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October 10, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-078

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

> Placing Deputy CIA Director David Cohen at the head of the U.S. team, which also includes the State Department’s deputy Afghanistan envoy, Tom West, and a representative from the U.S. Agency for International Development, was intended to emphasize that point and to lead to discussions on terrorism. <

Other issues:

Covid Delta Variant of Concern (VoC):

> People infected with the variants were, on average, younger, but still had higher risks of hospitalization and ICU admissions. With Delta infections, the risk of hospitalization was 108 per cent higher, admission to intensive care was 235 per cent higher and death, 133 per cent higher. <
Mahan Ghafari | ماهان غفاری @Mahan_Ghafari - 16:51 UTC · Oct 7, 2021
2/ a particularly worrying sign that natural infection didn't do much to stop the spread in many provinces despite several waves of infection.
Another key finding was that the estimated IFR increased by a factor of ~2 over the course of the epidemic (from wave 1 to 5).

Use as open thread ...

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Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 11 2021 19:20 utc | 99

Cool, thanks. Best of luck to you. I think we're heading toward the culmination of this bad phase and what happens next is a big unknown. Clearly, as is the theme in many MoA posts by b and comment threads, global private finance (in reality "western managed globalist private finance") indeed will use any empire or hegemon it can control - along with the captured corporate media it owns - to smear, weaken, destabilize or topple any global entity (in the case of geopolitics this means country) that does not currently allow it to infiltrate to the degree necessary to extract every last bit of wealth and privatize every common good. This theme plays out in our media and government against China, Russia, Venezuela, Syria and every single country in Uncle Scam's "backyard" that elects a socialist leader looking to undo or remedy centuries of post-colonial, Monroe Doctrine theft of land, resources and labor.

I think the timing of the "Foundation" series on Apple TV is pretty apt.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Oct 11 2021 20:27 utc | 101

I should add, not just the timing, but of course the themes. In fact, early in the series there is what appears to be a false flag 9/11 type event that is, of course, blamed on parties who reside at the fringes of the imperium. I think I need to re-read the novels soon.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Oct 11 2021 20:30 utc | 102

mandate does not exist yet
The governors had to hold their suit because there is no actual vaccinfection mandate yet.

Posted by: snake | Oct 11 2021 20:33 utc | 103

So while energy costs and Nord Stream 2 are in the news in Europe, here in North America Line 3 pipeline started transporting oil this month. It carries oil from the tar sands in Alberta to refineries in the Midwest; Superior, Wisconsin to be exact. It added 370,000 barrels of oil per day to US exports, and Canada’s shipments of oil to the US reached one of their highest-ever weekly volumes. “This was a safety driven project about replacing existing, aging infrastructure and that set it apart from some of those other projects,” Golden said [Enbridge’s vice president of Line 3 Execution]. Commendable, Golden! Except that even so, Enbridge managed to pierce a groundwater aquifer in Minnesota.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 11 2021 21:33 utc | 104

Posted by: D.G. | Oct 11 2021 11:23 utc @67

I've had the same issue with using Safari on a Mac. Your post inspired me to try another browser, and the same popups don't happen with Chrome, Brave, or Firefox, at least not on my Mac. So maybe give a different browser a try. I agree it's an annoying change.

Posted by: Chris | Oct 11 2021 22:15 utc | 105

@Posted by: c1ue | Oct 11 2021 18:46 utc | 98

We are talking the 1980s and 1990s, Russia was a basket case dominated by the US and China was still an extremely poor nation. Japan is an occupied country, with 55,000 US troops plus deep ties between the US and Japanese states. They did not have much of a choice but to acquiesce to being abused by their master after they got too uppity. This is the reality of a vassal state.

When did China ever invade Japan?, it is the other way around. Japan does not need to be "protected" by its mafia protector, its rightful place is in a peaceful Asian and EurAsian political and economic sphere, leaving the mafia across the sea in the Americas. Of course, that mafia will never countenance such impertinence from its vassal.

Posted by: Roger | Oct 12 2021 4:12 utc | 106

Eisenhower warned us about the MIC.
the man must be turning in his grave.
You aint seen nuthin yet Ike !

Who is behind this SARS2 [covid] madness? I accept the risk of triggering your "conspiracy theory" buttons by identifying the widely recognized "global military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel" as the only suspect that can wield the powers necessary to effect these frightening outcomes.

