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December 07, 2021

Open Thread 2021-95

@all - I will be offline for the next three days for a preplanned medical procedure (nothing serious) that requires a short hospital stay.

Please behave.

- b.

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The Iran economy can't be controlled by US sanctions, nor by the JCPOA negotiations
. . .this from FarsNews. . .
President Underlines Iran’s Increased Exports, Revenues despite Sanctions

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi said that the country has made progress in exporting oil and products and gaining revenues despite the US cruel sanctions, adding that the economy will not be tied to the Vienna negotiations.
Addressing a meeting with students of Sharif University of Technology on the occasion of Students Day in Iran on Tuesday, Rayeesi said that his administration will not tie the economy and people's livelihood to the Vienna negotiations.
"The available foreign exchange resources are in a good condition and, unlike the first days when we took office, we are not worried about the situation," he added.
“Oil sales are also in good conditions despite threats and sanctions, and oil and condensate exports have increased,” Rayeesi said.
“In spite of all the problems, efforts have been made to increase the country's revenues and oil and condensate exports, as the number of exports has increased by 40% during this period,” he said.
"After the visit to Tajikistan, the volume of economic exchanges with the country has tripled," Rayeesi said.
Iran's customs office announced last month that the country's exports to members of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) have increased 60% in the past 7 months compared with the same period last year.
Iran has maintained a trade surplus of $2.8 billion with the ECO members in the seven months to late October, customs office Spokesman Rouhollah Latifi said.
He added that Iranian exports to the 10-member ECO bloc had amounted to over $6 billion in the seven months to October 22, an increase of 60% compared with the same period last year.
Latifi said the value of exports to ECO countries over the period had exceeded figures seen before the coronavirus hit trade in the region in 2019.
He said exports to Turkey had been responsible for 56% of all shipments sent to the ECO bloc at nearly $3.4 billion. Exports to Afghanistan and Pakistan reached $1.12 billion and over $655 million, respectively, added the official.
On Imports from ECO, Latifi said that shipments had increased by 31% year on year in March-October to more than $3.3 billion with Turkey being the largest supplier at $2.861 billion. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 7 2021 21:39 utc | 101

Just a thought about linking trends; Covid vaccine lockouts/ins, war mongering, global money and the eugenics part of the greta reset.

Surely they all come together at the beginning of next year?. Feb-March?
The hyperinflation or stagflation facing the citizens with overexposed and overproduced funny money, will lead to pressures on the abilities of households just to stay solvent. The Corporations and Banks who rely on handouts to continue will eye citizen assets that they can use to save themselves (In the EU the laws have been made that money, savings and assets held by them are THEIRS, as unsecured loans.)
Covid and health services;
Rotten to the core. The public health service have been run down for lack of investment and emptied of qualified staff. By "mandates" and non-forthcoming pay rises. Already there are care homes that give 8 hours notice just before closing!
Locks on the stable doors; (Coviders, both anti and for)
Shut "them " up, make them obey, and don't let any of them travel.
The full extent is yet to be noticed. As examples :- rising numbers of still born children, plus, a sudden surge in those that die two three days after birth (Scotland), plus female menstrual problems. Male children more susceptible to heart problems in adolescence. Old age (We have already had enough examples of deaths from a variety of causes. Lack of care. Prescription of that drug they give to convicts on death row (UK). Forced isolation and depression.

The progressive immunodeficiency that comes from the reduction in efficiency of vaccines over several months - in turn allowing non-related illnesses to flourish (Cancers), while limiting the ability of sufferers to get treatment at an early stage.
Armed forces.
These are some of the factors which will lead to civil "unrest", if not war. To keep their positions under these circumstances, the "Rotten core of the Richest" will need armed forces and militarized police. What better than a "regional" war that might turn nasty to reintroduce conscription or lead to advantageous conditions for joining the services?

I don't mean we should "lie back and wail about the nasties to come". But it is necessary to notice that they seem to be more and more coordinated. ie Planned to lead to a key point in time when either those nightmares will be imposed or they will fail.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 7 2021 21:40 utc | 102

@Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 7 2021 21:18 utc | 95

Started watching the video and I immediately wondered what was wrong with the audio of the recording.
Issue is not with the audio. Kennedy suffers from spasmodic dysphonia, a disorder that affects the muscles in the voice box.

Had never heard of
until you just linked to it. Thx

Posted by: librul | Dec 7 2021 21:42 utc | 103

jared | Dec 7 2021 21:19 utc | 97

"I think the a bureaucracy is inherently drawn to war to protect its interests and due to lack of accountability. Meanwhile Putins team recognizes the repercussions of thier decisions."

I think you may have hit the nail on the head.
Bureaucracies have an in-built aversion to change. Any of them. It isn't Politicians that run countries, but bureaucrats and those that control the money supply.

Putin's team has the advantage of being small, and very cohesive. Decisions can be made quickly and lines of conduct kept to as a matter of routine. China has a different system but has a similar speed in decision making and execution. Think it, do it.
Now, who is it that runs the US again? Or the EU, (which is far worse) with several types of Government, and Commissions agogo. Even in the UK, the Civil service are all powerful for actually running affairs.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 7 2021 22:00 utc | 104

“ By tracking the evolutionary trajectories of vaccine-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes, we reveal that the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America. ”


Posted by: DG | Dec 7 2021 22:07 utc | 105

Gulo #210 from the previous week-in-review

I'm quite a fan of our paleo ancestors, especially of their art - i.e. Lascaux and Chauvet caverns - and their animism. Seems they were far more fit than we are as well; we've shrunk since the Neolithic. However, there is a curious correspondence between Homo sapien's arrival across the globe, and mass extinctions. I'm not convinced it was all us, but scores of these big beast species survived multiple warming and cooling trends across millions of years...until we appeared.

Agreed with your admiration for paleo art. Ditto here in Australia there is a magnificent exhibition /installation that has been in place for tens of millennia.

On the cataclysm /extinction topic I appreciate the logic and explanation given by Antonio Zamora

Here are a couple (not seen) that might inform. I just did a quick search on utoob for "paleo art in australia" so I don't vouch for them.

and this a simplistic 5 minute snapshot:

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 7 2021 23:07 utc | 106

“ Europe is on a precipice. It has marched, blindly, towards something very much resembling tyranny. Austria will shortly criminalise those who refuse the Covid vaccine. Germany looks set to follow. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, is wondering out loud if every member state should do likewise and make offenders of those who reject this form of medication. In Italy you are deprived of your livelihood rather than your liberty if you say no to vaccination: the unvaxxed are not permitted to work. Anywhere. In Greece, everyone over the age of 60 must pay the government 100 euros for every month they remain unvaxxed. As if the Greek government, in cahoots with its masters in Brussels, had not immiserated Greek pensioners enough already.”

Posted by: DG | Dec 7 2021 23:21 utc | 107

Don Bacon @98--

Russia can't violate anything it's not a party to; and so the Guardian lies yet again.

Jen @64--

Tragicomedy might not be the correct descriptive term, but that's what came to my mind as this incident has aspects of Greek & Shakespearian tragedy within what's a monumental fiasco of the worst sort that the West's employing for domestic and geopolitical purposes. But Patroklos provides an important point on the overall criminal nature of both the incident and what's being used as an excuse for its happening--both grossly violate the Nuremberg Code as does most every Western nation's reaction to the current phase of the pandemic.

Paco @84--Thanks for that link! Its content differs from what RT's reporting. What I see is Biden and Putin talking past each other on Ukraine and NATO expansion, which I see as strengthened by Sullivan's reaction and Blinken's previous, knowing, fallacious accusations. Do note that Biden said nothing about Kiev; from the Kremlin's Russian language readout:

"Joseph Biden, for his part, emphasized the allegedly 'threatening' nature of the movements of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders and outlined the sanctions measures that the United States and its allies would be ready to apply in the event of a further escalation of the situation."

Coupled with what Germany did regarding NS2, Kiev will likely attack Donbass as it just got the reassurances it wanted. The upshot is it makes no difference how Russia responds since it's already been judged guilty by the Outlaw US Empire and its German surrogate. IMO, Putin's best move would be to destroy Ukraine as a potential NATO springboard by moving Russia's defensive lines Westward to the Dnieper River and Southward to control the entire Black Sea shoreline. Yes, I'm fully aware of the pros and cons debated about this entire situation. But NATO and the West must be taught the lesson it refused to learn in 2008 and pay for the lies of 1989. For if nothing's done this time, then there will certainly be a next time.

The rabidly jingoistic Neocons and their Neoliberal kin number perhaps a few tens of thousands globally, and they're the Fascistic forces holding the world hostage. It would be great if they could be sequestered in an area like Syria's Idlib and segregated from humanity until their demise. Unfortunately, they hold entire nations hostage and control nuclear weapons. Biden looks like a genial old man on the outside, but the reality is he's a rabid Neoliberal surrounded by the same. They don't care how many of their own or other people they kill as long as they continue to consolidate their hold on power. In other words, they differ little from Hitler or any other megalomaniac.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 7 2021 23:28 utc | 108

Castillo will likely be pushed out or--worse-- he will remain as a figurehead after he is completely neutered. His vice president is a neoliberal traitor, his cabinet is infested with neolibs now and OAS Almagro is playing the star role as the mafia fixer, meeting face to face with Castillo, patting him on the head and then giving cryptic statements to the mainstream press along with his evil smile.

"On the other hand, Almagro did state that President Castillo was willing to “work with all the political forces in the country that want to provide solutions.”

The encouragement that he gave to that possibility aligns itself with an option satisfactory to the extreme-right groups, whose representatives seek the entry of neoliberal supporters into the government, as an acceptable alternative to impeachment."

