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November 29, 2021

How NGOs And Newspapers In Germany Propagandize Chinese 'Querdenker' Zhang Zhan

Today a number of U.S. aligned non government organizations launched an anti-China campaign in Germany.

Reporters Without Boarders (RSF) led the campaign together with PEN, Amnesty International and a Germany journalist union. They called for an hour long tweet storm to demand of that German politicians should act to get the Chinese 'journalist' Zhang Zhan released from prison in China.


The campaign was somewhat successful. A search for the #ZhangZhan hashtag used show that a lot of ill informed people, including many journalists, tweeted or retweeted the issue.


The misinformation spread by Robin Alexander in the above tweet is pretty heavy but not unusual.

Zhang Zhan is not a journalist. She was not one of the first to post video from Wuhan. She did not report on the COVID-19 but protested against the successful lockdown. She is not in jail for that reason.

The German news sites Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel report about the RSF campaign. Those news reports are even worse than the re-tweets. The Spiegel, for example, claims that Zhang Zhan was 'tortured and imprisoned for her reporting of the Chinese government's bad handling of the plague.'

Germany has exceeded 100,000 deaths from Covid and is currently in a record breaking 4th wave. China has had less than 5,000 death and is free of Covid.  Given that it seems pretty lunatic to me to accuse China of a 'bad handling of the plague'. Also - to my knowledge no 'torture' has ever been alleged to have happened in the Zhang Zhan case. The Spiegel made that up.

We looked at the Zhang Zhan case in December 2020 when the 'mighty Wurlitzer' played her song simultaneously in many major media including the BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, CBSnews and Sky.

The 'Mighty Wurlitzer' - How U.S. Financed 'Human Rights' Organizations Create Anti-Chinese Headlines

The Trump loving anti-China Epoch Times subtitled the video Zhang Zhan had made when she, in early February of 2020, went from Shanghai to Wuhun which was under strict but successful lockdown. It also described and translated it:

Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Zhang Zhan, a female dissident living in Shanghai, put herself in harm’s way to go to Wuhan after the city was locked down. Her plan was to investigate and broadcast the local situation as a citizen journalist. She is outraged that the Chinese government casually deprives the basic rights and freedom of Wuhan residents in the name of epidemic control.

Woman: Let me ask you,
Do you think the government can treat citizens like animals?
Lock them when the regime is willing to,
Send them out to work when they need these people to work.
Aren’t you treating them like you treat cattle and horses?
When animals need to graze you let them out
And take them back when they are done eating.
Is that for real?
And if they do not obey, whip them.
Is that how it should be?
Is it justified to treat civilians like this?

Man: What are you doing?

Woman: I want to express my protest against the government, persistent protest.

Immediately before the man asked 'what are you doing' Zhang Zhan is seen in the video intentionally knocking over a traffic barrier at a health checkpoint.

Zhang Zhan was not 'reporting'. She was, in her own words, expressing persistent protest against the government. She did so while filming that protest to then upload it on Youtube and Twitter (both of which are blocked in China).

Zhang Zhan was not arrested at that time though she probably should have been. In a different piece the Epoch Times explains:

On May 13, Zhang posted a YouTube video in which she spoke in front of the Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan. In the video, she criticized the local government’s plan to roll out virus testing at $180 yuan (about $25) per person as too high a price, noting that locals had been under lockdown for months.

She added that while human rights have been trampled during the outbreak, people would likely be willing to foot the bill in hopes of proving they were virus free. In order to pass security checkpoints in many cities, citizens must present a mobile-app-generated code that proves they are virus-free.

She also called out intimidation tactics adopted by Wuhan authorities to try to control the spread of the virus, saying they were a “sorrow of the country.”

A day later, she went missing.

All testing in China during the various outbreaks has been free of charge. In mid May there was a small new outbreak in Wuhan with a total of six cases of Covid-19 identified. Zhang Zhan was quoted at that time on the CIA's Radio Free Asia website with the false claim that 'There are signs of a resurgence of the epidemic in Wuhan.'

Zhang Zhan was arrested in May 2020 for spreading fake news about a government test-for-money plan that did not exist and other false Covid claims she had made. It was not the first time that Zhang Zhan had got herself into trouble. She had a short stint in prison in late 2019 also under the charge of 'picking quarrels and provoking trouble', a law that covers spreading fakenews on the Internet.

The South China Morning Post reported that, while in jail, Zhang Zhan went on 'intermitted hunger strike' (whatever that may mean). In December 2020 she was sentenced to four years in prison:

The sentence was in response to reports that she live-streamed from Wuhan on social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube, which are both blocked in China.

She also wrote an article critical of the official response to the outbreak, accusing authorities of infringing people’s rights and covering up the severity of the epidemic.

Her coverage was deemed “maliciously fabricated content and false information” and she became the first so-called citizen journalist tried by a Chinese court for reporting on the coronavirus outbreaks in the city.

The World Health Organization has warned of the danger of false information during a pandemic:

An infodemic can have direct negative impacts on the health of populations and the public health response by undermining the trust in science and interventions. We are also seeing that infodemics hinder the cohesiveness of societies by increasing existing social inequities, stigma, gender disparity and generational rift.

