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October 28, 2021

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quote taken from link

a report published on Thursday, Rai al-Youm disclosed that the ship, from which the stockpile of ammonium nitrate shipment was confiscated, was paid for through a bank based in a Persian Gulf country, whose main branch is in Switzerland.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has accused the judge investigating the Beirut explosion, Tarek Bitar, of “politically targeting” officials in his investigation.

anyone know more about this ??

Posted by: snake | Oct 29 2021 13:00 utc | 101

China doesn't need to invade Taiwan
China can say that she is enforcing the One China Policy and territorial sovereignty. i.e. all Taiwan's airspace and waters are also China's.
China then requires all shipping and air transport to be inspected at a mainland port/airport for weapons etc before allowed to go on to Taiwan.
Posted by: littlereddot | Oct 29 2021 12:27 utc | 96

That is an excellent idea littlereddot; it also sounds like a very Lao Tsu solution!

Posted by: BM | Oct 29 2021 13:12 utc | 102

james@ 52

It is not so much my problem as it is our problem. Will stress again these are completely normal people. And they are in fact my friends. Who have been led astray.

At this bar biggest question is did you get shot with a Chinese bullet? Then it was a good socialist death. If it was a capitalist bullet then and only then can you complain.

For ordinary people the big variable is how much state propaganda they consume. If they watch TV it is over, if they read NYT or listen to NPR they are raving lunatics.

Posted by: Oldhippie | Oct 29 2021 13:18 utc | 103

I person told me that overnight TV reported this Bill or or this one has contained within it, grants of $450k to each immigrant allowed into the USA ..I can't find that in the bill, si there another bill or what?

I think I will become an immigrant with that kind of pay? it is true.

is there something to this rumor? or is it just a rumor.?.

Posted by: snake | Oct 29 2021 13:21 utc | 104

@96 littlereddot
I have arrived at similar conclusions. The Chinese military capabilities are growing quickly. At some point in the not to distant future the Chinese navy will be so strong that that it undisputedly controls the sea north, east and south of Taiwan. At this point a ground invasion will have become unnecessary.

Maybe a small-scale military demonstration. The authorities in Taipeh send a delegation to Beijing. A few days later there will be a joint statement that Taiwan has asked for re-joining the Peoples Republic of China and that Beijing has generously approved the request on the condition of full Taiwanese local autonomy.

[As of the military budget: 2% of GDP is somewhere at the upper limit of what is sustainable for a developed country. The US military budget is unsustainable, with US debt spiraling out of control at increasing pace. The even higher Israeli military budget just shows what will be left of Israels might once the subsidies from the West come to an end.)

Posted by: m | Oct 29 2021 13:27 utc | 105

@snake #102

There are ongoing lawsuits regarding families that were deliberately separated during the Trump administration. The average claim is $3.4 million per family, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Naturally, Republican politicians are trying to twist potential settlement of that liability as a gift to all illegal immigrants.

And no it's not law or anything like it.

Posted by: Billb | Oct 29 2021 14:14 utc | 106

90% of the Cuban children have already received the second dose of the vaccine:

Cuba: 90% das crianças e jovens receberam duas doses de vacina contra covid-19

Also, 90% of the entire population eligible to be vaccinated have already received the two doses, and 100% of the Cuban population has received at least the first dose.

At the end of September, Cuba became the first Latin American country to immunize 80% of its population.

Posted by: vk | Oct 29 2021 14:24 utc | 107

Posted by: m | Oct 29 2021 13:27 utc | 103

There is no magic percentage for sustainable military spending. Clearly, a theocracy with military aspects in its religion can spend more. A theocracy has a rather special structure of the branches of government, it has one or two "holy" branches that may be co-equal or supreme. Security of Israel is "holy", venerated and collecting its "tithe", while rabbinic branch is related and parallel. The arrangement in Pakistan seems similar, and in Iran it has quite different details.

In USA, Russia, Ukraine etc. the military is highly revered, special and only formally subservient to executive. Thus 2% rule does not apply.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 29 2021 14:46 utc | 108

The Only Way to Solve Our Supply Chain Crisis Is to Rethink Trade, by Josh Hawley, guest op-ed for the NYT

NOTE: Josh Hawley is an extremely virulent, aggressive senator for the USA (representing the member-State of Missouri).

The failure of the nation’s productive capacity to keep up with its needs was not inevitable. It was a choice. Over the last 30 years, experts and politicians in Washington from both parties helped build a global economic system that prioritized the free flow of capital over the wages of American workers, and the free flow of goods over the resiliency of our nation’s supply chains. We liberalized and expanded trade relations with China under the delusion that it could be influenced into becoming a peace-loving democracy. We ceded more and more of our national sovereignty to multinational organizations like the World Trade Organization, and supported China’s membership to that body.

This assertion is completely false. One of the main features of capitalism is that it is an uncontrollable system once it gets going (i.e. after its primitive accumulation phase). That's its charm, what gives the average person the illusion it is a free system (a free market), in opposition to "totalitarianism" of the socialist system.

The American capitalist class had no other choice if not to outsource its manufacturing (it's their private property, not of the American people or the American nation) after the stagflation crisis of 1975. If they hadn't done that, the USA would have collapsed before the USSR, somewhere in the beginning of the 1980s.

So, it's not a question of the present-day American elites changing opinions, adopting this or that policy, signing this or that bill. The process is unstoppable and inexorable. The USA serves capitalism, not the contrary.

On a side note, senator Hawley finishes his op-ed with this chilling threat to the rest of the world:

The United States must not settle for scarcity. We must never lower our expectations. Just the opposite. The strength and resourcefulness of the American people are unlimited. Let them build. Let them create. And they’ll change the world.

If this is not a totalitarian, nazifascist call for world domination by the USA, I don't know what it is.

Posted by: vk | Oct 29 2021 15:06 utc | 109


I hear you... I've deeply appreciated your input over the past few years. This is spiritual. Enough said.


Posted by: Les7 | Oct 29 2021 15:13 utc | 110

Pitiful editorial board op-ed by The Guardian:

The Guardian view on Russian gas: a threat to European solidarity

The central point of their argument is this:

Meanwhile, the whole of Europe must accelerate the transition to a more resilient, self-sufficient and renewable energy infrastructure.

The problem with this argument is that it still rests on the assumption we're living in the 19th Century.

Europe's geographic position is very precarious. It is, by far, the most devastated continent on Earth, i.e. the continent with the fewest natural resources left (because capitalism started there). As time goes on, it will become more and more dependent on imports of energy and other commodities (than it already is). It is tiny, and easily accessible by land and sea by a greater military power.

It is one thing when the entire world is still feudal or tribal, and you're the only capitalist entity; it's a completely different story when the entire world already is capitalist and you're just one more corner of the planet.

So, the thing with Europe is this: it's not that it can't find alternatives to Russian gas, but that it will not be able to find them at a cheaper price. Europe will have to pay the price, it cannot keep bullying Russia to give gas essentially for free forever.

Posted by: vk | Oct 29 2021 15:13 utc | 111

@94 spudski

I’m just reading the CBC News coverage of the tomato scandal. What caught my eye is that one of the Whole Food Market’s brands 365 tomato paste was linked to Xinjiang tomatoes. … I used to frequent Whole Foods in Vancouver, especially for their bulk bins, best prices on organic beans and lentils, but I stopped after Amazon acquired them. Amazon’s a CIA shop, right? And I won’t buy from them. I don’t know much about CIA practices but I thought they only cooperated with (and sourced from) other CIA affiliates. So who is responsible for the Xinjiang human rights abuses exactly??

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 29 2021 15:21 utc | 112

littlereddot @96--

I'll echo BM @100 and say that I'd thought of a Cuban-style blockade given China's sovereignty over Taiwan, its waters and airspace. Such an action would certainly tempt the Outlaw US Empire to try and run the blockade with submarines or aircraft and thus set the stage for a confrontation. The unknown factor IMO is how such a move would be perceived by the Global South, since that consists of the majority of nations, and I already know what will be said by the Outlaw US Empire and its running dogs.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 29 2021 15:47 utc | 113

@Featherless, if the RRSPs are worth more than the mortgage, in Canada there is a way to pay off the mortgage using the RRSP then holding the mortgage within your own RRSP. So when a mortgage payment is made you pay yourself not the bank. Cashing out any registered money sucks, cha ching for the gov no matter what. I just got a small severance from work, Mr Nanoparticles, took half.


Posted by: sean the leprechaun | Oct 29 2021 15:47 utc | 114

The collapse (another one) of liberal feminism:

‘Very difficult years’: Renowned philosophy professor Kathleen Stock quits Sussex University after harassment by trans activists

So, now I learned this Kathleen Stock is "renowned". Everything to fatten the conservative propaganda, I guess.


Melting statues to create modern art is a sign America hates its own history & no different from ISIS destroying Palmyra

Modernism ended in the 1960s. The only modern art we have nowadays is the art in the museums, private collections and the remaining buildings and facilities (in the case of modern architecture).

