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December 07, 2021

Open Thread 2021-95

@all - I will be offline for the next three days for a preplanned medical procedure (nothing serious) that requires a short hospital stay.

Please behave.

- b.

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Good to read the pushback provided by Tulsi Gabbard to the "insanity" of nuking Russia over Ukraine:

"'Let's go and launch a nuclear attack that would start a war that would destroy the American people, our country and the world and oh, also, the Ukrainians so that we can save Ukraine’s democracy? I mean, it literally is insane,' Gabbard said."

"She was responding [on FOX News Wednesday evening] to a hawkish suggestion by Republican Congressman Roger Wicker, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who said during an on-air interview that Biden shouldn’t 'rule out first-use nuclear action' against Russia over the Ukraine matter."

Tulsi said more:

"'You are hearing the same kind of rhetoric coming from Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the administration and in the media no problem with this because they actually agree with this. They are pushing this same narrative themselves,' Gabbard told Fox News, as she expressed concerns that Wicker wasn’t an 'outlier' in making such a point."

As far as I'm aware, not one Congresscritter said anything in response to Wicker's insanity, giving Gabbard's accusation lots of credibility. I don't watch or read MSM junk, but occasionally they actually mention things said by someone like Gabbard; anyone read or hear what she said before now?

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 19:39 utc | 401

@Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 9 2021 19:38 utc | 400

@So, you *still* haven't watched the presentation @274.

Posted by: librul | Dec 9 2021 19:42 utc | 402

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 8 2021 8:19 utc | 144

OK, but still seems like speculation based on some alleged electron microscopy photos of the "vaccine" - did they have lot numbers? Is this the case for ALL mRNA "vaccines" for COVID-19?

Also, the German doctor who was allegedly murdered was saying that it was not, in fact, graphene oxide, but rather graphine HYDRoxide.

I'm still on the fence.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Dec 9 2021 19:45 utc | 403

@398 "Crimea is not a subject that can be agreed upon at this time, so the best thing that could be done was to leave the topic for later."

Cries of appeasement shouldn't be long in coming..

Posted by: dh | Dec 9 2021 19:46 utc | 404

@404 Oooops...I was referring to the AP report

"The Biden administration plans to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to cede autonomy to the breakaway Donbass territories,"

Posted by: dh | Dec 9 2021 19:48 utc | 405

I tried to respond to Debsisdead @ #124 re: Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein, but my comment appears to have been disappeared.

Main point was to agree and provide a link to the interview with a former Israeli intelligence operative who confirmed that the Epstein/Maxwell trafficking and underage sex ring was in fact an Israeli honey pot type arrangement to develop compromising material on high ranking Western politicians and media figures.

You can search for it thusly:

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel
A recent interview given by a former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail enterprise was an Israel intelligence operation run for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Dec 9 2021 19:52 utc | 406

Another piece of info uttered by Biden yesterday:

"President Biden stated on Wednesday that he hopes to announce by 10 December a high-level meeting between Russia, the US, and four other key NATO countries to address Moscow's concerns about the alliance's activities in Eastern Europe. The meeting would be focused on whether an accommodation could be worked out to soothe tensions along NATO's eastern flank."

That was reported within an op/ed, "Why Has Ukraine Been So Important for US' Russia Policies Since the End of Cold War?"

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 19:54 utc | 407

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 9 2021 18:57 utc | 386

Thanks your sharing data and insights. I ask a question...

re: 3) I ask him about the long game - is this jabs forever? After throwing out a 90% vax requirement to tame COVID - which I called bullshit on since nobody, anywhere, is going to hit 90% vax compliance (especially if regular boosters are also required) - he admitted that was true. ...

For clarity, which was true? jabs forever or 90% is required? or both?

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 9 2021 20:02 utc | 408

Look like Ukraine is trying to start something with Russia, sending a warshaip towards the Kerch strait again, if the Ukrainians are lucky the Russians will only seize the ship and arrest the crew

Posted by: Kadath | Dec 9 2021 20:04 utc | 409

@407 Autonomy for Donbass and a NATO pull back? If it's true Biden must have got something in return. A free hand to attack Iran maybe?

Posted by: dh | Dec 9 2021 20:06 utc | 410

I wonder what exactly Putin means by "red lines". Will his statements come to be taken lightly. I think maybe he need to be more explicit about what is the problem and what might be the solution. If he will engage in negotiations for nato to really, really promise on bidens life not to move into uk, it merits major eye rolling. Though maybe he is buying time.

I think it might take years to go from peace time posture to ready for war - perhaps somewhat less in this situation. Most countries do not maintain war time preparedness to their credit.

Posted by: jared | Dec 9 2021 20:18 utc | 411

400+ worthy comments.

No ad hominems that I can see.

No "snippy, one-liners" as b likes to say.

That is what makes the bar a cut above the rest.


Mike Whitney's articles over at Unz during "Our Pandemic Times" has been a phenomenal contribution to the ongoing discussion around Covid. The fact that Unz is there for all to engage with hardly any censorship during these interesting times is to me a reassuring friend where, if I were to look out at my daily life and my interactions with the people I know, I would not have the same valuable outlet or ability to discuss had Unz not been there for me. The same goes for MoA.

They deserve our thanks and continued support. But what happens when the curtain is pulled back and we get to see the Behemoth-Leviathan in all of its horrific glory? My guess is that they will shut down these outlets and we can be assured that war is, from that point, on.

Love on your people close to you, irrespective of Covid. We need to feel the warmth of friends and take back solidarity from fear being lifted down to our level.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Dec 9 2021 20:19 utc | 412

Crimea not being mentioned at the meeting.

This seems more the fact that Crimea will never "return" to Ukraine, has finally been included in the White House's calculations. Biden's lot being practical at last.

In Crimea itself they ran a small poll about voting intentions in future elections (as Russians). The result was over 98% would vote for Putin. This reflects the amount of development/hard cash, that Russia has put into the place for civilian purposes and his personnal efforts to make them happen (ie. 240 (?) schools built etc.), after being ignored by Ukraines' central Government for many years.

Even Zelensky was "planning" the mass expulsion of all the inhabitants and their being replaced by ...... only Ukrainian speaking individuals, as his only way out. Which seems a no-go from the start.

From an earlier series of posts about Crimea and "school" developments requested by US forces.

Even before Maidan and the N-zi planned takeover, the US Navy seals (divers) were spotted identifying batiments that could be converted for future US use. Crimea was and still is the centre of the Russian Southern Military command and absolutely indispensable for the defense of the "underbelly". There is no way that the Russian will change their plans because of vague "threats" from the EU or US. Ever.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 9 2021 20:22 utc | 413

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 19:00 utc | 388

Thanks your generous and magnificent and valuable reporting.

Diplomacy among the well-intentioned involves trying to be honest. Honesty is the toughest part, as in Diogenes the Cynic's "Looking for an honest man".

Any prolonged attempt at honesty is courageous so let us hope that our diplomats persist. The real enemy seems the human "mind" and the troubled human spirit under stress. How else to succeed except by communication.

Posted by: chuteh | Dec 9 2021 20:25 utc | 414

Both NATO and Zelensky are studiously being ignored by Putin. Both wanted the opportunity to make public demands and "post-talk pressers" where they could vaunt about how they had been tough guys. It would have helped their paymasters to justify more cash to them both.

You can now see the visible frustation of both of them as rather than being taken "at their just value", (in their own eyes) they are simply taken as incompetent nonentities to be left out of the discussions by important people.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 9 2021 20:30 utc | 415

This helps...

Biden to reporters: "We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to our NATO allies...That obligation does not extend to… Ukraine."

as reported now at Zerohedge.

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 9 2021 20:36 utc | 416

@407 Autonomy for Donbass and a NATO pull back? If it's true Biden must have got something in return. A free hand to attack Iran maybe?

Posted by: dh | Dec 9 2021 20:06 utc | 410

According to some comments I heard in Russian, Russia could make a cheap concession to refrain from the "imminent invasion" (that was not planned in any case) if Ukraine behaves.

While the governments in the West (at least, those that matter) know that Russia would not invade without a very clear cause, they fomented hysteria now, so they can present the outcome as their achievement, a combination of credible threats and carrots that SAVED freedom loving Ukraine. The true war party is rather feeble in the West -- even if it has teeth inside Ukraine. This is a poem that can inspire Western reader:
If Rabbit
Was bigger
And fatter
And stronger,
Or bigger
Than Tigger,
If Tigger was smaller,
Then Tigger's bad habit
Of bouncing at Rabbit
Would matter
No longer,
If Rabbit
Was taller.
In Western eyes, Russia is Tigger, and Ukraine is Rabbit. So hard to change their nature...

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 9 2021 20:44 utc | 417

@Juliania - 397

Many thanks again. You write: Into the realm of music where silence speaks…….. yes.

In my youth I travelled to remote places and we didn’t have “mobile music” then. So we read a lot of poetry. That’s when I when I encountered TSE, amongst others. (Dylan Thomas, he’s all music). At that time I learnt that we as humans need music, almost like we need the air, and poetry and music are interchangeable. And if poems don’t have music, they probably don’t deserve the name.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by sounds. Not many reading this who haven’t been able to switch on their favourites whenever they feel like it . But it wasn’t always so.

It is said that back in the time of the ancestors, the Odyssey was chanted, or sung. I’d go along with that.

Posted by: Montreal | Dec 9 2021 20:48 utc | 418

Chinas Global Times say the Indian army chap killed in the chopper crash was a big name in India's anti-China chorus.

What India does on the border issue depends largely on the policies of the Modi government.

