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October 17, 2021

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Posted by b on October 17, 2021 at 14:34 UTC | Permalink

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About-turn from Germany’s Green Party as co-leader calls for Berlin to ‘immediately’ negotiate increased gas supply from Moscow

Forgot to add this observation to my previous comment here in this thread about the subject of the new German government: some Germans here mocked me when I said not to underestimate the Green Party because it is backed up by the USA. Well, the USA now has an asset in the German government, as the Greens are an essentially one fourth junior partner of the coalition.

Expect increased American influence in Germany during this next government.

Posted by: vk | Oct 18 2021 11:59 utc | 101

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha (from the Brady Bunch)
Putin, Putin, Putin (from the deranged Neocons)

Good citations VK.
1. I mean where are Putin's billions? About 10yrs ago all the Russia haters in the U.S. would chortle about how Putin stole anywhere from $40B to $100B from Russia. That he socked it away in offshore accounts in the west because of our vaunted 'rules based order and respect for private property' (ie. Putin doesn't trust Russian banks). But after two massive leaks, we have only found about $100M that we can even try to link to Putin.

2. 'yes, Russia is causing Europe's energy crisis' to delay transition to renewables by increasing the price of fossil fuels. Making NG more expensive would have the exact opposite effect and Russia has lived up to all of their delivery contracts. It was the EU who under-bought Russia NG.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Oct 18 2021 12:10 utc | 102

To Make Capitalism Work, Give Workers Ownership by Zachary Karabell, for the NYT

You mean that, to save capitalism, you should turn it into socialism?

By the way, Engels was the first to notice the revolutionary potential of the stock market, and he did it in a footnote in one of the Capital books he edited (don't remember exactly which one, probably the third). First, it made collective ownership of a means of production possible. Second, it made it easier for the working class to expropriate the capitalist class (as it puts the totality of the means of production in a single place). His infamous footnote is very polemic and is still debated by Marxists to this day.

However, if the author is simply proposing the German model (i.e. a tamed version of stock ownership, where the working class would never be close to having executive powers), I'm sorry to say it wouldn't work. For starters, if the stock is enough for the workers to stop working, they will do so, and become, in the process, capitalists. If the stock is not enough to live off it but enough to have some weight on the decisions of the company, nobody will ever get fired, as the workers will never fire themselves, which would annihilate the concept of wage labor. If the stock is not enough either to live off or to have any significant decision of the company, then the workers will simply have the worst of the two worlds, because, if the company fails or go through a bad year, they will lose twice: once because they'll be fired and have their wages cut, and because stock will devalue.

Workers ownership through some controlled amount of stock is a complete scam. The only guaranteed way workers have of ever owning anything is through socialism, accept no imitations.

Posted by: vk | Oct 18 2021 12:12 utc | 103

vk @Oct18 12:12 #101

You mean that, to save capitalism, you should turn it into socialism?

They've been talking about an "ownership society" for decades. And many people do own stock via mutual funds in retirement accounts.

I think we are seeing the selling of the 'Great Reset'. "Giving stock" would likely be in the form of a fund to finance the expense of those who enter the program. Stock would not actually be given to any individual.

'Great Reset' is not socialism. IMO it envisions the creation of a new peasantry.

"You will own nothing and be happy" isn't a promise to end capitalism/property rights. There will still be ownership. And those owners will be happy too.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 12:32 utc | 104

William Gruff @Oct18 8:54 #91

Its sad to see ol' Gruff losing the plot. Maybe he needs new glasses.

He claims I'm shilling for a Party when I'm simply saying: a pox on BOTH their houses!

Then Gruff attacks me for advocating for a re-vamp of our (un)democratic process. He's happy with the status-quo.

Please say a prayer for ol' Gruff that he may get better and see the light.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 12:43 utc | 105

It is unfortunate that this vile war criminal, which knowingly lied to the UN about "Saddam Hussein's WMDs" to justify the invasion of Iraq, will never face justice for the evil it committed.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Oct 18 2021 12:45 utc | 106

Best timeline on the COVID-19 breakout till date from behind a paywall here:
Starts in 1956...

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 18 2021 12:56 utc | 107

Continuing from my comments about political head fakes and the Great Reset (@Oct18 12:32 #102 and @Oct18 12:32 #102)

Caitlin Johnstone writes:

Plutocrats who fail to manufacture the consent of their subjects have historically wound up with their heads in baskets. That’s why they work so hard to manipulate the way the public thinks, acts and votes, and that’s why our society is as messed up as it is.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 13:04 utc | 108
Still no reaction?

Posted by: Tom2 | Oct 18 2021 13:13 utc | 109

" for advocating for a re-vamp of our (un)democratic process."

A "re-vamp" without first building an organization to do the revamping? An organization such as the "Movement for a People's Party", for instance? How do we revamp, then? I guess we all just get up one morning and say "Hey, let's revamp!" and like magic the government is revamped!

How about we do that right now and see how it works?

Or people can do the hard work of building an organization that can seize sufficient power to do the revamping. An organization such as the "Movement for a People's Party" is a good start.

But no! Any such organization will surely be created by the Establishment to draw votes away from the Democrats!

And I am really arguing against the Democrats here. Trust me! A pox on the Democrats! See? I said something bad about the Democrats so you know I am not shilling for them. Really really!

OK, bunny.

Maybe the bunny's MiniMeToo reverb device jinn is stupid enough to buy that.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 18 2021 13:53 utc | 110

@99 vk
The German Greens must be understood as a group of fanatics and ideoloques. Their ideology is, however, inconsistent and self-contradictory.

For instance they used to be anti-American. I´m not kidding. That´s their traditional position. The reason why they are right now 110% "Atlantist" is that they owe allegience to "wokism" which in the USA is represented by the current Biden administration. The Greens would immediately turn to the opposite extreme and re-assume their traditional anti-Americanism should Trump or a Trump-like candidate win the next US elections.

[By the way, forget Baerbock. The "co-leader" Habeck is the leader of the Greens. Baerbock had just been the pretty face for the recent election campaign.]

Posted by: m | Oct 18 2021 13:55 utc | 111

Tom2 @107

OK, I'll react.

