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October 24, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-082

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@Posted by: librul | Oct 25 2021 22:10 utc | 97

Greenwald's description of the editors and managers of the Intercept so much reminds me of medieval courtiers, also trying to second-guess the whims of the monarch and the princes and princesses. Constantly on edge to keep their heads and their exalted positions. We have the 0.01% (or should it be the 0.001%?) with the rest of the 10% fulfilling the role of the court apparatchiks (and just keeping their incomes ahead off inflation), and the next 10% providing additional services (with their incomes slowly falling behind the actual real inflation rate), and the rest sinking into pricarity and debt-servitude. That's the US, in other Western nations just the percentages are different.

Posted by: Roger | Oct 25 2021 23:24 utc | 101

Karlof1 @39 Hello Karlof1, I'll offer a paragraph from "Palestine The Reality - J M N Jeffries",
referring to the Petrograd memorandum he wrote,
"What a document! It is scarcely credible that within ten weeks of pledging
Arab independence "in every sense of the word independence"
to the Shereef of Mecca, the Foreign minister was thus preparing coldly
to hand over the administration of Palestine to the Zionists.
The only sort of palliative of it, and practically the only explanation of it
is to be found in the perilous situation of the country
then and in the consequent disorder of the Cabinet...
The Cabinet itself was distracted, discredited and moribund: the disunion of the
whole Governmental machine began within the body of men who should have held it together."
Sounds like the perfect environment for a secret cabal, or power grab.
A round table, by another name.

Posted by: boon | Oct 25 2021 23:35 utc | 102

karlof1 @Oct25 20:33 #90:

Michael's description of the Empire's governmental system ...

A lot of what Hudson is saying there has been what I've saying at moa for years: the real problem is a lack of democracy. Many researchers and pundits have determined/acknowledged that USA is a plutocracy and a 'managed democracy' (aka "the illusion of democracy"). It's not the rich people that are managing the democracy, it's the Deep State Empire Managers who require a stable political environment and adequate funding for their projects.

"Biden has made sure to take steps to make sure that there’s no way in which his program can possibly be accepted.

Hudson is not seeing the whole picture here. As I've been writing recently, it's not just that Biden is failing in his legislative agenda but that the left as a whole is failing due to over-reach. The Left's whole agenda is at risk as conservative forces gain strength from the Left's over-reaching and over-promising.

Given the pervasive control of politics and media, it's hard for me to believe that a failure of this magnitude is happenstance. It seems contrived, especially in the context of an Empire engaged in a new Cold War.

John Cleary @Oct25 21:45 #93: And the Uber Mandarin ... is Queen Elizabeth II.

What you write makes sense in the sense that undemocratic forces still need to have some legitimacy and means of keeping order. But I think it is more of a partnership. USA plus the other four eyes who have the Queen as head of State. And they each allow the other to spy on their people so that they can say that they don't spy on their own people (and make use of Mossad for non-attributable actions also). Infamously, there was a British spy in Sanders first campaign for President.

Soon after taking the oath of office, our new Presidents generally always make trips to England (where they will invariably see the Queen), Saudi Arabia (who can forget: GW Bush hand-in-hand with the King? Obama's bowing before him? and Trump with the Orb?), Israel, and Japan (to see the Emperor?).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 25 2021 23:41 utc | 103

Thought I’d add my two cents (two more cents) to the conversation about UK and US elites, domestic politics and Canada’s place in all that. Really excellent discussion as per usual for MoA threads! Having witnessed the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor… which led to Peter Donolo pleading in a BNN interview to advise Trump (offer declined?)… which resulted in the forcing of the Canadian government to kidnap Meng Wanzhou causing a crisis with China… which resulted in several outcomes one of which being London’s man (I speculate), Dominic Barton, replacing the Canadian government’s man (more speculation), John McCallum as Canadian Ambassador to China… here is what I conclude. London/the UK is effectively steering North America to utter chaos. Then they will call Russia and China. And offer to provide some desperately needed humanitarian assistance to get things back in order across the pond. Steady hand at the wheel. And so the big Canadian dogs run! They bark! But can they do anything about the caravan??

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 25 2021 23:53 utc | 104

Posted by: boon | Oct 25 2021 23:35 utc | 102

'Palestine the Reality' by JMN Jeffries is indeed a worthy and well written tome. Congratulations to Olive Branch Press for republishing it.

May I suggest as a companion book the award winning 'Balfour in the Dock, JMN Jeffries & the case for the prosecution' by Colin Andersen.

Posted by: Paul | Oct 26 2021 1:33 utc | 105

Alastair Crooke's latest is stunning in its clarity. I haven't seen it linked here yet (and it amazes me that I could be in front of karlof1 in my reading list), so here goes.

Crooke draws largely from an article by Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute (which is a wonderful site with great analysis), and surveys the damage of the last two years, in both the US and much of the world. Tucker's source piece is an indictment of all the errors, and a situation report on specifically where the US is now - I recommend you click Crooke's link to review that piece, which is actually quite short, as disaster reports often are.

Crooke takes this and adds his own things, and into his essay injects a continual refrain: "Was this all intended as an end in itself?"

His other refrain throughout his reprise of the several hapless initiatives is that none of it has worked, none of it is working, and none of it can work.

Anyone outside of the damage zone - in China and Russia, for example - is simply watching and doing nothing, holding breath if anything, while the structures of the US and the West and Davos all crack.

Waiting Upon Structures to Crack - Alastair Crooke

Looked at in this way, we can perceive not just ‘one failure’ – that a V-shaped recovery on re-start, was presented as gospel – but rather, a series of related judgmental ‘failures’. These may give the appearance of being a troupe of wandering errors of well intentioned, yet flawed analysis, though in fact, they were always connected by being conceived at the outset as ends in, and of themselves.

The commonality to these ‘errors’ lies with their being of ‘one project’ – being of one ‘genus’ – and not simply being a string of accidents of error.

It's not a happy story for those of us in the US. But I must be happy for the world. We always said we would accept the end of America if it meant the saving of the world.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 26 2021 2:50 utc | 106

@ vk 68 and Roger 83

No direct answer to this position so I will take it as correct:
Communism sees no national borders between various proletariats, so it is globalist.
The Comintern held seven World Congresses in Moscow between 1919 and 1935. During that period, it also conducted thirteen Enlarged Plenums of its governing Executive Committee, which had much the same function as the somewhat larger and more grandiose Congresses. Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, dissolved the Comintern in 1943 to avoid antagonizing his allies in the later years of World War II, the United States and the United Kingdom. It was succeeded by the 1947 Cominform.
From 1950, Cominform became rapidly irrelevant after the victory of the People's Republic of China in the Chinese Civil War weakened Europe as the center of communism. Cominform, composed of entirely European parties, was rendered largely useless in Soviet influence over the international communist movement. It was dissolved during de-Stalinization in 1956.

So early communism was too USSR/ Stalin / European centrist.
Why doesn't the CCP revive proletarian internationalism?
Because it is too Han & middle class centrist, working hand in glove with Capitalist MNCs - CEOs. This makes it too odd to be duplicated elsewhere and the CCP knows this.

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 26 2021 3:29 utc | 107

Vaccination as a proxy for political loyalty

Above quote is from your link, Grieved (Posted by: Grieved | Oct 26 2021 2:50 utc | 106)

And if vaccination didn't filter and separate out the 'unclean' from the 'clean'
booster shots certainly will (or would that be booster1, booster2, booster3...).

The context for the above was this:

No vax, no job? The unvaxed have become ‘the enemy’, in exactly the way that philosopher Carl Schmitt said that casting an ‘enemy’ is supposed to work: the assignment of a label so black and so unremittingly ‘other’ that mediation with such ‘monsters’ ‘who put the lives of others at risk’ becomes inconceivable. Such black and white Manicheanism is the essence of politics, Schmitt wrote approvingly. In Italy, for example, representatives of the political, medical and media establishment have openly accused the unvaccinated of being “rats”, “subhumans” and “criminals”, who deserve to be “excluded from public life” and “from the national health service” and even deserve to “die like flies”.

