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November 24, 2021

Open Thread 2021-91

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This report by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva originated in South Front, January, 2018.

The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases. Bio warfare scientists using diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program - Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) - and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

The report is a quick read and is worth the time. It is a fair indicator of the malfeasance of the USA.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 25 2021 23:45 utc | 201

@ Jen | Nov 25 2021 8:40 utc | 139.. thanks jen! got it...

@ Paco | Nov 25 2021 9:52 utc | 151.. that sounds like a couple of fun shows! i wish had seen them! i saw zztop on that stage - first show in vancouver.. it was fantastic! i also say jean luc ponty, billy cobham, dixie dregs, ornette coleman and probably some other shows i am forgetting.. its a great place to see live music up close, however i like the smaller venues even better!

@ David F | Nov 25 2021 10:08 utc | 152... thanks david - happy thanksgiving to you! - i agree, wading thru the dross is challenging... i don't think about it too much, lol! i find myself not able to read all the posts some of the time - especially on longer threads.. i just have to bow out.. i suppose it depends how much the topic interests me..

@ suzan | Nov 25 2021 17:07 utc | 178... that was pretty succinct and in line with my thinking... thanks..

@ uncle tungsten | Nov 25 2021 23:45 utc | 201 Dilyana has been doing good work on the biological weapons biz for quite some time.. i recall reading articles from her further back then 2018.... thanks for drawing people's attention to her work... she is a crusader for a change in this area.. the way to do this is to raise peoples awareness of how wrong this is... thanks..

Posted by: james | Nov 26 2021 0:08 utc | 202

Libyan elections coming up on December 24. The rat traps and land mines to 'democracy' have all been set out by the Western governments. To ensure that all goes 'according to plan' the banks and national savings of Libya are in safe hands:

The next President and Government of Libya will also need to take urgent steps to unify Libya’s Central Bank and ensure transparent governance, equitable resource allocation, and public and social service delivery everywhere in the country. Taking these much-needed steps would pave the way for the unfreezing of Libyan assets in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. In this regard, Libyan assets are wholly held by Western banks, which use them extensively and receive dividends that will not, of course, be given to Libyans.

To top it off the eligible candidates will be 'chosen' by an entity, not the people.

A struggle has already begun over who has the right to run and who should be removed, either for belonging to the former Gaddafi regime, starting with his son, who announced that he is running for president, or for committing war crimes during the civil war. It will be the task of the Libyan High National Election Commission to make those difficult decisions.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 0:18 utc | 203

james #202

Thank you. My research on this started out intending to discover number and location of CBW test and development labs in Italy. No luck so far on the Italian front. I recall there is a CBW lab close to the city of the coronavirus outbreak there. but that was near the 2020 commencement.

A tune for your day.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 0:36 utc | 204

suzan #178

Thank you ++ :)

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 0:39 utc | 205

@ uncle tungsten..204... thanks!

Posted by: james | Nov 26 2021 1:35 utc | 206

Apologies, Patroklos, if I offended you with my reference to Thanksgiving Day in the US. I was responding to karlof1 who had referenced it in a previous comment, and I'm aware that he's in the US. As a native NZer I certainly know it is not a holiday for other countries. My favorite one for NZ is Waitangi Day as I have a very slight maori connection myself - my maternal grandmother having been part maori and raised within a tribal community. And I'm very happy that observance of that day is more observed these days than it was when I was growing up - I have a dim memory of my grandmother taking me up north for celebrations, and my fond thought is one of those could have been for the treaty.

In any case, for me as I said this celebration is a good one. That was all I meant to say. I'd think Kangaroo Day would be a good one - I've only been in Brisbane many years ago, and the kangaroos there were fascinating creatures, gentle to look at but hidden strength to be wary of as well. Congrats for the cricket win.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 26 2021 3:40 utc | 207

@librul | Nov 25 2021 17:20 utc | 180

Couldn't we all use a purification ceremony.

Indeed, there is much to learn from the east. Thanks for the follow up.