The fact that people still call contemporary (Postmodern) art "modern" is an indicative that the conservatives are, deep down, still all about anti-communism.

The Ghost of Communism still haunts the liberals.


The Global Times on fire today:

With poor Q3 GDP growth and epidemic failure, US is unqualified to lecture China

Milley’s ‘Sputnik moment’ remark a wild guess, doesn’t reflect reality


Surprising news:

Huawei revenues drop 32%, but still profitable

I expected more. 32% is not that much of a blow for a giant company. From all the drama I was reading in the MSM, it looked like Huawei was on the brink of bankruptcy.

Those numbers mean Huawei still profited more than 10%.

Posted by: vk | Oct 29 2021 15:56 utc | 115

Very enlightening discovery. Put a taint on Saint Roosevelt's image to the Americans:

The secret became clear: what Roosevelt "secretly" asked Hitler

Posted by: vk | Oct 29 2021 16:11 utc | 116

@ Oldhippie | Oct 29 2021 13:18 utc | 103

that is very true what you say.. i am going to repeat it -" It is not so much my problem as it is our problem. " those are very wise words oldhippie.. i wish more people saw our world in these terms.. we are in all this together... i don't know what to say... i don't know how we move forward here, other then to communicate in an effective way when the need arises and being wise enough to know when, or when not to speak...

Posted by: james | Oct 29 2021 16:42 utc | 117

Oldhippie @Oct29 13:18 #103: It is not so much my problem as it is our problem.

james @Oct29 16:42 #117: that is very true what you say ...

This is not new. Warning about systemic problems are often ignored until it is "everybody's problem". This was talked about a lot after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Naturally, it was soon forgotten. Nobody wants to dwell on thing that make them uncomfortable. As so the looting continues ...


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 29 2021 16:56 utc | 118

Developing an Equitable Political-Economy
Karl Sanchez·13 Oct at 2:52 am

The article follows Karloff's latest post.

Re: "recall that in our world Class Conflict exists primarily between Creditors and Debtors, not workers and owners.
In Marx's hypothetical world, Creditors are erased and replaced by the state/public financing of all enterprises such that only owners and workers exist, and that they could actually be rolled into one.
The one area of conflict within Marx's world that he doesn't address is that between the management/planners and those charged with the implementation of those plans such that a managerial caste exists with hierarchies."

I'm with you on this one sir. I completely disagree with original premise. It's from a POV and otherwise wrong. Ask any coal miner.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Oct 29 2021 17:06 utc | 119

@ bemildred.. let me know what you think if you watch it.. cheers..

Posted by: james | Oct 28 2021 16:44 utc | 6

I managed to track down a transcript (close captions were in Dutch, which is not that bad, but ...) and I can see what he is talking about. I take that sort of possibility very seriously, but any acquaintance with past examples does not suggest it is a good idea for the perps. They seek to rouse the mob, and the mob is headless, not picky about who it kills once it gets going. They may have made their own reality, but they don't seem to like it much, do they?

They may think their media control will protect them, but they will have to maintain "order" to do that. Seems unlikely any time soon to me. Much bigger issues coming into play than a little bullshit is going to fix.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 29 2021 17:21 utc | 120

Posted by: james | Oct 28 2021 3:27 utc | 152

I've had the Prof Mattias Desmet interview in my queue for a while, so I jumped on your link and watched it. Like a number of videos from the Corona Ausschuss this is very important. By the way I found the sound on your link pretty bad quality, maybe there is another video link to the same interview with better sound quality.

You can get a transcript here:

- there you will find a transcript, video and mp3, so you can choose. It is pretty much the same content, but it seems to be an earlier interview from July. I just skimmed the transcript quickly, but it looks like a better discussion than your link, with clearer argumentation and more to the point. There are also links to references.


The key point is the four conditions Prof Desmet listed for the phenomenon of mass formation to occur:

Prof Desmet (00:03:20): Yes. Four things need to exist or need to be in place if you want a large scale mass phenomenon to emerge. The first thing is that there needs to be a lot of socially isolated people, people who experience a lack of social bonds. The second one is that there needs to be a lot of people who experience a lack of sense-making in life. And the third and the fourth conditions are that there needs to be a lot of free-floating anxiety and a lot of free-floating psychological discontent. So: meaning, anxiety, and discontent that is not connected to a specific representation. So it needs to be in the mind without the people being able to connect it to something. If you have these four things—lack of social bonds, lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and free-floating psychological discontent—then society is highly at risk for the emergence of mass phenomenon.

1 Large proportion of society socially isolated - lack of social bonds
2 Sense that lives are meaningless or senseless
3 A lot of free-floating anxiety not connected to an object therefore cannot be mentally controlled
4 A lot of frustration and latent aggression


- and with a big crescendo in the last 5 years.

Suddenly a lot of the crazy things going on in society for the last decades start to make sense. All the extreme and ever-increasing austerity, the increasing precarity of life, the concentration of tensions, forcing the unemployed to move to new territory to find jobs, pressure on housing, spiraling housing costs, exacerbating frustration, destruction of social safety nets - and more recently the wilful fundamental destruction of the fabric of society.

- All of it was deliberately aimed at creating the conditions for mass formation.

Then with the engineered coronavirus situation everything clicks into place.

Posted by: BM | Oct 29 2021 18:13 utc | 121

During the 2019 riots in HK.
FUKUS trained agent provocateurs were bent on provoking a bloody crackdown, the messier the merrier.

Message intended for tw,

hey, is this the kind of motherland u want a reunion ?

CCP knew their plan, Hk police were ordered to bend over backwards to avoid bloodshed.
Even many long time British residents could attest to it.
Try this shit In FUS you'll be gunned down like rabid dogs,

NO matter, fact doesnt count when they had monopoly on 'world opinion'
So its ,
Brutal crackdown on peaceful protestors

Message received in tw, loud and clear.
Han Guo Yu lost that fight.

Rings a bell ?

Pre 2008 tw election,
Coincidentally again,
BLoody riots erupted in Tibet.
CIA mighty wurlitzer blared out to the world,
special focus on tw ears.

Brutal crackdown on peaceful monks.
Is this what u want , tw ?

CCP knew their plan.
with the Bejing OLympic and tw election coming up, the last thing it want is a TAM style propaganda bonanza for the mofo in Washington./LOndon.

POlice were ordered to keep max restraint,
Even the first witness on the ground, from CNN
of all people, testified to the rioters brutal attack on innocent bystanders.
Many passers by had their skull bashed in by screaming savages .

No matter,
In the parallel universe of western democrazies

brutal crackdown on peacful monks.

tw got the message loud and clear.

INcidentally, the immensely popular Ma Ying Jiu won that round inspite of all kind of FUKUS skulldruggeries.

Posted by: denk | Oct 29 2021 18:43 utc | 122

“Ukraine was touched upon. Security in the Baltic region was discussed in general,” Peskov said.

That’s from Putin’s meeting with Finland’s Niinistö. Is it just me or does it appear that something very significant is afoot from the Russian side, not just NATO for a change? Let’s see who Niinistö talks to after his sit-down with the President of the Russian Federation. He appears to be playing the role of intervenor- I speculate.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 29 2021 19:15 utc | 123

“The two leaders agreed to the Canada-Netherlands Hydrogen Memorandum of Understanding, paving the way for increased cooperation between our two countries, and further cementing hydrogen’s role in building a cleaner net-zero future.”

Canada’s Trudeau just finished a visit to the Netherlands. He and Rutte signed this MoU. Will it turn into something concrete? I noticed Canada does have a hydrogen strategy that I wasn’t familiar with.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 29 2021 19:43 utc | 124

@ jackrabbit, bemildred and BM... thanks all 3 of you for your ongoing comments and feedback on this and a number of issues we share here at moa... i really appreciate it...

i agree the sound was not great and i thank you @ BM for a better copy and transcript of what may be the very same essential content... i think it is worth sharing, so thanks for this additional link you've shared..

Posted by: james | Oct 29 2021 20:15 utc | 125

Bruised Northerner @124--

At last century's close, Canada had a very well developed fuel cell program that I was invested in, but it wasn't going anywhere fast, so we sold in 2004. The company had developed fuel cell buses for Chicago and a few other cities as a pilot project, but I stopped monitoring progress when we sold. In my participation with the Oil Drum blog and ASPO-USA, there were many discussions of fuel cells and their future potential. Success always boiled down to supporting infrastructure and what entity would supply it. From what I see from a very limited glimpse at what's happening now, it appears the same debates and prognostications still rage. I just conducted a Yandex search about Russia's hydrogen economy, and it confirmed what I already knew--it has a very low priority for what IMO are excellent reasons.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 29 2021 20:17 utc | 126

Posted by James @ 53
Here is another book for you to study mass psychology.

Remember the kidnapping of Patty Hearst who became a bank robber? William Sargant was an expert witness for her defence.

Posted by: Paul | Oct 29 2021 20:55 utc | 127

BM @ 120

Thank you for finding the succinct version. Now what do we do next? Those who have made The Covid the object of their free floating anxiety, and have found social connection by joining the covidIan cult are not giving up their delusions. The authors of this madness did their job well. The nits we pick here don’t mean a thing.