Is this another failure of thinking clearly? The inability of leaders to comprehend how such language tears society apart; that a society will not return to normal social and functioning, directly on the Green Pass ‘switch’ being turned off (if it ever is)?

Or, is it an end in itself? – Vaccination as a proxy for political loyalty – the majority defining itself in polar opposition to a demonized minority: ‘Holding the wrong political ideology makes you unclean’. You should be purged. Perhaps that is why the Biden administration is also not concerned about mass firings (and its economic disruptions) – because It helps purify the country of Trump-supporting recalcitrants?

Posted by: librul | Oct 26 2021 4:08 utc | 108

@ librul | Oct 26 2021 4:08 utc | 108 with the conjecture that vaccination is being used in the US as a proxy for DEM political loyalty

I think this is correct and as Jackrabbit is writing, it is setting up the Dems to lose big time when the Covid BIG LIE is exposed more fully.

I think this is part of the Take-America-Down Shock Doctrine event that has been in the works for some time......America dies as the proxy face of global private finance while they continue to try to find another host/face or be totally exposed.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2021 4:35 utc | 109

Below is a short Xinhuanet posting....wonder what was said?

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chief of the Chinese side of the China-U.S. comprehensive economic dialogue, held a video conversation with U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday morning.

The two sides conducted practical, candid, and constructive exchanges on macroeconomic situation and bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

The two sides agreed that as the world economic recovery is at a critical juncture, it is important for China and the United States to strengthen macro policy communication and coordination.

The Chinese side expressed concern over issues including the lifting of additional tariffs and sanctions by the U.S. side and fair treatment of Chinese enterprises.

The two sides also agreed to maintain communication.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2021 4:45 utc | 110

Below is a short Xinhuanet posting about China's quantum computing advances

HEFEI, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists have established a quantum computer prototype named "Jiuzhang 2.0" with 113 detected photons, achieving major breakthroughs in quantum computational speedup.

In the study, Gaussian boson sampling (GBS), a classical simulation algorithm, was used to provide a highly efficient way of demonstrating quantum computational speedup in solving some well-defined tasks.

With 113 detected photons, "Jiuzhang 2.0" can implement large-scale GBS septillion times faster than the world's fastest existing supercomputer.

The study, led by the renowned Chinese quantum physicist Pan Jianwei, was published online in the journal Physical Review Letters on Monday Beijing Time.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2021 5:00 utc | 111

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about China and the new Afghanistan government

DOHA, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the acting deputy prime minister of the Afghan Taliban's interim government, in the Qatari capital of Doha.

During the meeting, Wang said that Afghanistan, now standing at a critical stage of transforming from chaos to governance, is currently facing a historic opportunity to truly master its own destiny, achieve reconciliation and tolerance, and advance national reconstruction.

At the same time, Afghanistan is facing quadruple challenges, namely the humanitarian crisis, economic chaos, terrorist threats and governance difficulties, said Wang, adding that overcoming these challenges requires more understanding and support from the international community.

Wang expressed his hope that the Afghan Taliban will further demonstrate openness and tolerance, unite all ethnic groups and factions in Afghanistan to work together for peaceful reconstruction, and effectively protect the rights and interests of women and children.

The Chinese official also urged the Taliban to adopt a friendly policy toward its neighboring countries, and build a modern country that conforms to the wishes of the people as well as the trend of the times.

China always respects Afghanistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and supports the Afghan people to independently determine their own destiny and choose the development path, said Wang.

China, which has never interfered in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and never sought selfish gains or a sphere of influence, firmly pursues a friendly policy toward all the people of Afghanistan, and supports the efforts to restore stability and rebuild the country, the Chinese diplomat said.

Attaching importance to the humanitarian difficulties facing Afghanistan at present, China urges the United States and the West as a whole to lift sanctions, and calls on all parties to engage with the Afghan Taliban in a rational and pragmatic manner to help Afghanistan embark on a path of healthy development, Wang noted.

He expressed China's willingness to continue to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan within its capacity and work with the international community to help Afghanistan alleviate temporary difficulties and realize economic reconstruction as well as independent development.

Wang emphasized that the "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" (ETIM), an international terrorist organization listed by the UN Security Council, not only poses a real threat to China's national security and territorial integrity, but also jeopardizes the domestic stability and long-term stability in Afghanistan.

He said that he hopes and believes that the Afghan Taliban will make a clean break with the ETIM and other terrorist organizations, and take effective measures to resolutely crack down on them.

For his part, Baradar briefed Wang on the current situation in Afghanistan, which he said is under control and improving, with the governments at all levels being gradually established and government decrees being carried out effectively.

The Afghan interim government is working hard to meet the needs of the people, and will learn from its historical experience to take a development path in line with its national conditions, said Baradar.

It has taken and will continue to take inclusive measures to expand the representation of the regime, he said, citing that most officials and technocrats of the former government have stayed in office, and more talents of all ethnic groups will be recruited to participate in the state governance in the future.

Meanwhile, Baradar said that the Afghan Taliban is willing to strengthen the efforts to protect the rights and interests of women and children, and will not deprive them of the rights to education and work.

For now, women in medical institutions, airports and other places have resumed their work, and girls in primary and secondary schools in many provinces have returned to school, but they still face difficulties such as lack of facilities and funds, the Taliban official said.

Baradar expressed the hope that China and the international community will increase assistance to Afghanistan to help it overcome the humanitarian crisis and return to the right track of development.

He also expressed thanks to China, an important neighbor of Afghanistan, for its respect and friendliness shown to Afghanistan during the difficult times.

Pursuing a friendly policy toward China is the firm choice by the Afghan Taliban, which hopes to strengthen cooperation with China in various fields, he said.

The Afghan Taliban, which attaches great importance to China's security concerns, will resolutely honor its promise and never allow anyone or any force to use the Afghan territory to harm China, Baradar added.

During his stay in Doha, Wang will also meet with Afghanistan's acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2021 5:04 utc | 112

Below is a link to a well done posting at Xinhuanet about China's economy

Key insights into China's current economic situation

It really does look like China is developing "....the sound development of its property market." which to me is significant about the long-term "store of value" money use that China is managing with their property market.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 26 2021 5:25 utc | 113

I’m a long time reader and fan of MoA and the ‘bar’ but this is my first comment. I’m very appreciative of what
b brings and what the barflies contribute. It’s a great place to get the mind in gear while the ol’ bod responds to
a morning cuppa. So, thanks, all around!

