereditary Peers sit as of personal right and are not dependent on Crown patronage. By stripping these Peers of the right to vote but not their right to sit Mr Blair has completed the creation of a de facto hereditary dictatorship behind a smiling democratic façade.

9) The court is a diligent enforcer of draconian libel and secrecy laws buried deep within obscure legislation. There is no free speech, no plurality of the press. Look at the party line on the Princess of Wales and the Blairs’ reproductive achievement. Look at the suppression of Lloyds stories and the banning of Kitty Kelley’s book on the Windsors. Look at the career of Jeffrey Archer, from Star libel to withdrawal from the race to be mayor. The people are not stupid but they know nothing because they are subjects. And subjects have no rights to truth, information, balance or free expression other than those the Sovereign chooses to bestow.

10) Extra-territorial action and conquest is now an established fact. Look to Ireland’s leadership of liars paid by the British Crown and look to the future (two directly elected Presidents, the Prime Minister and Attorney General. And a press monopoly controlled from England).

11) This dictatorship actively and aggressively interferes in American politics and subverts the democratic process in many ways. Just one: she creates “Honorary Knights” – second identities with bank accounts and a passport which are not American citizens and so not subject to the universal “worldwide income” rule for American taxes. Not everyone pays their fair share and not everyone is chased by the IRS.

12) With American politics ruled by money and secrecy who can compete with those who pay no taxes? With those who maintain absolute personal privacy through a secret second identity in London? With those who take commissions from money grubbing brokers? With those who cheat? I repeat: the sovereign people of America are in great danger from this malign foreign dictatorship.

13) And last, the big secret. There are two persons called “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth”. Both hate democracy and ordinary people with a passion. Both exercise Royal Prerogative powers. Both command private armies with “the right sense of duty”. But only one has sworn and is bound by the Coronation Oath of fidelity to the Nation.

Posted by: John Cleary | Jan 13 2022 14:28 utc | 193

John Cleary @193--

Most interesting, John. What happened further in the proceedings? Did you get an opportunity to read Kelly's book on the Windsors before it was banned? In writing my summation of yesterday's thread about the failure of the meetings prior to publishing it at my VK Space, I emended my opening sentence thusly:

"Following its parent Empire's example, the Outlaw US Empire has made Russia into an enemy as the Empire continues its attempt to establish Full Spectrum Dominance over the planet and its people."

I've flirted on occasion with calling the entity the Outlaw Anglo Empire to reflect its core members and "special relationship." IMO, that's more appropriate given the publicly available evidence. Your opinion?

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 13 2022 17:10 utc | 194

Hello Karl, and thank you for your continuing support

Let me just try to post the second half of that communication and I'll come back to you.

Nope. b won't let me post it.

Your questions. Yes, it's the Anglo Empire, as is clear from the second half of my letter.

It all began with Churchill and his "Iron Curtain" speech, didn't it?

I never got the chance to read the book. I live in the "Free" West.

As for myself, I've never stopped fighting, even tho' the old slag has tried to bury me beneath a mountain of shit. It's a story best told via contemporary correspondence. Of which there is a great deal.

Fortunately she'll be dead soon. Then it's her son.

Which reminds me. Given what we now know about Andrew and his pal Epstein in Manhatten circa 2000, and his elder brother Charles and his pal Savile in Glencoe around the same time. Do you think they ever got together and had some fun with underage corpses?

Posted by: John Cleary | Jan 13 2022 18:41 utc | 195

Given the history of UK Royalty, I'd not exclude that possibility. Should Russia target the Queen as one of the Neoliberal Fascists wanting war?

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 13 2022 19:06 utc | 196

Oh, and you could post the remainder of your letter to my VK wall.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 13 2022 19:07 utc | 197

That would be wonderful, Karl.

How do I do that?

Posted by: John Cleary | Jan 13 2022 19:44 utc | 198

My name is hyperlinked to that page, then you enter your prose into the comment box beneath the photos. I don't think you need to be enrolled in VK to do that, but you might. If so, then you'll need to go through those motions which would give you your own site to publish at, although mine will currently get more traffic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 13 2022 20:05 utc | 199


It will take a bit of time. I've no mobile phone (never had one - money issues)

I'll try to get around it.

Posted by: John Cleary | Jan 13 2022 22:02 utc | 200

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