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January 26, 2022

Open Thread 2022-08

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Posted by b on January 26, 2022 at 18:43 UTC | Permalink

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The McMansion Hell blog has always been entertaining as well as a look at just how the wealthier in America lack style and taste.

This one is particularly funny: a look at Chicago suburb McMansions which the author considers a kind of tour de force of the worst of McMansions in America:

Suburban Chicago McMansions Follow A Dark Logic at McMansion Hell

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 26 2022 18:55 utc | 1


Lol i had a good laugh, thanks!

Posted by: A.L. | Jan 26 2022 19:01 utc | 2

7 Stories, 7 Years of Armed Conflict in Ukraine;

Posted by: D0ng | Jan 26 2022 19:17 utc | 3

Steady stream of "minor" terrorist provocations in Baghdad (grenade attacks against homes and offices of key individuals), attempting to derail Iraqi government coalition formation... way too confusing for me, would be interesting to get explanations / interpretations.

Posted by: ptb | Jan 26 2022 19:36 utc | 4

So Russia has received a written response which the US asked to be kept secret. Wonder if it was serious or not?

Posted by: the pessimist | Jan 26 2022 19:36 utc | 5

So Russia has received a written response which the US asked to be kept secret. Wonder if it was serious or not?

Posted by: the pessimist | Jan 26 2022 19:36 utc | 5

It seems clear at this point that Blinken intends to stall and dissemble. We'll have to see how far he gets with that.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 26 2022 19:49 utc | 6

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Thank you very much!

Bernhard aka b.

Being banned from commenting here, due to your lack of a sense of humor, we know how you feel.

Posted by: Bo Robinson | Jan 26 2022 19:57 utc | 7

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 26 2022 18:55 utc | 1

Hilarious link, thanks. What a piece of anthropological testimony. Sydney has its fair share of these too. It's a feature of nations composed of poor illiterate migrants from Europe who start again and think that material success is demonstrated by excessive quantity crafted from some children's illustration of "Olden Times" only with every architectural cliché from the 12th-18th century crammed in. Like people who buy Porsche 4WDs (if there was a Ferrari SUV they'd buy it in a heartbeat). It reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer's brother asks him to design a car. Umberto Eco discusses this phenomenon in his Travels in Hyperreality in his discussion of the Hearst Castle. Eventually their grandchildren will disown them and their crass ignorance, which will be the real token of success. I'm pretty sure my ancestors were like this. In Australia and the USA I'm pretty sure everyone's ancestors were like this. Thanks for the laugh.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jan 26 2022 20:09 utc | 8

Yesterday there was a brief moment when the Guardian ran an online headline "US offers emergency proposals after Russia cuts off gas to Europe" which was changed about an hour later to "US offers emergency proposals in the event that Russia cuts off gas to Europe". The staggering degree of misinformation flowing from the MSM on this is gobsmacking. Mercouris is absolutely right about NS2 being behind much of this, as well as the need for an international distraction from the implosion of governments in the UK and US. Now that the Ukrainians have distanced themselves from the frenzied rhetoric it will be France and Germany who will start a grown-up dialogue and return to Minsk. With the pandemic running out of steam (no one cares about covid any more) and confidence in US hegemony experiencing collapse on all fronts it will be interesting to see what the next desperate half-assed move will be.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jan 26 2022 20:24 utc | 9

Here is the same kind of report claiming "Russia cuts gas supplies to Europe"

I'd be interested in b's take on this. This 'Europe-will-not-be-blackmailed' crap and faux solidarity with Germany from US, Australia, UK, etc seems like one last ditch attempt to stop NATO from heading into the dustbin of history.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jan 26 2022 20:33 utc | 10

I had not seen this study before, it is an interesting confirmation of my gut instinct in early 2020, when I hurriedly went out to buy, among other supplements, a big bottle of lysine pills. I had based this hunch on my familiarity with a good friend's success with lysine in managing hsv1 (cold soar) outbreaks. I never actually got to use it, as I later figured out that I had been ill with corona even before I went shopping for the pills and supplements.

There is only one problem with this, amino acids are (yet) unpatentable..

Read the linked full text article, it is not very long or technically complex. The journal is reputable.

Viruses. 2021 Jul; 13(7): 1301. Published online 2021 Jul 4. doi: 10.3390/v13071301

Effects of Basic Amino Acids and Their Derivatives on SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza-A Virus Infection

Ivonne Melano,1 Li-Lan Kuo,2 Yan-Chung Lo,3 Po-Wei Sung,4 Ni Tien,5,6 and Wen-Chi Su1,2,7,*
Kenneth Lundstrom, Academic Editor


Amino acids have been implicated with virus infection and replication. Here, we demonstrate the effects of two basic amino acids, arginine and lysine, and their ester derivatives on infection of two enveloped viruses, SARS-CoV-2, and influenza A virus. We found that lysine and its ester derivative can efficiently block infection of both viruses in vitro. Furthermore, the arginine ester derivative caused a significant boost in virus infection. Studies on their mechanism of action revealed that the compounds potentially disturb virus uncoating rather than virus attachment and endosomal acidification. Our findings suggest that lysine supplementation and the reduction of arginine-rich food intake can be considered as prophylactic and therapeutic regimens against these viruses while also providing a paradigm for the development of broad-spectrum antivirals.


5. Conclusions

Lysine and Lys-ester can prevent SARS-CoV-2 and IAV infection, particularly in the entry stage. In contrast to that, Arg-ester can potently boost infection of both viruses. It would therefore be beneficial to consider the nutrient intake of COVID-19 and flu patients. We recommend the inclusion of lysine supplementation in addition to a reduced arginine intake for the prevention and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 and IAV infections.

Posted by: Lurk | Jan 26 2022 20:37 utc | 11

China needs to ally with Russia on chips. This article seems to support my idea that computer chips are a primary roadblock to ending US hegemony.

Posted by: Eighthman | Jan 26 2022 21:03 utc | 12

Not really a PR coup for the US military might, is it?

