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November 27, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-092

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Joe Biden @JoeBiden - 3:16 UTC · Feb 2, 2020

Trump further diminished the U.S. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban. This new “African Ban,” is designed to make it harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the United States. It’s a disgrace, and we cannot let him succeed.

Other issues:


Supply chain failures:

Fakenews Guardian:


Iona Craig أيونا كريچ @ionacraig - 9:15 UTC · Nov 25, 2021

Major Gen.Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi, responsible for torture in the UAE, is Interpol’s new president following his global tour of lobbying for the position and a €50 million UAE donation to an Interpol foundation. There are lawsuits against him in the UK, Sweden, Norway and France.

Use as open thread ...

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Iran's stance on JCPOA hasn't moved one inch with the change from Rohani to Raisi, "
Lift sanctions or no return to nuclear deal, Iran says"
, and that would be because Khamenei is the ultimate director of Iranian policy and that's always been his position. And since many of the illegal sanctions were put in place by the Outlaw US Empire's Congress and can't be undone via executive decree, the JCPOA will never be resuscitated--IMO, it's now a very dead letter and further negotiations are pointless.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 18:37 utc | 201


Your change of heart towards Marvel Comics has a simple explanation

Posted by: anon48 | Nov 29 2021 18:46 utc | 202

financial matters @ 191 - Thanks very much for referring us back to the interview, and thanks to karlof1 for the original post last week's MoA week in review, which I had missed. It was very worthwhile to read the transcript this morning -- thank you both. I am here just spelling out the link and would encourage all who aren't really cognizant of what Money Market Theory means in its two versions as we currently encounter it -- the interview goes step by step explaining how we have reached where we are today, in easy to understand intervals. Well worth the time taken to read!

Posted by: juliania | Nov 29 2021 18:57 utc | 203

Interesting look at the incoming German government, "Why Germany’s new leader is a major threat to the EU":

"Incoming German chancellor Olaf Scholz has been clear about his intention to pursue a federal European state. But far from bringing the European Union’s member countries closer together, his plan could rupture it completely....

"The top jobs will be divided between the leaders of the respective parties, with the three most powerful positions going to Scholz, the leader of the SPD; the FDP’s Christian Lindner, who will be finance minister; and the Green co-leader Annalena Baerbock, who will become foreign minister.

"The basis of the agreement was fleshed out in a 178-page document, which ran to 52,000 words. In it, the coalition members dealt with a range of issues including the economy, migration, cannabis, and climate change. However, one of the most interesting aspects is the unashamed ambition for the new government to work towards the 'development of a federal European state.'

"Indeed, Udo Bullmann, who was the SPD’s lead negotiator on European affairs said that 'time is calling for it' and the 'people are waiting for it.' Hmmm. We will see about that."

The author goes on to answer his Why question. As thing now stand, Hungary and Poland are very close to calling their citizenry to vote for an exit that would likely cause a few more nations to do the same. I can't at all imagine France remaining in such an arrangement. Even as NATO threatens Russia, the EU's foundations are shaking.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 19:01 utc | 204

anon48 @202--

Even simpler than that--I grew up--and that was long before Disney's acquisition.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 19:08 utc | 205

Thanks for the info on John MCloy Karlof1 ! Very mmm, no word does it justice, so "fascinating" & "horrific" must do !

P.S. Do you know 7 of 9 ?

Posted by: Sarlat La Canède | Nov 29 2021 19:10 utc | 206


Yes, we all grow up. But corporations with influence over young people have a way of controlling how they grow up. Disney has become one of the worst in this regard.

Posted by: anon48 | Nov 29 2021 19:31 utc | 207

Relative to my comment on the new thread about Germany's likely incoming Foreign Minister is this speculation, "Are Russia and Germany set for a split?":

"This has special implications for Germany’s relationship with Russia: whatever Green politics may have had to say about pacifism and against NATO, Baerbock, like most people on her side of the spectrum nowadays, is an Atlanticist hardliner who demands a tougher line toward Moscow (and Beijing as well). She has repeatedly argued against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and, most recently, joined those falsely but resonantly blaming a scarcity of gas in the European Union on Russia. For this, the putative minister has been richly rewarded with Centrist bien-pensant praise.

"Baerbock generally indulges in crowd-pleasing rhetoric about values and insists that Western Europe must not be 'blackmailed' by Moscow. The underlying understanding of 'blackmail' seems to apply whenever Russia has the temerity to guard or promote its national interests. Baerbock also shows no awareness that an EU that antagonizes Moscow at every turn looks a little silly when it pouts over a less than forbearing response. Basic reciprocity does not seem to come easy for her. That and her current habit of fishing for domestic popularity points indicate a troubling disposition for Germany’s future top diplomat." [My Emphasis]

The author hems and haws afterword, but we won't know what to expect from this clear neophyte until she begins making decisions and speaking about them.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 19:35 utc | 208

anon48 @207--

Agreed. My words @35--I was once a fan of Marvel Comics; but after seeing what they aimed at doing to children's minds, I now see that organization and their ilk as evil indoctrinators whose products need to be spurned.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 19:40 utc | 209

Sarlat La Canède @206--

No I don't "know" 7 of 9, although I do know that is the name of a character from the Star Trek franchise, which I stopped following 15 or so years ago, although I see it's still going strong.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 19:51 utc | 210

On the connecticut....

Seamounts don't generally talk or emit a passive sonar signature. To "see" it you need to go active. And subs don't tend to go active when they don't want to be found on a patrol, especially when they're in waters they don't belong in. It is because the active ping would be detected far, far beyond the useful range of the emitting sub and if anyone was in range they'll know the location of the pinging sub.

I believe the US has long since mapped the SCS over decades of patrol. They'd navigate by buoy and or dead reckoning so i don't believe they went active at all.

Chinese do have a sonar listening network around the SCS. (not as good, not as tight and not as nice as the west's worldwide network against USSR/RU) so going active is nuts.

***Yet the sonarman was also fired.***

This is the interesting piece of the puzzle unless his firing was actually a red herring.

There are sat pics available publically clearly showing the connecticut's bow dome to be missing in guam, leaving the bow sonar array exposed. There are also possible bulkhead damage but the pic's res isn't that high. (funny these "commercial" satellites only tend to work well in high res mode over China or Russia)...

As much as i like it to be true, I call bullshit and wishful thinking on the Chinese detecting or testing new weapons on the connecticut. The sub branch of US is the only military branch that's indisputably far superior than both China and Russia.

Russia is close (lacking in training and maintenance) but China is still decades behind (in every way but numbers). China is currently going through a phase of rapid iteration to turn the decades of deficit into may be a decade. They are building and testing and then building new subs like crazy, but it's still way, way behind.

Its most likely that the connecticut just had a smash as was disclosed. The number of injured also corroborate this. What was not said was where it happened. It was probably where it shouldn't belong which is why there was a long delay in the disclosure (IIRC 2 weeks) to make sure it was well away from the scene of shame before the internet sleuths of the world starts looking for it. Firing the sonarman would give them PR room to manoeuvre if pressed.

They also could have had a come together with a Chinese sub. May be they were playing chicken. SCS is quite shallow and the Chinese navy and marine militia are quite comfortable in ramming boats they don't like. But the odds of this is very very low.

Posted by: A.L. | Nov 29 2021 19:53 utc | 211

Posted by: David F | Nov 28 2021 22:20 utc | 133

To all those saying that China is not "marketing" itself very well. Who needs marketing when your actions speak for you? Marketing is for asshats that want to deceive others.

Actions speak louder than words, and their actions will define who they are. And so far their actions speak well of them. Ditto Russia.

In my opinion, reducing information warfare to a simple exercise of marketing oneself overlooks an essential field of modern warfare. And dismissing it altogether as being somewhat unworthy is purposely placing oneself at a disadvantage.