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 24 2021 19:42 utc | 19, and 93, 95, 96.
John Cleary, you have an interesting view and while I’m not an expert on the subject pf the British elite I like that you present a large picture. A few years ago I ran across a bio of Ho Chi Minh by one William Warbey, a former MP. Here’s a description (Ch. 5) he gives of your Foreign Office that I think pertains to what you’ve been saying:
“In order to explain the part played by the Foreign Office in Asian-Pacific affairs, we must briefly review the course of British foreign policy. The basic principles of the F.O. have been evolved during the three centuries which have elapsed since the free landowners of the English Parliament first invited a continental prince of Germanic origin to become Head of State. Unlike the native British princes and dukes and their continental equivalents, William of Orange did not possess any territory in the British Isles, and the English landed gentry rightly presumed that he would leave them to manage the internal affairs of England and Wales while he represented the nation in its dealings with foreign powers, defended it against foreign invasion and acquired some territory for himself at the expense of the Irish and of the Scottish Jacobins.
This mutually convenient arrangement, perpetuated in 1720 when the Hanoverian Georges took the place of the Dutch princes, laid the basis both for the division of powers within the State and for the guiding principles of British foreign, and later, imperial policy. As the Monarch acquired more overseas possessions, including the North American colonies, so his power grew again, and the King's principal (or prime) minister, the First Lord of the Treasury, found himself involved in a constant battle with the titular Head of State over the conduct of the nation's external affairs. By a strange irony of history, the Revolt of the American colonies and the subsequent Declaration of Independence so diminished the power of George III that the Prime Minister's Cabinet was able to assume complete control of British home and foreign policy until the vast overseas possessions acquired for and on behalf of Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria, again brought the Monarchy into a central position of power, only to be broken with the break-up of the British Empire itself. [My emphasis]
During this century-long heyday of British Cabinet Government (c. 1780-1880) the three main departments of state were created: the Home Department and the Foreign Department, each commanded by Secretaries of State directly responsible to the Monarch, and the Treasury with the First Lord (and Prime Minister) in supreme charge and effectively controlling all the other departments of state through his control of the nation's (and the Monarch's) purse-strings, and of parliamentary legislation.
From the first, however, the Foreign Office fought for, and established, an autonomous position within the whole apparatus of government. Its functions were those associated with the supreme national duty of preserving the state from foreign attack and of extending its boundaries, power, wealth and influence in a world composed of rival sovereign states. Traditionally in all sovereign states and empires created since the break-up of the Roman Empire, this duty has devolved upon the Supreme Head of State, whether known as King, Emperor or President. In England, it remains to this day a Royal Prerogative, exercised, on the advice of the Foreign Secretary, through Orders in Council and Ratifications of Treaties and Agreements with foreign powers and international organisations. All attempts made by the Liberal and Labour Parties to secure some degree of parliamentary control, or even of enlarged Cabinet control, over foreign, imperial and defence policy, have been still-born. It is for this reason that the traditional Tory or Conservative Party has been able to boast that whatever brand of government is in office at Westminster, its own men and its own policies continue to dominate the Foreign Office. [My emphasis]
This is the doctrine of "the continuity of foreign policy". Denis Healey, who was to become Defence Minister in the 1964 Wilson Labour Government, reached similar conclusions during his post-war service at Transport House as head of the Labour Party's International Department. In this position he established a close liaison with senior F.O. officials, exchanging confidential information with them and help¬ing to steer Ernest Bevin and the Labour Party away from their cherished notions of a new kind of foreign policy based on a peaceful alliance of socialist nations within a world federation founded on the San Francisco Charter into the safe harbour of N.A.T.O.”

Your comments on this, especially the parts I put in bold, would be welcomed. Thanks


Posted by: Wayne Gilchrist | Oct 26 2021 6:02 utc | 114

Re my #114
I meant to bold
... again brought the Monarchy into a central position of power, only to be broken with the break-up of the British Empire itself.
It is for this reason that the traditional Tory or Conservative Party has been able to boast that whatever brand of government is in office at Westminster, its own men and its own policies continue to dominate the Foreign Office.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Oct 26 2021 6:13 utc | 115

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 26 2021 2:50 utc | 106

Thank you for the Crooke. I have always considered it quite obvious that the Bush-Cheney-Neocon plans were dumb as a brick in the sense that they never had any chance of succeeding, they made a lot of people consumer kings, but they have permanently and continually dissipated our national power and cohesion and influence. And they always double-down, as Crooke notes, when they fail.

And they NEVER learn from it. So that is how we got here. And they will not stop being more and more ridiculous until they are unable to any more. If we send Nuland to Moscow again, she will try to bully them again, and they will kick her out again.

And meantime the people who we have designated our enemies have been busy doing more productive things, as one might expect, if one was really all that smart.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 26 2021 8:09 utc | 116

karlof1 @ 77

Lord Milner and his scheming ways is well known in South Africa. It might interest you to read about his rule in South Africa as a precursor to his role in the Monday night cabal.

Milner’s rule in South Africa

The British Empire harboured the desire, with Rhodes as its protagonist, to bring Africa, ‘from the Cape to Cairo’, under the rule of the Empire. The Transvaal Boers, who because of the discovery of gold were becoming a powerful force in the region, threatened to eclipse the power of the Cape Colony, the Empire’s base in the continent’s south.

Milner was a devoted servant of Empire, and was personally invested in extending the power of the Empire. He believed, like Rhodes, that the British were superior to every other ‘race’, and that humanity would become more ‘civilised’ living under British rule. He had, according to Ian Loveland, ‘a dogmatic attachment to “British race patriotism”, whose adherents regarded British culture as a value system to which all other ethnic groups, be they Boer or black, should either aspire or be subjected’.

Milner was also responding to inter-imperial rivalries. He believed that British supremacy in South Africa was crucial for the interests of the British Empire. And Britain was threatened by the emergence of Germany, which had friendly relations with the Boers and with Kruger. Britain also saw the Cape as a strategic way-station to India, Mauritius, Ceylon, Singapore and Australia.

According to Leonard Thompson: ‘He was also keenly aware of the relative decline of British power and the global significance of the Transvaal gold-mining industry. From his perspective, it was his duty to check the centrifugal forces in South Africa, "the weakest link in the imperial chain”.’

Determined to diminish the power of the Afrikaners, Milner implemented a policy of Anglicisation at the Cape, downgrading the status of Dutch and Afrikaans, even as he himself mastered these languages. According to Loveland: ‘The ‘Milnerisation’ of southern Africa was to proceed on several fronts. Milner expressed some dissatisfaction with the Republic’s treatment of its nonwhite residents. Neither Milner nor Chamberlain could plausibly be seen as champions of racial equality as we now understand the term, and there must be some basis for assuming that Milner’s criticism of the Republic in this regard owed as much to a desire to cultivate British liberal hostility to Kruger than to an intrinsic concern with the welfare of blacks.’

Milner decided to use the problem of the status of the uitlanders (Englishmen) in the Transvaal as a way to bring the Transvaal under his control. He demanded that Kruger enfranchise uitlanders on the same basis as the Boers, and that English be accorded equal status with Dutch/Afrikaans in the Republic’s schools.

Milner, who had remained fairly quiet since he had arrived, was invited by the Afrikaner Bond to deliver a speech in March 1898 at Graaff-Reinet.

According to Loveland: ‘In March 1898 Milner made a notorious and manifestly inflammatory speech in which he expressed an ambition to “separate the sheep from the goats”. The only way in which the Bond and (John X) Merriman’s supporters could come into the fold with the English sheep was evidently to join in wholehearted condemnation of Kruger’s goats.’

He accused the Transvaal of causing unrest in South Africa with its talk of threats outside its borders and its toleration of internal abuses. He called upon Bond members to urge the Transvaal to bring its institutions and policies into line with ‘just and fair principles of government’.

Alfred Milner

Posted by: Down South | Oct 26 2021 8:38 utc | 117

@Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 25 2021 0:15 utc | 39

Hello Karl.

Just seen it this morning.

I'm not a historian, and I've been learning a great deal about how little I know about the past. So please bear that in mind when reading this.

The same names keep on appearing. I've seen stuff like this before. Balfour, Milner, Rhodes, Lloyd George, Bonar Law (more about him later).

Round Table, Mount Perelin, Pilgrim Society. All conspiracy theories (hah!).

But one important name does not appear!

I've come to realize that British Sovereigns are exactly like Black Holes.

You cannot see them directly. You can only identify them from their effects on other bodies. Other bodies that can be seen directly. As is the case here.

It is 1916. The War is going badly. The man who declared this war in 1914 is nowhere to be seen, busy changing his name so he can slough off his responsibility.

What you are seeing here is known as the "Charmed Circle". It is from this circle that unknowns emerge to become Prime Minister. The most recent being Alec Douglas-Home in 1963 (following the Keeler/Rice-Davies scandals). But an earlier version, mentioned in the piece you link, was Andrew Bonar Law.

His name has come up recently as the man most responsible for the partition of Ireland in 1921.

Here is Steve Bell's take on a mini scandal where the President of Ireland refused to partake of a "celebration" of 100 years go Northern Ireland.