The Epoch Times is worse than The Watchtower. If the Scientologists had a newspaper The Epoch Times would be worse than that. The Epoch Times is published by Falun Gong, which is a pyramid marketing scam disguised as a religion. A fake newspaper that exists solely to spread lies about China being run by a fake religion that is really a business scam makes the scam three layers deep right there. Financing and technical assistance to publish The Epoch Times is provided by the US State Department through a couple fake NGOs. That brings us up to four (or five?) layers of scam. The Epoch Times publishes garbage too ridiculous and sleazy for even Voice of America to risk being associated with. If there is a more ludicrous rag masquerading as a newspaper on the planet I don't know what it is.

I usually avoid attacking the messenger, but The Epoch Times is the message itself. It's a farce. 100% fabricated nonsense. It makes the New York Langley Times look like a paragon of honesty in comparison.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 18 2021 14:17 utc | 112

Colin Powell dead, no good links that summarize what he did...yet.

Posted by: migueljose | Oct 18 2021 14:29 utc | 113

@ migueljose | Oct 18 2021 14:29 utc | 111 who wrote
Colin Powell dead, no good links that summarize what he did...yet.

I find it interesting the Reuters headline included that Powell was totally vaccinated and died of Covid complications.....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 18 2021 14:33 utc | 114

William Gruff @Oct18 13:53 #108

Gruff is credulous where skepticism is warranted.

Gruff has been here long enough to know that I've been calling for a Movement for years (and have also advocated for direct democracy). But a genuine Movement is not likely to come from Bernie's political cronys, the son of Sid Blumenthal, or the likes of Tucker Carlson.

Gruff is not a fan of the Democrats but he supports a(nother) Bernie Bro-inspired Movement to nowhere?

Gruff still needs your prayers.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 14:33 utc | 115

psychohistorian @Oct18 14:33 #112:no good links that summarize what he did...yet.

Try this link:

Colin Powell's Muddled Apology

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that his presentation before the United Nations Security Council is a "blot" on his record.

Colin Powell's former top aide, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, said that helping his boss with the UN presentation was the "lowest point" in his life.

So, here is one of the most respected men in the world, at the time, Colin Powell, saying he spent five days looking at "evidence" at CIA headquarters, and, believing it, presented it to the UN Security Council as the reasons we needed to invade Iraq.

Here's what Powell says about it now: "I'm the one who presented it on behalf of the United States to the world, and (it) will always be a part of my record. It was painful. It's painful now."

Here's what doesn't match up.

I understand how it can be painful now for him, but how could it be painful then? If he was misinformed, if he believed what he was presenting was true, then why was it painful for him then?

Powell also says CIA Director, George Tenet, is not at fault. He says that he spent "five" days looking at evidence. That must have been a mountain of evidence. He says it was lower level officials at CIA who presented the misleading evidence to him, that it wasn't George Tenet "who spent five days with me misleading me."

So, did George Tenet spend five days with him or not? Who were these CIA officials who Powell says intentionally misled him? Why are they not being prosecuted?

Powell is telling us that George Tenet wasn't aware that any of it was misleading?

This pig won't fly, quite frankly.

In fact, the testimony Powell gave about the bioweapons labs (remember all those artist renderings?) was known to be suspect, at the very least, and most likely, patently false. In fact, Powell was told that very fact before he gave his speech at the UN, according to Col. Wilkerson.

What Colin Powell and Col. Wilkerson say now only reconfirms that the evidence was fixed around the Bush motivation to invade Iraq. None of the doubts, none of the evidence to the contrary, mattered. Anyone who was anyone in the Bush administration knew that. They were going to war, goddammit, and no one was going to stop them.

The two things that really mattered were getting Saddam Hussein's oil and getting him.

Every bit of evidence that has come out since, only reconfirms this.

<> <> <> <> <>

Did Powell really die from Covid? When the press shows a lack of curiosity, you can bet that something is up. Why are they not asking: How did he (and his wife) get Covid? How long was he hospitalized? What measures were taken to save his life - was he put on a ventilator? Did Covid responsible for his death or something else?

Colin Powell dies from complications of COVID-19 at 84

[84-year old] Powell had battled various other ailments. His wife, Alma, also had a breakthrough case of COVID-19, but responded to treatment.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 14:59 utc | 116

RE Mr. Rabbit Great Reset/Socialism.

It certainly is not socialism. “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” Mussolini.

The hallmark of the Great Reset is Public/Private partnership. The 'State' is the public, and the private is corporatism. So the public treasuries go to pay the for-profit corporations that provide the services to the public, of which the public is quite capable of providing for itself, given the opportunity, which the public is not given as the nexus between profit and government is now fully entrenched.

The Great Reset is fascism, but instead of a proud nation/empire, we are a global people, and our 'patriotism' is to the planet.

The question of our time is not between Democracy and Authority, but between Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism. The Great Reset is the move toward the latter.

Posted by: gottlieb | Oct 18 2021 14:59 utc | 117

Sorry, I should've credited migueljose @Oct18 14:29 #111.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 15:01 utc | 118

Crest The head of an American bald-headed eagle erased Proper.

Blazon Azure, two swords in saltire points downwards between four mullets Argent, on a chief of the Second a lion passant Gules.[131]

Motto Devoted To Public Service

The coat of arms of Colin Powell was granted by the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh on February 4, 2004. Technically the grant was to Powell's father (a British subject) to be passed on by descent. Scotland's King of Arms is traditionally responsible for granting arms to Commonwealth citizens of Scottish descent. The swords and stars refer to the former general's career, as does the crest, which is the badge of the 101st Airborne (which he served as a brigade commander in the mid-1970s). The lion may be an allusion to Scotland. The shield can be shown surrounded by the insignia of an honorary Knight Commander of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath (KCB), an award the General received after the first Gulf War.

Barak Obama's father was Kenyan. So he too was a British subject.

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 18 2021 15:01 utc | 119

i really like the signs - 'love more, fear less'....

Posted by: james | Oct 18 2021 15:05 utc | 120

Incidentally, it was Dr. David Kelly that revealed the lies about the mobile weapons labs peddled by Powell.

RIP David.

Forever grateful.

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 18 2021 15:16 utc | 121

Gruff wrote:

or just vote Democrat since that is what the bunny is telling you that the establishment wants you not to do.
Gruff has been telling everybody for years that the Republican was the anti-establishment candidate.