The narrative high ground shouldn't be confused with moral high ground. The former is a strategic position which commands perceptions, thoughts, discussions and can affect behaviours. The latter, moral high ground, won't amount to much if the battle is lost. No bronze statue, no karmic credits, no cookies. Think of the crusty general shaking his head at the idea of infantry lying low and taking cover. Real men don't cower behind cover. They stand tall, hundreds abreast, wearing bright red coats and fire in formidable salvos. Those were the days.

Fighting for this strategic position is certainly an uphill battle. For one thing, the empire has expended vast resources to defend it. This very blog has detailed and analyzed countless examples of such operations. The second major obstacle is the battlefield itself which is heavily biased toward the empire. The targeted audience will welcome flattering lies and violently reject vexing truths. This is human nature and explains why the "they hate us because of our freedom" meme got more traction than "they hate us because we're assholes".

The prize, however, is well worth the effort. Once the razor wire and trenches are overcome, the fort itself shouldn't hold up very long. It's all lies, obfuscation, bad faith and maybe a little plasterboard and some glossy paint. For the Empire, the implication of losing its hold on the narrative is the risk of losing the citizenry's tacit acquiescence of all belligerent endeavours. This is a big deal.

Posted by: robin | Nov 29 2021 20:05 utc | 212

A.L. @211--

I own a boat equipped with sonar that's constantly active yet passive as no pings are emitted and it shows bottom structure very well. Plus subs have a collision detection device that would have gone nuts if such an enormous seamount suddenly loomed ahead. The result is very little makes sense. If something does make sense, neither side is discussing it, although there's something that might explain it all--a bug in the sonar array that didn't either didn't allow the seamount's detection or disabled the collision warning device, or perhaps both. If the cause was dereliction, then a court-martial would be convened under normal circumstances. But the USN head tacitly said that wouldn't be happening. IMO, this is one to file away until more data becomes available.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 20:30 utc | 213

robin @ 212

Well said!

Posted by: A.L. | Nov 29 2021 20:32 utc | 214

S @101--

Thanks so much for providing the Interfax link! It seems to work well with Edge's in-built translator. I'd very much like to spend awhile browsing it all as it includes so much additional material. Interfax also deserves praise for mounting such an important task.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 20:58 utc | 215


Informational warfare,propaganda, marketing. All the same things.

If the Chinese were more PR savvy, then Americans would see the light and stop buying into 'the hate us for our freedom' by.

Who exactly do you suppose is going to be affected by this supposed narrative high ground? Do you really think there is any narrative that China or Russia could engage in that is going to have the slightest affect on Americans?

At least one person thought your comment was brilliant, I have to conclude that your post is entirely unconvincing.

Posted by: David F | Nov 29 2021 20:59 utc | 216

David F @216--

For any Russian or Chinese narrative to be effective it must first be heard/read by the public its aimed at. As I pointed out on the new thread, the new formula for such relations is to completely ignore/refuse all such attempts, the Ambassadors's essay being a very lone exception. Only negative aspects about Russia or China are to be allowed in Western media. The aim is to completely paint those nations as evil, non-human, deserving of eradication. In other words, the very sort of demonization one would expect prior to the waging of war. It appears the Duopoly has made its choice.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 21:44 utc | 217


I completely agree with you, which is why my initial comment was that posters stating that China or Russia needed better PR was silly and pointless.

Putin is a most elegant speaker, but it matters little to none when no one is listening.

Posted by: David F | Nov 29 2021 21:54 utc | 218

Posted by: David F | Nov 29 2021 21:54 utc | 218

Yes, most of the complaints about Russian/Chinese poor marketing skills come from those who consider their own marketing skills super-excellent. If you look at the results, I'd say the Russians/Chinese have been correctly focussed on what matters. If you have competence and quality on your side, you don't need a lot of marketing. We used to know that here.

"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 29 2021 22:02 utc | 219

anon48 202
The disastrous infantilization of the US continues
Adult toys games and movies.

Posted by: ld | Nov 29 2021 22:43 utc | 220

Australia's new Stink Thank, 'The Rule of Law Institute'. This is a spin off from the Magna Carta Institute, funded by former Hagana terrorist and ultra zionist, Frank Lowy, who also funds the notoriously partisan Lowy Institute and has fingers in the pie of the notoriously anti China warmongering ASPI.

from the AFR:

"But then, there’s the Rule of Law Education Centre, a related body previously known as the Magna Carta Institute which received $400,000 in donations in FY20 alone (most of which went on wages). And who funds that? Its annual reports cite the “ongoing support of the Lowy Family Group and Speed and Stracey Lawyers”.
Both the Institute and the Education Centre were started by Sydney solicitor Robin Speed, who’s long counted the Lowy family as some of his high-profile clients."

We can be sure the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions will not figure in their 'rules.'

Nor will they advocate for the the US to sign the International Law of the Sea or for the bandit state to comply with customary international law or abide with UN resolutions.

It would be better named The Law of the Jungle Institute.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 29 2021 23:06 utc | 221

@A.L. #211
Agree with what you wrote.
Barring specific facts which directly contradict the narrative - incompetence does exist.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 29 2021 23:08 utc | 222

@karlof1 #213
It seems very clear you have no idea how sonar systems work.
Sonar requires sending out a signal and seeing what bounces back. There are military grade systems which attempt to use background noise (or lack thereof) to accomplish the same thing.
A ping as understood by most people is more a movie construct than anything else - a sonar pulse so powerful that it is long range and literally "loud".
In reality, a ping doesn't have to be super strong in order to have some use.
Perhaps you might consider how your boat sonar works if it is not doing any type of sound emission (sonar = sound).

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 29 2021 23:12 utc | 223

karlof1 #199

Seems to me three very senior personnel have already been "held accountable" and lost their positions as a result.

That post at MM was interesting and it is more than within military capacity to sense a submarine in the method described in the film and referenced by MM. The concept of sonar blasting the submarine with noise is certainly probable. These are mundane technologies including the towed sonar devices linked by fibre optic cable. The report indicates that this sonar attack lasted for hours and would have severely rattled the crew. They would all be stressed to the max so they may have made a navigational error or they did in fact get rammed on the bow. Regardless, to avoid being driven senseless from a constant acoustic barrage they would have to surface while they still had capacity to to do so. It was a brute message - dont mess with China.

If you were among that crew or at the command level, there is every possibility that you would never get back in a sub ever again - such is ptsd. The navy had little choice other than sacking or demobilising that team - whether it was to save face, lay blame, cover their intelligence failure, cover their ineptitude, practical - whatever. Naval coverups are legion.

If this was a direct and accurately executed attack by China as a warning then the reality for the USA is that submarine capacity has been entirely neutered in the coastal range of China. Combining this incident with the perfection of hypersonic missile weapons and this is looking very much like a serious defeat across the entire naval platform.

Does the USA have the intellectual and national maturity to renegotiate its relationship with the world in the interests of peace and cooperation? First elect a capable president that has those capacities - that is a long way off.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 29 2021 23:34 utc | 224

karlof1 #213

The result is very little makes sense. If something does make sense, neither side is discussing it, although there's something that might explain it all--a bug in the sonar array that didn't either didn't allow the seamount's detection or disabled the collision warning device, or perhaps both.

Well China is discussing it. They are openly claiming a tko in this round via a proxy site or two. The USnavy is in blame and denial mode - to be expected as it is the default mode at all times.

You can be sure your pleasure craft does not do 'ping'. That is old tech. But it does use ultrasonic pulsing to scan the depths and display solid bottom and schools of fish. Imagine you had a 1 kilometer string of those transponders linked by a fibre optic cable to give you fast and undetectable linking and all processed by a fast little 5g processor. Then two strings would give you the triangulation capacity to pinpoint the mass of steel apart from the school of fish.

You can just imagine what would happen at 500 metres depth if some adversary was able to remotely attach a loud sonic boomer on your hull because it had your primary accurate position sufficient for a small device to snuggle up close enough to complete the last few meters. Those sailors are lucky it was a noisy message. If it had an explosive it would be curtains at 500 metres.