Castillo is a newbie as a powerful politician, unlike Bolivia's Evo Morales, Venezuela's Chavez and Nicaragua's Ortega-- all of them came to power with a large, committed mass of seasoned fighters. Castillo won the election but barely, triggering speculation that he made a faustian bargain with Almagro, Biden's fixer.

In this article Castillo warns that Peru's elite media is preparing a "smear" mini series on him.
"Peruvian President Pedro Castillo warned of a media plan to attack him, indicating that a television station will show edited videos and audios with the intention of discrediting him.

“I’m sure they are up to a lot of things,” the president said. “There will be audios, videos, and many edited ones, but what they cannot do is shut us up, and alter the efforts of the government."
Looks bad... however, the Empire is in trouble. More and more the imperial "re-captures" turn to shit. Look at Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua (Chamorro), and Honduras. All have suffered terribly under neoliberal/neofascist rule which in Latin America looks like a poorly run mafia. My guess: if Castillo is pushed out the people will react. Over a year ago they exploded and organized massive street demonstrations. I look for that again. Over time, they will prevail. Castillo has started it.

Posted by: migueljose | Dec 7 2021 23:46 utc | 109

re: Graphene Hydroxide...
A correction for the record:
In error, I posted that the graphene-hydroxide is "soluble" in water; that it is not technically correct.. Rather, as a very large particle, it "suspends" easily in water.

A critical difference [from the -oxide] is that the -hydroxide overall is an electrically-charged negative particle.

And also note: as a molecule, it can exist as a thin shape [sheet-like] with a thickness of 0.1 nanometer [1 tenth of billionth of a meter]. That makes for a very sharp knife-edge! Thus in motion [blood flow] it produces cuts on adjacent material [such as epithelial lining of blood vessels/capillaries].

That explains why [the vaccine] injection should NOT be into a vein, but into muscle tissue... But chance always means sometimes a vein will be punctured...and graphene hydroxide is not stays in the system forever...cutting.

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 8 2021 0:01 utc | 110

Wow! I can't believe your getting testicular extended magazine surgery. I considered it so many times when I was a DC intern, polishing the knobs of our legislators, but am so poor I can't afford to get the extra baggy crotch jeans to pack six testicles into.

Posted by: Ru-Paul Simon LeGree | Dec 8 2021 0:06 utc | 111

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 7 2021 21:39 utc | 101

thank you for the post on Iran. appreciate the important update from within Iran. also, all of your posts, insights and comments!

Posted by: migueljose | Dec 8 2021 0:26 utc | 112

@ mj 112
Thanks, and here's some more on sanctions. . .from the conversation.....
Why Biden’s threat to slap Russia with more sanctions is unlikely to deter Putin in Ukraine

Unilateral sanctions rarely work
While it’s unclear what new sanctions the U.S. might unleash, early reports suggest they may target Russia’s financial system, including its biggest banks and ability to convert rubles into dollars. Such sanctions would be meant to punish Russia’s economy, Putin allies and the country’s wealthier residents.
For these or similar sanctions to be effective the United States would need allies. Past U.S. measures against Russia have often been unilateral and without the support or participation of other major states or the United Nations. . .here

I would add that sanctions affect both sides of financial transactions. Where there are sellers there are also buyers. While the sanction targets expect to work on solutions, the secondary parties are also inconvenienced thanks to the US "rules-based international order."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 8 2021 0:45 utc | 113

re: chu teh | Dec 8 2021 0:01 utc | 110

An eminently qualified PhD from Germany, Dr. Andreas Nock, who wrote a thesis on graphene hydroxide and worked extensively in the industry with it, explains in detail about how graphene oxide works as non-biodegradeable microscopic razor blades within the human body.
He was subsequently arrested shortly thereafter when German police violently broke into his home and assaulted him while he was live-streaming a video on graphene. Nine days later he was suicided.

Dr. Nock's explanation makes sense out of those who die shortly after they receive the mRNA/graphene hydroxide injections.

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 0:46 utc | 114

karlof1 #108

The rabidly jingoistic Neocons and their Neoliberal kin number perhaps a few tens of thousands globally, ... Unfortunately, they hold entire nations hostage and control nuclear weapons. Biden looks like a genial old man on the outside, but the reality is he's a rabid Neoliberal surrounded by the same. They don't care how many of their own or other people they kill as long as they continue to consolidate their hold on power. In other words, they differ little from Hitler or any other megalomaniac.

Yes Yes. That is it in a nutshell but unfortunately they have obedient stormtroopers willing to assist. see covid example. But they will fall IMO and mighty hard too. Their skeleton is jelly propped up by a financial system of thin air and is vulnerable to collapse. Time will tell.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 0:53 utc | 115

Biden: We need a goddamn wargasm! I need MIC money for the next election and they're sniffing around for any Republican! We'll inflate the number of Russian troops on the border (100 km away) to 20 f*ing million if we have to, goddamnit!! We'll cut SWIFT to hobble businesses worldwide, hobble (Germany's) Nordstream2 as they go into winter, you sonofabitch!

Putin: OK. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Keep Ukraine the f*** out of NATO, and keep the missiles out. If UA could adhere to Minsk, that'd be great, but no big deal. If they f** with ethnic Russians in LPR/DPR/Crimea, we'll need to have another big chat.

Biden: Your better stay out of UA!! I mean it, you killer!

Putin: OK - deal.

Posted by: daffyDuct | Dec 8 2021 0:54 utc | 116

Been debating The Saker's take on the videocall where I comment as Outlaw Historian. As I wrote, I agree very much with Finnian Cunningham's assessment made prior to the communication. And I don't see anything within the Russian readout to justify his or Larchmonter445's analysis; nor does anything the West's published aid them. TASS is mute on the outcome while the RT report I linked @108. Sputnik has just published its recap, but none of the reports add any additional info than what the Kremlin readout says--it's all just a bunch of filler.

Given the massive investment in propaganda leading up to this point and ensuring all NATO voices are in unison, and what I see as the fact that Biden didn't listen to Putin's listing of Kiev's inflammatory behavior, NATO's loaded gun is pointing at Kiev, Donbass, Russia, and the EU itself--for who loses the most if sanctions cutoff all Russian hydrocarbon exports to Northern Europe: The EU and Ukraine, not Russia. Kiev better think about what it's wishing for. It's begging for more transit fees, but new sanctions will see them immediately vanish. Then how will Zelensky pay for his army?

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 1:06 utc | 117

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 0:53 utc | 115
& Karlof1#108.
nailed it on Biden. I think both Biden and Trump have been a perfect fit to lead the imperial collapse: both are blow hards with extreme power addictions and appetites. Biden fooled himself into thinking he was more controlled than Trump but a look at his 40 years of chest puffing, outrageous compulsive Rambo-like stories of his alpha male fairy tale exploits shows he has always been on the edge with "the handlers". Until now he has always been willing to walk back, apologize, sort of self censure, prove to his bosses that he is "coachable". Now, I'm sure he wants to be "handled" but I think he's losing his historically weak abilities to follow orders. Bottom line, he's toast and it's burning us too.

ps. People I know who voted for Biden are very discouraged with him. The only antidote they have right now is to read a Trump hate story.

Posted by: migueljose | Dec 8 2021 1:09 utc | 118

@Posted by: El | Dec 7 2021 17:55 utc | 50

Posted by: librul | Dec 7 2021 18:10 utc | 52

Those are not plans but scenarios. Another one:

1. An army of Dumbasses from Dumbassia invades Donbass
2. As a merry band of Dumbasses trudges through minefields and trenches, an Russian army of similar size, but with air support and better weapons take them from behind (Dumbasses have too few troops to attack Donbass and defend borders in the same time.
3. Dumbasses valiantly retreat = they bravely attack Russians, but under a discouraging combination of bombs and shell, they retreat/attack again, and increasing numbers just surrender.
4. Russian end electricity crisis in Dumbassia using shuttle trains: coal from Siberia to Dumbassia, POWs to Siberia on the ride back.
5. Youropians lament the death of freedom, some convert to being Utopians, some to Yevropians, learning Cyrillic (Europe = Yevropa = Eвропа)
6. USA is bewildered, Congress swifty passes sanctions on EVERYBODY, POTUS is bewildered: should he sign the law that puts him under sanctions too? Congresscritters realize that they would also be under sanctions, unable to use credit cards, effectively, unable to move around, eat etc. So they beg POTUS not to sign.
7. Think tankers are in rage: no half measure will save the freedom in the world, everybody got to be sanctioned. Masses of warriors in armchair on casters flood Washington Mall and ride toward Capitol.
8. Capitol saved because armchairs cannot be used to ride up the stairs.
9. Taking advantage of all that chaos, masses of Chinese armchair warriors paddle in their floating armchairs toward Taiwan.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 8 2021 1:11 utc | 119

karlof1@117...keep in mind saker didn't think putin would go into syria & was adamant. lm445, in my reading history, follows martyanov & reads, as do you, russian papers & sites.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Dec 8 2021 1:18 utc | 120

This essay argues Russia will refrain from invading Ukraine for economic reasons which are very prominent, thus making the POV credible. However, the author fails to address the issue of Kiev invading Donbass and Russia responding in any manner, such as staying on its side of the line. Now we know damned well that Outlaw US Empire/NATO and its BigLie Media will say Russia invaded regardless the actual Russian reaction. So Russia's damned if it does and damned if it doesn't. You're Putin; what do you choose to do?

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 1:28 utc | 121

migueljose @118 & emersonreturn @120--

Thanks for your replies! IMO, the current crisis would be upon us regardless Trump or Biden as POTUS as neither is actually in charge as we all know. Syria as opposed to Ukraine was an easy choice since the interests detailed @121 weren't involved. I see one choice that avoids an extensive conflict--Decapitation of Kiev government, EU and NATO advisors and replaced by jailed opposition. A reverse coup. Yes, such would be an invasion but without any war.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 1:40 utc | 122

too busy to keep up... life gets in the way of my internet connections..

kenny garretts happy people you tube link to the recording..