US Navy Rushes to Salvage Remnants of F-35 That Crashed in South China Sea Before PRC Does

A Navy F-35C crashed into the deck of the USS Carl Vinson while attempting a landing during operations in the South China Sea on Monday, with the pilot ejecting safely but sustaining injuries. Six members of the carrier’s crew were also injured. The stealth jet’s remains were said to have plunged overboard and sunk.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 26 2022 21:05 utc | 13

C1ue @ 1

That author did Barrington. He should take his camera to Skokie. Same houses built lot line to lot line on much smaller lots. In neighborhoods of fifty foot lots they will demolish four houses to build a 200foot “long house”.

Of course these oversized structures crowded onto small lots violate zoning ordinances, but who is building these places are gangsters. Russian and Ukrainian gangsters. Also illegal are the tactics used to acquire the contiguous lots. Some people you do not argue with. They have become a bit more quiet in terms of you no longer see steroidal Special Forces types standing guard out front.

Or he could photograph the compound of our governor, Jay Pritzker, who acquired and razed an entire city block in what was once Old Town to display his vulgarity.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 26 2022 21:10 utc | 14

Re: Ugly houses
For some reason, everyone wants to live in a funeral parlor.

Posted by: Platero | Jan 26 2022 21:19 utc | 15

@Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 26 2022 21:05 utc | 13

I expect Chinese to be "Plane junk, don't want, our better.".

Posted by: Abe | Jan 26 2022 21:47 utc | 16

Patroklos @ 8

You are late to the party. There is a Ferrari SUV. And a Lamborghini SUV. Etc. Yes, the same people buy them.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 26 2022 21:53 utc | 17

Posted by: Abe | Jan 26 2022 21:47 utc | 16

That's what they are really afraid of, that the Chinese won't rush to get a look at it.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 26 2022 22:08 utc | 18

Gilbert Doctorow has an important article today on an Open Letter published by a number of German intellectuals.

"...The authors of the Open Letter blame the United States for taking the initiative to exert pressure on the Russian Federation, and the United States for imposing its will on its allies. The text emphasizes that the Western policy of confrontation with Russia does not correspond to the German and European interests; rather it panders to the U.S. desire to keep Western Europe under its control: “The demand that Germany strengthen its pressure on Russia still further subordinates German foreign policy to American policy. The so-called conflict between the West/Europe and Russia was always a conflict between the USA and Russia....”

Posted by: bevin | Jan 26 2022 22:25 utc | 19

We do not want to make our proposals public is a good proof of precarious situation. Not even the core proposals have been hinted at.
Slowly I get the idea that these politically responsible people believe that the people in Europe are hopelessly blinded. Under the mask of "solidarity" a hypocritical marketing idea is propagated. The trust since AUKUS, JCPOA etc. is long lost. If Boris, the clown, would have explained, I could understand that and would have laughed out loud. But the majority of the people in Europe have not given up the hope that at least from the USA still halfway trustworthy proposals are brought in. If further so silly statements are made I see black for the NATO at the most as English-American twaddle club.

Posted by: ted | Jan 26 2022 22:27 utc | 20

B. Do you remember you posted a US Government request for proposal to maintain the sevostopol naval base in crimea during the coup? Can you direct me where I can find that please.

Posted by: Toxik | Jan 26 2022 22:32 utc | 21

Structural Contributory Factors Associated with COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Americans

Posted by: Dogon Priest | Jan 26 2022 22:34 utc | 22

ptb 4

There was also the attack and breakout at the ISIS prison in Syria. The battle with the attackers went on for five days or more. Makes me think US is reactivating ISIS.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 26 2022 22:37 utc | 23

More adventures with the Turkish weasel reported here.

It was with this in mind that Erdogan’s key aide Ibrahim Kalın met Biden’s National Security Advisor in the second week of January. As the statement issued after the meeting shows, Ankara was particularly keen to project its role as a regional mediator – a strategic balancer – for the US. Ibrahim stressed that the “Ukraine crisis should be resolved through dialogue” and that Turkey is “determined to continue its role in ensuring peace and stability in the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.”
My emphasis.

I suspect that speech by Ibrahim Kalin was written by his little weasel word mate Richard Moore the previous english ambassador to Turkey and now head of MI6. It reeks of englander hubris and dishonesty.

However in this report the eminent fool erdogan is currying favour with the usa proposing it be recognised as their 'friend' and agent for stability in exchange for some of those shiny flying machines.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 26 2022 22:37 utc | 24

The propaganda is unrelenting

"Every indication" is that Putin plans to "use force" by mid-February. This shit is ridiculous.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 26 2022 22:39 utc | 25

Deep sea fishing in hostile waters.......

"The US Navy is going to fish a wrecked F-35 out of the South China Sea. Here's how it's likely to get its stealth jet back."

Posted by: dh | Jan 26 2022 22:41 utc | 26

I wonder if b will effect a correction of his COVID narrative. Are 'vaccines' still good for us all and save lives? Are they really vaccines or death shots?

Oh, sorry, don't mention the vaccines, COVID really exists and PCR tests are useful, and Reiner Fuellmich is not preparing a trial for mass murder:

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 26 2022 22:42 utc | 27

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 26 2022 18:55 utc | 1

LOL pretty funny. The rest of the site is good too. I'd been planning to use all my crypto to buy a McMansion too!

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 26 2022 22:47 utc | 28

Could someone kindly let James'in Canada know that the answer to his question "what am I going to do about it?" is "Just watch."

I am going to raise an army or two.
This is the Art of Peace.

And I am looking for Karlos off of VK if he can help.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Jan 26 2022 22:52 utc | 29

Idiocrates #27

Whilst I appreciate Reiner Fuellmich has good intentions, I doubt he has good implementation.

There are many legal options in most jurisdictions to seek common law remedies for the assaults and incompetencies of states in their covid responses. None are being utilised by any legal teams that I can see. There are exceptions in the USA where court powers have been granted mandating various medicinal uses. But the public interest prosecutions are thin on the ground elsewhere.

Fuellmich seems to be taking a long time at the posturing stage of his prosecution.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 26 2022 22:52 utc | 30

I have to admit I'm pretty confused about all this COVID stuff by this point. My wife and I both got Moderna mRNA vaccines and boosters and her mom and dad got just the Phizer vaccines (her mom only one, her dad two). Her sister did not get the vax and of course our 7 year old niece, her daughter, also did not get it.