The other part of that report that is curious is the radiation detector plane doing search pattern in the locality. Was there another accident? Did that or some other submarine lose something? Was there a pod on the hull forward of the conning tower that dislodged? There was no hull pod in the photograph.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 0:12 utc | 225

This is a superb analysis (though a bit boring to begin with) from Alexander Mercouris of the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors statement on "Respecting People's Democratic Rights":

Russian and Chinese Ambassadors: Respecting People’s Democratic Rights

It is obvious that the "Summit for Democracy" is about protecting US hegemony and that it is intended to develop into an alliance against China and Russia. However, Alexander makes the point that the ambassador's statement is actually an ideological challenge to the US/west that is likely to be very attractive to the other countries that will be attending the summit particularly the African nations.

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 0:15 utc | 226

Bemildred #219

Thank you.

Marketing skills and beating a path to your door: well what better example is there than so many purchases arriving at your door that you have a vast traffic jam of ships unable to offload the goods because you are totally unable to clear the previous arrivals from your docks. Meanwhile the banks have cleared the funds to the seller and the shippers are drowning in tied up stock and throttled clearance and bills to pay and no payment until delivery is cleared.

Thats what I call marketing skills, and Asia clearly has them in abundance.

On the upside the flow will slow soon because USA ineptitude has sequestered a growing portion of the planets shipping containers. I can see the day arriving soon where shippers will allocate quotas on containers by country based on a simple calculation of volume vs port clearance rate vs other global demand interests.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 0:24 utc | 227

Regarding the Connecticut; we are never going to find out (or be sure of) what really happened but I do not believe the sub was attacked as MM described in his article.

I read somewhere that the western practice of shooting across the bows of vessels as a warning is not acceptable in the South-Asia region; it is considered too aggressive (i.e. an act of war, or too likely to be interpreted as such). If this is the case then I just do not see China actually detonating an explosion on or near the Connecticut. Instead, wouldn't a warning followed by a physical barging be more likely? And perhaps more humumliating if the Connecticut sustained serious damage from a mere barging? That is as far as I can see it going, it would be far to risky to actually attack the Connecticut with munitions. Also, wouldn't standard practice be to identify an incursion, issue warning and escort out? Perhaps the Connecticut refused and was barged, but an actual attack? No, that would be very unlikely.

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 0:34 utc | 228

Thats what I call marketing skills, and Asia clearly has them in abundance.


Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 0:24 utc | 227

Heh heh heh heh heh,
Heh heh,

My pleasure Sir.

I've been looking into artemisia, I believe we have a variety of them around here, rosemary and several kinds of sage, and it seems easy as pie to find and buy on the web. I like smelly plants. But I like all plants, plants ask for little and never give up.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 0:53 utc | 229

This 10-day old video interview with Alastair Crooke is still worth watching and helped "backfill" my understanding of our current situation, particularly the Taiwan situation which includes the sub issue. Contrary to c1ue's accusations, I know very well how my sonar works; and I'm also aware of the sort of acoustic attack MM hypothesized and uncle tungsten supports. Crooke provides a very interesting perspective as to the template for current events--Kosovo--and how it was incrementally escalated and stolen from Serbia. He postulates that the same is being done with Taiwan. And when we take a serious look at what's transpired since the Alaska meeting, Outlaw US Empire policy has indeed been two-faced with Biden saying we adhere to One China policy while both Blinken and Sullivan say the exact opposite and are supported by Taiwanese behavior. Crooke also makes another important observation regrading the America's Back slogan; he sees it behind the bullying attempts to recoup what the Outlaw US Empire's lost in prestige since it embarked on its War Crime spree with Iraq. Most importantly thanks to the evolution of the Eurasian Bloc, Russia and China have total confidence to say NO! to the Empire--You are no longer the master and we refuse to kow tow. The sub incident happened on 2 Oct, almost 60 days ago, and it took a week for it to limp to Guam. The Taiwan situation has greatly escalated over the last 6 weeks. China's contingent of amphibious assault ships has grown to three very modern types:

"The fast, smooth and concentrated construction of the three Type 075s demonstrates that China's shipbuilding industry has cleared technical difficulties in building this kind of vessel at a time when the country has urgent strategic and tactical need for them, analysts said.

"Also functioning as a helicopter carrier, the Type 075 has a large, flat flight deck to carry helicopters in addition to carrying air-cushioned landing craft, battle tanks and armored vehicles on its hangar deck in multidimensional amphibious landing missions, according to media reports.

"The amphibious assault ships are expected to help safeguard China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity in the island of Taiwan and the South China Sea, as well as overseas interests, observers said, noting that development of the Type 075 serves as a deterrent to Taiwan secessionists." [My Emphasis]

Tomorrow's Global Times editorial is already published and is more war-like than any previous I've read. Combat training sorties are now a daily happening:

"PLA warplanes also entered the aerial area southeast of Taiwan on Sunday. The commentators of the island believe this was a combat exercise in which fighter jets cover refueling planes that can help them fly longer and further. The southeast of Taiwan is one of the directions the US troops may come from if Washington decides to intervene in a war in the Taiwan Straits. This exercise is believed to be a wartime mission aimed at striking targets in the eastern part of the island and smashing US forces which may come to Taiwan's rescue.

"It is generally considered an easy mission for the PLA to capture the island of Taiwan and realize the reunification. The presence of the Y-20 refueling variant confirms that the PLA has already started to get ready for comprehensive military preparedness around the Taiwan Straits. In other words, when the PLA wants to achieve reunification by force, it is ready to confront the forces of external intervention and drive them away or destroy them on the spot."

Is that last paragraph all brag but lacking fact? Which party is it aimed at for consumption? The thumbing of its nose at the Outlaw US Empire and essentially writing off any effort it might make isn't exactly new. The longer the two-faced tactic continues the closer the combat training sorties will come to Taiwan. Ideally China would like to get the Olympic games behind it before dealing with Taiwan. But IMO the main Geopolitical confrontation isn't about Taiwan or Ukraine; rather, it involves the ongoing Class War with the Fascist Neoliberal Anti-Human forces attempt to defeat the rising democratic Human-Centered Development Forces that aim to establish equity amongst peoples at the national and global levels, thus ridding the world of Oligarchies and their members. The Outlaw US Empire is desperate to deter that project and is busily preparing its citizenry for war with both Russia and China, for that's the only possible way it can avoid the rising wave of popularity of governments actually supporting their people instead of being run as fiefdoms for the few.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 0:57 utc | 230

uncle tungsten @225--

Thanks for your additional attempts at clarification. Eventually one of the crew will get drunk and talk about what happened to someone he shouldn't be drinking with.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 1:09 utc | 231

@Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 29 2021 19:35 utc | 208

Baerbock served on the German-Polish Parliamentary Friendship Group for 3 years, which certainly would not have provided flattering views of Russia, and on the Berlin-Taipei Parliamentary Circle of Friends (deputy chair)! Also linked to the German Marshall Fund (i.e. the US are our best bosses group), and very much a supporter of Occupied Palestine. Member of the European Council of Foreign Relations which was funded by Soros and includes former heads of NATO. Also took part in the World Economic Forum young leaders program, just like Macron. A well prepared German Quisling to keep Germany in the NATO/US fold.

The Green Party had long ago given up on being radical and is now pretty much Neo-conservative. This is a great piece from 2013, showing how they turned their back on any thought of eco-socialism. A great last paragraph:

"The Green Party has reduced the struggle for universal emancipation to the small change of ‘organic’ and ‘fair trade’ consumerism. The harmless memory of a dissident past now serves as an inexhaustible source of legitimacy, not just for their own actions, but for German power and the state apparatus itself. Reality is turned upside down: it is not the Greens who have changed, apparently, but the world—making yesterday’s opposition to war the moral source for ‘humanitarian intervention’ today. nato now figures as the key instrument for disarmament in the party’s policy papers, while the Lisbon Treaty, the eu’s de facto charter for a technocratic oligarchy, becomes a major step towards democracy and transparency, and economic domination over Greece is exerted in the name of European solidarity. Let the conservatives wage war under the banner of national interests; the Greens will dispatch the army in the name of a just and righteous ‘world government of the enlightened’. This is not to imply that the Greens deliberately do the opposite of what they pretend; on the contrary—and much more chilling—they may mean it."