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 26 2021 6:12 utc | 208

I notice in less than 24 Hours Australia's renewed military involvement in the Solomon Islands has become another case of mission creep, from yesterday's platoon of army with a handful of Australian Federal Police, to todays reinforced infantry company and more police flying in.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands PM's house, chinatown and the nation capital's police station burnt down by rioting mobs.

The Australians will protect the Australian High Commission and the parliament house, followed by the hospital.

NZ has not been asked for a contribution. Auckland has become a running crime scene, property crime is ignored by under funded covid restrictions enforcing police.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 26 2021 6:33 utc | 209

Posted by: D.G | Nov 25 2021 22:09 utc | 198
Is there a memo I missed about b doing what HE thinks is right about HIS blog?

Well, I don’t think anyone who’s disagreed with b’s decision denies his right to operate the way he thinks is best.
Of course he should do what he thinks is best, I’m just happy to be able to express my opinion to him for consideration.

Are powers thinking of throwing Him into jail too?
Man, that’s a scary thought isn’t it? But just a couple years ago who would have thought censorship would be supported so strongly. (I’m not referring to this vk/MoA affair, but the bigger picture, things like Strategic Culture, social media, etc.) That’s why I ended my @129 with, ‘let’s truck on there’s work to be done’ and agree with you, ¡No Pasaran!

Re your comments about Craig Murray and Independence. Yeah, I hope he hasn’t taken too much of a hit on his health and comes out swinging.

Happy to see posts by Gruff without 'gruffiti' and c1ue/Patroklos smoothed.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Nov 26 2021 6:58 utc | 210

Posted by: waynorinorway | Nov 26 2021 6:58 utc | 210

I agree, free speech is indivisible, you either have it or you don't.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 26 2021 7:19 utc | 211

Ottawa declines Boeing’s bid to replace Canada’s aging fighter jet fleet

Since b brought up Boeing in the Week in Review, I thought I’d post that.

So now it’s down to 2 competitors: the super-expensive F-35 of Lockheed Martin, and the much more reasonably priced though not as reasonable as the price for Finland, Gripen of Saab. Recently there were protests across Canada over paying $19 billion for fighter jets.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Nov 26 2021 10:26 utc | 212

Now we will see the power of the vaccines. If Nu, the new variant, really shows enhancement, then the whole world is done, with the exception of the chinese who were so clever to use a total virus vaccine, not only the spike. I guess we will have a worldwide lockdown in 3...2...1...

Posted by: BelleDelphine | Nov 26 2021 12:22 utc | 213

Well, Canada could buy a bunch of those new Checkmate Su-75’s for a lot cheaper. Mind you that would defeat the whole purpose of fattening up Western weapon companies.


To echo a previous poster’s observation : I often feel, in the « meat » world, surrounded by clueless and irascible idiots. It’s refreshing to come here and be surrounded by folks who are more knowledgeable than myself, who generally also have a higher standard for civility and discussion from different viewpoints.

Thank you b, for your articles, and for the forum. Thank you also, fellow barflies. I really appreciate this bar.

Posted by: Featherless | Nov 26 2021 12:22 utc | 214

@Bruised Northerner | Nov 26 2021 10:26 utc | 212

So now it’s down to 2 competitors: the super-expensive F-35 of Lockheed Martin, and the much more reasonably priced though not as reasonable as the price for Finland, Gripen of Saab. Recently there were protests across Canada over paying $19 billion for fighter jets.

We had the exact same choice a few years ago, but 'someone' came along and advised us, so the number of alternatives was reduced to one. You can expect the same.

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 26 2021 12:27 utc | 215

Thanks to the one who cited the article on the Kennedy assassination; that was interesting. I had looked in vain for an article on the subject’s anniversary, but only came up with: “8 weird facts about president Kennedy’s limousine”

Posted by: Platero | Nov 26 2021 14:09 utc | 216

Supply chain improvement mostly just cosmetic?