To begin the story, on Christmas night (not eve) my wife and I were at our friends house with them and their two kids. The following day they felt sick and 3 out of 4 got positive PCR test results, the husband for whatever reason not taking one, but assuming he had it due to his symptoms and the fact that his wife and kids all had it.

We never came down ill and tested negative when my wife was feeling what turned out to be allergies.

Then, two weeks ago on Saturday the sister and niece came over to the house and hung out for a while. The niece spent the night in the same bed as my wife and they did all sorts of activities the next day. Later that same Sunday, the sister woke up feeling ill and got a positive PCR test result as did the niece who was asymptomatic but they were at one of those popup testing sites common in the USA and decided to just both get tested. About half a week later, my in-laws also started feeling ill and they too got positive antigen tests. Both of them had very mild symptoms which went away after a few days.

Neither of us developed any symptoms.

Finally, this past weekend my father in law (wife's dad, again) helped me pick up a big tri-fuel generator at the local Home Depot which we got due to the horrible reliability of the electrical grid in most of Texas. Being that it weighs over 240lbs, he had to help me get it into the back of his truck. He came over to the house to drop it off during which time I was in pretty close company with him. The next day he felt ill AGAIN and took an antigen test which was positive.

We have not caught it once again.

So my confusion lies in a couple of areas here. 1) If this Omicron variant is so damn transmissible and if (some?) vaccines are not, or not as effective against it, how did we both avoid catching it three separate times? 2) Could it be that maybe Moderna's vaccine is the better of the mRNA vaccines since nobody I personally know who got that one has ever come down with COVID? 3) With the constant scare mongering and warnings about deaths and hospital capacity but not knowing anyone who was vaxxed that got a bad case, is there something else at play here? It's not like anyone in the US is pushing for more lockdowns. Most people in the Houston suburbs aren't even wearing masks inside of stores anymore (myself included, but I do use some nasal cold prevention gel before and after shopping). I have only once in the two years of this pandemic ever seen someone cough and sneeze in public. I'm starting to doubt some of the major narratives.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 26 2022 23:00 utc | 31

Tom_Q_Collins #25

"Every indication" is that Putin plans to "use force" by mid-February. This shit is ridiculous.

Indeed it is and fully expected from the CIAFrance24 team. That sad little CIA megaphone can only tweet one pathetic tune. It will be interesting to hear from russia in the next 24 hours and to get some impression of the scribbling from the usa side. My hunch is that it will be entirely hedged in by weasel words and non committal language and pretty much useless.

Meanwhile I expect continuous shenanigans in ukraine and elsewhere. Business as usual will be the actual response from usa and that is what counts. I am keeping an eye on the middle east as it may be one barometer of a changed russian stance.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 26 2022 23:04 utc | 32

Forgot to add #4) Are the majority of the at-home antigen tests just not reliable at all? I mean, everyone we knew that got a positive DID have symptoms except one of the kids, so I guess I have no reason to assume it was wrong. But could another coronavirus like the 'common' cold also trigger a false COVID positive result in antigen (or PCR) tests?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 26 2022 23:04 utc | 33

I will not pollute the message board with my insanity. But Tom Q Collins - we are all being played. Be happy you are in Texas - if I read correctly. I have decided to become the one man army of an ad agency to promote States of Emergency by Kees van der Pijl. Just finished it. Pretty scared and upset. Listening to Russian hardbass makes me feel better though. At least we aren't in Kazakhstan without electricity. Still haven't heard from my friends there.

Off to work. I am ready to move to Dallas. Houston has better music though...

Posted by: lex talionis | Jan 26 2022 23:07 utc | 34

Here you have an article with a screenshotof the tender since obviously it is not posted anymore. It was published at the end of 2013 a few months before Maidan. They saw themselves hoisting the US flag in Sebastopol, how daring.

Sebastopol School

Posted by: Paco | Jan 26 2022 23:08 utc | 35

C1ue @ 1, Patroklos @ 8:

What Patroklos says about past faux-palaces in Sydney was true once a upon a time. During the 1950s/60s the bulk of poor immigrants were from Greece, Italy and Malta (Greece and Italy then suffering political instability and Greece in particular going through civil war, a monarchy no-one except the British and the Americans wanted and then a military coup in 1968) and built up fortunes in Australia through their own efforts which they then celebrated in building or extending homes - often housing three generations of the one family: elderly parents, brothers with wives and their children - into double-storeyed mansions featuring balconies with those ubiquitous white balustrades, fountains and white statues in the front gardens, and lots of marble. These houses were often built or renovated by their owners themselves and some might still exist in western and southwestern Sydney (especially Fairfield Council area where many Italians settled in the 1950s/60s). I used to see a lot of these houses as a child when sometimes my parents drove through Sydney and I'd look out the car windows and see these large brick houses with the balustraded balconies, the fountains and the life-sized Virgin Mary marble statues. Although a lot of them probably broke local council rules at the time, they never looked all that ugly, their features were not very over-sized, and many actually looked as if they'd been built by people with an innate sense of balance, style and beauty even if inside their homes they were discussing and divvying up local Mafia gang territory.

(The current equivalent of past Italian and Greek migrants recreating their past historical glories in their homes might be Iranian and Chinese migrants in parts of northern Sydney turning their streets into local historical kitsch theme parks.)

The McMansions that infest so many parts of Sydney today, particularly in the northwest (Baulkham Hills Shire area), but all right across the city's metropolitan areas, are project homes built by private companies for a new generation of nouveau riche clients. These homes are properly McMansion houses of the type C1ue refers to. The main difference between the Chicago McMansions and the Sydney McMansions is that the Sydney McMansions literally look as if they won't last longer than a few years before rot sets in rapidly: they are that flat and cardboard-looking, and look as if they all came out of the same crappy 3D-printing machine.

I don't object to migrants who make good in their new countries wanting to have a little bit of what they call culture (however kitsch it is) in a land that otherwise wouldn't have any culture apart from what bacteria provide.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 26 2022 23:15 utc | 36

State Duma of the Russian Federation: The West's response to Russia's proposals on security guarantees must be recognized as unambiguously negative.