First time I saw The Fauci he looked like a schemer and a weasel to me. He is a Saint. In fact St. Fauci devotional candles are selling briskly. Torturing puppies is not enough to budge the faithful.

One thing I have found out recently. Here in Evanston Illinois is one of the bastions of the faithful .LocalHealth Department keeps telling us we are 99% vaccinated.And then the numbers get adjusted so we can vaccinate more. Anyway they are lying, but this is still a heavily vaccinated and indoctrinated place. I keep finding more of us. They are mortally terrified of public knowledge of their unvaccinated status, relieved to find another like themselves.There are more dissenters than anyone knows. What would galvanize us I’ve no idea.

By the way unvaccinate is a transitive verb. Unvaccinated would be people who have removed their vaccinated status. Which is not physically possible. What is possible is Newspeak. Words must have new meanings and grammar must stand aside to accomplish what has transpired.

Posted by: Oldhippie | Oct 29 2021 21:07 utc | 128

thanks paul! i am interested! it is not in the library system, but i am still interested.. will look into it.. thank you! i have a lot on my plate at the moment.. ask me again if i had any success finding a copy at a reasonable cost... cheers..

Posted by: james | Oct 29 2021 21:16 utc | 129

@james 129

Available for about $15 +ship on Abebooks or free on z-lib in e-book form.

Posted by: Billb | Oct 29 2021 21:51 utc | 130

Posted by James @ 129

I noticed a free download of 'Battle for the Mind' online. It's just a classic paperback so it shouldn't be expensive.

Find out how UK police obtained a false 'confession' from a man accused of murdering his wife. He was hanged for the 'crime'.

Posted by: Paul | Oct 29 2021 21:57 utc | 131

Thanks karlof1 @126! That’s very interesting. I saw today that Mexico has discovered more lithium reserves and is planning to nationalize its lithium extraction. Put that together with Canadian hydrogen production, under the NAFTA/USMCA agreement, and maybe North America has something for future energy needs. These major projects don’t tend to get started until the right people get paid. I don’t mean bribery, I mean that they will profit in the future. Small country syndrome! Well medium country I guess.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 29 2021 21:58 utc | 132

Books about popular movements:

There is always MacKay, "Extraordinary Popular Delusions",
And Eric Hoffer's "True Believer", and less weighty and
more entertaining: J. P. Chaplin's "Rumor, Fear, and the Madness of Crowds".


Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 29 2021 22:25 utc | 133

China & Latin America
Cuba goes "BRI"
Cuba and China know each other and have a high level of trust which has grown over the decades. Cuba just signed on to BRI; the writer, Tom Fowdy (British), speculates that Cuba could play a counterpunch against the Empire as Cuba is well positioned ideologically and, although U.S. imperial citizens don't know it, Cuba is held in high esteem among the peons in Latin America.
"So while Washington pivots to its most reliable partners, so does China in Cuba, which is well positioned to be its launchpad to the rest of the region. An ideal outcome in Beijing’s eyes would be to succeed through its investments in economically transforming Cuba’s fortunes, which would be politically detrimental to the US, weakening its influence in the region, while creating more ideological sway for China and thus winning over the fence sitters."

My own personal hope is that Cuba launches a hemispheric initiative to build medical schools throughout the hemisphere, complete with training on how to deliver a Cuba-style medical system. China could easily partner and finance this. Support throughout the hemisphere-- including the peons in the U.S.-- would be in the 90+% range.

Posted by: migueljose | Oct 29 2021 22:38 utc | 134

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 29 2021 2:45 utc | 67

Thanks Grieved. words of wisdom, spot on. Your contributions here are greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure by many.

Posted by: migueljose | Oct 29 2021 22:45 utc | 135

Cuba makes it 16 for BRI an Latin America & Caribbean:
Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 29 2021 22:57 utc | 136

Bruised Northerner @132--

Thanks for your reply! I got annoyed with my inability to recall that the company was Ballard, which is located in Vancouver, BC.

Here's what I'd call a crucially important newsletter published by Rosatom about one year ago dealing with the hydrogen economy that makes this very important observation:

"[T]he hydrogen market is driven by political will."

It also recaps some impressive technological developments.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 29 2021 23:17 utc | 137

Covid Gives Biden a Permanent Excuse to Stay Hidden, Tracey:

Now politicians stay hidden behind staffers, answering machines and websites.

I expect they will 'mandate' universal digital ID to rig 'elections' inter alia.

Posted by: Paul | Oct 29 2021 23:19 utc | 138

migueljose @134--

Thanks much for providing that excellent report! The Outlaw US Empire has always feared Cuba would become the "Threat of a Good Example" to it fellow underdeveloped nations within the hemisphere, and it has to a degree despite the Outlaw US Empire's policy to destroy its government--a policy that's long unmasked the Empire's actual intent towards the entire world. Building a shared future for mankind is becoming very attractive to the vast majority of nations, even some Imperial vassals are joining.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 29 2021 23:30 utc | 139


Evanston Health Works

Posted by: Platero | Oct 29 2021 23:46 utc | 140

Bruised Northerner @112

Good point re "CIA Foods." Before asking who is responsible for human rights abuses in Xinjiang, I'd like to see it established that there are human rights abuses in Xinjiang.


Posted by: spudski | Oct 30 2021 0:07 utc | 141

I like this discussion on mass formation.

Are there any thoughts on how this is any different from Trump Derangement Syndrome? Was that a precursor? Somehow without a lot of anxiety (merely revulsion), a lot of people got their perceptions of the man shaped by what was obviously popular media narrative - this was obvious to anyone unplugged from that influence.

That syndrome, to me was the first shock at what the populace was capable of being molded into.


I also want to copy over from the previous open thread a comment I made there, the last one of the thread - I think it pertains here, actually addressed to james on his link to the Desmet interview:

@162 james

Thanks for the link. I'm downloading it now and will try to watch it this evening.

This address is part of an exercise run by Reiner Fuellmich, so it's part of the general awakening around the pandemic - and part of the reeducation that may constitute the arming for battle to defeat the evils brought to light during this time.

I'm thinking about the political awakening that Dr. Malone has gone through, as is so evident in the interview I linked up-thread. I see the same with Dr. Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory and many others. These very intelligent and perceptive people, scientists and doctors for the most part, have had a crash course in the level of discussion that we would typically only see in places like MoA.

This has changed them, but they've become much more than simply caught up to speed with the corruption in the medical field. I think the counter-culture they've come into contact with through their own struggle has also taught them a lot of true conspiracy fact. They've become very erudite, very tuned into the whole picture. It's quite remarkable that our great doctors are also turning into our great activists.

I'm going on about this at length because of what john @155 wrote, all of which is great, and including this observation about the pandemic and its malfeasance:

this issue is seemingly forming the very catalyst for the public joining together to bail itself out

It's a definite theme, I think, that those who were formerly content to work within their career specialties have been forced into a wider exploration of the commonwealth, and have some substance to bring to its defense.

The attack creates its own antibodies.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 29 2021 0:48 utc | 164

My thoughts here are that what Reiner Fuellmich's group is doing is a very important and a highly dynamic form of resistance to the burgeoning tyranny. As are the many doctors who are transcending their purely medical knowledge to absorb, refine and articulate the socio-political aspect of the pandemic.

And also, that we in the resistance are eminently capable of understanding the hypnosis at work in our societies currently - and are seeking the way to break the hypnotic state of our fellows. It seems this must be possible, and that the good guys may be more capable at breaking this state than the bad guys are at inducing it. One answer to hypnosis, said somewhere in the commentary about mass formation, is to keep talking to it. Talking lessens the condition of capture.


In a way, the analogy arises that just as the good actors of the world are trying to lower the US peacefully into its decline, we the domestic actors within the US have the task of lowering the deception peacefully to its knees without having it come crashing down on us.

Surely, this may be possible.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 30 2021 0:24 utc | 142

@ Bruised Northerner | Oct 29 2021 15:21 utc | 112 / @ spudski | Oct 30 2021 0:07 utc | 141

it's just another completely bullshit story from cbc... i quote from it below -

"The Guardian, found some of the world's biggest grocers, including ones here in Canada, are stocked with tomato products that could be tied to forced labour in Xinjiang, a remote area of western China where Uyghurs are subjected to mass detention, surveillance and torture by the Chinese government, in what many countries have labelled a genocide." well, they got all the slander in they could under the phrase " could be tied " - not '' are tied to''... just could be... it is amazing how much bullshit the cbc is capable of generating, but quoting the guardian has to be right up their in terms of high level bullshit... how much does the cia and intel agencies pay these bimbos?? must be a lot and their work is extremely shoddy too..

@ Billb | Oct 29 2021 21:51 utc | 130 / @ Paul | Oct 29 2021 21:57 utc | 131 / @ Bemildred | Oct 29 2021 22:25 utc | 133..

thanks guys! i am a real luddite in that i don't like reading online... about my only online reading is moa and some of the links that are posted here.. i really prefer books that i can hold in my hand, but i appreciate your kindness.. i usually have a few books on the go at the same time and hope to read more on this topic as i think it is relevant at this moment in the world today..