The WHO called on governments to take 'measures to counter misinformation and disinformation'.

China did that when it finally arrested Zhang Zhan and put the repeating offender into prison.

Zhang Zhan is a 'dissident' who has protested against the sensible epidemic measures the Chinese government took to defeat the pandemic within its country. The 'former Christian lawyer' Zhang Zha has similar radical libertarian opinions about pandemic measures as the 'Querdenker' (lit. 'lateral thinkers') in Germany who protest against wearing masks and lockdowns and the various Covid deniers and radical anti-vaxers elsewhere.

RSF has just awarded Zhang Zha, among others, its Press Freedom Award 2021.

That RSF, Amnesty, Pen and the DJU support her cause says a lot about those organizations' lack of integrity.

Posted by b on November 29, 2021 at 18:59 UTC | Permalink

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Official timelines can be independently verified easily.

Wuhan lockdown on 24th December.

At that period of time it was unusual bronchitis, then upgraded to strange pneumonia.
That's it.

How many countries lock themselves up at that point? Be honest.
China must follow science and science at that point didn't point to a highly infectious disease.
That's why it's called a novel coronavirus.

If you hate China and don't care about facts then qualify your comments first. Don't attack others presenting facts.

Posted by: Surferket | Nov 30 2021 8:59 utc | 101

Edit typo 24 Jan 2020.

Btw, China stopped international outbound on 27 January 2020. Except for foreigners leaving China."

Posted by: Surferket | Nov 30 2021 9:03 utc | 102

She's still spewing her bullshit freely, not in jail.

Surferket @ 96

The thing here with fangfang is that she's just a random nobody and the Chinese people will see through that as they compare what they're seeing in their daily lives with what they're hearing from her.

With her rants also getting more and more fantastical her utility for the west is very low, to the point that doing anything about it would cause more trouble for the govt from more human rights fake news.

With ZhangZhan she's a trained lawyer so i would think there's an element of concern that her bs would have more legitimacy (false but you can't fix stupid).

The parallel here is the denier amongst the medical ranks sprouting bs. How many people did they directly or indirectly kill?

On the flights out of wuhan, it was dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. The usual suspects immediately accused China of imprisoning their nationals with the lockdown. So they kept commercial flights grounded but allowed state charter flights out. Remember those charter flights back to some AFB in California and nobody were wearing PPEs? Yeah, well done.

Posted by: A.L. | Nov 30 2021 9:03 utc | 103

@98 Antonym: "China allowed international flights outwards from various airports, which is simply proved by the number of flights landing abroad from China then."

Wuhan was in lockdown. No flights could land in or take off from Wuhan whilst it was in lockdown.
The rest of China was not in lockdown. Flights could land at and take off from every part of China that was not in lockdown, which was everywhere but Wuhan

You appear to be struggling with the concept of "lockdown".

"Or do you believe horseshoe bats flew from China to Northern Italy or New York and were quickly eaten by eager pensioners?"

No. The virus spread around the world from places in China that were not in lockdown.

I don't know why you are struggling with the concept: at the end of December the Chinese authorities believed that the outbreak had not spread beyond Wuhan, and so they only placed Wuhan in lockdown. Places that were not in lockdown were not in lockdown because, well, they weren't in lockdown.

As it turned out the Chinese authorities were wrong: the infection had already spread beyond Wuhan before the lockdown had been imposed.

But in December they did not know that.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 30 2021 9:15 utc | 104

@A.L. #113

China actually uses a Bullshit meter before taking action.
FF is very clearly BS so her influence ability is non existent.
Zhang the Zenck has been spreading her lies since the lockdown, despite repeated police interviews and warnings, without the administrative detentions. So she has reach, backing from western fake NGOs who encouraged her, and thus a disturbance to society.
Hence Beijing threw the book at her.

The Chinese system is to talk first. Only sterner actions after talks cannot do anything.

Posted by: Surferket | Nov 30 2021 9:21 utc | 105

"Querdenker" is the german MSM designation for people that do not play along with the masses,just like "Verschwôrungstheoretiker" (conspirationist theory adherent).It covers AfD-voters as well as people suspicious about corona-vaccines.Der Spiegel is at the top of such diabolisation of critical thinking,and the commentariat is for 95% of the same cloth.

But when querdenker Robert F.Kennedy spoke to a public of over one million querdenker in Berlin,our press when even mentioning it at all,says there were 20 or 30 thousand in the street.

Posted by: colombanus | Nov 30 2021 10:28 utc | 106

The 'former Christian lawyer' Zhang Zha has similar radical libertarian opinions about pandemic measures as the 'Querdenker' (lit. 'lateral thinkers') in Germany who protest against wearing masks and lockdowns

Oh my god, that is a disgusting and extraordinarily stupid comparison, B.

How can you compare Zhang Zhan's [/Zha's are you talking about the same person?] ruthlessly dishonest vandalism and color-revolution fanaticism with principled and scientifically informed objections to the most sinister, anti-science, ultra-authoritarian, propaganda-based and cynically mismanaged Covid-19 administration in living memory? - And that in an article criticising similar misrepresentation of Zhang Zhan's well-deserved prison sentence!!!