Posted by: Roger | Nov 30 2021 2:24 utc | 232

@karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 0:57 utc | 230,

Thank you for your comments. IMHO, PLA has put Taiwan military far away in the rear mirror for some time now. As I noted earlier, both DPP regime in Taiwan and amerikka know that the clock is ticking and ticking fast toward the reunification. That's why amerikka had more than usual (forced) arm sales to Taiwan in the last 2-3 years. Do those help Taiwan's defense?! I am not so sure. Fighter jets need pilots to fly them and those equipment needs to be manned with well-trained operators. There was an incident of missile misfiring from a Taiwan warship during an exercise a few years ago. There seems no indication that Taiwan's military is better manned and trained now. Therefore, PLA's real target regarding Taiwan affair is mainly US plus JP and maybe AU. So the audience of the Global Times editorial is not for Taiwan but its master.

Amerikka is the one behind all the recent Taiwan-related soap operas related to Lithuania and Honduras. It has been waste of time to listen to what amerikka says. Just to see what they do then respond/prepare accordingly is the way to go.

China has said that the Pacific is big enough for both China and amerikka. However, sharing does not exist in any anglo dictionary. Now, China keeps marching ahead and even sets its vision on the planet. On the other hand, amerikka still lives in its imperial thoughts.

Posted by: LuRenJia | Nov 30 2021 2:56 utc | 233

I like the new guy, Roger! I am so happy that b provides us all with this place to communicate. Much love. Let's be kind to one another.

Posted by: lex talionis | Nov 30 2021 4:55 utc | 234

Worlds 'leading' democracy steals entire wealth of worlds poorest nation.

Soon after the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan after 20 years of US occupation, the White House ordered the freezing of nearly $9.5 billion in assets belonging to the Afghan Central Bank. This in turn has caused Afghanistan’s aid-dependent economy to effectively collapse.

Taliban officials have made repeated calls for Washington to release the much-needed funds as the country is unable to provide its 39 million citizens with enough fuel and food for the winter months.

But no the USA is creating more ways than sunday to steal their national savings. They now have some ginger group all fired up to grab their share. "On 29 November, the New York Times (NYT) revealed that the families of the victims of the 11 September, 2001 attacks are demanding that the Biden administration seize billions of dollars from the account belonging to Afghanistan’s Central Bank at the Federal Reserve in New York, as they say the money “is rightfully theirs.”

This is what democracy ends up doing - looting. And they are about to have a global summit to celebrate how good they are.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 9:52 utc | 235

Covert Action Magazine asks "Is the Saintly World Wildlife Fund Really a Stalking Horse in the Global South Colluding with Transnational Corporate Interests?" In a long and detailed report the entrails of the WWF are dragged around for a good examination. It was a wildlife for sure and almost entirely at the pointy end of murder, apartheid and military service all at the expense of the people and planet.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 10:14 utc | 236

Excellent turnout for Craig Murray's release.

Live now

Posted by: John Cleary | Nov 30 2021 10:40 utc | 237

Fort Detrick has an unfortunate legacy of releasing toxins into the public domain so they can tested fully in the real world.

The report by Jeremy Kuzmarov into the untimely death assassination of Dr Frank Olson gets an in depth review here at Covert Action Magazine.

Alice Olson told her kids before her death in 1994 that “Korea really bothered your father.”[10] She was likely referring to his role in germ warfare experiments, which were part of an attempt to create a contamination belt designed to stop the movement of soldiers and supplies across the 38th parallel dividing North and South.[11]

Olson and his colleagues at Fort Detrick had developed a capacity for producing and delivering bacteriological weapons through expertise acquired secretly from Japanese scientists such as General Shiro Ishii who, according to Reuters, visited South Korea during the Korean War.[12]

Members of his Unit 731—which carried out ghastly experiments in China during World War II—worked for a chemical section of a clandestine unit hidden in Yokosuke naval base during the Korean War, according to a 2001 Japanese language book.[13]

One can understand the trust gap between North Korea and China and the western invaders that set out to destroy their country and its people. These very same western invaders are holding a democracy summit in the near future to celebrate their service to people's wishes and hopes for a good life. Tell that to the Yemenis and half the worlds war torn nations.

This is a very good report and sweeps up the entirety of biological warfare from its beginning, through WWII and on toward the present. It is not a reassuring read.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 10:42 utc | 238

Jeff Pearce writes on Ethiopia and his investigative reports on UN staff sabotage on the Ethiopian Government were released two months ago. Today he released a new report on former ambassadors and current diplomats for the US, UK and EU captured discussing how could they help Terrorist TPLF. This report is available here at Gudayachn.

Donald Yamamoto, recently the U.S. Ambassador to Somalia who just retired this year, to TPLF official Berhane Gebre-Christos:

“Abiy is not listening… Obasanjo has not been extraordinary helpful or very active, and so are there any other opportunities that you see?”

Vicki Huddleston, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs and US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa to Berhane Gebre-Christos:

“I couldn’t agree more that you know, Abiy should step down, there should be an all-inclusive transition government.”

Former ambassadors and current diplomats for the United States, Britain and EU had a Zoom meeting this past Sunday with an official for the TPLF in what amounts to a green light from the West for the terrorist group’s attempts to overthrow the democratically elected Ethiopian government. And there’s evidence to prove it: a phone-cam video of the two-hour meeting.

Barflies might take a detailed look at this site as it appears to strongly support the elected government of Ethiopia and consequently is counter to the MSM lies and distraction.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 11:05 utc | 239

More signs of the coming market crash: insider selling

Microsoft CEO sells over half his stock

Clock is ticking. Now the question is what will the scandal be that triggers it.
Worldcom/Enron accounting fraud? (Tesla)
Ginormous financial company failing? (A major bank)
War breaking out or another terrorist event?
Or just a whimper?

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 30 2021 12:45 utc | 240

Clock is ticking. Now the question is what will the scandal be that triggers it.
Worldcom/Enron accounting fraud? (Tesla)
Ginormous financial company failing? (A major bank)
War breaking out or another terrorist event?
Or just a whimper?

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 30 2021 12:45 utc | 240

Or perhaps one of the wise guys will decide its a good time to spook the herd. Musk would do it.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 12:57 utc | 241

Barflies might take a detailed look at this site as it appears to strongly support the elected government of Ethiopia and consequently is counter to the MSM lies and distraction.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 11:05 utc | 239

Thanks for your posts on Ethiopia. I have come to the conclusion that while Abiy may or may not be a good guy, his enemies TPLF clearly are not the good guys. The entire mess in the Horn is their doing.

Abiy is an interesting person, not the usual suit droid.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 13:08 utc | 242

After his recent bout of prolificity, William Gruff appears to have fallen silent. It also appears that he has been scrubbed from recent threads.

Did I miss the sound of the ban hammer thumping down?

Posted by: Lurk | Nov 30 2021 14:03 utc | 243

@Bemildred #241
Musk is the last person on Earth to rock the boat.
Even after selling half of Tesla, his net worth is significantly dependent on the bubble. His image, even more so.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 30 2021 14:31 utc | 244

Good news: semiconductor shortages will continue
Overview on semiconductor situation

Key points:
New processes are fundamentally more expensive due to 3D vs 2D being more complex
Overall silicon demand is rising faster than industry capacity
Fundamental economics at the lagging edge is changed

The last point is key: fully depreciated old leading edge fans are what lagging edge fans are. Fully depreciaee the f means the capital costs are already handled. But lagging edge dabs are at 100% capacity.

It is certainly possible to build a new lagging edge fab but this would mean it’s output is fundamentally more expensive.

So no more unlimited supply of cheap lagging edge chips, meaning the tide of “smart” junk should recede somewhat.