So please, nobody make any statements that might be construed to contradict this wisdom

Posted by: jinn | Oct 18 2021 15:38 utc | 122

About my comment @14

I am very sorry for the confusion. … I could have sworn that paragraph in the Guardian had the word President in it, President Robert… Once I saw that “hundreds of thousands of deaths” line in the opening, I read the article from the perspective of editorial bias only; I was reading to see if b might be possibly showing us another example of editorial uniform messaging. And I’m Canadian and I always think the British are trying to takeover… so maybe it was a paranoid delusion thing, that inclusion of the word President. Anyway, I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful with the quotes in future!

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 18 2021 15:45 utc | 123

@ bruised northerner... just copy and paste! it is harder to go on memory as it appears that's what you did... all good! cheers..

Posted by: james | Oct 18 2021 15:54 utc | 124

@ karlof1 47 (was 45)

The West rose to prominence in a different time and under very different circumstances. Those conditions are unrepeatable, but throughout the West has made decisions it felt would best secure it's interests: global hegemony financially, militarily, and culturally. It has succeeded so well that much of China's current policy has been dictated by this backdrop. This may appear promising, but it is nothing more than an outgrowth of China's not-West interests. This is an existential need; a need for survival and for identity. Whether or not China continues on that path in the future when the West is less of an influence is unknown. As I stated they are the same. Both the West and China have sought and will continue to seek their interests, the interests of the state; nothing more, nothing less.

Posted by: Justin | Oct 18 2021 16:30 utc | 125

Awesome collection of Churchill's incriminating quotes. The man behind the myth is much less impressive, to put it mildly:

Winston Churchill & British Imperialism

Posted by: vk | Oct 18 2021 16:36 utc | 126

Machine translation of Lavrov's announcenment during a press conference with the Guinea-Bissau FM.

In response to the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance, from November 1, 2021, we suspend the work of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to NATO in Brussels, including the work of the chief military representative.

Secondly, we are suspending the activities of the NATO Military Liaison Mission in Moscow. The accreditation of its employees is revoked from November 1, 2021.

Thirdly, the activities of the NATO Information Office in Moscow, established at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium, are being terminated. If NATO members have any urgent matters, they can contact our Ambassador in Brussels, who ensures bilateral relations between Russia and Belgium.

The International Secretariat of NATO has been notified about this. We publish the corresponding Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 18 2021 16:45 utc | 127

New horse to make money on is called Valneva (French-Austrian).
When UK canceled a big order recently, the share went down. Today in went up with good results in trial phase 3.
Pfizer has made a production deal with Sanofi (France).
Moderna is US, and France had recently announced it should not be used as jab3, letting only Pfizer as jab2 (for JandJ) or jab3 (for everything else).

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 18 2021 17:39 utc | 128

Snake #95

"Like the Huawei case, the decision to use the US justice system to take down international business or political rivals was made first, and only then followed by the search for a "crime".

<=When and how was such a decision negotiated? Tracking [source to destination] the decision process from private, non state actor into the political system and from the political system into the bureaucracy might reveal the political system was (avoided) not involved?"

These are state-level decisions / directives. It is akin to "who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" The DOJ bureaucrats understand the directive, and then search for a "crime" and corresponding indictment. DOJ bureaucrats were outspoken about following such directive re: Huawei. The Saab indictment was part of a wider series of charges which include Marduro and associates - who have large bounties offered for their capture, and face counts of money laundering and drug running etc.
It doesn't matter if it ultimately holds up in court.

As per the Forbes article on Saab, the intent of getting him into US custody was to provide opportunity to apply "pressure" on him - for information about his efforts on bypassing US sanctions and to "turn" him into a state witness against the Venezuelan leadership. The US has a terrible record for using "pressure" against captives, which includes isolation, sleep deprivation and other techniques - refer to the prison regimes of Chelsea Manning and other dissidents over just the last decade.

Posted by: jayc | Oct 18 2021 18:05 utc | 129

Posted by: Chunglak | Oct 18 2021 0:04 utc | 51:

One thing I like in the Western system, and I think everybody like, whether in the West or in the East, is due process.

Like I suspected, you're likely too young and too brainwashed to understand. That due process you spoke of is precisely the tool the ruling class use to manipulate and control processes in the public domain. Long time delays for lawyers to figure out rationales and narratives to steer execution of justice in ways to their liking, or to their benefits. Long time delays for interests in a particular case to dimmer down and people to forget so that 'controllers' can rule in ways they wanted without public outcries. Too many loop holes and pitfalls for guilty parties in 'controllers' favor to wiggle out of justice consequences. Too vague languages to confuse the ordinary justice seekers. Too expensive for those seeking justice without millions in bank account to back their claims. The due process you spoke of is a sham, a shenanigan, a travesty. A tool to fool the naive !!!

I suspect you'd consider Assange having been given proper due process. Halleluja!

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Oct 18 2021 18:39 utc | 130

@ Posted by: Oriental Voice | Oct 18 2021 18:39 utc | 130

I'll take the occasion to issue an errata: the actress caught on tax fraud was Zheng Shuang, but Chunglak was talking about Zhao Wei, another actress. Zheng was not arrested, just fined and forced to pay what was due to the fiscus.

Zhao Wei was sued by another private entity over a "contract of guaranty dispute", and her case had nothing to do with any kind of State-sponsored censorship. In fact, "The case will be heard in an open court session at the Beijing No. 4 Intermediate People's Court on November 8." If this is not "due process", I don't know what it is, as the procedure is identical to the Western (capitalist; liberal-democratic) one.

Apparently, Zhao is a big time scammer, and her scheme involves many companies. She seems to have ambitions to become some kind of Godfather of the Chinese entertainment industry (a la the South Korean big music producers).

Her "censorship" from the internet had nothing to do with this lawsuit, but with her history of being a Japanese Empire sympathizer. She was just "cancelled". Her banishment from the internet is not a secret: in the link above I quoted, The Global Times (the extraofficial Chinese government tabloid) states it openly, as well as the reasons why she was banned. They were never arrested, only fined and sanctioned, by the violations they committed. It's all there, in a single The Global Times article; I could easily find it with a simple search.

I find it weird Chunglak commends the West for "due process". The USA has just kidnapped an innocent Chinese executive (the daughter of Huawei's founder) and has just kidnapped a Venezuelan with diplomatic credentials in Mexico. It has also sponsored many shady wars and color revolutions these last two decades (and beyond). It's openly practicing piracy to make a quick buck against China and Russia. To call the West the land of due process is risible at this point in time. I'm inclined to say Chunglak is a troll.