[For that matter, how can you - in one unqualified slogan - equate the catastrophically mismanaged, misdirected and ineffective lockdowns (and misused masks) in much of the west with the highly effective and strategically integrated lockdowns in China which you yourself draw attention to?]

It is surreal. Germany has 100,000 "covid" deaths while huge China has only 5000 yet free discussion and difference of opinion on the Covid-19 administration adopted can be banned without a word of objection? Is it OK to whitewash an objectively anti-science and objectively dishonest establishment narrative that ruthlessly and intentionally pumps up fear in support of sinister objectives?

You rightly draw attention to the disparity between German and Chinese performance in dealing with Covid-19, yet why is it that you support and cling so blindly to precisely that core which underlies the difference - namely the ultra-authoritarian and deliberate abuse of authority exploiting Covid-19 as an opportunity to revolutionise the whole of society in favour of the elites in a titanic-sinking system?

I wonder is your comment a subliminal self-critique of your own Covid-19 reporting?

You need a break, B. My suggestion is that you take a 10-day meditation retreat with no electronic devices and no access to news or internet - you would benefit immensely from it!

Generally you support freedom of opinion and honest investigative journalism (which in many non-medical spheres you practice with excellence) - but you have a blind spot.

Posted by: BM | Nov 30 2021 10:47 utc | 107

Posted by: Jen @ 76

thank you for your valuable contribution. I'll need to read it again, just to get my head around its perfidy.

Posted by: paul | Nov 30 2021 11:10 utc | 108

Piotr Berman | Nov 29 2021 23:34 utc | 49

Diet of Worms? Martin of religious bent, was supposed to be struck (off), but when he saw what was on the plate in front of him, he just decided to carry on. Food for thought.


Patroklos | Nov 30 2021 4:20 utc | 66

Can and still is fatal if they are left to grow.
A local girl in PNG had them, large stomach but everything else thin as a rake. Starving even though eating. Answer. Sugar cane (to suck for energy that cannot be eaten by the worm first). Plus modern cures afterwards. Traditionally; periodically you ate another worm, a smaller one, to eat the larger. (They are head down in the gut)

There are many variants.

(several millimetres to three meters long depending on type.) The Africans use a stick then grab get an "end" and then "wind" them out, by twirling the stick, if they are under the skin. Some info below.

Helminths are one of the leading causes of morbidity in the developing world with over two billion people affected. That's almost a third of the world's population!
Infection can cause physical, nutritional and cognitive impairment in young, developing children.
The global burden of helminth disease exceeds that of conditions such as malaria? and tuberculosis?.


Jen | Nov 30 2021 5:51 utc | 76

That's the one. But I believe that the eggs can lie dormant for long periods.

Posted by: Stonebird | Nov 30 2021 11:15 utc | 109

I recommend that Barflies go to Xinhua today as the Chinese are starting to hit back on the Human Rights front, with a longish video on the camps for: migrant children, forcibly separated from their parents. Interesting, disturbing stuff. Also see the Joint Statement of the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors to the USA, about the "Summit of Democracies" that Biden is calling for mid December. Hard hitting stuff! But cogent and very much to the point. Ref. Alexander Mercouris yesterday.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 30 2021 11:29 utc | 110

While on the topic of BS human rights hypocrisy.... Forgot where i read this and I'll paraphrase:

The US hates Muslims
The US hates Chinese
But for some reasons the US loves Chinese Muslims!

Go figure...

Posted by: A.L. | Nov 30 2021 11:38 utc | 111

Antonym | Nov 30 2021 8:36 utc | 98

I think you will find that the flights out of Wuhan, after the recognition of the pandemic, were of 'planes that various governments sent to Wuhan to evacuate their nationals from the threat of the dangerous disease.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 30 2021 11:39 utc | 112

Antonym claims he (I assume) is the only "Indian perspective" provider here.

What am I, nonexistent?

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Nov 30 2021 11:44 utc | 113

@AL 111:

The second funniest thing in the world is a Modi regime worshipper (Bhakt, or devotee,
as they are called in India) pretending to care about Muslim people in Xinjiang and Afghanistan . The funniest is Bhakts pretending to care about a place they never heard of before and can't find on a map to save their lives, Taiwan .

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Nov 30 2021 11:46 utc | 114

Observer | Nov 29 2021 22:04 utc | 31

And quoting the CCP's Covid stats like gospel is... surprising, to say the least.

You have better stats? From the CIA, perhaps?

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 30 2021 11:53 utc | 115

p | Nov 30 2021 2:51 utc | 64

"furthermore I suggest that the destruction of the US as a functioning war-dependent state is the goal"

One definition of total war, (WWI, WWII, as opposed to the normal "kill as many as you can and then go home"), is to eliminate the ability to MAKE war. Infrastructure, resource availability, cohesion etc. Much of the present asymetric warfare by the awesome threesome is based on that idea. (Russia, China, US)

Posted by: Stonebird | Nov 30 2021 11:58 utc | 116

"The 'former Christian lawyer' Zhang Zha has similar radical libertarian opinions about pandemic measures as the 'Querdenker' (lit. 'lateral thinkers') in Germany who protest against wearing masks and lockdowns and the various Covid deniers and radical anti-vaxers elsewhere."

b, this is an unnecessary and very contentious remark, a disappointing attempt at guilt by association.