That's an interesting point of view given the India-Russia-China hugs that occured last month.

Joint Communique Russia, India, China

Posted by: Dim sim | Dec 9 2021 20:48 utc | 419

james @ 378

Yep, George Duke singing and invoking his keyboards, but this was 1975...the Waka/Jawaka period was 1972.

I'll check out the Duke album...such an incredible player George was. Thanks.

Posted by: john | Dec 9 2021 21:02 utc | 420

librul @ 399, I may be misunderstanding your comment,but the way I read your quote was not that 'barflies don't care' but that the subject didn't come up at this latest meeting between Putin and Biden due to the conflict in the official stance of each. Which could well be taken to mean it was not a hot button issue, thus letting the status quo stand.)

Barflies certainly do care; there has been plenty of discussion on this from the getgo. But since I don't understand the final parenthetical reference, I am probably misreading your comment, sorry in advance.

Posted by: juliania | Dec 9 2021 21:11 utc | 421

Posted by: D.G. | Dec 9 2021 17:36 utc | 376
"The Chinese and Russians and their new human empire are busy raising their and the worlds poorest and will not be stopped.

The Old Money Empire is dead. "

DG perhaps it was the way I articulated but Your answer indicated that you don't understand my question, I'm not talking about the Wester paradigm, left and Right which is clearly a fabrication, Elite money control yada yadaI'm well aware already thank you.

I'm agreeing that China and Russia are serving their people, also Cuba, Vetnam many South American Countries to varying degrees.

But all these countries, what are sometimes referred to as the "axis of Resistance" (to Western Hedgemony) are also on the Covid bandwagon, that is the contradiction that i don't get.

Posted by: K | Dec 9 2021 21:19 utc | 422

@ K | Dec 9 2021 21:19 utc | 422 who wrote

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2021 21:24 utc | 423

@ K | Dec 9 2021 21:19 utc | 422 who wrote
But all these countries, what are sometimes referred to as the "axis of Resistance" (to Western Hedgemony) are also on the Covid bandwagon, that is the contradiction that i don't get.

I agree that it is a puzzle to me why they are not backing Ivermectin or such. The only thing that comes to my mind is that Covid really is a bio-weapon and the Axis knows that empire is trying to develop something that isn't fixed by existing drugs and they feel the need to keep playing the defensive game.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2021 21:27 utc | 424

Norwegian #341

The initial argument against dating the Giza structures to well before the dynastic eguptians was that no other structure with such an ange existed. That changed with Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey being discovered soon after and found to be ~12 000 years old by the german Klaus Schmidt.

Yes, the age of the sphinx is a challenge. Combining the discussion of the water erosion evidence of the sphinx enclosure with archaeo-astronomy. The age is open to many theories. What is the sphinx looking at? Some have considered it is looking at the heliacal rising of Sirius and if that is so then by precessing the planetary and solar system view to the time when Sirius rose from the horizon into view (at the same time as sunrise =heliacal rising) then the sphinx was constructed/excavated ten+ thousand years ago. Controversial postulate for sure but that would certainly place it in the monsoonal wet period of the region. (the 10k+ yrs is my recall, I have no time to get exact reference.)

Thank you very much for that link to snap frozen mammoths, it was the most concise and comprehensive assembly of scientific reasoning I have seen in one paper.

MiGao #375

Thank you for that. The only plastic rocks I am aware of come from Geopolymer Institute. They have 'reincarnated' the stone block casting method allegedly used by the megalithic pyramid builders. There is an airport in Australia recently built entirely of geopolymer, runway and terminal - the lot.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 9 2021 21:37 utc | 425

Piotr Berman #394

On searching. Give Lazyweb a try.

It does not rank results by advertiser, ideology, popularity.
It searches for the closest match for your term.
Precision of the term is rewarding.

Sometimes extraordinary gems turn up.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 9 2021 21:44 utc | 426

Scott Ritter puts his spin on Biden's. My title for the spin: "Create a crisis then solve it to look strong":

"The key problem facing the Biden national security team on the need to engage Russia was the fact that any engagement which considered Russian concerns would be seen as a concession. Biden needed to be seen as operating from a position of strength. As such, when Russia conducted its fall military maneuvers, the US purposefully exaggerated what was little more than internal troop movements in response to similar NATO exercises in Poland and the Baltics, and Ukrainian muscle flexing along the Donbass front, turning it into an imminent threat that triggered the current crisis.

"Biden’s threat to deploy additional US forces now makes sense. First and foremost – he’s not going to do it. Second, Russia is not preparing to invade Ukraine, and Biden knows it. The current crisis is being driven by Ukraine’s ongoing refusal to implement the Minsk accords when it comes to recognizing the autonomy of the Donbass region, and its continued military posturing as a mechanism of gaining NATO support for its ambition to reconquer the Donbass and Crimea.

"Russia has been insisting that the US put pressure on Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to adhere to the Minsk agreement, and that the US provide assurances that NATO would stop its eastward expansion. Any move by the US, void of an additional predicate, would be seen by both the American domestic audience, and America’s NATO allies, as a sign of weakness. However, by building up a non-existent threat (i.e., a Russian invasion of Ukraine), and then threatening to dispatch non-existent troops to eastern Europe if Russia were to invade, Biden can now take credit for being strong in the face of Russian aggression. Moreover, when Russia doesn’t invade (and it won’t, unless responding to any large-scale military provocation by Ukraine), Biden can take credit for making Putin back down.

"In this context, Jake Sullivan’s announcement that the Biden administration is open to broad talks with Russia about the future of European security, coupled with Biden’s announcement that the US would not come to the aid of Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion, and a similar announcement by Biden that the US would not support Ukrainian membership in NATO for at least 10 years, can be spun as responsible actions taken from a position of strength, instead of the logical response to realpolitik." [My Emphasis]

The last paragraph contains two important links. Ritter's preamble discusses what the situation once was during the Cold War and why it's vastly different today and is worth the time to read, particularly for the ignorant.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 21:51 utc | 427

@Posted by: juliania | Dec 9 2021 21:11 utc | 421

Are you an American?

Every American is familiar with

"Honey Badger Don't Care"

Is your true identity really Natasha?
Or perhaps Boris.


Interesting little factoid.

A Russian agent was caught masquerading as some other nationality.
His "tell" was that he carried a bouquet of flowers on the street **upside down**.
We don't do that in the West, Boris.

Posted by: librul | Dec 9 2021 22:17 utc | 428


@Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 21:51 utc | 427

"Scott Ritter puts his spin on Biden's. My title for the spin: "Create a crisis then solve it to look strong":

I already said that. Scott Ritter himself may read MoA comments.

Posted by: librul | Dec 9 2021 22:21 utc | 429

@Piotr Berman #400
I actually agree that even the mRNA vaccines are worthwhile (in my opinion) for high risk individuals to use, because these individuals have 2 to 4 order of magnitude greater chances to die from COVID and also are past working and childbearing years.
The risk/benefit ratio for children, however, is largely indefensible - only if vaccines materially impacted infection and/or transmission does it make any sense to mandate vaccination of those. For young adults, the equation isn't much different.
The associate's sister notes that even asymptomatic cases cause lung damage; this damage can cause circulatory system damage in turn - but again it is still quite unclear if vaccines actually materially mitigate this.
Lastly, if the primary benefit is personal survival - why again are mandates necessary? I am not against vaccination in general or even COVID vaccines in particular; I do think that mRNA COVID vaccines are not something I want to use - but the ongoing Kafkaesque masquerade of which vaccines and/or vaccine passports are acceptable in which country actively push me to vociferously oppose mandates because this behavior is clear indication of non-medical motivations.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 9 2021 22:39 utc | 430

@chu teh #408
Agreement was that it would be impossible for a nation of any scale (i.e. Gibraltar or Iceland don't count) to achieve 90%+ ongoing vaccination + booster compliance.
And the 3-5 years is when the combination of natural immunity plus vaccine-induced immunity to reduce COVID to actual flu-like severity.
Again, given the actual mortality rates of COVID pre-vaccine, 3-5 more years of COVID deaths, regardless of vaccination, has a not-dissimilar effect of simply winnowing the vulnerable population.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 9 2021 22:42 utc | 431

@chu teh #408
Consider the ranges of public policy we have seen: will the public withstand 3 to 5 more years of them?
1st year pandemic policies have already unleashed inflation on a global scale, energy security broken across Europe and China, massive economic inequality and turmoil everywhere. Even China: can they really keep the lid on for 3 to 5 more years? And likely longer - their policy of maximum containment of spread means that either vaccines have to improve dramatically or else their population will forever be vulnerable to COVID coming in from the rest of the world, i.e. a permanent state to their present setup.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 9 2021 22:45 utc | 432

@librul #428
I've been in Russia many, many times and have never seen any predilection for carrying bouquets facing down.
This sounds like standard bullshit agit-prop nonsense.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 9 2021 22:50 utc | 433

“The only thing that comes to my mind is that Covid really is a bio-weapon and the Axis knows”
Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2021 21:27 utc | 424

I really hate that angle, but trying to consider things with an open mind... it does make sense of the vast differences between China and the west’s response.