Posted by: denk | Oct 12 2021 4:16 utc | 107

And here I thought it was Pfizermectin that is coming out but it is Merckmectin instead...quote from Xinhuanet story

On Monday, drugmaker Merck asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to authorize its pill against COVID-19 in what would add an entirely new and easy-to-use weapon to the world's arsenal against the pandemic. If cleared by the agency, a decision that could come in a matter of weeks, it would be the first pill shown to treat COVID-19. All other FDA-backed treatments against the disease require an intravenous therapy (IV) or injection.

"An antiviral pill that people could take at home to reduce their symptoms and speed recovery could prove groundbreaking, easing the crushing caseload on U.S. hospitals and helping to curb outbreaks in poorer countries with weak health care systems. It would also bolster the two-pronged approach to the pandemic: treatment, by way of medication, and prevention, primarily through vaccinations," reported national broadcaster NBC.

Merck and its partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics said they specifically asked the agency to grant emergency use for adults with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 who are at risk for severe disease or hospitalization. Merck expects to be able to produce enough pills for 10 million people by the end of this year. The pill is meant to be taken at home as four capsules twice a day for five days, for a total of 40 pills.

Its all about profit in the West and this profit led shit show will continue until stopped by the China axis that is showing that a more humanistic form of social organization is possible.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 12 2021 4:36 utc | 108

Below is a short Xinhuanet posting of news I haven't seen elsewhere

MOSCOW, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the Ukrainian issue during their phone conversation, the Kremlin said in a statement Monday.

"The worrying stalemate in the effort to end the internal conflict in Ukraine was discussed in detail, with the three leaders noting the importance of implementing the 2015 Minsk agreements as the only possible basis for a settlement," the statement said.

"Interest was also expressed in further coordinating efforts in the Normandy format of Russia, Germany and France," it added.

Given the difficulty of settling the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine, the leaders asked their political advisors and foreign ministries to step up contacts and work in the Normandy Four format.

Some other international issues were also discussed during the phone talks, including counter-terrorism efforts on the African continent, according to the Kremlin.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 12 2021 4:47 utc | 109

Lurking in the uppermost layer of Pandora's Box is of course, BlackRock:

So here is a morsel to ponder but the entire report is worth the time:

BlackRock is the largest shareholder in the German lignite company RWE, with 3.26 percent of the shares. This share currently represents a value of almost one billion euros. And this amount is distributed among 219 BlackRock subsidiaries/letterboxes, with an average amount of about 4 million euros.

BlackRock Deutschland AG is also one of these 219 companies. Its supervisory board chairman until 2020 was BlackRock’s lobbyist in Germany, Friedrich Merz, who also wanted so much to become CDU chairman, chancellor or at least finance minister and was also supported in this by the business and banking lobby in Germany. Hello ICIJ-investigative journalists: Have you ever pursued the question whether Friedrich Merz has a letter box company, or perhaps even several?

But the vast majority of these 219 companies are shell companies in financial havens and contain the respective invested capital of BlackRocks anonymous investors. The financial havens are not the Seychelles, Belize etc. mentioned by ICIJ and the EU, but they are Delaware, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore.

Attachment 2 shows an excerpt from the list of these RWE-BlackRock shell companies; ticked are the shell companies in financial havens; the name part “Holdco” means: domicile in Delaware. (as of 6.10.2021) The fact that the average value of the shares is “only” 4 million should not come as a surprise: These shell companies belonging to individual investors also appear in numerous other companies and banks, thus uniting a much larger sum in themselves.

Missing: Joe Biden, the patron of Delaware

Oh, in case you didn’t know or forgot again, which can happen very easily nowadays, with this inundation of non-information: With the rise of Delaware to the largest corporate and investor financial oasis on earth also rose a certain Joe Biden, since 2021 president of “America First”.

So all those busy journalists beavering away and likely being paid to ignore the obvious. Smells like a fraud.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 12 2021 7:56 utc | 110

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 12 2021 4:47 utc | 109

Ukraine is back in the front burner, Cookie Nuland finally made it to Moscow after some deal to take her off the sanction list in exchange for some Russian diplomats visas. Ex president Medvedev published an article in Kommersant, with no diplomatic language accuses Ukro president of forgetting who he is to accommodate the nazikis, and basically there is no reason to have any presidential meetings just for the sake of meeting, since all documents signed by Ukraine are not worth the paper or ink spent on them.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 12 2021 7:56 utc | 110

What really p*ssesss me off is how the guardians of copyright for shitty hollywood movies, defective software programs, and all sort of uncultural garbage are so quick to use classical names like Pandora, no royalties I guess, just like Gates not paying the Maya for their inventing the zero.