Do you feel the same when those who support lockdowns and maskss and a bio-weapon theory suggest that China are responsible? Do the leadership of those nations that force these measures on their populations really support China? Or do they propagandise against China? Do you really believe that all those who wear masks, lockdown and accept experimental gene therapy injections do not blame China?

If someone is sincerely anti-vax they they do not believe in viruses, as a consequence they do not believe there was ever an outbreak of a virus-related illness (from a wet market or bio-lab or any source at all) in Wuhan. There is therefore nothing to blame China for. Genuine anti-vaxers point the figure at Big Pharma!

By contrast, those who accept the narrative of Covid-19 (as you do) are really unwitting parties to a narrative war against China.

At some point in the future, the West will formally lay the responsibility for the Covid-19 outbreak (all the costs, all the deaths, with all the fake evidence) on China. This will probably happen after China is induced into "an act of aggression against the international community" and will be part of the big play to isolate China and its allies from the rest of the world.

You attack the 'Querdenker' in Germany but have nothing to say about the authoritarian measures imposed in Germany?

You should be aware by now that, at some point in the near future, if you maintain your intention not to accept a third experimental gene therapy injection, then you will be classed as an "anti-vaxxer". I expect you to crumble, take the 3rd dose and come up with some fake justification ("the moronic variant is a real danger after all") and urge your followers to do the same. Or, you could surprise me and stick to your guns and become a comrade!

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 12:19 utc | 117

One definition of total war, (WWI, WWII, as opposed to the normal "kill as many as you can and then go home"), is to eliminate the ability to MAKE war. Infrastructure, resource availability, cohesion etc. Much of the present asymetric warfare by the awesome threesome is based on that idea. (Russia, China, US)

Posted by: Stonebird | Nov 30 2021 11:58 utc | 116

Which is pretty much what big-shot male chimpanzees do, try to prevent anybody getting strong enough to take them, lots of minions, none of them better than the boss. Trump. And they always lose eventually too.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 12:23 utc | 118

The Chinese Virus

The Kung Flu

Product of a Chinese Lab

There is a rich flow of misinformation about China and Covid-19, the story of Zheng Zhan is only a small eddy in the great current of bullsh*t...

Posted by: Malchik Ralf | Nov 30 2021 12:25 utc | 119

@103 A.L. a little known fact that was conveniently flushed down the memory-hole was that the CCP and WHO were roundly criticized during the SARS scare of 2002-2003 for placing restrictions on air traffic.

The USA contingent at WHO then forced through a change in pandemic response policy so that restrictions on international air traffic would require an emergency meeting of the WHO and could not be imposed without first having consultations with the major international airlines.

All quietly swept under the carpet when it came time to criticize China and WHO for not shutting down international air traffic at the drop of a hat.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 30 2021 12:26 utc | 120

Nice one for getting a copy. It is a classic of early Christian polemic and presages medieval glee in the suffering of heretics. I'm guessing however that everyone in antiquity was more or less riddled with parasitic worms, but I'm not sure if they're ever fatal (any answers out there?)

Posted by: Patroklos | Nov 30 2021 4:20 utc | 66

I have family from the South USA, where hookworm was and still is prevalent. Hookworm tends to result in poor nutrition and the consequences of that, stunting etc., when bad. Like any parasite, eh? But people did live with it, poor people especially. Other such diseases can be much worse. The rule about well-adapted parasites not killing the host applies.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 12:52 utc | 121

colombanus @106

Many thanks for this! I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked that b didn't mention it!

This is what Robert F. Kennedy tweeted on 20th August 2020:

"In #Berlin launching @ChildrensHD Europe. Tomorrow, I will speak to largest crowd in #German history. We are expecting 1 million+ people protesting Bill Gates’ bio security agenda, rise of authoritarian surveillance state + Pharma sponsored coup d’etat against liberal democracy."

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Speaks at Berlin Rally for Freedom and Peace, Berlin, Germany 29 August 2020"


Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020

Interesting that RFK was saying much the same thing in 2020 as he is in his recent book.

My concern about b's comment is that it is amounts to "othering" and is "absolutist" (it is the kind of thing that VK began to indulge as the plandemic unfolded). If this attitude prevails in society then it can only end in internment and punishment. At least examine the other side of the argument and try to understand the objections.


Today is the first day of the return of mask mandates in the UK. Later on, I will be going out to the shops (to purchase cream crakers and some bananas - I don't ask much from life) without a mask to see what happens! If there is compliance then I expect a real lockdown will follow in a week or so. If not, then it will indicate that the fear agenda is losing its hold. We shall see!

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 14:11 utc | 122

@30 David F
Death certificates are not generally used in the statistics. According to the ONS in the UK, 61 people under 18 had deaths "within 28 days of a positive test" in year 1, the universal criteria for dying with covid. A case by case study of the deaths certificates revealed that more than half of those deaths (36) actually had nothing to do with covid, and in only 17 was covid unequivocally a contributing factor, so no, dying "related to covid" is not the same as "dying with covid". (Incidentally, most of the 17 had multiple serious co-morbidities. Out of the initial 60, only 3 were healthy young people).