Posted by: james | Oct 30 2021 0:25 utc | 143

BM @ 121 posted Prof. Mattias Desmet ask: What something exist in our materialistic mechanistic view of man in the world that leads up to a radical destruction of the real social structures and social bonds and of the feeling that life makes sense.

<= I hypothecate that it is not stress, which leads to social chaos (weakened social links that collectively unite rationalization about activies that constitute behaviors by which the masses in a particular society can be classified), but instead social chaos is established by content (information) made available to the human.

Nor is the source of man's view of the world <=a result of genetics. The genetic parts of our human construction are structures made functional because they detect, interpret, defend and opportune in response to the information found in our situation (situational awareness).

Our situation awareness (comes from acquired, incoming, processed and stored information found only in our information environments and from the knowledge our information processing units (IPU)s have produced from prior encounters with out environments. Our ability to respond to changes (incoming data and changing situation) is totally dependent on our life time of captured information, processed into knowledge. Each experience contains an information defined window/for each unit of time one wishes to measure it in. Much information in an environmental window is not detected by, or captured into, or reduced to knowledge by the information collection and processing system. Its just lost, unless somehow repeated in a different environment.

Human genetic structure is designed to facilitate transforming information into useful knowledge stores so these stores can be used to formulate opinion and to help analyze conditions and to make decisions as new information arrives for processing. Human life is a continuous biological process aimed at defending life from the horrors an displeasures of the world and at the same time aimed at finding ways to be accepted by, to use, and to join forces with, the other members, of our human society.

Humans engage experience interactively with environments. To make sense of environments, our biological sensory systems (genetic) dissect, segement and deal with the information made available to our sensory systems by one or more of the environments which our biology has wired us to engage.

The elements in information are classified into and sorted into segments, and the segments are channelized (sight, sound, smell, temperature, pressure, taste, and the like) and piped to information processing units (IPU)s. IPUs exist all over the body, in fact they exist in each and every cell in the human body. There are 30,000,000,000,000 individual cells in the human body(ref. But to segment information; information must first be detected, extracted, identified, captured, and transported from its environmental source to one or more of the IPUs the human body uses to process that information. So the body engages environments, detects, classifies, segments, and partitions that information into channels and responds in behavior to maintain a dialogue with one or more environments. So how many enviroments are there? The simplest answer there are two: the external information environment and the internal information environment. But in reality there are many, many because the IPUs are organized to process specific segments and each segment represents a particular set of characterists of that information environment. (some of these segment processors have been physically identified and their functions described).

Human activity is a response to information detected, identified, captured, and decoded from our environment and relayed to our sensory systems via specialized channels (eyes, ears, touch, temperature, pain, nose, distance, DNA, etc.). To analyze a sensory system it is necessary to break it down into sets of sensory elements (cell segments, sensory cells, intra cellular and extra cellular transport systems, nerves, brain, and the like) all reporting, presenting detected captured environment specific information from its environmental source to one or more of the IPUs located throughout the body, including the centralized sets of IPUs that exist in different segments of the brain.

Hence at birth the brain is bare of knowledge. As life matures, experience happens and information is acquired, processed and stored. Eventually, the stored knowledge becomes useful to make decisions and to conduct activities called rationally acceptable behaviors. So the most important threat to mankind is not its political system, or political tyrannt, but instead it is the information environment. With sufficient experience most humans can cope with any reoccuring environment.

The answer to Desmits warning..
<=that it [the state anxious, depressed, isolated society]
<== is something in our materialistic mechanistic view of man in the world that
<===leads to a radical destruction of real social structures and bonds and
<====of the feeling that life makes sense.

is to be found in understanding how important llfe-time experience is to establiishing
what one believes, understands, and knows and how that trio determines how one behaves.

It is also to be found in how the IPUs layer, index and contextualize that knowledge developed from sensory system engagement with information.

And to explain the current state of human mind-set it is necessary only to review the information the masses have been allowed to engage with over their particular life-time. Humans whether they like it or not are information processors, environments are sources of all human information, and knowledge is processed information, indexed by belief, context, understanding, and belief.

Understanding and belief, filter incoming information, and direct output behaviors.

So now we come to propaganda.. P. is engineered and complied information, it can be good or bad, factual, imaginary, fabricated or false in every way, but it cuts short (intercepts) actual experience with real physical environments (its virtual), and presents only a compilation of elements taken from a real or imaginary environment and is slanted to cause IPUs to process the propaganda into a target belief or understanding.

Propaganda consist of content reduced to media (paper, file, or voice), made available in various formats (image, writing, code, language) and distributed (by broadcast or in books, papers, catalogues, etc..) to audience.

Hence content is the variable that determines IPU (information processing unit) output. Access to content and engagement with accessiable content determines which content will control IPU output. IPU output determines belief, hope, expectation ( possible or not), and sets the stage for behavior.

When the same content is seen by the same audience one can expect mass audience behaviors to result.

So we are what the content the media allows us to engage; we are what they tell us to be.. nothing less nothing more. Our entire biology is configured to behave exactly as the content instructs us to be. But there is more than one information soaked environment. The natural environment, and the virtual environment.

The digital platform has allowed the Oligarchs to exclude competing ideas (the call it interference) with their mind controlling engineered content (<=no longer is the content natural content, it is virtual or at least it is on media, we rarely engage natural content other than routines like going to school, work, church, shopping, and the like).

We are programmed to engage the content that has been engineered for our consumption, that programming summaries of the elements in environment; those selected elements become the basis of content and such content has programmed the minds of mankind to behave as slaves. Education is a form of content programming, news is a form of content programming, etc. content programming forms the opinions of the masses and determines their herd behaviors.

Posted by: snake | Oct 30 2021 0:56 utc | 144

@ Grieved | Oct 30 2021 0:24 utc | 142..

hi grieved... thanks for your earlier post to featherless which i thought was very good and heartfelt... regarding your first question here, i liked what Mattias Desmet said about free floating anxiety in the collective prior to covid that was looking for a place to rest within... now, was that what also captured some of the trump derangement syndrome? i am not sure as i don't exactly know what is meant by tds.. i have a basic idea, but not sure and of course tds seems more of an american thing, while what desmet implies is a universal thing on the planet - free floating anxiety, looking for a place to focus all its anxiety on and finding it in covid... how accurate this idea is, is also open to debate or conjecture.. i can only speak for myself.. so here is some of my thoughts...

i was discussing with my brother something i had been predicting from about 2014 based on the astro - saturn/pluto conjunction of 2020 seemed to suggest to me some type of major war that would have significant implications for the planet come 2020... a better astrologer then i - andre barbault suggested a strong likelihood of a pandemic! that was written about in a book back in maybe 2015 - written in french, but translated into english in 2016 under the title 'planetary cycles'.... to call it loosely - free floating anxiety - is another interesting way to put a label to it... either way, it isn't so much the fact of the pandemic perhaps so much as it is how we are all collectively and individually processing this.. i do like the way matthias desmet has framed it though and i do think it matches the astrology, but we still have to figure out a way to move forward here.. i think what everyone is trying to do too in their own way... i didn't particularly care for Reiner Fuellmich's approach in that video and my impression was matthais desmet was trying to steer the conversation in a different direction then reiner was... it is just my impression.. it seems reiner would like to directly blame someone and hold them accountable in some legalistic manner... i got a very different impression off matthais desmet who seemed to suggest that we don't know if this is intentional and that there may be a lot of well meaning people that are being led to believe something that just isn't true without questioning it more... of course i think this is often true... take a look at the cbc news article bruised northerner links to @ 112.. how many well meaning canucks will read that shit and swallow it whole hog without question?? so, there is that... i think it is important to make all these distinctions such that i am doing, but again - this is just my take on it all and limited as a consequence...

i continue to cultivate a positive attitude about what is coming down the pike... i may be very naive in this regard, but i am saying what i think regardless! i continue to believe this is going to blow over eventually and we will return to some kind of normal... i think where i might be wrong is i do think western dominance - under the usa/uk and etc is really on its way out.. this might have implications that i am not factoring into my rosy outcome in the next few years... we'll see.. anything is possible as i see it and talking about mass hypnosis, or mass indoctrination and etc is very relevant here... i wish i could figure it all out! thanks so much for your commentary grieved...

Posted by: james | Oct 30 2021 0:58 utc | 145

james @143

Agreed that it's bullshit but it's stated/treated as incontrovertible fact. Now getting propaganda on "Marketplace"? WTF!

Posted by: spudski | Oct 30 2021 1:20 utc | 146

This is simply hilarious. Recommend the read:

Architect Resigns in Protest over UCSB Mega-Dorm

Posted by: vk | Oct 30 2021 1:36 utc | 147

thanks guys! i am a real luddite in that i don't like reading online... about my only online reading is moa and some of the links that are posted here.. i really prefer books that i can hold in my hand, but i appreciate your kindness.. i usually have a few books on the go at the same time and hope to read more on this topic as i think it is relevant at this moment in the world today..