It's more than clear where this Pandora comes from, Langley or not too far from it, I wonder where Castro kept the billions their propaganda claimed he had. So hard for those subhumans to understand that up in those heights the personal purse does not have any meaning, like Putin hoarding billions, what for? he has the Kremlin, Sochi, and the whole of Siberia to go fishing, and that you do not measure with billions.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 12 2021 8:48 utc | 111
hypercytokinemia in Covid caused by a single protein high mobility group box 1 protein, or HMGB1 its part of the universal “evolutionary suicide mechanism” that kills an organism to prevent the spread of severe infections. 

we were able to prove that opioid receptors trigger processes with a massive anti-inflammatory effect while causing no damage to a person,”

opioid hexapeptide called [D-Ala2]-dynorphin 1-6, and the results turned out to be surprisingly promising.

My yandex browser does not render .CN webpages..

Posted by: snake | Oct 12 2021 10:21 utc | 112


The Plaza Accords didn't have to be deadly for Japan. It was Japan's reaction that was deadly.

The logical reaction would have been to accept that certain industries were no longer profitable. So you get a transition period where factories are closed and unemployment rises. But after some time the economy adjusts. Of course you can help with worker training programs, etc.

Instead Japan chose to inundate the economy with money. That resulted in real estate and stock prices rising into the stratosphere. And then the roof came down and the bubble burst. And again Japan reacted unwisely. It didn't force companies with a negative net worth to go bankrupt. Instead it created a kind of zombie economy by keeping all those companies alive.

The problem with all this trickery is that it created a highly artificial economy. And that harms growth.

Posted by: Wim | Oct 12 2021 10:44 utc | 113


You should watch Princes of the Yen, the central banks wrecking policy looks more intentional than accidental. I remember thinking so at the time as they kept inflating asset prices, then kept squeezing to deepen the crash.

The US 100% tariffs on memory chips and the "voluntary" and car export quotas were designed to hobble the most advanced sectors of the Japanese economy.

Posted by: Roger | Oct 12 2021 14:00 utc | 114

i agree with @ 114 roger... watch 'princes of the yen' on youtube... very informative and an indication of what is happening now in the west..

Posted by: james | Oct 12 2021 16:22 utc | 115

New (I think) from Pepe on Moqutada al Sadr:

Muqtada the Conqueror Gains Ground in Iraqi Poll

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 12 2021 17:08 utc | 116

Clipping of the day:


This is your average "South Korea expert" in the West:

In land of ‘Parasite’ and ‘Squid Game,’ a hero rises: In equality-obsessed South Korea, a fiery working-class warrior wins the ruling party’s presidential ticket

"equality-obsessed"? My man, South Korea is the most Confucian country on Earth. They're not only obsessed with inequality, they veneer it. That's why series like "Squid Game" are created in South Korea. South Korea is the "everybody should know their place" nation par excellence; for them, equality is North Korea, it's "communist darkness", therefore, everything that's wrong with the world.


How “Terror Capitalism” Links Uyghur Oppression to the Global Economy: The camps in Xinjiang and undocumented work in the US are part of the same continuum of unfreedom.

Honestly, I don't know to which public The Nation intends to. They sound like a bunch of hallucinated fanatics, a bunch of hippies on mushrooms.

The American Leftist media practicing the same selective ignorance the MSM is using against, among others, the leftists themselves. The whole hypothesis of Uighur concentration camps rests entirely on the "works" of one man: anthropologist Adrian Zenz, a far-right apocalyptic Christian ideologue, whose work is entirely pseudo-scientific. The Nation (among other leftists), take his "evidence" at face value. However, if Fox News dares to shit on Bernie Sanders or AOC, you bet your ass The Nation would be on the depths of the Dark Web and social media to find the root of the fake news against them.

Also, related:

Why it now suits America to cool the talk of Beijing’s Uighur ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang


Polish ruling ‘risks EU collapse’: Row over values threatens bloc’s unity, warns official

The true news here is not the article itself (which is a Reuters routine article), but the fact that it is (to my memory) the first time Chinese official media (in this case, the Global Times) is reporting it. The Chinese don't fuck around with such things, so the Polish imbroglio may be more serious than we thought.