LA port using unusual measures to disguise problem

Note that several other measures such as turnaround times - at new all time highs - are why Hellenic Shipping News terms the "improvement" of the supply chain situation as measured by ships waiting to unload in LA - as being false.

If in fact this is true, then it brings even more negative focus on what Kelton said just a few weeks ago.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 26 2021 14:40 utc | 217

This is important:

The Left's COVID failure

Neoliberalism relies on extensive state intervention just as much as “Keynesianism” did, except that the state now intervenes almost exclusively to further the interests of big capital – to police the working classes, bail out large banks and firms that would otherwise go bankrupt, etc. Indeed, in many ways, capital today is more dependent on the state than ever. As Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan note: “[A]s capitalism develops, governments and large corporations become increasingly intertwined. … The capitalist mode of power and the dominant-capital coalitions that rule it do not require small governments. In fact, in many respects, they need larger ones”.


Ultimately, any form of government action should be judged for what it actually stands for. We support government intervention if it serves to further the rights of workers and minorities, to create full employment, to provide crucial public services, to rein in corporate power, to correct the dysfunctionalities of markets, to take control of crucial industries in the public interest. But in the past 18 months we have witnessed the exact opposite: an unparalleled strengthening of transnational corporate behemoths and their oligarchs at the expense of workers and local businesses.


Another Left-wing fantasy that has been shuttered by reality is the notion that the pandemic would usher in a new sense of collective spirit, capable of overcoming decades of neoliberal individualism. On the contrary, the pandemic has fractured societies even more – between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, between those who can reap the benefits of smart working and those who can’t. Moreover, a demos made up of traumatised individuals, torn apart from their loved ones, made to fear one another as a potential vectors of disease, terrified of physical contact – is hardly a good breeding ground for collective solidarity.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 26 2021 14:45 utc | 218

Platero, for more interesting articles, visit which has a few.

Posted by: Featherless | Nov 26 2021 14:47 utc | 219

Featherless, I think Saab might take exception at being called a Western weapon company that needs fattening? Surely Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and others don’t need (allow?) another competitor?

Norwegian, thanks for the warning although by the looks of it, that message has already been delivered and efforts are still being made to inch us towards a Saab purchase. Of course, the next challenge is that if that purchase were to happen, these jets would have to be successfully constructed and delivered. Whenever anything naval is under construction that tends to be a problem. I have noticed the military source other items from Lockheed Martin in the past couple of years, leading me to wonder if they are attempting to buy LM off (a frequently employed method here in Canada!) Heck, we can’t even purchase new hand guns around here.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Nov 26 2021 14:54 utc | 220

This is funny in a very dark way:

The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

The problem with this phrasing is that it assumes Trump was supported by the Republican party - which manifestly was not true.

Going through the whole article, every single individual named is liberal. The only "non-liberal" involved is the US Chamber of Commerce - and their involvement (and a couple others) is 3 lines vs. the hundreds in the overall article.

Time has been a rag for years - this only reinforces it.

Time says the election wasn't stolen - kind of true in a strictly legal perspective - but then goes on to say:

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

The handshake between business and labor was just one component of a vast, cross-partisan campaign to protect the election–an extraordinary shadow effort dedicated not to winning the vote but to ensuring it would be free and fair, credible and uncorrupted. For more than a year, a loosely organized coalition of operatives scrambled to shore up America’s institutions as they came under simultaneous attack from a remorseless pandemic and an autocratically inclined President.


Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 26 2021 15:02 utc | 221

uncle tungsten @ 199

Your queries are largely asked and answered. For an overview I will suggest Karl and Dan Sirotkin. Karl created and for decades managed the genomics database everyone uses. His son is approximately a journalist and popular audience writer.

Of course these questions have been asked. Scientists are not idiots. The problems is that scientists who come up with the wrong answers are not funded. In current climate scientists who come up with wrong answers will be personally attacked and eviscerated in the public square.

Secondary problem is that no one reads. No links today, I will imagine that the uncle tungsten persona is in fact a reader and you can figure it out from here if you try.