Posted by: Rae | Dec 9 2021 22:54 utc | 434

RE: Tom_Q_Collins | Dec 9 2021 19:45 utc | 403

Your questions are legitimate and should be asked. If you go through the report from the Spanish researchers you will find that they list the lot numbers of the vials tested; go about 1/3 of the way through the pdf file to find these, see


PFIZER 1 (RD1). Batch # EY3014. Sealed
PFIZER 2 (WBR). Batch # FD8271. sealed
PFIZER 3 (ROS). Batch # F69428. Sealed
PFIZER 4 (ARM). Batch # FE4721. Sealed ASTRAZENECA (AZ MIT). Batch # ABW0411. Sealed MODERNA (MOD). Batch # 3002183. Not sealed JANSSEN (JAN). Batch # Not available. Not sealed

There obviously needs to be corroboration of these results. But how is that only one small group of researchers in the entire world has managed to do this testing? Could it be that immense political and financial pressure is put on anyone who even considers taking this path?

In a sane world, the manufacturers would provide this data, rather than delivering a billion doses of vaccine around the world that have BLANK pages where the ingredients/contents of the vials should be listed. Likewise, there would be adequate long-term testing, and officials at the CDC, NIAH, and NIH would not hold lucrative patents for the vaccines. Every agency and department in the US Federal government is captured and corrupt. The same is true for all three branches of the Federal government. The US has become a lawless nation rapidly moving towards complete totalitarianism.

The German PhD, Dr. Andreas Noak seemed eminently qualified to discuss graphene oxide/hydroxide. I do not have the technical background to assess whether or not micro-ramen microscopy can distinguish between the two substances. But I tend to trust that Dr. Noak did; I doubt he would have risked (and lost) his reputation and life if he had any doubts about this.

All that said, there is now an enormous volume of evidence that shows the mRNA injections are very dangerous and that the Spike Protein that the injections cause your ribosomes to produce and express is TOXIC. See the Doctors4COVIDEthics website for these articles: The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels and also The Pfizer mRNA Vaccine: Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity. Also watch the presentations by Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Peter McCullough for good explanations.

The mRNA injections have now caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and permanent disabilities, and the long-term effects are yet to be seen.

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 9 2021 22:59 utc | 435

psychohistorian @424--

As to K's dilemma I offer the following.

Covid as a virus is genuine and its virulence is what stunned many nations, including China as the Chinese have admitted. We debated the issue of bioweapon or natural outbreak with the result being it doesn't matter--pinning the blame on the correct law breaker would be extremely difficult and exacting justice if discovered would be very unlikely given the most likely suspect--the Outlaw US Empire--has dodged all of its previous very spectacular and overt crimes against humanity. Every nation was surprised and few had any sort of plan of action. China clearly had a plan and acted upon it, but how many nations have the sort of resources and governing structure such that they could employ to emulate China--Zero--so they had little choice but to lean on the WHO, which as we've seen was subverted pre-pandemic by the Outlaw US Empire.

What makes it seem preplanned is BigPharma's reaction as it had a gameplan AND facilitators. Fauci is probably more corrupt than RFK Jr. describes, but Fauci didn't act alone. Trump was a facilitator--perhaps he thought it was indeed a CIA-instigated Bioweapon attack he wasn't informed about since he did nothing in hopes China would be smitten. But China slam-dunked on the virus and rapidly recovered while the USA and its allies succumbed bigtime AND didn't even try to fight the disease in its formative phase using off-the-shelf anti-virials, a course of action a few nations employed--particularly those in Africa where viruses are rife. The stats [Removed link to comment will post] show a very curious mix.

At the outset, I put forth the idea that collective societies would fare better than individualistic societies, and the stats tend to support that. But why? The first and most important way to halt transmission was an increase in all types of hygiene AND masking followed by social distancing when unmasked AND not allowing mass concentrations of unmasked people in close quarters, like within a church.

One of the major problems is the Big Lie told about vaccines by figures in authority--that they'll protect you from becoming sick or they prevent the virus's spread as they do neither--and actions taken by institutions mirroring those lies. The fantastical amount of blindness shown by the public in swallowing those Big Lies is a huge part of the problem. And given the dominance over the Global Discourse by BigLie Media, I can't blame smaller nations within the Arc of Resistance for falling victim to the lies. Remember, the WHO is also responsible for BigLie dissemination. We here at MoA are very lucky to have a cadre of investigators and disseminators of information that's generally valid and usually self-police and purge those spreading falsities. But in this case we lacked the proper medical background required to see through the subterfuge just as b was, although we all tried while wading through the controversy revolving around what really worked and what was bunkum. IMO, the MoA cadre knows more about Covid than many in positions of power, thus the many attempts to disrupt our discourse that on occasion succeeded. (I'm sure this very long episode has done a lot to wear down b via stress and anxiety more so than any other previous topic since it just refuses to cease.)

As we've learned, Coronaviruses are very common and plentiful. Some are very dangerous while others differ little from the common cold, which some do cause. Vaccines can't possibly kill off the virus because it is able to cross species boundaries with ease; thus, it will become similar to influenza. One thing that must happen is the unprecedented level of global hysteria must calm down and a rational approach adopted to the virus's presence. The experimantal mRNA vaccines must be thrown back into the lab and the many traditional vaccines made a universal human good so they can be produced everywhere and given to all that want one. IMO, masking in all public places must be employed for awhile. All public buildings and conveyances must have HEPA filtration systems on their HVAC systems. Emphasis on early treatment of symptoms with basic anti-virials must be adopted and their availability be as easy as obtaining aspirin over-the-counter. Humans need to all be treated as humans--there being no special categories of vaccinated or unvaccinated or passports/restrictions placed on anyone provided they conform to masking.

The last major item that must become universal for humanity is access to healthcare that's treated as a public utility by all nations such that any national anywhere that needs medical attention can freely get what's required. That way the profit motive can be driven out of healthcare once and for all time so BigPharma can wither on the vine and then rot into compost along with its Faucis.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 23:06 utc | 436

@Posted by: c1ue | Dec 9 2021 22:50 utc | 433

You were watching for how people hold bouquets?
Sounds obsessive to me.

However, it seems that it may actually be an Eastern European thing.

Found the actual video I got my factoid from.
I set the time to start at the relevant part.

The entire video is interesting too.

Posted by: librul | Dec 9 2021 23:11 utc | 437

"... so that we can save Ukraine’s democracy?"
Which does not exist- this state was born of an imperialist coup, commenced operations by banning the Russian language, spoken by most of the population, integrated fascist militias -one of them the National Socialist party- into the military, giving them the leading role in attacks on the millions in the east refusing to legitimise the coup, and was responsible, inter alia and in broad daylight, for a massacre of Trade Unionists in Odessa.
Currently Ukraine has a large number of political prisoners including Opposition leaders banned from running for election, has banned opposition media, and licenses violence against opponents of fascism.
It celebrates openly the careers of Nazi killers such as Bandera and is encouraged in this by governments (eg Canada's) where politicians trade emigre/fascist vote bloc support for military and financial assistance to Kiev's kleptocratic racist government.
To describe, as Gubbard does, support for the Kiev criminals as 'supporting democracy' is to legitimise complicity in serial criminality. And to debauch further the remnants of democratic principles in the western world.

Posted by: bevin | Dec 9 2021 23:17 utc | 438

Who ought to be held responsible for this, "Military veteran shot Covid-19 'believers'":

"A man who killed two people and injured four others in a shooting at a Moscow municipal building allegedly singled out victims he thought were “believers” in Covid-19, Russian media has reported in the wake of the massacre.

"On Wednesday, Moscow daily Kommersant reported that the accused, named as Sergey Glazov, said he had made a combat pistol modified to shoot rounds of live ammunition to protect himself from the 'criminal society born from the fictitious coronavirus infection.'"

The hysteria is certainly guilty, but what/who generated that hysteria? BigLie Western Media and those who own it. How many more murders will they commit before they're brought to justice?

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 23:22 utc | 439

The Chinese took the rational and principled decision to control the spread of the virus by initiating public health measures. Many other countries followed their lead. But in order to succeed international cooperation would have been necessary.
And this was not forthcoming from the ruling class of the imperialist countries, in which the loss of a few million elderly and vulnerable was insignificant in comparison with the economic and social profits to be garnered from developments in which the virus was allowed to mutate at will and efforts to control it were subordinated to profit considerations.
It is no accident that the capitalist class has thrived enormously from the pandemic, while the living standards of the working majority have fallen and are currently falling precipitately: millions will die this winter, not only of Covid but of famines.
It is a sad footnote to the current situation that a unified and angry public response to the treachery of the ruling class and its supporters is being blocked by the useful idiots of 'libertarianism' who claim that there is no pandemic and therefore that public health measures to control it are a waste of time and energy. This is precisely the view taken by the Bolsonaros, Johnsons and Trumps of this world. In their cases the view is not irrational- they live in magic circles in which access to the finest health care assures them that they will survive any attacks of the disease.
The poor-around the world- are not so lucky. Their access to healthcare, even of the most cursory variety, is spotty and unreliable; if at all weakened, as many are by malnutrition, poor living conditions, overwork and stress, they are liable to succumb.
I will remember them as victims of capitalism, its callousness and greed. And their deaths as reminders that revenge on their killers is long overdue and necessary if our planet is to survive.
The Capitalists will sneer at their passing.
And the useful idiots will, in every practical and political sense, align themselves with the murderous ruling class.

Posted by: bevin | Dec 9 2021 23:42 utc | 440

Bevin 440:

"The poor-around the world- are not so lucky. Their access to healthcare, even of the most cursory variety, is spotty and unreliable; if at all weakened, as many are by malnutrition, poor living conditions, overwork and stress, they are liable to succumb."

The "succumb" rate in Africa for COVID is basically zero. This is a disease that kills the very old and the obese/high blood pressure poor-diet-western cohort. Great healthcare is not a guarantee of success: witness the high death rates in very good healthcare countries like Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, etc.