Harvard moves Chinese language programme from Beijing to Taipei

Course to be based at National Taiwan University, replacing a partnership with Beijing Language and Culture University

Covid-19 restrictions had forced the course to be suspended, with its director also citing a perceived lack of friendliness from the host institution

Let me translate this from NGOese for you: this "Harvard Chinese language programme" was busted by the Chinese authorities as a center for color revolution in China. To save face and preserve its assets, it is - in a humiliating fashion - fleeing to the rebel province of Taiwan.

Harvard University is a known center for regime change in Latin America. Every defeated neoliberal presidential candidate in a Latin American country immediately flies to Massachusetts for one of Harvard's "recycling courses" of "public governance" (which exist for decades now), and go back to their countries of origin three years later, in time to win the next elections.


A clearer picture emerges:

Chinese premier stresses stable energy supply, energy security

Li Keqiang essentially replicated the official stance, which I linked here some days ago: China has double the energy output of the USA, but with a lower GDP, therefore it is energy inefficient. It needs to modernize its energy architecture in order to prepare for the new challenges ahead and it must do it now, while it has some cushion to fall onto.

However, in the middle of this transition, an unexpected spike on coal prices happened due to shortage (including heavy rains which forced the closure of 60 coal mines in China) of the commodity. China is working to soften this landing:

Coal output hiked to address power shortfalls

Long story short: China will eventually abandon coal, but it will do so in its own terms, without any Western power dictating how it should do it.


Don’t blame women for our low birthrate – we need to fix our precarious [i.e. the UK] society

Notice the difference of treatment between China and the West (in this case, the UK).

The Chinese are essentially treated like cattle by the British. They commemorated when China enforced its one-child policy for decades, as "the only good policy ever implemented by the CCP [sic]". After the Chinese implemented the two-children and then the three-children policy, the British commemorated the "imminent and irreversible demographic collapse of China" and "the end of China". They ignored that the problem of low birth rates is a worldwide phenomenon save for a few countries.

Now that the problem is visible in the UK, The Guardian sends one of its miscellaneous op-eders to do some hyper-humanizing fluffy articles, as if the British were some kind of precious endangered species. This is a very dangerous ideology: hyper-humanization is the obverse of dehumanization - by hyper-humanizing one people, you automatically dehumanize the rest. This is the basis of Nazism and Social-Fascism.

Posted by: vk | Oct 12 2021 17:56 utc | 117

Paco @111--

Medvedev's been active and outspoken recently in a positive fashion!

Here's the short press release about the cookie mobster's meeting with Ryabkov:

"The officials discussed the status and prospects of bilateral relations. They paid special attention to the operation of the diplomatic missions on each other’s territory. Mr Ryabkov emphasised that the hostile anti-Russian actions will not remain unanswered although Moscow does not seek to further escalate tensions. He suggested removing all restrictions that both sides have introduced in the past few years.

"Ms Nuland was told that the continuation of Washington’s line toward confrontation on the bilateral agenda and in the context of acute international and regional problems can only result in the further degradation of Russian-US relations. It is necessary to adopt a realistic approach and build bilateral ties on the principles of equality and mutual consideration of each other’s interests.

"Deputy Defence Minister, Colonel General Alexander Fomin also took part in the meeting."

Comparing this with what gets released by the Empire's Lie Department might be interesting.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 12 2021 18:11 utc | 118

Escobar reports on the Iraqi elections. Here're the basics:

"Let’s start with the abstention rate. Of the 22 million eligible voters able to choose 329 members of Parliament from 3,227 candidates and 167 parties, only 41% chose to cast their ballots, according to the Iraq High Electoral Commission (IHEC)

"Then there’s the notorious fragmentation of the Iraqi political chessboard. Initial results offer a fascinating glimpse. Of the 329 seats, the Sadrists – led by Muqtada al-Sadr – captured 73, a Sunni coalition has 43, a Shi’ite coalition – led by former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki – has 41 and the Kurd faction led by Barzani has 32."

So we'll see yet another coalition government.

"What happens next are extremely protracted negotiations, not to mention infighting. Once the results are certified, President Barham Saleh, in theory, has 15 days to choose the next Parliament speaker, and Parliament has one month to choose a President. Yet the whole process could last months."

Most barflies want to know what's happening to the Imperial Stormtroopers. Pepe says:

"The American 'withdrawal' in December is a euphemism: 2,500 combat troops will actually be repositioned into unspecified 'non-combat' roles. The overwhelming majority of Iraqis – Sunni and Shi’ite – won’t accept it. A solid intel source – Western, not West Asian – assured me assorted Shi’ite outfits have the capability to overrun all American assets in Iraq in only six days, the Green Zone included."