Posted by: oldhippie | Nov 26 2021 15:06 utc | 222

That's Democracy™ the US brand not democracy the form of government. The USA is capitalist country where money has more rights than people and they support some of the most autocratic regimes on the planet.

Posted by: grumpygus | Nov 26 2021 17:03 utc | 224

Here's a revealing treat, former Australian PM, Paul Keating, talks about China, Australia, history and geopolitics at the National Press Club, followed by questions:

China policy and nostalgia for US primacy is the focus of Australia's coming khaki election.

Australian diplomacy: how to lose friends and influence no one, Alison Broinowski,

Australia’s diplomatic missteps and lack of independence in foreign affairs and defence have brought a damaging loss of international trust.
For more than two decades Australia has needlessly made enemies and carelessly lost friends. Now, the more bipartisan our foreign and defence policies become, the more this is happening.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 26 2021 17:24 utc | 225

A few days ago I opined that Africa would become the greatest BRI beneficiary. Here are a pair of Infographics depicting how Africa has benefited to-date from China, first and second. Along with the graphics is this article announcing Xi's participation in what's become a major forum between China and Africa:

"On Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that President Xi will attend the opening ceremony of the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and deliver a keynote speech by video link in Beijing on November 29.

"State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao will attend the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the FOCAC in Senegal. Ahead of the conference, Wang will visit Senegal at the invitation of Senegalese Foreign Minister Aissata Tall Sall.

"This year's FOCAC in Dakar, capital of Senegal, will be another gathering of the friendly China-African family since the last one in Beijing in 2018, and is also the largest-scale diplomatic event jointly held by China overseas since the outbreak of the COVID-19, aiming to deepen China-Africa relations, further carry out the consensus reached at the Beijing forum, and project the future direction of bilateral cooperation for the next three years and even longer term, Director-General of the Department of African Affairs of the Foreign Ministry Wu Peng told a press conference on Friday."

Also announced was the publication of a White Paper documenting "the successes of China-Africa cooperation in the new era and offer a perspective on future cooperation between the two sides.

"The white paper, titled 'China and Africa in the New Era - A Partnership of Equals,' is also the first white paper released by the Chinese government that comprehensively introduces China-Africa cooperation and also the first white paper outlining China's achievements on cooperation with a specific region."

This article provides a synopsis of the White Paper, while the Paper can be accessed via this link. The following discussion makes it clear that the Outlaw US Empire pays attention to China's diplomatic calendar:

"'China-Africa cooperation has become a banner for South-South Cooperation and international cooperation with Africa. In the new century, especially after FOCAC was established in 2000, the practical cooperation of the two sides have developed rapidly,' Wu Jianghao said, noting that China has built more than 80 large-scale electricity infrastructure in Africa, more than 130 medical facilities, 45 stadiums, and more than 170 schools, and helped train more than 160,000 people in Africa....

"The white paper and information on Wang Yi's visit to Senegal was released just days after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrapped up his Africa tour and amid Western media's hype of China-US competition in the continent. But Liu Haifang, executive director of the Beijing-based Center for African Studies and associate professor at the School of International Studies of Peking University, said that China's move does not target any third party.

"'The US factor was not our consideration in cooperating with Africa, and expansion of China--Africa cooperation is based on their own logic and practical needs. Even if the US did not step into the continent, China would continue cooperating with African countries, which is complementary,' Liu said, noting 'such complementary cooperation cannot be simply taken away by any third country....'

"Even today, the US has still failed to win much trust from African countries, as one of the major purposes of Blinken's African trip was to get rid of the traumatic effect former US President Donald Trump made to the continent during his term, Liu said.

"A recent report by well-known African pollster Afrobarometer shows that China ranks first in terms of external influence in Africa, with 63 percent of Africans saying the economic and political influence of China in their country is 'somewhat positive' or 'very positive,' and 66 percent perceiving China's economic and political influence in Africa as positive."