Posted by: Tim Glover | Nov 30 2021 14:36 utc | 123

China allowed international flights outwards from various airports, which is simply proved by the number of flights landing abroad from China then.

Posted by: Antonym | Nov 30 2021 8:36 utc | 98

The reason China allowed those flights is that they were following protocols set by the WHO with regards to travel bans. This has been discussed extensively in various threads here at MOA. All you have proved is that China is damned if they do or damned if they don't.

Posted by: One Too Many | Nov 30 2021 15:50 utc | 124

two headlines in online NYT "World" page, one on top of the other:

‘Like Fresh Meat’: Detailing Rampant Sex Harassment in Australia’s Parliament

China’s Silence on Peng Shuai Shows Limits of Beijing’s Propaganda
Free World cannot loose to Authoritarian World, I guess...

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 30 2021 15:54 utc | 125

BTW, the order of stories in the page I mentioned is: two about Omicron, Turkish lira discontents, Myanmar trial of the deposed president, then the two about mistreated females, etc.
Missing: the release of Craig Murray today from 4 months of prison for the crime of "zigzag identification". I am contributing to his blog, so his family would not starve while he cannot write.

Optimistic note: Omega did not appear yet, so the end of the day is not near.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 30 2021 15:59 utc | 126

correction: end of days is not near.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 30 2021 16:01 utc | 127

I’ll say it again this is bernhards blog. So only he can decide what is best for him to do with it.

Not mentioning any names but you know who you are. 🙂

Some excellent comments from China inhabitants. Thanks stuff i hadn’t come across before.

Antonym is best ignored or at best talked to as one does kindly to the afflicted.

The cancellation of Chinese New Year flights - well over a billion seems to have surprised the west - who were perhaps hoping the virus would have catastrophically spread. Some fine jiu jitsu by the Chinese to avoid that fate.

On a different note I’ll just finish with this.

‘A comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue, peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel, and common development of the Arab and Jewish nations accord with the common interests of Palestine and Israel, the long-term goal of regional stability, and the shared aspirations of all peace-loving and justice-upholding countries and nations, Xi said.’

Ooh dear - wonder how the fake allies - most not even countries - being gathered as the last , last ditch, attempt to hang onto the impending death of its thousand year zionazi project , will take that? More jiu jitsu by Xi!

Posted by: D.G. | Nov 30 2021 16:13 utc | 128


Not sure if you realize it, but you are agreeing with me.

Posted by: David F | Nov 30 2021 16:35 utc | 129

Antonym @83: "Is noticing the total lack of mass street protests in PR China for the last 3 decades whining?"

No, it is blind and retarded.

Circulated numbers on 'mass incidents', climbing from 100,000 in 2007 to 120,000 in 2008 and 180,000 in 2010... (Researchgate)

China has more "protests" (what they call 'mass events') than pretty much the entire rest of the world combined.

Is this a sign of intense dissatisfaction in China? After all, the authorities have to kill a Black man and hype it continuously 24X7 in the mass media to get some kids out on the streets in the US, so isn't it the same in China?

In fact, it is not the same. China has so many protests because protests work there. The Chinese authorities actually poll the protesters, compile the grievances, and then actually do something about those grievances. This encourages protests. Considering the amount of effort and commitment necessary to advance within the Communist Party of China, most Chinese people give it a pass and develop other interests; nevertheless, they will still at times develop concerns that require political attention. Protests in China are thus a mechanism for those with a more casual or passing interest in political issues to express themselves politically.

Contrast that with protests anywhere else in the world. For example in the United States, with the exception of the manufactured race-bait riots in 2020, genuine protests are suppressed and ignored. The political system explicitly refuses to acknowledge protesters' grievances, much less act on those grievances. To compare the treatment of real protests in America with fake ones just compare the "Occupy Wall Street" protests with the BLM/AntiFa ones. Did you ever see representatives of the American Establishment (kinda the capitalist equivalent of the CPC) out on the street with the protesters and querying them about what they felt was wrong with the system and how they thought it could be fixed? Of course not. How about incorporating some of those suggestions from OWS into policy? ROFL! Sure!

China has tons of protests, but they are not at all comparable to protests anywhere else in the world.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 30 2021 16:39 utc | 130

William Gruff @130--

Very difficult to have People-Centered Development without lots of feedback from the people as to its efficacy. The Empire must squelch all discussion about China having democratic methods and institutions, which is why the Ambassadors's essay was so powerful. Oligarchies and Oligarchs can't abide challenges of any sort as they gained and maintain their position via authoritarian methods such as the Duopoly cloaked in its democratic façade. And it's there where the Great Battle lies and has for 4,000+ years.

Too bad the distractions are keeping people from seeing the Big Picture and how those distractions fit into it.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 30 2021 17:02 utc | 131

@ Pacifica Advocate | Nov 30 2021 7:51 utc | 89...................... infodemic.... i looked up demic.. it's a word - characteristic of or pertaining to a people or population..

pandemic, plandemic, infodemic.... language is a creative process.. some of it sticks because people find utility in the use of these terms... some of it might be garbage too, or it might be trendy for a time and then fade away.. i think the 'demic' attachment to words is popular right now, thus - infodemic... i am not sure what it means! it seems to me due the increasing use of technology, we are overwhelmed with information... is it an infodemic? lol... these are some of my thoughts on your post..