Posted by: Caliman | Dec 10 2021 0:04 utc | 441

he had made a combat pistol modified to shoot rounds of live ammunition to protect himself from the 'criminal society born from the fictitious coronavirus infection.'"

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 23:22 utc | 439

Unmodified combat pistols shoot dead rounds? Or just blanks? I feel silly avoiding combat for all those years...

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 10 2021 0:10 utc | 442

@ Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 23:06 utc | 436

Thanks and agree. Hopefully both questions are settled.

One of the idiosyncrasies of humans - even here - is the tendency to believe how different parts of humanity are ‘unconnected’. Whether in the world now or through un surviving history.

Us British have decided that there is a nasty new bird flu arrived and a few flocks of his Ken’s have already been culled - it happens regularly in winters and is blamed on migratory birds. But this winter apparently we are claiming they are coming from RUSSIA!

Posted by: D.G. | Dec 10 2021 0:52 utc | 443

bevin @440--

Very well said! As I've noted, Covid-related repression is rife in Neoliberal ruled nations.

The comment Putin made about Donbass and genocide is again reported here, "Putin agrees what’s happening in Donbass ‘looks like genocide’". The transcript now contains this information; here it is in full:

"Kirill Vyshinsky, please.

"Kirill Vyshinsky: Thank you very much.

"Mr President, I head the HRC Commission on International Cooperation, and at the beginning of the year, when we were forming the work plan, we made only two points. The first is assistance in the realization of the rights of the largest diaspora of our fellow citizens abroad – the diaspora in Donbass. And the second direction is efforts to protect the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation and our fellow citizens, compatriots in the near and far abroad.

"If we talk about the first one – about the largest diaspora of our fellow citizens, which already numbers more than 700,000 people – then at the beginning of the year we received a lot of appeals in which these people said that the implementation of their right to participate in elections, that is, in a very important process of governing the country, was very important and fundamental for them.

"Here I want to say a big thank you: we transmitted these appeals to both Tatyana Nikolaevna Moskalkova and Ella Alexandrovna Pamfilova, and thanks to the fact that we approached this issue very carefully, a special mechanism was developed that allowed our fellow citizens in Donbass to take part in voting remotely. As a result, more than 200 thousand people voted. I think that this is an excellent example of cooperation between civil society and the state in the implementation of the rights of our citizens.

"But there is one nuance: our fellow citizens in Donbass voted only for party lists. It seems to me that this, of course, is unfair, because such a huge number of people would like to have their real representatives, that is, specific representatives, majoritarians in the Duma. It seems to me that it would be nice if an instruction was given to think over some changes in the electoral legislation that would allow our citizens living permanently abroad to have their own majoritarian or their majoritarians – this is the first thing.

"Second, as the practice of remote voting has shown, our fellow citizens in Donbass received SNILS and thanks to this they were able to register on the public services portal and exercise their right. But in addition, they still have the rights to various benefits that require such a necessary measure of their identification as registration.

"In the current situation, our citizens living in Donbass cannot apply for maternity capital remotely, since they need to register in the form of remote registration on the public services portal. To do this, they, as a rule, come to the territory of the Russian Federation, go to the MFC, where it is also necessary to present registration documents at the time of filling out the application. Very often this is done with the help of relatives living in the territory of the Russian Federation, someone else, but including, of course, there are all sorts of not quite legal schemes for obtaining this registration.

"It seems to me that it is very important to think over and review the problem of exercising the rights of our citizens to receive certain benefits related to their inclusion in various registration databases, so that they have such an opportunity.

"Moreover, there is another example – an example of non-recognition of medical documents of our citizens living in Donbass. This is also related to registration databases. Imagine this situation: a Russian citizen living in Donbass comes and is vaccinated with the Russian sputnik vaccine, receives a local document, then enters the territory of the Russian Federation, and it is not in the database, he does not have a QR code, and he cannot settle in a hotel in certain regions, enter a cafe. And this is only now, and what will be the wave of problems after the law on the QR code, on its mandatory use, is adopted?

"I would think it would be important and I would ask you to instruct me to develop a set of measures to ensure the full realization of the rights and obligations of Russian citizens living abroad, in particular in Donbass, since this is the largest diaspora.

"The second topic, which was very important for us, was the protection of the rights of our citizens and compatriots living in the near and far abroad. A common place was the mention of such a term as 'Russophobia', and the understanding, the realization that this process, this phenomenon, takes on systemic signs abroad – in the post-Soviet space, and in the far abroad. In such cases, the Baltic States and Ukraine are cited as examples.

"And here is a recent example from the United States of America. In the Congress of our compatriots, which has never been paid much attention to before, over the past year, representatives of the FBI have conducted very detailed surveys, which I would, for example, call just interrogations. More than 300 activists in this organization, and they are brought, judging by the nature of the survey, clearly under the law on foreign agents, although this organization is not even commercial, it does not have a registered account, which already removes it, in theory, from under the American law on foreign agents.

"But that's not the point. The fact is that, from my point of view, a certain logical chain has been built. Everything starts with Russophobia, then it turns into a kind of discrimination in various spheres: linguistic, social and so on, and through a step, Mr President, from my point of view, this leads to genocide.

"A vivid example of the genocide of Russian-speakers or representatives of the multinational Russian people is the situation in the Donbass, where physically intolerable conditions are created for people that do not allow them to survive, or simply kill them.

"By the way, I would like to add why I came to this conclusion. Look, this practice, which I am talking about, may look quite mild today, but, in fact, by and large, in its final phase, it resembles the practice that was used during the Great Patriotic War. If we recall the Ost plan, where the goal was to destroy the Soviet people (today there is no such term, but the multinational Russian people remains), then this goal was realized in a clear and harsh form. How this differs today, for example, from what we see in Donbass, it is difficult for me to say. Probably something different, but from my point of view, not particularly.

"Therefore, I would like to ask you, perhaps, to instruct us to develop and introduce into Russian legislation the concept of genocide or call for genocide of a Soviet-Russian multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic and multi-ethnic people. From my point of view, this will make it possible to give a legal assessment of the ongoing processes and draw not only attention to this, but also to make a certain reflection on what to do about it, because in recent years, yes, we have been publishing statements in defense of our compatriots, drawing the attention of the international human rights organization to the situation with blocking the supply of water to Crimea and many other things. on the situation with our compatriots in the Baltic States, the Foreign Ministry sends notes. But the result? In addition to attention, unfortunately, we cannot radically help these people in any way. I think what I've been talking about will at least give them hope.

"Thank you.

"Vladimir Putin: Thank you, Kirill Valeryevich.

"Regarding the improvement of voting methods for our compatriots abroad. Yes, I agree with you, we need to think about this and take the necessary measures, even regardless of the fact that this will require some additional costs. I think you're absolutely right.

"Citizens of Russia, wherever they live, should enjoy in the full sense of the word all the rights of citizens of the country. The same applies to social rights and benefits. I will certainly instruct the Government to work out all this. I hope that we will reach agreed decisions.

"The same should be said about Russophobia as the first step towards genocide. We can clearly see and know what is happening in Donbass now, and this, of course, is very reminiscent of the genocide you mentioned. Here it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to devalue these concepts, but they should reflect the realities of the events taking place. Let's think about it.

"Kirill Valerievich, how do you assess the situation in Donbass now? You do it substantively.

"Kirill Vyshinsky: You know, my assessments are based on fact. As my colleagues, friends and acquaintances who live there, in Donbass, say, they are, of course, accustomed to what is happening, to shelling, but the situation has changed for the worse over the past month and a half – probably within these limits.

"I repeat, these are courageous people, they have been living in such conditions for more than seven years, they are calm about it. But, you know, it's always kind of like this kind of amplification that makes you wonder: why is this happening, why is it happening now, for what? In general, I repeat, people perceive this with confidence that they will cope with it, but fix changes for the worse. The number of shelling has increased, the shelling is moving closer, for example, to the same Donetsk. Simply put, nothing good.

"Vladimir Putin: All right, all right. Thank you." [My Emphasis]

So, it's the Ost Plan. I'd like to know what Russian media is saying about that plan and that Putin agrees the situation is Genocidal.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 10 2021 1:05 utc | 444

john | Dec 9 2021 21:02 utc | 420

One Size Fits All is a rock album by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, released in June 1975...

Feel is the fifth studio album by the American keyboard player George Duke, released on October 28, 1974...

Waka/Jawaka was released in July 1972, so - one size fits all was indeed later... grand wazoo was released in November 1972... bottom line - i remember listening to this music back in the mid 70's! the one zappa show i did see around 1980 in vancouver was amazing.. 10 piece group, or thereabouts - i was very impressed with franks leadership abilities, not to mention his composition and musical ideas! but, i was into a lot of different music during the 70's and didn't stay on top of all that frank was doing.. at present i am listening to this.. you might enjoy it -

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2021 2:09 utc | 445

@Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 9 2021 22:59 utc | 435

people and prfessionals do not talk some, because they saw those who talked being dispossesed of their medical lecneses to exet their profession, others, because they are on Pfizer payroll, as has happened with Pediatrics associations and WHO offical for pediatrics who have received substantious ammounts of money, which Pfizer, btw, publishes in its transparency section in oits web, who have been advocating for the vaccination of children non stop.

Other people from the mecial health care sector who are not directly on payroll, simply saw the opportunity of their lives to sclaate the ladder of their careers not precisely on own merit but on the stelle of a clear fascist state.