The massive difference in emphasis is easy to see as Blinken could only promise $80 million to start a new "Prosper Africa Build Together Campaign," while the Infographic shows China's total direct investment in all industries in Africa stood at $2.59 Billion from January through September 2021, and will easily top the $3 Billion mark for the year. I should also note that the vast majority of Chinese Peacekeepers, 80% or 30,000+, are deployed in Africa as the first Infographic shows. And I'd be remiss not to remind barflies that China's initial overseas military base is in Djibouti on the strategic Horn of Africa.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 26 2021 18:05 utc | 226

The Global Times editor exercises his rhetorical skills in today's editorial that focuses on the very provocative "surprise" visit to Taiwan by 5 Congresscritters:

"These US lawmakers' reckless act of visiting Taiwan has vented their hostility toward China. They have no ability to essentially affect the trend of situation in the Taiwan Straits. What they are really committed to is to strengthen their self-exposure and ride on the wave of the Taiwan question. They want to gain popularity and sense of presence in the public opinion field. Inciting opposition and gaining attention are the lifeline of their political careers.

"US Democratic representative Elissa Slotkin who joined the visit deliberately said on Twitter that their visit was opposed by the Chinese Embassy in the US. This is also an important way for them to attract more attention. Showing the Chinese embassy's disapproval and warning has become a common Western tactic to play up their anti-China acts.

"Lawmakers are 'professionals' in expressing 'public opinion' and taking advantage of 'freedom of speech' in the Western world. They do not have to take actual responsibility for state governance and foreign relations. Many of them have become the most radical destructive force in relations between their countries and China. There will definitely be more and more of their anti-China performances. When it comes to China's relations with Western countries, China must shift most of its attention away from them in the future." [My Emphasis]

Publicity Hounds was once the term used for such crap:

"The essence of US lawmakers visiting Taiwan is their special way of venting loss and mouthing off about the matter which only exposes their stubbornness and arrogance. It shows they are provoking on the edge of the dead circle drawn by the Chinese authorities, but they dare not really hit it. That congresswoman said 'Republic of Taiwan,' which is enough to show how many unscrupulous elements exist in US politics." [My Emphasis]

China will react as indicated:

"After the US and Taiwan have accumulated their salami-slicing tricks, the Chinese mainland must come up with a more severe military action in response ...

"As long as 'Taiwan secessionists' move forward, there may be escalated punishments such as Taiwan's outlying islands are liberated by the mainland, and Taiwan's main island becomes the international aviation no-fly zone. As long as the DPP authority is not afraid and the US is willing to bear the consequences of its actions, the Chinese mainland will not reject any escalation of the situation across the Taiwan Straits, no matter how serious. It seems US lawmakers are not afraid of the situation escalating and fanning the flames. We ask the DPP authority and the US government to carefully weigh their abilities and courage."

Will the provocations cease once the Olympics begin or will they continue? And if they're continued, will they finally cause China to use its military to force Taiwan's reunification, an action the Outlaw US Empire has no way of stopping?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 26 2021 18:28 utc | 227

Paul @ 209 - thanks. I am sorry to hear that about Auckland. I lived in the suburbs before Tamaki Drive was spoiled by all the high rises, and as for Auckland itself...well, I liked it better when it had tram cars running down the middle of Queen Street and my grandmother and I had crumpets and coffee in the Queens Arcade after a picture show before catching the bus home. Long gone, those days...I could never afford to live there now.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 26 2021 19:11 utc | 228

Lavrov is clearly tired of barking at the OSCE about the Ukraine situation, so yesterday that chore was accomplished by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich at the OSCE Permanent Council meeting. The linked transcript's in Russian, and most are aware of the facts of the matter since it's been a real life exercise in Groundhog Day since 2015 when the Minsk accords were given the status of International Law by incorporation into UNSCR 2022. This is the third round of going through the same propaganda and associated motions. As such, I'll only excerpt this one paragraph:

"All this is happening in the conditions of, in fact, the destroyed economy of Ukraine, which under many years of foreign management does not shine with success. Today it is obvious that it is not able to function without external subsidies and borrowings. The country is on the verge of a new round of socio-economic and political crises, the causes of which the authorities are ready to look for anywhere, but not in their own destructive policy."