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 12:19 utc | 117 quote - "I expect you to crumble, take the 3rd dose and come up with some fake justification ("the moronic variant is a real danger after all") and urge your followers to do the same. Or, you could surprise me and stick to your guns and become a comrade!" i think you underestimate b...

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 12:19 utc | 117

@ Yeah, Right | Nov 30 2021 12:26 utc | 120.......... very interesting.. thank you...

on the topic of Antonym... my impression is in line with some other comments here... they exemplify as aspect of the india-china conflict as seen from the indian viewpoint.. it seems like a one trick pony kind of poster to me who is always on moa to bash china... i personally don't read their posts most of the time... it is easy to ignore people most of the time.. i find it is easy to ignore antonym given the clear bias evident in what content of theirs i do read!

Posted by: james | Nov 30 2021 17:14 utc | 132


"The "Tank Man" showed genuine courage in stopping a fleet of tanks from entering the Tienanmen square."

Maybe someone already replied to this one, I did not check: the tanks were leaving the place, not entering it.

Posted by: Olivier | Nov 30 2021 17:31 utc | 133

Quick question.
Why do the same concerned journalists never demand the same for Julian Assange?
That's another human rights outrage that's being ongoing for a while now.
But outside of a tiny number of outlets it's an outrage ignored assiduously!

Posted by: JPC | Nov 30 2021 18:02 utc | 134

james @132

"i think you underestimate b..."

I certainly hope so. However, you don't seem to realise how reprehensible b's comment about the "Querdenker" really is?


I believe that you live not too far from North Vancouver and you would be aware of Lion's Gate Hospital?

I did want to ask whether you could shed any light on this:

Canadian Whistleblowers Expose 13 Stillborn Deaths in 24 Hours at Lions Gate Hospital Caused by Covid-19 Vaccines

13 Stillborn Deaths In 24 Hours – Rally@Lions Gate Hospital

"November 11th 1:00 – 3:00 Lions Gate Hospital Emergency Entrance, North Vancouver
Rally with Dr. Mel Bruchet and Dr. Daniel Nagase. They spoke to the RCMP, and then headed over to the emergency entrance. The Doctor will appreciate our support in standing with him to raise the awareness of the dangers of this experimental injection.
On average they would see 1 stillborn death a month. 3 dulas have reported that there were 13 stillborn deaths in a 24 hour period of women who had taken the experimental injection. The media is not reporting this. Big pharma looks after the media and the media is silent."


Also, aren't you concerned about the total disappearance of jackrabbit?

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 18:22 utc | 135

Posted by: james | Nov 30 2021 17:14 utc | 132

I have always inferred that words like "infodemic" are intended to suggest infectiousness, and epidemiology, disease. So the nasty information is seen as dangerous to you, not them, as is really the case, and also dangerous to touch or be around.

Sort of like the USA saying Russia wants to attack Europe. Which is really aimed at Europe, not Russia, we are so afraid of Europe cozying up to Russia.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 18:23 utc | 136

RSF has just awarded Zhang Zha, among others, its Press Freedom Award 2021.
That RSF, Amnesty, Pen and the DJU support her cause says a lot about those organizations' lack of integrity.

It should be simple enough to measure their integrity.
Just whizz over to their websites and add up how frequently these hair-splitting Champions of Freedom and Human Rights condemn "Israel" for its perpetual rampage in Palestine each year?
Then add up how many "Israeli" crimes they don't condemn each year?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 30 2021 18:44 utc | 137

@ ADKC | Nov 30 2021 18:22 utc | 134... i'm not a linguist... i skip over words i don't understand like - "Querdenker" .... so, maybe you have a point in your deeper understanding here.. i am open to that... lions gate hospital is in north vancouver... i am familiar with the area as i used to live in north van about 40 years ago... i am not familiar with the stories you've linked to and can't shed any light on any of it.. sorry... i am disappointed that jackrabbit is no longer around... i never saw any notice or comment from him or b regarding his not being allowed to post anymore.. i have been thinking he has taken a sabbatical, but i could be wrong... thanks for your posts!

@ Bemildred | Nov 30 2021 18:23 utc | 135.. i think you're correct in your speculation there... the key word that has invaded the planet the past few years is pandemic... due the negative associations with this word, any word ending in demic will automatically be associated with the word pandemic in what i think is a negative word association...

Posted by: james | Nov 30 2021 19:05 utc | 138

Patroklos | Nov 30 2021 4:20 utc | 66

I'm guessing however that everyone in antiquity was more or less riddled with parasitic worms, but I'm not sure if they're ever fatal (any answers out there?)