Posted by: vk | Oct 18 2021 19:08 utc | 131


Thanks for setting straight details of Zhao Wei's legal misgivings in China, details that I don't follow because I don't really care about these kind of tabloid news. I do read Hong Kong newspapers online, so I couldn't help being told of some news bits regarding her, but I don't read the details. I do know about her insensitivity on certain geopolitical meme and despise her positions on many of them. But other than that I don't really care what she believes or what happens to her. It was just that chunglak made two assertions that I felt repugnant to: 1) so-called Stalinist habits; 2) western due process. These are meme planted in western populace minds since the end of WWII. Here at MOA most commenters are way above the silliness of buying into such Western MSM BS, but once in a while characters would emerge and sing their tune, either as a troll or as naivetes. I am silly enough to be bothered by these postings and comment in response :-).

I know most posters here would just as soon ignore these characters. I have something to learn :-)

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Oct 18 2021 19:51 utc | 132

Colin Powell - still no details of how he was treated

Now we see why the news media was so incurious (as I wrote in my comment @Oct18 14:59 #116). Colin Powell's underlying conditions meant that the vaccine was not very effective. So what treatments did he receive? (And, did he receive them in a timely manner?)

If he was given an anti-viral (Pfizer and Merck have developed such treatments - possibly as derivatives of ivermectin) then medical authorities might have to explain why they are being refused to others? As Joe Rogan has famously now brought to the attention of millions, ivermectin is regularly given to humans. It is not simply "horse paste" as the mainstream media labeled it.

Colin Powell's death doesn't contradict efficacy of coronavirus vaccines, experts say

Powell suffered from a blood cancer known as multiple myeloma — precisely the kind of “immunocompromised” condition that experts have said from the start could lead to lower vaccine efficacy. In fact, the vaccines seemed to work especially poorly in patients afflicted with that type of cancer, even after a booster shot. (Powell also suffered from Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative condition.)


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 18 2021 20:42 utc | 133

As his essay last week dealing with Europe revolved around the aspect of "Policy Continuity," so does this week's effort from Alastair Crooke, "The U.S. ‘Longer Telegram’ Is Hostile Interventionism in China, Posing as Competition", interventionism being the continuous breaking of the UN Charter done as a matter of policy by the Outlaw US Empire since WW2's end. After reviewing what was written in an attempt to influence Biden at the beginning of his term, Crooke tells us why Biden's policy looks so much like Trump's:

"Biden may ‘speak’ multilateralism; he may speak more ‘softly’; but it is the Military Industrial, War College and Think-Tank conceptualisations ultimately that count, and to whom one should pay attention. Why? because … continuity.

"Incumbents of the White House come and go, but U.S. security objectives do not alter course so readily. A touch on the tiller by an incoming Administration often is insufficient to change a massive vessel’s course. Academic military think-tank perspectives evolve to a different rhythm, and to a longer ‘beat’. When Trump was in the White House, his views on NATO and Europe’s defence efforts were not so very different to those just manifested by Blinken, when he disparages the EU as a significant actor in Global terms – as the U.S. plunges into its ‘China First’ metamorphosis.

"The key difference is in style: the new Secretary of State says it in excellent French, whereas Trump just didn’t ‘do European finesse’. The continuity however, was ever present."

And what does Crooke think of the Longer Telegram?

"All these [are] identical policies that failed dismally in Iran – they never learn."

Barflies will recall the vociferous Global Times editorial I linked to and excerpted the day after Ned Price's statement which prompted Sullivan to fly to Zurich for a meeting with Yang Jiechi, "a Politburo Member and Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission":

"Yang and Sullivan talked for nearly six hours, apparently. It seems they disagreed on all issues. Sullivan reportedly framed the talks as listing several issues of contention (Human Rights, Uyghurs, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the disputed Islands, etc.), which America wishes to pursue with Beijing. Yang, however, flatly refused to discuss any of them, saying they were all domestic issues."

In other words, stop breaking the UN Charter and trying to stifle our development!

Crooke concludes telling us why we shouldn't ignore the Longer Telegram since it's the product of the current crop of clueless foreign policy wonks who:

"Together (and with their key theorist, Rush Doshi), they represent a new, rising generation of policymakers who seek to reorient American foreign policy – around competition with China … They will now get their chance to put their ideas to the test."

The primary reason this and all other policy attempts to deter China's rise is:

"[I]t is rooted in fantasy to imagine that the U.S. can successfully change the decision-making of top Chinese officials of whose political culture they have no inkling."

In essence, they are boobs who listen to boobs and are thus incapable or rising above creating boobish policy, which is the real success of policy continuity--Those capable of proper policy making want nothing to do with such boobs.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2021 21:15 utc | 134

Tom Feeley of ICH's note announcing he has acute leukemia and is undergoing daily chemo:

"My laptop was delivered today and now I have the opportunity to post to the website and provide a newsletter, which may have less content but will still expose the corrupt system that inflicts so much pain in the world. I am so happy to be back following my passion. Seeking justice for all.

"For more than 20 years we have been providing information that our prostitute media are paid to ignore. We have built a community of (anti-war, pro-justice warriors) around the world ."

I've supported Tom via donations since he began and know he's certainly in need of support now.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2021 21:33 utc | 135

karlof1@135: sad news indeed, like you i've supported him for sometime & agree now he needs all the support we can provide. somewhat OT, i left a reply on thesaker's micheal hudson thread, regarding his patreaon account. when i've tried accessing it to join @ the mid level, the monthly account blew past the stated amount to one much to high for my pay grade. when i attempted to contact the site to request help i was utterly stuck. if you have any way to inform MH or the site management to inform them there is a glitch, i would be deeply grateful. i would very much like to support MH & to part of his new site. thank you.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 18 2021 22:19 utc | 136

emersonreturn @136--

At MH's Patreon page, there's this contact number, Phone: +1 (833) 972-8766, and other related info. The page still shows only 25 patrons, which IMO is a cryin' shame!

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 19 2021 0:01 utc | 137

This video may interest some. It talks about the time when Paulus and his 6th. Army were stuck in Stalingrad and Manstein was trying to recue them.

This is back in the days when Russians were considered Untermensch,

Posted by: dh | Oct 19 2021 0:45 utc | 138

Scott Ritter has an interesting piece on Colin Powell over at RT. Ritter worked for and came in contact with Powell several times during his career. It's probably the best real obituary that Powell will get, and certainly the most he could deserve:

Colin Powell could have been US President, but his loyalty to the Bush family overcame his sense of duty to the nation

I think it's quite true that Powell could have been president - his standing in the country was huge and he was immensely respected - but the UN performance was the fatal ruining of the man forever, and this was clear at the time.