Posted by: alaff | Jan 26 2022 23:16 utc | 37

Posted by: lex talionis | Jan 26 2022 23:07 utc | 34

I too will not pollute this board anymore after this. Honestly, I've lived in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston and El Paso and of course the better music scene was in Austin, but Dallas is pretty good too. We're about 45 min from downtown Houston and at the age where I don't really bother too much with live music anymore. That has less to do with the pandemic than it does with my having discovered JBL compression drivers and waveguides (horns) which make music at home sound exactly like it does live. Anyway I'm confident you'll be happy with the live music in Dallas.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 26 2022 23:16 utc | 38

I think metallicman


(I am a new fanboi) who posted on the preivious thread is right. Lots of USA ships in western Pacific. Quick, look over there.

Posted by: lex talionis | Jan 26 2022 23:19 utc | 39

Oh this is too wonderful for words!

Prince Andrew denies being co-conspirator of Epstein and insists on jury trial
Duke denies Jeffrey Epstein ‘trafficked girls to him’ and demands trial in Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse lawsuit

This is wonderful because at this very moment his mother is in the process of removing the right to trial by jury in the United Kingdom in just these cases!

The lead is being taken in Scotland, under Führer Sturgeon, because Scots do not have the Magna Carta of 1215. As you know from American jurisprudence, Magna Carta prohibits taking a man's liberty other than by a jury of his peers. So Sturgeon and the mad judge Doreen are in the vanguard in castrating the enemies of the Crown.

England and Wales will follow in due course once we've been softened up.

Of course Prince Andrew deserves better than she wants for the rest of us.
He's a Royal "Prince of the blood".
And a Knight of the Garter

Posted by: John Cleary | Jan 26 2022 23:25 utc | 40

Paco 35

I read tender notice on the US embassy site at the time.
At around that time, when ISIS was in full swing, US embassy Syria put up for tender construction of an oil pipeline in 'rebel' held part of Syria. Tender was only open to US companies.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 26 2022 23:27 utc | 41

@19 bevin
re: Gilbert Doctorow, open letter of German intellectuals

Gives some hope to read that, thanks. Likely to fall on deaf ears for the time being, but it's certainly worth it for all Europeans, far beyond just Germany, to open their eyes - that it's they who bear the price for the artificial breakdown in relations between EU and its primary energy supplier.
In contrast to US (together with other LNG exporters) who actually collect economic benefits, with little risk to them and little effort required other than propaganda and the threat of sabotaging international commerce via the inexplicable veto power over of other countries' banking systems.

At the end of the day, the remarkably harmful US imperium, in all it's drone-bombing-glory, exists because of the mental laziness of so-called elites in OECD countries who facilitate it.

Posted by: ptb | Jan 26 2022 23:32 utc | 42

Tom Q Collins @31 &33

Simple. Some people are just not susceptible. If your memory goes back as far as the Diamond Princess episode only 18% of passengers, nearly all of them elderly, were infected. CDC would later say that while transmission was largely within households only 19% of persons living with an infected household member would get sick. For alpha through delta 18-20% susceptible has held.

Omicron is different. Guesses so far are that perhaps 50% of the population is susceptible. Our downstairs neighbors just had it. Very noteworthy was that of the 19 year old twins one had it bad and one had it not at all. The 16 year old blew it off in two days. Mom is still sick.

Many diseases are this way. Nothing new.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 26 2022 23:35 utc | 43

Phil Butler takes a peek at Africa and the state of play of geoplitics in the region at Alert Africa: Get Ready for the Customary “Predatoriness” From the West

(Apologies for no direct link as it fails to post for some mystery.)

This World Economic Forum report tells us what’s really going on with all the Russophobia/Africa dialogue. Get this, I love it. Colin Coleman, who was at the time the CEO of Goldman Sachs in Sub-Saharan Africa, gave us “This region will be worth $5.6 trillion within 5 years – but only if it accelerates its policy reforms.” Interestingly, I should say surprisingly, Coleman’s assessment of Africa’s current situation is not far off. It’s refreshing to know that the biggest predators on Earth, the Wall Street lions, do actually understand the situation. But before we hire Goldman Sachs to run the world, let’s dig deeper.

Coleman has now left Goldman Sachs to be a senior-fellow at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. I won’t detail this school here, but former Secretary of State John Kerry established the so-called “Kerry Initiative” here. Oh, and since Wagener Group seems such a hot topic in the Sahel and elsewhere in Africa, the presence of McChrystal Group LLC founder, the disgraced former commander of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), four-star General Stanley McChrystal as a fellow-fellow of Coleman seems pertinent. While the reader stews on this, more news from South Africa, where Coleman is one of the most influential people, bears mentioning here.

We need to understand the depth and breadth of American policy in Africa and the world. Warriors, the US State Department, and banksters educating future leaders should be of concern, or am I delusional? Fortunately, all the machinations of Wall Street, Downing, Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Think Tank Row do not seem to have swayed South Africa’s leadership with regard to Russia, and the NATO forward position in Ukraine.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 26 2022 23:36 utc | 44

I think the reported move of Russia into the Latin American mix is a strategic feint by Putin. He knows that Russian “meddling” sets hair on fire at the US DOS. And is counting on them to make a mistake in their zeal to retaliate. Missile bases require troops to defend them, and there is the real possibility of a full fledged American naval blockade of the Caribbean should Russia move to that level. It's a fight Putin cannot win. A feint, purely.

Posted by: Billy | Jan 26 2022 23:42 utc | 45

Addendum to comment @ 36:

Then of course there was this newspaper article of nearly 10 years ago about a councillor in Hornsby shire (northern Sydney) pushing a motion to have mock-Federation houses in a street listed as an actual historical kitsch theme park ... sorry, heritage conservation area.

Built in the 1990s, mock-Federation McMansions now heritage listed

"... Hornsby councillor Bruce Mills is leading a push to have Cannan Close, Cherrybrook, gazetted as a heritage conservation area.

While the cul-de-sac was only developed in the 1990s, Mr Mills said it was already architecturally significant, and brushed aside claims that it was too new to be listed.

"I don't think anyone turns into Cannan Close who doesn't let out an involuntary 'wow'," Mr Mills said. "The houses are consistent in their look, feel, style and materials, the width of the blocks, even the trees and gardens.