Yes indeed! They can be fatal and probably frequently were. Tapeworms are segmented worms and the head is anchored to the wall of the intestine and the food flows past and is absorbed through the worm's skin. The last segment grows and is filled with eggs and eventually seals up and drops off in the feces. If it is eaten by e.g. a pig or mouse the eggs hatch in the animal's stomach, burrow their way through the stomach wall and spread through the bloodstream. When they stop, they form a cyst, multiply hugely and go into a sort of suspended animation, They can stay like that for years. If another animal, e.g. a human eats such a cyst without sufficiently cooking it they will suffer an infestation, which is debilitating because when the worm grows large, it takes most of the host's food; but if a human eats an egg or worse a cyst and gets the lavae in his blood and then gets a cyst forming in his brain or heart it can well kill him. IIRC Bismark set up a national inspectorate to monitor meat sold in Germany for signs of tapeworm (and other worm) infestation.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 30 2021 19:27 utc | 139

Patroklos | Nov 30 2021 4:20 utc | 66

Further to my previous post: there is another way tapeworms can be fatal. Sometime the worm so irritates the host's gut, that peristalsis goes into reverse and the last segment of the worm is dragged up into the host's stomach, where it is digested, the eggs hatch and form lavae which then burrow through the stomach wall and form cysts all over the host's body. That is usually fatal. I don't remember the names but I seem to remember in the mid 20th C, some Hollywood stars infected themselves with tapeworms in an effort to become/remain slim! I think some died of it.

Posted by: foolisholdman | Nov 30 2021 19:41 utc | 140

Never feed the trolls
or engage with any bots
far better just to scroll
right past these little twats ;)

Posted by: ld | Nov 30 2021 19:51 utc | 141

james @137

"i'm not a linguist... i skip over words i don't understand like - "Querdenker" .... so, maybe you have a point in your deeper understanding here.. i am open to that..."

Err, you appear to have skipped over b's article which gives a jaundiced interpretation and colombanus post @106 which more accurately explains the term "Querdenker"; basically, it is a reference to anti-lockdown and anti-experimental gene therapy injections protestors.

Regarding Lion's Gate Hospital - I find it hard to believe that this hospital even has the level of 13 births in any given 24 hour period so I don't think it's true, unless someone can tell me different.

"i am disappointed that jackrabbit is no longer around... i never saw any notice or comment from him or b regarding his not being allowed to post anymore.. i have been thinking he has taken a sabbatical..."

I don't believe that jackrabbit would disappear like that, it just doesn't seem likely (though it would be good for him to take a break, I just don't believe he would). If b didn't ban him then I am concerned.


Today I went to Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and Sainsbury's to check the reaction to the first day of the return of mask mandates. I can report that, unfortunately, there was a high level of compliance with mask mandates but, on the plus side, there was no enforcement. I guess, based on the high level of compliance I witnessed, that the UK is likely to be in another lockdown in a week or two.

Posted by: ADKC | Nov 30 2021 23:25 utc | 142

@ ADKC | Nov 30 2021 23:25 utc | 141..

it seems to me the focus of b's article is different then what you seem to want to make the focus.. i could be wrong, but i have looked at the article again and while it is fine to talk about just about anything, it seems there's something else going on here.. as i read this title and article - "How NGOs And Newspapers In Germany Propagandize Chinese 'Querdenker' Zhang Zhan" its about how ngos and the media in the west want to label china in the most negative way possible and will use anything to do this... making the focus of the article on b's use of the term 'querdenker' seems like a distraction to me... and to get offended - well it seems people get offended easily these days for any number of reasons..

so, no.. i didn't skip over the article of b's post, but i appear to have a different way of prioritizing what i read and comment on then you! thanks for the additional insights on the scene in the uk at present... i am not happy with these mask mandates, but i am not yet flaunting the request by the establishments that have been asked to honour this from our gov't... i personally think it is heading towards a more insane place and i am hopeful people are going to see this and come around... i could be wrong.. i feel like we are in some type of similar vortex to the era of mcchartyism... i am hopeful it will be over eventually... i have maintained all along that this needs time to work itself out in the world...

as for jackrabbit, it is odd he isn't back.. hopefully he's okay...

Posted by: james | Dec 1 2021 0:06 utc | 143

If only the German NGOs, media and political elite (especially the neo-liberal turned Greens) would create the same uproar over Julian Assange's demonstrated torture and illegal imprisonment, I could muster a little sympathy with their feelings for that useless "citizen journalist" Zhang Zhan.
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, ex chief editor of the F.A.Z., warned about the CIA infiltrating German media and opinion makers a long time ago. Ex CIA director William Casey bragged about the CIA infiltrating the media almost 50 years ago. It is sad to see Germany going that route, especially since they have been on the wrong side of history before.

Posted by: Beverly | Dec 1 2021 0:09 utc | 144

james @142

It was b, who right after stating that China "finally arrested Zhang Zhan and put the repeating offender into prison" then, totally unnecessarily, compared Zhan to the German protestors. B knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote that.

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 1 2021 7:20 utc | 145

Germany’s next head wants MPs to decide on mandatory vaccination by year’s end

Compulsion is coming to Germany soon! You think you've had enough with your 1st & 2nd dose? Well, you will be compelled to take a 3rd, 4th, ad infinitum experimental gene therapy injections. Coming everywhere in the western world in 2022! But...

...NO (general) compulsory vaccinations in China or Russia!!!

B, are you ready to join the "Querdenker"?