The Liberal Party had been seeking Home Rule for Ireland since Gladstone in the 1880's. The third and final effort was this

The name of Bonar Law came up as the man who did the most to block the legislation. The story is worth study - for example the British Army in the Curragh refused to implement the instructions of Parliament, and suffered no penalty. The Tories and the Orange Order waged guerrilla warfare against this bill UNTIL THE KING DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY.

Then, after the War, it was repealed and substituted by the Government of Ireland Act 1920, which instead of full home rule, partitioned the island of Ireland.

Thus the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northyern Ireland.

And the Treason Felony Act of 1848 was still extant! Which was all King George VI cared about.

And the Magic Circle reappeared, and gave this unknown his payoff.

He resigned on grounds of ill health early in 1921. In October 1922, with Lloyd George's Coalition having become unpopular with the Conservatives, he wrote a letter to the press giving only lukewarm support to the Government's actions over Chanak. After Conservative MPs voted to end the Coalition, he again became party leader and, this time, prime minister. Bonar Law won a clear majority at the 1922 general election, and his brief premiership saw negotiation with the United States over Britain's war loans. Seriously ill with throat cancer, Law resigned in May 1923, and died later that year.

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 26 2021 14:12 utc | 118

and china's protection of data privacy and regulation of corporate data mining is more robust then the US’,

Posted by: mastameta | Oct 25 2021 13:10 utc | 73


What has been asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

Prove it.

China's surveillance system,as laid out in those articles, simply could not operate on a 4G network.

Robotics operated from distance for example would be almost useless, and in some cases actually dangerous if operated on 4G.

Live uploading of real-time HD video-datastreams, necessary for the successful operation of Face and Gait ID systems, required for the sort of real-time full spectrum citizen surveillance system as specified in the articles, simply would not be possible.

It requires massively increased data upload capability which 4G simply cannot provide.

hence the Chinese investment in 5G research.

Yes there's a commercial side-benefit to it, but one would have to be childishly naive to believe that the long stated Chinese Gov desire for a real-time full spectrum citizen surveillance system was not the primary driving force for subsequent massive Chinese Gov't investment in that sector.

Posted by: Triden | Oct 26 2021 14:44 utc | 119

More about the coming move to the right:

Lefty Self-destruction and Conservative Hysteria Heralds Move to the Right

It's difficult to not see through the absolute insanity that we are presented with. The Left's over-reaching and over-promising has played into the hands of the "populist conservative Movement" led by MAGA! Trump so completely that any political cynic can see that "the fix is in". Yet many can't distinguish reality from hysteria.

OMG! The liberals are coming for your money and your guns!

OMG! The trans are coming for your kids!

OMG! The blacks are coming for your money and "white privilege"!

OMG! The "illegal aliens" are coming to rape your daughters and spread Covid!

OMG! The Bidens are corrupt!

OMG! The Left is shutting down free speech! The radical Left is taking over!

Despite all-of-the-above, we still live in America where money rules and Empire-loving asshats control the media and politics. That those who have real power pretend to have lost that power should be a warning sign to those who are skeptical of TPTB. But the deluge of hysteria has overcome rational thought. So we get articles like this:

The Gaslighting Of America

that notes the Left's over-reaching and over-promising but doesn't question how fortuitous this self-destruction is for the Right.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 26 2021 16:10 utc | 120

COP26 & The Great Reset: The Not So Glorious Prospect of Owning Nothing and Passing a Cold, Dark Winter (Cynthia Chung)

"There is a bit of panic flapping about over the number of heads of state who will not be attending, in person, the COP26 Conference that will be held starting on All Hallows’ Eve and lasting till November 12th.

"The reason for the panic is because, in case you have been living in some bunker underground, we are in the midst of a very serious energy crisis along with hyperinflation, and there are growing murmurings that the very policies that COP26 wants to maximize to full throttle at this conference, are at the very source of what is causing this energy crisis.

"It is no secret that there will be the very vigorous attempt to strong arm the heads of state that do end up attending this conference into signing onto these fully maximized COP26 policies which are likely to only exacerbate the problem, with the projection that citizens across Europe are expected to spend a very cold band dark winter this year….during what we are told is an ongoing pandemic….and this is apparently an acceptable thing."

Posted by: ADKC | Oct 26 2021 16:20 utc | 121

John Cleary @118 & Down South @117--

Thanks very much for your replies and further input! And then there's the input provided by Wayne Gilchrist @114-5 that adds additional context. I see quite clearly a rather gapping hole in my historical knowledge that I've known about for years has now reached a point where it must be remediated. And given its depth and complexity will take several years to completely remedy, unfortunately. So many irons in the fire! My three main projects cover different time periods but are linked, while keeping current is another project all in itself. And the Royal machinations are important for all four. I wonder if QE2 will allow Assange to remain or ship him off.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 26 2021 16:25 utc | 122

Posted by: Jackrabbit @ 120

What a ridiculious article!

OMG! The liberals are coming for your money and your guns!

they absolutely are coming for your money. Instead of going after billionaire and corporate tax evaders the left (biden admin) went after working and middle class by tracking payments of 600 dollars and above.

OMG! The trans are coming for your kids!

oh they definitely are, just like they did in the 70's, trying to whitewash pedophilia, now they're trying to make into the "new normal": giving autogynophiles and hormone drug pushers easy access to your kids.

OMG! The Bidens are corrupt!


Where's the lie?

OMG! The Left is shutting down free speech!

Oh they defintely are, so too the Right when it suits em.

Trannies/autogynophiles and Isreal (still) being the current "third-rails" for both

Posted by: WakeyWakey | Oct 26 2021 16:31 utc | 123

Talk about setting an example...are China' rulers breathing life into the Justice and Fairness twins?

There are reports
that Hui Ka Yan, founder of China Evergrande Group, will be using his so-called "personal" fortune to help bail-out his too-big-to-fail corporation...and possibly discover his personal humanity.

Might this establish a trend amongst nations?... taking care of their citizens?

The dreaded Social Revolution has found a loophole in the 0.01%'s legal defenses ...I think it is called clear-headedness...and the technique might easily be duplicated in other nations since it requires only a shift in viewpoint.

Posted by: chu teh | Oct 26 2021 16:46 utc | 124

WakeyWakey @Oct26 16:31 #123: Where's the lie?

I didn't say it was lies. I said it was self-destruction and hysteria.

And I questioned the nature of this confluence. As a whole, it seems rather contrived.

The right suspects that Jan 6th was a Deep State set-up but will not question their good fortune in the Left's complete self-destruction. LOL.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 26 2021 16:47 utc | 125

Paul @105 Hello, thanks for the recommendation of "Balfour in the dock - Colin Andersen". I've put in a request to Santa.

Posted by: boon | Oct 26 2021 16:59 utc | 126

johncleary@93...wasn't there a charles? joking aside, i enjoy your posts, esp. the care & concern for craig murray (blessings be upon him) & o/c julian...may the extradition implode in their faces.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 25 2021 23:13 utc | 100

emerson, thank you. Charles was of course defeated in battle, tried and executed. Not assassinated.

There is one British Head of State assassinated. Can you name them and their assassin?

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 26 2021 17:10 utc | 127

Grieved @106--

My duties took me away from my studies yesterday. Crooke continues to hammer away at the technocrats for wearing blinders and visors like the novitiates indoctrinated into Tommy's Church--the only way being his way. Ah the clairvoyance of the artist! I have Burnham's book on my shelf, bought at a library sale 40+ years ago for a nickel, and others of that sort. Tucker is echoing Tainter's Collapse of Complex Societies, although I'd argue the "trajectory" began much earlier than the pandemic's onset in 2020. Tucker ignores Trump's Do Nothing Policy, which is curious, and I'd argue further that the Outlaw US Empire's economy was never completely shut down only to be turned back on. If any nation did so, it was China, and China did so masterfully. Russia is just now having a nationwide "holiday" of its own; Putin's worries being discernable in his Valdai Club speech and answers. As a aside, Saker's parsing of Putin's speech is close to my own and IMO is worth the time to read, and relates somewhat to Crooke's recent series of essays. Much of what Tucker is blaming on the pandemic is actually the result of Outlaw US Empire geopolitics that actually predate Trump, although his contribution was significant--YET--endorsed by Ds, which is why it marches onward to the cliff. Do recall our predictions 18 months ago that the economic crash had already begun prior to the arrival of Covid-19.