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2021 2:03 utc | 123

I can't help it despite feeling very sleazy for doin' itI hafta admit to dipping into accounts of sleazy geazy Maxwell's trial.
It is mostly about as boring as such theatre always is, but there is one tiny mote of interests. That is the contortions our beloved corporate media is indulging in to avoid connecting the dots all the way to the occupiers of Palestine.

Two or three days ago the grauniad made a comment in the last par about "rumours of Epstein indulging in blackmail swirling around the trial" and the latest Torygraph story outta england is titled Why prosecutors are targeting the mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s extraordinary wealth .

The article begins so

"Mystery has always surrounded the source of Ghislaine Maxwell’s vast wealth.

Even the heiress herself "cannot remember off the top of her head just how many millions of dollars she has", a court heard earlier this year.

On Monday, the trial into her alleged sex trafficking went part of the way to clearing things up.

In three transactions over the course of eight years, Jeffrey Epstein directly wired more than $30 million to the British socialite, the jury heard. She used at least $7 million to buy a helicopter.
But why were Ms Maxwell's financial dealings being dragged through a sex abuse trial?"

In another Torygraph article the lede is well and truly buried. The story is purportedly about all the porn on the walls of Epstein's brothel but towards the end it goes off track with this:

"Late on Monday afternoon, the court heard from an FBI special agent about how evidence “went missing” from Epstein’s New York Upper East Side home while authorities were waiting for a warrant.

Special Agent Kelly Maguire recalled how CDs and other items were recovered by the FBI from a locked safe during an initial search of the Manhattan home on July 6 and July 7, 2019, after Epstein’s arrest on sex assault charges.

The FBI agent said officers broke open the safe with a saw, finding the CDs, jewellery, computer hard drives, "loose diamonds", passports and “large amounts of US currency.”

They took photographs of the items, but left them at the residence as they did not have the warrant to remove them. When they returned four days later, on July 11, they were no longer there.

Agent Maguire, a member of an FBI Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force, said she then called Richard Kahn, Epstein’s lawyer who now serves as the executor of the later financier’s estate, to ask what happened to the items.

“Twenty to thirty minutes after the conversation, Richard Kahn came to the residence and brought the items back in two suitcases,” Agent Maguire said".

An earlier edition of this story had that McGuire said "we have no way of knowing whether the data discs returned were the same as those we had tried to seize four days before. She also stated that the discs contained tens of thousands of images of naked bodies & humans having sex, that some of them had "evidence" labels stuck to them although neither her office nor the FBI had put those on. Lastly they found a passport from a 'foreign 'in Epstein's safe. it had a photo of Epstein in it but a different name. Was that the bolt home to tel aviv chancer?

Anyone would think that someone had 'edited' the disks in a hurry & used the evidence labels to ID those that were suitable to be used for evidence and the delay in returning them was an indication of the time pressure the editors had been under.

It is obvious everyone is trying v hard to keep the zionist controllers of this operation out of the case but I suspect that it will leak anyway. I cannot see how they are going to prevent a really angry victim pointing the finger at those amoral arseholes if one so chooses.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 8 2021 2:20 utc | 124

re: : karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 1:28 utc | 121

As you say, any action Putin takes to defend the Donbass will achieve the primary aim of the US; Russia is the aggressor, thus justifying endless NATO, endless MIC and trillion dollar military budgets, thus keeping the EU in tow and also providing a market for US LPG as Nordstream will be DOA. Etc. etc

IMO, any massive UAF aggression will be met not only with Russian artillery and missiles, but with a Russian tank army that goes all the way to Kiev and Odessa, perhaps Transnistria. Otherwise NATO will certainly move into Ukraine with US missile emplacements, and with the nazis still running the Ukrainian show. In other words, if the Russian know up front the political results of minimal intervention, then why settle for that? Clean house in Kiev, restore a land bridge to Crimea and eliminate the vulnerability of the Kerch Straits, and no more nazis shelling Donbass.

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 2:24 utc | 125

Best Wishes B.
This post by Gilbert Doctorow is worth a read:

Biden has set the mousetrap: what mouse will he catch?
Gilbert Doctorow 7 December 2021

Posted by: S Brennan | Dec 8 2021 2:51 utc | 126

I read an excellent opinion by a Chinese analyst on Quora last week.
It said, the whole world is waiting, paused to see who emerges as dominant - the US or China. If the US falters seriously, as with an economic crash, you will witness nations suddenly flip over to move towards China/Russia.

So, the US keeps bluffing on Iran, China, Russia, whatever. Outright war risks collapse. And both parties risk disaster if they are forced to confront social decay while being unable to simply 'print' more money. They'll have to invent a narrative/lie to cover that horror when it happens.

It looks like Russia is zealous in chipping away at the dollar but China less so. Threaten China enough and that could change.

Posted by: Eighthman | Dec 8 2021 3:06 utc | 127

Also worth a watch is this...from Tucker Carlson...stop typing...observe and then chirp away, you might be surprised! Not every right answer comes from a DNC operative, sometimes people you don't like are right.

Posted by: S Brennan | Dec 8 2021 3:31 utc | 128

Wie Gehts? b

Get well soon.

Posted by: CarlD | Dec 8 2021 3:53 utc | 129

@128 S Brennan

"sometimes people you don't like are right."

As Basil Fawlty would say, "Exactement!"

Posted by: spudski | Dec 8 2021 3:59 utc | 130

@ Debsisdead | Dec 8 2021 2:20 utc | 124 with the comment about the Maxwell trial.

Thanks for the perspective. I am not following it closely even though is does represent the sickness of Western Patriarchy very well. What I have to share is the link to a piece about this by Chris Hedges which I found quite powerful.

This subject also relates to the Graeber/Wengrow book I just provided a summary of. Their inditement of patriarchy at the end parallels the perspective we are seeing here.....we have a sick society with a stuck form of social organization that is now tearing us apart as it implodes.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 8 2021 4:03 utc | 131

China continues to crank out the pointed counter narrative to the Western definition of democracy as shown in the Xinhuanet posting below
BEIJING, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Tuesday questioned the qualification of the United States that disregards democracy to hold a summit on democracy.

He said that the United States had failed to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic despite having the most abundant medical resources and the most advanced medical technologies.

"The United States has registered over 800,000 deaths and 50 million COVID-19 infections, more than any other country in the world. This amounts to a human rights tragedy. Is this how the U.S. upholds democracy?" Zhao asked.

"In U.S. society, racism is deeply entrenched, white supremacy is rampant, and ethnic equality remains beyond reach. Is this how the U.S. upholds democracy?" he continued.

Zhao pointed out that, since 2001, wars and military operations launched by the United States in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria and other countries have killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced tens of millions.

"The American democracy does not fit in other countries and the U.S. is notorious for launching 'color revolution'. Is this how the U.S. upholds democracy?" the spokesperson said.

He noted that relevant polls and reports show that 45 percent of Americans think democracy is not functioning properly at home, while 52 percent of American young adults believe U.S. democracy is in trouble or failing.

In addition, he said, 81 percent of Americans say there is a serious domestic threat to the future of U.S. democracy, with only 17 percent of Americans saying U.S. democracy is a good example for other countries to follow, while 44 percent of people around the world see the United States as the biggest threat to global democracy.

"Is the United States, a country that disregards democracy, qualified to hold a summit on democracy?" Zhao added.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 8 2021 5:30 utc | 132

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 0:46 utc | 114

Unfortunately, and I have no clue what the hell happened with the doctor in Germany, the mRNA vaccines do *not* contain graphene oxide.

Just like the original anti-vaxx movement was based on lies (and later exposed by a dedicated independent journalist in the UK), this is also based on a false interpretation of the truth. Besides, seriously how many people have dropped dead the day after getting the vaccine? Nobody I know.

STUDY PRESENTED PREDATES PANDEMIC The woman in the video points to information on the website of Sinopeg, a Chinese company, which is among various companies in the world ( here ) that produce lipid nanoparticles ( here ). 

She shows an entry of Sinopeg’s website in the section “Industry news” ( ). The information, however, is about a different PEG (a polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether, not the PEG-LNPs in the mRNA vaccines) that was “successfully grafted to the surface of graphene.”

Sinopeg referred to a study originally published by the journal Composites Science and Technology ( here ). The publication first received the study on Dec. 2019, predating the detection of COVID-19.

Contacted by Reuters, Sinopeg said that the company has “never provided any lipid nanoparticles that include graphene oxide” and that the grafted graphene mentioned in this study “is not related to COVID-19 vaccines.”

Whitehead concurred.  “Yes, there are a million different types of PEG. No doubt there are some you can purchase that are attached to graphene,” she said. “However, those are totally not the PEG-lipids used in the nanoparticles [in mRNA vaccines].”