Posted by: james | Oct 30 2021 0:25 utc | 143

I prefer a book and pen & paper myself, but being a software engineer for 20 years, I can cope. But I'm fussy about ergonomics. I've been fooling with some old programs lately but I have to stop every so often or I start to drool. You could not give me a smartphone.

I think TDS is a sort of popular delusion, but all of US politics is based on popular delusion. They rely on it. None of them are going to represent you. I don't see that that is altogether different in a lot of places (like Canada). Obama was the last time I tried to kick the football. He is like the third Democratic President I've watched do nothing much with both houses (Carter, Clinton, Obomber).

The timber of humanity looks pretty crooked to me.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 30 2021 1:57 utc | 148

The CBC report on Xinjiang tomatoes is notable for the total absence of hard facts supporting a notion that the harvesting is undertaken by “forced labour”. It is entirely conjecture. If anything, these types of reports appear determined to render the Uighyur population unemployed.

Interesting to look closer at CBC's journalistic partner for this report:

“The Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) was launched in 2012, months after a handful of Italian journalists crossed paths at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine... Around 80% of IRPI’s roughly €140,000 (about $155,215) annual budget comes from a multitude of journalism grants and foundations, almost none of which are Italian.”

The Global Investigative Journalism NGO is sponsored by the usual foundations often found supporting western astroturf information war:

CBC used to be somewhat reliable, but lost independence during the Harper gov't's budget pressures.

Waiting for CBC’s investigation of the extensive use of prison labour in the U.S.

Posted by: jayc | Oct 30 2021 2:07 utc | 149

Empire is still acting like it is in control.....posting below from Xinhuanet

TEHRAN, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- Iran slammed on Friday evening the latest U.S. sanctions against its entities as "completely contradictory behavior."

"A government that talks about an intention of returning to the nuclear deal but continues (former U.S. President Donald) Trump's policy of sanctions is sending the message that it really is not reliable," Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in remarks published on the ministry's official website.

Successive U.S. administrations, he added, have shown their "incapacity" to understand Iran's realities.

U.S. pressure will not inflict "the slightest damage" on the Iranian government's determination to defend the security and tranquillity of Iran's people, the spokesman noted.

Earlier in the day, the United States imposed sanctions against companies and individuals related to Iran's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programs.

"Iran's proliferation of UAVs across the region threatens international peace and stability. Iran and its proxy militants have used UAVs to attack U.S. forces, our partners, and international shipping," said U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo.

The new ban against Iran came after Iran's nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani said on Wednesday that Tehran has agreed to resume the long-halted negotiations aimed at the revival of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), by the end of November.

The Trump administration pulled Washington out of the JCPOA in 2018 and reimposed old and new sanctions on Iran despite the fact that Tehran had been complying with the international accord.

In response, Iran has gradually dropped some of its commitments under the pact by increasing the stockpile and purity of its uranium enrichment and installing advanced centrifuges.

Six rounds of talks, with regard to a strict monitoring of Iran's nuclear program and the lifting of sanctions on Iran, were held in Austria's capital Vienna between April and July this year, but were interrupted by Iran's government transition.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 30 2021 3:13 utc | 150

I think it was yesterday that I posted a Xinhuanet story about Xi talking to Marcon and today it is Xi talking to Boris Johnson.....To me Boris reads a bit less supportive than Marcon but Xi is laying the groundwork for something big, IMO....maybe his speech to the G20....

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday held a phone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Xi stressed that for China-Britain relations to achieve sound development, mutual trust is the foundation, understanding is the precondition, and proper management of differences is the key.

China, he added, views China-Britain ties from a strategic and long-term perspective, and hopes that Britain will respect facts and perceive China's development path and system in a comprehensive and objective way.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is undergoing twists and turns, and the global economy is experiencing a daunting recovery, China-Britain relations are facing both opportunities and challenges, Xi said.

China and Britain, both as permanent members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council and major economies in the world, should keep smooth communication, strengthen cooperation, and contribute to defeating the pandemic at an early date, improving global governance and achieving development and prosperity, he added.

Noting that the next year marks the 50th anniversary of China-Britain ambassadorial-level diplomatic ties, Xi said the two sides should seize the opportunity, cope with challenges, and work together to achieve sustained and steady progress of their relationship on the right track.

The fact that bilateral trade and investment have grown despite the impact of the pandemic has once again proved that China-Britain cooperation is mutually beneficial, he added.

China, he said, welcomes Britain to export more high-quality products to China and expand cooperation in such fields as health care, green development, digital economy, finance and innovation.

Expressing the hope that Britain will treat Chinese enterprises in a fair, just and non-discriminatory way, he said China will also facilitate British enterprises' cooperation in China.

He also suggested that the two sides take the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to deepen sports cooperation and people-to-people exchanges.

China and Britain should practice true multilateralism, he said, adding that China welcomes Britain to join the Global Development Initiative and inject momentum into the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Xi stressed that China has announced carbon peak and neutrality goals, and proposed a series of concrete measures to increase its nationally determined contributions, which means extensive and profound economic and social transformations that need to proceed in an orderly fashion and require tremendous efforts.

China is unwaveringly committed to accelerating green and low-carbon development, and has always walked its talk, he said.

China, he added, supports Britain playing its role as host of the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, upholding the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, and encouraging all parties to translate their high ambitions into concrete actions.

For his part, Johnson said he highly values Britain's relations with China, and agrees with Xi's views on the development of bilateral ties.

Britain and China have consensus and common interests on many important issues, such as global public health, world economic recovery, the Iranian nuclear issue and anti-terrorism, he said, adding that the two sides need to strengthen candid dialogue and friendly cooperation.

He said his country is willing to deepen cooperation with China in such areas as economy, trade, education and clean energy, welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest and cooperate in Britain, and is ready to provide them with an open business environment.

Britain, he added, is also willing to make joint efforts with China to achieve greater development of bilateral relations.

The British leader congratulated China on successfully hosting the first phase of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Kunming.

Britain, he added, looks forward to working with China to maintain close communication on addressing global climate change and biodiversity conservation, and promote balanced and sustainable development of the world.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 30 2021 3:18 utc | 151

Abominable Bandit State war crimes rewarded by obsequious and servile US congress:

Posted by: Paul | Oct 30 2021 5:27 utc | 152

"Eye on Afghanistan, China to build military base in Tajikistan"

Posted by: Antonym | Oct 30 2021 5:38 utc | 153

@ spudski | Oct 30 2021 1:20 utc | 146.. read the most liked comments on that article to see how successful the bullshit is... propaganda works like a charm... the comments are mostly all focused on bashing china... i would call that a successful article if i was running 5 eyes...

Posted by: james | Oct 30 2021 5:51 utc | 154

@108 Piotr Berman
Of course there is no " magic percentage". But when you check the actual numbers some patterns become visible. Countries with substantially more than 2% military expenditures of GDP during peacetime usually fall into one of the following categories:

1. Developing countries/emerging economies. [India and Pakistan for instance.]
2. Countries with Soviet-style economies that shift a large chunk of GDP to the military at the price of large-scale impoverishment of the population. [North Korea]
3. Oil and gas exporting countries. [Russia falls into that category, too.]
4. Countries which are heavily subsidized by other countries. [Jordan, Lebanon, Israel]

Of the developed countries only South Korea and the USA seem to be exceptions. At least in the case of the USA the military budet is not sustainable, that`s obvious. I wonder how the financial situation of South Korea looks like.

Anyway, I doupt that paying substantially more than 2% GDP for the military would be a wise decision for Taiwan. The Taiwan condlict already drags on for many decades. Beijing has a lot of patience. Exhausting ones own resources would be a strategy of certain defeat for Taiwan.

Posted by: m | Oct 30 2021 6:29 utc | 155

This is very significant

James Lovelock walks back his climate change alarmism

“The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books – mine included – because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn’t happened,” Lovelock said.

“The climate is doing its usual tricks. There’s nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now,” he said.

“The world has not warmed up very much since the millennium. Twelve years is a reasonable time… it (the temperature) has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising -- carbon dioxide is rising, no question about that,” he added.


As “an independent and a loner,” he said he did not mind saying “All right, I made a mistake.” He claimed a university or government scientist might fear an admission of a mistake would lead to the loss of funding.

What is more important is both where this is appearing ( - i.e. MSM) plus this:

Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring and attribution at the U.K.’s respected Met Office Hadley Centre, agreed Lovelock had been too alarmist with claims about people having to live in the Arctic by 2100.

And he also agreed with Lovelock that the rate of warming in recent years had been less than expected by the climate models.

Note what I have been saying here for a long time: the models are crap - they are far too warm and both replicate what is happening in reality and fail to predict what is coming. Climate is changing - the why is clearly not just CO2 level nor entirely or mostly human caused.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 30 2021 13:26 utc | 156

More snow on the avalanche slope:

The Economy is Back. Welcome to the Casino at Vice mag

Note the data in particular on the scale and breadth of the gambling.