But, there are other professionals at other fields who could als hiva given voice to debate or sane discussion, of which, in the case of the Spanish speaking world I found only one, César Vidal, whose YouTube cahnnle was recently banned, btw, just today being awarded the Prize of the Mexican Journalist Association, which he celebrated by reading in his editorial a passage by certain rabi on the reward of doing good, who was no ther the Saint Paul.

In another field, this time in the military, you have that as that US film titled, there are "some good men" and you have that from the whole Spanish armed forces, only a Colonel of the Air Force, Carlos Martínez-Vara Del Rey, took what it takes to write an exquisitely correct letter to Spanish Defense Minister, Sra.Margarita Robles, stating that taking into account the acumulated number of serious side effects produced by these new "vaccines", not only amongst soldiers, but also amongst the Spanish general population, it would be cautious to at least temporarily suspend the mass vaccination for the whole population and the army, and that the military laboratories have enough technology to analyze the content of the vials of these "vaccines" so that to detect there is something which is causing such ammount of side effects and deeaths.
It is said that the righteous Colonel was cesed immediately by the minister, a person from the High Studies of the High School of the Armed Forces...

One, as average citizen, taxpayers during his whole labor life, not holding at the moment, and since ages, even a traffick fine, being currently harassed by the conglomerate media, owned by foreign funds, and the people turned by them into an enraged scared hysterical mass, joined by some whole life political career officials, even the ones in charge of the "defense of citizens" as duty assigned payed by taxpayers, wonder why I along my fellow citizens in my unvaccinated state, are being labeled as "assasines", "not worth of being attended at hospital", "should not be allowed even going out in the streets", "terrorists", and such delicacies which two years ago would had been deemed a hatred crime, how is that the Defense Minister does not proceed to, precautionarily, as asked by this honorable man, analyze those vials if owning the technology to do it, and why the medical profession neglect their duty in denouncing and doing the same, and why the judges named and postioned ny political parties, except for a few honorable exceptions, refuse to imposse the law and this way, the Supreme Coourt, which has a lower rank than the Constitutional Tribunal, give permission to the boss of the Spanish Basque Taifa to imposse an apartheid state on the unvaccinated when that measure is at all lights ilegal in Spain, as it is unconstitutional.

That all these politicians, journalist, actors, TV clowns of any ralea, scientists and medical doctors should be those being fired and put on trial is an understatement.

On the graphene issue, which is but one of the several scandals in this "pandemic", being the other the already known toxicity of the Spike protein, what you can do with graphene, and what could be in the origins of the numerous strokes at that concert in Houston, and sudden deaths in sports pits, and people who are driving over there causing a very dangerous unpredicatble situation at roads..The Suddenitis epidemic of which nbody talks...Why nobody explains the excess of mortality of every kind of people, inmcluding in the oncologixc services...they state they do not know why so many patients are dying this year...Well, mate, think a bit, cowards...

Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 2:12 utc | 446

karlof1 @ 436, thanks very much for that summation (I am going to copy it down to keep.) My son has RFKjr's book, and I think this deserves to be on one of the blank pages for reference. I was such a fan of his father, I cannot but believe the facts he presents, and it is heartening to see in the early pages how many scientists support his views. Not to mention his own career on environmental causes.

I do have a question about the omicron virus. Which is, is it possible we are beginning to see what happens with the comparison of innate immunity vs. the acquired immunity vaccination bestows? There are two conflicting assessments of the variation: first, that it is very transmissible, and second that some encounters have been mild. That second observation seems to be countered by heightened concern in Europe and other places. It makes me wonder if, although for some the virus is better handled, it still poses a serious situation for the vaccinated?

I hope very much this is not the case. If it is, there needs to be a new approach by mainstream, and that quickly.

Posted by: juliania | Dec 10 2021 2:25 utc | 447

Here is the list of participants at the 'Summit for Democracy.'

Interestingly the bandit state has the effrontery to describe itself as a 'democracy' after driving out over 700,000 indigenous Palestinians and blatantly continuing the ethnic cleansing every day for decades. Elected 'representatives' must pledge allegiance to the ugly dominant state ideology of zionism by law.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo received an invitation too. Probably the State Department was fooled by the name.

There are more dodgy 'democracies' to giggle about, enjoy.

Pakistan declined the invitation, they probably prefer to choose their own company.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 10 2021 4:15 utc | 448

The dog that didn't bark.

Ron Unz wrote his own review of the Kennedy book on Fauci. To my mind it was not as useful as Laurent Guyénot's excellent "partial review", summarizing Kennedy's expose of Fauci's earlier corruption during the AIDS crisis - also published at the Unz Review.

But Ron made one excellent point, regarding the fact that Kennedy's book was/is the Amazon #1 seller, with an almost unprecedented percentage of 5-star reviews by buyers of the book. In other words, a very large and positive reception of the book at the grass roots level. All this, said Unz, and yet not one word about even the existence of the book throughout the entire mainstream, corporate media.

The logic is compelling that if Kennedy had presented a thesis that could be ridiculed, all the media would have jumped on him with scorn and poured that ridicule over his book. But not one word, not one.

Which of course speaks volumes about the integrity of Kennedy's very alarming claims.


It also shows an appalling hegemony in the media and the government and Big Pharma - an almost incomprehensible solidity of this bloc.

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 10 2021 5:27 utc | 449

Below is a Xinhuanet posting that shows a bit of hardball is being played geopolitically, eh?

SAN JOSE, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- The Foreign Ministry of Nicaragua announced on Thursday that Nicaragua is breaking "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan.

"The Government of the Republic of Nicaragua declares that it recognizes that in the world there is only one single China," the Foreign Ministry said in an announcement released in Managua.

"The People's Republic of China is the only legitimate government that represents all of China and Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory," according to the announcement.

"The Government of the Republic of Nicaragua today breaks diplomatic relations with Taiwan and ceases to have any contact or official relationship," the announcement said.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 10 2021 5:31 utc | 450

Below is a link to a Xinhuanet posting that I encourage MoA barflies to check the 1 minute video

First live class held from China's space station

Leading by example is what I see here. Others?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 10 2021 5:34 utc | 451

karlof1 | Dec 10 2021 1:05 utc | 444

re ...Covid-related repression is rife in Neoliberal ruled nations...

Rife, indeed! Royal Raymond Rife was a pioneer in handling of medical isues using electronic flows/rays. I.e., electro-magnetic phenomena. As the story goes, his results/cures produced wipe-out...of Royal Raymond Rife...because he was practicing medicine in ways that interfered with the medical the 1930s.

It might be helpful to know that the practice of chemistry was once usefully defined as the manipulation of electrons. It is still sometimes called that, altho since the 1930s it can also involve manipulation of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.

Curiously, Ivermectin is a chemical composition of terribly complex , wild activity of highly active/flowing electrons...which takes me to mention the field of electronics...aka electromagnetic phenomena associated with electron flows. It also interferes with the established practice of medicine.

OK, that is just coincidence. Well..maybe not? As in who knows what "electrons" really are? They have never been seen in the most powerful microscope devices...only their "presence" is inferred. And electrons as "particles" do not "spin" around something; that is only convenient easy-speak. Just like electrons flowing down a wire is a convenient description of is all inferred. not actually observed.

So yes. Any actually effective practice that interferes with the medical establishment is Rife with suppression.

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 5:38 utc | 452

Oh, by the way...

Graphene hydroxide molecule is said to be about 0.1 nanometer "thick"...which is the "size" of a carbon atom of which graphene is mostly composed.

So how is known the "size" of an atom if the electron component supposedly whizzing around a nucleus cannot be seen, only inferred? Simple...scientists take 2 atoms and measure the distance between the 2 nuclei, which are somewhat visible compared to electrons.

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 5:49 utc | 453

@ chu teh | Dec 10 2021 5:49 utc | 453 writing about what we don't know about those atom things

Thanks for that.

If you ever want to stop of conversation of astronomers/astrophysicists, ask them why it is they talk and write about all that dark energy and dark matter being out in the Cosmos when it seems obvious it is 95% of who we are, just like they posit it is in space, we just don't want to admit such ignorance of ourselves.

And to your bio-electric meanderings, I encourage you to go to my web site and look at the neuromodulation link. We produce bio-electric wave forms on an ongoing basis across a bunch of frequencies with variations in power. These wave forms are epiphenomena of our bodies doing what they do but we can capture them, compare them to normative and nudge our neural networks to correct dysregulation that may when you take the side mirror off a SUV with the back o your bicycle helmeted head....grin, yeah, like me.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 10 2021 6:01 utc | 454

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 23:06 utc | 436
Posted by: bevin | Dec 9 2021 23:42 utc | 440

Combined, these two posts sum up the Covid situation fairly well. I have not commented on Covid recently, because I wrote pretty much all that I needed to say more than a year ago, including that the virus would evolve to become more infectious and less deadly, as the Omicron variant appears to be doing. Ironically, if I recall correctly, the first post where I wrote this was purged from the site.

Posted by: Caliman | Dec 10 2021 0:04 utc | 441
Bevin does not mention Africa. It is felt that Africa in general has been somewhat better at avoiding infection and mitigating infection due to its widespread use of HCQ and Ivermectin for malaria and various parasitic infections. There are no doubt other reasons.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Dec 10 2021 7:21 utc | 455

Simple...scientists take 2 atoms and measure the distance between the 2 nuclei, which are somewhat visible compared to electrons.

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 5:49 utc | 453

Very small objects like atoms are not "observed" directly, but through rather complex analysis of images. If you manage to align positions of a bunch of molecules and send light or X-rays through them, you can record periodic patterns and transform it into a bunch of 3D coordinates. Electrons and individual protons -- hydrogen atoms -- are not observed, but carbon, nitrogen, oxygen etc. are. From there, it is easy to calculate where hydrogen atoms "are". And electrons are so small that the concept of a precise position is not practical.