Can we at least try to communicate accurate facts?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Dec 8 2021 5:35 utc | 133

Below is a link to a Xinhuanet posting that lets you download an 88 page report on democracy in China

Xinhua releases report on China's approach to democracy, freedom and human rights

I have not read it but the outline is interesting

Chapter I
The Running of the Country by the People: The
Overarching Logic of Pursuing the Value of
1.1 Logic of History: The People's Choice.................................. 8
1.2 Theoretical Logic: The Work of the People........................ 13
1.3 Logic in Practice: Initiative in Institutional Design.............16
1.4 Logic in values: Emancipating the People...........................25
Chapter II
Whole-process Democracy: a New Form of
Implementing People's Sovereignty............................ 29
2.1 How Does China Select Officials?.......................................30
2.2 How do People Participate in
Public Affairs Deliberations?...............................................33
2.3 How are Policies Made?.......................................................36
2.4 How is "Power" Exercised?................................................. 40
Chapter III
A Democracy that Works: a Touchstone for Testing
Institutional Effectiveness............................................ 45
3.1 "Governance Democracy" for Good Governance................46
3.2 "Efficient Democracy" with Vitality....................................49
3.3 "Democracy as Driving Force" with Collective Wisdom....51
3.4 Testable "Systematic Democracy".......................................55
Chapter IV
The Wisdom of Practice: The Enlightenment of
Pursuing Common Values of Humanity.....................59
4.1 Approach to Sound Governance:
Three Leading Features........................................................61
4.2. Realizing the Common Values of Humanity:
"Four Principles".................................................................. 70
4.3 "Questions of the Times": China's Solution.........................75
Conclusion...................................................................... 81

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 8 2021 5:37 utc | 134

@jared 97

great pt about bureaucracy and (lack of) accountability.
perhaps Biden recognizes this and is using the summits to bypass the machinery of the bureaucracy (deep state). this would explain the function of the summits, so that it is not just a media stunt. (you don't need a top level meeting to pull a media stunt)

I'm trying to get my head around the purpose of the Biden Putin summits. this explanation makes more sense to me than thinking of it as theater as a lead up to a scripted conflict. we have already seen Biden back off after the black sea goofery. in short, Biden is trying to manage both Russia and his own deep state.

that would ascribe more competence and consciousness to him than barflies would allow. I myself don't know if he's Biden or Brandon.

Posted by: mastameta | Dec 8 2021 5:45 utc | 135

karlof1, thanks for providing the link to Saker's assessment. I had been to the site earlier and would have missed the thread. Much indeed to consider, especially as we might, many of us, have begun our visits here when the original Ukraine disturbances were taking place.

My additional thoughts go to a memory of Saker's responses to those earlier events-- he rather took your approach, that it was incumbent on Russia to respond with force to the provocations then. And I can remember his initial unhappiness that Russia did not respond in that fashion; but now it would seem that reservation, that patient constant emphasis on civility and diplomacy has borne fruit. Russia played a long waiting game,all the while etching a "thou shalt not" tablet of sorts so that no pretended misapprehensions cause a misstep. We all know clearly who is, or would be, the aggressor; there's no fog of war here. The aggressor is not Russia,nor will it be.

Saker's emphasis on the five times the US has asked for talks is the correct take on these matters. It ought to be a positive sign for US/Russian relations,a plus for Biden, a watershed moment. It ought to be the solution. It ought to have happened long ago, but it is not too late.

I was glad to read that you're a dreamer, karlof1. That was my farming uncle's nickname for me as a child -- Dreamer. Long before the Beatles...who gave a concert in Moscow once that Putin attended. We are all dreamers, aren't we? Especially here.

Posted by: juliania | Dec 8 2021 5:54 utc | 136

Happy to know it's nothing serious. U r the best analyst I have found who actually backs up his analysis with facts and demolish the prevailing narrative.

Posted by: A.z | Dec 8 2021 6:36 utc | 137

Israel terrorists commit war crime in Syria's Latakia domestic port. Israeli occupation air force has bombed on Monday the civil port in Latakia. Kevork Almassian explains the possible reasons behind the unprecedented attack.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 6:48 utc | 138

@uncle tungsten | Dec 7 2021 23:07 utc | 106

On the cataclysm /extinction topic I appreciate the logic and explanation given by Antonio Zamora

You will probably not be surprised to hear I am very glad to see the reference to Antonio Zamora. In my opinion, he has the key to unlocking the true history of human civilizations . The implications are truly profound and more significant than anything else I can think of in science history.

In short, he begins with the factual observation of the so called Carolina Bays that exist along the whole US east coast. In Zamora's words they are elliptical depressions in sandy soil near the water table. The word elliptical should be understood literally in the mathematical sense. There are hundreds of thousands of them, ranging from a few meters to several kilometers in diameter. These formations are unique in the world, except for similar features in Nebraska.

Without going into all the details, the Carolina Bays are by Zamora interpreted as secondary impact craters formed by huge ice boulders launched into ballistic orbits from the comet fragment hitting the 3000m thick ice sheet over present day Michigan, USA, 12900 years ago. For more details, see Mechanism for the creation of the Carolina Bays.

This caused saturation bombardment of huge ice boulders all over present day USA, causing extinction of all large animals (megafauna) either directly by hits or indirectly by overnight transformation of a living environment into a total wasteland. Obviously, the Atlantic ocean was also hit, causing enormous tsunamis affecting Europe and the Mediterranean sea (great floods).

This was the start of the so called Younger Dryas, a climate cooling event that started suddenly and lasted -1200 years, probably because of ice crystals in earth orbit blocking the Sun. Some have explained the Younger Dryas as the cause of the extinctions, but in this hypothesis the Younger Dryas cooling is an effect, not a cause.

12900 years is nothing in geologic time or even human time. The people living then were as previously mentioned essentially identical to ourselves, with the same intellectual and physical properties, a the same time some other people existed with slightly different properties. The people then had the capacity to organize societies much like we have had since the emergence of present day civilization, starting with e.g. the dynastic Egyptians some 4-5000 years ago.

When you look at ancient artifacts found around the world, you realize there is something amiss in the conventional writing of history. The many astonishing megalithic sites and sometimes incredible precision that would be very hard to replicate even today, tells a story of an older civilization that was wiped out by the cataclysm, but left many structures for us to study, for example:

Evidence for Ancient High Technology - Part 1: Machining

Precision! - Evidence for Ancient High Technology, part 2

We are only beginning to realize what this means.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 6:56 utc | 139

Debsisdead #124

Agreed with your trust in the Maxwell/Israel/Mossad material leaking into the case. As far as I can tell, the minute that becomes unavoidable Ghislane Maxwell will be terminated to abort the trial. Yes she is a prized Mossad tool and extremely well connected but in the end they are all Seth Rich disposable should the state of Israel Terrorists be at risk.

Hows the Comey lass doing? keeping the lid on it or is she as big a klutz as the old man?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 6:57 utc | 140

Norwegian #139

Thank you for that response and I might add another direct pointer to asteroid impact theory is the juvenile mammoth excavated from permafrost in then USSR many decades ago. This 1 ton juvenile had been snap frozen! then buried in mud and ice for thousands of years. From my recall it was easily dated because its mouth and upper digestive tranc and stomach had younger dryas flowers intact! Both its hips were broken from some huge shockwave. It is said to have suffocated as it had an erection and that is an indicator of sudden lack of oxygen. All this as a snap frozen block and very carefully examined. It was conjectured that the incoming asteroid had enabled the extreme cold higher near space zone to be dragged to earth rendering a sub zero freezing shock wave.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 7:11 utc | 141

@psychohistorian | Dec 8 2021 5:37 utc | 134

Thanks loads for that link. I’ve downloaded it and now have something worthwhile to read during Brandons’ Summit for Democracy.

Here’s an 18 min. vid with Eric Li talking about China’s peaceful rise which, as he points out, is historically unique among powerful entities. E.g. - In 1949 China had disputes with all 16 of its border countries. Today only 2! His analyses of HK and Taiwan are spot on. He’s sharp, likeable and takes no prisoners.
Eric Li on China

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 8 2021 7:26 utc | 142

Tom_Q_Collins #133

Thank you for your post on graphene.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 7:49 utc | 143

re: Tom_Q_Collins #133 and uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 7:49 utc | 143

Here are some "accurate facts" regarding the presence of graphene and liquid nanoparticles. I would also note that the when the mRNA "vaccines" are received by pharmacies, the page accompanying the vials that is supposed to list the contents is left blank.

Spanish researchers have confirmed the presencxe of graphene oxide in the mRNA "vaccines"

La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles

In program No. 63, La Quinta Columna (biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano) shared some of the many photographs of the analyses that the team of researchers with whom they work have obtained after subjecting the substance to different techniques to determine each of its components.

Their theories about the presence of graphene oxide in the vials have been confirmed: there is definitely graphene oxide in the vials.


The objective of the following work has been to carry out a sampling of spectral signals of RAMAN vibration that, associated with images of optical microscopy coupled to the spectra, allows to determine the presence of graphene derivatives in samples of COVID19 vaccines marketed under four different brands. More than 110 objects visible under the optical microscope with an appearance compatible with graphene structures have been analyzed, of which a total of 28 objects have been selected for this report due to their compatibility with the presence of graphene or derivatives in the samples, taking into account the correspondence between their images and spectral signals with those obtained from a standard sample and the scientific literature. Of these 28 objects, in 8 of them the identity of the material with graphene oxide is conclusive due to the high spectral correlation with the pattern.
The remaining 20 objects have a very high compatibility with graphene structures, taking into account together both their spectra and their optical image. The research remains open and is made available to the scientific community for discussion and replication and optimization.

The presence of artifical lipid nanoparticles (LPNs) in the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA "vaccines" was divluged in distribution studies that were required by Japan. Two doctors from Doctors for COVIO Ethics wrote a paper that detailed the toxicity of the LPNs found un ther "vaccines".

The Pfizer mRNA vaccine: pharmacokinetics and toxicity by Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, M, July 23rd, 2021

Excerpts from the paper copied below.

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines consist of a synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) that encodes the SARS-CoV-2 “spike protein,” which normally is found on the surface of the coronavirus particles. This mRNA is coated with a mixture of synthetic lipids (fat-like molecules) that protect it during transport within the body, and which also facilitate its uptake into the target cells through endocytosis.

The various apolipoproteins that encase the lipoproteins stabilize the particles, and they also serve as “address tags” that bind to receptor molecules on cell surfaces. This interaction will trigger the uptake of the lipoproteins into those cells. Artificial lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) like those used in the COVID mRNA vaccines can acquire a shell—a “corona”—of the body’s own apolipoprotein molecules [3]. This enables these vaccines to be taken up into the cells of our body, too.