The better analysis is Financial Capitalism in the form of Neoliberalism has eaten itself up and is now consuming the underlying structures of the industrial capitalist economy it's 100% dependent upon. But again, Tommy's Church is at the helm and just shakes the pinball machine more violently attempting to get a replay. The alleged semi-conductor crisis is false; it's an expected outcome of the Empire's geopolitical policy aimed at curtailing China's development. Then there's the falsification of economic data that's been ongoing since 1980 if not longer--real unemployment being 25% and real inflation being closer to 15%. Shadowstats being far more right than wrong for many years now. Tucker is however correct here:

"What’s remarkable is the near-silence on the cause of this whole crackup. It all traces to a fateful attempt to control a virus using compulsion. That has been followed by an unwillingness to admit error and a doubling down on that error with more mistakes such as vaccine mandates. We are faced with a stunningly cruel policy that is forcing more firings during a widespread labor shortage." [My Emphasis]

And this too:

"Lawyers are too expensive, judges don’t care in any case, and the politicians are trying to look the other way and pretend not to notice the carnage all around them." [My Emphasis]

I'm surprised a thousand class-action lawsuits haven't been declared, so many that BigLie Media can't ignore the reality. On Science as the culprit, Tucker has that wrong as it was Trump's Do Nothing Policy that began with the discrediting of science at the very beginning--"We don't want to know" was the unspoken reality at the beginning of 2020. So unfortunately, Tucker's veracity and thus credibility is damaged, but he isn't much different from the multitude who've been blinded by many years of false, misleading, and worse Establishment Narrative about a great many things. Tucker's a pandemic victim as are many billions who must now contest the collapse of Neoliberalism and fewer who face geopolitical defeat thanks to the actions of Tommy's Church.

Crooke's 100% correct to cite this sentence by Tucker:

"'[T]he attempt alone will necessarily cause unpredictable amounts of long-term breakage, not only of economic structures but also of the spirit of a people'”.

Turn back the clock 30 years to the USSR/Soviet Union's demise and note the many parallels; many have/are made/making the same comparison. Dr. Seuss would see the citizenry's being turned into Sneetches; and in that story, it was only when they all went broke that they were able to discern the Huge Con played on them. That con's being played by the Duopoly and those pulling its strings. I see it; you see it; many barflies see it; but a critical mass of the West's citizenry has yet to realize how they're being manipulated. My lamentations differ little from those of Dr. Hudson at the end of his latest interview with Paul Jay. It's Network and everyone must go to their windows, open them and shout that phrase of rebellion. But it hasn't gotten bad enough yet for that act to occur apparently.

Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent envisioned something like our present, as it seems that many have retreated to a real or figurative Sea Cave, just not those who must.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 26 2021 17:42 utc | 128

@Posted by: Wayne Gilchrist | Oct 26 2021 6:02 utc | 114

Hello Wayne.

The first quote is, I think, incomplete.

My understanding is that the Monarch came to the centre of power during the administrations of Benjamin Disraelli.
This was immediately after the British side had been defeated in the American Civil War.

I believe it was at this time that a Faustian bargain was struck between Queen Victoria and the forces of Zionism.
Disraelli made Elizabeth an Empress, and hence the equal of the hated Russians.

This was also the time around which the Treason Felony Act was less and less used directly, and applied to troublemakers who needed to be deported. And used more and more indirectly, with the pressure point being the civil service. In other words, the law was used not so much to sanction lawbreakers, but to control the actions of those wielding power in the British State (and throughout the British Empire).

When Warbey talks of the breakup of the Empire itself I presume he means the post war years. Certainly that is when Elizabeth ceased to be an Empress. But that is exactly the point in time that she began to accrue power to herself. The big move was the takeover of the Order of the Garter and its use as a power base within Europe.

The second quote is entirely true. The Establishment is entirely the creature of the Sovereign, and the Conservative Party is the party (at least until Blair) of the Sovereign.

When Harold Wilson was asked by his Cabinet what they should do if he were run over by a bus he replied straight away "Find out who was driving the bus."

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 26 2021 17:52 utc | 129

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 26 2021 17:52 utc | 129

Thanks for replying, John.

"The big move was the takeover of the Order of the Garter and its use as a power base within Europe."

That helps clear up my question about Warbey saying the power of the Monarchy had been broken by the break up of the British Empire.
It seems then that the power of the Monarchy has simply diminished somewhat proportionally to that of the Empire. I know that you
have written about the Order of the Garter before and I'll go find that to review. Like karlof1 I am a product of the US
educational system and the gaps get ever more glaring over time.

Posted by: waynorinorway | Oct 26 2021 20:26 utc | 130

Chomsky: Segregate the unvaccinated, and let them starve to death:

"[Chomsky] said in a recent viral interview that the 'right response' towards those who did not wish to take vaccines was to 'insist that they be isolated' from the rest of society. Then, as Max Blumenthal highlighted on Twitter, far from showing contrition, he doubled down. When asked ‘How can we get food to them?’ (i.e. the unvaccinated), he chillingly replied: 'Well, that’s actually their problem.'"

The man just impaled himself on a stake by becoming as immoral as the Outlaw US Empire he supposedly loathes. What a sad fate. But of course, he's not the only one as the writer proves; other supposed liberals are saying or doing that same evil. Post-Modernist Anti-Humanism is what it appears to me. Animal Farm globally led by the supposed democracies, not the demonized authoritarians. Are you watching Global South?!

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 26 2021 21:24 utc | 131

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about Turkey that is sad to read

ANKARA, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Turkish parliament on Tuesday ratified a motion extending authorization for the government to launch cross-border operations in northern Iraq and Syria for two more years.

The motion will authorize cross-border operations to be carried out in Iraq and Syria from Oct. 30, 2021 to Oct. 30, 2023.

The previous cross-border motions were only for one-year duty.

The motion also allowed the deployment of foreign armed forces in Turkey with the principles to be determined by the president.

The Turkish army launched Operation Euphrates Shield in 2016, Operation Olive Branch in 2018, Operation Peace Spring in 2019, and Operation Spring Shield in 2020 in northern Syria in order to create a zone free of the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) along its border within the neighboring country.

Turkey sees the YPG group as the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Turkish forces frequently carry out ground operations, airstrikes and artillery bombardments against the PKK positions in northern Iraq, especially the Qandil Mountains, the main base of the group, and have been keeping troops in the region.

The PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the EU, has been rebelling against the Turkish government for over 30 years.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2021 5:01 utc | 132

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about a Tuesday conversation between Marcon and Xi.....the Game is in play....

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday held a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Xi stressed that China and France, on condition of effective epidemic prevention and control, should advance relevant cooperation, consolidate cooperation in such traditional areas as civil nuclear energy, aviation and aerospace, and expand cooperation in such new fields as artificial intelligence, biopharmacy and ocean affairs.

China, he said, is ready to work with France to continue cooperation on biodiversity conservation, deepen green cooperation, implement the Global Development Initiative, and carry out tripartite cooperation in Africa and other regions.

China and France also need to support each other in hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paris Olympics, he added.

Xi pointed out that China attaches great importance to developing relations with France.

He added that since last year, he and Macron have maintained contact in various ways, and the important consensuses they reached on bilateral relations are being effectively implemented with important progress already made.

Noting that the international situation is changing rapidly, he said he and Macron maintaining timely communication and coordination on major issues will help maintain the direction of the China-France relationship and inject more stability into the world.