The author also makes the point that TSMC owns the leading edge and so has pricing power over the entire leading edge chip biz. True but not so relevant given that it is Apple and other high end companies and products which use said leading edge; the semiconductor materials costs for iPhones is a tiny part of overall cost.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 30 2021 14:39 utc | 245

Manuel Zelaya-- the president that was kidnapped and deposed by Hillary's friends in 2009-- his wife just won the election, beating the right winger by 53%-34%. Landslide. 70% turnout. Her name is Xiomara Castro. She ran on anti imperial, strong public sector, strong sovereignty. Looks good so far. Venezuela's Maduro offered his congratulations. Biden/Harris/Blinken... nothing yet.

Here's a short piece from ABC news which gives a brief history, worth the read but ends with the typical warning that she better not be too radical. Stink tank talkers are giving advice to her and her Libre party:

“It seems to me that the Libre party is clear that they should co-govern, because if they act autocratically, there would be a high level of ungovernability,” León said.

Posted by: migueljose | Nov 30 2021 15:35 utc | 246

The discussion at Global Times today has shifted with the publication of the non-classified version of the Outlaw US Empire's 2021 Global Posture Review (GPR) to an examination of the "Second Island Chain" defense perimeter here and here. The upshot:

"As China lacks overseas military bases, it is vital to greatly develop and stockpile a significant number of missiles that can strike targets in the second island chain. Those missiles are not costly and can strike from a distance, so they are quite cost-effective. It can be said that in whatever positions the US and its allies are preparing for attacks against China, our missiles should be ready to target those points.

"China could aptly increase its transparency in this area. This way, the US and its allies can say nothing about it, while our deterrence will be strengthened. In fact, the conventional use of the military is to deter potential enemies. As an old Chinese saying goes, 'Military forces are to be used only for preventing conflicts and maintaining peace.'" [My Emphasis]

Very curious that bit about transparency--let the Outlaw US Empire know you have 10,000 missiles aimed at its defense network and see how it reacts. It doesn't seem to do any good when we use Russia as a test for that hypothesis, although it's likely true that NATO would have attacked already if not for Russia's defensive systems.

The Taiwan issue also changed somewhat with this report, "CEO of DPP's biggest donor publicly opposes Taiwan independence", as clearly any military conflict will be bad for business. China's longstanding message has always been you can continue to make money as part of China's One Country-Two Systems. But keeping businesses from participating isn't the actual reason for the Outlaw US Empire's opposition to China, Russia, and their growing alliance of nations participating in People-Centered Development aimed at eliminating Oligarchies and their parasitism. The Outlaw US/Anglo Empire is the Oligarch's bastion and has been since 1600 and sees itself as the successor to the Parasitic Roman Empire. The Cold War acted as cover for the growth of the Parasitical Empire that aims at limiting freedom of choice by enslaving people via debt just as was done in the past. It was replaced by the War OF Terror for the same purpose. In order to continue with the "Democracy/Leader of Free World Narrative," the real purpose of those wars mustn't be revealed for that overturns the Narrative and provides an avenue for people to finally become free of their fetters.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 16:38 utc | 247

(This is a nice post to follow karlof1 @247) Jackboots for everyone now that genocide is less attractive.

The Governor of the Bank of Canada says the central bank has to do more to support Indigenous economies. In a video conference with Australia and New Zealand.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Nov 30 2021 17:07 utc | 248

This RT item alerted me to Lavrov's presser whose Russian transcript reports only one Q&A. Here's the Q:

"The West does not hide its military support for Kiev. How does Russia assess SUCH a NATO policy, which obviously destabilizes the situation in Ukraine? Given the information about Britain's plans to transfer troops to Germany, does Moscow have any fear that this could push the Kiev authorities to a military solution to the conflict in the Donbass? In the event of such a development, what steps can Russia take?"

Lavrov's answer as usual is long and detailed. I'm providing the segment where Lavrov touches on an interesting concept that the West clearly doesn't like:

"We constantly and persistently advocate the coordination of collective agreements that would guarantee security in the European and Euro-Atlantic area.

"Since the 1990s, the OSCE has adopted a series of decisions that have proclaimed at the highest level the principle of the indivisibility of security, according to which no State should ensure its security at the expense of the security of anyone else.

"The West has consistently ignored and flagrantly violated these statements, including those of its own presidents and prime ministers. It has consistently promoted NATO to the borders of the Russian Federation, moved military infrastructure to the East, directly creating a threat to our security and violating the principle of the indivisibility of security.

"Repeatedly, since the middle of the last decade, it has been proposed in this situation to give the principle of indivisibility of security a legally binding character, the West categorically refuses to do this.

"Now the President of Russia has set before us the task of sharpening this problem to the utmost, to insist on the need to coordinate long-term sustainable security guarantees. We firmly prefer this collective approach to ensuring that everyone acts for themselves, as the West wants.

"I hope that the current Kiev regime will not follow the path of Mikhail Saakashvili in August 2008." [My Emphasis]

What do you do when your opponents continually lie and go back on their word while ignoring your well made protests that are forwarded through treaty designated channels, and when they meet with you they talk at you and refuse to listen to your well founded complaints? And on top of that, they deliberately work against a directive of the UNSC they agreed to and actively violate that directive to escalate what ought to be a non-existent crisis. That's how I see what's happening in relation to Ukraine and Russia-EU/NATO relations, with the West's actions showing they don't give a damn about the lives of anyone in the region.

It seems like every day is a repeat like that of Groundhog Day, although the stakes are life and death. And the West seems to enjoy this Sadism. But then the West consists of Oligarchies intent on keeping their citizens locked onto debt by "soft" authoritarianism and dead set against any nation promoting People-Centered Development assisted by genuine democracy, and it's prepared to kill as many Russians and Ukrainians as needed to perpetuate its domination.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 17:47 utc | 249

This update on NS2's status follows a Q&A format but fails to ask and answer what IMO is the most crucial question: What happens when NS2 is denied the ability to transit gas as now seems likely?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 18:00 utc | 250

Some local news that I’m posting because it might reflect power struggles on a much wider scale. Which might flare up in other countries. Martyanov’s most recent post addresses ethnic violence in Russia.

Gang violence in Montreal… 3 dead teens, killed by other teens, talk of random victims but I would question that strongly.

Montreal teen named to Forbes top 30 under 30

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Nov 30 2021 18:16 utc | 251

Time is running out for the presence of Outlaw US Empire combat troops in Iraq:

"Washington and Baghdad agreed in July that the US combat forces will be withdrawn from the Middle Eastern country by 31 December 2021, with the remaining American personnel only remaining to play 'a training, advising, assisting, and intelligence-sharing role.'"

But many Iraqis remain skeptical and anticipate a rebranding of those troops to fit the above description:

"A group of Iraqi political parties has called for the formation of an alliance to push American forces out of the country by the promised 31 December deadline, Press TV reported, citing Fadel Jaber, a member of the Sadeqoun coalition in Parliament....

"Among them, according to the report, is political analyst Mohammad Karim al-Saedi, who pointed at Washington's decision to install C-RAM air defence systems at military bases housing American troops as evidence of America's intention to remain in Iraq."

We're all aware of the total lack of veracity when it comes to anything the Empire utters and the following is no exception:

"Earlier on 25 November, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) told the Iraqi News Agency that foreign combat forces will leave Iraq within 15 days, with only some of the personnel remaining to support Iraqi forces. It was also indicated there were no plans to extend the US withdrawal deadline."

That was met by the following reaction:

"However, many appear to be sceptical about the assertion.

"Nadhum al-Jubouri, an Iraqi political analyst at the Arab Forum, told Xinhua that 'there would be no real withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, neither after 15 days nor the end of the current year,' suggesting that US forces would simply rebrand in order to stay in the country."