Russia's diplomacy is deliberate and at times slow as it builds its case for an action it is about to take. IMO, that's the primary purpose of the speech since it outlines most of the refusals to implement the World's Orders as expressed in Resolution 2022. Lukashevich was keen to highlight the many times Kiev made agreements only to ignore them once the ink was dry. Those refusals and the continual arms shipments and illegal foreign troop deployments will form the basis for Russia's next move to implement the Genocidal component of Putin's decree.

If the MFA translates and posts an English transcript, I'll provide a link to it since many may want to verify my interpretation of its meaning or save it for future reference since it does provide a somewhat complete recap of Kiev's and its associates violations of 2022.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 26 2021 19:12 utc | 229

c1ue @218 - Pertaining to this from your last quote:-

"... demos made up of traumatised individuals, torn apart from their loved ones, made to fear one another as a potential vectors of disease, terrified of physical contact – is hardly a good breeding ground for collective solidarity."

I suspect there are many who find themselves at odds with loved family members on this issue, chiefly with respect to decisions made depending on information available to them, past experience, etc. I find it very traumatic myself. But if we truly love one another, there are positive ways to address the trauma, and I think 'collective solidarity' is even more possible than when we didn't have to think about our relationships. There's plenty of common ground; the main thing is to keep on loving. Don't break 'the ties that bind'; guess who will most profit if you do.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 26 2021 19:24 utc | 230

Posted by Juliania @ 228Thanks for replying.

I blame successive NZ governments for issuing 'paint by numbers' decrees to save themselves money. No matter which party is in power, NZ is always governed by Scottish presbyterians who hate spending money. Police are underfunded and do not respond to property crime, unless the victim is a bank or an insurance company.
Consequently the criminals know there are likely to be few consequences if any, so they do as they please.

House price inflation in New Zealand will ease substantially next year, followed by outright price falls in 2023, but affordability is set to worsen in one of the world's most expensive property markets, a Reuters poll found.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 26 2021 21:50 utc | 231

Hoot of an interview by a pompous BBC twit out to lecture the Belarus President.

"As soon as Putin sits down and talks with Alexei Navalny, then I will instantly meet Svetlana Tikhanovsky for talks."

Posted by: Dim sim | Nov 26 2021 21:58 utc | 232

Platero #216

Thanks to the one who cited the article on the Kennedy assassination; that was interesting. I had looked in vain for an article on the subject’s anniversary, but only came up with: “8 weird facts about president Kennedy’s limousine”


It keeps away from contrived ranking BS that always ends you up in the corporate or mindless desert.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 21:59 utc | 233

oldhippie #222

Thank you. That got results.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 22:05 utc | 234

Paul #225

Thank you for your synopsis of the Oz scene. Much appreciated by one who only rarely peeks at Pearls and Irritations the rest....meh.

I will check out the Keating link as I appreciate the old dog's turn of phrase.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 22:12 utc | 235

Here's an essay that leaves me stroking my beard because I'm only aware of a portion of what the writer's proposing: "The Rittenhouse Case and the Symbolism of the Stasi: Are We Ready Again to Destabilize the Enemy of All Time?"

The title both repelled and enticed me and I'll likely reread it for there's some intriguing ideas promoted. I'm curious what additional eyes and minds will write regarding their reading and thinking about the content.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 26 2021 23:33 utc | 236

Dim sim #232

Thank you for the link to the BBC interview with Lukashenko. That insulting scumbag from the BBC never once addressed him as 'President', he kept using his given names. BBC = propagandist tool.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 26 2021 23:49 utc | 237

oldhippie #222

On Dan Sirotkin: He is almost entirely unbelievable and then some.

From Tech TiMES:

Dan Sirotkin's LinkedIn profile shows all of the established person's achievement, education, and work experiences. Sirotkin previously attended Harvard University and completed a Bachelor's in Political Science, but the year completed was not posted on LinkedIn.