The Pfizer vaccine pharmacokinetics study on rats

• A “model vaccine” was used—same LNPs, different mRNA (coding for luciferase)

• Cholesterol contained in the LNPs was labeled with radioactivity (3H) for tracing

• The distribution of the lipid between different organs was measured at various time points following intramuscular injection

The first thing to note is that the labeled lipid shows up in the blood plasma after a very short time. The highest plasma level is reached at two hours after the injection; however, even after only 15 minutes (0.25 hours) the level already reaches almost half of that maximal value.

In addition to cholesterol, the vaccine LNPs contain another naturally occuring lipid (distearoyl-phosphatidylcholine) and two non-natural ones. Thus, we must ask to what extent these other lipids would undergo redistribution from the liver and then also accumulate e.g. in the ovaries.

While the various cationic lipids that have been used for DNA or mRNA delivery differ in cytotoxicity, they all are toxic to some degree

Of particularly grave concern is the very slow elimination of the toxic cationic lipids. In persons repeatedly injected with mRNA vaccines containing these lipids— be they directed against COVID, or any other pathogen or disease—this would result in cumulative toxicity. There is a real possibility that cationic lipids will accumulate in the ovaries. The implied grave risk to female fertility demands the most urgent attention of the public and of the health authorities.

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 8:19 utc | 144

I always enjoyed the story about a whistleblower so destructive to the powers that be that they take him out. Then it actually happened a couple of weeks ago when Dr Noak was killed by police after revealing graphene hydroxide in the mRNA shots on a video.

Someone out there is trying to kill us.

Posted by: Jezabeel | Dec 8 2021 8:29 utc | 145

re: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 8:46 utc | 146

Not the first time the military has grossly contaminated water supplies. See Nevada’s hidden ocean of radiation The nuclear tests contaminated a vast aquifer, making it unusable.

“It is one of the largest resource losses in the country,” said Thomas S. Buqo, a Nevada hydrogeologist. “Nobody thought to say, ‘You are destroying a natural resource.’ ”

In a study for Nye County, where the nuclear test site lies, Buqo estimated that the underground tests polluted 1.6 trillion gallons of water. That is as much water as Nevada is allowed to withdraw from the Colorado River in 16 years -- enough to fill a lake 300 miles long, a mile wide and 25 feet deep.

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 8:52 utc | 147

Tom_Q_Collins #133

The links in your post are not working. Can you restore them for us to consider. In the sinopeg report the use of graphene was for foundation materials to be used for the attachment of virus specific mRna as I understand it. What is your interpretation of this?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 9:01 utc | 148

@uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 7:11 utc | 141

Yes, I have heard about flash frozen mammoths. I think there are several examples found.

Of Flash Frozen Mammoths and Cosmic Catastrophes

One has to ask: What would it take to flash freeze an elephant in a few minutes today? Clearly it is impossible under normal circumstances. But if a comet or asteroid passed through the atmosphere at a shallow angle, exposing the ground directly to space for a short time, and then the hole was refilled later with hypersonic winds it makes more sense. So I think it fits with the overall hypothesis.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 9:49 utc | 149

US considers isolating Russia from global financial system – Nuland

Unfortuntely for Russia, they have itself to blame for being so naive in trusting western nations all these years and played along whetever it was on Iran, Syria, Israel, Afghanistan = this is what you get!

Furthermore on Ukraine, it is obvious that is is UKRAINE not Russia that plan war against the eastern part buy whip up a disinfo campaign an alleged russian invasion to cover the plan up and therefore blocking Russia from aiding russians in this ukrainian region when the war start.

Posted by: Zanon | Dec 8 2021 10:01 utc | 150

Another slip of the tongue reveals deep desire of the empire, and it rhymes :-) quagmire.

A senior U.S. Democratic Senator revealed more than he intended when he gleefully expressed a desire to see Russia invade Ukraine and for it to become another “Afghan quagmire”.

Hehehe good luck with that, desperados!

Posted by: Idiocrates | Dec 8 2021 10:17 utc | 151

Gulo and Norwegian #139

Regarding flood stories throughout time and especially referencing the Noah story. There have been many floods either by asteroid impact or volcanic catastrophe or crustal deformation/stress/release events.

It is undeniable that the exit from the younger dryas deep freeze around 11,600 yr BP resulted in significant ocean rise and inundation. But there were subsequent major events (and several minor events) that may have been the cause of the biblical flood myth. The first major event from my research was the Burckle meteor strike 6,000 yr BP in the southern indian ocean that radiated immense tsunami with geological impacts still evident today on the western austraian shore and the madagaskar shore. The second was the massive santorini volcanic explosion in the mediterranean around 1620 BC. I use BC here to more conveniently align it with the various middle eastern myths and texts that tell of the early abrahamic religions and reiterate the Noah story. IMO this the likely origin of the Noah ark story.

Close on that date is the egyptian tempest stele assigned a date of 1550 BC but it may have been simultaneous with Santorini. This records an enormous storm and consequent destruction over some time that devastated the kingdom but also led to the ultimate eviction of once dominant invaders to the north of egypt. I have read that the hyksos invaders included alliance with or captivity of the small israelite sect. These invaders were totally decimated by the events - this may attribute the tale of the parting of the seas and the great exodus story.

The revised dating of Ahmose’s reign could mean the dates of other events in the ancient Near East fit together more logically.

For example, it realigns the dates of important events such as the fall of the power of the Canaanites and the collapse of the Babylonian Empire.

This new information would provide a better understanding of the role of the environment in the development and destruction of empires in the ancient Middle East.

For example, the new chronology helps to explain how Ahmose rose to power and supplanted the Canaanite rulers of Egypt – the Hyksos.

The Thera eruption and resulting tsunami would have destroyed the Hyksos’ ports and significantly weakened their sea power.

In addition, the disruption to trade and agriculture caused by the eruption would have undermined the power of the Babylonian Empire and could explain why the Babylonians were unable to fend off an invasion of the Hittites, another ancient culture that flourished in what is now Turkey.

There are multiple tsunami events recorded in the coastal plains of the mediterranean and the sea has many steep mounts that are prone to massive landslides under water resulting in tsunami. Therefore floods are common and often so calamitous that the land becomes terra nullius due to the eradication of all life forms hence new land or even promised land (at a stretch).

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 10:17 utc | 152

@uncle tungsten | Dec 8 2021 10:17 utc | 152

From my perspective, dating the mythological great flood/floods is a relatively minor secondary issue, it could be that all you say is true.

What I am interested in is explaining all the available observations, including the ancient high precision megaliths that are found around the world, which clearly predates e.g. the earliest "ancient" Egyptian dynasties in Egypt, the Inkas in Peru and so on. The Santorini event doesn't qualify in that respect.

As I see it, the Carolina Bays provides evidence and location of a comet impact on the Laurentide Ice sheet. That explains the mechanism for the already established extinction of the North American megafauna during the Younger Dryas and in my personal opinion it also provides the most plausible mechanism for how the pre Younger Dryas civilization (as evidenced by megalithic sites) world wide disappeared. This may or may not be the root of great flood myths, but that is in my opinion secondary to the big story.

Yes, I have also heard about the Burckle meteor strike and the effects still seen at Madagaskar and Western Australia. I have also heard it said it might be related to the demise of the ancient Indian city of Dwarka.

9000 Years Old Worlds Ancient Civilization Dwarka Nagri Found Under Water

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 11:47 utc | 153

@Zanon | Dec 8 2021 10:01 utc | 150

US considers isolating Russia from global financial system – Nuland

Who isolates who in that case? Russia has friends and connections with countries all over the world, including China and India.

How does Nuland plan to pay for the import of oil from Russia in that scenario? I think it will be the end of the Petrodollar if it happens.

But at least it makes clear the origin of the threats against Russia.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 11:59 utc | 154

"Please behave."

Tell Biden that.

Posted by: Edward | Dec 8 2021 12:33 utc | 155

India's Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has died in a helicopter crash in southern India..

Posted by: R | Dec 8 2021 13:51 utc | 156

RE: Saker

Putin has been not doing what the Saker said for some time now.
And getting pretty good results too ...

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 8 2021 13:54 utc | 157

Keep this quote in your back pocket for next election time when the bs'ers
claim, "Biden prevented a Russian invasion of Ukraine".

The US doesn’t believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a decision to “invade” Ukraine, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, in wake of Putin’s video-link talks with US President Joe Biden.

“We still do not believe that President Putin has made a decision” to “further invade” Ukraine, Sullivan told reporters at the White House on Tuesday afternoon.

Russia reveals what Putin asked of Biden Russia reveals what Putin asked of Biden

“What President Biden did today was lay out very clearly the consequences if he chooses to move.”

The Biden administration has previously accused Moscow of planning an invasion of Ukraine in January, which the Kremlin has rejected as “fake news.”

Or, the NYT:

Mr. Sullivan said the administration still did not believe Mr. Putin had reached a decision over whether to invade Ukraine now.

Posted by: librul | Dec 8 2021 14:00 utc | 158

Deep State hit on Indian MoD takes out him (and apparently his whole family!) in revenge for the S400 purchase and the 99 deals Putin/Modi signed in their 3.5hr meeting (as opposed to the Putin/Bennett 5hr meeting which was, according to karlof1 just to get acquainted).

Could the Deep State get any more Medieval than that? How Talmudic of them!

Posted by: Simplicius | Dec 8 2021 14:08 utc | 159

.. Long before the Beatles...who gave a concert in Moscow once that Putin attended. ..
Posted by: juliania | Dec 8 2021 5:54 utc | 136

Don't think so. Paul McCartney has played in Russia, but not the Beatles.