It was an astonishing descent.

I find it hard to match the sheer scale of the fall, from such a height into such an abyss. It broke people's minds, I think, such that one could never even think of him again. I had no idea he made an apology. One never considered him again, after such a betrayal.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 19 2021 1:09 utc | 139

A great example of the Canadian Zionist lobby and establishment at work in the Green Party. Thankfully we have now rid ourselves of this identitarian imperialist, but not before she destroyed the Green Party vote in the recent election. Of course, all of the Canadian official media have sided with the poor black jewish woman - who just happened to be sponsored by the NGO/Foundation-complex and married a Zionist lawyer. Just another example of Western "democracy" at work.

Posted by: Roger | Oct 19 2021 1:13 utc | 140

karlof1@ 137 thank you for the contact number. i shall call first thing tomorrow. perhaps others have encountered the same glitch. hopefully it can be easily sorted. again, thank you so much, i am very grateful.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 19 2021 1:17 utc | 141

Grieved @139--

I spared a few words for that treasonous man:

"IMO, Well before Powell ever became a member of BushCo, he was an epitome of Moral Turpitude and unfit for any job with responsibilities of any sort--even baby sitting. That status he earned by covering up war crimes during the Vietnam War. But he did such a great job of polishing that Big Brass Knob that he was promoted instead of dishonorably discharged."

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 19 2021 1:26 utc | 142

Powell killed by VAXX I am just the messenger.. here

here is the link also
Powell">">Powell killed by VAX

Posted by: snake | Oct 19 2021 3:24 utc | 143

Ritter on Colin Powell

  1. Ritter presents no evidence to back his claim that Powell put his loyalty to Bush before his country.

    In fact, Powell's "loyalty" appears to be little more than an acknowledgement that going to war was rightfully a Presidential decision.

  2. Ritter doesn't seem interested in other possible reasons for Powell's change of character.
  3. Ritter is untrustworthy because he admits that he admired Powell. Is he now trying to repair Powell's reputation by providing us with an excuse for his conduct?

In America, when people betray their principles, it is almost always in exchange for money and influence. So "loyalty" as an excuse just doesn't pass muster for something as profound as lying to the world.

It's now fairly accepted that Iraq War II was planned years before 9-11. PNAC and other sources make that clear. It was supported by the Bushes and their cronies as well as Israel and the neocons. All of these interests had/have plenty of money available to them and expected to profit immensely by the war. Anyone that helped them would expect to be taken care of.

Colin Powell's son probably benefited from his father's willingness to be a tool for the people he served. Powell's son was nominated to the Board of the FCC in 1997 (when planning for a "new Pearl Harbor was well under way) and was made Chairman of the FCC by GW Bush within two days of the start of his Presidency(!). Since 2011, Powell's son has been the highly paid head of the Cable TV and Telecom Industry Association, making $4.5 million in 2015 along (according to Wikipedia).

Powell's daughter began a lucrative Hollywood career in 1998. She's had great roles in important movies and TV shows.

Were there other benefits to Colin Powell and his family for Powell's lying to the world and generating billions of dollars of profits for US weapons manufacturers and contractors (as well as furthering Israeli goals)? We may never know.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 19 2021 3:55 utc | 144

Below is a short Xinhuanet posting about Xi and democracy

BEIJING, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- How is democracy defined? What makes a system democratic or not? Is China's political system democratic? President Xi Jinping addressed these questions at a central conference on people's congresses earlier this month. His answers offer insight into how democracy works in the country.

In a democratic political system, people should administer national, social, economic, and cultural affairs in accordance with the law, various sectors of society should participate effectively in national political affairs, and state decision-making should be rational and democratic, Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, noted.

"Democracy is not an ornament to be used for decoration; it is to be used to solve the problems that the people want to solve," he stressed.

China's application of democratic principles follows an approach Xi has termed "whole-process people's democracy." The concept was put forward about two years ago, during a visit by Xi to a civic center in Shanghai.

Earlier the same year, Xi had visited residents of a traditional "hutong" courtyard community in central Beijing and joined them for a "courtyard meeting hall" session. The "courtyard meeting hall" provides a platform for residents to discuss and debate public affairs. Residents' discussions that time focused on the renovation and preservation of the traditional architecture and heritage.

"When the residents enjoy the right to discuss and decide their affairs, they will have a stronger sense of belonging and being masters, and community governance and service will be more accurate and meticulous," Xi noted after talking with the hutong residents.

Whether a country is a democracy or not depends on whether its people are really the masters of the country, Xi said at the October conference.

If the people are awakened only for voting but enter a dormant period soon after, if they are given a song and dance during campaigning but have no say after the election, or if they are favored during canvassing but are left out in the cold after the election, such a democracy is not a true democracy, he added.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 19 2021 4:18 utc | 145

Below is another Xinhuanet posting about Russia and NATO

MOSCOW, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Russian Foreign Ministry announced Monday that Moscow has decided to suspend the operation of the Russian Permanent Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in retaliation for the alliance's "unfriendly actions."

Russia's ambassador to Belgium will be authorized for emergency contacts with the NATO headquarters, while an ambassador of the NATO member states in Moscow can perform similar functions, the ministry said in a statement.

Russia is also suspending the activities of the NATO Military Liaison Mission in Moscow and the accreditation of its staffers will be revoked on Nov. 1.

In addition, Russia is terminating the work of the NATO Information Office in Moscow.

The Russian side has informed the NATO International Secretariat of its decision.

NATO announced the expulsion of eight members of the Russian mission in Brussels on Oct. 6, calling them "undeclared Russian intelligence officers." Additionally, the number of Russian staff at the mission was reduced by half from 20 to 10.

Before that, the size of the Russian mission in Brussels was reduced twice unilaterally by the NATO in 2015 and 2018, after the alliance's decision on April 1, 2014 to suspend all practical civilian and military cooperation between the two sides.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 19 2021 4:19 utc | 146

And my final posting from Xinhuanet is about the US not participating in the Russia hosted meeting on Afghanistan this week

WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- The United States will not join talks on Afghanistan hosted by Russia this week, the Department of State said on Monday.