"I know that the Cannan Close dwellings are only 20 or so years old, but what will our grandchildren be debating if we say it's not old enough?

"Under these new planning laws, nothing will survive until it's 70 years old because nothing is protected."..."

I'm sure the houses are consistent in their look, style, use of substandard materials and oversized scale.

Needless to say, the article had something to say about a building deserving of heritage conservation status consideration being bulldozed.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 26 2022 23:44 utc | 46

Lavrov is the man

Russian FM Lavrov says NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg 'lost touch with reality'

Posted by: lex talionis | Jan 26 2022 23:47 utc | 47

China needs to ally with Russia on chips. This article seems to support my idea that computer chips are a primary roadblock to ending US hegemony.

Eighthman | Jan 26 2022 21:03 utc | 12:

AFAIK, the semiconductor issue is currently being resolved but, it'll be a few years before those foundries are operational. The next problem is software. Although Huawei have rolled out their own OS (Harmony) for their own smartphones, the rest of the devices in the computing world still relies on Microsoft and Google. Apparently, China and Microsoft had started a joint venture back in 2015 to develop a secure Windows-based operating systems for the Chinese government and state-owned enterprises. Given the political climate, I'm not so sure if this partnership is still valid or not.

Russia on the other hand wisely went in the opposite direction to develop their own "national operating system" based on Linux around the same time as when the Chinese-Microsoft deal was made. No idea on when it's expected to roll out.

Posted by: Ian2 | Jan 26 2022 23:53 utc | 49

lex talionis

That was in response to Stoltenburg's speech in relation to the written response. For me, the important part of lavrov's response was that other had always attacked Russia and got what they deserved.
I guess Stoltenburg is too much of a fool to realize how close he and NATO are to ceasing to exist.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 27 2022 0:02 utc | 50

This is clearly another example of Zionist genocide:

Posted by: Paul | Jan 27 2022 0:06 utc | 51

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 26 2022 23:35 utc | 43

Yes, obviously some people are naturally less susceptible and others more. That said, I generally catch every bug that comes within 50 feet of me and my wife is a little more lucky. It's the fact that neither of us caught anything for so many times combined with the other fact that I'm 90% sure we already had COVID in January of 2020 after visiting many places in California (which is I guess too long ago to still have the antibodies, but perhaps the body gains a sort of memory and even with no antibodies present can quickly generate them if encountered again). We were horribly ill. The wife had a dry cough and felt miserable, I was bedridden for 2 straight days although I don't remember any shortness of breath or loss of taste/smell. It wasn't assumed to be spreading in the continental US until February or March, but I don't buy that for a second.

I'm just in minor shock that I haven't caught it yet. My wife's immune system is usually better than mine.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 27 2022 0:25 utc | 52

Ukraine: president and security adviser making deescalating remarks, while the US and its media heating up hysteria of Russian invasion tomorrow. Does not fit to my picture of Zelenskis game.
Who knows backgrounds?

Posted by: Jan | Jan 27 2022 0:28 utc | 53

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 26 2022 21:53 utc | 17

Oh no! I was in denial. I'd get one but only if it had tail fins and a bank of spotlights on the top for nights out hog-shootin'.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jan 27 2022 0:31 utc | 54

Posted by: bevin | Jan 26 2022 22:25 utc | 19
thanks bevin!
Somebody at this bar introduced me to doctorow during the past year, impressive. Appreciate the link. This appears to be a big and important escalation from the German Admiral's courageous statement and resignation.

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 27 2022 0:33 utc | 55

Patroklos 54
Second hand merc SUV is the go. Low mileage out of date mercs are cheap as chips and nice to drive. Plastic and stuff seems to fall off when you take them off the beaten track but they seem to keep going. Only problem with mine at the moment is a sensor or connection issue that stops it kicking into low range. High range is traction control between front and rear diffs work but traction control for front and rear differential only works in low range.
I have another for spares but lost interest/energy for that sort of stuff so I guess I will just drive it until it or I stops.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 27 2022 0:50 utc | 56

Posted by c1ue, Jen & Patroklos.

The McMansions often seen on the outskirts of big Australian cities resemble obscene palaces built for corrupt potentates.

I believe Australia's tax laws contribute to their construction because there is no capital gains tax on the 'family home' and the 'family home' is not counted in the asset column for pension purposes.

Perversely, farmers wishing to stay on their family farm in their retirement have their farm counted as can asset, even if they don't farm it. Local councils prohibit sub dividing off the homestead block. It is different for multi millionaires living in harbour-side mansions, they can claim the pension.

Posted by: Paul | Jan 27 2022 0:54 utc | 57

@ #1; Thanks for the amusement, kinda' mimics American foreign and domestic policies, pathetically
pretentious and, for, the most part, all showing imagined grandeur.

Posted by: vetinLA | Jan 27 2022 1:05 utc | 58

Just returned from traveling to and from Portland for the vast majority of the day to a vast fog of propaganda and sketchy reporting of events along with numerous reports of Russian military sorties. I do agree that delaying tactics are now employed as Russia anticipated they would. IMO, the sorties are to impress upon the Outlaw US Empire that Russia means business and its BS is 100% unsatisfactory. But I'm certain there's more to it all that needs to be sifted from the fog, and that will be tomorrow's task.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 27 2022 1:09 utc | 59

Cue the fight over who gets appointed to the SCOTU$. Now, we can forget about accountability for the clown show on 1/6.

Which wasn't about to happen anyway.....

Posted by: vetinLA | Jan 27 2022 1:15 utc | 60

@23 Peter AU1
could be... wouldn't be the first time, nor the last

Posted by: ptb | Jan 27 2022 1:24 utc | 61

Tom at 52

There is nothing too strange about your story. First to get infected you need a reasonably high number of bugs, because you first line defences - nasal hairs etc keep many out. So you were probably not up close and personal with any of the infected people.

Also the level of ventilation and quality of the air filtration- open windows or air flow away from you will all reduce the chance of catching the virus.

Then there is simple probability ie luck.