I agree with al-Jubouri. We won't need to wait very long to see the usual smoke and lies or to be pleasantly surprised.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 18:24 utc | 252

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 18:00 utc | 250

Chronicle of a Suicide Foretold, and Europe is the subject of that chronicle. That’s the title of the NS2 saga, and this winter has started earlier than usual here down south of the European peninsula, we can manage but up north, and that is just next door, is getting cold with fuel and electricity prices going almost vertical on the graph.

Partly listened to Lavrov’s presser with the Brazilian FM, Portuguese sounds so close, but it was poorly organized since they had to pause for the translators instead of going for the earphones, so comparing Portuguese and Russian can be fun but not for long ;) the first question was about vaccines, the second one about Ukraine and the summary is clear, Ukraine don’t you do a Georgia ’08.

Posted by: Paco | Nov 30 2021 18:36 utc | 253

Meanwhile amidst all the craziness, regular events are still happening with Putin trying to drum up additional commerce for Russia and acting the responsible global leader he is by chairing the plenary session of the Russia Calling! Investment Forum via video conference. It's hard to tell the number of participants from the photos provided as I'm sure it was greater than the 21 screen images seen in one pic. Putin had the following to say about the new virus strain:

"In the next few weeks, we will find out how serious the consequences triggered by the new strain are. But it is explicitly clear that we must be ready for any change in the virus. First, it is necessary to continuously monitor the efficiency of tests and vaccines and use clear-cut algorithms for reducing the spread of infection. The healthcare system must be on high alert; it must have enough reserves of medications, oxygen and beds and use the most effective treatment protocols....

"At the same time, considering the global cross-border nature of the disease, we can give an effective response to the pandemic only if we work together – I have said this many times, and not only I. Appeals to pool efforts in fighting this infection are voiced in the United Nations all the time. It is only possible to counter it effectively by coordinating the efforts of the entire international community. I am referring to mutual recognition of vaccines and vaccination certificates, access to vaccines in all regions of the planet and joint work on new anti-coronavirus medications.

"I am sure it is hardly possible to counter this idea. The understanding of shared responsibility, especially by the leaders of the world’s most advanced countries, will become a foundation for more vigorous joint actions." [My Emphasis]

Since the Outlaw US Empire disagrees with Putin about the need to pool efforts, can it still be considered one "of the world's most advanced countries"?

After reviewing the global and Russia's macroeconomic situation, Putin provides the reasons why Russia seeks further investment:

"Considering the lessons of the epidemic, current global challenges, and Russia’s natural competitive advantages, we are determining points of growth for capital investment. Importantly, we want this investment to produce a comprehensive effect for the branches of the national economy and the country’s regions, primarily, for increasing the incomes and the living standards of our people. [My Emphasis]

Yet another point of evidence that Putin's political-economy is based on People-Centered Development which goes against the Neoliberal method active in the West where everything continues to be "Trickle-down," which in reality has ceased trickling with all macroeconomic efforts aimed at Oligarchical upkeep.

As Putin details the specifics, the methodology of his political-economy is reinforced via Russia's sustainable development goals, which are rather similar to China's. The Russian transcript is almost fully completed, while the video heads the page for those wanting to go deeper into the initial activity of this two-day conference.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 19:03 utc | 254

Paco @253--

Thanks for your reply and sitrep! The Russia Calling! Forum was quite lively and you could almost forget the external situation for awhile. The Q&A segment is very good although at this moment incomplete. IMO, the question posed to Putin by the Taiwan rep about energy has a very significant and long answer, with this segment having great implications:

"Gas supplies will definitely not only continue, but also increase, especially from Russia, bearing in mind the falling production of our main consumers in Europe: production there has already fallen by 24.5 percent over the past year, and needs are growing, especially during the transition period. That's what we mean, too." [My Emphasis]

That's an insane depletion rate!!! Europe needs the gas far more than Russia needs the proceeds from its sale.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 19:17 utc | 255

thank you Paco. Where else can I find a native Spanish speaker, fluent in Russian & English etc. who has the kind of understanding you do.
thank you tungsten. Your recent adds to your responses to Karlof are the kind of information I look for.

Karlof, your posts are gems, hard data, links and penetrating insight. impressive.

Posted by: migueljose | Nov 30 2021 19:17 utc | 256

Yet another point of evidence that Putin's political-economy is based on People-Centered Development which goes against the Neoliberal method active in the West where everything continues to be "Trickle-down," which in reality has ceased trickling with all macroeconomic efforts aimed at Oligarchical upkeep.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 19:03 utc | 254

A good point. As the oligarchs push on with efforts to become owners of everything, they also are forced to spend more and more to protect what they "own" from all the people consequently deprived, hence the desire to cull the herd, the "deplorables", there is always a name for them. A situation with long roots, as we know. They have always, in the past, had to compromise, for protection, but today they hope to break free in some technotopia where they rule as Gods, or something like that. It is always something like that.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 19:26 utc | 257

Bemildred & migueljose @256/7--

Thanks for your replies! This comment by Putin about how dedollarization happens isn't available yet on the transcript but is cited in this TASS report:

"'I did not say the dollar lost its value as the reserve currency, as the universal global currency for settlements. No, I merely said that the policy of US authorities undermines the dollar and pushes us out of the dollar zone,' the President said.

"Russia does not abandon the dollar, Putin said. 'We do not want to go elsewhere. Our majors make oil and gas settlements in dollars but we, say, are not allowed making payments to our partners in the defense industry supplies, in the defense sector sphere, in dollars. So what we have to do? We simply have to withdraw. Sanctions are introduced against certain goods unrelated to the defense industry sector. Again, payments in dollars were made difficult. The US authorities are creating the problem on their own,' the head of state said.

"As a result, payments in dollars declined not merely in respect of Russia but also worldwide, he added." [My Emphasis]

Now that's a revelation! Now I do know overt announcements were made about settling transactions with other nations using national currencies bypassing the dollar and directives were made by Putin to his "majors" to do so. But here we finally have an explanation as to the genuine reason. My thanks to TASS for reporting that part of Putin's comments.

Wow! I somehow missed this Lavrov speech about Biden's Dictatorship Summit:

"The Russian top diplomat emphasized that US policy aimed at promoting Washington’s view of democracy while rejecting 'any kind of international cooperation that would be really democratic means disregard for the country’s commitments under the UN Charter, which enshrines the sovereign equality of countries as one of its major principles.' 'So, before teaching others how to organize their democracies, let’s talk about democracy in international relations. The West is reluctant to accept it and seeks to replace it with its dictatorship,' the Russian foreign minister concluded." [My Emphasis]

Here's the Russian language transcript of Lavrov's very powerful speech, which I'm very tempted to copy/paste at my VK Space since it follows on the outstanding essay written by the Russian and Chinese Ambassadors to the Outlaw US Empire. If I do, I'll post a link here.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 20:02 utc | 258

Posted by: migueljose | Nov 30 2021 19:17 utc | 256

Glad to hear from you, good news in Honduras, karma comes back to sting the instigator of the coup that ousted the new President@'s husband, Zelaya, with his hat symbol smartly picked up by Castillo in Perú. The Queen of Chaos it is my turn Clinton is having sour stomach lately. Thanks for keeping me up on Latin America, it is moving and it is worth watching, together with Africa is about the only "virgin" territory for the new times, with an enormous potential ready to explode.

Posted by: Paco | Nov 30 2021 20:03 utc | 259

Apparently, the Outlaw US Empire heard Iran say the JCPOA negotiations were pointless unless the sanctions are removed. Russia's representative gives us the news:

"'The US confirms its readiness to lift all sanctions inconsistent with the JCPOA in exchange for return of Iran to full compliance with JCPOA. But in multilateral diplomacy the devil is in the details. The concrete list of sanctions to be lifted is subject to negotiations,' the Russian envoy noted." [My Emphasis]

What gobbledygook! We'll lift all sanctions but those sanctions must be negotiated! Ah yes, just another day of insanity with the nonagreement capable Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 20:16 utc | 260

Just a finishing touch to my comment @251 (I can’t think of a clever intro.)