Sirotkin's claim of attending Harvard is also unverified by anyone else, the university, and even his colleagues, and people still question this claim of the author. According to his LinkedIn job descriptions, Dan Sirotkin did a stint in prison but is unclear whether he is a convicted felon.

The first job listing on Sirotkin's profile shows that he was a former correctional janitor for the Montgomery County Government for three years from 2015-2017. Sirotkin's next two jobs are for Season 52 and Cafe Mozart as a Food Server or waiter before facing termination after his criminal records are discovered.

Currently, Dan Sirotkin is a Writer for the website, Harvard To The Big House, an opinion and columns blog site that he leads and authors.

From Harvard to the Big House:

Following 9/11, Dan Sirotkin began his career with the NSA, where he put his Harvard degree to use working on some of their most sensitive and salient missions threatening America - or at least the ones that could also secure many hundreds of billions of dollars worth of funding.

He finished his career in Counterterrorism, where he produced analysis on one of the deadliest terrorist groups in the world, despite the fact that his Arabic language skills were only about as good as those as a severely learning-disabled preschooler.

This “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit explains the backstory behind the book he left the NSA to write, Tremble the Devil, which was first released in 2006 and argued that the most dangerous threat facing America wasn’t terrorists attacking us from the outside - but instead an inevitable socioeconomic implosion due to the racial inequities perpetuated by the various policies that have bulwarked inequality throughout almost all of our history, most recently the War on Drug’s destruction of the black family

And after setting the youngest American ever to win wrestling gold on his course to Rio before heading off to the state prison in 2014, where his first cellmate would happily offer to murder him many times. Dan was finally released in 2018, and began his new exciting career as a waiter at various area restaurants all poorly managed enough to have become desperate enough to be forced into hiring a notorious ex-con.

I have read some of Sirotkin's material at the latter but methinks his imagination coupled with his ego reduces his believability. If this character is running his father's genome database I would not believe anything without multiple independent proofs.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 27 2021 0:18 utc | 238

@karlof1 236
In my opinion, that is a terrible piece of speculation and utter bullshit, loaded with extreme right wing anticommunism and just untruths.

Just a few points: "Markus Wolf's Stasi" was nothing less than the full "Ministerium fuer Staatssicherheit". If you are really interested in the history of Wolf and the "Hauptabteilung Aufklaerung", read "Spionagechef im geheimen Krieg" by Markus Wolf (ISBN: 9783612264824), or Man Without a Face: The Autobiography of Communism's Greatest Spymaster by Markus Wolf, Anne McElvoy ISBN-101891620126 . Absolutely worth to read.

Next: About "Antifa". While indeed the antifascist action (Antifaschistische Aktion) was created in 1932 mainly by communist and other left wingers, yet also quite some left wing liberals, it has nothing to do with the "Autonome Antifa" in Germany, created after 1990 by mainly anarchist and libertarian leftist youths, in an attempt to stem the wave of right wing extremism with xenophobic pogromes fanned by the Kohl CDU regime after "reunification". It later degraded into fanatic political correctness, some parts even decaying into the "Antideutsche" (anti-german) movement of radical pro NATO and Israel militants, some of them (the faction aroung the Bahamas journal) openly racist and fascist.

It is hard to say for me to which branch of them the "Antifa" in the US is leaning, none of them has any connection to the international workers' movement, communism, or the antifa of the 1930s. It seems to me that they are a wild mix of radicalism, political correctness, and anarchism. typical petty buorgeos set of ideologies. But the is an outsider's observation.

As to the RAF terrorist (or in their understanding, urban guerilla) organization, it is not true that the GDR supported their actions. Rather they gave some of them shelter, under the restriction that they gave up any contact to their group. There is some evidence still under non disclosure by the German security apparatus that Western government and secret service were informed about and approved it.