Which chimes in well with this:

Crypto-trading hamster

I've told the Taiwan temple chicken story many times - it seems we have our successor for this bubble.

Again: when the bubble pops is impossible to predict. It generally occurs when monetary tightening occurs - which the Fed has already started talking about. And when that happens, everything is going to crash.

Not in a straight line, not uniformly across the board, but the net result will be down and down a lot.

Good companies, bad companies - it doesn't matter.

The good companies will survive - most of the bad won't unless they are politically saved. But even the survivors will lose huge market cap as the P/E multiplier drops across the board.

For example - look at this Nasdaq historical P/E:

Macrotrends NASDAQ PE 2006-present

Note 2006 was 2 years before the GFC, definitely late stage bubble.

And the Dow (this is actually a 2017 link, so the actual numbers are nearly 75% higher (PE ratio etc) today vs then

2017 era Dow PE comparison back to 2004

In particular, note the actual cash earnings vs. PE ratio. The above link is also great because it looks at earnings vs. US economy GDP over time.

So blow off top or gradual decline? I can't see any precedent or basis for a gradual decline personally. But again, when it happens is impossible to predict as is when the Fed actually starts tightening - and if it stays on course as opposed to try to catch the falling knives. But again, historically, the Fed has never been able to arrest these types of falls once they get going.

The avalanche is just too great.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 30 2021 13:40 utc | 157

@james | Oct 30 2021 5:51 utc | 154

It's successful propaganda especially because it's on a public broadcaster's show that is allegedly simply a "consumer products and services report" show.

I miss the old days of Laurier Lapierre and Patrick Watson on "This Hour Has Seven Days." Those days are long gone.

Posted by: spudski | Oct 30 2021 14:42 utc | 158

Coercive legal measures applied by Phizer
I knew a lot of this but it goes far beyond what I thought they were doing.
This company is pure evil.
What kind of fool would inject anything they push.

Posted by: ld | Oct 30 2021 16:37 utc | 159

Dutch PM supports Canada’s plan to establish NATO centre for climate security

Like in Canada, on Canadian soil? I thought the point of Canada being in NATO was to prevent the conquest-minded of the Europeans from claiming our soil. Someone from the military will have to explain this — I’m stuck in the 1980’s, when we were told that Canada couldn’t leave NATO for concerns of European takeover. Is this a Russia/China thing?

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Oct 30 2021 19:28 utc | 160

MEPs Press conference:

Posted by: e | Oct 30 2021 19:31 utc | 161

@62 Featherless
As Grieved @67 says in his prescient post, with a minor modification: Don't take this as flippant, but unfortunately, the correct answer - "Move to Iran” - is probably not a feasible thing.

Iran is one few countries that has four seasons, year round, where you can ski to the north, and ride the waves to the south. Has the most hospitable people on earth, who love Canadians and Americans, and understand and separate, government policies from people. Very favorable exchange rates to the CAD$. They can buy multiple houses, perhaps one on Kish island (the Covid free zone) for half the year, and another one in Isfahan (known as — half the world) for the other half. I know, it sound counterintuitive with all the negative news, but the reality on the ground is much different.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Oct 30 2021 19:55 utc | 162

Both Putin and Xi have made their video speeches to the G-20, and as expected they support each other. Putin's speech transcript; Xi's speech transcript access point. Xi's speech title continued China's overall geopolitical development theme, "Acting in Solidarity for a Shared Future," which as noted teamed with Putin's; but Putin waited until the conclusion of his short speech to say:

"Creating conditions for an equal and non-discriminatory cooperation for all nations is the main prerequisite for a steady and long-term recovery of the global economy, higher quality of life and better public welfare. As we understand, this is the key goal for the G20 as a forum of the world’s leading economies."

Xi's speech was much longer and more technical. I always find it interesting that Xi's preambles always eliminate some of the participants from consideration due to their well known behavior:

"Faced with changes and a pandemic both unseen in a century, the G20, the premier forum for international economic cooperation, needs to shoulder its due responsibilities, bear in mind the future of humanity and the welfare of the people, uphold openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, practice true multilateralism, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. To be specific, I would like to suggest that we work in the following five areas."

It shouldn't be too difficult to determine which nations match Xi's qualifications and which do not. Global Times provides an extensive recap for those not wanting to wade through Xi's speech's 9 screens. As befits a genuine global leader, Xi reads a out riot act aimed at all but certainly some more than others. Xi's first point deals with the pandemic and what must be done from the POV of the leader of the only nation to control the virus--like it or not, Xi's got cred like nobody else. The following is Xi's third point which the Outlaw US Empire and its Neoliberal slaves actively work against:

"Third, embrace inclusiveness to achieve common development. The pandemic has brought multiple crises to the world, developing countries in particular. The number of people living in hunger has reached around 800 million. Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is facing unprecedented challenges. In this context, we must take a people-centered approach and make global development more equitable, effective and inclusive, so that no country will be left behind." [Emphasis Original]

Xi's speech is very similar to the one he gave to the WEF at Davos earlier this year. He concludes again by enunciating China's geopolitical goal which is in stark contrast with that of the Outlaw US Empire:

"To build a community with a shared future for mankind requires persisting efforts of all countries."

The Outlaw US Empire's history proves it's against building any sort of shared future which is anti-Zero-sum, which is precisely what China's Win-Win is all about. Rhetoric from the Cold War's Anti-Communist Crusade no longer works as the control method it once was, and the shoe is now on the other foot.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 30 2021 21:33 utc | 163

Oldhippie #103

At this bar biggest question is did you get shot with a Chinese bullet? Then it was a good socialist death. If it was a capitalist bullet then and only then can you complain.

Thank you, I don't fully agree with that adage but it is a good one and worth a round of drinks at the bar. Speaking of capitalist bullets, would you believe this tale?

Alec Baldwin and other producers of the low-budget western film, “Rust,” have hired the high-priced law firm, Jenner & Block, to investigate the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during a rehearsal on the set.

Yep, the same law firm whose partners investigated the Kennedy assassination.

Jenner & Block’s Anton (Tony) Valukas served as examiner in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and billed $38 million, according to court records, to complete a 2200-page report on what had led to Lehman’s failure. In 2014, Valukas also conducted an investigation for Jenner & Block’s long-time client, General Motors, into a faulty ignition system that led to at least 13 deaths.

It MUST have been a Cuban Chinese bullet!

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 30 2021 21:34 utc | 164

james #143 and others

The grauniad has a thing for tomatoes.

Italy copped a flogging in this October 2017 'report'.

Two of Italy’s biggest food companies have been implicated in labour abuses of migrant workers picking tomatoes bought by thousands of British and European consumers every week, according to court documents.

Italian prosecutor Paola Guglielmi has named food giants Mutti and Conserve Italia as benefiting from “conditions of absolute exploitation” in the country’s hugely lucrative tomato industry, as part of an investigation into the death of a seasonal labourer.

Both Mutti and the Conserve Italia brand Cirio [see footnote] supply major UK supermarkets with premium tinned tomatoes and passata, and are named in court documents signed by Guglielmi.

The case began with the death of Abdullah Muhammed, a 47-year-old legal Sudanese immigrant and father of two, who suffered a heart attack while working in the fields of Nardó, which sits on the heel of southern Italy, in July 2015. The allegation against his employer was that Muhammed’s life could have been saved if he had been allowed to go to hospital.

The Italian investigator used her powers to track the supply chain up to the very top of the country’s €3.2bn (£2.85bn) processed tomato industry. While the companies are not liable for the death, their link is significant.

So there you have it, a regular rerun of a tried and tested trope from the stenographers protecting englander tomato manufacture (I hesitate to call it farming). The EU open border BS was specifically designed to deliver the exploitable and dispensible to the manufacturing elite.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 30 2021 22:43 utc | 165

psychohistorian #151

"Britain, he [Boris Johnson] added, looks forward to working with China to maintain close communication on addressing global climate change and biodiversity conservation, and promote balanced and sustainable development of the world."

Perhaps Boris might ask China to build them a safe railway and supply the latest clean energy freight train straight off the China production line? But somehow, I don't think the englanders are up to it. They are too busy squabbling with frenchmen about the price of fish and who caught wot.

The first China-developed hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid locomotive rolled off the production line on Thursday, signaling a key breakthrough in hydrogen utilization technology in the country.

The locomotive was designed by CRRC Datong Electric Locomotive Co with a design speed of 80 km/h and a continuous power of 700 kW. With full load of hydrogen it can run continuously for 24.5 hours.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 30 2021 23:56 utc | 166

@ uncle tungsten | Oct 30 2021 23:56 utc | 166 with the hydrogen fuel-cell pilot in China

Thanks, I skimmed that earlier about China and while I don't see hydrogen as feasible on an automobile scale, I credit China for putting the energy into pilot projects about alternatives so humanity has real world experience to draw on for scaling technology decisions....the future is here but not evenly distributed....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 31 2021 0:59 utc | 167

Herd immunity is remotely possible at this rate.