Meanwhile, Xi stressed that the multiple major international events of late have once again demonstrated that France is correct in advocating the strategic autonomy of the European Union (EU).

China and the EU, he said, need to continue high-level communication and dialogue, enhance mutual understanding and trust, and reduce misunderstandings and misjudgments.

The two sides also should properly manage differences, and strengthen political guidance for China-EU ties, so as to ensure steady and sustained development of bilateral relations, he added.

He suggested that the two sides focus on the needs of their enterprises and people, further tap their cooperation potential in such areas as connectivity, digital technology, environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation and health care, and expand the scope of China-EU cooperation.

China, he added, hopes that France will play a positive role in promoting the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations.

For his part, Macron congratulated China on successfully hosting the leaders' summit of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Kunming.

France, he said, is firmly committed to promoting the development of EU-China relations in a constructive manner, and dedicated to properly managing and resolving differences as well as deepening EU-China cooperation in such areas as economy, trade, climate change and biodiversity conservation by strengthening dialogue at all levels.

France hopes to strengthen coordination with China on the Group of 20 Leaders' Summit in Italy and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, he added.

He said his country is ready to work with China to push for more results in bilateral practical cooperation in relevant areas and hopes that the EU-China investment agreement will come into force at an early date.

France supports China in successfully hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics, Macron said, adding that he looks forward to maintaining close communication with Xi on France-China and EU-China relations as well as important issues of common concern.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2021 5:07 utc | 133

And the final Xinhuanet link is to all the BC Canadiens or any who have the time/money to see what looks to be an awesome Picasso exhibit

Imagine Picasso immersive exhibition held in Vancouver

I am a Picasso fan and have 4 small tiles with copies of his work and his thumb print on the back along with some prints and books of his works.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2021 5:39 utc | 134

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2021 5:39 utc | 134

Projections of Picasso's works, fine and dandy, I hope you make it to Madrid to see his Gernika. For someone that lives by the Mediterranean Picasso is the essence of the light with wich we are blessed here.

Bad news in Donbass, the Ukros started using their newly aquired turkish drones, the front is getting hot, rust never sleeps.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 27 2021 6:24 utc | 135

Turkish parliament on Tuesday ratified a motion ...
The motion also allowed the deployment of foreign armed forces in Turkey with the principles to be determined by the president.
Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 27 2021 5:01 utc | 132

Strange! What foreign armed forces would they be? There is obviously something specific afoot.

Could Bluedotterel enlighten us, perhaps?

Posted by: BM | Oct 27 2021 12:09 utc | 136

Posted by: BM | Oct 27 2021 12:09 utc | 136

Perhaps he means to let Aliyev annoy Armenia from the West, maybe about that detached province of Azerbaijan. Erdogan needs money. Azerbaijan has money, and will pay. Aliyev seems to lack good judgement about these things.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 27 2021 12:29 utc | 137

In honour of b… when I visit … and I click on the article, “Hamburg welcomes 1st China-Europe freight train from Shanghai”, this story appears on the left half of my screen. On the right half is the next story which shows some soldiers aiming weapons, “Palestine welcomes EU position against Israeli expansion”.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 27 2021 14:33 utc | 138

karlof1 @131

I gave up on Chomsky back when he started calling Venezuela a "dictatorship", but his attitude about the great unvaxxed masses is, well, as you say "chilling". I wonder if he is developing dementia?

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 27 2021 19:50 utc | 139

Jackrabbit #120

Despite all-of-the-above, we still live in America where money rules and Empire-loving asshats control the media and politics. That those who have real power pretend to have lost that power should be a warning sign to those who are skeptical of TPTB. But the deluge of hysteria has overcome rational thought. So we get articles like this:

Cornel West and Richard Wolff are discussing US health care failure and then Cornel simply NAILS the broader social/political problem to the wall. In a brief 4 minute utoob statement Cornel West gets to the nub of it. The same decline into dysfunction is evident in all oligarch/capitalist states.

Another exemplar of the greed driven dive to the bottom lies in the current inability of the US to clear shipping containers from ports. This has resulted in a vast waiting line of ships at sea marooned i the queues to unload all that cheap stuff manufactured over there. Krystal Ball describes the impossible economic ruin faced by truckers in this short 6 minute piece. It is revealing in that it captures the essence of a greed based exploitation of the key element of a nations supply chain and without a Union to bargain for fair pay. This idiocy is rapidly sequestering global container availability to the detriment of other nations let alone the functionality of the US economy.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 27 2021 20:48 utc | 140

ooops that first paragraph is jackrabbits that I chose to respond to. I omitted the blockquote html elements.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 27 2021 21:17 utc | 141

Quote of the Month

(or should it be Quote of the Year?)

FDA Voting Member:

"We're never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it."

An FDA vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday voted unanimously 17-0 in favor shooting up kids aged 5-11 with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA injection with panelist Dr Eric Rubin stating, “we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.”

That's Science


Runner-up and honorable mention was from earlier this month:

As the WSJ reported:

Members of the FDA’s vaccine-advisory panel supported Moderna’s booster dose even though the evidence for it was from a small study and had mixed results.

“It’s more a gut feeling rather than based on really truly serious data,” said Patrick Moore, a member of the committee and a professor of molecular genetics and biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. “The data itself is not strong, but it is certainly going in the direction that is supportive of this vote.”

Posted by: librul | Oct 27 2021 21:41 utc | 142

William Gruff @139--

Yeah, I recall his Venezuela rant. The 1990s Chomsky would never have said something that preposterous. Dementia's certainly possible. If so, it's a very cruel ending for what was once a brilliant mind and a brave soul. His eldest daughter Aviva carries on his activism to a degree. He's had enemies from all sides of the political spectrum, and has just managed to recruit more.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 27 2021 21:48 utc | 143

@Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 26 2021 21:24 utc | 131

"Chomsky: Segregate the unvaccinated, and let them starve to death"

Can we chalk that off to misdirected anger by Chomsky?

Sufferers of the Covid Stockholm Syndrome
can display unexpected and bizarre behavior.

They can display loyalty towards their captors
despite undergoing long term abuse, lies and intentional fear mongering.

Nurturing support is offered by the captors in the form of multiple Covid Impact Payments,
rent relief and unemployment benefits. The captors say they will protect their victims
with experimental drugs.

The captors alternately make use of the whip
and threaten people with job loss
and isolation - travel restrictions -
if they do not comply.

In the abused minds of the Stockholm Syndrome victims
there is a reversal of roles. The captors are seen
as protectors and those that do not see it this way
are seen as dangerous.

Posted by: librul | Oct 27 2021 22:19 utc | 144

librul @144--

I'd need to talk to him one-to-one as I do have extensive experience with dementia addled minds. An objective look at the science says regardless if you're vaccinated you must continue to follow the primary hygienic prevention protocols of masking, distancing and decontaminating. As now proven by millions of examples, vaccination with any of those available does NOT confer immunity of any sort. Thus, there's absolutely zero logic behind the demonization of the unvaccinated, rendering Chomsky's views and those of many others untenable and very dangerous by creating a false Other. China remains the only nation with a successful prevention system that's effective because it's uncompromisingly strict. As pointed out by many at the pandemic's outset, Covid-19 is very much like influenza given its ability to mutate and move back and forth between human and animal species which is why a different vaccine formula is made annually. What the hysteria and its manipulation are revealing is the great lack of medical literacy--particularly about viruses--amongst the public and pundits. Furthermore, the denial of documentation to those having developed covid antibodies without a vaccine points to a Big Pharma/Big Government collusive scam that's caused numerous deaths, which I see as more serious than the curtailment of freedoms, although not by much.

That's what we face now, IMO, and IMO b ought to write an article investigating the above points.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 27 2021 22:57 utc | 145

@ Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 27 2021 22:57 utc | 145

Chomsky's story is the exact same of every post-war center-leftist in the West. It's become textbook by now.