Deer herd in local park to be culled

Boil water advisory lifted for West Island

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Nov 30 2021 20:25 utc | 261

karlof1 #250

What happens when NS2 is denied the ability to transit gas as now seems likely?

That is what we are looking at right now. NS2 has been used to bleed Gazprom, divert its efforts from increased supply infrastructure to China. Germany has been utterly supine in doing whatever the UKUSA demanded.

If the winter is severe then there will be further negotiations etc etc. NS2 is another exemplar of the 'not agreement capable' mendacity of the west. The current pipelines may carry sufficient to keep the candles alight but clearly the system needs the reservoirs of large storage for peak demands or pipeline failures. Just like solar and wind benefits from a battery or two. A month ago there was press prattle that desperate efforts were underway to fill these reserves in the face of price hikes - has that been completed? I doubt it.

Germany has joined the not agreement capable club and the old days of reliable German industrial capacity have gone down the gutter with it. IMO NS2 is an exemplar of idiot and mendacious German behavior. The two nations that Germany really needs on side - Russia and China, can see right through this clapped out charade. The tide of times have changed.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 21:05 utc | 262

Elections in Honduras: the challenge of ending twelve years of neoliberalism

This is a deep dive into the political players and forces in Honduras. It examines the dirty linen of the oligarch parties and then elaborates on the objectives of the new government.

In her government program, Xiomara Castro points out the need to rebuild the democracy broken by the 2009 coup and to re-found the country through a Constituent Assembly that “gathers all sectors to agree on the legal bases of their future coexistence in a new consensual order”, leading the nation towards the construction of a democratic socialist state. While, by contrast, both Asfura and Rosenthal propose the same worn out neoliberal recipes that have led Honduras to be among the poorest and most unequal countries of the continent.

“Xiomara proposes a government of national reconciliation that includes all sectors of the opposition. A government that aims to overcome these disastrous years that have deepened the neoliberal model, privatizing services, ceding national territory, handing over public goods, expanding extractivism, putting national sovereignty up for sale,” said Gilberto Ríos, candidate for congressman for Libre.

The social movement leader explained that Libre’s government plan proposes to move from a deeply oligarchic State to a democratic socialist one. Among many other points, it intends to repeal all those laws and reforms approved by the dictatorship, which deeply harm the interests and rights of the immense majority of the Honduran population.

Take time to read this barflies. The tides of time are turning in South America yet again.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 21:51 utc | 263

revover reports on the mechanism that the USA Special Forces Command Airborne uses to destabilise countries they wish to regime change.

" typically resorts to the following formula:

identify and inflame ethnic or gender tensions in target regime

leverage NGOs and civil-society groups to mobilize mass protests on basis of such tensions

leverage local and international media to cover protests and further inflame tensions

The report then amplifies these steps to elaborate a typical situation as outlined in the Special Operations Command Handbook:

The Special Forces Airborne Command is kind enough to present a hypothetical example of what their operations look like in action, in what is surely the most interesting part of the entire white paper.

Set in the fictional African nation of Naruvu, the vignette begins with civil affairs soldiers on their way to meet a local official noticing signs advertising a Chinese infrastructure project. Alarmed at the prospect of Chinese infrastructure development in a strategic port city, the soldiers transmit information about the building project to the Fort Bragg psychological warfare team, which then goes on to develop a plan to “converge SOF capabilities on the problem.” Their plan is as follows:

Relying on civil-economic information provided by the CMSE, the IWC’s approach empowered IWTF’s, in coordination with the JIIM, to enflame long-standing friction between Naruvian workers and Chinese corporations. Within days, protests supported by the CFT’s ODA, erupted around Chinese business headquarters and their embassy in Ajuba. Simultaneously, the IWC-led social media campaign illuminated the controversy to a global audience.

Immediately we see key elements of the tried and true soft-power regime change playbook of the US government. Identify and inflame ethnic tensions, leverage civil society NGOS to effect mass protests, and use media assets (including social media) amplify said protests and grievances. Of course, no US government operation would be complete without either mis-attributing or mysteriously discovering incriminating weapons stashes..

Coming to a Honduras near you in the next weeks.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 22:52 utc | 264

The largest undercover force the world has ever known is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade. Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called "signature reduction." The force, more than ten times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA, carries out domestic and foreign assignments, both in military uniforms and under civilian cover, in real life and online, sometimes hiding in private businesses and consultancies, some of them household name companies.

So reports newsweek. But don't let that stop you as this is a very interesting peek into the forces massed against democracies by the USA. And to think these Biden rsoles are convening a global summit of 'democracies'.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 30 2021 23:11 utc | 265

@264 uncle tungsten

malformed link. This be the working one.

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 1 2021 0:01 utc | 266

Grieved & uncle tungsten @265/6--

From that report's conclusion:

"To fully, properly and sustainably uproot wokeness requires nothing less than a fundamental overhaul of major ecologies, networks, and incentive structures that undergird the current functioning of the Regime. It is a difficult task, but it is a necessary one if we ever hope to restore our nation to its former greatness—a restoration that can only occur on the basis of a full and sober understanding of the magnitude and nature of the problem."

If military personnel are actually involved, then they're in massive violation of their Oath of Service.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 1 2021 0:52 utc | 267

@karlof1 #230

You claim

Contrary to c1ue's accusations, I know very well how my sonar works

In post #213, you stated

I own a boat equipped with sonar that's constantly active yet passive as no pings are emitted and it shows bottom structure very well.

#230 is directly contradictory to the claim made in #213; for that matter, the statement made in 213 is self contradictory.

So whatever you do or do not understand - your own statement shows either you were confused in writing post #213 - which I was responding to - or else you really don't know what you are talking about and are now attempting to backtrack.

Regardless of either case - there is zero evidence that you understand either sonar in general or your own boat's sonar in particular as evidenced in your own posts.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 1 2021 1:08 utc | 268

The worlds greatest democracy, hosting a global democracy summit is closing hospitals and actually reducing overall hospital beds. Throughout 2020, knowing that the people of the USA would be in dire need of hospital services in a pandemic, the hospitals were closed.

Jimmy Dore does a 9 minute utoob analysis here.

Now that is western democratic leadership for sure.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 1 2021 1:57 utc | 269

karlof1 #267

Yep, all those military budgets passed so urgently by the Congress and Senate, all that cash to destroy your very own democracy and that of other nations. Perhaps with a little on the side to support colour revolution training like on 6 January 2020.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 1 2021 2:00 utc | 270


Where have I heard that name a year or five ago? Anyway, Maureen Comey (related of course) is among the prosecution team in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Yep THAT Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex CEO of Epstein Blackmail Inc.

This current Comey has form according to Kim Iversen of the Hill Rising (10mins utoob). Three high profile women who made allegations against Epstein and Maxwell are NOT INCLUDED in the prosecutions list of complainants. Oh dear, an oversight I guess. Maybe the House of Windsor prefers it this way.

Maureen Comey was prosecuting Tataglione the hit man for three of his successful jobs. Yes THAT Tataglione that shared the cell with Epstein. Tataglione is not all bad as he claims he saved Epstein from committing self harm a month or two before he succeeded. Tataglioni is an old 'elite' name too as I recall.

The next piece of Kim Iversen's story is a stunning piece of coincidence in that Tataglione's defence attorneys for three murders back then are now Ghislaine Maxwell's defence Attorneys. Tataglione could afford to hire top silk to defend himself? He must be a well paid hit man.

These are the type of coincidence that makes the FBI and US justice so trustworthy and US democracy so enviable.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 1 2021 2:48 utc | 272

Interesting NEO article that says there are reports of all US submarines being recalled to US due to an issue picked up from its most recent SC sea naval incident.

just the other day, all nuclear submarines of the US Navy were allegedly ordered to immediately stop navigation and return to their military bases.

Posted by: Dim sim | Dec 1 2021 3:15 utc | 273

From the same NEO article:

"However, another US incident in February 2020 drew attention when the USS Colorado, a submarine commissioned only in 2018, shedded its stealth coating on its first 63-kilometer cruise after an upgrade, according to Forbes."