After allowing for exceptions and exemptions, is it possible to vaccinate 94% of the population? If it was, then it would give the establishment reason to bully and shame every single one of us into taking the jab, but, is it feasible in practice? And even if we did reach that threshold, would we be sure to have achieved true herd immunity?

No, we wouldn’t, because the true HIT probably isn’t 94%. There was another mathematical sleight of hand. (Last one!)

Herd immunity can only be achieved by reducing transmission to the point where the ‘post-vaccination’ R number is less than 1. That means we need to know how effective the vaccines are at reducing transmission, not hospitalisations or severe disease.

It is very important that we don’t conflate all forms of effectiveness into one, as there are multiple axes along which a vaccine could be said to be ‘effective’, and this mistake is easily made by the public, media, and politicians alike.

So, how effective are the vaccines against transmission?

We don’t know, and we won’t know for many months. Transmission can only be estimated through observation of large datasets, over time – which is why it wasn’t reported as part of Big Pharma’s initial Phase 3 results.

To underscore the current paucity of knowledge on the matter, the latest estimates range from the mid-teens to the mid-90s. Given that this variable is bounded between 0 and 100%, we could barely say less.

What we do know, is that many of the countries with the highest vaccination rates are seeing spikes in transmission, notably Iceland, Singapore, Israel, Malta, and Gibraltar, so effectiveness is clearly not 100%. Beyond that however, it’s difficult to say anything with confidence.

Science is such a pesky nuisance when you are a pharmaceutical oligarchy. Plus I see that some heretic has discovered that fluvoxamine is almost as effective as ivermectin and about the same price. I bet that cheap drug gets prohibited in AUKUS next. You just can't have people eating horse de-wormers and drugs for the insane:/

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 31 2021 1:36 utc | 168

New York is beginning to look like Beirut.

The Democrat Mayor of New York is about to sack all health, garbage, fire, emergency snow clearance and other service workers without the vax. Oh that is a bright idea. /s

Is this the hand of serendipity about to slap the hysterics? One can only hope it spins totally out of control. Come next week we may hear the sound of one hand slapping.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 31 2021 1:50 utc | 169

The link below is from The Register about the NRA getting hit by ransomware it real or planned?

Good Grief! Ransomware gang has only gone and pwned the NRA – or so it claims

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 31 2021 3:03 utc | 170

Posted by: michaelj72 | Oct 28 2021 21:12 utc | 30

These latest revelation regarding the Ayotzinapa case, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Posted by: Guerrero | Oct 31 2021 7:13 utc | 171

Many thanks to the erudite barfly who posted this valuable Jimmy Dore / Max Blumenthal video on an earlier thread, I have forwarded it all over the world, because it is so valuable.

It is worth posting again, nb:

My second thoughts are, now I know why Trump et al demanded the exclusion of the Chinese digital company, Huwahi , they are not on board with the NWO digital ID surveillance agenda. see the video.

We are the product of big brother's digital control mechanism.

The 'soma' referred to by Aldus Huxley in 'Brave New World' is finally exposed. It is digital surveillance, this is the realisation of Huxley's 'soma'.

I always thought the soma related to Huxley's psychedelic experiences. Now the penny drops.

Posted by: Paul | Oct 31 2021 9:21 utc | 172

I went to see the latest Bond movie and it turns out one-eyed Ernst Davros Blofeld was a prison mate of Assange.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Oct 31 2021 9:41 utc | 173

"In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the well-being of regular people."

Posted by: librul | Oct 31 2021 12:02 utc | 174

A can of worms.

“ the Scottish government’s minister for green skills, the circular economy and biodiversity, said on Twitter: “I had a positive Covid-19 test result.”
“I feel very relieved to be double vaccinated and have only cold-like symptoms. I will be self-isolating “
1. Wtf is a minister ‘for green skills,..’
2. Why for gods sake, why? What daily difference is being delivered for the population?
3..Why is she even a minister of the ‘Scottish Government’ how many votes did she get?
4. What is there even a ‘Climate’ conference in Scotland?
5. What is the point of ‘double vaxxing’ and then still ‘self isolating’ ?
6. How did she catch Covid if she is double vaxxed? And are all persons she has been in contact with now ‘self isolated’ ? Is Sturgeon? Are her fellow MPS’s, her civil service minders, he friends and family?
7. Convenient isn’t it, that a made up role isn’t going to attend a conference, which was set up to deliver a rigged Scottish government which is run directly by the Crown of England and not at all Independent- and in which the senior minister and her husband are complicit in stealing money raised for Independence; which targets real independence seekers with a conspiracy of civil servants with loyalty to the English Crown and their fake accusations and perjury that didn’t fool a jury; that jails independent journalists and bloggers who report these events, which the English Crown loving MSM doesn’t. And a judiciary that is appointed by the same Crown and operates without doubt e process and makes up diktats like some Alice in Wonderland Red Queen’s calling for chopping off heads!

FreeDem JA

FreeDem Craig Murray 3 months completed in a Scottish Jail without a jury trial by a corrupt judge and Scottish Government for independent journalism that shows the conspiracy against Independence and the hands of the English Crown and its deep state praetorians in keeping hold of its oldest colony and its resources for the ‘Crown’.

All praise and remember the great man , Craig Murray, today.

Posted by: D.G. | Oct 31 2021 12:40 utc | 175

You still haven't watched this video by Dr. Robert Malone who invented the mRNA technology that's now being used in the COVID-19 vaccine?

Pass it on.

[useful hint: you can change the speed of the playback without loss of understanding]

Posted by: librul | Oct 31 2021 13:11 utc | 176

@librul #176
While I have reservations about blindly taking an mRNA manufactured vaccine - because it is frankly untested and there are many assumptions on both mRNA in people's bodies and what (if any) effects the "fake" nucleotide in mRNA does:
I still point out that Dr. Malone has an axe to grind with existing mRNA tech companies.

In particular, he was frozen out of the money being made and is suing them. So whatever his scientific credentials, he certainly also has an agenda.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 31 2021 15:44 utc | 177

Say it loud.
Say it proud.
Say it with me everyone!


Excuse the caps...

Posted by: David G Horsman | Oct 31 2021 19:56 utc | 178

: karlof1 | Oct 28 2021 17:00 utc | 7
Do you have a info email address to send typos and format errors to?
It's interesting to read and thought provoking. I appreciate your careful analysis btw.
It appears b is becoming a global network on the dark web. Aggregation is something I really like and encourage. I am looking to do an actual real web page. I got pretty good at writing fake content for prototypes. Lol.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Oct 31 2021 21:40 utc | 179

@175 D.G.

Not to interrupt your main story about Craig Murray, but the point about the double-vax bears further explanation.

Regarding your points #5 and #6 - the vaccination doesn't prevent contracting the disease. It doesn't prevent spreading the virus. To restate this, the vaccinations do nothing at all to halt the pandemic.

Viral load in the vaccinated who contract the disease is now shown to be equal to that viral load in the non-vaccinated who contract the disease.

The vaccination does tend to make the symptoms less dangerous, which is why this woman has only cold-like symptoms and is so glad to be vaccinated. The vaccination, in other words, is now publicly perceived to do roughly what any successful treatment would do - and there are many - and that's all it does, except for the damage it causes to a significant percentage of bodies, including death.

In the run-up hype for the vaccines, we were given to understand they would stop the virus and end the pandemic. After the rollouts had gained traction, and the knowledge started to become more prevalent that the vaccines don't prevent disease, supporters of the vaccine throughout the populace and the commentariat all agreed that "we never said it would prevent transmission", and other such gaslighted falsehoods. They first bought the lie and then the subsequent gaslighting.

So, in a way, you can be forgiven for not knowing that the vaccines in the US/UK don't do anything to halt transmission, since first impressions of anything have such a lasting effect, and the first impressions of the then-coming vaccines were so strongly crafted to the belief that they would end the pandemic.

So the whole thing has been a persuasion campaign from the beginning, based on falsehoods and expedient narratives.

Sorry to be boring, when this wasn't your real point at all. But it touched on a secondary matter, the truth of which should be known.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 1 2021 0:06 utc | 180

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 30 2021 21:33 utc | 163
Thanks for unpacking Xi's speech Karlof1. Xi has loads of "street cred" on how China dealt with-- and continues to deal with-- the pandemic. Two of my neighbors give me signs of how "the street" is doing and how people here in rural Illinois are thinking. One is a farmer, runs a small cow calf operation. He's 71, now struggling to maintain along with a bad heart. big Trump supporter. I'm not and he knows it but we are very good friends. He has not been vaccinated (I reluctantly took the J&J and will not boost). We spent 3 days working on his leaky chimney and talked about covid a lot. The most frequent word he used: Pfizer. Pfizer. Pfizer. He does not trust Pfizer. He hates Pfizer. Pfizer, in his opinion, is the problem. Vaccines? He's not sure, so he's not "anti vax". Ivermectin? He thinks it might help (remember, he's a cattle farmer so he's familiar with it). He's not sure about anything but thinks we're being handled. and fleeced.
Next guy is a retired welder, Vietnam vet, moderna vaxed, biggest hunter in the county, sort of mean but a good guy overall. Not a Trumper but not blue either. My wife and I went over last night for chilli and beers. Covid came up because they're going for the booster but they're skeptical about what's going on. The word that came up the most.... Pfizer.
Two different neighbors. They haven't talked with each other but they're both talking about Pfizer, and not in a good way.
My take... the stories being pumped out are not satisfying most people. Biden's support is shrinking fast but it's deeper than that. People here are talking about the corporate behemoths that fund our politicians. There's something happening here...