The original center-leftists also started on the moral high-ground, shiny and glorious - until the inherent contradiction of their theories sleepwalked them to fully support both the genocide of the Palestinians and (the final blow) the Vietnam War.

Center-leftism (social-democracy) is just another term for a closeted social-fascist. It's really that simple. And no, Chomsky is not suffering from dementia: that's just the logical endgame of his theoretical system.

Posted by: vk | Oct 27 2021 23:14 utc | 146

Jimmy Dore has joined the pack barking after Fauci.

It would be a supreme irony if the gross mistreatment of a few beautiful dogs was to be the cause to bring this Fauci down while he perpetrates his insane assault on millions of beautiful humans with funding for extreme biological experiments and an experimental suite of vaccines.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 28 2021 0:12 utc | 147

psychohistorian #133

Thank you for that post regarding France and China relations. An interesting agenda indeed. The expansion of global diplomacy outside the conceptual logic of the USA is progressing. Expect more.

I can see a time in the near future when a UN meeting will be assembled on the Eurasian continent. Perhaps it will rotate around a few well resourced host states to address issues of interest to the peoples on the Eurasian continent and their friends. Perhaps the next General Assembly should be in France or Greece or Russia ;)

That will set the cat among the US pigeons and be a superb parry to Blinken's perpetual idiocy.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 28 2021 0:36 utc | 148

Whatever clever plans & conspiracies our overlords may be pursuing, they are not going to matter much if they cannot get this container mess straightened out soon. Things will get nasty quickly.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 28 2021 1:44 utc | 149

The future is here, it is just not evenly distributed.....the links below from The Register are in support of that thought


The take away quote
The politics at play are strange and muddled. But our source, as close as can be to issues at hand, confirms China was first to exascale and with two separate machines based on two different (but fully Chinese native) architectures.

In the absence of US chips and accelerators being made available, it is clear that the trade restrictions will satisfy concerns in the near term that China is using US technology to boost development of its nuclear programs but in the long term, this is major impetus for China to kickstart chip development, fab building, and gun all the engines needed for the semiconductor wars that will continue to simmer, if not yet boil over.

Asia's 'superapps' bundle ride-share, food delivery, even financial services – and they're beating big tech because China backed the concept of tools users perceive as an extension of the OS, not just an app

The take away quote from a KPMG employee

Ruddenklau told The Register clients often ask how to build platform-based business models. He replies that banks can comfortably make over $1,200 a year from each retail customer, but superapps like Grab, Alipay or WeChat might pull in a handful of dollars per user.

"Which [business] do you want want to be?" Ruddenklau asks.

and lastly

First, stunning whistleblower leaks. Now a shareholder lawsuit lands on Zuckerberg's desk

The take away quote

No one is arguing that social media has to fix the monetization of hate on its own – the government clearly wants to help and now private citizens are looking to lend a hand by litigating or turning away from social media.

But the reality is that Facebook is the main driver of these issues as they're expressed on the company's platform.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 28 2021 2:18 utc | 150

I wanted to share a link to an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the principal inventor of mRNA technology. It was posted here recently, and many thanks to the original poster. It wasn't largely annotated so people might have missed it.

I downloaded the video and only got to watch it recently - it is superb and I commend it to your attention for a clear and poignant review of the pandemic, and the medical failed response of the US.

Of all the doctors I've watched survey this situation, this one is the best, of an extremely articulate crop, to my mind:

Vaccine pioneer says 'rules don’t apply’ to unaccountable, 'corrupt' Fauci, FDA

Finally, Malone is in a relaxed setting, left uninterrupted to talk at length, and treated with appropriate respect by his interviewer. He discusses the pandemic and the great harm being wrought by the US official response to it. He illustrates how the corruption of NIH, CDC, FDA and the WHO go far beyond mere regulatory capture and constitute a very grave structural malady in the scheme of things.

The tale that Malone tells describes the medical science world from the inside, including with its ties to CIA and military. From such an eminently mainstream doctor comes a story that feels to me uncannily like a Mafia story. Malone knows Fauci, and knows what he is. The way that Fauci acts, as Malone recounts, reminds me irresistibly of the picture we have in the culture of a mafia "made man", someone who can't be touched.

This is not the first time that this entire Pharma play has evoked the feeling of organized crime to me. It's uncanny.

It's poignant to see a man of Malone's standing and ethical stature brought so low by the reality he has witnessed in the last two years, but also encouraging to see his strength and to learn how many doctors in the US and in the world are profoundly distressed by this corruption - and are joining together to attempt to combat it.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 28 2021 3:01 utc | 151

my brother has shared a video with me which he says is excellent... i have yet to find time to watch it, but i believe him and will find time.. 53 minutes..

Mattias Desmet on Totalitarianism

here are his words - "This is a really great interview with a Belgian psychologist explaining the way totalitarian societies form and then destroy themselves. He calls it mass formation. This is probably the best description the phenomenon of totalitarianism i have ever seen. He provides really good advise about the importance of continuing to speak out against the mass hypnosis in order that it doesn't sink more deeply in..... while at the same time managing to survive until it self destructs which they always do. "

Posted by: james | Oct 28 2021 3:27 utc | 152

i highly recommend that video i linked to above... just watched it.. it's very worth watching..

Posted by: james | Oct 28 2021 6:45 utc | 153

librul | Oct 27 2021 21:41 utc | 142

Please post links to source(s) of these quotes if you can. Thanks

Posted by: pogohere | Oct 28 2021 6:59 utc | 154

karlof1 @ 145

Furthermore, the denial of documentation to those having developed covid antibodies without a vaccine points to a Big Pharma/Big Government collusive scam that's caused numerous deaths, which I see as more serious than the curtailment of freedoms, although not by much

So much points to a Big Pharma/Big Government collusive scam that counting the dead seems to play right into. As you should know by now the scam has been/is precisely that...playing a very deceptive game with the numbers, which, at the end of the day, are well within the normal parameters of annual lethality. The collusive scam has been far deadlier. Your 'false Other' is indeed very dangerous, and has already mutated society in ways yet to be understood by most, though the stench of tyranny is more palpable by the day.

Curious too, that this issue is seemingly forming the very catalyst for the public joining together to bail itself out...and yeah, it could well agglomerate under a Trump banner.


Posted by: john | Oct 28 2021 11:01 utc | 155

Posted by: james | Oct 28 2021 3:27 utc | 152

OK, I'll watch it, the description makes me think of slime molds. They like to come together and collapse too.

I have long considered the best strategy is to stay out of the way of control freaks. (We called them control freaks back in the day.) Which can be difficult when they really start to thrash around.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 28 2021 11:02 utc | 156

Posted by: BM | Oct 27 2021 12:09 utc | 136

That they ratified the motion is hardly a surprise. Erdoğan isn't going to give up the territory he has taken from Syria, and will continue to hit the PKK in Iraq when expedient. In fact, the latter has been the Turkish position long before Erdoğan came to power.

As for the foreign forces in Turkey, I have not been following things very closely, so have no idea what that means. Erdoğan and Gül supported allowing US troops into Turkey during the attack on Iraq. The AKP had come into power for the first time, Gül was PM and Erdoğan was still banned from participating in politics. Unfortunately for Erdoğan and his then benefactors, the US, the Turkish people and the rank and file of AKP members in the assembly would not go along with admitting US troops in the east on the Iraqi border, and the assembly voted against allowing them in (some still remembered the European occupation of Anatolia during the Turkish war for independence). Most of the AKP members of the assembly ceased to be members after the next elections.

Erdoğan has always taken this "betrayal" hard. So, Erdoğan, I suspect, simply does not want a possible rogue AKP assembly to undermine his desires in this way again. What need he sees for admitting foreign forces onto Turkish soil and where (other than current NATO bases) is anyone's guess, I suppose.