Posted by: tucenz | Dec 8 2021 14:17 utc | 160

@Simplicius | Dec 8 2021 14:08 utc | 159

Suspicious indeed.

If this is what happened, it should not strengthen US-India relations so it seems counterproductive?

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 14:17 utc | 161

If this is what happened, it should not strengthen US-India relations so it seems counterproductive?

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 14:17 utc | 161

It appears the Indians have already made their choice. Hence the agreements. They both looked really happy.

So one must expect the Izzies and their friends to act out. Very big on revenge, big strategic weakness.

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 8 2021 14:24 utc | 162

Correction, more like Chief of Staff and just him, wife and entourage

Posted by: Simplicius | Dec 8 2021 14:29 utc | 163

The EU appears to be going full Nazi

On the Heels of Austria and Germany Locking Down the Unvaccinated, EU Leader Calls for Throwing Out Nuremberg Code in Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters

"On Wednesday, Ursula Van Der Leyen – the chief of the European Union (EU) Commission – told the press that she would like to see the long-standing Nuremberg Code ignored completely in favor of allowing countries to force vaccinate anyone who is refusing to take the experimental jab."

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 14:29 utc | 164

@Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 14:29 utc | 164

Then we must fight them like the last time. This is serious.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 14:33 utc | 165

stonebird at 102 - you write :"..(In the EU the laws have been made that money, savings and assets held by them are THEIRS, as unsecured loans.) "

Please, explain whose unsecured loan are the assets - the owners or the governments? I am not quite sure what to make of this sentence.

Posted by: bystander 04 | Dec 8 2021 14:34 utc | 166

karlof1 @117

The Saker's analysis is solid and rational...


He bases that analysis on assumptions that I don't see a basis for. For example in his outcome matrix we see one row as "2 factions in the US government (pro war and pro peace)".

There is a "pro peace" faction in the US government? Color me surprised! Would that be the faction behind Trump? The faction that wants a global tactical pull-back to regroup the empire's forces and buy some time to reinforce the empire's economic fundamentals? How is that a "pro peace" faction except in the very shortest of terms? Furthermore, are we to believe that Biden, who was installed by the establishment, has suddenly become even more of a hindrance to the establishment than Trump was?

This seems to me like wishful thinking.

"The leaders of superpowers (and their advisors!) don’t just “talk past each other”."

Well, to be certain they shouldn't talk past one another, but we have the example of Lavrov brushing off the American delegation's bizarre babblings about genders because he couldn't see how that had any geopolitical significance. And while it is true that gender silliness has no place in serious geopolitical negotiations, the Biden Administration, and indeed a fair portion of the American public, are fixated on these "identity" issues to such an unhealthy extreme that issues like war and global strife pale in comparison for them. When a lunatic comes to you complaining about your mistreatment of his unicorn, you cannot brush it aside and try to move on to real issues just because unicorns do not exist.

I think the problem the Saker is running into is in assuming things cannot actually be as bad as they look; that there must be rational adults in the room somewhere on the American side. I think Lavrov faced that same suspension of disbelief: "What are they going on about genders for? The issue is Ukrainian Nazis killing civilians in Donbass! They must just be pulling my leg."

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 8 2021 14:54 utc | 167

re: William Gruff | Dec 8 2021 14:54 utc | 167

Sir, can you please provide a link for Lavrov's comment: What are they going on about genders for? The issue is Ukrainian Nazis killing civilians in Donbass! They must just be pulling my leg." I think that is an important quote in terms of how it reflects the nature of the conversation between the US and Russia, and I would like to share it with friends.

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 15:13 utc | 168

Law Aimed at Helping Millions [of veterans] Exposed to Burn Pits and Toxins Would Cost at Least $282 Billion [from]

These 'Burn Pit' stories come up on a regular basis and are always in the context of how we neglect our veterans (caring for our wounded should be a given) ... but what about the people who live there (Iraq, Afghanistan, ...)?

Is there any reason to expect that Iraqis and Afghans suffered NO damage from these burn pits, I have never scenes any stories about this. I suppose that our troops were closer to the burn pits but not a gazillion miles from every population center and what about the native born translators we recently heard about.

Either this is yet another cost we impose on countries we 'help' or we need to study these hardy people who are so much more fit than we are.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Dec 8 2021 15:13 utc | 169

Best feed on Epstein

Posted by: Tom2 | Dec 8 2021 15:18 utc | 170

Some good links?

Best of 2021
Explore Pocket’s Top Articles

Don't know how/why this link happened to pop up when I opened my browser, but it looks promising.
Have a look.

Posted by: librul | Dec 8 2021 16:06 utc | 171

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 11:47 utc | 153

"9000 Years Old Worlds Ancient Civilization Dwarka Nagri Found Under Water"

I wish I hadn't clicked on that link, it's just a bunch of stinky hindu nationalist propaganda of the "we are the master race" variety.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Dec 8 2021 16:10 utc | 172

Perimetr @168

I'm sorry, that is just a paraphrase with a guess as to what must have been going on in Lavrov's head. I'll try to find the actual quote though...

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 8 2021 16:14 utc | 173

@Arch Bungle | Dec 8 2021 16:10 utc | 172

Don't be so touchy, it's about old history. The point was only that the place exists.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 16:19 utc | 174

All, wherever in the world y'all are lounging,
can use this many times for years to come.

Happy Holidays, barflies. You are welcome.

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza (and Some Things You Should Never Do)
We ruined some pizza so you won’t have to.

And I read the whole thing so you don't have to.

Top Tier ???
Reddit’s favorite

The official reheating method of the /r/pizza subreddit, this calls for placing your cold pizza on a non-stick pan and cooking it for two minutes over medium-low heat (or until the bottom of the slice is crispy). Then, pour two drops of water (less than a teaspoon) into the pan as far from the pizza as you can get. Cover the pan with a lid and turn the heat to low. Cook it for another minute.
The results

You may be tempted to try this with a cast-iron pan, but we found a standard non-stick pan worked best. The crust was crispy, the cheese (thanks to the steam from the water circulating under the lid) melted perfectly, and the slice was the perfect temperature to be eaten immediately.

Using a cast-iron pan, however, amplifies a number of factors you may not want to deal with while heating up a quick bite. Depending on your stove, it may take what feels like forever to warm the thick metal pan. And if it’s not properly seasoned, tossing a cold slice onto hot, dry iron is a recipe for burned crust (more on that later). Even if you get the pan hot with a thin sheen of oil, the crust will become extremely crispy before the cheese has much of a chance to melt.

Hot tray in a hot oven

Put a baking tray in your oven and heat it to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t want to clean the tray later, you can line it with foil. Once the oven has reached the proper temperature, use an oven mitt to take the hot tray out and put your slices on it. Place the tray on the middle rack and cook it for five minutes. If your oven runs hot or your ‘za is a little too crisp for your liking, cook it for the same amount of time at 450.
The results

We had to let the pizza sit for a minute or two to cool down before we could eat it, but when it passed between our lips, we experienced excellent crispiness, melty cheese, and a slice that was almost as good as new. For what it’s worth, one author considers this the best way to reheat pizza.

You can play around with different temperatures, but you should always make sure the tray heats up with the oven. We tried it at 375 degrees for 10 minutes, and while the first bite was crispy and tasted great, the slice became hard to chew the closer we got to the end—more like a cracker, less like a pizza. A cheese slice came out quite dehydrated, but a pepperoni one was fine—the fat in the meat likely helped keep the cheese moist. The crust on the pepperoni slice was better too: It was the right amount of crisp and wasn’t tough to chew as it got thicker.

There is also the Air Fryer method that is worth considering.

The beginning of the article explains The Science (real pizza science, not Fausti-like Science)
behind the "retrogradation" of pizza bliss. You can follow the link for that.

Bon Appétit

Posted by: librul | Dec 8 2021 16:31 utc | 175

Well deserved (but far too late) Krugman smackdown:

Michael Lind on Krugman

But sadly, Lind calls Clinton a "non free trade" type. Ridiculous given it was Clinton who pushed NAFTA through. It was Clinton during which the China train really got up into steam.

Yet another case of DDS - Democrat Derangement Syndrome, the earlier, inward focused progenitor of TDS.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 8 2021 16:51 utc | 176

In a press briefing yesterday on Ukraine here National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan didn't mention any diplomatic plans to address the unacceptable effects of the 2014 US color revolution.

According to Sullivan, the US is "prepared to support efforts" to advance Minsk and "also believe that there should be an alternative pathway by which we can make progress on diplomacy in the Donbas" . . .and not actually do any diplomacy to fulfill UN2202 which was not even mentioned. The US will talk to its puppet allies on anti-Russia moves but will not talk to Russia on solving the problem as the UNSC requires.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 8 2021 17:08 utc | 177

juliania @136--

You're a sweet loveable lady! Thanks very much! I hope peace continues through the new year and marches forward. But there are powerful forces aiming at war, and not just the uber-hyped war in Ukraine but war against the people as the EU is proposing as hinted @164.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 17:15 utc | 178

@Norwegian #many
This latest version of ancient civilization mythos is mostly nonsense - primarily because its proponents are almost completely extrapolating.

For every fact - the existence of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey or whatever - there are a dozen or more extrapolations which are literally pulled out of people's asses. Thus even if this theory is true, the reality is that anything these people say is not reliable because their theories are almost entirely built on foundations of sand.

Equally, the notion that a comet would create a zone of "zero atmosphere" on the surface of the earth is also nonsense.

Consider: Atmospheric friction. An ice asteroid was chosen by the conspiracy theorists because then there would be no physical evidence left behind - as a rocky or metallic asteroid would leave. It is an obvious example of choosing options to fit a narrative as opposed to interpreting known facts.
But even an ice asteroid of immense size would NEVER EVER create or leave a vacuum on the Earth's surface. Among the many issues: an ice asteroid would ablate as it goes through the atmosphere. This ablation process surrounds the asteroid with water/water vapor/superheated air.