Posted by: migueljose | Nov 1 2021 3:24 utc | 181

@ uncle tungsten | Oct 30 2021 22:43 utc | 165

thanks uncle tungsten... re-runs cost less apparently! more money for the queen, or something, lol...

Posted by: james | Nov 1 2021 3:31 utc | 182

migueljose @181--

Thanks for the sitrep from your neck of the woods. For your farmer buddy, I have cardio issues too, and have upped my vit-d to 5,000 iu's/day; 50mg zinc/day; 500mg vit-c/day; 200mg Co-Q10/day; and 800mg Andrographis Paniculata/day; in addition to my course of prescription meds as my own prophylaxis--the latter is an Aruvedic medicine used in India and Thailand for treating covid and can be bought inexpensively via Piping Rock, which is where I get almost all my supplements.

Lincoln's adage about fooling the people is rearing its head. The most popular policy favored by @3/4s of the public is the expansion of Medicare to all citizens, although blanket single payer universal healthcare would be better as Medicare isn't a panacea as it lacks many care components. Biden et al are trying very hard to have it excluded from the BBB bill. If that happens, the Ds will lose big in 2022. I favor a complete nationalization of the entire medical industry and have for years. Yes, I know the counter argument of that institution being government run is powerful given the disastrously poor level of governance, but that would still be a huge improvement over the current privatized system. IMO, that's where the discussion belongs as it would eliminate a huge corruptive element within our government and society.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 1 2021 17:21 utc | 183

@ Posted by: Grieved | Nov 1 2021 0:06 utc | 180

Thanks for cleaving that from my rant! I didn’t want to conflate the issues but have been a bit too busy to do it myself when spleening. COPS / Propaganda / anti Putin/Xi / Scottish Nationlist Parasites destroying the path of Indy from the inside / ‘Green New Deal’ as a panacea and of course Covid vaccines.

All exemplified by the jailing of the expert independent blogger and ex Ambassador and whistleblower on the war on terror - who whilst serving her majesty’s government refused her honours - and has been jailed as an example of ‘will no one silence this troublesome priest’ brought upto date to this now not so new century.

Anyway to concentrate on just the vaccines:

The vaccines which are present in the world but not all are recognised!!! The Chinese /Russian /Cuban versions ! Why Not?

That fact alone makes me bridal.

The efficacy and safety - latest today is that the ‘ONS study estimating that non vaccinated are THIRTY times more likely to die within 28 days of being tested positive’

Unpack that :

‘Estimating’ - they could give us absolute numbers but choose to give us estimates based on models and limiting the actual data that they use.

‘Non- vaccinated’ - does that include ‘non vaccinated but previously infected and obviously recovered individuals’ ?

What I want to know and the data gathers aren’t telling me is what the response is of these who did catch Covid early last year and recovered eventually (it is not a normal flu) who catch yet another new strain - are these people 30 times more likely to die as well, if they haven’t had a vaccine single/ double/ boosters??

That data and information is not coming out of the government scientists or independent shadow either.

But we can’t travel without a seemingly useless vaccine passport, which still require everyone to test test isolate and test test and isolate on departure and return - as Thailand has done to get tourists back to its flesh pots. Otherwise the population may finally revolt instead of going back to catering for the farang.

Why isn’t there a newer vaccine yet? It only took months for the first ones? Why isn’t there A single dose version? That actually does a job of a vaccine and reduces R to less than one. On that, I am perplexed by the fact that Russia and China haven’t addressed that even as their products are not allowing their citizens to travel to the west - will they be allowed to go to Pattaya?

I am hoping that b will bring analysis forth upon this no matter how disagreeable.

In the meantime I am trusting that my immune system, that took six weeks in jan 20 to recover from the winter bug that I have never had so bad - had I known Covid was here I certainly would have panicked and gone to hospital and probably been put on a ventilator! Which I know is about as dangerous an intervention as anything it may be curing.

I don’t say that vaccines are useless, to be absolutely clear they certainly seem to be resulting in fewer deaths than the first and second waves, it can’t all be down to using less of the harmful interventions.

I ask clearly are vaccines as good as natural immune response.

What say the barflies?

Posted by: D.G. | Nov 2 2021 1:34 utc | 184

— Shoot! — ordered the officer to his partner. But his partner didn’t shoot.

If his intention was to silence the students, the response was other.

— I wish you would do that to the narcos! — That you should do it the narcos, you coward!
— Ah, but with money the dog dances! Or not, you black duck pig? — The bottle! Throw it!
— The bottle! — Assholes! — Throw it! — You fucking sons! — Watch out! — Watch out! — Oh, son of a bitch, you bastards! Here is Guerrero! you sons of a shit whore mother; here we go...

“... it’s alarming my fellow students ... their words will make a bad impression ... ha! … ha,ha,ha!, yeah right ... what do curses matter now? ... what fine adies are going to hear them, fool? ... there’s reason for our insulting the mother of those bastards ... okay ... they deserve it and at least they have to listen to our curses ... but no ... this is not the way to do things ... is that a man? ... a gardener? with his rake ... crouched in a recess ... listening to the disagreement ... which for us is an emergency ... for those of the city ... more scandal on us ... how strange ... but, what??? ... Ivan looks for my eyes with urgency ... that of ‘provocateurs infiltrated in the school’ ... he’s going towards those who shout profanity...

The Chilango approached Ivan, caught up with him. El Trabuco and El Bujía came to his side in support. El Cocol and El Rayo arrived as well. El Marro appeared and said to the rude students.
— Where is the discipline, compas?

They all looked into each other’s eyes.

The Chilango broke the tension saying:
— Wait, I’m going to ask this captain.

“… now yes, let’s open a dialogue with these … to find out what are their reasons … what are their motives … then, we will bring out reasons of our own … we will come to an understanding … ”

The Chilango stepped forward, addressing the officer:
— Captain, we are students; We are going to our school. We are not breaking any law. You know that the buses are between us and the transport line. It is for our practices, by long tradition, and by uses and customs of our school. We defend ourselves, yes. What do you expect?

El Bujía added the following remark to the account: — What did you expect, assaulting us, sir? That we turn away like cowards? — El Lacito seconded his complaint: — It is aggression, sir. —
We are not breaking any law, sir — added El Zanca — And besides, Mexico is a free country! —
The Chilango determined. Evidently the captain did not like the saying of El Chilango, which for him was the height of insolence and angrily answered: — F..k your mother Mexico!

— Devil! Cried El Bujía, the stone escaped from
the boy’s hand; just so, a rain of stones fell on the patrol car.

The rude students uttered loud vituperations:

— Son of a bitch! — You assholes!
The Tigrillo shouted: — Let’s split compas, it’s already gone to hell!
— Son of a bitch! — shouted the students.
— Let’s beat it, compas, it’s already gone to hell!
— It’s gone to hell! Comrades! — Run! — Run!
— Hurrah! — Hey! — Shoot! — Tie yourselves on, Indians!
— They want to pick us up! God save us from all evil!
— It’s already gone to hell! — Come on. Let no one stay.
— Let no one stay. — Split a gut for your land!
— It’s all for Ayotzi! — Ayotzi! — Ai yai ya yái!

The normalists boarded their busses to flee the scene, meanwhile, panic reigned in the Civic Plaza. People ran to avoid the shots they heard. Terror showed in the face of an old man who almost fell down while taking refuge from deadly gunfire. Each person feared the fury of projectiles that could inflict a bleeding wound or even cause death. This fury could put a final end to one’s hopes and dreams.

In the plaza, a frightened lady dialed her home, reporting to her loved ones.
Iguala was a hive of voices, buzzing with the calls,
— Something happened in the city center!
— Do not go out, daughter; Stay at home
— Something happened in the zocalo!
— Yes, but flee from those filthy people.
— But, move it! — Child, there is danger.
— There are bullets! — Nooo! — There’s a shoot-out!
— Where are you? — Where are you, son? Don’t leave there!
— Mom, Mom. — What’s up? — What’s up? — Run, daughter, with your aunt. — My dad’s downtown!
— Child, there is danger. Don´t go out. — Call them! telephone the nursery. — The line is busy.
— Oh God! — Gunfire in the zocalo! — I’m going to the house, where are you?
— Oh, those wretches, why can’t they shoot their bullets somewhere else?
— Are you okay, comadre? — Where is the child? — The boys, where are they? are they with grandma?

< exerpt Chapter 18 translation from original Español>

Posted by: Guerrero | Nov 5 2021 1:37 utc | 185

Biden Biden Biden.. he just came to the presidential place and already problems

Posted by: casablancamir | Nov 10 2021 19:01 utc | 186

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