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 1 2021 10:20 utc | 146

All I needed to see was that a tweet storm was involved.
Twitter is nothing more than the elites talking to each other in an echo chamber, but with the 100% mistaken belief that the rest of the population is also in the conversation.
10% of Twitter users produce 80% of the tweets

97% of tweets created by 25% of users

According to Pew, about a quarter of U.S. adults—roughly 65 million people—use Twitter for myriad purposes: to stay in touch on news, sports, politics, and celebrity gossip. But of those 65 million users, the vast majority are simply lurking. Pew’s analysis suggests that a staggering 97% of tweet volume comes from the top 25% most active tweeters; meanwhile, the rest of the 75% altogether produce just 3% of the tweets in existence.

80% produced by 10% of twitter users; twitter users comprise only about 25% of the actual US population.
So around 2.5% of the US population is producing 80% of the tweets. Once we subtract the purely entertainment influencers and celebrities - the remainder is the literal elites.

Twitter is like the largest high school ever developed: there's the "in" clique and then there's everyone else. Twitter is precisely a principal tool by which the elites bind and enforce their norms to each other - and is equally a major reason why they have lost touch with reality.

Posted by: c1ue | Dec 1 2021 11:34 utc | 147

c1ue | Dec 1 2021 11:34 utc | 146

All the easier to censor if there so few.

If you want to know another reason why many have lost touch with reality. Yesterday I talked with someone who apparently eats and sleeps in front of his TV set. He swore blind that all those footballers and athletes dropping dead MUST have been drug addicts. (The French have a "thing" about drugs and sports.) Not side effects from pseudodemic sources.

Cognitive dissonance?

Posted by: Stonebird | Dec 1 2021 14:38 utc | 148

Quite mainstream eye witness debunking Tiananmen myth:

Posted by: RJB | Dec 1 2021 15:24 utc | 149

RJB @ 149:

Even that article you linked to does not come close to the truth. There were provocateurs among the student protesters who incited them towards savage violence that included lynching police and soldiers by hanging, stripping them and burning their bodies in ways eerily reminiscent of the hanging lynchings and burnings of black people in the US Deep South in the early 20th century. Many of those "leaders" who had infiltrated the student movement later found safe haven in the US. Curious, is that not?

Posted by: Jen | Dec 2 2021 11:56 utc | 150

How come they let Covid19 be exported out of Huwan by international flights so easily? Internally they locked up 100%.
Posted by: Antonym | Nov 30 2021 4:58 utc | 70
At a rough guess, IF the CCP actually did let SARS-CoV-2 ‘escape’ to the West [this is only a ‘bad faith’ allegation], THEN it would be because they knew a) *exactly* where it came from, so b) they simply allowed it to be ‘returned to sender.’

A proof: The greatest intel ops group in the world, namely CIA&Co have not been able to pin the SARS-CoV-2 origin on Dr. Shi/CCP; ‘no smoke, no fire.’ Not only that, but IF CIA&Co tried to ‘frame’ Dr. Shi/CCP THEN the proof of origin would be starkly revealed [as a 'natural self-defence'], and the world would seek immediate vengeance against and reparations from the true perpetrators of ~5mio murders - no ‘ifs,’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’.

I term the latter scenario ‘All over, ZUSA rover.’ rgds

Posted by: skrik | Dec 4 2021 14:19 utc | 151

"RSF has just awarded Zhang Zha, among others, its Press Freedom Award 2021."

As if awarding her with a gong makes her story any more credible it doesn't, then again Kissinger and Obama both received the Nobel Peace prize, satire is surely died after that.

PEN, Amnesty International, and Reporters Without Borders, have now lost credibility as well, sadly NGO' in this day and age, are first thought of as government fronts, and most times that turns out to be true.

On China, there restraint has been remarkable in my opinion with the West applying pressure wherever they can.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Dec 5 2021 15:03 utc | 152

I should've added that according to Wikispooks, Amnesty International's sponsors include the Ford Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations founded by billionaire George Soros.

Posted by: Republicofscotland | Dec 5 2021 15:11 utc | 153

when tiananmen square was cleared, a US diplomat/spy who was an eye witness there sent a classified cable to the US embassy reporting that no shooting occurred, stating this unequivocally. this is in the WikiLeaks trove of US state dept cables for those interested enough to search for the document. [...]

Posted by: mastameta | Nov 30 2021 5:15 utc | 72

Can confirm, read this stuff years ago.

The cable accounts of the moment have nothing to do with bourgeois media version, 89 protests were nothing nice but they are overblown out of any proportion and into goddamn orbit.

What's a lost life's worth when it gets diluted among 99 entirely fictitious deaths?

Posted by: Misotheist | Dec 8 2021 15:51 utc | 154

India has the world's 3rd most aggressive propaganda apparatus after US and Israel."
@ Surferket | Nov 30 2021 8:03 utc | 90

Then why am I the only one giving some Indian perspectives here? Must be the pay - zilch.
Posted by: Antonym | Nov 30 2021 8:13 utc | 92

I'm pretty sure you both can be right at the same time. This reads almost like a spy sunday strip, lol. Good chuckle.

Posted by: Misotheist | Dec 8 2021 16:00 utc | 155

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