Erdoğan has taken the side of Ukraine with words not just with drone sales. That is, he strongly supports NATO's and the US position on Ukraine. It may be that he is trying to cut a deal with the US on Syria, and possibly the PYD/PKK issue (though this is less important). Erdoğan still seems afflicted with his neo-Ottoman dreams. Clearly, he is opposed to Russia in Syria and Ukraine, and to a lesser extent in Libya and the Caucasus. Where does he appear to oppose the US - eastern Syria? Perhaps, he has already chosen sides.

Posted by: Bluedotterel | Oct 28 2021 13:29 utc | 157

Perhaps, he has already chosen sides.

Posted by: Bluedotterel | Oct 28 2021 13:29 utc | 157

He does seem to. I'm surprised now that I think about it. I'm not sure that is wise. He's always been a bit impulsive. Annoying Russia is not likely to serve him well, and USA is an unrewarding friend these days.

Zelensky seems to want to give it another try too.

It will be interesting to see what Russia does.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 28 2021 13:39 utc | 158

Two fake news on China just came out at the NYT today:

Why China Is the World’s Last ‘Zero Covid’ Holdout

The government has staked its political legitimacy on controlling the virus better than other countries, especially its geopolitical rivals.

But that's a universal truth: every government/State/kingdom etc. etc. works to gain, expand and/or reinforce its political legitimacy. It's a logical fallacy to attribute a particular, specific policy to a universal rule.

You could say the exact same when a social-democratic government tries to rise the minimum wage (because their source of legitimacy is defending the interests of the unionized worker), when a conservative government tries to privatize (because their source of legitimacy is the capitalist class), etc. etc. Governments do what they were created and designated to do, that's tautological.

This one here is criminal:

China Hurries to Burn More Coal, Putting Climate Goals at Risk: Faced with electricity shortages, the country is racing to expand mining despite risks to the environment, miner safety and the economy. by Keith Bradsher

The only source the author uses to justify his sub-headline is this piece of publicly available data:

Rapid expansion means extra risks for the country’s 2.6 million coal miners. China’s National Mine Safety Administration said on Oct. 21 that 10 accidents had left 18 workers dead in the preceding four weeks, mostly in coal mines.

Some mining companies still suffer from “weak safety development concepts, inadequate learning from accidents, inadequate investigation and management of potential safety risks, and weak basic safety management,” the administration said.

This piece of data doesn't state China is ignoring miners' safety in order to get more coal quicker; it just states that mines are inherently more dangerous than other workplaces, on average. The quoted part simply stated that some mines are still underdeveloped in the field of worker safety - but they always were so, they didn't suddenly become unsafe simply because some evil Communist bureaucrats ordered the companies to pump coal quicker.

Everywhere around the world, mines are more dangerous than the average workspace. Just read the endless cases about miners trapped in Chile to see a specific case. The data the author puts on the table simply states the obvious: mines are inherently dangerous, on average, for the worker.


Eyeing the rise of identity and gender politics in the West, Putin’s new vision for Russia is as Europe’s last conservative nation by Paul Robinson, for RT

I think this is overblown. There is no evidence another system is possible beyond the maintenance of capitalism and a progression to communism (socialism). In other words, there's no evidence of a true "Third Way" (i.e. a third hypothetical system). Unless, of course, he's talking about Traditionalism, which preaches the return to the Stone Age through the mass extinction of humankind via a nuclear war.

Putin is a transitional leader. Whatever comes after him, one thing is certain: it's out of his control. The October Revolution was completely different: it was from day 1 recognized as a historical moment for humankind, every actor there knowing they were building something completely unheard of; that meant Vladimir Lenin was a founder. Putin is not a founder, but a transition; he's the logical continuation of Boris Yeltsin (although you could claim he's one of the two possible transitions, the other being the complete collapse of Russia and its conversion into a full-fledged Third World country).

Being a transitional leader means Putin leaves no legacy, no blueprint, no long term plan, for what Russia will be after his (by now imminent) death. Russia can be something completely different from what he envisaged the day after his death; it can continue as he left it for decades; or it can be somewhere in between. We can't know that. The only certain thing is Putin doesn't know what Russia will be, and he would be lying (or being delusional/messianic - which is possible, given he's a Christian) if he stated he knows.

Posted by: vk | Oct 28 2021 14:39 utc | 159

For a minute I thought this would cheer up mister VK, the news that the old GosPlan is coming back, but the article is by Kommersant, a business medium, so the adrenaline rush did not last. In any case here it is, plans to bring back to life the old GosPlan, with a caveat:

It would be easy to assume that the government's document de facto presupposes the re-creation of a planned dream: both technologies and data collection capabilities have appeared. However, the main economic reason for intersectoral balancing has disappeared: prices in the Russian Federation are not directive, but are based on the balance of supply and demand, and even the logic of the work of the largest state monopolies and companies — from Sberbank to Russian Railways — remains market based.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 28 2021 15:37 utc | 160

Today's Escobar is about Afghanistan and yesterday's confab in Tehran, where IMO Raisi has the correct interpretation of recent Afghan events. I wrote the following comment at Pepe's VK Space:

Observations from your essay, Pepe: Shouldn't the Outlaw US Empire be considered a "jihadi outfit" since it's the overall orchestrator? And my second, I understand the insistence on "non-interference in its internal affairs," but we must be realistic enough to know that the goal of peace won't be established without quite a lot of "aid" and "advisement" for its internal affairs. Furthermore, all the nations involved must not be naïve in assuming NATO wreckers will provide any assistance aside from aiding their Terrorist Foreign Legion that's already there. IMO, Raisi's correct.

IMO, the Taliban can't do everything by itself; it desperately needs some friendly "interference" in the humanitarian sphere so it can concentrate on the other two major tasks deemed important by its neighbors--arranging a recognizable government and eradicating the Terrorist Foreign Legion. IMO, that's pragmatic.

As you read, IMO it's folly to think that the Taliban can satisfy all that's being demanded of them no matter how positive their replies. The Afghans must have assistance that's friendly and productive beginning yesterday. So, something must give on the non-interference hang-up.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 28 2021 16:19 utc | 161

@ bemildred... thanks.. let me know what you think if you do watch it...

Posted by: james | Oct 28 2021 16:42 utc | 162

Jm Caviezel Speech
whipping up the evangelists for war.

Posted by: ld | Oct 28 2021 17:55 utc | 163

@162 james

Thanks for the link. I'm downloading it now and will try to watch it this evening.

This address is part of an exercise run by Reiner Fuellmich, so it's part of the general awakening around the pandemic - and part of the reeducation that may constitute the arming for battle to defeat the evils brought to light during this time.

I'm thinking about the political awakening that Dr. Malone has gone through, as is so evident in the interview I linked up-thread. I see the same with Dr. Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory and many others. These very intelligent and perceptive people, scientists and doctors for the most part, have had a crash course in the level of discussion that we would typically only see in places like MoA.

This has changed them, but they've become much more than simply caught up to speed with the corruption in the medical field. I think the counter-culture they've come into contact with through their own struggle has also taught them a lot of true conspiracy fact. They've become very erudite, very tuned into the whole picture. It's quite remarkable that our great doctors are also turning into our great activists.

I'm going on about this at length because of what john @155 wrote, all of which is great, and including this observation about the pandemic and its malfeasance:

this issue is seemingly forming the very catalyst for the public joining together to bail itself out

It's a definite theme, I think, that those who were formerly content to work within their career specialties have been forced into a wider exploration of the commonwealth, and have some substance to bring to its defense.

The attack creates its own antibodies.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 29 2021 0:48 utc | 164

"Billionaires back new media firm to combat disinformation"

The group will be led by Tara McGowan, a former Democratic strategist who previously ran a progressive non-profit called ACRONYM.
ACRONYM invested in for-profit companies that built media and technology solutions for progressive causes. It ran one of the largest digital campaigns to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election, totaling $100 million.

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 30 2021 10:36 utc | 165

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