If graphene is a polymer like a hydrocarbon, then it has a "backbone", a chain of carbons. Proteins have a backbone that is periodically carbon, carbon, nitrogen. In a cell there are many enzymes that assembly, disassemble and modify those polymers (you can attach and detach what is attached to the atoms of the backbone). Backbones can fork, so molecules can become very unwieldy, so to speak. The question if a molecule is a troublemaker when injected, inhaled etc. does not depend on its size but on its interactions with enzymes and other molecules.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 10 2021 7:21 utc | 456

@ graphene in vaccines discussion.

Whatever its worth, there is an official EU Parliamentary question and answer regarding possible graphene or other metallic materials in covid vaccines approved in EU; "no".

In the answer there are links to the summaries of the characteristics of the four vaccines used in EU, including their ingredients.

Posted by: Die Niemandsfuchs | Dec 10 2021 7:44 utc | 457

The dishonesty of western politicians and their colluding with the money hungry oligarchs and big Pharma is perfectly matched by the con artists who sell all kinds of cosmic bullshit. Stale bread invoques a con artist by the name of Vidal, someone that went through all sects and obscure societies praising their virtues to thereafter write pamphlets warning of their vices and conspiracies, a fiscal delinquent in his native Spain he took refuge in that black hole of dictators and latin oligarchs by the name of Miami, claiming academic titles of non existing universities and camouflaging as an academic bullshiter. Time permitting I’ll post about Shukshina, a nice looking lady secondary role actress that has been awarded state prizes in Russia to alleviate the bad conscience of the state with her father the great actor, director and artist Vasily Shukshin. A second class actress with a truly great family name takes advantage of it to spread all sorts of weird conspiracies, among many others a follower of QAnon, ¡in Russia!.

Sure, the whole pandemic affair has been tragically handled by greedy and incompetent politicians but that should not be the fertile ground where all con men, just as greedy as the politicians, sow discord and confuse the public about how to sail thru the dire straits we’re in.

Posted by: Paco | Dec 10 2021 8:43 utc | 458

One can of course spin everything into a victory but what the Biden-Putin-summit actually did is to confirm the status quo. Russia didn`t get any of the demands voiced before the summit. But the USA didn`t get anything from Russia either.

With all this back and forth and warmongering from both sides nothing changed in Ukraine in 2021 with one notable exception: The Ukrainian troops that were moved closer to Donbass early in the year still seem to be there. [This is of course perfectly legal by international law. Furthermore, according to Russia moving troops wihin ones own borders cannot be interpreted under any circumstances as a form of provocation.] This has lead Russia to move troops to the Ukrainian border which - according to b`s calculation - make up quiet a substantial part of the Russian ground forces. These troops will have to remain in place.

Posted by: m | Dec 10 2021 9:50 utc | 459

@Black bread,
In Norway we have two versions of our language and countless local dialects which makes it rather easy to identify where someone is from. As such we have lots of tolerance for people saying things a bit different than we might. We are very forgiving when it comes to language, (unlike some high brow French or German folk). I know that English is not your first language and see also that in your posts there are some typographical errors. I want you to know that none of that is a problem in any way and that your point of view is greatly appreciated as is the factual information that you provide. I hope you will stay strong and hopeful and know that you are not at all alone in your struggles. Keep up the good work and posting here at MoA. Lots of respect for you!

Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 10 2021 9:53 utc | 460
>The UK High Court has granted the US government’s appeal over the refusal to extradite WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, opening the door for his eventual trial on American soil on espionage charges.
Terrible freaking news.

Posted by: Smith | Dec 10 2021 10:29 utc | 461

I read an science article about graphene and graphene oxide recently. A graphene 'monolayer crystal' is simply a flat layer of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms, this monolayer being one atom thick. It is, as I recall, the worlds strongest substance, and also, 'on edge', the world's hardest. The graphene oxide is nearly identical to plain graphene except it has some oxygen 'O', and some hydroxyl groups 'OH' sort of 'hanging off' it. The main difference is that the plain graphene is colossally more expensive to manufacture. This is a super promising new technology.

As far as these graphene bits occurring in any vaccines, I really cannot bring myself to believe that this would ever happen. It's just way to far out.

Posted by: blues | Dec 10 2021 10:36 utc | 462

james @ 420

I guess I'm kinda strung out on bottom end. Check out these young guys from Switzerland...

I love how they entrance the audience.

Posted by: john | Dec 10 2021 11:22 utc | 463

@Smith | Dec 10 2021 10:29 utc | 461

They are determined to murder Assange as a message to everyone that documenting war crimes is not allowed.

The west is completely lawless.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 10 2021 11:32 utc | 464

Posted by: Montreal | Dec 9 2021 20:48 utc | 418

Like fuck are poetry and music interchangeable.

Maybe to you, okay, to me they aren't.

Posted by: Misotheist | Dec 10 2021 12:00 utc | 465

the order of the high court to allow the extradition of Assange to the US isn't the final ruling, it can and will almost certainly be appealed to the UK supreme court. However in all likelihood the high court was instructed to make this ruling with the understanding that the supreme court would support their decision, so any appeals at this point will merely be delaying the inevitable by maybe 6-8 months. Much has been made about possible "deadman" switches to release embarrassing information about the US & UK governments in the event Assange actually arrives in the US, if they are real, they better get ready to release a little something as a trial balloon if they want to have any leverage at all in appeal process.

Posted by: Kadath | Dec 10 2021 12:05 utc | 466

Jesus Fuck, b leaves for 3 days and y'all turn into a bunch of fucking hippies.

Next time I check this you'll be talking about crystals for the chakras and astral charts.

Posted by: Misotheist | Dec 10 2021 12:21 utc | 467

blues | Dec 10 2021 10:36 utc | 462

...As far as these graphene bits occurring in any vaccines, I really cannot bring myself to believe that this would ever happen. It's just way to far out.

Exactly so. And I have a background that includes the search to detect foreign particles in production of zillions of transparent food containers.

How could standard Quality Control, using 30 year-old tech [my exposure to the problem] keep missing floating particles in suspension? Beyond "we were under pressure to meet delivery targets", what else is there? And I worked in routine food packaging, not pharmaceuticals. Just the public relations would be a disaster.

If the problem now is graphene particles...well, how to justify the inclusion of a new, untested material in human consumption by injection into tissue and capillaries [blood stream]? The only explanation I have is desperation to stop a pandemic disaster of a known bioweapon that was somehow released.

Only a known, secret bioweapon would get this scatterbrain response. In any other case, first response would be to do everything to stop spread before it was too late...unless doing such would expose the lie that "we didn't know" it was so dangerous...we had to fake surprise so we would not be accused of forewarning or all costs, we must be able to blame someone else.

That explains the SNAFU response and Blame China...instead of instantly cooperating and looking at Ft. Detrick and other known bioweapon actors and to-hell with Public Relations and ACTING innocent.

Graphene derivatives are only one possible Planetary Undoing The Future of the Human-Race. There are others [like humongous alteration of DNA] and untold others [like contagion to plant and animal food chain].

Japanese Battalion 731 in China late 1930s started the quest for designer, race-specific bioweapons. 90 years of trying later, here we are.

30 years ago, we had lasers, transister speeds and computer imaging. How could "floaters" get through QC?

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 12:30 utc | 468

re graphene oxide. Given that this molecule is highly fero-magnetic, the question naturally arises as to how it would act in vivo when the material was subjected to electromagnetic oscillation. Essentially a radio signal. Of course frequency would be a big factor. I myself would especially ask how would this material behave and what effects upon th body would take place if a graphene Ox loaded person was placed in a NMR imaging machine. One might expect the vibrating graphenes would slice and dice the fleshy bits quite nicely. I'd try it on the cat first...ahemmm.

Posted by: Walter | Dec 10 2021 12:38 utc | 469

@18 librul What if there were still such a thing as the Warsaw Pact, and what if Russia were intent on getting Canada or Mexico or Puerto Rico to join? Would the US have a veto?

Posted by: Gene Poole | Dec 10 2021 12:42 utc | 470

graphenes occur naturally in carbon combustion, campfire, smoke-stacks. Albeit in small proportion they're common and have been for a very long time (pretty much since carbon and oxygen was invented by the gods). I doubt very much they're going to ruin humanity. However injecting significant charges of GOx may well "prime" the carrier-person for death following properly coupled high density electromagnetic exposure. So I'd suspect. A "weapon system" to exploit this mooted liability might even be possible.

I await the expressed opinion of a qualified electrical engineer, and have nothing further to say in the matter.

Posted by: Walter | Dec 10 2021 13:15 utc | 471

Piotr Berman | Dec 10 2021 7:21 utc | 456
Hello and thanks your thoughts.

1. To clarify...calc of estimate of atom-size by using an atomic pair, just measure the distance from center-to-center of the 2 easily "observed" nuclei. That gives a decent estimate of all [I think] the atoms in the Table Of Elements, including most of the manmade ones.

A chart of single-atom sixe gives a range of about 0.1 to 0.25 nm, with very few exceptions and NOT always increasing as the Atomic Number increases. [Some exceptions are Hydrogen 0.04; cesium 0.26, etc.]


One point I want to emphasize is that all subatomic "observations" involve use of inference and figure-figure or fuzzy logic, rather that actual "seeing"...along with using "particle" in lieu of "we do not fully understand what this stuff is".