By the way, the East German "Stasi" was in several of its branches a part of a repressive apparatus with wide scale surveillance and other dirty tactics. It was never even nearly as murderous as their British and US counterparts though. This can be said as the documents of the MFS are all disclosed except those western deep state grabbed and held secret while we only know the tip of the iceberg of western deep state crimes. And that is orders of magnitude worse than the vilified Stasi.

Posted by: aquadraht | Nov 27 2021 0:43 utc | 239

aquadraht @239--

Thanks for your reply and assessment. I was under the impression that many of the terrorist "gangs" operating within Europe were CIA/NATO/MI6 creations designed to commit FF ops to discredit anything leftist. I hope a few more chime in. Thanks again!

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 27 2021 1:04 utc | 240

China company MediaTek research announces 4nm chip breakthrough.

MediaTek release Tiangui 9000 chip with 4nm chip

Posted by: Dim sim | Nov 27 2021 6:02 utc | 241

Apologies MediaTek is apparently a Taiwan company. I guess they'll be forced to set in the US now.

Posted by: Dim sim | Nov 27 2021 6:16 utc | 242

The Philippine Navy to buy two French Submarines!!!

Meanwhile Australia will buy eight US Virginia Class submarines. This program nearly bankrupted the US navy see below:

This looks like a very expensive arms race.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 27 2021 6:52 utc | 243

Posted by: james | Nov 26 2021 0:08 utc | 202

Small world, we're thousands of kms. away but probably bumped into each other at the Ponty concert. More subdued that the other shows, that type of music is not as charged for a live show, but I enjoy Ponty, especially a live jazz recording in France, nicely accompanied by an old sounding organ with the foot bass, listen to this take on Just Around Midnight, a European version of good ol' Thelonius.

Posted by: Paco | Nov 27 2021 11:19 utc | 244

Hmmm. Lot's of mentions of William Gruff relative to vk here.

I don't find you overly diplomatic sir but would be disappointed if you were. Consider me a fan.

Regarding vk, I guess doing an Alex Jones is an issue... maybe...

You are all method actors faking this blog though so I am not fooled by all this drama. I denounce you!!! I ... I ... I ... am not very good at this.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Nov 27 2021 17:07 utc | 245

@juliania #230
I agree there are constructive ways, but likely not the same way you think.
One of the outcomes of Brazilianization is the diffusion of anger into hopelessness or apathy.
I’d prefer misplaced anger over that.
Nor am I the least bit impressed by people “going along to get along”.
While it is possible to win people over by example - there is simply not enough prolonged contact between many/most people in modern society for that the occur. That is the irony of a community like MoA - it is in many ways more stable than many Americans experience these days (I won’t speak for other people I’m other countries).
I personally have found that staying completely focused on the issues at hand, never backing down and forcing others to put thought and energy into backing up their beliefs brings far better discovery than “playing nice”.

Posted by: c1ue | Nov 27 2021 17:18 utc | 246

William Gruff @ 154
I really cannot think of any other word whose definition is abused as much as "freedom"
Freedom fries and freedom gas. Paco @ 159

The word freedom by itself borders on meaningless and always needs qualification.

Nobody likes freedom more than a far right libertarian in the US.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Nov 27 2021 17:18 utc | 247

waynorinorway | Nov 25 | 188
Temporary suspension and if needed a 3 strike rule (one time oops or warnings too) are absolutely the way to go.

Make it a 90 day suspension if you want to make a stronger point.

The Intercept uses one week bans. I should know.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Nov 27 2021 17:44 utc | 248

@247 Daviid GH - You are correct. We do love our
"freedoms" here in the USA. Those who came before us TOOK them.
native americans didn't have weapons. They lost that fight. Perhaps a lesson to be learned?

Posted by: lex talionis | Nov 27 2021 17:51 utc | 249

karlof1 @ 12
""...Putin last week took a major step towards absorbing the war-torn breakaway Donbass regions. And yet, bizarrely, nobody noticed."
Well, of course I noticed, wrote an article about it that 600 others have read and a few shared."

Yes thanks karlof keep up the good work.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Nov 27 2021 18:19 utc | 250

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