Pepe concludes with what seems obvious:

"Geopolitically, looking ahead, Iraq’s future in West Asia from now on will be inextricably linked to Eurasian integration. Not surprisingly, Iran and Russia were among the first actors to officially congratulate Baghdad for running a smooth election.

"Muqtada and the Sadrists will be very much aware that the Axis of Resistance – Iran-Iraq-Syria-Hezbollah in Lebanon – is strengthening by the minute. And that is directly linked to the Iran-Russia-China partnership strengthening Eurasia integration. But first things first: let’s get an 'honest' prime minister and Parliament in place."

It appears that the Afghan debacle has forced the Empire to retain its troops in Iraq and Syria even though it can't afford to keep them there.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 12 2021 18:44 utc | 119

An observation.
Does anyone think that the demonstration in Warsaw looked staged?

Posted by: JPC | Oct 12 2021 19:19 utc | 120

Here is the RT version of the post by Karlof1 at @117 above

They put it a bit more clearly " The Americans are not listening to us".
Seems like Nulland is doing a Blinken and just telling others what to do. The Russians probably are being more polite than the Chinese were, but the result will be the same.


Wim | Oct 12 2021 10:44 utc | 113, Roger and James.

"Instead Japan chose to inundate the economy with money. That resulted in real estate and stock prices rising into the stratosphere. And then the roof came down and the bubble burst. And again Japan reacted unwisely. It didn't force companies with a negative net worth to go bankrupt. Instead it created a kind of zombie economy by keeping all those companies alive. And that harms growth."

Roger "inflating asset prices, then kept squeezing to deepen the crash."

This is an interesting line of thought. The "reset" actually doesn't give many precisions about the future situation of the masses (Except "you wll have nothing and be happy").

Would a Japanese situation be workable in the west? It gives hard workers, no chance of change and the top dogs keep it all for themselves. The Japanese consecrate themselves to their "boss". Even going so far to give presents TO the boss (For birthdays, festivals etc). One executive/top secretary(?) lady I met worked for four years non-stop for her Japanese boss, (including weekends) and was to have a week (maybe at maximum two) of holiday to visit her sick/old mother. At the last minute the "Boss" told her that she should stay as he had work for her to do. She never went.

The effect of a Japanese" economic situation might be just what the Schwabs of this world want. Dedicated financial slavery for some, vast possessions for the others. EVEN IF the Corporations or companies are inefficient - they would continue to be kept "alive" by injections of virtual "liquidity". Those "slurping at the life-blood of society" would be protected from failure, and as immortal as all vampires are supposed to be.

All the others become zombified, and you don't even need co**d to get obedience.

Posted by: Stonebird | Oct 12 2021 19:26 utc | 121

Those poor credit card companies being forced to take control over free speech:

Because, you know, the four horsemen of the infocalypse.
Not new of course, if you see how financing mechanisms of Wikileaks got cut a decade ago.
The key concept is control. Once it is accepted that there is full control and full monitoring of what you transfer to whom the transfer of power is complete. Sanctions now are already a large scale control system which is massively more powerful than a generation ago. With digitalization it can be micromanaged to the individual.
But hey, if you trust the system that should not be a big problem.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Oct 12 2021 21:04 utc | 122

John Cleary @ 59; Great post!!

Posted by: vetinLA | Oct 12 2021 0:26 utc | 69

Thank you LA vet :)

Can I just repeat this part on this thread:

It is the second clearest case of projection.

The clearest was quite obviously "Evil Putin controls everything in Russia. Evil Putin has stolen enormous sums from the Russian people. Evil Putin weaponises everything. Evil Putin is being aggressive again."

That's exactly what Queen Elizabeth has done within her own empire.

There is an interesting contrast to be drawn between how the Commission treats Russia, an outsider, and the United Kingdom, also an outsider. Look here.

Northern Ireland EU ready to scrap most post-Brexit checks on British goods
Offer to lift up to 50% of customs checks aims to turn page on troubled relationship with Boris Johnson
Explainer What next for the Northern Ireland protocol?
Frost Failure to rip up protocol would be ‘historic misjudgment’
Car industry Brexit rules 'are denting competitiveness'
EU ready to scrap most post-Brexit checks on British goods

The Euro Commission is kicking Russia in the balls at the same time as allowing the United Kingdom to have its cake and eat it. All the while pretending the opposite.

Why is this?