"We will not participate in the Moscow talks," State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters in a press briefing. "The Troika-plus has been an effective, a constructive forum. We look forward to engaging in that forum going forward, but we're not in a position to take part this week."

Price said that the United States is unable to join the talks due to logistic difficulties, adding the U.S. side supports the process.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken later in the day announced that U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad is leaving his post and will be replaced by his deputy Thomas West.

The departure of Khalilzad, who served as special envoy for Afghanistan under presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden, came less than two months after the U.S. withdrawal from the country.

Russian special envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said on Friday that Russia had invited the United States to participate in the upcoming talks on Afghanistan in Moscow, which would focus on post-conflict reconstruction and humanitarian assistance.

Russia has invited Taliban representatives to the meeting slated for Oct. 20. The Moscow-format consultations on Afghanistan were launched in 2017 on the basis of the six-party mechanism for consultations among representatives from Russia, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iran and India.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 19 2021 4:22 utc | 147

@ William Gruff | Oct 18 2021 14:17 utc | 112

I usually avoid attacking the messenger, but The Epoch Times is the message itself. It's a farce. 100% fabricated nonsense.

You did your usual thing again.

That Covid-19 timeline was build on verifiable external documents, which they show. Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance funding application from March 2018 proposed to build an exact SARS-COV2 in 2018. Fauci funded it, but in Wuhan only, due to Obama & Trump objections.
Be happy: two evil Americans in one swat: just the final location is a bit embarrassing for you.

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 19 2021 8:05 utc | 148

What I like about this Li Hongzhi compared to Xi Jinping is his modesty: When asked if he was a human being, Li replied "You can think of me as a human being" :-D,8599,2053761,00.html

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 19 2021 8:15 utc | 149

Posted by: vk | Oct 18 2021 11:22 utc | 98
The ballooning cost of Jakarta-Bandung HSR is caused by land compensation issue. Rumor has it that there are some government officials in the way and they try to extort money as much as they can.

Just for perspective, China-Laos HSR started in the same year, 2016. It has total route length of 414, almost three times of that in Indonesia (143km). The route is much more perilous with Yunnan mountain in the way and undetonated American bomb along the way in Laos. This route is practically complete and grand opening will be held during Laos national day. Jakarta-Bandung HSR still stuck and projected to be completed in 2022 at best.

Laos is socialist, Indonesia is capitalist. Should enough to tell you what a joke the latter is.

Posted by: Hangar | Oct 19 2021 8:23 utc | 150

Hangar #150

Laos is socialist, Indonesia is capitalist. Should enough to tell you what a joke the latter is.

Indonesia is an Islamic fascist state based on a capitalist sunni oligarchy. If anyone opposes it, the mob is unleashed on them for some invented slander of the koran. There remain some Hindu elitist elements but the same mob rule is applied when necessary.

The nation is entirely captive of a suffocating straight jacket of evil and constant threat. The slaughter unleashed by the UKUSA on the people in 1965 severely crippled its future. Perhaps in another century the magnificent people of that land may find respite.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 19 2021 9:27 utc | 151

psychohistorian #145

"When the residents enjoy the right to discuss and decide their affairs, they will have a stronger sense of belonging and being masters, and community governance and service will be more accurate and meticulous," Xi noted after talking with the hutong residents.

Whether a country is a democracy or not depends on whether its people are really the masters of the country, Xi said at the October conference.

If the people are awakened only for voting but enter a dormant period soon after, if they are given a song and dance during campaigning but have no say after the election, or if they are favored during canvassing but are left out in the cold after the election, such a democracy is not a true democracy, he added.

Thank you for those excellent lines. The comparison between the Chinese practice of democracy and that fakery of the west is stark when placed in this context.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 19 2021 9:30 utc | 152

@ uncle tungsten | Oct 19 2021 9:27 utc | 151

Indonesia is an Islamic fascist state based on a capitalist sunni oligarchy. If anyone opposes it, the mob is unleashed on them for some invented slander of the koran. There remain some Hindu elitist elements but the same mob rule is applied when necessary.

My version:

Indonesia is an Islamic state based on a capitalist sunni oligarchy. If anyone opposes it, the mob is unleashed on them for some invented slander of the koran. The remaining Hindus are as much a minority "or elitists" as the local Han are, and the mob rule applies to both these non sunni minorities.
Even central Bangladesh slipped into this abyss this week:

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 19 2021 10:11 utc | 153

Here is an interesting explanation for the supply chain issues: CARB forcing half the trucks off the road for California ports.
While there is a pileup off New York, the pileup off LA and Long Beach is far larger and much more core to shipments from China...
Green New Deal and the Shipping Crisis"

Note that this type of bureaucratic influence on everyday life by CARB (California Air Resources Board) is not unusual. Tesla's existence continues to be enormously benefited by CARB rules on percentages of "zero emission" vehicles sold by car makers in California - tens and hundreds of millions of dollars are transferred from the companies that make most of the cars bought in California to Tesla because Tesla can sell the "credits" for its "zero emission" vehicles to other makers.

If indeed half the trucks on the road are no longer "valid" for transporting containers from the LA and Long Beach ports - coupled with a nationwide shortage in truck drivers - it is indeed a possible cause for the supply chain problems faced by everyone.

And I would note that this doesn't mean Tesla isn't involved here as well. Tesla is also trying to sell an EV big rig. Note also the response by big retailers - there have been anecdotal reports of Walmart etc chartering their own ships. I wonder if they're also chartering their own big rigs to bridge between warehouses in CA vs the destinations further inland - which can be bridged by the "non-compliant" trucks...

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 19 2021 15:39 utc | 154

fwiw - i agree with william gruff on the epoch times.... not worth the paper it is written on...

@ 154 c1ue... interesting.. thanks...

powell killed by vaccine seems quite a stretch to me...

Posted by: james | Oct 19 2021 15:57 utc | 155

China, Europe, now India facing energy issues. The beat goes on.

India pushing Qatar to deliver contracted LNG

Infrastructure maintenance at supplier Qatargas prevented it from delivering 50 LNG cargoes to India this year, the sources said, prompting India's oil ministry last week to write a letter seeking delivery of those cargoes.

The ministry is also seeking eight additional cargoes which were delayed last year at New Delhi's request after COVID-induced lockdowns lowered demand for the super-cooled fuel, they said.

The sources declined to be named as they are not authorized to speak to the media.