Oddly enough it is possible (this is my own theory based on some science but by no means proven) is that as with many diseases the more you catch the better your immunity- at least until really old or sick. It is quite possible that all your previous infections probably included corona infections as common colds, and while that does not prevent infection there is a reasonable chance that you second line defences are better primed to avoid infection - we know this from diseases such as polio, which emerged very much as a disease of the wealthy and clean- in less hygienic environments babies would have got the disease while very young often still with some maternal antibodies - this would cause a gastro illness in the babies. Of course many would die because that is what babies do in such environments, so the acute and severe forms of polio would not have emerged (or at least not been noticed). My apologies on this- I was taught it many years ago and science may have moved re polio, on but the basic point is valid enough. Put in simple terms your previous infections may have given you a natural vaccine, which your booster vaccines may have enhanced.

Posted by: watcher | Jan 27 2022 1:32 utc | 62

Posted by: Jen | Jan 26 2022 23:15 utc | 36

Nicely observed. I agree that there is a big difference between the concreted front yards and columns of the 60s and the kit homes of the 21st century. Your recollection of Sydney in the 60s and 70s is spot on. Nevertheless what both share is a crude nouveau-riche application of wealth signification based on quantity, visible dollar values and context-less clichés: arches, foyers, columns, fountains, statues, bigger = better, new = better, old = poor, etc. The migrants of South-Western Sydney now still apply it, as though gold-plating a Toyota Hilux is a sign that I should give way to you or pull over so you can pass. I'm not sure that it has anything do so with culture and everything to do with status based on the assertion of power that wealth permits. I also stand by my point that the convergence of culture and status takes a few generations. Time washes everything clean.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jan 27 2022 2:18 utc | 63

Well done you Canuks for having such a great Banderist supporting leader. Elected him again? Dumb and dumber.

400! More?!

Can we have their names now before they are put on som monument to their sacrifice soon?
I wonder how many have parentage from these Banderist parts?

Time to call these shots out, loud & daily. Especially you Canadians.

‘Boots on the Ground’ !!!

Fuck you Trudeau.

Posted by: D.G. | Jan 27 2022 2:38 utc | 64

Patroklos Jen ect

I have lived my life in rural areas rather than cities. Early life as a kid was on a ballot block with most of the locals immigrants from Europe, Czechs Poles poms Turks ect. Closest neibours were polish. Moving to the property, they got a flat tyre on their truck. They had to unload the truck to change the wheel so that's where they built their house. Turk family down another road had their house burn down. Everyone around the district rocks up and one or two weeks later they were in a new house. A different world.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 27 2022 2:44 utc | 65

Well there I was taking time out to read a few posts about the chaos stupid amerikan imperialism is causing us all when someone posted more hysterical and un necessary nonsense about whatchmacallit sars-covid19 or whatever.
Un-necessary because I doubt there is a human on the planet who hasn't made up his/her mind on the subject, positions which are mostly informed by emotion rather than logic despite what the protagonists on either 'side' claim.
When people are quick to point out that even instances of racism which are driven by class conflict are considered no-go around here, on the grounds that they are intentionally divisive ploys by the elites to keep the 99% rest of us divided, so we don't fucking join together and toss the parasites out on their arses, why is it that this conflict which is so obviously elite driven and designed to divide the hoi polloi cops a free pass? Or are we going to pretend that Fauci & Kennedy jnr have never rubbed shoulders at DC cocktail parties?

As I said above all the important points about this virus have been made ad infinitum, the lines are clearly drawn. Now it is time for all of us to consider whether further arguments about the debate are constructive or whether they only serve to further the interests of the rich & powerful elites. Particularly so when an issue that has not had all sides of it available to all, Ukraine, is continually pushed aside for yet more emotive & histrionic rhetoric about a non-sentient & life free, complex protein molecule.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 27 2022 2:45 utc | 66

A documentary, just entered into the Sundance Film Festival is being promoted.
Title: "Navalny"

Posted by: Platero | Jan 27 2022 2:48 utc | 67

The producer is The Maria Pevchik

Posted by: Platero | Jan 27 2022 2:50 utc | 68

sorry I left out a commma

Posted by: Platero | Jan 27 2022 2:51 utc | 69

"by the elites to keep the 99% rest of us divided, so we don't fucking join together and toss the parasites out on their arses,"

Well at the moment there is just a huge number of whingers, me and you amongst them. There is also the obvious paid warriors, the military units or troll factories spouted in MSM to fight isis in the social media.
A combined effort requires a manifesto that the majority can agree on. online..everything goes into ECHELON same as phones. You ever looked into the abyss?
It is only external powers that will change the circumstances Debs. For us it is very much guerilla warfare and awaiting opportunities of the circumstances.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 27 2022 3:10 utc | 70

I thought China was using this OS. I think too many opinion pieces get obsessed with China becoming an international competitor - rather than just being able to skip past sanctions and perhaps, feed components to Russia. Some sources say ASML is getting scared of China progress (as they should). Payback to the US and EU is going to be a b**ch once China gets those foundries flying past them.

Posted by: Eighthman | Jan 27 2022 3:11 utc | 71

Debsisdead | Jan 27 2022 2:45 utc | 66
unfortunately the virus doesn't obey people's beliefs. not an accident that at the worst point of the virus, Huxleyan "Death Acceptance" hucksters and frauds are everywhere, mostly with nothing to say other than the virus is inconvenient to them and they are tired of it. why? not because they don't care what the virus is doing, only what it's supposedly doing to their "lifestyle."

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jan 27 2022 3:16 utc | 72

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 27 2022 2:45 utc | 66

I doubt there is a human on the planet who hasn't made up his/her mind on the subject [covid].

Some people don't make up their minds until they get some reliable data others make up their minds without any data (that's called being stupid). The only thing that seems to be certain about covid is that obtaining reliable data and facts is tremendously difficult.

It seems to me, that there is nothing else in decades that has come along that has undermined Western imperialism and hegemony like covid has.
So unless TPTB have suddenly become attracted to shooting themselves in the foot, I can't see how covid would be their creation.

Posted by: jinn | Jan 27 2022 3:25 utc | 73

D.G. #64

‘Boots on the Ground’ !!!

Fuck you Trudeau.