Posted by: John Cleary | Oct 12 2021 22:08 utc | 123

This is your deep state...


The Military and Intelligence Origins of Public Health

The regimental genealogy of the NIAID can be traced to the War Research Service, the US regime’s secret biological and chemical weapons research office, run by George W. Merck, president of one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world.[1]

Posted by: denk | Oct 13 2021 1:25 utc | 124

why I will never ride any airline again but southwest

denk @ 123 the definition of the deep state is private owners of monopoly power. your list is too short.. .. and the deep state is far greater in span than military and its contractors.. and their pharmacy.

You are looking at monopoly power in copyrighted software, in patented hardware, and in government contracting. .. what monopoly power does, is that it eliminates all competition and at the same time it makes portable where industrial and technical complexes operate completely independent of local anything. So the PIGO owners seek the place where labor is the cheapest and environments are of no concern.

Just recently Hitachi pulled up states in the USA and moved the local wire factory to Mexico.. but because Hitachi has a patent on its process and the software it uses is copyrighted, no American can start up a wire company to fill the void. This is how the monopoly monsters moved all industry out of the USA governed America.

Posted by: snake | Oct 13 2021 1:50 utc | 125

snake 124

I heard Merck has come up with a wonder drug for covid,

Perpetual wars to enrich Lockheed Martin/Boeing/Raytheon.....

Perpetual pandemic to feed Merck,/Pfizer .....

This is what pork barrel about.

cui bono ?

Not the rubes

Posted by: denk | Oct 13 2021 2:29 utc | 126

Reported on RT (accuracy of list unknown)

Page 50 onwards, lists hundreds (if not all) of US militia groups, US regime keeping eyes on potential uprisings?

Posted by: awaiting approval | Oct 13 2021 4:15 utc | 127

Page 50 onwards, lists hundreds (if not all) of US militia groups, US regime keeping eyes on potential uprisings?

Posted by: awaiting approval | Oct 13 2021 4:15 utc | 126

The way I understand it, all those groups are infiltrated already. There are always a few FBI plants. So "keeping an eye on them" doesn't quite describe it. They have been doing it at least since the 60s, and I would guess a lot longer than that.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 13 2021 4:56 utc | 128

This is an interesting line of thought. The "reset" actually doesn't give many precisions about the future situation of the masses (Except "you wll have nothing and be happy").

The effect of a Japanese" economic situation might be just what the Schwabs of this world want. Dedicated financial slavery for some, vast possessions for the others. EVEN IF the Corporations or companies are inefficient - they would continue to be kept "alive" by injections of virtual "liquidity". Those "slurping at the life-blood of society" would be protected from failure, and as immortal as all vampires are supposed to be.

Stonebird @ 120

This is what Antony Sutton predicted that would happen. Wiki:

Sutton's next three published books (Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and FDR and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler) detailed Wall Street's involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution to destroy Russia as an economic competitor and turn it into "a captive market and a technical colony to be exploited by a few high-powered American financiers and the corporations under their control"[9] as well as its decisive contributions to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose policies he assessed as being essentially the same "corporate socialism," planned by the big corporations.[10]

Sutton concluded that it was all part of the economic power elites' "long-range program of nurturing collectivism"[7] and fostering "corporate socialism" in order to ensure "monopoly acquisition of wealth" because it "would fade away if it were exposed to the activity of a free market."[11]

Posted by: Down South | Oct 13 2021 6:35 utc | 129

Nobel Joke Prize gets called out by Mick Wallace here.

And for those who haven't realised just yet that the Nobel Peace Prize has become a bit of a joke, here's the latest winner, Maria Ressa of CNN fame, telling the world that Julian #Assange stands guilty for telling the truth about #US War Crimes - How dare he tell the truth...

What a craven cesspit of stenographers are these CNN asshats.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 13 2021 9:26 utc | 130

energy crisis released from the lab excellent article, people in the North might need to move south for the winter?

Posted by: snake | Oct 13 2021 9:46 utc | 131

Southfront is reporting that Azerbaijan has shot itself in the foot with that pistol from Erdogan.

Azerbaijan Induced Its Isolation When It Had Potential To Be Regional Hub

Azerbaijan, with the backing of Turkey and Syrian mercenaries, were the undisputed victors of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War after reclaiming most of the territory from Armenian control. It was expected that with most of Nagorno-Karabakh under Baku’s control, new trade and transportation corridors would open and ensure that Azerbaijan became an indispensable connectivity hub in the Caucasus. Although there is a possibility for a trade corridor with Turkey to open and extend into the Turkic heartland of Central Asia, Azerbaijan’s hostile and aggressive posture has also meant that India and Iran are looking elsewhere to engage with Europe economically.