2.. The singularity of graphene hydroxide [if true] is that it is a huge molecule that can exist in 2-dimensions with only about 0.1 nm in the 3rd dimension.

Thus a flat molecule 0.1 nm thick has a killer knife-edge 1 carbon atom thick. In a flowing bloodstream, it could cut-into contacting molecules [e.g. smooth epithelial walls of veins] causing clots . Sounds reasonable but...?

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 13:15 utc | 472

@Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 12:30 utc | 468

They were not by any torsion of imagination desperate fighting anything, the least a pandemic, since for all this to happen both the concept of "pandemic" and "vaccine" had to be changed by the WHO in the previous months/years.
Then it is the patents registered years ago, plus the "exercises"...they knew what will happen and what they will do ro do not.

Then, if you would had researched as much as we can do, which does not seem the case, even have read Schwab book on the reset, you will easily guess, all the more if you would had not ignored the third video I posted above, that the ultimate goal, apart from decreasing gradually life expectancy so that people never reach the state of pesnioner ( that is exploited from craddle to grave ) is link the whole plebes to an super computer which will control their thoughgts, their will, their feelings, their memories, in summary their whole brain function.

I had nodifficulty in imaging how they could crash the car of one who escape with a bit of disenter, or provoking him a stroke by radiation.

Good intentions is not what these people have, otherwise instead of thinking so much on how to redcue human population and how control the human being to the ultimate corner of his body, they would had already erradicated hunger, powerty, pain, illnesses, wars, crime, etc decades ago. On the contrary, it is them who are at the helms of all thsoe evils the Erath and humanity suffer from go to know when.

Please do not underestimate us.

No intelligent person whio have reserached the ways of Bill Gates expect any good from this monster, the least that he was thinking in saving us from a simple coronavirus of which there are donzes.

The same situation swill afford neutralizing whomever could escape this control,

Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 13:19 utc | 473

Piotr Berman | Dec 10 2021 7:21 utc | 456

Of course, a graphene-type "floater" that can be seen is composed of zillions of 0.1 layers. So there is that consideration. It can still have a sharp edge and also has great momentum [force = speed X mass]...utterly awesome in any turbulence.

Posted by: chu teh | Dec 10 2021 13:23 utc | 474

Walter | Dec 10 2021 12:38 utc | 469

Whadda ya got against cats, they've got nine lives and we only have one?

This exerpt is from an article July 2021, about finding some people claiming to be "magnetic". Link underneath.

"Maddie de Garay, 12, from Cincinnati, Ohio, who took part in Pfizer’s vaccine trial for 12-15-year-olds, suffered a serious adverse reaction with neurological and physical symptoms that include seizures, loss of bladder control, loss of memory and heavy menstrual cycles. She is now in a wheelchair and she is fed through a tube.

Dr T said: ‘Maddie’s mum Stephanie said her symptoms worsened after she received an MRI scan. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. If there are magnetic nanoparticles in the vaccine, and someone has an MRI those microscopic particles will be attracted to the scanner – it’s the biggest magnet you can get. They will act like shrapnel, ripping through the brain, damaging everything in their path."

then there is the coverûp by not allowing vials to be tested.

"Footnote, July 21: A Spanish team investigating graphene oxide in Covid vaccines said yesterday that they think they have found the toxic substance in Sanofi Pasteur’s flu vaccine, product name Vaxigrip Tetra. They tested a vial used in the September/October 2020 flu vaccination campaign which the Spanish people received last year. Researchers in the UK have been trying to obtain empty Covid vaccine vials but whereas most empty vaccine containers are disposed of by the administering doctor’s practice, Covid vials are being returned to the manufacturers. They say this is because of a shortage of glass vials and they need to be recycled."

Another identification method that should have been used, were the grey particles seen in the bottom of some vials.

One doctor isolated strange metallic looking particles by photographing blood samples taken from vaccinated people who had died of Covid. Guess what; I am still trying to (re-)find the link. I even posted it alongish while ago on MoA. zut.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 10 2021 13:29 utc | 475

@Posted by: waynorinorway | Dec 10 2021 9:53 utc | 460

Thanks, norweyan conmrade, I was going to post a comment apologizing for the ammount of typos, spelling, misplacing of letters in words ans aso on, and what even for me, at rereading, gets as a bit unintilegible.

I am doing my best, soemtimers posting at wee hours here, you know, very tired and even the other day while posting abou the real left, with such a neck pain.

Take into account that I also connect the whole day with peers through devices, which is very tyring.

Do not worry, I, and i fear a bucnh of people, especially all those who resulted with their careers ruined becuase questioning or talking the truth, am determined to get to the end of this issue, it is for me an existencial battle comparable to what they suffered the Soviet people through WWII.

I would not mind losing all my savings, my home, even my life, if at least the medium base of the pyramid falls and the last base gets removed enough so that Schwab, Gates, The Bankers, Big Tech, Big Pharma, The MIC, The Royals and The Vatican, have nobody over which to reign, nowhere to enjoy the looted, nothing to do further than to fight and devour each other.

This has become for me a life primary goal, since I can not travel anymore, which is what I was doing apart from working hard through the whole year to pay the taxes they live on.

Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 13:39 utc | 476

Stonebird Yes, thanks for reply. I expect so about MRI and the unfortunate lady. I was so sure about this that I'd not even bothered to look. Your report is highly appreciated. A personal acquaintance reports to me her eye-witness observation of the magnetic attraction following injections. Frankly, this mechanism of internal chopping of cells via GOx enhanced by EM is obvious. EM being intrinsic in our times the questions include (1) is this a step function? ie is there a safe level of EM for an injected subject? I'm pretty sure it's a linear function of Time x Density / freq (Time to death equation), ie no safe level of EM, until one gets to very high levels - then highly non-linear. Again, is subject for EE's and laboratory experiment. Statistical analysis of illness and deaths of persons associated with EM fields might suggest a lot. I like cats too, but am not a volunteer.

Posted by: Walter | Dec 10 2021 13:42 utc | 477

The defenders of the theory that all this was a simple missmanagement by politicians do not explain why Pfizer and FDA asked to cover the documents on which the FDA based its Emergency Use Approval for 75 years!!!!

It is very telling that as soon as the truth gets uncover, a lot of operatives run to reduce everything to a simple missmanagmenet by officials, obviating why these politicians had to even recur to demonizing and criminalizing those who simply are not willing to take the dangerous shot through a whole coordinated media operation, when this late "wave", which at first line of ER and Hospital wards, where we have our peers working and watching, there is no such, as already warned by the SouthAfrican experts, and only responds to the about to explode usual, of every 8-10 years of playing cassino with world commodities, US derivatives bubble and the about ot happen these past weeks bankruptcy of the federal government and how all this is being financed, through the selling of billions of vaccines and the rise of debt roof...

You notice that they also never find any trace of error in Putin, whatever he does ( even Putin himself selfcriticice himself more than theses guys do...) and, moreover need to recur to descalifications on ones nickname and provocations to fight so that getting you out of line.

He knows the old Spanish saying "ladran, luego cabalgamos"...

Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 14:03 utc | 478

@Posted by: Die Niemandsfuchs | Dec 10 2021 7:44 utc | 457

What must be discussed in the EU parliament, is, in the first place, the huge conflict of interests of Ursula Von Der Leyen, at the head of the EC, then those of Thierry Breton, at the head of the EC interior market, the unexplicable huge quantities of money in the accounts of Stella Kyriakides and her husband, the huge conflicts of interests of Emer Coook, former Big Pharma, and, lately, we hear the rumor, how politicans through their realtives have been profitting from the billions of PCR tests done and still doing whithout any scientific evidence they detect a specific SarsCovs2 they say they do, billions on masks production, and so on, which would indicate why they have no rush in ending this really lucrative pandemic.

At the same time, they fulfill the instructions given to them by their masters at Davos, who were thsoe who placed them at power in the first place and why they are indebted with them and not with the population who pays for defending their interests, and all happy and after that glory...

Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 14:12 utc | 479

@Black bread | Dec 10 2021 13:39 utc | 476

You have more comrades, Black bread. Do not apologize for anything. We need many more like you.

Posted by: Norwegian | Dec 10 2021 14:17 utc | 480

re: Grieved | Dec 10 2021 5:27 utc | 449

"The logic is compelling that if Kennedy had presented a thesis that could be ridiculed, all the media would have jumped on him with scorn and poured that ridicule over his book. But not one word, not one. . . . it shows an appalling hegemony in the media and the government and Big Pharma - an almost incomprehensible solidity of this bloc."
Agreed, but it becomes comprehensible if you stop imagining that the "media" has any sort of independence from corporate/governmental control -- it doesn't. Any true independent journalists quickly are fired and/or disposed of. Western media has become a Ministry of Propaganda whose sole task is to put out the official narrative of the (deep) state.

Regarding graphene, it has also been put into facemasks; see Graphene-coated face masks: COVID-19 miracle or another health risk? and Graphene face masks. Spanish researchers have said they have found graphene in there swabs used fort PCR tests, see Graphene Oxide in Jabs, Masks and Swabs

Posted by: Perimetr | Dec 10 2021 14:18 utc | 481

@Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 13:19 utc | 473

To add to the theory of controlling human masses brains through a super computer, add the fact that, apart from legislating on new eutanasia laws ( which, at its time, add to the theory of reducing population´s life expentancy through any means...) they have been through te past year legislating on Neural Rights in every European country..

Why and what for this could be.....