Secondly, large craters always leave imprints on the bedrock. If it hits the earth and creates a round impact crater, it has/will impact the bedrock.

Chicxulub, for example, was discovered not by a surface shape but by the state of bedrock underneath when some guy was drilling, looking for oil.

Thirdly, ice asteroids are not 100% ice. There is space dust everywhere - comets etc.

This latest bout of ancient civilization nonsense is classic conspiracy porn. Note also that ancient civilizations doesn't mean Industrial Age civilizations 11000 years ago, or even Farming Age civilizations 11000 years ago as there is literally ZERO evidence of that.

We don't even really know if there was human language 11000 years ago - the Sumerians were using language in 3100 BC but that's only 5000-ish years. Note I am not saying there was no human language - what I am saying is that we don't know because there is NO evidence anywhere of it.

Lack of evidence means the jury is still out - but it does not mean that any damn nonsense is possible. Gobekli Tepe is what the latest version of the ancient civilization seekers point to - but all that is, is some local limestone carved into blocks. The limestone was not transported any distance. There is no evidence of farming. There is no evidence of language. For all we know, it could be a couple villages that became obsessed with rectangles.

Weirder shit than that happens all the time.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 8 2021 17:17 utc | 179

@ juliania | Dec 8 2021 5:54 utc | 136... we have a few dreamers here!!

Posted by: james | Dec 8 2021 17:23 utc | 180

Tucenz @160
I don’t know how often Paul McCartney played in Russia - I was present at a concert he gave in Palace Square in St Petersburg one rainy June day some fifteen years ago. President Putin was expected but I don’t think he could come in the end. What a concert! The crowds stretched back into the Admiralty Gardens, everywhere there were banners: Samara Welcomes You! Greetings from Ufa! Murmansk says hello! The show started with a somewhat random Stella dance, they then went into some Wings numbers, which were politely applauded. But the crowd had come for the Beatles songs and the fervour and enthusiasm from people of a generation who in their youth had had to listen to this music surreptitiously - and were now face to face with one of their heroes - was very touching indeed.

How on earth the West managed to squander all this goodwill.

Posted by: Montreal | Dec 8 2021 17:31 utc | 181

bystander 04 | Dec 8 2021 14:34 utc | 166

If you are in the EU; "Assets" refers to savings, current accounts, safes (all the contents, jewellry, and other assorted riches. In Switzerland it is said that they then can take cash or gold and just leave a IOU.). Whatever you have left in the "safekeeping" of the Bank.
ie. It has been decreed that you have "lent" those to whatever Bank you use.

In the case of a Bankruptcy by the Bank, the order of repayment is "senior Bond holders first", then other Bond holders and then those who have any form of stock or share that they can use to claim a portion of the "repayments" that the Bank will theoretically make. You (or me) are the last in line of a long list, and could only hope to see a few centimes after all the others have had first dip. I do not know the complete list of those who would come before us in any form of repayment.

Some countries Banks have a nominal scheme to cover losses in accounts. (Switzerland will cover the first Sfr of either 25'000 or 125'000 but I am not upto date with the actual sum). This is a LIMITED amount and depends on each country.

This is europe wide law at the moment.

Don't automatically think that putting it all under the matress is much better, as certain value bank notes have been withdrawn from circulation, because, you know - "crooks", and so cannot be used nowadays. (€500 withdrawn in 2019 and in some countries even earlier)

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 8 2021 17:32 utc | 182

This is a really amusing article - particular if you replace every instance of the word "steam" with "AI"...

A Utopia of Useful Things (Lapham)

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 8 2021 17:33 utc | 183

@Asal Rad

US: #Iran cant have nuclear weapons while we have 1000s & let Israel have them

Iran: ok

US: Iran must submit to inspections

Iran: ok

US: Iran must have limits on its program

Iran: ok

US: Iran must return to compliance

Iran: lift sanctions

US: Iran isn’t serious about deal

So us added more sanction today

Posted by: Arata | Dec 8 2021 17:37 utc | 184

@ c1ue | Dec 8 2021 16:51 utc | 176
Yes, very well deserved smackdown! Thanks.

From Lind: “In 1991 Krugman won the prestigious John Bates Clark Award, often viewed as a major step in the cursus honorum that leads to the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (often wrongly described as the Nobel Prize in Economics, which does not exist).”

Was happy to read early on that Lind clarifies that Krugman is NOT a Nobel Prize winner. Anytime you read about ‘Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman’ you are reading crap.

I think b should do a column on how that prize came to be. It’s classic propaganda.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 8 2021 17:48 utc | 185

@Stonebird #182
You need to look up what Deposit Insurance means, then look up what any given nation's Deposit Insurance laws are for banks.
You also confuse the difference between lender, shareholder and depositor rights in the event of a bank failure. Hint: The 2 former ones are completely separated from the latter one.
For Switzerland, the Deposit Insurance scheme is known as esisuisse and covers 100K CHF per institution per depositor.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 8 2021 17:49 utc | 186

Right after Putin's visit. Coincidence?

India’s chief of defence staff confirmed dead in crash

Posted by: spudski | Dec 8 2021 17:57 utc | 187

Arch Bungle | Dec 8 2021 16:10 utc | 172

Try this as an effort to try to link Dwarka and Tsunamis, PLUS the Burkle comet. (Australia Madagascar as well as India). scroll quite far down for examples ie. "Fenambosy Chevron near the tip of Southern Madagascar is 600 feet high and three miles from the ocean", and how it got there. (The first part is about relating it to the Hindu Yuga cycle. and time scales)

"The scientists, led by Dallas Abbot of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York, have identified the 29 km-large Burckle Crater located about 1500 km southeast of Madagascar and 12,500 ft below sea-level. The crater has been dated to 6000 years (c.4000 BCE) and identified as the signature of an impact event that took place in the Indian Ocean. The impact seemingly triggered a mega-tsunami with 200m high waves that created the wedge-shaped chevron dunes found along the coast of southern Madagascar and western Australia."


Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 11:47 utc | 153

There is a slighly different explanation about the Mammouth with his flowery dinner in his mouth. It doesn't change from the asteriod impact Dryass theory.

That is; the ejecta included water and air (It hit an ice sheet) and they were thrown on a higher trajectory than the solids. (The biggest rocks fell to earth first probably). However, the water/ice and air may have reached near-space where it's temperature dropped to almost the theoretical minimum found there. (-270.45 Celsius, -454.81 Fahrenheit). Only then did it "fall" back to earth. Flash frozen Siberian mammouth. yummi.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 8 2021 17:58 utc | 188

@ 164 Perimetr - Anschluss 2.0. I'm kinda getting a little freaked out. More than ususal.

Posted by: lex talionis | Dec 8 2021 17:59 utc | 189

Pepe Escobar's analysis sticks to what the readouts reported and doesn't inject any wishes or hopes. I understand why he omitted mentioning what Kiev might do since there's no factual intel available, only hoopla-hype.

William Gruff @167--

As much as we try, we cannot put ourselves into Putin's shoes. There's a whole realm of internal discussion we're not privy to, and that applies to both sides. And then there's Kiev and its mindset. IMO, the talking past each other is very obvious from the Kremlin's readout as Putin again asked directly about guarantees which was again completely ignored despite that demand being known for two weeks.

I found Lavrov's gender remark:

"Many documents of this Ministerial Council meeting that were planned for adoption were eventually taken off the table. Some Western colleagues were unusually eager to fill these documents with radical and ultraliberal interpretations of gender concepts, whether it was appropriate or not. That does not do credit to our organisation. In the end, one document was adopted, a document concerning the OSCE’s involvement in the preparations for climate change."

In one of Lavrov's interviews with Russian media, there may be another reference.

Don Bacon @177--

Both Blinken and Sullivan refuse to accept the actual events of 2014-15 and they purposely misinterpret the Minsk2/UNSCR. What follows can be found at the link provided to Gruff above:

"Today US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken listed the requirements for Russia with respect to the Minsk agreements, including maintaining the ceasefire, withdrawing heavy weapons and ceasing economic interference in Donbass. During our bilateral meeting, I clarified everything, quoting specific clauses from the Minsk agreements that state that all these matters must be resolved through direct dialogue and consensus between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk. This obsession with tethering the whole of the Minsk agreements to Russia’s actions and conduct is characteristic of all NATO countries. There is also some exasperation when it comes to this matter.

"We had a rather professional conversation with Mr Blinken, including on Ukraine. The Americans are willing and ready to help with fulfilling the Minsk agreements. Although we can see that their interpretation is completely different from the actual wording. However, we believe that the US capabilities can be helpful. It is the United States that has the most influence with the Kiev regime. At the same time, Washington claims that it is not seeking to undermine or expand the Normandy format but would like to use its bilateral opportunities in its contacts with the parties involved. We have no objections to that. From the beginning, we need to agree on the fundamental terms of our interaction. And the only possible terms consist of a direct interpretation of the Minsk agreements. There is no need to even interpret them. All it takes is reading and doing what is written.

"Considering the growing criticism directed at Russia, we distributed the text of the Minsk agreements and the Declaration of the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany among the participants of the OSCE meeting. These documents had been approved by a UN Security Council resolution. I directly asked our colleagues to carefully read these documents before they comment on Ukrainian affairs. Then many would realise that they should choose different rhetoric. We are ready for any and all contacts, and we are not evading anything. It is important to understand the ultimate goal."

And the "Russia must Act" meme has existed since Trump, perhaps even earlier under Obama/Clinton, although my memory's shaky there. I've yet to read all the morning news, so maybe something else will arise that enlightens.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 18:01 utc | 190

Reheated pizza? Forget about it. No need to reheat it if it came from a place that made it right.