India's top gas importer, Petronet LNG, has long-term deals to buy 7.5 million tonnes per year (mtpa) of LNG from Qatar and 1.44 mtpa from Exxon's Gorgon project in Australia.

LNG under those long-term deals costs about $11-$12 per million British thermal units (mmBtu), versus more than $38 per mmBtu on Asia's spot gas market currently and a record high of over $56 hit earlier this month.

Indian customers in August started deferring imports of spot LNG due to high prices, Petronet LNG CEO A.K. Singh said at the time.

He said the Indian power sector reduces its intake of LNG once prices rise above about $10/mmBtu.

India has 24 gigawatts (GW) of gas-fired power generation capacity of which about 14 GW has been stranded for more than 10 years due to non-availability of gas, while the remaining plants are operating at very low capacity.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 19 2021 16:05 utc | 156

I see it's time for the annual Valdai Discussion Club's gala in Sochi, and we're already treated to a surprise: "Moscow proposed adding US to Normandy Format discussions on Ukraine, but Germany & France REJECTED it, reveals Russian FM Lavrov".

"Speaking at the 18th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Lavrov noted that the US is the country wielding the strongest influence over Kiev, and its inclusion in the discussions could be beneficial for peace in the east of Ukraine....

"According to the foreign minister, Russia had suggested involving the US in the Normandy talks, but the Germans and the French said 'categorically no,' instead pushing to keep the format as agreed in the Minsk Agreements."

I read the Q&A with Lavrov, and the only other newsworthy item to report on is related to the cessation of relations with NATO. From the machine translation:

"Question: On the eve of Moscow announced a response to the aggressive steps of the North Atlantic Alliance. Does Russia proceed from the fact that it is in NATO that the first step should be taken to improve relations with Moscow?

"Sergey Lavrov: Yes, we proceed from this. We have never begun to deteriorate our relations with NATO, the European Union, or any other country in the West or any other region of the world. This story is well known to all. When Saakashvili in August 2008 gave a criminal order to bomb the city of Tskhinval and the positions of peacekeepers (including Russian ones), Russia insisted on convening a NATO-Russia Council to consider this situation. Then-US Secretary of State K. Rice categorically refused, although when creating the NATO-Russia Council, the Founding Act emphasized that it should act in any 'weather', especially when crisis situations occur. This is one example that marked the beginning of the current state of affairs between us and NATO." [My Emphasis]

Ah yes, continuity of policy from Bush to Biden, little has changed aside from the continual hollowing out of the Outlaw US Empire, although that too shows us policy continuity.

For those wanting to explore the annual Valdai Club events, here's your entry.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 19 2021 16:07 utc | 157

Poland will bow to EU’s demands and dissolve Supreme Court disciplinary chamber, country’s prime minister announces

Poland can get out of Poland, but you can't get Poland out of Poland. Poland will do Poland things.

Poland never fooled me. They got all hysterical about the USSR and the Warsaw Pact during the 1980s, but I always knew they were full of bullshit. The real reason they wanted out was the same for the other Eastern European countries: petty chauvinism based on some obscure feudal-era kingdom, Orthodox/Catholic anti-communism, and an extremely strong inferiority complex in relation to Western Europe. It was never about Polish sovereignty or anything like that.

Posted by: vk | Oct 19 2021 16:16 utc | 158

The primary paper leading this year's Valdai Club discussions is "The Age of Pandemic: Year Two. The Future Is Back || The Annual Report of the Valdai Discussion Club". Nowhere in the paper is bioweaponry discussed, although the concepts of biopower and medical totalitarianism are again raised. The discussion tries to remain neutral by not singling out any one nation or type of political-economy, but who and what this one sentence is aimed at ought to be obvious:

"For too long, the government’s withdrawal from its social commitments has been mainstream."

That is for neoliberal driven governments.

The paper ought to generate many debates. It's not announced, but generally Putin does appear during the final Plenary Session. Lavrov appeared today, but neither the video or transcript are currently available.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 19 2021 18:09 utc | 159

“We never created a supervirus.” Ralph Baric explains gain-of-function research.
The work has helped in the development of mRNA coronavirus vaccines and the first approved covid drug. July 26, 2021

the next day, from the Chinese embassy in Washington:
"The team of Professor Ralph Baric in the UNC possesses extremely mature capability in synthesizing and modifying coronavirus. From January 2015 to June 2020, the UNC reported to the National Institutes of Health 28 lab incidents involving genetically engineered organisms. Six of them involved coronaviruses including SARS, MERS and SARS-CoV-2. However, instead of finding out what happened in its own labs first, the U.S. keeps slinging mud at others."

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 20 2021 14:14 utc | 160

Bitcoin has blasted through its previous all time high of 64.7K - it is $66.7K as I type this.
I expect it to test the 80s - before the very possible hammer comes down in Q1-ish 2022 due to Fed tightening.
$100K still seems a stretch but is on the table now if we have a Y2K style, end of year blowout.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 20 2021 15:18 utc | 161

The Moscow Format Talks dealing with Afghanistan are underway and there are already several items. The first is Lavrov's opening address (in Russian) is tough yet honest, perhaps the absence of the Outlaw US Empire representative allowed him to be more frank. IMO, the following merited sharing:

"The development of national education, health care, and other socially significant areas – especially in conditions of sharply limited financial opportunities – certainly requires vigorous efforts and, at times, non-standard solutions from the emerging new authorities. Reports of deteriorating living conditions for ordinary Afghans are very worrying. Experts do not exclude the aggravation of the humanitarian situation associated with the inability of a significant part of the Afghan population to provide a full-fledged food. We hope that representatives of the Afghan delegation will share first-hand information on the current situation in the humanitarian sphere today.

"We are convinced that the time has come to mobilize the resources of the international community to provide Kabul with effective financial, economic and humanitarian assistance, including in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis and stop migration flows. The extraordinary summit of the Group of Twenty on Afghanistan, organized on October 12 this year, demonstrated the coincidence or closeness of the positions of the Regionals and key extra-regional players on this issue. We expect responsible behavior towards Afghan citizens from those Western countries whose 20-year presence in the country has led to the current difficult humanitarian situation and in no way contributed to strengthening the industrial and economic base of Afghanistan. Moreover, the provision by the West not only of humanitarian assistance in its traditional form, but also of assistance in ensuring the payment of wages to such socially significant categories of the population of Afghanistan as teachers, doctors, etc., is becoming very relevant."