Apart from this, we have the former Spin Doctor of president of Spain Sanchez, back from his aparent retirement, first promoting a book of his still short biography written by a one from the party at government, then, entering a Spanish mass media to continuously promote a "perestroika" in Spain to chnage the Constitution, which, along its obvious fails, like perpetuating the party system and lack of accountability and participation of the Spanish people in any decission which affect them, protects Spanish population from mandatory vaccination.

An old strategist I met years ago through these forums, and who adviced me to buy "black bread and cheese" for to travel in those plackards in the TransSiberian along the people of Russia, also advice me asking myself always, why this, why now, why in this form...

I dunno, but after watching and learning how it ended for the Soviet people the so called "perestroika", it is reading that word related to my country, and apart from directing my handfs to my wallet, I feel like to start running in the opposite direction,

That this 40 years old Rasputin is thinking of a similar process to reform Spain, all the more knowing all his familiy are from the nationalist political party in power in the Basque Country for 40 years in a round, the first one in impossing the "Covid Pass" in Spain, a party very admiring of the US Democrats who were the responsible of the Russian "perestroika" which left an estimate of 12 million people dead of misery and poverty and all derived issues related to the total destruction of the state and its institutions plus following the application of shock ecnonomic doctrines ( of which the whole pandemic resembles a lot...) is like to keep permanently an eye on this knowitall, formed in the US, who alleges he does not pay allegiance to any party....
Then, this allegedly completely deideologized guy, became advisor to la Vanguardia, a liberal diary dating a century old, which even had corespondents in the nazi front, but not in the Soviet one, and whose owners are an aristocratic Catalan family...with a semanal column for him to spread their ideas and promote their project.

Tha world aristocrats are in this, full to the neck...

Dismembering the EU countries, in a similar vein Yugoslavia was, to leave little better to control "taifas", so called Euroregions, where people from different countries are gathered together on grounds of viccinity so that to promote divide and favor control, is a longed project of the liberals pof the College of Europe, the Spinelly Group and all those institutions and think tanks-.
To achieve that, they will sow discord amongst every country nationals and promote and favor any minority so that to have the nationals fighting each other while they at the top destroy and dismember our countries, and this "pandemic" is part of this project, a neofeudal project on ciystates and their surroundings, all connected to a super computer controlled by a tiny elite who suck all the proffit while you work from craddle to garve and do not see ever any beneffit.

Posted by: Black bread | Dec 10 2021 14:45 utc | 482

Walter | Dec 10 2021 13:42 utc | 477

Now I am curious (well more than usual). I had come to the conclusion that the "magnet effect" due to inclusions was being run as a live test, using a relatively homogenous population as subjects. Ie. in Scotland, which has a smallish population and yet is defined by clan and traditional marriage habits, and could be isolated as an observable/ethnic group. The test was meant not to be noticed and the lethal (or other) ability of the insertions could be statistically verified, by using a more stable population level than could be guaranteed elsewhere, (which might have falsified the results). Without arousing suspicions.

Pfizer withdrew the "contaminated" vials immediately it became known that they were "magnetic"- oops pardon etc...

So the 64'000 dollar question. Was the eye-witness observation of the magnetic attraction following injections in Scotland too?

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 10 2021 16:40 utc | 483

Black bread | Dec 10 2021 14:45 utc | 482

I'm another one that likes your posts. Keep them coming.

(Before continuing on the next thread) - The Aristocracy and the Politicians that are part of the "plot" must get more out of it than just cash. Safekeeping family inheritances over generations can only explain part of the blind obedience to the central theme. A couple of other means of coercion, such as drugs, blackmail (Shades of Epstein) and a "promise" of being part of the next world's-master race come into it somewhere.

But by any normal standards, there are (or were) always some misfits who would be the blabber-mouths but not this time. OK, "Whistleblowers" are disappeared at regular intervals, but because there are none, this suggests that mass control already exists in all the necessary public forms (of Media, IT, censorship) or more worryingly that some form of specific control of the individual is being used.

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 10 2021 16:55 utc | 484

@ john | Dec 10 2021 11:22 utc | 463... that is a very long windup!! you can see where this is going.... dynamics are a beautiful thing! when they do finally hit the lower registrar it will be intense... 5 minutes in and still not there! i don't imagine they are into free jazz, lol... to my surprise they go back down dynamically and get into some ambient type stuff... thanks for sharing john... an interesting musical adventure... not my cup of tea, but i like what they are doing..

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2021 17:48 utc | 485

what a surprise... the uk continues to support its ugly twin the usa.....

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2021 17:49 utc | 486

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 9 2021 21:27 utc | 424
"I agree that it is a puzzle to me why they are not backing Ivermectin or such. The only thing that comes to my mind is that Covid really is a bio-weapon and the Axis knows that empire is trying to develop something that isn't fixed by existing drugs and they feel the need to keep playing the defensive game".

Thank you psycho for this post and the following one. Yes that is the only explanation I've been able to come up with as well. That and the fact that a vaccine passport will lock any country out of trade and travel if they don't participate. Add that to the Swift issues and we might be seeing the carving up of the world into trade and travel "blocs"

Also regardless of Ivermectin use, Covid simply does not seem to like hot climates. We have no Covid in Northern Australia, seems to be the same in Africa and many pacific and other island countries. Population density is a factor even in hot countries but even India has not suffered too much. And those countries closer to the equator with a lot of excess deaths also have high vaccination rates as well as higher population density. I'm still not convinced this is just a really bad version of the flu and the real poison is in the vaccines.

The intricacy of this domination plan is really something. How easy have we been to distract while the powers that be have remained focussed and one pointed for a century. The rest of us have had TV and stuff to buy.

Since you were so kind as to take my question seriously, i have another observation: the massive rallies happening world wide in protest seems to be organised by the Christian "right" worldwide they were initiated by a group in Germany that I can't find any background for. This is not to undermine the collective response of the people everywhere to protest the mandates, by far these rallies are too large to be only consisting of one religious or political denomination. I just find it curious that all the background organisers here in Australia are associated with Christian churches, in particular Hillsong and all the politics are conservative.

I'm not Christian but most people are in the west so I don't have an issue with a majority voice being Christian. Especially since the traditional protesting class of lefties is completely MIA. There is a 100% absence of any leftist voices backing the protests. I am certain that many lefties are attending rallies including many of my friends, its just that no" leftist" politicians, media or even youtubers here in OZ are daring to comment or complain about mandates. Hence making it really hard to help people make sense of what is happening. Australia has been completely Americanised with the Guardian being the trusted media of choice for the left here.

Alongside the covid plans for world domination the ruling class must be rubbing their hands with glee as they watch the success of their very long term plan of total destruction of any intelligent leftist or socialist movement and organisation in western "democracies".

The fake left political and Academic class is coming out of the closet as rabid fascists and their loyal followers are understandably in a state of complete cognitive dissonance still trying to believe and cling to pieces of the "liberal democracy" narrative that seem to make sense. I've become much more compassionate to my friends that I've been arguing with over the past few years, as I see them truly struggling to make sense of their crumbling world. For most of my life I've supported leftist politics believing they truly stood for the rights of the people, I didn't know any better. This is not an argument supporting right wing liberalism either.

Personally I think human beings will rise above this and will insist on forming collectives since that is what we do naturally once unshackled of our consumer programming. It is a time of all beliefs and presumptions being turned upside down. Despite the chaos this seems like a good and necessary process because freedom will never be handed to us in the MacDonald's drive thru or at an Ikea checkout for that matter. Covid is waking us up.

Posted by: K | Dec 10 2021 21:56 utc | 487

Hi everyone.
Unfortunately, it seems like something just went off in Lebanon. I pray for them and for our host, b.

Lebanon blasts - from ZH

Posted by: lex talionis | Dec 10 2021 22:05 utc | 488

@430 433 c1ue
Cannot agree more, very good summary (my personal feelings/reactions towards vaccination coercion are similar). Btw. as to the flower question, I agree too, btw. I fail to see any fix "protocol" how to hold your flower bouquet in any country I visited or lived in, maybe except some distinct ceremonies of some creeds or communities.

What is depressing, is the lack of any kind of fact based, scientific discussion about the pandemic. For me much of it remains unclear and enigmatic. When now US figures go up. they all blame Omicron, though the variant may have reached the US with at best some hundred or some thousand cases so far. Just a cheap excuse but frantically trumpeted by CNN, MSNBC and the like.

I still think that the pandemic is dangerous, and more than an elite conspiracy from China over Russia and the EU to Washington. But from the beginning, especially in Europe, and in Germany more than elsewhere, clumsy and contradictory measures have been implemented, with changing justifications, and blatant lies. The only constant is growing state repression and removal of civil and constitutional rights.

Before the pandemic I already doubted whether life in China, let alone Russia, were freer than in the West. Now there is not much doubt left.

Posted by: aquadraht | Dec 11 2021 2:14 utc | 489

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 9 2021 23:06 utc | 436

If you are still reading this older thread: Thank you for taking the rime to write your helpful summary and perspective

Posted by: Caliman | Dec 10 2021 0:04 utc | 441
"The "succumb" rate in Africa for COVID is basically zero. This is a disease that kills the very old and the obese/high blood pressure poor-diet-western cohort. Great healthcare is not a guarantee of success: witness the high death rates in very good healthcare countries like Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, etc".

Yes unfortunately "free access to heath care around the world" narrative is limited to western model of "health" with pharmaceuticals being the main driver. . Whereas basic hygiene and nutrition (not to mention lifting of trade sanctions) would work better than drugs in most of the poorer countries.

Posted by: K | Dec 14 2021 19:27 utc | 490

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