Look for “You’ve tried the rest. Now try the best.” on the pizza box. That’s how you know you’ve found authentic product.

Posted by: son of spam | Dec 8 2021 18:33 utc | 192

@ 191
Biden says putting U.S. troops on ground in Ukraine is 'not on the table'

Biden has done his goofy troop thing again, this time on Ukraine.
The US Army has had trouble recruiting as the US military becomes less popular (according to polls). So when troops are needed to defend US interests anywhere in the world, national guard units may be called up. There's little said about it, but once in a while one sees little snippets. Like the Guard is in Syria, stealing Syrian assets, and now we see a Florida Guard unit is in Ukraine (for "training" as in Iraq). . .Here is the article with a colorful title: "Florida National Guard troops are somehow caught up in Russia’s showdown with Ukraine . .Red Storm Rising." . .and later in the article: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declined to answer when asked by Defense One reporter Tara Copp if U.S. troops would fight alongside the Ukrainian forces that they’ve trained. “I won’t speculate on what could happen in that instance,” Austin said in a Dec. 3 interview.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 8 2021 18:46 utc | 193

Putin offers some further clarification, but the fog has yet to clear, IMO. Here's the Russian transcript of the presser the above news item is based upon. There were two fundamental questions asked during the 35 minute presser about the video-summit that I'll provide the entire machine translation:

"Mr President, I would like to ask you a question about this issue. Yesterday you spoke with the President of the United States, a country that has enormous influence in NATO and in the countries of the European Union. We talked about 'red lines' and instructed our teams to analyse these 'red lines'. How do you assess the results of this communication? And do you think it can be the beginning of a reduction in the intensity of confrontation with the West?

"Vladimir Putin: What can it do?

"Kirill Golovanova: To begin to reduce the tension in relations with the West today.

"Vladimir Putin: The first part of your question concerns Greece's membership in two blocs: the North Atlantic Military Bloc – NATO – and the political and economic association [the EU]. These are different things, and we have never had anything against the presence of our closest neighbours, partners in political and economic associations.

"On the contrary, we believe that in a certain sense this is even a big plus, having precisely those deep, historical roots that connect the peoples of Greece and Russia. I think that Greece, as it has been for many decades, has always taken and will continue to take as much as possible a balanced, objective position on a number of issues related to cooperation between Russia and the European Union.

"As for NATO, it is a military bloc. Unfortunately, NATO is clearly pursuing a confrontational line towards Russia. The latter issues seem to be of a technical nature, but the expulsion of our diplomats, which ultimately led to the fact that we closed the relevant NATO structure in Moscow, suggests that the structure is unfriendly to us, to put it mildly. In addition, it declares Russia its enemy. There is nothing good here, we do not seek any confrontations with anyone.

"We hope that in this sense, Greece will take a position of containment, as they say. But in any case, the presence of Greece in either association has never hindered the development of bilateral relations. I hope that this will continue to be the case and we will use the experience of our Greek friends to see that they could play a positive role in relations with these two associations. To be honest, I don't see any big problems here.

"As for the conversation with the President of the United States, yesterday my assistant for international affairs, Mr Ushakov, spoke in detail about the topics of the talks. Today I have also briefed my colleague from Greece in general terms.

"Yes, we did talk about regional issues, we talked about the conflict in southeastern Ukraine and another very sensitive topic related to this situation – it was also touched upon – namely, the expansion of NATO to the east, including at the expense of Ukraine. This is one of the key issues of ensuring Russia's security in the medium and even strategic perspective. We talk about this all the time, publicly, and warn our partners that this is unacceptable for us.

"One of the theses is very simple, and we also spoke about this yesterday: of course, every country has the right to choose the most acceptable way to ensure its security, but this should be done in such a way as not to violate the interests of other parties and not to undermine the security of other countries, in this case Russia.

"It's, you know, just like in human relations: Freedom is certainly a Property of every person given by the Lord, and it should be limitless, but only as long as it does not collide with the freedom of another person. And this is where certain mutual restrictions should come into play.

"We proceed from the premise that, when ensuring security, security should be global and spread equally to all, so this is a topic for a separate discussion.

"We have agreed that we will continue this discussion and will do it substantively, and we will exchange our thoughts on this matter in the near future. Russia will prepare its thoughts literally within a few days, within a week. We will turn this over to the American side for consideration. And we agreed that an appropriate structure will be created that will be able to deal with this professionally.

"We spoke in detail about cybersecurity and security in this area and stated that after our meeting in Geneva we managed to make progress in this area very significantly A constructive dialogue has been established, it is underway, appropriate structures have been created, information exchange has been established, and it is positive and gives positive results.

"We talked about the Iranian problem. I hope that my invitation will be accepted by the President of Iran, and he will be able to visit Russia at the beginning of next year. Of course, we will inform our Iranian friends and partners in detail about the dialogue with the Americans on this matter, and we will continue to discuss this issue during the Iranian president's possible visit to Russia early next year.

"We talked about a number of other issues, the normalisation of diplomatic ties and so on. In general, indeed, we talked for a long time, in detail on all these topics, for more than two hours – I do not remember how many now.

"I would like to stress once again that the conversation was very open, substantive and, I would say, constructive. In any case, I hope that this is how the American side assesses the results of our meeting. We have the opportunity to continue this dialogue, I think this is the most important thing."

Second Question:

"Question: Andrei Kolesnikov, Kommersant newspaper.

"Mr President, please dispel perhaps the main doubt: is Russia going to attack Ukraine or not? If not, why not? And if so, why?

"Thank you.

"Vladimir Putin: This is a provocative question. Russia pursues a peace-loving foreign policy, but it has the right to ensure its security, as I have already said, in the medium or longer term. And we are discussing this with our partners – with all our partners, including yesterday's interlocutor, President of the United States of America, Mr Biden.

"We cannot but be concerned about the prospect of Ukraine's possible admission to NATO, because this will certainly be followed by the deployment of appropriate military contingents, bases and weapons that threaten us. I have already mentioned this in general terms in response to the previous question. In my opinion, in the answer to your [question], I will specify my theses. To this extent, I think it will be enough to answer today.

"We proceed from the assumption that our concerns will be heard at least this time. Although until now, over the previous decades, we have consistently talked about our concerns and asked not to do so, NATO's infrastructure has inevitably approached our borders, and now we see Mk 41 missile defense systems in Poland and Romania. We have every reason to believe that the same thing will happen if Ukraine joins NATO, but on Ukrainian territory.

"Well, how can we not think about it? It would just be a criminal inaction on our part to watch what happens there. That is the subject of our negotiations.

"I repeat once again: we have agreed that we will create an appropriate structure that will be able to deal with this in detail and submit relevant proposals.

"I must say that this idea was formulated by the President of the United States – I agreed with it and said that we would soon present our thoughts and proposals on this matter. Until we have formulated this, it is probably too early to talk about their content, but I understand that this is causing not just increased interest, but legitimate interest in the Russian public, European and international in general. Of course, we will do this as publicly as possible." [My Emphasis]

Well, reading it all is much better than the snippets provided in news items.

So, either Biden's lying again or he's sincere. Putin said he thinks Biden's being sincere. We'll know soon enough. That Putin said Russia's "thoughts and proposals" will be done "as publicly as possible" shows the great degree of difference when it comes to actual operative democracy within Russia versus the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 18:50 utc | 194

How on earth the West managed to squander all this goodwill.

Posted by: Montreal | Dec 8 2021 17:31 utc | 181

"In accounting, goodwill is accrued when an entity pays more for an asset than its fair value, based on the company's brand, client base, or other factors. ... private companies can elect to amortize goodwill on a straight-line basis over 10 years, although this election is not required."

It works something like that. You pay a trillion dollars (in cash, looted property, losses through the chaos in the economy and its ripple effects) for good relationship with the West. The fair value is 10 dollars. 10 years later, we are back to the fair value, and since the relationship is somewhat worse for the wear, it is 1 dollar -- you can still hum "Imagine all the people".

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 8 2021 18:51 utc | 195


Posted by: Black bread | Dec 8 2021 18:56 utc | 196


Thank you for fleshing it out.

Yes, it is going to be interesting, if "Biden" is at all sincere. We should know pretty quick, there will be great gnashing of teeth if it is so.

I'm not surprised, he has to come up with something.

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 8 2021 19:01 utc | 197

@c1ue | Dec 8 2021 17:17 utc | 179

Thirdly, ice asteroids are not 100% ice. There is space dust everywhere - comets etc.

That's not a claim. The point is that the object (comet or asteroid fragment) hit the ~3000m thick Laurentide Ice sheet. The secondary impacts were chunks from that ice sheet.

The rest of your post is not very coherent.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 8 2021 19:01 utc | 198

A puzzle for an amateur strategist.

1. There were reports about valiant Ukrainian troops grimly prepared for the Russian invasion in the trenches along the line that separates them from the separatists. Apparently, the only place where such troops are...
2. There were reports of Russian troops massed on Ukrainian borders, the details differ, but mostly elsewhere, on DW map, ONLY elsewhere.

Question: what kind of defense plan does Ukraine have?

In the same vein, Bild's map shows a pincer attack surrounding Kiev. What kind of evacuation plan does authorities there have? Airlift to Mukachevo (on Hungarian border, the other side of the Karpathians)?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 8 2021 19:03 utc | 199

Bemildred @197--

The problem IMO is the propaganda makes it appear that any concessions given to Russia will be screamed as being a retreat, a reversal, a loss, since the lies never presented reality whatsoever, and now reality must be used to defuse the situation. Unless of course, Kiev attacks and its spun as Russia invades. That Putin admits the "lets talk further" proposal came from Biden really puts the heat on him just for making that proposal.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 8 2021 19:06 utc | 200

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