On Monday, a BBC journalist quoted the chairman of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization, Alireza Peymanpak, as saying: “Two alternative Iran-Eurasia transit routes will replace Azerbaijan’s route. First opens in a month via Armenia after [the] end of repair work, and the second via sea by purchasing and renting vessels.”

Peymanpak was referencing the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), a major economic project that is 7,200-km long and comprises of rail, road and water routes aimed at reducing travel time and costs. It will also boost trade between Russia, Iran, Central Asia, the Caucasus, India and Europe. Not only is this route 30% cheaper and 40% shorter than the current route, but it also serves as a geopolitical tool to further isolate Azerbaijan as its relationship with Iran and India deteriorates.

That's all very well at first glance but then taking a look at this map reveals that for Iran transiting Armenia to Russia necessitates crossing Georgia. Now what a coincidence that the Loony Saakashvili has just returned home to Georgia. This is the very same USA stooge that played a hand in Ukraine and afaik is wanted for some minor graft issues at home. I read this as evil empire up to sh!tty tricks.

Perhaps Iran will succeed and Azerbaijan 'might' let the loss of the INSTC corridor evaporate in favour of coddling Israel. Unlikely, and yet this complex struggle and squabble between these states is precisely what the USA has been fomenting for some decades. Recall Biden's words as to the many options open to the USA in maintaining 'presence' in the region.

We should not be surprised if this descends into anarchy over the next month or so.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 13 2021 9:53 utc | 132

Who run Pakistan? Not elected politicians including the PM: it is the Army generals, called the "Establishment".

The reported clash between the prime minister and the security leadership over the appointment of the ISI chief is symptomatic of the widening gap between the two. The fault lines are hard to fix.

Editorial: The intense discussion on new DG ISI's appointment is a sad reflection of state of affairs in Pakistan

It’s obvious that the prime minister chose the wrong issue for asserting his authority. His reported insistence on retaining the outgoing spymaster raised questions about possible political motives. The military leadership reacted by notifying the appointment of the new chief apparently without the prime minister’s approval and in violation of the rules, leading to a stand-off.

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 13 2021 12:49 utc | 133

Watching some long legged journo with little more than leg length interviewing Putin during the Russian Energy Weak, the old mantra of weaponizing, in this case gas. Putin allows himself a little trolling when he insists that Russia has increased deliveries to Europe while "others" prefer to make more money taking their stuff to Asia, he says that through Blue Stream in the good sense of the word,…. he trolls since blue in Russian is a synonym of gay, good luck long legs understanding anything but the talking points someone wrote for her, starting with weaponizing. Of course that little trolling and a lot more is lost in translation.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 13 2021 14:18 utc | 134

@Roger #110
Have you actually spent time in Japan?
I lived and worked there for 3 years. In many conversations with Japanese at both high and everyday levels - the Japanese made a specific choice.
You insist in seeing the American troops in Okinawa and Yokosuka as an occupying force, but in reality they are why Japan gets away with spending almost no money on defense - a symbol of how Japan uses the United States to balance its role against China and Russia.
The Tokyo metropolitan area has at least 30 million Japanese in it. How exactly do 25000 American soldiers in Yokosuka and 14000 in Yokota "occupy" 30 million people? Nor do they Thunder Runs or shoot anyone (well, hardly ever).
I've visited both Yokota and Yokosuka out of curiosity as well. They do not resemble the Green Zones in Iraq or Afghanistan in any way. Nor is there a DMZ like in Korea.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 13 2021 14:35 utc | 135

@Roger #106
China never successfully invaded Japan, but they tried numerous times. China's immensity has loomed over Japan for literally millenia.

Furthermore, the Japanese as an ethnic group are in Japan because they were forced out of mainland Asia to begin with. There is significant archeological evidence that the dominant Japanese ethnicity and culture came from Southern China; they took over the Japanese islands from the Ainu much as the KMT took over Taiwan. And while Japan is large by absolute standards with 120M population, it is less than 1/10th the size of China's.