If Canada can find 400 you can bet the down under team can find 100. Aussies next in the parade of the ridiculous in search of the absurd wrapped in the flag of the devil.

And you scotty, just in case.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 27 2022 3:53 utc | 74

"‘Boots on the Ground’ !!!"
Boots in body bags works wonders.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 27 2022 3:59 utc | 75

Eighthman #71

Payback to the US and EU is going to be a b**ch once China gets those foundries flying past them.

I reckon it is a safe bet that China and Russia and Iran have had their scientists and graduates working on this for many many years. A decade++ ago it was clear that the malign western thought formers were out to stymie the eastern capacity in all higher tech realms. A glass ceiling to hold them all in the chopstick factories etc. That did not work out well of course.

When those foundries fire up and start production the entire Taiwan issue becomes passe as far as the chip issue is concerned. Watch for Chinese, Russian or Iranian papers on optics and chip photo lithography. It can't happen soon enough IMO.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 27 2022 4:08 utc | 76

The 4 countries of the "Normandy format" convened in Paris. Super basic result: agreed to uphold the ceasefire, which I'm taking to mean not attempt to alter the lines on the ground by force.

Apparently deeper issues were not addressed, but given the ongoing attempts to create a war panic, especially coming out of UK and US, that's a positive.

Posted by: ptb | Jan 27 2022 4:33 utc | 77

ptb #77

UKUSA is isolated.
Expect novichok incident any day now :/

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 27 2022 5:07 utc | 78

This from Brazil Wire a couple of weeks ago

"The US State Department has demanded that Brazil take a position against its BRICS ally Russia in relation to Ukraine.

In a January 10th phone call between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos França, the former insisted that a “strong and united” response was needed against an alleged Moscow offensive against neighbouring Ukraine."

Biden's relations with Brazil are very convoluted-- he was deeply involved in the coup against Dilma and in putting Lula in jail. However, Bolsonaro was a Trump fanboy. Brazilians are not fooled. Good article.

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 27 2022 5:08 utc | 79

Xiomara Castro will become president of Honduras tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 27, reclaiming power which was violently taken from her husband, Manuel Zelaya, in June, 2009, at the beginning of the Obama presidency. Hillary was involved. Honduras was gutted.

Xiomara Castro is said to be a center-left, similar to her husband but I'm more hopeful for her administration than I am for Boric's in Chile. Castro and her husband were betrayed. It's personal. She will soon recognize China and support BRI.

This subtitled video describes the neoliberal endgame: "Zedes".

"In 2013, the national congress of the Republic of Honduras amended the Constitution of the Republic and issued a decree, 120/2013, which gave life to the creation of what is now called “Special Zones for Employment and Development” ZEDES. It is a disastrous project for the country, for the people, and for national sovereignty.

With these ZEDES, the National Congress of the Republic will hand over to transnational companies with transnational capital, extensions of land and territory.

They are not small parcels, they are large parcels, kilometer after kilometer; But not only that, but everything that is within those areas, within those territories, would correspond to the administration, management, and use of these natural resources to those ZEDES. The land, the territory, the water, all the wealth of the subsoil, the forests, absolutely everything."

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 27 2022 5:34 utc | 80

The Canada Files doing some more good work exposing the Uyghur genocide bullshit propagated by NED funded CIA shills in Canada.

Meet the Canada-based, NED-funded group driving the debunked Xinjiang genocide narrative in Canada

Posted by: spudski | Jan 27 2022 6:14 utc | 81

Platero @ 67 - 69:

Yes, that's what I've heard too, that the executive producer of the "Navalny" documentary (snort!) is none other than Maria Pevchikh, the same person who went back to the hotel (where Navalny stayed the night before boarding the plane in Tomsk that was to take him back to Moscow) and picked up the water bottles that had supposedly been tampered with by GRU agents. These bottles went on the plane that took Navalny to Berlin. One of the bottles turned out to be one Pevchikh bought from a vending machine at the Tomsk airport.

Pevchikh escaped being interrogated about Navalny's poisoning by Russian detectives and returned to London where she lives.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 27 2022 6:16 utc | 82

On a previous thread there was discussion about what China should do with its trillion US Treasury dollars and I did not have time to respond and now I do.

In past comments at MoA this subject has been discussed and it has been my suggestion that when all the countries come to the negotiating table when the music stops that China use its worthless US Treasuries to pay off the World Bank/IMF debt of its favorite countries if there isn't wholesale debt cancelation as part of the adjustment process.

I reported the following quote on the last Russia/Ukraine thread but want to make a point about it given the above
Blinken said the United States will not make the letter public and hopes that Russia will do the same, "because we think diplomacy has the best chance to succeed if we provide space for confidential talks."

Blinken is a puppet for folks behind the curtain of empire that don't want to be known to the public. It would please me to see Russia claim that transparency of public relations is the best path and share the "letter".

I wonder if the EU nation's leadership get to see the contents of the letter that so much effects their regional conditions and geo-political path forward or will they be treated like the mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed BS) the rest of us are.....we are in a civilization war and soon, I think, the proxy wars will bring all nations to a geo-political "pause" followed by meetings of nations under negotiated laws instead of empire's rules of the past to determine society's future multi-polar organizational structure.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 27 2022 6:19 utc | 83

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 27 2022 2:45 utc | 66

The way that reads it's one of your worst comments ever. I hope I'm misinterpreting it, but if not, oh well.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 27 2022 6:21 utc | 84

re Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 27 2022 6:21 utc | 84
Which part do you take exception to? Is it the bit where I point out (correctly IMO) that this continuous interrupting of other debates with more of the same about covid only serves to keep the masses divided and at each others throats or was it something else? The fact is that despite everyone shouting 'facts' at one another people have decided what they think about the virus and that decision has been generally made on the basis of emotional beliefs rather than facts. This is what humans do & decrying that and/or me is just pissing into the wind, pointless and messily self defeating.
Unless my stalker sticks his oar in and manages to piss me off sufficiently that is all I really want to say about this lest I become that which I am rabbiting on about.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 27 2022 6:34 utc | 85

@Toxik | Jan 26 2022 22:32 utc | 21

B. Do you remember you posted a US Government request for proposal to maintain the sevostopol naval base in crimea during the coup? Can you direct me where I can find that please.