Did they get Boeing to make these submarines?

Posted by: Dim sim | Dec 1 2021 3:42 utc | 274

@ Dim sim with the link to NEO article

Thanks and I think to quote the speculation is useful

And just the other day, all nuclear submarines of the US Navy were allegedly ordered to immediately stop navigation and return to their military bases. According to preliminary reports, the order involves the immediate cancellation of all missions in all regions of the world. According to the agency Avia. Pro, similar situations have never been recorded in the history of the US nuclear submarine fleet. The reason for this cancellation was allegedly some information that came to light due to the investigation into the USS Connecticut collision incident. No details are available, but according to various reports, there are some flaws in the design of nuclear submarines in service with the US Navy or even a possible hacker attack on the navigation systems of nuclear subs.

I will go with the hack option.....empire has lots of enemies who are not dumb.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 1 2021 4:12 utc | 275

Below is a link to a The Register article about the implications of some recent sanctions against China

HPE sees 'no indication' its tech was sold to Chinese military, seeks answers from Uncle Sam on sanctions

The eat-your-own shit show continues until it doesn't

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 1 2021 4:20 utc | 276

New Zealand has just announced an army and police deployment to the Solomon Islands. The NZ police are already stretched to the limit with the pandemic and a crime wave.

The problem in many countries is meth amphetamines. In NZ it is called 'P', in Australia it is called 'ice' and in South East Asia it is called 'shabu'. Whatever, it is bad news and leads to crime.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 1 2021 6:09 utc | 277

*turns jacuzzi on and relaxes*

Posted by: Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:29 utc | 278

was playing my drums the past 1/2 hour.. time for some piano now... i'm blessed, but don't have a jacuzzi!

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 6:33 utc | 279

I turned on the jacuzzi in the corner of the bar. (Virtual)
(It cost less than that half a million dollar metaworld megayacht.)

You got areal drum and a real piano. Pretty nice !

Posted by: Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:35 utc | 280

So what music you playing ?

Posted by: Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:37 utc | 281

I’ve been wanting to head out on the Gaspésie peninsula, and start up a « rock’n’roll » band. Covers mostly.
Do you know « Les Colocs » ? What an amazing live band. What an inspiration.

b, there should be a thread for this kind of OT stuff, please !

Posted by: Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:43 utc | 282

the piano is like some sort of mental jacuzzi for me... i play slowly and love playing back and forth with the harmonies and the notes on top.. i have the piano right next to the computer here so if i do some notation stuff, i have the software program right next to it... i am not high tech like my younger friends who have the midi into the computer or anything like that, but i do have fun making up songs and then getting friends to play them with more instruments and me on drums.. the piano is an old acoustic so the sound is right here, as opposed to running thru a speaker... instant vibrations from the strings in the piano... its a lot of fun...

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 6:43 utc | 283


Posted by: Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:47 utc | 284

i am mostly doing my own songs... sometimes i will take someone else's song and reharmonize it and re imagine it.. i did this with a bunch of gordon lightfoot songs starting about 5 years ago.. came out with a cd of jazz interpretations of lightfoot songs... i don't know the band les colocs.... a band i used to listen to from quebec was harmonium... that was a long time ago... great band! i have never been to the gaspe penninsula, but would love to go!

i met a great trumpet player from quebec.. i lent the band my drums one night when they were out here... funny enough, i see, she shares the same birthday as me!!! she's super great and the band was superb.. this is going back about 5 years ago.. she was talking of moving to new york, but i don't know if she did.. Alain Bourgeois was the drummer... great player... if you are around montreal check them out!

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 6:53 utc | 285

off for the night! great talking with you featherless!

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 6:54 utc | 286

rachel is actually from up towards the gaspe pennisula which is why you made me think of her!

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 6:55 utc | 287

I enjoy talking with you James. Thank you.

Posted by: Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:55 utc | 288

Seemingly good news for Honduras!

Posted by: Smith | Dec 1 2021 7:10 utc | 289

psychohistorian #275

The reason for this cancellation was allegedly some information that came to light due to the investigation into the USS Connecticut collision incident. No details are available, but according to various reports, there are some flaws in the design of nuclear submarines in service with the US Navy or even a possible hacker attack on the navigation systems of nuclear subs.

I will go with the hack option.....empire has lots of enemies who are not dumb.

Thank you, I loved it... maybe they use those tried and true 286 chips in their sonar decoders and just discovered that China (and everyone else) has the backdoor key. Or perhaps the onboard system uses Windows v.whatever and is a total open window to all observers and the Navy has just discovered. Any link to Microsoft CEO stock sale??

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 1 2021 7:59 utc | 290

Posted by: c1ue @ 245

You may be interested in Archer Materials, the developer of a patented quantum chip. Archer has another breakthrough with its medical lab on a chip version:

Archer has developed its first biochemical reactions for application in its biochip technology.

The reactions have the potential for on-chip detection and quantification of specific DNA or RNA fragments relevant to viruses and bacteria.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 1 2021 8:07 utc | 291

metallicaman has a long report here that includes Xi speech to the UN and some other pieces. This is a good site to wander about and take in the wisdom and insights. MM is a dignified and interesting blogger.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Dec 1 2021 8:14 utc | 292

@psychohistorian #275
@uncle tungsten #290
A hack requires access.
How exactly does a hacker access a nav system on a submerged vessel?
I am 100% certain these subs do not have always on internet connections, for example.
Equally, the notion that China would have a backdoor on a 1990s era Intel chip is ludicrous. Intel chips in that era were designed and manufactured in the United States, for one thing.
For a second thing, the US military used its own custom chips in that era due to multifarious requirements not least including radiation and EMP hardening.
And then there's the era: there was no "internet" in the early 1990s as even I know it. Netscape wasn't even formed as a company until 1994. I was using ARPANET in the late 80s but only because I attended an elite technical university - the communication protocols back then were entirely Unix based.
People have an entirely glamorized and incorrect understanding of what real life hacks and hackers do - they are 90% more akin to (virtually) trying every locked door as opposed to Mission Impossible nonsense.
The remaining 10% require complete access.
So unless China figured out how to access the USS Connecticut's telex system (which is most likely what said vessel was built with), jumped the literal air gap into the standalone electronics sonar and/or navigation console which is probably 100 feet or more away, figured out how said console works, and managed to further make changes all while on a 100 baud bandwidth telex line which isn't always on - nah, no f'ing way.
The other possibility is: the Connecticut was trying to be stealthy in an area which just isn't that deep. The entire South China sea has a depth of 1200 meters or so - but the average depth decreases dramatically as you approach the Chinese mainland. There are pockets of relatively great depth: I used to eat what was called "black cod" in Taiwan - it is a 1000-1500 meter depth fish, black colored, with extremely dense flesh that has to be captured and brought to the surface in pressurized containers otherwise it bursts.
Actual name: sablefish Sablefish (black cod)
However, these pockets of great depth are not (I don't think) connected like a superhighway. A sub sneaking around the South China Sea likely has a 3-D path to take which in turn puts a lot more stress on the sonar and nav systems and people.
Once again, the US 7th fleet has had numerous incidents in just the past few years involving running into oil tankers, containers ships and running aground. These were all surface ship/surface incidents where the ships are not intruding into Chinese territorial waters, had free use of radar and involved commercial traffic in known commercial traffic sea lanes.
Incompetence has therefore been demonstrated in this military formation repeatedly.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 1 2021 11:09 utc | 293

This is a great writeup on tokens

The Great Token Disconnect

The central myth of the crypto ideology is faith in a fintech deus ex machina that will save us from ourselves, and that’s a tough nut to deconstruct.

Not a long read - but the long and short of it is that cryptocurrencies are primarily driven by their not being regulated. They are a way to sucker the masses because they circumvent the securities protections in place for anything else.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 1 2021 16:08 utc | 294

@ Featherless | Dec 1 2021 6:55 utc | 288.. thanks featherless! ditto!

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 17:06 utc | 295

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