Another item from Global Times is somewhat predictable in its bias:

"The 'Moscow format' talks on Wednesday highlighted the prominent role of China-Russia coordination on the Afghan crisis when the US and some Western countries chose to evade responsibility, experts said, as Moscow gathered 10 countries and the Taliban to focus on the developing political and military situation in Afghanistan.

"Russia's Foreign Ministry said the political and military situation of Afghanistan will be the focus of this meeting in Moscow. The agenda also includes the establishment of an inclusive government and efforts for a global response to prevent a humanitarian crisis."

The article reports the unique view of China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi:

"Wang said the US' absence reflects its escapist psychology of being irresponsible on Afghan issues.

"As a prime culprit of the Afghan crisis, the US should shoulder major responsibility on contributing humanitarian aid to the country, where all kinds of aid were in urgent need as winter approaches. But the US requested the Afghan Taliban to meet certain requirements in regard to the political system, religious policy, and policies on women's and children's rights, before they provide aid to the war-torn nation, Wang noted."

Perhaps he meant to say childish attitude given its behavior of freezing essential monies for Afghanis and other negative measures aimed at debilitating the effort to resolve Afghanistan's destabilized condition.

I trust we'll be provided with some further reporting as the day goes on.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 20 2021 16:15 utc | 162

Curious editorial on China's energy issues advises not to look at what the West's doing: "China’s system advantage in tackling Northern Hemisphere’s ‘winter challenge’".

"Current energy problems are not unique to China. As winter approaches, an international energy shortage is rapidly spreading across the Northern Hemisphere, leading to chaos caused by power shortages and skyrocketing prices.

"Reports say that Europe's investment in fossil fuels has dropped significantly. However, clean energy has failed to effectively fill the gap caused by the reduction in fossil fuel supply. Moreover, the epidemic has led to chaos in the supply chain, while seriously clogged transportation has triggered a chain reaction. These all made gas prices raise two to six times, and electricity prices two or three times. Next, shortages and increases will spread to grain, meat and various consumer goods, causing an inflationary pressure.

"The livelihood of most countries in the Northern Hemisphere will see the impact. More and more shelves at US malls will become empty, and US heating bills are expected to jump 54 percent this winter. As for European countries, they have an even lesser response capacity due to their smaller size."

Our local electricity rate remains unchanged and the cord wood I bought this year cost the same as last, $200. I expect we'll be quite cozy, but I can't speak for the rest of the nation, although it seems clear those still using fossil fuels to heat will see their bills jump. The editor seems to think China's figured out the what and why and how to solve:

"The overall impact of China's power shortage has been exposed, and although electricity prices remain unchanged, the skyrocketing coal price has led to chaos. It's time to swiftly and fully utilize China's macro-regulation advantages. We hope our speed of resolving problems will again be at the forefront of the world, and China can be the fastest country in restoring production and supply....

"China's huge market, complete industrial sectors, constantly adequate strategic provision, and the strong leadership of the Party and the government allow us to make a rapid emergency response. Once the problem is found, China will not allow it to grow."

China, however, mustn't allow itself to be distracted by the West's problems so China can concentrate of dealing with its own systemic issues:

"What needs to be emphasized is that the West is likely to suffer from a more serious energy crisis than China. It will also face the chaos of the supply chain, hindering the recovery of the Western economy. But these should not become excuses for the loopholes and flaws in China's work. No matter how big the crisis in the West, it is their job to deal with it. Even if a natural disaster occurs in China, the human disaster factor in it needs to be found out and eliminated, mobilizing our institutional advantages as much as possible.

"Be it a power crunch or the oversimplified response from local authorities, there are lessons we can learn from them. There is no need to make comparisons between how much effort we should put to prevent these problems and the capabilities of the US and Europe."

Interesting that the energy issue is placed on the same plane as the pandemic when it comes to taking action. If China's past performance is an indicator, it will resolve the problem by increasing its energy production capacity to the point where it won't again lag behind the pace of development. Power plants do take awhile to build, particularly the nuclear plants China now has planned and those under construction. One thing China does have is a plan of action, which is more than can be said for much of the West.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 20 2021 17:10 utc | 163

Seems we have a new John Bolton residing in a different gender as this article exposes:

"U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman recently visited India and Pakistan, but rather than attempting to coax and persuade her host nations to reduce bilateral tension and confrontation she publicly insulted Pakistan and urged India to cooperate militarily even more closely with the U.S. She widened the chasm of polarisation in a public speech in India’s commercial centre, Mumbai, by declaring 'We don’t see ourselves building a broad relationship with Pakistan, and we have no interest in returning to the days of hyphenated India-Pakistan. That’s not where we are. That’s not where we’re going to be.' Not content with demonstrably taking sides and thus stoking fires in a tinder-box region, she said that when she went on to Pakistan next day her discussions there would be for 'a very specific and narrow purpose', and everything that was discussed would be passed on to India because 'we share information back and forth between our governments'."

Fortunately, I don't see India/Pakistan relations to be as poor as the author thanks to both being members of the SCO. Wendy Sherman's task is to try and further destabilize the Indian subcontinent as it sees Modi as closer ideologically. But the situation isn't as good for the Outlaw US Empire as it might think regarding China/India tensions, again thanks to SCO and minds other than Modis within India's establishment. But as with Bolton, Sherman can be expected to throw bombs everywhere she goes as she appears to conform to the Nuland School of Undiplomacy, which will only further isolate the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 20 2021 17:32 utc | 164

@ karlof1 | Oct 20 2021 17:32 utc | 164

In reality Pakistan has double crossed the US enough with Afghanistan plus isn't needed anymore as The supply line for Bagram etc.
In India today alternatives for Modi's BJP are few: Congress is a mess and only regional parties have some strength.
The US is as always only looking after itself, though claiming to be a benevolent lone star sheriff.

China can halt Himalayan tensions in one day by withdrawing the PLA to pre-2020 positions: its biceps-show has lasted long enough.

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 21 2021 4:32 utc | 165

Antonym @165 Instead of returning to pre-2020 positions, how about settling the dispute once & for all. The Declaration on Decolonisation proclaims that all people have the right of self determination. Let the people of the region decide in a free & impartial plebiscite. It is a shame the situation has never been resolved, many innocent people have died since 1947, & the UN has left the Kashmir folder in the same in tray as the Palestine folder.

Posted by: boon | Oct 21 2021 15:13 utc | 166

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