I am not B and the original page is removed, but you can find an archived copy here">">

Renovation of Sevastopol School #5, Ukraine
Solicitation Number: N33191-13-R-1240
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location: NAVFAC Europe and Southwest Asia

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation / Cancelled
Added: Sep 05, 2013 2:58 am
The purpose of this request for proposal is for the design and construction for the renovation of Sevastopol School #5 in Sevastopol, Ukraine in accordance with the attachments.
Added: Sep 12, 2013 7:58 am
Amendment 0001 is issued on September 12, 2013 to replace the original Technical Specifications with revised Attachment 1 - Technical Specifications School #5 Ver 002. As a result, CLIN 0005 - OPTION 4 Additional Roof Repair has been deleted and replaced with CLIN 0005 - OPTION 4 Additional Facade Renovation and Window Replacement.

Offerors MUST use Attachment 1 - Technical Specifications School #5 Ver 002 as the basis for their price proposal.
Added: Sep 26, 2013 9:11 am
Amendment 0002 is issued to address preproposal questions.
Added: Apr 15, 2014 5:18 am
Due to the current climate in Ukraine, the subject solicitation is hereby cancelled.

Obviously, climate change does have an effect

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 6:43 utc | 86

US Ups Tension with Russia

A first thought as very little is known how the US answered the security questions of Russia put forward in mid-December.

  • Refuses to engage with points of national security concerns of Russia
  • Defers the military engagement to the NATO Command in Brussels
  • Puts the US fleet in the Mediterranean under NATO Command
  • In words offers a diplomatic forward — JCPOA Model perhaps a next President can refute
  • Increases lethal weapons delivery to non NATO member
  • Will impose sanctions on Germany to cut off Gazprom delivery of gas
  • Will engage to have US LNG delivery to Europe in the future

Offers Russia no off ramp as Washington gives military action a chance

Posted by: Oui | Jan 27 2022 6:44 utc | 87

@Idiocrates | Jan 26 2022 22:42 utc | 27

I wonder if b will effect a correction of his COVID narrative.

He already did, this was his original post
The Coronavirus - No Need To Panic
More interestingly is why the need for panic after all

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 6:52 utc | 88

@ David G Horsman | Jan 26 2022 22:52 utc | 29.......... thanks! got it...No More - Hubert Laws

Posted by: james | Jan 27 2022 6:54 utc | 89

re Debsisdead @85

I think everyone, regardless of their position on Covid issues, should try to imagine what new, unexpected data, facts, etc., would be sufficient, hypothetically, to cause them to make a pi-radians reversal in their opinion(s).

I wonder if many or any would even consider reflecting on this.

Posted by: spudski | Jan 27 2022 6:59 utc | 90

Tom Q Collins @31 &33

Just consider the possibility that the quality of information you are receiving about that topic is comparable to the quality of information about the supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 7:16 utc | 91

Our local radio station, SAFM, has a guy called Steven Grootes who runs the breakfast show. He actually works for the Daily Maverick, which is the local CIA propaganda organ. All week he's been hyping the "DRACULA PUTIN PLOTTING AGAINST UKRAINE" meme, using two Americans, another Daily Maverick stooge, plus an "Emeritus Professor" who's so senile that he kept talking about the Soviet Union.

But today he was talking about Boris Johnson. I wonder whether an e-mail has gone out urging the front-people to start cooling things down?

Posted by: MFB | Jan 27 2022 7:18 utc | 92

After winning the Americas Cup here is the NZ designed AC 40 Sailboat:

Posted by: Paul | Jan 27 2022 7:19 utc | 93

@lex talionis | Jan 26 2022 23:47 utc | 47

Russian FM Lavrov says NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg 'lost touch with reality'
I can confirm this, it happened a long time ago, even before the point of no return 22. July 2011.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 7:21 utc | 94

@Peter AU1 | Jan 27 2022 0:02 utc | 50

I guess Stoltenburg is too much of a fool to realize how close he and NATO are to ceasing to exist.
Stoltenberg is not a fool, he is a criminal. He is smart enough to realize that he and NATO are ceasing to exist, hence the panic.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 7:25 utc | 95

@Eighthman | Jan 27 2022 3:11 utc | 71
I thought China was using this OS.

Ubuntu Kylin is derived from the Open Source OS Ubuntu, that is how it is supposed to be. I write this using the Kubuntu OS, another Ubuntu derivative (with KDE desktop). A lot of people are using Ubuntu or other Linux distros, all over the world. It would be good if more people realized that there really is no need for the US monopolies of MS and Apple.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 7:39 utc | 96

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 27 2022 6:34 utc | 85

No given that all I was doing is being open and skeptical about the narrative and you chimed in like I'm breaching some sort of unspoken protocol. Whatever man. We've both been around here a long time. I'm really not sure what your take is - is there a pLandemic going on?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jan 27 2022 7:51 utc | 97

It would be good if more people realized that there really is no need for the US monopolies of MS and Apple.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 27 2022 7:39 utc | 96


Today the Operating System is just one small part of the software stack that makes our modern computing experience possible.

The OS is bookended by a virtual machine in firmware on the hardware side and tunneled applications running in the cloud on the software side.

Posted by: too scents | Jan 27 2022 8:10 utc | 98

The Canada Files doing some more good work exposing the Uyghur genocide bullshit propagated by NED funded CIA shills in Canada.

Posted by: spudski | Jan 27 2022 6:14 utc | 81

See also this analysis of the Aussies ( ASPI ) disinfo campaign by Co-West-Pro.

Posted by: phiw13 | Jan 27 2022 9:10 utc | 99

@96 norwegian- wow! i had never heard of the kubuntu thing. Super interestng. Thank you. I an going to explore it more tomorrow. Much love to the MoA community. On my way home from work this evening I happened on a spontaneous rave. I hung out. Made new friends. It was what like was like before they told us what isn't what it used to be like.
I had a really fun time. I hope everyone finds little jems like that one and remembers what it used to be like before. before the vast majoirity of humanity chose fear and obedience. (it's spelled with an "e" right?)

Posted by: lex talionis | Jan 27 2022 9:31 utc | 100

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