To ignore Japan's history with China and Russia is thus a major oversight. China I've noted above; Russia vis a vis the Kuril islands and World War 2 conflicts between Russian and Japanese militaries including possibly the largest battle in recorded history - the battle of Mukden: 610,000 participants and 160,000 casualties on both sides.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 13 2021 14:46 utc | 136

c1ue | Oct 13 2021 14:46 utc @ 135,

China never successfully invaded Japan, but they tried numerous times. China's immensity has loomed over Japan for literally millenia.

If you don't mind, could you cite the reference about the "numerous" claim?

From what I understand, China attempted to invade Japan twice during Yuan Dynasty (established by Mongols). It may be a little tricky here whether to categorize Mongols as Chinese at that time. Other than that, China does not invade Japan. China did have wars/conflicts with Japan in Korea peninsula that could date back to Tang Dynasty. But those were related to Korean affairs, not an invasion to Japan. During Ming Dynasty, Japanese did invade Chinese villages in Chinese southeast shores in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces like pirates though.

Posted by: LuRenJia | Oct 13 2021 15:50 utc | 137

Furthermore, the Japanese as an ethnic group are in Japan because they were forced out of mainland Asia to begin with. There is significant archeological evidence that the dominant Japanese ethnicity and culture came from Southern China; they took over the Japanese islands from the Ainu much as the KMT took over Taiwan.
Posted by: c1ue | Oct 13 2021 14:46 utc | 136

My knowledge of Japan is patchy, but I was told that there are two major ethnicities, one being presumably the Ainu [that is, unless my source was referring to a division of the dominant ethnic into two sub-types - I don't know]; the other was derived from a Mongoloid group. It was a long time ago, but the Mongoloid group might have referred specifically to Hmong. Quite close linguistic similarities were specifically noted.

Posted by: BM | Oct 13 2021 17:04 utc | 138

@LuRenJia #137
The Mongol fleets (which were the government of China at the time, and included many Chinese soldiers, sailors, bureaucrats etc) were not the first attacks on Japan from China.
There were at least 3 or 4 before that which failed due to logistic reasons.
Was taking Japan ever a primary goal for China - either as a unified nation or any of the smaller predecessor states?
No but that is really irrelevant from the Japanese point of view.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 13 2021 19:49 utc | 139

@BM #138
The Ainu are pretty generally acknowledged as Pacific Islanders genetically whereas the non-Ainu non-Sankokujin (naturalized or resident Chinese, Koreans and Filipino) are Asian.
Furthermore, linguistically as well as in many cultural areas, Japan and Korea are very close. Those 2 nations historical relationship is unquestionably Cain and Abel - i.e. brotherly.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 13 2021 19:52 utc | 140

Price Waterhouse Coopers gave Evergrande a clean bill of health and a complimentary whitewash this spring (March).

In today's nine minute utoob Patrick Boyle examines the entrails of this chicken and reveals some interesting history. In summary - Capitalism sux but PWC is sucking harder.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 13 2021 20:47 utc | 141

@c1ue | Oct 13 2021 19:49 utc | 139,

There were at least 3 or 4 before that which failed due to logistic reasons.

It will help if you can provide more details such as when the at-least 3 or 4 times of Chinese invasions to Japan occurred. I can't think of such events as you stated in my limited history knowledge.

In addition, I also wonder where the sources/references are from- Chinese one(s), Japanese one(s), or else?!

Posted by: LuRenJia | Oct 13 2021 21:17 utc | 142

@LuRenJia #142
The web doesn't talk about this because these events were pre-Mongol (1200s). However, there are references to the Divine Wind wrecking the 2 Mongol fleets as being the latest in a series of attacks from China.
This is what the Japanese believe, and that is what matters. Japan was a pimple on the butt compared to China - between that and China's multiple history cleansings in the past 1000 years, it is not surprising that memory of this is nonexistent outside of Japan.
Here is an oblique reference to what I am talking about: China was never able to mount a proper invasion into either Japan or Korea. When she finally did, it failed not once but four times.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 14 2021 15:53 utc | 143

@c1ue | Oct 14 2021 15:53 utc | 143,

So what you claimed is one-side story, isn't it? If it is indeed historical events, would it be collaborated with other sources? Japanese also claim there was no Nanjing Massacre during WW2. Did you believe that too? In addition, why Japanese don't "reveal" the true history if those events did occur, especially this would add one more item on China's "dark" side? I don't think Japan would hesitate to do that.

The reference you cited occurred in today's northeast China and northern Korea. It is Korea, not Japan. And do you apply your standard/view to wars initialized by every country in history, which I seriously doubt it.

Posted by: LuRenJia | Oct 14 2021 17:14 utc | 144

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